Gandeevadhari Arjuna (2023) Movie Script

I warned you so many times.
Ten of my crew members
died because of you.
And I am responsible!
What should I tell their families?
What if there's an investigation tomorrow?
Okay, captain.
I will take care of it.
Something went wrong.
It won't happen again.
Not just something!
Everything that's happening is wrong.
I am done with you guys.
I am done!
Dev, meeting with the minister
at the University of Southampton
is set for 8:00 p.m. today.
Dead or alive the job must be done.
The boss is coming back in three days.
We should get File 13 by then.
I will take the card.
It's your turn now.
Can I play?
I win again!
- I win again!
- Oh, no!
I have lost again.
Oh, no! I am out of money!
I don't need money.
- Here's your money.
- No.
This is your money, kid.
You have won it, right?
I don't want money.
Come to my birthday party on Sunday.
That's all I want from you.
Of course.
- I will come.
- With a gift!
Yes of course!
With a big surprise!
Riya, your tutor is here.
- Come. Let's go.
- Okay, Mom. I am coming.
Bye, Grandpa.
See you on Sunday.
- Careful.
- Priya, just a minute.
I want to talk to you.
I am getting late for the hospital.
I am sorry, Priya.
You don't need to be.
How long will you ignore me?
Just because I allowed you to come home
and meet your granddaughter,
doesn't mean that I have forgotten
what you've done to me.
You bloody ruined my life.
Today, I live in exile because of you.
And my daughter?
She has no family.
I can never forgive you.
Now, if you leave,
I will go to the hospital.
Sir you have a meeting at 8 o'clock.
You are getting late.
Yeah. He is done here.
- Guards on the mark.
- Copy that.
Let's go, guys.
The world deserves to know, sir.
UN members must see this.
You have my word.
What do you want?
Everyone responsible for this atrocity
should be punished.
They have to pay for their crimes.
Stay behind me, sir.
Go, go, go! Behind the table.
Move, move!
- Are you alright, sir?
- I am okay, Vijay.
Come on up.
This way!
Sir, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Oh God! You are bleeding.
That way.
Sir, this way!
Sir, we lost her.
Freaking idiots!
The boss will kill us!
I am taking the next flight to London.
Find the girl at any cost.
Do you get it?
This way, sir. The white door.
How are you, Vijay?
I am okay, sir.
I would have come back
to work in a couple of days.
- Why did you?
- Vijay
The bullet shattered your tibia.
They have surgically joined the
broken pieces.
I have spoken to the doctors.
At least it will take six months
for your recovery.
I am sorry, sir.
No, no.
Thank you.
You saved me.
You take rest.
I will manage.
Don't worry.
I know how important
this summit meeting is for you.
Also, you are a high-risk target.
There's a guy.
He is young, well-trained, and meticulous.
I have obtained clearance
from the agency as well.
If it's okay with you,
he will join immediately.
Who is he?
Ex-Special Force Officer
Arjun Varma, sir.
- No way.
- Ira
No, Vijay.
I have personally trained Arjun
in combat operations.
And for a fact, he is the best.
Doesn't matter, Vijay.
Not him.
It's very difficult to work with him.
I can't trust him.
Ira, I understand.
You both have some personal differences.
But this is an emergency.
We need File 13 at any cost
and sir needs serious protection.
I can only trust Arjun for this job.
Is there no one else in the agency?
The agency has many efficient men.
But Arjun is the only one who
would take a bullet for the client.
Yes. Working with him can be tough
and he only follows his instincts.
But, that's what makes him the best, sir.
But on one condition.
He should report to me.
He won't agree to it, sir.
Convince him.
Take care.
Well, baby, today big daddy
is gonna taste you, happy?
Let me sniff.
Oh, this is bullshit.
Sniff it. Come on.
Tell me how that shit is.
It's a 25,000 dollar suit.
What have you done? Can't you see?
Now either you'll sniff,
or I'll smash your beautiful nose.
Do you get me?
Do you understand?
I'll kill you.
You just shut up!
Over here.
Okay, let's go!
Let's go.
Oh shit! They are coming.
- Borris, let's go!
- No! They are here to kill me.
They are your, bloody men.
If I ever see you abuse another woman,
I will kill you myself.
I quit.
Climate change is upon us,
and it's happening quickly.
Climate change...
The rise in pollution at an alarming
rate is causing drastic climatic changes
said the International Climate
Change Council today.
They claimed that 25 countries are
primarily responsible for this.
The list includes India, the Philippines,
Indonesia, Ghana, and others.
They also expressed their
utter disappointment
in the same way, these countries have been
handling their carbon emissions.
Emphasizing the potential
global catastrophe
and aiming to prevent the crisis
They informed me that the
council has proposed to appoint
watchdogs in each of these 25 countries
to ensure adherence to the UN Regulations.
The United Nations
Climate Change Council
and the developed nations
together will appoint them.
C&G, which is the number
one Waste Management company in India
is to be appointed
as the watchdog for India.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Certainly, sir.
I want to know every
movement of that minister!
A car near his home, another near his
office, and one must always follow him.
- I want an update every minute.
- Yes, sir.
I don't want any screw-ups this time. Go!
Sir, are you sure?
When you are on medication,
I don't think you should be drinking.
Let the medicine do its job.
And we shall do ours.
Don't worry.
I am perfectly healthy.
Here you go.
How is your mother?
We have run all kinds of tests, Arjun.
But we've been unable to diagnose
the root cause of her illness.
Her internal organs
have been deteriorating
which would have caused
a major stroke last night.
And because of partial atelectasis,
her lungs have collapsed.
She is very weak, Arjun.
It's not looking good.
Did we fly from India
to hear this from you, doctor?
I was hoping you would find a cure.
I am sorry, Arjun.
I am a doctor.
I need to give you the facts.
We are trying.
Did you eat, son?
Please take me home.
I cannot stay here anymore.
We will, Mom.
The doctor said you
will be fine in a week.
As soon as you get well
we will go back home.
Another week?
I cannot wait that long.
Just one more week, Mom.
That's it.
Arjun Arjun
I am sorry, Arjun.
What are her survival chances?
Doesn't matter, sir.
