Gang Related (1997) Movie Script

Spendin' my life
My life, my life, my life
Yes at one time
I was stuck, I was stuck
Started off with runnin' from cops
Duckin' hidin' from helicopters
We opened fire, who could stop us
Livin' the life of trife juveniles
Hopin' for righteous
Gettin 25 to life if
the judge don't like us
In my clearest pictures
I see authorities itchin' too get us
ATF state feds scandalous bitches
How is it promised to us
Was it bitter or sweet
See if a nigga don't hustle
Then a nigga don't eat
On these streets livin'
do or die, circle complete
Repetitive motions and
felons in the rush for cheese
Please understand my history
A man of many hats
Livin' thug life
Comin' equipped with plenty gats
Maybe I was just a
lost soul trapped in time
Livin' in between life
and the cracks were blind
Even though we have hopes
for dreams that never came
Yes, you know, we all feel pain
Just wait until the
rain turn to sunshine
'Cause I hate to spend my life
My life, my life, my life
Duckin' one time
Spend it in the county in the worst way
Hell of a way to spend my 21st birthday
Born in the ghetto as a street thug
It's for the neighborhood
and weed spots that we love
Lost souls, lost souls, nigga
For my homeboys that passed on
Just wait until the
rain turn into sunshine
'Cause I hate to spend my life
My life, my life, my life
Duckin' one time
Fuck that
Bo wit it nigga, Bo wit it
My brother Sean
First on my list
He's stuck with a three to five
When he get out will I be dead or alive
He taught me the rules, so what
I'm still a thug, I trust
When in danger never hesitate to bust
To keep my fuckin' trap shut
My mom dukes got a
lil bit of thug in her
The devil loves sinners,
crackheads, and drug dealers
Sometimes I feel like
the streets are takin' over
Never stayin' sober
The brain over and over
Backtrack, my stacks fat
I used to take down new
One love to my crew
Aye, yo this one's for you
Rest in peace
Rest in peace to Moo Brown
Just wait until the
rain turn into sunshine
'Cause I hate to spend my life
My life, my life, my life
Dunkin' one time
Bo wit it nigga
Bo wit it
Wait until the rain turn into sunshine
'Cause I hate to spend my life
My life, my life, my life
Duckin' one time
One time
One time
- [Voiceover] I don't know how you do it.
- [Voiceover] What?
- [Voiceover] How you can
think about Hawaii right now.
- [Voiceover] My heart's in Hawaii.
- [Voiceover] How the hell
can your heart be in Hawaii?
You've never even been there.
- [Voiceover] You're tellin me
there's no place you'd
rather be than here?
- Nah, I'm just sayin',
I don't know how you can
think about Hawaii right now.
- Well if I was in Hawaii right now
I wouldn't think about bein' here.
See the difference?
- No.
- Well, I'm not in Hawaii.
I'm here, right?
I don't wanna be here.
I wanna be in Hawaii.
But I can't be in Hawaii,
therefore I think about it
so as not to be depressed
about being here.
- But I'm here.
- Right.
- I don't wanna be here.
But I can't be any place else
'cause when I look around
all I see is this shit!
Now how do you get around that?
That's what I'm askin' you.
- Focus.
- Focus.
It's time.
No more Hawaii.
Focus on this.
- [Man on Bed] Hey.
- Yeah?
- Aloha.
- Aloha my ass, Divinci.
(rhythmic percussion music)
- Left at the corner.
(knocking on door)
- [Divinci] Hey.
- Hey, what's up?
- Hope you don't mind me
checkin' you for weapons.
- Yeah, I do mind.
The fuck I want a man's
hands on my boy for?
- Yo, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Okay, check him.
- Check good.
There's a lot of good
hidin' spots on this body.
Watch out, it's loaded.
- He's got nothin'.
- So what you got?
Not bad at all.
There's more where this came from?
- Maybe.
- [Man in White] Then maybe we talk again.
- [Divinci] Maybe.
(inhales deeply)
- Told you there's a lot of
good hidin' places on this body.
(slaps money against hand)
Bet you got a lotta good
hidin' spots on that body too.
- Mm.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(rhythmic percussion music)
(car speeding forwards)
(gun fires)
(car speeds away)
(car shrieks to a stop)
(car door opens)
(car door opens)
- [Man in Car] Come on man, hurry up!
Let's go, let's go!
(car speeds away)
(car door slams)
- Hey, Joe.
Wake up.
Get outta the street
before you get run over.
(man grunts)
Other way, Joe.
Oh forget it, I don't
think he'd feel it anyway.
(man coughs)
(door opens)
- What the fuck?
- Keepin' some late hours, huh?
(slamming hand on door)
- Come on, man!
The fuck are my neighbors gon' think?
- I apologize.
I understand your concerns.
You must also understand
that unlike a bank,
I cannot rely on a late fee
as sufficient encouragement
to repay one's debts.
Therefore, I am forced
to hire the likes of Mr. Cutlass Supreme.
Whom, I might add, contributes
significantly to my overhead.
I'm the real loser here.
And I'm concerned about your sincerity
in repaying the $27,942 gambling debt
that is one week past due.
What can you do to reassure me
of your good intentions?
- I can make your life fuckin' miserable,
that's what I could do.
- [Loan Shark] Look at me.
Do I have a wife and three kids?
Do I have a good job at IBM?
Am I a handsome guy, huh?
No, no, and no!
I loan money at excessively
high interest rates
to pricks like you who
can't control their urge
to lose big money playing cards.
Then I'm forced to stay up all night
trying to convince them
that I have needs too.
The point of which is,
I already have a fuckin' miserable life!
So don't threaten me you
lousy bag of cat shit!
- You fuckin'!
- All I'm asking is
that you be responsible.
Is that unreasonable?
- There's $4,000.
It's all I got.
- I'm proportionally reassured.
You purchased yourself an extension.
- Another day another body.
Where you wanna start?
- [Voiceover] Dead?
- Yeah, it looks like.
Could be gang related.
Happened sometime last night.
Two, three o'clock in the morning.
Got an African American male.
Looks like he's in his 30's
but even that's a guess.
Half his head is on the upholstery.
- Got any witnesses?
- Oh, sure, hundreds.
- Fuckin' animals!
- [Voiceover] Shotgun shells, 12 gauge.
- [Voiceover] Three
shotgun shells, 12 gauge.
- [Voiceover] Hey, Divinci.
Heard you got a gang related.
Lucky guy.
- [Divinci] Yeah, well, one
less drugster on the street.
- [Desk Officer] And the
world's a safer place.
- All right, thanks.
- [Desk Officer] No problem.
(rhythmic percussion music)
(door closes)
(gun clanks)
- [Voiceover] Brown, magenta?
Mam, no I mean is it,
(brushes hands together)
(grunts with joy)
- Brown?
Bronde like Mel Gibson.
- Wanna go for a ride?
- What, you get it?
- As of last night partner,
I have enough to make the down.
Picture me under some swinging palms
sipping on a Mai Thai.
- You've got primary on the drug related
this morning on 27th?
(clears throat)
- Yeah, we're workin' on it
right now, workin' it up.
- Who's your second?
- [Divinci] Rodriguez.
- In my office, both of you.
- Why?
- Now.
(phone clanks)
- [Rodriguez] Let me finish this.
- [Divinci] No, no, no, come on.
Come on.
(phone clanks)
- Detectives Divinci and
Rodriguez, this is Richard Simms.
He's with the DEA and wants to ask you
some questions about your case.
- What's the occasion?
- You get an ID on the victim?
- Still waiting on prints.
- Car was registered to a uh--
- Anchor Imports.
81 El Dorado, black.
- Well you got all this,
what the hell you want with us?
- The man in the car was Lionel Hudd.
- How does he know that?
What the hell is goin' on here, Captain?
- [Richard] Hudd was DEA, undercover.
He was workin' a case on
syndicate distribution
of narcotics on the south side.
But every dealer we tagged
kept getting killed.
And he finally got a lead on a girl.
Hudd was a friend of mine and I am gonna
nail the son of a bitch who killed him.
- Look, we're gonna do
everything we can to help you.
I mean, cop to cop, right?
- That's right.
(car swerves to a stop)
(car door slams)
- Shit!
Fucking dumb fuck.
What a dumb fuck!
- [Divinci] All right, calm down.
- Calm down!
Why didn't you fuckin' frisk him?
You didn't search him?
You didn't think to fuckin' search him?
A fuckin' cop!
You killed a fuckin' cop!
- [Divinci] Calm the fuck down.
Calm the fuck down.
(men struggling)
- [Rodriguez] Don't put
your fuckin' hands on me.
Don't put your fuckin' hands on me.
- [Divinci] Just calm the fuck down.
You understand me?
You fuckin' understand me?
Now will you shut up and fuckin'
listen to me for a second?
They could be watchin'
us right now you asshole.
- [Rodriguez] Let me go.
- Get in the fucking car.
(car door slams)
Now look, there's no
fuckin' reason to panic.
- No fuckin' reason to panic.
Did you say no fuckin' reason to panic?
- Stop bein' an idiot, all right?
We're the cops on this case.
This is our case.
We're gonna find the fuckin' killer.
