Game (2011) Movie Script

Good morning, ma'am.
Good morning, Alex.
Where's Mr. Malhotra?
He's in the garden.
Roots are the most important part
of any plant.
Plants also breathe...
like you and me.
You have to treat them
with lots of love.
Now this plant
has a new home!
Here, this is for you.
Thank you.
Are they on their way?
Yes, sir.
All four of them?
Yes, sir.
Their flight should arrive in Athens
right about now.
Thank you, Samara.
Yes, sir.
Five million rupees, Vikram.
That's all I want.
Dear Vikram...
I've decided to make a film...
that will be the
biggest, most expensive film in history.
And I believe only you can
play the lead.
If you can come to Samos
this Friday...
we can finalise the deal.
Kabir Malhotra.
Good evening and welcome to
the news at nine, election bulletin.
Breaking news!
A shocking interview with the most popular
Prime Ministerial candidate, Mr. O. P. Ramsay...
who walked out of the interview
when questioned about his party's funds.
Sir, can you tell us who the source of
your party's seemingly unending funds are?
Where is all the money coming from?
You know...
you know it's very sad that
you ask me this question.
I'm offended.
I'm offended for my people.
Sir, are you choosing
not to answer the question?
You're damn right
I'm refusing to answer this question.
Sir, why are you choosing
not to answer the question?
Sir, don't say anything!
- Where is the money coming from, sir?
- Please, this interview is over.
- Sir!
- Guards, escort her outside.
Please stop the camera.
We are finished!
How did that get on TV?
We're finished!
No, we're not.
Just relax, sir.
Here have these.
Did you not hear
what she was saying?
Didn't you hear what she said?
She questioned about
the source of our funds!
These allegations can be dangerous.
I heard everything, sir.
But I think we have a way to...
prove their allegations wrong.
What do you mean?
Honourable Mr. Ramsay.
I admire the way you have
made your way to the political zenith.
I believe Malhotra Inc. And your People's Party...
can come together to push
Thailand's economy to new highs.
If you can come to Samos,
this Friday...
we can have a detailed discussion.
Kabir Malhotra.
Kabir Malhotra?
Yes, sir, the tycoon.
Shipping, airlines, pharmaceuticals, publishing.
His net worth 16 billion dollars.
But is he clean?
100% clean!
And right now,
we need a clean source of funds.
Inform him that
we will be there on Friday.
Not we, sir.
Just you.
The invitation is for you alone.
The next time you're caught
driving under the influence...
you'll be Her Majesty's guest
for a heck of a lot longer.
Thank you, officer.
The channel called.
I told them you weren't well.
It's the third time this month.
How much longer do I
have to keep lying for you?
Sweetheart, please let me help you.
Ever since Vandana left us...
Dad, please!
Can you just leave mom out of this?
what next?
I'm going to Samos.
Dear Tisha...
Every journalist wants to cover a story...
a story that will
make them famous for eternity.
If you can come to Samos,
this Friday...
then a story that is
the biggest scandal of the past decade...
and all evidence related to the story...
can be yours.
I look forward to seeing you.
Kabir Malhotra.
Kabir Malhotra, the billionaire?
Yes, dad.
Are you surprised that
he chose me for this story?
I think...
I think, you should go.
Neil... Neil?
Ranbir... Ranbir.
Where are you?
Now pay attention.
Time you went underground.
The Colombians are looking for you.
They've reached your house.
do you have a nose on your face?
Do you have a nose?
Of course, I have a nose, Neil.
Then use it, my friend.
They want their 20 million
in the next four days.
Or else we are dead!
Oh no, Ranbir.
First, they will torture us.
Then they will extract our teeth
and pull our fingernails.
Next, they'll break our fingers.
And maybe...
just maybe...
gouge out our eyes with hot iron rods...
Stop kidding, Neil!
Why don't you understand?
We don't have the money.
Don't you get it?
- We...
- don't have the money.
I know.
Man, they're really angry.
Not as angry as me, Ranbir.
They've parked in my spot.
Go, search the bloody place!
Who put the lights off?!
Who's that?!
drop that.
Dear Mr. Menon...
Your rapid rise in the Istanbul entertainment world
is quite an achievement.
I'm impressed!
Why don't we set up
a chain of nightclubs all over Europe?
Leave the financing to me.
If you like the sound of it...
come to Samos, this Friday.
Trust me, it will be worth your time.
Kabir Malhotra.
Hello again.
Neil, what are you doing?
Just leave town now!
Okay, Ranbir.
How can I say no to you?
Think about how we'll get the 20 million.
Don't worry.
I have the cheque.
I just need to encash it.
The universe burns...
The silence hurts...
Where have the voices gone...
Where are the memories lost...
What brings about the anxiety...
Why has this darkness overcome...
What is it you seek...
What is it...
It's a Game...
It's a Game...
Sir, they've reached the island.
Thank you, Samara.
And the game begins...
Good afternoon.
Welcome to Samos.
