Gaayam (1993) Movie Script

Hey, You!
Leave me.
- Raghu.
Sir Magistrate has come.
Let us go.
- Think about it once again.
Things like this should not
go to the court.
She has taken the decision.
Now do not stop her.
Let us go.
What is your name?
- Rekha.
What have you studied?
- B.Com.
That day why did you go there?
- For partying!
Party at 12 O clock
in the midnight.
According to the police the
place where the incident..
..Happened is somewhat far
from the place of party.
Why did you go there?
- To talk.
To talk! Could not you
talk in the group?
Your honour, the party at
12 O clock at midnight..
..And went to some other
place to 'talk'.
The law gave freedom to women..
..But that does not mean they
could use it in a wrong way.
The freedom of women! No one
has any objection to that.
But because of that freedom.
They cannot party
at 12 O clock..
..In the midnight, they cannot
go to other places with a man..
..To 'talk. If they use it
like that, We cannot help it.
Anyhow, coming to the point.
Yes, you went aside
to 'talk' to him.
Have you talked? Did not you?
Ok, While you were talking..
..What did Gauri and
his friends do?
Did Gauri also talk to you,
interrupting your friend..
..Who was talking to you
till then. Look here!
When they did that was your
friend just staring at them?
Answer me, Say 'yes' or 'no'.
I have only one daughter.
I have had many expectations
from her, Since her birth.
To a doctor or some engineer.
I thought of getting her married.
From my clerical job with
the money I earned..
..I got her studied till B.Com.
When she used to pass in first
standard in every class.
I used to be elated.
I never said no to her.
With the pension, I will get
next year on my retirement..
..I wanted to get her married.
In these conditions she
fell in love with a boy.
That boy came to me.
He even talked to me.
He said that his father
had some objections..
But still he wanted to marry
her after convincing him.
He was a very capable
and good boy.
But before that could happen,
This incident happened.
She wanted to appeal
in the court.
I thought that there the
justice will be done. So I agreed.
In the court instead of
giving her justice..
..They crushed her with
all the ugly questions.
The insult that happened
to her in the court..
..Worse than the incident
happened before.
She could not bear it and
she committed suicide.
You should get me justice.
I want to take revenge.
Find where are they?
Should I send Venkatesh?
- No, I will go.
Hi, Shravanti!
- Idiot!
Where are the keys?
- The keys were with you.
The keys are with you.
I will sleep on the
top of the car.
Am I the one who is responsible
for the keys?
Check there.
Who is Gauri?
- It is me. What do you want?
Hello! What are you cooking?
Bajjis! I hate Bajjis.
The oil is there. They are not
for you, they for your cousin.
Did not that person
come till now?
You should not talk like
that about him.
He may be a big person in the city,
But not in the home.
They are not that bad.
It seems he is here.
Greetings, Brother.
- Son, They are from Khairatabad.
I told you earlier about
the occupied land.
Which land? - The land that
Sattayya fought for.
We had a talk with Sattayya
at that time.
He did not do what he agreed to.
Durga, We have to cut
his hand or leg.
You do not get short tempered
about everything.
You go and warn Sattayya to
leave that land by evening.
And if he does not,
Let us see then.
Mr. Chari, There is fight going
in J.P.C. college students.
You ask that college
secretary to meet me. - Ok.
Sir, have you done anything
about the application.
I am sorry, Sir. I just joked.
Today, you were the
talk of the college.
You did the right
thing with Gowri.
He will not repeat this kind
of thing even in his life.
Tell me in detail
that has happened.
This is not a college fight.
The wounds are severe.
Someone has done it pre planned.
The other two had
multiple fractures.
Durgesh lost lot of blood.
It may take about a month
for them to discharge.
Sir, Durga gang
has beaten them.
Ok. A new S.I. has been
appointed in the two-town.
Beating Gauri and his friends..
He is coming here to arrest
you on the charge of.
What? He is coming to
arrest my cousin?
Who do you want? - Wait! Sir
is calling you inside.
Who is Durga?
- It is me.
Come to the station.
- On what charge?
I will tell the charge
in the station.
Let us go.
Sudhakar, Put him in the cell.
I am telling you,
put him behind the cell.
Sir, Mr. A.C.P. is here.
Who is the inspector here?
- It is me.
What is your name?
- Bharadwaj.
Mr. Bharadwaj, I want you
to release him immediately.
I arrested him because he has
beaten a student called Gowri.
Do not teach me the law,
Mr. Bharadwaj.
We can change the law
according to ourselves.
That does not mean that you
can arrest anyone. - Sir.
Just listen to me, they will
take care of the formalities..
..Release him right now.
How dare is he to arrest
you in our house?
He has just done his duty.
He is new, He will learn soon.
Narsingh, Go and find where
that Check-sari woman lives.
Sir, That woman name is Anita.
Works in Andhrajyothi.
Why were you so scared?
- Leave me alone for some time.
Cousin! I wanted to ask you
something since a long time.
There was a leaf on a branch.
That leaf asked..
..The passing clouds that
when will it rain.
That cloud told her
to ask the spring.
What is the relation between
that leaf and the spring?
What is that?
- You do not know that.
You need to mature a bit.
What is this? Why are you so
upset as if you lost something?
Son! - Did not they get
any other time to come!
We got a call from
Delhi right now.
The team that Guru Narayana
took to Delhi ..
..For the opposition of the
CM did not work over there.
They are all returning.
Durga, we have to enter
the politics..
..Or else there is a chance
that we may become weak.
I am not against the politics.
