Galaxis (1995) Movie Script

[music playing]
remember the day
my father died, the
last glimmer of light
flickering in his tired
eyes as the enemy attack
craft thundered overhead.
Then I became the
ruler, and the people
looked to me and the power of the sacred crystal
to lead them to victory and the peace they had once known.
Many years have
passed since then,
but we have known no peace.
Kyla drove us from our homes.
Hunted and
slaughtered, we fought
to lay across the crumbling empire to our final refuge,
the planet Centaria.
[music playing]
[weapons firing]
[music playing]
[ship exploding]
Lord Tarkin, we've lost
both forward squadrons.
The eastern laser shield
has been disengaged.
Their landing vehicles
are pouring through.
Get the people
back to the bunkers.
Their ground troops
will be here any moment.
They're already on
the perimeter wall, sir,
massacring our men.
Somehow, they slipped through the tracking shields
and caught us by surprise.
[panicked screaming]
[inaudible] and activate the final shields now.
Come on!
[music playing]
SOLDIER: Get ready!
Gunners, move up!
[weapons firing]
[panicked screaming]
Flank guards, forward!
[weapons firing]
SOLDIER: Watch your back.
SOLDIER: They're coming in!
[music playing]
[refugees weeping]
You're safe now.
Thank you, Lord Tarkin.
Help is on its way.
It will be over soon.
Lord Tarkin, we're
trapped here, aren't we?
I mean, he's got us cornered,but we don't stand a chance?
I don't see how you--
Don't you have a job to do?
Do it.
SOLDIER: Lord Tarkin.
LORD TARKIN: You have news?
I'm afraid it's not good, sir.
All outer guns are inoperative.
Defense shield 3,
5, and 9 are out.
The army is all but destroyed,the fleet, annihilated.
Once the people are
back inside the bunker,
activate the final shield.
That should hold them out till the coalition fleet arrives.
The enemy ground troops are past the defense shields.
They are advancing swiftly onto the bunkers.
And Ladera?
What news from her?
I'm sorry, sir.
She was last seen in
the eastern quadrant.
But the troops there
were massacred.
They didn't stand a chance.
I'm afraid she probably--
She still lives.
My lord, we must close
the bunker doors, now.
Do it.
[music playing]
[weapons firing]
The bunkers.
SOLDIER: Incoming!
[weapons firing]
[weapon firing]
[electricity crackling]
[ship exploding]
That was close.
Activate perimeter shields.
Let's hop the fleet
makes it in time.
This is only another
forward scout party.
I'm picking up signals
from the main fleet.
They're on the edge
of the alpha sector.
Shall I recontact the
coalition fleet, sir?
How far away are they now?
Still two days at least.
Get me the high
commander on comms.
I'm afraid we've got
another problem, sir.
They've jammed all intergalactic transmissions.
The best we could do now is send out a distress signal.
Why don't we talk to Kyla?
I mean, let's face the facts, Tarkin, We're beaten.
You're beaten.
You lost it.
You lost it for all of us.
You know the coalition fleet,by the time they get here,
we're going to be
smoking carcasses.
You know, you're
a real big hero,
and that's all well and good,but don't risk our lives.
Now, look, we don't have to die.
We can make a deal.
What does he want?
The crystal.
Well, let's give it to him.
Two years Kyla has wreaked havoc and destruction
upon our colony.
Many have died.
Our homes are in ruins and our children are starving.
But we shall never surrender,and we shall never make
a deal with the likes of him.
Peace with Kyla would be a life destined to slavery and misery.
Without the crystal,
we are nothing.
It is the soul of our culture,the antithesis of our ways.
Its power has
guided and protected
us since the dawn of time.
It is more than a
sacred relic or--
or a source of energy.
It is as integral to our
lives as air and water.
If Kyla and his army
ever possess it,
the entire solar system
will be at his mercy.
Now, we cannot and
will not surrender.
Do I make myself clear?
[weapons firing]
[music playing]
This is a
restricted area, son.
[machinery whirring]
SOLDIER: Cyborg!
[weapons firing]
What is it?
