Gacy: Serial Killer Next Door (2024) Movie Script

- Come on, mister.
They're, they're too tight.
And it's just not funny anymore.
- Do you wanna know
the trick
to getting the cuffs off?
- No, I'm done with your tricks.
I, I just want to go home.
- Come on. Just answer
the question, all right.
There's a trick. Do you
wanna know the trick?
- No. I don't wanna know the
I, I don't care about your
damn tricks, you sick bastard.
- Do you wanna know the trick?
- All right, already. What's the
- You have to have the key.
- I'm leaving.
- Oh, no.
You only touch me when
I say you can touch me.
- Just let me go.
Ta-Take these cuffs off
of me, you sick fuck.
- Sick? Is that what you think I
What? I played movies for you.
I gave you some drinks. I
showed you my best trick.
And all you can call me is sick?
You haven't seen sick yet.
- Don't you know who my father
- Don't you think
I know who your father is?
My friends in Chicago
control your father, all right?
Your daddy works for my friends.
So no, no, no, no, no, no.
You won't tell anybody
anything because if you do,
your father will be at the
bottom of Lake Michigan
with concrete blocks on his
- Are you threatening my father?
- You're not really in
a position
to ask any questions.
- Get your hands off of me!
Ah, stop, stop, stop!
- I don't normally like to do it
this way.
- No.
- But in your case,
thought this might be fun.
- Think you'd have air this
- Look at it. It's
fucking ancient.
This stuff is great.
You sure you don't wanna try
- No, man.
My, ah, pops would kill me if
I even went close to drugs.
- But you drink. What's the
- Well, to him there's a big
I mean, booze is legal and drugs
- Well there was a point
in time where booze
was more illegal than drugs.
- Luke, it doesn't matter.
Anyway, what'd you wanna show
me way the hell out here?
- Yeah, the barn.
You won't believe your eyes.
- Okay, then show me.
How did you even hear about this
- Oh, I heard about it from Gary
and Beth.
- Long way from home.
- Oh, it'll be worth it.
Don't you worry.
- Well, I'm gonna trust you,
but this better be good.
- Back there behind the wall.
- What am I looking for?
- Go check it out. I'll be right
- I don't see anything.
- I'm coming.
- Luke, what are you up to?
- That was for Mr. John Wayne
Don't fuck with Mr. Gacy.
You've been warned.
- Gacy?
You mean that clown?
- Yeah.
- How much?
- $10.
- $10?
And what else? Huh?
- He, he's giving me payment on
my car.
- Not anymore.
Come on, get up, we're going to
the cops
and you're gonna tell 'em
Get up!
Come here.
Get up.
Come on, let's go.
Ah, fuck me!
- What are you doing?
I, I don't understand.
- You can do that.
- What is happening here?
- You just can't come
in our house and do that.
- Step back, ma'am.
- Stop, stop!
- Johnny, I love you.
- What are you doing?
You can't just come to my house
like this and take my son!
- Mama, don't let them take
- John, John!
- Don't let them take him!
- Johnny, Johnny!
- What's going on?
What's happening? John, John!
Please don't take my son!
- Johnny, I love you!
Come back!
- Wait!
- Mama, don't let them
take Johnny!
- It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
- John, we're here.
We're gonna get you out.
- Johnny, it's gonna be okay. I
- It's okay, baby, it's okay. We
love you!
We'll take care of you!
- Ah, one in custody.
Heading back to the station.
- John, I love you!
There she is.
- Hold on.
This is it.
- Ah.
- Thanks, Mama.
- Well, thankfully your father
with some money saved away.
He loved you. Don't you forget
- I know it.
- I know he might've been
tough on you, but he loved you.
- I destroyed him, Mama.
- You ain't killed your father,
That was cirrhosis of the liver.
The doctors even told us that
alcohol killed your daddy.
And I don't want you
thinking nothing different.
- You know I didn't do
anything to that boy, right?
- You're a good boy,
John. With a good heart.
I know you didn't do nothing.
Let's just put all that behind
Now how about you show me
the inside of that house.
- All right. Come on.
Got a lot of work to do.
- Oh.
I cannot wait to see the inside.
- I can't wait for you to see
- This is so exciting.
- Oh, yes, it is.
- Oh, John.
I, I just can't believe this.
- Yep. And you've got your own
- My own room in this beautiful
- Hey, mister.
Um, mister.
- Yeah, son?
- Um, you just moving in?
- Huh. I sure am.
- Ah, okay, um, well I was just
because I do a lot of,
um, odd jobs around here,
and I was just wondering
if you might need help
moving your stuff into the
- What's your name, son?
- Bobby.
Bobby Walker.
- It is very nice to meet you,
My name is John. John Wayne
John Wayne? Never met
anyone named John Wayne.
- Yeah. Mama named me
after a cowboy.
So, Bobby Walker, how much do
you charge for your services?