We already have 80% union..
..Support in the city. But the
time should be appropriate.
But if we keep waiting
for the right time..
..By that time Guru Narayana
will become popular.
There is always a way
to get popularity.
Guru Narayana failed in Delhi.
Let us see what he will do now.
What happened in the Delhi?
- Sir, What did they say?
Sir, did you meet the PM?
- Did you come alone?
What is your opinion on this?
- I am very happy.
Hold on, Brother! - You do not
know when to put garland!
Brainless fellow.
Brother, when you were going
everyone said that..
..They will support you.
Then how did this happen?
Everyone has learned the
..Now, Brother? It will
be a great shame for us.
Everyone was waiting for us
to get the minister post!
You are the one who said
that they were waiting.
Then ask them to wait more.
Why are you driving so slowly?
Cannot you see? Drive faster.
Brother, in the prohibition.
The liquor shops
are being closed.
That is why Rajesh
is very worried.
The government should worry
about the prohibition..
..Because they are dependent
on that, But not us.
No brother, it seems
to be very serious.
Come on! There are many means.
Is not liquor there?
Mr. Lawyer is here. Take this,
Bring the chair.
Sit here, Sir.
- Sit.
What happened to them?
- To whom, Sir?
To them who had a fight
recently. Call them.
They went to the Gawliguda bar,
they drank their wine..
..And then they
have beaten them.
They are apprehensive
that if they go out..
..The police may arrest them..
..And tomorrow there is his Birthday.
He attached one
more sentiment with it.
Take care of him, He wants
to enjoy with the family.
Greeting, Brother.
- Greet Mr. Lawyer.
Greeting, Brother.
- What have you done?
Say all that you have
done honestly..
..Or else instead of birthday.
Cake you have to eat
the jail food.
Sir, they built a house
in the Mehdipatnam..
Now they got the notice
to vacate the house.
The police are disturbing them.
- Greetings, Sir.
Which police station?
- Mallepalli.
Mallepalli! What is the number?
I do not know the number, Sir.
- that is what I do not like.
Am I the one who should find out the number?
- I have number.
Come to my office with your
names and addresses.
You know where my office is.
Come at 5 O clock
in the evening.
Hello! Is S.I. there?
- No, Sir. Who are you?
I am Guru Narayana speaking.
Where has he gone during his
duty hours? - He went on duty.
He went on duty? Ask him to
call me when he returns.
You come morning.
- Good bye, Sir.
Who is he?
- Brother, I forgot to tell you.
He is Gowri father.
- Which Gowri?
The college kid who used
to come here at times.
What happened to him?
- Durga gang has beaten him.
What has he done?
Hello, Brother!
Wow! You recognized me.
How are you?
How is your family?
Are they fine?
I always feel like meeting you
and to have drink with you.
But what can I do, I am busy
and you are also busy.
Our lives are full of tension.
Just now I returned from Delhi.
And the next moment
I got a bad news..
..And this is my first
call after returning.
There is kid of ours called Gowri.
He is studying B.A.
You know these college kids.
He involved in an issue..
..And their men has beaten them.
What! You have beaten him! Ok,
end of conversation.
The person who told you this..
..Did not tell you why
I have beaten Gowri?
First of all know that and
then give me a call.
Guru Narayan! Why I have beaten Gowri..
He is behaving
as if he does not know...
Brother, He is a dangerous person.
We should be careful.
We cannot trust him.
- Is it so?
Hey! - Leave it, Brother!
She is just kidding.
Narsingh! It will not work.
Both of us should kill someone.
Hey, you go inside.
Why are they showing their
anger on a girl?
And they are the reputed
gang of this city.
Narsingh! Take the car out.
Mrs. Annapurna!
What are you doing?
Why do you always pull
your cousin leg?
Your exams are nearing.
Go and study.
Exams! I need not to worry
till my cousin is here.
Hey, Cousin!
- What!
What is this? Can you not
be more polite?
Why are you angry all the times?
Keep your mouth shut and tell
me what the matter is?
How can anyone speak
with his mouth shut?
Hey, Stop! I will tell you.
Tomorrow, there is a function
in our college..
..I know that you are busy..
- At what time?
What! Are you coming?
- At what time?
Hey, Sampat! How asked you to
tie the flowers over there?
Your secretary asked
me to do this.
He does not know anything.
Take that out.
Hey, Srinu! They are writing
the numbers on the tickets.
I already told them the front
row tickets are for my cousin..
..And his friends. You go
and tell them again. - Ok.
Srinu, Come here.
- Now what?
Have you tested the speakers?
If they will not work at
the last minute..
..It would be another problem.
Last time also that happened.
Has the electrician come?
- Yes.
What is his name?
- Yadgiri.
And then Duryodhana called
Draupadi. And she refused.
He asked her and she refused.
- Tell me the story, Man!
He asked her and she refused.
And what happened then?
He asked her and she refused.
Do you know who acted
as Duryodhana? - No.
S.V. Rangarao!
Dushayasanudu was Mikkilineni.
Even he called. Will she comes to him?
How she comes?
Do you know what happened next?
- What?
The Bhima was squeezing
the Gadha. - The Gadha!
N.T. Rama Rao.
There is no actor like him.
Who can the director him
in the movie like that?
That is why that movie was a flop.
- Brother, It was a hit.
It may have been a hit.
We do not know the public taste.
Is it so?
- Yadgiri.
What are you doing there?
We are getting late.
Last time also we were
last because of you.
No speaker worked properly.
Why you are so tensed, Madam?
