Game Over (2019) Movie Script

Here you go.
Sorry, I have no change.
It's okay, keep the change.
Thanks, madam.
Thank you.
Good morning, madam.
Good morning.
Did you get your coffee?
Okay, I'll send it over.
Sure, madam.
Can we expect it tomorrow?
I can mail to you
the design by tonight.
Rough version?
Yeah, it's a handson sketch.
It has the basic idea.
Then we can solve
the documentation in 34 days.
Can you come over?
No, we've been through this before.
You know I like to work from home.
Okay, can we do
a video conference call?
Yeah, we can do
a video conference call.
Or you can come home.
I'll walk you through it.
It'll be easier, right?
Can you hold on for a minute?
Gautham! Here!
Swapna, just stay on the line.
What wrong with this?
Very little salt, that's all.
Swapna, are you there? Swapna!
There is no salt at all, Kalamma.
I'll add some, just drop it.
Is the generator under repair?
Yes. Can you come behind?
You've been saying this
for the past 10 months.
2 of your men came
and checked, that's it.
Tell me if I have to replace it,
I'll do it.
No need, madam.
The oil level may be low.
Let me check.
My room, I'll handle it.
You won't know
where to put my things.
I said I'll clean it,
just leave it.
I could have cleaned 2 shelves
if I do not speak to you.
Don't we have to clean the house
for the coming New Year?
You tell me.
What happened?
What happened?
It hurts.
Feels like needles pricking away.
You mean on the tattoo?
Do you want
to put some ice on it?
You got it a year ago,
am I right?
It can't be the tattoo.
Must be an infection.
Apply some medicine,
you'll be fine.
Is the pain bearable now?
Swapna, can you come now?
5 minutes.
Kalamma, where is the nail cutter?
Check, it's in the bathroom.
It's not here,
that is why I'm asking.
You keep moving my things
when you're cleaning.
Okay, it's in the store room,
go and check.
Why didn't you change the bulb?
I bought it 2 days ago.
Okay, come on.
Come, Swapna.
It's okay, I'm here.
Come in.
10, 9, 8, 7!
6, 5, 4, 3,...
...2, 1, Happy New Year!
What happened?
Swapna, what happened?
Nothing, the door is closed.
It's nothing.
I'm right here.
Shall I get you some water?
It's nothing, I've closed the door.
I'll change the bulb, okay?
Hello, doctor.
Doctor, can I see you today?
Hold on. Your appointment
is on Friday, right?
Yes, I know.
Can you see me earlier? Please!
Okay, come over, I'll manage.
Okay, thank you.
I was standing outside
as there was no light.
She went inside.
Suddenly I couldn't breathe,..
...I couldn't talk.
I was normal again after 5 minutes.
When was the last time
this happened?
About a year ago.
It happened once
before I first came to see you.
That's all.
Work, stress, any deadlines?
It has been normal
for the past 3 weeks.
Actually, I'm getting
good ideas after a long time.
Do you sleep properly?
That's a good question.
It's video game all night long.
I sleep very well, doctor.
When this happened to Swapna,
where were you?
I was in the room.
I was cleaning up.
She won't let me touch
anything in her room.
But I told her that we should
clean the house for New Year.
That's all.
Shall we try a therapy session?
Can you wait outside?
Swapna, can you hear me?
Yes, doctor.
Just relax.
We'll take it slow.
I'll slowly guide you
through 2 more rooms.
The level of lighting
will reduce as it progresses.
Tell me when you begin
to feel uncomfortable,...
...we'll stop the session.
Same as last time. Okay?
Okay, doctor.
Let's start.
How are feeling now?
I'm okay.
Good. Can we try
the next level?
Swapna, let's try once.
In the last session,... couldn't even come
into this room.
You are actually inside now.
Let's give it a try.
Go on.
Good, Swapna. Very good.
Very good progress
for a fourth session.
Swapna, can you hear me?
Can you hear?
Happy New Year!
No problem.
I'll get you some water, okay?
It wasn't just your fear
of darkness.
I wanted to know what it was,
so I tried the session.
When someone close to us
passes on,...
...if we break up or divorce,
meet with an accident,...
...all the incidents that affect us
mentally and physically...
...will be registered
in our mind.
Each year,
when the day approaches,...
...or even
when the month approaches,...
...without our knowledge,
our body and mind will react.
