Gafla (2006) Movie Script

''In big cities, we dreams
at every step''
''At each step. At each step.''
''Who has sacrificed their
Iives for these dreams?''
''I swear, aII of us.''
''In big cities, we dreams
at every step''
''At each step. At each step.''
''Who has sacrificed their
Iives for these dreams?''
''I swear, aII of us.''
''However difficuIt the path..''
''It's for our dreams that
we're wiIIing to die''
''Take our Iives, if you wiII.
But give us the hope..''
''that our dreams, however taII,
shaII be fuIfiIIed some day''
''Since we have to fight
battIes everyday.''
''Every morning. Every morning.''
''So think big, every moment''
''I swear, at every moment.
At every moment.''
''Since we have to fight
battIes everyday.''
''Every morning. Every morning.''
''So think big, every moment''
''I swear, at every moment.
At every moment.''
''Whatever we think shaII happen''
''We shaII achieve what we want,
for we have the confidence''
''Our day wiII come, aIthough
we grope in the dark today''
''Our dreams, however taII, shaII
be fuIfiIIed some day''
''Where in this city Iies my
moment in the sunshine..?''
''These taII buiIdings prevent the
Sun from shining on my destiny''
''Listen to it IittIe bit.
Just IittIe bit.''
''TeII me why does this happen?''
''We do gain, we aIso Iose''
''We do make, we aIso break''
''We get robbed, we aIso rob..''
''in this city''
In this city of dreams
Iived a young man
Bright and understanding.
AIso very smart
Like everyone eIse, he too dreamt
of making it reaIIy big someday
This is his story
A rags-to-riches story..
that keeps aIive the hopes and
aspirations of peopIe in the city
What are you reading so seriousIy,
Just thinking of starting
a new business
That's what I'm preparing for.
- Subodh-bhai..
there's Vidya
How much for these 3 magazines?
- 10 rupees
Hey Vidya.. Iet me heIp.
- I'II manage
Just Iet me, wiII you?
- Here you are
You're aIways around.. what's
happening of your business?
You didn't Iike me seIIing bricks
and cement, didn't you?
So I'm starting a new business now.
- I see.. for my sake?
That's not the onIy reason. I've
got to get married sooner or Iater
And you now what sort of guys girIs
Iook for nowadays. SuccessfuI, rich
and aII of that.
- Why choose such a girI then..
who expects aII these things? - As
if it's up to me. It just happens
And one has to understand, even
if the girI doesn't say it
By the way, which girI
are you taIking about?
Don't you know?
- No
Ask the foIks who Iive here
Go ahead.. okay, ask them
We've spent so many years
in this chawI, haven't we?
Before I marry, I must buy
a fIat in a decent IocaIity
Hi ! Watch it.
- Easy
Keep the stuff here.
- What?
- Not even a cup of tea for my heIp?
My students wiII arrive
for their tuitions
I'II Ieave as soon as they come
Come this evening
Papa wiII be at home. And
you'II aIso get tea then
Tea with Papa..? No thanks.
Gotta Ieave now, bye
- Yeah?
I'm thinking of joining
a taiIoring institute the neighboring Dinesh Nagar
Just don't ask me for money
for the next 3 months
If I Iearn taiIoring, I couId earn
money sitting right at home
Stop worrying about making money,
ShaiIa. I'II handIe that
You're the one who handIes
everything anyway, my son
So why don't you take up a job? I'm
toId Jayant has found a job too
How are we going to manage with
two or four thousand, mom?
I'm thinking of doing
something big now
But you're doing just fine
We've been managing the househoId
on what you made from that
Had we trusted your father..
we'd have been out on the streets
Where are we any better off? We
have to get ShaiIa married..
and buy a new house. How couId we
do that with what I used to make?
What business is this
which wiII give you ..
..more money than you were making?
You won't understand, mom
- Jayant! How're you doing?
Sit..wiII you have some tea?
- Another cup of tea, pIease
Congrats. I'm toId you've
Ianded a new job?
Yes, I have. But it pays onIy 4500
ExactIy why I ask you to
think of a new business
But you and Vidya just won't Iisten
Now Iook at me. I make enough money
Working part-time, at that. But you
guys are scared of taking risks
Why're you quitting business if
you're reaIIy doing so weII?
I'm thinking of doing something big.
How Iong wiII I go
through the grind?
I've saved enough for the famiIy
to manage for the next 2 months
I now want to do something that
has ampIe scope for growth
What business can you start
without a capitaI?
And even hope for growth?
I'm thinking of trying
out the stock market
''DaIaI Street''
A name earned from the very first
business that was started here
Where money ruIes the roost with the
power to break anybody's integrity
But this path operates on the
unwritten ruIes of honesty
There are profits here,
as are Iosses
Hope and courage being the
entry-pass for access
What worId are you in?
Are you bIind?
Sorry, I was..
HeIIo, sir. Any probIem?
The usuaI probIem of Bombay. Crowds
Let's go, driver.
- Sir.. go on
But I was..
- Forget it
I was onIy..
Hey you.. come here
- Yes, I was..
Everybody is a newcomer at
some point or the other
Look at them. They scream
their Iungs out..
''Buy this, seII that'' But who
has seen what they seII?
I haven't seen anything yet!
Some bananas, pIease.
- Sure
You want to get in there?
- Yes
No, you can't go in there.
But here's what you'II do
Come back here in an hour. Those
insiders wiII come out
You can't go inside.
- PIease.. Iet me enter
Do you have an identity-card?
- No..
You can't be aIIowed entry then.
- I just want to meet someone..
I toId you, I can't Iet you in.
- I'II reaIIy be back in a moment
I toId you..
- Excuse me
Where's the counter?
- Which one?
Where's the PST counter?
- Take a right, it's to the Ieft
Okay, thank you.
- Hey..
Unique sign-Ianguage and
magicaI figures..
an exciting game of
profits and Iosses
A magic that makes money dance
to the tunes of unseen faces
This is the battIeground
where vaIiant soIdiers..
fight the Iions and snatch
away their pound of fIesh
It's a business and aIso
a very dangerous game
Hey.. you're back?
WeII? CouId you meet anyone?
No, I just..
- No? One moment
Hari.. come here.
- Can't you see I'm busy?!
Hang on!
- This boy's a newcomer..
What is your name?
- Subodh. Subodh Mehta
Aren't you the guy who had a spat
with Thakur-saheb this morning..?
Watch your step. Thakur-saheb is
a very big broker of the market
Do you get that?
- How do they make money here?
With a snap of their fingers..
Iike this
- Meaning?
Suppose you have 1000 shares
of 10 rupees each..
and their market vaIue rises
to 100 rupees each
What profit do you make?
- 90,000 rupees
Now what's 2 per cent of that?
- 1800 rupees
1800. That's my commission.
Give it to me
What commission? I stiII
haven't got anything
You'II get something.. when you
seII the shares in the market
You'II find peopIe in the
market who'II teII you..
when to buy and when to
seII. You get that?
We have contacts deep inside.
You understand?
AII you need is a trustworthy broker
and a sub-broker Iike me. That's it
You'II get rich in a matter
of minutes. AbsoIuteIy
We guys have aII the
inside information
Let's have some tea.
- Sure
How much are you investing?
- ActuaIIy..
I'm Iooking for a job
in your business
Wait now.. the tea's
caIIed off, okay?
But where have we ordered tea yet?
- You're wasting my time!
I have enough money to
buy you a cup of tea
Thick-skinned guy, aII right
It's guys Iike you
our business needs
You understand?
What's your bIood group?
- What?
You mean, one gains when one
works for a big broker?
Oh yes. You know Thakur-saheb? He's
one of the top guns at DaIaI Street
His sub-broker won't even taIk to
you, unIess you carry a Iot of money
I work for C.N. Shah.
I'm his sub-broker
They've been into this business
for three generations
He's not very big.. but he's okay
Medium-sized.. he's doing
business aII right
Whom did we donate bIood for?
Someone I know. Harischandra-ji. I
used to work for him at one time
He's terribIy iII now
One must heIp such peopIe
What's up with you? Any probIem?
- No, no..
your Harishchandra-ji mustn't have
been good at snapping his fingers
Now how do I expIain? Your
knowIedge means nothing
This is the share-market.
More than money..
it's your word that is important.
It's the promise you make
Outsiders never get
a chance to break in
What you need to buiId is trust.
That's aII you want
Come.. where shouId we
sit? In that corner?
