Gabbar Is Back (2015) Movie Script

What is happen to this city?
Ashes here, smoke there.
Why are you so silent?
Why have smoke forced
down your throat?
Now it's the limit of endurance.
Let's bring this
reckless act to an end.
Smoking is banned
in all public places.
Violation will lead to penalty.
Don't smoke.
No let anyone do.
Smoking will cost you.
Who doesn't want to be happy?
But at what price?
Smoking will cost you.
Smoking can cost you your health.
And for your dear ones.
Smoking will cost you.
'How many were they?'
"Do whatever you want."
"Everyone has to pay in the end."
"Be a little scared, son."
"Or Gabbar will show up."
"Do whatever you want."
"Everyone has to pay in the end."
"Be a little scared, son."
"Or Gabbar will show up."
"Gabbar will be happy."
"This is not a comic or a game."
"He's not the Spider or Superman."
"He roams the streets
at night for your safety."
"Gabbar is the better man."
"Gabbar is a brave-heart."
"When the lion walks
in the jungle.."
"..the scavengers
make themselves scarce."
"This lion hunts only those.."
"..who make money the wrong way."
Even 50 miles away..
...when someone takes a bribe..
-- People say..
"Don't take it, or..
...Gabbar will show up."
"Evil only begets evil."
"There's still time
so straighten up now."
"And if you don't.."
"'ll get a one
way ticket to hell."
"Don't make this mistake."
"Save your head."
"if you want to sleep
at nights, then.."
" afraid of Gabbar."
"Do whatever you want."
"Everyone has to pay in the end."
"Be a little scared, son."
"Or Gabbar will show up."
"Do whatever you want."
"Everyone has to pay in the end."
"Be a little scared, son."
"Or Gabbar will show up."
"He'll be proud of you."
"Do whatever you want."
"Everyone has to pay in the end."
"Be a little scared, son."
"Or Gabbar will show up."
'Deeds of a hero..
name of a villain.'
How many were they?
Two, chief.
Two men..
Pig heads!
For the people of Latur,
we bring you..
The queen of 'Once more'.. Devyani.
"The way I mesmerized him!"
"The way I mesmerized him!
That wrestler was stunned."
"The bomb of youth has exploded!"
"The bomb of youth
has blasted the world is shocked."
"The bomb of youth has exploded!"
Get up! Get UP!
- Who are you?
Take whatever you want.
We want your husband.
- Take him.
Come on.
Hello.. What?
Nanded's Collector
has been kidnapped, sir.
Sir, Nashik's Collector
has been kidnapped.
No, you mean Nanded.
Don't confuse us.
Sir, Vijay's calling from Nashik.
Nashik's Collector
has been kidnapped.
Sir, news from Latur.
There's been a kidnapping.
Sh", Sang too.
Listen..this is front page news.
Stop the press!
Stop the press right now!
Maharashtra in great danger.
10 collectors
go missing overnight.
The police have setup
check posts across the state..
...after the kidnapping
of the Collectors.
Everyone is asking
the same question.
Who is behind this?
'Only one man can save
you from Gabbar's fury.'
'Only one man.'
'Gabbar himself.'
Sir..10 Collectors
go missing suddenly..
...and the Home Ministry
hasn't issued any statement yet.
This incident
happened three days ago, sir.
Can you tell me
what you are all doing?
Look, we're
investigating the matter.
Soon we'll know who
is behind all this.
Mr. Minister, the role of
the police is being questioned..
...what are your comments on it?
I've organized
a Special Task Force.
And Commissioner Panth
is heading this team.
Don't worry, sir.
We'll find the Collectors.
I am there.
- I see.
Jai Hind, sir.
We just received news, sir.
All the Collectors have returned.. the places from
where they were kidnapped.
Oh..good news.
Let's announce
this quickly. - Sir..
There's a problem.
Only nine of them have returned.
Where's the 10th one?
Go up.
Bribe has
become like an offering.
It's become a necessity to
offer one before doing anything.
Every Legal Department..
...has turned the life of
every common man like a newspaper.
It starts with turning
the pages on the commode.
And by nightfall..'s lying in some
corner like waste.
But no more.
Every Friday, one government
officer will be relieved.
Either from corruption,
or this world.
And yes..
I am neither
legal..nor illegal.
I am not
a politician..nor terrorist.
Deeds of a hero..
name of a villain.
I am..Gabbar.
deed will be revealed.
You see..Karma
cannot be bribed.
This CD shouldn't
leak out at any cost.
Just now a person called Gabbar
has sent a CD to our channel.
Let's hear what's on the CD.
This is the CD of Gabbar..
...which is available at
every corner of the country.
Look at the huge crowd..
...which has gathered
around to buy this CD.
And not just that..
...this video has gone viral
on all social media sites..
...and it's been shared by everyone.
I'm the Gabbar.
Will killing a middle-aged
man solve corruption?
No. I think this is right.
Don't you see,
corruption has turned into a race.
And anyway, if the winner
gets death in the end..
...then, they will all
start running backwards.
How did those Collectors
take the money..
...what time.. and from whom.
And how they used that money..
...where they invested that money.
He's also got a copy
of their property papers.
Sir, this Gabbar has
done a CBI level inquiry.
Yes, sir.
No outsider can gather
all this information.
Someone's definitely giving
him all this information..
...from inside the office.
Who could it be?
- Sir, it can be someone..
I get it, sir.
I get it.
10 kidnappings. 10 officers.
This means a team of 10 people.
This isn't the job of 10 people.
Sadhu, you talk more
than you're paid for.
Tell me something.
How many Collectors in Maharashtra?
- How many?
And how many did they abduct?
- How many?
- Yes, 10? So.
One man is enough to plan everything.
But how many men do
you need for the kidnapping.
One man alone can't change the tires.
- Correct.
You need at least 2-3
people to abduct someone.
So how many for 10 people?
This is the job of an organization.
They don't hide in the
jungles like the Renegades.. fact, they're operating
right here from the city.
And you're not doing your job.
- My job?
Get some fritters quickly.
- That fatso will explode someday.
And don't forget the red sauce.
Last time you forgot,
and I had to face the music.
These people will keep
pouring sauce on their fritters..
...and Gabbar will do his thing.
Hurry up,
Adi sir's class is about to begin.
Come on.
Is everyone here?
Let's take attendance.
- Forget it, sir.
There must be more than you expect.
Who would want to bunk your class?
Is that sure?
- Definitely.
Fine, let it be.
The world is made of five elements..
...and so is our body.
And similarly,
Force is made of five elements.
Can anyone tell me
what the elements are?
No, sir.
Listen carefully.
It's Tension.
If we translate this in Hindi..
...we'll call it..
'Khichav' Tension.
'Dabav' Compression!
'Tod' Sheer!
'Mod' Bending!
And.. 'Ghumav' Twisting!
Didn't get it?
No, sir.
Well, let me explain it practically.
Come on, get lost.
Get lost, college is closed.
Get lost. Come on.
Get lost. Come on.
Young man, come up.
Listen carefully.
Without moving your
feet.. Raise your hand.
Try to push me.
College is closed.
Get lost.
Hey teacher,
college is closed today.
Come on, get out.
Go, go..
College is closed.
Come on, get out.
Come on.
Doesn't this look like..
...two bulls are clashing each other.
This is called 'Compression Load'.
What is it called? Louder?
'Compression Load'.
- Perfect.
So first you learned 'Tension Load'..
...and now 'Compression Load'.
- Hey..enough of your antics.
Go back.
Go home.
Come on.
Come with us. Come on.
The college won't shut down.
Who are you?
Some Gabbar has killed the Collector.
This isn't Law and Order.
The Home Minister has to resign.
Until then..
- The exam schedules are already out.
This college won't shut down.
I see..the college won't close down!
Break everything.
Come on.
- Now it will shut down.
We won't tolerate this hooliganism.
You want to see hooliganism.
This is the third Force.
Listen carefully.
When you press something
from both sides..
