Galaxy Games (2022) Movie Script

- Here we stand,
on the shoulders of giants.
These are our words
and our sacred charge.
Greatness is the foundation of
our world.
Greatness let us survive
centuries of strife.
Tame the world to our will,
and spread across the stars
at the speed of light.
That same greatness may be in
Now it's time to find out.
Your Academies have nominated
for your ambition,
your drive, your potential for
It's time to prove yourself
in the Sol Invictus games...
You and your team will
be cast across the stars
to a pre-selected planet.
Your mission is a race against
and a triumph of will.
You are to set up camp
establish a foothold for your
and use all the tools at your
You are to search the sky and
out of all the stars in the sky
which is Earth's sun: Sol.
But be warned: only one team can
and each Academy has sent their
and brightest to compete against
Your team Captain will lead you.
Your Astronomer will search the
And your team must form a
cohesive unit
to have any hope of victory.
We're strong together, broken
Eternal glory awaits the winner.
Use all the tools and wits you
to prove your greatness.
But move quickly.
Only the victorious team may
return home.
The cosmos are dark and
There's no room for mediocrity.
Return a champion or not at all.
Winning is the only rule.
- Welcome to Sol Invictus...
We have to turn it off!
What about the rest of them?
They haven't made it out yet!
Leave 'em! The Slip Gate's gonna
I can fix this!
Take this!
They're still inside!
Look out!
That's all I can do!
Clear out! Run!
Okay listen up.
Something must have happened to
the gate.
The rest of our teams haven't
come through.
Am I the only Team Captain?
What are you doing here?
I came out.
With Virgo Academy.
Is anyone here a Team Engineer?
What's your name?
Ira. From Aries Academy.
Come with me.
The rest of my team,
they hadn't come through yet!
My brother was with them.
Mine too. Listen to me, Ira.
Can you get the rest of my team
I don't know.
I've never worked a Slip Gate
They don't teach us how.
I need you to try. Try hard.
I still have a competition to
I think...
I think it's broken on our end.
Pick it up.
You're a Team Chronicle.
You need to record this!
There's nothing to record.
My team didn't make it through.
There's enough of my team to
We need a Chronicle to prove our
You're one of us now, shrimp.
My name's Kit!
Kyle Ian Troy.
Well now you're a Gemini, Kit.
Now pick it up!
What about the rest of them?
Leave 'em.
They're just dead weight.
A lot of our team didn't make it
We could use the extra hands.
The rest of you, you're coming
with us.
You're all from Gemini now.
I'm not on your team.
Why should I follow you?
Your teammates aren't coming.
Face it.
Come with us and you may
get credit as part of our team.
Don't want to be one of us? Then
You can be our competition...
Your call.
This isn't right.
The games are supposed
to be on a forest world.
Make sure to include
that in your Chronicle.
Judges won't believe this
unless they see proof.
Maybe we'll get a special
honor for winning out here.
Do you think this happened
to the girl's Games too?
We'd have heard wouldn't we?
If we're going to find Sol
first we need to set up,
learn the area.
Scouts, this way. Scour the
Find anything that might be
I know you!
You're the guy that won last
You won Sol Invictus!
But... You were disqualified
weren't you?
That's right! You were DQ'd for
Must have been embarrassing
to have that taken away.
I'd watch what I was saying
if I didn't have my team here
to back me up...
Maybe you should.
You two, you know each other?
We used to.
What class are you?
I'm Eli from Virgo.
We've already got an Astronomer.
Lee, should we drop this one?
What about you?
You're scouts now.
Find everything you can about
this place.
But we don't have weapons.
What if it's dangerous?
Then you'll be the first to
Strength in numbers, right?
Rest of you scouts, let's move
I want camp set up before
We've got a lot of stars to
search through.
This could go on for miles.
And I think the air is thinner
out here.
They're not going to send
any search parties.
They don't send help.
But we're on the wrong planet.
Won't they come looking?
You sure they know something's
Did you hear that? Listen...
Eli, wait!
An ocean?!
