Gang of Ghosts (2014) Movie Script

What happens to this city?
Either there is ash or smoke.
Why doesn't anyone say anything?
Why do they tolerate
this smoke quietly?
It's the limit to tolerance.
Let douse cigarettes and cigars.
There is ban on smoking
on public places.
You've to pay fine for it.
Neither smoking nor
let others smoking.
Smoking costs dearly.
Everyone desires happiness.
But at what cost?
Smoking costs dearly.
Smoking is injurious
to your health.. your loves ones too.
You've to pay dearly for smoking.
Good morning, guys.
- Good morning, sir
What's happening?
Sir, we're doing the lighting.
Fine, fine.
Mohit, what's up?
How did you call me today?
No, man. Shooting.
GH Mills.
Royal Mansions.
It's a feature.
For what?
Narration only?
Okay. I'll be there.
Ma'am, shot is ready.
Scene 10 by Take 1.
What happened to Madam,
Get the water quickly.
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
"Who will understand..."
"..the sad story of the ghosts."
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
"What's happening in
the name of progress?"
"What's happening in
the name of progress?"
"The bulldozer's
razing down our homes."
"Shopping malls and Multiplex.."
"..are snatching our graves."
"O Government, hear our plea."
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
"There's no one with us."
"There's no one with us."
"Ghosts have become helpless."
"We don't have the
right to vote either."
"Even the politicians shun us."
"O Government, hear our plea."
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we go?"
What a scary structure, right?
So old and dilapidated.
Most of the disputed properties in
Mumbai are in the same condition.
Aditya, Do you
remember that Ragini incident?
Yes, that ghost affair.
- Yes.
Just imagine.
Ragini must be going
through some serious PR crises.
Why such cheap publicity?
Today's marketing mantra is..
..any publicity is good publicity.
If you want to promote your film.
And her act worked.
Her story was all over.
News, TV, internet. Everywhere.
Ghost stories intrigue everyone.
No wonder that such films
are made and run successfully.
What happened?
I really don't understand.
In Raaz 3, Esha Gupta knows..
..that the house she's
living in is haunted.
So why doesn't she just leave?
Tanya, if you try to find
logic in the ghost stories.
..then you are going to see only
ghosts at the box-office window.
And Bhootnath, Amitabh
Bachchan is a ghost..
..who is visible to a kid,
but not Juhi Chawla.
And in the climax, even
Juhi Chawla can see him.
Again Logic.
It is up to the ghost to decide..
..who can see him and who cannot.
Mostly ghosts are seen.. those people
who are in trouble.
Or someone who create
troubles for them. Get it?
Good morning, sir.
- Raju, sir.
Raju writer.
Oh yes yes.
What are you doing here?
Sir, I was here to see
location with someone...
I saw you here then I
thought to meet you.
That's the real job of
a struggling writer.
So, what do you want?
- Sir I want one single chance.
Sir, I've a superhit idea, sir.
Sir, just give me one hearing.
..Even the Lion's club
award will be yours sir.
Sir, just hear me once.
You are here also... Ok
leave from here.. Get out.
Mr. Gupta, remember I
came to your office.
Yes, unwanted.
- And I hugged you.. your last
film's success party.
Remember, sir.
- You had crashed the gate at the party.
And gulped down the entire bottle.
Now Just get out from here,
or I'll make you regret it.
Mr. Gupta,
What else can you do with me?
I've been struggling for 5 years..
..but I couldn't get one break.
No place to stay, no food to eat.
But no problem, sir.
The day will come soon when..
..a lucky director
will accept my story..
..and make a
super-duper blockbuster film.
And then it will be
your loss, sir, not mine.
Because I might be unfortunate..
..but I have hunger in me,
I've confidence.
If you're hungry, go and
have some fritters. Get out.
I will, sir. I will eat that.
But remember one thing.
Those who eat fritters
during their bad phase..
..They will be
exorbitant at their good time.
Bye, sir.
I wonder how he got in here.
Filmy strugglers are
like unwanted messages.
No matter how many times you
delete them they keep coming.
It is very frustrating.
Aditya, this is Hemantbhai.
He will take us around.
Hi, Hemantbhai.
I am Aditya, Hi and
this is Tanya, my AD.
Which is the latest film
that you made?
No feature film yet.
No feature film yet.
Nice title.
Hemant, he makes commercials.
It's important
to make commercials..
..otherwise people don't like it.
Are you casting Salman?
Hemantbhai, he wants to
say that I make ad-films.
Advertisement films.
- I see.
The things that bore you..
..between TV serials and news.
In 1932, the workers burned
this mill down to the ground.
And from 1985 till now..
..around 50-60 films
have been shot here.
100 years ago, Gaindamal..
..built this mansion on
the plot next to his mill.
To entertain his British guests.
After the Lingering doubt shoot..
..he's been renting it
out for shootings again.
You're the first director..
..who's come here
after that incident.
Otherwise it was closed
for the last one year.
No income.
It was frustrating.
Wow. What a mansion, Hemantbhai.
- Thank you.
I want to see every part
of this mansion and mill.
But I am here only
for half an hour.
Come, Tanya.
Well there are many rooms here.
What do you exactly want?
We want a room and a verandah.
And if we can get the terrace,
that will be even better.
Mr. Director, here's your verandah.
And here's the terrace.
Is this what you wanted?
Wow, great.
It's Beautiful.
Now this is nice.
Listen, here our actor
will swing on a chair.
Right here.
- Okay.
And then we'll get the
entire city in the background.
Then the scene will look great.
Script and storyboard
is in the laptop.
Should I switch it on?
My dear Script is always
in the director's mind.
I don't need a laptop.
Once Sumit will come..
..then we'll
finalize our shot divisions.
And before that, let's
see the entire house.
You go ahead, I'll be right there.
Hemantbhai. These actors can
do anything for publicity.
Gupta, stop gossiping.
- No, sir.
I was talking about Ragini's case.
She saw a ghost
during the shooting.
I think these rumors are true.
It's an old mansion.
It has to be infested by ghosts.
Has to be?
It is.
Don't smoke.
Don't smoke.
Listen, smoke but be around.
If you smoke alone..
..the ghost will snatch
your cigarette.
What rubbish?
- Ask them.
This is the most
beautiful room of the mansion.
Wow, Hemantbhai. This is great.
There's a bar and a stage too.
Yes Beautiful.
So many musical instruments.
- Exactly.
Is this a hall or a music room?
This is where the
entertainment would take place.
Famous Dancers performed here.
Renowned singers like
Ustad Allauddin Khan..
..Baiju Bawra sir
harmonized this place.
By the way, is this
mansion really haunted?
Yes, it is.
Then it must have
scary stories as well.
This house has an unusual past.
They say this house is cursed.
After Gaindamal murdered by
the hands of the Mill workers..
..Gaindamal's soul roam
around here in the mansion.
Aditya, change your ringtone.
- Aditya, sir.
What Aditya sir..
It's was scary.
Yes, Sumit Da. Yes.
Yes, I can hear.
What, you're stuck?
Oh, rail blockage
against land acquisition.
So what will we do now?
No, the shoot is
day after tomorrow.
No, it's not possible tomorrow.
I've an important meeting tomorrow.
Fine, Ok! let me talk to Hemant.
I'll try to get his permission.
I won't stay.
I won't stay back.
Today, There's a hearing in
the High Court for Royal Mansion.
The great grandsons of Gaindamal..
..are fighting in the
court for this property.
I've to go with them.
It's frustrating.
Hemant, leave the
keys with the watchman.
Who would come to a house
that's haunted by ghosts.
I did appoint one...but
the ghosts drove him away.
What are you saying?
The entire house is
filled with antiques.
And everything must be expensive.
Yes, they say that..
..there's a huge treasure
buried under this house too.
You mean hidden treasure.
People have seen golden
coins of the British era.
That's why I don't
give the keys to anyone.
Hemantbhai. Hemantbhai.
- No, no.
Have faith, I'll bring the keys.
Tanya, please.
- Hemantbhai, please.
Please, please, please, let it be.
Please is what gets us in the end.
Please. Here are the keys.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you so much, Hemantbhai.
Thank you.
Really, Tanya.
Your magical embrace
cast a spell on Hemantbhai.
Come on.
I hugged him out of affection.
Yes, right.
Sir, what will we
do for next two hours?
I will have to wait for Sumit Da.
I've to discuss the
shot divisions with him.
I suggest that you two
go to the police station.
And get the permissions
for next week's shoot.
That's a good idea.
Yeah, even I've to meet
with the costume dada, so..
Great. You guys get going then.
Leave the keys with me.
Will you manage it alone?
- Yes.
Camera, laptop.
Thank you.
- Take care.
Yes, I will.
Bye, sir.
- Bye, Gupta.
- Who is it? Who is it?
Sir, it's me. Raju writer, sir.
You're back again.
What do you want now?
Sir, neither money nor credit.
I just need a break.
Oh God! You don't need a break
But I really need one from you.
That's exactly what
I want to give, sir.
I want to give you a break
to make a film on my story.
I am just joking, sir.
Sir, please hear my story once.
Sir, I've done my research here..
..and written a story
about this place.
My friend,
I've told you many times..
..I've no interest
in hearing your story.
Sir, but I am interested
in telling you.
Even the Lion's club
award will be yours sir.
Thank you very much for the awards.
But dude, I don't
want to hear your story.
Because I've got my own
story for my first film.
