Furioza (2021) Movie Script

College boy!
- Your major?
- Law.
- Who's the lawyer, mom or dad?
- Mom.
- Mommy!
- Let me copy your notes!
You fail!
You know article 148 of the Code...
the one with the two?
- I do.
- Oh, yeah?
Lips, come here!
- What?
- Let go!
- What's this?
- Easy!
- You've got your colors wrong!
- Chill!
Get the fuck off the train!
Get him in the corridor!
Get the fag!
Fuck off!
- Help!
- Kill that fucking dog!
I'm begging you,
fucking do something!
They're killing him!
I beg you, help him.
They'll kill him, can't you see?
Help him, for fuck's sake!
- Fucking hell!
- Damn whore.
Fuck off!
Who you rooting for?
Well? Who you rooting for?
I asked you a question.
Fucking answer.
Don't make me repeat myself!
Want a pounding?
You've got some balls coming here.
It's the best club in town.
I wanted to go dancing.
I pick up the goods from the port
and deliver them where you tell me.
I don't look inside.
Hey. Nice ink.
Is it as good down there?
Each package is 50 grams short.
- That's a million.
- Fuck the money.
My clients think I'm ripping them off.
- All you've got is your rep.
- Right!
Maybe talk to the guy
who does your weighing.
It's fine on our end.
I fucking have.
Go dancing.
What the hell?
- How old are you?
- Get out!
Leave her!
Fucking move!
You can't handle a couple of kids?
What the fuck is this?
Sopot is pure evil.
Will you get this now?
If not, I'll just go to a vet.
- I'm next!
- This is an emergency.
You vanish for... ten years.
Suddenly, you show up
with a hole in your head
and you want to talk?
This ointment will help.
Check-up next week,
preferably with someone else.
It's Kashubian.
- No way.
- I'll wait till you're free.
Your brother's looking at 20 years.
For being a football hooligan? Come on.
Leading a criminal group,
illegal fights, assaulting a cop,
destruction of property, and more.
We used to call it a lifestyle or a hobby.
Don't you remember?
Suit yourself. But you can help him.
Fury! Furioza!
They kicked me out for being a coward.
For snitching, they'll kill me.
- Easy.
- What's he doing here?
- He's doing time.
- On the outside?
What's wrong?
Caiman's a butcher.
Okay, get off.
T-shirt, hands.
I'd claim him like alimony.
It's forbidden to: gouge out eyes,
hit the Adam's apple,
and bite the opponent.
Touch gloves.
Hurt him, baby!
Over here!
Get him!
Hit him!
Hold him down!
Keep him there till the end!
Fury! Fury! Furioza!
Why are you here?
Good fight.
Anything else?
Fury! Furioza!
Kashubian, Golden...
Your old friends.
They should be in jail,
but we'll wait, keep an eye on them,
and they'll lead us to Antman.
But they're at war with the guy.
We think they're in drugs together.
Our priority.
Pomerania is his.
His fronts are car washes
and a shipping agency.
Anything solid on him?
Have you thought about
why you're really here?
Dariusz Drzewiecki.
Alias "Daro." Your brother.
He died, and you joined the force.
I take it it's not a coincidence.
Right, Savage?
You grew up in the same hood.
Is it a problem?
You'll be playing with us then.
Marcin Mrowczynski.
He set up a hooligan criminal group.
I know Antman.
My brother has beef with him.
About my brother...
Maybe he deserves a medal
for fighting this gangster?
Write it down, "Give Kashubian a medal."
Remind me, okay?
Definitely do so. It could slip my mind.
This is how it is... sir.
Drugs enter the country
through a port which...
has been in Polanski's hands
since 2000.
You probably know about
the old guy as well... sir.
He owns the XOXO club
where your brother's closest buddies work.
- He goes there too.
- Working in a club is a crime now?
Hools works as bouncers
in every major city.
Along with cops.
Kashubian's file.
As you can see... sir, quite a saga.
So, you want me to stick to Furioza,
and give you Golden for now?
Golden's an idiot
who won't figure this out.
And I'll get life insurance.
When do I start?
Listen... sir.
Dammit, let's skip the "sir" crap.
If I feel like it...
if I do...
I'll stuff another ten kilos of shit
into Kashubian's car.
Since he's on parole,
I'll lock him up for good.
Want to try me? Do you?
You're that desperate, pig?
The Poznan crew
just got eight years for some fights.
Help us, and we'll clear Kashubian's file.
They would make me fight,
and I'm a doctor now.
He has a family.
You're her godfather, right?
May I?
Come in.
Who is it?
Come! Move it!
This brother of yours is always banged up.
- What did you say?
- Wuss.
Zuzia never sweats it
Zuzia fights...
Till the end
- I'm off!
- Where to?
Lovely family...
together again.
I'll heat it up.
No need, I'll leave the stuff
and I have to...
- My shift.
- Coffee?
Dawid, don't go! Please, stay!
Don't go, Dawid!
Dawid! Not again.
- What?
- Idiot.
Come on!
- 71 to 00.
- 00.
They're here. It's like a party
on a ferry to Sweden.
- Let me help.
- Thank you so much.
