Gandhi My Father (2007) Movie Script

Where did you find him? - Outside Grant Road railway station.
Grant Road.
He was unconscious but sometimes he speaks a little.
Did he give his name?
What is your father's name?
Try to speak
Mr. Gandhi.
Mr. Gandhi, can I've a word.
Can I've a word?
Can it wait?
It is urgent.
Well then.
Ramaiyya. Keep the weeds turning.
Yes, Henry.
Here it is.
The heading, read it.
He's dead and burnt.
Do you not find something wrong with this?
He's dead and burnt.
Here we are.
Mr. Gandhi. This is an article I took great pains...
...about the president of South Africa.
My heading was "He's dead and buried".
And what is written here?
He's dead and burnt.
As a Christian...
...this is equivalent to going to hell.
You assured me that you'd personally do the proof reading.
All these sundry people...'ve gathered here.
They've no respect for the detail.
Even for a dead man.
I am sorry, Henry. We'll issue a clarification.
You know, as a Hindu I can understand.
The people at the press believe...
...that all dead, normally find emancipation by burning.
And come to think of it.
When you're dead, you're simply dead.
It's only when you're alive... make all the difference to the world.
In life, life counts... - Mr. Gandhi, please.
Don't condone a serious lapse...
...with religious abstractions.
In the future, I think...
...I will sit right by the printing machine...
...and check all my own articles.
Maybe you can also join us in turning the wheel.
Kastur! Kastur!
Mr. Calinburg. - Yes.
Can you please finish this today?
I will do my best, Mrs. Gandhi.
Thank you.
Out there in that press, do you throw colour on each other?
Not at all...
just black printing ink; we work very hard
and it's hot extremely hot out there
Anyway, there's a letter from Rajkot
From Hari?
How is he? - He is fine, having fun
I erred in my judgement...
...Kastur, shouldn't have left him alone in Rajkot
I warned you, but you wanted him to stay there
to get an education in our mother tongue.
But no school teaches that here
Why go to school for education? He can learn everything here in Phoenix
See, your disciples have arrived
Manilal, Ramdas, Devdas, three sons,
three fine examples of your education
All day, they're working in the fields,
minding the cows, kneading dough,
nursing the sick or singing prayers; what are our children becoming?
You heap worry upon worry
But our children need formal education
Hard work, self control, compassion, selfless service
these are values no school can provide
School teaches learning by rote. It does not build character
I've heard this before
See you later at the prayer meeting, Mr. Gandhi.
By the way, Harilal is getting married
He just informed me. No permission sought
He knows you'd surely object, won't you?
Marriage, at such a young age? What's the hurry?
Well, we got married when we were 13. You were in quite a hurry then
I still regret it. - What!
No, I mean, it was wrong on the part of our parents,
considering our age
It is you who chose Gulab for Hari
You got them engaged four years ago
How long can they wait?
Kastur, you know my views well
Even so,
he insists on marrying against my wishes, then so be it
But I, his father...
must then... stop thinking of Harilal as my son
Look into the camera.
Don't move, please
Your father has not disowned you. He's disappointed, that's all
I don't know, Gulab. I want to educate myself,
to become a barrister, like him. Yet,
I don't know why,
he is the one I fear the most
Just see the good in him, in what he does, not what he speaks
When he sees your determination, your hard work,
all else will become past and irrelevant
Gulab, I want to be here with you for the birth of our first child
Long way to go, at least five months
Shall I stay till then?
Your father needs you
Keep us in your thoughts, always
All distances will disappear
As soon as I can, I'll call you to South Africa
Don't go with that burden on your mind
Concentrate on your studies
Become a barrister
Be a proud son, make your parents proud, I want to be proud of you
And I will wait for you
The tonga-man is throwing a fit. He has to pick up others
Please read this on the ship
Remember to write to me, I'll wait for you
Can I get you something? - No thank you, sit
You didn't go to the port to receive Hari?
You told me, you'd go
He was looking out for you
Kastur, I...
I have so much to do, and there isn't time enough
Are we?
Is your family, a hindrance?
I'm happy that Harilal has come back
I have missed him
The accounts of The Indian Opinion is showing loses.
You suggest that we take on advertisements.
Advertisements always compromise editorial field.
Anyway, Hari, I am going to Peter Marriotsburg.
I want you to join me.
No, no, no, no, Mr. Damji.
Mr. Bharat has sent you several requests for fees...
...which has not been paid.
Now you want us to rake up another matter.
We should be sending you summons...
...for overdue payments.
Mr. Damji.
I will see you tomorrow.
Give him an appointment.
Hari. Start working at the printing press.
Mr. Pollock will explain everything to you.
Mr. Gandhi, tomorrow is Sunday.
Ms. Lisy.
A man in trouble knows no Sundays.
He has to be attendant.
He has to pay for the services we rendered so far.
How must I run this place?
My fees will be payable when he's able.
Mr. Damji.
Can you please put those envelopes back where they belong?
By the way.
Your appointment has been confirmed for Sunday.
And payment of fees has been postponed indefinitely.
Thank you.
Hari. - Yes.
You're reading this romantic novel?
You prefer love stories?
Son, let go of these fantasies
Read inspiring biographies of great men, not romances
Excuse me.
Have you lost something?
Is this it?