I've never seen a real one
How much do you think
this is worth back home?
Hard to tell.
It could go on forever.
But it's fresh water that they
What should we do about the
Should we run?
Then what?
Don't say that to me!
What do you mean there's no
You're the Chef.
It's your job to make sure
everyone is fed!
I know that.
It's just: all our food
was with the Porters.
I've got a few essentials but
nothing else.
There's not enough for
Kit! What are you doing?!
Record this!
We have to go!
If we get to water maybe they
can't swim!
I'm not going out there!
If we get to the ocean we might
make it!
We can't make it!
You made it! How?
Spent the night in a tree.
Those - whatever they are -
lost interest in me a few hours
Took the rest and left.
It's still running!
Maybe we can see... what
No one should see what those
things do.
Just the four of us?
We're all that made it?
What are you doing?!
You can't just leave.
Look what staying in a group
got the rest of them.
I'm going solo.
I got to camp first so this
stuff is mine.
That's not fair you were
the first to run too!
This stuff is mine!
You want to prove it, shrimp?
My name is Kit!
Keep quiet!
We're not splitting up.
If the Geminis can put
together a team so can we.
They didn't know about
the Hunters but now we do.
We don't even have half a team.
You know the rules...
There's still a team
as long as there's a Captain.
I know the rules.
You're an Astronomer.
I don't have to listen to you.
Don't listen to me then.
Listen to Tyl.
He's the only Team Captain now.
What are you doing!?
I want as many eyes watching
my back as possible.
The best chance we have
is if we stick together, right?
Yeah but-
Then you have to force them into
a team!
But I'm not a Captain!
You are now.
So start acting like it.
The games are over!
There's gotta be someone
here with a communicator.
I'm calling home.
If someone was out here
we'd have seen them.
We're alone.
Then what are we supposed to do?
We still have a telescope.
We followed the Geminis because
they were supposed to win
and get us picked up.
We'll just do the same.
And those Hunters?
We'll stick to the shore
so we can see them coming.
Maybe they can't swim.
Scorpius team is still out
They'll finish what those
Hunters started.
I'm safer hiding on my own.
Do me a favor and stay away from
Just because we're in this
doesn't mean we're a team.
I'm only following you
because you have the scope.
I don't think so...
Tyl, the lens is cracked.
See? Crack runs the whole
Great! You couldn't spot shit
with that!
Now what, Team Captain!?
Rescue party!
Do you see anything!?
We're not alone out here...
What do you mean?
See for yourself.
Doesn't look like a rescue
Should we talk to him?
I don't know.
I've heard stories about
strange people off-world.
What's he doing here?
Whatever you do, you better
Where are you from!?
Scorpius? Virgo? Corona?
I'm not from any of those!
Did you kill somebody who was
and take his gear?
It's nothing like that!
I'll be the judge of that!
You don't know what you're
Let go of me!
You don't know what you're
You can't trust the other
I know! But he's not from an
How'd you get here?
I was late for the start so
they just sent me through.
Did they say anything about
trouble with the Gates?!
No it was business as usual.
Do you have a communicator?
My teammates have all that.
Where's my team?
They didn't make it.
You can be sad later.
We need to find a way home.
Do you have any equipment we can
It was all broken when I got
so I dropped it.
Where did you leave it?
There was nothing worthwhile
I'm positive.
We'll be the judge of that.
There it is.
That's close enough!
Where's the rest of your team?
I hid.
The rest didn't.
But it looks like my fortunes
have turned.
Step back.
How'd you get a gun through the
Made it with his stuff.
That's all the valuables the
half-wit left.
Gate must have ruined the rest.
But you seem like a guy
with a lot more to give.
What do you want?
Your telescope for starters.
Mine needs some parts
and you're gonna give them to
Is this all in your party?
You got a camp nearby?
You're gonna give me all your
and I'll consider letting
you live to be rescued.
We're dead without our stuff
and you know it.
Not my problem.
No. You can't have it.
Show me your camp or I can just
kill you and find it myself!
He's a kid!
