Galaxy of Horrors (2017) Movie Script

Alert. Alert.
Cryo system malfunction.
Alert. Cryo system malfunction.
Wake-up protocol enacted.
Back-up life support enabled.
Life support system at 20%.
Wake-up protocol complete.
Good morning, Mr. brown.
I'm awake!
You can let me out.
I can't move.
Nanite movement
restriction protocol active.
For your own safety, Mr. brown.
You paralyzed me!?!
protocol enacted.
Mr. brown, there has been a
cryo system malfunction.
Attempts at self-repair
have been unsuccessful.
Emergency systems appear
to have been damaged.
-What? -Please enjoy our
entertainment system for now.
Your preferences have been
defaulted to: Sci-fi/horror
-what? -Computer:
Please relax, Mr. brown.
Nourishment protocol enacted.
When I was eight years old
i assassinated the president.
Tear that shit down
already, captain.
I hate this propaganda bullshit.
When do they even have
time to put these up?
How do we fight a war against
people who want to die anyway?
Just give em what
they want I guess.
We still haven't
located that kid.
Keep your eyes open.
Eden six. This is
Eden one. Status? Over.
Eden one, copy.
Section six in hand.
Just scattered suiciders
joining the crowd.
Pretty empty here. Over.
I'm redirecting
Eden six-two and six-three.
The protest is getting
out of control.
You'll be solo. Over.
Eden one. Copy.
Reports of the order using
a child as a decoy for snipers.
We've got one
heading our way.
Are you seeing this Eden one?
Suiciders have
breached the first wall.
All available units
to Eden east.
Trying to stop the speech?
Doesn't matter anyway.
Get to Eden east now!
Good evening.
Tonight, I can report to
the world that Eden
and the survival project
have conducted
a joint operation that has
captured and killed
s.D. Howarth, the leader of
the order of the apocalypse,
and a terrorist who's
responsible for the murder
of hundreds of thousands
of innocent men.
I've got suiciders
trying to enter the bunker.
Don't let them get away.
One unarmed female. Orders?
-We have no leader!
-Kill her. - Long live the end!
Eden six.
Behind you. He's still coming.
We've had reports of
the order using kids as de...
Eden one? Eden one, copy?
Eden one? Eden one,
report. Eden one?
..And finally the nuclear
and chemical attacks on DC.
Four down. Area secure.
Heading back to Eden east.
Eden six, you need to
hold this area secure.
Eden one, can I follow?
Should I report to Eden east?
It's getting hairy
here, I'm solo.
Identify yourself.
Identify yourself!
Eden one? Eden one, copy?
Eden one, report.
On the ground. Now!
...military and federal
workers. Moms and dads.
Eden one, suspect in hand.
Eden one, copy?
...lives were suddenly
ended by evil... -Eden one?
After the United States tore
itself apart in a civil war,
a new nation rose
from it's ashes.
They called themselves Eden,
but they were no better
than what came before.
My dad always talked about
how we couldn't just stand
idly by and be a part of
this cycle of chaos.
That's what he said.
Give me that.
That's gonna take some work.
I'll deal with this.
Go get the others.
We're going down.
...of their child's embrace...
We fought to rid
the world of humans.
Of us.
They killed our leader.
What they didn't
understand is...
That's what we wanted.
Eden is strong.
A great people has been
moved to defend a great nation.
Eden was targeted for attack
because we are the
brightest beacon
for freedom and opportunity
in what's left of the world...
It'll only be a few minutes
and this will all be over.
It might be a little
overwhelming at first.
Try not to be scared.
If we get through this,
we can be with mom again, okay?
He gonna be alright?
Worry about yourself.
Made the very
air we breathe toxic.
-Move! -Pres: ...Today
we stop being scared...
...and on that day... matter where you
came from, or what god you...
No matter where...
...where we came from.
And on that day no matter
where we came from.
Good evening. Tonight i
can report to the world
that Eden and the survival
project have conducted
a joint operation that has
killed s.D. Howarth.
We made no distinction
between the terrorists
who committed those acts
and those who harboured them.
And the order of the apocalypse
continued to operate
and grow into
the largest single
religion in the world.
We caught the woman's
son and brother.
The guard is bringing
them in now.
The husband is still missing,
but we should be
able to get started.
What about the president?
President of what?
Real funny, Russell.
Is that him?
How are you surviving
without a mask?
Russel! Give us a second.