Something's happening
in the main hall.
[wall exploding]
[weapons firing]
Hey, I can help you.
Y-- yes.
I can--
I knew you could bespoken to and talked with.
I can offer you things.
So you want to make a deal?
Let me see.
What do you think?
I guess not.
My Lord Tarkin, I do hope I'm not interrupting
anything important.
That's right.
Resistance is futile.
It is over.
I have won.
Maybe next time.
At last.
Go get help quickly!
Right away.
Ladera, beautiful sister.
Be still.
Why didn't you fight back?
To make him believe
he had won everything.
But without the
crystal and its power,
we can only hold them
back for two more days,
and then we are doomed.
Listen to me, Ladera, there is something I haven't told you.
There is another crystal.
When the crystal
was created, another
was made for a time like this.
What do you mean?
The scrolls tell
of a distant planet,
great [inaudible] keeper.
Follow your heart.
Tarkin, don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
You're the leader now.
But beware, Kyla may follow you.
If we were to get
both fire crystals,
the very fabric of life and time would be in danger.
[thunder cracks]
It really is you?
Manny, thanks for coming down.
It's good to see you.
Look at you.
I missed you, boy.
I was just telling my nephew Raymond how much--
remember Raymond?
Yeah, I remember
that deadbeat.
What's he doing back in town?
Now, Jed--
You didn't let him
move back in, did you?
He was just going
through something.
I don't know.
And no, he's not
living with me anymore.
You threw him out?
What did he do, max
out your credit cards?
Sell the family silver?
Jed, be nice.
Hey, what's with all this cloak and dagger routine?
You-- you join the
FBI or something?
You do something illegal?
Look, it's nothing like that.
Trust me.
Just, well, I got a
few complications.
I'm all ears.
Some people are looking for me and something I've got.
If they find it, I'm dead.
No biggie.
Oh, Jed what did you
get your ass into, huh?
I thought you were down
in Peru doing something
useful with your life.
I was.
I got it, Manny.
I finally got it.
What you got?
The Eye of the Incas.
I thought that was just some kind of myth or something.
Yeah, I know.
My grandfather used to
talk to me about it,
about some long
lost power source,
a magical stone
lost in the Andes,
hidden by some ancient tribe.
He was right, Manny.
He was really right.
Let me see it.
[thunder cracks]
Ancient tribes worshiped it.
People feared it.
And they believed it
had the power to level
cities and build empires.
They even believed it
wasn't of this world.
Oh, it's incredible.
I'm feeling almost
kind of light-headed.
Can I touch it?
That's not a good idea.
It does strange things to you.
Four years of searching,four years of dead ends and--
and closed doors.
And then suddenly, out of the blue, there it was.
Hey, Manny, there isn't a museum in the world who wouldn't
give me a fortune for this.
I've just got a couple
of problems, though.
That's why I need your help.
Here I am.
Take the Eye away from me.
Hold it for a couple of weeks.
When the dust settles,
I'll call you.
It's done.
You and me, we go
back a long way.
Now, I promised your father I would look after you
and look at yourself.
You look like you haven't slept in a bed in the last month.
And that alcohol
you put in your body
is gonna put you in early grave.
Now, I feel like I
let your father down.
OK, OK, I get your point.
Manny, you're my family.
I owe you big time for this.
Hey, it's me.
It's covered.
Thanks, Manny.
You OK?
You look as if you could do with a long, hard drink.
Well, that's the best proposition I've had all day.
No, help!
Shut up, bitch!
Shut up, I said!
You do it now, babycakes.
Prove it.
I-- I don't care too
much for fighting.
I'll buy you a drink
You know, a simple
no would have sufficed.
You got a visitor.
Hello, Jed.
Fancy seeing you here.
I didn't realize you
were back in town.
I was still waiting
for my postcard.
Victor, nice to see you.
I was-- I was gonna
call you tomorrow.
Of course you were.
- Lose 'em.
- You heard him.
Everybody out.
Let's go.
Beat it, grandpa!
Ah, you're hurting me!
Let me go!
No one tells Victor Menendezrmentioned what to do, no one!
