F/X 2 - The Deadly Art of Illusion (1991) Movie Script

Wash your windows, lady?
I don't do windows!
We have you surrounded.
Stay right where you are.
Fire a warning shot.
- That's no woman!
- In that case, kill her!
Go back to the future,
you unhuman nymph from hell!
Holy shit!
No, no! Cut it!
Cut it! God, this is completely
unusable! You effects guys
will be the death of me!
- Hal... Hal!
- Yeah, talk to me!
I'm gonna talk to you, all right! It might be
an idea if the car blows up before it...
So I messed up!
- It happened. It's done.
- Oh, God!
- Turn that thing off!
- All right. I'm trying, I'm trying!
- Is it off or not?
- It's off. I don't know why it's doing this!
How can it be moving if it is off?!
Please answer me!
I don't know.
- I can't get it to stop!
- My life is passing before my eyes!
What the hell are you doing? That's a
quarter-million-dollar piece of equipment!
Oh, my God! Rollie Tyler!
Rollie, it's me, Marty Evans.
I was a third on Chainsaw Santa.
What brings you here?
The kid likes to see movies being made.
- I'm a great fan.
- Fingers! Clean up the cyborg, all right?
Rollie, I have got this
primo new project I'd love to have...
Sorry, I'm not in this game any more.
But if you need any toys for your kids,
give us a ring.
Come on, Chris.
Next time you hire a special-effects
bloke, make sure he's got all his fingers!
- Night.
- That was great, Rollie!
- That was schlock.
- Why don't you work for that guy?
Cos I like living too much.
Can I have some help
with this piece of junk?
We'll be late!
- Did you hear me?
- Yeah. I hear ya.
You're not even dressed!
You are always doing this.
You forgot, didn't you?
No. I didn't forget.
Now, here. Try this on.
Come on!
I had to bribe the maitre d'
to get this reservation.
I'd have been happy just going to Mario's.
It's not your birthday, it's mine.
- You've got good legs.
- Shut up.
I like your dress.
- What is this thing?
- There we are.
- A telemetry suit.
- I would have preferred a Ralph Lauren!
- What are you doing?
- Turning you on.
- What do I do now?
- Whatever you like.
- Do you like it?
- This is amazing!
- Kids are gonna love this.
- The kids that can afford it!
Oh, yeah. Your index finger
operates his eyes.
You're gonna have to think
of a name for this thing.
- I thought I might call it Bluey.
- Bluey?
At home, if you've got red hair
you're called Blue.
- What if you have blue hair?
- Grandma!
Not a hundred per cent effective.
You'll find a screwdriver in your pocket.
Can you hand it to me?
Thank you!
What have we got there?
Wait a minute.
Thank you!
- You like it?
- I love it!
And Bluey loves it too!
Let me turn him off.
- There we go.
- Now can I get out of this thing?
Unless you want to go
to the restaurant like that!
Off we go.
- Yeah?
- It's Mike.
Come on up, Mike.
Chris! I told you,
- no choppers in the house!
- I think I got the hang of it.
- Well done. A light touch, remember.
- Chris...!
- Cut it out. Your father's on his way up.
- I'm all packed, Mom.
- Hi, Dad.
- There he is!
Hi, Mike. What time do you have?
I'm sorry. I was working on something
on my own. I got hung up.
How's it goin', slugger?
Look what I nabbed from
the captain's desk. Like it?
Rollie made me a Dick Tracy watch.
Not the same thing.
Your dad's has got a lot more range.
- Mike.
- How are ya?
At least it's real.
- Can I use your phone?
- Yeah. It's right there.
Chris, go get your things.
- A costume party, huh?
- You'd look good in this!
Brandon here.
Come on!
For Chrissake, I just put in 15 hours!
Yeah, I'm heading in. All right.
- Shit!
- Mike, you promised!
I'm sorry. I'll take him with me.
- Champ, wanna go to work with me?
- Great!
All right.
Bet you thought I'd forgot.
Have a good time!
That guy's still in love with you.
No. He just doesn't like you very much.
- Well?
- You know my middle name.
Long time no see!
OK, Chris,
just make yourself at home over here.
All right?
You stay outta trouble
or I'll throw ya in the cage!
- Mike.
- Yeah?
- Do you play Scrabble?
- I don't believe this, boss.
We got all these unsolveds
and you want me
to stake out a peeper, for Chrissake?
Give it to uniform!
We got a chance to prevent
the crime from happening,
instead of just cleaning up
the mess and pushing paper.
Who's the perp?
He did seven years
for cutting up a model in '82.
Take a look.
Oh, man!
- When do we go?
- Yesterday.
You've waited up for us!
That's very nice of ya!
I suppose a drink's
out of the question, is it?
Maybe one, before I get started.
Of course! You've gotta
grade those midterms.
Yep. They're due out on Monday.
- Surprise, surprise!
- Rollie, that's so sweet.
You can't help yourself, can you?
A new gel.
A bit smelly.
Make a wish.
- What did you wish?
- I'm not gonna tell you.
- Go on, tell me.
- No.
Then it won't come true.
Mike... What are you doing here?
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
I gotta talk to Rollie.
Yeah, sure.