By 6 O clock.
We got a call right now that
the dance troop is not coming.
What are you saying?
Hello! It is me,
I am Chitra speaking.
How can they accept other
program without intimating us!
There is no time left.
You come here.
Let us think something about it.
What happened?
- The dancers are not coming.
What shall we do now? - Why are
you worrying? Let us do it.
We! - Do you think
that I cannot dance?
No one recognized me,
and only college students..
..Will be coming here.
I know what they want.
I used to work in
a college canteen.
I used to sing songs with
the college students.
The boss threw me out.
From then I am doing this work.
Can you dance?
- You just start it.
The article is good,
but I cannot print it.
But we have a lot of
practical problems.
The practical problems
mean fear?
Not fear. It is very easy
for you to write.
But it becomes my responsibility
after it is printed.
Of course, that is your
You are the editor of the paper.
- So you are agreeing that..
..I am the editor.
So I have the rights what to print
and what not to print...
Sir, I am not questioning
about your rights.
I just want to know why my
article is not being printed.
Durga and party!
- Why did they come here?
They must be here to deal the
fight between the union..
..And the management.
He may be here for that.
Why are they taking help from
an outsider for our problems?
What is so surprising in that?
In every union the leader
is not one among them.
The leader is an outsider
who controls them.
Why are saying it so casually,
as if that is not a big issue?
If their rights go
into their hands..
..There is a danger that the
society may get spoiled.
The society does not think that
they are in a big problem.
And they did not even gave us
the great responsibility Of saving them...
- Weak people speak like that.
So what is this strong
lady going to do?
Tell this to the people.
Actually, they are the one, who give
birth to the goons like them.
How are you?
- How are you?
Say, I love you.
- What?
Say, I love you.
I love you.
Where are taking me to?
- Guess where?
You tell me, Where are you
taking me to? - I will not tell you.
Tell me.
- I will not.
Ok then leave it.
- Ok, to the second-show.
It is already too late.
Drop me at the hostel.
Tell me if you are coming or not.
- No, I am not coming.
Then I will do one thing.
- What will you do?
I love you.
Here is your hostel. Are you happy?
- Thank you, Boss.
Bye! - Hey, Anita. I love you.
- Me too.
Anita, There is a call for you.
Hello! Who is this?
- I love you.
Hey! You left me just now.
Where are you calling from?
From next to your college.
- Ok, Bye. - Ok.
Was it Durga?
Anita, I cannot believe
that you fell in love?
You always talked about
journalism, Politics and stuff.
These two things do not go along.
The people who think about
this cannot fall love?
The politicians are always like
this. For their profits..
..They create issues of caste,
Religion and everything.
They never live up
to their promises.
I fear that they will
rob everyone.
Have you seen today newspaper?
Durga, what is this?
Do not you ever have any
curiosity to know all these?
I just have only one principle,
I do not bother anyone.
And I do not leave
who bothers me.
How can you say that being
an educated person?
What education? Can you do
anything about something..
..That is written
in the newspaper?
The bird looks very beautiful.
Who said it?
- We did not say you.
Leave this place right now.
Why did you beat him like that?
What? Have not you
heard what he said?
Does that mean you
will beat him?
Or do you want me to run to
the police station and..
..Complain them that someone
is teasing my girlfriend.
Whenever you get some time,
please come and help me?
Why do you make fun
of everything?
Yes, after all you
are his brother.
Do you think that my brother
is a cheap goon..
..Who robs people by showing
knife to them.
His way is one the many
ways of politics.
Does that mean that you
appreciate that way?
Durga! In the mask of rowdies,
behind the guns..
..They are destroying this society..
- Madam, Please!
I agree that it is my mistake.
Anita, Shall I say
something to you?
Whether my brother is helping this
society or he is destroying this society...
..I really do not know.
And I am really not
bothered about him.
And even if my brother
is wrong..
Is it right on your part to get
angry at his younger brother?
Durga! - Anita, I did not come
here to fight with you.
I love you.
- But..
Where are you taking me to?
Why are you not telling me?
Wait! I will tell you.
- Is it such a big secret?
No, it is not a secret.
We are going to meet my brother.
To 'your' brother?
Is brother inside?
- You tell him just one thing.
It is our duty to inform
them forehand.
Everyone knows the measures
that we will take after that.
He is not listening to
us by simpler measures.
No. That situation wont
arise, Krishna.
He did not tell me even when
I talked to Mr. Chari.
We cannot trust him.
He is a big betrayer.
Now that you have told me,
I will go and talk to him.
I do not know how you will do
it, But it should be done.
Why are you so late?
- She came with me..
- Anita. - I see.
Please, come here. He is my uncle.
- I am Narayan Rao.
Banerjee, Shankar Rao.
- I shall leave now. - Ok.
Sit down.
You too sit down.
What do you do?
- Journalism.
It is a course that is related
to newspapers and things.
I do not know much about it,
I have not studied that much.
Will you take some coffee?
- No, Thanks.
Or some cool drinks!
- No, Thanks.
I am getting late to college.
Shall we go?
- Ok.
Ok, Bye.
Anita, I will meet you later.
- Ok.
I thought that he was
good at just studies.
I think that we should
get married this year.
Durga, Come here. - So when
are you getting married?
What is so rush?
- It is not like that.
But when mother was there,
She always used to insist..
..Me to get married.
You know about me.
No one knows how many days
people like us will live.
If I get you married..
..At least my responsibility
will be over.
Sorry Anita. I am late because..
..I went to drop my
brother at station.
