Gang (2000) Movie Script

Get him
You.. ?
I am guilty
I have broken my promise
But what else could I have done? For six years..
I have seen you suffer in silence. And that hapless innocent child..
It was only one fear that haunted me day and night
The fear of the future. Come the time when he gets to know the truth..
the fires of vengeance will destroy his innocence
That is why I have put an end to this story
Baba, what story? (Baba = Father)
Gary! Gary! I am fed up!
Broken glasses! Every day! At two a day..
that's fourteen a week and thirty a month. At one-fifty a glass..
how much is it for the month? - Rs.90.
Right! Rs.90.
You don't earn a cent! And how much do you spend?
One break is all I need to settle the account
Once I become a world-class dancing star!
Right here, where this inn stands..
We'll build a five star hotel! - We'll build a five star hotel!
I'll dance here only once a month - I'll dance here only once a month
Tickets will sell for 10,000 bucks - Tickets will sell for 10,000 bucks
The show will run to packed house
That right? But when? And how long will you go on like this?
The graduation degree was the last straw
But now, that's been decided too
You fellows started out with zeros and you'll always be zeros
No, Teeny
Put Gangu, Gary and Nihal before those zeros..
..and you'll see how zero changes
Not a word from you! You want to play all sides
Fought with the college principal, didn't you?
And now your scholarship is gone
Teeny, what use this education? It's just a brain wash
Empty words won't help make a career for you
Why did you have to interfere? Can't you fellows keep shut?
One must fight for one's rights. That is what I have learnt
All you've read is few lines about the law
And you think you ought to take on the whole world
I've told Divya, this one isn't about to do anything
All he can do, is smoke, and he can give you company
Here, this is for free
You can't sway Divya. She knows I'll make it big some day
Make it big? With the remark on your college certificate saying "Bad"..
and not a cent in your pocket! - You don't need money to make it big
You need brains. That's how I'll make it big
And one day, the papers will carry my name in bold. Nihal Singh
Right! Work hard enough and you will succeed
Stop chewing my brains! I'm short on energy
This brother of mine.. this is a gone-case
And I expected the two of you would drill some sense into him
But you've turned out to be birds-of-a-feather
Look at you, you work so hard!
Every day, you go to work in the garage
But never a speck of grease on your shirt!
Just come here, eat, drink, belch and off you go to sleep
Grandma, please shut up
Look, my dream isn't all that complicated
I'm just a simple fellow. Small-timer
A small-timer who has just a small dream
A small dream about a small-timer who has a small house
Just a small house, with a small patch of green
And out there, on the small patch of green, small little babies
And for the babies, a cute little mother
She's bugged with you, and you think she loves you?
If not today, tomorrow she will. - What if not tomorrow?
Then the day after. - What if not the day after?
Then the day day after! She can't give me the slip
Her very name, I breathe! Sanam, Sanam, Sanam
Did you like it? - What?
What I gave you just now
That's it! Just what I wanted! Had you said you liked it..
I wouldn't have liked it a bit! Now my girlfriend..
Oh Gangu! Don't kill me like this, Sanam! Sanam!
Sanam, please! please!
Don't say it so lovingly, Sanam! Don't, Sanam!
But Sanam, why can't you bring to your lips what lies in your heart?
Why can't you say it.. that you..
Well, you shouldn't be saying it. - Saying what?
What.. ? The one thing. That thing..
That you and I.. and I and you.. are in love
Be my girlfriend. - Your girlfriend? I.. ?
Goodness! Too much! Nice! Your girlfriend? I.. ?
Gangu, what do you want from me?
"Just tell me o beautiful girl."
"What magic do you have in your expressions?"
"Why do you sway what intoxication.."
" you have in your body?"
"Talks! My anklets talk."
"Dances! The breeze dances!"
"Talks! My anklets talk."
"Dances! The breeze dances!"
"My scarf flies away."
"A new sensation was aroused."
"The wind blows.."
"..the bangles tinkle."
"And say tinkle. Tinkle."
"This bindi on the forehead glows."
"These ear rings glitter rupees"
"Talks! My anklets talk."
"The new season has come!"
"It has brought many colours!"
"Freshly bathed I came out."
"With flowers in my head. I wore ear-rings."
"I walk like a bottle of wine with red lips."
"Anyone who comes near me looses his senses. He accompanies me."
"Talks! My anklets talk."
"Dances! The breeze dances!"
Gangu! - What? - Will you take me out for tea tomorrow?
No! Don't say it!
I know, I'm looking nice
My first gift
What's fish without water?
What's Gangu without Sanam?
It hurts.. hurts.. hurts!
Oh, God! How filmy. Filmy!
What remark was that? I was pouring my heart out
And so what if it's "filmi"?
"Not a Romeo like I am"
"Under these skies"
Gangu, tea
Yes, tea
Two teas
Two teas
Two teas
"Maybe your Mummy wants to see me married"
"Is that why she has invited me to tea?"
Two teas
Got it! One minute!
When? - What?
The wedding. - Wedding?
The natural outcome
Hey, that's Gangu
Shabbu, this is my pal. Gangu
Gangu, this is my girl
Having the cake and eating it too, these days? A beauty every day?
Come on, take a cabin. Get cuddly. English style
Hey, your check
The money, please. - All right, wait..
You didn't pay up yesterday either! - I'm paying you, wait..
She's walking out on me! Don't you realise?
Sanam, listen to me
Sit here, madam. - Thank you.
One minute, I told you I'll pay you up! I haven't change
Here, keep the fish
She's going away! - So what?
Hey, smartass.
Where did you serve time?
Colaba, Chinchpokli, Mahim or inside.
Inside? I don't know what you're getting at
You don't? I'll explain
Which jail? Arthur Road? Nasik or Yerwada?
How many months have you done? - Done? My fiancee just walked out
Don't you get smart with me! I'm an old hand
One slap, and your record will automatically come out.
What's your problem, man?
- Problem? - Unnecessarily..
Whose is this?
I don't use dated stuff. See this one?
Stole that too? - No!
What the hell! It was a nice pick. Now I've lost it
Nagoba. - It's a gift. - Nagoba, hi.
Hi Abdul!
Come over here
Nakoba, what's the problem? Who's this toon?
Pickpocket. He picked this watch. - I didn't!
Step aside
Come to the corner.
The stuff is mine
That's mine. - Where's mine?
You'll get it. - Look, no credit. Cash only
I'll add it to your weekly take
I'm not going empty-handed. - You'll never change! Wait here
He's a stickler. Bloody worm! Have you some money on you?
