Gabriel's Rapture: Part Two (2022) Movie Script

Gabriel's Rapture: Part Two
I'll wait while
you grab clean clothes.
I have to do laundry
and work on my thesis.
Classes start on Monday.
It's freezing in here.
I don't want to leave
without you.
The master bedroom is redone.
You can...
You can come home with me
and come back tomorrow.
I'm not ready.
What are you doing?
Keeping you warm.
I think it's broken, it's stuck.
Got that damn radiator to work.
Why'd you come back?
I'm not accustomed
to sleeping without you.
In fact, I'm about ready
to sell the condo.
You don't need pajamas.
Open your eyes.
I've missed making love
with you.
It was as if
one of my limbs was missing.
I missed you too.
I would never have pegged you
as a cuddler, Professor Emerson.
I have become a great many things
since you made me your lover.
Sometimes I wonder if you realize
how much you've changed me.
You never told me
what happened at Kinfolks Diner
the day before Christmas.
Natalie confronted me.
She wants me to say
I lied about Simon.
And if I don't,
she said she'll release
the photos of me and him.
I told her I'd expose her to the Post
as the blackmailers they are.
Do you think she believed you?
Natalie wants out
of Selinsgrove...
to be Simon's official girlfriend
on his arm in Washington.
She isn't going
to jeopardize that.
Doesn't she have all that now?
She's Simon's dirty
little secret,
which is why it took me so long to
figure out he was fucking her.
I'm sorry I didn't do more damage
to his face when I had the chance.
You are my beautiful, sad,
sticky, little leaf.
I am sorry for all the tears
I made you shed.
I hope one day
you'll forgive me.
I'm concerned about
the power differential
between you and Gabriel.
- Dr. Nakamura...
- Nicole.
I love him,
and he makes me happy.
His strong,
addictive personality
against your self-confidence
concerns me.
You're placing your recovery in jeopardy
by continuing to drink alcohol.
I have that under control,
Couple that with your failure to attend
Narcotics Anonymous meetings
and we have a major issue.
I'm not here for a lecture
on how to live my life.
You're concerned
about your life,
which is why you're here.
Then, I'll take
my concerns elsewhere.
Professor Picton's
making me scrap
two-thirds of a chapter
because she says I'm offering
a romanticized version of Dante.
She makes me feel... stupid.
You should have seen me
the first time I was summoned
to her house.
I was more nervous than the day
I defended my dissertation.
I almost forgot to wear pants.
I can only imagine a pantless
Professor Emerson
would be very well received.
Luckily, I didn't find out.
She said my strong work ethic
made up for my occasional
lapses in reasoning.
That's high praise from her.
She thinks most people
fail to reason at all.
Would it kill her to tell me
that she liked my thesis?
She thinks positive feedback
is... patronizing.
This is the way those
pretentious Oxonians are.
- You aren't like that.
- Oh, no, I am.
You've just simply forgotten.
You're sweet with me now.
I should hope so.
I have to go,
but I'll be back in a minute.
Unless you'd rather join me.
How are you?
I'm fine.
You look great.
How was your Christmas?
Very good. Yours?
Good. Busy.
How are your classes?
Professor Picton's
keeping me busy.
I'll bet she is.
Maybe we can, uh,
get a coffee sometime next week
and you can tell me about it.
What happened to you?
Oh. Nothing, I'm fine.
I know what nothing looks like,
and that ain't nothing.
- Did your boyfriend do that?
- Of course not!
Someone broke into my father's house
during Thanksgiving and attacked me.
That's how I got this scar.
I know it's hideous.
I'm having it removed.
A bite mark seems awful
personal for a burglar?
If you need getting away
from him, I can help.
I'm your friend, Rabbit.
I care about you.
Let me help you before
something worse happens.
I'm not a rabbit.
I don't mean anything by it...
I would have beaten
that burglar to a pulp.
I'm not a damsel in distress,
despite what you might think.
I never said you were,
but you deserve better than
to be someone's punching bag.
I'd never treat you like that.
I'm headed over
to Yonge Street for dinner.
Would you like to join me?
Thanks. I've been out all day.
I'm heading home.
I'll, uh, see you around.
Be careful, okay?
Is something wrong?
You didn't come to bed.
Oh, um...
I'll come soon. I have a few
things to do that can't wait.
Sweet dreams.
I didn't know
where to put it.
I didn't want it in a drawer.
It's a beautiful frame.
I found it at Tiffany's.
Only you would buy a frame
from Tiffany's.
I went there for quite
a different purpose.
And did you find
what you were looking for?
But I found it long ago.
I wish I'd known you
my whole life.
I wish everything
had been different.
We're together now.
I would rather dig
the Panama Canal with my fingernails
while suffering yellow fever
rather than give up my time just
to maintain an office on campus
and attend faculty meetings.
We could arrange it
so you wouldn't have to teach.
As the endowed chair
of Dante Studies at Harvard,
all you would have to do is to deliver
a few lectures each semester,
have a presence on campus,
and supervise some doctoral students.