Durga, Will you ever
join your brother?
Why are you asking that
all of a sudden?
I do not know. When I saw
that environment..
..I doubted if we were
in the real world.
Those eyes! Those men!
- Anita, They have many enemies.
They have to maintain all
those things for security.
You did not answer my question.
What is that? - Will you
ever join your brother?
Why would I join him? I am
planning to marry you..
..Once I get a job and I want
to settle in Bombay or Delhi.
Durga! As a person I
have some principles.
If we keep your brother aside,
I cannot bear the tension..
..Of what is going to happen
the next moment.
I want to know what my husband
will do in future.
Tell me seriously!
Ok, since you are asking
me seriously.
I have only one interest.
- What is that?
I want to kiss you right now.
A lot of people got injured.
..At some places these incidents are
still taking place.
In the city the terror is spread.
..All over the places.
Two RTC Buses..
..And some private
buses have been burned.
The transportation and the life
in the city came to a halt.
And it is been rumoured that
reason for this is..
..Is the gang-war between
the Prasad gang..
..And Mohan Krishna gang.
Yes, You do not need to worry.
Everything is alright here.
There were a lot of fights.
Ramaswamy was killed in
the fight of building..
..That is why they
are a bit angry.
What? Durgas phone. Tell your mother.
Mummy, There is a call from
Vizag from my cousin.
In T.V.? You know them,
They exaggerate everything.
Give me the phone. - Hold on.
Everything is alright here.
Hello! How are you?
Me? First class.
I am watching a movie each day..
..And read novels at night
instead of studying.
You know me, Do not you?
Wait! Talk to mother.
Hello! Are you fine?
Yes, they are saying that it is fine now.
Why do not you come here once?
You may get angry,
But take care of your health.
Give me. I will talk to him.
- She wants to talk to you.
Hello! What else? Ok,
I will give him.
- Yes.
The call from Vizag!
Hello. Yes, Durga! Things are
a bit unstable right now.
Your brother got a seat in
the elections this time.
Yes, it is almost confirmed.
That is why they are creating
unnecessary problems.
Our men are also a bit angry.
We have to see what is
going to happen.
What is the necessary to say
all those things to you?
Durga, I am telling you,
everything is alright.
You do not get worried.
All these are very common to us.
By the way, When are
you coming here?
I got the appointment
order today itself.
I will come there tonight
or tomorrow morning.
Ok, Bye.
He said that there is
no problem there.
Anita, There is a
bad news for you.
They are giving a seat to
brother in next elections.
God only can save us.
Why are given seats!
Why they become our leaders!
What is the use of them for this
country! - Madam! Please!
Today, I will go there and talk
to my brother about everything.
Then I will marry you and have
as 5-6 kids and live happily.
I love you.
What happened?
- Mohan Krishna has been killed.
It is very difficult to release
Sarkar because many people...
..Seen him killing
Mohan Krishna.
He must stay in the
jail right now.
Most of them out there think
that you are behind this.
But no one has any surety.
I will take care of all
the legal proceedings.
But they may put an inquiry
commission if no one is arrested..
... Give me some
dummy names. I will arrest them.
It is been three days since
Mohan Krishna died.
And we could not do anything
till now. Mr. Chari..
..How can you talk like that in
spite of knowing everything?
The S.P. arrested some
fools in the road..
..And they want us to believe
that they killed Mohan Krishna.
Do we appear like fools to them?
Every one is making
fun of us out there.
Banerjee! Do not worry.
They arrested Sarkar.
Mr. Chari, Sarkar killed him.
But you as well and I know.
On whose orders he has killed.
Now there is no need to talk.
Let us go and kill all of them.
Let us go.
Stop. This is not
the right time.
Do we need right time for this?
- You shut your mouth.
They killed 'my' brother.
All of us are hot-minded right now.
If just killing is important,
Then anyone can do it.
We know who they are.
We also know that the S.P.
is supporting them.
Right now, we need not to
think about killing..
But we need to think about
how to kill them.
Yes. - I came to complaint
against my brother's killers.
We arrested all of them.
- The people whom you arrested..
..Have nothing to do
with this murder.
I know who is behind this.
Do you want to say that
we do not know our duty?
I did not come here to say
anything about your duty.
As a citizen of this country
I have the rights to complaint..
After that you can do
what you want to do.
Ok, write it down.
Hello! - Vasu, Narsi and
Prasad are killed.
What happened?
You are the one who
got them killed?
Yes. Anita, That day my brother
and my uncle were killed..
..Like dogs, If you
had seen that.
Durga! I am not complaining
about what you have done.
The only thing is that you may
get stuck into that world..
If you are trying to escape
from what you have done.
I am not trying to escape
from anything.
Because I do not think that
I have done anything wrong.
You do not know what
going on out there.
Sitting in your home with
a pen and paper in hand.
And saying that the society
should be like this, Like that..
..Is really very easy.
But this world out there
is not like that.
What do you want?
..Everything that happened
with my brother..
..And marry you and have
a family with you..
..Do you want me to forget?
I cannot do that.
At any cost.
I will kill as many as required..
.. But I will take
care of my brother empire.
In your view you may feel that
whatever you have done is not wrong..
..But I cannot spend,
My life with a person like you.
What are you looking at?
- You were staring there.
Since 15 minutes,
So I thought there was something.
But I cannot see anything.
A person has that kind
of look on his face..
..Just two times on his life.
When he loses something..
..And second when he
gets someone like me.
Anita, Today I have night-duty.
I may come in the morning.
What a rubbish job!