Not a cent! All I have is this stinking fish
Stinking fish? - You can have it
Come here. Keep this
What's this? - Fish. Settle for it
You take me for a fool? - No. Next time, it's cash
Next time, I'm not doing the talking
Such times.. !
Abdul.. ? - That's my name. Yours?
Gangadhar. Gangu. What's it about this watch?
Sleight of hand. - Pickpocket?
So what if I did? I just saved your neck
What a bother. - That's their system
Yes, it's the problem of the system.
Thanks, brother. - You needn't thank a brother
Besides, that's old hat. How about something new?
Like what? - How about a cup of tea?
Why tea? I'll give you a treat. Chinese
Small world. Mine. This is Teeny. And Gary of no bones. I told you
That's Divya. She has a Nihal. He brainwashes her.
That's all. - Nice crowd
Thank you, God.
This thing is tasty. What do you call it?
Looks like, you know what. But tasty
Really? Or are you pulling my leg? - No sister, it's really nice
You don't mind me calling you sister?
Were you not worth being a brother..
Gangu wouldn't have introduced me to you
We respect his judgement
So now you are just like Gangu, Gary and Nihal to me
I've been hearing Gary and Nihal and Gary and Nihal. Where are they?
Where did they say they were going? - The Gymkhana, they said
They'll be back by the evening
That's timing
What are we? - Friends
Friends? - Since when?
Friends, our volleys
Your strike
I'm bored. Take it
Go on, man
I'll take it
I'm sick and tired of doing this over and over again
Now how would like to die?
Just like a Bollywood ending
"Ball says what do you want?"
What about your family, Abdul? - Lata Mangeshkar on All India Radio
Lata Mangeshkar.
It's nice hearing her sing
And the astrologer with the parrot. - Who?
The fellow who sits on the kerb with his parrot.
The parrot tells fortune.
Just tell him that you have two wives and no kids, and he starts off
Take your first wife to a mosque. Send your second wife on a pilgrimage
Nice entertainment for 25 cents. He's happy, and you're happy
What an item he is?
At times, the illusion is nice. Oh yes, there's someone for me
Hello, Brother Abdul. - Hello.
Over here. Clean the table
That football shot was nice. Have you played for clubs?
The world has taught me how to kick
What the hell, you old hag! Get out
Don't you touch her
You want to hit someone? Try me
Hit me. - Gangu. Gangu. - You hit me.
Gangu, leave him. Leave him,
Let him go. Leave him
Let that idiot go.
Come on, move.
I will show you!
Get lost. Come on, aunt, go home.
How many times have I told you not to work? But you insist
Why do you need to work? I'm earning
Sitting at home is so boring. And I make a little money
Will your little money buy me the house and the car?
Have you seen your hands? Full of blisters
I hate to see this!
I hate it!
How much do we need, Mummy?
Just a shanty, and food to eat. Food we can eat happily!
I'm sick and tired of this! I come home to rest
And here you are, going on and on
On and on? You're goings-on-and-on has turned the hair on my head grey!
All you do is to massage my feet at night. That all
Have you seen the pain in my heart? - Tell me, what is it?
Moron! I can't save a cent out of what you earn.
It's barely enough for us to eat
Don't I feel like playing with your baby?
Don't I feel like buying some gold for your wife?
All my life, I've dreamt about you making a family
Why have I cared for you all your life? This is what it's for
I know! You've been through so much to bring me up. But I don't like it
You want people to laugh at me? You want people to spit at me?
I'm all grown up, and my mother still does the dishes
What's it to them? Go and tell them, I wash dishes for a living
I don't sell myself for a living. - Mummy!
Shut up! Go and tell them that. You aren't a son of a whore!
Do what you want!
For you, I'm dead!
You were lying! Where's your Mummy?
Who's this? - My mother
I'm Teeny. Gary's sister.
He's Gary's brother. So he's my brother too
You're his mother. So I'm your daughter. You don't get it?
I'll tell you. Come inside. First pack your stuff
Come on. You're moving. - No, I'm staying here. In my shanty
Mine isn't a palace. You're moving in with us
I'm fine here. - I would've come for you long ago..
were it not for his lies. - Listen..
I'll fix you for this
Hey, why don't you fellows tell him? - My place belongs to all of us
My sister is your sister. And your mother is yours alone?
He's ashamed of me. I'm just a domestic help
So what? You're his mother
Why are you quiet now? Batteries down?
You think you have exclusive rights to your mother?
Look at him. What a melodrama. What do you think we are? Fools?
Mother, I was born beside a garbage heap
I don't even know if I had a mother
All I've had are aunts. For the first time..
I'm getting a chance to call someone a mother. Come
You're going to replace my radio
We always shared joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure
Can't we share a mother? You don't think we're fit enough?
Nothing like that
You want me to pack all that myself?
That's better, Gangu.
Now listen to my plan. - Useless plan
Landing a job in Bombay isn't easy. Walk till you wear your soles out
But you don't lose your dignity.
Once the shoes are worn out, we can always use slippers
Address someone respectably, and you'll be called a lackey
Collar them, and they'll say that you're asking for your rights
Just hear my plan out. - It reeks
Of what? - Trouble
Just because I was born in trouble. As if I've never done an honest thing
There's Mummy, there's Teeny, there's Divya. They'll cook and clean
You can eat and turn in. - Don't you.. !
Hurts, does it?
Gangu, look, what they are doing? - Leave it.
I'm telling you this just because of my relationship with you
Six thousand in ten minutes
Six thousand? - Six.. ?
This old man is about to get kicked out of his job
So he worked out an idea to prove his worth to his boss
So he asked me for help. And I said, yes, why not?
Just sit down
Any problem? Any tension?
I don't like trouble. - It isn't trouble
It's just for a friend
For friendships's sake
He gives it to Gary. Gary to Gangu to you to me to back-to-him
And he goes and gives it back to his boss. His boss is happy. He's happy.
We're happy. What's the problem? - I don't think it'll work
How will his boss agree.. ? - How are we concerned?
We collect, and we move. - How about something short and sweet?
Thursday next. At the bank. As soon as he walks out..
Move it
- Thief! - Thief. Thief.
Come on, Gangu. I got it. I have got the bag. Come on.
Go. Go. Go. Go. Gangu, go. Gangu.
Gangu. Gangu.
Why are you watching yourself in the mirror, come let's go.
Come on. - Come on. Come on. Come on, Gangu. Don't waste time. Move it.