I'm Samara Shroff.
Mr. Kabir Malhotra's executive assistant.
Alex will bring your luggage.
Please follow me.
Mr. Ramsey, there's no mobile network
on this island.
What do you mean 'there's no network'?
How do I contact anyone?
Via satellite.
Mr. Kabir Malhotra has a satellite phone.
Kabir Malhotra, the billionaire,
lives on this island?
I mean, he owns this island?
That's right.
Mr. Malhotra owns this island.
He also looks after the villages
on this island.
Wow, they must really love him.
They do.
This way, please.
Teresa will show you to your rooms.
Please excuse me.
This way, please.
Three years, Mallika.
I've waited three years for this moment.
Come in.
they are here.
I'll meet them in the library.
Yes, sir.
Chateau Bordeaux.
It's from, the third American President,
Thomas Jefferson's personal collection.
Only 160,000 dollars.
And this...
now this is priceless.
White Caedonia.
The only plant in the world
that blooms once every 80 years.
This will bloom tomorrow.
Good afternoon.
Let me introduce myself to you all.
I'm Kabir Malhotra.
And you, Mr. Ramsey...
you traffic girls, you're a pimp.
You, Mr. Menon, a drug smuggler.
And you, Mr. Kapoor, a murderer.
How dare you??
Do you know who you're talking to?
What do you mean by all this?
He's talking nonsense.
Hey you!
Put that down.
Turn it off and put it down!
Okay, relax.
Sit down.
I will not.
Sit down!
This was merely a trailer.
The film is yet to begin.
This story...
began 20 years ago.
There was a small girl.
Sweet, innocent, naive.
Just a minute.
Why are you telling us all this?
What's the connection?
There is a connection, Mr. Ramsey.
As I was saying,
sadly this sweet girl was...
orphaned at the age of six.
And, for a mere two thousand rupees...
she was sold to an orphanage in Thailand.
Two thousand rupees!
That orphanage belonged to you, Mr. Ramsey.
That is utter nonsense!
We don't buy children,
they're put into our care.
A young girl of six was sent to Thailand.
She was thrust into a world...
more terrifying than a nightmare.
In learning how to survive that world...
she lost her childhood and her innocence.
All that remained...
was her nubile body.
That she now began to sell.
A good night for her...
meant a good night for her owner.
Her owner?
To the world, he was a noble social worker.
But behind that facade, lay his true identity.
Aren't I right, Mr. Ramsey?
Enough of this nonsense.
This is libel.
I will sue you.
I will destroy you.
But how do you intend leaving the island?
Sit down, O.P.
That's Mr. Ramsey to you.
Mr. Ramsey...
do you think we were invited here
just to be an audience?
There's more, isn't it?
Fine... fine.
At the very first opportunity...
she escaped with the help of
some European client.
She believed life would
take a turn for the better.
But mere hope isn't enough to change destiny.
So, what happened to the girl?
Alone, without any support...
in a strange, new place.
Enter Mr. Neil Menon.
She found her way to
Istanbul's biggest night club.
This club belonged to Mr. Neil Menon.
She was hired as a dancer.
But that was merely a front.
Mr. Menon's actual business was...
that poor girl was forced into
pushing the drugs.
Isn't that right, Mr. Menon?
Absolutely wonderful!
You know...
I was about to say that
all this is a lie, that you're mistaken.
But that would just be
a waste of my time.
I'm dying to know what happens next.
Afew months later she went to India.
The land of her birth...
and her death.
What? That's it?
End of story?
Excuse me, at least tell me...
Mr. Kapoor!
August 22nd, 2007.
So you knew her?
No, he didn't.
He did not know her.
But he is responsible...
for her death.
This is ridiculous.
Who told you all this?
Money is the kind of thing that...
allows you to buy
anybody, anytime you want.
For instance, your make-up man, Elton Ferreira.
Viks, can you calm down?
Three years ago...
the great Vikram Kapoor...
was returning from a party.
You were drunk...
yet you were driving.
And then...
you drove into an innocent girl.
Now, that was an accident.
But what happened next...
certainly wasn't.
Please, sir, this is a lie.
It's all a lie.
Is it really a lie, Mr. Kapoor?
This is bad.
This is really bad.
Please Vikram...
Please, we should take her to a hospital.
Please, listen to me.
I can't do that.
My career...
Anyway, she's dead.
So it makes no difference.
But bad luck doesn't let go easily.
The fact was...
the girl was still alive.
And in spite of realising that...
you buried her anyway.
Do you have anything to prove this?
I don't fancy writing stories.
I'm sorry, but who was this girl?
That girl was...
my daughter.
Mallika's and mine.
Mallika walked into my life 26 years ago.
I was in love with her.
But I didn't marry her.
One day, I just walked away from her.
Never to return again.
When did you realise that this girl was
your and Mallika's daughter?
Three years ago...
after my sister, Shreeja, passed away,
I found a letter.
Which Mallika had written to her
after I'd left.