Even if there is one percent chance,
I will take her anywhere in the world
and spend any amount of money.
I understand.
Do you need any money?
No, sir.
How are you managing
the hospital expenses?
I don't know, sir.
your mom is in the hospital.
And there is no money in the bank.
Her bills have piled up in lakhs.
And you have no clue
how you'd pay them.
You are in a better position
than when we last met.
I have a job for you.
Take that file.
Adithya Raj Bahadur.
Minister for Environment,
Forests and Climate Change.
He is representing India at the
UN Climate Change Summit in London.
He is a good man.
But a high-risk target.
See. I have suggested you
as my replacement.
You'll find the minister's staff
information in the same file.
My team will brief you
the security details.
Sir, is she the Personal Secretary
to the minister?
Oh, yeah. Ira
Sir, how did you expect me
to take up this job?
Arjun, the Minister needs you.
I am sorry, sir.
I can't do this.
Arjun, the past is past.
- You should move on.
- Sir, this is the only past I have.
I am trying hard to forget about it.
I can't do this.
It will hurt me more.
You need to face your demons, Arjun.
How long will you run away from it?
- Sir, but...
- Arjun!
You are in no position to negotiate.
Keep your ego aside and take up the job.
At least, do it for me.
Nice lecture, sir!
- Hey
- I am a bad girl, officer.
Please punish me!
- I am a very bad girl.
- Ira!
- Please, officer!
- Ira! We have students here.
Didn't you impress me
with this uniform of yours?
A smart, intelligent, beautiful,
IAS officer fell for a soldier like me?
God save the future of this nation.
Please, officer.
Please kidnap me.
Take me away to the hills, officer.
Build some mental toughness in me.
As your companion
Treads along my step
Will it stop
Even when dissuaded?
The celerity within?
As your companion
Treads along my step
Will it stop
Even when dissuaded?
The celerity within?
On paths of effulgence
In hues that unfold
Every moment becomes
A boon today
In thoughts that chase
In conversations unending
Received like a smile on lips
It's a sight to behold
As some bond brings us together
- A tiny, little hope
- Is truly sweet
- A heaving breath
- Is truly sweet
- Every promise made
- Is truly sweet
As it perches on us
The snowy floral rain
- The song in the heart
- Is truly sweet
- The path of romance
- Is truly sweet
- Their rendezvous
- Is truly sweet
Beckoning us to come
Through a song of welcome
- You got the job?
- I got the job.
- You got the job? Yes!
- I got the job
I got the job!
Congrats, baby!
Okay, come on.
When you are before me
My heart grows wings
Going beyond the world
And stroking the sky
Amidst blue clouds
Like doves that float
Flapping our wings
Let's fly away
Let's race against time
Let's make dreams come true
Let's see the pinnacle of delight
Let's personify joy
Let's bundle hopes together
and build a new world that's ours
As a million stars, and eight cardinal
Points come together surrounding us
- A tiny, little hope
- Is truly sweet
- A heaving breath
- Is truly sweet
- Every promise made
- Is truly sweet
As it perches on us
The floral rain of snow
- The song in the heart
- Is truly sweet
- The road of romance
- Is truly sweet
- Their rendezvous
- Is truly sweet
Beckoning us to come
Through a song of welcome
Flight SA 975 has been delayed.
- Sir?
- Yeah.
What is the status?
Hizbul mujahideen Four of them.
They are in the corner room
and they are armed.
- Waiting for your command, sir.
- Okay.
- We are good to go, sir!
- Yeah!
Room number 201, sir.
- Alright. Let's go.
- Let's go.
I told you to insert two batteries.
Come on. Do it.
- Almost done, brother.
- Be quick.
We are making a bomb
and not Maggie noodles! Scumbag!
I'm starving, man.
Do it fast.
Brother, wait for two minutes.
We will set the time and leave.
Your two minutes will never end.
I will die of hunger.
Do it fast. I have no time.
Brother, look!
Take all the evidence to the headquarters.
Be careful.
Clear the area
before the locals find out.
And, Ramya
Inform the Chief.
- Tell him the job's done.
- Yes, sir.
Ira, I am home!
Ira! Oh, here you are!
I missed you so much, baby.
Yikes! I am stinking.
Don't move.
I will take a shower and be right back.
Is there anything you want to tell me?
How do you know?
Did you speak to my mom?
She fainted.
For the second time this week.
They took her to a local clinic
in Paderu but
I want to get her checked
at Vizag Hospital.
What happened to her all of a sudden?
It wasn't sudden.
This has been happening
for the past two years.
Many have fallen sick in the village.
Why are you letting her live there?
Bring her to Delhi?
She could live with us.
I have asked her many times.
But she wouldn't agree.
I am planning to take
the morning flight tomorrow.
Is that okay?
Of course. Go!
Take care.
Arrange the chairs properly.
Do it fast.
We are getting late.
Okay, ma'am.
Hello, Auntie! How are you?
I am feeling a bit better now.
The doctor in Vizag gave some medicines.
I am taking them.
That's good to know, Auntie.
How is Arjun, by the way?
Arjun is fine, Auntie.
He said he would come last week.
Maybe he got busy.
Please ask him to call me.
Okay, Auntie.
Take care, dear.
- Hello?
- Hi.
Last week you held a lecture on
"How to Build Mental Toughness"
at your school, right?
The information related to...
The school was
shut down last week, ma'am.
All the lectures
were canceled due to a snow storm.
Ira, I am home!
I don't think I can keep up
with your lies anymore, Arjun.
I hope you're having a great time
at the New Royal Hotel.
And by the way,
your mom had called me.
I told her you were busy
and couldn't go see her.
Call her back.
Madam will see you now.
Mr. Arjun, so, I am going to get
straight to the terms and conditions.
This is a week's contract.
24 hours a day.
50,000 US dollars is your payment.
25,000 at the time of signing up,
and 25,000 once the job is done.
And you must report directly to me.
You will be briefed by me every morning.
You will give me the updates by evening.
Your phone should be on 24/7
and always fully charged.
If you don't report on time,
or fail to answer your phone,
you will be terminated
with immediate effect.