I forgot the gas!
I told you about the gas!
Just make sure that Mummy doesn't get to know about this
I don't like this Abdul. Ever since he has come..
everything has been in a mess. - But his plan is nice
Just wait a while. Gangu and Gary will be here in a while
Look, are they dancing?
No. They're about to get lynched. Put your glasses on
They are being beaten? - I had told you.
Push off. Let me take care of this
Where did they go? - That way
We'll bash you up, if you're lying! - Will you?
Thief! Thief.
Abdul, bag.
Well, the job is done. But your men are morons
I had to do more than half the job myself. So I'll pay you 3000
What did you say? - Nothing at all!
You're a friend! Nice friend! Six thousand! All of it
Listen.. - How was the idea?
Someday, you'll land us in jail
We could've been lynched!
We'd be branded!
Shove it up yours
Abdul. Leave me. - You'll get us into trouble.
Don't hit me.
Yes, forty percent. Besides, what pay does a man in uniform get?
Just enough for a sniff. Then it's gone
Mind you, the salary comes just once a month
And for your food, you dish out every week
So you have to pay up
Now look, I've five daughters
And an only son in fifteen years. But the bloody bills keep mounting
So forty percent it is
The police take it's ten percent. Why are you asking got forty?
Very well then, let them live in the slammer for 4 or 5 months
I'll settle for ten. I was just thinking..
they're first timers, you know
Got to take care of them
Go on, bugger us
Sweets. For everyone. To celebrate my son's arrival
A new gang is a nice idea
Same time, same place, next week? - Yes
We've opened shop. For you
He's going to do it to us everytime! - He won't. Only son in 15 years
That's a girl!
My son.. where's he?
Over there
Give him to back
First, you sign this
What's this?
If you or anyone of you try to mess with us..
this agreement reaches the police commissioner
The offence is corruption and misuse of office
I, Constable Nagpal
Crime Branch, badge number 723
Of my free will, in the matter of the following..
I hereby affirm:
Pascal's distillery
Babubhai's gambling racket
Jamnabai's brothel
From all the above, I have accepted bribes
And this I state without any coercion
Coercion? - Without any coercion
Ball pen
Get off the road.
"Do this, don't do that."
"This is wrong, this is correct."
"This is bad, this is good."
"Have heard, have heard."
"Have heard, have heard."
"You say that whatever you say I have to listen."
"Why should I listen? Why should I listen?"
"You say that whatever you say I have to say."
"Why should I say? Why should I say?"
"You say that whatever you say I have to do."
"Why should I do? Why should I do?"
"If you like me or not,
"I don't care. Whatever I am, I am."
"Whatever I am, I am."
"Whatever I am, I am."
"When I say the truth.."
"..don't interrupt."
"When I do according to.."
" heart, don't stop me." "Don't stop me!"
"You say that I should fear the evil man."
"Why should I fear? Why should I fear?"
"You say that I bow in front of them."
"Why should I bow? Why should I bow?"
"You say that I should be just like you."
"Why should I be? Why should be?"
"If you like me or not, I don't care."
"Whatever I am, I am."
"Whatever I am, I am."
"This life of mine is my own life."
"Whatever way I like, I will live."
"Whatever I am, I am."
"Whatever I am, I am."
Tell me, what's going on out there? Why is everyone so sweet to me?
So sweet?
The grocer was always badmouthing me for money. He just sent us..
a month's rations! The milkman came home too
And the fruit vendor, the greengrocer, the butcher.. they won't take money!
What does all this mean?
Our gang rules the roost!
Joking. Joking. - Gang. Gang.
Are you fellows into wrong business?
Company. Company. Company.
We've started a company. We've named it "Gang"
G-A-N-G. Gang.
If the company is called Gang, the business must be scrappy
You and your wisecracks! Like brother, like sister
What's the company's business? - What business?
What's the business? - Tell her
Lots and lots of business. This has to be understood. Sit
What the company does..
What the business is..
This is childish!
How did you know? Transport for kids. From home to school
Help for the aged
Helping the blind
Under control.
And we solve problems for girls who don't have a dowry
Enough, enough. - One more
Lunch service for office goers. - Let's not blow our own trumpet
So our company is into social service. - Basically. - Yes.
Are you fellows putting me on? - Who wants to get bashed?
Isn't Gary there? - I hope not.
Why would we put you on?
Lies. Lies.
I think I'm being out on. But it's nice to be respected
Surprise of surprises, the grocer is refusing to take money.
And those greetings on the street! God must've heard my prayers
Thank you, God. Thank you so much.
Yes. One minute
Give me this
Social service, isn't it? Accepted. Social service
But why is the company called Gang?
Point, isn't it?
Yes. Ask him. - Isn't it? - Ask him.
Put your glasses on, and tell me why did you name this "Gang"?
You see G-A-N-G, gang.
G for cabbage, G for girl, G for gun..
G for Gangu as well. So?
Gangu. G for Gangu.
Gangu. Thank you. Thank you. G for Gangu.
Gangu. Gangu. Gangu.
And A for? - Brother Abdul.
Yes, brother Abdul. It is done, friend. Come. on, set it up now.
And N for yours truly.
- Nihal Singh. - Nihal Singh.
And G for disco-pants, Gary.
This is GANG.
I'm going to join Gang too!
What happened to him?
Low blood pressure. When he talks too much, he gets knocked out
But I can join Gang, can't I? - But how can you?
What's your name? - Teeny
What if the T is put in front of "Gang"?
What if the T is put after the "Gang"?
Don't do this! I want to join too. - At the first chance you come in.
Promise? - Yes, promise.
Got it! - What?
I'll tell you.
What did you tell her? - Who said what?
Hey, you!
What did I do?
I've made a place for myself in the Gang
Gangu, acts smart.
Abdul, never forget your promise.
Nihal, if genius I'm no less.
Gary, the idiot of the foursome.
And this is me. Full stop.
After the Gang.
Stops your gang
I'm smart too. After all, whose sister am I?]
Gary, you paint that big. And make that full stop big
Full stop. From the mouth of the innocents..
And what did this innocent say? - What?
What's the name of our company from today?
From now we're.. - Gang.
Let's go. Gang. Gangu. Abdul, Nihal. Gary.
Gang. Gang.
They're making life hell for me
I told them, I'm One Eyed Jack's man
You know what they says?
Who's One Eyed Jack?
Those four bastards at Mount Mary
They are getting too big
Can't get any bigger than Mount Mary
Next, they are going for the distilleries in Dharavi
The distilleries in Dharavi! Whose are they? Don't they know?