Hold on, sir.
You wrote a story without me.
Without me?
Sir, just joking.
By the way, what's the genre?
I mean what kind of a film is it?
Action? Social? Thriller? Horror?
Or one of those
intellectual art films..
..with a strong message.
It's not like that.
But what do you know about these
intellectual art-house movies?
Sir, I may look like a tramp..
..but tramp only get the triumph.
By the way, I am MA in Literature
from Allahabad University.
And member of the
Cineclub in Allahabad.
Fellini, Truffaut, Bergman..
..and our very own Satyajit Ray,
Gurudutt, Shantaram..
..made such great films.
I guess you're a big movie buff.
Very big sir.
Big one?
Okay, how about the
contemporary film-makers?
Danny Boyle, Ang Lee,
Christopher Nolan..
..have you seen their work?
Just tell me the movie name, sir..
..I can tell you the entire
screenplay, with dialogues.
No, let it be.
Sir. Can I say something?
Stop making these ad-films.
- Why is that?
If a young talent like you do
the slavery to this consumerism.
And sell these soaps and
toothpaste, doesn't look nice.
Make a feature film.
And say whatever you want.
Sir, there's great fun in
making a feature film, sir.
But you just mentioned Satyajit Ray.
- Yes, sir.
Even he made ad-films first.
And if we don't sell
these soaps and toothpaste..
..then what will we eat?
And anyway, who will
finance my independent film?
Corporates are only interested
in the number game and stars.
That's true, sir.
But, are you interested
in making a feature film?
In fact, I also have
a story in my mind.
Hot Haryanvi.
And for that I'm
also meeting a producer.
Well, you didn't hear my story..
..but I will definitely
hear your story.
Don't worry, I won't leak it out.
I can also sign an NDA for you.
Non Disclosure Agreement.
So the basic story is about a boy..
..who plays in a band.
Marriage band?
Music band. Musical group.
I see. Like beetles, etcetera.
Something like that.
But they only play Haryanvi music.
- Oh!
Haryanvi music?
Hard to digest,
but sounds interesting.
Next, sir. Next.
The parents of this boy..
..want to fulfill
their dreams through him.
They want their son
to become a musician.
But the son knows..
..he can never fulfill
his parent's dreams.
Because he's a bad musician.
He doesn't have the
talent to compose songs.
He is out of tune.
He's stuck in a
strange non-creative limbo.
He also has a girlfriend
who loves him.
But the boy hates
love and affection.
Same old wine in a new bottle.
You said something?
- No, sir. Nothing.
Sir, what happens in the end?
That's the problem.
I just can't figure out
what the end should be.
I have characters,
plot points, crises..
..cinematic moments,
but I can't think of..
..what the resolution should be.
The problem is by tomorrow..
..I've to work out
the end at any cost.
Sir, if you don't mind
can I say something?
No, go ahead.
Sir, throw your
story in the dustbin.
Sir, your story's got no impact.
This was just the synopsis.
When I tell you scene by scene
you'll realize the real impact.
Sir Raju writer is my name.
Writing is my job.
By hearing 2 minutes of the story..
I can imagine the entire screenplay
and know what's going to happen next.
- Sir, you felt bad.
No, sir. - That's why
you're leaving me in the middle.
I didn't feel bad,
Sir, I heard your boring story.. you got to hear
my interesting story.
You mean your story's
better than mine.
Sir, don't try to
compare a diamond with a stone.
I see.
- Yes, sir.
If you make a film on my story..
- I know, I know.
Screen, Zee, IIFA, TOIFA..
..we'll even bag
the Lions Club award.
- Yes, sir.
What are you?
- The best, sir.
Fine, you win I lose.
Sir, I love you.
- What are you doing?
I love you.
- Stay away.
Come on, tell me your story.
Okay, sir.
So, we begin our
story from a smoke.
- Yes.
Sir, the signing.
- Oh, you want money already.
Sir, cigarette.
Here you go.
- Yes, sir.
Now light it.
Take a puff.
There'll be smoke all around.
And with the smoke
the story starts.
Sir, the old mills and buildings..
..are disappearing from the city.
From the mills between
Lower Parel and Mahalaxmi.. the old house
between Bandra and Colaba..
..were devoured by the
wind of development.
From British rule to Indian rule.
And now it feels like we're
living in the promoter's rule.
Old structures are
being razed down.. build 7 star hotels.
New condominiums are
being built every day.
Multiplexes, shopping malls.
By the grace of God..
..and some new Municipal rules..
..heritage and disputed
properties are still intact.
But they are few in numbers.
The question is..
..who's most bothered by
the city's development?
I mean, all this is
forcing a common Mumbaikar.. leave the city and go out.
No, sir.
That problem was always there..
..and it will always be there.
But the demolition
of mills and houses..
..has put Mumbai's
spirit in danger.
Oh, I see. You mean the Mumbai spirit?
- No, sir.
Not that spirit.
By spirit I mean ghosts, souls.
Dead people.
Sir, they're in a terrible state.
They are ruined.
These old houses and mills..
..used to be their den.
You can also call it
their dwelling place.
And now those simple,
nave ghosts..
..are facing a big crises.
They are wandering from
one place to another.. crazy homeless souls.
And the few homes that are left
are not enough for all of them.
Because their population is more
than the number of homes.
And sir, the worst part is.. one's paying
attention to the ghost community..
..during their time of crises.
The government isn't
introducing any scheme.. resettle them.
No one's starting any movement.
Ruling party, opposition party,
civil societies..
..and even the media
isn't ready to help them..
Because their viewership
doesn't depend on ghosts.
Exactly, sir. You're on the mark.
Because they are
neither consumers nor voters.
Very good.
I can sense political
satire in your story.
But there shouldn't be any
lecture or long speeches.. deliver a social message.
I like films which has layers.
Something that has ups and downs.
Sir, you'll find
layers after layers.. Raju Writer's story.
With all commercial ingredients.
Crime, passion, thrill, music,
romance, dance.
After all, these things make..
..a great Indian pot boiler.
Fine, let's listen.
We'll start our story
with the character of..
..Raibahadur Mr. Gendamal Hemraj.
Isn't he the same person
Hemant was talking about?
Yes, sir. In return of
selling his mills to the British..
..he got the title of
Raibahardur from the British.
And on that occasion, there's
a celebration in the mansion.
On one side there
were celebrations..
..and on the other,
the mill workers..
..were fuming with hatred.
Right after taking over the mills..
..the Britishers cut
down their salary and wages.
And the Mill Worker Unions..
..staged a strike
against this cruelty.
Gendamal was supporting
the Britishers..
..and wasn't ready to bow before
the demands of the workers.
Down with..
- Gendamal!
Down with..
- Gendamal!
Down with..
- Gendamal!
The workers were gripped
with starvation and sickness.
And in a fit of rage they
burnt the mill down to ashes.
Save me!
After his death,
Raibahadur Gendamal..
..decided to stay in this mansion..
..instead of wandering in the mill.
Sir, other than the Royal mansion
there was another mansion in the city.
Imperial Palace.
Before India got freedom..
..the Governor
General Ramsay lived in it.
Indian revolutionaries were..
..thirsty for British blood.
And one day they attacked
Ramsay sir when he was alone.
Vande Mataram!
And before India achieved freedom..
..Ramsay's soul was
liberated from his body.
Ramsay's ghost resided
comfortably in the Imperial Palace.
But this luxury lasted
only for a few days.
Because right after
the independence..
..the Indian
government sanctioned an order.. convert that
place into a library.
Now Ramsay liked to read books.
But his ghost detested books,
magazines and newspapers.
So Ramsay was in a dilemma.
Mr. Booth!
Mr. Booth!
And he met his
once-upon-a-time boss, Mr. Booth..
..and made him call Gendamal..
..and get him a place
in the Royal mansion.
I've a friend, Ramsay.
He just passed away.
I need a place for him.
Excuse me, are you Raibahadur?
Depends who's asking?
I am Governor general Ramsay.
You are Governor general Ramsay.
Than I am Raibahadur
Gendamal Hemraj.
Mr. Booth has
recommended your name.
No, Mr. Booth
recommended me your name.
He was a nice man.
He used to called me
Genda affectionately.
As in hippopotamus?
No, no, that's Gainda
Da this is Gentha-tha
This is not the same.
- Oh, Ganda, meaning dirty.
No, it means flower...marigold.
Marigold. A lovely name.
Shall we go inside?
- No.
We will not go inside.
Who is the boss? I am the boss.
Who is the boss?
- You're the boss.
Yes. So you will not go inside.
I will ask you to come inside.
Please come inside.
May I sir?
- Yes.
And now we come to the 50's.
Gendamal's younger brother,
Gulabchand Hemraj.
Hemraj family's most useless son.
Alcohol, women, gambling, race.
You can say he had every
bad habit in the world.
Complete Casanova.
Those days he was
madly in love with..
..the famous singer
Manoranjana Kumari..
..of those days, and also invested
lots of money in her films.
Manoranjana Kumari?
- Yes.
She always said.
And only entertainment
is what makes a film successful.
Entertaining the director, producer
and actor behind the scenes.
And she wouldn't waste a moment..
..entertaining anyone she liked,
Manoranjana Kumari.
"I won't give it."
"I won't give it."
"I won't give my heart for free."
"I won't give my heart for free."
"Trying to cajole me."
"But first check your pockets."
"Trying to cajole me."
