Galaxy Turnpike (2015) Movie Script

Application to return to Earth
Attn; Sand-Sand Burger Inc.
Space Route 246666, aka 'The Galaxy Turnpike
runs from the region of the solar system
between the 5th and 6th planets
where the space colony 'Uzu-Shio lies
to form the original trunk road linking that
to the 3rd planet, Earth
There are shuttle stops along the way
along with several restaurants
to serve the travelers
but they are rarely ever busy
After 150 years of operation,
the route's advanced dilapidation
suggests to me that Highway 246666,
aka "Galaxy Turnpike"
barely merits continued existence
I recommend its immediate closure
Sorry I'm late
Could you manage?
Can't hear over the fryer
Forget it
There's nothing to worry about
You know today's a special day?
Once every 200 years, the Orga cluster
and the Veronica meteors
align precisely with
your planets, Venus & Jupiter
It's a very special day indeed
We nicknamed it "S.E.S."
short for "Super Erotica Straight"
On this day, all creatures great and small
feel Eros burning in their hearts
We can't know the reason
but I assume some magnificent force is at work
Even I can feel it
You can, too?
I'm horny as hell
Is that right?
Shall we order something?
The Cosmo Set Lunch will be 633 Cosmic Yen
Exact change, thank you very much
Next customer in line
A tuna burger by itself.
How about a drink to go with it?
Let me confirm your order
One moment, please
Get him to leave
I don't like them
Don't be mean, he's a customer
Wherever they sit
they leave the seats soaking wet
It just needs wiping
Kurorons are kind and intelligent.
They're great singers, too
I know. They're really good
That's irrelevant. I don't want
them on our seats
- If he stands...
- Stop it
A tarpaulin at least
Please don't be upset
So, whats the matter now?
Can you hear me?
I wrote that letter
It was time I took action
That's a decisive move
Should've done it before. If they accept,
it's back to Earth for me
What happens to the restaurant?
Corporate will decide. It's not my problem
Did you tell the wife?
What's the matter?
Don't tell me...
That thing I mentioned the other day
My suspicions were right
I'm convinced now...
Noe's seeing some guy
What twigged you?
She has a new necklace, right here
Oh' deary me...
Was out "shopping" today for ages.
Meeting him, for sure
It does sound fishy...
I admit, it's partly my fault
You mus m 'I blame yourself
But I need time to myself, too
I understand
That's who you are
Enjoy your meal
Let's sit there
Ms. Hana...
Sorry, could you handle this please?
Thank you
So, what do we get?
You promised not to spend much
Let's share a small fries
At least a coffee too. I'll go
Such coincidences actually happen, huh?
(Test fa vie... that's life
In the vastness of space, she has to turn up
here of all places...
The universe is full of mystery
I wonder if she's married'?
Her partner is an Assinus judging
by his pointy ears
I wonder how my husband will take it?
- What's up'?
- There's a dispute going on
Once again, please
For chrissakes...
I want a double-cheese SunSun Burger
and a cheese SunSun Burger
Should I add the single cheese order
to the double-cheese set lunch
or the double-cheese order
to the single cheese set lunch?
Or are they the same price?
So you want double-cheese
and single-cheese set lunches?
For the hundredth time, no!
That'd mean two drinks, right?
I don't want that, don't you see?
- Mr. Manager
- What's wrong?
A problem customer
Sorry about this
Step aside
I'll handle this
Not that I mind
I've got nothing against her
I'm sure the same is true for her
That was just people spreading rumors
We participants didn't care so much
Let people say what they will
So, do you think I should say hi?
That's for you to decide
But supposing I make myself known...
then she'll obviously want to see my husband
What's the worry?
Don't get me wrong, I'm fine
I'm not worried. They won't restart anything
I know him so well. He's not that type
Are you sure?
Maybe I'll just mention it in passing
It's just that...
it's not vital that they see each other
You already have your answer within
Am I a bad person?
Listen carefully
Adding the single-cheese to the double set
is the cheaper way to go
You just had to tell him that
- But...
- No "but" about it
Why does adding a single-cheese to it
mean that the price works out differently?