...and put pressure
on its Tension point.
Break it!
Should I break it?
- Break it!
Fine, now watch the breaking force.
Break it!
Who are you?
You're done for.
This is Bending.
Now..I'll teach you
about Twisting Force.
Aditya! What are you doing, sir?
I was just taking my class, sir.
Stop it! Leave him!
As you all saw,
Physics is useful in everything.
Tension. Compression. Sheer. Bending..
...and the last one,
sorry I couldn't show you.
And listen all of you.
Even the Police aren't
allowed inside this campus.
And you are all goons.
So don't even think
about it next time.
What did he say?
Even the Police aren't
allowed inside the campus.
So how did the goons get in?
The college gate
is the problem, right?
What if the gate isn't there anymore?
Break down the gate.
None of you ever went to school..
...that's why you want to
break down this college gate.
Come fellas,
it's time for your roll call.
Come on.
What's your age?
What's your age?
What's your age?
I know yours.
No, sir.
Sir, he told me to.
I will never go near
any college again.
Good boy, you've learn enough.
Class dismissed!
Madam, are you crazy?
- Shut up.
I need your car, just wait.
Come on, hurry up.
- Don't worry.
Careful. Slowly.
Madhu, don't worry.
What are you waiting for?
Open the door.
Come on.
It's okay, come on.
Madhu, sit comfortably.
Get to the hospital, okay.
- Yes.
Never seen a pregnant lady before?
Let's go quickly.
Come on.
Keep breathing, it's all okay.
Come on, fast.
Take the next left.
Keep breathing.
Right, take a right.
Just a little longer, hold on.
Take the next left.
Look forward, what are you staring at?
We returned home from the party..
...and her labor pains started.
No one's up for doing
a good deed these days.
No one bothered to stop their car.
Thank God you came.
Keep breathing, Madhu.
Keep breathing.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop the car!
I think her water just broke.
I will have to deliver
the baby right here.
Are you a doctor?
- No, I am a lawyer.
But I've done research on Google.
Get down from the car, please.
Are you sure?
- Do I look like I am joking?
Get down from the car.
Get down., ready?
Come on, keep breathing.
Come on..
Yes, Ravi.
Okay ready.
Now push.
Did you prepare the
list for Nagpur and Pune?
Keep it ready.
Excuse me, mister.
I need your shirt.
Take off your shirt, quickly.
Give it.
Excuse me, mister. Come here.
What's wrong with you?
Come on, we've to get to the hospital.
Come here.
Doctor, I cut the umbilical cord..
...with a Swiss army knife,
is that okay?
It's okay.
- Okay.
Don't worry.. you go.
I hope she's okay, doctor.
Hurry up and take her in.
- Okay. is Madhu?
- Don't ask.
I had to deliver the child on the way.
I wasn't this tensed
even during my bar exams.
Anyway, everything is okay now.
Oh God, bless that man.
I forgot all about him. Excuse me..
Excuse me.. Hello!
I wonder who he was.
Like they say..
This is how Angels come.
He really was an angel.
He's a devil.
The other 9 Collectors
have gone blank.. someone's erased
their memory card.
They were locked in
a dark room for three days.
And suddenly they were released.
Now nobody's uttering a single word.
Sir, these are officers.
We can't be strict with them either.
I don't want to hear this or that.
If someone's got an idea,
then speak now.
Sir. Sir.
Why are you raising your hand?
Sir was asking if
someone's got an idea.
Who are you?
- Constable Sadhuram.
I am Yadav sir's driver.
I brought his medicine. Digestion.
So why did you raise your hand?
Sir, I have an idea.
- I've got 'Airtel'.
Come here.
Come here.
You brought my medicine, didn't you?
Now get us some fritters.
- Run along.
Sir, in every office..
- Hey, Sadhu.
You're a driver, aren't you?
So act like one.
Drive the car,
don't rack your brains.
Sir, I was just..
- you think you're James Bond.
Did you ever take a look
at yourself in the mirror?
Get out, come on.
Get lost..
Sir, if you just listen to me..
- Have you gone deaf?
Get out.
Didn't you hear?
Get out.
Hey fool, don't forget the red sauce.
My driver's become James Bond.
Hey, Sadhu!
Why do you lock horns
with these officers?
Officers? My foot.
100 meters in 15 seconds,
can they do it? No.
100% in UPSC, CFPF.
Can they do it? No.
100% of everything.
100 ideas to give my best shot, but..
Bribe wins against talent, so I lost.
Do you get angry in English?
I am not angry.
Law runs through my blood.
All my ancestors were in the police.
I was selected for
Sub-Inspector, but..
...since I couldn't pay bribe,
I became a constable. solving this case..
...I will earn my cap of an inspector.
How will you solve this case?
It's easy to spot the
anomaly in the crowd.
I mean one can easily
spot the honest one..
...amongst the corrupt ones.
I will go to every office
and find that one man.
You're a driver,
why would they send you?
I will take a medical leave.
Medical leave?
One small lie is okay
for exposing a big truth.
I'll get him behind bars.
Shruti madam, what have you done?
You put a dent
on the boss' new car.
What? Why are you screaming?
He won't spare us.
We will all lose our jobs.
I didn't do anything.
Why are you screaming?
What happened, driver?
Sir, Shruti madam slammed
into your parked car.
I was drinking tea.
I saw it with my own eyes.
No, sir.
Why don't you
learn to drive first?
Look at this dent.
You put a dent on my car,
now you will have to pay.
Sir, I didn't put a dent
on your why should I pay?
My driver saw you,
with his own eyes.
Eyes can be deceived too, sir.
I can prove that I didn't do it.
Give me two minutes, sir.
- Fine. I'll give you two minutes.
You saw me put a dent on this car?
- Of course.
You did it.
- Not at all.
You took the car outside
and got this dent somewhere else..
...and now you're blaming me.
Sir, three days ago he wanted
to borrow 500 rupees from me.. which I clearly refused.
Did you not?
Sir, I..
- Sir, according to Google..
...80% men think women
don't know how to drive.
That's why his testament
cannot be accepted..
...because he's bias
against women drivers.
Sir, I am innocent.
Absolutely innocent.
Sir, I know who put
a dent on your car. - Who?
She did.
- Her?
- When did you see me do it?
When you were driving
your scooty at 45 km/h.
You lost your balance.
You tried to apply the brakes,
but it was too late.
You slammed your
scooty in his car.
You're lying.
What proof do you have?
- You want proof?
Sir, I have a suggestion.
Let's go take
a look at her Scooty.
It must still have
the paint of your car.
Come on, sir. need.
- Come on.
Come on.
Sir..why are you listening to him?
Come on. - He's just a stranger.
Listen to me.
See, sir..didn't I tell you?
I have nothing
to do with this girl.
I don't even know her.
Nor did I borrow
any money from her.
I have no agenda, sir.
- Sir, that's more than my salary.
All I have is 50 rupees.
The rest will be deducted
from your salary.
- Driver, let's go.
Get lost!
Why did you have to intervene?
Do you know that driver's salary?
It's half of what you get paid.
- Oh, you're one of those.
Yes, I am one of those.
Hey, listen.
Remember that kid
we delivered in the car.
His naming ceremony is on Friday.
You must come.
We delivered a kid?
The one in the car.
We had a kid in the car.
- Shut up.
By the way, I am Shruti.
I am back!
Our system has become
like children's diaper.
Wet in some places..
...and a little
loose in other places.
There's only one
thing we do honestly.
And that's corruption.
Releasing this Friday..PWD.
It's actually..
the Public Works Department.
But due to some people..'s been troubling
people the most.
But now Gabbar will wield his PWD.
Power-Wan Danda (The Power Stick).
Power in wrong hands
can cause a blackout.
2nd September.
Remember this date.
Because on this day.. chair in PWD
will be vacated forever.
Get lost, you dog.
Don't let me see you here again.
It's alright if
you don't want money..
...but don't abuse me.
This is wrong.
- What's wrong, mister?
