Gaga Five Foot Two (2017) Movie Script

["Kaval Sviri" plays]
Hi, angel! Hi!
They're doing so much better now
and they're happy.
Want some chicken?
Hey! Down.
Come here, sweet girl.
...walking out the door.
[R&B music playing]
This is not happening.
Okay, is that one cooked?
No, this is not.
Definitely I not give it for you.
They're really good.
It's so good.
Yeah, me and Taylor are fighting,
so that sucks.
And I'm like just in
a different time in my life now.
I just don't like... I just like...
I don't know.
I just feel like my threshold
for, like, bullshit with men is...
it's just I don't have one anymore.
I just don't care.
I don't know if it's
because I'm 30 and I'm...
I feel better than ever, you know?
All my insecurities are gone,
I don't feel insecure about who I am
as a woman. I don't
I'm not... embarrassed or ashamed
of what I have.
I just feel like a more sexier, sexual...
like all of that shit is better,
and so what I think what happens is,
is like...
I don't know.
Well, in relationships, you have to...
I don't know.
You got to move together, I guess,
as much as you can.
[man] What are the balloons for?
Warner Brothers greenlit a movie...
that Bradley Cooper's directing.
And Bradley wanted me to be in it.
A Star is Born.
And, um...
you know, I'm going to star
in the movie.
How's your girlfriend?
[woman] Good!
It's tight.
It spasms on the right.
It's not all the way up my shoulder yet,
into my...
I mean, a little bit. It's not that
It's the QL. Yeah.
If I get depressed, my body can spasm,
like, into a full body spasm.
And it all kind of originates
from this trauma in my hip
from this injury years ago.
I wrote this new song.
I started it yesterday,
and sent it to Mark this morning,
and he sent me
some guitar stuff back already,
so when I get there, we'll maybe do that.
So many, I think, men in my life,
in business and also that I've dated,
you know, over the years,
I just started to feel like what I was
on my own wasn't good enough.
And I don't feel that way
working with Mark.
[doorbell rings]
[Lady Gaga] Koji.
Oh, bigger, better deal.
Bigger, better deal!
They probably don't know who I am.
They probably think I'm just some crazy
old lady who lives down the street.
I'm thirty. I'm old to them.
I think my back
probably looks really good.
Like a Polynesian scarification ritual.
Is it?
It is. Turn around.
Is it bad?
An Englishman with cupping
is really funny. I don't know why.
I'm going to look like such a badass
on the beach in Mallorca.
Like, "Don't fuck with that dude.
He's into some weird shit."
What do you think?
[man] How are you?
How you doing?
Thank you for drawing me
that weird Xanax monster.
Oh, right. I forgot about that.
The last time I had a camera
in front of me was the Born This Way tour.
[Mark] Oh, the Born This Way tour.
When I, like, broke my hip,
it's been like three years since then,
but I'm still dealing with it,
and I was just like, "Whoa."
Like life is so crazy.
[Mark] It's only three years
since Born This Way tour?
I think so.
["Million Reasons" playing]
[Mark] Yeah.
[Lady Gaga] Ah
You're giving me a million reasons
To let you go
You're giving me a million reasons
To quit the show
You're giving me a million reasons
Give me a million reasons
Giving me a million reasons
About a million reasons
If I had a highway...
What I was thinking, just some straight,
maybe acoustic guitar.
Yeah. Those could be great.
But you're giving me a million reasons
Give me a million reasons
Giving me a million reasons
I bow down to pray
I try to make the worst seem better
Lord, show me the way
To cut through
All this worn out leather
[Lady Gaga] You have to go
to that broken place of your heart
to write songs.
They say sometimes it's like open heart
surgery, you know? Making music.
Every time, it's invasive.
And if you say something
That you might even mean
It's hard to even fathom
Which parts I should believe
'Cause you're giving me
A million reasons
You know it sounds good.
You know that it feels right.
[Lady Gaga] You're not leaving, are you?
Well, I'm leaving pretty soon.
We're not going to be here
too long either.
You're in here by yourself anyways.
Just don't act like I'm leaving.
See, you're such a good friend.
Oh, my God, you are so weird.
You're giving me
[Lady Gaga] When you reference or nod
to something in the music,
it's just like putting something
precious and plastic in a suitcase...
that you are going to take
into the future.
Because I've experienced that
with people feeling
like I was taking from them, right?
I have now learned going
looking back at what they were saying
and going, "Oh, my God. No.
I was totally, like, honoring."
And so, the thing with, like,
me and Madonna, for example,
is that I admired her always,
and I still admire her,
no matter what she might think of me.
[man chuckles] Okay.
No, I do.
The only thing
that really bothers me about her
is that I'm Italian and from New York,
you know?
So, if I got a problem with somebody,
I'm gonna fucking tell you to your face.
But no matter how much respect
I have for her as a performer,
I could never wrap my head
around the fact
that she wouldn't look me in the eye
and tell me that I was reductive,
or whatever.
She's never given you a call and been
like, "What the fuck you doing?"
No. I saw it on fucking TV.
Telling me that you think I'm a piece
of shit through the media is like...
it's like a guy passing me,
like, a note through his friend.
"My buddy thinks you're hot.
Here's his, like"
Fuck you. Like, "Where's your buddy
fucking throwing me up against the wall
and kissing me?"
I just want Madonna to fucking
push me up against the wall and kiss me
and tell me I'm a piece of shit.
When I bow down to pray
I try to make the worst seem better
Lord, show me the way
To cut through
All this worn out leather
I've got a hundred million reasons
To walk away
Baby, I just need one good one to stay
[man] Remember when we played it in,
we were maybe gonna do it...
When producers, unlike Mark,
start to act like they're the one
You know, "You'd be nothing without me."
For women, especially.
It's those men have so much power...
that they can have women
in a way that no other men can.
Whenever they want, whatever they want,
the cocaine, the money,
the champagne, the girls,
the hottest girls you've ever seen.
And then, I walk in the room,
and it's like...
eight times out of ten,
I'm put in that category.
And they expect from me
what those girls have to offer,
when that's just not at all
what I have to offer in any way.
[man] Right.
[Lady Gaga] Like, that's not why I'm here.
I'm not a receptacle for your pain.
You know what I mean?