She's so beautiful.
Mr. Gandhi. See this.
How can you keep both of them apart?
They look so lovely.
Ms. Liscent.
Can you please arrange to get...
...Gulab Gandhi to South Africa as soon as possible.
Mark it urgent.
"Come O married woman."
"Let's celebrate this auspicious occasion."
"Let's celebrate it..."
" my courtyard."
"Come O married woman."
"Let's celebrate this auspicious occasion."
"Let's celebrate it..."
" my courtyard."
"Come O married woman."
"Let's celebrate this auspicious occasion."
"Let's celebrate it..."
" my courtyard."
"Come O married woman."
"Let's celebrate this.."
What time is the play?
An hour or so, we're still early.
Don't you think...
...plays must have a message for the society?
Can't they be just for fun?
That would be a waste of time.
Shakespeare has messages. - Yes.
But some of his characters...
...speak very foul languages.
- Get off the pavement. - He's a barrister.
What are you doing, you idiot?
But he's a coolie.
I will see you punished for this.
Mr. Gandhi, we're going straight to the police.
You sir, are going to prison.
Tell him to stay off the white pavements.
Henry. Henry.
I am not filing any complaint.
Pray to the Lord that he forgives him.
For he knows not what he does.
Sounds familiar.
Thank the Lord that...
...I speak these words from the ground.
And not from the cross. - Come.
Yes, Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of the Nation,
he is a Father to us all
But for hospital admission, we need your father's name
In the hospital register, we can't write your father's name as Gandhi
What is your father's name?
Tell me.
Barrister Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Not for despair, this is a moment to celebrate
Once again, Barrister Gandhi has been arrested
I am proud of my father
How ridiculous,
a barrister, in the service of...
...the King in a British colony... ordered to be finger-printed
You know why?
Because the colour of his skin...
is not this
If you are this,
or this,
or shades in between,
then you're considered sub-human and will be confined to specific areas
To enter the places which belong to people of this colour...
you will need an entry pass
Without an entry pass, you will be thrown into prison
And you know what my father says
"I refuse to carry a Pass, nor will I give my thumb-print"
"They may do whatever they wish,"
"besmear the colour of my skin with blood or even kill me"
"I challenge the White Government"
Dear Harilal, in my fight...
...against this injustice perpetrated upon humanity,
and upon the path of truth and sacrifice,
from the lives of Mahatmas like Ram, Jesus,
Prophet Mohammad, Buddha, Mahavir...
I have drawn inspiration and strength.
This badge of slavery, we shall not carry.
We will burn the Registration Permit.
In public
We defy the racist government,
to act against us with all its might.
The new anti-hawking law,
it is targeted against Indians,
to deprive them of a livelihood;
and must be resisted.
Hari, I want you to be one of my
first passive resisters to break this law,
as an example for others to follow.
The defense may proceed.
Your honor, we have no defense.
In fact, our entire agitation is a response... our opponents offence.
And the level they'll stoop to, to unleash violence.
The beauty of it is, we will not retaliate.
But we will not accept.
Actually, I learnt this from my wife.
She's the most stubborn opponent I've encountered.
Despite all that I tell her, she does exactly the contrary.
Without retaliation.
Mr. Gandhi, could we be a little more specific?
The accused will not defend.
And he promises to break the law again... soon as he released.
My suggestion is to give him...
...maximum sentence possible.
This will save the valuable time of the court.
And we can proceed with other matters.
Are you changing the rules of justice...
...or do I detect a clever ploy?
I speak the truth.
The discretion is all yours.
I find the accused guilty and I fine him.
I refuse to pay the fine.
I sentence Mr. Harilal Mohanlal Gandhi...
...and other accused listed here to stay in prison...
...for a period of 60 days.
For the first offence.
A period of 60 days for the second offence.
Mr. Gandhi, I understand...
...the enthusiastic training of your son
...but he's getting no education.
Prison is a temple of learning.
I've learnt more about life... prison than anywhere else.
I suggest you too should...
...serve a prison sentence.
I am serious.
He wants formal education.
He wants to be with his family.
He wants to be a barrister, like you.
He's been speaking to my wife.
Every new challenge is for a new response.
My children are not merely my children.
They are soldiers...
...fighting for a new world order.
Western education may not be enough.
It might in fact colonize the mind.
I maybe speaking out of turn.
But you're moving too fast.
He needs your attention.
I am trying.
I am trying.
You have been away too long
Your little daughter Rami, may not recognise her father
Day and night I think of only you and Rami
As a junior Gandhi, your chosen path, your cause,
is far bigger and more important than your family
If Bapu wishes, I will go to England soon,
to become a barrister
Then we'll name our firm...
Gandhi and Gandhi, Attorneys at Law
At times, I wonder...
whether I should abandon my ambition and just settle down with my family
We do not wish to be your distraction
What is the matter?
We are returning to India
A family is escorting us
I know you will be released soon
But the ship cannot wait
My wife is leaving me and going to India and I have not been consulted?
Who decides?
You're needed here to fight oppression.
You must support your father
And should you miss us...
you can always board a ship and come to meet us in India
I got to take you back.
One, two.
Sit. Sit.
Nothing very serious, you'll be fine
Bapu, I hear that your friend Pranjivan-bhai...
is offering a scholarship for a barrister's education in England?