As the day approaches,
we'll get more nervous.
We would get moody
for no reason.
Those who meet with an accident
may even be afraid... drive that month.
They would be afraid to go out.
Those who break up may get upset
when they hear certain songs.
This is called
anniversary reaction.
Without our knowledge, it happens
to us each year in many forms.
Your maid said she wanted to clean
the house for New Year.
The word 'New Year',
was the trigger for you.
That's why you had a panic attack.
See, it's perfectly normal.
Until this month ends and next
month starts, you'll feel this way.
In fact, as New Year approaches,
it would be stressful for you.
What can we do?
No need to do anything.
It'll get better on its own.
Take a break.
Go and meet your parents.
Be with them.
I have work, doctor.
It's okay if you have to go
to your office and work.
You'll have friends
with you all the time.
For the situation you're in now,
you shouldn't stay alone.
It'll be helpful
if you stay with your family.
You can't be alone right now.
You are saying they have been
trying to meet and talk to you...
...for a long time.
Maybe this is a right time.
They may have also needed time
to understand certain things.
Give them a chance.
We can resume our sessions
after a month.
Take your medication.....
Have you taken the juice
that I left on the table?
Call your father once
and talk to him, Swapna.
He kept calling you.
He wants to come and see you.
He asked me
if he can come over tomorrow.
I'm going to see
the skin doctor tomorrow.
Can I ask him
to come tomorrow?
Go and sleep, Kalamma.
Is madam feeling better now?
She is better.
We did not use the generator
for a long time and the diesel...
...was left inside.
That is why it didn't start.
He has fixed it.
He said if we change the diesel... least once a month,
it will be fine.
2 litres.
Just a minute.
Okay, brother.
You could have woken me up.
I left it in the store room.
Its okay, Kalamma.
Let me see.
Victims who had their
throat slit and burnt...
...keeps happening.
The public is very afraid.
Amutha, a young girl who lived
in Kannagi Street, Chennai,...
...had her throat slit
and body burnt.
Her head was found
at a nearby graveyard.
Even though the murder
happened a year ago,... is sad because there is
no progress in the murder case.
For public safety,...
...the police have set up
a hotline number.....
What happened?
Get some ice cube.
Does it still hurt?
Can I speak to Varsha, please?
Do you have an appointment?
She knows me.
Your name please?
The pain is more now than
when I first got the tattoo.
It didn't hurt before this.
So, I thought I'd check with you
first before going to the doctor.
It is going to be a year, right?
It wouldn't cause any pain
after so long.
If it was a problem, the skin
would have reacted immediately.
The pain is definitely
not related to the tattoo.
But just get it checked.
Okay, thanks.
I need to tell you something.
I tried to reach you one day
after you came here.
I called and sent you a text.
I think you changed your number.
In fact, I kept trying
for 23 months.
I even came to your house.
But we weren't in.
Can we sit?
Can I get you something
to drink?
No, I'm good. Thank you.
When someone close to us passes on,
some get a tattoo... their memory.
After the last few years,...
...a new trend started.
They mixed the remains of their
loved ones in the tattoo ink.
Do you know what I mean
by remains? Ashes.
Very small amount.
Even if they are not with us,
they will be with us in some form.
That's the general belief.
This is called
a memorial tattoo.
Why are you telling me
this now?
What you have in your hand
is one such tattoo.
Actually, a mix up
happened that day.
I tried reaching you several
times to speak about this.
The same day you came,
another lady came to our centre...
...with some remains.
I used the ink we prepared
for her on you accidentally.
I only used a small amount, Swapna.
It's completely safe.
Please wait, listen to me.
This has nothing to do
with your pain.
I've done several memorial tattoos
for a few people before this.
You sound as if it is nothing.
You're telling me without any
guilt that someone's remains... in my hand and blood.
Have you lost it?
I'm very sorry.
Yeah, it was a genuine mistake.
I'm very sorry, Swapna.
It has nothing to do with the pain.
Swapna! Listen to me.
Swapna! Wait for a minute.
Did you have
any problem before this?
You've only been complaining
of pain for the past 23 days.
It can't be anything, forget it.
We'll see a good doctor.
Kalamma, do you understand
what is happening?
Everything started to go
wrong after putting this on.
Have you forgotten everything?
Swapna, what the girl did is wrong,
I'm not denying that.
But what has that got to do
with what happened to you?
