Furthest Witness (2017) Movie Script

[wine flowing]
MAN: Listen.
This is how it's gonna go.
You disappear.
You can't say goodbye.
Can't tell anyone
you're leaving.
I'll set you up
with a new life,
give you everything
you could need to start over.
I relocate people.
It's like witness protection,
but without
the marshal service.
I'm not a violent man.
I don't even carry a gun.
If everything goes
according to plan,
there'll be no
need for violence.
I don't do violence.
You have to agree
to these terms,
or I can't protect you.
You understand the danger
you're in, right?
It's always the same thing.
Someone saw something,
someone did something
they shouldn't have.
I don't know what you saw,
and I don't care.
Ramos has given you
a way out.
If you don't take it,
or you decide to come back,
well, you know
what the alternative is.
He doesn't care
if you live or die.
You're just
a small complication.
But once you're with me,
I make sure that
you make it out safely,
that you're protected.
My partner Jackson
will be on lookout.
He'll make sure everything
goes smoothly from a distance.
I trust him with my life.
Our documents guy will meet us
at the handoff.
Passport, birth certificate,
license, credit cards.
Everything you need to start
over in a nice little package.
I've been doing this
a long time.
Most people don't get
a second chance at a new life.
You're a lucky man.
Come on, man.
You're supposed to be
waiting here, you know that.
You're making me look bad.
Yeah, I, um, uh...
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Same old story. Come on.
- This everything?
- Yeah, yeah. It's all in there.
Okay, thank you.
That's... a lot.
They're here.
All right.
That's the rendezvous.
You know the drill.
Hand him off, and he's not
your problem anymore.
Enjoy Mexico.
Thank you for this.
Don't eat the worm.
- Oh, man, that was rough.
- Yeah?
- He cried the whole way here.
- Aw...
[engine starts]
Why do I have
the worst car here?
Jimmy, I don't have
an answer for that.
I just gave you 10,000 cash.
Why don't you buy a new one?
You know, if you--
I was looking at my schedule,
and if you have anything
lined up for--
Are you kidding me?
- I just paid you, man.
- Yup, yup.
I just gave you money.
He's not even over the border,
all right?
I'll let you know
if anything's coming up.
Just try to make it last
this time, okay?
- Stay off eBay.
- Yeah, they're collectibles.
Nobody needs that many
collectables, Jimmy.
- Cool, okay.
- I'll give you a call.
We'll play Xbox or something,
all right?
[engine starts]
Kick. Cage.
Fifteen across.
The bird has flown the...
Eighteen across.
A knight's weapon.
I heard you got
a guy in the Valley.
I do.
Step out the car, man.
Who do you think you are,
you punk?
D'Angelo wants to holla at you.
Well, then D'Angelo can come
and talk to me himself.
I ain't gonna ask again,
old man.
Come on.
Easy, man.
- What now?
- Get in.
Well, hurry up, man!
I ain't got all damn day!
[line ringing]
[phone ringing]
Hola, tio.
Over here at D'Angelo's place.
The one that works for him?
- Victor?
- Yeah.
He just took Jackson for
a little chat with D'Angelo.
Are you sure it was Brady?
S. You want me
to put someone on him?
No. No, I'll take care of it.
Thanks, Hector.
[coughing continues]
So, Mr. Brady,
gonna tell me
how this operation works?
My partner and I provide
a very special service.
If you need someone gone,
but you've got too much heat
to be dropping bodies,
we'll get them to the border
and give them a new identity.
If I ask you
to hide a person for me,
how do I know you ain't
gonna sell 'em out?
We don't do smash-and-grabs.
We don't do hits.
We protect them
to their destination.
Anything after that,
it's your problem.
[car stereo]
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
Hey, man.
I have a new job.
One of my relocators had a chat with D'Angelo behind my back.
Find out what it's about.
If they want someone vanished,
I need to know.
JACKSON: Well, that was fun.
- Pleasure doing business.
- Yeah.
[car door opens, closes]
[coughing continues]
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
Police. I think
someone's been shot.
Hey! What the fuck
are you guys doing?
Shut the fuck up
and pop the trunk!
Pop the trunk!
Fuck. This isn't
how we do things.
[engine starts]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring]
- [car door closes]
- [engine starts]
HELENA: What the fuck?
Let me outta here, asshole!
I know you hear me,
you cocksucker.
[metal banging]
- I know you can hear me!
- [metal bangs]
This is all
a big misunderstanding.
Just open up the trunk
so we can have a talk.