I don't want to move
all my books.
We'll hire a moving company.
They'll mix them all up.
It'll take weeks
to put them back together.
We'll hire special movers who are
accustomed to moving libraries.
Moving companies
cannot catalogue books.
Some of these books
are irreplaceable.
I'll move your books personally.
Harvard sounds
very accommodating,
but I'm not interested.
I want to talk about my graduate
student Julianne Mitchell.
She deserves a lucrative
fellowship beginning this fall.
I, uh, want to apologize
for upsetting you last week.
I was just worried about you.
The incident in Selinsgrove
was traumatic.
I'm trying to forget about it.
I hope we can still be friends.
Of course.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, um...
Christa's been asking
why Professor Picton
is directing your thesis.
Not sure why she cares.
Professor Martin?
You have a letter from the dean.
Bye now.
- Hello.
- Miss Mitchell?
Greg Matthews
calling from Harvard.
Look, I've got some great news.
We would like to offer you
early acceptance
into Harvard's doctoral program
in Romance Languages and Literatures.
- That's wonderful!
- Conditional on satisfactory completion
of your Master's, of course.
Of course.
Based on letters
of recommendation
and the enthusiastic endorsement
of Professor Picton,
you shouldn't have any problem
completing your degree.
Thank you so much, professor.
When do you need
to know my decision back?
Uh, we'll need to know
in seven days.
Thank you.
Harvard just called. They want me.
Conditional on my MA.
Love, J.
Congratulations, darling.
In a meeting. My place.
One hour? G.
I have a surprise for you.
This was mine.
I want you to have it.
Mmm. Gorgeous.
This is quite an accomplishment.
I know you worked hard for it.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
But I haven't decided whether I'm
gonna accept their offer or not.
What's to decide?
You'd be crazy not to accept it!
Didn't they offer you
enough money?
You know I will cover the cost.
I can buy you an apartment
near Harvard Square, for God's sake.
I don't want to be kept.
I want to pay my own way.
we will never be equals.
You are my better.
I have more vices
and more money.
I refuse to share the vices,
but the money is yours.
- Take it.
- Money isn't the issue.
They offered me
a generous fellowship,
which will be more than enough
to cover my expenses.
I'm worried about what
will happen to us if I go.
I don't want to lose you.
Why would you lose me?
Long distance relationships
are difficult.
You're handsome.
Lots of women
will try and take my place.
I'm not interested in lots
of women. I'm interested in you.
I have applied for a sabbatical.
If that doesn't work,
I could take a leave of absence.
It wouldn't hurt for me to spend
a year at Harvard finishing my book.
I can't let you do that.
Your career is here.
Academics take sabbaticals
all the time.
Unless you don't want me to go.
Of course,
I want you to go with me!
I want to take you away.
As a celebration of love,
and many other things.
Would you like me take you to
Belize for Valentine's weekend?
- Gabriel!
- Darling? You're early.
"A complaint has been filed
against you in violation
of the University's Code of
Behavior on Academic Matters"?
I'm to appear in person at the
dean's office on February 19th
for a preliminary interview.
It says Professor Jeremy Martin
will also be in attendance?
If I don't attend,
an investigation into the complaint
begins automatically.
What's the Code of Behavior
on Academic Matters?
It's the policy governing
scholastic infraction.
Cheating, plagiarism,
things of that nature.
Why would someone report me
for academic fraud?
I have no idea.
Are you sure?
Of course!
You would think
I kept this from you?
You've been keeping
something from me.
That night you were
working late in your office,
you were hiding what you were doing.
I was working
on a job application.
Greg Matthews called me, and invited me
to apply for an endowed chair.
They needed my portfolio
right away, and...
preparing it took longer
than I expected.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I didn't want you
to get your hopes up.
The chances of me
getting that job are slim,
but I had to try.
I wish you'd told me.
I was imagining
all kinds of things.
I thought you trusted me.
I do trust you.
It's the women around you
I don't trust.
Do you have an idea what
the complaint might be about?
What are the penalties
for academic infractions?
It depends on the severity
of the offense.
They can reprimand you.
They can give you a zero
on an assignment or in a course.
In extreme circumstances,
they can expel you.
That would mean
no MA or Harvard.
- Would Paul do this?
- No.
He wants to help me,
not hurt me.
What about Christa?
Gabriel, what aren't you
telling me?
I don't want
to talk about it.
I warned you not to lie to me.
I should have been more specific
and told you not to be evasive, either.
Don't leave.
Then tell me about Christa.
Christa Peterson...
Christa Peterson has
accused me of sexual harassment.
When did you find out?
- A few days ago.
- A few days ago?!
How long were you gonna wait
until you told me?
I didn't want to ruin
our trip to Belize.
I was going to tell you
as soon as we got back.
I thought we weren't keeping
secrets from each other.
It wasn't a secret. I just
wanted you to have a few days to relax.
That's it.
Why would Christa accuse you
of sexual harassment?
She was harassing you!
I don't know the specifics.
What are we going to do?
We'll find you a lawyer.