Through the letter I learnt...
that Mallika had been pregnant then.
She had two girls.
Where's your other daughter then?
You are my other daughter.
This is ridiculous, I mean...
It is true, Tisha.
Listen, I don't know what kind of game
you're trying to play but...
let me tell you that
I have a mother and father.
I know you have parents.
But do you have a picture with them
when you were born?
How about the name of the hospital
where you were born?
Tell me why...
their blood groups are O negative and B positive,
while yours is AB negative?
You are my daughter, Tisha.
And this is your twin.
But, her face is not...
identical to yours.
It's possible.
Fraternal twins.
Twins, but not identical.
And they say, twins don't give birth to twins.
Just stop this, please!
I'm sorry but I can't take this anymore.
You know, I can't believe this nonsense.
You commit a mistake and we pay for it!
That's right!
And pay you will!
Over the past three years
I've collected evidence against all three of you.
When the International Vigilance Squad officers
arrive on this island at seven tomorrow morning...
I will hand over
all evidence and proof to them.
Basically, all three of you are completely finished.
You never mentioned Maya before...
I'm so sorry.
Sir, I probably shouldn't say this...
but these are powerful people.
If your allegations are proven wrong...
they will ruin you.
What's left to ruin?
I was ruined three years ago.
Go away!
Listen to me.
Go away.
Please, just leave me alone.
Please, listen to me!
I have everything...
but I've always felt lonely.
And apart from you...
I... I have nobody.
How selfish can you be?
And, now you think you can
buy me with your wealth?
Is that what you think?
You're my daughter!
What do you know about this relationship?
What was that you said in the library?
Oh yes!
Money is the kind of thing that allows you to
buy anybody, anytime you want.'
Well, here's some news for you!
I am not for sale.
You misunderstand me...
No, it's you who've misunderstood.
You thought you would
bring them here...
ruin their lives and
everything would be fine?
The truth is Mr. Malhotra...
the real culprit here is you.
I know.
You hate me.
Perhaps not as much as...
I hate myself.
I don't hate you.
You're a stranger to me.
It makes no difference to me
whether you're alive or dead.
Now please get out of here.
I'm sorry, Mallika.
I'm sorry.
Oh beautiful people,
I'm a flower...
Adorned by fragrance all around...
Abeautiful body...
A divine glow...
Why am I so...
Does anyone here know?
What a gorgeous body...
Be it shade or shine...
Oh delicate one...
Who are you...
So gorgeous, so beautiful...
A colourful story...
Your charm abounds everywhere you go...
Oh please tell us your secrets...
How do I tell you...
It has been said time and again...
Everything that glitters isn't gold...
It's best to let go of all that's old...
If tomorrow doesn't come,
I've no regrets...
My life has been a bed of roses...
Everywhere I go, I see...
Beautiful faces, everywhere I look...
They're all around me...
Abeautiful body...
A divine glow...
Why are you so...
Who are you...
What a gorgeous body...
Be it shade or shine...
Oh delicate one...
Who are you...
You can't smoke in here, Mr. Menon.
Are you always an early riser or...
is today an exception?
No. Always.
That's good.
A healthy lifestyle.
It's a pity you won't be able to
enjoy tonight's celebration.
It's Mr. Malhotra's birthday today.
The people of Samos have organised
a fireworks display in his honour.
Yesterday's fireworks are still echoing.
So, no thanks.
Was that a gunshot?
Mr. Malhotra...
Mr. Malhotra!
Mr. Malhotra?
Mr. Malhotra?
I don't understand this.
What's going on?
I heard a gunshot.
The key is in the keyhole,
but he never locks the door.
Did you give him tea in the morning?
Yes, ma'am.
- Was the door open?
- Yes.
Open the door, Mr. Malhotra!
We need to break the door down.
Get me something quick!
Hammer! Come on, come on...
Quick, quick... come on!
Oh no!
The IVS Officers are here.
Sunil, bring in the entire team.
Rigor mortis is just about starting to set in.
I'd place the time at no more than
two hours ago.
So about 0700 hours.
Bag the body.
this is Mr. Malhotra's medical report.
He was suffering from pancreatic cancer.
Last stage.
He was dying anyway.
Let's watch this.
I can't believe this nonsense.
You commit a mistake and we pay for it!
That's right!
And pay you will!
Over the past three years
I've collected evidence against all three of you.
When the International Vigilance Squad officers
arrive on this island at seven tomorrow morning...
I will hand over
all evidence and proof to them.
Basically, all three of you are completely finished.
The facts are...
the only way in and out
of this room is through the door.
The pistol belonged to Mr. Malhotra.
And the 9mm bullet is a perfect match.
There are traces of
gun powder on Malhotra's fingers.
If he shot himself while seated here...
then the direction of the bullet and...
the pistol landing on the floor are consistent.
Correct. It's suicide.
That's right.
unless Mr. Malhotra knew that
his life was in danger...
and so he called us here to Samos?
Or his four guests...
against whom he's levelled
such serious allegations...
perhaps one of them is responsible.
