Gaami (2024) Movie Script

Hey, Gurramma! Open the door!
Gurramma, I can hear
the noises from inside.
Open the door!
Gurramma, I know you're in there.
Open the door!
I said, open the door!
Hey, Gurramma...
Open the door!
It's good-riddance for all of us today.
Hey, Shankar! How many more
years do we have to tolerate you?
Get out of here!
Go away from us!
Go away!
- Your problem...
- It isn't a problem!
It's a curse given by Dewa Maheswara.
Your curse is a bad omen for our ashram.
We endured a lot of
adversities because of it.
Reason being...
You, once happened to be a disciple
of our Great Guru Kedhar Baba.
For someone who doesn't
even remember his past,
it is pointless to mention his Guru.
'When a lineage falls to the ground'
'All of its morals and principles
face an inevitable death'
'The successors tend
to embrace a path of evil'
No matter how many prayers
and rituals we partake in,
your presence in this ashram
continues to have a negative impact.
With that rage, our men attacked you.
There is only one solution here.
Keeping our best interests in mind,
You should leave this Ashram right away.
Where will he go and how
will he survive with his problem?
Moreover, why are you punishing
him instead of these crooks?
It's not us.
Dewa Mahadev has punished him.
One is responsible for his own karma.
At least, give him one more chance?
Our Dharma states that we owe him
one more chance.
The first one to fall
out of this crease loses.
If Shankar loses,
he should leave our ashram.
If he wins,
we should accept him into our ashram.
- Hara Hara Mahadev...
- Shambo Shankara!
Can you win without touching him?
- Hara Hara Mahadev...
- Shambo Shankara!
- Hara Hara Mahadev...
- Shambo Shankara!
The other one lost his weapon.
What does this mean?
Shankar too should let go of his weapon
and fight further with his bare hands.
Stop it!
This is betrayal.
You did this knowing very
well about his problem, right?
- Stop this!
- Know what?
Did you see?
Let's see the truth with our naked eye.
What happens to Shankar
when he touches a human?
What does human touch do to him?
Stop it, guys!
Fearing human touch,
how long will you keep running away?
You've been tolerating
the pain for so many years.
Since when have you been like this?
If you can find that out,
maybe we can find a
solution to this, right?
Try to remember once.
Since when do I have this problem?
Where have I come from?
No matter how hard I
try to remember who I am,
I am unable to recall anything..
Whether you remember it or not,
15 years ago,
you were dropped off at this ashram
by the 'Chief Guru' Kedar Baba.
His last whereabouts are
Prayagaraj, Kumbh Mela.
If there's anybody in the
world who truly knows you,
it's him.
If you want answers to your problem,
go looking for him.
When we're sad or afraid,
do you even know how it feels to
have someone who can have your back?
That touch...
Can I ever experience
such compassion, Sudhama?
I explored many paths to
find a solution to my problem.
But, each one of those
paths led to my defeat.
Now I'm finally exhausted.
Is this a curse I'd have
to carry to my grave?
Is it a problem that I can solve?
We gathered them from some
extremely remote villages in the country.
They're all orphans.
So, we don't have any problem.
Case no.1.
We conditioned this subject in a
way that he's not afraid of snakes.
Case no.2.
This is quite the opposite of Case no.1.
This is all fine.
What about that experiment?
All our Heads are eagerly
waiting for the results.
Tara is currently
working on the same.
It's like shock therapy.
When they're showing him male images,
they're not electrocuting him.
But when they're showing him female images,
they're electrocuting him.
Conversion Therapy. CT procedure.
Tara believes this procedure
will yield the desired results.
Where are the so-called results?
It's been 6 years.
You're wasting all our funds.
How many more years will you keep trying?
If you agree, we can achieve
the results within an hour.
I have another procedure.
We can't do that!
Remember what happened to
your subject on the last experiment?
Would you call that a small failure?
He is the easiest subject to
achieve our desired results.
He is special.
But think about this.
Enough, Bakshi!
I've heard enough.
The review is in 2 months.
Only 2 months.
If you can't achieve the results by then,
no more funds!