HELENA: Are you listening?
HELENA: I'm tied up,
for Christ's sake.
Open up, motherfucker!
Where are we going?
[engine stops]
Get out.
Open it.
Stop. Stop it!
Stop! Stop it!
I don't want to hurt you,
so don't make me.
Keep going.
Turn around.
Have a seat.
You're just gonna
leave me here?
I'll be right back.
I need to talk to somebody.
Who was it?
Who gave you the job, Jacks?
I don't know what to tell you.
It was some new guy.
Same county as Ramos' bunch.
I thought you'd appreciate
the extra work.
Do both of us a favor.
Don't do any more thinking.
Hey, kid, come on.
Come on, nothing!
We had a good thing going
with Ramos, man.
You fucked it up.
What do you mean,
fucked it up?
What do I mean?
You almost got me killed.
I wanted to protect people,
I didn't want
to become a criminal.
- You're not a criminal.
- No?
Then why is there a girl
that I just kidnapped
handcuffed to a chair
in the next room?
What the hell
are you talking about?
You fucking heard me!
What am I supposed to do now?
Were you seen?
I don't know. Probably.
Oh, Jesus, kid. The cops are
gonna be hot on your ass now.
Look, you can't
keep her there long.
You keep hold of that gun, kid.
You're gonna need it.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry, kid.
- I, uh...
- [cocks gun]
I really hoped
it wouldn't come to this.
No, no, no, no, no.
I can't do that.
I promised I wouldn't.
Sometimes there are promises
you just can't keep.
You can't just drive around
with her in your trunk.
I don't see any other way.
I got into this to save lives.
At some point, every man
has to make the hard choice.
All that matters is what you do
with the time you're given.
Look, you've done
your best, kid.
Look, I don't know
whether or not I can save her,
but I'm not gonna kill her.
What are you guys doing
on my land?
Can't you fuckers read?
Ramos wants a word
with you, Brady.
Thinks you're
playin' him, homes.
For your sake, ese,
I hope that's not true.
- Here we go.
- [engine starts]
Why are you doing this?
I didn't know
what they had planned.
I have nothing to do with
whatever happened in that house.
That's between you
and the people that hired me.
So who are you?
If a person
wants to disappear
without the help
of the government,
I make that happen.
I don't understand.
I find them a new life
in a place where nobody
will ever find them.
So you're a trafficker.
No. No, no, no.
I'm helping people.
It's like, uh,
witness relocation.
The way I see it,
you and I are stuck
in this thing together.
Thing I can't figure out is
why somebody would kidnap you
and then pay good money
to have you protected.
Does it really matter?
I guess not. The cops are gonna
be on me either way now.
All right, look.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna uncuff you,
but before I do that,
I need to know
that you're not gonna run.
The only reason
that you are alive right now
is because I'm gonna
make you disappear.
I understand.
If you run, I can't protect you.
You hungry?
[speaking Spanish]
Have a seat.
What the fuck's this all about?
I'm very disappointed in you.
Why? What have I--
Have you ever not felt welcome
in my restaurant?
I've had you in my home.
You were invited
to my nephew's wedding.
My main concern...
is my family's happiness
and safety.
Every time I could've killed
a witness or paid them off,
I took a risk and paid you
to take care of that for me.
Is that not true?
Yes, but it was--
Ehh, ehh!
Yet you disrespect me
and work for that asshole?
- Do you know who D'Angelo is?
- [coughs]
Do you know what he does?
He's a pusher, isn't he?
He uses kids, man.
They're 15,
16-year-old boys.
And they're slanging shit
at the grocery store
till two in the morning.
Maybe a month ago,
I went up that way,
and I saw Hector's boy.
He rode up to D'Angelo's guys
and had pockets like this!
He pulled out
a bag full of crack!
Red caps are fifty.
Blues, a hundred.
He's my fucking nephew,
and he's this little!
I've always liked you, Jackson.
Kyle too.
But I can't have you
involved with him.
It's not good for my business
or my family.
Mr. Ramos,
you know why we do this.
We would never, never do it
to help D'Angelo.
So you'd help Briggs then.
Here, take one of these.
Take two.
D'Angelo works for Briggs.
And if you think D'Angelo
is a bad man,
you have no idea.
Look, we only did it
to help the girl.
Well, you made a mistake, bro.
That girl,
she's not a witness.
- Who the fuck--
- Shh!
I want you to listen to me
very hard, homes.
When my people told me
that you had been at his place,
they thought you were
going behind my back,
making me look like a fool.