Yes. He's very kind. He has always supported our movement
In times of need, he never refuses
Without his generous support,
it'd be impossible to keep the struggle alive
But, the scholarship?
That's the problem
The scholarship comes with a condition,
it must be used only for my children
He was being adamant and I tried to make him see reason
About what?
I said, Pranjivan-bhai your insistence implies
it's payback for my services to society
That is unacceptable
Ultimately I convinced him,
the scholarship should be open to everyone in our settlement
Yes, the decision about who's the most deserving candidate,
may be left to me
And who is he?
Chaganlal, your cousin
To me, he is most deserving.
He was with me when I founded the Phoenix Settlement
Thanks, Bapu
I'll be fine
What should I note as case details? Drunkard, drug addict, or beggar?
Drunkard, beggar. Destitute
Drunkard, beggar. Destitute
Come here. I have important news
Tell me. - Come here first
Tell me from there
I, Barrister Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, do solemnly declare...
that from this day on, you are my mistress
From now on, you are my mistress
Have you gone completely mad? Talking to your wife like this...
in front of the children! Dear god, you've no shame?
General Smuts and his white government have no shame.
They have declared...
all marriages not registered in accordance with Christian law...
are null and void. Wonderful! Finally I get to have a mistress
This stupid Smuts!
Does nothing for his people,
just sits in his big office, concocting silly laws
White laws, black laws
So many laws, all stupid. - But it sets us men free
What will women do now? - What can women do?
Exactly what men do
Fight and go to jail
Women in jail? How will that look?
Exactly how men will look in jail
See, if you wish to remain my wife, you have to decide
With all that horrible food, I'll die
Don't worry for that, I'll give you a grand funeral
and declare you a goddess
Mother Goddess of Earth
Now I see your plan
Fine. For you, I'll go to jail
Hari, I wanted to speak with you about something very important
Yes Bapu?
As for the agitation,
your responsibilities will now increase,
because Sorabjee is going to England'
You don't know?
Chaganlal has disappointed me. He abandoned his studies midway,
left England and returned to India without even informing me
Pranjivan-bhai insists that the scholarship must be utilised
So now I'm sending Sorabjee to England
Not Hari!
Sorabjee Adajania is an outstanding, disciplined soldier of our struggle
He has made many sacrifices for us
Harilal couldn't even make the school matriculation grades
How could he?
He studies a little in India, you get us here
He begins to settle down, you take us back,
then again to South Africa. Back and forth, back and forth,
only to suit your convenience
It's always your work, your ideals. What about the children?
Maybe he's meant for better, bigger things in life,
beyond formal education
Kastur, please understand
People who serve society, expect nothing in return
Pranjivan-bhai gave the scholarship for your family. It was personal
Nothing is personal or private. Everything is for the public
I make no distinctions
Very well, but why discriminate against your own children?
You knew Chaganlal was unreliable, yet you sent him. Hari kept pleading
"Bapu, let me go to England, please send me to England"
Just once, only for once,
not as Gandhi, but as a father...
...listen to the voice of your children
We're parents to all children in this settlement, Kastur
They're our own children
Always remember that
"One who is a vaishnav"
"Knows the pain of others"
"Does good to others"
"Does not let pride enter his mind"
You're a businessman.
You want free passage to India.
I've lost all my money in business here.
I'd be really grateful if you could help.
I am also ready to sign an...
An undertaking to pay the fare in India.
Tell me your name. - Mehta.
First name.
You have Gandhi in your bag?
Passive resister.
A trouble-maker.
If you've got trouble-maker friends outside...
...waiting to take you back to Johannesburg.
Sir, I am not a... - Wait, let me get it correct.
Your name is Harilal Mohandas Gandhi.
Son of barrister MK Gandhi.
Sir, there must be some mistake.
I am not Harilal Gandhi.
I am Pranlal Mehta, you must understand.
Go back home. Your father's waiting for you.
You wish to say something?
I can hear your thoughts
I'm summoning the strength to speak
A son does not need strength to talk to his father.
You must just speak. I will listen.
You have taken too long to hear my voice, Bapu
I admit. My fault.
To the world, I am your son.
Yet I've never known a father.
That's not true, Hari
My lot has been hard labour, a hard life, never a kind word, Bapu
And love? I've never known it
I have no education, no family, no future
The world is waiting for you, son. - Not for me, Bapu. For you
At least you are back at home. That's a solace
Not by choice.
You have all the freedom, Hari
You define the freedom...
...Bapu and you set the limits?
My independence is restricted to following your ideals,
my thoughts must conform to your ideas
I wanted to educate myself
I wanted to be a barrister, a junior Gandhi
You cut my wings,
how do you expect me to fly?
Bapu, I'm suffocated with the burden of following your dream.
I want to breathe
We're in midst of a battle here son, of right against might,
of justice against injustice. I depend on you
I have opted out.
I must find my own path, search for my own identity
If you allow me, I will lead you
Please leave me alone
Where do we go from here?
I will return to my wife and children, I miss them
I understand
Then, continue my education,
Try and earn my own living
And what if you fail?
At least I tried, Bapu
Son, is there anything, anything you want me to do...
to keep you back with me?
Can I ask a favour?