- We are the fuckin' killers!
- Since when does that matter, huh?
(rhythmic percussion music) )
(car speeds away)
All they want is someone to
go down for the crime, right?
Do we care who goes down for the crime?
Fuck no.
As long as someone goes
down for the crime.
It's a slot that's gotta be filled.
- [Rodriguez] Slot to be filled.
Frank, we killed a fuckin' cop.
That doesn't bother you?
- Of course it bothers me.
What the hell do you want me to do?
Turn myself in?
Well, I'm not gonna do that.
Look, this is the risk we take.
Every god damn day somebody might pop us.
Especially undercover like that.
So somebody got popped.
He got popped, it happens.
- It happens, he's a fuckin' cop!
You don't get popped by
other cops when you're a cop!
- I'm tellin' ya, I patted
him down, all right?
He had no badge, he had no gun.
What the fuck was I supposed to do?
How was I supposed to fuckin' know, huh?
- Look, I don't know, you patted him down.
You can't feel the fuckin' wire?
- No, he had nothin'.
No badge, nothin'.
I'm tellin' you, he's a fuckin' idiot.
But we gotta start thinkin'
about us here, man.
Most important thing is we
can't lose control of this case.
We can never lose control of this case.
- Yeah.
- Whatever evidence there is,
it's gotta go through us.
We lay down a trail.
We make it nice and logical.
We're the teachers and two
can add up to five if it's out classroom.
- So what are you sayin'?
Sayin' we stick this to somebody, huh?
- Evidence points to where ever
the fuck we want it to point.
- (chuckles) Too fuckin' (mumbles)
- I'm tellin' you, we can
provide so much fuckin' evidence
that even the asshole we pick
will think he fuckin' killed him.
- So you got an asshole in mind?
- Don't worry.
- Don't worry.
- We'll find a killer.
There's lot's of them out there.
Come on.
(smooth hip hop music)
(car shrieks to a stop)
Keep your eyes on the
money and the cops nigga
If you ever figure to be a bigger nigga
Keep your eyes on the
money and the cops nigga
(car shrieks and speeds away)
It's time for you to
feel the real born ridahs
Lowdown, bus stop, and Flipside shotters
(car speeding)
Hit 'em up and lay 'em down
'Cause the shit y'all be doin'
We done already done
The war y'all tryna win
We done already won
(car speeding and shrieking)
Where the real gangbangers
do the drive-by slaughters
Off the lick and weed,
cocaine mixed with speed
- What did I do now?
(man slams against metal)
(metal rattling)
- [Rodriguez] Do we look like
fuckin' track stars to you?
What are we fuckin' track stars
and we here to fuckin' run?
(metal clanks)
(gun clanks and slides)
- Yo man, that ain't my gun.
- [Frank] It never is, is it?
- It ain't my fuckin' gun.
- Got your fuckin' prints.
- You know what?
- Where were you last Friday night?
- [Suspect] Friday night?
Like, last Friday night?
- [Rodriguez] C'mon, what am
I fuckin' talkin' to myself?
Where were you last Friday night?
- [Suspect] So whatever the hell I was
supposed to have done,
happened last Friday night?
- [Frank] You better
have a good alibi, James,
or it's good ali-bye-bye.
- I was in jail all night!
Check it out.
Y'all ain't got nuttin' on me.
So y'all could just let me go right now.
(chuckling) What's up?
- Police!
(detectives yelling).
- Get on the fuckin' ground right now!
Now, on the fuckin' ground!
Shut the fuck up!
Here, take 'em.
God damn, my mother fuckin' shoulder.
The last mother fuckin'
time I open a god damn door.
(gun clanks and slides)
- Ain't my gun.
- That's funny.
Got your finger prints on it.
- Fuck, I never seen that gun--
- Sit the fuck down!
- Where were you Friday night?
- Fuck you, I wanna talk to a lawyer.
- [Rodriguez] A lawyer?
What are you stupid?
You think some hot shot lawyer
is gonna come in here and save your ass?
Hell no.
All the evidence we have
points to you Cortez.
- [Cortez] Did you say last Friday night?
- Yeah, that's right.
- Intensive care,
you pendejo fuckin' gutter shits.
And Thursday night and Saturday too.
I just fucking got out this morning.
(man grunts)
- [Blonde Man] Oh shit!
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
I ain't gonna fight you,
I ain't gonna fight you.
[Frank] I know you're not
gonna fuckin' fight me.
(gun clanks and slides)
- Ain't my gun.
- That's what they all say.
- [Blonde Man] Hey, I wish it was.
No better gun than a
Smitty and Wes.44 mag.
(revolver clicks open)
With the serial numbers filed off.
(revolver chamber spins)
Got any bullets?
(gun clicks closed)
Who did I kill?
- Where were you last Friday night?
- (chuckles) You mean
what's my alibi, right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I was breaking and entering.
Jewelry store on 7th and Front,
about 9 o'clock.
Not even close to your jurisdiction
and I got the rocks to prove it.
(gun clanks and slides)
Hey, sorry I can't help you guys.
But one to five is way
better than ten to life.
Know what I'm sayin'?
- [Frank] Look, this is our
case, not the god damn DEA's.
- [Voiceover] It's been three days.
- Look, we're not fuckin' magicians here.
It's only three days,
this is a god damn big murder case,
and we need a little god damn time.
- When a federal undercover
officer goes down
it's never a fuckin' murder case.
Look, I don't like the DEA on my ass
anymore than you like 'em on yours
but this is personal for
them and they want answers.
Forget your other cases
and get me something.
Anything I could give to them.
The last thing I want is the
god damn FBI on my back too.
- [Frank] All right, look, we
got a few leads, all right?
We'll follow up.
- I can't hold them off much longer.
- [Rodriguez] This is bullshit.
And you both know it.
No disrespect, Cap,
but this is no way to run
a fuckin' investigation.
- Let me tell you both something.
If you don't solve this quick
they're gonna be askin' why.
And they'll be lookin' to blame
somebody in this department.
So my advice to you is
get somethin' fuckin' fast
or turn over what you've
got and get outta the way.
Your body is bangin' baby
- [Voiceover] Oh yeah!
How do you want it
- [Voiceover] That's good baby.
(whistling and cat calling)
Comin' up as a nigga in the cash game
Livin' in the fast lane, I'm for real
How do you want it
How do you feel
Comin' up as a nigga in the cash game
Livin' in the fast lane, I'm for real
Tell me baby is it cool to touch
Tell a man that you can trust
I'm just a fool in lust
Comin' to get you on the bus
It's so ironic
Exotic, on the verge of erotic
I'm hittin' switches on misses
Like I been fixed with hydraulics
Ma, up and down like a roller coaster
Can I come inside you
I ain't stoppin' 'til the show is over
'Cause I'm a rider
In and out just like a robbery
I'll probably be a freak and let you
- [Woman] Hey, hey,
I think this is breaking
and entering, isn't it?
- I work homicide, I don't work that shit.
- [Woman] You learn anything
you didn't already have on file?
- Yeah, you surprise me sometimes.
Here I think you're just a hard case
and I discover you've got a heart of gold.
Organ donor, huh?
That's really nice.
The problem is they'll
never use your best parts.
- Yeah, well I'll make sure you get 'em.
- [Frank] Thank you, appreciate that.
I just think it's real nice, that's all.
I'm surprised we've got
somethin' in common.
Besides what we got in common.
- [Woman] What's so interesting up there?
- I'm just thinking, that's all.
- [Woman] About us?
- No.
- Good.
(police sirens sounding)
- What if I was thinking about us?
- Don't waste your time.
- What if I was?
- Where's it gonna get us?
- Maybe I got plans.
- Yeah, well, I don't wanna hear 'em.
Plans just make you think that
somethin's gonna get better.
I'm fine now, I don't
need to get all screwed up
waiting for somethin' good to happen.
(inhales deeply)
- [Frank] I want you to know
that love is important to me.
- Me too.
- But more important is loyalty.
'Cause loyalty is about respect.
And I am loyal to you.
Like I am loyal to my partner.
We are closer than blood
and I trust him with my life.
- Why are you tellin' me?
- Because when you asked me if I was
thinkin' about us and I said I wasn't...
I want you to know...
I do.
(man grunts)
- God damnit!
Fuckin' idiot!
Get outta here.
(man scampers off)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(homeless man grunts)
Well, what do we have here?
Hey, where were you last Friday night?
What's your name?
Your name?
Your name?
What's your name?
- [Homeless Man] Joe.
- Joe.
Where'd you get the gun, Joe?
Was in your pocket, your coat pocket.
Must carry it for protection, huh, Joe?
- [Joe] I don't know.
- Sure you do, Joe.
Everybody needs protection.
Especially a guy like you
who lives in the street.
Go ahead and put it away, Joe.
You don't have to worry about me,
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Go ahead, put it in your pocket.
Wake up.
Joe, wake up.
I want you to look at something.
Out the window, Joe.
Come on, look out the window.
This is where it happened, Joe.
Do you remember it?
This is where you killed him, right here.
Look, Joe.
This is where you did it.
Do you remember?
You remember how you pulled the gun out
and you shot him through the head?
- I don't.
- [Frank] You will.