I'll set them here.
- 00 to 72, how's it going?
- I'm piloting the Pokmon.
Stick close to them.
They could be listening.
I'm hungry, let's go to McDonald's.
Maybe let's bust them there?
I'm hungry.
- They're on your tail, just in case.
- Just in case, priests have dicks.
Some lady called this famous
grammar professor on TV and asked,
"Do you say 'take five' or 'make five'?"
And he goes, "Do you say:
'take a dump' or 'make a dump'?"
That speaks to me in volumes.
Dawid, come in!
Some fag's been following us.
You're following us in your car? Why?
- I can help.
- Not in a fight.
It's not your call.
If you fuck up, there will be hell to pay.
Get him the fuck out of here!
Why did you bring him here?
Want a croissant?
Goddamn pop singers.
They were all altar boys,
but their tastes changed.
I'm hungry, let's go to McDonald's.
- They said that already.
- What?
It's looped. We're moving in!
Fucking hell!
Open up!
Open up!
Open up, or I'll bust the door!
You find this funny?
This one looks like your mom.
Dawid, are you there?
Dawid, fucking come in.
Shitting your pants already?
Furioza's gonna fuck you up steady.
We'll wipe them off the face of the Earth.
We'll push them back two meters.
The first strike will kill them.
That would be perfect.
It's best to tackle them
or fuck them up with a kick.
Frontal kick, head low, and...
Fucking hell!
Head low, hard with the elbows.
Don't jump on anyone.
When they fall, kick them in the teeth.
Just don't go jumping on them.
Once they're on the ground,
get them in the fucking face.
Gloves are good for winter, with a scarf.
Use this to protect your wrists.
You look like a hemorrhoid up the ass.
It's the kebab.
The meat must have been bad.
Then go take a dump.
Operation "Oak Leaf"! Double time!
- Hype up the youngsters.
- Sure.
You brought him here?
What was I supposed to do?
He was following us.
- Guard.
- What?
- Guard!
- That's not why I'm here.
No? Why then?
To embarrass me again?
The Antmen are here.
Fuck those losers!
- That's a small herd.
- Enough to get you.
We fight honorably,
not like those other guys.
- You ready or not?
- Always fucking ready for you.
- Many of them.
- Don't sweat it.
Crooked! Out of the way!
Put it back!
Better safe with a knife than sorry,
for fuck's sake!
Put it back!
We fight honorably!
We didn't work for our respect so long
to fuck it up now.
Do we have a plan?
Answer me!
This is it.
We've been waiting two years for this!
They're good. No one's ever beaten them.
We could lose, no shame in that.
But it's shameful
not to stand up to a fight.
That's why we'll show those sissies
how real men fight.
We have nothing to lose!
Not a thing!
We are the ones writing history!
Let's fuck that bitch into the ground!
- Fury! Fury!
- Furioza!
Buns, it's fucking me!
Goddammit, over already?
Come on!
What do they call me?
I told you so!
Grab Antman. His lights are out.
My bag! Get back!
My bag, quick!
Stay down! Don't move.
- Dammit!
- Don't move!
What's wrong?
- What is it?
- Tension pneumothorax.
- I have to decompress.
- Do what?
Easy, stay down!
- Hurry the fuck up!
- Crooked, shut it!
Wait! Okay.
Easy. Breathe.
- Hospital!
- You stay here!
Hustle, guys!
If anyone asks,
they jumped you behind the grocery store.
If anyone else is in need...
my brother will help.
Good day!
- What the fuck?
- Bon apptit.
You really went to the Peugeot showroom?
We suspected...
that there are some flags here,
lifted from the Poznan stadium a week ago.
- There were.
- They're gone.
I hope you won't complain,
but the prosecutor
will warrant this search,
and documentation concerning this matter
will be sent to you, sirs and madams,
by mail, within seven working days,
counting from today.
Fuck off, you cunt!
Police sticks suck dicks.
- You should take a shit here.
- Get the fuck out!
- Scram!
- We are Furioza!
- Drive.
- Is he inside?
Congratulations. The handbrake's on!
And this letter is a letter too,
just like Mela, only blue.
Blue? Where?
Mela... the apple of my eye.
- You want this?
- I do.
My daughter left her with me
for the Saturday.
She wanted to go
on a shopping spree. Sit down.
When will you
put an end to the fights?
You run around the woods
like some cursed soldiers.
Where's the profit in that?
There are things philosophers
have wondered across time immemorial.
How about you step up?
Take someone you trust
and make a pick up at the port.
- What about Gray?
- Well...
He got a bargain at the travel agency,
and what did he do?
- Where is my doggy?
- It is right here.
What do you say?
- When?
- Looks like yesterday.
They fight a lot in this too.
Even on top of the world,
those close to you will be your undoing.
Julius Caesar.
The passage,
three on three, no hardware.
We clash in the passage
until someone taps out, three on three.
Daro, you up for it?
Go crazy on them.
Destroy those guys.
- You nuts?
- Let go!
Come on, get him!
Let's go, now!
I don't ever want to see you
in the hood again.
Fuck that punk.
Never again
will anyone
fuck me up.
You know where I live?