They know. But it's the bravado. Newfound bravado.
Big dreams.
They call themselves Gang.
One Eyed Jack
Who's One Eyed Jack?
One Eyed Jack
Tell me one thing. What have we done to One Eyed Jack?
Done? Nothing. It's just that we've come into the reckoning
The big camps are getting nervous
So what do we do now? - Do or die
If we do what they have done, what's the difference between them and us?
Then make a difference. Dress up like girls
What an item!
Shut up!
Look Abdul, if we get into crime, we're stuck in muck for life
And this do-or-die isn't our aim in life. Get it?
What a line!
Very big.
Life! Aim! Tell us what your aim in life is
Till the other day, the dogs in our lane wouldn't sniff us
We were well-dressed paupers
Whatever we were, we were better off. - Better off?
We were scavenging for two square meals a day. And now?
People are obsequious when they stand in front your mother
Teeny has four servants working for her
Divya doesn't have to go asking for work
And look at yourselves. You rule the roost
You walk the streets with your chins up
For the last six months, you've been respectable
The power and the glory. That's what the aim of life is
And respectability. If you want to preserve this respectability..
you will have to settle score with One Eyed Jack
Else, the ones who greet you today, will spit on your face
Abdul's right.
A day's respect is worth more than a lifetime of indignity
This one day will prove dear. - Don't come if you won't
I'll go alone
One Eyed Jack
There's no one here
Where's One Eyed Jack? - I don't know
Where is he? - I don't know.
You wretched..
What now? Now what will we do?
A letter.
We'll leave a letter for him.
Thanks be to Allah.
Look how fast we've risen in six months
Another six months, and our lives will be transformed
I'll give you the luxuries of life
Have you spoken to Arvind? - He's happy. I settled his case
He has called us on Sunday. To settle our money
Lala is here! - Lala!
Who's this Lala? - The Badshah of Bombay
Dangerous fellow. But he's an angel. - What do you mean?
The underworld bows before him. And the police respect him
He's in this business, but he's dead honest. God is on his side
His enemies are always after him. God has kept him alive
Really? - Solid fellow
I'll be back after saying my namaaz
Eat. Not to be shy
Some fruit.. ? - No, thanks
You? How about you?
You fellows are so young. But here's a hearty man
See how he's eating? Eat. I'm happy
I have heard a lot about you. And now I've seen you
You've made a name for yourselves in Bandra
Khan sahib, people in Bandra think we're loafers
Let them say. They are foolish
When they know more, they will clam up
Consider me your elder brother. Tell me, what can I do for you?
If you may, grant us protection. - Meaning?
We want to work for you. - With me?
Shamsher's is calling. For you
Okay. Excuse me. I will be right back.
Abdul, what's this new game? - Bandra is just a rotten hole
Here's the gateway to Bombay. - I'm not looking for any gateways
I'm the one who is perplexed. Look here, Shamsher
We might've been childhood friends. Let it be. That's separate
You stay obedient to your law. My laws, I make. Understood?
Besides, this has already gone too far
Not upto the point where there are no comebacks
Tough for me, as it is. - Why?
I can't digest clarified butter. - Shut up
Gangu, let's try it out for a while. If we don't like it, we'll drop it
What do you think? - Sure
Here comes Lala
Khan sahib, you must retain us. - So you want to work with me?
Listen boys, in the eyes of the world, I'm a very bad man
But I always give a man his due
My methods happen to be different
Gambling, drugs, booze, graft, it's all taboo
If you want to work with me, you must be truthful, honest and courageous
Do you have something else on your mind?
No. I accept
"Do this, don't do that."
"This is wrong, this is right"
"This is bad and this is good.."
"Have heard it! Have heard it!"
"Have heard it! Have heard it!"
"I have gambled with my life."
"I have gambled."
"After loosing also I said
whatever happen has happened." whatever happen has happened."
You tell me that I should not love."
Why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't I?"
"You tell me to put my hands on my head."
"Why should I? Why should I?"
"You tell me to die."
"Why should I die? "Why should I die?
"You like it or you don't like lt. I don't care!"
"Whatever I am! I am!"
"Whatever I am! I am!"
"My life is my own, I will spend it as I like."
"Whatever I am! I am!"
"Whatever I am! I am!"
"Whatever I am! I am!"
"Whatever I am! I am!"
What can I do?
They have patronage now
From Majid Lala
Made them his sons. He has adopted those bastards
To hell with the gang and their dad
Majeed Lala.
You tell Shamsher that just sweets won't do
He might be the Inspector. Tell him that tonight..
if he doesn't come to my house and sit at my table..
I will become his worst enemy. - I will tell him that
Won't you eat? - No sir. I'm on duty now
Then I won't force you. But tonight, you will come too
Girija Singh's brother Pradyumn is here
Who? - Pradyumn. Girija Singh's brother
Who's this Girija Singh? - Bombay's Badshah
Who says Badshah? He's no Badshah. Who says he's a Badshah?
His money is all tainted
Hashish, opium, marijuana, heroine, women, he's into everything
But why does his brother want to meet me?
Your friend Shamsher Singh is ruining my business. For his career
We can handle him. But then, you might interfere
My brother says, why strike up an enmity for nothing?
You should tell him. - In this dark world..
here stands a man holding a torch of honesty and integrity
And you tell him to put out the light?
For the sake of business relationships
Enough of relationships
If you want to talk business, get one thing clear
I can give a man his due
But I can never waste kids. I won't take away a parent's hopes
You trade in flesh. You do grave injustice
And I destroy injustice and its perpetrators
Now go and give Girija Singh my message
I will have nothing to do with you. - You will stand to gain
Let's join hands. You get a royalty of ten percent on every ten million
One million?
One million is what Girija values Majid Lala for?
Or is that the price to pay for ruining more kids?
We have heard that on the day of Idd..
no one is turned away empty handed from Majid Lala's court
Nor are you being turned away empty handed
I have let you live
Rascal! You have insulted me with that show of your weakness
In front of scum!
Idiot! You're an idiot! The very sound of money can buy you out!
Shame on you!
God give him good sense.
Evil is the mind that lusts for lucre.
Beware the wages of sin.
Else you will be destroyed
No brains! No brains!
Are you out of your minds? You want to leave Khan sahib?
All you see us Khan sahib. And his integrity.
You are oblivious of the trouble. - Trouble there is!
But there is a limit to it, and there are principles too
Principles? Limits?