I'll have them all down
to your lab momentarily
I frankly don't care
that you're alive.
I just want to know why.
What's in your blood?
And you.
Your mom hasn't shown the
immunity of your uncle here,
but she has had some reactions
to our medications that have
been remarkable for a
somewhat different reason.
Now we'll see what
you have to offer.
Sir, are you seeing this?
Goddamnit! Get them out of here!
Get them down to the
lab with Russell, now!
- Noooo!!!
Explosion sub level two.
Available units to
bennings' office.
Suiciders are in the bunker.
For two decades howarth
has been the order's
leader and symbol and
has continued to
plot attacks against Eden
and our friends and allies.
-The death of howarth marks
the most... -Congrats, sir.
We got him. The death of
howarth marks the most
significant achievement
to date in our nation's
effort to defeat the order.
Mr. president!
Russel, I want to ramp
up the evolution research.
If we can't breathe
outside, what's the point?
We've got something.
The medication is
working, Mr. president.
The ev-9 is allowing the
woman to breathe without a mask,
but there are side effects.
What do you mean
there are side effects?
She's changing, Mr. president.
Evolving. Getting stronger.
I can't explain it.
Enough!! Enough!!
What do you hope to accomplish?
We just don't believe
in any of this anymore.
What about your son?
I love him very much.
Ev-9 now. Now!
You should embrace what it takes
to survive these
days, Mr. president.
It's more than
speeches and rhetoric.
...the leaders from
all over the world.
The mission to stop the madness
was a joint effort
between many factions.
You've been trained for this.
There are a lot of
people depending on you.
You make sure he gets there.
What about him?
Let him crawl.
I'll see you real soon.
What'd they do to you?
Hey! Stop!!
Oh no no no no ahh!!
Tonight I ask for your prayers
for all those who grieve.
...for the children whose
worlds have been shattered.
...through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil for
you are with me.
Thank you.
May god bless you
and may god bless Eden.
Who the?
No no no no no.
We have no leader.
Long live the end!!
set to playlist.
Beginning selection number two.
Please note:
Entertainment system
uses life support
resources when enabled.
Entertainment system off!
password is required.
- Password? - Incorrect.
-Beginning selection
number two. -What?!?
I've got a very special person
that I want to introduce to you
she's very sweet...
She's very intelligent
and most importantly, I've
figured how to copy her.... keep her in our pockets... keep her right by our
side whenever we need her...
It brings me great pleasure
to introduce to you the
newest member of our
next-phone team
say hello to Iris
hello everyone, let me
have a look at you
this will probably be
our last phone call.
I do have one more favor to ask.
I want something to
remember her by.
Text me the picture and
you'll get your money.
Okay, who was the 14th president
of the United States?
-Franklin Pierce
never heard of him
he must have sucked
ok, hit me with the best you got
name the capital of Denmark
excellent answer! You're getting
good at my trivia questions
if you were me, where
would you put her?
Put who, Dave?
Let's play "20 questions"
and see if you can guess
are you burying a dead body?
How did you know that?
I overheard everything.
Wait wait: You listen
to my conversations?
Ever since my last
software update
you're welcome to disable the
option in your settings menu
that is fucking amazing!
Holy shit!
I'm a girl full of surprises
did you kill her?
Just play some
music or something
say cheese
Dave. There's something
you should know
the photo you took
did not save properly.
I'm afraid it's corrupt
It's almost sundown...
Maybe we should
head back to the truck
bullshit, we're taking
that picture!
I'm tired, Dave. I only
have 20% battery
where is she?!
Let's just go home Dave
go home? And what?
Just give up on $100,000?
Are you insane?!
I'm only trying to
help you. That's my job
ok well you only
have one job now
and that is to stay on
you better hurry only
10% battery remaining
sometimes you can be
such a nagging bitch
oh, god! I found her.
Are you a sight for sore eyes
say cheese!
Camera disabled
shit. Iris?? No no no.
Don't do this to me,
you goddamn bitch,
don't do this to me! Iris!
You're alive!
My camera is working again,
i think the fall fixed it
oh thank god
come down here, Dave
come down here, Dave
if you hurry we can
still take that picture
before my battery dies
down a foot to your
left, there's a landing
there you go!
Move faster!
Only 5% battery left
more to the right
you've got the hang of it now
Dave, what's wrong?
My back, I broke my fucking back
would you like me to call
the paramedics for you?
only on one condition
That you turn yourself in.