Come on, Chris.
We wanna bait a trap for this slimebucket,
make him think that the girl is alone.
Except it won't be the girl, it'll be me.
- That's where you come in.
- You want me to make you look like her?
- Why not?
- You need a miracle worker!
My kid says you can create
any illusion you want to.
Listen, Mike, you're talking to the
wrong bloke. Cops' work isn't my game.
Do you think I don't know
what went down a few years ago?
What do you mean?
Between you and your pal, Leo McCarthy.
Let's get one thing straight.
McCarthy and I were never pals.
The way I heard it,
he got kicked off the force
because of a case
he was involved in with you.
Looks to me you guys did OK.
Maybe you also heard that the lady
I was living with at the time was killed.
You'll be in and out of the place
before you even break a sweat.
That's what they said the last time.
If there's one thing I've learned,
it's that nothing is as simple
as people say it is. Do you want a beer?
No, I don't want a beer. I'm asking you to
work for the NYPD. It's a straight-up thing!
The only person I work for now is myself.
That way, I always know who to trust.
Sorry I can't help you, Mike.
All right.
Let me ask you something. If a guy like
this came after Kim, what would you do?
Why not?
Hey, you degenerates, get outta here!
This is a new one.
Whaddaya think?
I'm truly flattered!
The microphone is in the left breast.
You press here if you want to talk to Silak.
Great, they talk!
And this... is so you can hear Silak.
Put that in your ear.
If you wanna talk to me,
you use this watch.
On, off, and I beep ya.
- All right?
- Gotcha.
Here we go.
- I don't know about this, Rollie.
- Believe me, it'll work.
You're a knockout!
Wanna come for a drink after work?
- Would you get outta here?!
- I'm just asking.
OK. Kylie.
Mike'll give you your cue,
then you do everything we've rehearsed.
- And you're not gonna be here?
- In spirit.
Damn Silak! Lt'd be simpler, Rollie,
if you stuck around and worked this stuff.
Don't worry. I'll be keeping an eye on ya.
What's that?
- A camera.
- You're kidding me!
- The latest technology.
- A little paranoid, huh?
If there's any problems,
I'll beep you on the watch.
My kid's right. You're all right.
- Wish I could say the same about you!
- Mike, you read me?
What's going on up there? Where's Tyler?
He's leaving now.
Mike, I'm tellin' ya, nothing goes down
until Tyler's ass is on the street.
Roger, boss. I'm out.
There he is.
Your man's on his way in.
Let's go.
Santoni, you stay here.
Kill that bulb, will ya?
- Here we go.
- All right.
Showtime, Mikey!
Play the cheap seats.
We got him!
Real good.
Get down and come on through.
Stay low!
That's it.
Stay low. Great! You're doin' good.
Come on.
Let me help you up.
- How'd I do?
- You deserve a Tony! Now it's my turn.
- Break a leg.
- Yeah.
- What's the matter, Rollie?
- There's too much smoke.
- It's a shower, not a fire.
- Yeah. So? What do I do?
Go to the panel
at the back of the machine.
Turn the knob counterclockwise.
Wrong way, Mike.
Something's wrong.
- What's shakin', Mike?
- I'm taking care of it.
We've lost him.
The man's coming your way.
And Mikey?
He's got a blade.
- How you doin'?
- I'm still shaking.
Just relax. Everything's gonna be fine.
Hey, Rollie, dig this!
I'm a special-effects man.
Whaddaya think of that movie?
Knock it off.
- Mike?
- All right! Keep your shirt on.
That's better.
Hey, Rollie, I'm signing off now.
In ten minutes I'll buy you a drink.
Mike, don't take the watch off.
OK, big boy, come and get me!
Here he comes.
Smoky. Too bloody smoky.
I'm glad you've got that gun.
Jesus Christ!
Kick it in!
- Freeze, asshole!
- No!
McQuay, get on the air.
Tell 'em we got a cop down.
Get her outta here. Get her out!
Where is everybody, Silak?
The bastard got away!
What the hell are you talking about?
I just iced the son of a bitch!
There was someone else in the room!
How do you know? You left the building.
- He was on the back stairs.
- Wait a minute. Hold it. Now listen.
There were only two people in here.
Mike... and this piece of shit.
Now if you saw somebody on the back
stairs, he didn't come out of this place.
Mike is dead.
Too much smoke, Tyler!
He got to Mike first.
Now would you get in there
and shut off that goddamn machine?
The backup's here. Wagon's on the way.
I brought the girl to her neighbour's.
Jesus, Mike!
Why did this have to happen?
Shit! Why did this have to happen?
I think you'd better get home.
Mike's kid is gonna need you.
- Yeah. What about my gear?
- I'll see it gets back to you.
Let's talk tomorrow.
Come on!
- Hello.
- Leo, it's Rollie.
This is Leo McCarthy.
I hope this damn machine's working.
- Come on, come on!
- I promise I'll get back to you.
Leo, it's Rollie.
Pick up if you're there.
All right, you know where I am.
I need your help.
Get in touch. I'm in trouble.
How'd it go?
There's been an accident.
Chris, you don't have to do this.
I want to.
Take a look at this.
You got a problem reading, or what?