You understand that?
Ugh, ugh!
Boy, you two like
girlfriend boyfriend?
Don't screw with me, Sanders!
I lent you a great deal of money, and it's payback time.
Now, a little bird tells
me you brought something
real special back with you.
Where is it?
That's-- that's a tricky one.
Could you be more specific?
Yes, I could.
When the counter reaches
zero, no more hero.
In fact, you're gonna need a goddamn Thomas Guide
to piece you back together.
Shut up!
OK, well, um, let me think.
Uh-- well, there was some--
some duty-free aftershave and some t-shirts.
There was some gum.
End of the line, Sanders.
"Manny Hopkins."
I'll send him your regards.
Better still, I'll
send him to you see,
so you can do it personally.
Hey, we're closed!
Come back tomorrow.
You deaf, honey?
I said, beat it!
The fire crystal,
I've come for it.
Get her outta here!
I know it was here.
You're dead, girl!
[muffled speech]
Oh, Christ.
We gotta get outta here.
Come on, this whole
place is gonna blow.
Are you coming?
Crystal, where is it?
Lady, I'm not joking!
It wasn't there.
Where has it gone?
What the hell?
Are you out of your mind?
Tell me now.
Jesus, lady!
What's this?
Some kind of storm?
I guess you could say that.
[helicopter blades spinning]
[siren wailing]
OK, get me the bomb squad forensic and a full incident
report from the fire force.
Gentlemen, I want you to get me statements from every man,
woman, and child who even broke wind near this bar
in the last 24 hours.
You get that?
- Yeah, I got it.
You get it?
Look, this is a brand new suit my wife's gonna kill me.
Lemon juice and baking soda.
You mix it all together and the stain will come out.
How do you know that shit?
We women are born
knowing that shit.
What I can't figure
is what Victor Menendez
is doing on this side of town.
This dump ain't his style.
Maybe he was thirsty.
Yeah, maybe.
Where are the bodies?
No bodies.
I see bullet holes, blood,high powered explosives.
I expect to see at
least one casualty.
I mean, why else are you gonna blow up the whole building?
I know.
Checked all the hospitals.
So far, nothing.
The bar lady?
Oh, she didn't see anything.
She left her glasses at home.
Uh-huh, right next to her hearing aid, no doubt.
- Mm-hm.
- Mm-hm.
- Hey, Carter.
- Hey, Cap.
What's up?
Yeah, lookie here.
"Jed Sanders."
You ever heard of him?
No, he's not one of Victor's.
- What is that?
It looks like Monopoly money.
Well, looks like
Mr. Sanders just
got back from South America.
This is Peruvian.
Ah, a nice little
suntan, some cheap wine.
Hear the scenery's stunning this time of year.
Top it off with a few kilos of quiet marching powder.
Beats Club Med.
Let's run a check
on our Mr. Sanders,
see if the computer can come up with anything interesting.
Oh, yeah.
While you're at it, have
the boys down at central
put an APB out on him.
I have a feeling our Mr.Sanders can shed a light on what
went down here this evening.
Yeah, if he's still alive.
Look, lady.
Thanks for what you did earlier.
That was real impressive.
I think the safest thing for us to do right now is to split up.
I mean, those boys ain't gonna be forgetting that in a hurry.
What's your name?
earlier, the crystal
was in that room.
I must find it, and you will tell me where it went.
Listen, lady, I don't
have time for this.
I have a friend of mine who's in very serious trouble.
[thunder cracks]
OK, where do you live?
I'll give you money for a taxi.
I'm from Sintaria.
Where's that?
Somewhere in the valley?
They had my wallet.
Jed, you must help me.
If I don't bring
back that crystal,
my people will be destroyed.
This is our last hope.
[thunder rumbling]
[electric crackling]
Yeah, all right.
All right.
Yes, sign right
here this statement.
No, no, no.
That's a big help.
OK, here's what we got so far.
According to a couple
of friends of mine,
Victor's collecting a little debt from Sanders.
Something goes totally wrong.
Sanders and some accomplice jump Victor and his boys.