He'll just die on his own
You need parts and so do we.
Does your telescope have a lens?
Put it in ours and we can work
We can all go home tonight.
Tell your friend to come over.
You didn't bring a tent
but you brought that?
It helps me when I'm nervous.
Tyl, you're Team Captain.
You get first try.
Let me show you how it's done!
There it is.
This thing is broken!
You rigged it!
Would we really rig it to cheat
We can't do this without
the rest of our teams.
We need their equipment.
What else can we do? We have to
I have no idea where Sol is. Do
Why can't you just find it?
We have no tools!
No idea where we are
and no idea where our sun is
You're so smart?
Find it yourself.
Can I sleep in here?
Come on, Kit.
We need to rest.
Come on Kit, we'll look again
Do you think rescue ships
will scout this area soon?
I don't think they know
anything's wrong.
Even if they did
it could take months for them to
find us.
Maybe years...
We'll just have to survive
long enough to win.
They put us in teams
for the best chance of survival.
We're gonna keep doing it that
Hal, you're a cook right?
It's your job to make sure we
can eat.
But there's nothing out there!
I can't work like this!
None of us should have to.
We all have to pickup duties
we didn't want.
Adrian, you're offense?
Find anything you can out here.
Especially water...
I'm Security against other
That makes me second in command.
You can't reassign me.
All the other teams are dead.
You're a Scout now.
Lex, you're a Technician.
Kit, you're a Chronicle?
Keep recording.
If we do get back you're the
only one
that can prove we didn't cheat.
We're all a team now.
It's all gone.
There has to be good water
We just have to find it.
What are we supposed to do till
Stop sweating?
I can't keep going on like this.
He's got water!
There! In his jacket!
I don't have any water!
If I did I wouldn't share it
with you...
His lips are wet.
You think I've got water?
Try and take it.
See what happens.
Howard, wait!
Don't drink that!
You're gonna make it worse!
It's fresh...
Fresh! It's fresh!
Fresh water!
Can you imagine what
this is worth back home?
They could stop drilling the
And Europa...
This could change everything!
How could they have missed this?
The Gate must have been built
before the oceans dried.
They weren't looking.
Hold him down!
Kit! Water now!
Kit, come on!
What happened?
I don't know. I don't know...
I was just trying to find Sol
and the damn thing shocked me!
Nice job putting it together.
You trying to kill me?!
What's this for?
Part of the scope is open.
You were trying to cheat!
You tried tricking it
to think you found Sol!
But scopes are tamper proof!
Yeah it shocked him in defense!
Does it still work!?
We should throw him out.
Before he pulls something like
this again.
Do it! I dare you!
You need me as much as I need
your stuff.
That's what I thought.
Thanks for the water!
You're not letting him get
away with that are you?
You have to kick him out!
I'm not doing that!
What if he cheats again, or does
What will you do?
Maybe we'll need his help! I
don't know-
What do you know?!
Have you ever led anyone?
How long have you even been a
Team Captain?
You can't handle this.
Look for a clearing.
Any opening big enough to gather
But we have a light,
we don't need to build a fire.
Not for that!
Then what?
We're not making a fire, kid.
It's for a boat.
We're leaving.
Do you really want to stay
with those Hunters?
What if this is the only land?
You'd rather wait here to be
This can't be the only land.
Someone's gotta be out there.
And we can find 'em.
And contact home.
Now go.
Find logs. Get good ones.
I can't hold on!
I'm slipping!
Somebody help me!
Hang on!
It's gonna pull us in too!
Tyl, help us!
We need your help! Hurry!
I think he's poisoned.
It's killing him.
What do we do?!
Right here!
The med-pack!
The venom's bad.
I don't know if he'll make it!
Here, you clean the wound!
Where's the sting kit!?
I'm looking!
Oh no. It's broken!
Are there more?
This is our last one.
Wait! We gotta save it.
What if one of us gets stung?
He's right.
Use it now and you won't
have one for yourself later.
But he's hurt now!
Use it, Tyl!
Think there could be
more of those things, Lex?
