Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswathi (1988) Movie Script

" The Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati...''
''carry forth the message of peace''
''The place they meet...
is where the confluence takes place''
''The path of virtues is
fraught with difficulties...''
''that of sin, is easy''
''Do your duties...''
''this is what the Bhagwad Gita
teaches you''
''The path of virtues is
fraught with difficulties...''
''that of sin, is easy''
''Do your duties...''
''this is what the Bhagwad Gita
teaches you''
''Love is the power
that unites''
''lt brings those estranged, together''
''What you will get...
is something destiny decides''
''The Ganga, the Jamuna and the Saraswati
carry forth the message of love''
''Where they meet is
where the confluence happens''
Pick up the idol.
Where are you taking the idol?
Move aside.
Stop them, sir. They are
stealing the Goddess's idol!
When the Goddess herself isn't
stopping them, who am l to intervene?
lt's a sin to steal the idol!
lt's a greater sin
to rebel against me.
Drive to the crocodile pond.
Priest... who did this to you?
Your brother-in-law,
Thakur Hansraj.
He has stolen the idol
from the temple and gone...
...towards the crocodile pond.
Hurry up, father.
So whatever l've heard
about you is true.
You killed the priest, stole the
idol and are now hiding it here.
Life and Death
are in His hands.
l was only an excuse
for his death.
As for the idol, it's you who says
that God lives in one and all.
So what's the point in
keeping it in the temple?
They're more valuable
abroad than they are here.
When l sell them abroad,
l'll send your share to you.
You can't buy me at any cost.
- No, never!
l finish off the one l can't buy.
Where have you gone away,...?
My dear brother-in-law...
l told him several times
to give up hunting.
The jungle has become very dangerous.
The wild beasts
can attack any time.
But he never listened to me.
No matter what anyone says
l somehow can't believe...
...that father was
killed by wild beasts.
Father had told me that he
was going to the temple.
Ganga, my son, no matter
where one has to go...
his feet just take him
where death awaits him
Don't cry, my dear sister
...have courage.
Here, sign this.
Since it was an accident, there will be
an enquiry and court proceedings.
l don't want you folks to face
any trouble while l'm around.
Here, put your thumb-impression.
Why have you shut the gates?
The Thakur's orders are that
you shouldn't be let in.
What nonsense are you talking!
Where is he?
He's wrestling.
Father, break his neck.
Why are we being prevented
from entering the mansion?
Because you have willingly bequeathed
your entire property to me.
l...? When ?
Tell her what she has
given away, lawyer.
lt's written here that you have entrusted
your entire property to your brother.
- That you will take your son away...
and spend the rest of your
life in charitable ashrams.
You have willingly put your
thumb-impression on these papers.
Do you believe now that these are
the papers you have endorsed?
Are you brother or a savage?
You have stabbed your
own sister in the back.
Should there be a few more
brothers like you....
no sister will have faith
in her brother.
You had better go away from here,
before l really get mean.
l will not spare you.
You beat up my mother!
You son-of-a-bitch!
How dare you behave like this!
You have rendered a widow homeless
and hurt an innocent child.
God will never forgive you!
He will certainly avenge you!
No mother...
l will take revenge, not God.
Demon-uncle !
Yes, from this day... this is
how l will address you.
Don't forget this day.
You have insulted my mother today.
You've broken my day
l'll break all your teeth right here.
Let's go, mother
Great! l'd only heard about this
earlier, but now l have seen it too...
This side of the Ganges, no one sings
or dances as beautifully as you do.
Thank you...
You may all leave now.
l didn't ask you to leave,
l asked your musicians to go.
You guys go out and play the music...
l'll make music here, with her.
Come on, go out
What do you mean?
- l sent these expensive clothes...
and jewelry as a price
to spend the night with you.
Talk to me with due respect...
l sell my voice, not my body.
And l like to hear the voice first...
then smell the fragrance of your body.
l don't take no for an answer.
For Ganga's sake, please
have the door opened!
l know of no Goddess Ganga...
l only know of you, my love!
Please open the door!
Help !
Step on it, Bansi! The Thakur's
up to his tricks again!
Who are you?
- Ganga.
What do you mean by
barging in like this?
Whenever l hear a cry for help,...
no one can stop me from coming.
l reach the destination, breaking
all barriers in my path, understand?
People who break barriers are
beaten to pulp by my people.
Throw him out!
You can't leave this hunting
ground without my permission!
And you can't outrage her modesty
while l am around.
Ganga is bound to take Saraswati away.
At least undo the safety-lock
before you use the gun!
Remember, if you ever try
to rape a girl again...
l'll hang your head from the walls
like the animal-trophies hung there!
Get in. Carefully...
Thanks for protecting my honor.
You have done me a great favor.
ln return l want you to visit
my work-place everyday.
l want to dance and sing, only for you.
You'll come, won't you?
l do enjoy singing and dancing,
but l don't visit brothels.
Whenever l feel like dancing,
l do it in my moving truck.
ln the moving truck?
- Anyone can dance on a steady ground.
lt's different when you
dance on a moving truck.
All right.
''Saraswati will dance,
sing and sway for you''
''Saraswati would ruin herself...
for you''
''Listen to me, Ganga''
''Listen to me, Ganga''
''Saraswati will dance,
sing and sway for you''
''Saraswati would ruin herself...
for you''
''Listen to me, Ganga''
''Listen to me, Ganga''
''May our union be forever''
''May our ties never break''
''May our union be forever''
''May our ties never break''
''My life, l want to spend
at your feet...''
