Gadgetgang in Outerspace (2017) Movie Script

Flight crew.
Have we been cleared
for landing?
No, no, no.
No signal yet.
Carry on.
We should be arriving
in Althurbar soon.
What's our ETA?
Uh, ETA?
Yes, sir.
Two milliseconds, captain.
I think...
It's a Trachlonian
Transpacial cruiser.
Far out!
Copy it!
Copy it!
Making miniature confederation
ships again, huh?
Um, well, yes, sir.
Let me see.
We've almost got the
whole collection now.
Clear for landing.
Docking platform 253b.
Your excellencies, we have
been cleared for landing.
Well done, admiral.
What's happening?
Sorry, admiral.
We've been hit by,
uh, them.
What in the universe are those
little annoying green
second-class aliens
doing around Althurbar
during this celebration?
Don't tell me someone
invited the
Captain, I can't be sure,
but I think they said,
"cleared to land."
Steady now.
Let's bring her in.
You must be pulling my legs.
What in the name
of all the seven
intergalactic divas
is this about?
Tell me, sweeties.
Shouldn't you be
away on this long
super-far and oh, so
important mission?
Well, we finished a
little ahead of schedule.
But you didn't have to,
you know, make such
a big fuss for us.
- Please welcome governors
- Hur and Mennis,
who will kick off our celebration
of 100 cycles of peace.
Pardon me.
I always cry in 100 cycles
of peace celebrations.
What? You've got to be joking.
What do you mean it's
not working, darling?
It should've been
ready yesterday.
I'm coming up there
in 3.5 seconds.
Me, me, me!
Why me?
These underpaid martians
don't know the difference
between a state celebration
and a tailgate barbeque.
And you, little jelly-bugs,
are coming with me.
If I let you Invas in
for just a second,
this celebration is doomed.
Whoa! Wow!
Paladin robots? Incredible!
Don't touch them.
They're relics.
Are they the real thing?
Real, honey?
These are the
only remaining robots
from the great war.
It was on special
request of governor Hur
that we set them up
here for all to see.
Do they still work?
Are they functional?
Frankly, my dear,
why do you care at all?
Of course they don't.
They're de-energized.
Non-functional. Finito. Kaput.
Which means it's
basically for decoration.
Sir, the fireworks are ready,
but there seems
to be a little glitch
with the remote control.
My gosh, this is so
beneath my pay grade.
Do I look like an electrician?
Chop, chop.
Fix it!
Me, me, me!
Why me?
Relax, guys.
It's stable.
Then whose little alien
finger will push the button?
But, sir, it could be dangerous
to be next to the cannons
when the fireworks go off.
It'll be dangerous for you
if by the end of
the governor's speech
I don't see that tiny little sky
in there all
puffing and sparkling.
You hear me?
How dare you...
Hey, a little early
for all this, huh?
That's all you Invas
are capable of.
Incorrigible peasants.
The interplanetary leaders
will be here for
the celebration.
We can't put them at risk.
But, your excellencies,
we want to stay for the party.
These seven
lame brain-munchkins
need to be out of
the planet capital
before they mess up
the entire celebration.
But, sir...
You must understand,
this celebration is not...
You are a menace!
It's not an event
you'll appreciate...
The intergalactic confederation
doesn't need Invas...
Sorry, but we
need to ask you to...
Get out!
Get lost.
If you don't mind.
Sorry, about this.
Talk about overreacting.
I put on my best
uniform for nothing.
What do they think we
could've done wrong?
Congratulations, everyone.
All of you have done
an excellent job.
I'm sure the science jury
is going to take one look,
and agree with me that
you deserve the first prize.
Come, let's go.
We better get moving now
if we want to reach the
space observatory in time.
Come on, Phoebe.
Time to get on the bus.
Have you seen my brother?
Fortunately, no.
Gregorio, they're
gonna head out without us.
Big deal.
What's so hot about going
to a space observatory
without taking our telescope?
Oh, of course.
Observatories usually
don't have telescopes.
Not like ours.
Here you go.
We missed our chance.
Now we'll never
get there in time.
Chill out.
Don't be such a Sheldon.
Your move, Mitsue.
Launch the spirit
of Zanza, come on!
I'm trying, but this crazy
thing don't wanna...
Come on, Mitsue.
Do it now.
My battery is out.