He's not ready to take bribe.. will this country run?
Corruption has retired
from this office.
Why is that?
If one man gets a heart-attack..
...everyone in the
neighborhood starts jogging.
since one Collector was murdered..
...all the others
mended their ways.
Was everyone here
corrupt before that?
Yes, all of them.
Except for a handful.
Who is that? that Anuj More.
Anuj More? Who else?
Everyone? You too?
Yes, Laxmi.
Sadhu, where are you?
I am in Sangli.
Gabbar's sent another CD.
"2nd September."
"Remember this date."
"Because on this day.."
..."one chair in PWD
will be vacated forever."
"And all you corrupt people.."
...if your heart starts
feeling restless..
...then know that Gabbar
is somewhere close.
What is his motive?
Who is Gabbar?
I am Gabbar.
This is the film we
should be making, Mr. Producer.
Can we get the rights?
The police couldn't find him,
how can you?
How will you join his group?
Tell me.
"Everyone has to pay in the end."
"Be a little scared, son."
"Or Gabbar will show up."
"Do whatever you want."
What's wrong, sir?
You look worried.
Don't ask.
Who knows which office
Gabbar is going to target next.
It's making me sick.
That's true, sir.
If they make a list
of our department..
...your name will be on the top.
Isn't it?
You had to rub it in, didn't you?
I've no clue whether
my BP's getting high or low.
And you're putting
salt on my wounds.
And that Ramesh Pawar..
he's corrupt too.
Sir, he's got 8.1 billion.
But he's still 100
million short of you.
Hey..10 again.
- Yes, so?
Well..Gabbar kidnaps 10 people.
Your lucky number is 10.
Shut your mouth!
What about that Raj Naik.
Since the day Gabbar
killed that Collector..
...everyone has
stopped taking bribes.
Lord..Sai Baba protect me.
Hello, sir.
Sir, did you sign my file or not?
We already gave you
15 million in advance.
And here's the
rest of the 15 million.
Thank God you're here.
You gave me 15 million, right?
Hold on.
Here's your 15 million.
Take it back.
And come with me. - But..
Come on. Come..
- But listen to me.
Come on.
Listen, everyone.
Please listen..
It's a question of
my life and death, please.
someone from this department..
...has been telling
Gabbar that I take bribes.
And that's
why I have decided..
...that I will
no longer take bribes.
I took 15 million
from this contractor.. get his job done.
And I am
returning his money to him.
Here you go.
No, it's okay.
- Take it, mister.
Do you want to get me killed?
Take it.
I will sign your file,
if it's correct.
I will return everyone's
money in cash.
And those who sent
me money from outside..
...I'll send their money
through money-order.
Sir, we have only 24 hours.
There are more than 2000
PWD officers in the state.
We cannot provide
protection to everyone, sir.
But we can protect
corrupt officers.
Great idea, sir.
Gabbar will go after them.
Find out who are the
most corrupt officers of PWD.
Sir, no officer will
ever claim that he's corrupt.
Which fool will admit
that he's a thief?
sir, I am the most corrupt officer.
I need police protection.
this is a list of my corruption.
Hey..I've already
completely half century.
50 million.
Sir, please save me.
My name is on the
top of Gabbar's list.
Why? Did Gabbar fax you his list?
Sir, please.
Sir, give me your account number.
I'll give you
half of whatever I have.
But enter my name in the
top 10 corruption list, please.
And you want my name to be
on Gabbar's list, instead of you.
Do you think I am crazy?
Get in the line.
Sir! Sir!
Sir, while we were busy
giving protection to PWD..
...Gabbar kidnapped
the District Collector.
This was all a distraction, sir.
Oh no.
Alert all the police stations.
Find out where he's keeping
the District Collector, okay.
Sir, what about them?
Collect all their files
and send it to the ACP.
Don't spare anyone.
Pawar! Close the gates.
Don't spare anyone.
This is wrong, Thakur.
When he said he will
abduct someone from PWD..
...then, he should've
stuck to his word.
He cheated us.
It's not cheating, Yadav..
...he tightened the
noose around all of them.
And..he's Gabbar, not Gandhi.
Do you know who I am?
Gayanand Sawant.
Vaibhav Munde.
Parshuram Wadekar. Pramod Naiyyar.
Do you know who they were?
These four are
from the 877 farmers..
...who committed suicide last year.
Because the river water
which was meant for them..
...was diverted to the
sugar factory, private sector..
...and the Minister's farmhouse.
And their fields remained dry.
And in return.. 180 million!
I did exactly as the
Minister asked me to do.
The Minister
was the one who paid me.
Why should I
care about the Minister?
Most of the politicians
in this country are illiterate.
They are criminals.
But you're a Collector.
You were educated.
You swore to serve the people.
What were you doing?
You very well know.. could've saved
all those farmers lives.
But what did you do?
You took bribe from the Minister.
Now you have to take..what
lam giving you.
Listen to me..
Please. Please.
Please, don't do this.
Give me one chance.
I swear I won't take bribes again.
Sir, please..
I am sorry, sir.
The new password
for making mistakes.
If sorry could fix everything..
...then there would be no courts,
or police stations.
I hate sorry's.
Why was a government
officer hanged publicly?
The hanging has
created a lot of stir.. the state of Maharashtra.
The police haven't
found any clue yet.
There's terror in the city.
Government officers
are clearly in fear.
There's a stir amongst
the government officer.
You were on the way,
when we first met.
We've a big contribution
in your birth.
Yes, baby.
This is a small
token on my behalf.
How cool, Adi.
Do you like it?
May I?
- Of course.
Okay . .
There you go.
Please come here, Madhu.
Return gift.
Oh my baby.
Take off your clothes.
- Huh?
Take off your shirt.
Every time we meet,
why do you make me take off my shirt?
Take it off.
Are you a murderer?
You must do something similar.
I didn't understand.
This scar.
It was an accident.
Of course it
was an accident, stupid.
That day when you
were holding the baby.. had tears in your eyes.
You're so sensitive.. can you ever kill anyone.
"Our eyes are meeting..
while sipping coffee."
"Our eyes..are swaying
with the breeze of love."
"This feeling right now..
feels really great."
"it's the intoxication
of first love."
"..of first love."
"it's a new experience."
"My eyes convey.."
"Come dwell in my sights."
"Even if you have to
steal my slumber away."
"Hey O.."
"Hey O..l am in love."
"it's the intoxication
of first love."
"Hey O.."
"Hey O..l am in love."
"it's the intoxication
of first love."
"My breath is suddenly rising."
"The eyes express.."
That's right.
"My breath is suddenly rising."
"The eyes express.."
"..your interest
in me is growing."
"This feeling right now..
feels really great."
"it's the intoxication
of first love."
"Of first love."
"it's a new experience."
"My eyes convey.."
"Come dwell in my sights."
"Even if you have to
steal my slumber away."
"Hey O.."
"Hey O..l am in love."
"it's the intoxication
of first love."
"it's the intoxication
of first love."
"Our eyes are meeting..
while sipping coffee."
"Our eyes..are swaying
with the breeze of love."
Do you know why you can't
walk straight after drinking?
Because the feet say..
You picked up the
glass with your hand..
...gulped it down the throat,
gave a hangover to your brain..
...but you never asked us.
We won't walk.
You're crazy.
Absolutely crazy.
You know, you don't just
treat me to good liquor..'re also a nice guy.
We at the bottom always know.. to grease
someone's palm, right?
When the Collector died..
...all the police officers
came to our office.
I was right there.
- I know.
But no one asked me anything.
Pappu..this is a list
of your office staff.
Now tell me..
who scrapes the most icing.
Like Vijay Mathur, Rakesh Kamble..
- This..
Vijay Mathur.
- Vijay Mathur.
He recently bought a big car.
This big.
- I see.
He gave 150 kilos of gold
in his daughter's marriage.
This..this, this..this..
All of them.
They are all corrupt.
No.. Wasim..
- Wasim Sheikh.