- It says "Do not enter".
- And "Crime scene". What's going on?!
Are you family, lady?
I'm Mike's ex-wife and this is his son.
We just came to pick up a few things.
Nothing's gonna leave here
without an OK from downtown.
- What are you looking for?
- It's just a routine search procedure,
Miss Brandon. You got a problem,
you talk to Headquarters.
This is routine?
Mike was a victim, not the suspect.
Or does somebody see this differently?!
When an officer's killed on duty,
we have to secure the premises
and all department property.
- I'm sure you understand.
- I understand that is a lot of baloney!
I can't believe this!
These are mine.
"Bad Blood. Bar..." Oop!
I'm still playing with those.
"Becker". Now what kind of game is that?
Come on, you can see it's the kid's disk.
Ma'am, you cannot take that.
Be reasonable.
The boy just lost his father.
- Oh, God. Ray.
- I'm sorry.
Your father was a good cop, Chris.
The best I ever knew.
I'm gonna make sure
that you get his gold shield.
I know he'd want you to have it. OK?
Come on.
- I called you this morning.
- We had to pick up a few things.
Listen, Rollie. Your equipment.
Oh, yeah.
You blokes have a lot on your mind.
I'll get it later.
No, no! We'll deliver it.
Just give us a time.
I got some things to do now,
but I'll be home later this afternoon.
Fine. By the way... Rollie.
Is this...
something of yours?
Thanks. It's a remote transistor.
It goes with the projector.
Don't fool with me.
It's a goddamn camera!
- I wanna know what it was doing there.
- Mike wanted a camera.
Mike didn't clear a camera with me.
- That's not my problem.
- You're wrong!
It is your problem!
And my problem.
What are you getting at?
The guy you say you saw on the stairs?
The guy you think killed Mike?
There's a possibility
he might have been a cop.
- What makes you think that?
- I can't say now.
Did Mike ever talk about
any of his cases with you?
I mean any old, inactive files.
- No.
- Maybe with Kim, then?
- Where are we going?
- Jersey. I want you
to spend a few days with your sister.
Be great, Chris - see your cousin again.
- I don't wanna go to my sister's.
- It's too dangerous to go home.
- Dangerous?!
- Yes, dangerous.
How could it be dangerous?
Where are you gonna go?
- I got a few things to sort out.
- What things?
Why Mike was set up and who set him up.
Don't worry, Kim can borrow
any clothes she needs.
Beth's gonna be here. Go on.
Don't go out.
Don't even answer the door.
- Rollie, I have to go to work!
- Trust me on this.
I have a night class. What if
I can't get anybody to cover for me?
Kim, it's not safe.
What did you mean
about Mike being set up?
Silak thinks that Mike might have
been set up by some other cops.
- Hi!
- Hi, Beth.
- Think you can look after your cousin?
- Yeah, OK.
I think I can help him.
I can't tell you any more.
Just do as I ask, yeah?
Leo, I don't know if you're getting
these messages, but if you are, call me!
I'm in real trouble with the cops
and I need your help!
Now, let's get a good look at you.
What are you doing?
Jesus, Silak!
Give me that tape.
Sure. Take it. It's yours.
No. You get it.
How do you know I didn't make a copy?
Did you?
No. I wish I had.
Rollie! Are ya gonna
hang around here all night?
Great bloody timing, Leo!
Come on. Don't fuck up
the roof of my car.
- I'll lock the door, huh?
- All right.
My little crash pad here.
Jesus! I thought I was paranoid.
You're the one who's
lookin' for a safe place.
Jesus! What?
Jesus Christ!
You bastard, Leo!
After what I've just been through!
- I gotcha!
- How could you do that to me?
Five years I waited! I finally gotcha!
So you ended up with it.
What do ya think? Not bad, huh?
I always wanted my own gin mill.
So who else knows about this place?
Relax. Nobody knows about this place.
Nobody knew about it when it was open!
I'm sorry it's a little messy. The maid
hasn't been in in three or four years.
So who'd you get to decorate
the joint? Rin Tin Tin?
I'm not discussing fine art with you.
Take your medicine.
Are you telling me
this beacon of accuracy
got this story wrong?
It's bullshit, Leo.
Silak must've set the whole thing up.
The whole precinct's
probably looking for me!
Why? Why would he do it? He's got 25
years on the job. He can retire any time.
Why would he kill another cop?
I don't know why.
You figure it out. Tell me why those
bastards went through Mike's place.
Wait. What bastards?
Cops - gave us a hard time. Wanted to see
everything we took. Even Chris's toys.
Shit, that sounds like IAD.
What's IAD?
Cops that investigate other cops.
Internal Affairs.
That's what they were.
It's what Silak called 'em.
Wait. Silak was at the apartment
with these guys?
You bet!
IAD'd only be involved in a cop-killing
if they thought Mike was dirty.
- Mike was not dirty.
- No, I know he wasn't.
Silak must've brought 'em in.
He's tryin' to deflect the investigation.
- I think we're gettin' warm here, pal.
- You might be getting warm!
These cops at the apartment.
Did they ask you anything?
- No, they just wanted us outta there. Fast!
- Did Silak ask you anything?