We'll shut down the entire program!
Aversion therapy.
Fluid. 384.
Fluid. P79.
Be gentle. It's my asset.
Electrocuted doors.
Electric fencing.
Wolves that can trace your smell for miles.
Yet, you think you can cross
all these obstacles and escape?
Get Mojo out!
Is it necessary to punish
him with Mojo now?
Am I missing anything here, Tara?
CT procedures take time.
It's not like your 2 minute procedures.
Did you forget who has the approval
and submission authority here?
40 days.
If your CT method isn't successful by then,
this subject will be mine.
I know what to do with him.
How do you even think the heads
will consider such an unsafe method?
You and your fear of side effects.
You people won't get it.
This is the solution
for a subject like him.
This subject is unlike everyone else.
You can't turn a special
subject like him into a monster.
You can't do that!
Then prove your method.
40 days.
Uma... Satyam grandpa is coming. Run!
Hurry up!
How many times do I have to warn you?
Well, there's no point blaming you.
Your moms shouldn't have
let you bunch of monkeys loose.
Hey! I want all your moms
here within 10 minutes.
Understood? Now go get them!
Listen up! You're not going
anywhere till your moms show up.
- Let them go, grandpa.
- You're getting out of hands.
- Please let them go for our sake.
- Let's go home.
You deserve a beating for this.
Hey, girl... Where's your mom?
She's gone.
What do you mean, gone?
Gone out of village?
She's gone. That's all!
You are...
You are Durga's daughter, isn't it?
should act?
Never mind. She abandoned
you right after you were born.
I'm not surprised you turned out like this.
Show me your hand.
If I see you hanging out
with those monkeys again,
you'll be in trouble.
Durga, shall I send
them back this once?
It's okay.
It's just for one night.
They must have come from far away.
I've been trying to convince
my dad but he's adamant.
He says we faced
losses this year because
we lack the Goddess' blessings.
He's been so bothered by this thought.
He is correct if you think about it.
Serve the devadasi for one night.
And then watch your
life take a better turn.
Starting with your ancestors,
this is how they've been earning the
Goddess' blessings for centuries now.
Come to the bed.
Didn't the senior doctor tell you already that Durga
is really sick and she is not going to live long!
If you're okay with taking her
to the Government hospital,
She can't do all this anymore.
Call the priest tomorrow.
Summon Durga's sister as well.
Attention, villagers!
Durga, who's been serving as
a devadasi for the last 10 years
has been removed from her services.
Everyone is instructed to attend
the concerned ceremony tomorrow.
You're going to reunite with
your mom after so many years.
I hope your anger has settled down.
It's time to go visit your mom.
Kedhar Baba's last whereabouts are-
Prayagraj, Maha kumbh Mela.
Kedar... Kedar Baba?
I am...
I am his disciple.
How can I help?
2 years ago...
Guru took his last breath
at a Buddhist Monastery.
Wait a minute.
We searched extensively for you.
We inquired everyone,
down to the last lead.
As per Kedar Baba's last wish,
here, I'm handing this over to you.
Why are you giving this to me?
It's the solution to your problem.
On the eve of Vaidra Thithi
that occurs once every 36 years,
situated in the Garhwal
Himalayan ranges
on the mountain called Dronagiri,
The self-illuminating mushrooms bloom.
They have the medical properties to heal
many diseases and mental health issues.
They can even solve the problem
you have with human touch.
All grace to Mahadev, you
arrived here at the right time.
The next Vaidra Thithi
is occurring in 15 days.
If you miss this fortnight,
you'll have to wait for another 36 years.
Don't go!
What's wrong?
- I saw a boy just now.
- But there is nobody here.
What's wrong?
Do you have any other problems?
You don't have much time to wait.
You should head to Himalayas
right now the Himalayas right now!
You think you can cross
all these obstacles and escape?
I can't exit from here.
This side?
Cooling tower?
The cooling tower is on this side, is it?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
We can't escape from above.
This is the only way.
This way is even more tougher.
- We are surrounded by...
- Electrocuted doors.
What do we do then?