I gotta recharge it.
Later, dudes.
I don't think it's funny!
Where are you?
Our last test with this
machine was a total flop.
Yeah, that was before
I tweaked it a bit.
She's ready now.
And the seat?
Where does it come from?
I took it from tank's bike.
He's so out of it,
he left that piece
of junk in my garage
and never came back for it.
Did you hear that?
Gregory, are you nuts?
Give me back my bike seat, man.
Hasta la vista, Tanque.
Get out.
You, like, got a photo
with the Justin brothers?
Nobody gets close to them.
That's why I left in my camera.
If I'd posted it online,
you would have said
it was Photoshop.
Mary Anne, are you nuts?
Taking this camera on the trip?
You might just lose that pic.
Dudes, I'm telling you.
The truth's out there.
Yeah, right there on Wikipedia.
Oh, come on, banana.
The alien from Roswell?
But they're close
and always watching us.
Huh? Mmm.
Let's go, we'll miss the bus.
Agent Mulder here can take
his own flying saucer.
It's not working.
Wait. It has to warm up.
You just wait!
One day... one day I'm gonna
show you that they are among us
and they are light-years
smarter than you goat-heads.
I bet you didn't know they trim
their bangs every two weeks.
I'll give it back later.
Hey, are you crazy?
Give me back my camera!
Come back!
Gregorio, you are very late!
Wow. You sure know
how to make friends.
Give me back my camera! Whoa!
That's mine!
Relax, we still can fix it.
There's just no way.
You're all a menace
to this school.
But, Ms. Clarisse,
this was an accident.
Spilling coffee on my
blouse was an accident.
Tripping off the stairs,
an accident.
But this, this...
This is a disaster!
A hecatomb, a tragedy!
But we were crazy about
going to the observatory.
It ain't fair.
Not fair?
Your little space game
trashed the work of
the entire school.
I'll tell you what's fair.
But, principal, I've
been waiting for this trip
since the beginning of the year.
You don't understand!
The jury will be
coming back in two days
to judge our school's entry,
which is now destroyed.
It's all his fault.
Hey, man!
Don't put it on me.
Who cares whose fault it was?
What's fair is that none of you
are going to the observatory.
You'll all stay behind
to rebuild that model.
My mom's gonna kill me.
And I'm gonna kill this moron!
You have until Monday, or...
Just because of this dehydrated
old tapeworm.
Or all of you will be
expelled from the school.
Two days,
that's all the time you
have to rebuild the model.
The prize is in your hands now.
At least we'll spend the weekend
looking at some planets, too.
Awesome, the whole weekend
painting little Styrofoam balls.
I never wanted to go on
this lame field trip.
And now I gotta do
extra homework?
Chill out, dudes.
Let's do it quickly
and it'll soon be over.
Far-out, we're gonna spend
the weekend together.
Great, bunch of freaks.
Seeing you all here
at the capital again
makes me very happy.
I can see you're all
thrilled to be here.
We haven't been
together like this
since that movie premiere.
That one with the little guy
with the stretching neck
and the glowing finger.
The confederation has
maintained universal balance
and Harmony for
100 universal cycles.
Each day we need
smaller armies
and fewer weapons.
Chocolate. Dandy.
Let me try the jalla juice.
There is no try.
We can dedicate more resources
to knowledge and preservation.
He's back!
Don't move.
Behind you.
All of you, freeze.
You're always babbling on
about the same thing.
What you call balance is
nothing but stagnation.
Change is what
this universe needs.
If you haven't noticed,
you are all my prisoners now.
I need phone home.
Mennis, your time is over.
Bow to your new leader.
Me, Gana Gobler.
All interplanetary leaders
are in Althurbar, Gobler.
Your excellency, a small craft
was seen leaving the
planet in sector delta.
Oh, that's nothing, Gobler,
just a few useless Invas
that we expelled
from the ceremonies.
But I said,
"no one leaves."
They're insignificant.
No one!
Destroy them!
Captain, we're ready
for the optic-stellar jump.
What's our destination?
Take us home, Invaxia.
No, no, no.
I don't wanna be explaining
why we didn't stay on Althurbar.
What the...
We're being attacked.
What'd we do this time?
Being kicked out wasn't enough?
We've been hit in the fuel pipe.
Why'd this have
to happen on my turn?