Don't worry about logic
Adding the double-cheese to one order is
the same as adding a single-cheese...
Shut up!
Sorry, it's a power outage.
A moment please, before it's restored
What's up now?
Sorry for the trouble, everyone
What're you doing here'?
I'd ask you the same
I run this place
Is that right?
What a surprise
Come here
My husband, Baba Sahib.
He's an Assinus, as you see
It's the boy I mentioned.
From the theater group
I'm Baba Sahib
Nice to meet you
My wife has told me much about you
Is that right?
Let's take a seat
We get Assinii here sometimes
But that was the first time I got that greeting
What you just did
That wasn't a greeting
We Assinii don't do things like that
Do we?
How long have you been here?
It's been 3 years
I'm so glad your dreams came true
He always loved hamburgers
I'll try the fries
Help yourself
You should've ordered much more
We already ate
Don't play with your food
Been back to Earth?
Not since we opened this place
We're on our way there now
Is that right?
Waiting for the shuttle
Hey, look who's here
It's been ages!
Long time, no see
Noe, the wife thing really suits you
My husband...Noa's wife
Nice to meet you
How lovely to bump into you both like this
Do you think it's fate?
What do you recommend?
I'd say the Cosmo Burger.
You can't get it on Earth
Not today
I wish you would. Get two for them
Noa, it's too much
Don't worry. They don't cost much
We'd be delighted
Make it quick
I understand your concerns
I too felt the same way at first
But life demands you make the leap
Like the proverbial omelette
and the breaking of eggs
I do understand
Let me ask you...
What are you most worried about?
A disease, I guess
Listen, sir
The world is full of potential pathogens
Step foot outside and you're surrounded
by the cold virus
Yet you still venture out
You go to work, you take a walk...
Living in fear means you achieve nothing
This is the same thing
If my wife found out...
No way she can, unless you tell her
Even so...
I'll have to bear the guilt my entire life
You know that old adage about a man's pleasure?
It ranks male enjoyment according
to the choice of sexual partner...
Best is to sleep with another man's wife
Second is to claim a social inferior
Third's a lover, fourth is a pro
Last of all is a wife
One's own wife ranks last
Ever had sex outside the marriage'?
No, oi course rm
This is all about helping you
At this rate
you'll die without knowing
a true sense of pleasure
Is that a fun way to live?
If you miss this opportunity
you'll regret it for the rest of your life
You understand that?
Mr. Baba Sahib, what work do you do?
I was a Professor of Space Studies.
Note the past tense...
Got fired after a problem with a student
I meddled with a female pupil
Silly man
"A choice I deeply regret"
I had no choice but to get Dad to hire him
I'm hoping to do office work
Hence the trip to Earth?
It'll be my first time
I look forward to the challenges ahead
Excuse me
Hello there
The usual?
Get a milk for Mr. Danny
Thanks for the help
I understand
Welcome to the restaurant
Let's sit there
Burgers? Haven't had one in ages
Chief, what'll you have'?
We've no time. Just a coffee
I'll get it
My treat, since I asked to see you
I accept, thank you
Excuse me
Two coffees
Two hot coffees
ls your father well?
He's certainly aged
Does he still fish?
Remember that time we went together?
Shall I leave you alone?
Of course not
It's fine
It'll be easier to talk without me
You're being oversensitive
I'll thin my presence
Don't worry
I feel bad
Just let him be
We did go fishing, right
Chilled to the bone to catch
just a couple of fish
It's very distracting
Mr. Mendes?
I couldn't help it
I'm in a difficult position
I know you are
You promised not to come
Just 5 minutes
Ms. Hana?
- Were you smoking?
- I was not
- You were
- I was not
Excuse me, Madam
Can you handle this?
Two Cosmo Burger sen
Get rid of the butts. We'll be in big trouble
if my husband sees them
Over here
it's presently 1pm, Uzu-Shio time
I'm half-way along the route-at
the Cosmo Branch of Sand-Sand Burger
01181017791298T9 SPETSQ
In a corner, one Kuroron sits alone
What's on your mind'?
