Gacy House (2010) Movie Script

Case No. 9283981 dated 03/06/2006.
Suspect: Lena Susan Russell.
Victims: Dr.. Rojer James Franklin,
Michael Harry Lewis ...
Robert James Williams,
Gary Elias Goldstein ...
Janina Marie Peslo and
Tessa Jane Escobar.
Footage recovered from
8213 West Summerdale Avenue ...
alongside the remains
of the six victims.
It has been edited into a narrative
for the presentation.
This is it.
This is it. Yep here we are,
There it is right infront of us
Would you look at that,
can you believe that. Wow.
On 13 March 1980, John Wayne Gacy Jr.
convicted of the murder on 33 teenagers.
We are just in time, it is just a couple
of hours before dark.
And, can we get this
stuff unloaded.
Whoa, my god. ..Look at that.
Yeah. Oh this is already creeping me out man.
We will get the stuff setup ...
The electricity is up and running right.
-Yeah, -Yeah
There was again a house is built
in that place, 3 years later.
The last one we gonna have to take
we gonna have to take the cameras to upstair and..
On June 3, 2002, the building was abandoned.
The house has since remained empty.
We got good viewing station already
there is no railing or anything.
This place is amazing.
On March 6, 2006, there were six bodies
found in the house, along with these images.
This is amazing.
We gonna catch Gacy tonight,
boys and girls.
This looks good.
This is good.
Here we go.
I am Dr. Franklin,
I with the institute.
My name is Mike,
I'm headup this squad.
Hi, I'm Lena Russell.
My name is Tessa.
- My name is Gary ...
I am one of the cameraman crew.
We have during the tour Roby and I
have drop by the Midwest ...
A tour of haunted sites
primerly serial killers site actualy.
We are in the house of John Gacy right now.
John Wayne Gacy he may known as a ...
famous for killing of over 30 boys and
bury 26 of them in his basement.
He is a the man individual ...
He has killed a lot of boys ...
and some of the most brutal ways
I have ever read about.
We are in searchers of strange phenomena.
The professor bringin some support ...
very educated and excited
young individuals.
I was studied psychology and
criminal psychology so I thought ...
what a amazing opportunity to
actually follow a team of ghost hunters ...
and be a part of the group.
I am the assistant here, sort of
camera assistant, whate ever they need me.
You know I'm not for a good time
you know, carrying the camera around.
Whether we really specific evidence
kind hard to say.
We get evidence, but really reliable
paranormal activity is hard to say.
i mean everybody is great and that
makes me feel ...
we are all family
and I'm excited.
You Guys, I really think everybody
should stay away from the windows
Sam, as we do that, we must
this all the way down.
Guys, right know what we now need is to focus a ...
- Take this moment.
We must get focus on
the cameras there are up stair ...
because this communication
between us all ...
you and I's need to pickup cameras
up stairs to downstairs.
You go do your thing.
And what makes those lights dim.
We meet back here.
Alright got it all tanggle out?
- Yes.
A little faster this time, please.
Okay, I do what I can.
alright..slow, here we go.
There is not a lot here, so you might need
me inside the bushes. Let's see how it goes.
You've already told me that.
Alright, keep going.
- Alright.
I supposed to go through this door here, right?
- Yes.
Alright..We are at John Wayne Gacy house...
where he supposed to be
murdered and molested young boy.
I am young boy and I feel
preety good. I am not scared.
Yes, I do not know. It's creepy,
but what is an old house is not creepy?
Alright what we got?
Okay that makes creepyness.
Okay, Jonh Wayne Gacy is not be here.
Water stains. one really taking
care this house for while
Hey, did you get that K2?
- You do?
-I got it.
Little quick before I can join you there..
Why don't you take that..
around this little spot around right here.
see that
hot spot or whatever.
And, we have this camera. We have
the other thermal camera setup?
Because I want it right here.
- We are setup right there man.
Okay, so we are good?
- Yeah, we good.
If something gonna happen,
it is gonna happen right here.
That's where we drop the cable
down there
You did drop the cable down here?
- Yeap.
Energy is everything.
Energy light up the radiation in this location
because it does not matter.
If we got those thermal cameras in here
we can catch something amazing in know?
Alright, really quick shine that light over here.
Take a picture of my ass.
Shine that light?
- What do you see?
Is there such nice thing is picture
of your ass?
I do not know.
It all brick up..oh man
It goes way back there...right
Can you see Roby's cables in there?
- I see a bunch of cables here.
No, I do not see it. There is
one.. Yes, I do see it.
Okay, let it put in there.