- 50 cents an hour.
- I'd say there's about
four hours worth of work
on the moving the truck.
So tell you what, I'll pay
you $4 if you promise to work
twice as hard as you usually do.
- Um, thank you, Mr. Wayne.
I'm sorry, Mr, Mr. Gacy.
- But I wanna see you sweat.
I'm not paying that kind of
money if you don't work for it.
- Okay. It's a deal then.
- All right.
- Thank you, Mr. Gacy.
- Truck arrives at 1:00 PM.
See you soon, Bobby. All right?
- Well, you
certainly are hungry.
- Now slow down there, big boy.
Ah, he really worked you to
the bone today, didn't he?
- Ah, um, no, not really.
He just offered me double
and I wanted to impress him.
Mm, well, you never know what
other work he throws at me.
- Okay, so let me get this
If I pay you more allowance,
you're gonna do more
around the house, right?
- Sure.
- So who is he, anyway?
- Well, tell us a little bit
about him. Where's he from?
I mean, the two of you must
have talked a lot today.
- Well, he's, ah, from Iowa,
but he grew up in Chicago,
and he wants to start
his own construction
business, so he might need me
on the weekends to help him
- Hmm. Wow.
An entrepreneur, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Any kids your age to play
- Um, nah, he just lives
with his mom and his sister.
- Oh, well, sounds like he's a
nice guy.
I mean, if he takes care
of his mom like that.
- Don't get any ideas, honey.
- What?
- Your mother is not moving
into this house with us.
- Very funny, Howard.
- May I be excused?
- Are you actually gonna leave
some food for the rest of us?
- Ah. Okay, Dad, it's all yours.
- Yeah. Get outta here.
- Oh.
- Hey, get back here!
- No!
- Where do you think
you're going?
- Oh, shit!
- You're gonna hurt yourself.
- Ooh!
- Yeah, I got ya.
What are you doing?
- Come on, Anthony. Don't you
wanna play?
Wake up. Ah, pretty please?
Come on.
There we go.
It's not so bad, is it?
Come on.
There we go. That's right.
It's not so bad, is it?
Come on. I'm not done yet.
- No, God!
Bob. Hey, you forget something?
- Oh, yeah.
How can I forget my money?
- You all right?
You look like you've seen a
- Ghost? Well, I'm fine.
- All right.
Goodnight hun.
Thank you, John.
You're gonna love it, Mama.
I got your room made up for you
real nice.
You even got a TV across from
the bed.
Got his picture on the
- You are a good boy, John.
- Bobby, get dressed. We're
Hey, you forget already?
We're going camping this
How could you forget
our camping trip, hun?
- Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
That, that's weekend?
- Yeah, silly. It's this
Now get on up. Pack your bag.
Dad's already got the stuff
He's waiting on you to help.
Come on.
Get up.
- Yeah,
I've been in probably
every state park around here.
- Really?
- Oh yeah.
Lots in Wisconsin too.
- It's gonna be a long drive,
- Oh yeah, but that's the best
with the family.
- That's true.
- Oh.
- Hey, just, yeah, just set
the rest of that stuff there.
- All right.
- That's fine.
- There you go.
- Thanks, John.
- Yeah.
- Really appreciate the help.
- Well, what are neighbors for,
- Yeah.
- Hey, sleepy head.
Mr. Gacy's been doing your job
for you.
- Sorry, Dad.
- Probably a rough night
with the ladies. Right?
So, where's the Walker family
- Ah, well, actually, we're
headed to-
- Ah, we're going to Chain
- No, we're not.
We're going to Pere Marquette
State Park. You know that.
- Well, both places are great,
you know.
Ah, Mount Kissimmee though,
they have the best fishing.
- Really?
- Oh, yeah.
And the hikes at sunset,
- Sounds like you've been there
- Oh yeah. Me and my pop used
to go there every summer.
- Oh.
- It was fantastic.
Oh, man.
You got no fishing poles.
I'm glad to loan your mine.
- Oh no. Come on.
Ah, I wouldn't want to impose.
It's okay.
- Come on, no, no, no.
It's not a problem at all.
- No, I wouldn't wanna impose.
- Come on, neighbor.
- All right. What, what do you
say, Bobby?
Wanna do a little fishing?
- I don't, I don't, um...
- That's a yes right
- Yeah.
- I'll go grab 'em.
I'll be right back.
- What is wrong with you?
I mean, Chain O'Lakes?
I mean, we've never been there
- Dad, that was a diversion
and you didn't play along.
- Play along? What are you
talking about?
- I, I don't want him
knowing where we're going.
- Ah, why?
- I just don't think he should
know our personal business.
- All right, Bobby, look,
he's our new neighbor.
Is that the way we've taught you
to act?
I mean, let's just give Mr.
Gacy the benefit of the doubt
and assume that he's just as
as everyone else on the block,
- Sure, Dad.
- Hey. Hey.