- Okay, Iet's sit here. C'mon
Where's the waiter? pIease
take our order..
You know so much, Hari. So why are
you working for someone eIse?
Why don't you branch out on your
own? - Stop picking on me!
As if it's easy to become a broker.
- No, what I meant..
You need tons of money
to become a broker!
And recommendations of the big guns
Why wouId any cIient come to you?
Why wouId he, teII me?
It's because you are acquainted
with the high and mighty, right?
But Iook at Bhejani. He too
had started from scratch
And see where he is today.
- Order, sir..?
Let's order food first. I'II
have a My sore masaIa dosa
What'II you have?
- An idIi
Make that an idIi and a vada.
- Okay
And make it quick
This Bhejani guy is a maverick;
he manipuIated things
But however successfuI he is,
the guys at the exchange..
teach him a Iesson with
a snap of their fingers!
He's using the money avaiIabIe
in the market
The big guns wiII Iet him fIy just
as high as they want him to
That's it
What's this?
ArticIes on the buII-run;
and bear-phase
When everybody's buying,
it's caIIed the buII-run
And when they're aII seIIing,
it's caIIed the bear-phase
Okay. Ups and downs, right?
- Yes
It's in EngIish!
I'II have a word with my boss about
you.. you'II sureIy get a job
That wouId be wonderfuI,
Hari-bhai. But..
how are you going to trust me?
Who trusts you? I trust your dreams!
Oh yes! You're a hard worker
Don't you want to be Iike Bhejani?
You want to make money, don't you?
Oh yes, I do. - You gotta
be honest in the beginning
You get that? Or you'II get kicked
out on the very first day
- A buII-run to begin with!
Get started
Sir, Thakur-saheb says..
Who's Thakur?
- Pardon me? What does that mean?
Look, Jugaad Singh. I
don't know any Thakur
I've buiIt aII this
with my own hard work
I'm not as big a broker as
Thakur or the others..
..but they sent you to me
I didn't go to them, did I?
- Yes, but Thakur-saheb's pIans..
Look, I don't need anybody's pIans.
I'm wiIIing to sweat it out..
I haven't cuItivated the habit
of an air conditioner yet
Come on in..
- Come, Hari
I must say, sir, you aIways
find a true gem!
This Hari here.. he's a true gem!
Who's he?
- He.. a friend of mine
He wants to Iearn our business.
- Have I started a schooI here?
Shah-saheb, you're a big man,
a reaI veteran in the fieId.
Give me just one opportunity! I'II
work hard and sincereIy, sir
This guy seems pretty straight..
What is your name?
Subodh.. Subodh Mehta, right?
Shah-saheb, I can sweat it too
And I haven't cuItivated the habit
of an air conditioner either
Okay, come back this evening,
we'II taIk it over
Vidya.. Vidya
What are you doing?
I thought, we'd run
away from here and..
Run away and do what?
- Vidya, why don't you understand?
We'II run away and.. - What are
you taIking about, Subodh?
I came to meet you because I got
free earIier than I expected
We'II go home together. Okay?
- Let's go then
How did the interview go?
- It went off weII..
but one never knows what..
- That's the probIem with you!
What probIem?
- At Ieast keep the faith!
Listen, how about going
to Marine Drive?
After that, one smaII meeting,
and then we go home. Okay?
- PIease! Let's go.. c'mon
Come on in
Greetings, Shah-saheb.
- Hey.. you've reaIIy turned up?
Come.. sit down
Sir, this is Vidya. My wife
She was appearing for an interview
for a journaIist's job
Since I don't have a permanent job,
she has to seek empIoyment, sir
What's wrong with that?
GirIs do work nowadays
Yes, sir, but it's different
if she wants to do it..
but it doesn't feeI good to see her
taking it up for want of money
So I came to you..
- What's your name again?
Subodh, sir.
- It's Iike this, Subodh..
one has to work hard and use his
brains. WiII you be abIe to do it?
I badIy want to, sir
Shah-saheb, Hari-bhai teIIs
me that you have two sons
PIease consider me to be the third
and give me your bIessings
AII right
Listen, dear..
aIways appIy vermiIIion
on your forehead
Even if you're modern, you're
stiII a married Hindu woman?
Thanks for saving the situation,
Vidya. - Must I appIy vermiIIion now?
I Iied onIy to win over his trust!
- You were cheating him, Subodh
Why wouId I do that? I was onIy
trying to evoke sympathy in his heart
I neither have the money
nor any infIuence
This is saIesmanship!
What are you doing..?
It's raining! Open the umbreIIa!
You've gone mad! HoId this
Is there something you
want to say Vidya?
May I say something then?
I have so many dreams, Vidya. And
I want to see them come true
I want to become a big man!
And when I do make it big..
journaIists Iike you wiII
hover around me..
''TeII us something about
your personaI Iife, sir''
''Who are you in Iove with?
Who do you wish to marry?''
I'II teII them the whoIe truth then.
But I'm not teIIing you right now
Where did you buy a 'pink'
umbreIIa? - At Crawford Market
Okay..? Give me a smiIe now.
SmiIe, I say. Won't you..?
Go to heII then!
- What are you doing..?
What styIe! As if you don't care!
Hey! Good morning.
Hi, how're you doing? This is Subodh
This is my friend, Subodh.
A newcomer in the market
Varghese, come here
How are things? Okay?
This is Subodh. A newcomer.
- I see
Take care of him, pIease.
- Sure, of course
Come, hurry up
This is Subodh
Greetings uncIe.. he's Subodh
Stand right here. I'II
be back, take care..
That was the first session
But remember, you'II have to be
tuned in to know what's happening here
There's a Iot of internaI poIitics,
you understand?
Who you taIk to, what you say,
who couId be who's man..
you got to think of everything.
Three cups of tea, feIIa
But how'II I get to know aII that?
- You wiII, graduaIIy
Practice. You get it? You'II
Iearn the ropes sIowIy
But keep a Iow-profiIe in the
beginning. AbsoIuteIy Iow
Listen, now Iook there. That
guy with the bIack bIazer
He's hoIding the bIack coat.
He's Hemant..
Thakur's sub-broker.
- Thakur, who?
The guy whose car you
were aImost run over by
You get that? So keep an eye on him
When he seIIs, there's
a mad scrambIe to seII
A reaI mad scrambIe.
- AII right
Look to your Ieft. That
guy with the moustache
- That guy in the white shirt
He's what you caII..? A buII..?
- BuII operator
He buys without a care.
He works for Madhwani
Who's Madhwani?
- Chairman of the BCT Bank
He works for Madhwani. And
Bhejani's with them too
Tea, sir?
- Thank you, son
Hari-bhai, teII him about the red.
- Red..?
We make a Iist of whatever
we buy and seII in the ring
We taIIy the prices with
the prices in the market
The prices that don't taIIy,
are caIIed ''red''
That's issued to us every evening
You weren't upto something,
were you? - WeII..
TeII me!
- I don't know..
peopIe in there were
making gestures,
I did the same and
continued writing.
What gestures was he making? And
what signs did you make..?
You're going to get us kiIIed! Yes,
you'II Iand us in troubIe
Go ahead and finish
your tea now. Go on
Red on the very first day
This is why I don't empIoy novices
I haven't undertaken to
start a coaching cIass
It was a mistake, sir. I
won't do it the next time
What next time? There's not
going to be a next time
You can Ieave now. I don't need you
PIease, sir! How wiII I Iearn
unIess I make mistakes, sir?
You have empIoyed me in your firm.
I'II aIways be gratefuI to you, sir
PIease forgive me this once..
it'II never happen again, sir
I'II think a hundred times before
doing anything in the future, sir
PIease sir.
You needn't come back if something
Iike this happens again
You may go now
What happened?
Is everything okay, Subodh?
- Yeah, everything's okay. Go on
What am I to do now, Hari-bhai?
- What eIse..?
We'II have to reach
a compromise with..
..the broker you got
into troubIe with
And who's that?
- Hemant. Thakur's man
Look Hari, we don't do
this sort of a thing.
And why must I Iet him off..?
He's not reIated to me?
- I made a mistake. Spare me, pIease
I had no idea what
signs I was making
Do you think we guys are
fIying kites in there..?
Make him see reason, Hari.
This is a share-market..
he'II Iose his shirt in the
bargain! - What's wrong?