We need to get more equipment
to get this thing on
We get to really soon and get the rest
and someone down here..
This is good stuff.
This is amazing.
First this evening we gonna ask for
protection from the Moon Goddess ...
The Goddess Diana, please watch over us,
as this is a new beginning for us.
The Goddess Jana, we going to something
that is mysterious and unknown.
We know about hidden power,
Please watch over us.
The Goddess Umbria, we walking in the dark.
We walking into death.
We walking on your path. Could we
ask that you watch over us.
Now, we going on to
Invite another spirit in the room.
We are going to invite another
to join us this evening.
We not calling a friend,
we calling an unknown.
We must make a offering to him.
John Wayne Gacy Junior, I call to you.
Please accept this offering,
I have brought you a T-shirt
of my young neighbor son.
He is 15. It is pure and white.
It was his soccer shirt.
I know you like the boy
young, as young as 14.
So please accept this offering.
If you not comfortable,
you may leave the circle.
please close the circle .
Many of the victims
do not died of strangulation ...
but suffocated by their own clothing.
stabbed deep..deep in their throats .
Gacy, John Wayne Gacy Jr.,
I offer you this T-shirt tonight ...
as a symbolic offering of the things
that you loved in this world.
What the fuck was that
-What was that?
Mike, what was that shit?
You fools us with that shit.
Mike, what are you trying to do?
I have not done.
What was it?
- It could have been anything.
It may even have been spontaneous.
An unknown phenomenon.
- That is bullshit.
I do not even here.
- Wait a minute.
Hold on.
- I know you're scared.
Stop. Let's all calm down.
Let this place set back up.
The basement downstairs.There is gonna be some action
down there. There is some activity and I want you guy go down.
A couple of you go upstairs and reset
the cameras. Make sure not mess off.
That's what I'm doing alright?
Okay, let's do like he said.
Everyone calm and becareful.
No one goes anywhere alone.
Back in the focus.
You guy all okay?
- Yeah good..good.
Here we are, on the creepy upstairs
protect by the Moon Goddess, Diana.
You know I feel so much safer now.
Well I thought we trace something diffrent
with all the violence in here.
I think we ...should
Not the dining room, the kitchen.
You know what is major job is,
He worked as a cook.
He worked as a cook,
He worked as a construction worker ...
Yeah, but i mean you know, he love doing
the cooking ,he was even a cooking in prison.
Listen, I don't know what
I thought in there.
What going on?
- I'm getting something.
Yeah? What do you get?
I'm not sure.
- got any reading in there?
Yes, I need to talk with Mike about.
I'm not sure what it means, but ...
did something.
Alright this is a level small passage door
in here.
Oh man this is kind cold in here.
- Did you feel that?
That's weired.
Take that.
It's will protects you. He'll think
you're a fan of his art.
Hang it somewhere onto your body,
preferbelly close to you root chakras.
This will protect me.
- Yes.
put in you root chakras.
Your pocket is close enough.
It is right here, at about 2 inches.
I'm not sure here.
- Okay.
Lena, come here.
- What is it?
My God, what is that?
- I do not know, it looks like ...
a shadow.
Hey guys, we have something up here.
Do you have something in the basement?
- No.
Come on, guys.
Look at there.
See that glow right there?
It like as a shadow person right
in there.Did you See that?
- It's amazing.
Oh my God, I see it.
- That's pretty cool.
What ever it is ...
This may be evidence.
Who has the K2?
Do you have the K2?
Did you have the K2 here?
No one have the K2 here?
Why we don't have the K2 here?
He should always be manned.
We had a slamming door
blood and down.
- I know...I know
I watching the monitor,
I saw it. It's okay.
I think we are cool.
- Paul, I give you the same.
Mike, keep doing what you doing.
keep on going
You guys will check whether there is a
defect is in this camera.
We go down and we look at it right now,
we find out for sure.
Stay here, guys.
- Lena, if you want to stay,
You can stay, Lena.
No, I gotta go.
- Stay here, we look at some readings.
Bring that K2 back up will ya.
- Okay. Jessus know..I'm thinking everybody
getting excited over nothing here.
Really I think this is very simply can
be explained because ...
The amount of light that comming thru
from the other room is ...
simply overdrive in the camera.
- No.. I think you're probably right.
The other's meaning too It.. I mean look out
..wash out, that's it could be anything.
Exactly, that's what I'm saying. What you guys
saw the monitor of the camera ...
is completely different from what I saw down here.
And I think that's it. I think it could
be explained by the light.
Could be right.We did get..
We did ...
When we were comming through the other room
came, we got ...
a really temperature change, but that
was in a completely different room..right
So ...