Now the streets are buzzing.
Word is, Victor's got
a hit out on Sanders.
Looks like our boy
is as good as dead.
Anything on the accomplice?
Yeah, blonde and female.
A blonde female in California?
Well, that narrows it down to four million and change.
That's real good police work.
Over 6 feet tall and
dressed like Barbarella?
What the hell are
you doing here?
I told you to go home.
You are now in
a lot of danger.
Do not go into this place.
I know he's here.
Who's here?
What the hell are you
dribbling about now?
Kyla has arrived!
Kyla's arrived?
How nice for him.
Look, lady.
Ladera, Victor is not the kind of man you wanna mess with.
Now, I suggest you
just disappear.
Look, I'm not joking.
Now, get lost before
you get us both killed.
Looks like our friend spends a lot of time in South America.
Some kind of import-export guy, mostly ancient artifacts.
Any link to Victor?
No, I do not have
any information.
Goddamn it.
I mean, how is it
every time we even
get close enough to
smell Victor or his mob,
they manage to slip away?
I don't know.
I am sick of watching
that little lowlife
scumbag squirm his way out of another situation.
Listen to this.
The Peruvian government's been watching this guy
for the last couple of years.
And all of a sudden,
he ups and takes
off after a 16-month trip.
I think this means something.
Do you think this
means something?
I think we better find
Sanders and his girl
before Victor and his boys do.
We're gonna nail Victor's ass to the wall this time.
No more lawyers,
no more fast talk,
no more sniveling
his way out of it.
He's going down
permanently this time.
I got an address on
a guy named Hopkins.
You coming?
Hey, can I have a goddamn moment here, please?
That you?
It's only me.
The crystal, give it to me.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about!
Give it to me!
Kyla, no!
Big mistake.
You're right!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on.
Wait a minute.
Get in.
Hold on a goddamn minute.
What the hell
happened back there?
Those weapons?
And that thing?
And Manny?
It's not your fault,
but we must go now.
Kyla knows we're here!
Who the hell is
this goddamn Kyla?
Jed, I've been
trying to tell you.
Kyla is not from your
world, and neither am I.
This isn't happening.
Jed, look.
You have got to listen
and to believe in me.
Kyla is here for one thing only-- the crystal.
He'll stop at nothing, and
I repeat to you, nothing
to get it back.
Jed, look, I'm truly
sorry about your friend.
I, too, have known a loss at the hands of Kyla.
My friends, my family.
And many thousands of my people.
All because of the crystal?
Legend says that when the star system was created,
so were the crystals.
They are the pillars of life.
They are the
foundations of power.
They are life itself.
So it's not a myth.
This guy, Kyla, what
will he do with it?
With the combined power of both, he'll become invincible.
No one will be safe.
No one!
Kyla didn't just
have it then, did he?
So who does?
I've got a pretty good idea.
Come on.
Oh, got an ID on the barbecue.
Manny Hopkins.
He's either a
very careless smoker
or we've got us a murder 1.
What the hell is that?
I don't know.
Hate to meet the spider
that made that thing.
Damn, that's red hot.
Hey, Lee.
LEE: Yeah?
Get a sample of
this down to the lab.
LEE: Yes, sir.
Is that him?
Yeah, that's Raymond.
We get it now.
Get him.
Raymond, how's it going?
Jed, how you doing?
Is there a problem?
First, you're peeing
on your shoes.
Second, you've got something that belongs to me,
a box about this big.
Jed, I don't know what you're talking about, I swear to God.
Enough talk.
The crystal.
I-- I don't have it, I swear!
Please don't let
them kill me, please!
Jed, grab the bag and run.
Use this to protect
yourself against Kyle.
How pitiful!
You led me straight
to the second crystal.
What a fitting ending.
Yet I'd hate for you
to miss all the fun.
While you were
away, My dogs of war
have so much enjoyed the
generous and plentiful
hospitality of your
planet and the people.
Did you really think
you could outsmart me?
How arrogant!
How foolish!
You know, I think I could rather get to like it here.
A shame you gotta leave, then.
