Game of Death (2010) Movie Script

Come on, come on. Go.
BOY 1:
Go. Let's go.
BOY 2:
Okay. Now.
I'm open, I'm open.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
BOY 4: Good job.
BOY 5: Right here, right here.
CLARENCE: All right, come on.
Come on, let's keep it moving.
BOY 6:
Put it up.
Oh! All right.
Good game. Good game, man.
-You guys stay out of trouble.
BOYS: All right.
- All right.
- All right, guys, let's do it again.
Okay, guys, see you on Sunday.
All right.
Good morning.
What can I do for you, my son?
I think the question is:
What can I do for you, Father?
I don't understand.
Are you okay?
I saw you playing basketball
with the kids out there.
- A lot of poverty around here.
- Yes.
A lot of poverty.
Would you like to confess?
Well, no. It's been a long time
since I've done that.
No, Father,
I think I'm way beyond redemption.
There's just you, me and God.
And I'm sworn to secrecy.
So, what have you got to lose?
Come, have a seat.
Join me.
Take your time.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Go on.
Tell me what's in your heart.
You know, everything they write
about me in the papers is true.
I am an undercover agent for the CIA.
Go on, my son.
I am a killer.
I used to believe in something,
not anymore.
You did a good job in New York,
With Zarahoui dead, the Iranians
will not be getting their shipment.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, sir.
Your team?
No problem.
I swore to defend my country against
all enemies foreign and domestic,
but the world is becoming complex,
We are at war with an enemy
who has no face.
Often within our own walls.
The Redvale Corporation is a
major hedge fund based in Detroit.
They have invested over $ 10 billion
in oil exploration in Africa.
Because they're unhappy
with the local government's policies,
they've been financing an arms dealer
named Frank Smith to arm the rebels.
Now this Smith, he's a...
He's a real son of a bitch.
Establish contact, work for him,
infiltrate his organization.
And when the time is right,
I want you to take Smith
and Redvale out.
And, Marcus,
the CIA cannot be connected to this.
- I fully understand.
- In today's world,
who knows if your actions
will get you a medal or a trial.
This is for you.
Good luck.
Ronnie, I don't give a shit.
We got $ 2 million into this deal.
He's late. That's not my problem.
Well, you tell them, they don't make that
payment, I'm gonna cut off his fucking balls.
You're my attorney.
I'm paying you 800 bucks an hour.
You stop wasting my time.
You foreclose on this asshole.
Jane, what's happening?
The vault reports that
the money from Mr. Smith
from the African transaction is ready.
Fucking Wall Street.
These assholes create
the biggest financial disaster
the American economy
has seen in 80 years.
Millions of people lose their homes,
their jobs.
They nearly bankrupt the country.
Then what happens?
They get rewarded
with a government bailout.
- Ready, sir.
- All right. Let's go.
Subject is leaving the airport.
Don't get too close.
Remember people, we don't make a
move before he picks up the money.
Marcus will give us the cue.
Is this the bakery?
Is the oven hot?
- We're right on schedule.
- To the minute?
To the second.
Everything is set, sir.
Punctuality is the politeness of kings.
You know who said that?
No, sir.
It was King Louis XVIII.
He was a slimy fucker.
Sycophantic little punk.
and his team are on their way.
Everything is set.
Hey, would you do me a favor,
put on the air, will you?
- It's like a hotbox in here.
- It's already on, sir.
Well, then turn it up.
This is Zander.
Dietrich is out of the picture.
I am now in command.
Oh, Christ.
What the?
- Is everything all right back there?
- Jesus, my... My chest.
Oh, shit.
SMITH: Christ...
- He's having a heart attack.
Hang in there.
Get us to the hospital.
What's going on down there?
Target is off course.
Oh, shit.
- ETA.
DRIVER: Five minutes.
But I think we have company.
Did you take anything?
Did you take anything? Boss.
Frank. Frank.
Come on. Come on.
Do not lose him.
Go. Go.
Please, please. Please.
Request permission to fire on target.
Come on. Come on. Go. Go.
Keep Smith alive at all costs.
We're losing him.
He's heading toward the hospital.
- Sir. Please, sir. Sir.
- Oh. He's my client.
- I'm the head of his security.
- Sir, we'll handle it.
Sir, please, you have to let
the doctors do their job.
- I can't go with him?
- No, you can't.
Best thing you can do for yourself
is go to the desk over there
and tell the nurse
all the information about the patient.
Take a couple of minutes, all right?
Thank you.
If you can fill out this form.