We escape like ants.
From underneath.
Where are you going to dig?
And how?
I will...
I will also come with you.
Take me along.
I could get caught trying to help you.
I'll not tell anyone.
I can't live here.
I can't survive.
After I escape from here,
the truth of this place will be out.
And then not only you,
but everyone else here would be freed.
Until then?
You are not getting it.
How can I convince you to take me?
I'll do whatever you say.
Whatever I say?
Durga, you couldn't raise
your daughter all these years.
But, don't you worry anymore.
Take good care of Uma from now on.
Durga, do you remember Ravi?
He went abroad to
medical school 5 years ago.
- What was the name of the country?
- China.
Yeah! He went to China.
This is his friend.
He's a reputed doctor overseas.
He came to our village on vacation.
You guys go to the temple.
I'll talk to her and join you.
Listen! Drop her home safely.
Seriously?! Is this all of the souvenirs?
Here you go.
Never try to contact us again.
I raised your daughter
because you are my sister.
And this is how you pay me back?
Is this the way to raise a kid?
It's a shame to call you her aunt.
How could she say this to her own sister?
Uma, go get all your stuff in the
evening. Grandma will accompany you.
You'll be living with us from now on.
Uma, I'm talking to you!
Don't you understand?
'Is this really my curse?'
'Or a problem that could be solved?'
'This is the solution to your problem.'
'Whose touch is this?'
'It is haunting me.'
'It is calling out for me.'
'But, I don't seem to know what it is.'
'I can't remember.'
'Is this my last resort to
experience such compassion?'
These self-illuminating mushrooms...
Do you think they can solve my problem?
If Dewa Hanuman would've
posed this question to Susena,
the Ramayan would've been
a different tale altogether.
This is the solution to your problem.
'Dharaka' self-illuminating mushrooms.
It's not so easy to reach them.
Due to the unfortunate
earthquake that hit last year,
the path to Triveni has
become rather hurdle-some.
Even if you can get through all
those obstacles and reach Dronagiri,
the healing properties of these
self-illuminating mushrooms
last for 24 hours only.
whoever gets hold of them
on the eve of Vaidra Thithi
should consume them
before Vaidra Thithi passes.
So many obstacles!
Do you think I can overcome them,
and make it out alive?
Having the hope to live is all it takes
even to rekindle a losing breath.
But, effort is the basic need to achieve
anything, Shankar.
Look at that girl over there.
She's a doctor.
No matter how many
times I refuse to help her,
she isn't losing even
the tiniest bit of hope.
And has been coming back
here, every year for the last 3 years,
for this.
You need the route map to Triveni.
She needs information regarding this.
She knows all these
mountain routes pretty well.
She can help you overcome
the obstacles and reach Triveni.
Guru told me that you're also
in search of the mushrooms.
I mean, the self-illuminating mushrooms.
Excuse me.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to...
He told me all about your problem.
I strongly believe that the
mushrooms can cure you.
Actually, I want to talk to you about them.
Please stop for a second.
You have 15 days only. That's all.
Do you think you can find them
in time without anyone's help?
I have a deal.
I know a route that could
get us to Triveni safely.
Let me join you.
This is a route map to Triveni.
You need it more than I do.
A rudraksha for each day.
To remind you of the passing time.
Oh, great! I thought you had left.
You took the wrong map last night.
I mean, I gave you the wrong map.
If I join you...
It's amusing to see your conviction.
When I think about the obstacles
you'll face on your journey...
What happens to us is not in our control.
But our response to any of it
is definitely in our control.
After all that happened to me,
I'm doing the best I could right now.
I'm Jahnavi.
If you go straight, there's the corridor.
Lobotomy room is on the right.
You'll find the digging tools in there.
I'll take you with me
only if you bring me those.
I can come along with you, right?
Is this how you go to school?
You're supposed to
learn these little skills.
When I was your age, I
used to do all the chores.
You lived with your aunt all these days.
Haven't you learned anything at all?
None of my friends learned
these skills from their aunts.
Everyone learned from their moms.
I have been noticing for a while.
You're acting out of hand.