We were supposed to take down Antman.
We talked about drug dealers, not hools.
Screw your brother?
Right, he's just a brother.
Go away.
I'm inside, you'll get your prize.
A kiss.
He's sleeping!
I forgot to explain
you're supposed to hit the opponent.
Get him!
You're making progress!
At least you're not running.
Everyone should know
what the doctor pulled a few years ago.
How he fucked up
three hundred Spartans sideways.
It's good to have Kashubian
for an older brother, right?
- Nice one.
- Golden!
Come on, get him!
Cut him some slack.
Forensic experts established...
the body was found in the morning
near the garages.
The corpse has been mutilated.
Come on, now!
"Gray" was well known to the police.
He was involved in drug dealing
and was a member of a hooligan group.
Ditched your shift?
You know anything?
I do.
He fucked over Antman
and was drowning in debt.
- A golden guy is dead.
- He fucking had it coming.
That spells jail time.
You want to be on TV
with a black bar over your eyes?
You think I did it?
You should be
like a big brother to the guys,
not lead them astray.
You're Saint Kashubian from the gym now?
I knew nothing about this.
the pigs will go nuts.
They will be locking us up
for 48 hours for show.
Keep away from any funny stuff.
Cross the street
on the green light, got it?
Am I deaf or something?
Sure, no green lights.
What's going on there?
No idea who killed Gray?
I don't know. And I don't think I want to.
He's useless.
Let's go.
You're going to jail, punk!
Who got Gray? Antman?
Was it Antman?
- What?
- Antman!
- Spill your guts, man!
- They don't tell me anything!
Are you writing a book?
Drop the charges.
Give us something solid.
You're looking for redemption?
Then fuck off on a pilgrimage.
We crucify with no resurrection.
Antman will fuck me up.
He's already suspicious.
She plays with cops now.
Spare me the bullshit. We'll protect you.
But pigs aren't the pigs they used to be.
They went fucking digital. Cyber pigs.
They know a lot.
I'd rather do time.
What are you staring at?
Good day, lads!
Styranka Arkadiusz.
You know him? Anyone knows him?
You do.
Then tell him to take his toady
and come to Furioza
to get their asses kicked.
Got it or not?
Say it!
- They're getting whipped.
- Scram.
Fuck off, now!
I wouldn't want to be your patient.
I'm surprised they bothered.
Get over here!
Take a look! I put it on YouTube.
Look at Kashubian.
Play it again.
Play it.
Why didn't they bust your ass?
I went out to get donuts.
Call it bad luck.
Call your mom and tell her
you'll miss supper tonight.
What is this about?
Come on!
What a shot!
What do you mean, a foul?
It's a men's game.
Don't be such a prima donna!
There, 2:0 as punishment.
You terrorize innocent people!
Why are you shivering?
Any drug problems?
None, I can have some in ten minutes.
It's time to finish!
Everyone clean?
- I have a warrant.
- Go!
- Me too!
- Scram!
- Lads.
- The ladies are coming.
Show your hands and open up!
I thought you wouldn't be coming.
Show your hands!
I'm getting the remote.
And the magic word?
Christmas is coming!
Open the fucking gate!
Welcome, be my guests!
My house is your house!
Make yourselves at fucking home!
What is it this time?
How about Smolensk?
I believe it was an accident.
Maybe Papala? Masa knows who did it.
It's just about Gray.
Right now, you're a witness.
Thanks for calling me back, Aska.
They're busting Marcin again.
Business will suffer
at the derby tomorrow.
- If I wanted to play ball...
- You'd be a player.
Jacek, I'm fed up with this,
make me a crown witness.
Do it, please!
- Make me one too!
- No way, I want to be one!
Can I? Anyone else?
And what is this? Such a bad boy.
So hungry too. Give that back.
He's giving it back.
Fetch! You fucking hungry?
We want a room for two nights,
is that okay?
Get him! Come on!
Get up!
Easy now, I can do it.
- Cuff me.
- No, upstairs.
They'll laugh at me!
Nice furniture. Your pick?
Where were you two days ago,
between 8 and 10 pm?
I'd have to check my diary...
I was reflecting.
May I?
I sculpted Jesus figurines.
It's a hobby of mine.
Tiny ones.
I was studying with my bros,
math, integrals, whatnot.
- What are integrals?
- Integrals?
Jesus doing the dishes
or riding the tram, stuff like that.
- Where do you sell them?
- I burn them.
- I went fishing.
- With whom?
- A friend.
- Which one?
My friend.
- Who can confirm that?
- God.
I'm in no militia group.
- You're wearing a Furioza T-shirt.
- It's not mine.
Artur Lukasik, alias Gray.
When did you last see him alive?
That's him?
I'm seeing him now.
When did you last see him alive?
He's dead?
- You have a photo together.
- That's not me.
Take a good look.
That's not me.
Who was with him?
Don't remember.
He was alone, with a dog.
- But I remember you.
- I remember you too.
His pinscher is a bitch.
He called her Savage.
She's great, she shakes hands.
She likes to run around barking.
What do you want to know?
Give me another piece.
- Who did this?
- I have no idea.
Look what they did to him.