Why are you saying like that?
- What else should I say?
Whatever I want to do there is
one or other interference.
ln my training days,
I used to dream a lot.
That I will be protecting
the law and bullshit.
Now, I knew that nothing
like that exits.
Why are you so angry?
Did something go wrong?
Nothing really.
I arrested a person..
..And within five minutes of
arrest he got out on bail.
And that is not all, A higher
official came to me..
..And said that we should not
arrest people like him.
After all he is goon! He has
support of student union..
..And labour union. That does not
mean he is a big leader.
Anyway, who are you
talking about?
There is rowdy called Durga.
My name is Charandas.
I want to meet Mr. Durga.
Since ten years..
..In Usmanganj I am running Transport Company
and fruits business.
It is a very common thing
that the local goons come..
..During the festivals and take
some money...
.. But these days a new rowdy called
Srisailam came to our area.
If the businessmen are not
giving Srisailam the money..
..He is not even
hesitating to beat them.
And when I questioned him..
..That he will ruin my business
within two days..
..He challenged me
You must help me, Sir.
Is there anyone
behind Srisailam?
Guru Narayana.
Get these fruits into
that lorry. - Hey!
What is the matter?
Where is the money?
I already sent you two
thousand rupees.
You will send me 2000
rupees? Hey, You..
You dad is here.
Shall I call Guru Narayana?
- Shut up.
Leave this place by
tomorrow morning.
Durga, this is my area.
Do not interfere in this.
Will you leave or not?
- That is what I am saying.
Will you leave or not?
- That is what I said.
Ever I should see you here.
Greetings, Sir. - There is some
fighting going on over here.
No, Sir. Nothing is wrong here.
What is this? The more
we are tolerating him..
..The more Durga is
crossing the limits.
What does he think of himself?
Hey! Call Narsingh.
- Sir, He went to Sabarmalai.
What else was he
going to do here!
Sarkar, who killed his brother
should come out.
He only can deal with him.
Lawyer! You said that you
would bring Sarkar out..
What have you done about him?
I have already applied wherever
it was necessary.
He will come out within
a couple of days.
When he comes out, then there
will be a lot of fun.
Please sit down.
Oh! There are orders
to release Sarkar.
No one can save this country.
Brother, Sarkar has been
released from the jail.
What is that eating?
Son, Sarkar has been
released from jail.
Who is he? Is he a
fool or something?
How can he murder in the public!
Brother, they are here.
He is mental person.
If he gets angry,
He can kill us.
You are right, but he knows
how to play the cards well.
Can he not ask me?
If it should be done in the
public or in centre.
Whatever has happened has
happened. Now send him somewhere..
..If he stays here,
We may get into trouble.
You take care of that.
Durga, we searched everywhere
for Sarkar.
We could not find him anywhere.
I think that he left the city.
- Impossible.
He was brought out
to trouble us.
That is the reason they
got Charanraj killed.
Banerjee, you tell everyone
not to do anything in hurry.
Everyone will think
that we are cowards.
Everyone is laughing at us.
Durga, we have to answer them.
We should not take any step
keeping others in mind.
The next elections in mind.
Guru Narayana has planned
something keeping.
First of all we
have to find that.
At any cost, Sarkar
will be killed.
But I will decide that where
and when he will be killed.
Mr. Chari, I feel that Durga
took a wrong decision.
There must be something
in his mind.
Right, Mr. Swami! For instance
let us take Charandas case.
He got killed in the gang
war of two gangs.
Till now our department
could not prove..
..If Durga or Sarkar killed him.
Mr. Bharadwaj, who was behind his brother
Mohan Krishna murder...
..Durga killed everyone.
The seat was vacant.
Taking this as advantage..
..A corporate has become
the now MLA Guru Narayana.
No matter whatever there
may being going on..
..All of them belong
to the same batch.
So it is mere waste of time to wonder,
If Durga or Sarkar killed Charandas..
..All of the two faces
of the same fraternity.
What is so confusing in it? Any
fraternity does not take..
..Birth by it is own.
Some people give birth to it.
And we are talking about
the same people.
Which people are
we talking about?
Is our life a life? Like the
dogs and like the foxes.
Is our life a life? Like
a pig in the lump of pigs.
Is this a life? Are those
people who do not follow this..
..Can be called people? If
people in this society shouted..
..Like that, this kind of
situation would not have appeared.
What can we do even after
knowing about those people?
We cannot leave it by saying,
What can we do?
We have to think of what we can do.
I hate people who give up.
Son, I feel that there is some
truth in what Banerjee said.
We did not do anything even
after Charandas Death..
And people are taking
this as our cowardice.
Mr. Chari, There is only one
thing that I am thinking.
It is not right to attack them,
Since they killed Charandas.
This may take many innocent
people life.
They should not get up after the
blow which we will give them.
Try to find out where
Sarkar is. - Ok, Son.
Hey, Cousin! Last night the movie
'Mutyalamuggu' was telecasted on T.V.
Business all the times.
A person should also have
some entertainment.
There is this dialogue in
that movie. - So what?
Why do you think about
fights all the times?
You can talk to your dear
cousin who is here.
Aunty, what is the matter?
- Nothing, I just went nostalgic.
Today is Chitra birthday.
When your uncle was alive..
..There used to be so much fun.
Today is her birthday! She
did not even tell me.
Where is she?
Chitra, today is your birthday
and you did not even tell me.
Tell me what do you want?
Tell me what do you want?
That is hearts language.
You cannot hear it.
Stop kidding and tell
me what you want.