Hi, I'm Dr. Brown.
Can you tell me what happened?
Look. My boss had a heart attack.
I really need to stay with him.
- What's his name?
- His name is Frank Smith.
- History of cardiac problems?
- That I'm unaware of.
Sir, just stay here. Stay here.
Look, he's my client.
We're gonna take care of him,
all right?
Agent 1, cover the stairwells.
Agent 3, the emergency exit.
Four and 5, get the elevators.
I want the entire premises covered.
Guys, we got a situation out here.
You need to call 911 right away.
- We're on.
We received a 911 call
from the hospital.
We need to move up our plan.
This is Dispatch.
Cancel all response to the 911 call
from the Detroit Medical Center.
This is a national security operation.
Undercover agents are on site.
Do not interfere.
I repeat. Do not interfere.
Sir, are you carrying a weapon?
Look, I'm a close-protection specialist.
- Sir. Please do me a favor.
- I'm licensed.
Hand the weapon to the officer.
It's hospital policy.
We'll put it in safe keeping.
Okay. Doc, how's he doing?
He's stabilized.
We're taking him up to ICU right now.
Smith is in the ICU.
Thank you.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Look, no. Uh... Do you have some orange
juice or a candy bar or something?
- I'm a diabetic.
- I'll get a nurse to help you.
Sit down and I'll get a nurse
to get you tested.
- Okay.
- All right.
We're gonna take care of you
right away.
Just follow me, please.
Thank you.
What's going on with the hospital?
The hospital built a new wing and they're in
the process of transferring patients over today.
Good timing on your part, huh?
Excuse me, sir.
You're not supposed to be in here.
RACHEL: Mr. Smith, has anything like
this ever happened to you before?
- No.
- We're gonna run some tests on you.
Okay, great.
Great. Thanks.
Make sure you get the, uh, immediate
results on that enzyme analysis.
All right, we're in. Great.
Marcus is alone with the nurse.
So, what do you do for a living?
Protect very important people.
That sounds exciting.
- Are you from Detroit?
- No.
- Is it dangerous?
- Sometimes.
Well, this little needle
won't hurt you then.
I've always wanted to date
a bodyguard.
Thank you.
Look, I'm real concerned
about the man I came in with.
I think he had a heart attack.
- Where would they take him?
NURSE: I suppose the ICU.
I don't think they've been moved yet.
It's on the fourth floor.
- Can you show me where that is?
- I'd be happy to take you there.
ZANDER [OVER RADIO]: Did you get Marcus?
What's the status?
Marcus is in the stairwell
on the first floor.
Copy that.
Kill him. Now.
I dreamed you.
I dreamed you, and now you're real.
Please take me out here.
Mine, mine, mine.
Please take me.
Can I touch you?
Just... Just once.
I'll be gentle, I promise.
I can show you the way out of here.
- I never dated anyone.
- Dr. Green. Dr. Green.
Are you gonna take me to ice cream?
The angels upstairs are working.
MAN 1: Find anything?
- You know the red ones, pink ones.
And the blue ones. I like gold.
MAN 2: Dr. Green?
- I can show you the way out of here!
- Dr. Green. I need those pills.
- Come play with us.
- It's up here.
- Very nice.
MAN 3: Pushing man.
Pointing man. Pushing man.
MAN 3:
Pointing man.
Go over there, against the wall.
Against the door.
- We play the door game now.
- You, over there.
MAN 4:
Where are the doctors?
They said they'd come back.
Please take me with you.
Agent 3.
Agent 3, report.
Get down to the third floor
and find out what the fuck is going on.
You can't be in here.
Please leave. Now.
This patient is a threat to national
security. He's gonna have to leave with us.
He's not going anywhere.
He just had a heart attack.
We're inserting a cardiac catheter. It's very likely
he's gonna need a stent inserted into his artery.
I can't allow him to travel.
Marie, please call security.
I wouldn't do that.
I'm afraid you have no choice in this,
no say in the matter.
We're security now.
Mr. Smith, good morning.
We're gonna go see your friends now.
RACHEL: Mr. Smith, please
calm down. Please calm down.
Look, I don't care what you do.
But you give him something
to jack him up, make him strong.
Wanna pump up a man who had a
heart attack full of epinephrine?
It'll kill him. I won't allow it.
You can and you will.
Like I said, you have no choice.
How long is this gonna take?
What you are suggesting will cause
him to have another heart attack.
You're asking me to put the life of
my patient at risk. I won't do it.
I'm not suggesting anything, doc.
You either give him a shot
or you take one yourself.