Over by the register
2 men in security guard uniforms
are loafing about
Nearer me, a Gennus and a human are
locked in serious discussion
Lastly there are two humans and an Assinus
One of the humans runs the restaurant
Has he nothing better to do?
Even though the Earth
shuttle leaves in an hour
this static tableau amply illustrates that
the Galaxy Turnpike has outlived...
...that the Galaxy Turnpike has
outlived its usefulness
The huge annual maintenance fee alone is...
I don't like this
Let me know the truth
Is this the end for us'?
- An awful ending
- Stop right there
You make it sound like we're involved
We didn't even start anything
I always said you were hoping in vain
Right from the start
Madam, let's be honest
- I always am
- You put on a brave face
- I do not
- Your words fail to move me
It's not my problem
are we really through?
Didn't even start, for chrissakes!
Madam, I bring a new proposal for the design
This one's sure to meet your approval
I'll be fine without
I said I don't need it
What about the restaurant renovation?
I've decided to hire someone else
In that case...
I lose you and the job?
Both in one cruel blow?
It's not my fault
How on earth can I bear that?
You're in the wrong here
How could you?
What's the new proposal?
M We momma...
your current floor is Terrazzo
which is showing its age
So for example...
how about using Umbria floor tiles?
Umbria tiles...for the natural ambience
of their earth tones...
Another option...
is to re-do the entire surface
with a herringbone wood floor
It will create a top quality feel
That's lovely
What's more...
your old stucco walls are dirty...
We could decorate in natural colors
over natural wood texturing
Natural wood'?
A wood veneer
showing off the texture of natural grain
in all its plain, organic warmth
- What are you doing?
-It's okay
- What's okay'?
- Don't worry
- I'll scream
- No need for alarm
Just relax, okay
It'll be fine
Don't worry
No need to worry
I'm leaving the squad this month
This is news to me
I didn't tell anyone yet
Why, all of a sudden?
My time is up
Your time?
I must return to X538, my galaxy
What's this about'?
I was here on a mission
A mission?
Please don't be shocked
I'm not from Earth
lam Captain Socks
Are you feeling alright?
The rule is that we leave
without telling anyone
but I felt I should tell you, Chief
I just don't get it
Captain Socks?
- You?
- Yes
You transform into him?
That's correct
Don't believe it
Do I look like I'm lying'?
But why?
To maintain universal peace
Thank you for everything
But kid...
A burger joint's hardly the place for this
You're so busy, it was hard to get you alone
It's natural to be shocked
I'm suddenly starving
Let me go get something
Excuse ma...
Excuse me?
I'm busy
I ordered coffees earlier...
Can I add a burger and fries to make it
a Sun-Sun Burger Set?
I'd like to add a burger and fries to my coffee
and order as a set meal
What's wrong?
Stop it
I won't hurt you
Wait a minute, okay...
Stop fooling around
Think about it...
Where was I when Captain Socks
fought those mutants?
I always make myself scarce, eh?
- That's true
- See?
I really am Captain Socks
If you still don't believe me...
Come with me
It's this way
Please take your time choosing
Liesel is a nice girl. A wonderful talker
She's out of the question
Louisa has a sad story
She's been through a lot in life
Brigitta's an acquired taste
That smell...of a stray dog
come in out of the rain
Let's make a decision, shall we'?
You're allowed two changes anyway
She's almost right
I'll choose this one
Very discerning, sir
For technique, llma's one of
the best in the universe
I'm sure you'll be satisfied
Which planet is she from?
A Venusian...
Be assured, to the eye she's entirely human
She's not half-catfish
below-the-waist or anything
You know our billing system?
Pay me 20,000 now and the rest to the girl
60,000 in total, right'?
20,000 is a one-time membership fee
llma is extremely popular
A last-minute cancelation means she's free
You're a lucky man
I just hope she's disease-free
You are a worrier
With alien planets, you're never sure
They have regular check-ups
I'll call her now. She'll be here in 5 mins
She'll wear a red flower as a sign
Thank you for everything
Let's go
Me, too?
I'll transform for you
You're stripping?