- I want to help.
- You're asking the wrong guys.
- I'm asking everyone.
- Just your guys.
How could you bust your friends?
Where were you two days ago?
And where have you been
for the past ten years?
You were such a cool girl.
Do you ever think about... Daro?
If he knew you became a pig...
You meant the world to him.
How many trips did you make with us?
Leave us the fuck alone.
Jesus, how I hate pigs.
I hate them.
If you get in my way...
you're just a pig,
a nobody.
At the same hour
Gray was assaulted and killed.
Exact when they smashed his watch.
He has an alibi too. He was abroad.
Will you look at this,
the late Gray, as of 48 hours ago.
Will you keep denying that you knew him?
This one is out of focus.
I can get you a better one.
Jacek... I think it was suicide.
He swallowed some nails.
Is it in focus now? How about now? Gray!
Third stiff around here this year.
Three heads.
So, have I slayed a dragon now?
A fourth will roll as well.
A bald one. Little birds told me.
Before we begin,
I would like to see
my client's arrest warrant.
Uncuff him, please.
No charges have been brought against him.
Coffee, no sugar, like you asked.
I will have to file a complaint because
of your actions against the witness
and the fact that we keep finding your
GPS devices in my client's car.
Uncuff him.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You haven't met the new commissioner yet.
By the way, I'm curious,
who is so outspoken?
And the coffee...
is for you guys.
He's had a transplant?
I'll deal with that.
Dawid, they're here for him, come on!
- Help me!
- Excuse me.
Explain to them that he's unwell and all!
He'd be discharged next week anyway.
You see?
Maybe it's time that you quit all that.
Exactly, quit it! Do something useful.
Don't become a firefighter!
Then I'm coming with you.
- Where?
- On a trip!
She's nuts.
Let's get out of here.
But you are coming.
- Goodbye, Janek, get well!
- Bye!
What? Trips are sacred.
- Great! Gang warfare!
- I've seen the web.
The Internet is having a field day.
This one's good, "Hooligans mock justice."
For fuck's sake,
this is all they talk about!
Until the next scandal.
Jacek, why don't you get to work?
Grzesiek, you think
we're on a vacation here?
The opposition won't let this slide.
- That's your problem.
- Time for a conference.
We have to strike.
Say we have better results than they had.
Don't eat now!
We will assure the public opinion
that Antman's days are numbered.
Go inside.
How's it going?
Haven't slept in days.
The phone keeps ringing.
Then take this too.
All's good?
Which tree shows
the family roots of a person?
The correct answer is: the family tree.
- The wife's father?
- I'll shoot.
Perhaps his name is Andrzej.
Good day.
She's from Gdynia.
Two years ago,
she was in counter-intelligence.
She went after smugglers
and drug traffickers.
Thanks to her, the police seized
a record amount of drugs from Colombia.
- 1.5 tons of cocaine.
- No!
Escobar rolled over in his grave.
Her informant.
She caught him red-handed with drugs.
Half a kilo of cocaine.
I think I deserve a bonus,
wouldn't you say?
I'm not blind.
You have to give us something solid.
- You joined the cops to get revenge.
- Deliver!
- Or Kashubian is done.
- Those are my pals.
- Who ditched you.
- And you?
I'm in that passage
every single fucking day.
I thought that
if I became a doctor then...
all that happened for a reason.
Dawid, and this one?
Why are you asking him?
Stop it, it's nice.
You are going to a game?
- This one's basketball, not soccer.
- So what?
- Change!
- Both are ball games!
I gained weight!
No way.
Fine by me.
- This one's bad too?
- It's fine, like the five before it!
- Leave it!
- But you don't like it.
I like it, let's go!
- Swear.
- I swear.
Good day!
Don't make a scene!
Ladies first.
- How's it going, all tanked up?
- Yes.
Off we go!
Have you got any syrup?
I need syrup with mine.
- Cheers! How much further?
- Not much.
- Which means?
- Not far.
Keep an eye on her.
Don't drink so much.
Then add some chili to the omelet.
It has to be the hot kind...
Fuck off!
- Sit there.
- You have to feel it.
Buns! Sit over here.
I can't drink this!
Take her away!
You have this crap on your leg,
and you have to stay home all day.
Does it light up?
Does it pair with your phone?
It's not just your fault,
but partially, it is.
Daro ran around with that knife.
He asked for it.
He cut himself...
and that's it.
Leave it in the past.
Honey! Come here!
You're not coming with us again.
Be sure about that. Let's go!
Pure beer isn't bad. Cheers, guys!
One, two, three, fucking pigs!
One, two, three, fucking pigs!
Up and down, or you're a cop!
Up and down, or you're a cop!
Here, it's his phone.
Hello! We need an ambulance.
Yes. An injured male.
Severe trauma to the upper limb.
Massive bleeding. Tactical stasis
applied at about... 8:35 pm.
That's right.
Write down the coordinates.
Latitude: 54.211.
Longitude: 18.511.
Please, hurry.
And please inform the police.
It's your duty, right?
Thank you.
I got busted! They caught me with drugs.
- They caught me!
- You made a deal, snitch.
I'm no snitch.