What should we do, captain?
Give up, wave the white flag.
I don't think they like it.
Press the panic button.
But we don't have
a panic button.
Must have been vaporized
in the attack.
Sorry, I can't control
myself with all these toys.
And where were you going?
I was going to take my place.
Ooh. Your place?
Well, there's no
more, "your place."
I don't share power.
But, Gobler...
Your highness.
Your highness,
we had an agreement.
Invas spacecraft
eliminated, sir.
We can't leave any open holes.
Hmm, Invas...
It's impressive, folks,
he avoids one, then two,
but then splat.
Not able to avoid crashing
into an asteroid.
Could someone please turn off
little El Michels here?
Ah, Gregory, stop
your ragging, huh?
Give me the joystick.
Hello, weirdos? We're not in this
mess to play video games, remember?
You guys said it was
your last turn.
Now it is.
Chill out, Mitsue.
It'll be quick.
The dude's a loser.
Really? Turn down the TV!
Are you guys deaf?
That was not the video game.
I swear it wasn't me.
What is it?
Looks like something
from an amusement park.
Yeah, from the last century.
Judging from
the smoke coming out.
You think somebody's inside?
I knew this was gonna happen.
Can't you see?
It's an invasion!
That's a UFO! A flying saucer!
A flying saucer?
Okay, and I'm the lead
singer from iron medal.
O-m-g, what is this?
Don't touch them,
they might be radioactive.
Poor things.
They're so cute.
Cute? I'm cute.
They're green!
I am out of here!
I knew there was
intelligent life out there.
Intelligent, huh?
We're from another planet.
We come in peace.
That button you just
pressed, what's it do?
It's our automatic
language translator.
It helps anyone we meet
understand everything we say.
Whoa! With that thing there,
I can totally not flop
on my Spanish test.
We were attacked and
crash-landed on your planet.
A real star war?
No? You got it.
We were lucky that
we didn't disintegrate.
And other aliens,
the ones that attacked you?
What'd they look like?
Do they tentacles
inside their mouths?
Or, I don't know,
a little drooling mouth
inside their mouths that
comes out when they're mad,
and blood like acid?
Or did they hunt you with tiny
laser-sights and then collect your skulls?
We don't have
the slightest idea.
Hold on.
It could've been an accident.
Get a load of these computers!
What does this do?
My seven Inva captains,
we need your help.
The confederation
celebration was a trap.
We are being attacked.
And the interplanetary leaders
are prisoners here on Althurbar.
Find king Mnemus
on planet Coloccus,
and tell him what has happened.
Help us, seven Invas.
You are our only hope.
The whole universe
needs our help,
and we're stuck on
this primitive planet.
Hold on, little creature.
We do have technology here.
Maybe we can even get
your saucer flying again.
Doubt it. Besides the damage,
we also lost all our fuel.
There's nothing to worry about.
My brother will fix it. Me?
We're really good at
building things out of junk.
I mean, not that
your spaceship's junk.
You're right. Maybe it's
not totally trashed.
Get real!
Instead of making planets,
we're gonna become,
like, space mechanics.
You make planets?
Not like real planets.
I see.
Like these little spaceships?
Get out!
You made these?
Yeah, but stuck here,
we can't print anything else.
Looks like we have a really good
reason to help you guys out.
And there goes
Mary Anne Basbaum,
adding seven more weirdos
to her b-f-f club.
This is the flight stabilizer.
It spins in the opposite direction
to balance the movements.
I think I know what'll
work as a substitute.
But even if
we replace all the pieces,
what do we do for fuel?
You sure you can't use gasoline?
No one uses those smelly
fossil fuels anymore.
Our engine runs on
a blend of liquid and gas.
We use carbon dioxide mixed with a little
sodium Chlorite and phosphoric acid.
A fuel that's a liquid
and a gas at the same time.
That is high-tech!
And that's not all.
This is the best part.
Our liquid-gas
doesn't do anything
until it comes into contact
with this catalyzer pill.
Ooh, mint candy.
It'll be pretty hard finding
something like that here on earth.
Can I take a look?
You won't believe this.
Hey! This is our fuel!
You bet, my little green friend.
Your fuel is Gasacola
mixed with mint candy.
Too much sugar
will give you a headache.
Hey you guys. What are we waiting for?
Let's do it!