Otherwise they tear
Close the door
You're even taking that off?
I've got to be totally naked
Look closely
I just get bigger and bigger
The Suzunari Theater
When I lived back on Earth
I worked back-stage at a small theater
Eventually! ended up marrying
the sister of a cast member
Initially, I dated the lop-billed actress
That was Lei-char:
She was a superb performer
and a lovely person, loo
Bright and smart, she was
the perfect woman for me
Until I discovered
a most disconcerting thing...
She ate hamburgers in
an absolutely repulsive way
Pd adored hamburgers since I was a kid
so that was a nightmare
Ye! here was a girl eating so deliciously
in a way I'd never imagined...
So I left Lei-chan and began dating my wife
I see. Lime things mean a lot.
I gel that...
What's troubling you?
You wouldn't be here otherwise
It's not that I want Lei-chan back.
Far from it...
I just thought...
Thought what?
She doesn't seem very happy
What's with that husband?
I can't believe she fell for that nerdy jerk
Was it out of desperation?
She couldn't forget about you
Of course I never told her I'd left
because of her burger technique...
So she still doesn't know
the reason my feelings cooled
I feel so bad about that
You're in the wrong on this one
I understand, Madam
I'm sorry
It seems we should part
- Like I said...
- Wish you'd told me earlier
I've been telling you all along
I'll step aside
One thing...
as a final memory
just once...
- Please don't
- I don't ask for a kiss
The Angueles way...
of saying farewell
- No
- Don't worry
It'll be fine
Be still
It's done
We'll never meet again
Excuse me
Did you just see a mime'?
Holding a red balloon'?
I know it sounds absurd but he was here
Do you mean this'?
Not the Sand-Sand character
A mime like in a circus
I'm sorry but we've no mimes here
But I saw one
That's off-limits to customers
I'll call if I see one
What's up?
Sorry, I had a headache so I took a nap
In that case, relax
I'm okay now
Lei-chan hadn't changed at all
Really? I thought she'd aged
That makes two of you
Don't worry on my account, okay?
I feel nothing for her any more.
There are no lingering emotions
That claim itself sounds fishy
Are we going back to Earth?
Why do You ask'?
You just mailed
an application to return, right'?
Even if it's accepted it'll be ages yet
Don't concern yourself with it
But if Captain Socks leaves
what will happen to KBC Security?
It'll be fine
Socks was always getting us out of a fix
Next week another superhero will replace me
Are you sure'?
That's the way it works
But Chief...
I need you to know something else
There's more'?
About crew member Manmo
Did you know we're dating?
- You are?
- You didn't know?
-It's the first I heard
- The whole crew knows
In any case...
she'll be here soon
Ms. Manmo will?
I have to say goodbye to her, too
- She knows your real identity?
- I'm about to reveal it
That'll be a surprise
No matter how she may beg,
I must take my leave
She'll beg me to take her with but I cannot
Could you please
look after her for me?
Got it
Be her rock, if you can
I'd better go now
I'm in the middle of my patrol
Sorry for bothering you
You've got a few days left?
I plan to leave this weekend
Let's grab a drink before then
Later, then
No need to follow
I'm Mum
Mr. Zett introduced us
Mr. Mum?
That's right
Your name is'?
Maybe I'll grab a bite
Please, order what you like
llma, that's right
I want to eat nuggets
Just nuggets?
Just nuggets. 80 boxes
For my kid brother. He loves 'em
-80 boxes?
-80 boxes
I'll go get them
I appreciate it
Excuse me
Keep quiet
Stop, I won't hurt you
I want to ask you something
Thank you for waiting
It took ages!
I'm sorry
lshould apologize
The Cosmo Set comprises a burger
created with a 100% Cosmo Beef patty
Hang on...
Are you alright?
Can't you wait?
It came on quick
- Shall I call a doctor'?
- He's fine
He's early this month...
Don't upset the other customers
What on earth's going on?
He sheds his skin every month
His skin?
I'm used to it but it's gross. Best not to look
Sorry but do you have a blanket?
Who's going to eat these?
80 boxes of nuggets...
How many damn nuggets is this?