If you think your father has wronged you...
do forgive him
Hari-bhai... Hari-bhai...
Yes Jeevan?
Gulab-ben, on our streets we've more buffaloes than human beings
They've no civic sense, they'll relieve themselves anywhere
Even the British people move aside to make way for them
One thing for sure, if all buffaloes in Ahmedabad get together...
they'll drive British away from Ahmedabad
Come in, Jeevan
Where's Hari-bhai? I was waiting for him in the classroom
Hari-bhai. Hari-bhai.
I have all your marks. English, French... too good!
But Science, Arithmetic, Geometry...
Jeevan, go home
Enough of studies
I've had enough
Each time I fail, Gulab...
my father wins
His Excellency, General Smutts...
...will make a farewell address.
I speak it very difficult... speak about the man...
...I've often crossed swords.
On practically everything.
He has been a greatest source...
...of trouble for my government.
And I am delighted he is leaving.
Contrary to popular assumption...
...let me remind you.
That he is not a Seth...
...who has strayed into politics.
He is a politician.
Trying to become a Seth.
People often ask me.
What is Gandhi?
To me this is Gandhi.
While my government was inflicting...
...hardships upon him in prison.
He was making these sandals for me...
...with his own hands.
And presented them to me when released.
Gandhi that fights...
...what he believes is injustice.
But loves the human beings.
Whatever that means...
...I wish him well for the future.
With a sigh of relief for myself.
And a silent prayer...
...for the British Government in India.
Thank you.
Look at this compartment. How can I travel in such comfort and luxury?
Your Indian friends are unaware of the drastic changes in your life
Next time, we'll warn them; book us in third class compartment, only
Hello. - Hello.
Mohandas Karamchand...
Are you Barrister Gandhi from South Africa?
A great moment in my life, sir. What an honour
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, okay. Kasturba M Gandhi, okay
Who are you? - He is my son
His name is not on the list, sir
There must be a mistake. Please take the fine from us
Please don't embarrass me, sir
This compartment is empty, it's the least I can do for you
As a public servant,
...this is something you cannot do for me or anyone else
I refuse and I insist
I'll check on the other passengers and return to collect the fine
Bapu, these are all the letters,
the lists and addresses. I've replied to them all
Your appointments for the next two weeks
How does Gulab like Ahmedabad? - She's happy
I'm eager to see Rami and Kanti.
And I hear Rasik is a little devil?
Your little Shanti, is he speaking? - A little too much for his age
Son, you've been with us, taken care of all arrangements
What'd we have done without Hari?
I am grateful to you, son. - Don't say that, Bapu
Of late I've been going through serious financial problems
But I have been sending you... - I know, but it's not enough
Then why persist with matriculation examinations?
You've failed three times
What will you achieve with degrees and certificates?
Bapu, I want to start a business,
...if you can lend me some initial capital
I have no money of my own
Whatever I had in South Africa, I donated to the trust
And never in my life will I borrow
Maybe we can raise some money against the family home in Rajkot?
That account has been settled with my elder brothers.
All expenses for...
my education and yours,
...your marriage and other sundry expenses, all added up,
I felt I had no rights to any claims.
So, I signed away my rights to inheritance
In the very least, you could've asked us?
For what?
You are old enough now, take up responsibility for your family
Stand on your own feet
Take up a job
O'Arjuna, the decisive moment has come.
Now, you may kill without guilt
O'Lord Krishna, the battlefield will decide...
the mightier warrior between us
His vanity will dissolve before the sound of my bow-string
Old Theater Company presents the great epic war, Mahabharata
Hasmukhbhai is marrying again! - Again, in his dotage?
He says he needs at least two wives to prop him up in his old age
He even asked me to find a bride
Watch your favourite actors on stage
Prices are rising, there's no stopping them
You tell me Sharda-ben... am I to manage the months with thirty Rupees that Bapu sends us?
House rent, food,
school fees for children, my husband's school fees
I don't know what to do
Why beat around the bush, Gulab?
Tell her straight and clear
Tell her, I am uneducated
Tell her, I am unemployed. Tell her everything...
because today I will put an end to this
Tell her, will you?
Please be quiet. Please
The neighbours can hear you
Tonight, the whole world will hear
Girish-bhai... Usha-ben!
Listen to me
I am Gandhi-ji's good-for-nothing son
Yes? I'm Gandhi's good-for-nothing son
I have this house... I have it because of my father
My father's money pays for my failures in examinations
And I know, every time I walk this street, you wonder and you say,
look at Mahatma Gandhi and look at this lowly son
This Gandhi name is stamped on my forehead
And you will never let me forget it
He's the greatest father you can have
But he is one father I wish I never had
The performance will be held at Manek Chowk, tomorrow
Please come with your whole family,
...if you fail to attend, you will regret
Without a job and without any formal education, where is my dignity?
Everyday, I wake up with pain and I sleep with anger.
I know Bapu, I am not the ideal son you wanted me to be.
But for whatever I have become, I hold you responsible.
Believe me, I was never like this.
Forgive me Bapu, if I have hurt you, but it hurts me as much.
I wish I had an option.
Yours and only yours, Harilal
He's brave, my son
His public anger may be misguided
But he is standing up for his beliefs,
even if it is against me
From now on, we will have to learn... live with Harilal's angst.