''and when l die, l want
to depart on your shoulders''
''l want to merge with you...
l want to be pure for you''
''Listen to me, Ganga''
''Listen to me, Ganga''
''l have seen riches, but l look at you
from the depths of my heart''
''l have seen riches, but l look at you
from the depths of my heart''
''Give me the 'little one'
l can hold close to my heart''
''l thirst for love, l'm your slave''
''l have came to this world for you''
''Listen to me, Ganga''
''Saraswati will dance,
sing and sway for you''
''Saraswati would ruin herself...
for you''
''Listen to me, Ganga''
When will we meet again?
Whenever l pass this way and
happen to hear your song...
...l'll remember you.
l know you don't like
to visit a brothel.
But whenever you pass by, do give
me a call, l'll come to meet you.
Who was he?
- Ganga.
You're back early.
Where are the others?
Didn't you tell the Thakur l only
sing and dance, l don't sell my body?
The Thakur jr. is a
foreign-returned man.
He doesn't know our customs.
So what if he made a pass at you?
That's enough! ln future l won't go
to sing and dance at anyone's house
Anyone wishing to hear my songs
will have to come here.
And there won't be
anymore passes at me.
Where will you escape and go ?
- Let me go!
Get the guns out of the pond.
- Yes, sir
Son, go and get Ranga.
- Yes, father.
l spent a lot of money to
get you out of jail.
Don't worry, sir.
l'll make up for it.
l've bought some toys for you.
Here, take this.
After several years, l've got
a gun in my hands today
Spread such terror in this region
that people should sell...
their land and property cheaply
to us and flee to safety.
What is it?
- l need some money.
Why ?
- l want to get married
Who's the girl you want to marry?
- Her name is Jamuna.
When will l get married?
You know everything about the future.
You'll soon be meeting
your husband-to-be.
But my child...
- But what, auntie?
You'll get married only after
facing too many difficulties.
Tell me, how will
he be to look at?
He will be a tall, dark
and handsome young man.
She's talking about me...
l'm tall and handsome...and after
a few days of tan, l'll be dark too.
l have told you several times in
the past that l will not marry you.
You'll have to marry him. The alliance
was fixed when you were a child.
My father didn't tell me
anything about it.
What can l do if your father died
without telling you anything about it?
Wear this and get ready
for the wedding.
l won't wear it!
- You will have to wear it!
Look, forcing her is not good.
- Shut up, old hag!
lf you talk too much, l'll throw you
to the crocodiles, understand?
lf l can't get a girl, then
find her corpse! Understand?
Take this sari and
get dressed quickly
l won't let you
get away with this.
Hey, Satpal!
- Yes? What's it?
Why's there a traffic-jam?
- There was an accident.
An accident?
- Look, a car and truck have overturned.
The driver suffered only
a slight injury.
But until the investigations are over,
we are stuck here!
We are in trouble...
There's an accident over there.
lt seems we'll have to spend
the night here. l don't understand!
Why are you laughing?
Only a banana peel here...
...that means...
Hey Miss! You've got into
my truck without permission...
And you're eating our bananas too?
- Yes...No!
Please forgive me. That devil
was forcing me to marry him.
Just to escape from him,
l hid in this truck.
This is an old tale! Anyone who
wants a free ride says that!
l swear, sir...l never lie.
Did you hear that ?
- Yes, boss.
After reading the board on the truck,
she has named herself Jamuna!
Just like the two rivers
Ganga and Jamuna flow together...
she thought, she could take
a free ride in our truck!
But, dearie, that won't do. Get down.
- But, sir...
Go find your own way.
Gosh! Did it have to rain now too?!
ls there a hotel around here?
- Yes, there is one over there but...
Only married couples can
get a room there.
Hey, listen!
- What is it?
l don't like to see you getting
drenched in the rains like this.
lf you fall sick, what will
l tell your parents?
Say what you will!
Actually, there's no need to
say anything. l have no one.
How can you say that when
l am here for you?
So you've caught a cold!
You must think with a cool head.
There's one way to escape the rain.
- What?
What?! How's that possible?
This is the only way out. Else,
we'll get soaked in rain all night.
All right.
Come on, it's too cold.
l'll light a fire
while you relax.
What sort of a room is this?
There's no mirror or a sofa-set.
Why do you need all that?
Didn't you read the board outside?
There's a bed in here.
Go to sleep.
l'll leave you folks
to sleep comfortably.
There's only one bed.
How will we sleep?
No need to worry. You sleep
on the cot, l'll sleep down here. tradition is the male
sleeps on the bed.
You'll freeze if you
sleep on the bare floor.
l'm used to sleeping on the floor.
l'll sleep under the bed.
All right. l'll move this,
then you can sleep down there.
What's going on there ?
- l can't get under the bed.
Okay, l understand...
l'll set it right now.
Come on, get under it. Okay?
Be careful.
Help! There's a rat in here!
- What happened?
Where has it gone?
Catch it!
lt has escaped.
Shameless creature!
Getting fresh with a young girl...?
Look, you can't trust that guy.
lt's very late in the night now.
l can't chase it all night,
l'll have to think of an idea.
l have an idea.
What's this?
- lt's a bathtub.
But now it's a cage to
guard against the rat.
So, that takes care of the rat.
That was only a rat..l have made
a rat out of such tough guys before.
l'm afraid, Bhima may come here.
This is that rascal...Bhima!
He's forcing me to marry him.
Now look; forcing is not good, you
can't take anything without a permit.
So you want to see the permit?
This was a local permit.
l'll show you an all-lndia permit.
Stop the vehicle, lnspector;
he's the man who raped me.
Let me go! l'll meet you again
after l'm released from jail.
Alright, we'll meet again! That's
what a sign on my truck says too!
