Gam Gam Ganesha (2024) Movie Script

Fear, greed, and conspiracy are three distinct phenomena
that many people have experienced
numerous times throughout their lives,
with some individuals encountering them frequently.
This story delves into the journey of individuals
who encountered these three things at every turn,
revealing where these experiences led them.
Following the death of the undefeated leader
Katregula Raghava Reddy,
intense anticipation is building in both states for the upcoming
bye-elections in Nandyala to fill the MLA seat.
Will Jagadish Reddy, the brother-in-law of
the ruling party's Chief Minister, emerge victorious?
Or will Katregula Kishore Reddy, son of Raghava Reddy, win?
The upcoming by-elections will answer these questions.
I'm playing this song for all of you to enjoy.
For him to take part in the upcoming by-elections, the essential
condition is that he should be alive, right?
- That's true, sir.
- Missed in a while
Kishore Reddy still has some time to live.
Such a poor guy.
His father died a month ago because of a
heart attack.
We chopped off Potti Reddappa just like
we chop sheep, right?
Sir, you could've sent a dozen bangles to him.
At least he would've stayed away from
campaigns by wearing those.
No, Pratap.
I used to go anywhere, anytime, alone.
But now I'm here with you both just to shave my beard.
Understand me.
Okay, sir.
Shave my beard.
I have a party meeting. I should go.
He also says that he has some urgent work to do.
I don't know who you are.
But I think you know who I am.
You can continue with your work after I complete mine.
Hey! Who are you?
Do you know who I am?
You're dead.
Sir, it's their plan.
Ki... Ki... Ki... Kishore Reddy.
Kishore Reddy!
Kishore Reddy!
I made a mistake.
Leave me.
I'll do whatever you want me to.
I'll do as you say in the upcoming elections.
I'll support you.
But don't kill me, Kishore Reddy.
What is this, Venkat Reddy
Did you forget that you would be Sarpanch in
my constituency even though your relative is CM?
Or did you think that I wouldn't win in the upcoming by-elections
just because my father, Katregula Raghava Reddy, died?
It's not what you think, Kishore Reddy.
Despite the successive deaths of my great-grandfather,
and father, a singular thread remains unbroken.
It's my family's fame.
But you killed my people.
If I don't teach you a lesson even now, then
will people respect Katregula Kishore Reddy?
Tell me.
Will they respect me?
Intelligent man!
There's a pleasant glow on your face.
You could've gone for movie auditions.
But why did you enter politics, Idiot?
A massive fire accident has taken place
at the national bank.
According to the central government's information,
the bank's holdings amount to two thousand crore rupees.
The Money was reported to have been moved
to the Madapur branch under heavy security forces.
Next, let's watch the CINE PRAPANCHAM program.
[Subash Kirana & General Stores]
Requirements are wheat flour and Bengal gramme.
Get all these masala packets.
These onions over there.
They're equal to gold.
The packing should be perfect.
The total from selling these items will be
no less than 20 thousand rupees.
We should go to Goa this time and...
You've been keeping on saying Goa.
But Goa's beach is not that great.
You know Hussain Sagar, right?
It's bigger than... It's the same.
It's the same.
No. I don't want anything.
Go and pay the college fee.
I'll die without going to the beach.
Hey! Go and close the shutter.
He wants to go to the beach...
The police are here.
What's this?
What is the reason for the shop being open at this time?
I'm the owner, sir.
What's with you?
Why did you put that on your face?
Tell me!
My mother has had an accident.
She's in the hospital.
- Accident?
- Yes, sir.
In which area?
Did you file a complaint?
They like me a lot, sir.
Are you aware of the tremendous
effort she put in to ensure I focused on my studies?
Yes, sir.
B.Tech, sir.
I'll ask God right away why it was not me
but my mother.
I'll ask too.
Hey! Where are you going?
I don't have money, sir.
I thought of paying the money for the
operation by selling these.
Yes, sir.
Take this 10 thousand rupees.
It will be helpful for your mother's bills in the hospital.
It won't be enough with you two.
Pack quickly and go.
- Thanks, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
Your overreaction gets us into trouble.
A mother is a mother to everyone.
- I'll take my leave, sir.
- take care of Mom.
Enough, get inside.
Sir, smile!
This is smile.
- Brother..
- Ready? Ready! Ready!
Sir... Sir... Sir...
Sir! Nonsense!
If you want to say something,
say it to me directly. Don't beat around the bush, Bhadra.
It's urgent, sir.
Hello, Kishore.
I don't know who informed them.
The funds of 80 crore rupees we concealed
in Subba Reddy's home have ceased.
The CM's actions are hindering my ability to maintain
patience until the completion of the elections.
He must've thought that he wouldn't get
affected by the bullet if he's in the CM position.
Does he think that I would lose if he ceased
80 crore rupees?
I'll add 20 more to it and spend 100 crore rupees.
Then I'll see what he can do.
Despite being an independent candidate,
Kishore Reddy has national-level recognition.
The commissioner will take care of it.
Kishore Reddy is destined for defeat since he lacks financial resources
presently and won't acquire them in the future.
You can rest well.
Mr. Reddy, what is this game?
No, no, no, no.
Boil it for a few minutes.
Yes, Mr. Reddy.
You helped me so much, sir.
I'm with you.
Show it to him.
Yes, sir.
It's not what you think.
No, no, no, no, no.
This won't repeat again.
Friendship is important, sir.
- Ganesh!
- Yes, brother.
What do you call thanks in Telugu?
Thanks, brother.
Thank you very much, sir.
For how many more days are we intending
to carry out these small-scale thefts?
Let's do something big and settle into life.
Focus holds the utmost importance,
regardless of whether the work is small or large.
Let's commit to hard work and attain greater milestones.
I'm on my way to your sister's,
make your way home using the bus.
I'll kill you if you don't send the stock by tomorrow morning.
I don't care about all this.
What's the price of the sweets?
It'll be on the packaging. Check it.
- I know!
- Why are you blaming me?
I'll tell him.
- What's the price of wheat flour?
- It's 301 rupees.
I'm here for this.
Give me a water bottle. I'm thirsty.
You want water? You...
What are you doing?
You mentioned going to the movie together yesterday.
Now, why don't you want to go?
It's because of work.
The owner is here.
Who are you?
See! He is misbehaving with me, sir.
I'll kick you with this bottle...
I'll break your face.
I'll break your bones. Bloody idiot!
Out! Get out!
What's this? Why are you walking slowly?
Get out quickly!
Hey! Go away!
You said I was misbehaving, right?
- Sorry!
- Yes!
I don't know how to behave or how to love.
That's the reason I ended up tattooing your
name like a lunatic.
I should face this.
My name?
What's it if it's not your name?
How can you come here now,
having previously humiliated me in front of everyone?
If you are settled in life, I will tell you at home.
- It's raining. Let's go home.
- I won't come. Go!
What is it?
"Hey colourful bee, I liked you crazily"
"You sprinkled all the colours in my eyes"
"Hey colourful bee, I liked you crazily"
"That's the reason I've come as your companion"
"You held my heart and pushed into some magic"
"You tied love in a very strong hold"
"You made all the poetry written with your kajal"
"It's enough just to keep watching you"
"I'll rotate like a top in the air"
"What more do I need?"
"You jumped over eyelids like a shower of stars"
"It's enough just to keep watching you"
"I'll rotate like a top in the air"
You bang it...
"Hey cute and tiny birdy, don't just fly away"
"I've hidden all my life in you"
"Hey cute and tiny birdy, don't just fly away"
"Remember, I'll go to ashes"
"Hey colourful bee, I liked you crazily"
"You sprinkled all the colours in my eyes"
"Hey colourful bee, I liked you crazily"
"That's the reason I've come as your companion"
"If you pull so by tying up with your looks"
"How can breathe not come to a stop?"