It is my certain conviction...
that with every thread we draw,
we are spinning the destiny of India
If you wish to save India, then do the little I plead for
I want you to take up the spinning wheel now
Or perish forever
The spinning wheel is a symbol of our self-reliance...
and a simple means of employment for millions of poor Indians
Every Indian must take a vow to boycott...
...foreign cloth and wear only Indian
Foreign cloth is stained with the blood of countless Indian weavers
It is your duty to burn foreign cloth in public, to make bonfires
Gulab! - Yes?
I've invited friends from the factory...
...for dinner to celebrate Durga Puja
How many? - Three
No, with wives, six
All right
Do you speak Bengali? - A little
Look, new clothes for everybody
Shanti, for you, for Rasik, Kanti
Rami... this for you. Give this to Manu
Gulab, I have good news
Offer me some tea at least?
Rami, get everybody dressed for the Puja rituals. Quickly now
Good news! Seth Narottamdas-ji is so happy...
...with my work at the factory,
he has given me charge of keeping the office cash in safe custody
I have become the Cashier
Bapu will be happy to hear this. Narottamdas-ji will surely tell him
We must begin to think of Rami's future
We should start saving each month for Rami's wedding
These girls grow up very fast
How true. You must also start saving for Kanti's education
I want him to study in England, whatever he wants to study
Keep it here.
Thank you
What is all this?
Expensive foreign fabric, made in England
Foreign goods? You know, your father...
Where did you get so much money?
On loan. Investment from people
Why did you do it?
There is a legitimate business, Gulab
Investors want their capital back with interest.
I'm giving good returns
I'm not forcing anybody
What if something goes wrong?
How can I go wrong! Look at the cloth, look at the quality
The World War isn't ending that soon...
...there is scarcity in the market
Once the right people know that this cloth is available...
there will be a stampede for it
I tell you, empty your drawers, for cash you will need the space
You are not doing the right thing
Please trust me, Gulab
This is my one opportunity, I can stand upon my own feet
I will not cheat anyone. After all, I am Gandhi's son!
Gulab, I have worked hard for this, I need your support
Get dressed for the Puja
I am sorry, I am late
Three minutes is not late. - Even one second is very late
Have you been spinning?
Gandhi-ji's call, who can refuse
I am trying, but my progress isn't encouraging
Join the Ashram. - Thank you, no
The Ashram is fine,
...but your vow of sexual abstinence, is difficult for me
Sorry, I have placed you in an awkward situation
On the contrary, you gave Harilal a job because of me
You took care of him,
...trusted him and he swindled you out of 30,000 Rupees
You cannot trust him anymore.
Dismiss him from the job, immediately
But, Gandhi-ji, my intentions...
File a case of fraud against him
I have stopped practicing law.
Otherwise I would have fought your case
He's young. Mistakes can happen
He is your son after all
How long?
For how long will we keep protecting our children...
...even in crime?
What kind of a society do we wish to create, Narottamdas-ji?
If you have any respect for me or concern for our relationship...
then file the case. Let the courts decide
If Harilal accepts the punishment, that will be his glory
And my pride
Now come. Today you will learn from me before you leave
Harilal. Harilal.
He is not at home
For three days now you've been repeating that lie
From Porbander to Calcutta, I have travelled, in search of him
And you are hiding him!
He has not returned home
I am a poor man, but I gave to him my savings...
...I trusted the Gandhi name.
But you people have no shame! You are cheating people in Gandhi's name
It is me, Gulab. He is gone
Don't touch me
You smell of liquor
At every step, I have been with you. But you have gone too far
Fraud, cheating, now drinking
What next?
What can I do, Gulab? The war ended without warning
I cannot realise even ten percent of my investment
I had warned you
You didn't listen.
I won't let my children grow up here
I'm going away to live with my parents...
...and I'm taking my children away
Gulab, give me one more chance
Rami takes care of Manu and Kanti, of Rasik
Paper boat for you
Shanti, careful boy
Gulab, what have you decided?
I am leaving for Rajkot tomorrow
I'll return to my parents' home
But the children? At least they'll stay with us?
They are coming with me
What? - Telegram!
You wait. The milk is coming to a boil
I have work. More deliveries. The telegram is marked Urgent
Read it out for me and leave it there
Your son Shanti died today. Stop.
Your wife Gulab is gravely ill. Stop. Come soon. Stop.
Hari. Hariya.
Bapu? - Hari my son,
come with me to the Ashram. Forget the past
Your children need you
I'm there at the Ashram, Ba is there, your children are there
Come, we will live together
You're here.
Bapu, here comes your little prince
What's the matter? You look very happy
What happened?
Come here, Rasik
Come here, son.
You must recite for me a poem, at the prayer meeting.
Rasiklal Harilal...
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
He had a goat,
the goat refused to be milked
So Rasiklal Gandhi...
could not stop weeping!
Very good
Greetings, Satyapal-ji. - Greetings Hari-bhai!
All well? - I sent you a message and you're here?
Godrej customers cannot go away empty-handed for lack of stocks
Hari-bhai, I think that's enough
Why do you worry, Satyapal-ji
You are very special to us. Do not worry
I've spoken to the company. You will get extended credit...
and a special discount
What about last month's account?
Next week
Sure? - Sure!