And we'll see that both of these
accusations are dealt with.
I demand to know why
I received a letter from you
requiring me to be interviewed
at one of your Stalinist proceedings.
I need to ask you a few questions.
It'll take ten minutes, tops,
- and then, you'll be on your way.
- Nonsense!
It takes me ten minutes to walk down
the front steps of my house.
I demand to know why I'm being
summoned or I'm not coming.
A complaint has been made
against Julia Mitchell.
Outrageous! What specifically
is she being accused of?
Well, that's confidential.
I can explain it to you
during our meeting.
- Have you met her?
- No.
She is a hardworking
female student.
And need I remind you, David,
that this is not the first successful
female graduate student
that has been slagged
in a university proceeding.
I'm quite aware of that.
There are related matters
I'm not at liberty to discuss with you.
I am not lending any credence
to a witch hunt
targeting my graduate student.
You might be exactly what we need to
clear Miss Mitchell's name.
Oh, codswallop!
Professor Picton, are you
refusing to answer my questions?
Are you hard of hearing,
or has your quest for
administrative power
left you intellectually lazy?
I refuse to cooperate,
but I will be bringing
this matter up
over dinner tonight
at the President's house.
You have a feeding fetish.
I like to care for you.
Damn. Sorry for my mess.
You're killing me.
I seem to recall
saying that to you once.
And you promised
it would be a sweet death.
I should have said
a sticky death.
Someone will see us.
Anyone who came by would only
see you in silhouette.
And what a view.
See how we fit together?
We're a perfect match.
I don't want the sand
to scratch your skin.
Saturday mornings were
my favorite when I was a child.
- Why?
- My mother was passed out,
so I could watch cartoons.
I used to make my own breakfast.
Cold cereal with Tang.
We ran out of milk frequently.
I'm sure a psychiatrist
would have much to say
about the connection
between my childhood
and my attachment
to fine things.
Grace was more of a mother to me.
I regret not being
with her when she died.
I didn't have the chance
to say good-bye.
She knew how much you loved her.
My mother was neglectful and indifferent, but never cruel.
If meanness makes people ugly,
my mother must have
been hideous.
I think your childhood was far more
Once I became acquainted
with Christa,
I thought that she was ugly.
Talk to me.
I don't like thinking about
you and Christa together.
It's a mercy
you saved me from her.
She's trying to end your career.
The truth will win out.
I hope she'll
wash out of the program
and we'll both be rid of her.
I don't want her to flunk.
Then I'll be just
as ugly as her,
taking pleasure
in her misfortune.
You should have cursed her out
when you had the chance.
I'm too old
to call people names,
whether they deserve it or not.
Instead of standing around
and talking about Christa's ugliness,
we should fight her
with something stronger,
like charity.
People underestimate you.
It pains me when people fail to
give you the respect you deserve.
Are you all right?
- Gabriel?
- What?
I can't lose you.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
I'm glad you came.
You're not gonna lose me if you fail to
give me an orgasm now and then.
- It's embarrassing.
- It's life.
I don't expect you to be perfect,
in bed or out of it.
Bless you for that,
but that doesn't mean
I shouldn't try.
if you insist.
Things seem different since
we came back from Italy.
We have a lot
to be grateful for.
We have each other.
I have Harvard.
Dr. Nicole has been helping me.
I feel like I'm finally putting
the pieces back together.
Are you happy with
the way we make love?
Of course.
You can't tell?
I can tell that
I can please your body.
But your body is not your mind
or your heart.
Are you happy with the way
we make love?
Yes, very much.
I feel the connection deepening.
And... I just wondered
if you felt it too.
Sometimes, I think
this is a dream.
Why are you
asking me these things?
Where do you see yourself
in the future?
I want to be a professor.
I want to be with you.
Wouldn't you rather be with...
a nice man who can
give you children?
You can't ask me if I'm happy
in one breath,
then push me away with the next.
No, I don't want
to find a nice man
to have a child with.
I want to have a child with you.
Truthfully, I don't know if
we'll ever get to the point
where we're healthy enough
to open our home to a child.
But if we do,
I am sure we will find
a little boy or girl
who is supposed to be our child.
Grace and Richard adopted you.
Unless you've decided
you don't want that with me.
Of course, I want you.
I'm yours.
All of me.
I'm so glad we won't
be separated next year.
The thought of losing you
was torturous.
Come closer
so I can worship you.
Miss Mitchell.
That's something you can't do
in front of the dean.
No matter what he says,
you can't look away.
It makes you look
guilty and weak.
Law is as much about psychology
as it is precedent.
Tell me, what led you
to the dean's letter?
I met Professor Emerson
when I was 17.
Why did you sign the note?
You begged me to come after you.
To look for you in hell.
Well, that's exactly
where I found you,
and you can stay there
for all I care.
I found you a new advisor.
Professor Katherine Picton
is a friend of mine.
She's agreed to meet you.
Make me yours.
Have you ever had a sexual relationship
with one of your professors before?
Is it possible that he seduced
you for his own amusement?
Of course not.
Gabriel loves me.