- So know
in this particular case I think it is easy
enough to explain this phenomenon.
So you saying it's just a light bulb?
I think so. I think it's worth to looking
Was there a problem with the camera? or...
- Well ...
What he thinking is he just saying
if the wattage was too high ...
the light is too bright.
These are infrared cameras.
All I know is that I felt something.
- I know.
You know I just think we go back through
and hit the process again ...
and hey, maybe we'll catch something.
That would be great.
Are you okay with that?
We look at it again?
God, I mean, it's your show.
I think we can
explain,this one.. you know?
Even if we don't debunk it
someone else will do it.
May be something going on,
but we got to explore every angle.
Absolutely.. Alright, that's we will do.
In the land where lungs are not breathing,
Locilaf, take your son and go.
Find the clown that we seek ...
John Wayne Gacy Jr.,
who prayed on the meek.
Daniel, Randolph, Michael, Sam ...
Find the clown we are seek ...
John Wayne Gacy Jr.,
who prayed on meek.
In the land where lungs are not breathing,
Locilaf, take your son and go.
Find the clown that we are seek ...
John Wayne Gacy Jr.,
who prayed on meek.
Daniel, Randolph, Michael, Sam ...
No, we did ..
- Guys ...
Everyone who helped us to
tonight, we thank you.
Just leave it.
- Yeah..I got it.
Leave it. Just go. You too, go.
- Come on, we go down.
I think the above is not fun anymore.
- Let's go.
Careful, it's dark.
I didn't turned the lights off.
did you turned the lights off?
- Windshield.
Who turned the light out?
Lena, Franklin.
Be careful, watch your head man.
Watch out, your'e in my back
in my back
- Lena, Franklin.
Give me some light, alright?
Hey who turned the light out?
Get downstair, come on..come on
Okay, you're get this stuff, right?
I have not again
imposed before I left.
No you didn't?
- Did you?
No, I didn't do it.
- Roby?
I bet it's Lou.
Getting the light
I mean..what..
It could be a spirit, it could be Gacy,
it could be Loki. I do not know.
My heart raising.
Is your heart raising right now?
With me everything is fine.
- My brain hard knocks.
This feels good, guys.
We have a great stuff.
We all get kick ass shits where
I'm standing..
There is no real evidence at this time ...
Any kind of supernatural happening here.
I'm telling you, there is
something really bizzare going on here ...
and I'm stoked.
It is just getting ridiculous. Mike try to
freaks us all and makes us believe ...
that there is Gacy ghost bullshit..
I am a logical person and I was
think you have to be skeptical because ...
you had to explore every possibilities,
but I being ...
little bit worried that
maybe this is not a good idea.
There is noisey and creep sounds around the
house and everyone is going hysterical ...
this is not the way where I
I signup for.
We catch some great images in the film ...
as we now only those psychic
activity could film ...
We getting this evidence
we getting some stuff and it's all contaminated ...
people getting scared and messy.
This investigation is gonna continues ...
and with any of luck, we gonna able to
put these rumors to rest...
Once and for all.
So where is the ...
- Come on, guys.
The K2 is down here.
Remember that and carry them in your pocket.
So where is this crawl space?
Crawl space?
- Yeah.
Hot spot baby right there.
- Where?
Behind you.
- How far spot they go?
It goes very far underneath the house.
Hold on.
- Is that go through the whole house?
It goes through and under, I really
not know, we have not explored it yet.
Do you know anything?
- Nothing, nothing on this thing.
So..what are we looking at man?
We will ask a few questions,
because there is something going on.
Yeah? Seriously?
- Seriously.
How does this all work?
- It's gonna work like this.
Gacy, are you down here?
Gacy, are you with us?
John Wayne Gacy?
If you are with us, make it noise
or move something.
Let us know you're present here.
Have you committed any crimes in this basement?
Come on.
Are there any dead boys in the crawl space?
John Wayne Gacy Jr. ...
are you here with us right now?
If you are here with us, say something.
If you're here with us make
something move.
Damn it, Gacy!
I think it ...
- How frank should I have to be with you?
To get personal?
Show your presence.
Are there any crimes committed in this basement?
Are there children buried in that crawl space?
So, Roby ...
- Yeap?
What do you think?
You know..I..
- I think we had to change all bulb
I really do.
I don't think we can take a chance ...
I think the 'reading' is
it's misleadings us.
I think we got change our mind.
- Do you mind?
No..I go do sweet.
- I appreciate it.
That it's.
I start on the first floor.
What was that?
What a mess stuff.
Is anyone out here?
Sure I left that open ...