Not just that
we are entitled to terminate
your contract at any given point.
If you are okay with these conditions,
then the Minister is ready to meet you.
- Mr. Arjun!
- Hello, sir.
Vijay told me so much about you.
Nice to meet you.
- My pleasure, sir.
- So shall we start right away?
I have some terms and conditions, sir.
What? What terms and conditions?
- Sorry, sir, he mentioned no such thing...
- Ira
Let him speak.
Sir, I should know
your next one week's schedule.
I should be informed,
who you would meet and when.
Once I have been informed,
there should be no last-minute changes
without my permission.
Sir, I also need your phone records,
messages, emails,
your money transactions,
your social media accounts
I need access to everything.
No questions asked.
Do you have a boyfriend?
- No!
- Good.
I need your personal information.
- Why do you need my details?
- For security reasons, ma'am.
And sir, I need full access
to the information on all your employees.
I also need to know
your cardio-vascular strength,
your pre-medical condition,
your doctors,
your prescribed medications,
dietary restrictions,
your friends, enemies, family
and including your affairs.
And for emergency purposes,
a paramedic should be available
24/7 on standby.
At all times, I shall be driving your car.
And most importantly,
I should also have the power to terminate
the contract at any given point
if my instructions are not being followed.
I need all these details in order to offer
you protection, sir.
Sir, by the way,
if you see through your window,
you will find a black SUV with the
name plate GX22TZT parked outside.
To your left, sir.
Don't worry, sir.
They are harmless.
They are only observing your movements.
If you are okay with these conditions,
I'm willing to sign the contract.
Vijay was right about you.
You are a tough nut.
He also told me about your mother.
Don't worry.
I will get her the best treatment in
the best hospital with the best doctors.
- Thank you, sir.
- Welcome on board.
Hey, Mark!
she was here.
I saw her.
Yes, Dave.
We have run a complete
diagnosis on her.
But we are yet to find out
the root cause of her condition.
She will be okay. Don't worry.
Have faith.
We will do our best.
- So, is it...
- I think we should go see the kids.
Let's go outside?
Alright. Let's go to the lawn.
Please! Don't create a scene here.
You may be a great politician in India
but not here.
Send them away or leave.
He is Arjun.
Vijay's replacement.
- Let me help you with that.
- It's okay.
Please. I insist.
- Backyard.
- Okay.
Thank you, Priya.
What for?
For admitting Arjun's
mother to your hospital.
I didn't do it because you asked.
Her condition is very critical.
Any patient who comes in this condition,
I will admit them.
- Grandpa!
- Hey!
Hey won't you introduce
your friends to me?
She is Christina, my best friend.
It's Tanya, my neighbor.
And he is George.
Oh! Your boyfriend?
No! We are just friends.
- Oh!
- Where is my surprise?
Yes. Here you are.
Kids, do you want to come and
play with me on the jumping castle?
- Yes!
- Shall we go?
- Yes!
- Come on! Chop-chop!
Let's go.
Wow! That's my name!
Did you draw it, Grandpa?
No, my dear. It was your mother.
This was the first Barbie
I ever bought for your mom.
She was her best friend.
She played with this doll every day.
One day Fairy Godmother told her
you would be born to her.
That is why I called her "Riya".
Thank you, Grandpa.
- Mom, look, Grandpa's gift!
- Yes, my dear?
Look! Barbie doll
Mom, I also want
to meet your fairy.
- Okay?
- Of course, honey.
If you behave like a good girl,
she will come to see you.
- Okay?
- Okay, Mom.
My baby!
Tanya! Christina! Look at my Barbie.
Yes, coming!
The marshmallow.
Thank you!
Hey kids! Let's go! Let's go.
It's time to cut the cake!
I told you it is going to rain.
Kids have become so smart.
- I swear!
- Tell me about it.
Riya, careful.
- Happy birthday to you!
- Cut the cake.
- Happy birthday to you!
- Cut the cake.
First, to your grandpa.
Happy birthday, dear Riya!
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you!
May God bless you!
Happy birthday to you!
Thank you!
Come here. Sit.
Take it.
Thank you.
Happy birthday!
Thank you. What is your name?
Don't you know you
have to tell your full name?
- Arjun Varma.
- Which school?
Boy Scout International.
Are you Vijay's friend?
What happened to Vijay?
He is not okay.
You look so young.
How will you protect my
grandfather from the bad people?
Well, I will try.
Give the dish to me.
Give me your hand.
- This is me.
- Okay.
This is your grandfather.
These are all bad boys. Okay?
When the bad boys reach grandpa like this,
I come this way and take him away.
That's enough. I understand.
- Hey, Sid?
- Hey, Ira! All okay?
Yeah. What happened?
You haven't been replying
to my messages for two days.
So, I called up.
What messages?
Really? You never got them?
I have been messaging you every day.
Like an alarm clock.
Didn't you check them?
Hang on.
Hey! I am sorry, Sid.
I think there is a glitch.
Oh, really?
Hey, by the way,
how about dinner this evening?
The Araki at 8:00 p.m.?
Ira? Are you there?
- Here you go!
- Marvelous. Thank you.
- We need to talk.
- Tell me.
Can you step aside?
Chicken barbecue
That's okay. It can wait.
Hey, what's up?
- Did you hack into my phone?
- What?
Did you delete messages
in my phone?
Hey! What are you saying, Ira?
Have you lost it?
Did you delete Sid's messages
from my phone?
How is it possible if the
phone is with you?
- And why would I do that?
- Give me your phone.
Sure. Take it.
Not this one. The other one.
Which phone are you talking about?
Oh, this one?
It's a work phone.
Lots of classified information,
encrypted data.
Exactly what I need to see.
Tell me the password.
You thought the password is Ira?
You are not that important.
What is this?
That's for security reasons.
Hacking into my personal account
for security reasons? Really?
Everyone close to the minister
is a high-profile target.
- I have to keep an eye on everyone.
- Yeah, keep an eye
but why are you deleting
my personal messages?
You said you had no boyfriend.
What? Sid is not my boyfriend!
- Sad! Does he know it?
- Meaning?
I mean, did you make it clear?
Is he your friend or boyfriend?