Well, good for you personally,
not so good
depending on the complaint.
What do you mean?
If your relationship
was consensual,
then the university can
pursue disciplinary action
against the both of you.
If you were a victim,
then they'll only pursue him.
I'm not a victim.
We're in a relationship
and we waited until
the semester was over
- before we became involved.
- No, you didn't.
Excuse me?
You had an amorous
relationship with him
beginning around
the end of October.
You waited until the semester
was over to sleep with him,
but given the way
the non-fraternization policy is written,
you violated it.
Who knows about
your relationship?
His family, my father,
that's it.
Why would you think the complaint
has something to do with Gabriel?
The academic conduct policy
covers things like plagiarism.
I've met Dean Aras.
He doesn't waste his precious
time on plagiarism cases.
Did anyone from the university
see you and Gabriel together
during the semester?
Not so far as I know.
Although, we did go to a dance club
with his sister back in September.
Being seen in his company
in a public venue
was not the most
intelligent choice.
But frankly, he bears
more blame than you
because he should have
known better.
I've had dealings with
the university's judiciary before,
and I was fairly successful.
I will be successful
in your case too.
Until this matter is settled,
you and Emerson need to cool it.
Don't be seen
in public together.
Don't talk about
what we discuss.
If the complaint is about fraternization,
he has his own counsel.
I don't want my defense of you
compromised by pillow talk.
I'm not interested in being
defended at his expense.
Any blame is shared
equally between us.
John Green
is Gabriel's attorney.
Why isn't John representing you
if you and Gabriel are determined
to show a united front?
You need to prepare yourself in case
he decides to throw you to the wolves.
That would never happen.
He loves me.
Love can be easily killed.
What's wrong?
Nothing. I think
I'm coming down with a cold.
Professor Martin.
Is there anything I can do?
No, thanks.
I'm fine.
You looked upset
when Christa walked by.
I've been staying up late every
night working on my thesis.
Professor Picton's
very demanding.
She rejected several pages
of my Purgatorio translation.
I've been redoing it
and it just takes so long.
I could help.
E-mail me your translations
before you send them to her
so I can check them.
You're busy doing
your own thing.
You're working on love and lust,
and I'm working on pleasure.
Some of the translations
It would be good practice
for me.
I'm not working
on love and lust anymore.
Some of the translations
will still overlap.
Just send what you have and
I'll look at it, no problem.
Thank you.
The Chair sent out an e-mail
about your admission to Harvard.
He said you won
a pretty big fellowship.
I didn't get that e-mail.
Emerson made me post it on
the bulletin board next to his office.
He's nothing but rude
to you in his seminar
and now he's probably going to
take credit for your admission to Harvard.
Can you share your concerns with Gabriel?
I can, but I don't want
to upset him.
When you care about someone,
it's understandable that you'd
want to protect them from pain.
On some occasions,
that's appropriate,
but on others, you run the risk
of shouldering more than
your share of responsibility.
Can you see where
that might be a problem?
I don't like it when Gabriel
keeps things from me.
I feel like a child.
I'd rather him share things
than shut me out.
Have you discussed this
with him?
I've told him
that I want to be equals,
that I don't want
to keep secrets.
Is it important for you that
your relationship be reciprocal?
Then, perhaps Gabriel would be willing
to attend some joint sessions with us,
even though he's not
coming in privately anymore.
Gabriel's not coming in anymore?
That was unprofessional of me.
I shouldn't speak about
a client and their coun...
When did he stop
seeing your husband?
I really can't say.
Um, we should
speak about some ways
in which you can deal
with stress before your meeting.
Are you having
a romantic relationship
with Professor Gabriel Emerson?
Exactly what is the evidence
for the complaint
and who is the complainant?
That's not how these meetings work.
I ask the questions.
My client deserves to know
the specifics of the complaint
before she answers
any questions.
Otherwise, this is
an unjust proceeding.
I have to agree
with Miss Harandi.
Very well.
It is alleged that your client
engaged in a sexual relationship
with one of her professors for the purpose
of procuring academic favors.
And what are the alleged favors?
Professor Emerson gave
a high mark to Miss Mitchell.
She was awarded
the M.P. Emerson bursary
from an American foundation
after she began the program,
and Katherine Picton was
approached by Professor Emerson
to replace him
as her thesis supervisor.
And who is the complainant?
Christa Peterson.
There's a sworn statement
by an employee of a local club
who claims to possess
security videos
showing personal interactions between
Miss Mitchell and Professor Emerson
during the time
she was his student.
If Miss Peterson has an issue
with Professor Emerson,
she needs to pursue a complaint
against him.
If your position is Miss Mitchell
and Professor Emerson
engaged in
a consensual relationship,
then I will make note
of such a declaration
and we can dispense
with the charade.
The only charade is the one
that your office is performing,
in which you appear to be investigating
an academic infraction
but are engaging in some kind
of prurient sexual McCarthyism.
This meeting is over.