Okay, forget i
Did you ask her the ashes
belonged to whom?
Does it matter whose ashes it is?
Tell me, does it even matter?
Okay, come here.
If you want, we'll go
and see a good skin doctor.
I'm not saying this
to pacify you.
What did the doctor
say 2 days ago?
He said you're recovering well
and that this month will be tough.
Swapna, what happened
to you is over.
That dog
is in prison counting bars.
Is everything over
if he is in prison?
Without light, I can't stay
for more than 2 seconds in a room.
It has been months
since I slept peacefully.
When I close my eyes, I feel
like I'm surrounded by ghosts.
We celebrate New Year each year.
Everyone is going to celebrate it.
But I have to stay home
and fight my fear,...
...until I die.
So everything is over?
No, Swapna.
That's not true, Swapna.
Happy New Year!
Good morning, Globe Skin Care.
Hi, this is Swapna.
I'd like to make an appointment
at the earliest today.
Can you please help me?
Sure, madam.
Is it consultation or do you
have a procedure to be done?
I want to remove my tattoo.
Can you hold on for a minute?
Madam, you appointment
is confirmed for 11 am.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Swapna, eat before you go.
I've cooked, eat before you go.
Give her a safety glass.
How long will it take for it
to be completely erased?
Usually you need 23 sessions.
I'll tell you after this session.
You'll feel a small prick, okay?
What happened?
It hurts.
That's not possible.
I haven't even started
the procedure.
How long has it been
since you applied the gel?
It has been 15 minutes.
Can we start?
What happened?
Did you apply the gel or not?
I did, sir.
Good afternoon, madam.
I'll have that one.
Anything else?
Give me a tissue please.
It's the girl we saw in the video.
Which video?
The New Year girl.
She has the tattoo.
It can't be her.
It's her, look properly.
In the video,
she let her hair down.
Now she has tied her hair.
So you don't recognise her.
You think so?
Check, is it her?
Just look. Am I right?
Can you see?
It's her all right.
Didn't I tell you?
She's looking.
She's great.
I'm going to ask her.
She's coming.
I'm going to ask her.
Look at this one.
Swapna, please look at me.
Please look at your dad.
I'm not saying
it is your fault.
I'm only saying
you could have avoided it.
Please understand.
I'm reading the news
daily in the papers.
It is only getting worse
day by day.
After considering, I told you
not to go out on New Year night.
If a guy has tattoo all over
his body, no one will bother.
It is not the same for girls.
What are you saying?
How are they related?
It's just a tattoo, Geetha.
Just leave it.
Fine, if she had not gone out...
...that night,
this wouldn't have happened.
That's what I am saying.
I shouldn't have gone out, mom.
I should have stayed at home.
I should have come home
when I found something wrong... that place.
I shouldn't have bothered
if I had died,...
...I should have fought
a little harder.
I didn't do it.
I can't change anything, dad.
I can only cry thinking of better
...I could have done that day.
I can't change anything
that I did, dad.
I can't change.
Swapna, why did you lock the door?
Open the door.
What are you doing in there?
Swapna, what are you
doing in there?
Swapna, open the door.
Swapna don't be scared,
I'm right here.
Swapna, open the door.
Swapna, open the door.
Hey! Everything is fine!
Your mother called.
I didn't tell her anything.
She is coming this evening.
I swear, I didn't tell her
anything, Swapna.
They are coming on their own.
They started something
on photo and net.
Then they said they'll come
in person and talk,...
...they put the phone down.
They didn't say anything else.
Stay here.
I'm not going
to see anyone, Kalamma.
They claim to know everything
that happened to you.
That is why
they want to see you.
It seems you have her daughter's
remains in your hand.
I told you many times not to cut
the call if you're busy.
Would it ring for 30 seconds?
Let it ring.
Come to the tattoo studio
from the airport tomorrow.
If you come home first,
we'll be late, mom.
I fixed the appointment
for 10 o'clock.
It's a small design,
I'll tell them to be gentle.
They'll be done
in 15 minutes, okay?
You can't cheat me this time.
You have to get a tattoo.
I'll see you tomorrow, mom.
I love you.
December, 5th,
Amutha's 27th birthday.
I was out of town.
I had to go to Bangalore
for a reception.
I felt guilty
I couldn't be with her.
I got the call at 2.30 am.
They only found
a handful of ashes.
Who did it, why they did it,...