...'we'll meet again''
Thank you very much.
- lt's okay, come along.
He'll be a tall, dark
and handsome young man.
Why are you looking like that?
- l'm looking at my future.
She's right, you are her future.
The union of Ganga and Jamuna
is part of our heritage.
What are you thinking of? Hold her
hand and let us dance a ''bhangra''
A Bhangra ( dance) ?
- And disco too.
Disco? ln these clothes?
Just a minute...
Wear this.
''l'll sing to you a tune of
love and show you a new dance''
''Disco Bhangra''
''l'll sing to you a tune of
love and show you a new dance''
''Disco Bhangra''
''Our eyes met and hearts
started pounding!''
''She was restless and
l suffered the pangs too''
''Our eyes met and hearts
started pounding!''
''She was restless and
l suffered the pangs too''
''Such a fire raged in our hearts
that there were flames everywhere''
''l'll sing to you a tune of
love and show you a new dance''
''Disco Bhangra''
''The steps are new, the tune is new;
l'll show you a new wonder''
''The steps are new, the tune is new;
l'll show you a new wonder''
''l'll show a dance just like
Michael Jackson's''
''l'll sing to you a tune of
love and show you a new dance''
''Disco Bhangra''
Come on...
The road is about to open.
So where must we drop you?
- lt's close by. Katra.
l too live near Katra.
Whom do you stay with?
There's mother at home and ...
- And ? ...
...and me
- She means, are you married?
No, l'm not married yet,
l haven't fallen in love.
What sort of a girl will
you fall in love with?
The sort of girl l'll fall in
love with, should be fair-skinned.
Like her?
- Yes, like hers.
And her height should be
about 5 feet, 5 inches.
Like hers?
- Yes, like hers.
And who's eyes should
also be like hers ?
Yes, and her hair should
be long, soft, silky and...
Like hers?
- Yes!
Hey! What happened?
lf she has all those qualities,
why don't you propose to her?
l want to ask you something...
- Yes? What is it?
No, forget it.
- Go ahead. Please ask me.
First let me talk to
my mother about it.
You go to the doctor, l'll get the
truck unloaded and meet you later.
You remembered me after so long!
- l'll explain everything later, aunt.
There's a performance by Shankar
this evening. l'm a great fan of his!
l'm going to his show with
my friends. Please join us.
The young landlord has
stopped all the trucks.
He's demanding 500 rupees to
let those trucks pass.
Does his father own the Law here ?
l'll thrash him and set him right.
You please come over.
l'll wait for you.
They have stopped all the trucks.
- Why?
Why are you collecting a tax on
trucks when that land belongs to all?
We've taken over the land
- What do you mean by 'taken over''?
Even the British had captured lndia.
But they had to quit, didn't they?
Similarly, l'll make you and
your father flee this place.
We'll see about that later. lf you
want to drive through, pay the tax.
Or else, use the public bridge.
- Did you break it up?
Even if we did, go and
have another one built.
Whether that one is built or not,
this one is going to crumble.
Come on, take your truck.
The Evil Uncle is in the habit of
getting blank papers signed? lsn't he?
l'm branding your
face with my shoe-print.
Go and show it to your father.
Please set me down, Ganga!
Please let me go!
l'll hang your father
like this one day.
My father will make
you regret this.
Please sit down. You'll be
hearing the song in a while.
Yes, sir?
- Where is your singer?
l've sent men to call him.
He'll be here soon.
There are ways
of inviting a man.
Use force, and even a
prostitute will refuse to come.
How dare you talk like
that to the Thakur!
l had told your man,
l've already given a performance.
When l said l couldn't come,
l meant it.
No one can force me, understand?
- l do anything l please.
l can not only sing,
but if l lose my temper...
...l can destroy my enemies too.
Listen young man, my guests
want to hear your song.
lf you guests are so keen
on hearing my song...
l have a program today.
Ask them to buy tickets and hear it.
l'll sing for them
- Just a minute.
How much do you earn from
these petty programs ?
l'm happy with whatever l earn.
Besides a living, l earn the public's
love! What more can an artist ask for?
l got you promoted as inspector
from a mere constable.
Was it to get insulted by
a two-penny singer like him?
l'll teach him such a lesson,
that he'll forget how to sing!
''Let the brightness of
your memories remain with me''
''l don't know on which path...''
''my life will reach
its twilight''
''l leave your threshhold...''
''l leave your threshhold...''
''l leave your threshhold...''
''l go heart-broken''
''l go heart-broken''
''Love never believed in
limitations and boundaries''
''All are close to the heart,...
no one is a stranger''
''There was something missing
in life without you''
''l was very lonely
without you''
''Today l am your guest,
your house is mine for a while''
''what can you say where a
wanderer will settle tomorrow''
''l want to serve you...
May God grant me a long life''
''As a guest you have come to my house''
''May you live happily,
l am going away''
''l go heart-broken''
''l'll prove my loyalty
with all my heart, O love''
''l'll come running
at a call from you''
''Who knows when l'll get
such an opportunity again''
''lt's the call of the hour...
Please come into my arms''
''You look so intoxicating;
Oh! so beautiful you are...''
''l live the rest of my life
with your memories''
''l have come to give up
everything l have to you''
''l also wish that when death comes,
l should die in your arms''
''God be with you...
Here l go...''
''l leave...''
''l go away''
''l'm leaving...''
l have an arrest warrant
in your name, Shankar.
Arrest? What crime have l committed?
- We've information that you are a spy.
A spy! Me ?
Gentlemen, do l look like
a spy to you folks?
So how can you call me a spy?
Ask them.
Please move back
Where's that guy in the jeep heading...?