Wasim Sheikh.
- Really.
This Wasim Sheikh,
he's a great guy.
But you know,
he'll starve to death.
Starve to death.
- Yeah, take it from me.
He'll starve to death someday.
Wasim Sheikh.
Wasim Sheikh..honest officer.
Varsha Raje.
Anuj More.
Gobind Gawde.
How did they form a team?
Did you know that a man's brain.. 10% bigger
than a woman's brain.
Excuse me.
Hey..hello. Wait.
But according to Google,
the female brain works faster.
You and that Google.
You know, there should be..
...a Google temple right
beside Babulnath temple.
Hail Google-nath!
Hail Google-nath!
- Shut up.
According to Google,
12% of road accidents..
...occur because people
use their mobile phone..
So many tests for a minor injury.
Is it really necessary?
Get these tests done..
...otherwise you're
going to blame us.
No, ma'am,
nobody is going to blame you.
All I wanted to say was..
...I was right there
when the accident happened.
It was not a major accident.
Then why did you come here?
You could've
bandaged that at home.
This is the problem
with educated people today.
They think they're doctors.
Doctor, they're insisting
on a normal delivery.
You've been working
here for so many years..
...but you still don't know
how to talk to the patients.
Tell him caesarian
is absolutely safe.
It's safe.
But doctor,
they're willing to wait..
...until it's
not a normal delivery.
How will the hospital make
money if it's a normal delivery?
And how will we pay your salary?
Normal delivery is not possible.
You must go for C-section.
If they wait,
we will not be responsible.
Tell them some big medical terms.
Ma'am, you still have
to pay 70,000 rupees.
But I paid 70,000 yesterday.
- Thank you.
Look. - No, ma'am.
Actually, they were room charges.
Give that to uncle.
Let's go see mom, huh!
Vivek, sir.
Did he pay the bill?
- Yes, sir.
Give him the slip.
You can claim your wife's
body by showing this slip.
Body? Why are you saying that?
Your wife passed away last night.
Passed away?
I was right here
last night with my kid.
Why didn't you tell me?
She could've at least
seen her mother one last time.
In the morning you
sent me to get money.
And when I returned.. made me stand
in the payment queue.
You didn't tell me she's dead.
Look, my job is to keep
an account of the money.
Not the patient.
And anyway,
we disclose this information..
...after all the bills are settled.
people like you would leave..
...without paying the Bills.
She was dead last night.
And they didn't
tell me she's dead.
For the past one week..
...I paid you every
penny you asked for.
Take some more.
Take all of it.
Can you let my child
see her mother one last time?
Look, mister, this is a hospital.
Please don't create a nuisance.
Shut up!
Those are the rules here.
If you've got a problem..
...then you can go to the
government hospital next door.
Rs. 12,000.
I could've used this for shopping.
I could've done many other things.
Go ahead, I'll join you.
Where are you going?
- There's something I need to do.
Take madam to Versova.
Go on.
Balram Nagpal.
You're his wife, aren't you?
Sign here.
Sign here, aunty.
Only then will you
get his death certificate.
Give it.
Give this at the cremation ground.
Come on.
He gambled away everything we had.
How will I raise these two now?
Oh Lord!
Oh Lord!
Oh Lord!
The Lord doesn't
do everything Himself.
He leaves some things
for devils like us.
Doctor. Please save him.
He fell from the 3rd floor..
...and he isn't
speaking since then.
Please save him at any cost.
Nurse, take him to
the emergency ward.
And you,
first pay the admission fee. Quickly.
Don't worry about the money.
I'll pay everything.
Just save him at any cost.
Don't worry, relax.
Did your husband
have insurance? - No.
Come, let's get one now.
He's dead.
He's already dead, doctor.
But they don't know this.
He's alive until they
have money in their pockets.
Here's the bill.
What is the patient's name?
- Balram Nagpal.
Start treatment.
His condition's very serious.
Get these medicines
and injections..
...from the pharmacy immediately.
Quick, quick, quick.
- Where's the pharmacy?
On the right.
Nurse, get me an oxygen
cylinder right now.
Make the bill in the
patient's name. - Yes.
Balram Nagpal.
- Okay.
What took you so long?
Don't you know it's an emergency?
I didn't know my brother's
in such a serious condition.
Can I see him?
Please do not disturb
the doctor, okay.
Go and sit there.
Here, another lot.
Go give it back to the chemist.
Hey, take this.
Maintain a proper record.
You're always sore when
it comes to commissions.
I never lie, dear.
Excuse me.
Please come.
- Yes.
Look, his condition
is getting worse.
It's a hemorrhage.
I think we need to
call a neurosurgeon.
You can call God if you want,
just make him better.
Are you sure?
- Sure.
His fee is 200,000!
It's okay, I'll arrange for it.
- Okay.
Nurse, call Dr. Verma.
Make the bill in the name
of the patient, Balram Nagpal.
The Specialist is here.
We'll save him.
What kind of people are they?
They don't even spare the dead.
Just wait and
watch what they do next?
You guys will get
me in trouble someday.
This body is
starting to decompose.
We can't keep up
this act for too long.
Sir..when he's willing to pay..
...we'll milk him all we can,
and take our share.
Let's start with the
charade before it's too late.
This act will end soon.
Do you know how to
shoot a video with a phone?
The doctor will
come out any moment.
Focus only on him.
He'll come out with a long face.
He'll say "I'm sorry,
the patient is no more".
"I wish you had
informed me earlier."
Excuse me.
- Doctor.
I am sorry,
the patient is no more.
I wish you had
informed me earlier.
Doctor, please try again.
Try to understand, he's dead.
Sir, you're a specialist.
Please try once.
What are you saying?
How can he treat him?
He's dead.
Why? Can't the dead be treated?
- What?
How can anyone treat the dead?
Why not?
This is Patil Hospital.
The dead can be treated here.
- Are you crazy?
Who can treat the dead?
- Why not?
Am I crazy?
Look. Read this.
What's written on it? Read it.
Municipal Hospital?
Dr. Deshmukh certifies
death at 11:25 am.
Patient's name..Balram Nagpal.
When the patient's already dead..
...what were you all
doing in there for 6 hours?
This isn't just the
patient's death certificate..'s this hospital's
death certificate.
You people are an expert
in conning the patients.
Can I get a copy?
How many do you want?
What happened? Can't breathe?
Should I call a specialist?
This is your bill.
Please pay 300,000
at the counter..
...and collect the body.
This body won't go anywhere.
Until you don't make a
cheque for 500 million rupees.. the name of Shanti Nagpal.
Your game is up.
Call your boss.
Come on.
Call your boss.
Come on, out.
Good shot.
Buy him out!
How much is he asking for?
He's a little cynical, sir.
No one knows him.
All he keeps saying is..
...I want to see your MD.
I'll talk to him about the money.
Dad, there's..a small problem.
You expect me
to fly back from Dubai.. solve your small problem?
When will you ever grow up?
It's your problem,
you deal with it.
Call him.
So you want 500 million rupees.. exchange of all the evidence.
Cheque for 500 million,
in the name of Shanti Nagpal.
Wife of late Balram Nagpal.
Rs. 4,60,475 which I spent, cash!
Breaking your
pride is much more fun..
...than breaking bones.
Better pay up quietly--
...otherwise I'll get
this place sealed up.
Sir, this is a cheque
for 500 million..
...and the rest of the cash.
Your husband's insurance cheque.
I know this cannot
fill in the void.
But it can make
life a little easier.
Take it.
Thank you.
My husband's death did..
...what he couldn't
do when he was alive.
You are doctors.
It's your duty to serve people,
not con them.
Shame on you all.
I am sorry.
I just hate sorry's.
Shut it down!
- Shut down Patil Hospital!
Shut it down!
- Shut down Patil Hospital!
Sir, that guy double-crossed us.
He took money from us..
...and also gave the
evidence to the media.
Move away. You idiots.
How the hell can
they enter my property?
I won't spare them.