O. P. Ramsay.
Thailand's Prime Ministerial candidate...
and has everything to lose.
Vikram Kapoor.
Good actor.
But, is he also a murderer?
And if he is...
it's the end of his career.
Neil Menon.
A name which should be
at the top of every 'most wanted' list.
But he is very smart.
Tisha Khanna, or should I say, Malhotra?
Do you think,
knowing the truth about her life...
would enrage her enough to kill him?
And now she stands to inherit this wealth.
Tisha's name was in the will.
But the will was found burnt in the dustbin.
Sunil, where is the evidence
that Mr. Malhotra wanted to give us?
We're still looking.
Why would Mr. Malhotra want to kill himself?
Time to talk to his guests.
I'm Sia Agnihotri.
Chief Investigating Officer, IVS.
And this is Sunil Srivastava.
So, Mr. Menon...
don't see a lot of you lately.
You should try wearing spectacles.
- May I?
- No, you may not.
Where were you when the shot was fired?
I don't have time for these stupid questions.
When can I leave?
I was in the hall with Samara.
When was the last you saw him?
Last night.
He came to my room...
seeking forgiveness.
I told him to go to hell.
And guess what?
He listened to me.
Who had the spare key to the door?
Spare key?
There was only one key.
Mr. Malhotra never locked the door.
The key was never really used.
Did you break the door down?
No, I merely tried to break it down.
I broke the glass pane
using the candlestand.
I thought I could put my hand in
and open the door.
Once the door was opened,
we went inside.
We saw that...
He was dead?
He had shot himself...
here, in his head.
Of course, he was dead!
Did you touch anything in the room?
I felt his neck to check his pulse.
Why do you think
Kabir Malhotra accused you?
Who knows?
Publicity perhaps.
I haven't killed as much as
a mosquito in my life.
Well that makes you
the only such person on this planet.
Oh yes...
there was a jug of water on the desk.
I used it to douse the fire
in the dustbin.
Why do you think he burned the will?
He burnt the will?
I know nothing about the will.
I haven't even seen it.
He thought he could buy me.
But I told him, 'I'm not for sale'.
Is that why he took his own life?
I don't know.
He spent the last three years
planning for this day.
He often said that...
he would rest only after destroying
these three men.
I never thought that by "rest",
he meant this...
Yes, sir.
Right, sir.
Right, sir.
What did Mr. Ravenscar say?
He says we should let them go.
Sunil, where is the evidence?
Did someone steal it or burn it?
I mean, where is it?
Perhaps he didn't have any evidence after all.
Now what?
What do you think?
We have nothing against them
except Mr. Malhotra's accusations.
Not one single piece of evidence.
Thank God we're leaving
this godforsaken place.
I don't understand this.
What about the evidence he was talking about?
Where is it?
Was there even any evidence to begin with?!
If you ask me,
Kabir Malhotra was a raving lunatic.
First, he tried to trap us
and when that failed...
he bloody killed himself.
It's not over.
It's not over.
We'll go after every one of them.
And Sunil, mark my words.
We'll get them.
- Investigate everything recorded on the tape.
- Fine.
Begin surveillance on all of them.
I want to know of every move they make.
Mr. Neil Menon.
- Protesters in Thailand poured into Bangkok
over the past week demanding fresh elections.
You've been shot!
You're bleeding.
I have to do this.
Tell me what!
My phone.
Speed dial one.
Hello? Hold on...
Main kitchen freezer.
We have a problem, hurry up!
Wake up!
Stay with me, look at me.
Look at me.
Alright, look at me!
Stay with me.
Listen to me.
I'm not going to let you die.
Your name?
What's your name?
Just Maya.
Just' Maya.
What's a nice girl like you
doing in my vulgar club?
Please, don't say anything. Okay...
Hey... no...
stay with me.
Wake up, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Please, please don't die.
Hey... hey!
Hang on!
Your friends are here.
Neil, Neil!!
You need to get him to a hospital.
No... home.
I need to take him home.
You're okay... you're going to be okay now.
Quickly, go get some help.
It's okay... it's okay.
I'm right here... right here.
You're going to be fine.
We're almost there.
Stay with me.
Never did I think,
life this way would be...
Our paths would cross,
two strangers we'd meet...
Now as we get closer...
The heart is anxious with glee...
Never did I think,
life this way would be...
Wonder where destiny has brought me...
Now I am here with you...
And my heart is anxious with glee...
I am falling...
I am falling in love with you...
I am falling...
I am falling in love with you...
Never did I think,
life this way would be...
Our paths would cross,
two strangers we'd meet...
Now I am here with you...
And my heart is anxious with glee...
I am falling...
I am falling in love with you...
I am falling...
I am falling in love with you...
All of this is like a dream...
Everything so lovely and bright...
It's such a beautiful sight...
Everywhere you are, I am...
Our hearts met...
And now we're one...
Fate brought us together
and so it happened...
Now our paths are laden with blossoms...