(car starts up)
(car speeds away)
(rhythmic orchestral music)
- [Frank] Come on, let's get him up.
Come on, Joe.
Time to get up.
Time to get up, Joe.
(homeless man grunts)
Get those photographs.
Get up, Joe.
- Shit, this fucker smells.
- I want you to look at something.
There's the guy,
there's the car.
Tell me how you shot him.
Come on, Joe.
Bring that booze over here.
You know what, you
remember and I'll give you
a little somethin' to drink.
Joe, you've got to remember
how you saw him driving towards you
and you were in the street
and you were afraid that
he was gonna hit you
so you shot him.
To protect yourself, Joe, right?
You remember now, don't you, Joe?
- Mm hmm.
- The gun, Joe,
where do you keep the gun, Joe?
Where do you keep the gun, Joe?
There you go, Joe.
(intense rhythmic percussion music)
I know it's tough to remember things
you don't wanna remember, Joe.
Okay, Joe.
Now tell me,
what happened?
How did it happen, Joe?
- I--
- Saw him driving towards you.
- Saw him driving towards me.
- [Frank] You were in the street.
- [Joe] I was in the street.
(car rumbling)
(gun fires)
- Then what did you do?
- You ran.
- I ran.
I didn't mean to.
He was gonna hit me.
I was really scared.
- [Frank] That's why you shot him.
- That's why I shot him.
I didn't mean to.
- [Frank] That's all right,
Joe, you gotta protect yourself.
- I was really scared.
To die.
(gun firing)
- [Frank] Nice shot, Joe.
You're doin' the right
thing for yourself, Joe.
- [Rodriguez] Okay?
- [Frank] Yup.
- [Rodriguez] All right.
(door slams shut)
- Hey, baby.
- [Woman] Hey, what are you doing here?
It's the middle of the day.
- Oh, just talk.
- Since when?
- I need you to do somethin'.
- [Woman] Good, I need the money.
- No, it's not one of those deals,
it's somethin' else all together.
Hey, where you goin'?
- I got perishables, baby.
- [Frank] You know the guy
we did the deal with the other night?
- Yeah.
- He's dead.
- What!
- Somebody popped him that night.
Probably when he was tryna
unload the stuff, I don't know.
- Look, does anybody
think that, you know--
- [Frank] Hey, don't worry about that.
They can't connect us.
Besides, we got the guy who did it.
- You scared the hell outta me.
- But I need you to do one thing for me.
- Yeah, what?
- [Frank] Simple.
He'll be second from the left.
Don't fuck up.
Second from the left.
- And then what am I supposed to say?
- You just look at them and
then you look at the man
that's second from the left,
and you say it's him.
- And I ask you if you're sure.
- And you say absolutely, no question.
- And this is all I have to do?
- We got a confession out of him.
You ID him, he's goin'
straight to the can.
- Okay, but this is it.
I'm not doin' anything more than this.
- It's a done deal.
- Quit complaining.
- Come around.
- [Voiceover] Stop and face front.
- [Voiceover] Turn around.
- [Voiceover] Watch your hands.
Look straight.
- [Frank] Okay, Miss Webb,
now take your time,
try to remember his face.
- I know him.
(suspenseful music)
- If you can identify the man--
- No, I know him.
- [Frank] Choose him for us.
- No, I fucking know him.
- [Rodriguez] What's the problem?
- Do you see him up there?
- [Woman] You don't understand.
- Just pick the asshole out.
- [Voiceover] No talking.
(clears throat)
- Number two.
- Number two, Jimmy.
- I'm gonna kill the little bitch.
- [Voiceover] Step forward.
The rest of you go on out.
- You mind telling me what
the hell that was all about?
- I know him, he hangs around my building.
He lives in the alley or something.
- [Frank] Well, you don't think people
hang around your neighborhood
are capable of killing somebody?
Well, let me tell you something, sister,
you don't live in a great
fuckin' neighborhood!
- [Rodriguez] Just sign
the god damn paper.
- What paper?
- Look, you pick a guy out of a line up,
you gotta sign a paper that says you did,
or they'll think we made this shit up.
- [Woman] Oh, really?
Now why would they think
something like that?
- Just sign it.
- I thought you said all I
had to do was pick him out?
- This is just part of it.
You sign it and you're finished.
- How come you're so sure he did it?
- Jesus fuckin' Christ!
- [Frank] He confessed.
- Bullshit!
- Look, lady, we got
the confession on paper.
- He didn't do it!
- Yeah, how the hell you know that, huh?
Were you with him at the time?
Are you gonna be is good, god damn alibi?
- She was probably blowing him.
- Better him than you.
- [Frank] All right, shut up!
- I can't afford you.
- [Woman] I know you can't.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Now look, this is what they
call an open and shut case.
He did the kill and
he's goin' fuckin' down.
Don't make the god damn
mistake of thinking
you know what the right
fuckin' thing to do is
and just sign the god damn thing!
- Fuck.
(camera shuttering)
- [Voiceover] Bring it down here.
(metal bars clank open)
Damn man, you tired?
(metal bars slam shut)
(glass shatters)
(rhythmic percussion music)
(gun clanks)
(suspenseful music)
- [Richard] Doe?
- Wouldn't give us his last name.
- [Richard] He signed a confession
but he wouldn't give you his last name?
- (sigh) Couldn't remember it.
What can I say?
Guy's a headcase.
- [Richard] You run prints?
- Yeah, no priors.
- [Captain] Ballistics match?
- (chuckles) No.
You guys are funny.
A.44 was used in commission.
We found the fuckin'.44 on him.
It doesn't take a rocket
scientist here, guys, he did it.
- [Richard] It went down pretty quick.
- It's our street.
- I think they did a hell of a job.
- God damn it!
Some god damn piece of shit
blows him away for nothing?
I'm sorry.
Hudd was too good for this to happen,
I just didn't think he'd go down this way.
It was good work.
- [Frank] Thanks.
- [Frank] Sorry.
- I appreciate it.
(door slams shut)
- Do me a favor,
make sure this one sticks.
I don't want these
DE-assholes back in here.
- [Voiceover] Word is, he
killed a DEA undercover.
Word is he signed a confession.
- Word is everyone's entitled to a defense
no matter how guilty the,
oh shit!
- He's detoxing.
I gave him something
to help him through it.
- [Attorney] Can I talk to him?
Joe can you hear me?
Joe, I'm Elliot Goff.
Hi, I'm your attorney.
Joe, do you understand
what I'm saying to you?
- [Voiceover] And it
was just two hours later
on that same Friday night,
when the defendant, Clyde Dunner,
entered the home of
George and Carol Beaman.
A.44 caliber pistol in his hand.
He entered that house
with one thing in mind,
to kill George and Carol.
Because those were the two people
he blamed for the breakup of his marriage
to Carol's sister Paula.
George and Carol were watching a movie.
They were sitting on their
couch watching television
when the defendant entered the
living room an opened fire.
George was killed
instantly, hit in the face.
And Carol died later, three
bullet wounds to her chest.
And then the defendant,
in an effort to cover up his crime,
doused the both with lighter fluid
and set the house on fire.
Carol was still alive.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
we will prove to you
beyond any reasonable doubt
that the defendant, Clyde David Dunner,
is guilty of two counts of
murder in the first degree.
- [Judge] The defendant may now proceed.
- Jesus Christ1
- I know.
- What's wrong?
- They can't find the murder weapon.
- What are you talking about?
- Dunners.44,
they can't find the god damn gun!
- They lost it or something.
Misplaced it, I don't know.
- [Woman] What!
- 'Cause I don't have a god damn case
without the god damn gun!
The finger prints, the
ballistics, everything!
I have to have the fucking gun.
That murdering piece of slime
is gonna go free without the.44.
How the fuck can they lose it?
Yes, Eden, I wanna speak
to Kevin Henderson.
- [Rodriguez] You used the Dunner gun?
I can't believe you used
the fuckin' Dunner gun!
- [Frank] This is not my fuck up.
- Why didn't you just use the fuckin' gun
from the fucking Kidding murder?
- [Frank] Listen, our
shooting was supposed to be
gang related and unsolved.
Only because we popped a
god damn undercover cop
do we need the fucking.44 for evidence.
Otherwise, we would of
never fucking needed it
so don't point your finger at me.
- All right!
Okay? All fucking right.
Fine, but you explain to me
how we got the same gun
for two murders by two
different fuckin' killers
when it's supposed to
be in police custody.
Help me out.
- All right, don't explain it.
It's their fuck up.
They lost the god damn evidence.
Ballistics are already
completed in the Dunner's case.
All we need's another gun.
- [Gun Seller] All my merchandise
is in top condition, untraceable.
- Take the.44.
(suspenseful rhythmic music)
(gun clanks)
(door opens)
- [Elliot] Hi, John, I'm Elliot.
We met the other,
well you weren't in very good shape.
You look better now, have a seat.
We have to talk.
- About what I did?
- Yeah, sit down.
Now, before we get started I wanna
go over a couple of things with you first.
Now Joe is your first name.
I assume that's Joseph.
- Okay.
- What about, Doe?
Doe, is that what you told
the officers your last name was?
- I don't think so.
