Gandhinagar 2nd Street (1986) Movie Script

Mother, here's milk.
Has Madhavan taken his bath,
daughter? - Yes.
Please get me the sugar.
Coffee is ready.
There is no place in this kitchen
- When are we going to shift?
This is a town, don't you know, we're
paying Rs 250 just for this place.
Five houses share one toilet.
Why should we pay Rs 250 for such a
house where there're no facilities?
I am not happy to give it.
The owner grabs it from me.
Hey, Lathika...
Yes, brother.
Use the bathroom only after the men
finish their bath.
All of them are flirts.
Oh God! I am in trouble
- what is the matter, son?
Mr. Govindakutty's son Sethu is standing
there. - Really, call him inside.
Mother, go inside, don't create
unnecessarily trouble.
Wasn't he your classmate?
Haven't you eaten many times
at his house?
Call him inside, son.
Don't make me mad, show all your
love & affection at our native place.
He is jobless now, he
will be a burden on us.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Oh! Who's it? It's a long time
since I had seen you
There isn't a day left, without
thinking of you, my friend.
How are you mother?
- I am okay son.
You seem to be tired.
- There was no rest.
You've grown up well, Lathika.
We wanted to see you
when your father died.
But he didn't get leave.
Those wonderful days, when we
studied in the school together...
Come to my office, I've
so much to talk.
What about tea for Sethu?
- We'll have it on the way.
I am coming from Bombay by train
in unreserved compartment.
I sat in the toilet and
I am tried, I need a bath
and a good sleep.
You carry on, we'll meet in
the evening.
Madhavan, you carry on,
let Sethu sleep here.
If I wake up before you come back,
I'll meet you at your office.
Where is your office?
It is in Gandhi Nagar.
How could I see? She says she had
seen only his two hands.
Will anybody sleep with the
windows open?
Henceforth be careful.
Here comes the people.
Is he the one?
Is he the only police in
the station?
Isn't the S. I at the station?
- Yes, so what?
I had asked him to come
here, isn't it?
Are you the one who
has employed him?
What is the problem here?
Can't we live peacefully here?
Last Wednesday, a thief entered the
engineer's house through the roof.
Finally neighbours chased him.
Unfortunately, I happen to be the
secretary of Gandhi Nagar.
Last night, the same thief tried to
snatch this girl's chain.
How do you know, he was the
same thief?
I guessed it - No, let the
police guess.
What happened when you guessed
last time?
We've started short listing a few
- you've just started?
If you are so slow in your work
I'll have to call the Home minister.
Forget that, which house was burgled?
- My house.
Are they no men here?
No only my kid's father
is there.
Isn't he a man?
That is...
Why do women behave like this?
Move aside.
Stay here, I will go inside
and talk.
Get out, don't think that you can
threaten me with your power & position.
Remove your uniform and come to me
as an ordinary man.
Then, we shall talk.
Anyway, I'll make you talk.
At what time did the incident
take place?
I am warning you for the
last time.
If your intention is to fight with me,
then I am also ready.
I don't have to look
back now.
I'll break your legs,
gorge your eyes out,
And I'll cut out your tongue.
Come, I said come here.
You don't know about me.
- What?
I'm really bad.
Is that bald man mad? - What?
I'll put him behind bars
and set him right.
Is Kutty Kuruppa writing
From morning, there's some noise
from his room.
He is writing a detective novel
for some new readers.
Then, why do you need police?
Let him investigate.
Why is the police and the
military here?
No military, only
police is here.
Who is he? He looks notorious.
Were you the one who attacked
this girl last night?
Talk decently - I'm a
police constable.
Oh, I didn't know that. In that case
you can talk as much as you want.
What happened? Are people not scared
of police as before.
I am asking, why the police department
isn't concerned with our colony?
For that, shouldn't something
happen here?
Either an arms duel or a
beautiful murder, try it once.
Stop there.
Are you a resident of this colony?
- Yes.
I suspect everyone.
Didn't you attempt to snatch
this girl's chain?
It is better to tell
the truth.
Sister, please move, I'll
come tomorrow.
Last night also we heard
him yelling.
He was shouting at my husband
for being a bad writer.
It seems, he's the college
I pity the students who are taught
by this drunken professor.
Whatever it is, he is the only
good person in this colony.
I'll call the Home Minister
- That's better.
My husband has come.
Again they've charged me Rs 5,000
per lorry.
Might is right.
They're doing as they please.
How many loads were there?
- Ten, get me some ice water.
I've lost Rs 50,000
at one shot.
Did the problem get solved
by that?
When we reached Perundhalmanna, special
squads were standing there.
It was 2 O'clock in the night, they
were waiting without sleep,
To take bribe.
Inspite of taking Rs.10,000 as bribe
they're saying,
Boss, the material is spirit,
Problem will arise if you don't supply
to the allotted shops.
What will I do?
They won't let poor employers live.
We need a strong political
party's support.
Is it not for that I am working hard?
This time the corporation...
Shut up, you and your corporation.
First corporation, then assembly...
Okay, you make some tea.
Where is Tommy?
He's studying on
the terrace.
If we stand on both sides of the river,
how can we fulfill our desires?
Either the male bird goes that side
or the female comes this side...
Enough, there is progress, atleast
there was a reaction.
I thought of telling the constable.
- What?
Don't pretend to be a saint.
What was your intention?
What are you talking?
- Don't lie.
Why did you catch me through
the window?
I didn't catch anybody.
When I wanted to wake you up
and tell you something...
Do you have to tell it
only at midnight?
True love has no time
and place.
I wanted to come to your school
- Anything special?
No, just to see the school.
There's nothing much for
you to see.
All the girls are of this size.
See you.
What's the matter, sir?
I'm unable to concentrate.
There's a problem at home.
I am going.
Lock the office and keep the
key with you.
When Nirmala teacher returns from
school, collect her passport for renewal.
Okay sir.
Hey, hey, wait.
If you don't vacate by this month,
I'll stop writing novels.
Lucky readers. I won't vacate.
I am stopping my writing, only to
quit you from this place.
I'll sue you. Will anyone come, if
you've such a big board in a small place.
Let me write to the
central office.
I am not bothered about it.
Look here, I'll spend the cost of
one novel to throw you out.
See you.
Are you preparing a feast to make him
stay here forever?
Don't be silly.
Have you spoken to him?
What are his plans?
He wants you to fix up a
job for him.
Then, am I not the collector so
that I can get him a job?
Ask him to go back.
Who is there for him?
After his parent's death, he's
under his brother-in-law's thumb.
He can't go home without a job.
Did you speak to him?
I heard him talking to mother.
If you talk to him... I warn you,
my character is bad.
If he can't go home, ask him
to rent a room.
Why don't you tell him?
His parents had helped me a lot.
How can I tell this to him directly?
Wake up, my friend... wake up.
Did you take bath? - Yes.
Shall we eat now?
- Of course.
It is 3 months since
I had home food.
I am very hungry, come.
The rents are too high
Rs 250 for this house, just for
a kitchen & a bed room.
We three sleep in one room.
Compared to Bombay, this
is Heaven.
There, 8 persons sleep in a room
smaller than this.
Lathika is a grown up girl,
isn't it?
I am unable to give
her some privacy.
When you say eight persons, all of
you must be men.
Not only men,
There, Rama menon, his wife, their
daughter & 5 of us sleep together...
If we're true to ourselves,
then we can sleep anywhere.
