Galwakdi (2022) Movie Script

[English rap song]
"Your words are so sweet, you
teach peacocks how to walk."
"You have a Gucci bag, you
walk with a spring in your step."
"Your words are so sweet, you
teach peacocks how to walk."
"You have a Gucci bag, you
walk with a spring in your step."
"She smells so fragrant,
she can con all the conmen."
"Her Arabic eyes
will kill all the boys."
"It seems her moves
will set everything on fire."
"Her Arabic eyes
will kill all the boys."
"It seems her moves
will set everything on fire."
"Check it out."
"She does a fusion of
belly dance and bhangra."
"You enhance the Giddha
with your beautiful moves."
"You enhance the Giddha
with your beautiful moves."
"She does a fusion of
belly dance and bhangra."
"You enhance the Giddha
with your beautiful moves."
"She will clap her hands
and the peacocks would soar."
"Her Arabic eyes
will kill all the boys."
"It seems her moves
will set everything on fire."
"Her Arabic eyes
will kill all the boys."
"It seems her moves
will set everything on fire."
"Check it out."
"Her waist is slim and
she is curvy and trim."
"Jatti is slaying everyone.
Kim pales in comparison to her."
"Kim pales in comparison to her."
"Her waist is slim and
she is curvy and trim."
"Jatti is slaying everyone.
Kim pales in comparison to her."
"It seems she will bring all
the boys out of their cars."
"Her Arabic eyes
will kill all the boys."
"It seems her moves
will set everything on fire."
"Her Arabic eyes
will kill all the boys."
"It seems her moves
will set everything on fire."
"Check it out."
"The one who listens to
Bieber will listen to Tupac."
"Even rude Jassar will
bring flowers for her."
"The one who listens to
Bieber will listen to Tupac."
"Even rude Jassar will
bring flowers for her."
"She will destroy
this tall handsome boy."
"Her Arabic eyes
will kill all the boys."
"It seems her moves
will set everything on fire."
"Her Arabic eyes
will kill all the boys."
"It seems her moves
will set everything on fire."
So how's it going?
come let's play ludo. Come.
Shall I make you play ludo?
Instead of talking
to her about her behaviour
you're asking her to play with you?
Listen to me,
how many times have I told you
not to stay out of home for so long?
It's been two days, where were you?
I was at my friend's place.
Then why did you do us the favour
of coming home, dear daughter?
You should have stayed
out for another few days.
Mom, what's all this?
Why are you unnecessarily
making a big issue out of it?
You are the one who
has made an issue not me.
Whenever you feel you leave home,
whenever you feel you stay out.
Listen, this is my life.
I will decide what I
want to do in my life.
And since you have
changed your country,
now change your thinking
too to lead your life.
- Thank, dad.
- No need.
Hey, listen to me carefully.
If you want to live in this house
you will have to do it
according to my rules.
This gallivanting
won't be acceptable.
I can't live my life according to
someone else's rules. Alright?
You can live in your house.
I am leaving!
I will stay at such
a place where I won't
have to seek someone's
permission to breathe.
You have left home so
many times earlier too.
You get tired after a few days
then you come back
to this very house.
I won't come back this time. At least
- not for fifteen days.
- Is that so?
Yes, I really won't return this time!
Go on. You don't leave.
You'll return only if you leave.
Amber, my child.
it is only your love that stops me.
Otherwise, I would have proven to mom
long ago that I can live without her.
Drama queen.
But, dad...
No, Amber, you misunderstood me.
I called you so that
you can prove to your mom
that you can live without her and
away from home for fifteen days.
Who will keep a girl like her?
Not everyone is like you, okay?
There must be someone
who will keep me.
Do you understand?
There must be someone
who'll keep me, right?
Right, yes, put that thing there.
I'll talk to you later. Bye.
Where's my coke?
Hey, what's the big idea?
Are you a little warden or
something tidying up my coke?
I hadn't finished it.
Listen, my brother Gabbar.
How many times have I told
you not to stand there and eat?
Sir is about to come.
You'll get both of us into trouble.
Go to hell, you jinx.
Don't let your brother get the girl.
Will you have this candy?
Do you want a slap?
You are the one who
taught her that, didn't you?
Don't teach her anything nice
like how much your brother loves her.
What's going on?
Sir, I was checking its size
whether I can eat
it in two bites or not.
But I won't be able to eat it.
Get me another one. Where is it?
Sorry, Sir.
- Why are you sorry?
- Sir, I am confident
that I must have made some mistake.
Our library is known
for it's cleanliness.
What is it known for?
For cleanliness.
Then why don't you keep it clean?
This place is so dirty.
- Is this your job?
- No, Sir.
Then call the guy
whose job it is to clean.
don't you know you must
keep the library clean?
Speak softly.
Don't you know you must
keep the library clean?
Come on, clean the table.
Can't you see the dirt?
Am I the dirt?
Can't you see the dirt on the table?
What is this?
What is this? A piece of snack.
It must be laying here for
at least fourteen to fifteen hours.
Diseases like the coronavirus
spread because of carelessness.
The fungus must be growing on it too,
the bacteria must be spreading.
We will get an infection
from the bacteria.
Our family will catch that infection
from us because it is contagious.
Then the entire city
will catch that infection
and it will spread
to the entire country.
And just like that, the whole
world will catch that infection.
Are you trying to
infect the whole world?
If we won't care about these things
then how will the world be safe?
I have saved the world, Sir.
Loot at that!
Here you go,
they are locked in a tight match.
Six balls and nine runs.
Uncle, you already owe me five pounds
and you'll lose another five today.
It's not possible.
I can't lose today, son.
I will definitely win today.
Well done, my boys.
Hit some shots, some
fours and sixes. Come on!
Uncle, you'll lose.
If you can't hit fours and six
then run and score some more.
Or are your legs cramped?
- Is it?
- Wait.
Cricket won't give you anything.
If you want to stay
happy then turn off the TV.
If you go there and give this commentary
then you might get paid well for it.
Hit a six on this ball.
That was an absolute miss!
Uncle, you lost. Give me five pounds.
Are you going to win
or should I break the TV?
Come on, take a shot now.
I will have to break it.
I have asked you to watch
TV only until seven o'clock.
And it is two minutes past seven.
And the time that you are
wasting is another matter.
A person can read a good book.
Your eyesight is becoming poor too.
Mom, you should tell him.
He doesn't listen to me.
What do you want?
only a couple of balls were left,
that's all we wanted to watch.
You have been watching
TV since the afternoon.
What will happen if you
don't watch the last few balls?
Tell me. Come on.
You should concentrate
on your studies.
My son is right.
Education is the only
thing that will support you.
Right, Son?
This match won't give you anything.
You must study, son.
Take your pounds now.
Uncle, even the chameleon doesn't
change colours as quickly as you.
- Uncle, shall I hoot in excitement then?
- No.
Do not hoot.
You may make a softer sound.
But the sound should
stay at least a metre and a half
away from the jailer's room.
Uncle, I don't have a metre
inside me to measure my hooting.
You keep scaring me unnecessarily.
Don't be scared, don't be scared.
He must have
stretched his body by now.
He must have lay down
on the right side of the bed.