I didn't tell them anything!
Fuck off with that penknife.
I didn't tell them shit!
I didn't rat us out!
Fucking, please!
- You know the rules.
- I do!
How long have I worked for you?
I'm begging you!
That's the Health Service.
They'll let a man bleed out.
- I told them nothing!
- Wait, Messi.
I said, fuck off with this!
I told them nothing!
- Cut.
- I'm no rat!
Get him dope and a stasis.
Wait until you're sure
the ambulance didn't get lost.
- Messi!
- Sure.
Maybe they'll fly you,
like the prime minister.
I'm no rat, for fuck's sake!
- It's the second half!
- What the fuck?
They're holding us on purpose.
- I really have to pee.
- Shouldn't have drunk so much.
- Think of something!
- What can I do?
Help me!
What are you going? Mimi!
I need to use the toilet!
I'm going to piss in my pants!
- I can't hold it!
- Could you let the girl through?
Don't fucking stand there!
Let her pass! I'm talking to you!
You're holding us up
on purpose, damn fags!
- Fucking dicks!
- Push through!
Fucking hell!
Give me something solid,
and I'll bring him down.
I fell on a Texas chainsaw.
It's your fault.
Fuck off.
Goddamn assholes
Tried to get us, bad decision
To bust those fuckers was our...
Just one more little test,
and I'll let you off the hook.
You'll go on a train ride.
- Dawid?
- Yeah.
- Is everything okay?
- We were on a trip.
I just wanted to know if you're okay.
I'm okay.
Coming home today?
Come on, bring him here!
I'm sorry I dragged you into this.
I finally feel alive.
Who you rooting for, cunt?
Where the fuck...
You find this fucking amusing?
You laughing, cunt?
He's a fucking lookout!
Get the fuck!
I'll fucking destroy you, cunt!
Get that fucker!
Motherfucker lookout!
Grab the bag!
- Let's fucking go!
- Give me that!
Got their flag!
A healthy beating can't hurt you.
Furioza! Furioza!
- Come on!
- What?
Little brother makes history.
Leave it!
Give him a high five.
- Lengthways.
- You're nuts.
- Want a mirror?
- Cut it.
- Like that?
- Yeah.
- Fucking hell, no.
- Give me that.
Fucking take it.
- To the light.
- Come on!
For fuck's sake!
You earned some respect today.
But also gained enemies.
Come on, let's drink.
Fucking cunts!
Third fucking game in a row!
They're an embarrassment.
We're going to pay someone
a visit this evening.
- Can I take junior with me?
- Who's this?
- Just be polite.
- Are we ever not?
Why are you here?
To get our asses kicked.
Come again.
- A whipping.
- Fucking now?
Come back in a week.
I can't, it's my brother's wedding!
Bring him with you!
You'll get a family ass-whipping.
Fuck off!
Fucking fags!
Here are the girls.
- Evening.
- What the fuck was that?
- Shame.
- We couldn't play.
- What?
- We couldn't play.
It was like a pasture.
Only cow shit was missing.
You're fucking kidding me.
Take off your T-shirts,
you lousy excuses for soccer players!
We did our best.
You don't fucking deserve them!
We pay to see you play,
and you just dick around?
What the fuck?
I want to see you
bust your asses next time!
That's the coach!
Teach them how to play, or I will!
Learn Polish!
A group of people entered the stadium,
as is typical of away game etiquette.
Security had no reasons for concern.
We are strongly against
such abnormal behavior.
A hooligan non-tolerance policy
comes into force today.
With the help of police...
- For fuck's sake.
- ...we intend to deal with the problem.
We will do everything in our power
to find those responsible.
The team from Pomerania
is finally in the lead.
With three more points...
Amen to that.
...it could save its spot in the league.
- The recent assault on the players...
- Now!
Turn this off. It's not our doing.
I can pay them a visit every week.
It's yours and the coach's doing.
You keep hiring amateurs.
The crew changes every six months.
Ticket prices are way too high
for the bullshit going on in the field.
I scream my lungs out every week,
but I can't identify
with those cunts on the field.
Come, now.
All it took were a couple of slaps,
and there you have it.
We will cancel your passes.
You are getting stadium bans,
we have it all on tape.
You want to go without us?
Do you like empty stands?
Chairmen change, but we're still here.
My hands are tied.
The police want the tapes.
And I think that you can pull it off.
You know what flares over the fence mean.
- UEFA penalties.
- Closed stands.
- You'll lose cash.
- And your license.
- Bad news.
- You'll have to sell.
- No one wants that.
- And we like you.
- Fuck me!
- Gentlemen...
- You can't threaten me.
- That's the point!
The incident with the players... Wait.
That was an impulse. Won't happen again.
- Maybe.
- But try to understand us.
Players kiss the crest,
and next season, they're gone.
And we are always with our club.
And we fill stands.
We don't want a war.
We care for the same thing.
The club's wellbeing.
Wooboo dooboo, wooboo dooboo
It's the chairman that we are true to
Long live the man!
And I hit the coach by accident.
Wait, it's stuck. Okay, go.
- Is it going in?
- Yeah.