- Well, what did you tell
them your last name was?
- I don't remember.
- Is Doe your last name?
Do you know what your last name is?
- I would tell you if I could remember.
- [Elliot] Joe Smith,
Joe Jones, Joe DiMaggio?
All right, okay.
Do you have any family?
You have any friends?
- I don't know.
- Joe, you don't know very
much about yourself, do you?
But you remember the night
you shot the man in the car?
- Because I can.
I'm sorry I'm not (clears
throat) much help.
- [Eden] And when you approached
the suspect in his apartment,
did you identify yourself
as a police officer?
- Yes.
- [Eden] And did the suspect respond?
- Yes, he did.
- [Eden] In what way?
- He shot through the door.
- He fired six times
until his gun was empty.
Ladies and gentlemen, I
would like to show you
the weapon that he used.
A Smith and Wes.44 caliber revolver.
The same weapon he used
to viciously murder
George and Carol Beamer.
I would like to enter it into
court records at this time.
- [Judge] Thank you. Bailiff.
- [Eden] Thank you, Mr. Divinci.
At this time the prosecution would like to
recall Mr. Steven J. Allen.
- Call, Steven J. Allen.
- [Eden] Mr. Allen, could
you remind the court
as to what you do, please?
- [Steven] Sure.
I'm a lab technician for
the police department.
One of my duties is to examine weapons
used in violent crimes.
I tested the defendants revolver
and matched the bullets fired
to the bullets removed from the deceased.
- That ain't my gun!
- [Judge] I must remind the defendant
that he is not to speak out.
- [Clyde] That ain't my gun!
- [Jude] Order in the
court. (banging gavel)
- Hey, that ain't my fucking gun.
Hey, hey!
(fist thumps against flesh)
Hey, hey!
(man thuds to the floor)
They're tryna fuckin' frame me!
That ain't my fuckin' gun!
(banging gavel)
- We gotta put the right gun back.
- [Frank] We can't put the
fuckin' right gun back.
Without that gun they're
not gonna commit Joe.
- Without that they're gonna
put Clyde back on the streets.
- [Frank] I don't give a fuck about Clyde,
or you fuck us right now.
- [Rodriguez] Look, it's like you said,
he signed the confession, right?
It's an open and shut case.
I swear to God, Frank,
if we let Clyde get back on the streets
he's gonna kill again.
- [Frank] How did that
little piece of fuckin' puke
know that wasn't his damn gun?
Tell me that, huh?
I don't think he knows his god damn mother
but he knows his own fucking gun?
- [Rodriguez] I don't think
that's the point right now.
I know that's not fucking.
(door slams)
- Hey, open up.
- [Desk Officer] Sorry
Divinci, can't do it.
- What do you mean you can't do it?
Come on, I gotta check somethin'.
- You got written
permission from the chief?
- [Divinci] Since fuckin' when?
- [Desk Officer] Since about an hour ago
when he came down here
and ripped me a new asshole
bigger than a three car garage.
- Okay, what's the problem?
- Something about missing evidence.
Who the hell knows?
All I know is I wanna
transfer the hell outta here.
- What the fuck we supposed to do?
- How the fuck should I know?
Ask the fuckin' chief, all right?
Policy ain't my department.
- Thanks a lot.
- [Judge] Whenever you're ready.
- Yes, we would like to plead not guilty
to the charge of murder at this time
for reason of insanity.
- [Joe] But I did it.
- [Elliot] Joe let me handle this, okay?
- I signed the confession.
- [Elliot] Don't worry about it, okay?
I'm the attorney, let me handle it.
- [Eden] Your honor,
can we have a moment, please?
- Counsel may approach the bench.
- [Eden] Your honor, my colleagues client
has admitted to the killing.
Now I don't see any reason
to go through a trial
when it is obvious that the
man would like to plead guilty.
- I don't agree.
- If he wants to plead guilty
you have to let him plead guilty.
- Not if he's not of
sound mind, you don't.
- Oh, come on, Elliot.
- Look, I think he's crazy, all right?
Now I know, I know.
- [Eden] Sure of course he is.
- [Elliot] You think
he's just putting it on,
that' s DA standard procedure, okay?
But I don't think he is.
So your honor,
I'm standing by the not guilty
because I believe he's incapable
of making that judgment.
- Have you had a psychiatrist look at him?
- [Elliot] Yes, your honor.
(shuffling through papers)
You'll see that my diagnosis
is not without warrant.
- I'll review the findings
and make my decision tomorrow.
- Thank you, your honor.
- Thank you.
- Besides, I knew there's a good chance
of beating the charges
for lack of evidence.
(smooth disco music)
- [Frank] Look, nobody can connect us
to the evidence, then we're clean there.
The most important one
is the DEA mess anyway
and once that's finished
we're completely in the clear.
- You know we can't do
this anymore, Frank.
Yeah, I guess.
- [Rodriguez] No, no fuckin' I guess.
That's it, no more.
- [Frank] Good while
it lasted though, huh?
Hundred grand a piece?
A few nights work?
It's not bad.
- [Rodriguez] You know Frank,
I think maybe what we did wasn't right.
I mean--
- Come on, man.
Think about it.
Look, we took out a few
scumbags, that's it, right?
Nobody's ever gonna miss
those shit heads anyway.
They were all pieces of garbage.
Not one of them had a sheet
less than a mile long.
Drugs, extortion, assault.
They're all fucking guilty as hell
and still on the street
and you know that.
- All except the cop.
- Except the cop.
But that's just part of the job.
That could just of easily
happened to you or me.
- But that's just fuckin'
it, we are fuckin' cops.
We fucked up man.
- We fucked up once!
Once out of 10.
Come on, that's not bad.
All right, I'm sorry, okay, I'm sorry.
The guy was in the wrong place
at the wrong fuckin' time.
What do you want me to say?
I'm not goin' down for it.
- I know.
- I mean, all I want in life
is a god damn fishing boat,
a couple of drinks, a beach,
and some Hawaiian fuckin' music.
That's not much to ask
for 20 years of putting
murdering assholes behind bars, is it?
It's just not fair.
That's all I'm saying.
And for a while, we made it fair.
And quit thinking your a bad guy, huh?
You're not a fucking bad guy, all right?
You made one mistake, let it go.
- I guess you're right.
- [Frank] Damn right, I'm right.
- I just get worried that's all.
- Well, worry.
Worry, it's natural.
You should be worried a little bit.
Shit, if you didn't worry, I'd be worried.
Just don't ever lose your sense of humor.
- Sense of humor.
- [Frank] They're all garbage.
Nothin' wrong with takin' out the garbage.
Alotta people don't know that.
- [Judge] The defendant
will stand to face the jury.
What is your verdict?
- We find the defendant,
Clyde David Dunner,
not guilty.
- Yes! (slams hands)
(laughing) Fuckin' A, man.
Thank you!
Thank you!
(footsteps tapping down the hall)
- [Frank] You haven't seen
him anytime since then?
- We gotta talk.
- Could you hold on one second, please?
Calm down, I heard.
Clyde walked, right?
- No, Joe's going to fuckin' trial.
Judge found him mentally unfit to plead.
His lawyer pleads not guilty
by reason of insanity.
- You're fuckin' kidding me.
- Oh, I love to make people laugh.
That's my life's work.
Did you hear the one about the two cops
who popped the DEA agent?
- I'll call you right back.
(phone ringing)
- [Frank] Hello?
- Divinci, hey it's Gardner.
Sorry to call you so late but,
I got a woman down here
that's pretty stressed out.
Said she needs to talk
to you about a murder.
Told her I couldn't call you at home but
she insists that it's
very, very important.
It's the life and death thing.
- What's her name?
All right, tell her to wait,
I'll be right there.
(phone clanks)
- What the hell are you doing?
- [Frank] I gotta go down the station.
- (sigh) Now?
Jesus, what time is it?
- [Frank] Go back to sleep.
- Frank, this is no way to
repair our marriage, you know?
- [Frank] Yeah, I know.
(rhythmic percussion music)
Hey, Gardner, this her?
- [Gardner] Yeah.
- [Woman] Frank, this guy came.
I thought you said all I
had to do was pick him out
and that was supposed to be all!
- [Frank] Just like we talked about.
- [Woman] Look at this,
they want me in court!
This is not what you promised, Frank.
I can't go to court,
I can't do this Frank!
I cannot go to court.
I can't do this.
I'm getting out of here.
- [Frank] You're not getting out of here.
- [Woman] Yeah, I got
to go, I can't do this.
I cannot go to court!
- [Frank] Get in, shut up.
(car door slams shut)
- [Frank] Fuck!
- I can't do this, Frank!
- [Frank] Calm the fuck down!
- No, I told you I can't do this!
I warned you about this, Frank!
No, I told you!
- Calm the fuck down for a second!
This was not supposed to happen!
Just calm down, let me think for a second!
- Fine, think, think away, think away.
- All right, here,
they want you to be a witness,
that's all, okay?
There's nothing to worry about.
You saw something happen.
- What, Frank?
What did I see?
- I will tell you
everything you gotta know.
I will tell you exactly what to say.
Hey, just like another stage.
Just like dancing.