Is this how you should behave?
How would I know?
You had your mom for
everything, when you were my age.
What about me?
You abandoned me long back.
Why did you come back now?
She hasn't gotten up
since yesterday, doctor.
I can't treat her here.
You should rush her to the town.
Please take a look at her, doctor.
Go to the town hospital.
Please help her, doctor.
Doctor, please take a look.
Who else will help her at this hour?
Back in those days, landlords
used to bring me so many souvenirs.
That was a different time.
Grandma, how did you become a devadasi?
My father had the same old mindset that
a girl child is a bad omen for his lineage.
That moron got rid of me saying he's
doing it in the honor of the Goddess.
Grandma, you shouldn't
call your father a moron.
Your mother is unlike any
of the parents I've seen.
When you were in her tummy,
many astrologers told her that
you'd die before she could deliver.
That was it.
She went against the
advices of many villagers'.
She prayed to the Goddess
if you're born healthy, she
would serve as a devadasi.
All thanks to the Goddess.
Even though her delivery had
complications, you were born healthy.
In order to keep her promise,
she had to leave you behind and become
a devadasi even though she was suffering.
Unable to cope up with all this tragedy,
your father took up
sainthood and left home.
Your brother developed
mental insanity and went missing.
She lost everything to give birth to you.
Why did father leave?
Why did you leave?
I'm asking you! Why did you leave?
Hey, you!
Why did you leave?
I told you not to leave
without telling me, right?
This is a lion zone.
Let's go.
Sir, why am I not being allowed?
No. No. Not possible, ma'am.
Sir, but I have a permit.
DG speaking. We're on the way.
I told you already. We ourselves
were going to vacate the post.
Please make him understand.
The weather conditions are extreme here.
Sir, listen. I'm a Grade A Mycologist.
This is for research work.
If you need a recommendation,
I could get it for you.
Ma'am, you're not
acknowledging the problem here.
The weather is extremely bad.
It's the most extreme
winter in the last 48 years.
Ice has become dangerously thin up there.
Your life could be at risk.
That recommendation isn't
going to save your life, is it?
Somebody explain it to her.
They are not allowing us to go further.
Who are they to stop us?
Nature belongs to all of us.
Go tell them that.
Why should I tell them?
No way!
Hurry up!
What are you doing here?
Let's go home.
What happened?
Did somebody say something to you?
Never leave me alone again.
I won't.
I'll never leave you.
I promise.
Did you already know how to make this?
Is this the other route to
Triveni which you mentioned?
This is Triveni.
You should lead us from here.
North East.
8,000 feet.
All these problems began the
moment you dethroned the devadasi.
If you want the village to prosper,
think of a way to bring the devadasi back.
Otherwise, you will be dethroned
from the position of Village Head.
I'm giving you the facts.
You decide how to go about this.
Where's Durga?
No surprise there. She's with Gurramma.
Is that where we'll find the mushrooms?
Where exactly on that mountain?
Inside a cave.
Where is that cave?
We should search for it.
How will you find a small
cave on such a big mountain?
For that, we need to wait until tonight.
That's when the mushrooms will glow.
Bio-luminescent mushrooms.
I knew it!
I knew it!
My calculations were not wrong.
Do you hear that?
After recovering back to health, you
are looking like our old devadasi again.
All thanks to the Goddess.
But the Goddess doesn't have
a devadasi to serve her now.
So upon further thought, the temple
committee has reached a decision.
The honor of serving the
Goddess once is a blessing in itself.
But, the Goddess is now giving
you one more chance, Durga.
The ceremony will start in 2 days.
The assigned women will
visit you tomorrow morning,
and take Uma with them.
Uma's devadasi ritual will
go as divinely as yours did.
You should take care of everything, okay?
I can't find a pathway to reach
the mushrooms from here.
We don't have the time to go
back and try a different route.
Are you out of your mind?
How can you jump so far?
Do we have a choice?
Uma, pack all your stuff.
- Are we going out of town, mom?
- We're moving out of town.
Why, mom? What happened?
These are your clothes,
right? Pack everything.