"If you keep smiling and pull the nerves"
"Even the pain feels great as pleasure"
"You dashed into the heart like Robin hood"
"You left your tooth mark with love"
"It feels sweet even when you scold"
"It feels great even if you beat me up"
"Yours is the beauty which breaks down my sleep"
"I'll go crazy if I have to live without you"
"It's enough just to keep watching you"
"I'll rotate like a top in the air"
"What more do I need?"
"You jumped over eyelids like a shower of stars"
"It's enough just to keep watching you"
"I'll rotate like a top in the air"
You bang it...
"Hey cute and tiny birdy, don't just fly away"
"I've hidden all my life in you"
"Hey cute and tiny birdy, don't just fly away"
"Remember, I'll go to ashes"
Is the work done?
No, Kishore.
What did Ramakrishna say?
He's feared that the CM will kill him if he'll help me.
These Idiots!
They're just timid.
Make a call to Sanjay.
How are you, Brother Kishore?
You forgot about me.
At least you want to talk to me now. That's enough.
This is not a favourable period for me.
I got to know about it, Brother Kishore.
Tell me what I should do.
I'll record the ownership of the five
ventures started in KR Puram under your name.
I want 100 crore rupees in liquid cash.
Just help me this time.
What's wrong, sir?
Are you also scared to help me?
If that's the reason, I wouldn't have lifted your call, right?
I'm going to arrange those 100 crore rupees in Mumbai.
You'll be contacted by someone from my team.
Your duty involves ensuring its secure transportation to Kurnool.
Thank you, Mr. Sanjay.
Thank you.
Brother Seenu!
The money is ready.
In Mumbai.
I know.
He won't say no to you.
Our team is being observed.
I want a new, daring person who can
get money from Mumbai to Kurnool safely.
Hold him!
Hey! Stop!
Rudra, you've got bail.
I won't leave you, even if you go far away. Idiot!
You'll be dead, for sure.
[District Jail, Kurnool]
Okay, Brother Harinder.
I had a talk with him.
Keep an eye out for contact from one of my people.
You're committed to your promise to the extent of sacrificing your life,
yet you won't back down from the tasks at hand.
Brother Seenu told me about you.
Let's talk about life later.
Now I'll get into the point directly.
We have to receive those 100 crore rupees
from Mumbai safely.
How will you do it?
Give me some time, sir.
I'll tell you.
It's not like it used to be.
Now people have changed so much.
We don't have much time, as people are casting their votes
for the candidates who give them more money.
We've got to give it to the people before
the opposition party does.
We have to do it within this week.
Okay, sir.
I'll explain to you tomorrow
how we are planning to bring that about.
I am taking my leave, sir.
It's not that, how did they rob the shop in my area?
I told you, right? He doesn't know how to rob.
Didn't you set the rules that one shouldn't
enter another person's area?
Why are you talking about rules, Ulli(Onion) Krishna?
How many times did I tell you that my
name is Pyaaz(Onion) Krishna, not Ulli Krishna?
So what?
Hey! Why are you going overboard?
Will you beat me?
Just touch me if you dare.
If I dare?
I would've beat you if I were Chetan,
but I'm leaving you because I'm Ganesh. (Word play)
I'll kill him.
Give me a knife.
What are you talking?
Brother, talk to him.
Brother, talk to him.
- Give me a knife.
- I'll kill him too.
- Brother, talk to him.
- Leave me.
I'm leaving you just because he said so.
Pyaaz Krishna!
Otherwise, I would've killed you and served
dinner at Hotel Taj Krishna.
Brother! We're leaving.
- Let's go.
- I cannot deal with him.
You both are on my team.
Why are you fighting amongst yourselves?
The lord Ganesha will not come to your area next time.
Give him a handshake.
Come on, give it.
You're at the bus stand, right?
Wait until I get there.
Just 5 minutes.
I'm coming. Wait!
Hey! Make it fast!
How long will you need?
It will be done.
Give me the voter list.
Here you go!
His name is Venkat Reddy.
His hands...
Don't think about money.
I don't care about money.
But this should be done too.
I'll take my leave.
Sir, let's talk later.
Get going.
Tell me, Rudra.
What's your plan?
Just like in previous years, keep up the tradition of making
the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration noteworthy.
It won't happen this year.
Not this year, but next year.
Tell me the plan.
So the statue shouldn't be from Hyderabad...
Rudra, Rudra, Rudra!
The purpose of granting bail wasn't to
allow you to enjoy the festival celebrations.
God means...
Let's bring the statue from Mumbai.
We're bringing this year's statue from Mumbai.
Sorry, sorry.
Tell me.
My plan is...
- Tell me, Brother Kishore.
- Mr. Sanjay.
Take this for now.
Once we've received the money safely,
I'll give you an unimaginable sum and part ways.
Not parting ways,
just stay with me.
I'll give you what you want.
Just stay with me.
It's true, dude.
Shruti is going to get engaged.
No one will be alive if I see tears in my girl's eyes.
Let's go.
How can you accept it, Shruti?
You said you'd take care of me as a mother.
You said you were born for me.
You said you wouldn't let others touch you
except me.
But now you're ready to sleep with someone
else by getting married?
Stop it!
I beg of you.
Do you think I'm getting married of my own will?
Harshit is the one who owns the shop where I am employed.
He said he wanted to marry me.
I didn't accept it.
I told him to talk to my parents.
He came.
My father accepted him.
I found myself compelled to respond
with an affirmative okay.
I know. I know.
My fate is bad.
I'm going away from you.
You're really a good person, Ganesh.
You'll come across a girl who is better than me.
All the best.
How long will you continue saying this?
You said all the best to me just because
you found the better option.
I'll accept it.
He won the auction.
People like you want money, right?
I'll earn it.
I'll earn it.
Even then, I don't want a girl like you who falls for money. I don't care,
even though she's not beautiful.
I hate you.
I'll see how you can reach the billionaire milestone.
Yes! You wil
I'll show you.
You always used to say that we should
settle into a life with one big deal.
- Let's do it.
- Yes!
It should happen before her marriage.
Call him.
Brother! Please, brother.
You should help me with this.
If I don't pay the money to them by
this week, they'll go to my father.
If he finds out about this betting,
it could be the end for me.
Then all the property will be my sister's.
I'm finished, brother.
Arun, I'm open to buying stolen items,
but I won't involve myself in the act of theft.
Don't do this, brother.
Brother, please!
You should help me.
Please, brother.
Can't you understand?
I won't do it.
I'll do it.
You'll do it?
Yes, Brother Sultan.
I'll do it.
This is not an easy task. It's very difficult.
It's very dangerous.
It's life and death matter, brother.
Give me this deal.
- Arun!
- Yes, brother.
He is Ganesh.
He will do it.
But you both are responsible if any problem arises.
I'm not involved.
Brother, thank you so much.
- Thank you, brother.
- Okay.
Tell me.
What's the deal?
Arun Sutaria son of Kamal Sutaria.
We have a jewellery shop in Madhapur.
In my father's chamber, draw 3, there is an African diamond.
You should steal it.
It's your shop, right?
You can take it.
It's 7 crore rupees worth of diamonds.
I can't take it.
My father checks shop accounts every
Saturday night at 11.
What you have to do at that time is...
If you think it's needed, fire into the
sky as a warning to intimidate him.
Your work will be done.
We have insurance on that diamond.
So the money will be claimed.
If you do as I say,
I'll give you your share.