I'm not just a place for you to put it.
And you felt like you've had to do,
like, extreme shit
to put yourself out of that category?
I mean, like, what's the methodology?
The methodology behind what I've done
is that when they wanted me to be sexy
or they wanted me to be pop,
I always fucking put
some absurd spin on it
that made me feel
like I was still in control.
I know. Fuck it.
So, you know what?
If I'm going to be sexy on the VMAs
and sing about the paparazzi,
I'm going to do it while bleeding to death
and reminding you
of what fame did to Marilyn Monroe.
The original Norma Jean.
And what it did to Anna Nicole Smith.
And what it did to...
Do you know who?
You can use none of that footage.
[cheering and applause]
[woman] This Thursday, Lady Gaga performs
at an invitationonly concert
at the Democratic National Convention.
[woman 2] ...will headline the show
called Camden Rising
at the Democratic National Convention.
[woman 3] ...hours before Hillary Clinton
accepts the Democratic Party's nomination.
[woman 4] The Super Bowl. It appears that
Gaga is in talks to perform at halftime.
Last year she sang the National Anthem.
This year she could actually do
the whole show.
[Cory Booker] I have the privilege
to introduce someone
who tells everybody,
"You weren't born to fit in."
You were born to stand out,
to speak up, to act out,
and to live life out loud.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I introduce to you, Lady Gaga!
["You and I" playing]
...time and you said to me
Something, something about this place
Something, something
About my cool New Jersey guy
Yeah, there's something about
Baby, you and I
Come on
You and I
You, you and I
You, you and I
You and I
It's been a long time
Since I came around
Been a long time but I'm back in town
[cheering and applause]
That was so much fun!
Fucking insane. You are such an actress.
Can we do it again?
My boob fell out. No one told me.
[Sonnymoon's "Just Before Dawn" playing]
How was the sentiment
among the people that ran the event?
[Bobby] They loved it. They were so happy.
It was just the first time in a long time
I've been able to get up
and do that
and not like feel my hip or like...
Know what I mean?
Like, I didn't feel tight,
I didn't feel worried,
I didn't feel...
nervous about like...
I just... I loved it.
It felt good.
I can tell you this.
The NFL Halftime Show...
Did they do a vote?
Yeah. We might hear some news today.
I really think that we'll get it.
[Bobby] I think so too.
[Lady Gaga] Yeah.
[man] Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
[Richard Swift's "Would You?" playing]
In the town where I grew up
I met a girl
Both your daughters are beautiful girls.
Thank you very much.
They're good people.
I said, "She's Italian."
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm proud.
From Venice. My mother's
Oh, I love Venice.
Yeah. Me too.
Would you like
To fall in love with me?
Now, tell me girl
[cheering and applause]
All right, cheers to Tommy.
Thanks for coming.
Angie Pontani, I love you.
Thanks for this.
Best thing I ever did.
[Guy Lombrado's
"Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" playing]
Five foot two, eyes of blue
But oh, what those five foot could do
Has anybody seen my gal?
Turnedup nose
Turneddown hose
Flapper, yes, sir, one of those
Has anybody seen my gal?
Now if you run into a five foot two
Covered with fur
Diamond rings and all those things
Bet your life it isn't her
But could she love, could she woo
Could she, could she, could she coo
Has anybody seen my gal?
Here we go
["AYO" playing]
I can't wait to rev you up
Faster than you can say Ferrari
Let's just scratch all that. Yeah.
We can put an A E Major here.
Get off on me
My body's got you pleadin'
Light me up and breathe in
Mirror on the ceiling
Off on me, my body's got you pleadin'
Light me up and breathe in
Mirror on the ceiling
Ayo, ayo
You're killing it. Fucking let it ride.
Ayo, ayo
Yeah, we smokin' 'em all
Ayo, ayo
Yeah, we smokin' 'em all
Ayo, ayo
[instrumental music playing]
[Lady Gaga] My sort of thought of her
is that she fled from Scotland,
because if she was a witch, you know,
these were women
that were fucking burned.
So, whenever she becomes more powerful,
she has to flee.
And I think that this is also,
like, something that women have to do.
You know,
whenever you become powerful
in a relationship or in business,
there's always opposition.
And being a woman was like,
you were owned.
And women, I think, still are
very much owned in a lot of ways.
[Lady Gaga with accent]
Plagued with misfortune.
The voyage was plagued with misfortune.
Many men died.
The soldiers blamed me
for their tumultuous journey.
For their tumultuous journey.
The soldiers blamed me
for their tumultuous journey.
I was discovered upon landing...
I was discovered upon landing...
[man] Rolling! Quiet, please!
[Lady Gaga]
I was discovered upon landing...
[man] Cut.
Do you want to show more reaction?
I'm doing my record, I have things to do,
I haven't slept,
this is not the only job that I'm doing,
I'm trying to do a good job.
When they come and they told me
because of the dialect
Fucking tell me beforehand.
These two days of crazy shit.
Don't take it there.
So the kiss will happen
after I go around him.
Got gum in my dentures.
[woman] They're in there.
I had a little baby meltdown today.
Small. A little one.
[man] What happened?
I just I don't
I like to know what I'm doing.
I don't mind changing on the fly.
But with something this complicated
when they keep throwing shit at you...
That's like...
I just don't want to sound German.
You know what I mean?
[car approaching]
It I got I hit Mark's car.
I don't even know how I did that.
Is it his car? I can't
[Mark] Yes.
I'm so sorry.
I wish if you have a problem with me,
just tell it to my face, not to my bumper.
I'm sorry.
It's all good.
Is it bad?
I mean, does it
My car is fine.
[Mark] But what if but
It's all right.
Hi! You look so beautiful.
You do. You look so fresh and lovely.
It's the last thing I want you
worried about, for sure. It's nothing.
I can't believe
I've never gotten in an accident.
I can't believe I hit your car.
It's okay.
That that was the accident.
And like, I'm just like so
I'm just really terribly like...
Honestly, I'm very tired.
I'm going to hold that over you
until the album's done.
Oh, my God. My brother.
Hey, girl
Hey, girl
We can make it easy
If we lift each other
I never felt comfortable enough to sing
and just be this way now.
To just sing or wear my hair back.
I never felt pretty enough,
or smart enough,
or a good enough musician.