Those are just words, Gangu
As if we don't realise what he's making us do
Has he made us pimps or drug peddlers?
We don't do anything disgraceful.
We are respected in all of Bombay because we work with him
What use is respectability? Money. We need money
We do all the dirty work We get into all kinds of trouble
And who gets the cream? Khan sahib. For us, it's watered milk
To start with, what did we have? A shanty, and a place to eat
I've decided. We're working for Girija Singh
What's come over you? He throws you a bone, and you wag your tail?
For what? Bad money? - No one will ask. No one
As long as you have money inside your pocket, no one asks how you made it
If you have a car standing under the porch..
and gold plates to eat out of, your mother won't ask. You sister won't
And the respect you get is for free. When your mother walks out..
they'll say, there goes the don's mother, there goes the don's sister
See her? The don's wife. - They will spit at us!
When they come to know that we're working for Girija Singh
No one will. I tell you no one! All you need is cash
Cash! Cash! Cash! Will you take it to your grave?
Never mind grave or gutter. Are you in?
Forget him, Abdul. He's all mixed up. He won't understand
We aren't such thick friends yet. Not thick enough to feel for one another
You talk of friendship?
What friendship are you talking about?
Friendship is what brought me so far
Friendship has brought me so far
Now I'm about to become a peddler
You talk of friendship?
He was with the police
And we have the proof
I'll carve you up too
Just like him
Yes! I informed the police. It was a mistake! Forgive me
Mother Goddess, why do you force me to commit such sin?
I am a sinner already. I am evil
Now You've made me kill these two. They were good honest men
But they betrayed me. Anyway, someday everyone has to die
Brother, stop mourning the dead. Two gone, and we have four more
And they are Lala's men
Lala has a woman's heart. His men are no use to me
No. I've heard a lot about them. They are Lala's right hands nowadays
Can you become pimps?
Can you sell your mother, your sister and your wife..
and then at the end of the day, can you sleep in peace?
Given a child, can you break his arms and legs and force him to beg?
Can you sell opium, hashish and marijuana to the boys and girls?
Can you kill?
Only time can tell who will do what and why
What will you take? - Discussed already. 10 percent
I want to see what you are capable of. You will have to pass the test
And for the first job, you won't get paid. Get it?
Agreed. What's the job?
The dead body of a close associate is lying in the morgue
Bring it out, and give it to my nephews
Give them.
Stop the car.
Well Abdul? - What's the checkpost for?
Yes. A corpse is missing from a morgue
Saves you the expense of paying for the cremation
There's 8 million stashed inside that corpse. Forget it
Let them leave. They are Lala's men
I get it
You don't get it. The aren't clever. Uncle is clever by far
There's 8 million worth of heroin stashed inside that corpse
8 million? - Yes
I still don't get it. - If the corpse reaches Uncle..
8 million is his. If the corpse is found..
Majid Lala will be blamed for it
Uncle turns out to be very smart!
Hey Gang! Don't you get smart with my Uncle! 8 million!
Shut up! Not the drunken act now. Even walls have ears
I wanted Uncle to come with me. You'll get us ruined
There was stuff worth 8 million stashed in it. Where is it? Tell me
I told you. This body has been opened already
But it's what the four of them handed over to me
Fernandes has cheated us!
What does he think of himself?
So what if he's out there on the Gujarat border?
His wife and his kids are here in Bombay
He'll come to Bombay to attend their funeral
Telephone him
Girija, it wasn't Fernandes
Those four bastards! They did it
They are asking for 800,000. To hand our stuff back to us
It's all his mistake! - Shut up
You want me to blow their brains out? - Yes. Blow their brains out
Blow their brains out, and they are dead
Once they're dead, how will I teach them..
about not playing games with Girija?
Forgive me, Uncle! - It's all his fault
You lied to us. That's what the 800,000 is about
Else, we would've done it for free. Here's your stuff
He loves those one-liners
Get them in a bind, and you'll find the toughest of tigers mew like cats
Before the test you should find out more about the subject's aptitude
That was a nice one-liner
Time to run and talk later
Forgive me, Uncle! - I made a mistake
You are my children, my nephews. I'm your uncle
But you mustn't make such mistakes, must you?
One who is born
will die someday
I don't want to die for your friends
I've been putting up with you for two years
I never imagined they'd go so far. - Now that you know, stop seeing them
I didn't go to collect the money. - Enough of excuses
I have my dreams. Small dreams. Simple dreams
They wouldn't all come true. But they wouldn't be dashed either
I want my Gangu back. Come back to me the day you find him. I shall wait
My fingers are numb of counting. - Four shares
Only three
From now on, only three shares
Why three? - I've decided
I'm not giving you company. - Strange!
Lady luck has just smiled. This is the time to make money
No. This is the time to separate
What.. ?
I had never hoped to leave you.
Gangu, are you saying this? Drop it, man
I've thought it over. You know, I never had one of those big dreams
Only small dreams
But at this rate, I'll miss my dream
Only, I never thought about it. - Don't talk in circles
Just lay it straight. - It's a small life
I'm going away with my mother. - What? Where? You're taking Mummy?
Yes, we're going away. - Are you joking?
I'm not joking. - Look, you can't take her away
In fair weather and bad, we've always stuck together
And today, we're unstuck?
What's this melodrama?
Gangu, we'll do whatever you want
Then make a promise
You fellows are way ahead. And I'm still stuck here
The simple thing is, I don't want to go where you're headed
And you can't stay with me, where I am. Perhaps..
Thanks for that perhaps. I have a problem
I can live without that money. But not without you
I've become used to you
Birds of a feather flock together. And can't I live without you?
I was born an orphan. But today I know what an orphan means
I need money. That's all
But how about calling me over? - You want an invitation?
Today's my birthday. What are you fellows doing?
Tell her. - You tell her
We were putting our heads together. For your birthday
Any ideas?
Get him
Go and find him
Looking for a cab, mister?
So what do you think of yourself?
I've been going round and round in circles trying to meet you
Why did you refuse to see us, all this while?
You've made me suffer
That's the bond of friendship we share
And that's what has kept me alive all these years
Your cab is waiting, sir. And the meter is running
Taxi driver now. Honest hard work. Living by the meter
So, where can I take you, sir?
Five years, man!
Five years
Mummy.. ? - She's first class
Gary.. Nehal.. ? - Everybody is first class
We missed you
Let's go
My boss lives here
I'll give him the collections myself. Fat packet
You stay here
Hey, Abdul!
Nihal Singh. Look, behind you.