If we're stuck here
it's not long till we find out.
We're not going to
make it out of here are we?
How long will this last?
They're coming!
I'm not staying here. Not again!
Me neither!
He'll bring the Hunters right to
Leave him!
Someone has to stay and keep him
or they'll find him for sure!
Eli's the only one that
doesn't do his job anymore.
He's least essential.
Hey! I-
I record, Hal cooks, Lex fixes
and Tyl saves people.
Have you found Sol yet?
No but I try every night!
He's right, Eli.
You're the least important.
Stay here with Adrian.
Lex, is that gun still in your
No, stay out of my pack!
Leave it! No time!
There! At our camp.
What are you doing?
If they go after Eli then
they won't come after us.
You tried to kill me!
Don't pity yourself too much.
You look fine...
Whatever you did to chase them
off worked.
I didn't do anything!
Something kept them away...
The light!
Maybe they're afraid of it.
We have only seen them at night.
Maybe the light hurts them.
Burns them.
Do you think it's just the
I don't know.
But it's not gonna last
As long as there are people on
this island
there will be a fire...
Are we sure this will work?
Will fire really keep them away?
I don't know.
When will we know!?
When the Hunters come and eat us
or not!
We should get some rest.
I can't sleep like this.
Me neither.
Where's Lex?
Who cares.
We're almost out of wood.
Who's coming with?
I can't go back out there.
Guess you were right about the
What? What happened?!
We found something!
I've never seen one before
I think it's a Stormrunner!
Can't be! That would mean it's
Over two hundred years old...
Where's the rest of it?
It's still intact!
What is?
The computer core, it's still
But the control element's gone.
Without that it's useless.
Just needs a jump-start huh?
This is a waste of our time,
I didn't bring you here for
I need help carrying something.
What are we supposed to do with
this junk?!
Look how old it is!
That's not junk you're looking
There's a Trans-Conduit relay in
You sure?
Checked it myself. Still works.
I know what you're thinking.
But if we screw this up
it could ruin the telescope.
Isn't it worth the risk?
This was a Hyperion ship...
If the Hyperions couldn't
survive here
how are we supposed to?
A Trans-Conduit relay lets any
connect to the network
that links every system.
If we hook it to the scope
we might be able to
send a message back to Earth.
Let me do it.
It's not that simple.
Overload the conductor and
the whole thing's cooked!
That's why I'm doing it...
How long will it take to contact
It's not as easy as calling mom
and dad...
Connecting with Terra-Net only
lets us
transmit messages to individual
If a message actually makes
They'll have to record their own
and hope it finds its way
back to the scope.
Which it won't.
If someone responds
we can triangulate our position
and have them send help.
Here we go...
Did you break it?
Can we fix it?
It's fine, I just need my
Where is it?
My pack, I'll get it.
No you keep working on it.
What are you doing with that?!
Shut your goddamn mouth!
What's the matter?
Day- Assessed Slip Gate.
Unable to establish return
for more than three seconds.
Replaced coupler. No
Day- Gemini telescope battery
unable to jump-start Gate.
Day- Energy source to power
needs to be larger.
Day- Found crashed ship.
Should be able to salvage parts
to stabilize Gate.
He has been sneaking off
and working on the Slip Gate all
this time!
Can you fix it?
We don't have the parts.
Why didn't you tell us?
Because he didn't
want to bring us with him!
He was going to leave us here
so that he can go home
and win the games on his own.
I would have sent help when I
got back!
You've been lying to us this
whole time!
How do you know so much
about Slip Gates, Lex?
Nobody's allowed to learn how
they work-
You did this, didn't you?
Didn't you!?
You sabotaged the Slip Gate
You rigged it so we'd be stuck
on this backwater planet
with no chance of winning.
But you did too good of a job.
Your team crashed the network so
that it sucked everyone in.
You fell into your own trap.
Is he right?
Tell us!
Why'd you do it!?
Because I have to win!
If I don't bring back that
Hyperion coin...
You wouldn't understand.
I had to do it!
Everything that's happened...
It's all your fault.