That's the good part.
The good part is that
I just didn't feel good enough.
And I do now.
I know I deserve that I
Of all the things I deserve,
that is where I know I'm worth something.
So I have to stay there. You know?
[Lady Gaga] I want to become a woman
in this business and grow up.
I mean, you become famous at 21 or 22,
it's like you stop growing up.
I want to become a woman.
Because the truth is that I can always
bring my past with me,
but I can never go back.
You got to leave yourself behind.
And I've just been so lonely,
and I was on the phone
with my mom and my dad, and
[Mark] And then he came out because
you're like, "Dad, I need you out here"?
Yeah, I was like
I just told them I was
They were like, "What's wrong?"
And I was like, "I'm fine."
And my mom just said,
"You don't sound okay."
And I said, "I'm lonely."
And I didn't know that my dad
was sitting right next to her
because they
she was at the manicure place,
but my father goes
to get manicures sometimes.
It's just hysterical. It's like all women
and my dad just sitting there like...
He knows that I could go home every day,
and it's...
It's a really big house.
It's pretty fucking awesome.
Yeah, but what guy is going to be like,
"Oh, sweet pad!"
And that I'm going to be into, like
And just like throw their shoes off,
and like
I'm going to be like
like what guy is going to do that?
Anyone. I don't know.
You could still be a kind of secure guy
and live in that place.
You can go scouting for me
while you're DJing.
Let me know if you see anyone.
I just met this dude in Ibiza
who loves horses.
Talk to him on the phone.
I'm putting him on.
I'm putting him on right now.
That's so jackass.
So you want me to post these
on your Instagram?
The same way we did?
I'll show you how to do it.
Yeah, for sure.
Okay, ready?
Post one...
[gasps] I still don't understand
how you managed to press "Post"
when you have, like, 18 million people
who are going to look at it.
I'd be so I wouldn't be able to post
anything ever.
"Whoa, 18 million people."
I know. Stop reminding me.
I'm sorry!
Oh, my God!
["Hey Girl" playing]
Hey, girl, do you feel me?
Sometimes I go too far
Hey, girl
Hey, girl
We can make it easy
If we lift each other
Hey, girl
Hey, girl
We don't need to keep on
Onein' up another
Hey, girl
Hey, girl
Hey, girl
Hey, girl
If you lose your way
Just know that I got you
Did you like even look at the car?
Not yet.
I mean, at least you kind of dented it
with style. There's a slight symmetry.
It's going to be so cool.
It was worth it. That new melody is...
It sounds fantastic.
You're my favorite.
[easy rock music playing]
[Lady Gaga] Okay, that's good.
Oh, you guys are just making my day
talking about this. I could cry.
Thank you for
Thank you just before we even, like,
keep going for this opportunity.
Like, I...
Hamish, you know.
This is just a dream come true.
want to do the opposite of what
everyone thinks that I'm going to do.
Everybody thinks that I'm going
to come out there on a fucking throne...
In a meat dress.
In a meat dress...
with 90 shirtless men, and unicorns,
and they think that that's
Right? Am I right?
And then, at the end, I'm going
to do something shocking, right?
That's going to freak everybody out.
It's not even in the neighborhood
of what we're going to do.
I'd love to know how you feel
about fashion and what it means to you.
Well, this album in particular, I want
everything to come out of that studio.
And that girl. Because when we stay
with her, she's the gold.
Yeah, well, that's
And I think that's the
That's what people will trust as well.
Honestly, we've just seen me
fucking glamorous for almost ten years.
It's like, it's boring.
It really is boring.
We understand you. Without
And it's difficult if we haven't actually
had those conversations with you,
like 'cause we're double guessing
everything. But I think that
[Lady Gaga]
Don't worry about it. I don't
Like really, it was such a good
Sorry. I just It feels better.
I don't want you to feel bad about it.
Really, the truth of the matter is,
I just want to have a uniform.
And I think my uniform should be
a black tshirt, and black jeans,
and black boots,
and I just wear that a lot,
and we get versions of that made.
You know what I mean?
You've gone from the meat dress
and you've turned it up even more.
You know, you've gone That next album
was even turned up even more.
And I think to strip back to black
is just a go
with exactly what you just said.
Like that uniform, I just think is gold.
[Bobby] So his name is Darryl,
T magazine to go
with the Collier photos.
It comes out two days after the album
in the Times.
All right.
The vibe of this,
just the mindset going in,
I know this going to be you
having to go to another place.
It's not necessarily where we are with it.
This is fun, confident, you know,
how much you love music,
how hard you work.
This guy, like, is a super highintellect,
but also loves, like, As the World Turns,
so it's like super highlow.
So when do I play the song?
In the beginning?
Yeah. Yeah.
Can I play another song, too, for him?
Yeah, play three songs.
Okay. That will help me get in a
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, Son.
Are you okay?
Okay. Are you at the hospital?
Um, I don't know what time we land,
but I'm going to look at it
and try to come straight to you.
Um... And...
And they Your brain scan came back
that the cancer is not
didn't grow in your brain, right?
That's good.
But it's not smaller?
Okay, go rest.
We are here.
[Sonja] Okay.
We'll be there soon, okay?
I love you. I'm sorry.
Okay. I love you, too.
All right. Okay, bye.
It's just... I just...
I just feel like I'm losing everybody.
Girl, where do you think you're going?
Where do you think
You're going, going, girl?
[Lady Gaga] So my album is called Joanne.
[Darryl] Joanne?
Do you mind starting with
It was my father's sister,
and she died when she was 19.
She went to the hospital
with my grandmother.
She was in there,
and there was something growing
There was
She had lesions,
or something was growing on her hands.
And the doctors in the '70s,
they didn't know what lupus was.
They didn't know how to treat it.
It's not curable, anyway. Even now.
So they suggested
that they immediately amputate her hands.
And seeing what that did to him
and to my family...
was the most powerful thing
I experienced growing up.
My family is
the most important thing in my life.
Joanne was an artist.
But what happened was that she...
My grandmother couldn't take
her hands from her.
So she just said, "Just please
let my daughter just let her go."
And she told me she went
into the waiting room
and she prayed to God that he take her.
Because she said,
"I don't want my daughter to remember
her last moments in life
without her hands."