I'm paying you 40 lakh rupees.
Have you ever used guns?
I know about girls, not guns.
Go to this place, take guns, and come to
the farm house.
So, guys, are you ready?
- Ready, sir.
- Super!
Add onion
Onions are expensive.
This is the last time I will serve them.
Add more onion.
You can never beat a thing
with emotion
There's a big link for everything
King of revolution over the Niagara
Like you've never done it before!
A lover's pain is not of him alone,
this is a disturbing vain
One is on a path unable to break
the word, who will win?
Pack the pain and put it aside
Will there be anything greater
than the chance your life gives?
Remember, time never
comes back when lost
Cumulate all the money and
make yourselves better
Even if there is one stick in
a matchbox...
Won't that have the pride to
even burn down a forest?
Won't a guy with nothing to lose
have bundle of hopes?
Come on, you are the current, it'll be
a shock if your next step is with care
Come on, here is the shortcut,
this is the time to show your power
Oh no, fate of one is so shabby
The heart is in full tunes,
what's this Lord Ganesha?
Here is another guy's route,
so massy beat
When faced, the beat will repeat
This is an unknown beat Lord Vinayaka...
Life is just for a moment
No need to step back now...
Your courage would show the paths
Remember her still... Damn...
We're bloody orphans and hoped at least
one would take care of us like a mother.
Don't cry, idiot.
Hello sir...
Hey, does money come from
wrong routes or for the stubborn?
Come, let's see, here starts
our story now
Pack the pain and put it aside
Remember, time never
comes back when lost
Pack the pain and put it aside
Will there be anything greater
than the chance your life gives?
Remember, time never
comes back when lost
Cumulate all the money and
make yourselves better
Okay, brother.
We'll take my leave.
I can't believe anyone except you,
including your team.
You won't make a mistake, right?
Don't worry, brother.
They don't know about the money.
And there's no chance that they'll know about it.
You'll see the idol within two days.
I'll take my leave.
Get in.
The ruling party will make efforts to isolate and
defeat Kishore Reddy, the son of Raghava Reddy.
How dare you don't give me a TV remote?
I'll roam in a Benz car in this area within a month.
If that doesn't happen, then I'll be
naked in front of your shop.
Do you want to see?
Do you want to see?
It's difficult to see you even with clothes on.
Here you go.
Go and take it.
No one respects me in this colony.
Look down.
You should look down when you make a mistake.
You can't escape.
Preeti, let's go.
See! I'm saying this for the last time.
Don't enter into my life
Harshit is already very angry at you.
It's the supermarket's superman, right?
Yes, I'll get you a job at that Superman's place if you want to.
If he's Superman, then I'm Batman.
Do you know the amount of assets a bat
man will have?
You don't know.
Your marriage is a month away from now, right?
I'll prove it to you before that.
Baby,... Nothing.
- Is he bothering you again?
- Nothing serious.
You don't have to go. Please!
Superman is here.
Five murder cases have been filed against me.
If I kill you, it will be difficult to search for your dead body.
It's okay.
Here is your wedding gift.
Leave! You...
It's not a perfume, but a mouth freshener.
I let go of him just because you're here. Otherwise,
I would've killed him.
Culture less brut!
You'll see billionaire Ganesh by tomorrow.
Inquire about his wealth
I'll earn a double of it.
Let's earn it.
Give twenty rupees for tea.
Make it fast.
Do it.
Clean it over there.
Greetings, Brother Harinder.
Brother Rudra.
Welcome to Mumbai.
Thank you, brother.
How are you?
I'm fine because of the blessings of God.
- Chotu!
- Yes, brother.
Keep an eye on workers.
I will.
Stay here and check out the idols.
Okay, brother.
Brother Rudra!
You're happy, right?
It's 100 crore rupees.
Take it safely.
Okay. I'll take it.
100 crore rupees are sealed now.
The idols over here are made up of special material.
Take over the idol.
Perform the pooja to Lord Ganesha.
You'll get your money right after the
5 minutes the idol becomes wet.
Yes, yes.
We have work here.
Go away!
Yes, brother.
Put that Chandrabindu on the left.
Do it.
Here you go.
This idol is not that good.
What's this?
We've come to Mumbai for this?
I don't know.
Is this okay?
\No matter how far you go,
I am not going to spare you.
Your death confirmed.
Keep an eye on shop.
Okay, brother.
Come, you Idiot!
Brother Rudra!
I'll manage it here.
Where is brother?
Excuse me!
Where is he?
Hey! Take it.
Go over there.
Go over there.
Pull it.
You should reach the shop at exactly 11 p.m.
Only one security guard will be on duty at that time.
He will go to drink tea at that time.
He won't come back for 15 minutes.
CCTV cameras will be in place, but they won't be operational.
So, no problem.
You can enter directly.
There will be main security in the corridor.
You have to deal with him
ther will be checking accounts.
Go and point a gun at him.
Who are you?
Draw 3.
Give me the diamond.
Open it.
Then my father will surrender and give you the diamond.
Can't you raise your hands when a gun is pointed at you?
Who the hell are you?
See! I don't know who you are.
We know you.
Give us the diamond, and then talk.
I'll give it to you.
Remove the gun.
Gold python-4 is very dangerous.
I think it's your first time handling a gun.
Excuse me!
What are you talking?
Did you kill the enemy using the N416 with a 4x scope?
I did.
Do you know how it feels to shoot an
enemy with a P19?
I know.
I know how to use a gun better than
anyone else.
Okay.. ok
Down the gun.
You want diamond?
I'll give it to you.
Down the gun.
Give the diamond.
I will see you.
Fearing he would set off the alarm,
I shot in my state of nervousness.
I just said to threaten him.
It's not what you're thinking, sir.
Okay, cool.
I will take care.
Stick to the plan.
Go to the farm house.
I'll come in an hour.
I'll give the money too.
- Mani get going...
- Rudra, do you eat?
No, let's go.
What's the duration of imprisonment for committing murder?
Maybe 30 years.
If the murder is proved, then 12 years.
Okay. Whatever it is,
we'll be alive, right?
Let's sell the diamond directly in
Chennai ourselves.
Hey! It seems like you won't even let me
be alive in jail either.
There are still 5 bullets left, right? Kill me.
You remember what I said, right?
If they get caught by the police,
then I'll be the first one to be revealed in the investigation.
Shoot and bury them without delay
immediately after they get off the car.
I'll give you 10 lakh rupees right after that.
One thing is for sure.
If he sells the diamond, he'll become a millionaire,
but if we do it, we'll become billionaires.
If we do as you say,
other police will encounter us,
Arun will murder us,
and finally we'll be dead.
Guys, be ready.
Just say yes, dude.
I'll show you the life that you've never imagined.
I won't do anything that you don't like.
Where is the diamond?
Give me the diamond.
Give me.
How much shall we charge?
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Hey! Stop!
Dude, I never thought you'd be so good at driving.
Even I don't know until they've put the guns.
We'll be in Chennai within 11 hours.
We'll be meeting Ayyar at the hotel.
What about Arun?
It's not something to worry about.
Last night, there was a robbery at Sutaria's shop.
Entering the store armed,
two robbers shot Sutaria,
stole a 7-crore-rupee African diamond,
and swiftly fled the scene.
In their quest to catch the perpetrators,
the police are expanding their search
from the city to the national highways.
Now, a short break.
Hey! They're searching for us actively.
Let's not go to Chennai now.
Getting straight to the point,
Kamal Sutaria didn't see us because our faces were masked.
Arun can't say anything about us.
If he does, then he will go to jail first.
So, don't worry.
