Ga-bi (Gabi) (2012) Movie Script

JOO Jin-mo KIM So-yeun
PARK Hee-soon YOO Sun
Are you tired from traveling?
I want you to learn
about the world.
This country is a vast place.
Learn the Russian language
and explore the world.
Yes, Father.
I prepared some gabi.
Oh, what a surprise...
Thank you.
- You love Dan.
- No, I don't...
- Yes, you...
- No, I don't...
Are you okay, sir?
Protect Dan.
Your dark eyes.
How I love you so.
How I'm scared of you.
Your burning eyes.
Have a good time.
What's this!
You must be Silver Fox!
I found gold bars
in those coffee sacks.
They're Japanese gold.
Why do Russians have these?
Those Russian officers
must be working for Japan.
Now we have to
go farther.
They are Icy Fox and Silver Fox
from Chosun.
They speak Russian fluently.
So they must have lived
in Russia during childhood.
Icy Fox can speak
Chinese and Japanese.
Silver Fox can change into
anything she wants
and make anything
she saw.
As freighters from Europe
stopped coming in,
they're stealing merchants' beans
to sell expensive to aristocrats.
After investing much money,
they even created peace
between gangs at borders.
We can't get any information
about them
because the gangs won't talk.
Now they even robbed
Russia's military trains.
Aren't you ashamed?
For the honor of Russia,
I'll get them executed.
I want to have coffee.
I'll teach you.
Try making your own coffee.
No, you know how I love
watching you make coffee.
Before leaving, let's go
say goodbye to your father.
Give him the coffee
you make on your own.
The grave of KIM Wu-hyeon
I made this coffee.
I know you often
came here alone.
Please promise my father
that you'll live as my man.
It's Russian soldiers.
Stop them!
Icy Fox and Silver Fox shall be
executed immediately
for theft and
disturbing Russian army.
Turn the light on.
I'm Sadako Tayama.
Since I saved your life,
you owe the Empire of Japan.
I didn't beg for my life.
You're KIM Jong-sik
who followed Japanese merchants.
What do you want?
Tanya... she's alive.
Japan paid lots of gold
to Russian army to save you.
If you don't obey,
you and Tanya will suffer
unbearable pain.
Go ahead.
This is enough to make any
strong woman an opium addict.
Stop it!
Are you accepting my offer?
I'll do whatever you say.
Let her go.
You'll become
Japanese Sakamoto.
And Tanya will go to Chosun
as a Russian.
Tanya will poison the King
and Sakamoto disturb his army.
When the Gabi operation begins,
you shouldn't know each other.
Many people will attend the
coronation of Russian Emperor.
Chosun's King also sent
MIN Yeong-hwan and envoys.
That's the famous woman
in Nevski Cafe.
Her coffee tastes amazing
and she memorizes
every order.
- Is that so?
- Yes, it's true.
- That's a rumor.
- Really?
She can't remember
every order.
- No, that's impossible.
- I think it's possible.
I bet she can't do it.
How about betting?
Yes, and let's switch
our seats.
Sounds fun.
- Let's do it.
- Call her.
Ready to order?
I'll have shashlyk.
And wheat vodka, please.
I got it.
I'll have jarenaya kartoshka
with mushrooms.
I'll have blini.
And a good cup of coffee
you make.
I'll have
Farshirovanie Perzi.
And red wine.
You have borsch
on the menu.
Instead of coffee,
I'll have vodka today.
- I'll have steak and vodka.
- Okay.
Is that everything?
Yes, that's all.
So, now switch the seats.
I'll sit there.
You come here.
- Let's move.
- All right.
Oh, I see.
Here's what you ordered.
- Shashlyk.
- Thanks.
Your vodka.
What did I tell you?
Enjoy your meal.
I won the bet.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Now can we toast?
Start conversation with envoys
naturally at Nevski Cafe.
You have to return to Chosun
with MIN Yeong-hwan.
That's already done.
We'll send army
to protect the King of Chosun.
This is beyond what I can do.
To conclude a treaty,
you need money.
Russia will no longer send
army to Chosun.
If so, Japan will not send
our army, either.
Russia and Japan signed a secret
treaty not to send army.
Japan and Russia agreed not to
send their army to Chosun.
Are you from Chosun?
I overheard their words.
I thought this could help.
Forgive my rudeness.
Next time, I'll save a nice spot
for your meetings.
I want to bring Russian army
to Chosun.
What should I do?
Never mind.
I'm just fretting.
Russians don't feel comfortable
with people in unfamiliar clothes.
Instead of Russian army,
MIN requested for instructors
to train army in Chosun.