Thank you
Mahadev-bhai, greetings. - Greetings
Bapu, you... here?
I waited so long for you to return.
You didn't come, so I decided to come
How is Ba? - The same
And the children? - They're fine
But they miss you a lot
As soon as I have the money, I want them to come here... live with me. I will call Ba also
Well, if you invite me, even I will come back
These photos... are from our South African days?
What a wonderful collection of books you have
I've tried my utmost to educate myself, Bapu
Mahadev, do you remember me telling you that...
my Harilal was the first passive resister in South Africa...
to use fasting as a weapon for justice
You were my brave soldier, Hari
That was a long time ago, Bapu
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
Bapu, this is Calcutta
They will not listen
You will have to speak
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
Please, I am here as my son's guest. I will spend the night here
A small request, please let me spend some time with my son,
...without disturbance
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
History is calling you again, Hari.
I want you to join the struggle
And do what?
Fight, for country
With me, you can fight your whole life
For the country, this may be your last chance.
Join us.
Proclaim to the British Government,
you may hang us on the gallows or you can send us to prison,
but from us, you get no co-operation
Today the British Empire represents Satanism
And those who love God, cannot love Satan,
can they?
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
Glory to... - Mahatma Gandhi.
This empire is guilty of the most terrible atrocities
I tell you if it does not apologise to God and to this country...
it will definitely perish
And I also wish to say,
if it does not apologise, then we make it our duty as Indians...
to destroy it
We need more control.
Do you seriously believe...
...India can rule itself?
With all its internal divisions.
Like caste and religion.
Excuse me, Hari-bhai.
Some more guests would like to meet you.
One moment.
We are fortunate to have you amongst us
We wondered, who besides Gandhi? - Then thankfully, you arrived
I am indebted to you for your help
All that's in the past
The rents you owed to your landlord are paid
You can now sleep peacefully in your house
I am very grateful
Hari-bhai, as your well-wisher, I must advise you that...
the welfare of your children should be a priority
As important as the freedom movement is, also is your responsibility towards...
the children
I know, but now that I've made the choice,
I'm either in or out of prison...
...or marching the streets with passive resisters
Exactly, this is where we come in
That is why we called this meeting
We have formed a group of a few respectable people to help you
We will float a company in your name,
we'll build a factory, issue shares,
we'll collect money, make profits, to secure your future
Who'll invest in my name?
I'm not from a business family or industrial group
Gandhi is much bigger than anything else in this country
You cannot use my father's name
No... no, he did not explain correctly
We will use your name, Harilal Mohandas Gandhi
You're confusing him
Hari-bhai, let me explain. It's quite straightforward,
men like you who fight for freedom are very emotional,
but you must look at economic realities
This is your time, you are hailed as a Gandhi
So encash on it
You don't have to run to your father for money
I have never done all this, I don't know...
You just leave it to me. I will fix everything
Anytime you feel uncomfortable, just quit
No thank you, I have stopped all this
Hari-bhai, God gives us only one life
I know you have a public image, but in private, you can always enjoy
As a token of our respect
Have they found his relatives?
Bapu, I invested all my savings...
in Hari-bhai's company
Now there's no company,
and no Hari-bhai
Everyone has run away
They showed me your photo...
...that's why I gave them my money.
Bapu, at that time,
I saw only you.
Now, I am ruined
What am I to do now,
what should I do, Bapu?
Bapu, tell me
Harilal is my eldest son, but we have had our differences.
He does not believe in my ideals and even challenges them in public.
If he changes his ways, my arms are always open to embrace him.
However, all relationships have their limits.
If Harilal has a conscience, he will repay his debts.
Let this be a warning to all,
who are being lured by big names into financial transactions.
Men may be good, but not necessarily their children.
Next time you deal with him, please remember.
I am not related to him in any manner whatsoever.
Signed, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
I ask you to donate generously to eradicate the curse of Untouchability
And now I want you to repeat after me
Let there be many temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras
But as Indians...
we shall bow as one...
to Mother India
We bow to Mother India
Mahatma Gandhi... - Long live
We will not allow an Untouchable into our temples
Keep your untouchable filth in your Ashram, Gandhi
Hindu society will never accept this
Down with Gandhi!
Down with Gandhi!
Glory to - Mahatma Gandhi.
Glory to - Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi-ji, please state your clear position on Untouchability
Untouchability is a curse on humanity
So long as it exists in Hindu society,
...we cannot be a part of the civilized world
What has been the response to your call...
...for donations for the Untouchables?
I've been going with a begging bowl all across the country
I admit I am disappointed with people in the cities.
Their hearts have shrunk
Ask them to contribute for a social or national cause,
...they look for excuses
In contrast, our villagers who have very little, will give all they can
I am convinced, the heart of India lives in her villages
I will feed you
No matter how old you are, you will always be my child
Where have you been, Hari?
We've been looking for you everywhere
Make no mistake, Untouchability has to be eradicated
And Hindu-Muslim unity is the foundation on...
...which a new India will be built
And for these principles, I am willing to lay down my life
Glory to - Mahatma Gandhi.
Glory to - Mahatma Gandhi.
Down with Gandhi.
Down with Gandhi.
Ba, God has answered your prayers! Harilal has come to see you
At every railway station we stop, Ba is searching for you only.