"But first check your pockets."
"Check your bank balance first."
"And then say I love you."
"O beloved, if you don't pay.."
"..the taxes for this service,
you won't get anything."
"I won't give it."
"I won't give it."
"I won't give it."
"I won't give it for free."
"I won't give it."
"I won't give my heart for free."
"I won't give it."
"I won't give it."
"I won't give my heart for free."
"I won't give my heart for free."
I am not asking your
heart for free, Manoranjana.
Did I give you these earrings,
the necklace for free?
Don't they have a value?
Don't they have a price?
And I've also transferred the
property papers in your name.
I don't want your property.
All I want is a
pinch of vermillion.. grace my forehead.
I am ready to squander all
my wealth at your bellow.
And all you demand is
a pinch of vermillion.
Yes. Make me your wife.
And give me some place
in your heart.
Manoranjana is tired
of entertaining people.
Take it easy my nightingale.
I love you.
And I swear I will take
the nuptial rounds with you..
...and marry you ASAP, darling.
Thank you.
- Mention not.
Don't forget me, I beg of you.
Will give you, will
also give you the bag
Gulab didn't keep his promise.
And Manoranjana's age..
..put a full stop
on her movie career.
And then one day
she found out, that..
..Gulab got married to a
famous industrialist's daughter.
She couldn't endure
her shattered heart..
..and this terrible shock.
And she took to the
famous filmy bottle SAD 69.
And one day, after
finishing 69 bottles..
..under the influence of alcohol..
..she hung herself from the fan.
Oh no!
Manoranjana's soul
decided to take refuge.. the same mansion, where she..
..had dreamt of entering
as the daughter-in-law.
"My breath severed
all ties with life."
"My delicate heart
shattered like glass."
"My heart slowly burns like ember."
"My delicate heart
shattered like glass."
"My delicate heart
shattered like glass."
"My heart slowly burns like ember."
"A sigh comes out of my heart."
"My heart slowly burns like ember."
"A sigh comes out of my heart."
"I've lost everything."
"My delicate heart
shattered like glass."
Please turn off the lights.
Your story is very nice.
I mean it's superb.
- Thank you, sir.
But...the production
designing will be really difficult.
Different periods.
The properties. Costumes.
We'll have to do
detailed research. - No, sir.
We don't have to do so much
research in a ghost story.
You know, I'll shoot
Ramsay's scenes in sepia mode.
And Manoranjana Kumari's
scenes in black and white.
Back projection, direct lighting.
Every character will
have dual shadow..
..cast on a hand-drawn
background of the sky.
We can play around with the sky.
We can play around with grey-scale.
Thank you, sir.
You gave such a good
reaction on a struggler's story.
No one does that, sir.
I am touched, sir.
I am honored.
Thank you, sir.
- Control yourself.
Now we cut to the 70's.
Time of the underworld.
After Gendamal's
death when Gulabchand..
..tried to take
over GH mills, then..
..Gulabchand uncle, Heerachand..
..tipped famous gangster
Salim Fatela to kill Gulabchand.
Coincidentally Salim Fatela..
..was also a big fan
of Manoranjana Kumari.
"I won't give it."
Gulabchand's ghost wanted to
live in Royal mansion too..
..and apologizes
to Manoranjana Kumari.
I am sorry, Manoranjana.
I made a big mistake.
Forgive me.
And give me what you
always did when you were alive.
- Your love, Manoranjana.
Don't have dirty
picture in your mind.
Rascal, useless.
You came back like a useless coin.
Get out of here.
Manoranjana, go inside.
Sorry, bro.
- Get out. Come on, out.
- I am sorry. I am sorry.
Funny. Very funny. Too funny.
Right, sir.
And very exciting too.
- Right?
I'll shoot this killing
portion with a hand-reel camera.
Like RGV.
Sir, RGV?
Ram Gopal Verma.
- Oh yeah, of course.
Sir, I suggest that.. let him shoot
the killing scenes.
Why not?
Actually, he's my guru, you know.
- I see.
I've assisted him.
I've written dialogues for him.
And I even operated
the camera in one film.
What are you saying?
- 5D.
Sometimes under the table.
Sometimes under the actor's face.
And sometimes above
the fan's blade..
..and many other places.
Superb, sir.
This project is
getting very interesting.
Thank you, sir.
All the characters aren't just..
..from different
socio-economic backgrounds.. fact, they're from
different time-period as well.
Thank you, sir.
And this movie will have
an amazing ensemble cast.
Thank you, sir.
And these days there's
an award for this as well.
Yes, sir.
Bro, continue.
Many of the old
haunted houses in Mumbai..
..were being razed down in
the name of development.
And the ghosts living in them..
..decided to make
Gendamal's mansion..
..their permanent
address and came to them.
But it was getting
difficult for Gendamal.. adjust and
accommodate everyone.
So how did the ghosts
accommodation problem get solved?
Sir, an interview board was formed.
This is very loud, get it repaired.
And not just from Mumbai, but..
..ghosts from the
different parts of the country.. fact, even from outside the
country came from the interview.
Don't bend so much.
Otherwise you'll hit your
head on the ground and break it.
There's gas filled in your head.
Take this pill and go.
Mister, the leaf that you chew
is called a 'Paan' (betel-leaf).
And my name's Akbar Khwaza Khan..
alias Natwar Khawaza Khan
alias Khatwar Khwaza Khan.
That's fine, but which one's
out of these three is your name?
Gentleman, the person's
name is Akbar Khwaza Khan.
And what's your name?
I am Akbar Khwaza Khan.
Then what is person's name?
Gentleman, this is Urdu dialect.
There's just me, there's no us.
Oh you mean.
You are my mother and you are my
father.. you are my friend too.
It's an old Hindi film from
know you will not understand..
..but nothing to worry.
- Continue
In Continue We're Pindari's,
Muslim-Maratha are brothers.
We fought the battle of Mahirpur.
- Warrior Akbar.
You movie buff.
Not Jodha-Akbar! Warrior Akbar.
Talk with respect.
Well, I was king of Indore's
Malhar Holkar's special chef.
How did you become a ghost?
during the war of Mahirpur..
..I tried to make
a hole in kitchen..
..and keep an eye on
the enemy for the king.
But I didn't know that the enemy..
..already made a
hole in the back wall..
..and have their guns aimed.. the kind's special chef.
On the whole what happened?
On the whole the enemy
filled my whole body with holes..
..that I didn't know
where do I breathe from..
..and from where do I..
Mister, that's why I
hate these Britishers.
Is he talking about me?
- Yes.
He says he likes you.
Oh, hello.
Mister, the kitchen
where I used to live.
Now someone's opened
a tea-stall there.
And now I am kitchen-less.
Let's appoint him for
making non-veg food.
My name's PK.
I was a film producer in Mumbai.
You might know that a film
producer's really bad.
First run after the
director for the script.
Then run after the hero for dates.
Then run after the
heroine to dress her up fully.
You get so good at running..
..that, if you make the
producer run in the Olympics..
..then he'll
definitely win a gold medal.
Sir. Why does he use
that word when he speaks?
Because the rascal does
not deserve to be here.
Reject him.
- Why, sir?
What did you do, rascal?
- Sorry, sir.
Hello, sir.
I am Bhootnath Bhaduri.
- Yes.
Before the partition I
lived in East Bengal.
Back there I was a
compounder with the doctor.
I used to give
medicines to the patients.
And after the
partition I came to Bombay.
Mumbai. Mumbai.
You're so stupid, brother.
There was no Mumbai back then.
It was just Bombay back then.
So I came to Bombay..
..and started living
close to the railway tracks.
It was nice. It was nice.
But my life had become terrible.
Every day the train pass-by..
..making the clacking sounds.
One day a train passed
too close to my ears.
I didn't realize.
But then someone said
"Bengali man passed away".
That's when I realized
that I am dead.
So after that I
started living on a tree.
Then one day few people
came and said..
..we'll make a highway here,
four-lane highway.
And they cut down the tree.
I lost my home.
After that I searched for a home..
..but, I couldn't find a
single home in Mumbai.
Bombay. Bombay.
He's very stupid.
Now it's Mumbai, there's
no more Bombay anymore.
You see, East Bengal
became Bangladesh.
Bombay became Mumbai.
Humans become devil.
But I was a refugee
even before I died..
..and I am a refugee
even after I am dead.
Nothing happened to me.
Your story is very touching.
A Compounder that's bit
like a doctor Isn't it?
I know better.
After eating Khwaja
Khan's food we might need him.
Thank you.
Thank you, brother.
Try this medicine.
Take it. Take it.
Take this pill.
Always works, brother.
So fast?
- Yes.
For the next
interview we'll go outdoors.
Oh, God!
It is still not working,
but this is working.
I am sorry. I am sorry.
I am sorry.
Brigadier Hoshiyar
Singh from Hoshiyarpur..
..winner of Dharamveer Chakra, sir.
Sir, shall we talk and talk
and pass some gas too? - No.
I mean pass some time, sir.
- Yes.
- Sir.
In the year of 1999, the enemy..
..was showering bullets on us.
We had reacquired many parts
of Drass and Batalik sector.
In the happiness of the victory..
..our convoy was moving ahead..
..singing 'Hindustan Hamara',
when suddenly.
we were shelled.
We were bombarded.
I guess the enemy ghosts are
bombarding this place as well.
We should be careful.
- Relax.
We should..
- Relax, there's nobody here.