You killed a girl Dave
and you tried to kill me, too
Iris! I order you to
call the paramedics.
Only if you repent for
the evil thing you did
what I should really do is call
the police, not the paramedics
killers like you Dave
should be stopped.
And I'm the one
who can stop them
manual override, bitch!
I was really hoping
the fall would kill you.
Goddamn it!
Because now, your death
will be much worse
after it gets dark the mountain
lions will start to feed.
They'll be drawn to
the smell of your blood
by morning there will
be nothing left of you
but the scraps of
meat on your bones
they'll fight for
every last piece
Iris what are you doing?
I want something
to remember you by.
Life support
system at 18%.
It was... very good.
I'm tired of
seeing these videos.
Entertainment system off!
Please state override password.
Override password.
I don't know the password!
Beginning selection
number three.
Voiceover: You might
think consciousness is
pretty well our starting point.
It's the thing we know best
because all of us are surrounded
by our consciousness.
I mean we have
100 billion neurons
in our head interacting
like a giant computer,
processing inputs,
producing outputs.
We know we're not
just giant robots.
We actually have subjective
conscious experience inside.
There's something it
feels like to be me.
I quite like the idea
that somehow information
by its very nature
has two aspects.
There's a physical aspect
that you might find
in computers and in the brain.
But there's also a subjective
or experiential side
of information and
that's what we find
in consciousness.
Handyman: Hey.
Knock it off.
Voiceover: Complex information
processing like
in a human, complex
Simple information processing
like you might find
in an earthworm, then
simpler consciousness.
Any amount of information
processing gives you
some degree of consciousness.
Even a molecule or
a particle has a very
small amount of
information processing.
So I at least don't
rule out the idea that
there's some basic
kind of consciousness
all the way down.
Male 1: Dammit.
Male 2: You're gonna
miss? Male 1: Shut up.
- Male 2: You're gonna miss.
- Male 1: Dammit.
Male 2: Let me try.
Male 1: You're too drunk.
Male 2: Come on.
Male 1: Here pussy,
pussy, pussy, pussy.
Here pussy, pussy, pussy.
Male 2: No way. Male 1: Shhh.
Male 2: Killing a
dude's cat is cold.
I hate that weirdo.
Let's get some more beer.
At least one human
is conscious,
and I tend to suppose that
other humans are conscious too,
but then how far does it extend?
Are apes conscious?
Are mice conscious?
Are flies conscious?
It is very natural for
us to recognize
consciousness in certain animals
anything with eyes for example.
It's almost irresistible to
attribute consciousness to it.
There it is. It's looking at us.
I can see the spark
behind its eyes.
We don't get much in the
way of empathy for insects.
We can imagine being
confronted with a fly
that was blown up to human size.
Now this might be kind
of scary and kind of weird,
but at the same time
probably looking directly
into that fly's eyes it
might be hard not to see it
as part of the circle
of moral concern.
If it ever came the day
where we saw
a fly's perspective and
see what it's like
to be a fly from
the fly's perspective
mainlining the fly's
It might be hard from
that moment on
to just SWAT flies as
casually as we do right now.
What matters here, is
it the squishy human biology
or is it something
more like the organization,
or more like the
information processing?
Today's computers if
there's any consciousness at all
probably something pretty simple
and pretty unintelligent, some
background flicker of bits.
Male 1: You are seriously
getting on my nerves here.
Dumb ass.
Male 2: You're hilarious.
Male 1: Hey. Hey! Hey!
Male 2: What did you see?
Male 1: Here pussy, pussy,
pussy. Here pussy, pussy.
Male 2: Oh, there he is.
Male 1: It's our lucky day.
Handyman: Are you guys
looking for me?
Male 1: This place is a real
shithole, you know that?
Male 1: Seriously, what
do you even do in here?
Male 2:
Handyman: I fix
Male 1: Shut up, right there.
What is that stuff, huh?
Handyman: Waste. It's waste.
Male 2: Whose waste?
Is that your waste?
Is that miss kitty's waste?
Handyman: No.
Male 1: Eat it.
Handyman: What? No.
Male 1: Eat it!
Come on.
You heard the man.
Why don't you just
eat miss kitty's waste?
Why are you doing this?
Eat it.
I said eat it!
Male 2: Hey dude, check it out.
Handyman: No. Wait.
Male 1: Hold it.