Our hearts met
and so it happened...
Even the breeze hums a melody...
Now I wish this never ends...
There are so many things about me
that you still don't know.
And what I know is enough for me.
All has not been
smooth sailing for Mr. Ramsay...
who has been facing severe flak
for his disproportionate income.
On his arrival from Samos,
Mr. Ramsay provided some insight...
into his mysterious benefactor.
Keep calm... keep calm!
What do you have to say
about your trip to Samos?
What can I say... it's been very tragic.
But, what about Mr. Kabir Malhotra's death?
It has been a devastating experience.
The loss of a dear, dear friend
and a visionary.
Mr. Kabir Malhotra, you know, was not just
interested in funding the party but...
he was interested in the future of Thailand.
And, he truly believed that
the new political party is the future of Thailand.
this is a personal loss.
That's right, O.P.
It just got personal.
- keep me updated.
- Right.
He's headed out.
Headed into Istiklal Street.
Where are you?
Aiden, what's happening?
He's going in.
He's headed to the roof.
I don't believe this.
This was planned.
Bloody don't believe this!
Ravenscar wants to see you.
I want Neil Menon.
Find him.
You can't take on the might of people like...
an O. P. Ramsay or a Neil Menon.
Simply on the words of a disgruntled old man.
Drop it, Sia. Now.
Sir, Neil Menon has just skipped surveillance.
- He's just skipped what?
- Surveillance, sir.
And on whose authority did you
commission this surveillance?
I felt, if we watched them
they could lead us to the evidence.
Ms. Agnihotri...
let me make myself absolutely clear.
The Samos case is closed.
- But, sir...
- Closed.
Do you understand?
And kill the surveillance. Now.
- Victory!
We have won.
Victory is ours.
Now it's our turn, Karamveer.
Now we rule.
- Victory!
I'll just be back.
Congratulations, O.P.
Thank you, thank you very much.
May I ask who's calling?
Forget about who I am and tell me...
The position you've been elected to...
what does it mean to you?
Sir, they're waiting.
I'm sorry?
You will have to apologise to
the people of Thailand...
if I disclose the truth to them.
The truth?
The adventures of O.P. Ramsay.
The file Mr. Kabir Malhotra had on you...
is now with me.
What file? What are you talking about?
O. P...
I'll call back in two hours
and tell you...
what I need in return for the file.
Who was that?
How the hell should I know?
No, I mean...
we need to give this some thought.
I mean, what's the guarantee
that he really has the file?
For a start, I don't have it.
Sir, please, please just calm down.
Don't you tell me to calm down!
You know what's in that file!
Every detail connecting
the orphanages to the prostitution.
All the evidence against me.
It has everything.
If this story leaks out,
I will be finished.
So, don't you dare tell me to calm down.
Kabir Malhotra is responsible for this.
If he hadn't committed suicide,
I would've killed him myself.
- I swear, Karamveer.
- Sir, but we've destoyed all the evidence there was.
I don't care, Karamveer.
Go out there and if anybody has
even a word against me...
go and destroy it.
Now go!
I'm going, sir.
I'll take care of it.
I'll tackle it.
Now that's what I call the perfect confession.
What confession?
How do you know?
In five minutes...
do watch the news without fail.
It's going to be sensational.
Sia, it's the news.
You've got to see this.
It's bloody priceless.
I don't know how
we are getting this but we have...
live footage of Mr. Ramsay,
the Prime Minister-in-waiting...
has in no uncertain terms admitted
to his involvement in the prostitution racket.
- If this story leaks out,
I'm finished.
- So, don't you dare tell me to calm down.
He's put cameras in this room.
He has rigged this room.
This whole place is bloody bugged!
- Kabir Malhotra is responsible.
- If he hadn't committed suicide,
I would've killed him myself.
- I don't care.
- Go out there and if anybody has
even a word against me...
- go and destroy it. Now!
- I'm going, sir.
I'll take care of it, I'll tackle it.
- It's incredible because just this evening...
- the People's Party won a landslide victory.
- Mr. O. P Ramsay was declared as
Thailand's first ethnic Prime Minister.
- For those who have just tuned in.
- Sir, the camera.
- You're watching live footage
from an undisclosed source.
- Mr. O.P. Ramsay is being seen
in the most distressing circumstances.
Damn it!
- Sir!
Is anybody there??
- Call the doctor!
- Sir... breathe.
Take deep breaths, sir.
- Is somebody there?
Call the doctor! Guards?
- Call the doctor!
- Sir...
- Sir, breathe!
We seem to have lost the feed
but this is incredible.
Mr. O. P. Ramsay,
the Prime Minister-in-waiting...
has been caught
confessing on camera...
Welcome back, Mr. Neil Menon.
Neil Menon?
What are you talking about?
This could also be the opposition's ploy.
How would they know about the file?
It's Neil, I just know it.
Sia, call from Mumbai Police HQ for you.
Line three in my cabin.
In a suitcase?
Oh shit!