Don't patronize me, Bobby.
- Hold on.
Come on.
Just, ah, just relax.
I know I have some scotch
Watch your step.
One, two. There we go.
All right.
Come on. Almost there.
And in.
- Okay.
Okay. I'm fine.
I made it out. Not dead.
- Hey Bobby, how you been doing?
- Hey, Mr. Gacy.
I've been good. Yeah.
- I could use your help this
week if you got any time.
- Yeah, no, I'm, I'm, I'm busy
this week.
I'm, I'm sorry.
- All right. Just let me
know when you're available.
- Will do, Mr. Gacy.
- All right. I'll catch you
- Ah, Mom, ah, we should, we
we should really get going.
- Honey, we haven't even found
a gift for Aunt Barbara yet.
And there's a store down there
that I know will be perfect.
- Yeah, Mom. I know, it's just,
Um, ah, yeah, I have a
lot of homework to do
and I really need to
get home and finish it.
- Since when do you
rush home for homework?
Be patient. It'll only take a
Come on.
Hi, Mr. Gacy.
- Hello, Walker family.
- What are you doing downtown?
Get some shopping done?
- Yeah. I actually have
plenty to prepare for.
Me and the wife are
taking a trip this week.
Huh. I actually had
nothing to wear.
So, Bob, how you doing?
- Ah, it's, it's Bobby.
Right? Ah, my dad only calls me
- Oh, sorry about that, Bobby?
Ah, how's school?
Man of few words,
- Bobby, tell Mr. Gacy
about your school project.
- Um, no, I'm, I'm,
I'm sure Mr. Gacy does,
doesn't want to hear about my
- No. Please tell me,
what are you working on?
- Bobby, what in the
world has gotten into you?
Anyway, Bobby's doing a
construction project for school.
He's building a model house.
You, um, you do construction,
don't you?
- Sure do.
In fact, I just started a
company a few months back.
PDM Contractors.
- Bobby, Mr. Gacy could help
you with your model house.
What do you say?
- Sure. What do you say, Bob?
Come on over. I'll help you out.
I got lots of tools. I can do
Whatever you need.
- Yeah, no, no, no.
I'm fine right now.
I, ah, it's, but it's
practically finished.
- What are you gonna do? Huh?
Well anyways, as I
the Mrs. and I are heading out
of town,
so if you do need help,
better let me know right away.
- Thanks, John.
- By the way, tell that husband
of yours,
he's invited to another
Jaycees party next week.
Some way, somehow, I'm
gonna get that man to join.
- You are just taking this
community by storm, aren't you?
You're a busy man.
- I have actually gotta go. So
I will catch you folks later.
- Okay, well listen, if we don't
see you in the neighborhood
before you go, have a wonderful
- Thank you.
- Bobby, why were you so rude?
- He just rubs me the wrong way.
- He's a nice man. What
has he ever done to you?
- There's something about him
- Okay, let's finish shopping.
Come on.
- So, what are you looking for
A blow? Screw?
- Oh, ah, I'm not gay.
- No?
Well what are you then?
- Oh, I'm, I'm a lot of
things, but I'm not gay.
- Why are you talking to me?
- Ah, don't know.
I just wanna talk.
- Well, I'm not really
in the talking business.
You know, I left my psychology
degree in the house.
You got money?
- Yeah, I've got money.
You think I drive downtown
without money?
- I'm not questioning you.
How about I get in the car,
drive around for a bit,
see what happens?
- Sure. Why not?
- So, where you taking me
- Oh, I figured I'd take
you back to my house.
- Your house? What about your
- Oh no, she's not home.
She's in Duluth visiting her
- Huh.
- So you do any other
kind of work,
or is this mainly the only job
you do?
- Couple other things I
- Well, always
looking for big, strong guys.
- No, no. I don't wanna be
locked down.
- Tell me, what do you
like to do?
- Well, I like to do
this kind of stuff in a motel.
- Yeah. This is gonna be so much
Go inside, relax, I got drinks.
- Ooh, I could really
use a drink.
- We don't need to be
all over town for everything.
Just come in here and
make yourself at home.
- Okay. But we're gonna be in
and out.
- Um, have a seat.
You want something to drink?
- What you got?
- Ah, how's a scotch?
- Sounds good.
- Coming right up.
Here you go.
Mm, mm.
- Ooh.
So, what do
you say we get started?
- You in a rush?
- Well, I'd like to get
a few tricks in at night, you
get back on the streets,
start making some more cash.
- I don't like to rush, so just
- You gotta pay up front.
- How much are you charging me
- Well, since I've already
spent all this time
playing psychologist, it's 50
for a blow.
- Huh. You said $25.
- So you do remember?
Anyway, that was before
I knew I was gonna be
spending all this time with you.
Usually, I'm in and out
in like five minutes.
This is really more like a date.
Anyway, why, why does
your house smell so funny?