- Aren't we coming back ever?
- Shut up and do as you're told.
Tell me why we're leaving, mom. Answer me!
Gurramma, give me that.
Shut up and take this.
I'm not coming. You can go alone.
You need an explanation
for everything, huh?
I don't want to leave this town either.
But if we don't leave now,
you'll also end up like me.
That shouldn't happen.
You're not alone in this.
I don't have a choice either.
Come on, Shankar!
I was the one who fell.
I should be the one saying let's go back.
Then why are 'you' backing down?
It's ridiculous!
Also, did you forget?
If we miss this chance,
we have to wait for another 36 years.
Even if we get this chance ever again,
there's no use.
Tell me this.
Can you live without ever being
able to touch another human?
I can live without it.
Because this is not a solvable problem.
It's my lifelong curse.. Curse.
Without those mushrooms,
I can't go back and live life as
if everything's okay, Shankar.
- I need those mushrooms.
- How do I explain?
How do I make you understand?
Give me one good reason why you
want the bio-luminescent mushrooms.
I've been suffering with this weird
disease, which no one knows a damn about.
Yet, I've decided to give up
the idea of acquiring them.
I dob't understand why you're
so desperate to acquire them.
Shall I tell you why?
It's money, isn't it?
Oh, yeah. Humans have a more
dangerous disease than me called money.
You're doing this for money, right?
I came all the way to help you.
I deserve this.
And about those mushrooms,
I know how to get them.
What is it, Guramma?
You know where to board the bus, right?
Where's mom?
Gurramma... Gurramma...
Open the door!
What does he even know about me?
Even this has to trouble me now.
Gurramma, we can hear the noises.
Open the door!
Move, Gurramma.
Mom... Mom...
- Gurramma, you better open the door.
- Mom... Mom...
Hey, you! Open the door!
Hey, Gurramma!
Hey, you!
Open the door!
Please leave.
Go away from here.
- Hey, old woman! I said open the door!
- Mom... Mom...
Go away from these people,
where no one can find you.
Open the door!
Do as your mom told you.
Go away from these people
where no one can find you.
I came all the way for this.
Azisstra Arendiphytis.
Nasyati Maalipatra.
It works on the human nervous system,
and erases all the memories completely.
Why do you need this?
It's not for me.
It's for people like me.
I have a kid, Shankar.
She's 3.
Whenever I'm with her,
life feels so full of joy.
But it wasn't like that
before she was born.
My marriage life
was full of torture.
And then divorce...
When I look back at all of it,
it doesn't even feel
like a part of my life.
If one could forget all the pain,
it would be so nice, isn't it?
There are so many people like me.
War veterans, rape victims...
Unable to forget the trauma
they have faced in their life,
they are living each
passing day more miserably.
Even though we are doctors, we are
unable to help them.
During such a tough time,
this is our tiny ray of hope.
If we can make
medicine out of this fungus,
that would make them forget
their past and lead a peaceful life.
At least, if we are able
to study this sample,
I believe that could change their lives.
What I want
is right in front of me.
After coming so close to them,
Would I go back now,
then for the rest of my life,
do you want me to live in regret?
Is it today?
It's right in front of us.
But it's out of reach.
Is everything okay?
We're going there.
Huh? What?!
O' dear...
What's wrong?
Haven't you eaten yet?
Oh, no! If you skip meals
and keep crying like this,
imagine how sad your
mom would be out there.
You're a sweetheart, right? Have a bite.
Have a bite, my love.
Mom would feel sad looking at you.
Now that's like a good girl.
You see that photograph on the wall?
Do you know who that is?
That's my wife.
She was the mid-wife when
when your mom was in labor.
She was going through a hell lot of pain.
That's when my wife pitched in
and performed a risky delivery.
Today, she noticed that you're
in trouble and sent me to you.
Don't you worry. I'm here for you.
I'll safely get you out
of the town by morning.
But promise me you won't cry.
She's after all a little kid.
How hard could it be to find her?
Hold him down. That's right.
If she doesn't appear for the
devadasi ceremony tomorrow,
I would be stripped of my pride.