Or his life would get wasted like mine.
Your life got wasted because of me?
When they break up, they say,
"I am breaking up with you."
But you, on the other hand,
placed your ring on the table and left.
You can lie to me and roam
around hotels with other women.
What was that?
"The New Royal Hotel!"
You lied to my face, Arjun!
- I don't even know how many times you did.
- Yes, I did!
If you really loved me,
you'd have understood why I lied to you.
If you loved me for real,
you'd have never lied to me.
I needn't dwell on that
and squander my time.
Ira, you've cleared civils.
I thought you were intelligent.
Why would a Para Special Forces officer,
who received a gallantry medal
by taking early retirement, be teaching
personality development classes?
You should have understood it.
The head office is in Delhi.
He is traveling every week.
Isn't it obvious,
which department I am working in?
I am not a cheat, Ira.
I never was.
I loved you
Yet, had you truly loved me,
you'd have placed your trust in me.
Anyway, I am sorry.
I won't trouble you anymore.
I'll be gone.
Did he work for the RAW?
- Grandpa!
- Hey!
- Are you leaving so early?
- I will be back soon.
- When will you come back?
- I have to buy toys for you.
- That's why, I am leaving.
- Okay.
Guards, all clear at the front yard?
- Sir!
- Yes.
The perimeter is secure,
security cameras are clean
and I gave instructions
to the night guards.
Thank you, Arjun!
And sir, this is my last day.
I cannot come from tomorrow.
What? What do you mean?
What's wrong?
I am sorry, sir.
I cannot work here.
- Ira?
- Sir, it's not her mistake.
Ira, I am asking you.
Sir, it's my decision.
I have my reasons.
I don't know what reasons you have.
But I need your presence.
Sir, by tomorrow morning, I will send
a better replacement than myself.
You need not worry.
Okay. When you are so adamant,
it's not right to force you.
And even if you break your word,
I will keep my promise to you.
Until your mother gets well,
I will pay the hospital bills.
- Don't worry.
- Sir, you don't have to.
It is done.
do me a small favor.
Tell me, sir.
You will have to pick up a package
tomorrow evening.
I will send you the time and place.
Okay, sir.
- Guys, let's go.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go!
- Move it, move it!
What a spectacle we have
on our hands here today, Martin?
Both teams evenly matched.
Oh, what a pass by Ferguson.
I tell you that kid is a star player here.
We don't know
what to expect from him tonight.
Brought him from Chelsea and now he is
finally living up to the expectations.
They're moving it down the field
nicely now confronting it well.
Kiyole takes a pass.
The pass is to Sean.
Sean to Linny.
And it tackles the offensive move.
Excellent defense.
Excellent defense.
I tell you, Martin.
Come on, boys! Back up!
Back up!
Back to Jack, to finish.
An assault!
Get back in position.
What did I tell you, Martin?
- I can't see him, do you?
- No, sir. I can't see him either.
John, do you see him?
Negative, Dev.
Philip, where is he?
There! I see him.
Exit five.
Okay, let's move! Move!
I can see him.
I see him.
Faster! Hey! Move!
Dev! I see him!
Let's move!
Get him guys!
Ronald! Stop him before he takes off!
Arjun, they're here to kill me.
- Go, go!
- Go, go!
- Go! Go!
- Get him! Get him!
Stop him! Stop him! Now!
Put your guns down!
Put your guns down!
You, bloody morons!
Get in the car!
Get her out, now!
Move out!
He's getting away, you morons.
Go, go!
Bloody hell!
Cut him, John! Now!
Come on!
- John! We must do this.
- Let's go this.
Cut him through! Now!
Bloody hell! Move!
Are you okay?
- Check her!
- Yeah!
Check the pockets!
Check everywhere!
She's dead. There's nothing here to check.
Did you check her?
- I did. There's nothing on her.
- Did you check her right?
Freaking moron!
One girl!?
Handle the shipments in India.
Don't show your face to me again.
Get lost.
I know exactly what to do.
This has to be mentioned in the speech.
- I want to check the numbers.
- What is happening here?
What is this?
Ira! Connect it to the system.
Listen to me.
Take a seat.
What? A girl lost her life today.
Who were they?
What's in the pouch?
I will explain everything.
Please, Arjun.
Sit down.
You know what? Forget about it.
I don't care.
My job was to deliver the package
and now my job is done. I'm out of here.
Arjun, please have a look at it
before you go.
No, sir. I am not interested
in your dirty secrets.
Arjun, trust me.
It's very important that
you know the truth.
What is this?
How is all this related to me?
Garbage. Trash.
The biggest problem that
the world is facing today.
Arjun, not just you.
This is related to all of us.
In December 2020,
they say that man won over God.
Do you know how?
Trees, pastures, birds and animals
made by God over billions of years
were outnumbered by products
made by man in just 25,000 years.
Can you believe this?
We think this is development.
A discarded water bottle,
used and thrown diaper,
worn out tire, and an outdated car
Don't we need land to throw
all this trash?
But what many countries of the world
are short of, is a land.
That's why, for the past forty years,
countries like India, Africa and Indonesia
which have abundant land
are being used as dump yards.
They say, "One man's
trash is another man's gold."
Probably, that is the reason why companies
like C&G is driven by money,
and dump their medical waste, chemical
waste and even nuclear wastes on our land.
And that's what led into water pollution.
And later the soil and air
was polluted as well.
When the food you eat, the water you drink
and the air you breathe turn poisonous,
it ends up harming a newborn as well.
And if the newborn manages to survive,
then that's how they turn into.
I am so sorry, sir.
What's happening to them is very unjust.
But I still fail to understand
how it is related to me.
This is your mom,
Radhika Varma's toxicology report.
What is the problem?
Sir, tell me. What happened?
Your mom is from Lambasingi, right?
There is a similar dump yard
which is three kilometers
from Lambasingi.
The toxic levels in her body
If she is still alive
Sorry. I
Why aren't you doing anything
being a Minister?
You may not believe me.
But this is a trillion dollar business.
Do you know how powerful
this C&G company is?
The UN is going to appoint this company
as the watchdog in our country.
Ranveer is a ruthless businessman.