Observe how I navigate to Chennai through
paths unfamiliar to Google Maps.
Get off the car.
Are you taking passengers or something else?
Let's get off the car.
We've been caught.
They'll check everything.
I didn't even go to the beach.
Don't worry.
Even the engineer of this car doesn't
know more about it than I do.
Where should I hide it?
Hey! What should we do?
They're checking cars, not people.
Do it, sir. Check the car.
There's a business meeting in Chennai.
You're responsible for the loss of our time.
You're right, brother
Who gave you the right to check on us?
Show me!
Show me the rules of the constitution.
Check every person from now on.
Every pocket should be thoroughly checked.
You... bloody drunken fellow.
Drunken fellow?
Do you know who am I?
Do you know all the rules?
Open it!
Open the rulebook.
I know everything.
Hey, move...
Do something man.
Sir, are you fine?
Get down.
What did you do?
We should escape from here.
That's why I threw a diamond into the idol.
In the context of our ambitious robbery scheme,
taking out a diamond from an idol is effortlessly achieved,
much like enjoying a piece of chocolate.
Check my friend.
Check me too.
Why are you doing this?
There are upcoming by-elections in Kurnool, right?
Searching for illegal money.
He won't get a profit.
All the checkposts are under our control.
I'll call you back, sir.
Show me the documents.
Where are you sourcing the idol from?
It's a special order, sir.
We're getting it from Mumbai.
Get going!
Hey! Get going.
You're a tiger, Rudra.
You're not a tiger, you're a hyna.
You have a body and a brain too.
Lord Ganesh!
Take it.
Extra 50 thousand rupees each.
He gave us an extra 50 thousand rupees.
I think Kishore Reddy is out of his mind.
The idol price is 1 lakh rupees.
He gave us an extra 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees.
How can he win elections?
Let's go.
Let's eat Biryani.
Forgive me for this time, and make me
win in these elections.
I'll celebrate your festival next year,
making it a memorable occasion for the next ten years
What led you to assume that I'd approach someone like you,
currently in jail, to help me get
100 crore rupees from Mumbai?
I know about your mother,
who works for Crackers Company in Madurai.
I know about your sister as well, who is studying
at a government school in the same place.
If I don't receive my money,
then I'll kill your family right away.
Kishore! Kishore!
Don't do it.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
If you want to kill me, then do it.
Don't talk nonsense.
If you say these things again, the negative
impact will be greater for you than for me.
The money is not here because of me, right?
It's my responsibility to get the money.
I promise you.
I'm scared of my fame rather than my life.
Give me some time.
Yes, Mr. Rudra.
Have you reached Kurnool?
There's no money in the idol.
Don't crack a joke.
It can't happen.
Chotu! Keep an eye.
Okay, brother.
Brother Rudra.
Give me 2 minutes.
I'll call you back.
Yes, brother.
We brought a brand new idol for our
Kurnool customers yesterday, right?
You gave them the exact idol
that I showed you, right?
I didn't tell you, right?
If this comes to your attention, it's highly
probable that my salary will see an increase.
You brought an idol from inside.
Meanwhile, firing started.
You said to keep an eye on the shop.
At the exact same time, another customer
from Andhra Pradesh arrived
They want the same idol that Brother Rudra selected.
Do you know what I did?
So I replaced Brother Rudra's selected
idol with a similar one
I sold it to the customer for 150,000 rupees,
though it was worth only 100,000 rupees.
We've gained 50 thousand rupees in profit, brother.
Idiot! You bloody...
Brother Rudra!
I made a mistake.
Chotu sold that idol to someone else.
Firing happened because of you.
- Remember that.
- Where is it now?
It's in Kurnool.
You are 50 kilometres away from it.
I'll send you the address through WhatsApp.
If it's just a normal day, I wouldn't be
bothered by these 100 crore rupees.
To be honest, if I seize two ponds and
build a venture, then I'll get that money.
It's time for elections.
We must ensure that no further
complaints are lodged against us.
That's the reason.
Look here.
I scolded you so much because I was in anger.
Don't mind it.
Do this work successfully.
I'll keep you in my heart.
Now the thing is...
The Rajavaripalli village, where our idol is situated,
falls within the constituency represented
by the ruling party's MLA, Rama Krishna.
The idol may not remain in our possession if conflicts
escalate due to your actions or if doubts arise about you.
Quietly acquire it without letting
anyone become aware of it.
I'll do it, brother.
He is a good person but not everyone.
Keep an eye on him.
Let's go to the village as a priest.
Tell me one mantra.
The fact that we don't have parents
doesn't bring me sorrow.
The presence of daily sadness would have
been a reality for them if they were alive.
Had you not been part of my life, I would've...
You got 6 marks in class 7.
What would you have become? Tell me.
Tell me. I want to listen to it as well.
Forget it!
Do you know what friendship is?
Do you know it's value?
I don't know.
I don't know the value of family or friendship.
But you're the one for me.
I only know that.
That's the reason why I tattooed
your name like a fool.
This should happen!
Dude! This is my...
My name...
My name...
I thought it was your lover's name.
Is this my name?
Whatever happened is now
part of the past and unalterable.
From now on, I'll do as you say.
You're my Jack Sparrow.
I'll kill you now.
I'll kill you now.
You.. scoundrel
Don't fight with each other.
Sit down and have a chat if there's
anything on your mind causing distress.
The conflict arose when we talked.
Brother, stop it.
Why are you fighting with each other?
This idiot is telling me that he's in love with my lover.
I'll, it's my wish.
I've been loving her since I saw her
in the movie Laksmi Kalyanam.
I have also loved her since then.
Why don't you leave her?
Is she so beautiful?
She is the only beauty.
You... How many times should I tell you?
Brother, as you've been telling me
about her, I want to see her.
What's her name?
Have you observed something?
The lead female character in the movie
you both mentioned is also Kajal.
So I'm in love with the same Kajal.
How dare you...?
Who are these people?
I was about to say that I also like Kajal.
If I'd said that, what would've happened to me?
How dare you...?
You want our Kajal?
What fools! How could actress Kajal be your lover?
How will they react upon discovering
that Kajal has tied the knot?
- Dude! What an idea!
- What happened?
News! News! Media!
Let's enter the village by saying
that we're from the media.
Do they believe that we're from the media?
Do you still have doubts after watching them?
How dare you?
No, I don't have any doubt.
[Rajavaripalli, which is 69 kilometres
away from Kurnool.]
Tie them a bit lower.
We're offering a gold necklace to God.
This is the first time we're celebrating
this festival in a grand way.
The whole town should boast about this festival,
while our enemies cry out with jealousy.
You were showing off by saying that you bought
the idol from Hyderabad and celebrated it.
13 feet idol.
I bought it from Mumbai.
How's it?
Don't lie, Rajavaru.
Do you think we believe that you bought the
idol from Mumbai when you said it's from Bombay?
Why did you all born?
It would be better if you people went into space
as astronauts in rockets instead of sending dogs.
Who the hell are you?
Who are you, sir?
Why did you tie us?
Even though we have houses to eat and live in,
we spend our lives talking to our farms
and treating our children and wives as relatives.
The farms suffered damage as
a result of your reckless drinking and driving.
Do you know how much loss
resulted from your actions?
Oh! That?
I knew it.
Specify the sum of money you are seeking.
Tell me!
I'll give you the check and leave.
This is what happens to rich people.
You always make things work with the money.
But you don't know the hard work behind it.
You'll get to know about it now.
Come! Come! Come!
Enter the farm and pull out the weeds.
No... way!
Seriously! You don't know about us.
They are not a farm; rather,
they have the potential to fire bullets at people.