That night with the Hunters
you tried killing me to hide the
Instead I saved you!
Where would we be if we didn't
learn what light can do?!
And the rest?
This is Sol Invictus.
Winning's the only rule.
They should have known
what they were getting in to.
Wrap it however you want.
If you hadn't done that, we'd be
home now!
And innocent people would still
be alive.
I feel sorry for you.
What are we gonna do with him?
Can't trust him anymore.
Before you do anything rash,
afraid I need him over here.
The relay's almost done.
The signal's too weak.
That's as good as we're gonna
That won't get the messages
half way to Earth!
Then we'll try anyway!
This is Lex of Scorpius
to anyone at command.
Hi, Mom and Dad...
By now you've probably heard
from school.
We've no idea where we are.
Nobody does.
My assignment
did more than we could have
Trapping me on the same
unknown planet as the rest of
Why did I come out here?
Was I wrong about all this?
Everything I did,
I did for the mission.
Please respond.
Say anything.
I'll win.
One way or the other.
I can't wait to get home.
I love you guys.
See you soon.
Say anything...
I just want to hear from you.
Let's send these things!
Enter the address here.
This is it!
That's it?
What were you expecting,
an instant response?
It could take hours
for them to reach everyone.
Then leave it on all night.
I want to know the instant we
get a reply!
I wonder what it looks like from
up there.
From all those other fires.
Want to check yours?
That's enough.
Time to turn it off.
I want to know when they hear
from me.
If we leave it on any longer
we'll kill the battery.
Wait! I want to hear back!
Turn it off or we're really
Give it to me!
Let it go!
Give it to me.
So you're gonna shoot me now!?
Give me the gun, Kit!
Kit, give me the gun!
Give me the gun!
What'd you do!?
It was an accident!
I- I didn't...
What have you done?!
Eli, please just hold still.
Just give me a second!
Of course it was his fault!
Okay! You're right. But...
He didn't mean to-
He feels even worse about it
than you do.
You can't make him sleep outside
You got us into this mess,
it's your job to get us out.
You're in charge now.
Time to stop waiting.
No way...
Message received?
Message received?!
Message received!
We got one! We got a reply!
Somebody sent a response!
Somebody heard from us!?
Tyl, somebody sent a reply!
Eli- Hi, Mom and Dad.
We haven't received a response.
It's one of our own messages
bounced back to us.
It didn't even make it out of
the system.
No one received any messages.
No one ever will!
I can't believe we thought
this thing would work.
Wait a second!
Just one of the messages bounced
Others could still make it
But if you break the telescope
we'll never know!
To think I let you
get my hopes up, Hal.
You couldn't even check the
You just started dancing
around like a fat fool!
You broke my gun.
We lost our food because of you!
How could anybody be so stupid
and yet still be alive?!
You've gotta be the most hapless
I've ever seen in my life!
Stop it! Hal, stop!
I shouldn't be here.
I want to go home.
I want to go home!
None of this was supposed to
What was I thinking?
We can't build a boat!
Haven't you seen what's out
We'd never make it!
We're trapped!
It's our only option.
Would you rather die here
or trying to find help?!
There's no one out there to help
It's up to us to make it back!
You put me in charge, remember?
Or do you think you can do
Tyl might listen to you, but I'm
I'm not going out there!
I'm not making a boat!
Then you can live on your own.
If you're not working
I'm kicking you out of my camp!
This wouldn't be such a problem
if you hadn't murdered our only
You look like shit.
What's going on?
Here that long, huh?
Any more ideas how we got here?
There is
one other option.
Every year the Board of
sends out a judge in each team
to observe.
No one ever knows about it.
The judges pick a contestant
from every team,
make sure they can trust him,
and assign him to report back on
the games.
Sometimes I bet they even rig
How'd you find this out?
I talked it out of someone last
No one can come home till
someone's won.
These judges do it all the time.
Pop home to report then slip
right back.
Say they'd gone to
the bathroom or something.
I know how to contact the Gate
Tell 'em you're a student judge,
and they'll bring you home.