- Doesn't smell funny.
- It sure does.
Guess your wife ain't doing her
- You know what? You sit right
I'm gonna go get that money.
So, where'd you say you were
- I didn't.
- Well, where are you from?
- My dad was in the military.
From all over.
Probably spent most of my time
in Norfolk.
- Where's your daddy now?
- Died in Vietnam.
- Oh, I'm, I'm sorry to hear
- Did you go to Nam?
- Oh, no, no, no, no. They
didn't want me.
I was too sickly.
I had a condition as a kid.
- What you doing?
What you doing in there?
What the fuck?
Pogo wants to play!
- What the hell are you doing?
- You changed the price!
- That was in the car,
man. Not in the suburbs.
- Oh yes you did.
You said it was $25 for a blow!
- What's with the clown get up?
- Mm. You know what?
Let's forget about the $25.
Start fresh!
- Ah, let me go!
- Tell me, do you like tricks?
'Cause I've got a trick for you!
- Oh no. I don't like tricks.
I'm good.
- Too bad!
- What are you doing to me?
What are you doing to me?
I said I don't like tricks!
- You're doing it anyway!
- You're really disturbed, man!
- There's a trick to
getting outta these cuffs.
Do you wanna know what it is?
Do you give up yet?
- Yes.
I give up!
I give up. What's the trick?
- You have to have the
- You're fucked up, man.
- No. We've got business to
attend to.
No, no!
No, no!
- This will help you relax.
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
- There we go.
Just sit back and enjoy
- What is...
What are you giving me?
Here we go. Just relax.
It'll be over in a minute. Yeah.
Hey kids, gather around.
Pogo's here!
Kids of all ages. Come on!
Pogo the Clown is here.
Come on. We'll have some fun,
Come on. Oh, don't be
I'm a clown. There's
nothing to be afraid of.
I bring fun and joy and
laughter to the world.
Come on. We're gonna do
magic and balloon animals.
- Mr. Gacy.
- Oh, I'm not Mr. Gacy.
I am Pogo the Clown!
- Yeah, sure thing, Mr. Gacy.
And, um, I'm Captain Kangaroo.
- Bobby, come on, you'll
spoil it for the kids.
Have some fun.
- Okay, Pogo.
Um, do you know where your
mother is?
Because last I checked, she
was in the back of a car
with a bunch of other clowns.
- How dare you fuck with me?
After everything I've done for
but you can't control
yourself, you little punk!
Oh, Pogo's getting jumpy!
Pogo's getting jumpy.
You know what happens
when Pogo gets jumpy?
He's getting jumpy.
You know what happens
when Pogo gets jumpy?
He goes....
- Bobby, wait up.
- Where are you going?
- Bobby, wait.
- You know, there is
something seriously wrong
with that guy.
- What do you mean?
- I, I just know.
- What do you mean, you just
Like there's something
you aren't telling us.
- There's been weird things
that have been happening
late at night.
- Like what?
- Well, for starters, one
night a few months back,
I was in my room and I heard him
pull up.
So I opened the blinds and there
he was.
- You stayed up all night?
- Sure did.
- But what does that prove?
- That that guy never left his
- Bobby, he could have left
when you weren't looking.
- What, you mean, he
just, he just walked out
after Gacy left?
Come on. That doesn't make any
- Well, what are you trying to
- Bobby, you've been
watching way too many movies.
- I wasn't convinced either,
so I walked out of my house and
I, um...
- You went across the street?
- I did.
- Did you go inside?
- No,
but I hopped the fence and
I nearly got myself caught.
- So you snuck into his
- If you tell anyone, I will
make sure
that you never talk again.
- So then what happened to the
- That's my point. I don't know.
He just disappeared and
I never saw him again.
- Bobby, I'm sure he left
when you weren't looking.
- Jessica, come on, I watched
the house all night and day.
He never left once.
- You think he killed him?
- I didn't say that, I said
that he just never left.
- Why didn't you just ask Mr.
- Guys.
- Let's go.
- Let's walk back up.
- Such a freak.
- He just killed him right
there in front of your eyes?
- What's it like to see someone
- It's really, it's not like the
It, it's really sad.
I didn't realize
how much it would affect me.
I think about that man all the
and he haunts my dreams.
- I thought you thought about
girls too?
- I'm being serious here. All
I saw a man being murdered
and I, I did nothing about it.
- How do you know he's dead?
- He might've just passed
out and Gacy took him home.
- Are you going to the police?
- I don't know.
My dad says to always stay
outta other people's business.
- Bobby, going to someone's
house doesn't seem like
staying out of their business.
- Yeah, I know.
- He might already be onto you.
- Yeah. Like remember at the
- He was already onto you then.
- What if I go to the police?
- No, no, no. You, you can't do
Look it, it's too dangerous.
And they won't believe you
I mean, look at Gacy.
He's got the old town
wrapped around his finger.