80 times 5 is 400. Who eats that many'?
Sorry I'm late. I was filing receipts
Thanks for taking the time
It's fine. I need to talk anyway
But I'll tell you later. Go ahead
What's up?
Want something?
Whose is this?
The chief was just here
He was?
I'll get a fresh one
Don't bother, this'll do.
You can speak first
- I don't want to
- I should go last
I think mine is best last
Mine is pretty serious
So is mine, actually
- Mine's probably more so
- No, mine is
I really think mine's more serious
Okay, I'll go first then
What's up?
Let's split up
Sorry but I want to end it
Wait a minute
I told you it was serious.
That's why I wanted to go last
You really mean this?
It's so out of the blue
You wouldn't propose to me
You wouldn't meet my parents.
I'm nearly 30, you know...
I just can't wait. Sorry
- But even so...
- That's all I have to say
- What's up with you?
- Forget it...
But...what the hell went wrong?
We're really breaking up? How could you?
My mind's already made up
Of course I want to propose to you
But there are circumstances...
It's okay, I don't blame you
I just figured you wrong
I thought you were the domestic type.
It was my mistake...
Alright then, in that case
I'll tell you everything
Go ahead
Don't be shocked
In truth...
lam not from this Earth
Captain Socks is who I am
I'm sorry I kept quiet. We're forbidden
from revealing ourselves
But you, I had to tell...
I just told him now
Can you make it here?
That'd be best. I'll wait...
Who's coming?
Someone confessed their love
and proposed
You I accepted
- Hang on...
- That's the way it is
I'm getting married next month
Ms. Hana
What would you do if we closed down'?
Will it close down'?
We don't know yet
Let me know. I'd have to find work
Didn't I say...
Just holding it in my mouth...
My husband wants to return to Earth
If you can't make it in Space,
no point trying elsewhere
Not that it was always like this
How do you know?
The Galaxy Turnpike was bustling
and every restaurant was packed
before the opening of the Space Expressway
I'm just lighting it
But that was over 100 years ago
How old are you?
I've been working part-time for 80 years
Is that right?
That actually cost 15,440 Cosmo yen
Not that I mind but...
There's one thing I'd like to establish
What, I wonder?
Are you free of disease?
He told me you're safe
because of the check-ups...
But in-between check-ups...
you probably have a number of clients...
I know that worry can be paralyzing...
but for me to be with a non-Earthling...
it's kind of a first time thing...
and I can't be sure what diseases
you may have acquired
When was your last check-up?
This is very rude
I'm sorry to make things awkward
My last check-up was yesterday
But you're my 3rd client of the day
What do want to do?
Want to give up?
Your skin's so soft...
I can't fry an egg without breaking it
Forget what I said
Are you a chef?
I look forward to being your client
Thanks. I'll get the rest when we're done
The rest'?
- Nobody told me that...
- Are you kidding?
What's the total, then?
Depends on the course
Meaning what'?
There's an A, B & C course
Can you explain them'?
A is to enjoy by watching
B is to enjoy by touching
The C course is to go all the way
or do I say "come"...
How much to come all the way?
More than the flight from Earth?
Plus the 60,000 to total 260,000
No, it's out of the question.
I'll be stranded without airfare
Hold on a minute
This supposed "Professor"...
where did you meet him?
He came to see my play
Why are you with him'?
Student-seducing jerk
He's so true to himself
I apologize
It's my fault
I don't understand
It's all my fault
I know I've no right to...
but I just feel sorry for you
I'm not sorry at all
Sure you are
Don't imagine how I feel
I wanted you to be happier...
to find a better man than me...
to live a better life...
But I am happy
Let's not do this
Do what'? I'm really happy
That's a brave face
Do I smack you?
I know how you feel
You were devastated
I'm so sorry I ended it like that
But get over it and make a new start
Are you totally stupid?
To presume your ex can't live without you...
At best, it's a male fantasy
At worst, you're simply delusional
I admit that to us he appears strange and needy
but the fact is, I love him
I cannot believe that
What do you know about him'?