Guys! I know but leave them.
Don't give...
What's with you, uncle?
I went to Mumbai and got the idol.
Although you are here, the microphone
and lamps are still in disarray.
What will happen to my honour in front of everyone?
Won't my father, who's sleeping
because of a fever, spit on my face?
It's not like that.
As it's a festival season, no one was available.
- Greetings to Rajavaru!
- Greetings!
We've put a tent house in the town recently.
I've come to know that you are in control
of the arrangements for this year's festival.
No matter how much money is offered,
the lighting setup should be mine
You're lucky.
I didn't tell anyone about the microphone
and lamp setup.
You will do it.
But it should be done by this evening.
It will be done, Rajavaru.
Yet, the initial job must be yours.
That's enough!
- In Kurnool, I've done 100...
- Rajavaru!
My point was that I served as the
first job for many people in Kurnool.
That's why people call me Boni Kapoor.
- Everything should be
finished by evening - Okay.
I touched it.
Who are you?
You're in our village and touching our idol?
They say no matter which country you go to, lift up India's honour.
The objective is to show you the celebrations of our diminishing culture
and festivals, similar to the plight of sparrows, on our channel.
Greetings to Rajavaru!
He is not...
It's me.
Who are you?
Can't you say that by watching them?
They do videos on TikTok.
It's not TikTok. We're from the media.
What's your channel's name?
It's BPC.
I didn't hear about it.
I heard about BiPC.
We telecast programmes, functions, and festivals
live to our Telugu people who are abroad.
Does that mean Rose from the
Titanic will watch this?
She's crazy about our culture.
She changed her name from Rose to Roja.
Rajavaru, have you seen how
they're respecting our culture?
It seems that you watch those movies a lot.
- Which movies?
- English movies.
Rajavaru, they'll stay at our house.
Sorry, sir.
There are strict orders.
There are strict orders that we should be
at Lord Ganesha and cover the festival.
We'll stay here in the car.
- Okay. - What's with you,
uncle? We don't know who...
Darn it!
Okay. Do it!
Shoot the video well.
I should look handsome.
Sure, sir.
Hey! What's with you?
- Let's go home...
- Okay Mom.
I'll see how you can reach the billionaire milestone.
Why? Why are you doing this to me?
You took over my diamond.
You made my lover part ways with me.
Why do you have such a grudge against me?
It's said that verbalising has the ability
to banish the sadness in our hearts.
That's why I'm saying it.
We don't know each other.
But you should know why I'm sad.
I loved her so much.
A restaurant meal when hungry, a movie when bored,
college fees for her younger sister,
Sarees for her mother, and three bottles of
foreign liquor per month for her father
But what did she do?
She accepted to marry someone else for money.
Is it correct to leave me, who loved her so much?
Tell me, as you're also a woman.
We don't know each other.
But you're crying after listening to my love story.
But her...
Hey stop it...
My name is Hyd...
I'm Ganesh from Hyderabad.
Your name?
Do you want Seetha or Neela?
Neela, why did you come to our village's temple?
Are you here for the temple visit,
or did you specifically come to see me?
When teasing girls, the outcome should be smiles,
not tears in their eyes.
Get going!
I'll deal with them. Get going!
BalReddy! Arjun Reddy is here.
I'll leave you.
Because you should carry all of them.
Happy Vinayaka Chavithi to the villagers of Rajavari Palli
Where is Rajavaru?
Wait, he'll come
- Where are you from?
- This village.
This village? What's the name of this village?
Tell me the name of the village.
What happened? Why are you scolding him?
Where did you go?
Is the puja not yet done?
Forget it! What's with your injuries?
I've hit some people.
It seems like they hit you.
Hold it.
Tell us.
- How is the festival going on?
- It's better than last year.
They're offering Prashad. Come!
Are you coming or not?
I won't.
Wait! I'm coming too.
What's with you? You've fought with me
because of Kajal earlier now because of Prashad.
This is the last day for you.
Excuse me! Prashad!
It's over.
Ganesh! Even the Lord Ganesha said to you
that she doesn't have any feelings for you.
I have.
It's in front of the God.
I went in to get it.
Take it.
Your name...
Ms. Neelaveni, I've got something to tell you.
I know it's not going to work out.
Tell me now if it's a yes from your side...
If your answer is no, then don't tell anyone.
I won't come across a girl like you. Never.
That's why I'm telling you.
I love you.
What's Rudra's diet?
Where is your office in Hyderabad?
Do you know Yousufguda?
I know.
I know.
That's where the office is.
It's to the left.
It's a building with 50 floors.
It's filled with foreign girls.
Come whenever you can.
He is Rudra.
It's their team.
They're also going to stay with us for five days.
Come here.
Jacksparrow is calling me.
I'll be back.
Tell me, Jack.
They're behaving strangely.
Maintain distance with them.
No one should use guns, no matter what.
The idol will be guarded sequentially by different people.
We can't do our work tonight, either.
Puja is scheduled for tomorrow at 8p.m.
The priest closes the curtain to adorn God at 7:30 p.m.
At that time,
we have to go to the temple from the
back entrance and make the priest faint.
When it's time, go and create a short circuit
in the current.
Get the idol through the back entrance
and onto the tractor,
then proceed to carry it using the truck,
which is at the village boundary.
Mani, keep it with you just in case of an emergency.
Okay, Rudra.
I will see how you win this time.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
Sleepy head!
Shut up!
Why are you shouting?
I'm a doctor, goddamn it!
I gave you anaesthesia, didn't I?
Shut up.
- Hey! What happened?
- What happened?
Hey! Who are you?
Hold him.
I'm a doctor, goddamn it!
I think Organ David is here.
Tell them, Rajavaru.
He severed two fingers from my teammate.
It's a donation.
Will you leave him, or do you want the
village members to get after you?
Hey, Leave him!
Brother, my finger.
Bloody insanity fellows
Brother, my finger.
Shut up!
I gave you anaesthesia, right?
Why are you acting...
I'll slap you with my...
Hello, John!
Can you speak louder, please?
South Africa?
Your package is ready.
My fingers.
Yeah, it's well-packed.
Yeah, 15 crore rupees.
You want that organ also?
I will try too
Brother, my fingers... my fingers...
How are you?
I'm beautiful!
I'm a doctor, not a leprosy patient or something.
Done! Organs are on the way.
Organ David!
His is our village.
His birth origins are unclear, yet he rose to become a
government doctor with the backing of the people in our village.
He loves our village so much.
The injection given by him is painless.
If He removes any part of our body,
we may not even notice.
He's an exceptionally brilliant doctor.
Once my father needed a kidney, and Dasu needed a lung.
We don't know where he brought them from;
he brought them back to life through
organ transplantation.
Government officials came to know about it
and dismissed him from his job.
With that, he resorted to working with
an illegal organ smuggling group to survive.
Things were on track, but he incurred a head injury last year,
and he has been in this condition since then.
Since then, without thinking about
what's useful and what's useless,
he's been taking something or another
from the people who are new to the villag
The government left Organ David,
but not us.
He is our person.
Be alert if he approaches you.
Let him go, Rajavaru.
He don't know about this, right?
My fingers, brother.
It's just a finger, right?
Bloody nonsense.
Go to bed.
Get going!
The ruling party is distributing 5000 per vote
at least we should give 7000, right?
We should distribute the money brother.
Currently, we are low on liquid cash.
We will have more in 2 to 3 days.
Let's distribute 10000 per vote after
receiving the money.
Get them ready.
We cannot underestimate kishore Reddy
He is not coming properly for campaigning either
I think he's going to do something big
I'll convey to him that the gun has gone missing.