So, you know, I am Joanne.
I am my father's daughter.
And so, that's what this record is about.
That's very beautiful.
Thank you. Thanks for listening.
No, thank you for playing it.
Thank you.
It's a gift to your father.
Yeah, this is it.
She's got this thing on her door.
[Joe] She always leaves her door open.
[Lady Gaga] It's Ed McMahon.
Ed McMahon?
[Grandma] It's Ed McMahon?
Hi, Grandma!
Hello there.
Oh, doll.
I missed you.
You are such a precious angel.
You are.
I missed you.
What a comfy place. Joe is right there.
You like it?
That's the same photo
that's in the restaurant.
My father. That's Joanne.
[Joe] You believe that's me?
Boy, I was a goodlooking kid.
[Grandma] Where were you?
[Lady Gaga] Do you want something
to drink? Should I make you some coffee?
[Joe] I could have a cup.
[Grandma] All right.
This is what I wanted you to order.
[Lady Gaga] Is this a peach?
Can I have a peach, Grandma?
Of course.
You can have anything that you find there.
It's like a vacuum.
Why you got
this sexy picture of me over here?
[Grandma laughs]
It's my headshots when I was...
[Grandma] They're headshots.
I think I was 15.
I was a serious actress.
Here. This proves that she had braces.
Hey, if I had kept that gap, then I would
have even more problems with Madonna.
[Joe] Oh, that's true.
Oh, these are beautiful.
There is an album here
with something that she wrote.
That's one of her...
This is Joanne's handwriting, right?
"Hear what I'm not saying.
Don't be fooled.
I wear a mask. A thousand masks.
So I play the game. The glittering
but empty parade of the masks."
What is that?
A poem she wrote.
[Joe] How come I never saw this album?
[Grandma] I was always afraid
you were going to raid it.
Grandma, this is awesome!
Whatever you want, honey, take.
"Directions for making things.
By Joanne Germanotta."
Oh, look at that.
"Joseph Germanotta
was lent one superball."
[Grandma laughs]
She used to make him sign that he bo
borrowed something.
She would make him stop letting
[Lady Gaga] "He may use it for one hour."
She had a great sense of humor,
I tell you.
She was a joy.
I got her for the 19 years.
[Lady Gaga] That's good.
That's good.
You want to play the song for her?
You ready to hear it?
I guess.
It won't be as good quality
because it's just from my phone, but
It's all right.
So we'll just play it,
and then if you get upset, we don't
have to talk about it. We'll you know?
It's okay. We can just...
Honey, it's been a long time.
I know. I just wanted to be sens
It's been over 40 years, so...
I know.
I know. I just want to be sensitive.
["Joanne" playing]
Take my hand
Stay, Joanne
Heaven's not
Ready for you
Every part...
[Joe] This is the one, right?
She made that one?
[Grandma] She had a lot of talent,
but she didn't have enough time.
Girl, where do you think you're going?
Where do you think
You're going, going, girl?
Girl, where do you think you're going?
Where do you think
You're going, going, girl?
Honestly, I know where you're going
And baby, you're just moving on
And I'll still love you
Even if I can't
See you anymore
Can't wait to see you soar
Girl, where do you think you're going?
Where do you think
You're going, going, girl?
Girl, where do you think you're going?
Where do you think
You're going, going, girl?
That's a beautiful piece.
You like it?
That's beautiful.
I wrote it for you and Dad.
Oh, my dear.
You are...
You're just so special.
Thanks for listening to it.
I love you.
Did I get it right?
Yes, you did.
Good one.
I'll miss you.
Good luck with all this, dear.
And don't...
don't become maudlin over all this.
It's a long time.
And for the 19 years that we had her...
she was precious,
and she's not been forgotten, ever.
[Joe] What a trip.
Bye, Grandma!
All right, let's hit the road.
All right, let's get stoned
in Grandma's car.
I'm just kidding. [laughs]
[man] Legend Tony Bennett
turning 90 years old today,
and he is celebrating in a big way.
[woman] He'll also be joined
by Lady Gaga this evening
for a special music and light show
that will feature
[man] Happy birthday, Tony.
Could you grab me a towel, Tyler?
Thank you.
[Tyler] Washcloth or full size?
It's the whole right side of my body.
It's in a...
I don't know, a spasm.
It feels like there's a rope
pulling from my, like, first toe
all up my leg into my...
and then...
around my first rib...
into my shoulder.
And then, my neck.
And head, jaw.
My fucking face hurts.
Just breathe.
I just think about other people that,
like, have maybe something like this,
that are struggling to figure out
what it is,
and they don't have the quick money
to have somebody help them.
Like I don't know what I'd fucking do
if I didn't have everybody here
to help me. What the hell would I do?
[Tyler] I'm not sure what the blue one is.
This is the only blue thing in there.
[woman] I have two...
Do I look pathetic?
[woman] There's a blue face mask.
I'm so embarrassed.
And I don't even know, like,
what a childbirth will be like.
Or if I can.
I know I think I can get pregnant.
I just don't know, like, what are my hips
going to do? I don't fucking know.
I'm not afraid of, like,
those things like...
getting pregnant
and becoming older with my fans.
I'm excited.
I want to become an old rock star lady.
[woman] All we know
in terms of confirmation...
Here, let's put Trump on.
That'll knock me out.
[chuckles] That'll traumatize me.
All you need to knock you
out of your trauma
is to be further traumatized.
Put on the RNC speech.
[TV in background]
I need a joint.
[Tyler] Okay.
[instrumental music playing]
[Lady Gaga] Is that paparazzi out there?
[woman] Yeah.
Hi, Bobby.
We got 15 minutes
and you're out the door.
Oh, but I love this hat.
With this dress.
[man] Yeah.
[instrumental music continues]
Are they done with the suit?
Yeah. We don't need to wear gloves.
I have them if you want them,
but with the hat you don't need it.
I think leave it for right now.
We only have 40 minutes.
Yeah, let's just be quick.
Let me blow dry it real quick.
Right? And then later we can wear it down.
All right.
Really, is that doable with our time?
What kind of lip now?
Just, like, natural.
Just natural and nude.
Yeah, I really like the ones
you showed me earlier.
I talked to Brendan this morning,
we have September 9th as the date.
September 9th?