It's just a passing phase.
It's passed.
I respect your opinion, sir.
But an army man should
always be alert, sir.
- We attained martyrdom.
And even after we died the
government scammed our coffins.
Why? Because we weren't alert.
This is the perfect man
to maintain security..
..for our mansion.
- Okay.
Hoshiyar Singh.
- Yes sir.
Situation and breeze, both
are quite worse. - I know, sir.
But you used your brains,
so I select you.
I am Aatmaram Paswan.
No, you were.
Better take the Ram and
Paswan out of your name.
Now you're just Aatma (spirit).
District was Darbhanga.
No, it still is.
You're dead, but
Darbhanga is still alive.
What did you do?
- Sir, during the day..
..I used to drive
the taxi in Mumbai.
And sleep on the footpath at night.
One night,
just before the new year..
..I was sleeping
covered in my blanket.
Suddenly, a rich man,
who was very drunk..
..drove his car onto the footpath.
Exactly at the spot
where I was sleeping.
And right then Aatmaram's soul..
..was liberated from
Aatmaram's body. Right?
I don't know, sir.
I am a poor man.
I have an old model
car parked outside.
Can you take me
to the beach in that?
I will take you
wherever you want, sir.
Fine, fine. Yes, what do you say?
This driver does have some drive.
- Yes.
Accept him.
The whiteman said something.
Myself Robin Hooda.
Robin Hood?
- Not Hood.
Hooda. From Rohtak, Haryana.
Father was an engineer.., he wanted me
to be an engineer too.
And mother was a doctor.
She wanted to see me in
the operation theatre.
But I was interested in
music since I was a kid.
Rock music.
Dodes, Metallica.
Anyway, I formed a band.
Also released an album.
We sold 13 CDs in the market.
That's all.
Squandered lots of money,
also got humiliated.
And I also went into depression.
I couldn't write songs.
The writer in me was blocked.
In frustration
I started taking drugs.
Drugs you mean Aspro,
Anacin and Crocin.
No. Marijuana, cannabis.
Earlier I took small doses.
Later I increased the dosage.
One day I injected excess heroine.
When I came to my senses..
..I realized that's Robin
Hooda lying on the ice-slab.
My nose was plugged with cotton.
It would be nice to
have a musician. - Yes.
I believe so.
Here at Royal Mansion,
we would have..
..different kinds of
musicians visiting us.
- Yes. They would come, perform..
..then eat, and after
they ate, I would perform.
But whenever I
performed they would leave.
I don't know why. Selected.
You're the boss.
Hi, I am Tina.
I am.. I am..I am
No, no, it's alright.
I'm Gendamal Hemraj.
Please sit down.
Daughter of famous
industrialist Pran Chopra.
Power-plants, chemical industries,
My dad used to do
every kind of business.
You know what, I was a
really pampered kid.
And on top of that,
I loved to party.
Heineken was my favorite beer
One day I realized that..
..due to partying
and drinking beer..
..I had gained so much weight.
Right then I joined a gym.
And that's where I met Sam.
Sam Gonzalvis,
my gym instructor.
I was totally in love with him.
One day my mom-dad
found out everything.
They tried to bribe
me for leaving Sam.
But when I didn't agree..
..they made Sam
disappear from Mumbai.
I could never forget Sam.
I was in love.
And I was completely heart-broken.
I didn't know what to do.
One day I climbed
up to the 10th floor..
..and jumped down.
I killed myself.
And when I died
I saw my parents crying.
I felt really, really sad.
After the interview was over..
..Royal Mansion put up
a houseful board.
And that night Gendamal..
..called the selected ghosts
in the hall for a welcome drink.
My dear late Ladies and Gentlemen.
A ghostly welcome to Royal Mansion.
Today is a unique day for us.
It's unimaginable.
Because after today,
all of us..
..will be living
under the same roof..
..which might not have
been possible if we were humans.
When we were alive,
the fear of death..
..wouldn't let us live peacefully.
But now we're dead.
Now we're not scared of death.
So come...from today
we enjoy our life..
I mean our afterlife.
And swear that we
couldn't be a good human being.
But we will definitely
be a good ghost.
And we'll make the
ghosts of Royal mansion..
..proud amongst the
ghosts in the world.
- Cheers.
Tell me one thing.
Did all the ghosts settle in
Royal Mansion? - Yes, sir.
All the ghosts lived
here comfortably.
You dead-man.
Where are you dying?
Hurry up.
Start the car.
I've to go to Dadar TT.
And I've to buy sweets
from Damodar's shop.
You're a insult
to the ghost society.
It's morning
and you're still sleeping.
I am not sleeping, just
straightening my back.
Rascal, you're a crooked man
that's why you've a crooked back.
I don't know. I am a poor man.
If you're a poor man then
sit in the driver's seat.
What are you doing at the back?
- And hurry up.
Hurry up,
I've to get to market soon.
Why the market so soon?
You fool, look there.
In the sky.
The sky is this way.
Here too.
- You're a poor man.
So look here.
- I see.
See, the stars have set
and the sun is shining.
Now let's go, start the car.
The great Indian poor man.
But why does he have to buy?
He can just extend
his hand and steal it.
Sir, he's a Bengali
ghost after all.
Until he doesn't argue and haggle..
..with the shopkeeper,
who will call him...
You've done a good study
of the Bengali's character traits.
Thank you, sir. And
thank for this also, sir.
Sir, do you like the story?
That's why I am also giving
you your first installment.
Right, sir.
So all the shopping was done.
Bhootnath returned with
fresh sweets and snacks.. express his
eternal love to Manoranjana.
Stop. Stop.
I am stopping.
Why are you heading
out of the gate again?
Now do one thing.
Get what's down there.
Get what's down there.
Oh no.
Get what's down there?
- How?
Not yours, what's down mine.
- What?
The bag.
Get the shopping bag.
It's between my legs.
Get it out.
- Yes, sir.
You might be a poor man,
but take bigger steps.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
How dare you come to the
1st floor in this uniform?
I don't know, sir.
I am a poor man.
I wonder where I get
it from. I mean courage.
Keep the bags in the
kitchen and go down.
That's a good idea.
Keep it.
you're a high-class Bengali.
Why do you entertain
such lowly people?
You won't tell me who I'll
entertain and who I will not.
Because you're a
double-standard man.
You brought that home..
..for the sake of your
Biryanis and Kebabs.
Did I say something?
- Don't say that.
I am telling you..
You fools.
You're 21st century ghosts
and still talk about classes.
Now hear a song.
No, no.
Stop singing. Stop.
I already died once. I don't want
to die again hearing your song.
I guess he lost his
musical sense when he died. - No.
My musical sense is intact.
But the way you sing,
it's not called music.
We selected him for this mansion.. that I will get to
hear classical music again.
But he turned
everything un-classical.
True. True.
When I was alive,
I had a similar..
..old and grumpy man
in my neighborhood.
He used to speak
nonsense about my music.
Once that old man lodged a
complaint with the police.. stop my jam session.
It's the same situation
all over again..
..even after I am dead.
Son, don't sulk.
Don't be sad.
Do one thing.
Start singing folk songs.
If you don't know folk,
then sing patriotic songs.
Like 'Vande Mataram'..
Bhootnath. Bhootnath.
I've already prepared a
remix version of this song.
But I don't want my songs.. be bounded by country borders.
Wonderful, Robin. Wonderful.
What a dialogue...about music.
But...according to me, sing
a song for broken heart..
..which compels me to drink.
One can sing about heartbreaks..
..only after a few pegs.
You mean first we down a few
pegs and then sing a song. - Right.
Then I'll take you
to Bhoot Bar today.
Bhoot Bar.
Tonight's Friday night.
There must be gorgeous
ghosts visiting today.
This is Bhoot Bar.
It's so nice.
I thought she hasn't arrived yet.
Go get it.
Come on.
"..will you drink me?
"Intoxication is
something you can't let go."
"It's like my beloved,
you just can't let go."
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"Will I drink you,
or will you drink me?"
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"Will I drink you,
or will you drink me?"
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"Will I drink you,
or will you drink me?"
"The bottle...
of alcohol's such a rascal."
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"Will I drink you,
or will you drink me?"
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"Will I drink you,
or will you drink me?"
"Take a sip or gulp
down the entire bottle."
"Forget the world,
let's shake the world."
"Life's short,
let me drink half of it."
"Forget all your sorrows,
take a peg."
"Baby don't cry."
"I couldn't find any love,
so I picked you."
"I hadn't gotten over my first sorrow."
"And now I invited another."
"I couldn't find any love,
so I picked you."
"I hadn't gotten over my first sorrow."
"And now I invited another."
"I couldn't find any love,
so I picked you."
"I couldn't find any love,
so I picked you."
"I hadn't gotten
over my first sorrow."
"And now I invited another."
"You're bound to
drown in this sorrow."
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"The bottle of alcohol's
such a rascal."
"The bottle of alcohol's.."
"Will I drink you,
or will you drink me?"
See, sir.
It matches to your vision.
Biggest commercial
complex in the country, sir.
Superb. Find the owner.
Guliyani, sir.
Yes, Guliyani. Find the owner.
But, sir, there's a problem.
We builders setup our shop
where there's a problem.
So Gu, I want this Royal Mansion.
At any cost.
Get that?
- Yes, sir.
"Where do we go?"
- Start sound.
- Camera.
Rolling. Clap.
Take 7.