Since you were in Bombay, why don't
you meet your sister's family?
It is not necessary.
Can I have your pen?
This address is very near, why don't
you go in person?
I already know it. It's an urgent
matter, how soon will they get it?
I'll send it within half an hour.
There is a telegram for you.
Tomorrow, you've to join Bangalore
office by 9 am.
M. D has sent it personally.
Tomorrow, if I don't join by 9 A.M.,
I'll lose my job.
Mother, Lathika, start immediately.
There is a train at 6.30.
Can't we all start later
after packing?
We'll take necessary items now.
My office people will send the rest.
Sethu, are you not going home?
I thought, I'll come along with you.
There're many good companies there,
Where I can find a job?
This is not the right time for you to
come. Once we settle down there, .
We'll send you a telegram
to join us.
Okay. Till then, I can stay
here, isn't it?
That's impossible. Landlord will not
allow you to stay here.
So, go home. I'll send you the
telegram there.
If I go home...
So what? I will call you
within 2 days.
Let him also come along
with us, son.
Don't give suggestions without knowing
the matter, go inside.
So, shall I go home?
- That's good.
Don't forget to inform me once
you reach there.
Of course. So you are starting right
now? Hurry up, pack up.
We met after such a long time, yet we
couldn't be together for 4 days.
I'll send you the telegram.
You must come.
Yes. Certainly.
See you.
Is this the Railway Station?
No, this is the theater. We'll watch a
movie & go back home tonight.
What about Bangalore?
There was no other way to
get rid of him.
You wicked one, isn't he the son of
Kottakkal Amshadikari?
Then, you go with
that Amshadikari.
If you want, you come with me.
Taxi, please wait.
You haven't gone?
- What about you?
I didn't get a bus. - There is bus at
9'o clock to Kottakkal.
Strike. - What strike?
Conductor slapped the driver.
- What?
The driver slapped the conductor.
- What?
A passenger was hit.
- Why didn't you go?
I didn't get reservation.
Won't you lose your job, if you
don't join by tomorrow?
I've informed them. You'll be
going tomorrow isn't it?
My good luck. - What?
I am lucky to see you, Mother
and Lathika.
The strike must be over by now.
You go fast... - I'll go tomorrow.
Did you have anything?
- No, mother.
Come. I'll prepare something
for you.
Madhavan, wasn't the telegram part of a
set up to get rid of me?
Yes, Similarly, the strike was also
cooked up by you, right?
I had told you about
the inconveniences.
Do you think, I didn't
get you?
I understood everything.
Rs.10,000 which I had received
after selling a bus,
That was spent for my
visa processing.
I can't go home without
a job.
When I went to our native place,
I got some news.
Actually when I saw you in the morning,
I was shocked.
I am myself struggling here.
- Any kind of job.
What job? - Anything will do.
Difficult, even if you have to
plead with someone,
It will take a long time.
Let it take time. Where will
you stay until then?
Sethu, brothers with grown up sisters
are always under pressure.
No way, I am not
that type.
Whichever type you are,
it will not work.
Why don't you try a lodge?
I need money for that.
What was your idea in coming empty
handed? What is in your bag?
It is full of dirty clothes.
The clothes stitched for my Dubai trip.
I'll pay the lodge rent for
the time being.
But you must repay it
when you get a job.
Punnakal Lodge rooms
for rent.
No fan, isn't it?
- No.
Too hot, isn't it?
Do you expect an AC in
an Rs.8 rent room?
There must be bedbugs here.
- Sit and kill them.
Within two days, you can wipe out the
whole clan. Anyway, you are jobless.
I'll come and meet you here.
You don't come home.
Okay, bye, see you later.
Atlast, the committee has taken
some important decisions.
You know about the happenings
in the colony.
I forwarded the idea.
You will also have to contribute
Rs.10. - For what?
To pay salary. - For whom?
My proposal to keep a watchman for the
colony has been approved by all.
Security? - Has anything untoward
happened here?
Isn't prevention better
than cure?
I have no objection
to it.
But spare me from the Rs.10
contribution. It's difficult.
Can't you spare Rs.10
per month?
Is there any benefit
from it?
This security is not needed
for my office.
It is not right for you alone
to be out of it.
The idea is to collect Rs.500 from
50 houses as the Gurkha's salary.
How can you find a watchman for a
lesser amount?
I've no knowledge of
Have you found a watchman
for Rs.500?
Now-a-days, it is difficult
to get a Gurkha.
I'm planning to advertise in the
newspaper. Will you not support us?
No, I'm not a resident of this colony.
It won't work out.
With such a big board outside,
none will think that you're so bankrupt.
Yes, I am bankrupt.
- Watchman!
This woman is slightly mad, Isn't it?
Look, you better come inside,
he might abuse us.
No, I'm not running away. Being the
colony Secretary, let me handle him.
I have no peace.
- No.
As the Secretary of the colony,
I'm going to advice you.
Alcohol is poison. Drunkards
ruin the community...
Get lost.
He has started early today.
The uncultured. Apparently he was in
love with somebody, hence his fate.
What is wrong if a girl ditches
such a man?
Sister, when you came to the office,
I was a little off mood.
I will gladly contribute Rs.10 or
Rs.20 for the Gurkha.
But, do you need a real Gurkha?
Won't an ordinary man do?
No way. We need a genuine Gurkha.
Won't a healthy Malayalee be enough?
What do you say, sister?
Thieves fear only a real Gurkha.
Moreover if a Gurkha kills or stabs,
no Police will register a case.
Such are the advantages of
keeping a Gurkha.
Who says so?
Have you heard about the valiant knife
of the Gurkha? - No.
Once Gurkha draws his knife, he'll not
put it back till it tastes blood.
That was the past. There are no
such Gurkhas now.
Let us wait and see. Anyway we are
going to advertise.
No need of a Gurkha, sister.
Nothing doing, we need
a Gurkha.
Even if I get caught, it is
not a criminal offence.
To survive, I've to lie & it won't be
the first time either...
...Any court with a conscience
cannot punish me.
If I need to be a Gurkha,
so be it.
You would have picked up some Hindi
in Bombay, right?
Not a problem.
Actually, it is a problem.
No, it is not a problem.
I believe, Gurkha can escape a murder.
There won't be any police case.
Will they make me
kill anybody?
If you come across such a
situation, you can run away.
Kill and run?
Run without killing.
You know, they say, when a Gurkha
draws his knife,
He will keep it back only after
it sees blood.
So under any circumstances
never draw your knife.
When they see me...
You look just like a Gurkha. You
should impress them at the first sight,
With a Khakhi uniform, belt, cap &
this knife with your smartness.
What's the problem there?
What's it?
Is he mad?
He is in Khakhi uniform.
Is he a policeman who has
gone mad?
Look, come here - what?
Come, here.
Oh my God.
You had advertised in the
paper, isn't it?
Looks like he is a Gurkha.
Oh God! Has the Gurkha arrived
here, so fast?
Sister, he's Gurkha.
My God, he's Gurkha!
- My God!
Hey Gurkha, are you the Gurkha?
I am the Gurkha, Ya...
Enough, stop your gimmicks,
please move.
Brothers and sisters.
I read in the paper that a colony
needs a Gurkha, so I've come.
What? - Nobody understands Hindi.
You people wouldn't have understood
what he said, isn't it?
He has come in response to
the Ad. For Gurkha.
He doesn't look like
a Gurkha.
I am telling the truth
- Be quiet.