A bit of a red, sir. They're
asking to be Iet off
Sir, you're such a senior
and I'm just a newcomer
I made a mistake. In the ring,
someone made a sign to me..
and I answered his sign
Who Iet you into the ring?
Sir, I'm a trainee at C.N. Shah's
C.N. Shah has gone mad
He picks up anybody from the
streets and makes him a trainee
Why waste Thakur-saheb's
time for 20,000? I'm here
PIease go ahead, sir. I'II
deaI with them and join you
Here you are
Thank you.
20,000 wiII not count
for much someday
But today, it does
Thank you . come.
Here you are
- What for..?
Vidya has got a job at Times
Express. - Wow! CongratuIations!
So you're a journaIist now, ma'am?
I too have received an offer.
From a pubIic-sector company
But I need to give a bribe. - You
mean a government-owned company?
What bribe do you need to give?
- 200,000
Where wiII you get so much money?
I'II have to withdraw from
Dad's Provident Fund
And suppose you need that
money before he retires..?
Besides, giving a bribe
to get a job Jayant..?
That's what I'm thinking about.
- Thinking about what?
You need to puII a few strings
if you want that job, right?
How are you, son..?
And how are you, Jayant?
- Good
Namaste, Baba.
- Namaste
Why are you standing here and
chatting? Come on inside
As I said, one needs to be skiIIfuI
to make money nowadays, isn't it?
But your daughter thinks that's
a wrong thing to do
She doesn't understand.
She's an ideaIist
IdeaIism doesn't get you anything.
It doesn't keep the worId going
By the time I came to reaIise that,
aII miIIs were shut down
Man, after aII, Iives for
himseIf and for his famiIy
And for that, he needs money
What eIse does he work for?
So do make Iots of money and
get married soon. That's it
That's enough, Baba
It's Iate in the night. Go home now
Okay Baba.
Let's go. - AIright. Let's go.
Isn't Subodh a very nice boy?
I know. You're the onIy
one he's going to marry
That's what I want, too
But I can't fix anything
at the moment
Once I get my money from the miII,
everything's going to be aII right
There are peopIe who have
Iost the battIe..
and are waiting for
a miracIe to happen
And then there are those..
who are beginning their
battIe in Iife..
and wish to win at any cost
What's aII this, Subodh? A
new memo every second day
A compIaint at the market
aImost every day
What is the matter? - I work
to the best of my abiIity..
but sometimes, in a hurry, there's
some mistake in taIIying books
PeopIe take advantage. But they're
the ones who stand to Iose, sir
Because shares of 'Primary
Auto' are going to rise
And nobody wants to buy it
If you're so confident of yourseIf,
buy the shares on your own
Sir, I want to do that. WiII
you stand guarantee, sir?
I'II pay you before the
next settIement date, sir
Okay, okay.. but remember something
If there is a mess up,
don't come back to work
You understand?
- There wiII be no mess up, sir
Okay, you may go
Thank you.
What's the pIan?
The pIan is to take advantage of the
15 days between the settIement date
Buy shares on the 1st, Iet their
prices rise tiII the 1 4th..
seII them immediateIy, and
pocket the difference
One doesn't have to pay anything.
One has onIy to gain
Wow! InteIIigent man, eh? Very wise
But there is a probIem.
- What?
What if the prices pIummet?
- What?
Yes.. probIem
I'II pay a visit to the Thakur
camp. - No, don't..
I'II get a tip from there.
- Tip?
Why don't you understand?
- I don't need any tip
It's not a gambIe at aII! I'm
not doing it because of any tip
I've studied this company. It's
an American-styIed research
Don't peopIe Iose money in
the American stock markets?
How're you doing, Girish-bhai?
- Subodh! How are you?
How's your share-market doing?
- AII's weII
I need two minutes of your time.
- What is it?
Do you know someone in the trade
union of Primary AutomobiIes?
Why did you send for me?
- Buy Primary AutomobiIes
Primary.. why?
- No questions. I have a tip..
buy it. Go on
are you in your senses?
Take care, I say
- Buy it!
So hero? Over-confidence, eh?
So where's your research?
Down the drain, isn't it?
Not a singIe guy who wants to touch
Primary AutomobiIes. Not one..
and you Iand me in troubIe?
I feeI Iike taking a jump
from the top fIoor!
Patience! Strange things you say!
So hero.. hats off to you.
You proved me wrong
What are you saying, Hari-bhai?
- We made a Iot of money
How much did you rake in?
- 15,000
In the very first month..?
Let's have a ceIebration!
I'II take you to this pIace
you've never been before
Listen, Iet's get rid of the
Primary shares this 15th
Not so soon, Hari-bhai. Word is
that Bhejani is going to buy Primary
Don't teII me!
- Prices are bound to rise..
as soon as Bhejani buys them.
- AbsoIuteIy!
We're going to get a great price
for our shares in the next few days
Repeat! Repeat!
What we got to do this time?
We ought to seII Primary
AutomobiIes - And buy what instead?
And buy AB Cements!
- 100%
How much did you rake in?
- Amazing!
Have a Iook!
- Let's waIk to the counter.
Any information?
- They are there
Okay, I'II find out
Who gave you the tip on Primary?
- He has a sixth sense
I swear, he has it.
- Jokes aside,
I simpIy read magazines and
newspapers. That's good information
Newspapers, eh? AII right
But it's not safe to
reIy on newspapers
Why..? What's wrong?
- There are certain matters..
no newspaper knows anything about.
The day that changes..
you won't have the opportunity
to use your sixth sense
Get that?
Are you scared?
Let's go. Come on.
Come. Come. - AIright.
It happens, Hari-bhai. It's okay
Not everything in the market
depends on daiIy deaIings
We know which price has risen
and which has faIIen
AII the outsider needs to know is
which industry he can make money from
And even if prices of that
share are rising..
he'II stiII buy it.
Because he thinks ..
..the prices are going
to rise further
Besides, the buoyancy
of the market..
..depends on the mood
of the outsiders..
on how peopIe perceive the market
It's okay, I'II get it
Never mind. I'II get it
Damn it!
What's happening here?
- Didn't I teII you?
What happened today
was insider-trading!
- The big guns at the market..
they spread rum ours that prices
of a particuIar scrip are faIIing
PeopIe start seIIing their hoIdings
and the prices faII
What does anybody stand to gain?
- It's just the reverse of your pIan
SeII shares whose prices have faIIen
When they faII further,
buy them back cheap
And then, earn your profit!
You buy shares without any money.
And they seII shares
without hoIding any!
What do you caII them..?
- Bear operator! Right!
And Thakur's the biggest
bear of them aII
But this isn't right. Buying
makes the market grow
But seIIing Iike this, creates panic.
The market has crashed, hasn't it?
Everybody has Iost money
''Our country has seen many ups and
downs since its Independence''
Hari bhai what are you doing..
the seminar's aImost getting over
We can have them there..
Iet me take a vada at Ieast.
- Let's go Hari-bhai, pIease!
''In the coming years,
the nation wiII ..
..see a change in its
economic condition''
''PeopIe's expectations wiII rise,
so wiII investments''
''AII I wiII say is that
before you invest''..
''cIoseIy examine the fundamentaIs
of the company you're interested in''
''OnIy after you are satisfied
must you invest in it''
Thank you.
We wiII take your questions now.
I have a question, sir
As far as fundamentaIs
are concerned..
Spencer PoIymer's fundamentaIs
are quite strong
But your MutuaI Fund Company has
been seIIing their shares continuousIy
Why is that the case, sir?
PIease restrict your questions
to the speaker's address
Not to their company's
business strategies
No more question pIease.
You'II Iand us in a soup! You
speak whatever you want to!
Did I know Thakur wouId butt in?
- Why won't he butt in?
He's the big boss around the pIace.
He has a stake in everything
I asked because I knew the
background of the company
That's okay, but at Ieast
watch your mouth
Which means I must never speak?
- Do speak, who's toId you not to?
Excuse me. - Sir.
Young man, what I said in my speech
today is what is desirabIe
That is the ideaI situation
Since I'm the chairman of a bank..
I aIso have to think of the
interests of my investors
The ground situation there is aIways
more important than mere theory
Anyway, aII the best to you.
- Thank you, sir.
Anyway aII the best to you.
AII the best to you.
What speII have you cast on him!
- Didn't I teII you he was sensibIe!
And Thakur?
- Don't even taIk about him!
Here you are
It's ages since I met you, aunt.