He killed his own parents for money.
What am I?
In the United Nations Summit,
scheduled the day after,
I will have to expose his crimes or else
we won't be able to save our country.
Sir, we have to go. Now!
What happened?
He is coming.
Sir, we don't have time.
Let's go.
- Oh shit!
- Ira! We got to go now. Move.
Gentlemen, get me my File 13.
And please kill them all.
Let's go, boys.
- Moving in!
- Yes, sir!
Take him with you.
Did you think that
you could escape from me?
No one can save you from me.
Not even your pretty boy.
You are forgetting something.
Do you know where am I heading now?
To the one who holds your heart
I'm going straight to her.
open the door.
I just came to say, hello.
Mom, who is it?
Priya! You don't miss me?
Open the door.
Mom, I am scared!
Come on, sweetheart.
Be a good girl.
Open the door.
Is he the bogey man?
Priya, don't answer the phone.
Come on, Priya! Open the door.
I won't repeat it again.
Priya, don't open the door.
I am coming.
Are you hearing me?
Priya, are you even hearing me?
I reached first.
Oh, no! I win.
I am sure all the love bites I gave you,
remind you of the four years of
our glorious married life.
Too bad it ended.
Well, all good things end.
Is that
Oh, my God!
It's our daughter.
Oh, my God! She is so pretty.
Hi, honey!
Do you know who I am?
I am your father, baby.
Didn't your mom ever tell you?
Bad momma!
Now that I am here,
let us go on a long trip.
No momma.
Only you and me.
Dear! Priya!
File 13 is my property.
Riya is a sweet girl.
Give me my property
and she's all yours.
Don't do silly things like
informing the cops or embassy
Unless, of course,
you want her dead.
I will call you back.
Wait for it.
Don't be under the impression that I will
not kill her since she is my daughter.
I have many such daughters.
Nothing is more important
to me in this world than myself.
And you know that.
I won't hesitate to kill her.
Not even for a second.
Every man makes mistakes in his life.
But some mistakes
changes your life forever.
They were the richest family in India.
And they were my family friends.
When they asked for Priya's hand
how could I have said no?
Though, Priya was not okay with it,
I forced her to agree
for the marriage.
I thought, as her father,
I knew what was best for her.
And that was the biggest mistake I made.
He tortured her a lot.
Priya never told me.
After his parents died,
there was no one to stop him.
One day, Priya had to
be admitted in the ICU.
Until that moment, I never knew
that he was such a psychopath.
And that Priya was pregnant
Despite being a Central Minister,
I had to run from pillar to post
for three years to get her divorced.
After the divorce,
Priya distanced herself from me
and left for London.
Five years
I had to beg her for five years
before she allowed me
to meet my granddaughter.
if anything happens to Riya
I don't have the strength to take it.
My heart is too weak to bear it.
Sir, don't worry.
Riya will be safe.
- Sir?
- Arjun!
Switch on the TV.
You are all over the news.
An environmental science student
from the University of Southampton
who's gone missing
over the last six months is found dead.
Street camera footage reveals that
the suspect is an Indian
male who is like in his 20's.
Arjun Varma.
Arjun works for the security services
agency called ESSAY.
ESSAY is the number one
security services agency in the world.
The parties have approached the agency
which is said to be co-operating
with the authorities.
Sir! Ranveer must have framed me,
so it would be easier to handle you.
I must go now to save Riya.
I promise I will bring her back.
Check all the exits of the building.
Send two cops to the southwest corner.
Ask Unit 221 to be on standby.
Copy that.
Alert the patrolling units.
This way, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Hello, sir.
I am Ajit Chandra.
Chief Investigative Officer, Interpol,
Indian Division.
Arjun is your CSO, right?
Yes. He is my Chief Security Officer.
- For how long?
- A week.
- Who was here before him?
- Vijay Dheeraj.
He had met with an accident.
How did it happen?
He fell from a staircase
and fractured his ankle.
- Find out.
- Sir
Indian male black in a leather jacket
about six foot five highly lethal.
I see him.
I have spotted the suspect.
Copy that.
Suspect in a black leather jacket
is traveling towards Trafalgar Square.
Suspect slipped away.
Heading towards Irving Street.
Have you seen this girl?
Light is green and we are on his tail.
Suspect is hot on his heels.
Please try to remember, sir.
Every bit of information you give
is very valuable.
I am sure, officer. No.
Her name is Shruthi.
An Environmental Science student
at Southampton University.
- Haven't you seen her?
- No, I didn't.
- Can you tell us where Arjun could be?
- No.
Freeze! Down on the ground!
Get the other one!
On the left!
Get up!
He is very dangerous and probably armed.
There he is!
- Suspect found on Irving Street.
- Get him!
Send help for Unit 51!
I am deputing two men for your security.
Please call me if you find anything
about Shruthi or Arjun.
I repeat suspect is heading
towards Bear Street.
Copy that.
Hey! You! Stop!
Stop right there!
Helping a criminal is also a crime, sir.
I hope you know that.
Somewhere around the riverbank?
Yup. I've got eyes on the target.
He's heading towards
the Westminster bridge.
The Westminster bridge.
Units towards the Westminster Bridge.
He is hiding something.
Shruthi, Arjun, Aditya Raj
I want their full details.
Unit 91 approaching
from the east side of the bridge.
He is somewhere around.
Suspect's tracker is activated.
He is heading towards the river.
All units, proceed to the river.
Venkat, get me the complete CCTV
footage of the street where Shruthi died.
Yes, sir.
No visual of the suspect.
Suspect crossing Westminster Bridge.
Heading North!
Copy that.
Damn it!
Lost the tracker.
I repeat we have lost the tracker.
Bad I am bad!
Who's bad?
Oh, God!
- This is too bad!
- Yeah dude, you're right. It's too bad.
- Cover it up.
- What did you say?
Hey, bloody
You would have died in my hands.
You can do nothing.
Tell me the password.
What are you up to?
Sir, please!
Hello, sir. The Agency is looking for you.
Are you aware of that?
- Yes.
- Oh!
Message I got this message.
Any form of contact with you
must be reported to the agency.
We must handle Ajit's situation first.
Hey! Ajit!