He must have fixed the sheet
and covered himself with it.
When people sleep
their sheets become crinkled.
But when our jailer sleeps
if there is even a single
crinkle in the sheet,
it gets straightened out.
He must have turned
off the light now.
Who is this bigger goon
than us in this area
who's playing such loud music?
- Who is it?
- Goon and you?
Uncle, your BP becomes
low in front of Jagteshwar.
- Put the drink down.
- Why?
- Put it down.
- Let me drink, Uncle.
Call me younger Uncle first.
Wow, younger Uncle.
It is such great fun to be
addressed as younger Uncle.
put sugar in my tea.
No problem. Jagteshwar is coming.
He will put the finest
sugar in your tea.
is this the place to clip your nails?
Can't you be a little thoughtful?
It's alright, son. We'll construct a
separate room for clipping our nails.
Don't deviate from the point.
Come, let's check your weight.
Who should we wait for?
Were we expecting someone?
No one told me.
Uncle, brother is asking
you to check your body weight.
You know everything
but you can't stop taking
potshots at everything.
Don't talk too much.
Otherwise, people will say
that Uncle cracked
his nephew's skull.
Brother has been waiting
for you for an hour.
Alright, here I am.
Did I lose any weight?
You have gained one and
a half kg since last week.
It's just not possible.
Oh, yes, I just remembered.
Last time when I
checked my weight
I was wearing just
a vest and underwear.
I am wearing a trouser
now along with a
shirt and I even have
my wallet in my pocket.
Son, that is why the weight
might have increased a little.
No problem, Uncle.
You can change into a vest and
underwear now. Brother only needs results.
I don't understand
one thing. I try so hard,
I work so hard and
still my weight is not decreasing.
What could be the reason?
If that is the thing then you could
be suffering from Hypothyroid.
We'll get all your tests done.
You are coming with me today.
Which disease did you say?
It's just not possible. Come on.
A disease that I can't even
pronounce, how can I suffer from it?
- Uncle...
- Yes?
talk to him about me.
Why are you worried? I am right here.
Talk to him.
I am right here with you.
Go right ahead.
Brother, I wanted to talk to
you about something important.
Yes, go on.
No, it's time to eat now.
Yes, tell me now.
Brother, I was saying that I
should start working full-time now.
From when?
Brother, if you say yes then
I will start from tomorrow itself.
Did you wash your hands?
Go and wash your hands.
Okay, so you can start from tomorrow.
Yes, I'll start from tomorrow.
Okay, I'll book a ticket for
you for the day after tomorrow.
- To where, brother?
- To India.
Why India?
You'll start working here
illegally from tomorrow,
the embassy will deport
you the day after.
Go there and after that
look for a job in some call-centre.
- Brother, I am sorry, I made a mistake.
- Wipe your hands first.
I made a mistake, brother.
Forgive me, brother.
I won't say such things again.
I was manipulated by
someone into saying that.
Even if I want to go by bus, I
have to walk because of Uncle.
- Jaggi!
- Yes?
Take this bag.
Do you let me remember anything?
You have all driven me crazy.
Aunt, one day I'll get tired and get
on a bus to Canada I am telling you.
Just go to work.
He has started acting smart too now.
I told you!
No loud music!
Get out of this place now!
But I already paid you the rent.
I will call the police right now.
I won't go out. You are
the one who will go out.
This is Birmingham not Bathinda.
I just don't care!
Just get out of my house now!
Listen, child!
What happened?
Aunty, it's all in front of you.
First, I wasn't at fault.
On top of that, she suddenly
threw me out of the house.
Now you tell me where should I go?
It's alright, daughter.
This English woman is very fussy.
I too want to thrash her.
Aunty, shall we beat her together?
Let it be, child.
God will teach her a lesson.
Aunt, do you know anyone
here who rents their rooms?
This is your house too.
Come along, you can stay with me.
Come on.
We don't come to this library to sit.
- This library is our passion.
- Yes.
We must see what we can do to
make things better around here.
A book by Baba Bulle
Shah was right here.
I sent him right
next to Uncle Chaudhary.
I thought that both the elderly
men could sit together and chat.
You fool,
Uncle Chaudhary is fiction
and Baba Bulle Shah is poetry.
Is that so?
Pash and Shiv were both
right here. Where are they?
Well, look, Pash is on that end
and Shiv is on this end.
I thought that Pash
is a hot-tempered man
and Shiva is a calm fellow.
What if they end up
fighting with each other?
Now, please explain to
me that these books here,
how did you place them?
It's so simple. The blue ones are on one
side and the pink ones on the other side.
- Well done.
- Yes.
On what basis did you get this job?
On the basis of pity, Sir.
I won't feel any pity. I need all
of them sorted by the evening.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, Sir.
show me the list of
the new books we have.
Though the elders are right
that it is not easy to go
head to head with books
yet look, I have done it.
And who are you?
You can appreciate me as much
as you want. Have I stopped you?
By the way,
I am known in the whole world
as Poet Gullu.
- Poet Gullu.
- Poet Gullu?
That's great.
I have heard this name
so much. Gullu ice cream,
Gullu Kulcha. It's amazing.
What is your name?
My name is Gabbar.
Look at God's sense of humour.
Your parents have given you
such a macho name, Gabbar.
How could they know
that your behaviour
would be like Basanti?
Who are you calling Basanti?
Brother, it's common sense.
There is no one here except you.
And before Poet Gullu
makes you dance like Basanti,
tell me quickly,
- where are the Punjabi romantic novel?
- I won't tell you.
I won't tell you.
They are right here.
Sundar and Rani's love story.
What do you think?
What will I think?
The jailer will come, grab
the girl's arm and throw her out.
Such low thinking.
You should think something big.
Why the girl?
He will throw all of us out.
Uncle, I can't understand you.
Are you his father or is he yours?
Gather some courage.
He doesn't have it in him.
You are the head of this family.
A man should have
some courage in him.
I have all the courage.
Even today if I toss a rock into
the pond, it goes up to eight feet.
Let that jailer come today.
I will tell him who I am.
This is what I am talking about.
Yes, tell me, what's the matter?
You think that just
because everyone is scared
of you in this house
so I'll be scared too?
I am the head of this household.
Your rules and principles won't
be acceptable in this house.
You are not the head,
you are the master.
Oh, you... You have ruined my flow.
- Who am I?
- Master.
- I am the... what was next?
- That thing about rules...
I am the master of this house.
Your rules and principles won't
be acceptable here.
- Jaggi, turn on the TV.
- Yes.
I will see who stops you.
- Is that alright?
- Perfect.
Aunt, is dinner ready?
- Yes, it's ready.
- Okay. I'll freshen up and come.
Come this side.
I will talk to him today.
What happened? Why are
you all standing like this?
Uncle, speak up. Speak up.
Say something.
What does he want to say?
I wanted to say that...
Jaggi, will you behave
yourself or not?
The TV is on again today.
When you have been told once that the
TV should be off at seven that is final.
Jagteshwar is tired
of explaining to you
but this crazy family
doesn't want to understand.
when will you become sensible?
When he asks you to do something
that means that you
must follow his instructions.
He is the master of this house.
- But...
- Turn off the TV.
You said that the dinner is ready.