I came to Kerala 20 years ago.
So I don't look like a Gurkha.
Actually I am a Gurkha.
I learnt Malayalam in these 20 years
- Stop... Stop...
He's a Gurkha, what's your name?
Ramsingh, son of Bhimsingh.
As I'm the secretary of this colony,
I have some questions to ask.
Ask me. - Are you ready to
work 24 hours a day?
Yes, madam - Are you brave enough
to catch any thief?
How dare you doubt
my bravery?
It is nothing, he says never to
question a Gurkha's bravery.
Don't ask for trouble, mother.
- Get lost.
What trouble? A Gurkha is an
absolute necessity here.
Gurkha, you must catch the thief soon
and hand him over to us.
Madam, I need a house for a duty of
24 hours. House... house.
He wants to know where he will
stay as he is on duty for 24 hours.
He is not even selected.
What more is there
to select?
He is enough... he's healthy,
has a knife.
Didn't we see the gimmicks of
a Gurkha?
Let us select him
- Stop.
During day, you've to buy the needs
of the residents who ask for.
Okay - Look here, no sleeping
at night.
You shouldn't sleep...
Then, there is a tent, we used
for our tour, isn't it?
We'll give that to him.
You can fix it up there
and stay in it.
Don't utter a word.
Dear friends... what's
your name?
I here by appoint Ramsingh as our
official watchman of our colony.
Ask him to show us
his knife.
You ask him.
Can't take the knife out
- Why?
It's because, once the knife is out
it should see blood.
My God, then, no need.
Come let's go - What?
That time Annamma was alone
at home.
She thought Gopi would
come this way, then...
When she thought of him, she
was thrilled.
It seems God heard
her prayers.
With a dashing smile, he was
standing at the door.
Annamma was standing alone there.
Slowly Gopi went
close to her.
She asked him "why are you
staring at me"?
Gopi pulled her to him as if he
was seeing her for the first time.
She didn't resist.
After waiting for long
- what's that?
Show it to me, I'll
break your legs.
Show it to me.
I've told you not to
read his writings.
There's lot of work in the kitchen.
Go there.
Go there.
I'm going to hit you.
There is no peace of mind with
these two girls around.
Useless girls.
Is Kuttychan sir there?
- Let me tell you one thing.
You have to collect his
writings frequently.
There are two grown
up girls here.
Have you come early?
- Yes.
If you write anything,
before your bath,
Keep them in the box. Take.
Here, there's no peace
of mind.
Please give it to me, sir.
I need to compose it soon.
This is Manjani Kombu. I'll give you
the story for your magazine right now.
Don't delay - No only
5 minutes.
Please sit. Is it not the
8th chapter? - Yes
Okay, what is the hero's name?
Heroine is Clara.
Okay! Sit down. I'll get it
right away.
What is all this?
It's my fate.
I can't understand how these useless
people lived here before I came?
From salt to chicken feed is
in the this sack.
Are you swindling money?
Should I top betrayal
with cheating?
I am an innocent Gurkha
from Nepal.
How are you, sister?
Don't use your Hindi. It's full
of grammatical errors.
But I managed to scrape
through the interview.
She's just round the corner,
go fast.
He is the no.1 flirt of
the colony.
Shall I control him a bit?
No... first earn a good
name here.
Are you familiar with
everybody now?
There is a kinder garden
teacher here, Nirmala.
Do you know her?
Yes, I have some of her
stuff in this bag.
She is a reputed lover. She may come
of use to you.
Oh! I am not that type.
She hails from a
big family.
When she loved an auto mechanic,
her family opposed.
But she chose him ignoring
her family's wealth.
Tell me, how will I be
benefited from her?
To prove to her family, she has
sent her husband to Dubai - Is it?
So apple polish her.
Dubai is your destination, isn't it?
If her husband wishes, I
think you can go to Dubai.
What are her weak points
- What?
Her weak points? Only on knowing her
weak points, I can apple polish her.
Haven't you seen
her child?
Yes - That is her major
weak point.
First, you try to apple polish
the child.
You should be able to make
the child pine for you.
Then, you've won.
You can achieve your goal if you work
out your sentiment by that way.
Then, let me not waste time. I'll try
to develop my sentiments and achieve.
Oh! I have to deliver the groceries
to many places.
Let me go.
I am going,
I am going.
I am going.
Little man, what are
you doing?
Where is Mummy?
Ram singh, you've come early?
I came by cycle.
Thanks a lot, hope I
didn't bother you.
Madam, What are you... Saying?
It is my pleasure to
serve you.
Isn't Hindi your mother tongue?
- Yes.
Then, why are you struggling
with it?
I stammer a bit.
I came to Kerala, when
I was young.
In my childhood... I came
with my parents to Kerala.
Ram singh, wait, I'll
get you some tea.
My son - get lost
- Oh God.
My dear son, show me
some affection.
Only if you like me, I'll be
benefited in many ways, son.
Your tea.
Your son is very nice.
I saw my younger brother last,
at this age only.
Fifteen years ago.
Where is he now?
In Nepal.
I just adore little children.
You must allow me to carry your
son atleast once a day.
Do you like children so much?
- Yes.
Then, whenever you have time, you can
come to the nursery.
Madam, your husband is in Dubai?
- Yes.
He must be in a good
job there?
Not bad, he's been there
for the last 2 years.
Is it so? Whenever you write to him,
convey my regards.
Come, Come, come my friend
you're my friend.
You're my...
I'm coming...
Hold this... draw.
Yesterday, I spoke to the collector,
only then I understood,
Abroad also there are
nurseries like this.
Tell me, What help do you
need from me?
Let this continue
like this.
Nothing doing. As the colony secretary
I've some duties to do.
You're here. It's not possible.
Ram singh is very fond of kids
- Yes.
Please clean the roads.
You are not being paid
to play with the kids.
Where is your uniform?
Madam, needn't wear the uniform
at day time, isn't it?
Uniform is a must.
I had already told
you one thing.
If you don't catch the thief within
one week, you'll be thrown out.
Madam, but... where is the thief?
I don't want to hear
My decision will not waver.
You must catch the thief.
This is a simple problem.
Can't we set up a thief?
But where will you find
a thief?
Open your eyes and
look straight.
Look straight.
Can you see the thief?
- No.
It is me - What?
You are catching the thief,
beating him and chasing him.
Will this not be enough to impress the
colony people? - Yes.
Then, I am the thief.
Catch me, beat me up and
chase me.
But, won't you be identified?
If I am all smeared in charcoal and
wearing a mask, who can identify me?
When I am surrounded, you let
go of me and I will run.
Is not the matter solved?
No problem but - what but, it's
all a thrill for me.
There should be some
thrill in life.
Arrange for some oil and
charcoal in the tent.
Nobody's here.
Shout loudly. - Let me see.
Will any problem be created?
- Be brave and follow me.
Will any problem be created?
You be brave, come
on start.
But... - Catch me.
Thief... Thief - Oh God...
Thief is caught.
Oh God... oh God.
Thief... thief... come on
catch him.
Catch him.
Don't catch him, that's
my duty.
No... no... that's my...
Leave him. - That's impossible.
Remove his face mask, we
should know who he is?
Leave him, leave him.
All the thief in the
world have one face.
And that is of terror.
Nothing doing... oh...
Oh you big thief.
So, it was you who tried
to attack my daughter?
You thief... travel agency.
I had a doubt earlier.
Only a person who is familiar with
our colony can be the thief.