Hey! Watch out!
Scoundrel! Are you drunk?
Are you Shanker, the singer?
- Yes.
How did you suffer this injury?
- The police are after me.
They shot at me...
But l am innocent.
Yes, don't you worry!
Please come along.
Come on... Mother...
- Coming, son.
Look, the singer Shanker is here.
What happened son?
How did he get wounded?
l refused to sing at
the Thakur's place.
So he falsely implicated me as a spy,
and set the police after me.
Fetch the doctor quickly, son.
- The doctors are on strike.
l don't know what to do.
lf the bullet is not removed, the
poison will spread in his body.
Take this, remove the bullet.
l'll remove the bullet but
it's going to be very painful.
Will you be able to bear it?
- Try me.
Mother, get some ointment,
bandages and warm water.
lt's okay...
Please go ahead, mother.
You will just have to
bear a bit of pain.
That's it!
Shall l bandage the wound now?
You are very large-hearted and
courageous indeed. Great!
l only have courage left now... heart l'm leaving
behind in that village.
You are talking like a true lover!
How far is Shivgarh from here?
lt's close by. Let your wound heal,
l'll drop you there myself.
l can't wait here for so long.
My father will be very worried.
l'll have to go now.
- Okay.
Here son, drink this turmeric-milk.
lt'll give you strength.
Go my son...
May you reach safely.
l will never forget that my
life is indebted to you folks.
l tried my best
to reach on time but...
l was not destined to
hear your song on stage.
Now l listen to this cassette.
Please take a look.
Why are you feeling so bad?
l'll come and sing at your wedding.
Then you'll have to come
very soon to sing.
Why? Have you fallen
in love with someone?
Only yesterday l fell
in love with someone.
And l fell in love today!
- Really?
She was applauding so much, but
God knows when we'll meet again.
Why do you drag God
into such petty matters?
Just tell me her name and address...
l'll get her for you.
That's the problem, l didn't get the
chance to ask her name and address.
Stop! Enough!
There is no way ahead.
Thank you very much.
l stay close by. l'll walk home.
Please wait ! Do you stay close-by?
- Don't be so formal.
Okay. Do you stay close by?
- Right.
Do you see that liquor-shop?
l go there quite often.
ls that so?
But l've never seen you there before.
Do you go there to drink?
- Sometimes.
Then let's have few drinks
now to our friendship!
Hey! Not now!
- Come on, will you!
''Let's have a drink each,
then you can go home!
''Who knows what might
happen at what time?''
''Let's have a drink each,
then you can go home!
''Who knows what might
happen at what time?''
''Let's have a drink each,
then you can go home!
''Why keep a count of the drinks,
when it's you who's giving it to me''
''l'd swallow drink a bowl of
poison if you were to offer it''
''Why keep a count of the drinks,
when it's you who's giving it to me''
''l'd swallow drink a bowl of
poison if you were to offer it''
''You can test the promise of our
friendship whenever you like''
''Let's have a drink each,
then you can go home!
''lf there is a beautiful
girl in love with you...''
''l'll find her for you,
if she's crazy about you''
''lf there is a beautiful
girl in love with you...''
''l'll find her for you,
if she's crazy about you''
''We'll gift away
our life for love''
''Let's have a drink each,
then you can go home!
''Who knows what might
happen at what time?''
''Let's have a drink each,
then you can go home!
Those who worship Goddess Bhagavati
with real devotion...
always prosper and the
Goddess surely blesses them.
Where have you hidden your son?
- Hidden my son?
He is absconding.
- But what's his crime?
He sells the army's secrets of
the borders to foreign powers.
What are you saying, lnspector!
My son is a famous singer.
He earns his living by
singing songs and hymns. the guise of singing,
he does a fair bit of smuggling, too.
No, lnspector!
ln the name of the Goddess l say...
my son does not do
any illegal business.
Am l lying then, old fossil?
Tell me where he is.
Tell me or l'll offer you
as a sacrifice to the Goddess.
Let him go.
You come to the temple to pray,
not to beat up someone.
Threatening an old man under
the protection of authority...
is cowardice, not bravery!
- Arrest him!
Please don't do this, lnspector!
lt's not fair!
There is no need to plead before
a corrupt officer, father!
He's arresting me not for
committing a crime, but...
for refusing to sing
at the Thakur's house!
My son !
- Move aside, old man!
When he spends 2 years in jail, he'll
even forget to talk, let alone sing.
On the basis of evidence of crime,
under the lndian Penal Code 1 21 ...
the accused is sentenced for
2 years rigorous imprisonment.
Once l get out of here, l'll...
come after you like a
revenge-seeking poisonous snake!
Hey snake!
Down there! Kill it!
You fools!
Today is the festival of snakes.
You have to worship it and offer
it milk, not burn it! Understand?
Hey! Get some milk.
- Yes, in a minute.
''The bangles are tinkling; the one
they tinkle for, is here''
''The bangles are tinkling; the one
they tinkle for, is here''
''The one l expected,
has arrived''
''The bangles are tinkling; the one
they tinkle for, is here''
''Now there will be music and
the palanquin will be taken away''
''The bridegroom will dress up
and the bride will dress up, too''
''Now there will be music and
the palanquin will be taken away''
''The bridegroom will dress up
and the bride will dress up, too''
''As they once come...''
The dark night will come''
''The one l expected,
has arrived''
''My heart fluttered; the one it
flutters for, has come''
''The bangles are tinkling; the one
they tinkle for, is here''
''My beloved will now be with me;
and my loneliness will vanish''
''My dot will be wiped out
and my sleep will disappear''
''My beloved will now be with me;
and my loneliness will vanish''
''My dot will be wiped out
and my sleep will disappear''
''What was written in my destiny...''