...till today, no one knows.
I couldn't spread
all her ashes in the river.
That was the only thing
left of my daughter.
Amutha was a fighter.
She has always been.
She fought cancer
thrice at that young age,...
...I saw it as a miracle.
She was so full of life.
She won't even sit still
for 10 minutes.
They used to call her Hot Wheels
at the hospital.
She organised support groups
and gave hope to many people.
I still get letters from them.
Each time she beat cancer,...
...she went straight
to the tattoo studio.
She didn't see
those 3 hearts as tattoo.
She saw them as trophies.
I couldn't come here alone.
So, I brought her along.
Instead of carrying her around,
I wanted her to be a part of me.
Everyone kept saying that
Amutha did not go anywhere...
...and that she was still with me.
I believe that toda
Thank you.
After she found out
she had cancer,...
...this is the first card
I wrote to Amutha.
I always carry it with me.
I want you to have it.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
Get well soon.
Hello, this is Swapna.
I have an appointment tomorrow
at 10 am for tattoo removal.
I want to cancel it.
I believe that Amutha
is with you in some form, Swapna.
No matter what happens to you,
she would always want you... fight back,
every single time.
We'll go home tomorrow.
I'll ask them to come over.
No, pack our things,...
...we'll go there.
What time shall I say
they can expect us?
We'll leave in the morning.
Cut an apple for me.
This is.....
Madam, Swapna
is coming home tomorrow.
Yes. Wait, I'll check.
Brother Annuar!
Yes, it's nothing.
He's outside.
Brother Annuar!
Brother Annuar!
Brother Annuar, help!
Help! Brother Annuar!
Help, Brother Annuar! Help!
Help, Brother Annuar!
Kalamma, don't go out!
What is wrong with her?
Brother Annuar!
Kalamma, listen to me.
Don't go out.
What has happened?
Why are you shouting?
Nothing has happened,
he is outside.
Swapna, what happened to you?
Why did you break the bottle?
I'm asking you.
The bedroom window is moving
due to wind, that's all.
Did you see?
If I don't, who would have seen?
One minute.
What happened to you?
Brother Annuar!
Your address?
House No. 154, 20th Avenue.
Dead end, last house, green colour.
Chandran, get the jeep.
Did you see anything else
besides the dead body?
The man wore a mask.
He held a Handycam and knife.
Are the doors locked?
Stay safe inside.
We'll be there in 10 minutes.
Wait, I'll be back.
You told the police
how the murderer looked like.
How do you know?
Tell me, Swapna.
I have 3 tattoos in my hand.
Tell me, Swapna.
All the things
are happening again.
Why is this happening?
Nothing, I am here.
Don't worry, I am here.
There is light in the hall.
Let's go there.
The police are on their way.
Let's go.
What, Swapna?
I'm telling you the police
are coming. Come on!
Let's stay here. No!
Okay, we'll stay here
till the police come.
Something is burning
in the back room.
Madam, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Quick, open the door.
20th Avenue.
What's the number?
154. Bedroom.
It has not spread.
Be here in 10 minute.
Sir, there is someone inside.
He just closed the curtain.
Wait here.
Take her to the station.
What happened, sir?
I said go.
Control room!
Stop the car!
Stop! Stop the car!
I should have stayed
awake, mom.
I should have
stayed awake at home.
I can't change whatever I did.
I can't stay 2 seconds
without lights on.
It has been months
since I slept peacefully.
When I close my eyes, I feel like
someone is touching me.
I believe, Amutha is with you
in some form, Swapna.
So no matter what happens to you,
she would always...
...want you to fight back,
every single time.
There are 3 of them.
They killed the guard.
The faster you come,
the better.
Are all the doors locked?
Be safe inside.
We'll be there in 10 minutes.
Hello! Sir!
There is a shortcut
through the church.
If you take that way,
you only need 5 minutes.
Please take that way.
Okay, madam.
Kalamma, the police
may take 5 or 10 minutes.
They might save us
or they might not.
This is our
last chance, Kalamma.
After I die, I can't think that
I should have done this or that.
It doesn't matter if we die.
Let's fight.
Douse him!
Patch me to AC immediately.
We need backup now.
Swapna, don't come here.
Go inside.
Swapna! Go inside!
Go inside! Go, Swapna!
Go on!
Go inside! Hurry!
Go, Swapna!
Go inside!