Okay, thanks.
- Mumbai?
- Yes.
What about Bangkok?
You were just saying...
Neil is done with Bangkok.
He is going to move.
And the Mumbai police have found
the body of Elton Ferreira.
Who? Elton?
Elton Ferreira, Sunil!
Don't you remember the video recording?
Mr. Malhotra said Elton was with Vikram
the night Maya was killed.
He is dead now.
Sia, listen...
we need to inform Captain Ravenscar.
Of course, we'll inform him.
But only after arresting Neil Menon.
I'm sure we'll get him in Mumbai.
Sunil, I need to see you
at the car park in five minutes.
Okay, done.
Please, please don't.
Cut it.
Vikram, why did you do that?
It was a good shot.
It was pathetic.
Give me ten minutes,
we'll do one more.
Service line two.
We'll do one more.
Get some tea, please.
Sir, the costume for the next shot.
At the Global Warming Summit in Italy,
all countries have reached a consensus.
- India got off to a good start at
the fourth cricket match against Sri Lanka.
- 103 runs in 13 overs.
- The Metro service was inaugurated.
- The CBI will open an investigation into
Bollywood actor Vikram Kapoor.
Police have recovered
the body of his make-up man.
The news in detail, after this short break.
Popular Bollywood actor Vikram Kapoor
will be taken in for questioning by the CBI.
Police found the body
of his make-up man, Elton Ferreira...
on the terrace of a hotel near the airport.
This is the second instance that Vikram Kapoor
has been embroiled in a murder investigation.
First it was industrialist Kabir Malhotra...
and now Elton Ferreira.
What remains to be seen is the effect
of this on his next movie, "Chase".
We are coming to you live from
outside Vikram Kapoor's house.
He isn't in at the moment.
Furthermore, even his servants
aren't to be seen.
Looks like he is here.
- What do you have to say
about Elton's murder?
- Why didn't you lodge a report when he went missing?
- Driver, don't stop.
- Sir, who could've killed Elton?
- Sir, your name is linked
to this murder case.
- Cheers!
What are you doing here?
And how did you get in?
Anybody here?
Vinod, Suresh...
What do you want?
Why are you here?
I want to see fear in your eyes.
The same fear that...
you saw in Maya's eyes
when you buried her alive.
It was an accident, Neil.
Well then, so is this.
Now I can see that fear.
Why are you doing this?
Because I loved Maya.
Hello, Andheri police station.
Who is it?
The latest from Bollywood.
For just 70 rupees.
The latest from Bollywood.
Fine, okay.
Sia, you won't believe it.
There was a call
from the local police station.
Vikram Kapoor called the police
to confess that he killed Maya.
Just 70 rupees.
The latest from Bollywood.
August 22nd.
- He is dead.
Vikram didn't confess voluntarily.
He was forced to.
How does Neil figure in this?
Sunil, who is the only one
to have skipped surveillance?
Yes, sir.
Where are you, Sia?
Mumbai, sir.
Vikram Kapoor is dead.
He was found in his house
with slashed wrists...
but his body has
severe signs of violence.
Sir, Neil Menon is on a killing spree.
Eliminating all the witnesses
from that weekend.
Did I not give you a direct order
to drop that case?
And to drop Neil Menon.
Sir, if you could just listen to me.
No, you listen to me.
I want you off that case.
Right now.
I will see you in my office tomorrow.
Sir, if someone in our department...
is protecting Neil Menon...
That will be enough, Ms. Agnihotri.
What did he say?
Precisely what he's been asked to say.
Sir, your mail.
Turn it around.
Your flight for Mumbai
leaves in two hours.
Our associate will get in touch with you.
He will brief you about the rest.
Is this what you really want?
Yes, I want this.
In this business enemies are aplenty, Ranbir.
But there is only one Maya.
This is a risk I cannot take.
Hello, could you please send somebody
to room 607 to collect the bag?
Yeah, thank you.
It's open.
You shouldn't leave your door open like this.
Never know who could enter.
Put your hands up.
Put them up!
Don't be dramatic.
We need to talk.
Talk about what?
The truth.
It's weighing on me like a ton.
Is that so?
Shall we start?
Bangkok... O.P. Ramsay?
- Guilty.
- And Vikram Kapoor?
I made him confess to the police.
That's all?
Yeah, that's all.
In fact, I wasn't even with him
when he killed himself.
Well, then how do you know
he is no more?
Only the police know about this.
You do have a phone, don't you?
Trust me, no tricks.
May I?
Now what is it, Sia?
Good evening, Mr. Ravenscar.
What the heck are you doing there?
I had no choice.
I was right.
You've been bought, haven't you?
For God's sake!
Look, it's not what you think, Sia.
This horrible creature
you have in front of you is...
Major Arjun Singhania,
International Vigilance Squad.
Deep undercover in the Turkish drug cartel.
Major Arjun Singhania?
And he outranks you, so please be nice.
And now if you'll excuse me,
I'd like to get back to my work.