''What was written in my
destiny has truly happened''
''The one l expected,
has arrived''
''My fate has looked up;
the one responsible has arrived''
''The bangles are tinkling; the one
they tinkle for, is here''
''The one l expected,
has arrived''
''The bangles are tinkling; the one
they tinkle for, is here''
Take off your wet clothes
and wrap this around yourself.
l'll light a fire.
Don't sleep...
for God's sake, don't go to sleep!
The sleep of chilliness
is the sleep of death
Wake up!
The only way to save her life
is through the warmth of my body.
l won't allow your name
to be maligned.
Since our bodies have united,
our souls and minds will unite too.
l have broken the moral code
of society to save your life
l will follow those same norms
after saving your life too.
My son was hospitalized
because that man beat him up.
And now he's hiding here!
- Cowards hide, not people like me.
l only sent him to the hospital.
lf it had been you instead of him...
...l would have killed you
Please allow me to say something...
- Whatever you have to say...
...say it in the court.
Arrest him!
l have a request...please allow me
to fulfill my promise to her.
Please allow me to
marry her right now.
After that, l'll do as you say.
Oh yes! We've come to take
you to your in-laws' house!
Yes, sir. After that, the marriage
can take place in the court.
Take him away
On the basis of the evidence,
the court has come to the conclusion...
...that Ganga took the
law into his hands and...
...seriously injured Shakti Singh.
Under section 326 of the
lndian Penal Court, therefore,...
...this court sentences him
to 2 years rigorous imprisonment
Don't think that l've
got a two-year sentence.
lnstead, think your life has
got a reprieve for 2 years.
l'll drag you to the gates of
hell once l am released.
l had been to the doctor. He says
the baby can be born any day now.
l'm so unfortunate...l won't able
to see my baby when its born.
With your name, l will bring him
to meet you. Jumna!
l don't want my child to see the walls
of this place.
Time is up!
Look after yourself Jumna.
What's the matter?
- How far is the hospital from here?
lt'll take at least another hour.
l don't think l'll be
able to make it up to there.
There's a village ahead,
l'll stop the truck there.
Hail the Goddess!
Please hold on...
l'll get a doctor from the village.
please wait.
This is our Jamuna.
Please help me, for God's sake.
Please help me.
Come, let's help her.
- Wait! No one will help her!
She deserted the tribe. According to
our customs, she ought to be punished.
Pick up the stones and hit her.
Stop! She's pregnant!
Don't hit her!
Stop! Don't you feel ashamed pelting
stones at a pregnant woman?
lf you people hurl another stone
l'll call the police!
Come on, let's go
- May the Goddess bless you, dear.
You have got a son.
Thank you very much!
if it wasn't for you...
my baby and l would
never have survived.
Don't say such things on
a happy occasion like this.
lt's truly said, the one who gives
birth is called a mother and ...
the one who helps her deliver
the baby, is also a mother.
From today, you have as much
right to the baby as l have.
What's your name?
- Saraswati.
My name is Jamuna.
Come, let me take you home.
Have you got the thumb-impression
on the land documents yet?
No, father. They're very stubborn.
They'd rather die, than comply.
Sir, endorsing these documents
means cutting off both our hands.
And not endorsing them
would mean...
getting your head cut off.
Please don't...
- The endorsing can be done later.
Ganga is being released tomorrow.
l hope he doesn't come here and
put the stamp of death on you!
The stamp of death?
l get it, sir.
My gun has found its victim.
Don't kill him with a bullet...
blow him up with explosives.
She was getting carried away in
the river currents. l saved her.
But who is she?
She's the same girl l had
told you about earlier.
l had thought of finding her
when l was released from jail.
But l didn't get
the chance to do so.
Are you okay?
Who are you?
- Didn't you recognize me?
l'm the singer Shankar, remember?
You had come to hear me sing?
Shankar, the singer...?
...and this is my father
No... l can't recall anything...
...l don't remember anything!
Who am l? Where have l come from?
l don't recall anything!
Who am l? From where did l come?!
l don't understand anything!
How did l come here?
You were getting carried
away in the currents, l...
l can't remember anything!
l think she has lost her memory.
Her family must be
worried about her.
From where did you
get this veil?
lt was found in our
net just a while back.
Did you see anyone flowing away?
- No, this river is so deep.
...that whosoever sinks,
does not survive.
Don't worry...l'll find your family
for you.
Here, you change your clothes.
l've heard there are terrorist's
that are hiding here.
You be careful.
Don't open the door for anyone
until l get back.
Women should wear a veil.
- Okay.
Last year, when l performed here,
a girl danced with me on stage.
Can you give me her address?
We don't know about her, but her
aunt's eatery is over there.
You can find out from her.
Listen, your niece if from here...
Can you tell me about her?
From whom can l find out
her name and address now.
Who is it ?
- l'm lnspector Goga.
Since he got released from jail,
why hasn't he come to give attendance?
Where is he?
- He's not at home right now.
Who else is there at home?
- There's no one at home.
Open the door
- No, l won't!
l said, open the door !
- And l said, l won't!
lf you won't open the door,
l will break it open.
Open the door or l will
break it open!
Open the door
- Help !
ls there anyone out there?
Are you all right?
You aren't hurt, are you?
No, l'm fine.
The whole house is burning down.
Thank you very much. You saved
me and the house from burning.
But l couldn't save
my wife from drowning.
A baby?
Whose baby is this?
Mine ...
This child is very unfortunate.
When he was with his mother,
he had to be away from his father.
And now that he has his father...
he is distanced from his mother.