I see a light bulb.
This bulb was fine.
It is open.
Mike, you had opened the window?
Let's see here ...
Roby, what's up man?
you jumpy don't you?
- Yeap,
Jumpy all the night?
How are you feeling?
- Just little bit shock dude.
Yeah, it hurts.
It hurt for just a second,
Get it going..get the blood flowing.
Yes, that's I was looking at.
Im sorry it nothing big. You can surely
stay tonight right?
- You can't be pussy about this thing.
Need a bandage?
Are you cool?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I think I got something.
So Mike, let me show what I
did to you okay.
The audio feed that we recorded earlier
I have split in three base...
there split in three bandwidth
I could split it into more, but ...
I think you need to look at this.
Basiclly you can see here is nothing.
There is no damm thing there.
there is nothing. this is just noise,
this is not significant at all
Hang on just one second.
I want you listen to this.
Put them on the speakers.
- I'm ready.
Play that one more time.
- Yeah I'm ready
It sounded like he said:
"Kick my ass."
Alright..Hey Guys, come here. Listen.
come here
Are you ready?
- Yeah we ready dude..just play
And what's is this start over here?
Is this nothing?
This is all noise, we can split
This is from the cell.
It's awsome but it is not.
He is against our calling.
- he.s not gonna stop it.
Is it dangerous?
Yes, it is, because while I was down there...
I did two rooms cast's...
The first thing I asked ...
Is John Wayne Gacy Jr. Present?
What came out was:
"Sigel" ...
And it was pointing away from me,
it pointing towards him ...
or the presence and what it means is:
Ultimate power, Ego.
Then I cast again
and asked, "what's gonna happen to us now?
What should we do?
And came up, "Ryda" ...
Which combined with bad wounds means:
twist of faith.
"Bad path', do not move foward.
That is actually is an invitation
for us to stay.
I know what to do.
- Guys listen up real quick.
Guys..het...listen I'm in charge this operations
and I telling to you
You guys are all paranoid.
Roby's on board.
I think we should focus all our energy
and our efforts on ...
in the cellar, in the basement
and crawl space.
This EPP ...
He is cannot harm us guys.
It's just a form an energy ...
Hey Mike ...
there really is something crazy to hand down.
I'm just saying ...
- That's why we 're here for.
We must not run away, we
can make good recordings.
Everyone listen up.. hey..
Listen. real quick.
I'm in charge of this.
I want this to put together.
We have only a few hours until daylight.
Is't right
We were getting close. almost over
We got some great shots.
We have the EPP right there...
"Kick my ass"
that's what he said ...
his last words were "kick my ass",
Before he was put to death.
So guys i think this is exciting.
This could make our career...
We are this close.
I don't think we should walk away now,
but I think we should very.. very careful.
I don't think normal people
see ghosts.
We stay here tonight.
John Wayne Gacy Jr. ...
Come with us tonight ..
"Nine" ... We will not
find you ...
"Two" ...
"Eight" ...
"Nine" ...
I'm not got anything ...
Nothing read about it or something?
- Nothing.
We will record anything
because he has not done anything here.
I do not think that something is.
Guys, this is obviously not work with all
this stuff.
She has just pronounced a spell ...
and most of the people are here.
It's all good.
You must climb higher.
- It's all right, do not worry.
She is as curious as I am.
- She is.
She sits in it.
Are we here?
No, when you're done then
we continue.
Mike, let's let her down here.
She makes sure.
Give Gary your camera.
Should I stay here?
- Yes.
Is not that bad?
- Nope.
You are the only down here.
You two stay down here
with your camera ...
We go upstairs, just get everything
Do you have any questions?
- No, it's good.
I promise you that if
something happens ...
I got em..I got emm.
It'll be okay.
So everything is cool.
- Yes.
Alright, this, this..this ...
I think it that's pretty normal.
Not much activity here.
I cannot ...
- What is wrong?
This..the bedroom camera
I keep losing it, there got to be...
there got to be some kind of connection..
there got to be bad..i'm go out and check it
What, the upstairs bedroom?
Yeah, the same camera ..the same before.
In the same bedroom.
I'll take care.
I'll got it.
Thank you, Roby.
It got to be a bad connection.
Maybe the cables are bad.
I'm sure the cables are bad, Franklin.
I'm all over that,
The rest looks pretty good.
We got pretty sharp here.
Locky, make me feel fear tonight.
It not say which way we go.
Focus, okay?
I try it this way.
Pure vanity, which spirit drive.
Clown, you're not alive.
"Locky", make me just here tonight.
the underworld returned him right.
I'm just not feeling anything.