Five weeks from Friday.
Buckle up.
[Sandra] It's September 9th of what?
September 9th the single comes out.
[Bobby] Wait, so how's it going
in the studio? I'm dying.
It's good.
I mean, if you look at me during Artpop,
and then now, I think I'm doing better.
I'm just a woman struggling now
instead of a girl.
["Bad Romance" remix playing]
[man] Who else has not been to wardrobe?
If you have not been to wardrobe,
come with me.
Come with me
if you have not been to wardrobe.
That's what I'm trying to find out.
Apple box, water, umbrella.
A mat for her to sit on.
You hold on. Just sit still.
Yeah? It's just up and down.
[man] Yeah, the van could come in
and pull to the side.
What did it feel like? Did it cramp up,
or did it twitch or shoot?
Or what'd it do?
It's inflamed.
I'm okay with it. I've accepted it.
But sorry, but for the three takes later
when the sun looks that beautiful,
I just want to do one more.
Okay, and remember we need everyone
to vibe and just have a good time.
Like we don't need anybody, like, dancing
and giving me "You Got Served."
This is not that party.
This is mosh pit, feel it.
This is, "Let's go to outer space
and lift off." Okay?
[man] Let's go!
Let's go!
["Perfect Illusion" playing]
[man] Hands up!
Tryin' to get control
Pressure's takin' its toll
Stuck in the middle zone
[man] Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
My guessing game is strong
Way too real to be wrong
Caught up in your show
Yeah, at least now I know
It wasn't love
It wasn't love
It was a perfect illusion
Perfect illusion
Mistaken for love, it wasn't love
Do you think that, like,
some of my older fans
are going to be disappointed
that I'm not all dressed up?
I think everyone's going to be so excited
that it's just, like,
solely about feeling it, you know?
Without anything to cover it up.
It's not about, like,
me being out in the front
with my hair blowing in the wind,
with some high fashion on,
you know what I mean?
Not that I don't love that.
[Sandra laughs] Yeah.
So much.
Three years.
[Joe] You ready?
[Sandra] Mmhmm.
Yeah, Dad.
[Sandra laughs]
The bus Germanotta bus stories
are beginning.
[man] Let's set it up.
[radio DJ] World premiere, new Lady Gaga.
That is "Perfect Illusion" on
New Lady Gaga, "Perfect Illusion."
World premiere.
We got a lot of questions from the fans.
[woman] I'm a huge Lady Gaga fan.
[woman 2]
She came back with a freaking bang.
[man] This is some old school shit,
but I think I'm feeling it.
This is from...
A lot of people dance in this one.
[woman 3] It's very happy Gaga in there.
[woman 4] I don't think it's a bad song,
but it's not, like, a banger.
[woman 5] I kind of like it.
[man 2] I do not get this at all.
[woman 6]
She was over at least a couple years ago.
[man 3] I miss the old Gaga.
I miss the old Gaga.
[man 4] Bring back the real Lady Gaga.
Are you getting any work done?
Yeah. All of it.
We haven't left here in 96 hours.
All of it?
It's not like I went to, like,
somebody's apartment and got this drug.
Are you ready? Can you make sure
no one comes from that way?
Oh, good job.
[Mark] I need to sit with you
for 15 minutes, because the only thing...
I know, I've got you yelling at me...
I'm not yelling.
Hey. Don't you dare tell me
I'm yelling at you right now. I'm
[Joe] Get off of my fucking car.
["Perfect Illusion" playing]
Now that I'm waking up
I still feel the
[Lady Gaga]
Back the other way a little bit.
How we doing, girls?
The record's due at 8:00.
[man] Excuse me. Let people through.
Are you in pain?
Well, my panic attack has ended.
[Lada Gaga] Come on in, Sarah.
Can Sarah just ride with me?
Yeah. There's just
a lot of people outside.
Okay, go ahead then. Sorry. Record.
I love you. Ruth, you're the shit.
[crowd chanting] Gaga!
[Bobby] Good luck out there.
Thank you so much.
[chanting] Gaga!
[man] Stand back, everybody.
[woman] Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! Gaga!
Can I please have a picture?
Gaga, can I please get a photo?
Please, Gaga!
I love you!
I love you!
[man] Yes! Yes, Gaga!
[woman] Yes, Gaga!
Gaga, straight ahead!
Gaga, straight ahead!
Mommy, is it Mommy.
Gaga, you're so fucking beautiful
and I fucking love you!
Gaga! Gaga!
[noise from crowd fades]
[Lady Gaga] Silence.
Hey, Mommy. Can you sign this for me?
Oh, my gosh.
Thank you so much.
[Joe] You did it.
It looks great. The video looks great.
[Mark] Hey! How you doing?
[Lady Gaga] Hi.
What's going on? This is Randy.
Hi, Randy.
Hi, how are you?
Nice to meet you.
Thank you so much for doing this.
My pleasure.
I'm sick of their city games
I crave a real wild man
I'm strung out on John Wayne
[Lady Gaga]
I mean, it sounded really good overall.
The high end,
bringing out the high end and everything,
and, like, making it
just more bright and shiny.
Play it.
When will you send that?
Tonight at 8:00.
["Hey Girl" playing]
Can you put it on some different speakers?
What is wrong with me?
Well, the last thing anyone will have
in their head after this,
"Hey girl!" anyway, so...
Right. Forever.
[Mark] What are we on now?
[Randy] "Grigio" would be the next...
That's good.
[Mark] All right. Okay.
I don't want to go,
but Randy, I feel pretty confident
you know what we like now,
and Gaga, you can be here to...
All right, I got to run.
I'll speak to you tomorrow,
and the next day, and everything,
because we're going to be obviously
still sorting all this shit out.
Sorry, I'm a girl.
What are you talking about?
All right.
I'm sorry, I'm a neurotic Jew.
Physical affection makes me feel awkward.
Okay. I know. I know it does.
Just deal with it.
That's awesome.
I'll walk you outside.
I burst into tears properly
when Mark left.
[Ruth] Oh, right.
But now it's kind of funny though.
Are you going to be able to sleep tonight?
And I'm going to fight like fucking hell
for them to fucking love this.
Because it is lovable.
[man] Three... two...
[Sofi Tukker's "Matadora" playing]
Hey, Long Island. Hey, West Palm.