I want you guys to search
every nook and corner.
We must find her by tonight.
Nagulu! Uma!
Stop! Stop right there!
Basava has no conscience anyway.
What's gotten into you, huh?
I said stop!
Stop, you bugger!
Here, hold this. Don't cry, my love.
My son will come to get
you once you reach the city.
Until then, be safe, okay?
Don't worry.
Don't get down anywhere
until you reach the city.
How do you know that we
have to dig in this direction?
I worked here.
Why wouldn't I know?
You worked here?
Research assistant.
My first job.
Everything was fine
when I initially joined.
But after a while, I don't
know what happened.
Everything changed.
New administration. New Medical Chief.
Dr. Bakshi.
His only goal
was to prove that one could control
the human mind through lobotomy.
I've never witnessed such a
gruesome surgery in my life.
He thinks he's changing people's lives
and the world for the better with lobotomy.
But once the lobotomy is performed,
all the subjects are
losing the will to live,
eventually committing suicide.
I tried to expose the
truth and that's why...
They held me captive for the last 2 years.
The truth must come out.
- In another 2 days...
- Hmm.
Since we found this,
we are pretty close to the cooling tower.
Only 2 more days.
That's it. We'll be out of here.
Where will you go?
Your village... home...
Do you remember anything at all?
Come with me.
The open sky...
Cool breeze...
A few people to be with...
You get one life.
Let's live it freely.
Sir, Tara ma'am has
sent these reports for you.
Looks like her CT procedure will definitely
be a success in the next session.
When is the next session?
It's in 2 days, sir.
Is that... a boomerang?
Don't look down.
What's wrong?
My shoe.
My shoe got stuck.
Where's the rope?
What are you doing?
Shankar, it's impossible!
'The medicinal properties of the
mushrooms last for 24 hours only.'
'You'll have to wait for
another 36-year cycle.'
Shankar, there could be more
of these mushrooms elsewhere.
Maybe this isn't the spot.
Hey, kid. Hold the bag.
Hey.. Can't you see a
person coming in front of you?
Why are you crying?
Come on! You're a big kid now.
Stop crying.
Do you know how lovely it
is to become a devadasi?
You don't have to go to school at all.
You could be happily playing all the time.
Nobody will yell at
you or raise a hand on you.
Everyone will bring you new clothes
and jewelry, do you understand that?
I don't want any of this.
Mom said no to this.
I want to leave.
Where will you go, huh?
You want to leave? Try me.
You want to leave, huh?
You don't want this, huh...?
How dare you, your mother and
these old buggers try to fool me!
Listen to me! Let me see who
will come and save you now.
I'll bloody nab them!
You're the next devadasi and that's final!
This isn't the kind of toy
to be in a devadasis's hand.
- All the doors upstairs are closed, right?
- Don't go to that side tonight.
Okay, ma'am. I closed all the doors.
There was...
There was a girl...
Your problem was the
reason that you got saved.
In an attempt to save you,
when our disciples touched you,
your heart started beating again.
The girl who was with me.
Where is she?
You were talking in your sleep.
What happened to me?
Drink this.
You will have a peaceful and sound sleep.
She fell and got trapped
in a mesh of branches.
We couldn't save her.
Ravi, could you please
ask them to step out?
Let's step outside. He's got this.
We're not allowed to stay. Come.
Go tell him.
What is he saying?
What's the matter?
The priest was right, dad.
Have you all lost your minds?
Dad, we're doctors.
We've seen many cases of such
- Hold on, dad.
- Shut up!
If the villagers get to know about this,
all the respect and stature
that I've safeguarded over the years,
along with this wealth and my
political career...
Everything will be gone
in the blink of an eye!
Nagulu, bring a can of kerosene.
That piece of filth shouldn't live any
Before the village catches a sniff of it,
let's turn the girl and
the secret into ashes.
- Let's go.
- Dad!
Please ask him.
He won't accept it.
She's going to be a big asset for us.
- Dad... Dad...
- Get off me!
Dad, stop! Take a look
at this and then speak.
All you want is for
Uma to disappear, right?