Let's eat then.
Hurry up and eat
whatever you want to eat.
We are eating in this
house for the last time today.
Uncle, I am just worried
about the fact that
I have friends here
but where will you go?
- Leave me in an old age home.
- Okay.
Uncle, have your food.
Son, this is Amber.
She used to live at that English
woman's house next door.
She took rent from her for ten
days and threw her out in two days.
The poor girl was crying.
I... I brought her home with me.
She'll only stay here
for a couple of days.
Who knows how hard her parents
must have worked to send her here?
Oh, my God,
such delicious food.
How did you like it?
Eat first, I will tell you later.
You are eating now
and you'll tell me later?
How does that make any sense?
food should be enjoyed and eaten.
You are eating as if you
have tasted it for the first time.
Like just keep eating whatever it is.
One mustn't talk while eating.
It is considered
bad in certain places.
Aunt, I talk while eating.
I'll go to my room and eat.
It's too spicy.
Give me some snacks too.
By the way,
Uncle, there is something.
The Jailer didn't
say anything to the girl.
There is usually a
silence before the storm.
This time our jailer
will do something huge.
I think he may get us
arrested by the police.
Come on, Uncle, don't scare
me by saying such things.
Uncle, that song from
yesterday is playing again.
The music is louder
than last night too.
"We will dance today and
scare all the ghosts away."
"We won't stop till we have
danced our heart away."
"I can woo any girl."
"People will watch when I dance."
"Watch how we do bhangra today."
"All your discos
will bow down to us."
"Watch how we do bhangra today."
"All your discos
will bow down to us."
"He has such killer eyes."
"Watch how the Jatt
dances and wins the game."
"Wins the game."
- This song?
- Is it your favourite too?
"He has such killer eyes.
Watch how the Jatt..."
Music is not allowed in
this house after nine pm.
But I couldn't sleep.
Everyone else is sleepy.
If you want to stay in this house
then there are certain rules
that everyone needs to follow.
So much noise in
the middle of the night
does not seem appropriate
in this house at all.
Coming to a girl's room,
in the middle of the night
is that appropriate for this house?
I think that
you were just looking for an excuse.
There's nothing like that.
I... knocked.
I had no intention
of coming to your room.
You are unneseccarily
doubting my character.
Doubting your character?
"La la la la doubting
your character."
"La la la la doubting
your character."
- Jaggi.
- Yes, brother?
Explain our house rules to the guest.
Right now.
Rule number one,
breakfast is at eight
am sharp every morning,
without any noise.
Rule number two, lights out at ten in
the night. Good night, sweet dreams.
And you should start dreaming
as soon as you fall asleep.
Rule number three,
forget fried food and desserts.
No TV, no unnecessary games.
Only aim.
Special note,
it is possible that brother Jagteshwar
may be lenient about these rules
but we are very strict
about following them.
The last and the most important rule,
these rules will only last
as long as the jailer is at home.
Jailer is gone?
It's all fun and games!
He is a very boring man.
Not just boring but also distasteful.
He neither eats anything
delicious nor lets us.
if you take taste out of life
that is a disrespect
to the tongue, right?
- Yes.
- Absolutely.
Come on, I will make delicious
things and feed you today.
- Wow.
- Let's go.
I am the one who is going
to surprise you one day
by marrying someone else.
Honey, if you marry someone else then
how will I become permanent here?
What the hell?
- You are marrying me for residency?
- What else?
I wooed you so that I could
become a permanent resident here.
But... cut my heart and see
how much I love you.
If you love me so much
then why don't you talk
to your family about me?
Honey, do you know
how strict my brother is?
My brother is very strict too.
No, no, mine is really very strict.
But it's alright. I'll talk to him.
If I don't get a yes or no answer
from you tomorrow then watch.
- Tomorrow right?
- Yes.
So there's no problem today.
"The broken basket
is of no use to anyone."
"Let's start Antakshari
in God's name."
- Say, Ram, Ram, Ram!
- Say, Ram, Ram, Ram!
Oh, you put me on the spot.
- Come on, sing it.
- Come on. Start with M.
With M...
"Mr Principal,
please don't delete..."
"My Ranjha's name from your college."
- Sing from N.
- Start with N.
- What should I sing?
- Sing anything.
"No, no, no, don't tease me."
"For God's sake don't block my way."
"God forbid if
something bad happens."
- Oh, my lover...
- Oh!
Aunt, you have turned
out to be very romantic.
I think you must have seen many
movies when you were young.
Hardly, my child. He showed
me one movie at Lohri.
The revenge of the Jatti.
At least I showed you one.
Your friends hadn't even see that.
Sir, Sir, Sir.
Give us a little bit
of your precious time.
- Please, sit.
- Sit, Son, sit.
So where were we? Yes, sing.
- We were at N.
- Go ahead and sing then.
- Sing from N.
- But N is empty.
It's not empty. I'll slap
you hard across your face.
Sing from N.
I don't know any songs
from N. I'll start with R then.
Alright, sing a song
that starts with R then.
Alright, sing something from R then.
"Have courage, sweety."
"Have courage."
"You lover will teach
each one a lesson."
"Have courage, sweety."
"You lover will teach
each one a lesson."
Wow, maestro.
By the way,
it is better for you if you
concentrate on your
books rather than girls.
You can't remember your syllabus
but you remember all the songs.
And what's this?
So much mess.
Stay hygienic. Why
are you inviting diseases...
You must eat cautiously, right?
No system of sitting or eating...
Who knows what courage
they are talking about?
I think he will give
me a tough time now.
You mustn't feel so scared.
He forgot his diary here.
- Amber, no!
- Amber, I am telling you don't touch it.
If my lover is happy
then God is happy.
- Wow.
- I am an infidel.
She is a pilgrim.
- If my lover is happy?
- then God is happy.
- The vessels are delicate.
- Okay.
- But the promises are strong.
- Wow!
So many people have
grazed animals in love.
- Wow...
- Stop it!
What's all this, mom?
How many times have I told you?
Yet you bring such people home.
You give people an
inch and they take a mile.
This is our house not a lodge.
This is called a personal diary!
You mustn't read it.
But no one taught you that, right?
This house runs on principles.
We follow a system
here to live our lives.
And there is no place here
for unprincipled people like you.
You may stay here tonight
but make some other
arrangements for yourself tomorrow.
- Amber!
- Amber!
Jagteshwar, don't you think
that you were a bit too
harsh towards the girl?
What was her fault?
She was just reading
out your songs to us
not to anyone else.
The girl hasn't come out of her room.
I went to ask her
to get some breakfast.
She is packing her things.
She made our home so lively.
You broke her heart, Son.
He is unbelievable.
Yes, Amber?
Dad, I am coming.
But we will lose our
bet against your mom.
Dad, bets and all these
things mean nothing, okay?
And one's own home is one's own.
But, Amber, your mom...
Talk to Mom.
Tell her not to abuse me.
- That is difficult but...
- Please.
Fine, I'll talk to her.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Alright then, Aunt and Uncle,
I am leaving.
Don't go anywhere, Amber.
You must understand.
Aunt, I neither want to understand
nor make anyone else understand.
Every person has their own style.
Isn't that right?