And, ese, they were right.
Why are you telling me this?
See, what I did,
I called in The Florist to
find out what you were up to,
only to discover that D'Angelo
hired you to take the girl.
She was never supposed
to be relocated.
What's that?
Motels. Albuquerque.
Now The Florist knows
the girl's with Kyle,
and you don't wanna mess
with The Florist.
He has a special talent
for making problems disappear
He knows they're holed up in a motel somewhere in Albuquerque,
and he's gonna find them,
and he's not gonna stop till
he cleans up your mess for me.
The Florist doesn't stop
for no one, not even me.
Once he's on the scent,
he's a mad dog with a bone.
I'm gonna give you a chance
to save the kid.
Is there some way
you could get ahold of Kyle?
- We don't--
- Shh.
Tell me the motels he uses.
I'll send my boys
to pick him up,
otherwise he'll have
to deal with The Florist.
You know where he is.
If I did, you know Kyle's not
gonna give up that girl
for anything.
Well, if he gives her up,
I'll let him go.
But if he's there
protecting her
when The Florist gets there,
he's dead.
So do you enjoy what you do?
It has purpose.
A janitor has purpose.
You think he enjoys
scrubbing porcelain?
So do you enjoy it?
Used to.
You don't anymore,
but you still do it.
I made a promise to somebody.
Excuse me.
Can we get the check?
Sure, hon.
I'll bring that right out.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I need to use the bathroom.
Oh, uh, just so you know,
there's no windows in there.
Oh! Sorry.
[line ringing]
Hey. Did you hear
what happened?
RAMOS: You're damaged goods.
But if you can make it
to Briggs,
the job's still yours.
All right. Got it.
Thank you.
You like baseball?
I don't know.
It's okay, I guess.
What do you mean,
you don't know? It's baseball.
You either love it
or you hate it.
What is this?
That is the last baseball game
I ever went to with my dad.
I'm sorry.
- Is this him?
- No. That's, uh...
That's his best friend.
I still remember this game.
Jim Rice hit two home runs.
- That must have been amazing.
- Yeah, it was.
Could hear the second hit
from the west coast, man.
He sailed it right over
the south wall.
And my dad turns to me,
and he says,
"I'm gonna go get you
that bat."
Did he get it?
Oh, yeah.
He got it signed.
Think that's the proudest
I ever saw him.
You sure you should be
smoking that?
Are you sure I shouldn't?
I mean, Jesus Christ,
I already got cancer.
Jackson, why'd you
get me out here?
Paul, you ever heard tell
of a guy called The Florist?
Not a whole lot,
if I'm honest.
PAUL: Just that he's bad news.
As soon as he's
on a man's trail,
he ain't gonna quit.
When he dies,
he's going straight to hell,
and the devil's gonna want
no part of it.
[door opens]
How's it going, sir?
How can I help you?
Oh, just the gas.
CASHIER: So, uh, long way?
What's that?
You don't seem local.
How do you know that?
Strangers kinda stick out.
I changed my mind.
Bone handle.
Bone handle.
Cherry red.
Cherry red.
Cherry red.
His is a new kind of violence
for the modern world.
Ain't no way to stop him.
Is this something
I should know about?
I definitely surely say
it isn't.
Whatever this is,
you wanna drop it and walk away.
This ain't a fight
you can afford to lose.
I've already lost. The only
thing I'm worried about now
is what's coming for the boy.
[engine starts]
[line ringing]
- [TV playing]
- [phone ringing]
Kyle, it's game show night,
Like once a week, you know?
I know, Jimmy.
This is important.
What's up?
How quickly can you meet me
in Durango?
Oh, God.
Uh, like three hours or so?
Um, what do you need?
Two full plans.
Guy and a girl.
Oh! Two, like
a couple's retreat?
That's nice.
No, Jimmy,
not like a couple's retreat.
This is for me.
Full by what country's
Uh, like Argentina-Argentina?
- That kind of Argentina.
- God!
Uh, come on, Kyle.
Oh, God.
Um, okay.
Gonna need plates, passports,
birth certificates, the works.
That's gonna be tight, man.
That's gonna be real tight.
How long do you need?
I need like a day or two.
All the same,
meet me in Durango.
I'll give you the particulars.
Okay. Okay, um, I will.
I will meet you there.
Like for reals, for reals, yeah?
Yeah, for reals, for reals.
I will make this happen.
Don't be late.
- [door opens]
- [chimes ring]
Well, good evening, sir.
What can I do you for?
Have you seen this car?