Tell them the King appreciates
the kindness of Emperor.
How about returning
to Chosun?
We need a good
interpreter now.
It was a pleasure
to help you.
Without you, how would I
find out Russia's intention?
I'm sorry.
I have my reason why
I can't return to my motherland.
No reason can be more important
than saving your own country.
I was a daughter
of a court interpreter.
My father died accused of
stealing the King's gold bars.
I haven't cleared his name yet.
So I'm guilty in Chosun, too.
How can I work for
the country?
I got help from you.
That makes me guilty, too.
Let's keep it secret forever.
And let's work
for Chosun people.
Before she goes,
promise me one thing.
When everything ends,
Tanya should become Japanese.
I'll promise.
Russian Minister Veber.
Mrs. Sontag,
the hostess of this hotel.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Tanya.
You speak Russian.
She'll be a help to the legation.
I don't know.
She does speak Russian.
And she's beautiful, too.
KIM Hong-ryuk.
He interprets for the legation.
I heard you want to
taste my coffee?
Sontag hotel offers
better coffee than Russia.
But the beans are old.
I wish it had richer aroma.
I heard that your coffee was
very famous at Nevski street.
Will you make me a cup?
Light roasts give rich aroma
but complicated taste.
And strong roasts
have stronger bitterness.
You should make coffee
with your heart.
Soak the beans to slowly
spread the aroma.
Throw away useless tastes.
They could ruin taste and aroma.
Too much sugar could weaken
coffee's various flavors.
How about enjoying
the bitterness for a while?
This is amazing.
I trust you'll keep promise
to work for Chosun people.
Thanks for coming back
with me.
After the queen was killed,
King Gojong requested for help
from the U.S. Legation.
But we stopped his attempt
to go to the U.S. Legation.
Then the King seemed to
surrender to us.
But when the civil army rose,
he ran to the Russian legation.
There, he's working on
his policies...
Get me a full map of Chosun.
Did you know that
Chosun's King loves coffee?
So far, Mrs. Sontag has made
coffee for the King.
She'll be busy with
the hotel business.
So, I want you to make
coffee for the King now.
And I want you to tell me
everything about the King.
Are you saying
I should be a snitch?
You only have to tell me
his everyday life.
I need fresh beans.
You know
how to get to the power.
I got it. That Sadako is
actually BAE Yu-jeong.
Her father sold her to Miura
for a fortune.
What a bastard.
What's this?
Are you starting
a war or something?
For the sake of Japan?
This is Chosun.
It's our country.
Then you should leave.
But this is not right.
Japan killed the queen
and Chosun people.
This is not right.
Why do you think
the King killed Tanya's father?
The King's people
always wore black clothes.
That day, I heard they argued
with Tanya's father.
Tanya's father worked for
Chosun's King.
That's why he was killed
by the King.
The King never trusted anyone
and killed his own people.
Where did you learn Japanese?
I used to travel with
Japanese merchants.
Your eyes are shining.
How about working for me?
To buy gabi
that Tanya loves,
I opened the door
for them.
That night,
Tanya's father died.
Tanya's father was killed
not by the King, but by Japan.
You're already on our side.
Follow me.
I ruined her life.
I'll do everything
for Tanya.
The King is picky, sensitive
and fickle, but very thoughtful.
You're not a court lady.
You can't serve His Highness.
Teach the court lady
how to make gabi.
Minister Veber asked me
to do this.
Making gabi is my job.
Who do you think you are!
Please talk to Minister Veber
to discuss things about me.
Please make some coffee.
I'll go make gabi.
Follow her and keep an eye
on her all the time.
Yes, ma'am.
Your Highness,
please enjoy your coffee.
This coffee is popular
in Russia these days.
Are you wearing that thing
because we're not in the court?
I'm not a court lady.
One, two, three, four.
Can I look around
Russian army?
Do you speak Russian?
I practiced for this.
We didn't spend
so much money
to get a stupid thing
like you!
The King asked for the Japanese
officer who visited Russian army.
Meeting the King is
part of my plan.
I'll stop Chosun from
making its own troops.
Never act on your own
without my permission.
Don't forget you're also
Japanese here.
If you want to beat me,
you should be a real Japanese.
BAE Yu-jeong.
I'm Japanese to the core.
You should live that way, too.
Never act on your own.
Chosun's weaponry has a secret.
I can't bring Japanese army
to find it out.
Miura doesn't approve
any plan he doesn't know.
That's how Japanese works.
Where's Mrs. Sontag?
She went to the hotel
for urgent business.
She asked me to do it.
I heard gabi trees grow
in hillside in tropical regions.