- Focus, okay?
To be honest, I kind of lied before
when I said that this room is "charge".
That the energy of the 'Isa "was present.
straightline 'Isa'.
I am sorry.. ? I mean
I don't know.
Maybe if I walk like Frankenstein..
you know..
And pretend I'm the monster.
If I am the monster, then
it all just work.. you know
Are you okay?
Janina, hey..hey..hey..get up..come on
- Let me go.
What happened?
You felt something?
Come on..come on..come on
Let me know what happened.
Are you alright? jessus
Janina..hey..Are you okay?
What the matters?
- I don't know.
What is going on?
- She dropped.
Talk to me. Is that blood.
- Shut up.
Give her towell..something
give her something...go get towell
We're going to get help.
Oh my god
-I just did a spell ...
to banish him, not him
to call.
I disobey you, I'm sorry.
No, not..don't.
I guess he got bad.
- don't be sorry..don't be sorry
You got that, Franklin?
it's loose.
- That's weird.
I just want to say sorry
for earlier ...
something just freaking
me out.. you know.
Alright..It's being a long evening.
- What are you doing?
I don't know about to do anything in this room,
It's kind freak me out.
It is the only room without a camera.
You know..You're kind an idiot but,
for some reason...
I know ..
It's what they say about I'm idiot.
What going on?
- Something very odds.
What happened in there?
I can honestly think ...
that the room exploded, everyone was shocked.
It's something you guys got
have a story ...
the ghostbuster, Casco.
You were still able to do.
So, Tessa.
Alright...hang on on that
Let me setup.
I got it..this is fun.
In the basement?
What we got here?
I wish I could see.
Hey...throw me the infrared.
Alright, let see ...
Alright, here we go, we're ready
What we got.
I just want to ask you some questions.
I'm not getting anything.
- Nothing. - No
Did you shut the door in the kitchen?
Here take this..nothing
Technical problems.
We good.
That's little be mess up.
What was that?
Tessa, what was that?
Where did that come from?
- calm down.
What are you doing?
John Gacy, are you try talking to us?
Or perhaps one of your victims?
- That's little creepy.
Robert? Russel?
John Gacy, did you killed anybody
in this place?
Holly shit..oh my god..okay..somebody..
something..something just like crest my back.
That was a little mess up.
Alright, can we get out of here?
Oh my God.
What is this shit.
Everything okay?
- No.
Come on, relaxs. Gary.
- I am here.
Yes, that's very smart.
It would be ...
This is for ...
This is ...
Do you know what that was?
It's happens all time.
It's okay.
This is crazy.
All this crap.
and this crazy..
Would you please calm down?
I know it sucks.
I do not like the basement, but ...
I am not getting paid enough
for that bullshit..down there.
Come on, you're doing this for ever.
And now you wanna baill?
What do you want me to do?
I just want you come with me upstair ...
we going start an investigation
at the attic.
We see if there is something going on
and then we leave.
For good.
Come on, you and me.
Come on.
We are a team.
Alright, we go to the attic...
and that's it..
And then I'm out of here.
- Okay.
We're wasting our time.
Follow me.
- I got you?
I just want a couple of reading...
What do you got?
I just go to the attic.
Okay, are you ready?
- Yeah.
Shitt, it's pitch black.
I need some light.
Gary! Gary! Gary!
Gary, come here.
- Hold on.
What is going on?
- Just get down the camera and help us.
Oh my God, he's freezing.
What was that?
Whose down here last?
- What's that for?
It's just sugar.
because this you can also find at the grocer.
Your blood pressure is very low.
- My blood pressure? - Yes.
What has happened there, Gary?
I do not know man...
I Just ... it just came out of
nowhere, dude.
It hit me in the face.
I think you a little ...
You scratched me with your bat.
What are you talking about?
My back hurt really bad.
Let me take a look.
When did this happen?
I guess ... just upstair, I felling it.
It really hurt.
What is it?
What the hell..she got scratched?
You scratched me.
- No.
I did not scratched you. I can't scratched you
I do not know what you're talking about.
What happened?
If it you didn't, then who did?
- Come here.
Where were you?
It hurts.
- Turn around, let me see.
Let me see your nails, now.
Who was upstair with you guys?
- Nobody.
And then I ran downstairs.
Turn towards me, honey.
Can we go home yet?
Is this proof?
Is this prove there is something in this house?
Can we go home now?
Lena, show your back. - No, we cannot
go home. It's almost over.
Look at her back.
She gonna live.
Mike, here is the problem ...
the problem is not that there is a
demon scratched her back but ...
we are overly tired and we being doing this
far too long ...
and we have a good night's sleep.