And I cannot listen
to all these things.
If I had to listen to all this
wouldn't I have
stayed at my own home?
And your son said a little too much.
I too really wanted
to say a lot of things.
But I have a
special bond with you.
That is why I was silent.
- Alright then.
- Amber, do you know
our son has apologized to
someone for the very first time?
- Apology?
- Yes.
He didn't even meet
me before leaving.
- Come with me.
- Where?
- Come with me. Come.
- Why?
Oh, so he has done this.
That means there is
something special about this girl.
Well then, Aunt,
if I can make your son apologize
then I can make him
do a lot of other things.
The plan to leave is cancelled.
Hey, dad.
Amber, I have spoken to your mom.
She will not abuse you.
And she has understood that
all these bets and
things mean nothing.
Of course, they mean something.
Bets are important, dad.
Alright? And tell mom that I won't
enter her house before fifteen days.
Amber, I have pleaded to her.
One's own house is always own.
Come back.
There is nothing like that.
All homes are our own, okay?
Okay then. Bye.
I am stuck now, aren't I?
Please, don't go. Please,
don't leave me and go.
Oh, I won't go then. Why
are you getting so emotional?
I am not emotional because of you.
I have understood half the story.
She's not answering
your phone, right?
Isn't that right? Now explain
the rest of the story to me.
What rest of the story?
That why isn't she
answering your phone.
I don't know.
I am already so worried.
Listen, don't act too smart.
If you tell me then I'll
give you a great solution.
What happened?
She asked me to talk to my
brother about our marriage.
I am scared of him.
He doesn't even let me work overtime.
He will definitely let me become a groom.
I don't understand
your brother at all.
Why has he scared
everyone around him so much?
Come. Let's go and meet
your girlfriend. Come.
Shall we go on this bike?
No, no, we can't go on that.
This is Jagteshwar's. He neither rides
it himself nor let's anyone else touch it.
Is that so?
Give me your girlfriend's number.
We'll go and meet her.
- Come on!
- Six, two...
Everything is in your hands now.
Just pacify my girlfriend this once
then I won't let her leave.
Jaggi, why do you worry so much?
Just let her come.
You'll see how she
follows you around.
- She has come.
- She is here?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi, I am Amber.
- Hi.
I called you.
- Yes, please, sit.
- Thank you.
I wanted to talk
to you about something.
This Jaggi
is marrying me
and I am marrying him.
Actually, we are both
getting married to each other.
You are invited. Please, come.
Oh, my God!
- You are getting married?
- No!
- You are a cheat!
- No!
You said that your
brother won't agree.
- How did he agree for this cat?
- Cat?
Amber, tell her the truth.
Or will you tell her when
she gets me arrested by the police?
Sorry, sorry.
I am joking, I am joking. Sorry.
Okay, I am sorry.
I... I wanted to say that
please, don't stop talking to Jaggi.
He loves you a lot.
I will die without you.
May I speak?
Look, we will convince his brother.
Just talk to your family. That's it.
- Is that alright?
- In case...
your family doesn't agree.
Call me.
We will get you out of there.
- Really?
- Come on, hug each other now.
Why are you hugging
her like you are hungry?
Do it with love.
Hug each other with love.
Like Kumar Sanu.
Mary, why don't you
understand my emotions?
I don't even know English.
How should I explain it to you?
I don't know who said that there
is no language of love.
You don't even
understand my language.
I am sorry, Gabbar.
I don't understand.
Honey, don't say sorry.
I want to get married to you.
You know...
you and I... going in circles.
- I love you, Mary.
- I love you too.
Oh, my God.
I don't mean it like that.
I am telling you that I
love you in a different way.
I am getting attracted to you.
I want to get married to you.
Don't you have the decency
to behave with your colleague?
Don't let me see you
standing here after today.
listen to me.
We should go back. You never know,
what if he starts beating me right here?
Jaggi, why do you lose hope?
I am telling you, right? Didn't you
see your brother apologize to me today?
Watch how he gets scared of me.
- Listen to me, you'll get me killed.
- Wait.
Hello, Jagteshwar.
I wanted to talk
to you about something.
- Tell me.
- It's personal.
Shall we go out and talk?
Yes, someone needs to go out.
But not me.
Rather both of you.
Because I don't waste
library's time by going out.
Alright. We won't go out.
Let's talk right here.
Hey, Sundar, when Rani is smiling
at you then talk to her.
Why are you standing there like that?
Sundar, you won't
get such a chance again.
Understand this!
Mr Gullu,
you are disturbing the
discipline of the library.
You have already done it twice.
But if you speak loudly again
then I will be forced to
send you out of the library.
And I don't like people
who are indisciplined.
Is that all? Are you happy?
Amber, listen to me.
We might lose everything
while trying to do something.
Jaggi, your brother is weird.
It's alright.
Watch, he will come around.
- Just watch.
- Come.
May I come in?
Did you write sorry outside my room?
Yes... I did.
But I haven't forgiven you.
What does that mean?
That means if your worker makes
a mistake then he is punished.
And if you make a mistake then you should
be forgiven just because you apologized.
You were at fault too.
But still, if you want to punish me
then you can do it.
I will, I definitely will.
Why won't I?
But... at the right time.
I can't think of anything right now.
Tell me something.
You always sleep on the
right side of the bed, right?
Yes. How do you know?
It was a guess.
It turned out to be right.
By the way, you keep your
room really organised,
isn't it?
I don't like mess at all.
But mess is also a kind
of a design, is it not?
Go ahead, read it.
Sorry, I disturbed you.
By the way, may I say
something? You write really well.
Carry on.
- You will be a star in the future.
- Thank you, thank you.
Okay, bye.
But I haven't forgiven you.
I wanted to say good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Left, right, left, right.
Left, right.
He has come. Come on.
Left, right, left, right.
He is coming... Left, right, left.
He isn't looking. Come on, let's run.
- Come on.
- Come.
Excuse me.
Sir, may I run with you?
No, actually, I am still warming up.
Jaggi, I am gone.
There is a file... under my pillow.
I had bought some property
and kept it a secret from you all.
Take care of it after I am gone.
Nothing will happen,
Uncle. Be strong. Run.
Just attend my wedding anyhow.
After that...
What do you mean after that?
But I like
that you came here to
exercise with my family.
- Good.
- With your family?
I didn't come with your family.
Your family came with me.
And may I tell you something?
They all lie to you.
They don't get out of the
house, they don't move.
Why are you getting angry?
They have come today, haven't they?
Don't worry. Slowly, I
will make everyone fit.
Just watch.
Look at them, getting fit.
- Is this a new version of the Ludo?
- Yes.
- I think that is why I am losing.
- Is that so?
Aunt, you are beating Uncle at this.
I suggest you kill him,
cut him, bleed him.
Don't you have manners
to speak properly?
- What did I say?
- What's all this?
- Kill him, cut him, bleed him?
- I am talking about the dice.
Then say that bleed the dice.
- What do you mean bleed Uncle?
- Look at him making excuses.
Uncle, it's your turn.
Can you make a little less noise?
- Someone is sitting and reading here.
- We're dead.
Come, you should also
sit with the family sometimes.
Have some fun and enjoy with us.