Gary Rosario.
You get such passengers, they can't even pay the fare
Met the bosses?
Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, friends..
blah, blah and blah.
Today is Id, today is Diwali, today is Christmas.. is Ganpati, everything!
While the world thirsts, let us celebrate!
Hey man! No tears of joy! You'll dilute the pleasure
Forgotten Mummy?
Now I've seen you
Now I've seen you, I can die in peace
Goodness! What a thing to say, after all these years!
What is she saying? - Typical Indian mothers..
always think of dying whenever there's reason to celebrate.
Dying in peace
How touching!
Mummy, you've still have to play with his son
What.. ? - His
Divya, Gangu has come back. What are you doing?
You take a lot of time to get ready.
What are you doing? - I'm going to tell Gangu everything!
Everything that's been going on in this house for five years
Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth!
You tell Gangu nothing!
I will!
Not a word!
That's it
Something breaking?
Let me take a look. - Breaking glass is a good omen
You remember what we did to him?
Gangu is home, damn you! Gangu
You haven't gone to bed?
You haven't gone to bed either
I'm so happy, I can't sleep
I can't believe it
Everything has worked out so well
Your, your baby.. you're very happy, aren't you?
No Gangu. Someone is still missing. Sanam
"In the flowers, the buds and the by-lanes of love."
"Both met and started off together."
"On the unknown path."
"Come over as the heart's getting restless." "Come over."
"Come over as I am yearning to see you." "Come over."
"In the flowers, the buds and the by-lanes of love."
"Both met and started off together."
"On the unknown path."
"Come over as the heart's getting restless."
"The breeze is singing."
"The melodies of love."
"Singing which we did go crazy."
"The breeze is singing."
"The melodies of love."
"Singing which we.."
"..did go crazy."
"The ambience is jovial and the season to meet."
"Then what for is this distance?"
"Why am I subjected to this cruelty?"
"Come over as the heart's getting restless." "Come over."
"Come over as I am yearning to see you."
You want a daughter?
No - Son?
Neither? - No
What else then? Tell me. - Look Gangu. Look, over there
One minute
Hurry up
What are you doing?
Hurry up. Take the wipers off
Hey, what are you doing? - Get going, smart ass
Who do you think you are? Hero? You'll get ripped open
Go on, boss
You don't know who he is? Go on, boss. I'll take care of them
How come they know me?
As if you don't know who they are? - I swear, I don't know
Gangu, I don't ask too many questions.. needn't tell me too many lies
I swear by my mother, I'm not lying
I've waited and waited for you. Now I haven't the courage anymore
I don't want to get into any argument.
I don't want to waste a minute
This is enough for me
Being with you
A party at The Taj? Will film folks come so far?
One phone call, and they'll come running
Nice invitation card?
Get across to the chef at The Taj and sample the menu
I want no problems during the reception
But why have you invited Nagpal?
Abdul.. what business are we in?
Hotels and hotel supplies to the Gulf.
We deal in fish, meat and groceries
We're into the video business too. We also own a few race horses
Where did you find the money to do all this?
The 800,000. Have you forgotten? That was the seed capital
We invested in real estate. Later the rates shot sky-high
Whatever we touched turned into gold
Swear it by me, tell me all this is honest hard-earned money
He thinks we can never work hard
I knew this would happen. - How could I tell him a lie?
Let's just give him the truth
Back home.. at last, after five years
But this calls for a celebration
He's a lion
Look at him, as fit as a fiddle
Remember me, Gangu?
The Snake
Got fired after I got caught
Nowadays, I'm with Don Girish
They are our partners in the video company
Forget video. He's the king of the drug trade
What about the stuff? The buyer is waiting
I'm glad to see you back
He's getting married
Getting married? Great! We'll celebrate in style
This in ominous!
He's just out of jail.
He's obsessed with honesty
It's between us. We'll take care of it
We had no way out but to tell Mummy lies
You know her temper
What now? - We know, you don't like all this
After the wedding, go away to London for your honeymoon
Girija has a hotel over there. We own part of it
You take over the hotel. We'll send Mummy over later
Shall I tell you something? Whenever we had a job on hand..
I was always apprehensive that if I refused to come along..
you fellows might cut yourselves off
But now I wonder, was I the only one to be apprehensive?
Were you never apprehensive? What if I were to cut myself off?
I have no value.. ?
Forget all that, and think about the future. Look, Mummy is so happy
We've already secured the lives of our children
The rich man's kid goes to school in a mercedes. Ours will use helicopters
And they wil have bodyguards. - Goodness!
Helicopters, bodyguards, guns.. what a way to send kids to school
Oh, for a lazy walk to school with my son holding on to my finger.. of fear, that's enough for me
Pal's mother, pal's sister, pal's child,
What's wrong with you fellows?
I'd rather give my son nothing. But not a bullet that was meant for me
Why don't you fellows understand?
You won't understand, will you?
All right, I'm taking Mummy away
What kind of a melodrama is this? Going away.. ?
Are you threatening us?
What's this? Some melodrama? I'm sick of hearing all this
Threatening us again and again .. using his mother
Which man does an honest business? Who's straight?
There's always something under cover
And we're the only ones who are supposed to do honest business?
And he uses his mother. Again and again
What's all this?
Has anyone told you anything? Has anyone pointed a finger at you?
Just tell me, I'll break his bones!
Look at him, holier than thou!
Taking Mummy away
Leaving us
For 5 years! Who looked after Mummy? Did you? We're the ones
Let's ask her whose mother she is. - Don't you try that line
She's as much our mother as she's yours
For the five years you weren't here, I've been taking her to the temple
Look at him!
You want to break her heart? Come on, I'll tell her
Mummy, you won't go away.. ?
He's making a mountain out of a molehill. But you aren't going away!
Go on, you tell her now
It's just such a little matter, and he says, I'm taking Mummy away
Want me to say it? - Go on
Shall I.. ? - Oh, go on
Mummy, do you know what they're into? - What are we into?
Do you know?
You don't know, do you?
Hashish, marijuana
Gun running - Lies
Call girls - Lie!
Lies! - They are into prostitution!
Don't you try to provoke Mummy with your pack of lies
Mummy, they - Lies!
Are you aware? - No!
Shut up!
What do you think you're doing? - Shut up!
You are always speaking of your mother!
You listen to me, Mummy. - He's lying!