If you had taken a closer look
at Miss Mitchell's academic file,
you would have seen a form
signed by Professor Picton,
dated in October,
declaring that she was supervising
Miss Mitchell's thesis
because Professor Emerson
had a conflict of interest.
What kind of conflict
of interest could there be,
other than an inappropriate
You sound as if
you've already taken a position
on the complaint.
The complainant testifies that
Professor Emerson and Miss Mitchell
engaged in a lover's quarrel
during one of his seminars.
Shortly after
that embarrassing display,
Professor Picton become
her thesis advisor.
Quid pro quo.
Dr. Aras.
The complaint is
malicious and false.
If the Provost decides
to lay charges,
we will pursue other avenues of remedy
against the complainant and this office.
Are you sure that this is
the position you wish to take?
An argument of leniency
could be made if you cooperate.
You've accused my client
of sleeping with a professor
to gain a preferment.
I don't need to remind you of the laws
regarding defamation of character.
We found ourselves in a similar
situation last year.
We don't give in to threats.
We don't threaten,
we adjudicate.
Since you refuse
to answer my questions,
you're dismissed.
That meeting was
a confederacy of dunces.
My advice is that you file a harassment
complaint against Christa Peterson,
citing malicious intent.
I don't want to antagonize her.
What more could she do to you,
boil your bunny?
I don't know how she can
file a complaint against me
when I have nothing
to do with her.
She accused you of
sleeping your way to the top
and your boyfriend of trying to make
the same arrangement with her.
It's clever because she doesn't
need her complaint to be successful
in order to take both of you out
at the same time.
What do you mean?
She's forcing you into admitting
that the two of you
had a relationship.
Then the university can hit you both
with a fraternization charge.
Let me file a complaint
against Christa.
All right.
File the complaint.
You might need stitches.
I'm worried
you've broken something.
You should go to the hospital.
I'll be fine.
I should've told you about
Christa after you'd had a drink.
I'm too angry to drink.
What happened to you
is my fault.
We knew the risks
when we got involved.
I don't care what they do to me.
I don't care about
my PhD or Harvard.
I can't lose you.
Not even hell
could keep me away from you.
Are you going to tell me what
happened with Professor Martin?
I'm not in the mood for a bath.
I feel like taking
a crow bar to something.
That's why you need
a bubble bath.
I need to preserve
the walls of my apartment.
What about Professor Martin?
If Christa's complaint
had stood alone,
he would have interviewed me.
Her complaint against you
complicates things.
She claims I tried to initiate
a relationship with her
and then punished her
by rejecting her thesis proposal
and threatened to have her
dismissed from the program.
She said after she spurned me,
I made her life hell.
It's a lie!
She was harassing you!
I said as much.
Jeremy told me I should have come to him
immediately and filed a complaint.
Obviously, my claim isn't
very credible at this point,
but there are a couple of things that
Christa didn't take into consideration.
- Such as?
- Her academic file.
Jeremy and I had two discussions
about her poor progress last semester.
He was aware
that she was struggling.
Notes of those discussions,
along with the copies
of her work, are in her file.
Also, Paul was present during
some of my interactions with her.
When Paul and I had coffee,
Christa was bragging about
how she was going to seduce you.
And Paul heard her say this?
Yes. I guess the angel-fucker
might turn out to be a guardian angel.
Let's not get ahead
of ourselves.
It would be best if you didn't
speak to Paul about this.
She was flirting with you
and you scolded her.
I could tell
Professor Martin that.
No, absolutely not.
The less said the better.
One of the first things
Paul said to me
was that she wanted
to become Mrs. Emerson.
He knew she was after you.
Jeremy asked me
if we were involved,
and I said yes.
I told him that we didn't get involved
until the Christmas break.
Did he believe you?
Well, he seemed to.
He said that he was obligated
to report me to the dean
for failing to follow
university policy.
Soraya's filing a complaint
against Christa
arguing she targeted me
Good. Maybe that will cause her
to rethink her actions.
In my session
with Nicole yesterday,
she mentioned that you
weren't in therapy anymore.
In the grand scheme of things,
can we table this for now?
Dr. Emerson, stop harassing me.
I don't want you anymore.
I don't even want to know you.
If you don't leave me alone,
I'll be forced to file a harassment
complaint against you.
I need a new thesis director.
Regards, Ms. Julia H. Mitchell.
P.S. I'll be returning
the M.P. Emerson bursary.
- Have you checked your mail today?
- No, why?
You and Julianne
are being investigated
for engaging
in an inappropriate relationship
while she was your student.
Christa has threatened
the university with a lawsuit
that Julianne received
preferential treatment
- because she slept with you.
- That's preposterous!
The Provost's office has ordered
the dean to form a committee
to investigate the allegations.
Both of you are being summoned
to appear before them.
Just how much trouble are we in?
Because there are questions
about the integrity of your marking,
the dean has suspended
Julianne's grade.
Her transcript will be incomplete
until the matter is resolved.
She won't be able
to go to Harvard.
If the matter is resolved
in her favor,
then they'll let the grade stand
and backdate her graduation.
If Harvard catches wind of this,
they might withdraw the offer.