Your long-time friend from 2016.
Sheik Zakir case! Is that him?
Is he the same Ajit Chandra?
Yeah! The same. He is after me.
I need to get rid of him.
Then why did you come here?
To drag me into your drama?
What's smelling like shit?
We must catch this guy.
- Who is this guy?
- The guy who kidnapped Riya, with his men.
- Who is Riya?
- Aditya Raj's granddaughter.
- Who is Aditya Raj?
- Central Minister.
Who are his men?
- That's what I am looking for.
- Why would that information be in this?
I don't know.
Just checking to see if there is any.
It won't be.
Do you at least know the names?
- Where is this shit smell coming from?
- No idea.
About what?
The stink or the names?
- Do you have a photo at least?
- No!
How can you find them
when you have nothing?
I don't know.
You are the bloody expert.
- You tell me.
- Do you have anything at all?
Here. This is all I got!
- This is the girl's phone.
- Which girl?
- The dead girl.
- Did you kill her?
No. I took it after she died.
Then, who killed the girl?
That's who I am looking for.
- Break the phone.
- This guy!
What if I break it?
We would find some
information on the girl.
What could you possibly find
in a girl's phone?
Other than make up tutorials and selfies?
A thousand selfies of the same goddamn
pout face, with a ton of makeup on it.
One post and they get
a million likes on Instagram.
That's it!
She has a boyfriend.
Open that file.
Today is the 4th of April, 2021.
I am trapped in my house.
That Black XYT 888 has been
following me for a week.
This is the East Coast Container Yard
in Andhra Pradesh.
We have been tracking him for days.
His name is Dev.
He is the spear head of all illegal
C&G operations in India.
He is the one who killed Shruthi.
Devendar Singh.
Ex-BSF from Jabalpur.
Court marshaled in 2005 for illegal
drug trafficking across Rajasthan border.
Oh, shit.
I want the street camera footage
around Old Trafford stadium.
- Can you get that?
- Yeah, I could.
I want Dev's current location.
- I need time to do it.
- Do it!
Sir, her name is Shruthi Parakala.
An FIR of her missing case
was filed six months back, sir.
But two months after,
the search was called off.
Rohan Sharma
Shruthi's boyfriend and classmate.
He committed suicide a week before
Shruthi went missing.
Her parents testified that
Shruthi's mental status wasn't good.
- I want Rohan's suicide case file.
- Yes, sir.
And I need access to all her
digital signatures immediately.
Sure, sir.
Anything on Arjun yet?
Yes, sir. We do have.
Ex-Para Special Forces, Arjun Varma.
Shifted to London to find a cure
for his mother's medical condition.
She is currently admitted
in NIHR Hospital.
Right now she is in ICCU.
I need two policemen 24/7
outside the ICCU ward.
- He might show up anytime. Go.
- Sure, sir.
have you searched Arjun's apartment?
Our guys are already there, sir.
Oh! Okay. That's it.
Let's go. Come.
Alright! Alright, let's move.
I need a print out of it.
Here's the print.
Hey, no.
Don't. Take it off
It doesn't suit you dude. Please.
That was signed by Michael Jackson.
It doesn't suit you at all. Take it off.
Please, take it off.
Nice. Now it's mine.
I know. That's why.
Please, remove it.
Dev is in a Turkish bar in Camberley.
Here you go.
I need my baby!
No! No.
Check his computer
for a copy of vacations,
messages, emails, text messages...
- Bedroom is clean.
- Did you check the bathroom?
Hold it there.
You can't cross the line.
Hello, I am sorry.
I am lost actually.
What I am looking for
I am pretty sure
I was here yesterday.
I am looking for I
I actually need toilet paper.
Alright. I will go grab the evidence bags.
Sir, you need to take a look at this.
- Right. Tesco.
- You will find it at Tesco.
Where would I get it?
You just walk half mile from here.
Because I came from there
Is this is this the pin?
- Sir?
- His car
Then turn right and a three lanes
after you take a left.
- Ma'am! Would you please excuse us?
- Ma'am! Please, excuse me!
- Are you going to push me down the stairs?
- Excuse me ma'am, move aside!
Young people, always in a rush these days.
Ma'am, sorry.
Have you seen a black mustang?
It's a 69 turbo.
- Hello
- Is this Mr. Aditya Raj?
Yes. Speaking.
Sir, we are very sorry.
Mrs. Radhika Varma has just passed away
a few minutes ago.
Sir? Are you there?
How did it happen?
Sir, her organs failed
and her heart just gave up.
Because of the toxins,
the body will decompose very soon.
You need to arrange for the cremation
right away, sir.
Sure, doctor.
Thank you.
take me home.
I can't stay here any more.
They are preparing the body for cremation.
You need to collect her
from the mortuary, downstairs.
Also, because of the severity of the
disease, we cannot delay the cremation.
- Arjun?
- Ira.
I am so sorry, Arjun.
I couldn't save my mother, anyway.
At least after her death, being her son
I must do whatever I need to.
How can I help?
After you reach the crematorium
Guys, Arjun will definitely
come to the crematorium.
So, listen carefully.
There should be two pilot vehicles
and two escort vehicles for the ambulance.
Stay alert.
I want all eyes on the vehicle.
Secure the crematorium area.
Without an ID,
even their staff must not be allowed.
Arrest anyone
who looks suspicious.
- Okay? Go!
- Yes, sir!
- Let's go! Guys, move!
- Come on, guys. Let's go.
- Venkat!
- Sir.
- North gate.
- Okay, sir.
- Hari?
- Yes, sir?
- That way. South-West.
- Yes, sir.
- Come on, guys.
- Yes, sir!
- Guys Come with me.
- Sir?
Sir, I see a gardener at 10 '0 clock.
Sir, there is a family and two maintenance
workers at the old air force cemetery.
Sir, there are two
priests at the gate.
Guys, one of them could be Arjun.
Stay alert.
I need a closer visual.
Sir, three cars approaching
from the east gate.
Copy. Visual acquired.
- Keep a close tab on them.
- Copy that, sir.
The one who got out of the second car.
Have a closer look at him.
- The tall guy walking in the middle.