[siren wailing]
Police, freeze!
Get down on the ground with your hands behind your heads.
I said, get down!
You didn't say "please."
Ladera: Jed, where are you?
It's me.
It's only me.
Are you OK?
Yeah, I took care of him.
Now it's only you and me.
Jed, I want you.
What are you talking about?
This isn't the time.
Jed, you've got nothing to worry about, my daddy.
I'm here now.
You are more elusive than I gave you credit for.
The Sintarian led
me to your friend.
He screamed so loudly.
So much pain.
So much blood.
Where is it?
Tell me now!
I-- I don't have it.
Last chance.
For my brother!
You killed him.
Where the hell did his body go?
He's not dead.
Mortal wounds alone
cannot destroy him.
We must find the
crystal quickly.
Are you telling
me he's still alive?
Very much so.
Geez, this is too weird.
Well, well, well.
What is that?
Shoe selling
business is paying
a little too well these days.
Real deal.
Come on.
You say there was a
girl and a guy, right?
Now, once again, the girl,she was blonde, over six foot,
and she was dressed like
a Neo Gothic surfer?
That's her.
She's crazy, insane!
She's got guns and--
and strange powers, man.
Look, I'm telling you,
something ain't right.
Well, this is a
beautiful story.
Where were they headed, and why were they interested in you?
I don't know.
I'm innocent.
I didn't do anything wrong!
Of course you're innocent.I'm innocent.
You innocent?
Are y'all innocent?
We're all innocent!
All right.
Now, this man who started all the fires, where does he
fit into all this?
Hey, man, don't-- don't do that.
This is gonna be a long night.
Right, now listen to me.
This is Chinese gangland here.
So don't do any outer
space stuff, OK?
Let me do the talking.
These are-- these are friends.
[speaking Chinese]
Sanders, what
are you doing here?
Word is, you're [inaudible].
I hear there's a [inaudible]on your head tonight.
All right, take
it easy, big fella.
I should off you right now.
I'd make some money
off your sorry ass.
Nice friends.
Well, it was just a
slight misunderstanding.
Wait here.
I'll be just a minute.
[speaking Chinese]
Beginner's luck, eh?
I'll say.
Mind if I sit-in on this one?
What are you talking
about, Jed Sanders?
When have you ever
had any money?
Well, Mr. Sanders, you've been a very busy man tonight.
You wanna talk
or you wanna play?
Sit down.
Hey, hey, hey.
Watch the plastic.
You'll leave a ring on it.
Couldn't leave ring on that with a goddamn blow torch.
No, no, no.
You do not understand.
This is a brand new car.
This car belongs to my wife.
This car has so much as a ding in it tomorrow morning,
I might as well move
in the station house.
[music playing]
Hey, move!
High stakes, boy.
Match 'em.
[snaps fingers]
Let's see them.
You first.
Had a royal flush, Jed?
MAN [ON RADIO]: All units,we have an 811 in progress
at 327 South Parlor.
Suspects believed to be
Sanders and accomplice.
Looking for this?
You got a big
mouth, funny boy.
Not a good idea.
[electric crackle]
Mr. Sanders.
You mind if I trouble you with a couple of quick questions?
Well, as long
as they're quick.
They're telling you what?
I don't believe this.
These two went on a personal crusade through this town
last night.
I've got a list of incidents longer than Prince
Charles's cellular phone bill.
Now, I want some answers.
I want 'em now.
All right, you--
you gotta calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
The DA's office is
screaming for blood,
and the damn press is
having a field day.
Now, do we have any leads on this figure in the alley?
Or is he from outer space, too?
I talked to the
guys on the scene, OK?
They said they got at
least a dozen shots off
and he just kept on going.
Well, he's got some
kind of Kevlar vest.
Or-- or they're lousy shots.
So what?
No, I don't think so.
Did you read the reports?
Yes, yes.
I read the report.
Well, if you look at several of the incidents,
the perpetrator, see?
It's a match.
So these two loonies,
they know him, too?
The woman said
that he's the leader
of an alien rebel
force out to destroy
the powers of the universe.