Gabi fruits are similar to
reddish cherries.
Fresh gabi beans are green,
and turn dark when roasted.
Roasted gabi produces
fruit or floral aroma.
When crushed,
it has spicy fragrance.
When you brew gabi in water,
it tastes both sour and bitter.
You can taste each aroma
at the tip of your tongue.
Make another cup.
If you don't like the aroma,
I'll make another kind.
Fill this room
with gabi aroma.
I'm Yusuke Sakamoto.
Thank you for accepting present.
Isn't Japan having a war
against Taiwan?
That is true.
Why didn't you go to Taiwan,
but come to Chosun?
Japanese army needs to stay
in Chosun as well.
Never spy on my army again.
Next time I could cut off
your head with this sword.
There's no army to spy on
in Chosun.
I just looked around
how lazy Russian army is.
This won't happen again.
Japan is a country of sea,
but Chosun of mountains.
Toyotomi couldn't conquer Chosun
because of those mountains.
What's the secret of
Chosun's weaponry?
Aren't they using
Japanese guns?
They combined Japanese
and Russian firearms.
The King's buying
Russian weapons.
We need to find
those who help the King.
We'll allow no more
Russian weapons.
Cut the King's connections.
I need information
from Tanya.
Get him connected to Tanya.
He'll be out of control.
Water flows downward.
Don't block it,
but make a path for it.
I'll make a path.
We're doing right,
aren't we?
Let's finish quickly.
The King has
secret connections.
I need to find a secret path.
Can you draw a map
for the inside of the legation?
I'll leave it here.
Westerners drink gabi
in this kind of cups.
Because gabi is black
and tastes bitter
it's used for poisoning
in Western countries, too.
Forgive me. I should have
lighten your concerns.
The King only eats canned foods
and eggs because of poisoning.
Everyone around the King
is very loyal to him.
Due to their close protection,
I have nothing to report.
I want to find Russian dealers
who sell weapon to the King.
I need information about people
who meet the King privately.
Those granted a private audience
belong to secret society.
But I can't find out more
because the King doesn't open up.
I heard you speak
Russian well.
I barely make conversations.
For whom are you working for?
To whom are you passing words?
They say words with gabi
are as light as dust.
Why would I pass those words?
Are you saying
my words are like dust?
I haven't said a word,
and I won't from now on.
I don't trust anyone.
Your promise means nothing.
KIM Hong-ryuk and Veber
gave me gold bars.
Then you, Russian speaker,
came to me with gabi.
People never pay money without
getting something worth it.
What are you trying
to take from me?
Do you still have
anything to lose?
Use me, Your Highness.
I'll be your eyes and ears.
Tanya should stay
and serve gabi.
MIN Yeong-hwan said that
the Russian legation took money,
but we haven't received
new arms and guards yet.
Tell Minister Veber to
show me the ledger.
The King asked you to strengthen
vigilance around the legation.
Yes, Your Highness.
He says he'll do so.
Did he interpret correctly?
He didn't interpret
your words correctly.
The interpretation was wrong.
Russians don't like to use
direct expressions.
I tried to understand your
intention and convey words.
She's nobody
who just wandered in Russia.
How'd she know diplomacy,
Your Highness?
And you sent me a nobody?
I've already known that
interpretation was incorrect.
I just used you.
This might put you in danger.
Everyone who helps me
has to risk death.
You'll be my eyes and ears,
so I'll protect you.
You have to protect yourself.
I'll think you did this
to win the King's heart.
If this happens again,
I can't guarantee your life.
Are you okay?
I was worried he might
take you with him.
Do you know
how powerful he is?
Russia and Japan
listen to what he says.
You don't want to look him
in the eyes like this.
Why are you being
respectful all of a sudden?
Well, that's...
You're older than I...
Anyway, I'll ask the highest
court lady to protect you.
She doesn't like me.
No, she said you're smart.
She said you could be
a court lady for His Highness.
She told me not to tell...
Tanya interpreted for the King
against KIM Hong-ryuk and Veber.
Isn't it what you wanted?
Aren't you curious about
her relations with the King?
I planted someone inside.
So, are you gonna report to me
every night or something?
Did Miura send you?
Or you came on your own?
You complicated my plans.
I want to confirm
you're really on our side.
Tell me the story
between you and Tanya.
What are you doing?
Tell him she's Japan's spy.
She's a spy from Japan.
You want to buy Russian arms?
Got money?
Show him.
This thing looks fantastic.
I'll make the deal.
I'll set a trap for the King
with Russian arms.
I'll wipe out Secret Society
and civilian army.
We should stop Chosun's troops.
Withdraw now.