Don't cry, little one...
He has a very high temperature.
Looks like he thinks
you are his mother
Please take him to a doctor before
his temperature rises further.
But what about you?
- Please don't worry about me.
lt's very important to take him
to a doctor. Please take him.
Okay. Good-bye.
O God! You have taken away
my memory from me.
But please don't take away this
baby's mother. Sometime, someplace...
...get them together...
...get them together.
How did this fire break out?
The lnspector had come for you,
but on seeing me alone...
he tried to rape me. When he didn't
succeed, he set fire to the house.
l don't know what would've happened
if a kind man had not saved me.
Or else...
- He dared do this, l won't spare him!
You wanted to rape my guest!
What are you doing?
- When you didn't succeed...
you tried to burn her alive,
so that there wouldn't be any proof?
Please forgive me.
- Forgive you! l'll kill you... !
even if l'm hanged to death.
- Leave me alone!
How will you kill me?
l won't leave you live.
What's going on here?
- He beat up a police officer.
He threatened to kill me!
- Do you call yourself an officer?
Shame on people like you!
- You're right.
He has insulted this uniform.
He doesn't deserve the authority.
l've had complaints about you earlier.
But l didn't have any proof.
You have given proof by
asking for forgiveness
Let him go.
The Thakur has asked you
to kill Ganga's mother.
Where are you going away to?
l have already killed Ganga.
On the Thakur's orders.
- What?
Now only the old lady is left...
l have orders to finish her, too.
Come up quickly.
Ranga, who escaped from here, said
he's going to kill your mother.
What ?
- Please go and save your mother
l will take care of the baby.
Who are you ?
Leave me!
Yes, l will leave you...
but not here, in the well!
You hit my mother ?
Where is Jamuna?
- Come, l'll tell you.
Jamuna is dead. We were crossing
the river, when suddenly...
Ganga's son must be somewhere around.
Find him and kill him.
lf you want to save Ganga's son,
then just once...understood?
l'll slit this rascal's throat!
- No! Please don't...
Do as you please with me,
but please don't kill this child.
Take the child
- Please don't kill this child.
What happened?
- l can't see anything...
...a snake bit me,
l have gone blind!
There are some woman here,
who, like every year want to...
pray for their husbands longevity
and want to worship Goddess Savitri.
Let them do it.
Saraswati, you?
- Yes, please take your grandchild.
He has pneumonia.
The doctor has given this medicine.
Take him inside
- Okay, l'll be moving now.
Tell him when he comes home.
- How can l tell him anything?
Now he can't even hear me.
- What do you mean?
Come inside...
Come and have a look.
How did this happen?
- A wicked man shot at him.
Even the doctors have given up.
l don't know how to save my son's life.
How destiny too makes
fun of a person!
On this day, married women pray for
the long lives of their husbands.
But the one who could have
prayed for his life is dead.
Will you do this misery-driven
mother a favor?
Please say it. lf my death can help
save his life, l'm ready to die.
Don't talk about dying child,
but pray for my son's life.
Please become my
daughter-in-law for a day.
- Please become Jamuna, my dear.
Please say ''yes'' ! Worship Goddess
Savitri and save my son's life.
That's my last hope now.
- But how can l?
l will dress you up as a bride...
Come along, dear.
Mother, you know who l am...
l have observed a fast for you.
Please forgive me. lf l have ever
done a wrong, punish me severely.
But today, please accept my prayers.
Please do me this favor, Mother.
''My husband is my Lord...
l want no other God''
''May l ever remain married''
''May l ever remain married''
''May l have his companionship
in every birth...''
''each time l want him
as my husband''
''My husband is my Lord...
l want no other God''
''My husband is my Lord...
l want no other God''
''Everybody knows how Savitri fought
the God of Death for her husband''
''Everybody knows how Savitri fought
the God of Death for her husband''
''Let there be the same miracle again...
Save my husband's life''
''May l ever remain married...''
''May l ever remain married...''
''this is the man l want
as my husband''
''My husband is my Lord...
l want no other God''
''My husband is my Lord...
l want no other God''
''You are magnanimous, l beg to Thee,
l'm devoted to my husband''
''You are magnanimous, l beg to Thee,
l'm devoted to my husband''
''l fast that no harm comes
to my husband''
''May l ever remain married...''
''this is the man l want
as my husband''
''My husband is my Lord...
l want no other God''
''My husband is my Lord...
l want no other God''
God has heard your prayers!
My son has regained consciousness!
Thank you very much, Mother!
Mother, Kishan is with Saraswathi.
- Kishan is back home, son.
l think she risked her life
to bring him back home.
Don't you worry, son.
Her prayers saved your life today.
Death was almost certain.
Where are you going, child?
You had given me the role
of daughter-in-law for a day.
l enacted it.
Now what business do l have here?
There is no hope
of Jamuna returning.
Only God knows what He
has destined for everyone.
lt's possible that this child
who was born with your help...
should be brought up
by you one day, too.
Just as the legendary Yashodha raised
Krishna, consider this to be your home.
How can l live here?
l am a nautch-girl.
People will sling mud at you.
She's absolutely right. Why do you
want a cheap flower for your home?
These flowers of the brothel,
shrivel and die at the brothel.
Come, today l have fixed
the price of your virginity.
l won't sell my body!
- Won't you? Come on!
How you won't sell?
- Leave me alone!
l raised you, l have
a right over your life,
Come on, or else l'll
cut you to bits and...
She is on the threshold of
my one can take her away.
Think again; she's a prostitute.
Why are you getting involved for her?
She was a prostitute
till the other day.
But today, she isn't a prostitute...
- So will you make her your keep then?