Hey, Miami Monsters. It's Lady Gaga.
And you're listening to KISS 95.7.
Hey, Monsters! I'm on my way
to Sirius Hits One now.
[radio DJ] She's wearing the same booty
shorts I wore last Saturday.
Your booty looks incredible.
Hey, I'm here at Sirius XM,
and I want to say...
[cheering and applause]
[Lady Gaga] Thank you, London. I love you.
[speaks Japanese]
[woman] She is
one of the biggest stars on the planet.
Lady Gaga, officially next year's
Super Bowl halftime performer.
Yes! Yes!
[cheering and applause]
My name is Marlene Gerais
and I'm from New Jersey.
She doesn't know it,
but she saved my life over and over again.
Whenever I'm down, I go to her music
and it picks me up again.
[woman] We're just going to ask you
a few questions.
You're going to stand in the middle
here for your piece, okay?
You'll just come stand on this,
right there. How you doing today?
[Lady Gaga] Hey.
I'm good.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
How are you?
I like your shirt.
Oh, my God! Thank you!
How's it going?
Oh, my God. It's going
My favorite song of yours
is definitely "Born This Way."
I think it's really inspiring,
and whenever I'm feeling down or anything,
I go and put that track on,
and it, you know, inspires me.
I'm so glad you love it. Thank you.
It's one of my favorites.
All right. We're all Cut.
And then...
Nice meeting you.
I know that it's just for this radio thing
that they brought you in,
but, like, it really is so sweet
that you wait outside for me.
This means so much to me.
I'm glad we captured the moment.
I'll bring you back out.
Come on.
Bye! Nice to meet you!
Don't forget her name
and give her tickets to a show.
Thank you so much for being you
and for your music and everything,
and I'm so glad I met you,
and it's seriously a dream come true,
and thank you for everything.
She's one of the few that actually,
like, genuinely cares about her fans,
and that's why I love her.
[man] Your audience, man.
They're in this for the ride.
You can tell,
because there's no other option.
[Lady Gaga] Well, you know, they're
My fans are my heart and soul.
What happened in the last five years?
To everyone else, the world is yours,
and yet, I think people, real fans,
probably knew deep down
that there was something going on.
It make you paranoid? Did you ever
Paranoia, fear.
Oh, yeah.
Uh... Uh... Uh...
Anxiety, body pain.
The public announcement
that your marriage is breaking up
and you've got to make a record.
Well, engagement.
Let's not say marriage.
But yeah, very painful.
It's hard enough when, you know,
love isn't working out
the way you want it to
and you got to walk down the street
and have somebody go, "You okay?"
I had to go
into the deepest pain in my life.
I had to go into the part of myself
that you don't want to face.
[man] This record is like
the biggest change
we've seen in Gaga history.
We're going to think of this new single?
How does it feel to
Know we're all about to hear it?
[man] What's your reaction?
What was going through your head?
[man 2] What is Twitter going to say?
What are the listeners going to say?
It's scary,
because, you know, you just don't
If they don't like it,
it's like, "Well..."
It's my...
It's my life. You know, my life.
I can't wait for you to hear. It's very
personal in a way I just haven't been.
It's so personal.
It's a very personal title.
When it comes to revealing something
so personal about my...
I've never been that personal
with my fans.
I don't think that the world
was ready to see who I really am,
because I wasn't ready to be myself.
I'm saying this is me with nothing.
[Lady Gaga sobbing]
I just want to make music,
and make people happy,
and, like, go on tour, and have a family,
and, like, I just can never get it
all right at the same time.
I'm always at a shoot
with some fucking great news
and my love life's imploded.
When I looked in that camera today
and I saw my eyes were dead,
why do you think
I was, like, so freaked out?
Because I could see now.
[man] Yeah.
I don't need to have a million wigs on
and all that shit to make a statement.
I know that we want to elevate everything.
I'm trying to elevate everything,
but, like...
I can't elevate it to a...
I can't elevate it to a point
where I become Lady Gaga again.
Yeah, because then it's like why even...
why did I make this record?
And then I'm like, "It's a sad day."
When it's like I'm doing the Super Bowl.
I'm like... I'm so excited to do it,
but I can't help but realize
that when I sold ten million records,
I lost Matt.
I sell 30 million, I lose Luc. You know?
I get the movie, I lose Taylor.
It's like a turnover.
This is the third time
I've had my heart broken like this.
But like, I'm just
I'm alone, Brandon, every night.
And all these people will leave.
Right? They will leave.
And then I'll be alone.
And I go from everyone touching me
all day and talking at me all day
to total silence.
[woman] Bad news for Lady Gaga.
The entire album
has reportedly leaked online.
[man] She released
her fifth studio album, Joanne.
[woman 2] If you guys didn't know already,
Joanne actually leaked today
[woman 3] One shop has already begun
selling the album early
leading to the leak.
[woman 4] These pop stars might want
to stop leaving their music laying around.
[Lady Gaga] My album's
on the internet right now. I just...
[woman] How do they even access it?
Because a record store in Belgium
decided to sell the album early.
If you could just bring me up to date.
I have this, like, real strong, uh...
It's tension in my abdomen. It almost
It just feels like my muscles are,
like, gripping all around my intestines.
And it's so inflamed.
And my hip hurts every single day.
Know your meds off the top of your head?
Synthroid for thyroid,
but that's not related.
I'm also on Mobic Mobics twice a day.
I have chased this pain down
for five years.
And the fury in all of this is that
I'm fucking strong and I can still be me.
And when I feel the adrenaline
in my music and my fans,
like, I can fucking go.
But it doesn't mean I'm not in pain.
It sounds like you've been willing
your body to perform,
so in order to function, you're going
to have to shut down pain and emotions
in order to do your job.
But I didn't know I was doing that.
I was on tour in 2012.
And not feeling good, but I
Everything hurt.
Like I didn't know it was in
I didn't know. It's just everything
Right. Global pain.
Global pain.
And mental pain.
Yeah, and then my hip broke.
Okay, so let's do this.
So phase one is let's try to get you
get out of this intense pain
that's in your face,
where you feel you're running
from the tide all the time,
and I know there's a component of psych
that Dr. Modir is working on.
Phase two, let's try to get the muscles
to reeducate.