And if there's no body,
you can't prove anything.
- I feel like you should
just mind your own business
and leave him alone.
Who says he won't kill you too?
- Yeah, I know. I'm just gonna
lay off for a little bit.
- If anything else happens,
you have to go to the police.
- I don't want anything to
happen to you.
- You guys promise you won't
tell anyone?
- Promise.
- Promise.
- All right then. Let's go.
- You guys wanna come over to my
- Yeah, you have a swimming
pool, right?
- I do, we can all go swimming
and I'm actually kind of hungry,
- Yeah, same.
- You guys wanna order food?
- Yeah. That sounds like a good
- You guys see that?
I don't see, what?
Hey, come on.
- Guys, get out of the way,
- Guys, move! Get out of the
- Oh my God, he's not stopping!
- Run!
- That was your neighbor.
Did you see his face?
- Yeah. He looked like
he wanted to kill us.
- Guys, we gotta go now.
He's coming back.
- He's coming back!
Guys, hurry up! We have to get
outta here!
- Let's go!
- He's coming back.
- He's coming back!
Guys, hurry up! We gotta go!
Come on!
- He's coming back!
- Hurry!
- Go, go!
- Come on!
- Come on!
- Faster, faster!
- Oh my God. No.
- Bobby.
What in the world are you doing?
- Mom, I need to talk to you and
about something serious.
- What could be so serious?
- It's about Gacy. Okay?
- What?
Bobby, honey.
Oh, you're a little fighter,
aren't you?
You were supposed to dead, you
little ho.
- Please. Please, just let me
- I can't let you leave. Too
late now.
Come here.
Come here.
You were supposed to be
dead. You weren't honest.
Now you have to pay the price.
- What are you talking about?
- You lied about the price!
Liars have to die!
- I was trying to make
some extra money! Please!
- Oh, ah.
- Kevin, what the hell
are you doing in my house
with dirty clothes on?
- Oh, I'm sorry, I-
- Stop!
- I, I was just getting
some water to drink.
- And you thought it would
be all right to drag dirt
and mud in my home?
- Mr. Gacy,
I, I didn't mean any harm.
I would've cleaned up
any mess that I made.
- What is up with the trenches?
- Two are complete and I'm
starting on the third one now.
- You followed my directions
- Sure did, I, I dug the first
east-west of the family room.
- It's east-west
under the living room,
not the family room!
- Isn't the room with
the TV the family room?
- No, that's the living room,
dumb ass!
Show me what you did.
- Okay.
- And so I believe that he's
the bodies under his house.
- Bobby, that's ridiculous.
That's absolutely
- Bobby, Mr. Gacy is not a
Come on. Honey, he's
president of the Jaycees.
He works with the Democratic
I mean, he helps all the
neighbors for goodness sakes.
- He's Pogo the Clown for God's
- That, that's it.
- What? That he's a clown?
- No, Dad, it's all a coverup.
He's, he's playing the
nice guy so no one actually
pays attention to what
he's actually doing.
Please, go to the police with
They won't believe me.
I'm, I'm, I'm just a kid.
- I understand that,
but you can't go to the police
on a hunch.
You have to have proof.
- And sure I do.
I, I saw it with my own eyes.
- What do you mean, you
saw it with your own eyes?
- Well, I, I, I watched him take
the boys
into the house and they never
- But you didn't see anything.
- I, I saw him yelling.
- Well, but you didn't see
anything wrong.
- The man never left.
- How do you know that?
How do you know that they didn't
leave when you fell asleep?
- Or when you were in school?
You don't know.
- You can't just go around
accusing people of murder.
It's too serious.
- They never leave.
- How do you know that?
- You've gotta believe me.
- It's not that we don't believe
it's just that we're adults
and adults can't go around
accusing other adults of
serious crimes without evidence.
Sit down.
Sit down.
All right, look.
How about we keep an eye on him?
Your mom and I'll watch him
Keep a close eye on what he's up
He's just leaving.
- No, no, no, no, no.
That's Kevin's car!
- Kevin's car?
- I, yeah, ah, Kevin.
The, the, the guy who's helping
ah, dig the trenches in the
- Okay. Why is he driving
Kevin's car?
- Well, because he killed him
and he's dropping his car off
- Or maybe he's dropping
Kevin's body off somewhere.
- That's right, Dad. Now you're
- Or maybe Kevin's body's in the
- How do you think he's
planning on getting home
from that so-called dumping
- Wow, okay.
You guys are not funny.
- Oh, oh, honey, honey.
- Okay.
Come on, buddy.
- Come back.
- You gotta look at this
from our perspective.
- Bobby.
- Teenagers.
- Oh my gosh.
They have such wild
- I need a drink.
- Wait, what are you guys still
doing up?
- Hey, buddy.
We couldn't sleep.
- Gacy?
- Yeah.
Your dad saw him come walking.
- I came to tell you guys.