- We are overly tired?
This happens because I'm overly tired?
No, I'm just saying ...
I just wanna go home.
Do We have enough proof yet.
I want to fucking go home.
Yes, but you need to calm down before you gonna
down the road.I cannot let you drive like this.
Somebody just grab me.
Nothing grab you.
There is nothing in here.
I just not fall by my own, okay?
It's okay.
- I'm going out.
I really not appreciate
what ever your people do ...
but I'm going home. Now.
- Lena.
Document everything.
Lena, wait it up.
No, I can not do this anymore, okay?
We need to go...
we need to go
I know...
I know
I know, something is going on.
I know
I hear it, okay?
Can we go?
- I know that is weird
We can just take the and me
We just take the van, we can leave
We cannot leave anyone here.
We cannot do it okay? Alright
You can just stay outside.
Just relax a while.
Say it to me that you're ready
to go.
- Please.
Listen, hold on we just need
calm down for a just a momment, okay?
Think rationally about this.
Janina said you were scratched by demon
We were out of the house for a second.
Breathe that good fresh air.
And I dont think you were not
scratched by a demon.
Just me. I know something
going on tonight ...
I do not know what it is, but I
want to stay to find out.
And you didn't think it is the demons ...
but what about that chair?
I do not know. I'm saying..I feel like we are
all tired and something weird is going on.
Okay..But I think the thing best to do is
stay with it to see what it is.
I can't go back in there.
I just can't.
I do not know what is in there, but ...
You do not have to come back, alright?
I want you chill out in the truck ...
while we sort out this matters.
We seen..we seen some very strange phenomena.
That is the only word that I have for
right now.
We catch the best footages.
I think ...
if we just get that appreciation...
I think may be this is what we came for.
Is this not what we wanted?
I mean Lena is just left this place ...
and I have no conclude how she got that
scratches on her back.
It seams we having some unexplainable
phenomena happening.
I dont know.. I don't think this is something
that we have to mess with.
I do not know..I do not know
what is going on.
Yeah, this is a strange phenomenon.
here we go.
What is this?
Are you sure you got shot Roby?
- What is this?
I don't know.
Is this ectoplasm?
That is polar.
This is almost the same, right?
Is it here when you were ...
I didn't seen it.
- It's always been here.
That? That is it always been here?
This is the area Mike said
that he got the strongest reading from.
That's what we have to look out ...
I do not know what happen down there.
This is just before the camera went out.
Something hit that camera, you see?
This is what I'm talking about...
The stuff is just keeps going down.
We got to get this stuff running
or we are not gonna able to find anything.
Gary, do me a favor.
go down there ...
Pull the cable off this camera ...
because we know that these were working
before this camera fell over.
And pull those cables and bring in up here ...
let's switch out this, that is the only
I can think up to do.
We got the stuff to running up or we are dead
we dead, I mean it.
Are you kidding me?
Are you serious?
Do you want me to go downstairs?
It takes you only 20 seconds that it's.
straight down bring..pull the camera,
pull them right of it from
the camera and bring them up
Franklin, I have experienced all this shit
Can I relaxs?
You're the only person I can trust
to do this right now.
You're the only one I got.
Alright..I feel so much better now that
I'm no longer in that house.
I couldn't take it anymore ...
I don't know if anything I
saw or felt was real, but ...
I can acctualy really breathe
outside of that house.
knock it off.
God..What are they doing?
Hey guys, you are not scared me okay?
I'm not going back in there.
Roby, you are out here?
Is that you?
Where are you guys?
Look's I know it was you okay..
knock it off.
I'm not going back in.
Knock it off..fuck off, okay?
What do they playing at?
Do they really they think they can scared me
while I was in there?
Oh god..What a such of idiots.
Roby, knock it off, please.
Please ...
Bring those cables comming back up here.
Yeah, okay.
Franklin, this is gonna be super quick man.
- Okay.
Oh you fucking piece of Shits.
Come on.
Come on.
This is not good time.
What's the
What the fuck?
Fuck..the shit.
Got it now.. come on,
come's a fuck man
Oh.. fuck
Oh.. fuck
- What?
Franklin! Is everything alright?
I am up here.
What is going on up here?
-What is happening?
There was someone or something in the basement.
- Okay.
Listen..god damn it.. listen to me.
Somebody in the basement, right?
It flew through through it.
It flew right through it.
I ran upstair as fast as I could.
And then..and then every singgle
door slamed.
Look at me..Your high energy making
you worst like now okay
in situations like this ...
high energy ...