You acted like a decent man and
was cheating us.
...No, no, no.
Leave him... No... no... no.
Phone up to Eliza
- No - Why?
I am Ram singh, son of Bhim singh
saying... No... no... no.
I am a Hindustani Gurkha.
I'm a Gurkha, better
than police.
I'll not leave him alone,
dog, bastard.
I am going to draw my knife
- Oh God.
I'm going to kill him.
No... No...
Run away.
Gurkha don't take out
your knife.
We can't see blood.
Don't take out your knife.
Give us peace of mind...
oh God... Go...
We have understood
the value of a Gurkha.
There was a wolf in sheep's garb
in our colony
And our Gurkha caught him.
Under the board of
a travel agency,
That thief, Madhavan was terrorising
this colony, being familiar with it.
As the secretary of this colony,
I honour Ramsingh with the love &
gratitude of the people of this colony.
I invite Ramsingh to say a few words
- No, no, no.
Only two words, please.
Brothers and sisters.
Catching thieves is my job.
Chor (Food)?
No... forgive me, not the food we eat
...but thieves.
Earlier, I had caught 10 thieves
- 10 thieves?
In Hindustan, there are not
many Gurkhas left.
Today some people came from
a colony in Kottayam.
They offered me Rs.100 more.
We'll give you Rs.150 more
right now.
I will consider this offer.
Brothers and sisters.
I'm grateful for your love & affection
shown to this poor Gurkha.
Let this love encourage me to catch
more and more thieves.
Hail India.
Teacher, what are you doing here?
- I came to see you.
What is all this?
These are some medicines
for body pain.
Didn't you know, I got
beaten up by all.
Yes, I know - Really?
I couldn't believe it. I didn't
expect this from you.
Are you mad?
- Yes.
What? - Trusting a thief is
a form of madness.
Teacher, I am losing my control.
I heard that you were showing lot of
control even when you were beaten up.
I came to know that except shouting
you didn't do anything else.
Since it is you, I'll tell you the
truth. I am not bothered about others.
Last night, I was only acting as
a thief - That's a lie.
What? If you doubt,
ask Sethu.
Yes, our Nepali Gurkha, Bhim singh's
son Ram singh.
You don't sack him, I've got
enough of my share anyway.
He is not a Gurkha but Kottakkal
Amshadhikari Govindankutty's son Sethu.
That mad secretary threatened to sack
him, if he doesn't find the thief.
Are we carrying the thief in our
pockets to catch him so easily?
You trust me only if
you want.
By the way, why did you
want to see me?
I need my passport.
They say, they will not let
you enter the colony.
Tell them, if they play with me
I'll burn their colony.
I'm a bad fellow.
You'll get your passport
after renewal on Monday.
I'll send it - Don't forget to give
it on Monday.
The butterfly who frequent
The butterfly who drinks honey
from flowers.
The butterfly who sleeps
in flowers.
Come, come, come, come,
come my friend.
Ramsingh, sing that butterfly song
again - What?
Sing that butterfly
song again.
Teacher, actually we came to Kerala
15 years back, that's why.
I see, what is your
father's name?
Do you have a brother called
Sethu Singh? - What?
Then, what is the relationship between
you and Kottakkal Amshadhikari?
You met Madhavan, right?
- Yes.
Can't blame him. If they're beaten
up so much, anyone would confess.
Shall I leave now?
- Where?
Because, I'll not be allowed to
stay here anymore.
I'll not ruin your career.
Madhavan told me everything.
You left your house to
go to Dubai.
And ultimately, you reached
here, isn't it?
Yes, since I didn't have a
place to go back,
I had to don this
clown's garb.
If your husband helps me, will I
get a job in Gulf?
He has not yet settled down there.
Anyway I'll write to him.
Since you are already into this comic
role, might as well continue.
Come... Come.
The butterfly who frequent flowers.
Hey, thief - mother, thief
- get lost.
You thief!
He's still in the colony?
Catch him - Don't leave him.
Didn't you quit this
colony yet?
You should never be seen in this
colony again.
No... I'll catch him.
Gurkha will chase him, he
has come isn't it? - I'll catch.
Stop, it's me.
That's why I am running,
you're satisfied isn't it?
When I saw you with the bag
infront of my house,
I knew something would
go wrong.
It was your idea to act like the thief
- Did I ask you?
Though I lost my face, I am glad
you earned a good name.
I am shifting my office.
It'll not work out here.
Because of me, you got lot
of beatings.
When I was being beaten up
I wanted to kill you.
Anyway it was a good
Shall I tell you the truth?
I deserved a good beating.
Why? - I learnt the lesson that I
shouldn't help people like you.
I didn't come to your place because
I was afraid you would beat me.
Good, you didn't come, I would've
really beaten you.
It's okay, atleast now take
care of your job.
I am going to ask for a transfer
to Bangalore.
Before that I've to shift my office.
Only for that I came, but couldn't...
See you later.
Don't lose your job and come
in search of me again.
I am grateful to you, I'll
not forget you.
I too will never
forget you.
Malathy, give me the key of the house,
Circle inspector is here.
The house is very good.
Please come inside and sit
- I've no time.
Get the key fast.
She is my wife.
No, the house needs to be cleaned.
We need a person for that.
One person... - Yes...
Ramsingh, come here...
Come quick Gurkha - sir.
You can entrust him
the job.
Is he a Gurkha?
- Yes sir.
We came to Kerala from Nepal
when we were children.
He looks like a Malayalee, do you know
Malayalam? - Yes sir, I know.
I'll come with my family here,
tomorrow to stay.
Clean up the house well
- Yes.
Do you understand?
Here's the key - see you later
- okay.
What have you decided?
Have you finished
your bath?
I have finished, what have
you decided?
What? - That's fine.
Your dirty tricks won't
work anymore.
Either you pay the room rent
or vacate immediately.
A man should have some
sense of decency.
We'll go inside and talk.
You stand here & tell
the matter.
All the neighbours are listening,
what will they think?
Let them hear that you're staying
here free without paying rent.
If I run away from here
who will pay you the rent?
Even if you don't pay the dues, it's
fine. Just vacate this place.
Let me see, how'll you
make me vacate.
Are you not willing to vacate?
Not even your grand father
can make me vacate.
Why're you calling my grandfather
when I'm asking for rent?
Leave me, I want to go
to my room.
What room & whose room?
We've to finalise it today.
While asking for rent,
he's calling my grandfather.
I'll break his face,
son of a bitch.
I thought he was a
good man.
Your examinations are nearing,
isn't it?
Yes, but I might fail
- Why?
I can't study in peace because
of you.
You mean about our quarrel,
it's only for fun.
No, it's not for fun. You've not paid
the rent for three months.
When three of you share a rented
house, isn't it bad if one doesn't pay?
You are listening intently, isn't it?
Do you know what the matter is?
The finance company isn't doing well.
Moreover my uncle is in tight spot.
All the depositors are conspiring to
kill your uncle, I heard so.
Is it so? Oh my God!
Please don't beat me, I don't
know anything.
Beat him up - Our money.
I am only an employee there...
wait, wait.
My uncle has not given
me any money.
Without your knowledge, your uncle
will go nowhere.
You took signature from
us, isn't it?
I am only an ordinary staff in
this company.
I am innocent.
Don't push, I am innocent,
don't beat me.
Move, move - I am a staff of this
Finance company, sir.
Get in, you are cheating
the public.
No, I am innocent.