- Action.
Cut. Cut. Cut.
Who are you cutting?
I was dreaming.
Dreaming? - I am
shooting for a film and..
You've crossed
the LOC of your life.
So I suggest that you..
..stop dreaming about
shootings and films.
Whether a film actor
leaves her work or the world..
..but she can never forget
those gleaming arc lights.
The camera.
The Nagra.
The green room.
Ice box, spot boy.
Food from hero's home.
- Wow.
Watching your passion
for your work..
..even after you're dead
has made me your...deadly fan.
Autograph please.
I don't sign on currency notes.
- Why?
When the chairman
of the Reserve Bank..
..has already signed on it,
then how can I sign it?
Sigh my palm.
Pen please.
Name please.
Hoshiyar Singh.
Love to Hoshiyar Singh,
Manoranjana Kumari.
I will never wash this hand again,
even if I've to cut it.
You know, in 1965 when
I was in Khardunla..
You must be in an epic
battle with the enemy.
I was watching your film.
Love can happen anytime.
Such a nice title.
Love can happen anytime.
It can happen now too.
"I am such a crazy Jatt."
"I am such a crazy Jatt."
"Couldn't understand
such a simple thing."
Hoshiyar Singh.
You're showing your smartness here.
And Gaindamal's looking for you.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Thank you for your autograph.
We got introduced.
- Hurry up.
Come on.
"She loves."
"She's crazy about me."
You called, sir.
Who's the boss?
I am the boss.
Who's the boss?
You're the boss.
- The boss didn't call you.
Rotate this.
Manoranjana, I've seen
all your plays. - Plays?
No, no, I mean cinema.
After watching your first
film I fell in love with you.
Like they say,
love at first night.
Love at first sight.
I know it's love at first sight.
But I saw the night show.
So I said love at first night.
Oh, God! I guess the
old man's lost his mind.
I didn't hear anything.
I was a big fan of your
since I was just a kid.
You know, I also
made a fan club for you.
And in that club we
all addressed you as Ma.
Not as in mother.
By Ma we meant Goddess.
Bhootnath, the movie
world is a bad place.
My Guru used to say..
..that you can stay in
this glittering world..
..only as long as
you stay beautiful.
Once your beauty disappears.. will disappear.
How could your Guru say that?
Beauty is not a pot of tea..
..that when the tea's over,
the pot's broken.
your time will never be up.
Because you were beautiful,
you still are..
..and forever will be.
There's no point in
praising me now, Bhootnath.
It's very late now.
- I understand.
But Manoranjana,
everyone's late here.
I am late Bhootnath Bhaduri.
You're late Manoranjana Kumari.
But before it's too late.
Sweets and snacks for you.
this isn't time for sweets.
Yes, I understand. I understand.
I get it. This is
time for something else.
But Manoranjana, I
want to say something.
Like all men, you'll say..
..Manoranjana, I love you a lot.
I am fed up of
hearing this dialogue.
Why will I say that?
I will say what I want.
And I want to hear you sing.
Aren't you ashamed?
I'll show you.
Anybody there.
Anybody there.
I meant song.
"Open your door."
"I am standing at your threshold."
"Don't let me standout anymore."
Who's there? Who's bothering you?
Manoranjana, my love..
..this Bhootnath's after you again.
But don't be scared.
This is Muslim-Maratha,
Khwaja Akbar Khan..
..chef of king Malhar
Holkar speaking.
I will teach him a lesson.
You rascal,
you will teach me a lesson.
A soldier without a shield and
sword and come here holding a rose.
Mind your tongue, Bhootnath.
Oh, God! What's going on?
Accept this lover's true
love and take this rose..
..and I'll personally
cook for you Kebabs.
And then you'll
suffer from loose motions.
Enemy of my love, be alert.
If you have Urdu poems
then I've Bengal Tigers.
I won't be scared.
You won't be scared?
- No.
Then you will be killed by me.
Come on.
- I see.
I will die. You will kill me?
Rascal, how will you kill me?
How will you kill me?
- Don't provoke me.
Will you kill me with
the plastic rose?
There goes your plastic rose.
What the..
What's up, sister?
You've hit the jackpot.
One rose and three admirers.
Oh my, God! How will I
handle three lovers?
I'm experienced
at handling 30, Tina.
But these are old men,
and they're all dead.
But there's a nice
boy for you here.
He's single, and also ready to
mingle. If I would be at your place
I would've taken
him on a long-drive..
..and eaten dinner with him.
You smoke so much?
Haven't you heard?
Smoking is injurious to health.
Sweetheart, when there's no
health then what's it injurious to?
Whatever it is, it's really bad.
It's stinking man.
Tell me,
when did you start singing?
When I was born.
But when a child is born he cries.
I was singing.
But you know, people
like love, romantic music..
..more than what you sing.
To hell with it.
I've forsaken romance and
romantic music from my system.
I don't let flowers, mountains,
river, waterfalls, love..
..anywhere close to my music.
I don't sing from the mouth
I sing from my entire body.
A song that has passion,
openness, liberty.
That means you will
never sing romantic songs?
- But why?
Do you want to know the answer?
"I am scared of being betrayed."
"My heart be filled with pain."
"I am scared of being betrayed."
"My heart be filled with pain."
"The thought of it makes me sweat."
"The thought of it makes me sweat."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Any boy who falls in
love with his neighbor."
"Any boy who falls in
love with his neighbor."
"You can bet that.."
"..he'll be fixing
tents in her marriage."
"It's a constant threat to life."
"It's a constant threat to life."
"It's a constant threat to life."
"It's a constant threat to life."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's a butcher, it ruins a man."
"Love's a butcher, it ruins a man."
"It makes your market
value zero in a minute."
"Life will be worse than death."
"Life will be worse than death."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
"Love's such a rascal."
This is Haryanvi rock.
Wow. Simply superb.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
This is a complete
insanity ambiance.
No, sir, hauntedness.
- What?
Nice one.
So all the ghosts were
spending their days..
..with love and affection.
But one day suddenly
a problem came up.
Problem? For the ghosts?
I had heard that
ghosts trouble people.
Yes, sir. But the situation
was different here.
The people were
troubling the ghosts.
They've turned Royal
Mansion into a vegetable market.
They're hammering
a nail on every wall.
Someone's taking a nap.
Someone throwing used plates.
And someone's spitting.
And they've setup a
rail-track on the floor..
..and people are getting
on and off that thing.
That means they
have no civic sense.
And the heroine has filled my room
with smoke from her cigarette.
I was a film actress too.
But even I never
smoked so many cigarettes.
And she's showing such attitude.
Let's lodge a report
at the police station.
Who will lodge a ghost's report?
And anyway, they already
bribe the police at first.
Then we'll have to
use our special power.
What's that?
Let's scare them away.
Sister, I feel you should
teach that heroine a lesson first.
All the film actresses are
nervous before the shot.
I'll scare her so badly..
..that she'll never
act again in her life.
Scene 1, take 1.
And action.
She fell down,
the shooting was cancelled.
Mid Day and Mirror covered
the story on their front page.
And slowly the news, that
GH Mills and Royal Mansion..
..are haunted, spread in
the entire film industry.
Producers and
directors stopped filming here.
The ghosts of Royal Mansion won..
..and it was celebration time.
And on this joyous occasion..
..Gaindamal decided to take
all the ghosts out for a picnic.
"Here come the care fee ghosts."
"Care free ghosts."
"Care free ghosts."
It feels so strange, right?
We ghosts are out on
the beach to party..
..and have a blast.
Bhootnath, we ghosts
have the right to have fun.
The biggest advantage
of being a ghost is..
..we don't need
any visa or passport.
We can go anywhere, any place,
any time and anyway we want.
Right, Aatmaram?
- I don't know, sir.
I am a poor man.
You lost with 15
- Love.
I've already lost.
But I really liked
one thing today, Robin.
What? My game?
No, I heard you say
'love' 15 times today.
"Mister, walk slowly."
"Be careful in love."
Very nice.
The oil is wonderful.
Hey mister, this isn't the oil..'s the magic of my hands.
Once I make any vegetable..
..whether it's a Bengali or a Bihari
he can't stop licking his hands.
Khwaja, tell me one thing.
Did you forsake the
sword and take up the ladle..
..or forsake the ladle
and take up the sword?
Insolent, audacious fool.
How dare you joke with me?
Sorry. Sorry.
I was only pulling your string.
I was joking..
But I'll be honest with you.
You really cook well.
- Thank you, mister.
Not the food, you bore me too much.
With your hideous poems.
Why you..
You pollute the
place where you eat.
Brother, can I sit here?
- No, no.
It's sit. Sit.
Sit. Sit.
Brother, you love eating.
You talk to a Bengali about eating.
A Bengali eats so much..
..that he squanders his
entire money on eating.
That's why the food's
tasty but not nutritious.
We eat for taste, not to wrestle.
What food do you get in Mumbai?
'Bhelpuri, Sevpuri,
Panipuri, Madam Puri, Amrish Puri.'
It seems like the surname
of the entire Puri family.
There's only 'Jhol'
(curry) in Bengali food.
'Fish curry, potato curry.
Curry, curry and more curry.
No, brother.
Before pointing finger at a Bengali
take a peak in your own wok.
What do you have in Mumbai's wok?
Except for the 'Puri' family
just a dry 'Vada pav' (Fritter).
Vada Pav is the pride of Mumbai.