No, actually,
I must leave in some time.
Anyway my thinking
doesn't match yours.
Neither your talk is healthy
nor your jokes.
I have to go see my friend
to spend a good time.
And to talk about healthy things.
We'll come along too.
We will also get
to learn healthy things.
You are fine at home.
You don't know, naive girl,
where you are headed.
- Jaggi is saying he wants to go too.
- When did I say that?
Alright then. I need you in
the car in exact seven minutes.
Actually, to live a good life,
the foremost rule is balance
which we have been taught by nature.
But we have become so ungrateful
that we don't thank nature.
Jagteshwar, my friend...
- have you read that book?
- Which one?
Wait, I'll show it to you.
Listen to the healthy talk now.
You were dying to come here.
How could I know that
they will bore us so much?
They are not laughing.
- Jagteshwar,
- Yes.
I just remembered something funny.
Jaggi, something funny!
There was a very close
friend of Newton's.
Like Jagteshwar and
I are close friends.
One day his friend asked him
how did he discover gravity?
Do you know what he said?
By watching the apple fall.
These are healthy jokes.
Was that a joke?
Jaggi, go to sleep,
brother. We are struck.
- will you have some tea?
- Yes, we will, Sir.
Then do one thing, go into the
kitchen, make some tea and bring it.
- Uncle, we don't know how to make tea.
- You don't?
Yes, sorry.
Okay, let me make some
organic tea for you today.
- Yes, you read this book in the meantime.
- Of course.
- Uncle, do you have cream biscuits?
- Yes.
Come on, let's go!
I am reading this book right now.
I understand that reading
this book is very important.
But whatever is written in this
book will stay the same, won't it?
You can read it tomorrow.
But what is here today
will not be there tomorrow.
Come with us. You will gather the
experience like reading a new book.
And a book is someone's
experience too, is it not?
By the way, according to principles,
we came with you
so you should come with us now.
But if you are an unprincipled
man then that's another matter.
Mr Lashkar Singh,
- don't make tea for us.
- Alright then.
As it is there was no milk at home.
Let's go.
"Fill the colours in your eyes."
"Walk along with me all your life."
"Even if it is windy."
I am having so much fun.
Where are we going, by the way?
Because it's almost
time for me to eat.
- I suggest we go home.
- I will take you to the best place.
Just come with me.
Will I find something to
eat at your best place?
You will get everything.
Just come once.
You yourself will say
what an amazing place.
"Your beautiful eyes give signals."
"You are brave like Hitler."
"Your beautiful eyes give signals."
"You are brave like Hitler."
"I feel like falling
for all beautiful girls."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"The young man who
tries to be smart."
"He will lose the girl."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"Your walk..."
"Your swag and style.
Gives me jitters."
"It seems as if flying in the air."
"Your swag and style
Gives me jitters."
"It seems as if flying in the air."
"There seems to be gap in age.
I got tagged with you."
"Those with him address
you as sister-in-law."
"Seeing your walk and style makes me
restless and I am yearning for you"
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"The young man who
tries to be smart."
"He will lose the girl."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"She went away and moved on
After playing with emotions."
"She again touched
the chord of love."
"She went away and moved on
after playing with emotions."
"She again touched
the chord of love."
"You look like red rose and
your moves make me restless."
"The boy has a lot of attitude
and is passing comments on you"
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"The young man who
tries to be smart."
"He will lose the girl."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"The young man who
tries to be smart."
"He will lose the girl."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"The young man who
tries to be smart."
"He will lose the girl."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
"Your walk and style
has won over many."
Hey, who is that?
That is Simmi, who almost
became my sister-in-law.
Jagteshwar bought his bike for her.
Is that so?
Why are you silent? Talk.
Jagteshwar, you still look
the same as you did in college.
- Really?
- Yes.
Was he like this earlier too?
What do you mean?
I mean... young.
That's amazing.
- Right?
- Yes.
But, Simmi,
I have to tell you something.
Jagteshwar misses you a lot.
He talks so much about you...
Smiling is not enough. You
also tell us do you miss him or not?
Obviously, she must be missing me.
We were together for three years.
When you spend that
much time with a person
their picture gets printed on
your subconscious mind.
And dreaming about him
becomes natural.
Simi... are you free tomorrow?
Jagteshwar wants to meet you.
When did I say that?
Why? Don't you want to meet her?
No, I didn't say that either.
I am free.
She is free.
So... I should go now.
We'll meet tomorrow.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- See you. Take care. Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- We had so much fun today.
Enough, Jagteshwar Singh,
you are meeting her tomorrow.
Let her go. It's alright.
Thank you.
What did we eat?
What is this? We didn't even eat anything.
Did you charge us for talking?
When you were dancing,
it was my dinner time.
I ate.
- Really?
- Obviously.
Is this what you have selected?
Are you going on
a date or for a lecture?
Are you going to wear this and go?
The minute she sees you she'll say,
sorry, Professor, I can't
be involved with you.
I will help you select.
These are very boring.
Is this all you have?
No, actually,
I have another closet too.
I don't use it. Those clothes
are from when I was in college.
Oh, really?
Why are you making a mess?
I will have to spend
three minutes to clean that.
Here you go. She will be fifty
percent impressed because of these.
Change into them.
Are you feeling embarrassed?
Sorry, sorry.
Change and come down.
I am waiting. Alright? Hurry up.
By the way, why didn't you
wear the clothes that I chose?
Or is there a logic behind that too?
Absolutely. The clothes that
you chose were tight for me.
When the body feels tight, the
pressure on your brain increases.
When the pressure increases on the brain
then you can't control your attitude.
Especially things like being
affectionate towards your lover
when you are going on a love date.
- Date?
- Date.
There was a survey done
regarding how a man and his lover...
Oh, God, please go!
- Hey.
- Hi.
I am so sorry I am late.
By the way, it's not a good thing
to make someone wait so much.
A few minutes here
and there are normal.
Well, in a few minutes
any good reader can read
five to seven pages of any good book.
Alright, Sir. I'll keep
that in mind the next time.
Thank you.
You are looking really smart.
You haven't changed at all.
Even your dressing sense is the same.
Thank you.
But you have become a lot
more organized than before.
Shall we order something to eat?
No, actually, it's not
time for me to eat yet.
Let's drink something.
I am really very hungry.
May I order something?
Thank you.
- Tell me something interesting.
- Certainly.
We shouldn't drink cold water.
If we warm the water and drink it
that improves digestion.
- What is this?
- Healthy talk.
But we have come on a date.
Can't you say something romantic?
Of course, I can.
Excuse me.
Can you please clean this?
Thank you.
Thank you.
We were talking
about romantic things.
What kind of romantic
things do you want to hear?
Sad romantic?
Happy romantic?
Or a romance which
hasn't happened yet?
You know that the knife and
fork should not hit the plate so hard
while eating, right?
This way other people
feel embarrassed.
It's not good table manners, right?
Shall we go?
No, it's almost time for
me to order my food now.
Actually, I...
am not feeling comfortable.
Shall we leave?
Let's go.
The speed limit for
this road is only forty.
Can you pull-over, please?
- What happened now?
- Please, I just...
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
What was that all about?
I have requested the Officer.
Requested him what?