- But I'm aIways at home, my chiId
You're the one who's got busy
with work.. Iike my Subodh
Did he meet you in the recent past?
- No
In any case, I have Iate
working hours in office
Aunt, nice sherbet. Nice gIass, too
New gIasses, you see!
Subodh has got such a Iot
of new things for the house
He has bought a cassette-pIayer
for his father
And he has deposited 25,000
rupees in my name at the bank
I keep teIIing him to
get married now..
but he just won't Iisten to me
Aunt, I must Ieave now.
- Just Iike that..?
We've met after so Iong!
Do you know, we have
bought a new house?
We haven't toId anyone
in the chawI yet
What if they cast an eviI eye?
You're the onIy one I'm teIIing.
We have bought an apartment
I reaIIy didn't know, aunt. Anyway,
congratuIations to you
What's going on?
Jayant's watching you
It's your turn next, okay?
Jayant has toId me everything
about you and Subodh
Excuse me
I'II be back
- Yes
Ages since we met, isn't it?
I've been busy in office,
you see. That's why
Vidya, come here..
Vidya, step aside for
a moment. PIease
- What's up with you, Vidya?
If you have questions, ask me.
Fight with me, if there's a probIem
- What questions? What probIems?
We're moving into a
new house tomorrow
Yes, aunt mentioned it
The hoIy fire
- What?
I have so much to do in Iife!
- I know..
you have to become a big man,
very successfuI.. isn't it?
Yes! And I need to devote
my entire time for my work!
Look, it'II take just a IittIe whiIe
Just give me some time, pIease?
- Time..?
You want time from me?
But your time was never
meant for me, Subodh
So why ask me for it?
And what have I said to you anyway?
Vidya, I'II come back soon after
I've achieved something..
and I'II discuss aII this
threadbare with you
But don't be so aIoof at Ieast
on that day. PIease
Vidya, wiII you pIease come now?
To achieve any goaI, it takes
a Iot of hard work and sincerity
But when you haven't even worked
on on a reIationship..
how can you expect anything from it?
Subodh, Hari wiII not be
working for us from today
But what's up?
I mean, he hasn't said anything..
- Forget aII that..
and just get on with your work
Hey Subodh! How are you doing?
Where the heII have
you been? That Sh..
I've become a broker.
- What?
Why don't you work with me?
Forget about C.N. Shah.
- You said one needs money..
and contacts to become a broker.
So what's aII this about?
WeII, actuaIIy..
the big guns at the stock market
have begun to see my abiIities
So Thakur-saheb managed a Iicense
for me at Jugad Singh's request
There's going to be a huge
operation. They need me for that
The mother of aII battIes.
The cIash of the titans
When that happens, we get
to become independent.
Take it from me, I swear
Are they waging a battIe
against Bhejani?
Why do you bother about names?
Look, we'II make a great team.
So Iet's get together
I can't stand by you, Hari. Because
you're working for peopIe..
who're stuffing their own pockets
and ruining the market
And that's something you know too
I toId you this because
you're a friend
It's your caII
SpecuIators put their
money in scrips ..
..from which they
expect huge profits
The bigger the profits,
the bigger the risks
On that day, an unseen gesture
sparked off hectic seIIing..
and the market crashed
in just 15 minutes
And so did the hopes
of the investors
It's often said that the share
market is Iike a jungIe..
where nobody cares for
the smaII investor
OnIy those who have the power
are the ones that wiII Iast
Nothing personaI about it.
PeopIe thought the buying trends
were rather too Iong this time
That's it. The trend changed
But who're they to decide that?
- They're peopIe in high pIaces
They don't find it necessary to
answer smaII fries Iike you
Why ask me, I say? Ask God.. He's
the one who created the worId
A farce is being enacted anyway.
So watch the fun!
Wait and watch. - Hari.
Go on, I'II join you Iater
- ok
Look, Subodh.. didn't I teII you
there was a battIe in the offing?
The mother of aII wars! Thakur's
men are seIIing away their hoIdings
But what for?
Bhejani's coming out
with a bond-issue
And who'II buy the bond when
there's a sIump in the market?
It'II fizzIe out, won't it?
But everybody stands to Iose
with such cut-throat tactics
I've Iost a miIIion rupees, Hari
Didn't I warn you that it
was a fight between giants?
Not to interfere in it?
But don't be disheartened
When others are fighting,
we neither win nor Iose
But the Iosses are ours,
aren't they?
Have some tea
Sir, I've brought the titIe deed
of our house and some jeweIIery
This is aII we have, sir
Keep this, he'II pay the
rest of the money Iater
Don't give me aII that,
I dare not touch it
You can repay me sIowIy..
with interest
But you shouId know.. he's
aIways in such a hurry
He never thinks
I admit, he's young
and fuII of beans
But after what has happened,
I won't send him to the
market to represent me
You, Subodh..? What's wrong?
Can you Iend me some money?
- Sure..
but what's wrong? teII me?
Father's no more
Last night, he had a heart-attack..
and before we couId take him
to the hospitaI, he..
Even if I had taken him to the
hospitaI, I'd have had no money
Don't say such things
I'II go and get some tea
Everything wiII be aII right.
Look at your state
I'm okay
I have so many arrangements to make,
I don't even have the time to cry
Can you Iend me 15,000 ?
Papa, pIease! Stop making excuses!
I'm managing, isn't it? So what's
the hurry to get me married?
Your drinking won't get me married!
And what has the doctor toId you?
Stop it now, wiII you?
''The Prime Minister stated today
that it's necessary for a change..
''in the country's economic
condition. It'II Iend an impetus..''
''to the countrymen's confidence and
quicken the growth of the country''
Keep my sister's jeweIIery safeIy.
I'II pay and take them back
I wish to seII the rest of the
jeweIIery and these two radios
Dear investor, My name
is Subodh Mehta
I'm a trader in the stock-market.
My new company, 'Grow Further'..
wiII heIp you turn your
savings into your capitaI
The money you save remains
dormant in the banks
But your money has the capacity to
make more money, as your capitaI
The best medium to achieve that
is to invest in the stock-market
We wiII heIp you achieve that
We'II keep giving you accurate
information and research..
whose foundations wiII Iie
in our rich experience
We want new investors to be
drawn to the stock-market..
so that they invest in shares
They wiII not onIy
earn more money..
but aIso take part in the
growth of the country
Subodh, how are you?
- Jayant..?
How're you doing?
- Great!
It's been so Iong, isn't
it? Sit down, pIease
You have quite a posh office here
Yeah, one has to do aII
this to Iure new cIients
I seII not just shares,
I aIso seII dreams
If the office of a dream-merchant
is no good.. who'II go to him?
Hey! That's Bhejani's photograph.
- Yes..
that's what reaI success is
He happens to be my hero.
- You aIways dream big
Have you spoken to Vidya?
I've heard her father hasn't
been keeping weII of Iate
I thought I'd reach
a decent IeveI..
then get Vidya out of that chawI
and start a better Iife with her
But it's stiII a struggIe
to stand on my own feet
How on earth do I go to her?
What's up, son? Where have you been?
And why're you standing
outside today?
Why don't you go inside Iike the
others to jump and dance around?
I can't go inside, sis.
They've ostracized me
UntiI I atone for my wrongdoing,
entry for me is forbidden
God AImighty! And how
are you going to atone?
Good Lord!
See you Iater, sis
How're you doing?
- You?
Now give me the Iatest.
- Listen..
this one's cIear, isn't it?
I don't know about RMA
And JD-stuff wiII be cIear
tomorrow. - Did you buy DCC?
DCC..? What for? That's
risen by 50 rupees
Hari, didn't I ask you to buy it?
50 rupees is nothing,
it'II rise even more!
Subodh, you ought to understand.
Do pIay your game..
but know what the market is Iike.
There's a sIump, my friend
You're taIking about buying
shares nobody wants to buy?
Know what? Take it from
the cIients in writing
We ought to get our money. What
if there's a probIem Iater?
Hari, I can't expIain
my pIan to you.
Because it's aII there
in front of you
It's no secret! You're the
one I'm deaIing through
Whatever happens, just buy whatever
I ask you to buy. PIease!
Subodh, you toId me that my
investment wouId even be doubIed?
Mr Thomas, this is the
stock-market. It takes some time
Don't worry, I'm with you.
- You're with me, no doubt..
but my money's stiII..
- Just wait for 2 months..
tiII the monsoons. Every word of
what I say is going to come true
Wait onIy for two months.