Check this out, dudes
let me tell you
a little story
a spaceship
took a thrashing
in an alien Fender bender
the paint-job
got all scratchy
"no problem"
said the commander
limping to
a custom shop
we took it near
the milky way
ain't got no budget
to repair
instead of paint
graffiti spray
double power, supercharging
need to jump us
to light speed
mold and fit even larger
creature comforts that we need
yeah, my brothers, lay back
horns replaced by subwoofers
headlights by laser beams
like a hot rod
flying saucer
way beyond
our wildest dreams
now, the gas station we're
pumping found another kind of fuel
when this baby hits a bump
there's no shaking
and it's cool
pedal to the metal
no more time
to be marooning
got to get to
where we're going
with the v8 motor tuned
not bad
easy now
this is
the intergalactic ride
come on
Excellent, who wants
to serve the universe?
If you like, on the way, we
can also print some planets.
No, Phoebe. You stay here.
A little girl like you doesn't
belong where we're going.
Mitsue, you stay here with
Phoebe while we're gone, okay?
Yeah, right.
Don't look at me.
Do I look like
a babysitter to you?
Besides, you don't even know
what the solar system is.
It's a group of planets
that orbit the sun.
Now, can I go?
But you gotta promise
to listen to me.
I promise, I promise, I promise.
If that's all settled,
then let's get out of here!
Activating boosters.
The Gadgetgang in outer space!
Is something wrong, Hur?
Your face is looking
uglier than usual.
The saucer you mentioned
wasn't completely destroyed.
We detected their signal
close to planet Coloccus.
I've already sent two predator
ships to finish the job.
There's nothing to worry about.
The Invas are an inferior race.
You're as brainless
as your old friend.
Everything is under control.
We are talking
about Invas, Gobler.
You never were good at history.
Of course, you wouldn't know
about an ancient legend
that says Invas descended
from a great unknown power.
Power? Invas?
Prepare my ship,
I'll take charge.
Put on the translators,
or else you won't understand
what these life
forms are saying.
I can't believe you brought
along extra clothes.
New places, new looks.
Like it?
I mean, it might
be hot out there.
Are the translators activated?
Um, maybe not.
Sort of, like, last year's look.
Maybe if the sleeves, uh...
Si fuesen un poquito
ms largas lo podria...
You put it on automatic.
A little lower on the hips.
It'll go great with knee-high
patent leather boots.
I don't think
it works with it-girls.
I still don't understand
what she's saying.
It might not be a good idea
for you to come with us.
We never know what
we'll encounter.
That's exactly why you little
guys might need our help.
Let's see if there's
any cool spots around here.
Bye, folks! Take care!
Phoebe! Get back in that saucer
and wait till we return.
You guys sure this is
the way to king Mnemus?
How should we know?
We've never been
to Coloccus before.
Are you kidding?
You've got us walking
around on a strange planet
not even knowing
where we're going?
An old Invas scout rule,
when you don't know
how to find someone,
keep going until they find you.
Doesn't look like anyone
is coming to meet us.
I think I prefer
not being found.
They're gone.
Those things must've been
running away from something.
Holy shoot.
It's El Chupacabra!
I don't believe it,
a Chupacabra!
In here!
I don't think
chupacabras are very smart...
They may not be smart,
but they're good sniffers.
Oh, I guess I need a shower.
You did it!
Chupacabras don't like perfume.
Come on!
It's French.
That was close.
It couldn't end like this.
No, it couldn't.
That was my last bottle!
What the heck did you foreigners
do to my dog, digger?
Now, how am I gonna find
where that treasure is buried
without my bloodhound?
That was a dog?
Boy, I was so close!
But when you airheads
sprayed that stuff on digger,
he lost the scent.
We're on a special mission
to find the king.
Do you know where
we can find him?
Are you kin to the king?
No! Do you know where he is?
I hope he don't come 'round
this neck of the woods.
We warned you once.
No trespassing here.
Uh, we was just
passing through, partner.
I will take you to the king.
You want some?
Your move.
Hey, tank.
Stop hogging the soda.
Go on, your turn.
Take his piece.
Eat them up.
I didn't mean that.
You guys eat plastic?
Goddarn it!
Always some earthling
messing up my day.
Hey, I know you.
I think you're...
Dudes! He's that alien
from Roswell!