Then pray the matter is settled
in time for both you.
If you're found guilty
of academic fraud,
they can strip you
of your tenure.
Why didn't you tell me
you were dating her?
It wasn't anyone's business.
Oh, for fuck's sake, Gabriel!
You know the rules.
You kept your relationship
secret, so now you look guilty.
Can I count on your support?
I'll do what I can,
but it might not be much.
This was started by
a disgruntled graduate student.
Before you get on a soapbox,
you violated university policy.
I also received a letter
from the dean,
asking me about
the M.P. Emerson bursary.
For your sake, I hope
your fingerprints aren't on it.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
If you don't have a lawyer,
my friend,
now would be the time
to hire one.
I'll let myself out.
Gabriel, what are you...
Are you drunk?
What happened?
I love you so much.
You can talk to me.
I am talking to you.
You're not listening.
Julia? Are you all right?
Tell me it isn't...
Fuck's sakes.
You know him?
He's a friend.
Do you know him?
Filed a complaint last year
against one of my clients.
You were
Professor Singer's attorney?
What have I gotten myself into?
Miss Mitchell.
Professor Emerson.
This is Tara Chakravarty, who's
Vice President of Diversity.
And Robert Mwangi, who is
Vice President of Student Affairs.
During the course
of our investigation,
several facts have emerged.
First, a public argument
with personal overtones
took place between Miss Mitchell
and Professor Emerson
during his seminar
on October 28th.
Second, Professor Picton
agreed to supervise
Miss Mitchell's thesis
due to a conflict of interest.
And third, on December 10th,
Professor Emerson
gave a lecture in Florence
accompanied by Miss Mitchell,
who he introduced
as his fiance.
These facts are substantiated
in print with photographs
and corroborated by
Professor Pacciani
who was present at the event.
Are you engaged in an amorous
relationship with Miss Mitchell?
You've offered no evidence
of any policy infractions.
All you've offered is a sketchy timeline
and tabloid journalism from Italy.
I will not allow you
to railroad my client.
If your client is innocent, then he
should be able to answer my questions.
When did the relationship between you
and your student start?
My client is not obligated
to respond to speculation.
Perhaps, Miss Mitchell
might feel differently.
Well, all right.
Miss Mitchell?
I ask that you direct your questions
to Professor Emerson.
We have nothing to say
on the matter.
I wonder if either of you realize
the outcome you are headed toward
if you continue in this manner.
Since relationships between professors
and students cannot be consensual,
I move that we excuse Professor Emerson
so we can interview Miss Mitchell.
This is a safe space.
There will be no reprisals because of
anything you disclose to us.
If you've been a victim
of sexual harassment,
we can help you.
I wasn't harassed
by Professor Emerson.
Sit down.
We weren't involved
while I was his student.
Our current relationship
is consensual.
Thank you,
Miss Mitchell.
So, the relationship
was amorous.
When did you purchase
the airline tickets to Italy,
knowing you would be traveling
with Professor Emerson?
The tickets would have been
reserved before December 8th,
placing the purchase date
squarely within the semester.
Prior to his submission
of your grade,
you must have had
some conversation
about accompanying him to Italy.
That seems problematic for
a professor-student relationship...
Dr. Aras, you're speculating.
Miss Harandi, I'm making a reasonable
inference of a quid pro quo.
Moreover, I'm suggesting that
your client perjured herself.
She said she wasn't involved with
Professor Emerson during last semester.
Are we to believe that
they magically became involved
at the end of the semester?
Miss Mitchell, I need to remind you
of the penalties for perjury.
You were writing your thesis
with Professor Emerson
until a month prior
to your trip.
You were registered in his Dante
seminar for the fall semester
and was awarded a mark of "A".
If you had dropped the class,
we would not be here today.
But since you remained
in the class, we have a problem.
The Registrar's Office reports
it was Professor Emerson
who submitted your grade
via the online grading system.
We have dated copies
of those electronic documents.
Since we are just receiving
these documents now,
I'd like a short recess
so I can talk to my client.
Your client has already
perjured herself.
I disagree. Miss Mitchell
might be the victim of coercion.
Certainly, any perjury on her part
would be excused
if she's the victim of harassment.
Professor Picton graded my work
in the Dante seminar.
The committee is aware of the e-mail
you sent to Professor Emerson,
in which you pleaded with him
to stop harassing you.
It is completely out of order
to surprise us with documents
that weren't mentioned in
the letter you sent to my client.
This is not a trial. This is
an investigatory hearing.
We are not bound by the rules
of discovery, Mr. Green.
Professor Chakravarty,
please continue.
I know you didn't file
a sexual harassment complaint,
but it isn't too late to do so.
If you wish, we can have him
dismissed from this room
- so we can discuss this.
- My client denies any harassment.
If anybody should be investigated
for harassment, it's Miss Peterson
who maliciously instigated this
whole mess in the first place.
Miss Peterson will be held
accountable for her actions.
Miss Mitchell, I'm interested
in the e-mail exchange
in which you direct Professor Emerson
to stop harassing you.