See, I, I told you something
was wrong, right, Dad?
- Yeah, well, things did seem
a little out of the ordinary.
I mean, he did leave in Kevin's
- And he came walking home.
- You have to admit.
That is pretty unusual.
- Okay, listen.
We don't want you getting in any
So you stay away from Mr.
Gacy until your dad and I
figure out what's going on here,
- I'm gonna go to the
police in the morning,
let 'em know our situation.
In the meantime, let me handle
this. Okay?
- You got it?
- Yeah, of course.
I'm not going anywhere near that
- Thanks for coming in, Mr.
- Thanks for seeing me. I
appreciate it.
- I, ah, understand, ah,
there's something you wanna
- Um, yeah, well.
I just thought it was my civic
to bring to your attention some
of the really strange things
that my family and I have been
across the street from our
- Strange things across the
- Yeah. It's our neighbor.
- Domestic disturbance?
You know, it's pretty common
90% of all the calls I get are
beating up on their wives and
fathers coming home stressed
from work and taking it
out on their children.
- Yeah, well, this is a little
bit more sinister than that.
- More sinister than that?
I'm all ears. Mr. Walker.
- Ah, must be Dad.
- Bobby, Dad would not be
- Hello, Mrs. Walker. Bobby.
I'm sorry to intrude so
early in the morning.
I somehow managed to cut my
phone line
while digging trenches under my
Do you think I can use your
- Oh, well, I'm, I'm, ah...
Um, are you sure that
your phone is not working?
- Yeah, I'm pretty certain.
I just, I need to call the phone
to get 'em out here to fix it.
Um, I, I just can't take a
on missing any phone calls this
- Right.
- If that's a problem,
I can go to the Donnelley's next
- No, ah, come on in. Our
phone is in the kitchen.
And, ah, let, let me show you
where it is.
- I know where it is. I've
been here many times now.
Of course you have.
Um, so what kind of ditches are
you, ah,
digging in your, under your
- I didn't say ditches actually.
I said trenches. Trenches, Mrs.
Ah, they're for drainage.
- Drainage.
- Yeah, um, you know, maybe I
can dig some
for Howard as well.
You know, with the water
table so high out here,
whenever it rains, it's
like a lake under my house.
- Oh, I see, huh.
- Yeah.
Do, do you mind?
- Oh no, go right ahead.
Um, I'll just be in here.
Oh my gosh.
- Hey, Bobby, Darlene.
The detective said that-
- Shh!
- Yeah, I, ah.
- What, what's going on?
- I cut the phone line into my
Yeah, well. It was an accident.
Look, I just need somebody
- Yes, Howard.
- out here to fix it.
- Mr. Gacy
- I know I've talked to you
- needed to borrow our phone.
about it, all right?
- He accidentally cut
his phone lines.
- Fine, just get him out here
- What was I supposed to do?
- as soon as you can.
- A simple no
would have been just fine.
- Thanks.
Hello, Howard.
- Oh, hey, hey, John.
How are you?
- Huh. I've been better.
The wife said that, ah, I
guess you cut your phone lines,
something like that.
- Yeah, sure did.
Pretty moronic of me, right?
You know, it was just one of
those things.
I realized it right as it was
- Mm.
- You know, the shovel
went into the dirt and it was
too late.
- Yeah. Well, these things
- So, um, are are they coming
to, to fix your phone line?
- Yeah, sometime today.
They said they're backed up.
You know, it's the phone
Damn bureaucracies.
- Yeah, sure.
- Is everything all right?
Ah, I thought I heard you say
something about a detective.
- Yeah, no, um, that's just, ah,
my dad seeing if there's a
who can, ah, speak at my school.
- Oh yeah, sure.
Well, I'd be glad to
come and talk to the kids
about being a contractor, if you
- Oh gosh. That's, that's a
great idea.
You know, I could talk to your
at school about that.
- Great. Well, now I should
really get back to work.
- All right.
- By the way, Bobby,
if you want some cash,
I could really use your help.
- Yeah, no, I'm, I'm sorry, I
- Yeah, Bobby, you could learn
more about
the construction trade.
- Yeah, yeah, I, I sure will do,
Mr. Gacy.
I don't have the time this week,
you know?
- Yeah, he has been so
busy with summer camp
and everything.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh yeah, sure. I understand.
Well, just let me know. All
I'm gonna go. I'll talk
to you folks later.
- Let me get that for you.
- Thank you.
- Just let me know if you
need to use the phone again.
- Will do.
Okay. So what did the police
- Well, the police said we need
a warrant,
but they can't get a warrant
without reasonable suspicion.
- Isn't burying bodies under
his house suspicious enough?
- Bobby, all we've seen
is strange behavior.
That's not enough for
the police to act on.
- Is there more to the story,
- What else do you know?
- Did Mr. Gacy touch you?
- He didn't, he didn't touch me.