And on the shrouds
The wind played a melody
Her eyes of blue
Is what I want too
Remind me, where is this from?
Dad kept singing it
when he got out of the navy.
- The fish are in.
- Look what I put online.
Fifteen thousand likes
in a couple of hours.
And still going up.
- You have that chain?
- Yeah.
- Give it back.
- I won't.
It was an honorable fight.
Oh, Jesus.
An hour ago
Golden borrowed the truck for a job.
- He told me not to sweat it.
- What job?
Damn Golden. Come, bro.
And take that down. Antman is no clown.
Give me a break!
It's become too dangerous for him.
He has a normal life.
- Don't forget, he's a doctor.
- I can't even take a piss.
What kind of a doctor heals just to break.
I don't want him there anymore.
You can always quit.
But remember,
once a hooligan, always a hooligan.
You coming?
I think I have Polanski.
Someone's been repeatedly calling
his sister at the hospital.
Over the last day
he visited this print shop twice.
It's registered to his son-in-law.
He called there a couple of times,
at this number.
It's all here.
- All's good?
- No. Third-league dorks got us.
Where am I heading?
Print shop on Madalinskiego.
What the fuck?
- I went there last time.
- And go there again!
- Is Golden there?
- I'm on him.
I told you not to do anything stupid!
He's washing a clean car!
It's the fifth time
he's throwing out the trash.
He has the same backpack as that chick.
Fucking coppers.
- Phone!
- Which one?
Stop fucking around!
- Kashubian!
- Go, now!
- Move!
- But why?
- How did you know?
- Don't start.
Stasiu, half an hour and we're gone.
Half an hour.
Thank you so much.
Ten fucking years!
I'd get ten years
for this amount of dope!
Anger is bad for your health,
and muscle tension won't let you sleep.
Why are you so rude?
Do you think I'd enjoy whacking you
and burying you for real?
They took us online.
But thanks to Kashubian,
and most of all, divine providence,
which doesn't help just anyone,
we won, and they lost.
Next time, we will be three steps ahead.
Even fucking four!
That would be all.
- Crawl out of here.
- Excuse me?
- Scram!
- Excuse me?
My guys are done working for you.
This is yours.
Fuck this chain.
Buy yourself some decent clothes.
He won't let this go.
Stadium souvenirs don't pay enough?
And security?
We protect all the major clubs in town.
That's not enough?
It is, but just barely.
We could start charging
the companies around here.
- We'd make a fortune!
- Golden, fucking stop!
- But why?
- Stop!
Gang-banging always ends the same way.
You shoot, and then you get shot.
And you end up biting the dust.
Is that what you want?
Is it?
Jimmy, our friend from Chelsea.
He flew in to talk.
Dublin and Cork are ready.
Small towns are covered too.
- We just have to deliver to England.
- Shut the fuck up.
Kids do drugs like crazy there.
They even take dandruff for blow.
And we've just lost
two trucks in the port in Dover.
Polanski is chicken.
I have to establish my own pipeline
in my own port, get it?
It's Kashubian's territory.
Leave that to me.
What did he say?
Let it go.
I'll do what I can to help Kashubian.
What were you doing there?
Picking up some leaflets.
You could've hit us up, sent a message,
WhatsApp, fucking anything!
- You want to know when I take a dump too?
- Don't fucking push me!
I told you, Savage.
Once a hooligan.
Get the hell out, you're useless! Go!
You go.
- What?
- Now.
She thinks we no longer need you.
But I still believe
that you can tell us now
who is Polanski's guy,
who took the drugs out of the port,
and where the fuck they are.
I don't think you're stupid enough
to have your brother jailed.
Kashubian's arrest warrant.
I just have to sign it.
He'll go behind bars, and don't think
the judge will see it differently.
So, who?
I'm declaring amnesty.
Those for Furioza, get behind me.
Who wants to run with Polanski,
can walk away peacefully.
How are we going to make money?
Move your ass.
I know it's Golden.
You think I'm an idiot? It's Golden.
If so, then maybe Kashubian too.
Best buddies since forever.
I mean, brothers, right?
You could say that.
- And you?
- What about me?
You in or out?
You may think I'm a lout.
But without louts like me,
every scumbag
would buttfuck the criminal code.
You're either bandits
or hools from Furioza.
Until I'm certain,
I won't give you anything.
You have a week.
My crew has got to be clean.
Dealers give in to pigs first.
And start snitching on their buds.
You like that?
Give us Golden,
or we lock up Kashubian.
Take your time to decide
who you love more.
I can't help.
I'm not good with matters of the heart.
If I find out someone's dealing...
Buns, how did it go?
To be or not to be?
It's yours.
Father believed you'd make
a better fisherman than me.
You know...
I have a family, a kid...
and a machete in my car.
I have eyes in the back of my head.
It's not the life for you.
- Forget Furioza.
- And you?
- You were supposed to quit.
- Quit?
It's not something you can quit.
Just look at the guys.
They want easy money.
- They're grown men.
- But they were kids when they joined.
- I have to deal with this.
- Just save yourself if you still can.
They have a big file on you.
I knew it...
I fucking knew it.
When I saw her,
I knew you were talking to pigs.