Come out - No.
If you want to beat me,
do it inside.
If you do it outside,
public will see.
Come out I say,
stand here.
Is the Circle Inspector, Sridharan
Menon, your relative?
C. I? Relative?
May be. Ours is a big family.
I don't know him directly.
But there could be a Circle Inspector
in our family.
Since the C. I has called me directly,
we are releasing you.
You must come here whenever
you are called, go.
May be a case of
mixed identity.
Not likely. He should be one of the
ardent readers of my poems.
That's impossible.
If he has really read your poems,
he'll never recommend your release.
Are you involved with the girl
next door? - No... what involvement?
I think her father is in
police department.
"Hello police station, please get me
C. I Sridharan Menon"
I've heard her asking like this
over the phone.
Correct, I have heard
it often.
No doubt. That C. I is
her father.
How do you know that?
A wise man can understand it
from the conversation.
Does he come there?
- No, I haven't seen.
I think it is her uncle's house.
I've heard her call a fat man, uncle.
When the police was hitting me, the
second time, your dad's call came.
After that you should've seen the
respect for me given by then.
Thanks a lot.
You have a good physique.
Why don't you leave that finance
company & do some manual job?
What job for daily wages?
I am an undergraduate.
Oh, I didn't know that.
If so, you can stay at the lodge,
employers will come in search of you.
Where's your father employed now?
- Why?
I want his help to
get a job.
I don't know what
else to do.
Why don't you try in your
native place?
Don't think I am self boasting.
I don't like my native place.
I am an orphan, if I go
home jobless,
My sister and her husband
will not like it.
They take care of everything there.
No problem, I'll try
something else.
"No vacancy"
"Don't come here"
Look for some other place.
I have something to say.
What is it?
- It is a secret.
My job enquiries are
proceeding well.
Since I have a poetic bend of mind,
I might get into a stall.
Poetic bend for whom?
For the book stall?
Haven't you heard about me or
known about me? - No.
Under the name of Kunnum
Purathu Sethu,
I write poetry for a
children's magazine.
I have not noticed.
I don't boast, but I have
many patrons for my poems.
Watch out in future
- Okay.
I wanted to discuss something else
- what?
Forgive me if I am wrong
- Please tell.
I am being pressurised
by my friends.
Can you lend me Rs 150 for
15 days?
I don't earn. I am a student.
Yes, what about your pocket money...
food money?
If you don't have, it's okay.
I am unable to organize it from
else where, that's why.
I'll try, but I can't promise.
You needn't promise.
But you must oblige
- I'll see.
You must - Okay.
What is it?
- Is Sethu in?
Oh Sethu! Hey Sethu.
He is bit busy in the kitchen
scraping coconuts.
We've handed over the
kitchen work to him.
He's not paying the rent, atleast
let him work and compensate.
What do you want tell me
- Nothing.
Who is it? I was
writing a poem.
Did I disturb you?
No... since I am talented
I can write at anytime.
Here, yesterday you had asked.
It is not the full amount.
This is enough, one minute.
Was it a problem? -
It's alright.
I had some problems
- It's alright.
Will you have tea?
- No, see you.
I didn't like your dirty
Shall I smile in the
way you want me to?
What? - Let us return it
- Enough.
Here's the rent, now the problem
is solved, isn't it?
Something is fishy here
- what?
When you were in lock up
she got you out.
Now, she has come with
the money.
It's true, isn't it?
Will you be alright
- for what?
Are you romantically
involved with her?
Love! Don't talk nonsense,
that's all.
Nonsense - can't a person
help another?
Wait, don't get wild.
Let me tell you something.
Go and complete your poem.
I need lunch for my office.
Don't go overboard in
imagination and spoil your poem.
Be careful and scrape
the coconut.
Things are as we had expected.
No doubt.
Do you've doubt?
I paid the rent decently.
They were astounded, when you came
to the lodge and gave me the rent.
If you don't repay me
I'll astound you.
No problem.
Even though I don't have a job,
I've found the way to earn money.
I have 7 poems to
be published.
For each poem, I'll get Rs 20,
so you calculate.
Then, my money is
surely lost.
Don't you trust me? Once
you get the money, you will.
After they got the rent, they came up
with another problem. - What?
Let them talk anything
about me.
But, you didn't commit any
mistake, isn't it?
You helped me on two
occasions, that's all.
I wanted to bash
them up.
They are saying that you are
in love with me.
I wanted to sock
there jaw.
Actually, do you have any such
feelings about me?
Continuous dreams, come alive.
Flow like streams through my eyes.
Like the beauty of spring.
Come like the virgin girls with
shy smile on their sweet lips.
Pluck a small cool breeze
and come.
Oh you, musical dream,
fly up to me.
Flow through my lips like
sweet nectar.
On the sweet scented breeze.
Dance on the chariot to the
tunes of laughter.
And come showering music
Your blue eyes resemble
many flowers.
Your eyebrows are like
the bows of cupid.
My mind is a dew drop
she should be my deity.
Each day and each time
is a pleasure.
In this world, life is divine.
Even when I close my eyes, you are
in my dreams all the time.
Oh! Beautiful flower, like the fragrant
breeze, you fill my being with joy.
Mind is a silent stage on which
a love drama is played.
Like puppeteer's dolls, we dance
on the strings in harmony.
My ancestral house is
not that bad.
My father was Kottakkal's Collector.
What are you now?
Tell me that.
Will a Circle Inspector give his
daughter to an ordinary shop assistant?
Sethu, don't build castles
in the air.
After studies these girls will fly
off to different directions.
At this age, it is a joke
for these girls.
Maya is sincerely in
love with me.
Really? Will you marry her?
- Yes.
Then, you act fast.
Before she goes out of your hand, try and
take advantage of the situation.
Let me ask you something.
Are you seriously going to marry her?
- Then what?
Then, get a proper confirmation from her
- She did confirm.
It's a verbal statement, isn't it?
That's not enough.
Have you heard the story of the man
who sold lottery by the bus stand?
Do you know how he married
Outhakutty's daughter? - How?
Everyone's attention will be diverted to
Azesha she was extremely beautiful.
Sole inheritor of all her
father's property.
If her father had known
about the affair.
He would have broken
Usman's backbone.
Usman's brilliant! Whenever he got a
chance, he took her to a hotel.
Do you know what happened finally?
She became pregnant.
The girl's father was smarter
quietly he married them off.
He saved his family's honour.
Not only the C. I even the I.G. Would've
fallen into this trap.
You are not really cheating her
anyway she is your future bride.
You both are made for each other,
isn't it? - That isn't good.
You won't understand!
Isn't she your girl?
I'll get you a lodge and
I'll pay the rent.
Even if she resists, you've to force her.
You have to make her understand
- That's it.
I'll bring it here.
I mean the restaurant.
The restaurant is on top we can ask them
to get the food here.
What happened to you? You said it is a
grand hotel with ghazals.
Now you're saying we'll
eat in the room.
We'll have more privacy here
no one may see us.
So what, if we are seen together?
If they see us...
No problem, but...
Come let's go to the restaurant - No.
Don't go.
We should not part so they...
No, I took a room here
we'll spend the day here.
What's your intention?
- No other go.
Open the door. - I'll not how much ever
you resist, I'll not leave you.
Maya... I...
I never thought you would be so cheap.
Once my father got you out of jail.
Now look, my father will not leave you.
What happened?
You finished so soon?
It is not right that you let
her out so soon.