When I'm old and frail
and face the end, somewhere in this universe...
it'll be him that I'm thinking of
and not you, sorry to say
I wish I could give you a hug
Bu! I don't exist below the neck, okay?
At last I've got hold of you
How's it going, sir'? Are we having fun?
H's not what we discussed at aH
Isn't she good enough?
Good enough? She's fantastic!
I told you
But what's this about 260,000?
That must be the C course
Don't tell me that's what you want?
Of course I do!
You think I came all the way
from Earth just to watch?
My misunderstanding, I'm sorry
With your hygiene concerns,
I assumed A or B at most
What shall we do?
Well, I'm not paying that much
Really? Then you must make do
with A or B, I guess
I wan 'I pay a penny just to watch.
Do something]
Would you like to cancel?
The one-time fee still applies
No way!
Put yourself in my shoes
My fuse is already lit
It can't be helped...
Unless you talk directly to Hma
She's a reasonable girl
Call me if there's anything else
I'll do what I can
That took too long
Men are such sad creatures
Shall we then'?
Mm ma...
Do you take American Express?
Can I ask you to reconsider?
It's too late now
Weren't we in love?
What's up?
Sit by me
How did it go?
I think he understood
Damn it...
This is just the way it is
Couldn't be helped...
But how come?
Sorry I didn't tell you
We're getting married
No way...
She met my daughter, too
I know I'll be a great mom
Told her your news?
I was so surprised...
This guy is Captain Socks...
He is?
I guess she wasn't listening
He returns to his home planet soon
Oh, we'll miss him
Wait a second
It's not 100% decided
I'll stay if you tell me to
I don't think I mind
Don't say that
Good luck with everything
Good luck
Ms. Manmo, consider me
Should I step aside?
There's no need
Chief, shall we go?
Okay, then
Sorry about this
See you
What shall we do?
- Korean BBQ?
- Great idea!
- Bowling later?
- If you like
Excuse me, do you have a minute?
Please, take a seat
You too, over there
I'm Hashimoto from
the Ministry of Space Transport
You're the manager here?
I have something to discuss
Keep quiet
Sorry about that
Down, boy. Sit
I've experienced several
strange things since being here
You may think me odd but please bear with me
I am presently surrounded by small birds
and a cute puppy runs under my feet
It may sound strange but I see them
This only occurred upon
entering your establishment
What's more, they're familiar to me
They come from the cartoons of my childhood
Chicchi the bird and Sandy the puppy
They were inseparable friends
As a child I was enthralled by them
I was an only child
and they were my only friends
There's also a mime
I see a mime holding a red balloon
He's sitting here right now
I remembered the instant I saw him
I once got lost in an amusement park
A mime with a red balloon
reunited me with my mother
He is that same mime
Have I gone insane?
I wonder...
Why am I seeing them? Why are they here?
What's the message they have for me?
Beats me...
I think I have the answer, maybe
Boy, it feels good to have shed
Do we throw it away?
Please do
Why did you come here?
- A survey
- Of what?
Field survey of the Turnpike
I hear a rumor it might be closing
I heard it too. Is it true'?
I cannot address that question
Some kind of force is
at work to stop it happening
What do you mean?
From deep within his past,
beloved memories are retrieved
and given substance
to send him back to Earth with
a favorable impression
It's a welcoming committee, so to speak
Welcoming committee?
Who'd arrange such a thing?
Whoever would be most affected by the closure
Most affected?
The Galaxy Turnpike itself
Over time, the Turnpike has
evolved into a conscious being
It's not uncommon across the galaxy
They're a welcoming committee?
Would you agree with that?
Can you see him?
All along?
I wish you'd told me
We're used to unusual phenomena here
Ms. Hana
Get rid of this
Best not to peek
Hello Noe...
Sorry, we'll fix it soon
Noa's as idiosyncratic as ever
Did he say something strange?
He still talks nonsense sometimes
I'm sorry
But I'm impressed he made his dream come true
You mean this place?
He always said that burgers would be his life
It's not always plain-sailing
Naturally, being all the way out here...
There's also talk of the highway closing
Well, it's deserted
We don't know for sure, though...
Did he lose weight?