He'll not ask for you,
so don't come near here.
I have a favor to ask.
You want to dress
like a court lady?
Do you know
what that dress means?
You'll live as the King's woman
all your life.
Are you sure?
Where's the passage
to the legation?
Tell me or you'll be dead.
What are you doing?
I came to look at
dried gabi beans.
I saw someone,
so I went after him.
Someone was spying here?
I think I saw someone.
Don't chase anyone again.
I told you to protect yourself.
Go on.
Stay there.
Don't worry.
She's my eyes and ears here.
She's the daughter of
KIM Wu-hyeon.
Japan won control over Taiwan
in Sino-Japanese war.
And sent large troops to rule
Taiwan who's fighting back hard.
When Japan is in war with Taiwan,
Chosun should make its army.
Your Highness,
but we're short of money.
I'll fix the problem,
so recruit 10,000 soldiers.
We need at least 30,000 soldiers
to be a neutral nation.
Go meet civil army leaders
and old army generals.
Win their heart.
Chosun needs them now.
read this.
We appreciate the successful deal
with the Chosun government.
We shipped
You'll receive them in 15 days.
We're expecting rifle contracts.
Please respond soon.
Please, protect Dan.
Tanya's father died for the King.
The pen means
he's one of Secret Society.
Now I know why
Japan chose Tanya.
The King cannot
suspect Tanya.
You made Tanya so perfect
so Japan wants to have her.
You must have trained her
so she can survive.
But that changed her fate.
I chose you, and
I take all the responsibility.
Now Tanya can't
get out of there.
I heard about your father
from MIN Yeong-hwan.
That reminded me of
what happened long ago.
Your father was neither
an interpreter nor a criminal.
He went over borders
and did risky jobs for me.
Like those you saw today,
your father was my loyal man.
To protect me,
your father chose death.
Why did you pretend
you didn't know me?
I'm a shameful King
who made your father die.
It was hard to confess.
How have you been?
Are you okay?
Do you think...
we can go back?
too hard for me.
I don't know.
Really I know nothing.
I know you're
helping the King.
I'm just a merchant
doing business at markets.
I really don't know anything.
Tell me where the civil army is,
or these people will be dead.
Go back.
Move back quickly.
Make your own.
Your Highness,
she's only a court lady.
Words with gabi are like dust.
So, tell me.
What do my people
say of me?
They say you neglect them
and only love money.
Anything else?
That you're hiding
because you're afraid of Japan.
They are right.
I escaped the court
in court ladies' sedan chair.
It was a year ago.
It's time to go back.
I love gabi's bitterness.
Ever since I became the King,
everything tastes bitter.
But gabi's bitterness
is rather sweet.
Who's the leader?
I'll kill one by one
until the leader comes front.
Stop it.
I'm the leader.
You're one of Secret Society.
Tell me the secret passage
to the legation.
Or all of your men here
will be dead.
Okay, I'll tell you.
Bring this covertly.
Go toward the court.
There's a door at the end
that opens to the court.
Cross the court and go to
the unguarded east gate.
Outside, there'll be people
following you.
Give them the letter.
Did you give it to them?
What did it say?
You ordered to save KIM Gu
from being executed.
He killed a Japanese officer
to avenge the queen's murder.
He did that for me.
How can I let him die?
Never read my letter again.
The more you know,
the more danger you'll be in.
I don't want to lose you.
You're my woman.
I'll be by your side forever.
I'll protect you.
I need to know
where the secret path leads to.
I'm being watched closer.
I can't find the secret path.
So many civil soldiers are dying.
Isn't the King too quiet?
The King's focusing on
the arms deal.
This letter is from Tanya.
Isn't it, Sakamoto?
That's right.
Tanya is the King's woman.
She can't poison the King.
We'll take care of her.
Cut off the King's men,
so he can't stand back.
Why am I feeling
you're not sincere?
Are you afraid of me?
The King's holding a party
at the Sontag Hotel.
Tanya has to poison the King.
Even if she fails,
you can't step in.
As you said, Sadako got
strong opium and poison.
What will happen
when Tanya poisons the King?
Will Japan save her?
Will she get out of the legation?
Once the King falls down,
troops will arrive.
Mrs. Sontag will be accused.
As Your Highness requested,
they prepared music from Paris.
Please enjoy.
This hotel is a gift
to Mrs. Sontag for her help.
All of you here are also
working for Chosun.
I appreciate your hard work.
Your Highness,
let me serve you gabi.
Why didn't you do it?
If I did, everyone would've
suspected me.
I didn't agree with that plan.
I make the plan.
Next time,
you'll do whatever I tell you.