- Christ, I can't remember.
- Rollie, this is important. Think!
Did he ask you anything? At all?
He asked if Mike ever talked
about cases he was working on.
An inactive case - whatever that is.
- That's it. It's a shitpile case.
- What is a shitpile case?
It's a hobby case. It's an old,
unsolved, inactive case.
Cops pick 'em up and screw around
with 'em on their own time.
- That's what it's gotta be.
- So what now?
First, we have another drink.
Then we try to find the right shitpile.
- Surprise!
- Leo!
I can't believe it!
This is a restricted area.
You always just waltz right in.
- How do you do it?
- I lie.
Tell me about it! You said you were
gonna call me for dinner. Two years ago.
I thought you were supposed to call me.
I tried to call you, you bastard.
You look good.
Congratulations on your promotion.
- Thank you.
- How's your mother doin'?
Spare me the Irish charm, Leo!
You didn't come up here
to ask about my mother.
If you think I'm risking my job again
to help you find an alimony cheat,
you're crazy.
I don't do matrimonial work any more.
Too dangerous.
Oh, yeah? What are you doing?
Working on the Mike Brandon killing.
Forget it, Leo!
That's a high-profile investigation.
It's also a bullshit cover-up.
Who's your client?
Another sleazebag insurance company?
Actually, my client is Brandon's
ten-year-old son, Chris.
Hey, Velez.
I'm serious.
Damn! You sure know
how to push the right buttons.
Good girl! Look, I'm interested in
an old case that Brandon was working on.
- How far back?
- Anything older than
five years. Do it like you never tapped in.
Don't worry!
- Any luck?
- How about doing some telephone work?
Telephone work?
Hi, Ray.
Sergeant, I'll be back in an hour.
I'm a respectable citizen.
I wanna file a complaint.
We got a new install and repair
for Lieutenant Shylock.
- You mean Silak.
- Silak? Yeah.
- The box is at the foot of the stairs.
- Great.
Here's the key.
Don't return it, it's your ass.
No sweat!
Look at this! I really got it!
Almost got it. You're wasting your time.
That hasn't worked in five years.
Turn it down!
- Hello.
- Yeah. Silak? It's Neely.
Tomorrow. Trial Part 52, 100 Center.
Tony Vargas was the button man.
I got it. Don't sweat
the little stuff, all right?
Hey, I see from the dailies you
neutralised the problem. Nice work.
Yeah. But it didn't go down as
clean as I wanted. How's the old man?
- Sliding fast.
- Don't screw it up!
You do your end and I'll do mine.
Silak, you scumbag!
So are you gonna tell me?
What was all that about?
It's about me spending
the day in court tomorrow.
Mr Neely, is it a fact you're up for
a parole board hearing soon?
- Yes.
- Now, how was it you learned
who ordered the murder of the decedent?
- Tony Vargas told me.
- And what did he say?
That Moore hired him as the button man.
- That's a goddamn lie!
- Objection, Your Honour. Hearsay.
You may continue, Miss Kennedy.
Where were you
when Vargas told you this?
In C-81 at Rikers.
He said Moore wanted him iced
cos he knew too much
- about the embezzlement.
- Objection! May we have a sidebar?
Approach the bench.
Judge, I object to this line of questioning.
What promises have been made
to the witness for his testimony?
Miss Kennedy, any response?
We're writing to the parole board,
acknowledging his assistance.
Counsel is well aware of this.
- I don't want this to drag on.
- Neither do I.
- Leo! I'm surprised to see you.
- Long time! You look wonderful.
Thank you. And you.
No black eyes, no broken noses.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You're doing divorce work now.
Somebody opens the door,
you're peeking through the keyhole...
- Kick an old pal when he's down!
- You deserve it.
You were the best cop I ever worked with.
You just don't play by the rules!
Are we talking
professional now, or personal?
Believe me, Leo, I forgot about
that other stuff a long time ago.
You lose a bet?
- Thank you! The Doolan file?
- It's on your desk.
- On my desk. Leo, you want coffee?
- Yeah.
- Black, please.
- Two black coffees!
- That'll take an hour.
- Where do you want this?
Just there is great. Thank you.
Not bad!
Look at this!
Liz Kennedy, the smartest kid ever
to come outta St Cecelia's parish.
How come you didn't go with some big
corporate law firm on Madison Avenue,
make yourself some serious money?
I like trench warfare. Madison Avenue's
advertising, Leo. What can I do for ya?
I wanna talk to your witness, Neely.
Call Legal Aid. Neely's not my client.
No...! C'mon, Liz,
this is Leo you're talking to.
Neely's making you famous. You got
two major convictions with his testimony.
- So?
- You probably eat lunch with the creep!
- You never used stoolies?
- Sure I did.
I didn't actually write out their dialogue
for them to recite in court
- in exchange for sentence reduction.
- I don't do that.
Everything he testified to is in line
with what we found in our investigation.
- Who was in charge of that investigation?
- Lieutenant out of the 2-7: Ray Silak.
- You know him?
- Yeah, I know him a little.
Yeah! Silak's been all over the papers
lately with this cop-killing.
- This Mike Brandon thing.
- Yeah. Nothing to do with this office.