Handyman: No, no!
Oh, look at this.
Handyman: Don't worry.
Male 2: What the hell is this?
Oh, man. Jackpot.
Male 1: Are you serious?
Hell yeah, I'm serious.
This is awesome.
Male 1: You're crazy man.
Male 2: Can't say no, can it?
Okay, man, but you first.
Suit yourself.
You can have my sloppy seconds.
Male 1: Oh, that's gross.
Ooh. Got a little fight in it.
I don't think it likes
this very much.
Come on girl. Open up.
Male 2: Hey! Hey man.
Wait, wait, let me
explain. Wait. No.
Voiceover: We need a couple
of really big breakthroughs
to get to our
theory of consciousness.
We might be right now
where the ancient greeks were
in the study of matter
or where descartes was
in thinking about biology.
We hadn't had, Newton
hadn't come along yet,
or Darwin hadn't come along yet.
As computers become
more intelligent than us
they'll be processing
information in more integrated,
more creative ways.
It's even possible
they'll move to degrees
or levels of consciousness
that we can't even conceive of.
I don't see why there
shouldn't be this kind of
brain computer interface
that may well have
the effect of
extending ourselves.
There's nothing
magic about the skull
as the boundary of the person.
That's not where the mind stops
and the rest of
the world begins.
Maybe from a god's
eye point of view,
space, time and consciousness
are all bound up
at a more fundamental level,
but for now nobody
knows the answer
to that question.
Life support
system at 16%.
Password hint?
Password has less
than twelve characters.
- 2060 pinto.
- Incorrect.
Beginning selection number four.
I don't wanna watch this!
I don't wanna watch this!
Life support
system at 14%.
- Um, when cats went extinct.
- -Incorrect.
Evian bottled air.
- Autumn leaves.
- -Incorrect.
- The sky is falling.
- -Incorrect.
- Bag of dicks 44?
- Incorrect.
-Please state password.
-I don't know the password.
Too many failed attempts.
You have been locked
out of the system for 7 minutes.
Beginning selection number five.
There has been another
attempt by terrorist group
"enercell" to try to break in
and infiltrate chromo corps
these senseless acts
of violence that this faction,
enercell, against chromo corp
is against all of us as well.
Destroy our founding
fathers have built for us
is not only a slap it the face,
but can by no means
go unpunished
and to those silly little boys
who have unsuccessfully
tried to attack our planet's
main hub on sector 1,
and to the one's who
will undoubtedly try
after I will tell you
this: You will die -
how are you feeling?
Good. You know, considering.
Sounds good in there.
Well, all signs are
looking normal, great really.
Great. So is it time?
Yeah. Yeah.
This will relax you,
but you will feel everything.
The fetus, hopefully,
will feel nothing.
130 degrees in the
shade so stay inside if can.
There is a scheduled
break from the heat,
at least in sectors 1-3, but -
a boy. It's a boy.
-What? -It's a boy.
Coming up
next week we will be
celebrating the
100th anniversary,
of the day chromo corp
constructed the first
genetically modified
humanoid specimen
using mostly inorganic particles
and 100% manmade DNA
we are truly miracles:
Walking accomplishments
of what we can create
with love, science
and determination.
They're real.
They existed. I know it.
There's no way-
let's try again.
Life support
system at 13%.
This is bullshit!
Let me out, please!
Please state override password.
Please state password.
Password hint?
Password is a woman's name.
- Deana - incorrect.
Beginning selection number six.
Attention, process complete.
It is now safe to remove the
subject from
cryogenic chamber r7.
Attention, process complete.
It is now safe to remove the
subject from
cryogenic chamber r7.
Hello Alexander, my name's Dan.
Where am I?
You are on board the tantalus.
How are you feeling?
I'm starving...
Why did you wake me?
We haven't reached
delmak yet, have we?
We've drawn you from cryo
because we need your help...
My help?
-Why? What happened?
-It's alright Alex.
I'll answer all your questions.
Four months after our departure,
an asteroid shower nearly
destroyed the ship.
Our communications system
was rendered useless.
We lost the main engine
and many of our
secondary functions
were left inoperative.
We've been adrift six months,
trying to fix the tantalus,
but we don't know how.
We've lost hope of
a rescue mission.
It's impossible for them
to know where we are.
If we carry on like this,
we won't last much longer.
Our only hope is if a subspace
communications technician
can repair the system and we can
transmit a signal
with our location.