You think so?
He gains it back easily. Be careful
He should put on a bit more
I'm not sure...
Being together, you wouldn't notice
How long did you two date?
It was 3 years, right'?
I forget
We've been married 5 years
But it's not a question of time
Yes, it is
Yes, it is
How much can you afford, then?
This much...
I'll take the A course
Hey, this isn't enough
I can't even watch...
What the hell...
All right then
A special exception today
You seem nice so I'll cut you a huge deal
Are you sure'?
A, B or C, your choice
The C course
So, shall we begin'?
You mean here?
Are you mentally prepared?
Wait a second...
You're an Earthling,
who knows what germs you have?
Don't tell me it's your first time?
Don't worry, I'll take the lead
Your finger
Are we finished?
That was it?
That's the way we do it
What? You must've felt good, too
I do feel...a sense of fulfillment
What else did you hope for'?
A feeling of guilt?
No, not at all...
Take good care of your wife
Pull yourself together!
Can you try to walk?
Somebody, come help me!
Hold on! I'm a doctor
Out of the way. Leave him to me
Mr. Mendes?
A friend of yours?
Where was he?
In the electric room
He was fine earlier
Who the hell is he?
You know his name?
It's Mr. Mendes
Mr. Mendes, can you hear me?
He's conscious
But who is he'?
- Can't tell me?
- We'll talk later
How is he, Doctor?
No fever
Which planet is he from'?
I think he's from Angueles
I thought so
I reckon he's pregnant
Angueleans are hermaphrodite
Gestation takes 30 minutes.
They're known for it
30 minutes'?
They tend to seek out
a dark place to give birth
No wonder he was in there...
Water's broken. Baby's coming. Lay him down
I need a blanket and scissors
Help him, please
Take off his shoes
- Where's the baby'?
- Not out yet
Not yet'? Madam...Madam'?
That's you
I'm right here
Madam. you know...
this baby is ours
Wait, don't be so stupid
It's true. We made it together
How come? Who fertilized who?
I did nothing
- What's the connection?
- There is none
He took it upon himself
He's having your baby!
Stop saying this nonsense
It's's our baby
Let me explain
Angueleans can conceive by touching foreheads
That's fingertips
Does that ring a bell?
Looks like it does!
It felt like a farewell gesture
My forehead...
He's trying to say something
Mine and hers touched
- Shut up
- How could you?
I've no relationship with him at all
One-sided conception is
quite common in the universe
Angueleans are tremendously imaginative
Phantom pregnancy on a whole new level
It's a damn nuisance
It's the only way they can procreate
It's started
Take over for me
It is out yet?
He's suffering
Not my problem
Contractions closer. Won't be long
Rub his back
Are you going to be with him?
Don't be so stupid
What about the baby'?
- I don't know!
- It's your baby
Inhale slowly...and exhale
- Is it going to be all right?
- Dunno...
But, Doctor?
I'm a dentist
In any case...
Anyone can play this part
Something's coming out
You can do it
Doctor, please
I'll do my best
Hold his hand, please's coming
Why don't you believe your wife?
How can I'?
Did you forget what it takes to live in Space?
Human common sense doesn't apply here
Inhale deep and exhale!
Oh wow...
What is it?
An egg...l can see an egg
An egg?
It hurts!
Heck, it's really dry
What does that mean?
He's not naturally well-hydrated
That's correct
So it won't just slip out
Put me out of my misery
Can't you help him?
Got any seaweed?
- What's that?
- Kelp seaweed
Mom always said kelp's slipperiness
helps a difficult birth
Get some kelp
We've got no kelp!
Can't it be something else?
She said that kelp's the best
Hey, it's your turn now
Any happy childhood memories of kelp?
- Try to think back
Anything he remembers turns real
You can do that?
I don't control the process
Think happy kelp thoughts
Okay, I'll try...
Sweet memories of kelp...
There's no such thing!
You're useless!
Do you have kelp memories?
Any of you had fun with kelp?
I did
Memories of kelp?
I was swimming in the sea as a kid
I got lost and the kelp found me
As if they were talking to me
"Mom's over there, kid"
They guided me back
That's perfect
Will my memories work?