(car rumbles away)
- Oh, hi, Joe.
You look much better.
- Jail has been good for me.
- [Elliot] Okay, trial
date is set for Thursday--
- [Joe] I've been
thinking about what I did.
I don't think that it's right
that I should try getting off.
- Excuse me?
- I wanna plead guilty.
I killed a man and I should be punished.
- (sigh) I'm a little surprised.
- Why?
- Well, nobody ever wants to be
punished for what they've done.
I mean that it a totally new
concept for me, believe me.
But, Joe, listen, I still think
our defense is reasonable.
I mean, I don't believe under
the condition you were in
that you were responsible
for your actions.
- Then why was I carrying a gun?
I had no right to carry a gun.
- If you hadn't been carrying
the gun you might be dead.
- And he might still be alive.
- [Elliot] I underst,
can I think about this, please?
- No.
I've made up my mind.
- Joe.
(car rumbling)
(police chattering)
- [Rodriguez] What if she takes off?
- Then we got no god damn
witness puts him at the scene.
- [Rodriguez] Yeah well
then what if she testifies
and nobody fuckin' believes her?
- Perjury, maybe.
That's a 50-50.
Hey, they might believe her.
- She's a fuckin' stripper
for Christ sake's, Frank.
Nobody's gonna believe her.
- Hey look, she's got.
(knocks on window)
- [Rodriguez] I don't even believe her
when she's telling the fuckin' truth.
- [Frank] What?
- We got two bodies out here.
- [Frank] So?
- Three more in the house.
- [Frank] So?
- Well, just wondering if you're gonna be
the primary on this, that's all.
- [Frank] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're coming, we're coming.
Just give us some room, come on.
- Look, Frank, she could
blow this whole thing.
She could tie us in and that would be it.
We'll be fucked.
- All right, if it looks
like she's gonna crumble,
we'll take steps.
- What steps?
- [Frank] Steps.
Look, one more chalk outline
in the city, more or less.
Who's gonna notice?
- [Rodriguez] Aw shit, Frank!
- [Frank] Come on, man,
you think I like this?
- [Rodriguez] You know,
you can't just go around
killing everybody!
- Hey, wait just a second.
Look around, what do we got?
We got two stiffs on the
pavement shot to shit,
three more inside.
That's five chalk outlines in one day,
in one deal, in one
neighborhood, in one city.
Just let me fill you in on some
fuckin' statistics here, okay?
We're not killing everybody!
Look, it's strictly
last resort, all right?
Let's not kid ourselves here,
push comes to shove,
somebody's gonna go down.
When you've got another candidate,
I'm willing to listen.
Come on, do some work.
(car door slams)
(police chattering)
(car door slams)
(phone ringing)
- [Woman on TV] In the last few weeks,
we've gotten hundreds and hundreds
of phone calls, and paper, and mail.
- Hello?
- Cynthia Webb?
Yeah, this is Richard Stein
with the District Attorney's office.
- [Woman on TV] Women
who say their husbands
control, manipulate,
threaten, and terrorize them
and this is 1996, right?
- Ms. Webb?
- Yeah.
- Any chance we can get together today?
- Uh, I'm really busy today.
- Well, it won't take long.
Are you gonna be home around 2 o'clock?
- Yeah, 2 o'clock, 2 o'clock is fine.
(rhythmic percussion music)
(door closes)
- [Butler] Mr. McCall is on the terrace.
Mr. Baylor is here.
- [McCall] Arthur.
- Nathan, how are you?
- [Nathan] Good, Arthur, thanks.
Would you like some coffee?
- No, I'm fine, thank you.
- [Nathan] Thank you.
Well, this is all a bit of a mystery.
You certainly got my attention
with your phone call.
What's this all about?
- Is there something here
that you want me to see?
My God.
(rhythmic percussion music)
(bus rumbles away)
- Cynthia?
(rhythmic percussion music)
God damn it.
Hey now, jeez!
- Divinci?
- Yeah, hey.
- Richard Stein, DA's office.
- Sure, sure, DA's office.
Sorry about that, I didn't expect this.
The hell you doin' here?
- I gotta talk with Cynthia Webb.
She is a witness in,
oh wait, wait.
Aren't you and Rodriguez workin' this one?
- Yeah, yeah, we're on this case, yeah.
That's why I'm here.
Gotta go over the details, you know?
- Yeah, me too.
- Yeah.
- She in?
- No, out she is.
- I was supposed to meet her at two.
Do you know her?
- What do you mean?
- Well, I just mean, uh,
- What?
- She's not in, um, you were inside.
- Oh, the legal thing.
Yeah look, well look,
she's a witness in a
murder case, all right?
You know, they don't answer
a knock and a door is open,
it's been my experience, you know,
I just wanted to make sure there were
no dead bodies laying around, that's all.
- Sure.
- Don't tell on me.
- No, no, of course not.
- Great, man.
Good to see ya.
- I think I'll wait.
She might be stuck in
traffic or something.
- Yeah, look, if she does show up,
you let me know, all right?
'Cause I need to talk to her.
- Of course.
- All right.
I'll see you in court.
- [Richard] Right.
(knocking on door)
- Yeah, it's open.
(door opens)
(door closes)
- Elliot Goff?
- Yeah,
Arthur Baylor?
- [Arthur] Yes.
(papers crash to the floor)
- [Elliot] Sorry.
God, Arthur Baylor, wow.
Would you like, um.
Are you here to see me?
- Yes.
(door opens)
(door closes)
- William.
(soft suspenseful music)
- (sigh) Yes.
- I waited 'till three but
she never showed.
- So what are you telling me?
That she missed the appointment?
Forgot you were coming, what?
- My guess, she split.
- She split.
Our witness split?
Can't we keep our evidence and witnesses
from disappearing around here?
I mean, what do I have to do?
Lock them in the trunk of my car?
What the fuck is going on!
I want that bitch back here
and on this stand or in jail!
- I'll find her, all right, I'll find her.
- Fine, thanks.
(rhythmic percussion music)
(car door slams)
- [Frank] Hey, we need to talk.
- [Man in Stripes] Just a second.
- Not just a second, now!
(clanks phone down)
- [Man in Stripes] What
do you want, Divinci?
- Look, I got a witness, took off.
I gotta get her back.
I ain't got no time.
- You the fuckin' police,
what you comin' to me for?
- [Frank] Hey, don't ask me
the fuckin' questions here.
Your job is to find her.
- Where have I seen her before?
- [Frank] She dances.
- Oh yeah, yeah, right, right.
Okay, so where she live?
- What the fuck I tell
you about the questions?
- Look, I heard what the fuck you said.
Now you want me to find her?
You need to tell me why the fuck she left
so I know where not to look, all right?
- All right, she's supposed to testify.
She got scared.
She thinks somebody might try to kill her.
That's why she's hiding, that's
why I want you to find her
because if someone's trying to pop her,
I don't want anyone
knowing where she is, okay?
- All right, so how long I got?
- You got two days.
- Two fuckin' days, Frank?
- Just find her, puss head!
- Sure, detective.
I always like to help out the
fuckin' police whenever possible.
(people chattering quietly)
- [Richard] Is that Arthur Baylor?
- What the hell is he doing here?
- [Bailiff] Hear ye, hear ye, all rise.
Face the flag and recognize
the principles for which it stands.
The Criminal Court, Department
G is now in session.
The Honorable Harold W. Pine, presiding.
Please be seated and come to order.
The People vs. Joe Doe
in case number C-9524705.
- Before we proceed, I would
like to ask the defense,
if there's anything this
court should be made aware of?
- [Arthur] Yes, Your Honor,
I have joined the defense
and the representation
of Mr. William Dane McCall,
otherwise known to this court as Joe Doe.
I have represented the McCall
family for several years
before Mr. McCall
disappeared seven years ago.
It was assumed that he had died.
But since he has reappeared
under these tragic circumstances,
I would ask the court for a continuance
to allow the defense to adequately prepare
in the light of his real
identity now being known.
- How long do you need?
- One week should be sufficient.
- Any objection to a weeks
continuance by the state?
- I don't believe so, Your Honor.
- Then I grant a one week's continuance.
- We'll start the proceedings
next Monday morning.
(bangs gavel)
- When it was discovered that the man
who confessed to killing
an undercover DEA agent,
was actually himself thought
dead for seven years.
The man who signed the
confession as Joe Doe
is actually William Dane McCall,
brother of Nathan McCall.
Both are sons of the founder
of McCall International,
a corporation involved
in telecommunications,
computer design and development,
and other related industries.
The net worth of both men is estimated
at over one billion dollars.
- [Rodriguez] William McCall
shunned the business world
and turned his life to medicine.
Receiving his medical
degree from Harvard in 1969.
Once again he turned his
back on the established norm
and spent several years in Africa
performing organ transplants for the poor.
This is who you picked?
This is who you fuckin' picked?
You picked a surgeon who performs
transplants on the poor in Africa!
- [Frank] He was living
on the fuckin' streets.
How the hell I was supposed to
know he's a god damn doctor?
- Oh he's not a fuckin' doctor.
You picked a saint to pin a murder on.
When we pick 'em, we sure
do pick 'em, don't we?