What are you thinking about now?
A prostitute's fate begins and
ends at a brothel. Come along.
Wait !
When my mother has accepted
her as a daughter-in-law....
God has accepted her, then who
are you, me or the society to refuse.
Before my second bullet kills
you now, go away from here.
l'll go away, but...
beware, my name is Jagga.
Why are you going into so
much of trouble for me.
This house owes you a lot; we too
have some obligations towards you.
Ahilya was released of
her curse by Lord Rama
You have come to me
as Lord Rama himself
Don't say that.
l'm an ordinary human-being.
l can't give you Jamuna's
place in my heart.
But you'll get the same respect that
Jamuna would have got in this house.
For me, it's enough that l
get the dust of your feet.
Not the dust of my feet, nor the
vermillion sold in the market.
My blood shall be your
matrimonial vermillion.
Come on, dear...
You too come and pray.
l am...
- lf she had a husband, she'd pray.
lsn't she the priest's
daughter-in-law then?
The priest performs weddings
in the entire village.
But inspite of having
a young son at home...
he's keeping this
unmarried girl in his house
Good Lord!
What's the world coming to?
What's the matter, dear?
Why are you crying?
Nothing, l'm going away from here.
- Going away ? But why?
Have you been put to trouble
because of us?
No, l was not put to trouble, but you
could land in trouble because of me.
Because of me, people have
started talking ill about you.
People have started saying very
nasty, please let me go.
lf you keep running away from
people's taunts like this...
their jibes will follow you,
even if you give up your life.
Then you tell me,
what am l to do?
lf you want to escape these taunts,
marry my son...
and become my daughter-in-law.
How can l consent?
l know nothing about myself.
l don't remember anything.
l don't know what
happened in my past.
just assume that your past...
has drowned in the Holy
Ganges with your memory.
So forget your past,...
l'll face the future.
We couldn't find out
anything about your family.
Please listen to me, my child...
Please say yes.
Okay, father.
lf you feel it's all right.
Son, l'll find an auspicious date
next month and get you both married.
There are disturbances in the city.
We'll have a quiet wedding at a temple.
Whether you invite anyone or not,
l'll surely invite my friend ( Ganga).
You cheat!
How can you face me?
l considered you to be my friend, my
brother... you set my house on fire?
Are you okay?
Do you know what you are saying?
You stole my love!
You stole my beloved from me.
What are you saying?!
l stole your girlfriend?! are a blot
to the name of friendship
l haven't seen a rogue
like you earlier in my life!
You don't deserve to be even called
an enemy, let alone a friend!
l feel like strangling you!
- That's enough!
l too can hit back, but l'm quiet
because l owe you my life.
Then l'll take what you
owe me by killing you!
lf that is the case,
go ahead and shoot. And see...
how a friend sacrifices his
life for his friendship. Shoot!
Silly fellow! Did you really
believe it? This was just a drama!
We truck owners have a
drama here every year.
l was rehearsing, when you came
along. So l tried it on you.
Saw how he was taken aback?
Act like him or we'll be in trouble.
l'll perform exactly like that.
You accused me of such a grave
crime and almost killed me.
Remember one thing; l'll die, but
never disgrace our friendship.
l know that.
So how come you are here?
l've come to invite
you to my wedding.
l'm getting married on the 9th of the
next month at the Goddess's temple.
That's great!
Congratulations !
But l have a complaint against you;
you forgot to call me to your wedding.
l didn't forget, but l got married
under very odd circumstances.
Are you getting married to the
girl you had told me about?
But you haven't mentioned
her name in the Wedding Card.
l still don't know her name
- What are you saying?
Call it suggest
what l should name her.
Had my Jamuna been alive, l would've
asked her to name your wife.
Just a minute...
Who is this Jamuna?
lt's a strange story...
After my release from prison...
Jamuna and l were returning home
with our son, in the truck.
There was a sudden explosion
You take care of the guys,
l'll chase this fellow.
He's bleeding profusely...
Let's take him to the hospital.
What's happened to that man?
- Shankar took him to the hospital.
Your wedding should have
been a grand affair.
You know the city is
still not quite safe.
Taking all of you along
could prove to be risky.
Please go to the temple before
the curfew-hours begin.
Your father must be
waiting there for you.
People who get everything they
desire in life, are very lucky.
l never thought l'd
get the girl l love.
l hope no one casts an
evil eye on my happiness.
My son, Munna.
Your son?
- We were going in a truck...
there was a sudden explosion.
Munna and l fell into the river.
And Ganga got trapped
under the truck.
Yes, the owner of Ganga transport.
After my release from jail,
Jamuna and l, with our son...
were returning home, when
there was a sudden explosion.
That means you have
regained your memory
Yes, l can remember everything now.
lt's good that you could remember
everything at the right time.
Or else, how could l
have faced my friend?
l would have unknowingly
committed a grave sin...
which even death would
not have been able to rectify.
Do you know Ganga?
- Yes, we are friends.
Come, l'll take you
to your son and Ganga.
Go the Ganges
shall flow into Jamuna.
You will find him at
the Goddess's temple.
Tell him that his happiness had
come to my house for a few days.
As my revered guest. l am now
returning his happiness to him.
But you...
- Don't worry about me, l'll stop him.
Go, please go away.
Go away...
Don't look back now!
Let go, else we'll both die!
l want leave you...
lf l go, l'll take you along, too.
l'm going away...
Please stop.
- l don't have a ticket.
l'm in a hurry. Please let me go.
- How can you travel ticketless?
Look, l don't have the money with me.
l'm in a great hurry.
l'll send you the money as soon as
l reach my village. Please let me go.