I knew I'd seen this guy before.
Dudes, I'm telling you,
the truth's out there.
Wow, get a load of that view!
I knew this was gonna happen.
Sir, I found these intergalactic
intruders in the prohibited territory.
Visitors to Coloccus?
How did you find our planet?
Found it here, in my hitchhiker's
guide to the galaxy.
Hey, we're not with this,
this Indiana Jones from space!
We're here for something else.
We're looking for king Mnemus.
What did he say?
It was him!
He said it.
I think Mnemus is, like,
a bad word in their language.
I hope is one of those
not-so-bad, bad words.
Who are you?
We're Inva captains.
Our ambassadress ordered us to
find the great king Mnemus.
But why would the Inva
ambassadress send you to Coloccus?
That's a long story.
The confederation
was being attacked,
and all the interplanetary
leaders were there.
Prisoners in
the planet's capital.
I, too, am a descendant
of the Inva.
But, how is it you
came to live here?
The Invas were
a powerful people.
A great Inva scientist
developed a weapon
that provided Invas
with an unimaginable power.
By any chance,
did it happen to be a ring?
Our leaders became greedy.
Power changes people.
Even for a gentle
people like us.
What a voice!
The struggle to control
that all-powerful weapon
cost many lives
and much suffering.
The scientist left
Invaxia with his family,
taking along with him
the weapon he created.
That long forgotten
scientist was my ancestor,
Invocalus Mnemus.
He brought his family to
this dry and hostile planet
in an effort
to restart his life.
The federation has long
forgotten the planet Coloccus.
There is no technology here.
That's why, my young ones,
you won't find any help here.
You can't ignore this!
The universe is depending on us!
That's not our problem.
I shall not involve
Coloccus in a new war.
We came to this planet to remain
far and forever from that.
He's just a little selfish, huh?
We're going to take you
back to your ship.
It's a UFO
abducting another UFO!
We need to go after them!
You must help us!
I hope I won't regret this.
Where are the other Invas?
Phoebe, chill out!
These robot dudes
aren't Mr. nice guys.
Ah! My balloons are ready.
But they're not yet elevated
enough to speak with me.
These objects have remained
unseen by many generation.
This map shows where
the pieces are hidden,
and this is the key
that opens the temple.
You picked a fine time
to play treasure hunt.
Did you say, "treasure"?
According to the legend,
this map leads to the
location of the lethal weapon
that could destroy
all other armies.
It's just a bunch of guns?
What do you mean, "just"?
That's exactly what
we need right now!
The contents of the temple
have never been revealed.
According to the map,
the temple is at the south
pole of the planet Incos.
This could only be a legend,
but I think you have
no other choice.
There's just one little problem.
We don't have
a spaceship, remember?
I got me one
but to run you varmints around,
it's gonna cost you...
15% of that treasure
in my hands. Deal?
What a nice guy.
Hey, digger!
Is this your ship?
You're more brave
than I thought.
Whoo-hoo! All aboard!
I couldn't keep doing
that voice much longer.
Somebody gonna point me
in the right direction?
Let me see.
In 300 miles, turn left, then
proceed for 4,000 miles.
At the roundabout on the second
moon, take the third exit.
What kind of space junk is that?
I like this one.
Listen, you are going
to have a big problem
if you don't start talking about
what you were doing
on that deserted planet.
Your highness,
a transport has been
sighted leaving the planet
where we found the prisoners.
I knew my brother
would find a way to rescue us.
Rescue you?
And who is going to save them?
Change course.
Let's find out
who's really behind all this.
It's gotta be that one
over there!
Buckle up, everybody!
We're going in!
Everyone sit up,
put on your safety belts.
Whoa... huh?
Steady! I want them alive.
A little closer...
Where did that come from?
We lost an engine!
Hold on!
You know how to fly this thing?
That's the way to go!
Where'd you learn to fly?
My mom always said that
video games were useless.
I almost got it!
I don't know what's worst...
Being hit, or watching this.
Okay, okay! Watching Gregory
was better than this!
That guy's got one of them
back-end Cannon things!
Can you guys land this ship?
With one engine
it's gonna be hard!
You can do it, Greg!
Keep them on the radar.
I think they forgot about us.
We gotta get out of here,
I need to scratch my nose!
Let me give you a hand.
That's not helping.