- Marcus?
- Floria.
Is that you?
What's going on?
There's been a change of plans,
Oh, yeah? Where's Dietrich?
Dietrich's dead.
What happened?
Things are complicated.
Can we just talk about it?
No, no, no.
You people trying to kill me.
Okay, I'll make a deal with you.
Seems like you and me have an
interest in Mr. Smith staying alive.
So I'm gonna perform the procedure
my patient needs to survive.
If after inserting the stent,
he is not alert,
then I'll administer the shot
you are requesting.
Mr. Smith, calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
If you give him the shot first, he's not
gonna make it out of here alive.
Why don't you just tell me
what's going on, huh?
Where's Zander?
- Zander's in charge, Marcus.
- In charge of what?
- I was running this mission.
- Like I said, things have changed.
- How long is this gonna take?
- Not less than an hour.
You got 30 minutes.
So why don't you tell me
what's the new mission, huh?
The mission is we're taking
the fucking money, Marcus.
We're getting the fuck out of here.
You can either join us or you can die.
Don't be stupid, Marcus.
We know all your moves.
Well, I guess that puts us
on opposite sides, doesn't it?
Now will you please get that thing out of
my face, so I can take care of my patient?
Hundred million dollars, Marcus.
Come on.
You can have a nice life, Marcus.
We control this whole place.
You're outnumbered.
The cops aren't coming for you.
And you have no backup.
We're it.
I know this isn't about Smith.
That piece of shit going down was
always part of the plan, so what is it?
The system's corrupt.
Every day we risk our lives,
and for what?
We protect sellouts and monsters,
It's been like that a long time
and it's not gonna change.
So, yeah, this time, fuck them.
We're taking the money.
Go find out what's happening.
You just make sure
you keep this patient alive.
You gotta roll with the punches, man.
You can still come out on top.
Gonna love my new life, Marcus.
I always liked you, Marcus.
I even thought one day
you might make a move on me.
Huh? Talk to me.
I would love to talk to you, Marcus.
Come on, man, I'm doing all
the talking. It's kind of rude.
Haven't you got anything to say?
- Heh. Got him.
ZANDER: Bring him to me alive.
Hello, Marcus.
RACHEL: Okay, Mr. Smith, you should
start to feel better real soon.
My dear friend.
My teammate.
What did you think was
gonna happen, Frank?
Your trusted bodyguard was gonna burst
through the door and save the day?
He's one of us.
Let me introduce you.
Agent Marcus Jones, CIA.
You are the mission, Frank.
Take down you and Redvale.
Look at him.
He's the perfect Boy Scout.
You made the wrong decision, brother.
But you know what?
I knew you would.
- You killed Dietrich.
- Yeah, we killed Dietrich.
Your beloved mentor.
He was like a father figure to you,
right, Marcus?
I knew he wouldn't go along with
our plan, so yeah, we eliminated him.
You know when this is over,
- I'm gonna kill you.
- Heh.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But right now, you ain't killing jack shit.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's time to go.
You've had enough time.
Get him in the wheelchair now.
If I go too fast, it will kill him.
Hurry this up. We don't have time.
Get a bag of supplies ready
for him to go.
Hurry the fuck up!
Please, put that away.
I'm doing the best I can. That's not
gonna make this go any faster.
I'll take it down
when you've got him in the wheelchair.
You, wheelchair.
ZANDER: Come on, Frank.
We're gonna see your friends.
All right.
Right behind you.
Come on, Frankie.
And, oh, honey,
you're coming with us.
So pack your shit.
Take what you need. Get out of here.
Smith and Redvale are responsible
for more revolutions than Karl Marx.
Yeah. They got more blood on their hands than most
dictators. Still, they're protected by the law.
This is my life, Zander, all right?
And I've spent it serving a country
that couldn't give a fuck about me.
So, yeah, I'm a little disillusioned.
Listen to me, Flor.
I've been working on something.
Something that I think will
be really good for you and me.
The betrayal of my team,
the betrayal of the people I trusted.
We were like a family.
Do you regret your life, my son?
- Do you want God to forgive you?
- No, Father.
I don't wanna be forgiven
for what I've done.
I stayed in the car all night,
and I realized
that I have nothing left.
My enemies have one.
And when I woke up this morning
and I saw you playing with the kids,
I thought to myself: "Wow, you know,
if life could be so simple."
I just felt like following you here.
I realized the world would be
a better place without men like me.
Look, I should go, Father. I don't
wanna take up most of your time.
Tell me.