If you were right
I would have heard about it.
How can we believe you?
Because Shrimp,
that's how I got home first.
That's how I cheated.
I told the Slip Gate Operators
that I was a judge.
When I came out I raised my
and said I'd found Sol.
The Gate Ops don't talk but
the judges figured it out.
There's no way to contact home
or I'd have done it.
There's one.
That Hyperion ship
still has a working core.
Your scope is programmed for the
Gate Ops.
If you run it through the ship
it'll let you call for a
The control element's missing.
We'd never find it out here.
You knew a way home
and you didn't tell us?
What were you waiting for?!
When they realize we cheated
they'll come after us
with everything they have.
We'd be better off staying here.
You made it back...
It took
everything my family had to get
me back in.
I'd never do it again either.
If not for all this.
But look at all that's happened.
Wouldn't they understand?
Believe me,
they won't care.
If you try and explain
you'll just blow your cover.
Is it really that bad?
When you stand before them
and see your entire future
slipping away.
Remember how you felt today.
Cause whoever gives them their
that's the one they'll come
after worst.
He's done.
We'll do it.
No we won't.
I'm in charge now remember?
I just want to go home.
More than anything.
I'm sorry. I am.
I want to go home too
but there's another way
off this planet and I'm gonna
find it.
You can't have the scope. I'm
Wait, Lex-
Where's the scope?!
It's gone!
Could he have gone to look for
We gotta find him!
He could be anywhere by now. How
can we-
Your camera's still connected to
I see something.
Hal? Hal?
Hal, what's going on!?
I'm taking the scope.
I won't let your ruin this. I'm
going home!
But we need the scope.
You can't just take it!
You know we'll never find Sol!
But at least if I call home
we can finally leave.
What about us?
Somebody has to take the fall!
Don't we get a say in it?!
I'm sorry,
but I don't care about the
I can live with the
my family needs me home.
You wouldn't understand.
It's easy for you to talk big
when you're the one
running with our telescope!
What would you know?
I'm doing it to help someone.
You guys have never thought
about anybody but yourselves!
Hal! Do you have a light?
You need to get back to camp.
I think I hear something.
Where are you, Hal?
I'm in the forest.
That's their forest.
That's where they live!
Listen! Hide.
We're coming for you right now.
Hal, run!
You had your chance!
You don't know what you're
Why should we trust you now?
Because I know what to do.
I'm getting us home.
It's Tyl's team.
I'm with him.
If I do this,
do you promise you'll get us
I promise.
It's not safe to split up.
We'll just have to comb the
whole forest.
No point delaying the
It's quiet here.
I don't like it.
There it is.
Let's make a break for it.
Whatever did this could still be
The telescope!
Is it okay?!
It's fine!
But look...
I think-
I think they took Hal down
Can you see anything?
There are tunnels inside.
Long ones...
I can't see the ends.
It must be where they go during
the day.
There could be a whole world
down there.
Even bigger than the island.
Then let's keep it down there.
This is the only way out.
Are you sure?
Unless those things can fly.
Do you think it'll be able to
stop 'em?
I don't know.
Stop! Listen!
They're not coming!
It worked.
It works!
Are we sure it'll last all
I hope.
We'll have to keep the fire
I'll take tomorrow.
Then Lex. Then you, Kit.
We'll keep them trapped forever.
I wonder if they'll start to eat
each other
when they realize they're never
Are you sure you're ready?
Then let's go home.
The core's still intact.
All we need is the control
Not like this.
I can't go home like that.
It's time to go home!
Tyl, that's not gonna work.
Main power's offline.
Then what can we do?
I can do it.
Let me try.
One wrong wire
and he could fry the whole
If he ever wanted to
screw us over it would be now.
Can you get it to work?
I'm sorry but how can we trust
He's better than that.
Fix it.
Slip Gate - Come in,
this is Slip Gate Control.
Gate - Who's this? Identify
I'm a student judge in the
Sol Invictus games.
Requesting immediate transit
back to Earth
for a report.