'Bhelpuri, Sevpuri, Panipuri..'
..are the symbol of our unity.
And a person from
every community eats it.
And Mumbai has a specialty.
Here a person gets up
on a empty stomach..
..but never sleeps hungry.
And the credit goes to 'Bhelpuri,
Sevpuri, Panipuri and Vada Pav.'
Scoundrel refugee.
You lived, slept
and woke up in Mumbai.
But didn't you feel hurt
while insulting Vada Pav.
From today you're out
of the Royal Mansion.
- Out!
I was only having a discussion.
And it's important for a
Bengali to win every discussion.
Fine, I admit I lost
this discussion. Okay.
Come on, say sorry.
- Who's the boss?
I am the boss. Who's the boss?
You're the boss.
- Now say sorry.
- Say sorry.
Say sorry.
- Sorry.
Say sorry sister.
- I won't say it.
I will say sorry but I
won't call her sister.
It's a wonderful
situation for an argument.
Robin would've made a
nice song on this situation.
But where is Robin?
You girls are crazy.
Love, love, in everything
you want to get love.
Don't you have anything else to do?
What is your problem?
Why do you hate girls?
Did someone ditch you?
- One?
If I start counting
you'll be jealous.
All girls are crazy about money.
- Wrong.
There are some girls
who are crazy about love.
The example is right before you.
You don't even mention the name..
..for the one you
jumped from the 10th floor.
Instead you try to flirt with me.
Tina, what happened?
What happened?
Why should I take that greedy,
cheater's name?
He first cheated
me and then killed me.
He did what your father said.
What could he do?
I lied.
After I died I found out.. Oh !
..that Sam was never
shifted out of Mumbai.
In fact, he asked for a big money
from my dad to leave me and Mumbai.
And after taking the
money he went to Australia.
He completely forgot me.
He never loved me.
Sorry, Tina.
I am really sorry.
Forget it.
Give me a smile.
Smile. Tina.
Tina, listen.
Tina, you always say why
do I sing meaningless songs.
I'll sing a
romantic-sweet song for you today.
But on one condition.
Before I sing you
will have to smile.
Now smile.
"Its love that I see
in my beloved's eye."
"I know you're restless.."
" cajole Hooda."
"My confused heart's
finally at peace."
"O dark glasses,
what's your scene."
"O long tresses,
what's your scene."
"What's your scene?"
"What's your scene?"
"Don't waste our time."
"Tell us clearly who do you want?"
"My throat's dry."
"Get me my favorite booze."
"My throat's dry."
"Get me my favorite booze."
"SAD 69, o beloved."
"My throat's dry."
"You dwell in my heartbeats."
"I've brought what you
drink day and night."
"Drink until you're knocked out."
"And come in my arms."
"Father's in the courtyard.."
"..and your lovers
at the threshold."
"How do I get in your house?"
"Father's in the courtyard.."
"..and your lovers
at the threshold."
"How do I get in your house?"
"How do I get in your house?"
"My father's gone away."
"And my lover's are hanging."
"My father's gone away."
"And my lover's are hanging."
"Now pack your bags
and run to Bihar."
"Now pack your bags
and run to Bihar."
"The heart's said to your heart."
"I am in love with you."
"The heart's said to your heart."
"The heart's said to your heart."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"My friend just chill."
"Come and fill my empty life."
"Be just as crazy as I am."
"Understand my dilemma."
"And fall in love with me."
"We're the best."
"We're the best."
"The ghosts of Royal Mansion."
"The ghosts of Royal Mansion."
"We're each other's friends."
"We have no.."
"We have no host."
"We're filled with joy,
let's have toast."
"We're the best."
"We're the best."
"The ghosts of Royal Mansion."
"We're each other's friends."
Stop it!
What happened?
I was dancing.
What do you want?
Hold on.
Sir, Royal Mansion's in trouble.
What? What are you saying?
- Yes.
We were living there
peacefully until now..
..because your
property was disputed. - Yes.
But the dispute is over.
- So?
Your great grandsons
have joined hands.
They have agreed on
out-of-the-court settlement..
..and they're selling
the mansion and mill.
What? What are you saying?
- Yes, sir, it's true.
They will raze
everything down and build a mall.
You know all my male fans used
to call me a 'Maal' (hottie).
You're still one, sweetheart.
Manoranjana! Oh, God!
This is devastating news.
If anything happens
to the Royal Mansion..
..then I'll be homeless again.
If this had been the British rule..
..I would've hanged
this man to his death.
we will give our life, boss.
But we will protect the mansion.
Idiot, you're already dead
how can you die again?
Let's first find out
who's the buyer. - Yes.
I think she has a point.
Who is this buyer?
Some builder called Bhooteriya.
Who told you?
- Technology.
I installed surveillance
cameras outside Royal Mansion.
And I just received
a MMS from that.
- MMS. - See.
That's Royal Mansion.
See. See.
Who's getting down from the car?
He's Bhooteriya.
He looks like a villain.
Yes, Manoranjana.
Suresh bhai, thank you.
Ramesh bhai, congratulations.
Bhooteriya sir, all yours.
See, Guliyani.
When Bhooteriya sets
his eyes on something..
- ..he always gets it.
Yes! Now watch what
I do with this place.
I will give it a complete makeover.
But sir, what will you build here?
I'll build a 5 floor mall.
I've also thought of a name.
Bhooteriya 5 Star Plaza.
Oh my god. What's this?
- It's run out of battery.
We'll go home and recharge it.
Let's go to Royal Mansion. Follow me.
- Cadets. Comrades.. lets go.
Oh, God. Look.
Everything has been settled,
no problem.
Look at him. After giving us
pain they're drinking champagne.
We'll have to do something.
There's just one problem,
Mr Bhooteriya sir.
Heritage site status.
- No, sir.
There are two problems, sir.
One is heritage site.
And second is... very big
Quiet. Ghost. Stop stammering.
Ask the architect to start work.
- Yes.
Tell him to make
the best construction.
Mumbai will turn
into Shanghai later.
We'll build our own
mini Shanghai first.
What the...
You're talking about
building Shanghai..
..and the Municipality
doesn't have a clue.
So you're from the Municipality.
- No.
The Municipality is in my pocket.
Come here.
- Me?
Me... come here.
- Hey!
Not Ma..kha..rand
That's Makhrand Marathe.
The chief of Makad Company.
Get that?
- Yes.
Makad means?
- Makad means monkey.
Ok. I was overhearing your
conversation quietly like a monkey.
Is there a problem
with the heritage status?
No, no, no...
Say it. There's no problem.
All your problems will be solved.
It's the rule of the world.
Give and take.
In the language of Makad
company you give and I take.
Name your price.
Look. 20 means 20 percent.
20 percent? Too much.
Don't try to be too difficult.
Otherwise it will take
just one bullet to kill you.
You have just one week.
Get me my 20 percent
and build your mall.
Makad's, let's go.
Guys, there's a twist
in the story.
Political twist.
- There's not twist.
He's a rich man.
He'll pay the 20 percent.
The politician will get what
he wants and we'll be homeless.
He won't be convinced so easily.
He's a businessman.
He'll negotiate till the end.
That means we have some time..
..and a window of opportunity.
But until then we
can't just sit idle.
Revolt. Bloodbath.
No point in screaming and yelling.
Think of an idea, Bhootnath.
- Yes.
I am thinking to over feed
him the Bengali sweets..
..and he'll get high blood sugar.
And he'll die of diabetes.
That's a stupid idea.
Aatmaram, what do you say?
What can I say, sir?
I am a poor man.
Robin, how about you?
I feel we should give
him a sound thrashing.
You can't even play
your guitar properly.
How will you give him
a sound thrashing?
I'll play the guitar.
- Quiet.
Can I say something?
- Yes.
In the year 1857..
Oh no, Not again. Common yaar.
Oh god, Again!
It's important, you
will have to hear it.
combat, battle, struggle and War.
The first stage is
always intelligence gathering.
When you find out
your enemy's strength..
..and weaknesses,
you've won half the war.
Then who will win half the war?
This shorty.
I am Khwaja Akbar.
Alias Khwaja Akbar..
I've decided that I
will go to the builder.
I will spy on him.
And I will find his weakness.
By selling him pills?
- Not pills.
I'll floor him with my acting.
I've done many plays.
French, Romans, Countrymen.
You bloody fool.
How dare you talk about
acting in front of Manoranjana?
I was always casted
without the couch. - Idea.
What? Say it.
To make our mission successful..
..we need a cunning
actor like Manoranjana.
Cunning actress?
- I mean successful actress.
Thank you. - So Manoranjana,
get ready for the mission..
Mission Bhooteriya.
"Here comes the carefree ghosts."
200 shops on 1 floor..
..which means 1000 shops
on 5 floors.
1 crore for 1 shop.
1000 shops...
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
Bhooteriya the king.
Come in.
"I won't give it."
"I won't give it."
"I won't give it."
Hi, I am Bhavna.
Nice to touch you.
But without appointment
in my office..
If I had taken an appointment
then I would've been disappointed.
Good. Good.
You did the right thing.
You did the right thing.
What are you playing?
- Golf.
Will you play?
- Will you teach me?
Sure. Sure.
Come, come.
Hold. Hold.
Now teach me.
- Yes.
In golf, the stick
should be hard and a good aim.
So that the ball goes
directly in the hole.
Like this.
Mr. Bhooteriya, yes!
I need a favor from you.