What happened to your team?
ZANDER: That is exactly what
I'm saying. Are we clear?
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]:All officers, we have
a homicide at the Detroit Medical Center.
The suspect is a former CIA agent
involved in an assassination.
He is armed and dangerous.
What's so funny?
You're full of shit.
What did he say?
That you're full of shit.
- I'm not the one that's dying.
- Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
As soon as he steps into Redvale's
building, he's a dead man.
As soon as you step into Redvale's
building, you're a dead man.
You want him to live, right?
All you're after is the money.
Redvale is about power.
He's like the Mafioso in Sicily.
They control billions of dollars
and they live in shacks.
They are about power.
It's about power.
Hey, what's he saying?
Nothing. Just...
Just the ramblings of a dying man.
He will never give you a dime.
We will see.
Hello. Welcome to the Redvale
Corporation. How may I help you?
This is Mr. Frank Smith.
We're here to see John Redvale.
- You have an appointment?
- We're a bit late. He's expecting us.
Uh... Let me call up to his office.
This will just take a moment, please.
Thank you.
Please see Mr. Smith and his
associates up to Mr. Redvale's office.
Follow me, please.
Hello, Mr. Smith.
Are you okay?
Hi, Jane.
I'm Mr. Smith's bodyguard.
He's having a little heart trouble
right now and isn't feeling so well.
But we're here to keep the appointment
with Mr. Redvale.
Yes, of course.
Mr. Redvale is on a call at the moment,
but has asked that you'll be seated in
the conference room. It's right this way.
Mr. Smith is here to see you,
but he doesn't look right,
and he's got a lot of people
with him too.
Let's go take a look, shall we?
Hey, Frankie.
How you doing?
Wow. Look at you.
What's going on?
ZANDER: Mr. Smith is not feeling well.
He's having a little heart trouble.
But he wanted to come in to conclude
today's scheduled transaction.
Heart trouble, Frank?
You look like shit.
You should be at the hospital, Frank.
let's just finish this deal.
Frank, uh,
now is not a good time. Uh...
I wasn't expecting to do this here. I figured
maybe we'd go out, have a little dinner, celebrate.
Mr. Smith would like to finish
this piece of business today. Now.
Isn't that right, Mr. Smith?
I'm sorry.
But who are you again? Huh?
You work for Frank?
Because you're doing a lot of talking for
him, and I ain't never seen you before.
Where's your man Marcus, Frank?
- He's been relieved of his duties.
- Oh, is that right?
Well, gentlemen, uh,
I'm not real comfortable here.
I don't know any of you people are.
And I really don't like strangers
walking into my office.
Frank. Frank.
Why don't you go relax, huh?
When you're feeling better, you
come back here in a couple days,
and we'll talk about it. Okay?
Nobody needs to get hurt here today.
- What is it you want?
- The money.
Plain and simple.
Just Frank's share.
That okay with you, Frank?
I'm afraid I can't comply
with that request.
- I'm afraid you don't have a choice.
- I don't have a choice?
You have any idea who you're fucking
with? Let me tell you what's gonna happen.
Let's just suppose you make it
out of here alive with the money.
One sunny day, 10 years from now, when
you'll be convinced of your new identity,
and feeling very proud about what you've
accomplished here, you're gonna go jogging.
By the time you come back,
your wife and kids will be dead.
Then I'm gonna wait
another 10 years.
And if you haven't hung yourself
out of remorse,
I'm gonna kill you.
- That's not gonna happen.
- Oh. You better get used to the idea.
Imagine a room just like this one,
filled with paperwork documenting every illegal
transaction you've ever done in your life.
And now imagine me
with a key to that room.
- Who are you?
- CIA.
We've been watching you and Mr.
Frank Smith here for a very long time.
Now, we're gonna go back
to the beginning.
I'm gonna count to three,
and we're all gonna lower our guns
very slowly.
Oh, my God!
That wasn't necessary.
I don't like witnesses.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Call the vault.
Tell them I'm on the way.
Do it now, Jane.
It's okay, Jane. Go ahead.
Yes, sir. Right away.
Sam, it's Jane.
Mr. Redvale is on his way down
to the vault with some associates
and ask that you have it open for him
when he gets there.
Yes, right now.
Thank you.
That's very good, Jane.
- Jesus.
- What the fuck is wrong with you, huh?
- Let's go.
- Fuck you.
Fucking asshole.
So CIA gone bad, huh?
I never knew a good CIA.
Heh. I couldn't agree with you more.
- Looking for a retirement plan.
- Exactly.