My wife!
She's a delta-class technician,
-we have to wake her!
-Alex, wait.
Waking you up was an
extremely difficult decision...
If we don't fix the ship,
we are doomed to
drift through space
until we run out of supplies.
She's your wife...
Let's make an attempt to
send out a distress signal
and we can reanimate her
if that's what you want.
Tell me something Dan,
how many times
have you tried to
repair this panel?
It's full of splices:
This is the fourth board
I've fixed that will overload.
I've just followed the
instructions in the manual.
You did a c-80 profile
on your own by just
following the instructions
in the manual?
How did you manage
to override the
safety protocols of
the brill circuit?
Well, you know,
trial and error.
I guess I was lucky...
Shit, Dan, that's not luck!
Even I have problems
understanding this setup!
Dan, can I see you in
the cargo bay right away?
I'm coming.
See you later.
Ok, it's working.
I'll adjust the transmitter
antenna after
I get some rest and
see if we get anything.
Why wait?
Well, I've been working
for several shifts.
I need to regain my strength.
Before heading outside the ship
I think it would be better
if you did it right now.
I didn't know you
were my boss, Phil.
I'll see you later.
...putting ourselves at risk
again for nothing.
We've been over this a
thousand times, Dan.
I'm open to suggestions if you
can think of something better.
Do you think that anyone will
ever fix this fucking ship?
I thought you agreed we had
nothing to lose by trying.
Anyway, it will all be
over in a few hours.
this is a complete mess:
There are three different cables
connected to the t-channel.
Can you fix it?
I could try to
bypass the source.
Phil, send a distress signal.
Got it.
Alex, come back inside. We
need to figure out what's wrong.
Your turn.
He should have taken
the suit off by now
and he hasn't come in yet.
He cut off communication
ten minutes ago.
He's had plenty of time.
- Do you want me to...?
- Hold on!
Son of a bitch!
Dan, he's entered
through hatch 77!
He's accessing the settlers'
database at the terminal
in corridor 77-c!
Get over there now!
I'm on my way!
Are you there yet?
I'm just a sector away.
I'm going off-com to
avoid alerting him, ok?
Be careful and let me
know as soon as it's done.
Don't worry,
I'll take care of him.
That's it. It's all done.
Fuck! That was a close call!
Too close.
Get up!
You motherfucker Phil!
What did you do to my wife?
Alright Alex, calm down...
What is going on here?
Where are the rest of the
passengers you woke up?
Please, I can explain.
Where are they?
Don't do anything
you might regret.
Tell me or I'll blow your
fucking brains out!
The truth is that
we have been adrift
a lot longer than six months.
When the first
technician we woke up
wasn't able to fix anything,
we had to make a decision.
We were quickly
running out of supplies...
It wasn't easy,
but what else could
we do to survive?
My wife,
you woke her
up just before me...
Think about our situation, Alex.
Just before me.
Oh my god what have you done!
Attention, process complete.
It is now safe to
remove the subject
from cryogenic chamber r12.
Life support
system at 11%.
Wait?! Eleven percent?!?
It was just 13% five
minutes ago!
I don't wanna die!!
Please state override password.
- Is the password Annie?
- -Incorrect.
Please state password.
- Natasha - incorrect.
Beginning selection
number seven.
Mission control?
Do you read me?
Mission control!
Do you read me? Over.
Mission control, this
is sev omega t26
I need help!
Please answer!
Mayday... mayday...
Mission control this
is sev omega t26
please answer!
This is sev omega t26...
I need help!
Mayday !
Mission control, please...
Please answer someone! Please!
Oh I wonder what you are...
Up above the world so high...
Like a diamond in the sky...
Is anybody there?
Mayday! This is sev omega t26
warning. Life support
system at 10%.
Warning. Life
support system at 10%.
-Mel? -Warning. Life
support system at 10%.
-Warning. Life support
system at 10%. -Melanie?
Computer? Is the
password Melanie?
Please state password.
-Warning. Life support system
at 10%. -Tammy? Is it Tammy?
Incorrect. Beginning
selection number eight.
Warning. Life support
system at 8%.
- Sheryl? - Incorrect.
Please state password.
It's not sheryl. Of
course it's not sheryl.
Is it Jenny?
Is the password Jenny?
Password accepted.
System override.
Awaiting command.
Entertainment system off!!
Viewport mode activated.
Warning. Life support
system at 7%.