This is the railway-department,
not a departmental store!
You cannot travel ticketless;
you'll have to pay a penalty.
lf that is so, please take
my golden bracelets.
Please make do with this
and please let me go.
Do not remove your bracelet. lt's a
bad omen. Here, take your ticket-money.
Come along, child.
- Thank you very much.
Hey! Why are you sitting quietly?
Come on! Sing a song!
l can't sing...
You only sing something.
Had you told me to sing 40 years ago,
l would've sung and danced, too!
lf no one sings,
how will we kill time?
He's right
- l'll sing, if you wish.
That's very good!
Come on girls! Join her!
''My beloved is on the
other side of the river...''
''...and l'm pining to meet him''
''My beloved is on the
other side of the river...''
''...and l'm pining to meet him''
''My eyes have reflected
my thirst to see him''
''For years, l have pined to see him''
''My eyes have reflected
my thirst to see him''
''For years, l have pined to see him''
''l'm going to meet him;
he too is waiting for me''
''l'm going to meet him;
he too is waiting for me''
''My beloved is on the
other side of the river...''
''...and l'm pining to meet him''
''When he lifts my veil,
we'll lose ourselves in each other''
''When he lifts my veil,
we'll lose ourselves in each other''
''At his feet, is my world.
This is the love that is immortal''
''At his feet, is my world.
This is the love that is immortal''
''My beloved is on the
other side of the river...''
''...and l'm pining to meet him''
That's a very high pitch...
Remember what l said?
- Sure.
What were you doing?!
What if you had hurt yourself?
The man l was singing for,
is in the adjoining coach.
l want to go to him.
- You can meet him at the next station.
How long will it be, before
we reach the next station?
Another 1 5 to 20 minutes.
l can't even wait for
a minute to see him.
lf you are so impatient,
take a look from the mesh.
lt's a beautiful matrimonial-necklace.
Where did you get it made?
l don't know.
My mother-in-law gave it to me.
Why are you crying?
That's what happens when your
destination seems to be so close.
And there are some unfortunate people
who never make it to their destination.
You wait here.
l'll ask the priest.
There was to be a wedding here?
Haven't the couple arrived yet?
l'm awaiting them too.
Here, take this holy water.
What has happened to him?
l gave him something to
make him unconscious.
l have already killed the priest.
l could've killed him too.
But l had made a promise to Bhima.
Here's your prey!
- Thank you very much for the game!
l have to settle
old scores with him
No... leave him alone.
Kill him exactly like we
killed his father.
So we can send him where his father is.
-Take him away!
The snake bit my son because of you...
and he become blind.
l'll punish you for this today.
You shall dance in front of everyone.
Ganga's wife will dance and sing in
front of us as a nautch-girl would!
We'll even disrobe her later, like
it happened in the epic ''Mahabharat''.
Come on, dance!
My child... !
Do you have poison instead
of blood in your body?
Poison! lf she refuses to dance,
l'll poison Ganga's son. Look there!
l will dance.
- Get her ready for the dance.
Get ready soon...the
Thakur is waiting.
We thought...
Don't ask anything now; we don't
have much time, you shall not dance.
Just like your father was killed,
l'll kill you, too.
What! That means my suspicious that
my father was murdered were true!
Exactly! This is the place from
where the Thakur pushed your father.
Today, l'll kill you too!
Bloody snake !
Please help me get out of
here somehow, O Snake God.
''Come, oh come...''
''Come, Ganga, do come...''
''Come before your beloved is ruined;
heed this appeal''
'' come...''
''Come, Ganga, do come...''
''Come, Ganga, do come...''
''Someone is about to die;
evil is about to be unleashed''
''Someone is about to die;
evil is about to be unleashed''
''May everything that belongs to you,
not be lost in a few moments''
''Come before your beloved is ruined;
heed this appeal''
''Come, Ganga, do come...''
''l'm madly in love with you;
l can make any sacrifice for you''
''l'm madly in love with you;
l can make any sacrifice for you''
''l hope time doesn't go against us''
''Before your world is shattered,
l call you... so come''
''Come, Ganga, do come...''
Foul play... !
Jamuna instead of Saraswati?
All my enemies all slowly
assembling here today.
Both, Ganga's sweetheart
and his wife are here.
And you'll get a chance
to see them being disrobed.
Unlike Lord Krishna, no one
will come forward to help them.
Whenever evil was born on earth,
Lord Krishna came to destroy it.
You have to account to me for
many sins. So where do l start?
From my father's death or from your
shameful insult to these womenfolk?
Or from these poor people whose lands
you have grabbed. Where do l start?
Anyone can be brave
with a gun in his hands.
lf l had to use a gun, l would have
pumped your head with bullets.
And your face would be
mutilated beyond recognition.
l came here to take you on bare handed.
They say that death is written by fate.
Your death is not there...
But is here.
l've already have faced fighting death!
Your evil days are over Thakur Hans!
l've come here to give you death.
Come on....we'll see how powerful you are.
Take her away!
Get up !! To respect the milk
your mother has fed you with!
Very good!... Get up!
Hit him.
Please forgive me, son.
D'you remember you had broken my
milk-tooth right here, one day?
And l had taken an oath to break
all your teeth right here then?
Very good.
Jamuna... No !
Wait !
What have you done?
- This had to happen.
During the confluence of the
rivers Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati...
Saraswathi vanishes at a point.
Today when you both have united,
l'll have to move away too.
l'm giving away Ganga to you...
may you both live happily.
''As long as l am alive,
l want to be in your arms''
''Upon my death, may l depart
on your shoulders''
''l want to merge in the Ganges
Listen Ganga.....listen....