Well, I can't say
as I remember it though.
We get hundreds of cars here
every month.
- I mean, I can't...
- Is that right?
Expect me to remember
every one of 'em?
It's very important
that I find this man.
I'm sorry I can't be
of more assistance,
but I honestly wouldn't know.
Would you mind
if I borrowed this pencil
if I promise to bring it
right back?
Well, by all means.
Got plenty more.
I appreciate that.
You have a good night.
Thank you for your visit, sir.
And remember,
you're always welcome.
- [door opens]
- [chimes ring]
Uh, could I put you on hold
for just a moment?
A guest actually
is just arriving.
All right.
All right, Ma.
Thank you.
Good evening, sir.
How may I assist you?
I just need a room
for the night.
Yeah, that's fine.
You don't need to pay
until you're leaving, sir.
It's okay. I like to come
and go as I please.
Alrighty then.
Here you go.
That's room, uh, room 210.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, if anybody
comes asking for me,
just tell 'em I already left.
[phone dialing]
[line ringing]
[engine starts]
Yeah, hello?
I think he's here, man.
The guy you're looking for.
Letterman jacket,
driving a white Dodge.
That's him, right?
Oh, wait, there's
a girl with him too.
Thin, long brown hair.
I put 'em in room 210,
up the stairs.
We'll be there soon.
He's there, homes.
The girl too.
That's good, que no?
All we gotta do now
is pick her up.
That's right, homes.
I don't want to bump into
that psycho, The Florist.
If we figured this out already,
he ain't too far behind.
Come on.
What are you looking for?
[phone chimes]
Gotta go take care
of a couple things.
Need to meet a guy.
I need to know
I'm not gonna come back
and have you not be here.
Surname "Jankowski."
Your new given name is...
[TV playing]
[hip-hop blaring]
[hip-hop continues]
HECTOR: Room 210.
Should be upstairs.
Remember, you see Braddock
or he gets in the way,
hurt him if you have to,
but don't kill him, ese.
[TV playing]
[TV turns off]
On three.
HECTOR: He ain't here.
Get the girl.
HECTOR: Kyle, stop!
[engine stops]
Come on, let's go!
Go, go, go! Gotta go!
Get in.
HELENA: What the fuck?
KYLE: Get down.
KYLE: Drive!
HELENA: Who the fuck is that?
- [dialing]
- [Hector groans]
Do you have the girl?
I assume these dead guys
belong to you.
Nah. They're gone.
Deal with them later.
Willie Briggs
is your next target.
Who is Willie Briggs,
Mr. Ramos?
The girl was supposed
to take care of him.
Now he's yours.
I'll double the take.
Okay, then.
Things can change.
[engine stops]
- [car door closes]
- [Kyle pants]
I'm guessing that wasn't
supposed to happen?
Not exactly.
You know those guys?
Yeah, I know 'em.
I knew 'em.
So who are they?
They're like...
We used to freelance
with them.
Who are you?
Right now I'm the guy
that's saving your ass.
You're doing a great job.
Can we get the fuck outta here?
I-I need that.
No, I don't think you do.
KYLE: Need you to go inside
and book a room.
Under any specific name?
Barry Banson.
Who's Barry Banson?
There is no Barry Banson.
That's the point.
Hey, baby, let me show you
what a good time feels like.
All right, leave her alone.
You wanna be
the little bitch?
Come on, you gonna show me
a good time, right?
I said leave her alone.
[water running]
It was never supposed
to be like this.
I know.
Nobody was supposed
to get hurt.
Let me sew you up?
When I was a boy,
my father was murdered.
He owed people some money.
My sister saw it go down.
They killed her.
That's why I do what I do.
Tried to avoid violence.
Ten years of my life.
I always told myself
I'd do the right thing.
You did the only thing
that you could.
Yeah, that's the problem.
You're a good man, Kyle.
Excuse me, sugar,
could I trouble you--
Could I get an iced tea,
a cold iced tea?
Maybe a couple satchels of
low-calorie sweetener in that?
- You got it.
- Thank you, darlin'.
Hi. May I help you
with something?
It's inevitable.
Excuse me?
Number four down.
I believe the word you're
looking for is "inevitable."
Huh. So it is.
Thank you, darlin'.
You're welcome.
Uh, look, Mister...
Well, Mr. Smith,
not to seem rude,
but do I know you?
You don't, but that's okay.
The only thing that
really matters right now
is that I know you, Jackson.
How do you know my name?
Also unimportant.
- How do you know my name?