If you don't, you'll be dead.
Before that,
Ilyich will be dead.
General Sakamoto.
I'm such an incompetent King
that my people are starving.
Chosun's mountains have more
things to eat than in houses.
That's why many people
went up to mountains.
They're not thieves or rebels.
They're starving people.
And you Japanese kill
unarmed people with firearms?
They're my people.
If you kill them again,
I'll never forgive you.
What does this mean?
Do you love the King?
So you can't kill him?
Do you know what I did
to protect you?
I even killed people
for your sake.
Just kill the King.
Or you'll be dead.
I can't kill him.
Then I'll do it.
This dress doesn't
belong to you.
I'll make you time to
leave Chosun.
There's no way I can live.
Go back to Russia.
If you work with Japan,
you'll be in danger.
Make gabi for my father.
When everything is over,
go to Japan.
The Japanese Empire needs you.
For higher ambition,
a man has to forget
his broken love.
Do you think I'll make you
a spy for Chosun?
That can be done
by Sadako alone.
Japan will wage a war
against Russia.
You'll be at the top position
in preparing the war.
Then, maybe I would have to
bow before you.
Gabi operation is over now.
If Tanya can't kill the King,
she'll be dead, too.
It all depends on you.
Stop the arms deal.
At this time of the night...
What a mean King.
Tell him I'm sorry
to bring him in late.
The King says he's sorry
to bring you in late.
I'll make Chosun an Empire,
and I myself will be Emperor.
I understand, but...
you need recognition
from Japan and China
and from other countries.
I know Russia's supporting Chosun
to win Siberia railroads.
If we fail to protect ourselves,
Russia can't get what it wants.
If Russia approves
Chosun as an Empire,
other countries will
follow the suit.
Tanya, follow me.
We need a Russian speaker
at the arms deal.
His Highness told us
to send you.
This came from Sakamoto.
The King took the bait.
He'll send civil army
to the arms deal to stop us.
I'll set a trap.
Please send Japanese troops.
Follow him with Japanese troops.
Send the soldiers
around the port quickly.
Tanya's gone.
The King must have
sent her somewhere.
The King's up to something.
What if the King knows
about our assassination plan?
Tanya knows about us.
You're the only one
who can enter the coffee room.
If the King doesn't die,
your life will be in danger.
Kill the King
as soon as possible.
Japan will protect you.
Go to the port
and prepare a boat for him.
We're parting here.
Tanya's going with us
to the port.
His Highness ordered so.
Follow them.
Why are you making gabi?
Where's Tanya?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Bring the highest court lady.
Go make gabi.
Where's Tanya?
She came here for gabi.
You can't do this
behind our back.
She's a court lady now.
She has jobs to do
besides making Gabi.
It's none of your business.
KIM Hong-ryuk...
he poisoned gabi.
Giddy up!
No, Your Highness.
Tanya came back.
She's back.
The King didn't drink coffee.
Don't let Ilyich go away
from the arms deal.
Send someone now.
All Japanese troops went there.
There's no one left.
I'm thinking about building
a Western gabi cafe here.
I promised a man.
Your man came to me
knowing he'll be dead.
Don't move.
I'll kill him.
- Are you from Chosun?
- I'm from nowhere.
You can't get rid of
your motherland.
You turn to Japan and
betrayed your own country.
But you're still Chosun person.
And do we have to die
for our King?
So, are you trying to eliminate
Chosun by killing me?
But I won't be dead.
Living is so humiliating,
but I have things to do.
Stand back.
That man provoked me.
Tanya was a spy from Japan.
I did everything
to protect her.
And she risked her life
for you.
What are you saying?
What did you feel when
you lost the queen?
How dare you
talk about the queen?
I haven't let her go,
so I didn't hold her funeral.
Right now I'll focus on
saving Chosun.
I will protect Tanya.
Now that I know everything,
how would you do that?
I'm not afraid of death.
But Your Highness,
you can't stop Japan now.
I'll fight against Japan
for the sake of Chosun.
So please let her go.
You came here
for Tanya's life.
How can I trust that
you will keep your promise?
I was the only love she had.
But after she met you,
she now loves Chosun.
Now she'll never be happy
beside me.
I'll fight for her.
Please trust me.
That man tried to protect you
by giving up his life.
- Move back.
- Move back.
It's a trap.
Move back.
Hurry up!
The King returned to
Deoksu Palace.
He proclaimed Korean Empire
and became Emperor.
In the backyard of palace,
Jeong-gwan-heon was built,
spreading gabi aroma.
For one man,
gabi meant love.
For another man,
gabi meant dream for empire.
- A place for serene gaze