Gate - Sol Invictus? That was
weeks ago.
We thought you were all dead.
We're not.
Not yet.
Gate - I don't believe it.
We need to get you back for
What's your name?
My name?
Gate - Every portal needs
a record on file
for who authorized it.
Especially student judges.
Give me your name.
Kit. Kit of Capricorn.
I take full responsibility.
I need a portal back to Earth
The Gate here was damaged.
I can't get a portal up.
I need you to open one on your
We can still activate one from
All I need is your planet code.
Give it to me and we'll
have you home by nightfall.
Can't you tell me where I am?
We don't know where you landed.
Now we can open a portal
but only if we know which one to
Without that there's
no way to get you home.
Then open all the Gates in the
Do you have any idea how many
that is?
The resources that would waste?!
You know we can't do that.
What about a rescue party?
Can you send anyone?
We can't.
You could be in any corner of
the galaxy.
What are you saying?
You know what I'm saying.
If we don't know what planet
you're on,
there's nothing we can do.
I know this is hard to hear
but you're not coming home.
I'm sorry.
Gate Control out...
We got so close...
Now we're even further
than when we started.
How could this have happened to
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
We're never going home.
What is home?
This isn't.
It could never be.
The fire's almost out.
Maybe you should put some wood
on it.
What's the point?
Where are you going?
Does it even matter anymore?!
My name is Tyl of Libra.
The date?
I don't even know.
If you found this telescope then
probably stranded here too.
If that's the case,
then I'm sorry.
My only advice is-
Message- Eli?
Eli, I just saw your message.
Where are you? What happened?
We're so worried.
Your father and I
have been trying to find you
and no one will tell us
They just said there was an
with the Slip Gates.
We thought you were lost...
I am so glad you're okay!
We'll never give up on finding
Even if we have to search
every planet ourselves.
We will find you.
I'll see you soon, son.
I love you.
What do you want me to do?
I don't know what to tell her!
If I send a response...
Send a response!
Trace that message!
Point of origin.
You're all the way over there?
Oh come on!
Not yet you're not! Come on!
There you are...
If you're Sol...
You can be my reference point!
Triangulate position.
Point of reference.
Using that star.
As Sol...
Cygnus B-7.
Cygnus B-7!
Gate - Gate Control.
Come in this is Gate Control.
I'm a Sol contestant!
I need immediate transit-
Gate - Kid, I'm sorry.
But unless you've got a planet
I've got nothing else-
Cygnus B-7!
We're on Cygnus B-7!
Gate - Cygnus B-7...
Cygnus B-7?!
You're all the way out there!?
That's an H Class planet.
Unsafe for human habitation!
How did you-
Never mind! Listen!
Get to the Slip Gate as fast as
you can.
I just sent through the
activation command.
A portal will be up soon.
Wait! You gotta delay it!
I have to find my friends first!
That gate's not stable
enough to hold for long!
A few minutes tops
and it's gonna collapse for
Come home now while you still
Take Adrian and get to the Slip
What about you?!
I gotta find Lex!
We don't have any time! You go
No! We're all going home!
Give him to me!
Let's go! Hurry!
Did you hear that?
Don't worry about it!
They do that every night
when they're burned by the fire!
Should be ready in a few
That one didn't come from the
How did they-
Kit! You didn't-
I'm sorry!
I didn't think we'd make it.
It's not gonna form in time!
If we run we might
be able to get away from them!
The portal's gonna collapse!
It can't re-open after this!
We can try and fix it
later but right now we have to-
We're not running anymore!
You're going home.
No we can't leave you!
I'll buy you some time.
Take Adrian with you.
Take Adrian!
Take it!
Go home.
What are you doing, Tyl?!
Have you even thought about
Go home, guys.
- Here we stand,
on the shoulders of giants.
These are our words.
And our sacred charge.
Greatness is the foundation of
our world.
Greatness let us survive
centuries of strife.
Tame the physical world to our
And spread across the stars
at the speed of light.
That same greatness may be in
Now, it's time to find out...
Welcome to Sol Invictus...