Will you give me anything
I want? - Yes.
- Yes.
You should stand by your word.
- You just ask me.
You should take me to cinema in
the evening. - Is that all?
Why did you get so scared?
Did you think that I will
ask you to marry me?
This is what the problem
with you is.
You trouble me a lot, If you
get even a single chance.
You want to go to film in.
The evening. Is that all?
- With you.
Narsingh, what is
your boss doing?
He is talking to someone inside.
Come here. - Yes. - How much
more time will it take?
The movie is about to start.
- He will come in a moment.
I will not see the movie if it
starts before we reach there.
He will be here in a moment.
- It is ok, Give me.
Narsingh, what will happen
if this I press this?
The bullet will come out.
Narsingh, Have you seen
the bullet train?
Why are you laughing?
How can a bullet go
out of the train?
Narsingh, Have you seen the
movie, 'Gandhi'? - No.
At least do you know
how Gandhi is?
Yes, He used have a tea stall
at our street corner.
Do you know anything?
- I know one thing.
What is that? - If anything
touches brother Durga..
..I am going to kill him.
Greetings, Sir. Please come.
I have not seen anything.
And please do not ask me.
What are you saying? It
happened in your theatre..
..And you are saying that
you have not seen anything.
How can we trust that your staff
have not seen anyone Of them.
Please do not ask me.
I do not know anything.
This is ridiculous.
Why is that manager so scared?
He is saying that he does not
know anything.
Does not he have the basic sense
to tell this to society..
..That this kind of things are
happening in our society?
What will we do with that truth?
You will write that
in the paper.
That will reach everyone
house at 6 O clock in morning.
They will read it, then they
will throw the paper somewhere.
And then they will get busy
in their jobs. That is all.
The theatre manager has
the right to not speak.
Because he is apprehensive
that Durga or Sarkar..
..May harm him or his
family or his theatre.
He has right not to tell truth.
But do you have any rights?
..Only the people who read
this news as entertainment has the rights.
About the murder that happened
in the theatre ..
..I came here to interview you.
Because Sarkar who has been
released from the jail..
..Tried to kill you in the theatre.
People are saying that this happened...
Is this true?
What will you do with it?
Durga, I want to ask
you something?
During those days, you did this
because that situation..
..Was out of your hands.
But what happened now?
Cannot you say this in the court
whatever has happened?
What is this obsession with law,
Court and other things?
For me Guru Narayana is the law
and Sarkar is the court.
And if you have faith in them.
You should go and ask your husband.
- Durga, Please!
Let us talk about the interview.
So you are saying that...
..You will not do anything.
Even after all this happened?
I did not say that
I will not.
Every one of them will die.
- You are going to kill them?
You know its answer.
Durga, if you keep on
killing each other..
..Then when will it end?
- I cannot say.
Can you give a solution
for whatever is going on?
Is your solution killing
everyone who objects you?
Who is that lady?
She is the lady whom I
loved once upon a time.
Anita, you should attended meeting
in the commissioner office.
You could have written a small
humorous story about it.
All of them knew who
was responsible..
..For the incident that
happened in the theatre.
But none of them was going
to take the names.
Anita, why are you like that?
I told you about my affair
before my marriage.
..But I did not tell
you who he is.
He is Durga.
Durga, Sarkar and their men
have rented some flat..
..And they are staying
over there.
But we could not find out
where that flat is.
Banerjee, Contact all
the people we know.
And search all the houses
of this city..
..And find out where Sarkar is.
Just concentrate on that.
Son, The lady that
came a while ago.
I told you about a girl from Vizag.
- Is she that girl!
You did not forget her till now.
It is not like that,
She got married.
I am not that immoral person to
think about a married woman.
I wanted to say something
to since a long time.
I am not your relative,
But I feel that.
I am closer than that.
How about marrying Chitra!
Mr. Chari, Please do not talk
about my marriage again.
I know since a long time.
We got separated in
those circumstances.
And even after that, I felt that,
in those circumstances..
..Anyone could have
done the same thing.
But today, after taking to him,
I knew very clearly.
..That I have not taken
the wrong decision.
Sometimes I feel that
I am very intelligent.
This kind of thing is
a reality check for us.
At any cost, I am not going
to leave this investigation.
Tomorrow, I am going
to meet Guru Narayana.
He is dancing very fine.
His body is just like a spring.
What is his name?
- Michael Jackson.
It is called break dance.
I am training my son in it.
Really! You too learn it.
I do not understand these at all.
These are the things that
spoil the youth these days.
It is a waste of money and
there is no income at all.
He gets 3 crores for one song.
What! 3 crores for one song!
How many songs do we have to sing
to earn that much money!
A lady came to take
your interview.
The press people! No! I do not
want to get into that.
They ask all kinds of questions
and I do not know how to..
..Answer them.
- What!
It is not sufficient
if just I know.
That you are a great person.
The world has to know that.
Publicity is very important.
Just look where Michael
Jackson is today.
I got it. Thanks for telling that.
Call that girl.
What is you comment on the
firing in the theatre?
I condemn it.
- What?
I condemn it and that is all.
I got it, but what action
are you taking about it.
What action can we take!
We informed the police.
What happened? You talked
to the D.S.P.
Has not he done anything
about it? Now see this.
Because of these gang wars many
people are losing their..
..Lives and you are the minister who
take the responsibility
..For that. My question is what
are you doing about it?
What are you saying? I told
you that I condemn it.
Again, you condemn it?
Do you know what you are
Hey, Lady! You are
crossing your line.