Send Uma along with him.
All that money will be ours.
You said I can't ask
where he's taking her and why.
But tell him this.
I don't care where he takes her.
But she shouldn't be seen
in this village ever again.
Look, I need to submit
the results tomorrow.
I need my subject right now!
Burn the dead body in the furnace.
What are you doing?
Didn't you get the new instructions?
Connect it to the genitals.
- It's dangerous!
- Just do it!
Subject 333. Process conversion therapy.
Final session.
Electrodes connected to the genitals.
Image MP6.
MP 101.
What the hell happened?
Not working.
Stop the dosage.
Do it right now!
Not possible.
Stop the main.
Stop the main!
It's absurd.
This result turned out to be
worse than what we expected.
We wanted to achieve
something nobody could.
And now it's gone.
If you can't achieve the results,
we'll shut down the entire program!
We invested our whole lives in this.
It should work.
We will get what we want.
Prepare 333 for lobotomy.
Did you risk your life
and go that far,
for those bio-luminescent mushrooms?
It seems you didn't find
the solution to your problem.
In life,
only when you lose everything you want,
you'll find your purpose.
I lost everything.
I have no purpose to live.
All I have is this pain that I carry.
Get to know the root of that pain.
You'll find your purpose to live.
what happens to us isn't in our control.
But how we respond to that said
situation is definitely in our control.
Save... Save me!
Won't you come find me?
A young girl and a boy.
Calm down.
Calm down and speak.
They're asking for my help.
The same life energy that is in you
is present in them as well.
Who are they?
Don't you remember yet?
No... I don't remember them yet.
You are karmic-ally indebted to them.
Their wounds are
the real cause of your suffering and
As their wounds heal,
and the pain subsides,
your problems will be solved too.
Fulfilling your karmic debt,
and freeing yourself from your problems
is now in your control.
You've made the right decision.
I can't solve my problem anyway.
I can at least try
to solve their problems.
Like I said,
if you save them,
your problem will be solved.
But, how will you find out who
they are and where they are?
This might help you.
Who does it belong to?
How long has she been out?
Did you check her pulse?
Get me her vitals.
She's sedated. Heavily!
I'll take you along with me.
Right now.
Should I bring the subject, sir?
Careful! We need Bakshi.
- Call Bakshi.
- He told me to bring the subject.
Call him right now!
What is your problem, Tara?
I'm preparing for lobotomy and you...
Don't you remember who they are yet?
Dad, we're doctors.
We've seen many cases of such complexity.
Uma isn't a girl.
That's a boy.
How can a girl's gender be
changed to a boy all of a sudden?
It wasn't all of a sudden, dad.
She has always been a boy.
Are you saying her mother and the
others who brought her up are idiots?
Were they foolishly raising
a boy as a girl all this while?
Our villagers have never
been to a real doctor.
Since they don't have
knowledge about such conditions,
they raised Uma as a girl.
It's a rare genetic disorder.
It's called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.
When kids are born
with this condition,
it's difficult to determine
whether they're a boy or a girl.
As they grow and transform with age,
they fully develop into
either a boy or a girl.
Uma is in the phase of fully
developing into a boy right now.
That is what the priest witnessed.
So, why her?
Well, she's the perfect lab rat
for this kind of an experiment.
She has been nurtured as a girl.
And if we're able to suppress
the blooming psychological boy in her,
and turn her into a girl again,
it's going to be a
ground-breaking discovery.
They are going to change
Uma back into girl again.
What were we supposed to do with him?
We were supposed to transform
him psychologically from a boy to a girl.
because of the instructions
that we changed,
we altered his condition entirely.
The whole procedure has gone
completely wild.
whenever he touches someone,
he'll feel the same electric shock.
His body
cannot tolerate another
human's touch anymore.
He can never touch
anyone in his life ever again.
We turned him into a...
I might not be able to
stay with you for long.
But, remember one thing.
What happens to us isn't in our control.
But how we respond to that
situation is definitely in our control.
On the eve of Vaidra Thithi,
three shooting stars will
appear in the form of a trident.