What are you doing? Leave him
- Are you all happy?
With your advise, I lost everything
in a minute, thank you.
This is not the end, now the
C. I will not leave me.
Look, what I got for doing a favour.
C.I. Is calling you.
Asked you to come.
Will you come only, if you know
the reason?
Then, I'll find out and come
- No need, I'll come.
That's the way.
What's wrong in going?
My dear sir, please don't punish me.
Really, I didn't do it intentionally.
I know that there's no punishment
equvalent to my mistake.
You should forgive me.
Get up. - Get up I say.
What wrong did you do?
Yes, he had insulted
the Department once.
He caught a thief and did not hand
him over to us.
It is only now that you
realise your folly.
Only after sir has moved in
he got sense.
Hereafter I'll hand over all the
thieves I catch - Okay.
Mark the shuttle court.
What is it Gurkha?
- Nothing sir.
You needn't guard this house.
Here are you going with bag?
- Zip...
There is no zip for this.
Clip... I was going to
change the clip.
Are you in a hurry?
- Yes.
Come along and fix the net.
Sir, I'll keep it in the tent and come.
- Come fast.
Where are you going with bag?
- Zip...
Yes! - Please come fast. - Here.
Tie this.
Didn't you eat anything in the morning?
Tie harder.
Keep it in your mind.
Feather is too heavy, Daddy.
It's Okay, it's not a
championship match.
I'll beat you in the match.
Leave it, for my daughter I will
back off, don't boast.
Hit above the net. -Get it.
Throw it here.
What happened to you, mother?
You were born as son to me
what else can happen to me.
You and your cheap jokes.
You are useless as the Secretary
of the colony.
A new family has shifted in and neither
you've bothered to visit them.
Nor have you invited them
to our house.
If you see the Inspector's face,
you'll feel like kicking him.
As though a wasp has bitten him
his face is always in conical shape.
Always a long face as if you've a
very pleasant face.
You get lost.
Mother, Inspector isn't
alone there.
There's a lady like you also.
I don't bother.
It'll be good for you when
Corporation Election comes.
What do you want?
I... please forgive me
it wasn't intentional.
What happened Ram Singh, tell me
You didn't recognize me?
It's good we've met
yesterday & today.
Not that.
What's your problem?
Tell me openly.
Do you want something to drink
or do you need money?
No, Nothing. Nothing madam
Do you need vegetables, fish
or anything?
I don't need anything now.
Okay madam, I'll leave.
Didn't she recognize me
may be not
Sir, I have a doubt.
Don't you know Malayalam? -Yes.
So speak in Malayalam.
Three years ago...
Those 2 who loved each other...
Met after 3 years...
One of them is not able to
recognize the other.
What kind of miracle is that?
Aren't you a writer?
The character who could not recognize
is it a male or female?
Then, why 3 years, 3 seconds is enough.
If any doubt, Woman, an Enigma
is a Novel written by me.
Is a story of my own experience.
You'll get it in Daisy Books.
- Okay, who's that character?
No, I just asked a doubt.
Thank you, sir.
Deepa, tell me what is that?
Horse! - What?
Horse! - No, you are wrong.
Rashid tell me, what's that?
- Elephant.
Elephant? Won't an elephant
have a trunk?
Does that picture have a trunk?
Camel! -Say loudly.
Camel, did everyone understand?
Yes. -Then, I'll draw
another picture.
Come in.
We are there. - Yes, I know.
Are you alone? Brothers or Sisters?
Nobody, it's just my parents and me.
Your name is Nirmala, isn't it teacher?
Yes, how did you know?
Since I don't have much to do.
I made enquiries about everyone in
Gandhi Nagar, that's how, I knew.
I never make enquiries
so I don't know your name.
How is your approach to the children?
I never compel anyone.
I just leave them free be it, for
playing, drawing or singing.
There are no limits to their talents.
Observing it giving suggestions, I'll try
to develop their in born talents.
Milk! - You are here?!
Yes, then?
Don't you know Ram singh?
Yes, you are our guest, so please have
a glass of milk-No thanks.
There is enough and more.
No, I don't need it
I'll come later teacher.
Madam, how is the atmosphere here?
Do you like it?
Don't you know Hindi?
Don't you know my language?
I know few words.
Good, I know Malayalam very well.
The people of this colony
are very good.
Is... is...
Is it enough to speak Malayalam?
The people of this colony are very good
Madam, what is your name?
No need, I'll call you madam itself.
Where is Ram Singh's native place?
Nepal, not proper Nepal. It's in the
border of Tibet & Nepal.
Have you heard Dalai Lama? When his
issue was raging, we escaped to India.
What about your family?
Family... I'm a bachelor. My father
and sisters are in Nepal.
If you need my help, I'm ready
always with great pleasure.
You were always good at playing roles
so I don't want to say anything.
But please don't try out your tricks
again on me, Sethu.
Gurkha... Hey! Gurkha...
Get me some liquor.
I'm not treating you as a servant
but I'm unable to walk.
You are drunk now itself.
- Yes, I'm, but not enough
It's because I'm concerned.
- Are you my wife to be concerned?
Can you or not? Tell me.
No sir. - I won't.
I don't request anybody a second time.
I'll get it myself.
No, I'll get it for you,
you don't go in this state.
Don't sympathize with me
I don't like it.
Do you know my Sreedevi? -No.
Lucky fellow, I tried to get to know
her that was my mistake.
I thought she was my everything.
I abandoned my world for her.
But finally, she abandoned me.
Do you the pain of loss?
How will you know?
Light is sorrow, darkness is happiness.
I wanted to write to Vivek.
Why didn't you remind me?
I thoughts you would've
already written.
No, I forgot.
It's bad, what will he think of us.
When is he coming home?
If you let him know our decision,
he will come right away.
He has made it clear that it is not
out of obligation.
That I taught him and brought
him to his current position.
What should I write to Vivek?
Am I hurting you?
No, I'm not writing anything now
but I'm little upset.
An autumn in my memory
a very lovely autumn
The leaves fall, covering the floor
The breeze which flows through
the tender leaves narrates a story.
The morning spreads the dew drops
...and the nesting evenings.
In the same wings, in the same dreams.
The pleasures of the chill spring.
Is shared by the lovebirds
during autumn.
In the poems written by the crescent moon
in the songs of the cuckoo.
As the same tune
as the same spirit.
Looks, speech and youth
The young lovers wait for these
to bloom during autumn.
I can leave from here. What I did to
you, was unpardonable.
My friends advised me to do so.
So that, you won't go away from me.
But I know you won't believe me.
Not just you, no girl would believe me.
Maya, you know I was in dire poverty.
I've nothing at home.
My sister & husband abandoned
me already.
I'm wishing for something,
which can't be fulfilled.
That's why, I never tried
to meet you.
I had struggled in life, I lost my money
hoping to get a job in Dubai.
Nothing worked out.
All these role play is just
to feed myself.
You've no idea about poverty.
So you won't understand.
I'm disturbing you again. That's why
I said, I'll leave this place.
When you see me, you'll get angry
and feel sad.
It's better that I leave this place.
It's my sincere wish that you don't
suffer due to me.
I'll go some where else & play
some other role, it's all right.
You needn't leave from here
for my sake.
But, I'm not the same old Maya now.
Whatever you might say,
he has got a good heart.
He might've been a drunkard. But he has
never done harm to any body.
He is a well read man, what to do?
What well read? Look at him lying
dead now. Oh God, that's all.