In Releasing Sarkar...
..There is a rumour that
you are responsible for..
..What is your comment on that?
Sarkar! Who is he?
Who is there?
- It is me, Durgesh.
Brother come inside.
Is not he Sarkar?
How did you come inside
without my permission?
I came here to arrest Sarkar.
- You will arrest him?
Do you have the warrant?
I do not need the warrant when
he is in front of me.
I said do you have the warrant.
Do not teach me the rules.
Sometimes it is necessary
to teach the rules.
Go and teach those rules
to the commissioner.
I am a politician. Be careful!
- Cool your tongue.
Give respect and take respect.
What are you doing? Why
are you requesting him?
I will talk to him.
- Does he have any warrant?
Keep quiet. I said
I will talk to him!
I will release Sarkar. I will
bring the anticipatory bail..
..If it is necessary.
- That is what I said. - Excuse me, Sir.
Just now you said you do not
know who Sarkar is.
- You really do not know him?
- Then why did he come here?
He is a voter in
my constituency.
He might have fallen
in some trouble..
..That is why he came
here for my help.
Why are you making such
a big issue out of it?
When I was not in this city!
How can you print such an
issue even without informing me.
You are crossing the
limits, Anita.
The relation between
Guru Narayana and Sarkar..
..Is not a rumour. I even have
to photo to prove it.
What other proof
do you want, Sir?
Everything cannot be
done with proofs.
Tell me why other papers are not
writing about this.
They might be scared or
Guru Narayana might have..
..Bought them with his money.
Sir, Tell me do not you
know that this is true.
The question is not if
this is true or not.
The question is about
the consequences.
Our M.D. was very serious
about this issue.
I will give explanation to M.D.
I will take responsibility.
Hello! Who? Mr Guru Narayana!
Greetings, Sir.
Actually, the thing is that.
I was not in the city
at that time.
Yes, Sir. No, Sir.
Hello! Mr Guru Narayana!
I am Anita speaking.
Whatever has printed in the
paper, Was printed when..
..He was not in the city,
and I am responsible for it.
Our editor is in no way
responsible for it.
Whatever you want
to do about this..
..You come and deal with me.
How is she? That lady
is warning me!
Brother, do you want
me to kill her?
Do not you know anything
other than killing?
When they messed
with the press..
Many governments
have collapsed.
We shall decide after
giving it a thought.
What is the background of her?
Who is behind her?
Sir, C.M. is in the line.
- Who?
- C.M.!
Chitra, Mr. Chari said that.
He will find a good
match for you.
We are thinking of getting
you married by next year.
I will not marry.
- Why?
What do you mean by why?
I just will not marry.
Do you not want to marry
this year? - No, Never.
That means...
- What means?
The thing is. - Mother, Please,
I do not want to get married.
Please do not ask me about
it ever again. - Chitra.
Aunty, what is she saying?
- She does not want to marry.
- I do not know. Go and ask her.
Did you say that you do not
want to get married? - Yes.
- Why should I get married?
When I do not get the
person whom I love?
Whom do you like?
- You.
- Yes, It is you.
I am asking seriously.
- I am also serious.
I like you. You like some other person...
..Everything that we want does not
happen. What can we do!
Banerjee! What happened?
- We got a call right now.
They took the ticket away
from Guru Narayana.
Son, Ali Khan came for you.
Greetings, Mr. Durga.
How are you? - I am fine.
He is Mr. Mohammad Sayeed.
The general secretary of
the party. - Greetings.
And he is Mr. Abdul Raheem,
The joint secretary.
Would you like to take
something? - No, Thanks.
You might have already heard that Guru Narayana
was debarred from his ticket.
He is talking about
Guru Narayana debar.
The high command has taken
the ticket away from him..
..Because they were
apprehensive that..
..Guru Narayana reputation
may spoil party reputation.
The high command has taken
the ticket away from him..
..Because they were
apprehensive that..
..Guru Narayana reputation
may spoil party reputation.
Mr. Durga, we know that about
your popularity in this city.
We want you to contest in
the coming elections.
The Muslim league will
support you completely.
They are asking you to contest
in the coming elections.
They are also saying that
the Muslim league..
..Will give their full support.
Ali Khan is supporting Durga
to contest in the elections!
But he has not decided
about it, Brother.
Who needs his decision?
No one other than Durga has the guts
to oppose me in this town.
First of all, we have to erase him.
- That is not that easy.
I know it. We do not have the
capability to even touch him.
Sorry, Sarkar. That is a fact.
How can you make it that hard!
Mix some soda in it.
If we find the plans of Durga,
Then there is chance..
..That we can kill him and
to know that. Hey, Srinu!
Sir. - Call that college kid,
Gowri and the lawyer.
Hey, Gowri! I knew that Durga cousin
is studying in your college.
I will send some of Sarkar
men with you.
At any cost, kidnap that girl...
..And keep her in
some room in your college.
Our men will give
a call to Durga.
And when he will come there,
We will kill him.
Yes, go and do that.
Hey, Lawyer! Why are you
sitting so silently?
The plan is fine, But we
do not have any profit in killing Durga...
.. Is it so?
- The problem is that...
..Our image has deteriorated
completely in public.
We have to save our image.
Even a kid in this city can
tell you that we killed Durga.
First of all, we have to save that.
We do not need to kill Durga...
..We just need him
not to trouble us.
Go according to your plan.
Kidnap that girl first of all.
Then someone will
give him a call.
Durga will come there and then.
Mother, nothing will
happen to cousin.