Get out from my property.
Just back off!
Let's go home boss.
Boss, the body..
I mean Vikas
has been brought home.
Let's go home.
- Shut up.
You do know who I am.
Digvijay Patil.
I am a brand!
I am a bloody brand!
First he killed my son..
...and also
challenged my reputation.
I want him.
I will first kill him..
...and then cremate my son's body.
Sir, many have seen his face.
But no one knows
anything about him.
So he just came and left
after ruining everything.
And you don't know anything.
And that woman,
who he gave the 500 million..
...doesn't know him either.
She was saying that..
...she met her at
the Municipal hospital.
Sir..he must be on the
hospital's CCTV camera.
What's the
connection between them?
- What, sir?
You see, whenever I
need some expert advice..
...I talk to myself.
What's up, guys?
- How are you all?
Good! Good! Good!
Are you all going
for the college reunion?
We're all meeting after three years.
Everyone is busy with their jobs.
We hardly see each other. - Wait.
Anuj More. Wasim Sheikh..
No one's going to
miss the college reunion.
College connection.
There are 48 cameras
in 16 blocks of the hospital.
I'm checking the
tapes of all the blocks.
Hurry UP-
If my superiors find out..
...I've been looking through personal
files of government officers..
...then I will
definitely lose my job.
But I will get promoted.
Thank you.
Check which college
they all studied at?
Arjun More, Sanghli.
Wasim Sheikh, Nashik.
Varsha Raje, Latur.
Milind Sangvi, Dhule.
Sir, he paid 4,60,000
at the cash counter.
What time?
At around 11:30am.
So why are you
showing us all this.
Play the tape from 11 am, quickly.
- Yes, sir.
Find out the
connection between them.
Arun More, AV college..
Wasim Sheikh, MG college.
Varsha Raje, Garge college.
Milind Sangvi, Hindu college.
They are all
from different fields.
What could be the common
connection between them?
This is their post-graduation.
Search from where they
did their graduation.
You will get me into trouble..
Forget the job, come on.
That's the man, sir.
National College.
National College.
National College.
National College.
They all did their graduation
from National College.
All these honest people..
...have branched
out from this tree.
And the root of this
tree.. that Gabbar.
Is from this National College.
Zoom in.
This isn't possible.
I killed this man five
years ago with my own hands.
Hey Sadhu, buddy.
Welcome back..
- $0..
You know, since the day you left..
...I had to put up with all
that fritter and red sauce crap.
You don't know.
He'll soon apprehend Gabbar.
He's got a solid lead.
If I get another week's leave..
...I'll bring Gabbar
back on this scooter.
Look, I've thought of
a great plan to catch Gabbar.
There's a honest officer
in every office..
...who gives information to Gabbar.
Look..the senior's junior is the
most brain at work.
We're already across interval..
...and they are still stuck here.
They won't be able to figure
it out even after the interval.
And all the areas in between..
Welcome, Sadhu.
Your presence has sanctified
our Police Station.
Long time no see.
How are you?
Sir, I was on a leave for few days.
Did you go to the mountains?
If you have finished meditating..
...can we get some work done here?
Sir, I need another five days leave.
Thakur, Gabbar has been
scing our department..
...and Sadhu here needs another leave.
Are you in your senses?
Sir, I need leave to catch, Gabbar.
- Shut up!
Have you lost your mind?
You're still hung
over playing James Bond.
You mean you did
what we all couldn't do.
You caught Gabbar.
I haven't yet, sir.
But I am very close.
You like playing catch, don't you?
My wife's dog has been
missing for three days.
Go catch the dog and bring him back.
Believe me, sir, I am very close.
You're testing our patience.
I'll transfer you to a place..
...where you won't
survive a single day.
Last time, sir.
Out means get out!
Yes, Yadav..
And Sadhu..
- I know, sir.
Fritters and red sauce.
Smart boy!
You will definitely win
today's fancy dress competition.
It's a Maharashtrian wedding.
Veena and Mark, inter-caste marriage.
Did you know that
according to Google..
...16% of the marriages
in India are inter-caste.
You're absolutely right.
Your marriage with Google
was inter-caste as well. - Adi.
Boss, there are 8
million voters in Mumbai.
But Aditya's photo
doesn't match with anyone.
I don't care.
I want him.
Even my mom and dad
had an inter-caste marriage.
And their product is me, Shruti.
And did you know that..
The venue's been decorated
so beautifully, right?
Yes. Just like when
we were getting married.
Here, 300 rupees.
If I am late today,
Veena's going to kill me.
Listen, madam. Take your change.
Wow! Since when did Mumbai's
Taxi drivers give change?
Since we don't have
any extra expenses.
No RTO guy imposes penalty.
Nor does any constable ask for bribe.
We don't have to pay for
renewing our permit either.
Corruption is dead thanks to Gabbar.
No corruption means..
...our hard-earned money is enough.
Keep it.
Thank you, sir.
This is phenomenal.
I think I am in love with Gabbar.
Gabbar is a criminal.
- Shut up.
- Sorry.
"Keep dwelling in me."
"Make your presence
felt in every breath."
"From dusk to're only for me."
"Without you..I've nothing."
"We're separate but our soul's one."
"Don't ever leave me and go away."
"Our like
the drops of rain."
"Let our story..pour down like love."
"Our like
the drops of rain."
"Let our story..pour down like love."
'Long live..'
"Look at the blessings
conferred on us."
"We've found refuge in each other."
"We've all the..necessities to live."
"May everything..stay the way it is."
"From dusk to're only for me."
"Without you..I've nothing."
"We're separate but
our souls are one."
"Don't ever leave me and go away."
"Our like
the drops of rain."
"Let our story..pour down like love."
"Keep dwelling in me."
"Make your presence
felt in every breath."
"The only thing that
happened between us."
"it was love, love and only love."
"We're so close,
there's nothing missing."
"May we live
long as we live."
"From dusk to're only for me."
"Without you..I've nothing."
"We're separate but our soul's one."
"Don't ever leave me and go away."
"Our like
the drops of rain."
"Let our story..pour down like love."
Someone please save me.
Do something quickly.
When old liquor and old
memories get to your mind.. makes a man out of control.
But who is this guy who's
getting so out of control?
What enmity does he have with you?
Even if the fire's extinguished..
...there's a spark left somewhere..
...which can turn into flames anytime.
Remember our Andheri Building case.
Which one?
The one that collapsed five years ago?
Yes, that one.
His family was amongst
the people that died.
Some people get.. too
serious about their family.
Sir, 212 people died..
...because of your building
that collapsed in Andheri.
And more than 100 people
are in the hospital.
And sir,
there was a creek at first.
On your advice, the Corporation
filled up the creek..
...and also passed the
registration of that land.
After conducting the soil test..
...we knew that a building that
high won't stand there for too long.
But on your advice,
we declared it as dry soil.
Did you call me here
to tell me all this?
But sir, someone has
to take responsibility..
...for the inquiry
which has been ordered.
We bribed everyone to keep quiet.
But I wonder where did
this man get all the evidence?
Who is that man? Call him.
Sir, he's a little cynical.
His wife was crushed under
the debris of the building.
Sir, his wife was pregnant too.
Sir, I'll take care of
all the legal formalities..
What's his name?
- Aditya.
So, Aditya.
I heard you've been
wielding that file.. a weapon against me.
Is that right?
Hey much
did you get to pass the tender?
- Say it.
This is not a sting operation.
Sir..18 million.
See..9 is his lucky number.
And he takes only on a Tuesday. much did you
take for the registration?
8 million.
How much did I
pay for that soil test?
Sir..3.5 million.
You think they will
lay a finger on me.
Look, this inquiry isn't
going to help you in anyway.
The level we're at, we only
hear requests from the common man.
Not their voices.
What's done is done.
There's nothing
we can do about it.
Fine, I apologize.
Forgive us.
Collector, say sorry.
Not like that.
Hold your ears
and say it properly.
Sorry, sir.