- Yes, sir. I got the visual.
Sir, the gardener is negative.
You two! Show us your faces now!
Sir, it's a negative in the cemetery.
The priest is negative, sir.
Copy that.
Shit! He changed the bodies.
Guys! The actual cremation
is happening here.
- Are you positive, sir?
- I am positive.
- Come down here!
- Go, go, go!
Down the hill.
Come on!
Copy that!
And to dust we shall return
- Stop! Get down everyone!
- Get down!
The tall guy! Turn around.
I said turn around!
Guys, the green jump suit.
- The crematorium staff. Stop him!
- Yes, sir!
Don't move!
Get down! Now!
Get down right now!
Stay down!
Turn him over.
It's a negative.
Suspect's still on the loose.
All units stand by.
Did you see that?
She was teasing you, mate.
Shut up and get back to work.
What the
Oh, my God! I love your bikini!
- I love River Island!
- Yeah. Me too.
What the hell was that?
Oh, my God! Did you hear that?
Come on! Hurry!
He's got a gun!
What the hell is going on?
Stay back for a few more days.
I missed you.
I miss you too, baby.
But my boss thinks, I am already in India.
He'll kill me, if he finds out otherwise.
You know how he is.
Then let's make your
last day special, baby.
What the
You bloody guys
Damn it!
Hey don't don't come.
I will shoot.
Don't come! Don't!
Yeah. So, my over all my weekend was okay.
But I was drunk anyway, alright?
I got in a bar.
And I have been drinking at home.
Sir, Shruthi had contacted
Aditya Raj four times.
Six months ago, within a week
of her contacting Aditya Raj,
her boyfriend died.
Last time she contacted him was two days
ago. And this time she is dead, sir.
And then that's when
she started texting me.
She texted me about six times, you know.
She keeps going on.
What was the communication?
Not clear, sir. But she mentioned
File-13 quite a few times.
- File 13?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, street camera footage.
Put it on.
You alright?
- Find out who he is.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir, you better come, see this.
- What is it?
It's in the trunk.
What's in the trunk?
There's a there's a man.
- Check him.
- Sir.
Found these on him, sir.
- Check them.
- Yes, sir.
I want this man up and
speaking in no time.
Yes, sir.
- Come on, mate.
- Okay!
- Hello?
- He is the guy who killed Shruthi.
Name is Dev.
Break into his phone and you will find
all the details you want.
You are probably right.
But, why don't you come down to my office
and share the information?
I can.
But there's a lot of work to be done.
I've got some unfinished business.
Listen to me, Arjun.
If you don't surrender now
and later if I catch you
- I won't be gentle.
- Don't worry.
I won't give you the chance.
Arjun! Arjun!
Sir! Aditya Raj's call is coming through.
- Hello!
- It's time.
Send File-13 with Ira to
Waterloo Station at 5:30 p.m.
You have one hour.
Please, leave Ira out of this.
I will bring the file myself.
No, no, no!
You will go to the summit
and attend the conference.
And you are going to sign on every paper
approving C&G as the watchdog for India.
Any mess up in the conference,
or if anyone follows, File-13,
your Riya will be dead.
- Who is he?
- Sir, Ranveer.
- Chairman of C&G Group.
- Oh.
Also, he is Aditya Raj's, ex son-in-law.
Has he kidnapped his own daughter?
"Always choose the right path
and speak the truth."
This was once said by Mahatma Gandhi.
I lived my whole life
following this principle.
I have fought for the truth.
I have fought for our nation.
I got estranged from my daughter.
And now when I'm trying to redeem myself.
They took my grand daughter away from me.
I am always at the crossroads.
I have to choose between
my country and my family.
But always the country comes first.
Sir, we almost got him.
We have sufficient evidence.
He may get away today.
But he will definitely
make another mistake.
It is only a matter of time.
And this time,
we will catch him red handed.
But today, let us save Riya.
Trust me, sir.
This is the right path to choose.
This is what you should do right now.
Sir, the pen drive found in Dev's pocket
has Shruthi's video blogs.
You should see them, sir.
Hi, guys! I am at the airport now.
I am boarding the flight
for the most exciting trip of my life.
- I am so looking
- Exciting? Seriously?
Guys, trust me. It is not a vacation.
We have to submit a thesis
on how garbage is contributing
to global warming for our PhD.
- Is that exciting? Seriously?
- Stop it, Rohan!
So, we are now in Vizag
to meet Mr. Gangadhar, Editor of
world famous newspaper, Satyameva Jayathe.
Yeah, yeah.
He's got five subscribers.
Hey, he said he would help us with
our research on waste management.
I know. You need help
to visit garbage dumps.
Bah! Shut up, Rohan!
- Hi, sir.
- Hello, dear. How are you?
Guys! This is a dump yard near Kolapari.
Something is not right.
Yeah. But isn't it illegal to dump
chemical waste in a public dump yard?
Questions, guys. Lot of questions.
This is a dump yard near Velagapalem.
The letters on this syringe are in French.
So these syringes must have been
used in hospitals in France.
How did they end up here?
This is illegal!
It doesn't seem right.
It's day fifteen, guys.
This is the 32nd dump yard I am visiting.
The same situation here as well.
This is the proof, guys.
We found traces of
unprocessed toxic waste
contaminating the soil and the
ground water of Lambasingi.
It's day 23. I am at the
government hospital, Chintapalli.
In the last five years
there have been many cases of children
suffering from undiagnosed diseases.
Who are you?
You can't shoot videos here.
- First, get out.
- Sorry.
- Who allowed you inside?
- Okay. We're leaving.
Nurse! Send them away!
This proves
The reason for the unidentified diseases
plaguing the locals here,
is the toxic waste
from C&G dump yards
contaminating the soil
and drinking water here.
I have the toxicology report of
50 patients
admitted in a government hospital.
C&G Corp manages 3645
dump yards in our country.
I am standing in front of this Delhi based
Waste management company.
Every dump yard contains toxic in it.
C&G Corp is not following
the government protocols.
Thanks to Gangadhar
We got the evidence that C&G Corp bribed
the local politicians and bureaucrats.
It's their men following us right now.
We are freaked out.