Calm down. - I'm not lying
What's the matter, son? - Nothing much to say
Come with me, this place isn't worth it
We're going back to our shanty
All my life, I've lived in hunger
And what little we found, came with insults
In my last hours, I have found some happiness
And he wants me to go back to the slums
Back to life as a domestic help? No son, I'm very happy here
I tell you, stay here with us. No point struggling for a livelihood
My word! That's what I told him
That's my mother!
That's my son
This is for you
Gangu, don't mind your mother
She's my mother. I know her
Trust me. Everything is going to be all right
Now stop crying
Everything will be all right
Not working?
Damn him!
Nehal hasn't been home in three days, because his wife's having a kid
And Abdul says, his Mummy is very angry
Something is surely wrong
I suspect there's something cooking inside their rotten minds
That apostle of truth
Gangu? But he separated from them - If he wanted to be honest..
why did he come into this trade? - They're rats, all of them
Come the time, I'll crush them
I don't understand you. You hate them, yet you can't do without them
That's because they're useful. I've profited from them
I hate them because they're responsible..
for the deaths of my nephews
The day they get out of hand, we'll set our ace after them
Right, One Eyed Jack?
I'm out of business. I've lost my men and my reputation
All because of Gang
I haven't seen my face in the mirror in 5 years, 4 months and 13 days
I've even forgotten my own face
All I remember are those four faces. The ones who ruined me
Good news. The Gang has a son. Nihal's son
Their bad days have begun
Where is he? - I was trying to contact you
Why did you let him go in?
He's lying!
Abdul! He's lying!
Tell me, where's my son?
Listen to me, Nihal. Let him go
Where's my son?
Tell me, where's my son? You think you can fool me?
Abdul, we're cursed!
My son! Born a cripple!
Cursed? We are cursed?
Is it my fault?
Is it my fault?
Okay, my fault! It's all my fault
Okay. Okay.
It's my fault. It's my fault.
Everyone says I'm at fault. Because I sell drugs?
Say, is that my fault?
Nihal, that can't be your son. Your son has to be handsome
This doctor must be a moron
How could your son be like that? How can our Gang's son be like that?
Why should we be cursed? What have we done to hurt anyone?
This is not your son
He is your son
Accept it
Accept it
You fixed the car, and it broke down in the middle of the road
Check it. - I'll take a look
What are you doing? Sleeping? I just told you fix the brake pads
Are we going to finish this paint job before the rains?
You call this a finish? You can't do a job properly
Who kept this file over here? All my papers are in it
Gangu.. lunch - I'm talking work, you talk lunch!
I'm fed up! - What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me? I'm talking business!
I've laid the plates. - Just lunch, no big deal
She won't even let me die in peace! - I'm seeing this for two weeks
You may be cross with others. But don't take it out on me
They aren't others.. not "others"
Those people are not others.
Those people are not others.
Those people are not others.
Nihal's.. Nihal's son.
I don't know.. I don't know what to do
How many times have I to tell you? I've been telling you for six months
I told you we aren't doing it, didn't I?
All losses to our account. What's your problem?
Hold on
Ratilal, just send whatever money Mohammad asks for
I've told him. As far as you're concerned, we aren't in Bombay
We aren't in India. Get lost
Tell Mangal not to dump the stuff on the market
Beer. - Do I drink beer?
Over there
Nihal is really a hot-tempered guy.
At times, in business there are problems. Why don't you understand?
I can understand. But convincing Girija Singh is tough
Look, I'm on your side. I'm always talking for you
Every day, it's something or the other
Now it's Nihal who is very disturbed
And he wants to know how long this will go on
He's justified too. They say it's been six months since..
Nihal's wife died. - Tell them we need six months..
to bring my mother around. So forget us for six months
Mother.. ?
Abdul, what do I tell him? That you're still mother's boy?
Whom do you think you're threatening? I'll put you where you came from
Put that phone down
Tell him that we are mother's boys. Not his wife's boys
Who do you think you're threatening?
Look, Nihal is going to the club.
People say he has become an angel
He doesn't speak. He's quiet. Like a man of peace
Girish says, fine if he's a man of peace
But he should go to work, shouldn't he?
That's what the tension is all about. He doesn't speak. So he's an angel
You never know what might happen once he opens his mouth
This is Peter. He has brought in a huge consignment of cocaine..
from Afghanistan. - Number one stuff
He's doped
He's just a bit tense
We'll see him later
I'll make it big someday
Big enough for newspapers to carry my name in bold
Police raids and raids and raids, day in, day out
Abdul, it's time to silence Nihal. Get it?
Just do what I say
Take Nihal to meet Gangu in that gym. I'll take the responsibility
I've wanted to see you for so long. So Shamsher Singh said..
Shamsher Singh is a nice man. Not what we thought
I asked him for a cigarette. They thought it's my habit
Damn hot
How is Sanam?
She's in her seventh month, isn't she?
Take care of her
Don't let her lift weights
Mummy used to care for Divya a lot
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Gangu.
Take me with you, Gangu
I'll do whatever you say
Nihal Singh turns approver
The hell with these papers. No one reads papers in this house!
You haven't any work to do? Get out of here!
Happy? How many times are you going to clean this room? Get out
You fellows call me your mother! If you had to smear yourselves..
you could've done it after I died. You have destroyed this family!
You've brought us bad luck! You're devil incarnate!
You step into this house and we're ruined
And here I am, the widow, sitting and watching all this sin!
How happy I was! I had four able sons!
Four able shoulders to carry me after I'm dead. I'd get salvation!
You've dashed all my dreams!
Give me poison!
I call him, and he says, forget me for a year
When my brother died, you forbade me to do anything
You said you'd decide.
We were his wife's pallbearers
His happiness and sorrow, we shared
Yet he betrays us?
Gary, say something
I'll take care of Nihal
Nihal has spat in your face
Nihal is at the root of it. You know it and I know it
For 3 months, what are we discussing? - Get a cop to kill the bloody addict
It's okay with me even if my brother spits at me in public
If anyone even dreams of hurting my family..
..he's dead. And his family is dead
My brother, you too will not live..
We will see..
Look, I have decided
Nihal dies
I'll appreciate your sense of loyalty to him
I like loyal men
But in that eventuality, I'll have to kill you too
Else, you will enter my house, and you will kill me and my brother
What if?
Look, I don't want you to take a gun and shoot Nihal with your hands
Now would I ever ask you to do that?
All you do is watch, while someone else does the job
Someone else kills him. Just don't interfere
You'll watch him die.