You trust Silak?
What are you saying? Silak's dirty?
If he is, you don't want it
rubbing off on you. Do you, senator?
I am not involved in politics
in any way, Leo.
No, I know. You told me.
What have you got on Ray Silak?
Who are you working for, Leo?
I don't have to tell you
who I'm working for.
As far as Silak is concerned,
all I have right now are suspicions.
You could be in big trouble here.
Maybe I can help ya.
But you gotta help me first.
C'mon! Fix it so I can talk to
this motormouth Neely.
Get me Chambliss in Parole.
That's Neely's parole officer.
The nuns would be proud of you!
- I appreciate your time.
- It's a pleasure.
What do you know about this asshole?
Neely started off small-time,
fencing shit in college.
He got popped a coupla times,
rolled over, earned his stoolie jacket.
That turned out to be his true vocation.
So now they've put him in with
the real bad guys. He gets 'em to...
He gets 'em to shoot off their mouths,
then testifies against 'em.
- Baboom! He gets an early out.
- How come he's back in prison?
The dumbass violated his parole.
It's like he wanted to get sent here.
Is he being a good boy this time?
Listen to this.
Chabliss, State Parole.
I wanna see Neely. Thank you.
- A model inmate.
- Oh, Jesus!
Works in the infirmary as a volunteer.
This guy's even the chaplain's clerk!
The little scumbag comes to jail
and finds the Lord.
What are these guys? The choir?
"Now his elder son was in the field."
Jesus! Very butch!
What is he? A boy soprano?
- There he is.
- Yeah, I see him.
- A regular St Francis of Assisi.
- Yeah.
- What's the story on the old con?
- Old Carl. He's been here for ever.
Dying of emphysema. Any day now.
Tough old bastard, though.
Another con sliced him up years back.
Carl stuck a shiv through the guy's throat.
So they gave him life.
Looks like he's gonna do it all, too.
The chaplain says that Carl
has been very good for Neely.
That's great.
Says he brought
the young man back to the Church.
Becker treats the kid like a son.
Becker? What...?
Carl Becker! Jesus Christ!
That's Carl Becker?
Yeah, that's what I said -
Carl Becker. Wait here.
"...thou art ever with me...
...and all that I have is thine."
Hey, Carl.
Neely, a PI named Leo McCarthy
wants to have five minutes of your time.
What do you think?
No. Absolutely not.
Five minutes. What's it gonna take?
"For this thy brother was dead,
and is alive again."
Thanks a lot!
"He was lost
and is found."
So there you are!
Jesus Christ! You went back
to the apartment, didn't you?
Couldn't sit around all day.
Stubborn son of a bitch.
You're like a ten-year-old!
- Where you been?
- What is this shit?
- What the hell is this?
- Say g'day to Bluey.
How are ya, pal? Nice to meet ya.
You're not eating that shit, are ya?
It's been there for five years!
Do me a favour, will ya?
Stay away from the pickled eggs.
I've been at the library.
Pardon me, would you, sir? Thank you.
I found out why Mike was killed.
St Peter's in Rome. The Vatican. OK?
It's the Sistine Chapel.
These bronze-coloured reliefs
show scenes
from the Old Testament Book of Kings.
OK? From here to here, the gradual
conversion of the human soul to God.
When he finished the Sistine Chapel,
Michelangelo recreates these reliefs
in solid gold.
Ten medallions, about... about so big.
This is the case
that Mike was working on.
About 20 years ago,
these medallions were part of a Vatican
exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum.
A guy named Carl Becker,
a pretty good thief,
he sneaks in and he grabs 'em.
I don't know what he thought
he was gonna do with them!
Becker gets pinched the very next day.
But the medallions?
They never turn up.
Now these are original,
hand-minted, solid gold
Got any idea what they'd be worth today?
What do you reckon, Blue?
Close enough, Bluey.
- Bye!
- OK, bye.
- See you, Miss Brandon.
- All right, I'll see you next week.
Becker. Jesus! I know I know that name.
It was a famous case.
It made all the papers.
- Christ! I know where I heard it.
- Where?
- Just a minute.
- Who the hell are you calling?
- Don't tell 'em where you are!
- I'm not telling anyone! Quiet.
Come on!
- Hello.
- Beth.
- Hi. Rollie. Uh... put Kim on, will ya?
- She's not here, Rollie.
- Where is she?
- She went to her class.
- Put your mother on, then, will ya?
- It's just Chris and me here.
- Then I'll speak to Chris.
- What the hell is going on?
Chris, it's for you.
I know where Mike's file is. Becker
was a name on one of Chris's game disks.
Jesus Christ! If Silak finds that out...
Yeah? What?
You don't think he'll go after the kid?
- Hello.
- Chris. Hi, it's Rollie. How are ya?
Listen, I need your help.
Do you remember the name Becker
on one of your game disks?
- What if I do?
- I need to know what was in that file.
- They don't have a computer here.
- Chris! How you doin'?
My name is Leo. I'm a friend of Rollie's.
Do you know anybody out there
who might have a computer?
Yeah. At the mall.
Do you want me to send it by modem?
- Good idea.
- He's not to leave the house!