If any of you say it to him before I say it,
I'll kill you all.
No, brother.
No one is suspicious of us.
The work will be done today.
What prompts you to think in a pointless manner,
much like Kishore Reddy?
If we go straight from here at 150 mph,
we'll reach Hyderabad within 2 hours.
Let's take a sip of Irani chai,
buy an idol that is
better than this,
and let's deliver the idol to Kishore Reddy at the time when the
Biryani will be ready at the Kurnool Kadhar
What do you say?
Our plan starts at 8, right?
We'll be ready.
Is this what you call coffee?
It's tea.
Diamond is inside the idol, right?
That's why I made a plan for it.
Listen to me carefully.
The priest closes the curtains to adorn God at 8 p.m.
Then we'll enter by saying that it's live coverage.
Tell the priest that we'll need an interview
for only five minutes.
At that time, I'll enter,
and I'll pull out the
diamond from the idol with the use of a vacuum cleaner.
Where can we get a vacuum cleaner now?
Did you make that?
Back in our childhood,
it occurred to me that you'd become a scientist,
especially as you demonstrated your skill in crafting
explosive devices from defective crackers.
You became a scientist.
Let me have the vacuum cleaner that
my child prepared for his school project.
Give me your bags.
Show me.
How dare you steal his project?
I thought you had become a scientist.
What do you know about break dance?
I can dance better than Chiranjeevi. (Tollywood actor)
Chiranjeevi learned steps from me.
I'm the megastar of Rajavaripalli.
Oh! You.. Michael Jackson!
I can do too!
This is what a dance is!
You oldie!
You drunkard!
How much do you charge per photo?
It's not a photograph, it's a video.
Tell me how much I have to pay for it.
Who the hell are you?
Hey, shall we buy them?
Nice eyes!
Thank you.
Keep them cool.
I'll get a plastic bag.
Greetings, priest!
Tell me.
We want a short interview with you on the topic
of how to adorn God on Ganesh Chaturthi.
I've got to adorn God.
I'm running out of time.
Let's talk later.
It's a quick request for a 5-minute discussion.
I'll delete it in front of you.
Okay. Make it fast!
The lighting in this area is not sufficient.
If you can come forward...
You're looking like a hero.
Just like how Lord Ganesha loves Undrallu, he loves leaves too.
You said about documents, right?
Are these the documents of the house
or the plot's documents?
Leaves of Calotropis, Indian bael, and Java plum.
What are your doing?
We're here to interview the priest.
In the meantime, I'm cleaning.
What is this?
Why are you cleaning with this?
Why are you here?
No one should be here at this hour.
We've got to set up lights.
That's why we're here.
We'll do our work if you go out.
Excuse me, brother!
We've got to telecast this live.
You do your work, and we'll do our work.
Can't you understand?
Get out!
Why are you shouting?
- What is happening here?
- Hey, call to Jagannatham sir.
Let's decide who should be in and who should not.
Hey! Calm down.
It's time for Puja.
You all should leave.
Get going!
Rajavaru, your photo will be in the
morning district edition tomorrow.
Okay Ravichandra.
- Okay.
- Go.
They are even checking our housemaid.
My people have to account for every 100 rupees to the police.
There's no other way but to bring the money hidden in the idol.
The thought of it has the potential to transfer
me into a demon, not a politician.
It's in your hands to decide what I become.
It's not in my hands, it's in people's hands.
Whether it's right or wrong,
you've given this task to me.
I'll do it.
Rudra, our work would've been done if
those scoundrels hadn't been over there.
If I see those scoundrels...
I'll chop off their heads, Rudra.
See you.
Take care!
That's it!
He won!
What a life!
Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- What happened?
- Nothing.
If everyone comes, then who will be there
at the idol?
It seems that the power is also off.
There is a gold necklace on God.
Let's go to the temple.
Let's go.
He's such a guy!
It's as if he's the only one celebrating this festival.
I spent double the amount last year.
Not that Gurumurthy...
It's 20 tolas of gold. What if that gold gets stolen?
That's the reason why my son-in-law planned all this.
Who will steal?
It's on the idol.
What's wrong, Katu?
Why is the power off?
It's a loose connection issue with the wires.
We'll have it fixed within 10 minutes.
Oh my, God!
You're working hard because of this, right?
What are you talking about?
Do you think we'll be calm if a thief enters?
A thief entered two years ago
Due to the beatings, he was hospitalised for
two days and passed away on the third day.
Have you forgotten about it?
You are correct!
This generation is not good, Gurumurthy.
We'll lose diamonds because of the gold necklace.
What's with the power?
It's on and off.
This is what happens if this unlucky guy takes
the initiative to celebrate the festival.
Don't blame Rajavaru.
Rajavaru is not a random person.
The many virtuous deeds of Chengalrayudu
resulted in the birth of Rajavaru.
After studying in Dehradun, he arrived here
with the purpose of developing our village.
Hi, patients!
I need two eyes, nose and finger...
That's why I like my son-in-law very much.
What's with the light.
Will you come out,
or do you want me to come?
I saw when you made them fools and went in.
If you come out now you will be flogged.
Otherwise, I'll kill you.
What are you talking about?
Are they in?
Did you see?
Yes, I seen them, that's why I bring this whip.
Gangulu, Suri. Come!
Come fast.
How long will you stay there?
2 minutes!
The needle is in.
I have to take it out.
Come out before I finish counting to three.
Hey! What happened?
Rajavaru, thieves are here.
Don't go!
Stop it uncle...
Will you come out or not?
Here is my Diamond Rani!
You said thieves... about them?
My kid a minor, Rajavaru.
She is innocent.
She doesn't know anything.
But that dog deserves a beating from the
whip or should be banned from this country.
Get going!
Get going!
Come! Come!
No one is going to stop us.
This is the idol
The priest closes the curtain at 8p.m. to start puja.
The diamond is in the idol.
Rudra's arrival at that moment disrupted our plan.
Was I in Hyderabad when all this happened?
Tell me, what should we do today?
This is a plan!
And he is placing rocks to explain it!
No! Tell me.
Have you ever stolen at least a pack of
biscuits without my plan?
However, it's all a waste of time
if you don't believe your friend or friendship.
Look at me.
Why do you say that?
In the 5th grade, you expressed your desire to become
a police officer when the teacher questioned your future goals.
But I stood up and proudly said that you'd become a theif.
That's the amount of trust I have in you.
- Listen!
- Tell me.
There are 60 thousand rupees in here.
If it's not enough, then I'll get you by begging.
Let's buy the new idol.
What's with this cheap behaviour?
Will that not be enough?
What's the plan?
Take note of what I'm saying and remember
it with care.
At the outskirts of the village lies
a cattle shed filled with grass.
People gather at the temple when the puja starts at 8 p.m.
I'll be at the temple too.
At that time, go and burn the cattle shed.
All the people go to put out the fire.
At that time, we'll leave by taking the idol.
Amazing plan, Rudra!
What if those people from the
I media are there?
If they went with the people to the cattle shed,
then they will stay alive;
That's it!
Rudra! Gun...
Come and freshen up!
You can have breakfast!
I'm coming.
Aunt, what about us?
You'll be given Ragi Sangati with some red chutney.
(It's a finger-millet dish from India.)
Aunt, you're adding very little salt to the curry.
Add some more.
Shut up, Idiot!
First do your work.
They want taste!
Sangati with red chutney is an ultimate combination.
If we add some onion to it, it's heaven.
John, talk slowly. The battery is already low.
Just a second. I'm going to charge the phone now.
You want west indies ear?
Left or right?
It's super quality, John.
Overnight delivery.