- What is important...
is the tragedy that happened
at the motel up the road
last night.
That's terrible.
Whole thing is
goddamned terrible.
Why are you showing me this?
Why are you showing me that?
If I were you, Mr. Brady,
I would be far more concerned
with Kyle's new passenger,
if I were you.
I'm just a...
interested third party though.
Nothing more.
[continues coughing]
Goodbye, Mr. Brady.
[engine starts]
[door closes]
Couldn't you knock?
Put some clothes on, kid.
Meet me outside.
Who is that?
That's Jackson.
You must be
Mr. Willie Briggs.
What's this about, Jacks?
We got the girl,
we got the money,
nobody knows where we are.
What else do you want?
Ah! Fuck!
What happened to staying
unattached, huh?
I'm getting out, Jacks.
Getting out?
What the hell does that mean?
That means I'm done, okay?
I don't need this shit anymore.
JACKSON: Just 'cause you
had to get bloody one day?
No, because I finally found
someone who I give a damn about.
Maybe I want that
to be my life.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
One pretty girl shows up,
and suddenly you're a goddamned
pussy-whipped teenager.
Fuck you, Jackson.
You're being duped, kid.
What do you mean, duped?
Who's duping me?
She's not
who you think she is.
Oh, yeah?
Who is she then?
She's a hired killer.
Ramos wanted her
to take out Briggs.
I know you want to save her,
but she's a lost cause, kid.
She's chosen her lot in life.
If you're not gonna
let this go,
well, there's a gun
in my truck.
You're wasting your time.
But go if you have to.
I'm making a collect call
to 505-555-3781.
Stand by, caller.
[line ringing]
RAMOS: Bueno.
I got away from Kyle.
I'm on my way
to take care of Briggs.
Too late, you bitch!
You fucked up
when you killed my nephew.
I didn't kill anyone.
Kyle couldn't hurt a fly!
I know it was you!
I found someone else
to do Briggs,
and you're next on his list!
Fuck you, Ramos! I am finishing
this job, and you will pay me.
I'm making a collect call
to 505-555-3071.
[line ringing]
MAN: Yeah?
I need a gun and a ride,
Central and Second.
Get your fucking hand
off my jacket.
- [door opens]
- [ding]
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Please don't make this
I'm not gonna let you
do this to yourself.
This is a job, Kyle,
like any other.
I get paid to show up,
and I do it.
Hey, hey!
This is what you do, huh?
You fucking kill people
for money?
Get off me.
Jesus Christ.
[gun cocks]
[gunfire continues]
[door opens]
- [kicks]
- [grunts]
[crash, twang]
[car door closes]
Ready to go?
You got the keys to mine?
I gotta go see Ramos.
Look, it's not gonna
do any good.
I'm not going there
to have a conversation.
Be careful.
You too.
[engine starts]
HELENA: What is this place?
JACKSON: Don't worry.
Kyle's father kept this place
as a safe house.
HELENA: Kyle, he's different.
JACKSON: Kyle likes to see
the good in everyone,
even when it's not really there.
Have a seat.
Now, you just sit there and
relax and take it easy, okay?
Besides, you young folks
need the rest
more than us old-timers do.
I'll be right back.
[tires screech]
Why are you here, homes?
You here to scare me, ese?
Call 'em off.
Call 'em off.
You know who.
That ship has sailed, homes.
He's like evolution.
He just keeps coming.
I bet you
he's gutting the old man
like a fish right now.
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
I can't talk long.
Kyle, you're okay.
The Florist is heading
your way. Get out now.
I've got this.
Meet me tomorrow
at Mabel's Diner
in Las Cruces.
Be careful.
[busy signal]
[hinge squeaks]
I gotcha.
[continues coughing]
911. What's your emergency?
You ready to get outta here?
My mother would say,
"Go on a date."
I would've liked her.
West Texas highway
Red desert road
Lawmen on my tail
Since San Antone
The wage of my sins
Lies up ahead
Two golden scales bear
The weight of my dead and
The end of my road
Is nearly comin'
I bet my soul on
The end of my gun
Black cloud of gun smoke
Sticks in the air
The hangman's rope and
The outlaw's prayer
Let's pay the toll now
The boatman's fare
Red River Styx, well
I'll send you there
The end of my road
Is nearly comin'
I bet my soul on
The end of my gun
The end of my road
Is painted with lead
Blood red and bone white
The mark of death
The end of my road
Is nearly comin'
I bet my soul on
The end of my gun
The end of my road
Is painted with lead
Blood red and bone white
The mark of death