You're a police officer?
Even I hate surprises.
So, what do I call you?
Neil or Arjun?
Neil is fine.
Let's not complicate this case any further.
No thanks, I'm working.
To murder.
Even you believe that
Kabir Malhotra was murdered?
People and their strange habits.
For instance...
when people are having a drink
and smoking at the same time...
they always hold the glass
in the non-dominant hand.
Like Kabir Malhotra,
I too am left-handed.
Oh my God!
You're right.
And if he was left-handed...
why would he pull the trigger
with his right hand?
He was murdered.
But, who did it?
There's a well known Latin phrase.
'Cui bono? '
Who benefits? '
We need to re-examine the evidence.
I'll see you at the airport in an hour.
Why are you doing this for Kabir Malhotra?
I'm not doing it for him.
Neil, this is Mark and Aiden.
They're on the Malhotra case too.
Here are the details
on the will you asked for.
Oh, and Samara came by...
she dropped of the blue prints
and documents that you wanted.
I still can't believe that
you are a police officer.
I swear.
There were three parts to the will.
Mr. Malhotra donated a huge sum
to many charities...
one million Euro to his staff
and everything else to Tisha.
But that will was burnt.
Which means, according to the law...
Mr. Malhotra died without a valid will.
And that means...
his only heir, inherits all his wealth.
Tisha gets everything.
How much exactly is everything?
10 billion Euro.
Sia, it's Tisha.
She tried to kill herself this morning.
She did what?
Attempted suicide, sir.
She's at St. Marks' hospital right now.
What the bloody hell is going on?
Sia, you go to the hospital.
I'll meet you at HQ later.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, but I need to question Tisha.
- Any problem, officer?
- No.
It's just routine.
I'll wait.
That's fine, thank you.
Tisha, what happened?
I... I don't know.
Why did you try to kill yourself?
I didn't try to kill myself.
But you tried to hang yourself
from the fan.
No, dad!
I was watching TV and...
all of a sudden,
I don't know what happened but...
I fell unconscious and...
Wh... what's going on?
Dad, you need to tell me.
I really need to know.
- What's happening?
- Excuse me, this is going to have to wait.
Can you please step outside?
What does this mean?
Why would someone want to kill Tisha?
Mr. Khanna, it's critical
that you do exactly as I say.
You'll never guess.
Tisha was attacked.
But she's alright now.
Even so, you instructed Mr. Khanna
that he should say that his daughter is dead.
How did you know that?
Because it's what I would've done.
So, it's obvious that there is a killer
hiding somewhere.
Or, perhaps Tisha is lying
so that we don't suspect her.
It's possible.
What does anyone get by killing Tisha?
10 billion Euro.
ask Mr. Malhotra's lawyer
who inherits after Tisha?
Got that.
That's it, right?
The question is,
who would want to kill Tisha.
The question remains the same.
Who would want to kill Mr. Malhotra?
What? You guys don't follow football?
Chelsea has to win
if they want to stay on top of the table.
I need some fresh air.
I'm not going to let you die.
22nd August, 2007.
You have two new messages.
First message.
Neil, Ranbir here. Call me back.
Second message.
it's been three months now.
You keep saying that you'll come here.
I guess it was naive of me to believe you.
I just want you to know that...
I'm pregnant.
I'm sure, this is the last thing
you needed to know.
Neil, I've treasured every moment of my life
since I met you.
And, I'll always love you for that.
The number you've dialled
is currently switched off.
The number you've dialled
is currently switched off.
Who won?
Chelsea won!
- Chelsea! Chelsea!
Neil, Mr. Malhotra's lawyer has sent this fax.
If Tisha dies,
the Malhotra family gets everything.
The Malhotra family.
Lqbal Chand Malhotra?
Kabir Malhotra's brother...
who was disowned by their father.
But why?
I guess he must've been the black sheep.
And it's possible that...
Kabir didn't help him out,
so he must be very upset.
What are you looking for?
Any idea how this red paper
and these chemicals are connected?
No, why?
Mustard has the same effect on me.
Let's go to Mumbai then.
To see lqbal Chand Malhotra.
I was going to say the same thing.
See you in 15 minutes.
The ward is upstairs.
Mr. Malhotra is asleep now
but you can still see him.
How long has he been here?
Five years.
Stomach cancer.
Last stage.
Has he ever left this place
in the past five years?
This is a sanatorium, Ms. Agnihotri.
Not a jail.
Patients are free to move in and out.
But, as far as I know,
Mr. Malhotra never left this place.
Who visits him?
He is all alone.
Earlier his daughter would
write to him, every week.
- That doesn't happen anymore.
- Why not?
She died, poor thing.
It was a car accident, January 2006.
Since then he hasn't spoken with anyone.
Poor man, all broken down.
I understand.
What was his daughter's name?
Natasha Malhotra.
Can I get a copy of Mr. Malhotra's
admission form and medical reports?
Why not.
But it could take some time.
I'll have to go through
some of the old files, you see.