- Bobby, what are you not
telling us?
- Bobby!
- Bobby!
- Howard, are you sure
about this?
- Yeah, I'll be fine.
Okay? We need proof.
- Just remember, Dad, he
tried to knock me off.
- I'll be fine. At least
I'll know where he is.
- What if he doesn't go out
- He goes out every Friday
It's what you said. He's
a creature of habit.
- Creature of habit.
See, just like clockwork.
Be careful, Howard.
- I'll be careful, okay?
I gotta go.
- Okay.
- Okay? All right?
- Okay. Okay.
- Howard?
- Darlene.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm, I'm, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I, but I lost him.
- You lost him?
- Yeah, I lost him in the city.
Too much traffic.
- Are you coming home?
- Yeah.
I'm on my way home now.
How's Bobby? Is he staying put?
- Yeah. Yeah, he's in his room.
- Okay. I'll be home in about an
- Okay. Be careful.
I love you.
- I love you too.
- Do you live alone out
- Ah, no, but they're not
- Yeah, I don't usually
just go to people's houses.
Well, we'll try it.
Much more comfortable.
- I'm more of a motel guy,
I guess.
- I only did it one time.
You know, I just don't
think it would feel right.
Here, I've got drinks.
Comfortable couch.
I think you gonna like it.
You know, I bet you it's gonna
how you do things from now on.
Come on. Come on in, come on in.
Like the new house? Just got set
I searched for years and years
to find this particular bottle.
Finally found it.
So, I think it's incredible.
Oh, you're gonna love this
There we go. Here you go.
- Man, I'm not doing nothing
until I see some cash.
- Come on, boy.
I told you, I got plenty
of money. All right?
First, let's just see what you
- Look, I, I just, I
don't wanna waste any,
I don't wanna waste my time.
- Waste of time?
You didn't just call me
a waste of time, did you?
- You're not a waste of time.
I just don't wanna waste any of
my time.
I, I'm not interested if
there's no money involved.
- I have a nice home.
I offered you liquor.
You are not going anywhere.
- Get your hands off me.
- No. We'll just have some fun.
All right?
- Please, I'm gonna,
I'm gonna get-
- We'll have
some more alcohol.
- Get your fucking hands
off of me!
You are gonna wake the
- If you cared about the
neighbors, you would never have
had me over in the first place.
Get the fuck off of me!
- Oh. Ah!
We could have had a real good
if you hadn't been in
such a hurry to leave.
- Bobby, are you, are you crazy?
What are you doing
under that house, Bobby?
- I got evidence. I got
My camera.
I need my...
- Bobby, Bobby, stop.
- I need my camera!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Dad, no.
- What is going on?
- Let go, no!
- Hey, hey.
Keep it down. Keep it down.
- I need, I need my camera!
- Keep it down.
Keep it, no. Get in the...
- Bobby.
- Get in the house.
- I need my camera.
- Get in, get in the house.
Get in the house.
What is going on?
- Dad, Dad, Dad,.
No, he, he, he's doing it!
He's killing all the kids!
And, and he, the, the, the, the
are underneath the basement.
I saw it with my own eyes
and I left the camera.
And that's, and that's
the only proof we have.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You're not going anywhere.
You've caused enough trouble
- What? Dad, what, what
are you talking about?
I did nothing wrong!
- You just can't stop meddling,
can you?
Leave it alone.
I, I've had enough.
- What, what are you doing,
- I'm taking the law into my own
- No. No.
You don't know what you're
Howard, you can't do that.
No! No!
Howard, do not lower
yourself to his level!
You can't do that. We'll call
the police.
Just let us call the police.
- And what about all those kids
he killed?
How many other people do you
think are underneath his house?
- That doesn't mean that,
that you can take the
law into your own hands.
We'll call the police. Howard,
we'll just call the police.
Someone's here.
Someone's at the door. Bobby,
- It's him.
Oh my God!
Oh my God! Oh my God!
- Go, go to the bedroom. Both of
Go to the bedroom now! Go now.
- Who is it?
- Ah, John from across the
- Hi, John.
- Hey, Howard.
You okay?
- Ah, sure. Why?
- You don't look so good.
- No, I'm, I'm fine.
How can I help you?
- I'm sorry
to come by so late, I was just
if you might have a spare bottle
of wine?
- Wine?
- Yeah.
I have a date tonight.
You know, it's my first
one since the wife left me.
And I thought it might
be nice to, you know,
bring some wine along.
You know, you're such a classy
I thought you might
have something on hand.
- Um, yeah, yeah.
Hold on a moment.
- Ooh.
- Red, 1968, Sonoma County.
Can't beat that.
- I'm not a professional,
but this sure does look
like a nice blood red.
- Oh, you can't go wrong
with a rouge like that.
- What do I owe you?
- Ah, nothing. Absolutely
It's all yours.
- Thank you, huh.
- Yeah, you, you,
you have a good night.