Ask her.
Don't test our patience
Don't challenge our belief, Gandhi
Hari, I read your statement in a newspaper...
that you might be embracing Christianity?
I was misquoted
However, I do respect their service to the community
Son, I am also told...
you have been borrowing money...
at high interest rates
How will you repay?
I don't know, Bapu
And I don't care
Son, come back to us. Come and live with us in the Ashram
Long live Mahatma Gandhi
Long live Mahatma Gandhi
Long live Mahatma Gandhi
He has escaped unhurt! Let's run!
Can I stay a while longer?
I just want to talk to you
You know, this is business time, please understand...
Shalini, how much longer?
I am done
Hari-bhai, stop
We aren't after you for the money. Zakaria-saheb sent us
Zakaria-saheb said you have spoken with him
No Hari-bhai, please, these are small matters
I am glad you are here
We have paid all your debts
We can no longer bear to see you in this condition anymore
You don't have to hide anywhere, you do not have to sleep on streets
It's a shame on us, that you have to suffer all this
Thank you
Oh Hari-bhai, please don't mention it, this is your house
You are now part of our family
Hindus and Muslims are my two eyes
They are simply testing our faith
But a few fanatics on both sides cannot hold...
...a civilization to ransom
Harilal has sold his soul to the highest bidder...
...and his flesh to the cheapest pleasure
Now, it is up to his new friends to save him from hell
Harilal and Abdullah are one and the same, Ba. The same...
a true devotee of God
If Harilal achieves true devotion by following the path of Islam... whatever name he is known...
...then he should be dear to us.
"Open your mind."
"Open your mind."
"Open your mind."
"Open your mind."
"Open your mind."
"Open your mind."
Good evening, gentlemen. Don't move. Don't be afraid
I will give you a tour of the city.
Don't worry, give me the reins
Abdullah-bhai, you put your feet on the accelerator and press hard
I will race with the horse
We'll have a race.
The police is here! - Get into the van
Where are you taking us? We're no freedom fighters...
we're just happy. - Get in
Where are you taking my friends? - Get down
Get down?
Say, "Please get down"
Don't misbehave
You know Mahatma Gandhi? - Who does not know him
He is my father
You are Gandhi-ji's son? - No. He is my father
It's a long story
I just announced in a meeting today...
that both he and my mother should also change their religion
You too can follow my path and change. I will recommend you
Since you claim that Gandhi-ji is your father...
we will put you people in a comfortable place to sleep tonight
Get him into the police van. - Why... what, police van... where?
"Open your mind."
"Open your mind."
because of your father, they were kind to you
And that's why you are sitting here and eating this food
But you are embarrassing us, misusing our hospitality
Greetings, Zakaria sir.
You have changed a lot, Hari
Every time I see a newspaper, or hear about you...
I wonder...
is it my son they are talking about?
My own Hari
The one I nursed in my womb
Where do we hide our faces, Hari?
What do I say to your children?
Bapu is strong, he can bear it
But what do I do?
I am a mother, I cannot disown you
Nor can I call you my own
Harilal, we have done you no harm. Then why do you bring shame on us?
Why do you abuse us, our religion?
You have a right to say what you want, to do what you want
As a mother,
I can only plead, Hari
Please spare us
I am too old to bear this, son
I am very tired, Hari
Very tired,
I am defeated now
Following the teachings of Dayanand Saraswati...
...and due to the efforts of Arya Samaj.
I return to Hinduism.
Where are you going?
I don't know
I gave you money for medicine and you...
I am here to look after you
Alcohol cures me and kills me
I keep trying to change my future,
I wear new clothes, but my past always catches up with me
I've too much history
And very little sense of geography
I will not let you go alone
How far will you follow me? I have gone too far
Victory to Mahatma Gandhi
Victory to Mahatma Gandhi
Victory to Mahatma Gandhi
Victory to Mahatma Gandhi
Victory to Mahatma Gandhi
Victory to Mahatma Gandhi
Victory to Mother Kasturba
Look what I have for you, Ba
Harilal, what have you brought for me?
Nothing. This is only for my mother
All this "Long live Mahatma Gandhi"...
...all this adulation you are getting... is only because of my mother
I know that
Will you come with us, son?
No, I have come only to meet my mother
Where did you get this?
I told the fruit seller, "This is for my mother"
He said take it. No money
If you are not going to eat it, then give it back to me
No, son. Only I will eat it.
I brought this only for you. You eat it
Victory to Mahatma Gandhi
Victory to Mother Kasturba
Victory to Mother Kasturba
Here is a mantra...
I give you. Imprint it on your heart...
...let your every breath give expression to it
The mantra is, "Do or die"
We shall either free India, or die in the attempt
Every one of you, from this moment onwards, .
...must should consider yourself free, a free man or free woman
Act as if you are free...
...and no longer under the heel of foreign domination
This is an open rebellion
Leave India to God
Or to anarchy
But quit India
Do or die
We shall do or die
Independence was the subject of post war talks...
Britan must hold India at all costs.
Nationwide demonstrations lead to violent consequences.
Prominent leaders of the
...freedom movement are arrested.
Mahatma Gandhi was put under house arrest... a palatial mansion in Pune called the Agarcon Palace.
How big is our country?
Why? - You don't know?