Thank you, Kelly, for this--
this great insight.
Now at least I know
what I'm up against.
I think I should
go help Carter.
All right.
No, on second thought,
I'll go with you.
I gotta hear some of this shit.
That's gotta be the biggest load of horseshit I ever heard.
Look, I know how
this must sound,
but I'm telling you the truth.
No, you're telling me
some bullshit episode
of "Star Trek," son.
Now, I wanna hear the truth.
And I wanna hear it now.
I've told you already.
How many times do I have to repeat the same story?
Until I'm satisfied, OK?
Well, I think I
have some rights here.
You'll get your rights.
Don't worry.
And you're gonna have 30 years to think about 'em.
Well, there isn't nothing
I can say that doesn't
make me sound like a nut.
Try me, Mr. Sanders.
I am a very patient man.
I found the crystal in Peru.
It's an ancient artifact,almost mythical.
It's called the Eye of the Inca.
I'd been looking
for it for years.
Victor lent me money.
Victor, Victor?
There's another strange
piece of the puzzle.
We've been after him for years.
Now, what do you know
about his organization?
Well, I know he's no saint.
That's common knowledge.
But all I did was borrow money.
Now, listen to me, son.
You gotta start being a little more cooperative, or else
it's gonna be a long time before you see the light of day.
Now, am I making myself clear?
I didn't do anything wrong!
Nothing wrong?
Let me see.
Breaking and entering, grand theft, resisting arrest,
property damage, murder!
Shall I go on?
[siren wailing]
So what do you think?
Seems rational enough,
but what a story.
But the funny thing is that their stories match.
What's funny about that?
Well, I don't know.
They're both so-- so complicated and extensive.
You'd think one or the
other would slip up.
[phone ringing]
So what the hell is
this thing, anyway?
Nobody knows.
It sure caused a lot of trouble.
So she beamed on
down like Captain Kirk?
Well, yeah.
Yeah, well, the way I see it, you and this bimbo
murdered Manny to get your hands on this thing.
We didn't murder Manny.
I loved him!
He was like a father to me.
I keep telling you,
it was this guy, Kyla.
That's funny.
Some guy says he
saw you entering
the warehouse around the exact same time of his death.
A witness?
Some guy saw you
and Miss America
entering and then fleeing the scene in a stolen pickup.
Well, then, he
told you about Kyla.
I mean, he was there.
He attacked us.
Guy must have seen it.
He's on his way over here now.
We'll see.
Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, pal, get to
the back of the line.
Look, as long as
that crystal's in here,
we're all in more trouble than your worst nightmare.
Sit your ass down!
JED: You have no idea what you're dealing with.
If he gets in here,
we're all gonna be dead!
I don't wanna hear no more about no goddamn spacemen
or distant planets!
The clock's ticking, son!
And your time is up!
[alarm wailing]
Something's going down here.
I got it.
LADERA: Jed, come on!
[siren wailing]
Get in.
They got the crystal.
Let's get outta here!
I hope you know
what you're doing.
No, but there's a first
time for everything.
What happened to Kyla?
I don't know, but he won't give up that easily.
Get 'em!
He's coming around.
Wait, wait!
Get the stone and
let's get outta here.
There ain't nothing
left in there, boss.
Trust me.
Do it!
Boss, they're gone.
That's impossible!
He's telling the truth.
There's no bodies in there.
I know you're here,
and I know you got it!
Sanders, give it up now and I'll let you and the girl live!
Come on, now.
I'm a reasonable man.
You can trust me.
Do you hear me?
I said, do you hear me?
You lousy son of a bitch!
Find them and kill them both.
Dre, was that you?
MAN [ON RADIO]: Checked everything on the south side
and level 1, up and down.
Keep in touch.
If you find them,
don't be a hero.
Call for backup.
Jed, run, run!
Who's firing?
Who just fired?
Goddamn it, answer me!
Seth, Dre!
Come back.
Somebody talk to me!
Shit, brainless morons.
Where were they last?
They're on the first floor.
Go find them.
Before I kill them myself.
Rock and roll.
Sarge, we got
two more in here.