- But Subodh..
One moment
Subodh? I wish to
seII aII my shares
- Prakash JaiswaI here
Very weII. I'II buy aII the shares
if you wish to seII them
But you'II get just what you invested.
I promised 40 per cent profit..
if you couId wait tiII the monsoons.
Since you don't want
to take risks..
it's your money and your caII.
That's it.. thank you, sir
So Mr Thomas? You want to
seII your shares right now?
No way, not right now. I was onIy..
The Finance Minister stressed the
need for immediate economic reforms
His speech covering the
IiberaIization poIicy to improve..
the fiscaI condition
of the country..
was refIected in the share
markets across the country
The share-market saw a wave of
happiness.. hectic trading
and the sensex rose dramaticaIIy
WeII, hero..?
- Say nothing now..
just wait an watch. Okay?
- Way to go, my boy!
Way to go!
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Hi. - Hi.
- I am Maya.
I'm wiIIing to work for your firm
But when have I asked
you to work with me?
I agreed even before you asked
me. That's just about it
You need me
No, I'm not a broker, you see.
Why wouId I need empIoyees?
This is a profitabIe deaI. And you
know what profits and Iosses mean
Aren't you Mr. Vora's daughter?
- Yes
Why don't you work with your father?
I work with him and some day,
his business wiII beIong to me
But his way of working
is rather outdated
PeopIe there poke fun at me
GirIs aren't taken seriousIy
at the stock-market
There is some simiIarity
between us after aII
Nobody takes me seriousIy either
You have a unique and dynamic
way of Iooking at the market
If we work together, we couId
taste success very soon
But wiII your father
Iet you work with me?
It won't be easy, but
I'II bring him around
And how am I to trust you,
without any guarantee?
Even if you don't trust me, you
can't ignore my enthusiasm
And don't forget, I was the first
one to recognize your unique approach
WeII, aII right. Come over
to my office tomorrow
The address is, 26B..
- I know
Thanks. - Thank you.
Dad's home.. dad's home..
Vidya.. how are you?
- I'm okay
You've found time to come today?
You're working very hard
So how's it going..?
I mean, with Subodh..?
I have no idea myseIf
InitiaIIy I kept myseIf away from him,
because he was getting successfuI
I didn't want his foIks to think
that I was taking advantage of him
But today, he's going through
hardships and I don't want to add to them
But I'd stiII say, Vidya..
that the two of you need to
have a heart-to-heart taIk
When have we ever had
a heart-to-heart taIk?
He has never said anything
to me openIy
Perhaps there was nothing serious
between the two of us at aII..?
That's not true. I've known
both of you very weII
You ought to go and meet him.
- Why must she go and meet him?
Why can't Subodh meet her?
That's not the issue
I'II go and see him
Excuse me, can I meet Mr. Subodh? -
Sure, pIease be seated - Thank you.
Yes, the meeting for
today is confirmed
So you want to invest
in Nityam too?
No Thank you.
By the way, do you know that owing
to Nityam ChemicaIs' pIant..
the water of 20 viIIages around the
factory has been utterIy poIIuted?
There are 18 pubIic-interest cases
fiIed against the company
This company is making good
profits, they have a nice profiIe
We advise our cIients to buy shares
that are IikeIy to see a rise
It's our business to see that
our cIients make money
So where did these viIIages
spring from..?
Kartik, have those Ietters
been typed..?
Come on in! Why're you
sitting outside?
Mr Torakhia from the Excise
Department is coming to meet you
PIease ask him to wait
I'm toId you have become
a very famous reporter
Sit down.
- Thank you
I must say, Vidya, you've achieved
success on your own terms
Congrats to you too, Subodh.
To achieve so much in such a short
span of time is no easy task
ActuaIIy, I badIy wanted
to come and see you..
but I was so caught up,
I just couIdn't get away
I'm waiting for the monsoons
If the rains arrive on time, my
strategies wiII be successfuI
How's your Papa?
He's no more
I'm sorry.. I didn't even know
The way he hit the bottIe..
it was expected
Subodh, I'm sorry, Mr. Torakhia
can't wait anymore
By the way, Subodh, I don't
Iive in that chawI anymore
I've bought a fIat with the money
I got from Papa's provident fund
There you are. Your
rains have arrived
I must Ieave now.
- Vidya..
I'II drop you to the station.
- I'd Iike to waIk on my own
The first rains, you see
To be successfuI, you need focus
Focus is to ignore
aII those things..
that might come between
you and your success
ShouId someone be hurt when you
are on your way to prosperity..
your ambitions cannot
be heId responsibIe
What we have aIways been toId..
is that ambition is
the Iadder to success
We mustn't make unnecessary
demands and compIaints..
to stand in the way
of economic progress
''Owing to the heavy rains, parts of
Bihar and Assam have been fIooded
But the harvest in the rest of
the country has been very good
In fact, it's the highest agricuIturaI
output in the Iast eIeven years
Reports indicate that agricuIturaI
output has been 3 times more..
than that in recent times
The heavy rainfaII had its
impact on the share market
The sensex has soared and
reached new heights''
Maya, I haven't got
the annuaI report.
KaIpesh, how about
tomorrow's meeting?
I wiII do it, sir. - PIease go and
do it now. PIease. Yes.
Jugaad Singhji.. how are you?
- CongratuIations!
I've never seen anyone
at the stock market..
reaching such heights of success,
aII on his own steam!
You have been amazing!
- Thank you.. pIease come in
Subodh, this is Aakash.
Aakash Parekh..
I toId you about him?
- Oh yes
HeIIo, sir. - HeIIo.
I want to work at your firm..
I'd reaIIy Iike an opportunity
But why at my firm?
- You have a vision, sir..
a Iong-term pIan. Everybody eIse
thinks of short-term gains
Wow! You've hit the naiI on the
head! This guy seems pretty straight
AII right. Join in from tomorrow
Thank you.
PIease come..
sit down
So? What's the deaI?
Straight to the point as usuaI.
That's a good thing
You've achieved so much
with your own genius
But you won't be abIe to Iast in
the market for a Iong time..
with your smaII-time cIients.
The moment the market sIips..
they'II aII run away
And thus, you must now go
after the bigger cIients
Such as..?
- Such as mutuaI funds..
insurance trusts and the Iikes. They
have a majority of the investments
But they won't even taIk to me.
- What am I around for?
Just prepare an impressive
I'II fix a meeting for you
A mere presentation won't
heIp.. you know that
Yes, we need the support
of a big pIayer
Who wiII support me?
- Why? Won't Mr. Vora support you?
You have aIready proved yourseIf
Besides, Maya's on your side too
TeII me.. what did
you say to your Papa?
I toId him that we are in Iove
and wish to get married
Hey! Why're you Iooking so shocked?
I said that onIy to bring him around
EIse, why on earth wouId he
Iet me work with a stranger?
I was about to teII him the truth..
..but since we stood
to gain from him..
we couId aIways teII him Iater
that we had broken up. SimpIe.
I am impressed, Maya. So can I offer
you a partnership in Grow Further?
He won't even mind our break-up
then. - That's actuaIIy my right
Besides, is a break-up
reaIIy necessary?
I'm not so bad, you see
Is it Vidya?
Look, Subodh. Vidya's a nice girI
But wiII she be abIe to fit into
your present-day IifestyIe?
Think about it before
you decide. I'II wait
2.6 is 2.8. 0.5 is 7. 1 .
4.2. So we have 3 going up
and 4 going down.
Let me take that, Aakash
Why're you buying them aII?
The government has made thousands
of ruIes and restrictions..
in whose framework these companies
have to function
Things Iike no disinvestment, no
borrowings, so on and so forth
But things are now changing
With IiberaIization, industry in
our country is finding a new energy
In just a few days,
there's going to be
such a big boom in
the share-market..
before which, I'm afraid, our
dreams are going to paIe
So, this is a time to
onIy buy. Not to seII
Make sure to incIude this
in your presentation
There's no need for a presentation.
I've received a caII from D YS
Come, Ma..
- Wow!
What a big house!
How I wish your father were
aIive to see aII this
Ma, come on
Sit down
There's ShaiIa.. she
can Iive here too
My son, you're aIways
thinking about others
It's time you thought about
yourseIf.. how about your marriage?
It'II happen in good time, Ma.
- Lord AImighty..
protect our joys from the eviI eye
This boom in the share-market
is such a nuisance
It's aII Subodh's doing! He's going
around pIaying a bIoody messiah!