Don't worry. Just think back
- Here you are, Doctor
- Lay it on the floor
Please use it all
Put me out of my misery
- Looking good
-it's no use
It should be fine now
Here comes one
More coming...
- How many?
- Six
That makes eight!
Is that it?
Eight total
They're all yours
I'm quite moved
Look at these beautiful eggs
It's out there!
- Heck!
- You've got seven left
No, do something
It's not possible. Forget it
It's m)' 999
Look, it's getting further away
Further and further away...
It's too late
If only that superhero Captain Socks was here
Captain Socks! Come help us
- Captain Socks!
- Here, after all
Socks, save that egg!
We're counting on you!
Go, Captain Socks!
You can do it!
He's so cool!
Go, Captain!
What is it?
- Your socks are ok!
- Don't worry about them
He's kinda neurotic
Go, w!
Get the egg...
Gently, please
Grab it
Looking good...
Don't grab it too'll crush it...
It's a soft egg
Try again
Don't let it go!
You had it then
- Go after it!
- Go, Captain Socks
- What does he mean? No?
- You can't give up!
You're useless!
- Stop looking at us
- Hey, go after it!
Don't give P!
Come back!
Get my space suit
I'm going
Your egg... my egg, too
Way to go, darling
It's over there
He's going to use that?
He's getting ready
It's that way!
Forget the windows
What's he doing?
What is he trying to do?
We want that egg!
Get a move on!
We need the egg!
Get the e99. will you?
Go, w!
There's nothing to worry about.
You know today's a special day?
The Orga cluster and Veronica meteors
align precisely with Venus & Jupiter
It's a special day indeed
We nicknamed it "S.E.S."
short for "Super Erotica Straight"
On this day, all creatures great and small
feel Eros burning in their hearts
So it's no wonder you feel the way that you do
I deleted it
Happy now?
You're just going to hang out from now on?
Do I have to support you?
I'd sure appreciate it
They grow up incredibly fast
Full grown by tomorrow morning
Spitting image of daddy
Sorry they didn't look like you
Actually, I prefer it that way
I'll take good care of them
On your planet, do you all look the same?
Yes, we do
A galactic mystery
Sorry for all the bother
Come on kids, we take the stairs
By the way, I forgot to ask...
Who was he?
Where did you meet him?
He's a renovations contractor
I was planning something
behind your back. Sorry
What renovations?
Why don't we spruce the place up'?
Replace the entire floor...
for example, create a river here
and have goldfish in it...
Behind the counter we can have a fountain
The ceiling can be all glass
SO WE can SEE Space
And maybe a small stage here...
How much do you think it'll cost?
It'll be fine if we get more customers
You're asking the impossible
We just need to begin something
Stop talking about returning to Earth
You finally got the restaurant you wanted
If you can't make it in Space,
there's no point trying elsewhere
What's that?
is a Samba whistle
I take lessons. I did today
- Learning Samba'?
- Sure. Another thing is...
if we have a stage here I could put on a dance
Customers might enjoy it
What do you think?
Nice idea
I only started 6 months ago
If you can't make it in Space,
there's no point trying elsewhere
Let's stick it out a little longer
What's wrong?
I already mailed that
request to the head office
Interstellar Mai! Service
What a nuisance...
Attn; Sand-Sand Burger Inc.
I don't believe this...
So, whats the matter now?
I don't think I'm suited for this job
That's for you to decide
I think I'd do better using my brain
You already have your answer within
Or marriage, maybe. Know anyone?
I wish I could hug you...
Bu! I don't exist below the neck, okay?
I wish I could give you a hug
I wish I could give you a hug
I'll stick by your side
To the end of the universe
Even where there's no air' nor gravity
Beyond the reach of light
I'll follow wherever you go
Til the end of the universe
Though our credit cards get zapped
By magnetic fields so fierce
Or should space junk shred your umbrella
In a rain of space debris
H! stick by your side
Ti! the end of the universe
H! stick by your side
Ti! the end of the universe
Kennedy Taylor & Aya Futami