Nice job, tank!
Right on, tank!
How'd you do that?
Oh, gross, tank!
Collision imminent.
Hold on for dear life!
I think we stopped.
Whoo! Kid, that was a
textbook landing.
Our center of gravity
has been disrupted.
Guys, don't move!
Bring them in.
Sir, their spacecraft
is unstable.
If we use the tractor ray
we can bring them down.
All soldiers to the attack!
Stop moving around, banana.
Wasn't me,
I'm not even breathing.
That felt more like a...
Oh... but...
Where's that caterpillar now?
You gotta be kidding.
We don't understand
anything about this.
Hey, a computer is a computer.
And anyone who can get
around my dad's computer
can get around any computer.
Look! That's ours!
Looks like it's stuck
in a force field.
Can you disable it?
Hmm... give me a sec.
Give up! You are surrounded.
They're coming, dude!
I think we better
listen to them.
Oh, no!
We can't let the Inva treasure
fall into the wrong hands.
Just leave them tin cans to me!
How do we close it down?
Guys! This is it.
Jump this way.
Are you all right?
I'm amazing!
Don't you agree?
I suppose we've lost them.
Zombie robots!
We better step on it!
They're on our tail.
Dang. These rust buckets
are sure tough!
Come on!
Good, Gregory!
Dude, I'm banana.
Oops, sorry.
You all look alike to me.
Cease fire.
Why did you hit me with
that stupid stone?
Oh, my bad!
Look, I can see them!
Wrong direction.
Phoebe! I told you this was
too dangerous for you!
Really? Who just rescued you?
Ha, ha.
Got ourselves another
new friend, eh?
Looks like I'm pretty good
at attracting weirdos.
Reckon there ain't
nobody weird here.
You talk funny!
Where's the map?
Got it here in my backpack.
We need to reach
this tower, here.
Your highness, we've got them
in our sights. Should we fire?
You still don't get it, do you?
Their escape was
part of the plan.
Was it?
Over here, you guys!
We've got to turn that key.
According to the map,
we can't rub up against
the sides of this cave.
Otherwise, what?
It doesn't say.
Leave it to me!
My arm is skinny.
No way!
Boring! You never let me help.
My arm is not that thick,
I think I can do it.
High four!
I guess the key goes here.
I will get it.
Maybe it needs a battery.
Strange... it's missing
a piece, isn't it?
Is this what you're looking for?
I'm just as anxious as you
to discover this mysterious
Inva technology.
Put down your weapons,
or this is gone!
Now step back!
Enough, kid.
Your show is over.
Let my brother go!
That's my friend!
Let him go!
Look here, you worm in a bottle!
Free the kid or I'll...
Or you'll what? You idiot!
You wouldn't.
Are you hurt, Greg?
Put it down, kid.
Now, if you stay quiet,
I'll let you live.
If this passage
has been violated
bringing you to this
forgotten vault,
then it means
that my successors know
that the time has come.
My research may be used
to defend the ideals
that I've always believed in,
but you must use what's
herein with wisdom.
Why did I waste my time
chasing after something
that belongs
to these useless goofs?
It can't be...
Everything is broken.
Space junk.
That's your treasure.
That's not fair.
This is the essence
of the Inva people.
A revolting green slime
that destroys
everything it touches.
Start teletransport,
We've already wasted
too much time here.
Yes, your highness.
You belong to this trash heap.
Rot here with the
rest of this junk.
Set a course for Althurbar.
I've been away from the
capital for too long.
We should never have
involved you in this mess.
No signal from Roswell.
I guess he didn't...
It's all our fault.
There's no way... it's over.
Why did we fall for
that stupid old legend?
That worm in a bowl was right.
We're just a bunch
of useless goofs.
That's it!
Gana Gobler was right!
Come on, this is no time
for you to be picking
on the little guys.
Really, Greg?
You don't get it?
The green slime is the
essence of the Invas.
These ships aren't
the Inva's treasure,
don't you remember
what the king said?
"In the cave you'll
find something
"that will destroy the
best equipped armies!"
Look over here.
This green slime has the power
to destroy any technology.
This is the Inva treasure.
What a nice treasure.
These old spaceships are here
just to show how
this stuff works!
Awesome! This goop is a
weapon of mass destruction!
But, how we gonna
get out of here?