Can you tell us in which context
that you made this statement?
We had a misunderstanding.
I should never have used that word.
I didn't mean it.
There was no harassment.
That's why I didn't
make a complaint.
I'd like to move
that we suspend this hearing.
I have a lot of unanswered questions that
I'd like to pose to the other witnesses.
And I'd like to interview Miss Mitchell
in a less hostile environment.
She denies the allegations and hasn't
filed a complaint against my client.
Under paragraph ten of the university's
policy on sexual harassment,
she cannot be compelled
to do so.
Can we just move on?
I am going
to suspend this hearing.
You've been forthcoming,
Miss Mitchell,
and I thank you for that.
You, Professor Emerson,
have told us nothing.
Your lack of cooperation
has left us no choice
but to go back
and interview other witnesses.
I have questions I'd like
to put to your department head.
This delay could take
several weeks, depending upon...
There's no need for a delay.
I'll cooperate.
Dr. Aras, can I have a moment
to consult with my client?
I am willing to answer
all your questions,
but not while Miss Mitchell
is in the room.
Miss Harandi,
Miss Mitchell,
you are dismissed for now.
Please, do not
leave the building.
Our relationship was consensual.
I knew what I was doing
and I don't regret it.
This isn't a tawdry affair.
There was no harassment.
Thanks for joining us,
What's going on?
Professor Emerson has confessed to an amorous relationship
with Miss Mitchell
while she was his student.
Miss Mitchell sent an
e-mail to Professor Emerson
in which she accused him of harassment.
What can you tell us about that?
I know of no such harassment.
May I see the e-mail?
Since Miss Mitchell never
reported the harassment,
I can only infer
she changed her mind.
What's the connection between
Professor Emerson and the bursary?
I'm the one who awarded it
based on the fact Miss Mitchell was
the top master's student in our program.
You can speak to Tracy
in Donor Services
about the charity
that made the donation.
Since Professor Emerson was
clearly in a position of power,
and more than one witness has testified
that he was initially very harsh with her,
we don't believe their
relationship was consensual.
We are inclined to excuse her perjury,
since it was clearly under duress.
We will dismiss
any allegations against her
unless you can think
of some reason why we shouldn't.
I see no reason why Miss Mitchell
should be punished, no.
We will encourage Miss Mitchell
to file a harassment complaint,
but given the fact Professor Emerson
has been forthcoming,
I'm not inclined
to drag this matter out.
We're facing a lawsuit from another
one of your students, Miss Peterson.
And Miss Mitchell has filed a harassment
complaint against her.
We expect you to maintain
a safe environment for students.
What's going on
in your department, Jeremy?
I'm as surprised as you are,
I'm cognizant
of your spotless record
and the reputation
of your department.
I'd like to ask your input on what
we should do in terms of consequences.
I'd like a word
with Professor Emerson first.
I'll give you
five minutes.
You should have
kept your mouth shut.
And ruin
Julianne's life? Never.
If you're dismissed,
no university will touch you.
- Your career will be over.
- I don't care.
I'm your friend,
and you made me
look like an idiot
for allowing
a predatory professor
to wreak havoc
on two female grad students.
It's possible they'll
investigate me
- for what I knew and when.
- I'm sorry.
I'll tell them you knew nothing
and take the consequences, Martin.
Don't give me
that martyrdom bullshit.
You're hurting a lot of people in
your quest to protect your conquest.
What do you think's gonna
happen to her if they fire you?
- If they fire me, I'll sue them, Martin.
- It'll be too late.
Once you're dismissed,
Harvard will find out about it
and Julianne's MA
will be tainted.
You'll ruin
both our reputations.
I didn't realize this would have
implications for you,
and I am sorry.
Help us.
You should have
denied everything.
The dean would have dragged
the investigation out
and the more likely details
would be leaked.
I know.
It's a small
academic community, Jeremy.
And you knew better than
to fuck a student.
I didn't fuck her.
The hell you didn't.
All I have to do is convince
the dean to be satisfied
with an ounce of your flesh
rather than a pound.
I'll help, but we're doing
this my way, you understand?
In light of Professor Emerson's
testimony, you are excused.
We will inform the Registrar's Office that
the grade assigned you were awarded
should be allowed to stand.
We will do our utmost to ensure
that you are not victimized further.
I'm not a victim.
Gabriel, what's going on?
In light of his confession,
we are holding him accountable
for his actions.
Including, seeing to
your welfare.
My welfare is tied to him.
If he's going to be punished,
then punish me too.
The university has a duty
to protect its students
from being preyed upon
by their supervisors.
Please, let us do our job.
Tell me what he said.
Give me a chance to respond.
He has admitted to engaging in
a relationship with you
while you were his student.
Professor Picton has confirmed that she
marked your work during his seminar
and supervised your thesis,
so we are inclined
to be lenient with him.
He didn't hurt me.
He didn't hurt me.
You have to believe me.
We will ask that you and all parties
sign a confidentiality agreement
for your protection and for
the integrity of these proceedings.