Take care.
John! John! John!
He'll cut any of my body parts before
we go back.
Cattle pen caught on fire!
Boddu Venkanna, Rathamma, get going!
Go and take care about the cattle pen.
Get going!
Rajavaru, I've got to work on the
lights and microphone setup.
Come! Come!
Let's go!
Let's go! Move fast...
Call these Hyderabadi guys too.
They'll help us by giving us any ideas.
Let's go!
Let's go!
What do you do here?
Shankar, come...
Come on... move
Bring some water.
Ganesh! come...
Ganesh, careful.
No matter what, we should get our work
done by today.
John, you're on speaker. Tell me.
Yes. Two eyes.
Tongue, not available.
It's wet.
Alcohol, okay?
Send money right away.
Okay, okay.
Hi, guys!
Come, come, come.
if you're afraid of him, then we can't do anything.
Even the village people are not here.
I'll kill him today.
Hey, get the water...
Be careful. Be careful..
[indistinct voices]
Rudra, you did a great job.
Gopanna, have all the cattle been let out?
Yes Rajavaru.
Is the calf still indoors?
Who is a doctor?
They're God's messengers.
You're cheating me?
You're cheating a doctor?
Do you know who we are?
We're on the team of Kishore Reddy.
What the...
Kishore Reddy?
Kishore Reddy?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
- Call him.
- I'll do it now.
Just a second.
Use my phone.
I recharged it just a while ago.
Call him.
Go, go.
Call him.. Call him.
- Call him... Call him.
- Call him.
- 9...
- 9...
- 8...
- 8...
Call him...
Take it.
I forgot the number.
How can you forget the number?
Call... Call... Call...
There is no signal here.
How can you state there's no signal with
the mobile tower right here?
Call him.
Call him right now.
Kishore Reddy.
Tell him the number.
9... 9...
8... 8... 9...
It's connected.
How dare you state there's no signal?
The mobile tower is right here...
- O... Organ...
- Yes.
Organ David is also on our team.
Just now, we said that we're on
Kishore Reddy's team.
It seems that he knows you.
He is such a kind person.
He said he'd leave us now.
- Just a second.
- In the meantime...
I'll listen as well.
Switch on the loud speaker, goddam it!
Chaiyya chaiyya? [Song]
What's with Chaiyya Chaiyya? Chaiyya Chaiyya?
What the hell is happening?
What the hell is happening?
Even though you're from another village,
you saved our cows.
You're such a kind person.
To do good deeds, it doesn't matter which village I come from.
Ganesh, I was sceptical about you,
but you're such an amazing person.
Let's go!
Let's go!
- Neela!
- Yes, father.
Go and get a rope from inside.
Bloody cheating a doctor?
Hey, West Indies!
How are you?
Do you know how many times I called you?
Why did you sing songs?
It's an emergency. I need you. Come!
Just like Bhakta Kannappa sacrificed his eyes,
I will sacrifice my ears.
Leave me alive.
I beg of you.
I just need two kidneys, two eyes,
one nose and one ear. Okay?
And tongue also.
Why do you read it as if you're reading a list of groceries?
If you take all the organs I will die.
I'm telling you.
No pain.
I'll give you an injection.
I want an injection.
I want an injection.
Cheating a doctor?
- No.
- take it.
West Indies!
Thank you very much.
I wouldn't have taken such a risk.
I couldn't control myself after seeing tears in your eyes.
Do you love me so much?
How can you love me at first sight?
Love at first sight?
When I see a girl, I follow her... I check if she has money,
what her background is, if she studies, and more.
Instead of loving someone after inquiring like this,
if I fix her as my life within 10 to 15 seconds of seeing her,
that is true love for me, according to my opinion.
You've entered my life already.
Is there any chance that I can...
- Neela!
- Yes.
What are you doing over there?
He took such a huge risk for us. So I'm here to invite him for dinner.
Invite him.
To your house?
To my life.
"A beautiful beauty has touched me"
"I have gone flat"
"Air is filled with a fragrance"
"Looks of the beauty trapped me"
"Babe took over my eyes and asked to dream"
"Sprinkled love over me"
"You're a beautiful and holy garden"
"My heart is into your trance"
"You're my beloved and are my worship"
"My life is all following you now"
"You're the tune of my life now"
"Turbulence started after saying a few words"
"No idea what happened, but heart is into romance"
"Created a tension and made my heart go flat"
"It has become a routine now"
"Darkness turned into moonlight, at all places you exist"
"Don't get brutal, I have my reasons"
"I won't leave you even for a moment, dear"
"You're a beautiful and holy garden"
"My heart is into your trance"
"You're my beloved and are my worship"
"My life is all following you now"
"You're the tune of my life now"
"You're a beautiful and holy garden"
"My heart is into your trance"
"You're my beloved and are my worship"
CM candidate Jagdeesh Reddy has already started his campaign,
but Katregula Kishore Reddy has not yet entered the campaign.
He hasn't even shown his face to the people yet.
Discussions about the Chief Minister's chair are more frequent
than those about the Nandyal MLA seat.
Does Kishore Reddy fear losing the election?
Is it for the first time in history that the Katregula lineage
is facing extinction in this election?
I've told you countless times that the gun is gone,
yet you never seem to listen.
If the idol not be acquired by tomorrow night,
it is slated for immersion the next day.
I'm telling you something that no one knows.
In my constituency, there is a first grade
quality of granite in 5 villages.
Beyond the initial five villages, the consequences of the
new factory will reach out to impact another ten villages.
Will a sincere request convince them to depart from the village?
They'll do it if we're in a power.
I should win if I want that power, right?
If I ask, will you bring it or die?
You'll bring it, right?
Bring it!
Failure to retrieve the diamond by tomorrow night will result in the
idol being immersed in a pond the day after tomorrow.
There is no use even if we know how to swim.
That pond's water looks like an Irani chai.
I'm not talking about taste, it's colour.
I think we've got to do this.
Where did you get the gun from?
Because of Organ David.
No matter what,
we'll be taking the idol tonight.
If the circumstances insist,
our priority should be to shoot those news reporters.
He's in, sister.
We shouldn't go.
Sit here.
Urgent work has arisen,
and I'll be heading to Hyderabad tonight.
Are your family members on the
lookout for a groom for you?
Why? Will you help them?
No, I'll come.
You might not believe me,
but I like the name Neelaveni a lot.
That's the reason why I tattooed the
name Neelaveni while I was in Hyderabad
Even among my family members,
there's a positive opinion of you.
You already do a good job too.
They will give their nod to our marriage.
Ask my father.
You'll come, right?
You are my life...
If I don't come for you, consider my life as gone.
Stop it.. you are not going to war on the border
Don't worry.. you go home safely.
I assure that you both will get married... okay?
I'll get going.
Love you bro.
A friend should be like you...
That's why I got a tattoo...
I'll kill you if you mention that tattoo again...
Come on... grab our things.
- No bullets!
- Shit!
Come on.. sit down.
Come in!
Police warning: All newcomers to the village and
villagers are requested to come to Racha Banda.
Hello CI sir...
What CI sir... sudden visiting
- Come all the people to Rachabanda.
- Okay sir.
- Gurumurthy!
- Son-in-law...
All of you go to Rachabanda.
Come on move...
[crowd chatter]
Hey, you.. move
Why did you bring these Bihar people here?
You know that Rudra will not tolerate
others entering his assigned work.
God Himself states that even if you wish for God to
fulfill your desires, you still have to work for them yourself.
How can I place my trust in Rudra, especially
when even the gods themselves advise against it?
Nothing wrong in it.
All newcomers to the village, please line up.