Why didn't you get the Pope
and pin the fuckin' murder on him?
- Here, he disappeared seven
years ago on September 19th,
two weeks after the tragic death
of his wife and two young children
in a multiple vehicle accident.
At the same time,
it was assumed that he returned
to Africa but that was never comfirmed.
What William McCall has
been doing for seven years
is now the mystery that the
court will try to help unravel.
All right,
let's just think about it for a second.
- Yeah, let's.
What's the worst case scenario, huh?
- What are you joking me?
- [Frank] No.
- What are you playing?
You mean what's worse than what we've done
that could still happen?
Or what's worse if this
shit doesn't work out,
blows up in our face,
we go to jail,
get sent to the electric chair,
then we die,
then we go to fuckin' hell!
Worse than that?
- [Frank] Will you work with me here?
- [Rodriguez] Excuse me,
I'm having a bad morning,
maybe you could excuse me.
Would you repeat the question?
- All right, if the doc walks,
there's nothing that can
connect us to the evidence.
- Ah, ah, ah.
- There's one person who
can connect us to that.
- Ding!
I don't even wanna argue about it anymore.
Let's just fuckin' kill her.
- All right, let's do it.
Hey, we need to talk.
- Man, are you fuckin' with me?
- I'm not fucking with you.
Are you fucking with me.
- Ho, ho, ho.
You don't know?
- Know what?
- Oh, this is a good one.
You're a fuckin' cop
and you don't even know.
- [Frank] Come on, knock it off, what?
- Cops got her.
They take the bitch, you a cop,
and you got to come to
me to find that shit out.
This is a crazy fuckin'
world we livin' in, man.
- [Frank] What fuckin' cops?
What cops?
- I don't know what cops.
Look, all I know is my people
went to her sister's house
and she had already left.
Her sister said, cops took her.
I figured it was you.
- [Frank] Fuck!
- [Secretary] What an asshole!
- You're a good judge of character, baby.
- [Frank] Look, she's our god damn witness
and if she's in custody,
somebody better fuckin' tell me.
- [Rodriguez] Try to get at
me as soon as you can, bye.
(phone clanks)
- [Frank] Anything?
- [Rodriguez] Nothing.
Nobody knows nothing.
DA doesn't know anything.
The DEA doesn't know shit from Shawn Owen.
- Well, look, if she's being
held by the police, we'd know.
- [Rodriguez] Unless she said something.
- No, she didn't say anything
or we wouldn't be sitting here.
(slam) It was that piece of shit.
- [Rodriguez] What, Manny?
(rhythmic percussion music)
(fists thud against flesh)
- Don't ever lie to me again.
(rapid breathing)
(man groans)
(man coughing)
- [Voiceover] It's time to go.
(metal bars clank)
- [Voiceover] Hear ye, hear ye, all rise.
Face the flag and recognize
the principles for which it stands.
The Criminal Court, Department
G is now in session.
The honorable Harold W. Pine is presiding.
Please, be seated and come to order.
The People vs William McCall
in case number 9524705.
- [Eden] We he pulled this gun,
and fired at agent Hudd,
killing him instantly.
Let the record show
that this is the weapon used in the crime,
a Smith and Wesson.44 caliber handgun.
- All these.44's are starting
to look the same to me.
- [Eden] So when you
arrested the defendant,
did he deny having killed agent Hudd?
- No.
- Can you describe for us the defendants
condition at the time of his arrest?
- Yes.
He was drunk.
We could smell the booze on him.
But we drew blood and he did not object.
- We have the blood test report that shows
that he had four times
the legal limit to drive.
- [Elliot] But you knew
that this was the man
that you were looking for?
- [Rodriguez] Yes, sir.
- [Elliot] Based on what?
- Based on his description.
- [Elliot] And who provided
you with that description?
- A Miss Cynthia, something.
I don't know, I'm not sure.
- I believe her name is Cynthia Webb.
Cynthia Webb.
At least, based on the
statement that was filed
on the night she picked
him out of a line up.
Now, is that name familiar to you?
- Yes, that's her.
- [Elliot] And where
did you find Miss Web?
- On the same street.
The same area.
- [Elliot] And she agreed
to pick the defendant
out of the line up?
- [Rodriguez] Yes.
- [Elliot] Where you aware
that Miss Web disappeared
after she was served with a subpoena?
- Um, yes, um,
my partner and I tried to
contact her about the case
but we were unsuccessful in our attempts.
- Thank you, Detective.
That's all the questions I have.
- [Frank] I'll tell you,
I'm gonna tell you right now,
you did a great job.
Don't come down on yourself.
Here, to justice in all it's forms.
- We're not outta the woods yet, Buddy.
- Hey, without Miss Webb
there's no place the can go.
- We still got the confession,
the gun, the ballistics.
And I don't give a shit about
all this African doctor crap.
The man is a fuckin' drunk.
He's been a fuckin' drunk
for seven god damn years.
So let's have a drink for drunks.
(glasses clank)
- To drunks.
I just wish I knew where the fuck she was.
- [Richard] So,
I think we'll have to
rely on his confession
(phone ringing)
based on what happened because,
he's never gonna take the stand.
DA's office.
They found Cynthia Webb.
- [Eden] What?
- I don't know.
- [Eden] When?
- I don't know.
- [Eden] Well, who the hell was that?
- I don't know, I don't know.
They hung up.
- [Eden] What the hell
is going on around here?
- I don't know.
- Hey, you don't need to say nothin'
but are you really a doctor?
- [Joe] I was a surgeon.
- No shit.
No shit, really?
A surgeon?
I know I'm nobody to judge
but you must of been a smart guy.
What the hell are you doin' in here?
- I had an affair with another woman,
the nurse at the hospital I worked at.
It was a, something.
I don't remember much about her
except that my wife found out about it.
We had a fight.
She left the house, she took the kids.
She was hysterical.
I should of done something.
Gone after 'em, I don't know.
They died in a car accident
about a mile from the house.
(inhales deeply) I
never told anybody that.
- [Eden] Your honor, the
people would like to call
Miss Cynthia Webb to the stand.
- [Voiceover] The court
calls Cynthia Webb.
(doors closes)
Raise your right hand.
Do you swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?
- [Cynthia] Sure.
- I know her.
- She's the woman who identified you.
- No, no, I mean I know her.
- How?
- [Joe] I don't know.
I think I live near her.
- [Eden] Could you please
state your name for the court?
- [Cynthia] Cynthia Webb.
- [Eden] Do you recognize a man that you
identified in a police line up?
- [Cynthia] Yes.
- Is he anywhere in this court room?
- Yes.
- Is it the defendant, Mr. McCall?
- [Cynthia] Yes.
- Could you please describe for us,
what you saw on the night of June 14?
- [Cynthia] I was coming out
of this all night mini-mart.
(gun fires)
(car crashes)
- [Eden] How sure are you
that the man you saw with a gun
is the defendant?
- [Cynthia] I'm sure.
- [Eden] Thank you.
No further questions.
- [Arthur] Ms. Webb, is it Miss?
- Yes.
- Ms. Web, have you ever seen
the defendant before that night
that you described to us?
- No.
Do you know what perjury is?
- When you lie.
- [Arthur] When you lie
under oath in a court of law.
Do you know what the penalty for that is?
- You go to jail.
- [Arthur] Yes.
Cynthia, did you ever see the
defendant before that night?
- [Eden] Objection,
the witness has already
answered that question, Your Honor.
- Sustained.
- I'm just trying to give
the witness the opportunity
to remember if she ever saw
Mr. McCall any other time
before the night in question.
- Miss Webb, do you understand
the consequences of perjury?
- Yes.
- [Jude Pine] Let's get on with it then.
- What did you buy when you
went into the mini-mart?
- What did I buy?
- Yeah, you remember seeing Mr. McCall,
you remembered a gun shot and a car crash.
I just wondered if you remembered
what you bought in the mini-mart.
- Shampoo, I think.
- That's all.
- [Cynthia] Yeah.
- Where do you live?
- 4356 17th Street, number four.
- Is that close to
where this mini-mart is?
- Close, sort of.
- [Arthur] How far would you say?
- [Cynthia] I don't really know.
- [Arthur] Is it walking distance?
- No, not really.
- Did you walk there that night or drive?
- I drove.
- [Arthur] You drove?
But when you left the mini-mart,
you stated that you
walked along the street.
- Yes.
- How far?
- To the corner.
- [Eden] Objection, Your Honor,
I don't see the point to
this line of reasoning.
- Is there a point?
- Yes, Your Honor,
since this is the only witness,
I'm just trying to establish
what the scene was like there that night.
- [Judge Pine] Try to get
there as quickly as possible.
- [Arthur] Thank you, sir.
How far from the corner
was this mini-mart?
I mean, was it the middle of the block?
Close to the corner?
- In the middle, I think.
- So you walked all the way to the corner?
I assume you were going back to your car?
- [Cynthia] Yes.
- [Arthur] And the reason
you parked so far away?
- There were a lot of cars
on the street that night.
- Any other people on
the street that night?
- No.
- Lots of cars, no people.
Any traffic?
- [Cynthia] I don't really remember.
- So you were the only person
who saw Joe on the street that night?