Sweet Jesus.
What on earth could
have done this?
We've got a sighting,
4rd and Industry.
Are you all right?
Yes, sir.
Go get 'em.
Notify SWAT and Air.
Call an attack alert.
My order.
It's time to finish this.
[helicopter blades spinning]
Does that tell you
when you have to leave?
Yeah, when this readout hits zero, the timeline will reopen.
And that's when I must return.
Well, at least you
got what you came for.
Jed, I really want to thank you for everything.
The people of Sintaria
owe you their lives.
And for that, I will
never forget you.
What was that?
Don't even think about it.
Now, give me the stone, or your boyfriend's history.
Lady, I ain't
kidding around here.
The stone.
Put it on the ground
and back away.
Damn it!
Pick it up.
"I don't like fighting."
You better get used to it.
MAN: Oh, no!
MAN: No!
Who in the hell is firing now?
Talk to me!
You really caused me some problems, Mr. Sanders.
So now I'm gonna enjoy
watching you die.
Then I'm gonna find that psycho girlfriend of yours
and cut her heart out.
It's a shame you won't
be around to see it.
STAVROS [ON RADIO]: Boss,something weird's going on.
They're all dead.
What are you talking about?
Who's all dead?
Something or somebody
ripped his face off.
Are you sure?
Sure, I'm sure.
He's laying right
in front of me, man!
VICTOR [ON RADIO]: What in the hell is going on here?
It's that slut bitch girl.
No, I don't think so, Boss.
This-- this don't look like the work of no woman.
No man, either.
Pull yourself together!
Of course it was her!
You saw what she did in the bar.
I'm afraid you're wrong.
Shut up!
Now, Stavros, you're not scared of a woman, are you?
Look, I think we
should get outta here!
You're really trying
my patience here!
It's that girl.
Now, get her!
I-- I don't like this.
Something ain't right.
Do it!
"Do it."
What's going on?
It was nothing.
Keep searching!
"Keep searching."
Looking for someone?
Holy Christ!
What is it?
Stavros, come back!
Now do you believe me?
You're trying to tell me that some guy after the stone
just killed all my men?
Well, it's a little more complicated than that, but yes.
He's after me more
than your men.
They're just getting in his way.
Getting in his way?
I don't believe this bull!
That girl.
Well, she don't want people getting in her way,
maybe you can talk
some sense into her.
Now, if you wanna live,you do exactly what I say.
Stavros, Stavros!
This is Carter.
I'm on 3rd and Industry.
Looks like we might
have something.
I'm going in to check it out.
Lady, I got your man here!
Victor, listen.
This guy plays for keeps.
This is gonna do us any
good except for getting
us both killed.
Shut up!
I've heard enough.
Now, call out her name.
Do it!
Forget it.
That wasn't a multiple choice.
Call her!
Ladera, if you can hear me, he's not joking.
Louder, like your
life depended on it.
Nobody move!
Now, Victor!
Back off, or I'll kill him.
Drop the gun.
I can't do that!
Last chance, bitch.
If you ever wanna
see him alive again!
Time's up.
I said I didn't
care for fighting.
There you are.
I've been looking
everywhere for you.
Now, you were saying?
Kyla, leave him!
Well, well, well.
The Sintarian has come back to rescue the wretched human!
Forget him!
Very well.
[thunder rumbles]
I feel the timeline opening.
You are too late.
MAN: Freeze.
Put the lady down
or we'll open fire.
It's over, Sintarian.
Prepare to join your brother.
MAN: Last warning.
We have destroyed him.
My people owe you everything.
Now we can finally rebuild our worlds and live in peace.
Why are you giving me this?
You're now the keeper, Jed.
Who knows?
You may need it again someday.
Jed, I must go.
The timeline is closing.
Your name will be
legendary in our time.
Will you ever come back?
Who knows?
One day.
And I'll find you.
Any last requests?
How in the hell am
I gonna write this up?
They'll lock me away.
Look at my suit.
Lime juice.
Lime juice.
Yeah, my-- my
grandmother swore by it.
Oh, Jesus.