You mean this junk?
Oh, no! This isn't junk.
It's the raw material we need.
I'm in, Gregorio.
That could work.
That caterpillar will
get what it deserves!
Oh, you really are silly.
Huh? Hmm!
I'm serious! I sent them
a very detailed message.
They must be on their way.
I'm sorry my dear,
but I have to tell you,
we're all gonna die!
Gobler is up to
something bigger.
If we are still alive
that's because he needs us.
Sooner or later that hiding
nose-dirt will come out.
Hmm? Hmm? Hmm.
Who threw this in my chair?
Your highness, I... I
didn't know you were back.
Call the leaders and
convince them to join us.
Oh, Gana, shouldn't we wait for
things to calm
down a little bit?
You know, the relationship
between me and them
is not at its best...
Oh, you lazy pachyderm!
Leave it to me.
Take them to the boulevard.
I'm going to make them a little
offer they won't be able to refuse.
Ahh! Why do I have to do
everything around here?
How nice it is that you
all came to see me.
We need to talk.
Let me be straight
with you people.
This confederation thing
just wasn't working.
All this, "respect
primitive species..."
And "don't interfere with
planets in development."
Blah, blah, blah...
Wake up!
There are a few advanced
cultures in the galaxies.
Who could forget how
superior we are?
Lower species should
take a lesson from us!
You are going to get
what you deserve, Gana!
I'm afraid I have a little
bad news for you, miss Inva.
Your teacher had to leave
and she won't be coming back.
What's the problem with using
forgotten planets
as garbage dumps?
Recycling is a waste of time,
look at me.
Nature needs to be modified.
Isn't that irresistible?
No one will take part in
your perverse alliance!
Very well.
Have it your way.
I knew you wouldn't.
You can't say I didn't
give you a chance.
Take them away!
Execute them!
Execute the prisoners?
But that was never agreed to!
Killing all the leaders in the
galaxy was never part of our plan!
I would not have agreed with you
had I known this before!
Oh, so you don't agree?
Who's first?
Guess I'll choose...
Me? No!
No, no, why me?
You can't do this!
Calm down, you'll have
to wait your turn.
Captain, we've sighted
a squadron of ships
approaching the main boulevard.
We're coming!
It's just a video game, tank.
Just a game...
Feel the power of the slime.
Distract the soldiers while
we try to free the prisoners.
Perfect! Looks like we
have their attention.
Follow me, guys!
Your highness?
What? What is it?
Tell me they're all dead.
No. Your highness, uh...
We had a little set back.
We... we are being attacked.
Attacked? By whom?
An unknown fleet, sir.
Our first response
squadron was destroyed.
Those Invas!
Send all enforcements.
Destroy them all!
They've already gotten to the
other side of the capital.
Go after them!
Good job!
Phoebe, that's
not a place for little kids.
Get back into the ship
and stay there!
Don't touch anything and don't
open the door for anyone.
This passageway goes straight
to the central dungeon.
I'm all right, I'm all right!
Hmm... look who I found here.
Did I ever tell you how great
you look in that aquarium?
Still trying
to save the universe
with those stupid,
irritating jokes?
It's not going to happen.
Commander, close the air
ducts to the dungeon.
What the?
They closed the doors?
Where's Gregorio?
I don't know how, but I think he
must have gotten lost on the way.
Ew! This is gross!
I'm in trouble!
Can't shake them!
I'll cover for you!
There's too many of them!
We're not gonna make it!
Just in time
with the green slime.
I love these spaceship games!
But this game doesn't
have, "continue."
Oh, now it's hide-and-seek.
I already told you, I don't play
games, you insignificant brat.
I think our job is done.
Yeah! We showed them!
Easier than I thought.
Just enough fuel to fly.
Looks like the party
is still raging.
Get ready to go
into ground-war mode!
Yeah! Final stage.
Here come the bosses.
Now we'll find
out if this junk really works.
I'm out of ammunition!
Any of you dudes got
some slime left?
I still got some... uh...
Not anymore.
Take that, tin man!
Ouch, that hurt!
Hey! That's not nice!
This is a little harder
than we thought!
Captain! Send enforcements
to the front of the prison.
Yes sir, your highness!
Enforcements moving.
What is the status
of the prisoners?
Captain! Can you hear me?
Call dropped again.