Phase three, we do the blood spinning
to try to cause regeneration.
So, I'll be back, and then I'll talk you
through the procedure, okay?
Do you have any questions for me?
[makeup artist] We have to get her ready
for this interview.
Hi, Dr. Katja, it's Stefani.
I'm at Dr. Aufiero's office.
And she wants to do
the trigger point injections.
It's just Anyway, here's the doctor.
Hi, it's Dr. Aufiero.
Hi. I'm good.
Yeah, you can call me Danielle.
Who gets their makeup done
while they're getting,
like, a major body treatment?
Yes, I can. So, just
While this is all occurring, my album
is hemorrhaging all over the internet.
[Dr. Aufiero] Hello. Come on in.
So we'll do about four spots, okay?
You're doing great.
Almost there.
The tighter the muscle, it's more intense.
Just the needle coming in.
A little cold spray.
[Lady Gaga]
Three hundred thousand downloads.
It's not right.
This is what I've been waiting to see
while I sit in that fucking MRI machine
for three hours at a time
and they tell me
to take Advil and Aleve.
[Dr. Aufiero]
You can see that darkness is the fluid.
You know, whatever. Fuck it.
Let them download my record.
I don't fucking care.
[Dr. Aufiero]
Sometimes it's better to just let it go.
I mean, I don't fucking care.
If I cry, will my face get puffy?
[crowd chanting] Joanne!
[woman] Her album is called Joanne.
[man] Lady Gaga's new album Joanne
is out today,
and the singer wants everyone to know
that songs are a radical departure
from the pop that launched her into fame.
[man 2] Lady Gaga's
popinfused new record Joanne
has debuted at the top
of the US Billboard 200 album chart.
Gilberto, yes.
Look, my first one.
[man] Thank you so much.
Will you sign my arm?
Thank you so much.
I don't cry over anybody.
But this is a journey,
and this is a long time coming,
and this girl has my heart.
I fucking I love her.
The tattoo I got, "I'm beautiful my way
because God makes no mistakes."
[cheering and applause]
["Angel Down" playing]
I'd rather save an angel down
I'm a believer, it's chaos
Where are our leaders?
Oh, oh, oh
I'd rather save an angel down
[Bobby] Hello?
Hello? Hello?
Hi. How are you?
I was just wondering, do you have
the new Lady Gaga album?
I'm sorry?
Do you have the new Lady Gaga album?
The new lady named what?
Lady Gaga album.
Oh! Do we have that
It would be somewhere around here.
Can I talk to the manager?
Yeah, if you go to the customer service.
Maybe they can help you out. Yes.
Where is that?
Customer service.
All the way in the front.
Oh, you found it?
Thank you.
This is all they have?
Should we buy two?
He's our manager.
Oh, hey. I just wanted to know
if you had more of these in the back.
I can check for you,
but I don't want to be recorded.
I'm sorry,
but we can't record in the store, okay?
That's cool.
Let me check for you.
Not a problem.
Excuse me.
Oh, it is. Oh, hi.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
It's okay.
[woman] Welcome to Walmart.
It's Lady Gaga.
Thank you for choosing our Walmart
to shop at.
Oh, yeah, no, we were just coming
to check on it,
because, you know,
the record business is tough, you know?
So, I want to make sure our CDs
are out in front.
Can I take a picture with you?
Yeah, okay.
Hey, can you take a picture of us?
I want to show my wife.
I thought I was in trouble.
All right, so let's check if we have
the CDs for Lady Gaga.
Okay, who's going to take a picture?
She asked me first.
Lady Gaga?
["Teeth" playing]
Can we take a picture with you, please?
There's a lane open up there.
Lady Gaga?
Thank you.
[woman] Bye, Lady Gaga.
Bye, guys.
Bye, guys.
Thank you for shopping with us.
[Bobby] It was a madhouse in there.
It was wild.
Have you ever seen that pink hat?
We fucked that shit up. Yes!
[Bobby] And you selfchecked.
You selfchecked!
I am a regular girl!
Do I look like a nerd?
It happened three times in a row.
Let's start at our height
and we'll adjust if we have to.
Thank you.
Oh, my God. So it's like...
It's just so distracting
that things are not right...
for me.
I can't perform it
until everything else is locked.
Otherwise I'm just erasing mistakes.
If I pick up the keytar
and I play the wrong note
in front of a hundred million people,
that's my fault.
Doesn't matter that someone else
screwed it up. It's my name.
Who told Ian to put
Did you tell Ian to do the change?
Okay, I just need someone to tell me.
Okay, sorry. That was
I just have no
I had no idea, and then, the
Did you guys change the skirt?
The skirt?
It The belt?
Did you add...
We put the belt on.
Did you add another latch to the belt
in the back?
The belt has a latch in the back.
That was my fault. I just felt like
those girls were just not getting it.
They're both Nobody's getting it.
Right now I'm doing full passes of a show
feeling like shit,
with everything being like
falling all over the place around me.
So it's just a waste of time.
As a performer, I'm going,
"What are we doing?"
Like, I would rather have nothing on
and be like, "One, two, three."
Just practicing the jacket
and getting it right, so that I can feel
Because the thing is,
is when those things are happening,
I'm setting up my breath,
and I'm getting my mind ready
to set the note right for this moment
so I can and I
Right now, like, I'm not finding
the cameras.
When I'm supposed to find the cameras,
because I'm like, "Wait. Where am I?"
And I'm dizzy out there.
I mean, that's a 360 room.
It's not like I have a backdrop to go,
"Oh, here's the back of the stage."
Like, when I get turned around, I'm legit,
like, "I don't know where I am."
This lining is not going to work,
and I just
We're changing it.
Okay, but they need to change it like now,
because I have to rehearse with it and...
This is making me nervous, is
I know to other people it's like,
"Oh, no big deal.
It's just a lining of a jacket."
But for me, it's like,
the way that the fabric on my outfit
reacts to this fabric,
whatever that it is,
is going to change the speed
in which my arm enters the sleeve.
It's like a whole thing.
So every little thing that's not done
means more work for me Friday.
Means less time for me
to rehearse my performance.
Everyone's tired.
Those dancers are tired.
I'm sorry, but I know those dancers.
They're fucking tired.