What's your name?
Ganesh sir.
What did you come here for?
What media?
- Which news channel?
- Media
Hey wait..
- Brother..
- Yes.
How to go to Rajavaripalle?
- Go straight...
- Thank you.
We have information that some suspected criminals
have entered the village in the name of festival.
That is why we are inquiring.
If you suspect someone, let us know immediately.
- Let's go..
- Move
- Hey, everyone, please leave.
- All of you, go.
My dad is very happy...
Uncle, what is this?
What happened?
Kishore, the idol has gone missing.
I am someone who believes in...,
despite not owning one myself.
I can live without air, but I can't live without respect
Hello sir..
In this village, are elders not valued?
I thought the immersion was on the 5th day,
so I went to the next village to buy liquor,
but on the 4th day, the idol was taken for immersion.
Do they think that I am not a respectable person?
Have you seen the idol being taken for immersion?
Yes, I have seen.
Is it? Where was the idol taken?
It was taken towards Kotireddy's farm land.
Where are they?
Look, flowers?
Brother, it seems someone has taken the idol this way.
We have worked very hard;
please increase the amount slightly.
I am giving you only 2 minutes..
get lost from this place.. go.
Let's go.
Swami, the auspicious time passes
Let's start the worship.
What did you give me?
Your grandfather gave assets to your father.
Your father gave it to you.
What did you give me?
You left me with loans.
Don't say it like that, Rajavaru.
Do you know what Chidambara Swamy told
me when he came to our home the other day?
He stated that the untold wealth is in this house.
Go and bring Chidambara Swamy.
What are you talking?
I'll go now.
Greetings, Swamy.
I'm the son of Chengalrayudu.
Come to our house.
God's will.
Go.. move...
God bless you.
Your assets are over there. Take it.
The Pic Axe is over there.
It needs the sacrifice of this house's owner.
One of you should meet with demise.
I won't die now.
I don't know what you're thinking.
Die if you want to.
Can we sacrifice someone else?
Oh lord!
Swami, Swami, Swami.
I won't do it.
I will do whatever you say...
Please, please!
Oh, my Goodness!
These lines are not common.
Only three people in the world have these lines.
I'll tell you that secret. Promise me that
you'll help people.
I'll do whatever you want me to do.
This is the legend of Lord Ganesha,
who, in reaction to the moon's teasing, compressed his pride.
- You know, right?
- I know it.
To appease Lord Ganesha, who was angry with him,
the Moon sends down one of his golden star
to the earth for every Ganesha Chaturthi festival.
Thus, the golden star that reaches this earth
merges into an idol before Prana Pratishta.
If the idol is worshipped traditionally,
and Rudra Puja is performed before immersion,
it will transform into a golden idol
and bestow untold wealth.
This won't be possible for everyone.
It is possible only for those who have the
blessing of the moon.
You're lucky.
Tell me, Swamy.
Where is that star?
It's in Mumbai.
In Dharavi.
It's in a shop named Harindar.
There is an idol with this star on it.
Remember this.
Exclusively for that idol, the moon will
be positioned on the left side.
All that's required is to procure the idol
and perform puja for the initial four days;
ensure its delivery to me on the day of immersion.
I'll do as you said.
This year, I'll be the one who celebrates
Ganesh Chaturthi.
Chidambara Swamy.
- Hello!
- tell me.
- I want this idol.
- It's already sold out.
I'll give you as much money as you want.
- One lakh twenty thousand rupees.
- One lakh fifty thousand rupees?
All of you should come for evening pooja.
Get up!
Ganesh! It's you?
I didn't expect this from you, Rajavaru.
You performed puja, and now you want to steal it?
I didn't think of you like this.
How did you know about this?
I'll tell you.
Dude! Come here.
I'll shoot you if you move.
Forgive me.
I don't know how you got to know about the idol.
But I'm telling you.
If you want to be alive, then leave.
I didn't plan to leave it for you and go.
Then die!
Stop! Stop!
Why are you in a hurry?
Have you all been born to my father that you're sharing?
I'm the owner of it.
You'll die here.
I'm coming.
It's just a small matter. I've got to deal with it.
I'll give you guns and bullets later.
Shoot and die.
Hey! Come.
You said it was a secret.
Then how did these many people get to know?
10 steps to go!
Location arrived.
Get it up and turn it this way.
Be careful!
Keep it over there!
Over there!
And here.
What brings you here?
Bless that Mr. Kishore Reddy wins.
There is an impediment.
It's difficult.
What are you talking, swamy?
Until the negative energy dissipates,
you won't experience favourable days.
Don't say that, swamy.
You should do something.
Himalaya Rudra Theertham [Holy water]
You have to sprinkle it all over the house.
It costs five thousand rupees.
I have 7000 thousand, Swami.
I'll come.
Swami, I've got to go.
I'll go to the town. Go ahead!
Make it fast!
How long will it take?
There is only one week left for
Ganesh Chaturthi.
We'll pack 100 crore rupees and put it in the idol.
100 crore rupees?
No one dares touch it, even if they find out.
We'll make sure that the moon is on the left side of our idol.
What is this, God?
100 crore rupees?
Why did you tell me about such a huge amount of money?
I can't do anything.
Their range and capacities are on another level.
How can I be calm after learning about 100 crore rupees?
Help me find a way.
Help me and make me settle into life.
Greetings... Swamy!
Hail lord!
Swamy! Swamy! Swamy!
I'll do as you say.
Exclusively for that idol, the moon will
be positioned on the left side.
There are some negative energies surrounding the idol.
You should protect it for four days.
There are so many fraud cases against me these days.
The police are trying to catch me red-handed.
I'll manage it.
I'll share with you the location.
Come there with weapons.
Hands up!
Move! Move! Move!
Who are they?
Is this an IPL tournament where so many teams are coming?
I told you that I'd get it even if I died.
Why did you come?
Because you don't have that capability.
You're talking rubbish, Kishore Reddy.
You didn't believe me, right?
Now I'll make sure that you won't get it.
Kill him!
I caught you!
- You'll die... Die!
- please spare me.
You fool...
The auspicious moment passes
M 416...
The auspicious moment passes
Hey, you scoundrels...
The auspicious moment passes
You are unbelievable Swami...
What's with you?
You fool!
Swami, I'm coming.
Hey, who the hell are you?
You ruined our plan.
Swami curse them.
How often have you interrupted my work?
Don't dare to insult my mother.
Mother is always a mother to all.
Kishore Reddy is also here.
What's the reason?
What's with you, Chidambara swamy?
Where did you get this amount of money from?
You betrayed the police department.
You have a whole team.
What are you talking, scoundrel?
What do you know about Chidambara Swamy?
Do you know about his power?
They remodeled the district jail.
The food and the bed are of amazing quality.
No one among these shouldn't miss those facilities.
We won't go to jail, even if we die.
If I hurl this granite, everyone will break into small pieces.
If you arrest us...
If you arrest us...
Pin, dude!
It's 100 crore rupees.
Leave me!
My money!
Kishore Reddy is also involved in this.
We're bringing everyone to the station.
Come fast!
What is this?
All the money has been burned.
The diamond is also gone.
God made sure that we wouldn't get anything.
Lord Ganesha!
Even though you took away my mother,
you gifted us with the value of our hard work.
Thank you so much.
Let's ditch everyone and head to Goa
to relax by the sea with some beer.
If we go to Goa, we get beer, but not family.
Hey, why are you grazing my cow?
My dear, come here.. come to dad..
Calm down..
Did you eat?
Manasa, why are you crying?
Do you know how much your father loves you?
I tattooed your name.
See! Ma Na Sa!