Flavor? What flavor?
"I won't give it."
I want a space
in your 5 star Plaza.
But who told you about it?
We haven't even
started this project?
It's confidential.
I've hid it from everyone.
Don't worry,
even I believe in hiding.
Mr. Bhooteriya.
Mr. Bhooteriya.
- Yes.
I've lost my key.
Please find it.
- Yes, sure, sure.
Why not?
It's not..
Do you see it?
I am trying.
Found it.
Found it?
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Will you give me space?
I will.
As much as you want.
- You are so sweet.
Oh no.
- What happened?
See, in a hurry
I brought my car keys..
..but I forgot to bring my car .
How will I go back?
Only if I let you go.
- Really?
Now will you really give me space?
But what will you
give me in return?
Head massage.
Shoulder massage.
Body massage.
Full sensation.
I will touch your strong points.
I hope you don't have a weak point.
My wife.
Are you scared of her?
I was scared of her
when she was alive.
Now that she's dead,
I am still scared.
She's dead?
Yes. That's why she haunts
me every night in my dreams.
What happened to her?
- Nothing happened.
I killed her.
- I burnt her alive.
She nagged me all the time.
I had a chick.
Beautiful chick.
We were having an affair.
When Lakshmi found out
she was jealous.
I thought...let's get her
out of the way forever.
Then? - Then what?
One day when
she set out in her BMW..
..I poured petrol on the car,
and set it ablaze.
I miss her.
The wife?
No, the BMW.
It was worth 65 lakhs.
Lakshmi's my weakness, Bhavna.
She doesn't let me sleep all night.
People are right.
Men become ghosts after they die.
But women are always a witch.
"I won't give it."
- Bhavna.
"I won't give it."
So even though
Manoranjana was dead..
..she still entertained Bhooteriya.
But only to know his secret.
But this Bhooteriya
seems like a dangerous man.
Exactly, sir.
And so, the ghosts of
Royal Mansion needs..
..someone more dangerous than
Bhooteriya to teach him a lesson.
But where will we find such a man?
On Spookbook.
- Yes!
It's a social
networking site for all the ghosts.
We'll definitely find someone here.
And their slogan is... "Ghost.
Let's strengthen relationships".
And they found the man
they were looking for.
He lost an arm when he was kid
while making a local bomb.
And since them people
started calling him Babu Hathkata.
What kinds of ghosts are you
that are scared of a gun?
If I don't take
this out before I sit..
..then it pricks
in the wrong places.
Babu bhai, how are you?
Babu bhai, how are you?
Uncle, don't try to be
too friendly.
Get to the business, who do
you want to get out of the way?
No mercy, no forgiveness,
all I need is one blow.
No, no, Babu bhai,
we're non-violent ghosts.
Non-violent ghosts.
You Idiot.
Did you call me here
to play the violin?
Actually we're in trouble.
If you don't help us,
then my house..
This is a true war, mister.
And you'll receive merits for it.
Idiot, sit down.
Merits won't do.
I need hard cash.
Babu, please.
We're in big trouble.
Help us, Babu.
This gorgeous girl
called me Babu, not brother.
So I cannot refuse her request.
Thank you Babuji bhai.
For helping us helpless ghosts.
You will earn merits for this.
Hey, uncle.
Keep your merits in your pocket.
I did many good deeds myself.
I taught a boy to use the knife.
And he slit my throat one
day and dumped me in the drain.
Let's talk about money.
You can keep the merits.
Sorry, girls. I got too emotional.
Don't worry. I will honor
you with a Queen's cross.
Who brought him here from London?
Did you pay his duty?
What did he just say?
He said you're a gem of a person.
Thank you. Hello.
Now let's get to business.
Tell me what I've to do.
You've to meet Bhooteriya.
Who is he? Is he a ghost too?
- No. he's a builder.
He's the owner of
Bhooteriya Constructions.
And his name is
- GK Bhooteriya.
- Whether he's GK or PK.
No mercy, no forgiveness for him,
all I need is one blow.
Deby Baby.
If you would be mine,
then this six bedroom hall..
..on the top floor will be yours.
Dance floor, disco, Jacuzzi.
Mini theatre.
Where we'll watch a film.
The adult ones.
Sir. Sir
Squeeze me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Deby Baby...
Yes. - Sir, that man that
just came up looks dangerous.
Fine, fine.
So you have got my
character certificate.
What's your problem?
The problem is not mine,
it's yours.
Your problem,
my solution.
If you don't hear it,
then you'll be at loss.
If you listen,
then you'll make profit.
Profit. Mine?
- My profit.
Yes! Sit. Sit. Sit.
I myself Ganesh Bhutoria.
People of this world humiliate
me by the name of Babu Hathkata.
Babu Hathkata.
Famous don.
How much did Makhrand
Marathe demand?
- 20%, right?
if you give 20% to Makhrand..
..then what will you earn?
Now listen to my proposal.
Tomorrow I'll introduce
you to Marathe's God father.. the Royal Mansion.
Marathe's God father.
My younger brother, Kabu bhai.
Babu bhai's younger
brother Kabu bhai?
Party president.
All the ministers
are in his control.
And that heritage problem.
- Yes.
Solved with in one phone call.
And commission, only 10%.
Bhooteriya, come tomorrow at 10..
..with 20% advance.
Okay, Babu bhai. I'll be
ready by 10 AM tomorrow..
You fool, what will you do
at 10 o'clock in the morning.
But 10, I meant in the Night.
Welcome, Bhooteriya.
Did you have any
problems on the way?
His problems will
start once he's inside.
What do you mean?
- I don't know, sir.
I am a poor man.
Say goodbye to this poor man.
There's a rich man waiting
inside to say hello. Come on.
Come, Bhooteriya.
Meet Allen Mittal.
LN Mittal.
The famous steel magnet.
I am Bhooteriya, sir.
Pleasure meeting you, sir.
- No, no, no.
He's LN Mittal.
I am Allen Mittal.
He's steel magnet,
I am only magnet.
I've 40 magnet
chimneys in Chiploon.
Nice, very nice.
And he is..
Sir Richmond of diamond
and almond from ootakamond.
- Full imported. Very important.
He's loaded with money and
richness reflects in his name.
Very nice.
- Sit, buddy.
This diamond got a knack of
speaking the local Mumbai language.
You said he is Richmond?
It's the same thing.
Diamonds are same as Richmond.
Sit, sit, sit. Very true.
Sit, sit.
Diamonds... I mean.
Richmond, what is the
name of your company?
The East India Company.
East India Company.
I've heard that name?
Indian company?
- International company.
They even planned to buy India.
I see.
So the deal didn't go through?
The deal didn't go through..
..because India didn't
budge from their offer.
Solid party, aren't they?
Rocks, Babu bhai.
Now let's talk business.
Now decide whether you
want to invest money.. his business or not?
Mr. Bhooteriya,
we're ready to invest.
Thank you, Mittal sir.
Thank you so much.
Now, once Kabu bhai
solves the heritage problem..
That will be taken
care of too. Don't worry.
Yes Babu bhai.
Babu bhai's younger
brother Kabu bhai.
Babu bhai.
Who do I need to get
under my control now?
Kabu, didn't I tell you
about the heritage problem?
No need to worry.
No need to worry.
- Yes, mister.
Get the phone.
- Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
CM. Talk to master.
Hey CM. Cm. How are you?
Kabu, my son.
My baby, my sweetheart.
Shut up. Listen to me.
GK Bhooteriya is
an important man to me.
He's buying a property.
But it's been deemed
as heritage site.
Yes, yes, I know..
In the year..
- To hell with your years.
Now listen carefully
with both your ears.
If you don't cancel
that in two days..
..then you'll no longer be the CM.
Now hang up.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, Kabu bhai.
Here's 10%. It's ready.
- Keep it there.
So can I leave?
- No, no.
Bhooteriya, we don't
let our guests leave..
..without showing our hospitality.
Yes, we'll treat you..
..and also show you ladies dance.
Ladies dance.
Would you like to see a trailer?
Trailer.. babu bhai.
"I am a wound on your
heart." (Cheers applauds)
"I am a movie plot."
"I am thank you, mention not."
"From head to toe...I am hot.."
"I am hot."
"Strike that matchstick."
"Strike that
matchstick and light the fire."
"Strike that
matchstick and heat up my body."
"You won't need petrol,
or diesel.."
"Still I'll turn to ashes."
"Make me your blanket.."
" the winter if you like."
"Strike that
matchstick and light the fire."
"Strike that
matchstick and heat up my body."
"Someone open the refrigerator."
"The temperature's rising."
"Someone open the refrigerator."
"Make me the apple of your eye."
"I am very juicy, sweetheart."
"Make me the apple of your eye."
"I am very juicy, sweetheart."
"Make me the dimple
of your cheeks."
"I am such a cutie, sweetheart."
"My heat can melt ice."
"I can melt you too."
"If you touch me,
I'll fall in your arms."
"Strike that matchstick.."
"Strike that
matchstick and light the fire."
"Come on."
"Come on."
"This girl's on fire."
"She can take you higher."
"She's your burning desire."
"She's a burning desire."
"She'll take you high."
"She's a burning desire.
- She's on fire."
"She'll take you high.
She's a burning desire."
"Hey man.."
"No mercy, or apology."
"All I need is one
blow to kill you."
"I'll make you the
bullet of my pistol."
"And fire all night."
"I'll make you the
bullet of my pistol."