That you jumped a
red light back there.
Please, write down the car details.
Are you...
are you my friend or my enemy?
I am a very good friend of yours.
Get out of my car now!
Calm down.
I am calm.
Now get out of the car.
- But I...
- Get out!
Get out of my car!
Well, on principle, you should
drop me to the next roundabout
because you made a commitment.
Get out!
- Let's get another one.
- Yes, ready.
How did it go, Sardar?
No, it was good.
Actually, we had minor
ideological differences
because of which she
didn't even drop me back.
Maybe she didn't understand
my way of living life.
And she was asking me to change it.
This girl is too much.
Love doesn't mean changing someone.
Love means accepting each other
no matter how the other person is.
Why should we change
ourselves for someone?
Now we should do
something to fix your mood.
What happened to me? I am fine.
I am absolutely okay. I'm fine.
We'll go out for lunch.
Let's go.
Jaggi, get the car keys.
Let's go on the bike.
- Jaggi, hurry up. I am going to get it.
- No, no, just a minute.
I have never let anyone touch it.
Wait, I'll see.
It's a lovely place, isn't it?
The place is nice.
Sardar, whether you admit it or not
it is way more peaceful
here than your room.
The only difference is
that your room is
sort of closed like you.
And this place is open like me.
Do you know that
I come here a lot?
I really keep coming here.
Don't you believe it?
Move aside.
Sardar, have you
ever talked to yourself?
I talk to myself here away
from the rest of the world.
These trees, these
leaves, they all know me.
Wherever I step,
the winds become fast.
I am a queen when I come here.
All the birds know me.
Every tree and sapling knows me.
When I come here I feel like flying.
Did you get hurt?
If such a small wound
could show me such a
wonderful smile of yours
then what else do I need?
Will you keep laughing now?
Do something about it.
"The matter is out of our hands now."
"My heart is stuck on you now."
"The matter is out of our hands now."
"My heart is stuck on you now."
"The matter is out of our hands now."
"My heart is stuck on you now."
Are you going to the library?
Not in the car.
Let's walk there today.
"The colour of your dresses
has become brighter too."
"I too have become
absolutely stylish."
"My happiness is in your smile."
"What they call a heart
has started talking today."
"What should I tell you?
I have become speechless."
"Your sweet stare is worth lacs."
"The matter is out of our hands now."
"My heart is stuck on you now."
"The matter is out of our hands now."
"My heart is stuck on you now."
"These winds become
fragrant when they see you."
"What if my dreams really come true?"
"She is sitting near the moon."
"Let me tell you this
little sweet thing."
"Those who fall
in love are innocent."
"But this world calls them crazy."
"The matter is out of our hands now."
"My heart is stuck on you now."
"The matter is out of our hands now."
"My heart is stuck on you now."
This is Birmingham's
favourite library
only because we take special care
to manage things
and keep them organized.
What is this?
Sir, you are the one who said
that we should clean
the entire library.
I searched every single book
but I couldn't find dust anywhere.
How long will it take to fix it?
Nothing much. Just around
two and a half hours.
In fifteen minutes
the survey team is
coming to check the library.
Why are you getting stressed?
- Gabbar, come with me.
- Let's go.
Okay, yes, be prepared.
They are coming.
How do you like it?
Really? Then do one thing, pick up every
single book and put them on the racks.
- Sir.
- Hello.
What should we do now?
We can just wait now.
Let's see what happens.
Okay then. All the best.
Very impressive.
I like it.
- Very impressive.
- Thank you.
This library has won
many awards for tidiness
and other things.
I think this year, I am
going to make a special
And do you know it might
even mean an increase in budget?
Thank you, Ma'am. Thank you.
- Keep up the good work.
- Thank you. I really appreciate it.
- Well done.
- That is an honour for us.
Thank you, thank you.
Amber, congratulations.
Our library has won...
What are you looking at?
Give him a thrashing.
Brother, please, don't hit him.
Should I hit you as well?
No, you may beat him.
- Bravo.
- Oh, my God.
If their family comes within
five minutes then it's fine.
Otherwise, take them both, chop them
up and bury them in the backyard.
By the way, Aunt, didn't we just talk
about the police? Just call them.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
Jagteshwar, you?
- Yes.
- Pitar,
listen to me.
He is JabarJang Singh's son.
- Greetings.
- They are extremely wonderful people.
I have been telling you since an hour
that I come from a good family.
He is my elder brother.
Sit down. Sit down.
The way that you are embarrassing us
you will definitely
end this family soon.
I apologize on their behalf.
You can take whatever strict
action that you want against them.
Uncle is the one who
will take action now.
- He is coming.
- No, no, brother.
He wanted to tell
you for a long time.
He was scared of you.
Who is trying to
lure and trap my innocent niece?
- Greetings, brother.
- No, Jagteshwar Singh, my friend.
I did not expect this from you.
No, brother,
you are misunderstanding me.
It wasn't me.
It was my younger brother.
Jagteshwar Singh, come close to me.
we are in a big problem, my friend.
- Which problem, brother?
- Global warming.
My friend,
the scientific breakthroughs
that we have made
have been misused
and it is destroying mankind
and animals and insects, my friend.
Which has deeply affected nature
and the circle of life.
You are right.
Can we think about the girl?
is not an achievement.
To run away from
home and get married,
getting a court marriage done
is not an achievement, Son.
An achievement is to discover a bulb.
An achievement is
to understand the
quirks of human nature.
Read this book.
And before your wedding,
read this and discuss
it with me, Son.
What happened?
By the way,
Jaggi had to take this step
because of your principles.
Principles are not
important for everyone.
I don't know what your
love for your principles is.
A principled man cannot
live without principles.
Just like a fish cannot
stay without water.
Do you know that
some fish die in the water?
Okay, listen to me.
There is a function in my
friend's circle tomorrow
and you are invited.
And please, be ready tomorrow.
I will not go.
Must you say no to everything first?
I have especially told them
that my friend will come.
And on principle,
you should come with me.
But if you are an
unprincipled man then...
I will go.
Really? Give me a high-five.
Your hands haven't been sanitized.
The germs can be interchanged.
Okay, okay,okay.
"Oh, my lazy bird,
if this lasts again."
"It is very sad,
makes me feel so sad."
"You can fly away."
"In the sky away."
"You are luckier than me."
"You are luckier than me."
"You are luckier than me."
Andy, you were so good! Wasn't she?
We love you, Andy.
Joseph, we missed you last Sunday.
Oh, don't get jealous, honey.
You know I always come back.
As you all know
that we hang out here.
We chill, we laugh and so many
talented people light up this stage
all the time, right?
I have a secret to tell you.
We have a very talented
person sitting with us right now.
Would you like to see him perform?
So, please, welcome
Jagteshwar Singh.
I have neither sang in front of
people nor I will be able to do it.
Look, friends, he is saying that he
has never sang in front of people before.
Listen, I won't force you.
There is a chair here
and there is a chair there.
Sit wherever you feel.
But this moment,
don't remember it later and say
that I wish...
This I wish
troubles us our entire lives.
"Today the chain of
time has been broken."
"Carelessness has embraced us."
"Today she is being
sung like a song."
"The one who came as a poem."