Why don't you come work for me?
You wouldn't be able to trust me.
- Hello, Sam.
- Sir.
- Everything all right, Mr. Redvale?
- Everything's all right, Sam.
Jesus Christ, man!
Open it.
Fucking A.
Fucking A indeed.
There you go. A hundred million
in hundred dollar bills.
Just like we agreed, Frank.
This is your money.
You really gonna let this happen?
You got a better idea, John?
You'll never get out of here
with that money.
You really think so, Frank?
You wanna make a bet?
How about it, Frank?
I'll bet you.
Ten thousand dollars.
Oh, that's your money
we're betting with, right?
You're not looking so good, Frank.
I think the odds are in my favor.
Looking for Frank Smith.
Yeah, I just saw him.
He went down to the vault.
Sir. Sir.
Son of a bitch.
I need your help.
Tell them I'm feeling weaker.
Take these bag up to the roof.
Call the chopper,
have them at the ready.
Yes, sir.
Tell them we'll be there in 10 minutes.
Is that you?
You're trapped, Zander.
- Why don't you give it up.
- You didn't kill him.
Get over there. Move. Go!
I should have listened to Floria,
killed you while I had the chance.
There's a lot of money here, Marcus.
So don't be a fucking idiot, huh?
Take the bag you've got,
and get the fuck out of here.
Oh, it's not gonna be that easy.
There's only one path out of here,
and you gotta cross me to get there.
You're outnumbered, Marcus.
You're all alone.
What, you think you got leverage
because you got Smith and Redvale?
I don't give a fuck about them. You can put a
bullet right in their head right now, for all I care.
- I can't breathe.
- His blood pressure's dropping.
I think he's having
another heart attack.
Hang in there, Mr. Smith.
Hang in there.
Uh... I can't. I can't. I can't.
I need some help here!
- What's wrong with you people?
- Shut up!
He's gonna die.
Sounds like you're losing
your numbers, Zander.
There is something else.
Oh, God! No!
- Shut up.
- No!
- You hear this, Marcus?
- He's gonna die!
Do you hear this, Marcus? Our doctor
friend is trying to be a hero in here.
You might wanna reconsider your position
or I'm gonna put a bullet in her head.
Okay. I'm sending you out a little
package to help you change your mind.
This is your last chance, Marcus.
Take the money
and get the fuck out of here.
That's what you came here for, isn't it?
Throw your gun down, Marcus.
I said throw your gun down.
You got till the count of three
before I blow her brains out.
- Leave her out of this.
- Yeah, you keep walking, sweetheart.
There you go, Marcus.
Okay, Rachel.
You kick that gun over here.
Pick it up and shoot him.
Come on, doc, you can do it. Now!
Come on, doctor.
Rachel, Rachel.
I'm so very disappointed in you, girl.
MARCUS: You know when this is over,
I'm gonna kill you.
Help her.
Call the police.
Thank you.
CLERK: 911, we have an emergency
at the Guardian Building.
We need assistance.
Lock the elevator. Come on, lock it.
Come on.
Come on. Get the fucking key.
Come on, grab the bags. Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Give me the key to the elevator.
Come on.
MAN 1:
Location. Get ready.
MAN 2: Go!
MAN 3: Go, go, go.
MAN 4:
Let's move.
MAN 5:
Take your time.
Top priority is to take down
Marcus Jones.
He is armed and dangerous. Block
the stairways, block the elevators.
Step inside.
I spared your life.
You can have half the money.
What more do you want?
- I trusted you.
- You trusted me clean the shit out of this world.
- That's always our mission.
Nobody buys it anymore, Marcus.
Only you and Dietrich.
I was just like you, Marcus.
I believed in the mission.
But I was blind,
just like you are now.
What I see is nothing but a man
who's given up.
Don't even go there, my friend.
I spared your life once.
I'm not gonna do it again.
LEADER: Captain, this is Team A.
We cleared the top five floors
and found no sign of the suspect.
Continue searching.
Yeah, we got a casualty here,
but it's not your man.
Where is he?
We cleared the building.
We couldn't find him.
What do you mean
you couldn't find him?
We checked on every floor.
Is this the man you saw in the vault?
Yes, that's the man
that saved my life.
Take her to my office.
That's quite a story, my son.
Have faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.
And he will lead you
out of the darkness.
Pray with me.
Our Father, who art in heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thou will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
And give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory,
...forever and ever.
- Forever and ever.
Go with God, my son.
You are forgiven.
Hey, here, here.
Hey, come on, come on.