If you have any further difficulties,
you are to inform Professor Martin.
Let's go
before they change their minds.
Gabriel, what happened?
Do you know some secret that
Gabriel might worry would come out?
Something extremely damaging?
Well, he was hiding some secret
or trading a confession
for leniency.
You can't be seen with her.
Why did you tell them our
relationship was inappropriate?
You were not sensible
of your own distress.
What's that supposed to mean?!
It means he just saved your ass,
that's what it means!
Take your finger out of her face or I'll
separate it from your body, John.
Did they fire you?
So, you get to keep your job,
but you can't talk to me?
What about last night?
You promised me
you'd never fuck me.
No words, no I love you?
Is that all it was to you,
a good-bye fuck?
- I've never fucked you.
- Who's the angel-fucker now?
There was no way I could watch
you commit academic suicide.
I told you I'd go to hell to rescue you,
and that's what I did.
And I'd do it again.
You don't get
to make decisions for me!
This is my life, my dreams!
If I want to give them up, who the hell
are you to take that from me?
You're supposed
to love me, Gabriel.
You're supposed to support me
when I decide to stand up for myself.
Instead, you cut a deal
with them and dump me?
The dean will be walking through
that door any minute.
- Come on.
- So that's it?
They say it's over
and it's over?
When have you ever
followed the rules?!
I had no choice...
I thought my name was Beatrice.
Abelard abandoned Heloise
to save his job, so I guess
the name is more than apt.
Read my sixth letter.
Paragraph four.
I'm not your student, Professor.
I won't be doing any
reading assignments.
No. My mother is always giving
me handkerchiefs. I have dozens.
Can I help?
Gabriel's gone.
Yes, I ran into him
while he was on his way out.
Didn't he tell you?
I thought you were his, uh...
Not anymore.
Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you know where he went?
No. I'm afraid I didn't ask.
He was in quite a state.
He reeked of Scotch,
and he was extremely cross.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Oh, it's not a bother.
I'm guessing he didn't
tell you he was leaving?
I could deliver a message
for you when he returns.
Tell him he broke my heart.
You'd better start looking
for a new dissertation director.
What are you talking about?
You'll find out soon enough.
If Emerson drops me,
he'll drop you too.
If he hasn't already.
I'm dropping him.
I'm transferring
to Columbia in the fall.
Give my best to Julia.
What did you do to her?
She fucked with the wrong woman.
Stop contacting me.
It's over.
Who is it?
It's Paul.
I came to check on you.
I have your mail.
Just let me see that
you're all right and I'll go.
If you came to tell me how stupid I am,
I don't think I can handle that right now.
I'm not here
to make you feel bad.
I'm sorry for lying.
I have your mail
from the department.
A couple of flyers
and a textbook.
A textbook?
The textbook reps sometimes
send textbooks to grad students.
Where should I put everything?
What kind of textbook?
It's not about Dante, is it?
No, it's...
Marriage in the Middle Ages:
Love, Sex, and the Sacred.
Professor Picton's asked me
to make lots of changes
to my thesis.
I've been working
around the clock.
Let me take you to lunch,
my treat.
I have so much work to do.
Is your thesis due tomorrow?
No. Professor Picton gave me
a week's extension.
She knew I wouldn't
be ready to turn it in
because of... everything.
We'll be back
before you know it.
Why are you being so nice to me?
Because I'm from Vermont.
And because you need a friend.
I never stopped caring for you.
I need to get dressed.
He left me.
Don't you think
that's a good thing?
Geez, Julia, the guy seduced you
for kicks, then dumped you.
- How much abuse do you want?
- That's not how it was.
Have you seen him?
I ran into him after the hearing,
outside of Professor Martin's office.
Do you know where he is?
In hell, I hope.
Martin sent
an e-mail to the department
saying Emerson was on a leave
of absence for the rest of the semester.
You probably saw it.
I guess he didn't say good-bye.
He sent an email and told me
to stop contacting him.
That it was over.
He said I wasn't
sensible of my own distress.
He stomps on your heart and then
he has the balls to quote Hamlet?
And he misquoted it,
the jackass.
I talked to Christa. She seemed
happy Emerson was leaving.
- She referred to you.
- She's always hated me.
I don't know what
she's up to, but...
I'd watch your back.
She can't hurt me.
I've already lost
what mattered most.
Hey, Julia!
What's up with Gabriel not
answering his phone?
Things must be hot and heavy,
otherwise he'd answer.
I've picked out the
bridesmaid's dresses.
Dark red.
Send me your measurements.
Guess what?
I met Scott's girlfriend.
Her son is adorable. Call me.
Bridesmaid dress sounds great.
I'll send my measurements.
I'm glad you met
Scott's girlfriend.
I haven't spoken to Gabriel.
I don't know where he is.
He left.
It's over. J.
I'm gonna kill him!
Why did you come home?
I lost something.
And you're trying to find it here?
What I lost is lost forever.
Do you have to leave?
But not tonight.
Will you come back?
Our only hope is that
you find you and me.
Look for me in hell.