- Go to the mall. Send it to me...
- He's not to leave the bloody house!
- He'll be safer there.
- Bullshit!
- Where the hell are you goin'?
- To get Kim.
Listen, Chris. It's OK. Listen.
- Have you got a pencil?
- Yeah.
- Hello?
- Beth, is Kim back yet?
No, she isn't, Rollie. She left to pick
up Chris at the mall five minutes ago.
- I hate waiting.
- Me too.
And I've had a lot of practice, believe me!
I know I'm gonna regret asking this,
but what is that supposed to mean?
Every once in my life you walk in,
use my computer, use me,
then you disappear.
It's not right, Leo.
You're absolutely right, Velez.
You know what you need?
A vacation.
Leo, I can't believe it!
- Jamaica!
- Yeah!
Am I going alone?
I don't know. What date does it say?
Let me see. It's open.
Really? Oh. The same as mine.
You shouldn't have!
Yes, I should have.
I should have a long time ago.
There are things I shouldn't have done,
but this I should have done.
- Need any help, Chris?
- No, I'm OK.
OK. We gotta close in a minute.
- This is Chris. Is Leo there?
- Yeah. Chris, this is Leo.
Hold on a second. Listen,
I'm gonna put the expert on, OK?
Hi, Chris. Have you
ever used a modem before?
- Yeah.
- Is your program up?
- Yep.
- OK.
Press F1, and then type in the same
phone number you've just called.
Now... hang up, press Enter,
and I'll talk to you on your screen. OK?
Chris. What are you doing here?
I told you to stay inside!
We found Dad's file.
Give me the disk!
It's stuck.
Here we go.
Way to go, kid!
My God! Look at how fast it is.
- Are we gonna get a printout on this?
- Yes.
"Becker... Vatican medallions..."
OK, "Neely..."
"Samson." That's a new one.
What the hell's that?
There's "Samson" again.
What's goin' on? We got garbage.
The transmission's been interrupted.
The kid screwed it up.
See if you can find out what's going on.
I guess that's the end of it.
Print it out and we'll
take a closer look at it.
- Wanna go get something to eat?
- OK.
I know a great place.
Best Chinese food in the city.
- Great!
- We'll celebrate, all right?
Attention, shoppers.
The Westside Mall is now closed.
We open again tomorrow
from 10am to 9pm.
And please note, tomorrow many stores
are participating in the one-day sale...
...with discounts of up to 60%...
- Excuse me, sir, we're closed!
- Yeah.
Hey! I said we're closed!
Watch it, pal!
- Kim! You all right?
- Yeah.
- What's your problem?
- Leave off. He's got a gun!
Don't be...
Kim, run!
Open up.
Get lost!
Come on.
Kim. Hair spray.
- It's locked!
- Damn!
You shouldn't believe everything you see!
Now, you bastard! I want some answers.
Let's start with Silak.
Silak, we have a problem.
Becker's taken a turn for the worse.
- What do the doctors say?
- He won't last the night.
We'd better have
a goddamn heart-to-heart.
And if you want out of there
on Saturday, don't screw it up.
Good night, Mom.
Chris wants to say good night to you.
Some day, eh?
Do you think they got the file?
I'm sure they did.
Your dad would have been proud of you.
That man. Did he kill my father?
I think you should get a little sleep.
I never really thought it was your fault.
I know that.
Is this great or what, huh?
I was picturing something different.
a bottle of wine.
Maybe a table and a chair!
Come on! This place is the best!
Frenchie here's the best
Chinese cook in New York.
You bet!
You betcha. We'll take
a couple of spring rolls to start.
I tell ya... I keep reading this
and reading it. Samson...
Samson... Samson must be the buyer.
It's probably a code name or something.
The thing I don't get is why Mike
didn't figure out Silak was involved.
Obviously he was getting very close.
He was in over his head.
He should've known it.
- Two spring roll.
- OK.
- Some mustard.
- No, don't put that mustard on.
- That stuff is murder.
- You wuss!
- It'll take the roof off your mouth.
- You're such a wuss!
That's plenty. That's plenty!
I don't even wanna watch this!
Could I have a moment
alone with him? Please?
Can you hear me, Carl?
gonna die!
No, Carl.
You're going to meet God.
You once said that you wanted
my help to atone for your sins.
It's not too late, Carl.
Tell me where the medallions are
and I'll give them back to God.
Where's the music?
What happened to you?
Velez is dead.
They shot her. About an hour ago.
In Chinatown, for Chrissake!
I'm sorry.
Yeah. Me too!
She was...
She was a good cop.
They tried to get me, too.
It was a mob hit, Rollie.
There's more to this whole thing than...
a dirty cop and ten shitty pieces of gold.
I had a talk to the guy that killed Mike.
- Yeah? Is he a cop?
- No, just some thug.
Silak's got a chopper...
ordered for this weekend.
There's some sort of rendezvous.
I know where.
We're gonna need backup.
I think I know someone who can help us.
- Wait, that stings! What is that?
- Hold still! Don't be such a baby.
Why not just leave this to NYPD?
Because somebody else
in the department could be involved!
Either they followed me
and killing Velez was an accident,
or they picked up on Velez
through the computer.