- Fucking hell!
- Kashubian, for fuck's sake!
I'm your brother.
How do you know it was Golden?
- We figured it out.
- Stop screwing around.
Bauer took a chance.
We tapped a phone
we suspected Golden was using.
- He was near the print shop.
- Fucking hell.
It's over.
Get it? Over.
The gang is on alert,
I can't give you anything.
I should be happy for the guys.
You're arresting Kashubian
or getting drunk first?
Hi, brother. I'm calling because...
I just wanted to say...
I wanted to apologize.
Mom is taking a bath. Need something?
I can't hear you.
Hello, Dad?
Daddy, hello?
What are you doing?
He's my brother.
- That's why you can't operate on him.
- I can.
Stop. Let's call it.
Move aside!
Who did this?
Kashubian humiliated him.
Are you kidding me?
Is this a joke?
This is what the cops want.
They watch us even when we piss.
We have to kill him.
No one wants to whack him
more than I, but it's Antman.
Not just any loser.
We're here for the beating.
You want to whack him with this?
Or this? Maybe with this?
Or shoot him like a duck?
Been to the hospital lately? Crooked!
Now, lads? Right now?
Right now?
I'm not afraid of Antman.
If we want to take down Antman,
we have to rise up to his level.
We need to learn how to kill.
Right, and get some sleep.
Kids, get them out of here!
I saw how you look at her.
But she's a pig now, and pigs are cunts.
She'd gladly lock us all up.
You included.
Get it?
I just wanted to apologize.
Furioza isn't for you.
You're made for bigger things.
You have a proper job.
Not a job. You know it's more than that.
Let those cunts say what they want.
Respect what you have. Don't fuck it up.
You're doing something good.
I'm proud of you.
We're looking into this.
Maybe it will help.
How much could he get for this?
We can't tell
who delivered the fatal blow.
Collective responsibility,
that's just a few years.
I'm really sorry.
Our deal is off.
- What now?
- You know.
You want him in jail, but I'll kill him.
Some surgeon you are.
What about now?
May I ask you to give me my hat back?
You're selling us your business,
the club, and everything else.
I think this is a fair bill
for years of our honest work.
And who's crawling now, cunt?
Who? Who's crawling?
How about you, Boy?
- I have a feeling you'll join us.
- Yes!
- Then fuck off!
- Thank you, Golden.
Your daughter will get the bookstore.
Why would we need it?
This is your granddaughter.
Little Mela, right?
Little Mela will one day grow up
to be a fine, strong woman.
You think it's so easy to be in power?
You're not cut out for that.
You going to shoot?
Leave it!
Leave the gentleman alone.
I can see he's a bit out of place here.
You do it, Goldie boy.
Did you read
Julius Caesar's book I gave you?
I threw it in the paper bin. I recycle.
Too bad, you would have known
what happens next.
Fucking hell!
Can't beat an icon.
Are you with us on this?
High five!
Listen up!
There's no security footage.
There's a high-pitched noise on the tape.
We have to figure out what it is.
Fuck me, Golden.
I'd rather talk cash than shoot.
I have a whole distribution
network in Great Britain,
and in Ireland.
They love soccer there.
It's something we have in common.
And you...
You own the port now.
It couldn't be better.
Which means...
we need each other now.
Stop fucking pissing me off!
- Buns, pizza's here!
- I don't eat at this hour.
Good day, lads!
Who's come to town? Santa Claus!
And he's bearing gifts!
And they're all in euros!
We've reached a new level,
and there's no one but us there.
- So much dough!
- No one!
But, for the sake of our business,
we have to make some changes.
- The beef with Antman is over.
- What the fuck?
Fucking think about it.
We'll infiltrate his organization
to take it over.
When the time comes,
we'll waste the motherfucker.
Get him from the inside.
We'll be the only players in town.
I don't hear anyone cheering.
Is this about money?
- And your friend? His brother?
- Right.
You forgot him already?
- No one forgot Kashubian.
- Enough.
- No one.
- Fucking enough!
I've made my decision. Times have changed.
Oh, yeah...
Don't anyone get stupid.
Got it?
Come on.
Back to the workout, Buns!
I will never forget him.
You two, dump it.
We're gonna feel fine
Or we're gonna feel blue
The ball is round
And the goals are two
Since morning.
Where is Zuzia?
At my parents.
I'll drive you home.
Promise me you'll whack him.
Then I can sleep.
Get out! Hands where I can see them!
I shouldn't use a cellphone
behind the wheel, but the light was red.
- Where's your gun?
- What fucking gun?
My guns are locked up in a safe at home.
- Look.
- Fuck me!
- That's my bag!
- There's one more.
It's a shame.
- That I don't go to church?
- That's right.
I told you, you all should go to church.
I'm not a believer.
It's a garbage truck trailer.
It must have been there.
Check this out.
There are cameras here, and in the cabin.
The dump truck
is placed on a digital map.
The data is sent to the operator's server.
- I'm going there.
- We're already on it.
Thanks, man.
- What's up?
- When can you get here?
- Why?
- I have the dump truck footage.
- Anything good?
- I'm no audiobook. Get down here.