"A suspense unfurls" shall we give
an AD like that?
Can you brief about the incident?
- From that we can make a caption.
Wearing a faded blouse...
She sits in a corner of the
classroom with a wistful look.
Our heroine...
As an infant, she was left
in the orphanage by her mother.
That's good, that'll have
ladies sentiments. - Yes...
We'll name it "The infant of the
orphanage" to attract the ladies.
One hero is a college lecturer,
bold with young hot blood.
Yes, that'll do, we'll name it
"The hot blooded age".
Don't talk, if I can write so much
can't I give a title?
Not that, we've to push the
female readers into our trap.
Yes, for that, you've to push the
female readers from behind.
That professor had just died and
you're already writing about him?
You take out his burried dead body
and let them eat.
I'll let you know the rest of the
story over the phone.
Mean while, announce the title as
"Where's the nest little sparrows."
"Where's the nest little sparrows."
- Good choice.
Tommy is a Christian and I'm a Hindu.
Don't ask for trouble.
Is writer K.J. Kuttycheria's daughter
talking? I can't believe it.
I've read hundreds of his novels.
In most of them, though the lovers
belong to different faith.
They overcome problems and unite.
I've been thrilled.
It's so sad that I've to
tell you all this.
Ram Singh, wait you're a true villain.
- Why did you call me?
You're flirting with the
Kinder Garden teacher.
Why did you call me? I'm busy.
How's the inspector's girl?
- I don't understand.
I've seen you talking with her.
Is she worth trying? Do me a favour...
Next time you tell her high about me.
I'll treat you for tea.
- Don't ask for trouble.
Ram Singh, wait...
Hey, we're paying your salary.
Don't forget it.
I'll go...
If anyone calls, tell them I'll be at
the station afternoon. - Okay...
My mom is restless. She told me that
your name is Maya.
She is upset that I've not
met you for so long.
Being a guest, won't you ask me to sit?
Anyway no formalities.
I'm having more freedom.
I think, I've to be the host
as well, please sit.
I saw your dad leaving in
the morning. Where's your mom?
They've gone for a marriage.
Good, so the Government vehicle is
being used for private purposes.
You seem to be serious. I cracked
a joke, but you didn't smile.
Oh, I didn't know that it
was a joke.
This is a comedy. No girls in this
colony have this smartness.
Let us be friends.
Hereafter, I'll not joke. You crack
jokes & I'll laugh.
I'm not sure, if you can...
What's your name? - Tommy...
I don't know if Tommy can
understand my wit.
I'll surely understand anybody's...
I was reading a book... - That means
I disturbed you.
Normally, I never introduce myself.
But after seeing you, I felt that
we're closely related.
This Bindi really suits you.
Is it a stick on or dye?
What do you want?
Mom is not at home? - No...
Oh, you've sneaked in when
no one is at home.
Get out? Did we invite you?
He eats our left overs and
yet tries to boss over us.
Come out, I'll pay you for this.
Are you going to swallow me? - Come out.
Look, our son was beaten up
by that Nepali guy.
Beaten up? Who? Our Tommy?
Do you have any other son
other than Tommy?
I'm the secretary of this colony.
My son has been beaten up by the
watchman who was appointed by me.
Why did he beat him?
What ever the reason may be. Was he beaten up?
I'm asking how he dared to beat
colony secretary's son?
Forget the secretary post.
What happened?
Am I not your son? Did I get
beatings from you till now?
He has beaten me to
the ground.
Without any reason.
No, ruining his father's property...
As we're neighbours. I was talking to
the inspector's daughter friendly.
He didn't like it.
He just walked in and
bashed me up.
I see, where is he now?
In that tent... - Wait,
where are you going?
Are you going to fight?
If he is a Gurkha, I'll show him I'm
a true Christian.
No need to prove
anything now.
He carries a long knife, if you go
directly & get hurt, it's a shame.
Call Aantappan secretly & ask
him to bash him up.
Let us not be involved, isn't it?
My poor boy, don't worry...
Is it Aantappan? You be there, I'll come right
There's a matter to
be discussed.
Sethu, what's the matter?
Who were those people?
Leave it, I need some water.
Okay, come inside - No, just
bring the water here.
You needn't go out tonight
what if they come back?
It's all right, teacher.
- Listen to me, come on.
I want to see your son
- For what?
I had given him a dose of medicine.
I think he needs more.
Get out... - There's no need for me to
get him beaten by henchmen.
That's why I came alone.
Leave him alone... - Move.
Oh God! My son is being beaten up.
Oh God!
Leave him... - I said, move...
run away.
Some one, please come.
He's killing... catch the Gurkha...
He's killing my son, someone
please come.
What's this? Oh! Gurkha.
First you run away from here.
What happened to Gurkha?
Has he gone mad?
Hey, what's this?
Please move away.
I asked you to leave him.
Don't touch him... enough...
Are you on duty?
To hit a scoundrel, I needn't
be on duty.
Do you know the real culprits?
Last night, when this poor man was
beaten up, where were you all?
Anyway, you wear your uniform.
Let your punishment be official.
Don't touch...
Teacher he tried to kill me
& my son.
Probably you both deserve it.
Enough... Make a call to the station
& ask for the jeep, don't let him go.
You'll see the rest in the station.
Go & make a call.
Are you taking him to the station?
- Yes.
We don't know what really happened.
Why should you invite his curse
by filing a case against him?
In that case a police officer
can never do his duty.
He misbehaved, that too infront of me.
He took the law in his hands.
Didn't you listen to the teacher?
I am ready to listen to him.
Nothing serious has happened here. Why
don't you go for a compromise?
What happened?
If you arrest him infront of so many
people, he'll feel bad.
Let him feel bad.
You don't do like that.
Here's the tea.
Everybody disperse.
Except you two...
Are you not arresting him?
Let this not be repeated,
I'll deploy two police men.
That'll not do, you saw him
beatening my son.
No body will beat for
no reason.
I'll investigate.
I didn't understand one thing...
When he was being beaten up, why
was the teacher so concerned?
So you don't know about it? - What?
He is in the nursery
for 24 hours.
Along with that Nirmala? - Yes.
And do you call yourself
a secretary?
For the last 2 yrs, her
husband is in Dubai?
Should we all fool in and appoint
a Gurkha for that?
We're not retaining him any more
- No need.
What did you say?
The teacher & that Gurkha are
involved in an illicit affair?
What? Are you going to write a story?
- Yes, a story.
Why are you standing here?
Go inside.
A dubious Gurkha from the
snow capped mountains.
Keep quiet, give me some peace.
You & your novels...
Gurkha is meant to guard
the colony.
But now, he has turned against us.
We don't need such Gurkha.
Everybody go inside.
We're standing infront of
our own houses.
I'm the secretary of this colony.
You go if you want...
Give us some respect
Who can talk with these people?
Sethu, have dinner.
Teacher, I am leaving this place
- where?
I'll go some where... I've become a
burden for everyone.
I don't even want to live.
Then why did you ask me to remind
Bala for the Dubai job?
Teacher, that was just my wish.
If I stay here any more, someday you
might ask me to leave.
Sethu, my own siblings deserved me.
That gap was filled
by your presence.
Come and have dinner.
Teacher enough, enough.
If you've to fight again? You've to
take care of your health.
Teacher, did you think that
I'm a fighter cock?
No, you're hiding some secrets
from me...
There'll be some reason, isn't it?
I don't want to hide
secrets from you.