- That's better.
We're saying sorry and
you're still staring at us.
They all work for me, understand.
You can never harm me.
Digvijay Patil.
This isn't just a name,
it's a Brand.
Let's do one thing.
I'll give you two chances.
You can call anyone
in Maharashtra you like.
Go ahead and complain.
Do it.
Do it.
Don't be scared.
Do you have a phone,
or should I give you mine?
Is this Commissioner's office?
- Yes.
Can I talk to the Commissioner?
- Yes.
One second please?
Is the Commissioner on the line?
Sir, the building which
collapsed in Andheri..
...killing 200 people..was
Digvijay Patil's doing.
Wrong number!
Call again. Do it.
Home Secretary.
Hello, Mr. Pankaj Tiwari.
Sir, the building which
collapsed in Mumbai..
...was Digvijay Patil's fault.
I have all the
evidence and files..
My number isn't public number.
Everyone calls me.
Change my number now.
All lines in this route are busy.
Please check the
number you've dialed.
This number does not exist.
That's normal.
I bribed everyone.
Don't worry, I'll pay you too.
Look, the Government is giving..
...2.5 million to all those
who died in that incident.
You'll get 2.5 million too.
But actually you should
be getting 5 million.
The Collector told me
everything about your wife.
So that 2.5 for
the kid too, right?
Forget the Government.
I'll give you 10 million.
Take the money.
Get married again. Get a new wife.
You're still young.
So you can have kids again.
Start a new life.
Have fun.
There's no point
in doing all this.
Take your money.
Open the door.
I beg you. Spare my life.
Sorry! Sorry!
Spare my life.
I beg you. Please.
I like those who don't like me.
Such people have courage.
- Yes.
Find out all the Aditya
that were ever born in India.
Yes. Alright.
Breaking News!
BMC attacked by Gabbar!
Corrupt BMC officer hung to death.
Hanging of IT officer creates havoc.
Police to pay Gabbar's tax.
This is Vijay Sabnis.
There's a lot
of property in his name.
Ten in the name of his father.
Five in the name of his uncle.
And 15 in the name of Tipsy.
Who is Tipsy?
- Tipsy is his seven year old dog.
I'm sure she eats
gold biscuits, sir.
What has the world come to, sir?
People are doing illegal things.. the name of
the most loyal animal.
- Yes, sir.
Slide up his
name from no.6 to no.3.
Yes, sir.
Sir, he's got a bungalow
near Pune worth 80 million.
In the name of Tipsy.
Slide him to no.2.
- Yes, sir.
Just got the news, sir.
A CBI officer has been appointed
by the Centre to apprehend Gabbar.
Kuldeep Pawa.
Very powerful.
Question mark!
Who is this Gabbar?
He kidnapped a Collector
in broad daylight.
He killed him and hung him!
And then what?
A District Collector! BMC Officer!
Income-Tax officer!
So many Government officers..
...were killed in broad daylight.
Months passed away, and..
I don't have any reason
to understand this.
Sir, we tried hard.
Gabbar is very smart.
His network..
- What's your name?
- Your name.
Vishwas Sawant.
- Mr. Sawant can you hear yourself?
I mean can you
really hear yourself.
Because for me, it sounds
like a common man's cribbing..
...not a Police man's statement.
Sorry, sir.
You get promotion and
medals only by working hard..
...not by saying sorry.
Sir, I need every single
information about this guy.
Every single detail we have.
I need every data we have..
...from a peon to officers.
Right now.
- Sir.
That's it.
I am back! Missed me?
When 100 people get together
and ruin your life..
...that's called marriage.
But when 10 million people
together ruin a country..
...that's a corrupt Government.
Absolutely right.
All the poor get is
rebukes and stones. - Right.
The currency notes only have
Gandhiji's face, not his stick.
That's why some people are spoilt.
The list is ready.
Let's see whose stars
fall in a quandary this Friday.
Now, sir.
How do we find a clue from a CD?
He openly threatened us.
How do we arrest a voice, sir?
We don't have
enough Police force..
...compared to the corrupt
people in this city.
And we don't
know which department..
...he will target this time.
Sir, Gabbar's CD has
terrorized the entire state.
What is the Police doing about it?
I want to assure
everyone through you..
...that the safety of the
entire state is our responsibility.
So don't worry.
Gabbar has struck twice.
But the Police
haven't done anything.
Look, no one has
to panic or be scared.
He's taking his glasses
off and wearing it back.
They're reacting
when it's time for action.
And especially from a
criminal that hides in shadows.
He doesn't have the
courage to show himself!
So relax, okay.
We have everything under control.
One question please.
- Listen sir.
I want to assure you that..
...the Police knows
how to do their duty.
And we are doing it.
- Our department, sir.
We just received news that..
"Gabbar has abducted
Pune's ACP Shush Shinde.
Bring sir back to the
Police Station immediately.
Many Gabbars came and went.
- What?
Sir, Gabbar is abducting
police officers.
Sir, we've received
orders to bring you back.. the Police Station
immediately for your own safety.
Sir, now who will protect you?
Please come, sir.
Everyone's requested,
to please help the police.. we can help you in return.
Please pay attention.
Hey..why isn't this working?
You're on the top 10 list.
Sir, Vasai's ACP More's
been kidnapped too.
Sir, Nagpur.
Tawde has been kidnapped.
That means..7 wickets down.
Are you playing cricket here?
- He's bowling and we're batting.
Sir, three people are still left.
We're in a race against him.
Who's the most
corrupt Police officer?
I know everybody knows.
Tell me so I can save him.
Say it.
Gawre sir.
- Who?
Chandrakant Gawre.
Yes, it'll be done.
Tell Jadhav I'm calling.
- Yes, sir.
Go on.
- Chandrakant Gawre come in.
Hey you..
- Yes sir.
See that betel-leaf guy there.
- Yes.
Tell him to give my betel-leaf.
- Yes.
Come in. Come in.
Chandrakant Gawre here.
- Listen Chandrakant Gawre
You could be the next target.
Be alert.
I am Chandrakant Gawre, sir!
Death will have to come
down personally to kill me.
Chandrakant, be alert.
I am getting backup force for you.
Stay alert.
Do you copy, Chandrakant?
You don't worry.
Don't waste my time.
Just get here, come on.
What's wrong?
Get lost, come on.
Sir, Chandrakant sir
has been kidnapped. - What?
Alert all check posts.
Put up check posts everywhere.
Every station.
Don't let even
a single car through.
Search every car.
Search every guy.
Orders for every check post.
Orders are from Kuldeep sir..
What in there?
Grandpa, sir.
Open it up.
Hey..stop that black car.
Don't let it through
without checking.
Stop him.
What's going on here?
- We're checking sir.
You mean you haven't checked yet.
I am doing it, sir.
You know he's kidnapped
an officer from our department.
He could be in that too.
What's in there?
Mother? Father?
- Grandpa.
Grandpa? So why are you crying?
It was his time to go.
- Yes.
Why are you being so emotional?
How long has he been dead?
- Two days.
Two days? And you're still
carrying the body around.
Let it through.
Come on, look there.
And I want the report
in every ten minutes. Come on.
You don't
know who you've abducted!
I am Chandrakant Gawre!
Police officer Chandrakant Gawre!
Let me go.
You will have to pay a big price.
Yes, Govind.
Let me go!
- Where are you?
Let me go.
Leave me!
Hold on.
When will Govind get here?
- He's on his way.
What will you get by killing me?
What will you get by killing me?
You've kidnapped a Police officer.
After I kill you..
...your entire department
will be purified.
It's a proud moment for you.
And for me, this is enough.
Who are you?
Ravi, take him inside.
Come on.
Come on.
- You will pay for this.
You will pay for this.
Adi.. you kidnapped
a police officer.
What the hell are you doing?
Kidnapping! Murder!
What are you doing, Adi?
Who are you?
Gabbar? You..
Oh, my God.. How?
"I didn't see, or think
just lost my heart to you."