- I didn't see anybody else.
- You heard a gun shot,
you heard a car crash,
and you saw Joe running
past with a gun in his hand.
What'd you do then, call the police, 911?
- I went home.
- You went home?
Straight home?
- [Cynthia] Yes.
- [Arthur] So you're sure
that it was Joe you saw that night?
- Yes.
- When you went home.
- Yes.
- When you went home you saw Joe.
- No.
- [Eden] Objection, Your Honor,
the defense is deliberately
trying to confuse the witness.
- I'm not trying to confuse the witness.
The witness is trying
to confuse this court.
And I have witnesses who
will refute her testimony.
Witnesses who were on the corner
the night of the shooting,
who never saw Miss Webb,
who never heard a gun shot,
who never saw Joe running past.
Now Miss Webb saw Joe
on the side of her apartment
building that night
because he lives in the alley next door.
Now, isn't that true Miss Webb?
- [Eden] Objection.
- [Arthur] When I referred
to the defendant as Joe,
you knew exactly who I was
talking about, didn't you?
And this trial is The People
vs. William McCall, not Joe.
The name Joe has never been
mentioned in this trial.
So how did you know who
I was talking about?
Miss Webb?
How do you know the defendant as Joe?
- He lived in the alley next
to my apartment building.
- Oh shit!
- [Arthur] Why did you lie to this court?
- I don't know.
- [Arthur] Are you afraid of somebody?
- I don't know.
- [Arthur] Are you trying
to protect somebody?
- I don't know.
- Answer the questions, Miss Webb
or I'll be forced to
sight you for contempt.
(inhales deeply)
(camera shuttering)
- She didn't talk.
- [Frank] Don't hold your breath.
- What, you think she's gonna talk?
- I know she's gonna talk.
- We can make it look gang related.
- The problem is we're
gonna need another gun.
- [Rodriguez] The problem
is she's in fuckin' jail.
That's the god damn problem.
- [Frank] Yeah.
Since when does being in jail
ever guarantee you of a long life?
Just get another gun.
Wake up, Manny.
Get up.
- Come on, man, I didn't do anything.
- Everything's fine, everything's fine.
I just came to apologize,
but I need a little privacy here, huh?
(phone clanks)
Come on, come on, come on, move.
All right look, I need a favor.
You need to bail somebody
outta jail for me.
Bail's 25 grand.
- You gotta be kiddin'.
- Now look,
I want her out tonight.
I do not want you to tell her who.
It's a surprise.
- So how am I supposed to pay for this?
You know they don't take American Express.
- [Frank] I know, you know
how to get rid of this.
There's a lot more than 25 grand here.
You keep the change.
But I want her out in two hours.
Otherwise, I'll come back
and nail you for possession.
- How'd you get to be such a prick?
- DNA.
- Asshole, I got your DNA.
(rhythmic percussion music)
(car door opens and closes)
(car rumbles away)
- You get the gun?
- Yeah, I got it.
- What's with you, you all right?
Everything okay, huh?
- What are you kidding me?
- What, what?
- We're going to kill a fucking witness
who's in jail because we
killed a fuckin' DEA agent.
This kinda shit troubles
me, I'm sorry, Frank.
- Hey, take off the fuckin' dress
and get back in the game, will ya, huh?
Shake it off, come on.
We gotta do what what we gotta do.
That's it.
- Yeah.
I know.
We gotta do what we gotta do.
- [Frank] That's right.
- Let's just get it over with.
- [Cynthia] I don't understand.
Why can't you tell me who bailed me out?
Look, man comes to me, tells
me to bail you outta jail.
He gives me the money, I do it.
That's what I do for a fuckin' living.
I bail people outta jail, all right?
You stay with me.
- Was he a cop?
- Yeah, right.
Cops bail people outta jail all the time.
Ain't that some kind of
dichotomy in that shit for you?
- (sigh) I don't like this.
- Look, you could either stay here in jail
or you can come with me.
The choice is yours.
- Well just tell me what did he look like?
- [Manny] You are a stripper, right?
Guys fall in love with
your type all the time
but they don't know how to get close.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Maybe somebody wants you
to owe them something.
Now you take that shit or leave it.
- Fuck.
(rhythmic percussion music)
(car rumbling)
- It's the last time, Frank.
It's the last time we kill somebody.
- Yeah, it's the last time.
- [Rodriguez] I mean, 11 is enough.
11 dead bodies is enough.
- I get the picture.
- Damn, man.
Why'd you have to go and kill Hudd?
- What's going on here, huh?
What's the matter, you
mad at me or something?
- Why did we have to
start killing people, man?
None of this shit would of never happened
if you hadn't started killing people.
- Look, drug dealers
don't qualify as people.
Never did and never will.
Now, what the hell is wrong with you?
What's the matter, you're suddenly worried
about where all the
money went, is that it?
- I'm just sick of it.
I'm sick of it all, that's all.
I'm all right.
(car starts up)
(dark ominous music)
- [Frank] I need some fresh air.
(door slams shut)
What's goin' on, man?
Just talk to me, all right?
Just fuckin' talk to me.
- I don't know.
Look, I owe some people some money
and I don't know how I'ma pay 'em back.
I got problems.
- Gambling?
- [Rodriguez] Yeah.
You know, Frank,
why can't we just forget this shit?
Why can't we just get the fuck outta here?
Maybe leave the country or something?
What are you doing?
- [Frank] Take off your fuckin' shirt.
- What are you talkin' about?
- Just take off your shirt now.
If there's nothing to worry about,
then I'll apologize.
But I'm not gonna argue.
Now take off your fuckin' shirt, now!
- I can't believe this shit!
After all we've been
through, you don't trust me?
After all this shit you got
me into, you don't trust me?
- (gun clicks) Take off your shirt.
- Or what?
Or you'll shoot me?
Is that what you'll do, Frank?
Kill me?
Me too?
Then shoot.
- I'm gonna ask you one
more mother fuckin' time.
Now take off the god
damn shirt, take it off!
- I can't fuckin' believe you.
I can't believe you.
- [Frank] Shit!
I'm sorry, man.
You're right, man.
I don't know what the fuck, man.
I'm just,
I'm fuckin' nervous, man, like you.
Come on, forget it, all right?
It's this fuckin' thing, man.
I'm telling you it's this fuckin' thing.
- I can't believe you did that, Frank.
- Really, man, well let's just do it.
Let's just get it over with.
(car door closes)
Sorry, man.
Hey, look I know I'm gonna feel
a whole lot better once she's dead
and then we're off the hook.
- I know.
(man yells and thuds fist against flesh)
- [Rodriguez] What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
- [Divinci] Fuckin' asshole!
You fuckin' rat!
You fuckin' rat!
- Yeah, I'm a fuckin' rat.
- [Frank] Fuckin' A.
- [Rodriguez] Yeah, I
fuckin' ratted you out.
Simm knows everything.
Go ahead, I don't give a fuck.
Go ahead, blow my brains out.
I deserve to fuckin' die.
- Fuckin' right, you do, man.
Get outta the car.
- [Rodriguez] Frank.
- [Frank] Get outta the car, now.
(car door opens and closes)
- Frank.
- This is why you can never
lose your sense of humor.
(car starts and rumbles away)
(footsteps on pavement)
- Fuckin' why?
(tape recorder clicks open)
(man yelling in distress)
- [Loan Shark] Guess we
caught you at a bad time.
What, we all have problems.
- [Rodriguez] Mother fucker! (yelling)
(gun fires)
- Divinci must have figured it.
I didn't think he'd kill
his own partner though.
- He's an animal.
- The recorder's busted up.
But we might be able to
salvage some of the tape.
- I want him, you understand me?
I don't care what it takes.
I want that son of a bitch.
(door squeaks open)
(door closes)
(gun taps on wood)
- [Manny] Shit.
Who the fuck are you?
- Miss Webb, we'd like
you to come with us.
(door squeaks open)
Who set it up?
- I don't know.
- [Voiceover] It was Divinci, wasn't it?
- [Simms] Which one pulled the trigger,
Divinci or Rodriguez?
- I don't know.
- [Simms] Detective Rodriguez is dead.
He was shot in the head last night.
Rodriguez was wearing a recorder,
Divinci found it.
You can do addition, can't you?
- You are so full of shit.
- Miss Simms, just tell us what you know.
- Look, where's Divinci?
- [Simms] We don't know.
But we're gonna find him.
- (chuckles) You're gonna find him?
Yeah right, I don't know a fucking thing.
- Listen!
- [Simms] Hey, back off!
Hooper, get her outta here.
Get a copy of the tape to Baylor.
Make sure it doesn't come from us.
- [Guard] Your attorney is here.
(keys clanking)
- What attorney?
(metal bars open)
- [Arthur] Hi, Cynthia.
Sit down please.
- I got nothin' to say.
- Yes, so I'm told.
(tape recorder clicks on)
- [Voiceover] Let's just get it over with.
I'll just feel a whole lot
better when she's dead,
then we're off the hook.
- [Voiceover] Right.
- [Voiceover] You fucking rat!
- [Voiceover] Yeah, I am.
I'm a fuckin' rat.
I traded you, Frank, I fuckin' traded you.