How the hell do you expect I
should react on that? situations like this ...
high energy ...
Okay, can we please
all ... refocus?
Let us figure out.
What the fuck?
Stay calm and quiet.
It's just a fuse.
Calm? What are you talking about dude?
You're the one who freaking out.
Come on
- Calm down now.
It is a fuse.
It is not a fuse.
There is more going on tonight.
You now you're not listen to anybody Mike.
Come on, we go to the fuse box.
We gonna fix this.
I've done.
- In old houses, this happens quite often.
Everything will be fine.
Hang on..hang on a second..
This is not like one of our last shoot,
with that hokkie pukiee ...
you know..where we heard noises
and crickes okay.
Likes there actully some wild stuff going on
Okay, listen ...
Here's something ...
- Quiet.
Yes, you see what I'm talking about?
We need to see what it is.
- Stop.
Mike ...
- You're don't scared us.
- Come on, Gary.
Hey! you even know what fucking
happened to me down there?
No.. fucking listen...guys fucking listen.
just listen...okay
Look when I was down there ...
okay..look, I went down there to fix
the camera.
While I was down there to fix the camera,
all light went off
and then everything was moved...okay
You know the camera was crash, it was down there.
it was rack on the ground
When the lights come back it
was moved, okay?
And... I looked up and something whiss
across the fucking room.
So there is something whiss across the room?
No, I ran up the stairs ...
I came up here,
all the fucking doors was closed dude.
We know..this is called wind.
- No, no, no ...
that is stupid that is so stupid ...
Look, you guys so irrational right now.
- We, irrational?
Are you guys retarded?
Gary, we are here to investigate this ...
Yes, but this shits is
getting dangerous.
Christ. please stop yelling at each
other all the fucking time.
Listen. calm down
- I'm calm ...
Don't tell me to calm down.
Because I know this shit
that is happening here ...
this is not hokkie pukiee no more
like ghost hunter bullshit ...
that is usually we do
Okay..This is something mess stuff,
This is a mess stuff.
You guys retarded,
have fun..have fun down there
Good luck..good luck I'm not going down there,
have fun, yeah, alright...Goodbye.
I am sick and tired Mike.
It's been a long trip, man.
Yes, one more night before we
call it a set ...
Just one night with these guys here.
Where the hell is the fuse box,
did you see anything?
I wonder what he
made so scared.
The windows are left open,
it is an old house.
Watch your head
I mean something scare gary.
There are some interesting
temperature change, we got that.
There must be a wire run,
follow the wire, did you see anything?
Let's go check over..,
up there again
We have some stuff earlier.
We just need get out the data ...
take it back, and analyz it.
I mean Something happens, it's interesting,
but I do not know what it is.
And we have it or heaven't.
The fuse box is right here.
Here, you can get up here.
- Let's see what is up there.
I was pretty sure that the
activity start at this area.
But there is little.
I do not know why the fuse box is not
in the second floor.
Hey.. I tell you what,
these houses are crazy.
Look at that
Alright, I got it.
I mean, I grew up in the house like this.
But In these old houses,
it's blow all of the times
Same thing like those gusts,
big house, drafty...
Alright, we good?
I'll go look ...
That it's?
- We are good.
Michael, take a look at that.
What do you think of that?
This is what we got on a video
Do you believe me now?
Mike, look at that.
I am looking at it.
You know it could be a moth or ...
Are you retarded ...
Mike, you are retarded ..
No, it just could be anything ...
something getting in the way of light.
Right, it's certainly not deformative.
The video that we
have is not deformative.
I think we need to go on.
- No, I agree ...
I think we should once,
swept this place, okay?
Let's make another sweeps
through the entire house.
Someone need to go the attic first of all.
Is there anybody already been
I don't think so.
I think we're done.
You're done?
- I agree with Janine. -I think so
Why guys?
- Wait ...
I have waits and hear many conversesion
about that again and again ...
No more arguing, no more bullshit.
Just let's stop.
- You know what? Mike Acctually is right.
We need go back to one more sweep.
- Oh now you care?
Yes ..
- Listen guys ...
We didn't have, any deformative
evidence at this point.
Each of you, a ...
Where is Lena?
- She is outside.
She's is waiting for us.
One more sweeps.
All we gonna do, I understand that
everyone here is scared okay.
I am too.
But we got some great stuff.
Is not that enough?
Yes, when is it gonna be enough?
Stop from interrupt me...
I'm serious,
we cannot do this alone...
it is almost dawn, firstly, ...
we can do this one clean sweep, okay.
One more sweep for the entire house, that's it.
-fine, fine, fine
I understand that you have been scared
- It's okay, it's okay ...