You need to change your carrier.
Hey! That tickles!
Now you are going to pay
for every stupid joke!
This is gonna
take a while, then.
Ta-da! We are
here to save you.
This must be a joke.
Let's move it, we got a plan.
Come on, let's get going!
Aw, the Invas have a plan.
Isn't that nice?
Ha! Now that's gotta be good.
What don't you understand?
We came here to rescue you!
You? What chance do
you have against Gana?
You are Invas!
You are useless.
Are you serious?
They came here
risking everything!
Against monsters, robots,
enemy spaceships,
and even Gana Gobler,
just to save you!
You bunch of narrow-minded
alien bosses.
You know? You guys
deserve to stay here.
Wait! The earthling
with the big nose is right!
Our arrogance has made us blind.
It's true, it's true.
You're gonna trust them?
Quiet! If there's anyone here
who can't be trusted, it's you!
Well done.
Now, how do we get out of here?
Good question, we haven't
thought of that yet.
Come out, come
out, annoying boy.
This is so boring.
Look... my favorite
little monster.
You know what's the most
disgusting thing about you?
You swim in the same place
as you do your,
well... you know.
We can't win, retreat!
Ah, this is getting pretty ugly.
What'd you guys do
to these robots?
Now you're gonna die.
Give up, Gobler!
You're surrounded.
I always wanted to say that.
Game over, monster in a bottle.
I don't think so.
Back off, and I promise
to hurt you just a wee little.
Game over!
Free the earthling, Gobler!
Don't come any closer,
or I'll finish the kid.
Stay where you are, Gobler!
Let my brother go,
you road-kill vermin.
Perfect! Now I
have two hostages.
I said, take your
hands off my brother!
Phoebe! Get out of there!
Oh, let the little girl
come for the ride.
It'll be so much fun.
What's your problem?
Are you deaf or something?
You shall not pass!
And I thought the Invas were the
dumbest creatures in the universe.
You don't have a chance, brat.
Ugh! Turn that off!
It's gonna be easy
to lock this one up.
It's over! I can't
believe it's over.
And thanks, sis.
You saved me.
You saved the whole universe.
You are my darling heroes!
I knew I could count on you.
Commendable work.
I was wrong.
In the first place, you were wrong
to align yourself with this...
This... evil worm!
You are charged with treason
to the confederation.
But it couldn't be
helped, I was tricked.
You will pay
for your unfaithfulness.
You'll be in prison right
next to your friend here.
The confederation is eternally
indebted to the Invas!
It was our duty, sir.
But we couldn't have
done it without the help
of our friends from earth.
There's a great deal of
work to be done here, now.
There are many things
that need to be rebuilt.
And now, I dedicate the new
confederation monument.
That's me, look!
Come on, that's obviously me.
You guys are blind.
Clearly, that's my nose.
As a new confederation governor,
I congratulate the heroes,
responsible for our freedom!
Howdy, folks! Talk about
a bottomless hole.
You know, you still
owe me for that ride.
And now, it's your turn!
I got a better idea.
Uh, mine!
The Gadgetgang in outer space!
I've never seen
anything like this!
I don't ever recall there been
a kinetic model, fantastic.
I think we are
looking at the winner.
Oh, oh, yes,
these kids certainly
deserve the gold!
How did you get the planets to go
around in their orbits like this?
Oh, that's simple.
First, we magnetize the planets,
then we polarize them
with electron crystals.
Of course,
with a few distortions...
But not visible
to the human eye.
Which class are you from?
They're the new
exchange students.
Check this out, dudes
let me tell you
a little story
a spaceship
took a thrashing
in an alien Fender bender
the paint-job
got a scratching
"no problem"
said the commander
limping to a custom shop
we took it
near the milky way
ain't got no budget
to repair it
instead of paint
graffiti spray
double power, supercharging
need to jump us
to light speed
mold and fit even larger
creature comforts that we need
yeah, my brothers
lay back
horns replaced by subwoofers
headlights by laser beams
like a hot rod flying saucer
way beyond
our wildest dreams
gas station they're pumping
found another kind of fuel
when this baby hits a bump
there's no shaking
and it's cool
pedal to the metal
no more time to be marooning
got to get to where
we're going
with the v8 motor tuned
not bad
easy now
all aboard, my brothers
this is the
intergalactic ride
come on