The climate is changing.
Why aren't we?
The climate is changing.
Why aren't we?
Take your garbage home.
Dammit! I can't believe this!
How can Gangadhar be so reckless?
How could he print our research
in his newspaper without our consent?
Oh God!
This is going to put us in trouble.
We have to do something.
Someone has killed Gangadhar.
His body was found in a dump-yard.
Rohan and I are flying back to UK.
The sanctions they are imposing
will ruin their economy.
It's been six months.
We are still haunted by
the visuals in India.
We have to do
something about it.
Good morning,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen.
Welcome to the United Nations,
Climate Change Conference, 2023.
I've been following the Cabinet Minister,
Aditya Raj for the past four months.
After pursuing for six months, finally
we are meeting Mr. Aditya Raj.
Fingers crossed.
I am handing over the evidence.
I really hope he does the right thing.
The carbon emissions in
the underdeveloped nations
are increasing at an alarming rate,
causing a rise in global temperatures.
We need to bring this to an end, today.
Rohan is dead.
The police are calling it a suicide.
But I don't believe them.
C&G is behind this.
I know for sure.
I don't know what to do.
Since I've started the research,
along with Gangadhar and Rohan,
Another twelve thousand
people have perished.
Their deaths must not go in vain.
I urge the respected UN
to bring in these regulations
And ensure these sanctions are imposed
here today, for a better and safer world.
Trust me, sir.
This is the right path to choose.
This is what we should do now.
You both are right.
But trust me.
I won't let anything happen to Riya.
You have no idea, Arjun.
He will kill, Riya.
Sir, it is my responsibility to bring her
back safely before your speech begins,.
5:15 is the deadline.
- A second after that
- I know, sir!
Thousands of innocent lives lost because
of Ranveer should not go in vain.
You please go to the summit with File -13.
The world needs to know the truth.
As a son, as a soldier and as a citizen,
this is my responsibility, sir.
And it ends today.
Tell me you have it.
Sir, it's fake.
- What?
- There is nothing in the hard drive, sir.
- It's empty.
- There he is!
Oh, shit!
Hello? Hello!
Move it! Move it, boys!
- Come on, move, move!
- Go! Let's go!
Stay down! Don't move!
You are under arrest.
Suspect apprehended.
King's Cross Platform three.
Now, the Ambassador
from India will speak.
Kill him.
You are right, Arjun.
There's a cockroach.
It's taken care of.
Thanks, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let me start with a fun fact.
Human beings are the only species
on the planet to generate waste,
garbage, trash
or whatever you may call it.
As long as mankind is alive,
Garbage across the globe,
will keep on increasing.
the biggest cancer on earth
is human race itself.
Pick up!
Pick up, god dammit!
Someone come in, damn it!
No! Leave me!
I want to go to my mum.
is the evidence pertaining to
all the illegal
activities of C&G Company in our country.
But the problem is not C&G alone.
Today the developed nations are accusing
my country, stating its carbon footprint,
is a threat to humanity on earth.
It's funny, because
In my India,
70% of the population are content
living on basic ration,
with few pairs of clothes
and a small house with no proper roof.
Whereas in your country?
No one even steps out of their house
without a car.
- Shut up!
- Please, I want to go home.
In India, for centuries
we lived a humble life without
destroying mother nature.
We found a perfect harmony
with Mother Nature.
And then you came.
At first, you invaded our country
Then, in the name of free trade,
comfortable living
and luxurious living
you brought these
greedy corporates with you.
And then plastic.
Carbon footprint.
The raw material for the clothes you wear,
your shoes,
the cars you drive and
all other commodities
are dug from our mines, in our country
and factories are erected on our lands.
For you.
Because of these factories, our soil, our
water and our air are getting polluted.
To make a stuffed toy for your
four-year-old girl to call it a bunny,
thousands of kids in my country are dying
with contaminated water and malnutrition.
- Stop the car. I want to go to my momma.
- Hey!
- Stop the car!
- Shut up!
The weak always get victimized
by the rich and the powerful.
The products made for you, destroying our
forests and exhausting our resources
after you use them, are again
brought back to our land as garbage.
Ironical, isn't it?
All the toxic waste piled up
in the developed nations,
finally reaches the shores of countries
like Africa, Sri Lanka and India.
Officially, they bring recyclable waste
from developed nations into my country,
And under the guise of creating employment
to the local villages,
companies like C&G, are smuggling
a variety of toxic waste materials
And dumping them around the same
villages To make billions of dollars.
And now if you want to confer
the responsibility of
safeguarding the environment of
our country to the same company
you are either in cahoots with them
or you are threatened by them, like me.
Stop the car!
Stop! Stop the car!
I don't even know if my granddaughter
will come back alive.
But, why should the future generations
pay the price for our mistakes?
How many of you are willing to fight for
the future of your children and theirs?
- Who the heck are you?
- Arjun!
What do you think?
You and that politician are going
to save the country?
It makes no difference to anyone.
always begins with one person.
I conclude, with the
words of Mahatma Gandhi.
Be the change
you want to see.
The change that you seek,
Must start from you.
Jai Hind!
Your garbageYou keep it!
- Stop your hypocrisy!
- Please!
- Keep your garbage with you!
- Calm down!
Keep your garbage with you!
- Keep your garbage with you!
- Keep your garbage with you!
Please, everyone stay in your seats!
- Please, calm down.
- We will sort it out.
- Momma!
- Riya!
- Momma
- Riya!
My baby!
Thank God, you are okay.
This year's Climate Change Summit,
the UN members have made
some historic decisions.
Major corporations running
illegal operations have been banned.
All the developed nations have agreed
to implement better ways
to reduce their carbon footprint
in their respective nations.
All operations of C&G worldwide
have been seized.
UNO stated in the summit that,
they are canceling the licenses of
all the corporations
conducting such hideous operations.
Third-world countries stand united
on one statement.
- Your garbage you keep it.
- Your garbage you keep it.
- Your garbage
- Your garbage
- Your garbage
- You keep it.
You keep it.
- You keep it.
- You keep it.
Your garbage you keep it.
Your garbage you keep it.
Your garbage you keep it.
Your garbage