- Oh, I certainly will.
Appreciate it.
He just wanted a bottle of wine,
so I gave him a blood red bottle
of wine.
- And you just let him go?
- Just stop with the nonsense,
- Just stop it.
- Dad, he's a murder!
- Bobby, just, just
stop already. All right?
I followed him all night.
There was, there was nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
And then shows up on the front
dressed like a political
- Dad.
- running for office.
There's nothing wrong.
- Mom, can you just-
- Honey, honey, please.
- Are you doing drugs with your
- What?
- Yeah, because I know what
hallucinogenics will do to your
- We are all getting
- Mom, can...
- a little bit carried away
You know, I have never
actually seen Mr. Gacy
do anything illegal.
- Yeah.
He might have a pension for
young men,
but it's not illegal.
- Aw, Dad, Dad, I, I, I was...
I went to the crawlspace
on the side of his house,
and there's dead bodies
that are in there right now
as we speak and there's bodies!
- Bobby, just stop it!
I've had enough. I can't take it
- Howard, there is something
going on over there.
- Darlene, now you're
searching for skeletons?
- Okay, now, don't you
talk to me like that.
Don't talk to me like that.
- Let's just all go to bed.
Let's just, let's just
all go to sleep. Okay?
You go take a shower 'cause
you're filthy.
And if you ever go over to Mr.
Gacy's house again uninvited,
I will take away all of your
Look at me. Do you hear me?
- Mom, can you...
Dad, you are wrong about this.
- I hope I'm not.
- Oh.
- Let me go!
- Do you know what the
only thing I like better
than boys is?
Mm. Boys who are all
clean and smell real nice.
Oh, you left your
camera under my house.
Oh, come on.
I've got something real
special to show ya.
- Hello?
- Mr. Walker?
- Yes, this is Howard Walker.
- Hi, how are you? Detective
Yeah, I apologize for calling
you so late.
I just wanted to let you
know that we got a tip
that connects John Wayne Gacy
to a 19-year-old, murder.
And, ah, we're pretty sure
he's responsible for that.
Possibly more.
- Bobby's right.
Thanks for calling, detective.
- Sure, and I apologize again
for calling you so late.
- Yeah, it's, it's quite all
- Mr. Walker. Do me a favor,
Stay in until at least sunrise.
- Yeah, thank you, detective.
- Bobby.
Howard, Howard, look at this.
Look at the floor. He was
dragged away!
- Oh God. Bobby!
Bobby! Bobby!
Open the damn door, Bobby!
Okay. Bobby!
Where are you, son? Come on,
I know you can hear me, Bobby.
Oh, God.
Son of a bitch. Bobby!
Bob? Bobby?
Oh, Pogo's bad!
So, you just had to go
and snoop, didn't ya?
Didn't ya?
You couldn't leave well
enough alone.
- I'm a good neighbor.
- Don't you think?
I was always good to
you, wasn't I?
Come on, Bob. You always
have a comeback.
What's the matter now?
Are you afraid of clowns?
You're gonna like this.
- Whoa, there we go.
Get in.
Bobby, son!
- Bobby?
- Bobby?
- Bobby?
- Oh, no.
Are you a sad clown now? Aw!
You know, you're about
as bad as this poor guy.
Well, no something's missing.
- Ooh, yeah, that's better.
Yes! Now you look so good.
- Oh yeah!
Oh, look at that.
There, look at that.
So, what was I saying?
Oh yeah.
Do you like magic tricks?
'Cause I got a good
one. And you know what?
I bet you'll never figure
out how it's done.
Handcuffs. Regular old
Hey, hold on.
You're ruining the setup. Hmm.
Ah. There we go.
Now, do you know how to
get handcuffs off? Hmm?
Oh yeah.
You give up? Well, hmm?
You have to use the key, dumb
Hey, come here.
Don't you just love the suburbs?
The neighbors washing
your car in the driveway.
The cookouts, ooh!
Kids on their bikes. Yeah.
Hot dogs. Balloons!
Puppies. You've gotta
love the puppies.
- Bobby!
- So, you've seen this
before, haven't you?
I knew you were watching.
I could smell you from
a mile away.
You always did smell
particularly good to me.
- Bobby!
- Ah, dammit.
- Bobby!
- That is the one big
problem with the suburbs.
There's always some jackass
knocking on your front door.
- Bobby!
- Go away
and don't come back!
- Dad, Dad!
- We don't want any.
- Dad!
Oh, he's never gonna find us.
This room has no doors.
You can only get in here if
you know the secret.
Oh, I love this part.
Soon enough, you'll just
slip off into unconsciousness
and I'll do with you as I
- Bobby!
- Oh, you are determined,
Thank you all for a
great time. I'll miss ya!
- Bobby!
Are you okay? I got ya, I got
- Come on, come on, Dad.
- Okay, I got ya.
Come on, come on, come on, come