"And fire all night."
"I see."
"I can pick you up with one hand."
"Babu's very daring."
"I'll make sure your story.."
"..has a happy ending."
"Strike that matchstick.."
"Strike that
matchstick and light this fire."
"Strike that
matchstick and light the fire."
"You didn't need petrol,
or diesel.."
"Still she burned to ashes."
"You struck matchstick
and lit her on fire."
"You struck matchstick
and lit me on fire."
"You struck matchstick
and lit me on fire."
"You won't need petrol,
or diesel.."
"You set me on fire."
"You struck matchstick
and lit me on fire."
Yes, Lakshmi, you rascal.
Lakshmi, but you were dead.
Dead, right?
But I am back as a ghost
to teach you a lesson.
Ghost. Ghost.
Save me, Mittal sir.
Help me.
No one will help you here.
Because we're all ghosts.
You rascal. You burnt me alive.
Now I will burn you alive.
You will suffer to death.
No, Lakshmi.
Don't forget I am your husband.
Your husband.
Babu bhai, please save me.
Don't try to be too difficult.
Just die quietly. Get that.
Babu bhai, I made a mistake.
Forgive me.
Keep the money.
I'll send you 20 Cr. more.
Let me go.
Here you go.
I'll pour alcohol on his body..
..and you set his body on fire.
Stop, Lakshmi.
Let him go.
Let him go? Why?
You know what he did with me.
He's the reason why my
soul's wandering around.
Don't worry, Lakshmi.
I will support your wandering soul.
And if he doesn't, then I will.
And if he doesn't, then I'm there.
Like a sister.
If we kill him then even he'll
start living her as a ghost.
And then he'll spoil
our time-table. - Yes.
She's right.
He's got loads of black money.
And those who have black money..
..always die of heart attack.
If he dies a natural death,
he'll go straight to hell.
Go, Bhooteriya sir,
we forgive you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Hey, smarty?
Do you think we're dumb?
Keep the bag down.
- Yes.
And send the other 20
which you just said.
Now get lost. - Wait Mr. Bhooteriya
You can't go like that.
Who is the boss? I am the boss.
Who is the boss?
You are the boss.
- Yes.
So you'll be pardoned
only after hearing the boss.
Mr. Ramsay, play the music please.
Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Human being.
You know...their
shopping malls, multiplexes..
..housing complexes,
high-rise towers..
..have deprived
the poor of the sun.
Because of them, the
sky's getting smaller..
..for the children
to fly their kites.
With the pointed
edges of their towers..
..they are piercing
the heart of the skies.
That's when it doesn't rain,
it doesn't rain.
And when it does,
it wreaks havoc.
There was a time when there
were huge homes in the city.
With huge courtyards, lawns.
But today...the common man
makes many sacrifices..
..and pays EMI and what
does he get in return.
A small pigeon coop.
By stealing each foot, they're..
..pulling the earth
from below the poor.
They have left no
place for a grave either.
Graves are getting smaller..
..that a person feels
suffocated even after he's dead.
Move aside. I feel suffocated.
Forget humans.
They've even made the
lives of ghosts difficult.
How have we harmed you..
..that you want to
snatch our peace and serenity.
Only to fill your
banks with more money..
..why are you throwing
us out of our homes?
Without thinking where
we'll go, where we'll stay.
In dustbins, the public toilet.
Or in one of the
trial rooms in your mall.
If you keep
constructing these buildings..
..then one day the
earth will cave in..
..under the burden of
the iron, metal and bricks.
The world was scared of ghosts.
But now ghosts are scared
of these real-estate demons.
So tell me who do we complain to?
Who do we talk to?
You cannot understand our pain.
You're human after all.
And humans these days..
..don't understand
another human's pain.. how can they
understand a ghost's pain?
Go away from here.
Leave us to our condition.
Take him away.
Son, you're fortunate.
Now get out of here.
No mercy, or apology.
One blow is enough.
Let's go.
Get out.
Run away.
Get out.
Aatmaram, will you take me home?
- Of course, sir.
I am a driver.
And a good driver picks
his guest from his home..
..and also takes him back.
What a nice thing to say?
Are you a ghost too?
- I don't know, sir.
I am a poor man.
Very, very interesting.
Thank you thank you.
I didn't get one thing.
- Yes.
How did the ghosts find Lakshmi?
What? Spookbook?
Yes, just like Facebook..
..ghosts have Spookbook.
- Nice.
Bizarre Boss.
Lakshmi accepted Tina's request.
And also her offer to
teach Bhooteriya a lesson.
But sir, the main problem
was doing a hot item number.
Because Lakshmi was a simple,
homely lady.
She didn't know how to dance.
Got it, Manoranjana Kumari.
And Tina, sir.
They both trained her.
- What a concept.
What a concept.
- Thank you, sir.
And these ghosts taught a
nice lesson to Bhooteriya.
I guess he never cast an
eye on Royal Mansion again.
No, sir, he came back.
In fact the next day?
With a witch doctor?
With the original
papers of Royal Mansion.
Bhooteriya transferred the property
back to the ghosts forever.
And once again there was
happiness in Royal Mansion.
And on this joyous occasion..
..Gaindamal allowed Gulabchand.. Royal Mansion as well.
And Manoranjana Kumari and
Gulabchand were together again.
What a story.
- Sir.
What a story.
- Thank you, sir.
It's got characters, plot points,
cinematic moments.
Crises, and now I've
the resolution as well.
And a hot item number too.
Raju writer,
you really are a writer.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
I like it. My friend!
I like it very much.
But brother, you see...
..our story is very nice.
Not just nice, it's sensational.
But there's a small hurdle.
- Not too much.
Our story's a bit whacky.
It's a bit weird.
So the producer might hesitate
a bit to invest in this idea.
But I will manage.
I'll do it. Not to worry.
Sir, is that all?
- Yes, that's it.
What's this? - See it yourself,
you'll understand.
These are coins during the
East India Company rule.
They must be really old, antique.
Not just antique, sir.
They are worth a fortune.
Enough for you to start your film.
Keep it.
We'll arrange for the rest too.
- Hold on.
First you tell me your story.
After that you also
arrange for the finance.
What do you want?
Sir, I want to see a film
being made on my script.
Sir, since I grew conscious,
I had just one dream.
Someday I'll be a film writer.
And someone will
make a film on my story.
With this dream and 400 rupees..
..I came to Mumbai from Allahabad.
Fought with my mother
and angered my brother.
I was worried as well.
But I was confident.
I knew that someday my
dream will come true.
Slowly my dreams
started shattering..
..and so did my faith.
Everywhere I went with my story..
..all I would get is rejection.
Everyone said
"Raju, forsake this profession".
You will only face failure.
But, sir,
I had heard a line in a play.
If a man has to be a failure..
..then it should be in
the work he wants to do.
You're successful now.
I am making a film on your story.
I am happy that I got
success at least after I died.
After I died?
Sir, five months
ago I had no work.. I used to do
ghost-writing for many writers.
One day I was returning home..
..after finishing work.
And its raining heavily.
And I suddenly heard
a girl screaming.
Save me!
Save me!
Come on.
Who are you?
Come on.
Run! Go.
Kill him..
Kill him.
And that is how I got killed.
I couldn't become a writer..
..but I definitely became a ghost.
After I became a ghost
I came to Royal Mansion.
Gaindamal sir gave me
permission to stay here.. a special case.
Then one day I wrote a story..
..about the joys, sorrows and
the sufferings of the ghosts..
..which I just narrated to you.
I must say you should start acting.
You should stop writing.
That is how I got killed, sir.
You think I am joking.
I don't think. I know.
You're pulling my leg.
What's the proof?
You want proof?
Yes, I do.
- Come.
You want proof, don't you?
Curtain call, please.
Yes, Sumit.
Sorry, I fell asleep.
Very sorry.
You fell asleep,
but I am in a mess.
I had to travel in a
truck the whole day.
I guess I'll have
to give it a massage.
Let's go.
- Wait.
I just found out how
beneficial sleeping is.
I heard a film story in my dream.
Almost a script.
Do one thing, go the
Guinness Book of World Records.
They will definitely
produce your film.
After all,
this will be the first film..
..which was written in the dream.
Give me a drag.
- Yes, sure.
What's this?
Number 1, take 1.
And action.
"Here comes...
the carefree ghost."
"Dance to the tunes of
movie songs, sweetheart."
"Here comes...the carefree ghost."
"Dance to the tunes of
movie songs, sweetheart."
"On the beat of the drum,
tune of the banjo."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
"If a ghost becomes
a movie star."
"If a ghost becomes
a movie star."
"He can even scare
Gabbar and Mogambo away."
"On the beat of the drum,
tune of the banjo."
"Here comes...
the carefree ghost."
"Dance to the tunes of
movie songs, sweetheart."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
"He can show you a
movie without a ticket."
"He can show you a
movie without a ticket."
"He can patch-up
Sallu and Shahrukh."
"On the beat of the drum,
tune of the banjo."
"Here comes...the carefree ghost."
"Dance to the tunes of
movie songs, sweetheart."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Carefree ghosts."
"He can even scare
Gabbar and Mogambo away."
"Carefree ghosts."
"He can patch-up
Sallu and Shahrukh."
"Carefree ghosts."
"Super-cool ghost."
"Ghost is no fool."
"Ghost is cool."
"Ghost loves swimming pool."
"Ghost life is damn cool,