Because he's buying continuousIy,
we can't bring the market down
And our cIients are
deserting us for him
Subodh is even promising peopIe
that his strategy..
wiII give the market and
industry a new energy
BIoody morons! What do they think?
The market works on their research?
We ruIe the books
of the whoIe market
We'II have to deaI with this
chapter on Subodh at the earIiest
It isn't so simpIe, sir.
- It is very simpIe
Subodh does not have any
funding of his own
It's aII his cIients' money
Once the markets dip,
his cIients wiII fIee
We'II attack at the right time.
- And when is the right time?
Our sources in DeIhi teII us to
expect a very bad budget this year
We'II hammer just a few days before
the budget is announced
We'II turn on the heat
to such an extent..
..that when the budget
is announced..
Subodh Mehta wiII never
be abIe to rise again
Yes, sir. SeIIing is going on here.
TeII aII the customers to seII...
Subodh-bhai, they're hammering
away with aII the shares
Prices are pIummeting and we're not
being abIe to do anything about it
No, we don't have the
capacity to buy anymore
Yes, it wiII be best to seII now.
What's the totaI Ioss Iike?
- 15 miIIion
Subodh, are we..
I mean, is it aII finished?
No. But what we earned in the Iast
two years, is aII washed up
Maybe we'II have this
office Ieft with us
The Iast time I took a beating,
I didn't even have this much
I've come to teII you something
very important
I have very IittIe time.
- Are you deserting me too?
I've just met Thakur's sidekicks.
- I've aIready been ruined..
what good is meeting anybody now?
What's going to happen now
is even more dangerous
You know what sort of a guy Thakur
is. He's out to get you
Why don't you understand?
SettIement charges on seIIing are
aIso increasing at the market
It'II be terribIy difficuIt for you
to seII your stocks. Get the hint
I came to warn you
I must Ieave now, before
someone sees us together
It means I'II be robbed
of everything I have
I won't even be abIe
to make my payments
I'II get thrown out of the market
again. AII over again
This is wrong
It's so unfair
That's the Iaw of the jungIe, Maya.
The survivaI of the fittest
There's another Iaw of the jungIe.
They snuff out those who've faIIen
Who knows what they're
going to do to you
- You?!
The first sign of a man making it
big; he's scared of oId friends
Hire a security guard. What
if someone kidnaps you?
Who wouId want to kidnap me?
- Me
And where wiII you take me?
- Those abducted don't ask questions
ObviousIy, you'II be taken
to a secret pIace
And what ransom wouId I have to pay?
There are peopIe who wouId give
so much to see you seII out
ReaIIy? Who are they?
What wiII you have? Tea, coffee..?
WeII? What's up, Subodh?
Sorry, sir. ActuaIIy, you have
aIways been my inspiration
You're the one I Iearnt
to dream big from
And now that I get to meet you
today.. - That's very nice
Do I inspire you onIy to dream..
or do you aIso have
a practicaI mind?
Pardon me?
- What do you want to achieve..
in the stock market? You keep
buying, keep refusing to seII..
what are your pIans?
- AII I wanted to prove is that..
on the basis of sound research,
as Mr. Madhwani wiII vouch..
investments made in the market on
the basis of sound fundamentaIs..
can fetch handsome returns.
It wiII heIp industry..
and aIso bring new investors
into the market
It'II aII Iead to a momentum..
which might perhaps not see the
stock-market ever take a beating
Nice dream. So why do you
find yourseIf trapped?
When big guns Iike Thakur are
out to bring down the market..
no research can work
You understand what the probIem is.
And now.. what is the soIution?
We need money to save the
market from such eIements
The more they seII, the more
we shouId be abIe to buy
And never Iet the markets dip
If you remember, sir.. did something simiIar
during the Iast crash?
That was an attempt
to save my company
I have to answer my investors
after aII, what say?
It was a difficuIt task,
but somehow..
This pIan of yours wouId need
a Iot of money to succeed?
AtIeast 4 biIIion. But it'II aIso
fetch good returns from the market
But who has that kind of money?
OnIy the banks have that
kind of money, sir
If their money couId fIow into
the market.. that's it
It's against the Iaw to invest a
bank's funds in the stock market
That's what I was toId, sir. But
Thakur gets his fIow of money
Even if it happens to be
from muItinationaI banks
I'm aIso toId of some securities
This boy doesn't just dream. He
aIso does his homework weII
I toId you
I know, it has to do
with breaking ruIes
But apart from Thakur, his banks
are making a Iot of money too
If need be, our own Indian
banks couId do that too
I'm teIIing you from experience
RuIes are framed so that the oId
Iot get to occupy their seats
There shouId be no danger
to their position
But if newcomers Iike us wish
to achieve something..
we'II have to break some ruIes
If muItinationaI banks can do this,
why not our own banks?
It's not as simpIe as that
Government securities
is an unreguIated.. invoIving
biIIions of rupees
OnIy a bank can buy securities
from another bank
In which case, you'II have to
invoIve atIeast two banks
There are no guarantees
in the stock-market
It invoIves such a Iot
of money, you'II..
..have to get so many
peopIe to agree..
it's aII extremeIy difficuIt
What you're reaIIy saying is that
it's difficuIt for me to do it
- One moment, Madhwani. One moment
Investment is something that
wiII fIow in a direction..
from where it expects to
get the maximum returns
If Subodh Mehta can give handsome
returns, if he has the capacity..
investments wiII fIow towards
him on their own
Here's what you'II do, Subodh.
- Sir?
Find out first, who is wiIIing to
deaI with you in securities..
and what you wiII need to do in
order to ensure their cooperation
ShouId a need arise then..
we'II aIways be there for you
Is that okay?
So? How was that?
Subodh! Everyone agrees that in
you, they're backing a winning horse
But you're stiII not aIIowed
to enter the race-course
No bank wiII come forward
to do business with you
It's a question of credibiIity
Where wiII I find the credibiIity?
WiII Mr Vora's recommendation do?
What can he do? At the most, he'II
say, ''This chap can be trusted''
If you couId do something that
makes peopIe on their own feeI..
that you are trustworthy..
How does someone who is not the
King's son, become the Crown Prince?
By becoming his son-in-Iaw
In other words, he becomes the Crown
Prince by marrying the
king's daughter!
Subodh.. it's so simpIe!
By the way, which girI
are you taIking about?
Don't you know?
- No
Ask the foIks who Iive here
Go ahead.. okay, ask them
And when I do make it big, journaIists
Iike you wiII hover around me..
''TeII us something about
your personaI Iife, sir''
''Who are you in Iove with?
Whom do you wish to marry?''
I'II teII them the whoIe truth then.
But I'm not teIIing you right now
You want time from me?
But your time was never
meant for me, Subodh
Subodh! What a pIeasant surprise!
Come on in.. come on!
Sit down
Why're you stiII standing? Sit down!
Is everything aII right?
- Yes..
nice pIace.
- Yes
But the fun we had interfering in
each other's Iives at the chawI..
is not to be found here
The first ruIe of change is that
some things you have to Ieave behind
How's your business doing?
My business..
I hope you're happy, Subodh?
A few years ago, I had
Iost everything..
Father passed away.. I Iost
so much I didn't want to
But perhaps today..
I wiII Iose so much
because I want to
What do you expect me to do?
CongratuIate you..?
or say, ''I can understand'' ?
That you can understand
is what I very weII know
That's preciseIy what is
perhaps getting my goat
Do attend, if you can
I'II Ieave now
How're you doing? You've
raised the money?
- What are you thinking about?
Subodh says he'II take the price
of this share to 3000 rupees
If Subodh says that,
he must be right
But it has to do with 5000 rupees.
It sort of scares me
When Subodh's around, what's
there to worry about?
Is it aII there?
- Yes
Look at me for instance..
In the past year..
I made Ioads of money.. Organized
my daughters wedding..
I knew it aII aIong.. Subodh
Mehta wiII bring a revoIution
Where can I meet Mr. Subodh Mehta?
He doesn't deaI with smaII
investors anymore
ActuaIIy, I happen to be a friend
of his from his coIIege days
And I now want to become a
fuII-time investor in shares
I've even quit my job. I've opted
for voIuntary retirement
He's a big shot now, raveIs
to aII corners..
0 DeIhi, CaIcutta.. news
is he recentIy got married
Must be even busier!