"The one who came as a poem."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"I am an infidel,"
"She is a cleric."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"The vessels are breakable,
the promises are serious."
"So many people have
grazed buffaloes in love."
"So many have gone
crazy in love and danced."
"She is like a dream,
she is like the wind."
"I am like the barren land
and she is like the monsoon."
"The ones who lose in love,"
"They win in life."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"I have put sugar in a strainer."
"It is now scattered everywhere."
"It's fragrance
is absolutely divine."
"She is like a flying butterfly."
"She has poked me gently
and said something about love."
"She has asked the
sleeping Jassar to wake up."
"I have welcomed this."
"And she has sung a prayer."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"If my lover is happy
then God is happy."
"Today the chain of
time has been broken."
"Carelessness has embraced us."
"Today she is being
sung like a song."
"The one who came as a poem."
"The one who came as a poem."
How was it today?
Thanks for today.
If I hadn't asked then you
wouldn't have thanked me, right?
No, I was thinking about it.
Oh, how do you think so much?
The time that you take to think,
in the same time, a guy
will propose to a girl and have
five to seven babies who
would call him dad, dad.
Then there's you.
You think so much to say thank you.
The other day you
apologized the next day.
You definitely must have stayed up
all night and thought about it, isn't it?
Should I apologize or not?
Should I apologize or not?
You mustn't think so much.
We have got such a short life.
Say what you want
and do what you must.
What if you think about something
and that doesn't have a
positive response, then?
What if it does?
Well, you won't be
able to say it yourself
so I think that I'll have to say it.
Tell me, who is the girl?
I will talk to her.
Look, I can do that
much for friendship.
I fear what if I lose her as a friend
while looking for a life partner?
You can't love by thinking so much
you can only make deals.
Just a second.
Hi, dad.
Hello, tell mom that I
will not come back home.
Okay? This time I will shatter
her ego and then return.
And me?
Okay, bye, dad.
Say you're sorry.
Do you know...
if I hadn't apologized to you then
would we have become friends?
Amber, sorry is a very small word
and it saves the
biggest relationships.
Don't you feel that you
misbehave a lot with your family?
I don't think so.
This is not a joke.
They must have a lot
of expectations from you.
They have sacrificed such
precious time of theirs over you.
You don't even speak to them properly
over the phone let alone sit with them.
you should win your parents over
not try to win against them.
What you said is true.
I have understood it too.
But, Jagteshwar,
how much of your time
do you give to your family?
I am far from my family
because of being overly careless
and you are far from your family
because of being over-principled.
I felt very good today.
The whole family sat and
laughed together after so long.
I laughed with them too.
Do you know that laughing
increases blood too?
The blood gets cleaned too.
But why didn't you come
and sit with everyone?
I am going home.
Are you upset about something?
I have come to my senses.
Your whole family got together
and I am very happy.
We are together because of you.
But I have never sat
together with my family.
Sorry is such a small word, isn't it?
It saves the biggest relationships.
Thank you, Jagteshwar,
to you and your family
for making me understand
the value of my family.
I feel like you should stay
here for another few days.
I need to apologize...
to someone too.
Hi, dad.
My child is here?
But you made a mistake.
If you had waited another day
then you would have
won against your mom.
But you came on the fourteenth day.
I have learnt this
in these fourteen days
that it is not important
to win against parents
rather, it is important
to win them over.
My child.
- It's alright then.
- Mummy.
Throw your bag on some couch.
We'll pick it up ourselves.
You should have fun.
- Enjoy.
- Mom.
Sorry, mom.
I have nothing to
say other than this.
You must adjust with this sorry.
I was born from you, silly.
Won't you forgive me?
Come on now, let me make some food.
No, from now on, all the household
chores will be divided in this house.
The unoccupied people will get work
and the ones who work will get rest.
Oh, hello?
- Did you call me unoccupied?
- Yes.
Then it's fine. If you had
said that about your mom
then I wouldn't have spared you.
- Tea.
- Thanks.
- Amber, my child.
- Yes, dad?
- Your mom and I have decided something.
- What?
We want to become... grandparents.
Very good. Go right ahead.
You will have to
get married for that.
No, dear dad,
let your beautiful, delicate daughter
enjoy in this house
for a little while.
today or tomorrow
you will become someone's
daughter-in-law, right?
'Brother, there is a problem.'
No one will turn on the TV in
this house from today onwards.
Jaggi, you will study
for ten hours every day.
After that, you will enjoy watching
TV for a whole hour.
But only news.
So that your general
knowledge can be improved.
Mom, you are free after
finishing your chores in the kitchen.
Okay, Amber.
After that, meditate one hour daily.
your diet will be increased.
And your three thousand
steps per day are cancelled.
You will walk ten
thousand steps per day.
He can be lenient when
it comes to these rules
but I am very strict about them.
No one will be spared.
Uncle and Aunt,
what are you watching?
If you aren't going to talk good things
then at least dream about good things.
Oh, no.
I was telling your Aunt
that after marriage women
follow their husband's instructions.
You're just talking nonsense.
I didn't follow your instructions.
Whatever it is, Uncle,
I say that we won't find a better girl
than Amber for this house and Jagteshwar.
And as it is, Uncle,
no one is going to let you eat
unhealthy food and desserts.
If we look at it
from that prespective
then really the girl
isn't that bad.
The girl is not bad,
your intention is bad.
I was saying that
who will talk to our jailer?
We should all talk
to him bit by bit.
Here he comes. Do it, Aunt.
The girl had made
this house so lively.
I can still see her walking around.
You are absolutely right.
- The poor girl cooked such delicious food.
- True.
Now we will again have
to eat what you cook.
Don't I make delicious food?
Man, you better
stop talking nonsense.
- You are the one who asked
me to praise the girl. - Uncle.
Look, Aunt,
everyone is missing Amber.
Isn't it, brother?
What's there to miss?
She had to return to her own family.
Yes, she had to return home. She
wasn't going to keep sitting here.
But, son, what if we keep
her here permanently?
Keep her if you want to
but this time we
must charge her rent.
Rent is normal.
Son, if you like Amber than
shall we discuss it further?
Mom, don't say such things.
You know that I don't
want to get married yet.
Admit it or not
but since she left there is
no joy on your face either.
Oh, Sundar,
when Rani was meeting you every day
why didn't you propose to her then?
Now you are standing
here with a long face.
Pardon me, library.
Read further.
Did Sundar get Rani or not?
What? I feel like you have
become interested too.
Sundar got in the bus
and got off at the bus
station near Rani's village.
He thinks to himself
that I will tell
Rani how I feel today.
But when he goes home,
he sees
that Rani is getting married.
Poor Sundar is left with nothing.
If Sundar had
expressed his feelings
for Rani at the right time
then today,
Rani would be Sundar's
and Sundar would be Rani's.
What did that family feed you?
You have changed so
much in fourteen days.
Dad, what such difference
have you seen in me?
There is so much difference.
The room is so clean, everything
is kept in such an organized way,
reading books in the morning.
Amber, I was thinking, had you lost
your mind earlier or have you lost it now?
You should be happy, dad, that
your daughter has become wise, Okay?
Okay, tell me,
who is this great man who has
taught my daughter so many things?