You keep taking my tests, now you tell me, how big?
Very big
What is big?
You remember, in our geography class...
...I showed you the globe of the world
And I also showed you Europe
So take Europe, add a few other countries. It's that big
And how many British are there in our country?
Three hundred thousand, add a few thousands
Then why do you want them to quit India?
Such a big country, we can all live here like a big family
I want them to quit as our rulers...
...Once they stop ruling us, we have no quarrel with them
Good point, you must tell them this
I will
Now I cannot take long walks, I get tired
You go alone from tomorrow
Where have you been, son?
Ba, I wanted to come here to meet you, but they wouldn't allow me
Who, who is stopping you?
Just because he is poor?
They allow all my children, he is also my son
Come here, son
No Ba, I will sit here
Come here, come. I won't let you go anywhere
You're staying with me, you aren't going anywhere else
Come to me, son
You are drunk?
You come drunk to meet me?
I have come to see you, Ba
No liquor... - Bapu, he has been drinking!
You have no shame?
I came to see you.
I came to see you. - You go away!
Go now
Take him away
Take him away, Hari, just go away
I'm not drunk. - Leave, Hari
Mr. Gandhi.
The Pakistan issue is very sensitive.
And we cannot allow your public statements...
I believe it is my duty and my responsibility.
To make Mr. Jinah and the others...
...see the dangers of an India...
...being divided into two parts.
Fighting against each others.
I've to follow orders.
Well, it suits your government... keep us divided...
...on the basis of religion.
Unfortunately, we're so blind...
...we cannot see.
Mr. Gandhi, you've to understand.
Bapu, Ba needs you
Please excuse me.
Where is Hari?
He will come
What will happen to him after me?
Bapu, promise me
You will take care of Hari
I will
He is not bad... just unfortunate
Where is my sari?
Which one?
You forgot?
The one you spun specially for me,
the one with a red border
Promise, you will drape that sari on me on my last journey
I will
Ba... Ba
Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his Muslim League...
...demanding partition of India along religious lines...
...called for direct action.
The result.
Unprecedented Hindu-Muslim riots.
Hundreds and thousands massacred in Bengal.
British administration simply collapsed.
Murderers roam freely and unchecked.
Louis Mt. Baton, the governor General of India called...
...Gandhi the one-man army. he once again walks alone to stop the madness.
Where are you hiding?
Come out
Come out and kill me
As it is, how many years have I left to live
At least I will be spared this inhumanity, this barbarity
I won't have to bear this agony
How do I face the world?
Hindus call me a traitor and Muslims are praying for my death
But let me make this clear,
you can cut me into pieces,
but I will not be a willing party to a divided India
Can you find out where my Harilal is?
Why, Bapu?
Over the past few days, I've been thinking about him a lot
It's very difficult to trace him,
but we can try
If he joins me in this critical hour...
then I am ready to die in his lap, a very happy man
You know, the greatest regret of my life is...
...that there are two persons whom I could never convince
One is my friend from Kathiawad, Mohammed Ali Jinnah
And the second,
my own son Harilal
Harilal Gandhi
150 years of British rule enters its final hours.
One of the oldest civilizations... split into two nations.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah is the new governor general...
...of the new Muslim majority, Pakistan.
On the eve of Indian Independence...
...Prime Minister Jawarhar Lal Nehru...
...address the constituent assembly.
Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny.
And now the time comes when we shall...
...redeem our pledge.
At the stroke of the midnight hour...
...when the world sleeps.
India will awake to light..
A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history.
When we step out from the old to the new.
When the soul of a nation...
...long suppressed by utterance.
To avoid further bloodshed and violence...
...Gandhi reluctantly agreed to the partition of India.
Alone and dejected...
...the man of non-violence... faces a new reality
The greatest migration in history.
Hundreds and thousands killed... the sectarian violence.
Millions homeless.
The old, the sick, the young.
Dying of hunger and exhaustion.
Reports of unimaginable cruelty and daily massacres...
...shocks the world communities as it struggles... respond to this...
...great humanitarian crisis.
15th August, 1947.
India is a free nation.
The lights have gone out of our life.
And there is darkness everywhere.
And I do not quite know what to tell you.
And how to say it.
Our beloved leader.
"Bapu", as we called him.
The Father of the nation, is no more.
Perhaps, I am wrong to say that...
...nevertheless, we will not see him again... we've seen him for many years.
We will not run to him for advice.
Please leave. We are closing shop now
Douse the coal.
Put it off.
Here. - The advice that I or anyone else can give you.
The light has gone out I said.
And yet I was wrong.
My Bapu is no more, I am an orphan now
The light that has been leading this country for so many years.
My Bapu is gone
This country for many years.
And a thousand years later that light will still be seen.
I don't want your money. Please keep it. Just go
That light...
Something more...
Those cowards. They killed him with bullets
My Bapu is gone, he has left us alone
"Lord Ram, blessed is thy name."
"Victory to you Lord Ram..."
"...the husband of Sita."
"You won without using any weapons."
"The battle of independence."
"We bow before you, for ages to come."
"We bow before you true believer of non-violence."
"You're God, and you're Allah."
"Bless all equally."
"Lord Ram, blessed is thy name.""
"Victory to you Lord Ram, the husband of Sita"