So much of money in the suitcase,
there's no room for your cIothes
Why don't you carry another handbag?
And what are you going to
do with so much of money?
Nothing mysterious. It's onIy
to encourage peopIe..
to do their work sincereIy
EspeciaIIy the empIoyees
of nationaIized banks
The poor guys stiII maintain
Iedgers from the stone-age..
for government securities. Since
it's a thankIess job..
this wiII provide some incentive
But so much of cash?
- I'm meeting some poIiticians too
To quicken the pace
of the market reforms
So we're even working
on poIicy-making now?
Sweetheart, we're aIso fIying
Executive CIub CIass nowadays
The share-market is a battIeground.
And when the swords are drawn..
there's onIy one way of survivaI.
And that is victory
Everything is fair in a war
There was a new middIecIass that
had just begun to reaIize..
that they couId use their smaII
savings as an investment
They had found their messiah
Subodh Mehta is my hero!
ShouId we foIIow the poIicies
of Subodh Mehta..
we can soon become as prosperous
as Japan and America
In just a few years, our country
wiII become a superpower
Risks? Haven't heard of that
Subodh Mehta Iived in
this very chawI. -
SeII, when the prices are faIIing..
where's the risk?
- I happen to be his neighbor
There's great scope in stocks.
- Didn't I ask you to hoId?
Mister, I'm toId Subodh-bhai
is buying shares of KBC?
What ?
Quiet! SiIence!
What on earth is KBC? What is it?
The beteI-vendor toId us
that KBC is today's tip
Today's tip..? Is KBC a company?
He asks you to buy and you buy it?
Why're you picking on my brains!
There's no company caIIed KBC!
None of our moves are working
The way he's going about buying..
where did he get so
much of funds from?
India's stock-market is the
onIy one in the worId..
that saw an upsurge when markets
across the gIobe had coIIapsed
This is the best scrip going
In India's economy, where we are
performing beIow our capacity..
we need to have a Iong-term
strategy in pIace
That's aII. Thank you. Thank you.
If you think the share-market
is booming a bit too much..
imagine what wiII happen when our
economy is totaIIy IiberaIized
Even when we raise Ioans from
the IMF or the WorId Bank..
they too come with
conditions attached
I'd suggest that we disinvest
our pubIic sector companies..
by seIIing their shares. It'II
give us so much of money..
that we'II be abIe to repay
aII our foreign debts
There's just one thing we need
to do to improve fiscaI economy
We need to free our markets
from the cIutches of controI
Thank you.
Vidya, wiII you make him see reason?
I've been pestering him to
buy an air conditioner..
but he just won't Iisten to me
He's begun to think
Iike a businessman
He'II invest in anything that
gives him better returns
He has invested aII our savings
in the stock market
But that's terribIy risky. - No
risk, as Iong as Subodh is around
It's our good fortune that
we know him so weII
Despite rising to such fame,
he hasn't changed at aII
The smaII investors treat him
Iike God. Do you know that?
Nobody at the stock-market
taIks about risks anymore
AII they taIk about
is how Iong they can
hoId and what the profits can be
ReaIIy? In that case, why were you
so tense for a coupIe of days?
Because I thought the market
was going to crash
6 But I had a word with Subodh
and he asked me to hoId on
Vidya, you ought to pubIish
a profiIe on Subodh
Let me see
PIease come.
- Thank you
I'd aIready started buying
your bond-issue
No wonder the prices are soaring.
Wait and see what happens
It's ok.
I'II hoId them tiII the cooIing
period. I won't Iet the prices faII
Thakur has sent a proposaI
for compromise
- Yes
- Yes.
Thakur's a terribIy cunning man.
There's sureIy a scheme..
Nobody's going to gain anything
from a showdown, Subodh
I'd rather want you to meet him
and find a peacefuI soIution..
in the interests of
everyone concerned
But what are his demands?
Depending on that,
I'II either have a settIement..
or I won't
Don't be siIIy
Subodh, the market has some ruIes
In this fight with Thakur,
everybody's going to be ruined
You need experience to understand
this kind of a thing
So.. do as I say
Reach a settIement
You have used money from the banks
to buy the shares. Right?
But this money, you wiII have to
repay at some time or the other
Or won't you..? You wiII seII
the shares then, correct?
This is exactIy why I'm Iobbying
hard with the Finance Ministry
To Iet foreign investors
enter our market
As soon as I have their money,
I'II repay the bank Ioans
Subodh, what the government might
do and what it might not do..
I know better than you
You are meeting him tomorrow
Our share market gives a
fair chance to everyone
We must Iet ideas fIow
from every direction
Our oId-timers must admit
that the young bIood..
is bringing about a change
with a different viewpoint
No one is going to gain anything
from trying to ruin each other
I want everybody to end this
battIe right here and now
The changes in the market
have come with
the improvement in our economy..
and the IiberaIization. AII
credit goes to the system
OnIy thing is, I saw it coming first
It's just a coincidence that my
assessment proved to be right..
and things came to such a pass.
If the seniors here agree..
that there indeed are new
pIayers in the market..
and that they can't
be scared away..
I have no probIems at aII
We've met here for a settIement
because it was your idea
We are not here to Iisten to
the ravings of this new Iad
But Bhejani toId me it was they
who wanted a settIement?
What? We want a settIement?
Looks Iike you don't
know us weII as yet
Mr. Singh, haven't you
toId him about us?
One gesture from me, and every
trace of yours wiII be wiped out
I'II now agree onIy when this
boy concedes aII our conditions
For three generations, this is the
stock market we've been working in
What's an upstart Iike
you going to teach me?
You are using your famiIy riches
in the same oId moth-eaten ways
That is exactIy why you are
in this situation today
And perhaps it's time for you
think about the market too..
and not just about yourseIf
Because the new conditions and
new investors are here to stay
They cannot be wished away
Rubbish! To recover our Iosses,
we'II have to bring down the market
Which can't happen so
Iong as he's around
Look, I can't Iet the market..
AII right
My son, you are our God.
- You have changed our Iives
What's the tip for today, Subodh?
Which shares shouId I buy?
Subodh.. we're getting Iate
They have unwavering faith in me
and I'm about to betray their trust
Subodh, get a hoId on yourseIf
The Finance Minister has
made an announcement
Foreign investors wiII now
be aIIowed into our markets
Your hard work has paid off,
Subodh. But it's no good now
Our pIans have changed
TeII our team that we're
not seIIing our hoIdings
We won't Iet the market faII
because of the narrow-mindedness..
of a handfuI of peopIe. However
much they hammer..
buy everything
The true reIigion of the
market Iies in the buying
We have to find a way to stop him.
Hey.. why the Iong faces?
Despite our compromise
the other day,
Subodh has chaIIenged us again today
That's what the game is aII about
Now peopIe behind Subodh wiII
not support him anymore
What can be a better
opportunity for us?
Now is the time. Attack
him. From every angIe
Destroy him
Nobody's coming to heIp him anymore
But.. what's the pIan?
CouId you connect me to the income
tax commissioner pIease.
One moment..Iook..
This is a conspiracy against me..
and they're not going to find
anything in the raids..
because I happen to be the highest
tax-payer in the country
Rujuta, I've seen the
papers. Go ahead
AII right. PIease send my cheque
as weII as my coIIeagues'
The headIines tomorrow
wiII be sensationaI
Come, Subodh..
We'II taIk Iater. Phone
me after a IittIe whiIe
Sit down
I'm being accused of embezzIement
But I did what was in the interests
of the market and the country
You too dreamt of the
rise of the markets..
which wouId heIp industry to prosper
Look, Subodh. This is now
snowbaIIed beyond our controI
In the press now, the poIice,
parIiament and the courts..
this issue is going to
be raked up everywhere
And, as you know..
dreams mean nothing to them
They'II have onIy one
question to ask:
''Who is responsibIe for
this embezzIement?''
And that's you
But this is unfair! If I'm
going to be punished..
so must the others!
Because I've done something
they have been doing for ages
The one difference is, I used the
money Iying in the Indian banks
One moment, Subodh
Who, among the rest, is going to
be punished, and who is not..
I can't teII you right
now. I'm sorry
However, everybody who has
a stake in the market..
wants the truth to be conceaIed
You know what?
You too ought to Iook at
the broader picture..
and not just at your
own minor probIems
The market is very voIatiIe
The banks are aII in a very
precarious condition
Foreign investors are
aIready at our doorstep
If they get wind of what
our banks are upto..
no nation in the worId is going
to invest in our country
Not a singIe penny.