Hey guys come here.
Take him inside.
Clean the blood.
- Yes.
Please do this.
Those who saved my life, I thought
I should do something for them.
The youth has a simple strategy.
If you like it, then welcome..
...if you don't, then don't come.
Patriotism boils in our blood.
But only for IPL,
ISL and Kabbir Leagues.
Reality shows get more
votes than in elections.
Swami Vivekananda had said..
"Give me 100 young
men of heart and energy.."
"..and I shall revolutionize
the entire country."
I brought this
thought into action.
After talking to them I realized..
Some have courage, but no power.
Some have power, but no courage.
And if they have both,
there's corruption.
The entire system
has become a quagmire.
Everyone knows that
the situation is sad.
Corruption is slowly turning into
an addiction like anti-depressant.
And then..slow death.
We all decided.
There's no point organizing
candle rallies later.
Right now..we'll have
to ignite a fire in our heart.
We taught good manners to animals.
It's time to teach
humanity to humans.
Slowly we grew.
Our team was ready.
Just one goal.
To spread the terror
of Gabbar to an extent..
...where these
government officers..
...will think twice even
before taking their salary.
I am the thread which we needed.. bring these pearls together.
Sir, we've done it.
On Facebook,
Twitter, News Channels..
The biggest villain has
turned into the biggest hero.
Gabbar is trending. No.1.
The entire world
is talking about him.
And everyone wants to know.
Everyone has the same question.
Who is Gabbar?
Isn't that great news?
What happened?
Isn't that great news?
Why isn't anyone reacting?
The list that we made
for corrupt Police officers..
...had your father's name on top.
What do we do?
What else, sir?
Collector. District Collector.
They had kids too, sir.
One only sees their crimes,
not their kin.
Not Twitter or Facebook.
You made me realize that
my mission is a success.
When people stand up..
...against the crimes
committed by their own kin..
...then people like
Gabbar are not required.
This is the idea
I wanted to get through.
And I have succeeded.
But, sir..
Is my father here?
I can't see him suffer.
He might be bad..
...but I am his good son.
Am I, Adi sir?
Gabbar! Gabbar! Gabbar!
That's all
everyone's talking about.
And his voice!
Every time I try to sleep..
...his voice echoes in my ears.
I want to know, am I the
only one spending sleepless nights..
...or does anyone here
share the same empathy?
Sir, we're fighting this battle..
...with only a scabbard,
not a sword.
Hey..shut up!
Ignore him, sir.
He's our local James Bond.
Son..everyone loves his
smartness and a better job.
Mind your business.
That's not all, sir.
You should hear
the main highlight.
He thinks he
has almost found Gabbar.
And soon he'll catch him.
Sir, you will never
be able to catch Gabbar now.
Hey smarty..shut up.
Or else I'll fire you.
- Get lost.
Fire me? I'll resign myself.
I resign.
I don't want
to work in an office..
...that's filled with
arrogant officers like you.
What, Sadhu?
Sir, they think someone
will serve them Gabbar on a plate.
Gabbar is not an
ordinary kidnapper, sir.
He's on a mission.
He's a mission himself.
Don't forget you're a constable..
- Shut up!
What else do you know about him?
Look here, sir.
A list of Nanded's
Collector office.
Excellent job, Sadhu.
You've solved
90% of the case.
By why didn't you
tell anyone until now?
Sir, I am just a driver.
Then let's go for a drive, Sadhu.
Sir, neither Police nor goons
are allowed inside this gate.
That's the rule of
our National College.
Is this some kind of a joke?
Couldn't you vacate the
college before I got here?
Stop staring at me, get them out.
Sir. Let it be.
It will turn into
a big student issue.
The principal,
teachers, students are crazy.
Okay, we can't go in.
But we can arrest
those who are outside.
Get your list.
Arrest everyone.
Yes, sir.
Come here.
What are you doing sir?
- Come with us.
Catch him.
What are you doing? Leave me.
- Come with us.
Come with us.
Sit in the car quietly.
Now Patil's projects seem
illegal because of Gabbar's terror.
The entire real estate
lobby is worried.
Because of you all.
If you like Gabbar's style,
then so be it.
Gabbar abducted
10 corrupt officers.. get his message through.
I abducted 10 honest officers.
Which amongst you is
the most honest officer?
Come on.
What is your name?
-Sagar Pandit.
Sagar Pandit.
Are you abstinent against money?
Doesn't your wife make demands?
"I want this..l want that."
Would you like a
medal for your honesty?
If you're of no use to me..'re no good
to this world either.
If you accept bribe,
Gabbar will kill you.
And if you don't..
Great, officers.
Now I don't even need to
pay you for getting my job done.
Just a little
dose of fear is enough.
We've been beating
these guys since morning..
...yet no one's ready to speak up.
What am I going to
tell the Home Ministry?
Does anyone have an idea?
How do we catch this Gabbar?
Sawant? Bansal?
Sir, may I?
To catch Gabbar,
we'll have to think like him.
Yadav, shift.
I said sit. Sit.
Yes, sir.
Yadav, order tea for everyone.
Would you like one?
- Yes, sir.
Him too.
What were you saying?
...if I was Gabbar..
...I would've gone
after Digvijay Patil.
Two days ago he killed
an honest officer Sagar Pandit..
...because he
refused to take bribe.
But we don't have any proof.
But, sir, everyone knows
he's the one who did it.
Right, sir.
Digvijay Patil wants to maintain
his fear amongst the people.
But Gabbar will
definitely punish him.
We set out to
eradicate bad people..
...but evil just a bigger leap.
Sagan" was one of the
most honest officers... his department, sir.
Patil killed him very cruelly.
Sir, should we arrest Digvijay
Patil or give him protection?
There's a thumb rule of hunting.
Use the goat as bait.. long as the
lion doesn't come out.
We just need to keep an eye on Patil.
And Gabbar will
be in our clutches.
Patil has to die.
The party's at his farm house..
...and security is really tight.
Sir, we have Digvijay
Patil's schedule.
Tomorrow is his birthday.
It's not that easy
to catch Patil, sir.
Most of our team members
are in police custody.
That place will be crawling
with his men and Police.
MPs, MLAs, Businessmen..
...and other famous personalities
will be present there.
But we'll be waiting
for just one man.
We've the whereabouts..
...of that rascal Aditya
from the hospital.
I'll bring you his severed head..
...before you
cut your birthday cake.
please bring him back alive.
I will kill him myself.
I will kill him again!
"Come, sweetheart."
"Come, sweetheart."
"I don't know what you want."
"Come, sweetheart."
"Why do you make
gestures and call me?"
"Come, sweetheart."
"Then why do you refuse
when I come home."
"Come, sweetheart."
"Why do you climb
up the roof and sing?"
"Don't knock on the door,
"Just come in, sweetheart."
"Don't knock on the door,
"Just come in, sweetheart."
"Lay those flowers,
sprinkle that perfume.."
"..and get in the mood now,
"Don't knock on the door,
"Just come in, sweetheart."
"Slowly, sweetheart."
"Slowly, sweetheart."
"I'm your sweetheart,
be my love."
"Tonight I am going
to rock your world."
I've heard a lot about you.
I hope you won't disappoint me.
"I'm going to forsake all shame."
"And make you my queen."
"Tonight we're going to have
some fun, baby..under the dim light."
"Slowly, sweetheart."
Boss. We're at Aditya's home.
"Slowly, sweetheart."
"Slowly, sweetheart."
"Don't knock on the door,
"Just come in, sweetheart."
"Lay those flowers,
sprinkle that perfume.."
"..and get in the mood now,
"Don't knock on the door,
"Just come in, sweetheart."
"Slowly, sweetheart."
"Slowly, sweetheart."
"Slowly, sweetheart."
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
There he is.
Catch him.
I am coming down.
Okay, sir. Copy. Copy.
Catch him!
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky.
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil you won't be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Until the moon and
the sun shines in the sky..
...Patil sir will be remembered.