What the hell? Reverse!
Get him here!
Leave it! Let go!
You guys finally lost it.
It used to be about passion and rules.
Pure hooligan shit with no hardware.
Now, there's hardly any
honorable crews around.
You killed him like a coward!
I didn't kill your brother. It wasn't me!
Kashubian was no cunt,
he was a real hooligan. Fuck off!
Fuck off! Right now!
Go ahead! Come on!
Kashubian was my enemy...
or maybe my only friend.
He had my respect like no one else.
My number's there.
If you ever want to revive tradition,
and have a brawl like real hooligans,
bare fists and all,
give me a fucking call.
Scram, pigs are on the way.
Come on.
You okay?
You're covered in blood, for fuck's sake!
Golden, get up!
Fucking cops! Get up! They're coming!
Move your ass!
Where is the fucking clip?
- Fucking hell!
- Over here.
Goddammit, not now!
Damn it!
Are you serious?
You won't shoot me, right?
We used to be like cigs
from the same pack.
Now you run around with a badge.
And lock us up!
You chose your fate.
You bitch!
Down, bitch!
Fucking stop acting and spewing bullshit.
You have two options:
we put this online,
and within a month, someone helps
you commit perfect suicide in jail,
or we hide the evidence, because...
we won't destroy it,
and Goldie boy disappears under a rock.
He will keep his bad boy hooligan cred.
"I'm so tough! Fury! Fury! Furioza!"
But we'll own him.
If the new Goldie pulls anything,
we'll simply crush him, my Goldie boy.
Don't fucking sleep!
What do you say?
Make your choice.
Give me back my golden tooth.
You cut a deal with a murderer.
Are you serious?
Who cares about some dead hooligan?
We're after a gangster
who's been fooling us for years.
Golden is small fry.
The world hasn't heard about him.
And it won't.
That's against the law!
That's enough, officer!
We have to bring the structure down,
and this is a rare opportunity.
Besides, Golden playing for us
could be really useful.
- He nearly killed me.
- Need my help calming down?
Antman never takes any risks.
His lieutenants are on the frontline.
Through our pipeline, we send
shipments to Ireland once a week.
How much?
How much? A lot.
Bills, face value of 100, 5 kilos.
Every week.
Antman never takes risks.
With the exception of payment collection.
The money comes back the same way.
Our man on the inside calls his mistress.
Each time a different one.
She picks up the package
and delivers it to Antman
on a parking lot by the port.
Now, listen to this.
You can bust him...
with all the money and drugs.
Police! On the ground!
They threatened my daughter!
You know how many daughters
died from this?
Once you get a message, call.
You better not give us away.
When there are defective batches,
and that happens often,
there are returns.
That's when you can bust him
with the money and the drugs.
Go there, I'll get the warrants.
What the fuck are you looking at, rat?
Get the fuck out!
- Who, me?
- Who else?
- Are you insane?
- Who if not you?
- Who else?
- Fuck me!
I had nothing to do with it!
Not a thing!
He was like a brother to me!
Like a brother!
- Who helped him?
- I have no clue.
- Really?
- He had Ukrainians over.
From Dynamo Kiev. All of them ex-cons.
He's in XOXO.
Do your stuff, we're going.
What's up?
The vid is on Furioza's website,
captioned "Everyone will know."
Fucking hell!
He's in XOXO.
I'll send in the SWAT team.
So? Are you ready to kill now?
Leave him!
He's mine!
Good thing you're here.
I didn't know what to do with myself.
Show me what I taught you.
Get the fucker!
Wait, give him a moment! Destroy him!
Get him!
Come on!
Now you're ready.
Fuck him up!
That's enough.
Come, grab him!
- Let me go!
- That's enough!
- Get him out of here!
- Come on!
- I'm in this with you.
- Get the hell out!
Go away, you were never here!
I owe you this, man.
Please, just get out of here.
Come on.
In jail, stick to those who kite.
And improvise.
He charged at us all drugged up,
it was self-defense.
- We all admit to taking part in this.
- The families will get club support.
Get on the ground!
I confirm, it's Mrowczynski.
She's in the warehouse.
Why is that lot empty?
I had them clear it for safety reasons.
She's got it.
They're in the port, Golden flipped.
They know everything about your deal.
Should we take him down?
For what, dammit?
For pissing in the port?
Freeze, police!
Bunch of brainless idiots!
This is a huge success of the police
and of our policy
which we conduct differently
than our predecessors.
We believe there should be
no tolerance for criminals.
- And who do you vote for?
- Those who win.
Central Bureau of Investigations officers,
as the minister said,
through their hard,
relentless, and meticulous work,
uncovered a drug pipeline
leading from Gdynia to Dublin.
Illegal substances
were trafficked as Polish foodstuffs.
This has been going on for years.
The Central Bureau of Investigations
is becoming recognizable globally.
Are there any other operations planned
against organized crime?
This hydra's heads grow back,
but we keep chopping them off.
Once a hooligan, always a hooligan.
At least they have principles.
Gun and badge.
Let me in! The guys are already inside!
Have some mercy, man!
You got a ticket? Any papers?
I'm volunteering!
Remember me?