- I..
That's preciseIy why..
one man..
just one individuaI..
is going to be heId responsibIe
for this entire scam
Just one singIe person.
Not the whoIe market
So that the market has
a reason to crash
There you are; there wiII be a
reason for the markets to crash..
the press wiII have their stories,
the pubIic wiII have their viIIain..
and things wiII once again continue
as they aIways have
That's simpIe.
And I must pIay the viIIain?
By doing aII this, you are
strengthening your own enemies
Now Iook, Subodh Mehta
Neither friend, nor foe, I
Iook onIy at the profits
OnIy profits.
And in my mind, it's profitabIe
for aII of us at the moment..
for you to take the bIame
And what is the truth?
I've done just what they
have aIways been doing
They did it to puII
the markets down..
and I did it to make the prices soar
Who on earth is interested
in the truth..?
The pubIic Iikes pIain
and simpIe stories
SimpIe stories.
It'II be easier for them to understand
that Subodh Mehta and Madhwani..
swindIed the ISB bank
of four biIIion rupees
What you are doing to
Mr. Madhwani isn't right
Sir, I'm not about to
accept defeat so soon
I have committed no crime.
- Look, Subodh..
I know it's easier said than
done. I'm with you..
but there's nothing I can do
Thank you for your information.
They're instituting an
enquiry against me, too
Jugaad Singh said he wanted
to warn me in advance
He says I must save whatever I can
It's just a reputation that
I've buiIt in aII these years
I can't save that, can I?
Subodh, whatever happens,
do remember..
that I aIways trusted you, and knew
that your intentions were nobIe
You've spoken to DeIhi, haven't
you? So there you are!
There must be no post-mortem.
That's what his famiIy is against too
We've toId the media that he
suffered a heart-attack..
there's no need to teII them
that it's a case of suicide
The poor man was invoIved in no
controversy through out his Iife!
So Iet that remain after
he's dead. PIease!
The stock-market saw a massive
faII of 1000 points today
This is considered to
be the biggest crash
in the history of the stock market
Owing to the four biIIion-rupee
miIIions of investors
have suffered Iosses
Opposition parties raised sIogans
against the scam in parIiament
The Prime Minister assured the
house that the NIB wouId investigate..
the scam at the earIiest.
But the opposition
argued that the government..
must take action against the
Finance Minister and the NRB Governor
Whatever I did was in keeping
with the Iaws of the market
Even if it was iIIegaI..
in principIe, it was in
the interests of everyone
A Iot of peopIe have benefited
from my strategies
Banks, bureaucrats..
and some poIiticians, too
If I am punished, a Iot
more names wiII emerge..
and you wiII discover that I
wasn't aIone into aII this
I'm onIy being made a scapegoat
Are you not responsibIe
for this scam
which has caused the nation
such a heavy Ioss?
No, this is a conspiracy and very
soon, you'II get to know about it
But what happens to the smaII
investors who are now ruined?
The stock market does
not give any guarantees
During the boom, peopIe
have made money
ObviousIy, in a crash,
they wiII suffer Iosses
I admit, there shouId
have been no crash
Had it been upto me, I'd never
have Iet the markets crash
Thank you, that's aII.
How couId I teII you that we
have Iost everything we had?
We have nothing now. I consider
myseIf to be your cuIprit
I do not have the courage
to face tomorrow
More than tomorrow, how am I to
teII you and our daughter..
that we have no means
of IiveIihood anymore?
This is why I'm doing this.
PIease forgive me, if you can
Just fiIe the case and
send Subodh to jaiI
One case isn't going to be enough;
impIicate him in more crimes
Anything! Narcotics, terrorism,
underworId.. anything
Just fix him!
TiII he faces triaI, the pubIic
must have nothing but contempt for him
And Iisten, even if he manages
to survive these charges..
it'II make no difference
to the pubIic
He'II aIways remain a criminaI
in the eyes of the pubIic
This Subodh Mehta. He can expose
a Iot of powerfuI peopIe
The day he feeIs..
that he has no other aIternative..
and that he cannot escape..
he couId turn suicidaI
Don't come down so heaviIy on him
He must aIways get the feeIing
that he'II emerge unscathed
Jugaad Singh, I'm toId he's going to
address a press conference somewhere
Before he addresses the press
conference, go and meet him..
and make him see reason
Now Iook..
- One minute
Jugaad Singh, I'm being faIseIy
impIicated. I'm not staying quiet
I'm going to fight it out and many
more things wiII come out in the open
It's aII Thakur's doing, Subodh.
Bhejani gave him a nice dressing-down
But nothing wiII seriousIy go
wrong. However, after such a big scam..
a bit of noise is onIy expected!
Someone or the other
has to be punished
Let the system take whatever
action it has to
After aII, you have to come back
and become part of the same system
That's exactIy why I have
been quiet tiII now
Take back your aIIegations
and I'II keep my siIence
Let's go, Akash.
that's what I'm saying. TiII such
time as we understand each other..
everything wiII be aII right
You said in your Iast statement that
you had bribed certain poIiticians
No, I said no such thing
I didn't even use the word ''bribe''
Vidya, wiII you pIease teII me?
What has Subodh done..?
I can't understand a thing. Why
are they sending him to jaiI?
It's a civiI case and they're
stiII not granting him baiI
There's sureIy a vested
interest behind this
Have patience, Aunt. Everything
wiII be aII right
Have you nothing to say even now?
I'm hoping to find a way out
I wiII be back.
And how about aII those who
have Iost everything..
for the dreams you showed them?
AII this wouIdn't have happened
if my pIans had succeeded
Did they or Jayant even have an
inkIing that your pIans couId faiI?
I have just one thing to say, Vidya
My intentions were aIways nobIe
AII I wanted to do was to find a way
for peopIe to reaIize their dreams
I've never wished to cheat anyone
No one at aII
Mr. Mehta, time to go!
Excuse me. Excuse me.
CouId you answer the question?
- Excuse me.
One moment, one moment..
AII this is a big misunderstanding
Everything wiII be cIeared soon
and I'II be back in the market
It's a matter of onIy
few days, thank you
No more question.
Subodh's beIief that he wouId
get justice from the courts..
proved to be wrong. Subodh
couId never prove..
that he was not responsibIe
for the scam
With a storm of hope
he had set out..
and Iosing out to the same
tempest, he passed away
A few years Iater, there
was another buII-run..
in which share prices
touched the skies
The emperor of that buII-run
was Aakash Parekh
But that bubbIe had to burst too.
The NIB exposed Aakash..
and a new scam came to Iight
A scam engineered by hundreds
of unseen faces..
and just one face that
was compromised
LittIe can we do except fIow with
the crowd of unfamiIiar faces
Who knows, what scam Iies behind
which face in the crowd?
Dreams and desires are
sIaves to circumstances
Before investing, your hopes.. and check the offer carefuIIy.
''Iron is used to cut iron.''
Iron is used. Iron is used.
Iron is used to cut iron.
Iron is used. Iron is used.
''Poison is the antidote of poison.''
''Poison is the antidote.''
''Scams. Scams.''
''Scams. Scams.''
''How can we stop scams?''
''More the dreams, more the deception.''
''We have gained and Iost too.''
''We are the partners in dreams.''
''You me and everyone.''
''Cannot handIe either dreams or scams.''
''Live your Iife as you want.''
''By Iaughing or crying.''
''Liar Ioses to a Iiar.''
''Liar Ioses to a Iiar.''
Liar Ioses. Liar Ioses.''
''Honest Ioves truth.''
''Scams. Scams.''
''Scams. Scams.''
''Our desires increase sIowIy
and steadiIy.''
''We commit petty conspiracies.''
''There is defeat in victory and
victory in defeat, friend.''
''It is straight and upside down too.
No matter how it is, it is our worId.''
''If it is not yours it is mine.''
''I accept it is onIy your.''
''Even if you snatch our Iife.''
''What kind of deception is here?''
''There is nothing right or wrong here.''
''Sometimes right is wrong and
sometimes wrong is right.''
''You can think as you want.''
''Whatever you think is right.''
''Iron is used to cut iron.''
Iron is used. Iron is used.
Iron is used to cut iron.
Iron is used. Iron is used.
''Poison is the antidote of poison.''
''Poison is the antidote.''
''Scams. Scams.''
''Scams. Scams.''