When she tapped in, she left
some kind of a trace - something!
Either way, I can't take any chances.
- Enough with the alcohol! Please!
- OK!
Unless you have some of
the drinking kind out there.
Excuse me. Where are my manners?
Just a second.
If I have a choice, I'll take a Scotch.
If you have a single malt
you could make it a triple.
Saves walking back and forth.
Jesus Christ!
What's wrong with your cat?
There's nothing wrong with her.
She's a Cornish Rex.
- They don't shed.
- Are you telling me that...
Are you telling me that
they look like this on purpose?
Looks like a big rat.
Leo, you want ice?
What? In this?
- You gotta be kidding.
- No, for your head.
No. My head's fine.
Look, Liz, you gotta help me here.
Maybe help yourself, too.
You could be a real hero with this thing.
You know how many assistant DAs
work their whole lives,
- they never get an opportunity like this?
- Opportunity for what? Wreck my career?
Get killed, maybe?
What do you need?
I need backup.
But local backup, OK? Nassau County
cops or something. No NYPD.
What else?
You gotta be there.
Me? No, I'm an assistant DA.
I don't do that!
I'm a private investigator.
You think those country cops will do what
I say? No way! No, you gotta be there.
This could be your ticket, Liz.
Somebody's gotta prosecute
these bastards, talk to the press.
Who better?
Do I take that as a yes?
- Keep your nose clean, Neely.
- Yeah, yeah!
Neely! Over here!
Come on!
All right, we're stopped.
Enough of this shit! Where are we going?
Hey, relax. We're here.
- Where?
- Come on.
Let's confess our sins.
Thank God for his son
and for his love and forgiveness.
Place your confidence in Christ,
who died for you on the cross.
For your penance say
five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys.
Welcome to this
sacrament of forgiveness.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
It has been one week
since my last confession.
Continue, my son.
I felt anger, Father,
towards an old man
who had been my friend.
It was unworthy.
I also lied
three times in the past week.
I had a couple of... impure thoughts.
And I feel very...
- regretful.
- Anything else,
my son?
No, Father. That's it.
Sorry, Father. I was deep in thought.
- It's Rollie. Is Leo there?
- Yeah.
- It's Rollie.
- Yeah?
- I'm all set, mate.
- All right. Good. We're on the way.
- We're expected.
- Who says?
Jesus! I don't think we asked for enough.
Watch what you say in here.
I hope Rollie's ready.
He should be. He's been
settin' it up for a coupla days.
This is good, right here.
Cue ball, corner pocket.
I warned ya!
Can you see Rollie?
No. But he's got the dogs penned up.
The gardener hasn't noticed anything.
- I didn't see any backup.
- You're not supposed to.
Do me a favour. Get on the horn,
make sure they're in position.
Nassau One, this is LK.
We're all set. Over.
All right. Did you bring
any protection with you?
- I mean, a... a gun.
- No!
You said there'd be plenty of artillery.
There's no such thing
as too much artillery in New York.
- Did you ever use an automatic?
- No.
OK, this is the way
you cock the sucker. So to speak!
- All right.
- All right? There's your safety. On. Off.
- OK.
- OK? Hold onto it.
Leo? It's Rollie.
Yeah, go ahead, Rollie.
Looking good.
OK, buddy, just wait for my signal.
Leo? Please be careful.
You too.
Hi, guys.
Everybody just relax.
- OK?
- McCarthy!
- You know this man?
- Yeah.
NYPD. Retired. He's a private dick now.
This is the guy that was
snooping around at the prison.
Listen, fellas, we'll all get acquainted
in a minute. Just stand easy.
- I knew it was too good to be true.
- Liz? It's Leo. Send in the cavalry.
Liz, come back.
OK, Leo, I've cocked the sucker.
Take his gun.
- You're a great disappointment to me.
- Just move, Leo.
- You were expecting this, Silak?
- Shut up!
I suppose this means that
the backup's not coming too, huh?
- You said there were two.
- Tyler's out there somewhere.
- Tyler? Who the hell is he?
- What the hell is going on?!
- Call him, Leo.
- Kiss my ass, sweetheart.
Never point a gun
unless you intend to use it.
This right with the safety? Little red dot?
Be careful with those things, all right?
It's an automatic. OK?
Rollie, this is Leo.
It's Lions 8 - Christians 0 in here.
Somebody's pointing a gun
at my head even as we speak.
I think it's time to pack it up.
I guess he's outta range.
Wait. Who the hell
are these guys, Silak?
Yes, she was a fine Catholic girl, Father.
- I don't know what happened to her.
- Shut up, please, Leo.
Enjoy your trip?
You're goin' on another one!
Bon voyage!
- How long is this gonna take?
- Until it's over.
You got the medallions, so pay up.
Put them away to look at on rainy days!
- Shut up, will ya?
- You screwed up, Silak!
You didn't check out
who really owns this place.
- What does he mean?
- You're an asshole, McCarthy.
Do you think this place
belongs to some fence?
These guys look like
art collectors to you?
This is a Mob safe house, Neely.
Nobody said nothin' about the Mob.
Their money's the same
as anybody else's.
So when do we see it?
All right.
Old bills, as you requested.