We're done.
Some things that we
have seen here, ...
I do not know,
it is positively disturbing ...
I'm now trying very..very hard to keep
good attitude...
keep a scientific mind,
We have seen somethings,
somethings that I really ...
I can tell you I'm lost to explain.
I do not know, I do not know what the fuck
to believe what is real and what is bullshit.
There are weired things,
maybe Micheal is right ...
this spook like in investigation,
stuff maybe it's real.
I do not know what the fuck,
to expect anymore...
This is a really good a bunch of people
I'm working on this...
with me here,I really feel bad if
something would happen to them.
This does not feel good, I don't know.
Something is weird.
I don't know, I don't want it anymore.
I don't give a shit about ghosts.
I do not care for this stupid trip.
I promise..I will never..never again to
do anything like this on the weekend.
I'm done.
- you owe me one
Bring some psysic on a ghost hunt
Look I've heard other people have doing that
and I do not know what are you thinking.
She is, I do not know.
She is fucking gone.
Ghosts or no ghosts,
I take the paycheck.
Check, yes, I mean,
the end justifies the means, right?
Alright, I'll go clean sweep downstairs
Yes, get some good stuff.
More than what you can, otherwise ...
I see you when I'm done,alright
As the professor says,
Document everything, alright.
The word of the craziest.
- Yes, I don't know.
Can we make this fast?
- Hurry up.
Here you go.
- Can you stop complaining?
Can I stop complaining?
Like you've been here with this fucking shit.
Shut up, yes.
So we all go home, Gary.
I'm lighting a candle,
okay, what I'm doing here is ...
Okay, guys, I've set all this stuff.
- When did you do setup this stuff?
and get to started.
I just finished with engraving his name
in the candle ...
Have you purchased over the Internet?
Yes, I did and I keep it in my mojo bag
I have several bones ...
This is fucking joke, stay calm.
What I doing here is fireing wall of
protection, spell ...
because his spirits can follow us.
Even when we are gone from this house ...
So we need to protect ourself against him.
This is his candle ...
We don't have black candle,
so I wrapped with black tape.
How to ...
His name is in paper nine times
You know ...
note to myself,
do not hire physics ever again.
I think I'm going to quit.
Okay, I'm get myself outta here.
I think it's might be a good time
to go pack this things...
and may be even consider
comming back in diffrent time.
I think that's I'm gonna do. I think that's a
decision I made now.. I think I may go ahead
We gonna pack it, let's give this shit down
I will let this shit down.
Concentrate on your root chakra ...
that is the chakra at the
base of your spine.
Your feet are connected to this wood,
and remember ...
This wood is charged with energy ...
feel the energy of your body
flows into this wood.
You gonna push..push..push
through your root chakra.
You gonna say:
"Let his evil self,
be his own undoing. "
"Let his evil self,
be his own undoing. "
"Let his evil self,
be his own undoing. "
"Let his evil self,
be his own undoing. "
"Let his evil self,
be his own undoing. "
Janina, Janina.
What are you doing?
Janina, what happens?
Hey,are you okay.
"Let his evil self,
be his own undoing. "
What is happening? Hello ...
Janina. Janina.
Janina. Janina.
What the hell is going on?
I was not injured,
you're no longer welcome here.
Janina. My God.
Franklin. Help me..,Help me
Oh my God.
Just get the fuck up out of here.
Oh my god.
What the hell.
Oh my God.
Let me out.
What the fuck.
Robbie ...
I'm not good with this,
I do not understand what's going on ...
I telling you I am afraid.
- We must stop.
Let's get outta here.
Franklin, Robbie.
Franklin. Robbie
Come on.
Gary, We're coming in.
We're coming ln.
We're coming.
Open the door, come on.
Gary. Gary.
-in the basement.
Open the door.
Open it.
- Open the door, Franklin.
Let me try.
Gary, Gary, we're trying man.
we comming. Come on.
Come on, hit it.
Results of the autopsy:
Name: Michael Harry Lewis.
Cause of death: hypothermia.
Name: Roger James Franklin.
Cause of death: asphyxiation
Name: Gary Elias Gold.
Cause of death: asphyxiation
Name: Janina Marie Peslo.
Cause of death: asphyxiation
Name: Robert James Williams.
Cause of death: Cardiac pulmonary sarcoidosis.
Name: Tessa Jane Escobar.
Cause of death: asphyxiation
The remains of Lena Susan Russell
were never recovered,
she is still listed as missing.
If you have information,
was to whereabouts ...
or the status of Lena Susan Russell,
contact the Des Plaines police Department