I will have someone call you later.
Is that okay?
- No problem.
- Thank you.
We're done, let's go.
- Thank you so much.
- Welcome.
One thing is certain.
The murder wasn't committed
by lqbal Chand Malhotra.
But he was the reason for it.
Being cryptic suits you...
not this case.
Fine, I'll give it to you straight.
His daughter's letter?
She's dead, Neil.
- When?
- January 2006.
Then what's this?
If his daughter died in January...
how could she have written
this letter in June?
This means Natasha Malhotra is the killer?
But, where is she?
- You?
- Good evening.
How did you get in?
Through the door.
I'm sorry...
is there something wrong?
I prefer the next piece, it's a...
a lot more dramatic.
I don't understand.
Five years ago...
Samara Shroff joined Kabir Malhotra's empire
as his executive assistant.
He didn't know her.
Samara knew him very well.
Because she was,
his brother, lqbal Chand Malhotra's daughter.
Isn't that right, Natasha?
Mr. Menon, is this a joke?
Mr. Kabir Malhotra was dying of cancer.
And your father was his legal heir.
Making sure that it stayed that way was crucial.
And for the past five years...
you were doing just that.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Mr. Malhotra wasn't aware that
when he was telling us the truth...
it affected someone else...
a lot more.
How dare you?
You... you're...
As soon as you learnt about Tisha...
it was clear that Kabir
needed to die immediately.
Before he could rewrite his will.
You thought that when the police arrived
and found guests like us present...
you would show
them the video recording.
Then who in their right minds,
would ever suspect you?
Wait a minute.
Are you implying that I killed Mr. Malhotra?
That morning...
Good morning, Mr. Malhotra.
Good morning.
You went to his room,
just as you did everyday.
Here's your mail.
When you were sure
that he wasn't paying attention to you...
you carried out your plan.
Using his pistol...
very smoothly...
you shot him.
You shot him in cold blood.
This is absurd.
Perhaps you don't remember
that when the bullet was fired...
I was with you.
You were with me...
when we heard
what we thought was a gunshot.
Was that a gunshot?
The plan was good.
All you needed were two things.
an alibi...
who would vouch that you were
with him when the gun was fired.
Are you always an early riser or
is today an exception?
And, two...
a small fire cracker.
And since there was to be
a fireworks display that night...
it wasn't diffcult getting a fire cracker.
You can't smoke in here, Mr. Menon.
It's a pity you won't be able to
enjoy tonight's celebration.
Yesterday's fireworks are still echoing.
So, no thanks.
And now, if you're done with your story...
please get out of my house!
Your house?
But, I believe this house isn't yours,
it belongs to Tisha.
And, I believe Tisha is no more.
Do you think you're the only one
who can create an illusion?
Tisha is alive.
I'm very happy to hear that.
Anyway, if you had
any kind of proof then...
We do have proof.
Your fingerprints.
You heard me.
Your fingerprints.
They are on the key.
When we were banging on the door...
Mr. Malhotra?
Mr. Malhotra?
You said the key was in the keyhole.
The key is in the keyhole,
but he never locks the door.
And we believed you.
And when you realised
I would break the door down...
you made your move.
Hammer... quick, come on.
This is your proof?!
Of course my fingerprints were on the key.
I turned the key to open the door, remember?
Yes, I remember.
Then, explain this.
If the key was already in the keyhole...
then how did your fingerprints...
get on the middle barrel of the key?
I mean, if you had only turned the key,
like you just said...
then your fingerprints wouldn't be there, right?
The fact of the matter is...
when you broke the pane
and put your hand in...
the key was already in your hand.
I didn't do...
Natasha Malhotra, you are hereby arrested
on the charges of murder of...
Don't even think about it.
Lqbal Chand Malhotra.
The mastermind of this game.
That's right.
Place your pistol on the table.
You too, Mr. Menon.
If I had a pistol,
you wouldn't have been alive right now.
In that case,
thank you for not carrying a gun.
Her gun.
May I ask you something, Mr. Menon?
When did you piece the puzzle together?
At the hospital.
If I hadn't seen the photograph...
I wouldn't have known that
you and Kabir were identical twins.
And they say, twins...
don't give birth to twins.
It's over, Malhotra.
Game over.
It's your game that is over.
Coming here alone was a huge mistake.
go and wait for me on the boat.
Some things aren't meant to be done
in the presence of children.
It could corrupt their minds.
trust me, you don't want to do this.
- Shut up.
- Natasha, now go.
I'm warning you.
Natasha, I said leave now.
- Feeling better?
- Much better, thanks.
Tell me something...
why did you suspect that
it wasn't a gunshot?
I'm allergic to gunpowder.
Especially, the type used in
small explosives and fireworks.
It just...
shoots up my nose.
Like mustard.
That's it then.
What a story.
Afather who did it all for his daughter...
and a daughter who did it all for her father.
Quite a...
faithful bunch, these Malhotras.
Do you ever get serious?