Check posts have been
setup for many hours..
...but there's still no news.
What could be the reason
behind Digvijay Patil's kidnapping?
You can clearly see here.. the entire police
force is trying hard.. catch Digvijay Patil.
Shame on us.
He kidnapped
right before our eyes.
- Sir.
Someone must know his hideout.
Find out.
- Yes sir.
- What?
I am the council representing the
arrested Government officer. - So.
We have permission
to meet our client.
And their relatives
are with us too.
Sir, I've checked all the papers.
Can we go see them now?
Where is my son?
Oh, God!
They beat him up so brutally.
Well done, sir.
You've done a great job by
arresting these innocent people.
Innocent? My foot.
All of them are serial offenders.
They've committed murders
along with Gabbar.
All of them.
And I know..Gabbar
has kept Digvijay Patil..
...and he's going to kill him.
Bloody criminals.
Sir..ACP Chandrakant's wife.
Gabbar killed your husband, ma'am.
He killed your husband.
His father.
Tell him to tell us
where he could be hiding.
Where are his hideouts?
You will be responsible..
...for your husband
and his father's death.
if you tell them anything..
...then consider
your mother's dead!
You're a Policeman's
wife supporting a criminal.
I don't get this.
Who is this Gabbar?
Why is a criminal getting
so much affection?
Because the Law isn't
doing its job properly.
The Police needs to arrest
the corrupt government officials..
...and then the court
needs to punish them.
If the Law is helpless..
...then somebody
has to do something!
So you think Gabbar
is legally correct.
Sir, the society doesn't suffer..
...because of the
criminals wrong-doings.
A society suffers when
a capable man does nothing.
Gabbar is a good man.
Gabbar is capable of
doing something for us.
You know him, don't you?
You know who he is.
I know the reason..
...which turned a
common man into Gabbar.
When you light a torch..
...where's the one place
that still stays dark?
Stupid, right under the torch.
The police is
running helter-skelter..
...but no one's
looking in your home.
You want revenge from me?
I am Digvijay Patil.
I am a bloody brand.
What's this about brand
you keep ranting about!
Take a good look at me.
Digvijay Patil,
lam a bigger brand than you.
Yes, me.
Even 50 miles away..
...when someone takes
a bribe people say..
"Don't take it, or..
...Gabbar will show up."
You are Gabbar?
Five years ago you
gave me two chances.
Today I'll give you three.
You can call anyone you want.
And tell them who you are.
You will know who's
a bigger brand, you or me.
Make the call.
- Hello.
- Speaking.
This is Digvijay Patil.
I am in trouble, Waghmare.
Gabbar has kidnapped me.
Why are you dragging
me in this mess?
If Gabbar finds out,
I'll be scd.
Hang UP-
I made you Home Minister.
I'll pay you any price you want.
My life is in danger.
Hello! Hello!
Second chance.
Commissioner's office.
This is Digvijay Patil.
Gabbar is holding me captive.
Is this the Police Station?
This is the Police Station.
That's what I am saying.
This is the Police Station, right?
That's what I am saying.
This is the Police Station,
not the Pizza Station.
Sadhu, what's wrong?
It's some crazy guy, sir.
He's called up the Police
Station and ordering for pizza.
For the last time..this
is the Police Station.
Gabbar is a bigger brand than you.
These cowards didn't
make me Digvijay Patil.
Digvijay Patil isn't human,
he's a brand!
I am sorry.
I hate sorry's
Excuse me.
Where's your CBI officer's cabin?
- I want to meet him.
Kuldeep sir doesn't meet everyone.
What did you want from him?
I wanted to talk
to him about Gabbar.
Again Gabbar.
What do I say?
The Prime Minister's
here asking about Gabbar!
Tell him..Gabbar's
here to talk to him.
- What?
Gabbar what?
Gabbar's here.
Kuldeep Pawa.
Professor Aditya,
from National College.
I am here to surrender, sir.
I killed one Collector in Latur,
one in Nashik..
...a Police officer in Mumbai
and many other corrupt officers.
And now..l just murdered
a well-known businessman.
Digvijay Patil.
I'm sure you've heard of him.
I take full responsibility
for all these murders.
I planned all the murders.
And I did it in complete sense.
This is my fight.
I request you to release..
...all the honest officers
and students you have arrested.
After all what is his mission?
Who is this Gabbar?
Millions of people
have sent their petitions.. the President asking
for the release of Gabbar.
What do you say about that, sir?
"This country
will never change."
How many times
have we said this?
But now there is one person
who is trying to bring some change.
I urge everyone
to come on the road..
You can clearly see..
...there are medical students,
art students..
...and students from all
colleges are present here.
You can see how they've
come on the road for Gabbar.
"Free Gabbar. Free Gabbar."
That's the slogan people
are shouting here too.
The fear of Gabbar brought
some change to this picture.
There's a rumor amongst people..
...that Gabbar may be hanged.
So the people..
Gabbar is the phenomena
which has taken over India.
People are on the roads
to lend their support to Gabbar.
Rallies protesting
to free Gabbar..
...are being held
all over the country.
Gabbar will be taken
to court by this route.
As you can see people
are protesting here?
No one wants Gabbar to be punished.
Let's see what the
judgment is going to be.
As you can see,
everyone's shouting slogans..
...of "Free Gabbar, Release Gabbar".
Set Gabbar free!
Set Gabbar free!
The uniform's stopping me..
...I would be shouting
slogans for you too.
It's getting out of control.
This way we'll never make it.
They will only
listen to you, Aditya.
Can you help me out here?
Set Gabbar free!
Gabbar. Gabbar.
Gabbar. Gabbar.
Shall we take attendance?
Yes sir.
They cannot harm you, sir.
We'll go to the President, sir.
He will have to pardon you.
I never pardoned
any wrong guy.
So how can
I ask pardon for myself?
You're not the criminal, sir.
What you did was right.
If anything happens to you..
...we will destroy this city.
We'll show them
student power, sir.
Student power!
Student power!
Student power!
Student power.
I am proud of student power.
You know, not every student
becomes a government officer.
But every government
officer is a student.
Look..stop trying
to know your future..
...and start shaking
up the corrupt people..
...and say "Enough".
You just shrug your
shoulders everywhere.
"So what? What do we care?"
Raise your hands.
Shivaji Maharaj didn't
start any Whatsapp group.
He set out alone,
and everyone joined him.
You need to decide..
...which direction you
want to take your country.
Because you
are the future of India.
You! The youth power!
Be the change!
I started
killing these people..
...after I wrote my own death.
After I'm dead..
...don't burn down cars,
trains or taxis.
If you really
want to do something..
...then light
a fire in your heart.
Gabbar will be happy.
He'll be proud of you.
Do you know
why I killed those people?
Why I killed
those corrupt people?
Can anyone tell me?
I will tell you.
Kill one corrupt guy..
...and it'll be an eye-opener
for all the other corrupt people.
And do you
know why I have to die?
Because Gabbar was wrong.
What I did was right.
But the path I chose was wrong.
Because I didn't have a choice.
I had to do it.
Do you know who Gabbar is?
Every man who doesn't
turn his back to injustice..
...that's Gabbar.
Someone who
beats up the corrupt..
...that's Gabbar.
Someone who makes corrupt
government officials..
...sweat even in their AC cabins.
That's Gabbar.
If I had been
from National College..
...I would've been with you too.
you can still do great things..
...from where you are.
Which one of you is Gabbar?
I'm The Gabbar.
Who is Gabbar?
I'm The Gabbar.
Who is Gabbar?
I'm The Gabbar.
Want to know a Google fact?
One kiss burns many calories.
Want to lose some weight..
before I die.
If anyone tries to take bribe again..
...a voice
will echo in his heart.
Don't take bribe, or else..
Gabbar will show up!
Or else?
- Gabbar will show up!
Or else?
- Gabbar will show up!
Gabbar will show up!
I will be dead.
What about you, Kaalia?
'A Digital Desi Releasers Presentation'