After he's dead..
you can mourn him
It will lighten your heart
Mummy shouldn't have said that
Had someone else said it, it'd be all right
Mummy shouldn't have said it
Mummy shouldn't have called me a devil
A mother should never say that
Tinnie died
Then Divya's kid is born a cripple
As if I killed them. I'm the devil
How come?
Roll the glass down
How am I to blame?
Abdul, sit inside. They are coming
Abdul, stop that song
Shut the radio, he's coming
No sense of music?
That was Lata singing. Lovely song. And you want to shut the radio?
She's my mother. She can say what she likes.. my mother.
And how did Girija put it? Just watch him die
Is that so easy?
So easy?
Come on, let's tell him
Do you have a handkerchief?
Lata sings so well. Makes life easier
Sometimes, she's your mother, sometimes she's your sister
Do you know who your parents are? - Yes
I don't know
But Mummy should never have said that
Not Mummy
Shamsher, you are honest. You're the only policeman I respect
Yes, I'll talk to Bacchha Singh. Don't worry
I've spoken to Shamsher
If Abdul and Gary surrender, we'll take care of them
No cause for tension or worry?
Nothing, I assure you. They will be given a light sentence
But they must co-operate
All right
Just remember one thing. Either you or Abdul speak to Shamsher
I'll take care of the rest
What do you think? - I don't trust them
Abdul is crooked
Tomorrow is Tinnie's death anniversary
Abdul says, he will surrender after..
..he has paid his respects at her grave
Do I hear Abdul speak?
One minute, one minute
Gangu, this is Mummy
You see, my son Abdul..
he's a bit stubborn. But he's good at heart
Take care of him son
And when you come home tomorrow, bring rice, coconut and fruits
Sanam is in her seventh month, isn't she?
I'll call in the women in the neighbourhood
We'll perform the ritual of welcoming the native. Bring some flowers also
I'll wait for you
I won't go out of the house
You'll come, won't you? - Yes, I will
Abdul, take this. And Gary, you aren't eating
He's practising starvation. For his time inside
Shut up. Gangu must be waiting for us
Thanks be to The Prophet
I wanted to eat lunch cooked by you. Now I've eaten it. What else, now?
Even if they give me rocks for lunch in there, I won't mind
Ten years, twenty years, who knows?
This little distance made him so sad. Now you'll be gone for so long..
I don't know how he will react. - Let him suffer in solitude
What do you think we were doing for the five years he spent in there?
Don't ever bring the kid to see me in jail. Send me his photos
And don't take off that photo on the wall
Tell him, we're his uncles. Living abroad
That'll make him happy. And us too
I'll imagine I was never an orphan
Abdul, where are you going?
Don wants to see you
Gangu and Mummy are with him
Won't you see them? You should
Who knows, you might never see them again
Let's go
We've been waiting here for 5 hours for Abdul to turn up
He won't turn up, but I don't know who's the worse fool, you or I?
The telephone numbers Nihal Singh gave us.. all of them out of order
Now the phones are out of order! Gangu, try to understand
He's very clever. He won't turn up. About Gary, I can understand
But Abdul..
Go home
Do you get it, or don't you?
I'll be back. I have to go home
One hour
I give you one hour
Abdul and Gary are surrendering today. They will turn approvers
They will expose the entire underworld
I have always helped you
In your toughest times, I have been with you
This time, you have to stand with me
If they open their mouths, I will be compromised
What a thing to say, Mr Chief Minister
I won't let you get hurt
We have Abdul and Gary. Do we bring them up?
One minute..
Now, what were you saying?
We have Abdul and Gary. Do we bring them up?
Let them rest a while. I'm coming down
Your friend is waiting in the graveyard
And he's wondering why Abdul fooled him
Girija told me to kill her
I didn't kill your sister
I'll take you to a doctor. - Where have you been, son?
You were supposed to take me away from here
I was waiting for you
Yes.. ?
Yes.. ?
I see!
Gangu and your mother have been dispatched
You were proud of Gang, weren't you?
That leaves the two of you. What do you do? Think it over
Hit him
Don't laugh at people
It's irritating
What is the police doing here at this time?
Go up and inform Mr Mehra right away
You said they were dead.
Brother Munna, don't let anyone in. Brother Munna.
Stop! Stop! Where's the phone? Commandos.
Tell the commandos to shoot at sight.
Unit 1 to control tower. Unit 1 to control tower.
Control tower, I am Shamsher Singh speaking. Nihal.
Nihal, come back. Come back, Nihal.
Nihal, I will shoot. - Police.
Are your sons in this business? - No
Is your wife in this business? - No
Is your mother in this business? - No
Did we touch them? - No
In business, there are principles. Your kids are my kids
Your wife is like my sister. Your mother is like my mother.. ?
Yet, you killed my mother?
You killed my mother. Right or wrong? Tell me
Wrong.. - Not wrong. Very wrong
Once again, I'm an orphan
Don't move !
What now?
First you
We're old friends
In your place, I would've let you go
Maybe.. ? But I'm not like you.
I am a wretch.
That was for my mother
That was for Divya
That was for my son
And this is for friendship
Guards. Guards.
He's in it too! With Girija!
Dogs! They are all in it
Take him away
Ambulance! Take me to the hospital!
Are you all right?
See, he's all right. Nothing happened to him
If anything happens to you, I'll blow up the whole world
Running out of breath, Abdul. - Stop talking nonsense
Time out
Nothing is going to happen to you
Hey, you remember?
Remember my dream?
The small dream of a small house with a small patch of green
And three or four kids. Yes, I remember
I went to see Sanam
We're getting out of this business. We'll give our kids a good life
Swear it by your mother? - I swear
I swear it by God
Swear it by your mother
I swear
What happens to him.
Nothing happened to him. - What's wrong?
He's just unconscious
Why are you crying? He's just unconscious.
Hey, Gangu. - What happened to him?
Gangu. - Gangu, Abdul, Nihal, Gary.
It will be best if you surrender.
The police have you surrounded
You cannot escape
We promise you, no one will shoot at you
Drop your arms, and walk out
Last warning. Surrender
Drop your weapons. And come out
You cannot escape
This is your last warning
Come out
Baba, you have destroyed the evil, at least a part of it
That's what Gangu used to say too. For the better tomorrow..
today's evils, we will have to vanquish
It is all The Lord's wish
Look, this is Gangu's tomorrow
This toy is poisonous. Don't play with it
Make friends with your pen and your books
Because the pen is mightier than the sword, by far mightier
May The Lord make us honest, pure and holy
My child..
You know those others beside Daddy?
Uncle Abdul
Uncle Nihal
And that's Gary