Simms knows everything.
Just fuckin' let me die.
(tape clicks off)
- I think you know my client is innocent.
That's all I care about, my client.
But I understand why you're scared.
You're already facing perjury charges
and my guess is that you're
in this a lot deeper.
But I'm not after you.
I get nothing if you go to jail.
But I think that if I help you,
you're gonna help my client.
- How?
- Sit down, please.
William, Joe,
didn't really do it, did he?
- No, no he didn't.
- No, no god damn way.
I'm not gonna grant that whore immunity.
She lied on the stand,
she's protecting somebody,
and she's involved.
I want 'em all.
- [Arthur] All right.
Before I leave,
I want to remind you of something.
You have shit for a case.
And if you really cared
about seeing justice
for your dead comrade,
you wouldn't blow this deal.
Immunity for her testimony
is a small price for a bad cop
and that's the only way she's gonna talk.
And William McCall walks right now.
All charges dropped.
- If what she says is any good, I'll deal.
If it isn't, nobody goes anywhere.
(door opens and closes)
- Cynthia, sit down, please.
- [Voiceover] How does it
feel to be a free man again?
- [Voiceover] Do you
have any comments, sir?
- Sorry, no more questions.
(reporters chattering)
No more questions, thank you.
Thank you.
And we gon' pass the pussy
Ain't no hogs, man
Risky passes to Butch
Butch passes to Dogg, man
Sippin tall cans
Nigga and we all can
Fall up in these hoochies
coochies or love wrinkles
When she step into the
club with your party hat
You steppin' to the flow, dance flow
Checkin' on them niggas for a long time
If you wanna know the
reason take a sip of wine
Get your game tight
And start to pick up on these ladies
Before you're driving a Mercedes
You gotta push it up
(door opens)
(door closes)
(light switch clicking on and off)
(muffled screaming)
- I guess you had no choice.
Had to do the right thing.
Baby, look at look at you.
- What do you want?
- What do I want?
You're asking me what I want?
Are you gonna grant me three wishes?
Let's see, I don't know what to ask for.
Money would be nice.
(sniffing woman)
Love would be better.
But a little fuckin' loyalty,
you can never get enough of that.
We'll start with money.
- That's all I've got.
They'll catch you.
- They don't got a clue, baby.
You know why?
I'm following my heart
and they don't know where that is.
- What about your plans?
Why don't you tell me
about your fuckin' plans?
Maybe I'd like to hear 'em now.
- Plans. (chuckles)
Once the loyalty's broken, baby
you can never get it back.
You should not have told them.
- There are a lot of things in my life
that I shouldn't of done.
But that is not fucking one of them.
(woman yells)
- [Davinci] Let me tell you something.
The only difference between
a witness and a liar,
is just one of 'em knows what he's doing.
- [Cynthia] No!
(gun fires)
(door opens and closes)
(mystical rhythmic music)
(door squeaks open and closes)
- Manny, lock the door, lock it.
- [Manny] Man, you
scared the shit outta me.
- Hey, Manny,
one more favor.
- Now since when did I become
such a good fuckin' friend?
- Look, I'm thinkin' of
takin' a little time off.
Think you can get me a car tonight?
Yeah, man.
(keys clank)
I can do that.
But you know, you hot as
hell right now, right?
And drivers that don't
talk don't come cheap.
- I got the money.
(box clanks)
Make it happen.
- [Voiceover] Dr. Kravitz, you
have a visitor in room nine.
Dr. Kravitz, a visitor in room nine.
Dr. Taurus, please dial 1-1-2.
- You wanna do the op up work?
- Not if you do.
How's your pulse?
(thunder and rain)
- [Manny] There you go, man.
Leather seats, mini bar, CD player,
what more could you ask for?
- [Frank] Better not be a set up.
- [Manny] Do you need me
to hold your hand, too?
- [Frank] Walk me to the car.
Come on.
- [Manny] Come on.
- [Frank] Ha!
I guess I'll let you live.
- Yeah, you're a real fuckin' prince.
Give me my money, man.
- You never saw me.
- Yeah, don't I wish that was true.
Come on.
- [Frank] (grunts] Thank you sir.
(car rumbles away)
- Have a nice trip, shit.
- Go south.
Get on the interstate.
Don't break the speed limit.
You know, that's the thing about life.
You can never ever lose
your sense of humor.
Either that or you got nothin'.
(gun fires)
(glass shatters)
- Fuckin A.
(smooth disco music)
- [Voiceover] Staring at the
world through my rear view.
Just looking back at the
world from another level.
You know what I mean?
(chuckles) Startin'.
Multiple gunshots fill
the block, the fun stops
Niggaz is callin cops,
people shot, nobody stops
I wonder when the world
stopped caring last night
Two kids shot while
the whole block staring
I will never understand this society
First they try to murder me
Then they lie to me
Product of a dyin' breed
All my homies trying weed
Now the little baby's
crazed raised off Hennesey
Tell me will my enemies
flee when they see me
Believe me, even thugs
gotta learn to take it easy
Listen through the intermissions
Search your heart for a plan
And we turnin Bad Boys
to grown men, it's on again
I give a holla to my
niggaz in the darkest corners
Roll a perfect blunt
and let me spark it for ya
One love from a thug
nigga rollin with a posse
Full of paranoid drug dealers
To the end my friend
I'm seein' nuttin' but
my dreams comin' true
While I'm starin' at the
world through my rear view
See, I'm seein' nuttin'
but my dreams comin' true
While I'm starin' at the
world through my rear view
They got me starin at the
world through my rearview
Go on baby scream to
God, he can't hear you
I can feel your heart beatin'
fast cause it's time to die
We gettin' high, watchin' time fly
'Cause all my mother fuckers
Starin at the world through my rearview
Go on baby scream to
God, he can't hear you
I can feel your heart beatin'
fast cause it's time to die
We gettin high, watchin time fly
All my mother fuckers
Now you see him, now you don't
Some niggas be here for the moment
And then they gone
What happened to 'em
Well let's see, it seems to be a mystery
But all I know I never
let the money get to me
Stay down like the truest
Thug life until I check out this bitch
I thought you knew this
Who is gonna catch me
when I fall or even care to
While you thinkin' I see
you lost up in my rear view
Half you is down with them Outlawz
Outcast left far, I'm
through like Southpaws
But still we keep mashin
'til our dreams come through
Starin at the world through my rearview
Now I was raised as a young black male
In order to get paid,
forced to make crack sales
Caught a nigga so they send
me to these overpacked jails
In the cell, countin' days
in this livin' black hell
Do you feel me
Keys to ignition, use at your discretion
Roll with a twelve
gauge pump for protection
Niggas hate me in the section
from years of chin checkin'
Turn to Smith and Wesson war weapons
Heavenly Father I'm a soldier
I'm gettin hotter 'cause
the world's gettin' colder
Baby let me hold ya
Talk to my guns like they fly bitches
All you bustas best to
run, look at my bitches
Now I know the answers to the question
Do dreams come true
Still starin at the
world through my rearview
I say now I know the answers
Do dreams come true
Starin' at the world
through my rear view
They got me starin' at the
world through my rearview
Go on baby scream to
God, he can't hear you
I can feel your heart beatin
fast 'cause it's time to die
Gettin high, watchin time fly
And all my motherfuckers
Starin' at the world through my rearview
Go on baby scream to
God, he can't hear you
I can feel your heart beatin
fast 'cause it's time to die
Gettin high, watchin time fly
Nigga can die
Back in the days we hustled
for sneakers and beepers
Nine-six for glocks
'Cause fiends hittin up
blocks with street sweepers
Bless myself when knowin
rules to these streets
Somethin I learned in school
On some Million Man
March shit for the peace
True that only one life to
lead, a fast life of greed
Criminally addicted,
infested since a seed
We all die, breed, bleed like humans
Towns run by young
guns, Outlawz and truants
Shit's deep, turn eighteen,
burn my will when I go
Burnt my body with my
shotty over chosin my dough
So while you reminiscin'
all nights out with the crew
Smoke a blunt for me too
I'm starin' through your rearview
- [Voiceover] (chuckles) You
ain't knowin what we mean
by starin' through the rear view.
So since you ain't knowin what we mean
let me break down understanding.
The world, the world is behind us.
Once a motherfucker get an
understanding on the game,
and what the levels and
the rules of the game is,
then the world ain't no trick no more.
The world is a game to be played.
So now we lookin' at the
world, from like, behind us.
Niggas know what we gotta do.
We just gotta put our
mind to it and do it.
It's all about the papers,
money rule the world.
Bitches make the world go round.
Real niggas do what they wanna do.
Bitch niggas do what they can.
Starin' at the world through my rearview
Go on baby scream to
God, he can't hear you
I can feel your heart beatin
fast cause it's time to die
Gettin high, watchin time fly, you know
Starin' at the world through my rearview
Go on baby scream to
God, he can't hear you
I can feel your heart beatin
fast cause it's time to die
Gettin' high, watchin time fly
And we'll be starin' at the
world through my rear view
Scream to God, he can't hear you
Heart beatin' fast
cause it's time to die
Watchin' time fly
Starin' at the world
through my rear view
Scream to God, he can't hear you