Dad, there is always some
such person in the world
whose influence your heart
accepts without telling you.
I have understood now
that life shouldn't
be so unprincipled too.
So, overall, I learnt
that the first and the last
principle of a beautiful life is
You are on the right track.
We can get you married now.
At least your in -laws
won't suffer because of you.
They are very nice.
- Who?
- My in-laws family.
Does that mean that you got married?
No, dad.
I have just chosen my in-laws yet.
I am confused about the boy.
Come, let's talk to that boy.
Oh, no. Not yet, okay?
Let him suffer in my love a little.
- He will come himself.
- When?
When he comes the
lights will flicker.
won't you hoot tonight?
Never be scared when I am here.
What do you think that I
am scared of my son?
I am not scared of anyone.
The day I am drunk and
he comes in front of me,
I will thrash him
so much that everyone...
everyone will watch.
Uncle, your wish has been granted.
Brother is behind you. Thrash him.
What is all this
talk about thrashing?
Sometimes you talk about thrashing,
then you talk about grabbing,
- sometimes you say I'll keep watching TV.
- Uncle...
Do whatever anyone can.
Uncle, when did I say that?
You make me sit and
drink with you every day.
- Pour.
- What?
Go ahead and pour.
"Come on, do it."
- Does he drink too?
- I don't know.
We drank secretly from him
and he drank secretly from us.
- Here you go.
- Her you go, brother.
"Come on, do it."
You should carry on.
Pour some more.
I think he will get us
drunk and thrash us.
I... I am your dad.
If you have anything in your heart
you should tell me clearly.
I have fallen in love with Amber.
- Jaggi.
- Yes?
Don't make another drink for me.
I think that I am drunk.
I have really fallen in love
and that too in huge proportions.
I don't feel drunk anymore.
I will go and get Aunt.
- Aunt!
- Hey,
why are you making noise?
Make the arrangements quickly and
bring the girl home in a simple ceremony.
Who knows he may
deny it all in the morning?
I have moved quite
ahead from the stage of denial.
Now I just need to ask Amber once
whether she loves me or not.
She loves our entire family, Son.
You just say yes once
and the poor girl will
come running like a tortoise.
Uncle, tortoise walks really slow.
I know that.
She will come slowly
and think while she comes.
Because she needs to
make such a huge decision.
I will go and talk to her tomorrow.
If she agrees then it's fine.
What if she doesn't agree?
Hey, mom.
- Sit.
- Jagteshwar? You?
I came to meet you.
I have to discus something
precious with you.
Precious or important?
Can we talk alone?
- If you don't mind.
- Yes.
Yes, mom...
Come, let's go outside.
- Excuse me.
- Okay, Son.
I like the boy.
We liked the last fifteen boys too.
It's important that
Amber should like the boy.
Go on and tell me what precious
thing you want to discuss.
No, I think that...
maybe this ambience
doesn't suit that topic.
Or the topic doesn't
suit the ambience.
I know all about
your perfect management.
Mister, are you going to talk
or just talk around in circles?
Okay, you will remember this.
Tell me where do you want to go?
But I feel that
to discuss that topic,
time and ambience
both can be more beautiful than this.
Shall we meet in the evening?
I will send you the postal code.
I do know what you want to say.
But I want to hear you say it.
"Your reflection is in me."
"Like the moon in the glass."
"I can see you."
"But I cannot have you."
"I am unfortunate and those paths"
"Are meaningless."
"I have reached my
destination and yet"
"I cannot go there."
"The stories of my love"
"Were one-sided."
"I started it"
"But I couldn't complete it."
"You are like a dream."
"And I saw you with so much hope."
"There is just one problem."
"I could not get you."
"You are like a dream."
"And I saw you with so much hope."
"There is just one problem."
"I could not get you."
Mr Singh,
we did our best.
It's a major spinal injury.
Actually, what happened is
she will never be able to walk again.
But if...
God wills then she can even get
better with proper care and treatment.
And I have a lot
of examples like this.
Rest will depend mostly
on the patient's willpower.
Sir, may I...
Sorry, Mr Singh. We can't
allow anybody in right now.
Actually, the patient needs
complete rest for the next few days.
So until then... Excuse me.
The doctor said
that Amber can never
walk on her feet again.
But what does he know?
Amber has never walked on her feet.
She has always flown in the air
with her wings.
And no one... can stop
her from flying in the air.
Right, Amber?
That's nice of you.
You taught me to talk
and you are silent now.
Now that I want to live freely,
you have tied yourself
to these machines.
Do you know?
Walking with you, roaming around
with you, spending time, laughing...
I used to really like it.
It seemed like nothing is
more beautiful than love.
Now you are in pain...
but I am not able to tolerate it.
Now it feels like there is
nothing more painful than love.
Get up
and talk to me.
I always thought
that I need to tell you
what's in my heart.
But sometimes I used to feel that
the time is not right.
Sometimes I used to feel
that the place is not right.
But I have learnt one thing from you.
Time is never wrong
neither is the place.
One should say what's in their heart.
Now there can be no better time
and place than this.
I love you, Amber.
Will you marry me?
Remember one thing.
Your over-carelessness
and my over-principled rules
never let us embrace each other.
I am ready now.
You are wasting time.
And also,
the doctor said
that you can't meet the patient.
It is a hospital rule.
The rule that stops me
from meeting Amber...
I will obey no such
rule of this world.
I broke the rule and
I'm standing right here.
Doctors say that
so that the patients shouldn't
catch an infection.
Some rules are important, right?
I have learnt that from you.
I... I forgot to sanitize my hands...
But I had no intention of
spreading any infection.
I was leaving anyway.
You should rest.
Won't you embrace me?
No, what is the use
of a one-sided embrace?
It will be from both sides.
The embrace is enjoyable
when the girl is
standing in front of you.
That's how marriage
is enjoyable then too.
At least you don't
deserve an insufficient girl,
Mr Perfect.
Insufficiency is life.
To be complete is the end.
And you should be grateful
that... you didn't die.
Is that funny?
No, it was a joke.
I admit it wasn't a healthy joke.
But I thought we can laugh about it.
You have been reading this book and
doing physiotherapy since three months,
I have memorized it. Haven't
you memorized it until now?
No, I have memorized it too.
But if I do it on my own
then there is a one
percent risk factor.
And if I see it and do it then
it becomes one hundred percent sure.
You know that every work
should be done with perfection.
I have invited trouble
by getting married to you.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
Are you sure?
Think about it.
"Bodies keep coming and going."
"Souls never die."
"If the love is true"
"It can never lose."
"Bodies keep coming and going."
"Souls never die."
"If the love is true"
"It can never lose."
"I will sacrifice"
"Many lives over you."
"I live by looking at you."
"I embrace you, In my dreams."
"I cannot tell you"
"How much I love you."
"Jassar, when you are with me,"
"I look much more beautiful."
"I dance in the air,
while singing the songs of love."
"Jassar, when you are with me,"
"I look much more beautiful."
"I dance in the air,
while singing the songs of love."
"To embrace you"
"To be yours forever"
"I keep praying"
"I worship daily."
"I embrace you In my dreams."
"I cannot tell you"
"How much I love you."