I am his relative and that is why
they not consider my proof.
Anyway, there is
nothing to worry.
No one will speak against
him in court.
They asked our union number
of times to give support.
And since we rejected,
he might have done this.
Have you seen Durga
killing Gowri?
Yes, Sir. I have seen
it with my own eyes.
Tomorrow, There is a
hearing in the court.
And you will be the
prime evidence.
When you said that you will
kill everyone who will stop you.
Now I understood what
that really means.
Wow! Your plan was extraordinary.
One is into jail other got wounded.
Brain should be like you.
Why do not you have political mind?
It is not sufficient to have a mind,
But we need destiny.
And also to become a
political leader.
We do not need mind,
But he need courage like yours.
Yes, we need to have daring
in life like me.
Today, I am really very happy.
Srinu, Bring me some whiskey.
But there is one person left.
He is C.M. I supported
him with 20 MLAs..
..And helped him make
the government..
..And now that betrayer
debarred me from the party.
I know very well how to
break his government.
Narsingh! What the fights that
happening right now in city?
The Babri Masjid and the
Mandal commission.
Those are the old ones.
We have to start something new.
Let us start all the fights.
And we shall develop that
which catches the fire.
And also if you have enmity,
Then you can...
..Kill them along with Durga
gang in these fights.
You always say that you are
not interested in politics.
But your brain works like that
of the prime minister.
You are great. I have just
one more desire left in me.
I want to see him without
him beard and moustache.
What is that? Come inside.
Why did you come in
uniforms to see this?
Who do you think he was? He
was that area corporate.
He just went to talk
to those goons..
..That there whatever they
were doing was not right.
That was duty.
And you shot at him.
Just wearing that uniform
is not sufficient.
You have to do the duty well.
Do not you feel ashamed of
yourself to this kind of this?
You need not to worry about it.
And if this is printed,
I know Guru Narayanas image..
..That is almost shattered
will shatter completely.
I have everything Guru Narayana
said in record.
If you cannot do anything about it,
Then I will talk to M.D.
And if cannot do anything
about it.
I will resign and send it
to some other magazine.
Mrs. Anita.
My name is Chitra,
I am Durga cousin.
I came here to talk about the
thing that said my cousin..
..Near the court. If my cousin
wanted to kill Mr. Bharadwaj..
..He would have killed him the moment.
I cannot show more evidence than this.
I am not as clever as you are.
But I know one thing very well.
That my cousin still loves
you very much. Good bye!
Important announcement.
Areas where are under curfew.
As city is peaceful now,
Curfew is removing area wise.
They have arrested the people,
Who are responsible for all these fights?
Police report has said.
Commissioner said that everything will
reach to it is normal state very soon.
Peacefulness is a temporary word.
Many issues have taken place in city.
But they never happened
on the concluding day.
If any issue take place it is
impossible to control.
Because public will be in groups.
Guru Narayana is planning to trouble
in Ganesh immersion.
We have Intelligence report.
We made arrangements,
but it is useful to some extent only.
We want to know in the way
he want to attack.
I came here to request you from
higher authorities.
Sir Durga has been released.
- I know.
Then how, He interrupts our plan.
You do not worry.
I have arranged everything.
- What are you doing there? - Nothing.
Even if they are not
involved directly.
They are doing it by keeping
Sarkar in the front.
And they are trying to show that
the Muslim league is reason for all these..
Guru Narayana will plan.
First of all, on the areas with Muslims
populated areas.
..We have to concentrate
I think Begambazar, Mohimzahi
market, Jaanbag..
..When the Ganesh Idol goes
through these areas.
Any issue may take place.
Mr. Chari!
Durga is dead.
If you do not stay in that spot,
they may doubt you.
He will definitely trouble
us in our plans.
What are you saying! If I stay
at that spot, I will die.
You need not worry.
I have arranged everything.
You do not worry.
Let me tell you something.
The bomb range is
40 feet at most.
You will be 60 feet away on
the stage welcoming others.
And the difference is 20 feet.
Are you sure about the range?
What do you say, Sarkar?
Then the news will be that you
were also at that spot.
And luckily you escaped it.
If we blame the opposition for it.
We will get full popularity
and full sympathy.
Will you stay with me?
- What will I do there?
Mr. Lawyer, are you conspiring
against me?
I was just kidding.
Sarkar, Take care of that bomb.
- I will be there.
- It is me, Guru Narayana speaking.
You wrote the article very well.
I read it just now.
How did you get that file?
- Your editor gave it to me, Girl.
I called you to tell
you something.
When I was a kid,
My mother has beaten me..
..Because I was drawing
something on the wall.
And since then no one
dared to touch me.
And now, your husband
has beaten me.
And how should I feel?
Should not I die with anger?
Do you think that I
am going to let live?
And by the way your husband
went for the security..
..Of the last rituals of Ganesh
worship in the city.
He will not return.
Hello two-town police station..
Can you tell me where
Mr. Bharadwaj has been Giving security?
Where is Durga?
You know Mohimzahi market,
Do not you?
There is a theatre called Vikrant.
It is closed these days.
Here there is a job for you.
Hail Lord Ganesha!
Hey! Turn the vehicle.
Since Anita asked help from Durga..
..I am not saying that the principles
she followed are wrong.
The conditions that
brought her there.
Those are the reasons for
the change in Durga.
The conditions that shattered
the whole society are not new.
This is not the death
or end of society.
This is just a wound on society.
And a wound, Minor or major,
Needs treatment.
We just tried to show you one
of those wounds on society.