It was happened when Varkichan's
son misbehaved with Maya.
I am telling you this because
I trust you.
Don't let Maya know
that I told you this.
Tell me...
Now Maya is no one to me.
But I lost my control when he
misbehaved with her.
Once upon a time Maya
was my everything.
We want to know why a proven
culprit was not arrested?
All this happened right before
the circle inspector.
May be we should've given him bribe.
We can still pay the bribe,
he's hiding in the teacher's house.
Earlier, there was peace & honour
for this colony.
Both of them should be
caught and...
Talk softly.
Even if they were caught & beaten up
the police shouldn't interfere.
You don't know about the circle.
If he tries to arrest him
he'll be arrested.
Only after collecting detailed evidence
he'll arrest him.
Once he was arrested, no body can
get him out.
What do you think of him?
Teacher, don't you have school? - No.
You do all this by yourself? Why
don't you keep a maid?
Are you receiving your husband's
letter? - Yes.
Isn't it 2 yrs since he left?
Can't he come in between?
If you don't stay together at this age
what's the fun of getting married?
He also has to feel it, isn't it?
So there is something wrong
with him.
We women always need men, that's why
I am not blaming you.
Blaming me?
Do they need anything to blame?
Why are you given them a chance?
The one who created problem in the
Vergeese's house.
You've given him shelter.
Though he in only a Gurkha. He's still
a handsome man, isn't it?
So that's the problem.
Now I understand the reason
behind this unusual visit.
Please don't mistake me.
I am telling you this
because I really like you.
Nobody need to show me affection
without my permission.
I was disowned by my family
for not having loved a rich man.
Surely you don't love me more
than my own parents?
This is a kind of disease.
Spreading malice about others
& deriving pleasure from it.
I'm going, Don't think you can have
your way for long.
Come here... Come here...
Come quickly.
Her husband, the Dubai fellow has come
with bag and baggage.
Teacher's? - Yes.
You go... I'll come now.
Balachandran, Were you standing for long?
No I've just come.
You haven't changed at all.
You have put on
some weight.
No, I've lost some.
No, there's some change
in you.
You look glamorous.
Yes it's true.
Since the door is locked,
I can't enter.
You didn't inform teacher
about your arrival?
I couldn't tell her the exact
date the ticket was okayed only.
How long can you stand here?
Come to my house.
Son go and inform teacher that
Bala has come.
How can I go there now?
Oh, he's right.
If he goes there now, that man may
not like it.
That man? Which man? - That is...
Why did you have to
tell it now?
I didn't say anything.
Don't say anything, be quiet.
It's not fair to hear only one
side of the story.
Isn't she a woman?
Isn't it 2 years since you last came?
What are you all talking about?
I don't understand.
You tell... - No, you tell...
We all were going to write
a letter to you.
Will you keep quiet?
A man has come travelling miles to meet
his wife & child.
Is this the time to tell him
all this?
Should I not tell the truth?
No, don't say anything.
Before I go mad, tell me
what happened?
Sooner or later, you'll know the truth.
Better you know it now.
We men are innocent. Till today
I've only sang praises of women.
But from now onwards, I'm going to
portray them as a symbol of falsehood.
No, I'll not let you do that.
I'll never blame her. She has not
betrayed him.
Then, what else has she done?
Isn't she the mother of a child?
Doesn't she've a handsome healthy
Then, Why should she fall
for a Gurkha?
Gurkha? Are you talking about
my Nirmala?
Balachandran, please handle this
issue without getting upset.
Don't be angry. Try to forgive her.
We don't want to be the witnesses
to any murder.
You said you're coming next week.
Stop right there.
Are you the Gurkha?
I didn't ask you.
What's the relationship between
you and my wife?
How was it? You thought I would
behave like this with them.
She has forsaken her family for my sake,
trusting only me.
Why even if God says so,
I'll not suspect her.
Stop... stop...
You said that she's also a
woman with desires.
That she might go astray in the absence
of her husband.
She's not like you. Sleeping in the
same bed doesn't make a marriage.
There is something called
mental unity.
That is most important. That is what
makes a marriage
Do you understand?
Some well wishers...
The smuggler & the cheap novelist are
trying to clean up the society.
You're the good boy.
Weren't you the one who caught
inspector's daughter?
Do you know who the girl is?
She's his lover.
The one he loves.
Let me tell you something
which none of you know.
He is not a Nepali nor
a Gurkha.
He is a shrewd malayali,
Now that you all know everything.
Please clean the place.
We need to talk among ourselves.
How was my performance?
I got scared.
Inspite of informing me about
everything, she also got scared of my act.
Shall I quit my job in Gulf
& act in movies?
Go and open the door.
Come inside, Ram Singh. Come, come.
You're great.
Actually, I'm nothing, I've nobody.
Don't get emotional. Through Nirmala's
letters, you've become my brother.
Something for me...
No Sethu, and me and feeling
hungry. Give us something.
Yes, right now.
Look, who is it?
Maya, isn't it? - Yes...
You're smarter than I had heard...
Your father is in -Yes, come in
I'm Balachandran. Have I disturbed
you at an odd time?
No, sit down.
I'll come right away.
Sit down.
I... - Understood.
Now is the time talk at leisure.
Of course.
How many days leave do you have?
I'm taking Nirmala and
my son with me.
So, I'll be going soon.
If what I'm about to say, is
arrogance, please forgive me.
I'm not justifying Sethu.
But if you consider his background,
you too will sympathies.
Sethu, who is he?
The colony Gurkha.
He is not a cheat. His compulsions
were like that.
I'm taking Sethu with me.
I've fixed up a job
for him there.
Some time ago, he happened
to be in love with a girl.
They parted due to a minor
They met again a few months back.
The girl seems to have
forgotten the past.
It is always better to
join two lovers.
But Sethu has a doubt, whether her
parents would agree to the match.
How am I involved?
I'll tell you.
Your daughter Maya is the girl.
Financially there is a lot of disparity.
But I personally assure,
You that he will be able
to take care of her.
I'm not a traditionalist.
Even, If I'm prepared to step
down for my daughter.
That won't solve the problem.
If you mean marriage.
I don't think she is mentally
prepared for it.
She is happy just for our sake.
That's all an act which all
of us perform.
Week after her marriage, she lost
her husband in an accident.
She is yet to recover
from the shock.
Hey, Man don't get upset.
If you get whatever you want
what's the thrill in life?
What's this?
You've to meet her and
talk to her.
Whatever it is, you were
her first love.
Once you speak to her,
she will be happy.
I don't have the courage
to face her.
What do you need courage for?
Shying away from critical junctures
were your biggest mistakes.
You've to meet her & talk to her.
Do you understand?
First I thought you hated me.
Then, I thought you didn't recognise me.
I made all judgements from
my point of view.
I never thought you also
had a sad story.
If I say don't worry, it
will be empty words.
I'm not worried.
I got my first shock from you.
Then, I just became numb.
My dad gave me full freedom
I told him everything.
He suggested marriage as a remedy.
When that misfired, my only goal
was to make him happy.
I never moved with him as a widow.
You misunderstood him.
He was prepared to do
anything for me.
I didn't know that.
I didn't attempt to understand
you properly.
Before I leave, for
my satisfaction.
Please tell me again that
you don't hate me.
No Sethu, I could never hate you.
I don't know anything else.
I love you.
I need more time before I can
confidently call you to come with me.
Will you wait for me till then?
See you.