["Born This Way" playing]
Feel my hip. Just put your hands on there.
I mean, it's for real.
Like I'm locked up.
Are you getting a little
It's when I'm hitting
That's what's hard right now.
I just don't want it to like
I don't want to complain about it.
I just want to fix it.
So hold your head up...
Am I grabbing your boob? I can't see.
Is that your shoulder?
Yeah. That's my shoulder.
["Telephone" playing]
[woman] Welcome to the Pepsi Zero Sugar
Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show.
[Lady Gaga] Hey, guys, can you get around
one second? Can you hear me?
Hey, guys.
This is the last one. Okay?
So this is the stamina run.
This is when you think you can't,
and you like need to, like, take a little,
like, extra breath here or there.
You don't.
You push through it, right?
You got to maintain
your own sense of your spirit.
So when you're out there now,
focus on you.
You know? It can get very distracting
out there with everything that's going on.
So just...
This one is about staying grounded
and biting it hard. Okay?
["Kaval Sviri" plays]
[cheering and applause]
[noise from TV in background]
Did she see this?
No, she hasn't seen it.
I'm so excited.
How cute is that?
Oh, my! There's lots of flowers.
Well, nothing like getting flowers
from your exfianc for the Super Bowl.
No, you didn't! [laughs]
It's okay.
It's okay.
Actually, I will put them out.
Nice and proud.
It's very thoughtful.
I want to enjoy the day with my family,
but I've really got my eye on the prize.
We have after. We have this evening.
And I don't feel as, like, angry and tired
as I did that other day.
[man] So how's this going to be different
from, like, other big shows you've done?
How is this show different?
Well, you know, I've never really done...
like a lifetime achievement, you know,
award, or a performance, like...
that was meant to celebrate my career.
And I feel like this is that moment.
And I was thinking this morning about it,
and the truth is that there really isn't
anything bigger than this.
So I better enjoy it today,
because it's not going to happen again.
And the country is so in peril right now
and in stress, and I think it's
this is when it is most important
to be an artist, and shine.
The government doesn't have the power
to change anything in music or in art.
I think everyone's going to read into it
what they want to read into it.
I mean, that's the way this goes.
[fanfare music playing]
Whoo! [laughs]
This is the biggest beauty pageant
we've ever done!
You happy?
Ashley and I just took a Molly,
so we'll probably be a little crazy.
That's so good.
You gotta be rolling.
This is the one.
Of your life?
It's almost like a little bit sad.
[Brandon] No, it's not.
No, it doesn't get bigger than this.
So what do I do after this?
Everything. You're about to see your whole
world explode at 9:00 p.m. tonight.
You think so?
Your album's already all number one,
like, around the world.
You'll be in stadiums
for the rest of your life.
We really should...
...start this process.
This is big.
It's really big.
It's big for me, but it's big for you too.
This is like a big moment
that you've mastermanaged.
It's not easy to manage this.
And you did it by yourself.
You know, that's what I'm saying.
Thank you.
I love you.
Thank you for staying with me.
You know?
Okay, it's game time.
Yes, it is, Richard.
Let's do it, troops.
Let's do it, troops.
["John Wayne" playing]
[Ashley] Why is there a football game
before the Lady Gaga concert?
I'm doing the halftime show.
[Lady Gaga grunts]
We're going to be late!
We're going to be late
for your halftime show.
I'm doing the halftime show.
I just wanted to have
a good moment to come say...
Oh, my God.
Yay! We match!
I love you, too.
All right.
[cheering and applause]
[whistle blows]
[man] Donatella.
That's George Bush.
This is Donatella Versace.
Clear the way!
[announcer] There's no score.
Back to work.
[woman] Babe, I have a surprise guest.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I feel like I'm bothering you now.
No, you're not bothering me.
I am so proud of you.
Honey, it's 12 minutes.
The last quarter went by really fast.
Everybody suggested
[Lady Gaga] Okay.
[Donatella] I don't understand this sport.
I'm Italian.
[Lady Gaga] Donatella thinks
it's a beauty pageant for boys.
Oh, the Janet Jackson nipple covers
are going on.
I am focused.
I know you are.
I bet I watched every rehearsal,
and I had one major note for myself,
and it was to have fun.
I look like I want to kill everyone.
We have five.
Oh, my God! No!
Okay, let's get those eyes on.
[Donatella] You look fierce.
Shall we do this?
Sorry, guys, we have to go. We
We're going right now.
Yes! Let's do this!
[The Joubert Singers' "Stand on the Word
(Larry Levan Mix)" playing]
The roof is opening!
Last looks!
Hey, guys.
I don't know about you, but I've been
working my whole life for this moment,
so I'd like to thank you
for all your hard work.
Thank you.
[cheering and applause]
[sobbing] Oh, my God.
It was good.
It was unbelievable. Unbelievable.
That could not have gone...
We got to perform
on the biggest stage in the world
with our beliefs and our diversity,
and I'm really proud of it.
I know, it was great. "A Million Reasons"
just went number one.
No way.
So there you go.
"A Million Reasons," number one.
[Lady Gaga] Yes!
Again, unbelievable.
[Lady Gaga]
I got to take pictures with fans.
[all singing "Bad romance"]
Want your bad romance
...on me
Before the end of this song
Young, wild, American
Come on, baby
Do you have a girlfriend?
Rain on me a million
I'm not flawless
But I got a diamond heart
Oh, I
I might not be flawless
But you know I got a diamond heart
[singing scales]
[Lady Gaga laughing]
That was the night
that I gave Beyonc, like, a panic attack.
How'd you give her a panic attack?
I don't know. I just always feel
like when I'm with her and JayZ,
I'm always, like,
hanging out in the corner
with, like, nine joints
hanging out of my mouth,
being like, "What's up?"
And she's just like, "You're not a lady.
But why? How is this working?"
Do you have a girlfriend?
Rain on me a million
I'm not flawless
But I got a diamond heart
Oh, I
I might not be flawless
But you know I got a diamond heart
Oh, I
I might not be flawless
But you know I got a diamond heart
So we're going to go right to Mark.
The first shart should be of
the shot should be of Mark.
Mark's hands. Can we go back?
Sorry. I said, "The first shart."
That's my own business,
what happens when I'm...
[laughs] Okay. Mark's first shart.