It'll take you a while
to count to ten million.
Jesus! Here we go.
What did he tell ya, kid? Five?
Or was your end just supposed
to be parole and carfare?
- You son of a bitch, Silak.
- You were gonna get half the ten million.
Bullshit! I was the one
who got Becker to talk!
Without me,
you and her would be nowhere!
The kid is right, Silak.
You deserve a 60/40 split.
- Shut your foul trap!
- Maybe it should be 70/30.
You went back inside. The words
double-cross come to my mind.
- The word dead man comes to my mind!
- That's two words.
I apologise for these interruptions.
They'll soon be over.
They are his work. Michelangelo.
Very good.
You know where they have to go.
The boat's waiting.
Yes, sir.
May I go, too?
- Yes. Thank you for your help.
- Thank you.
How about that, Silak?
You tell the chopper noon,
he's here on the button.
Now all you gotta do is get out alive.
You don't think they're gonna
let you walk with that cash?
- Don't listen to him. The money's yours.
- Yeah, sure! Silak, wait.
Before we break up the party,
answer me this.
Now you got these medallions,
what the hell are you gonna do with 'em?
- Who's the buyer?
- There's no buyer.
They're being returned
to their rightful owner.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying the Vatican is behind this?
No. Our associates in Italy have never
condoned crimes against the Church.
This is our way of righting a wrong.
Come on, Neely, let's...
Silak, you dumb shit!
They'll fill ya full of holes.
Now hold it a second.
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Are we forgetting somebody here?
What about Liz?
Where's her share, huh?
Who's supposed to pay you, anyway?
Mr Pizza Man here, or
Moe and Larry?
Weren't they gonna cut you in?
- Don't be stupid. I'm not in it for money.
- That's enough!
Son of a bitch! Of course!
You're getting into bed with the Mob,
aren't ya? Huh?
You're gonna be connected
to all that influence and... and power.
Tell me, Liz, what do you get out of it?
US attorney?
Or was I right the first time?
Are you gonna be the next senator
- from the state of pasta fasul?
- Shut up!
Game's over. Gimme the gun.
Oh, bullshit!
You're not gonna shoot me!
You guys, stay outta this!
It's between her and me.
Don't look at him. He's not gonna help ya.
He wants you to do it. Sure!
He wants you to make your bones,
right now, with me.
That way, he owns your ass for ever.
Is that what you want?
- Gimme the gun.
- Don't.
- Please!
- Gimme that gun! C'mon!
Let's go.
- Damn!
- Life's a bitch, Neely!
And then...
Jesus Christ!
You call that a small fire effect?
It's not an exact bloody science.
Christ, I stink!
Let's go. The chopper's about to take off.
Yeah. I'll catch up with ya in a minute.
He's messy, but he's fun at parties!
When did you know?
I'm a good detective.
I got lucky.
Big name for a little cat:
- Samson.
- I wondered where the hell that went.
OK, Leo, it's your call.
I wonder if I could kill you
as easily as you killed me.
Now there's the backup you ordered!
I called 'em, too - just in case you forgot.
Why don't you explain all this to them?
Come on, mate, I'm losing him!
You're goin' the wrong way!
I said the Nassau County airport!
Jesus Christ!
Where did you learn to drive?
Slow down! Slow down!
Here, take this.
And keep it steady. Steady!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Like before.
Look, Silak! No hands!
Oh, my God! What are you doin'?
Don't let go of the wheel! Jesus Christ!
- Where is the bloody thing?
- Get it!
My God! We're... We're going...
What's the matter with you?
You've gone... Hey! Hey!
There he goes!
Silak! You're on your own!
Let's go! C'mon!
I don't know how to work this!
Oh, my God!
Hey! Can somebody help?
Hey...! I'm...!
Oh, God, stay up now.
- It's goin' down!
- It's not supposed to.
- Bluey's sprung a leak.
- You said it would float.
I thought it would!
Grab the bag!
- All right, gimme the bag.
- Here. Take Bluey.
Screw Bluey! Gimme the goddamn bag!
- All right.
- Got it?
Don't forget me!
C'mon, mate.
- Come on, you Bluey!
- Look at Silak go!
I hear it's a bitch to learn
how to fly those things.
He's doin' all right!
For a clown!
We got a problem. You know how long it's
gonna take us to dry ten million dollars?
These are already dried!
- Tell me those aren't the real medallions.
- They are. I switched 'em!
Rollie, you dumb bastard! The Mob wasn't
stealing 'em. They were returning them
to the Vatican!
Nobody told me.
I wonder if we can find
a decent restaurant?
What do you say we exchange some of
our damp currency and try to find one?
- Good idea. What d'ya fancy?
- How about Mexican?
Real class, Leo. But I promised
Kim and Chris real Italian pizza.
Only one city in the world
has decent pizza.
- Yeah. Sydney!
- Yeah, you're right!
You want a genuine
coin collection from the Vatican?
That's the last thing you need - coins.
- Sorry, pal.
- Come on. Next trip.
Here you are. Let's get on this.
No horse should be pulling him.
Apologise to the horse, mate.
Wait a second!
Hold it! Hold it! Oh, my God!
I got it.