Gangnam 1970 (2015) Movie Script

[Produced by M.O. Vera Pictures
and Showbox, Mediaplex]
[In the 1970s, the city of Seoul began plans
to develop Gangnam into the new Seoul.]
[This film is a dramatization of events
that took place in Gangnam.]
[All characters and situations depicted
in this film are a work of fiction.]
This entire region is
a part of Gangnam.
It's close to the district
north of the Han River
and it has easier access to Seoul
than other satellite cities.
It's the golden pheasant.
I mean the land is pure gold.
It looks ripe for picking.
How did you like seeing
Northern Seoul yesterday?
You have to think of how
it could provoke the North.
Shouldn't the land be out of gunshot range
when trying to increase its value?
Let's go with this one.
Put together an epic plan, Moon.
[Gangnam Blues]
Hey, hold up!
[Lee Min Ho]
[Kim Rae Won]
[Jung Jin Young]
- Son of a...
- Hold up, man.
[Art Director: Kim Seung Yong (History D& P)]
[Set Designer: Kim Yang Gon]
[Editing: Park Gok Ji]
[Music: Jo Young Wook]
Hey, come here!
You want to get taken away?
These two.
What do you mean three?
Look at it, don't you see the scale?
Do you take me for a fool
just because I'm going easy on you?
- What did you say?
- You messed with the scale, man!
You little shit!
- Fuck.
- 'Fuck'? What?
Hey, hey!
Hey, stop it.
Calm down. Don't.
- You fucking shit!
- He started it!
Let go of me!
Give it to me!
[Written and Directed by Yoo Ha]
Ah, it's cold! So cold.
How is it so cold when it's spring?
Fucking hell...
[Building Demolition Notice]
Where can we go if they
kick us out of here?
Why would we leave our house?
We have to hold out until the end.
Ah, I can't stand it!
This is why you use a bulb
in times like these.
Hot, hot, hot.
Hey, you'll die from electrocution.
Better than freezing to death.
When will we get to sleep
in a warm house?
Maybe we should quit everything
and work at a factory in Seoul.
Crazy idiot.
Who would hire someone who
doesn't have an identification card?
We may as well go out with a bang.
- What?
- Let's go rob a bank with rifles.
Wouldn't that at least get us
a nice new house?
It'd get us a room.
In jail.
So fucking cold.
Let's go.
Who the fuck?
Get out of here!
Why are you still here?
We told you to vacate months ago.
Fuck off!
- Stop!
- Mister!
I said, stop!
- Hey, hey!
- This is our house!
- Does he wanna end up killed?
- I said, stop!
Get out of the way!
Pull that asshole down here!
Fuck... you son of a bitch!
How dependable you are.
Here, sit down.
This is Jang Deok Jae, the muscle.
That's Yang Ki Taek, the brains.
And this is Nam Soon Chul,
the manpower.
As you may have heard
from Assemblyman Seo
just make sure to crash the convention.
There must be a halt to
the presidential election.
Yes, sir.
As long as you take care of
this job successfully
I'll give all of you business permits
in western Seoul.
You'll have your work cut out for you.
Assemblyman Seo.
After the job is done...
How shall we distribute the permits?
Soon Chul!
This is all for the good of the nation!
Why do you keep harping on
that issue?
Let's talk about that later.
Split the business permits equally
between you three.
I have a business in Myeongdong too,
so come see me if you need my help.
Let's raise our glasses then.
Since Jang Deok Jae and
Yang Ki Taek are working together
make sure you get the job done properly.
Please reconsider.
About what?
With the politicians involved now,
I don't think this is our fight.
Gil Soo, all we need is that business
permit from Assemblyman Seo.
Can you get anything done
with those balls of yours, huh?
- You bastard!
- They've got work tomorrow.
As you were.
- What is it?
- You fucking pest!
How dare you raise your fists!
You fearless bastards.
Please go easy on us.
Something came over us momentarily.
You sons of bitches.
Try that again.
I said to try that again
and see what becomes of you!
I'm on the phone, you asshole!
What about those Younghwa-dong boys?
- Welcome.
- All right, I'll call again.
Good afternoon, boss.
Have you gathered everyone?
I think I can only get
about 40 or so, boss.
No more?
It'll be difficult,
even if we get the young'uns, too.
Who are they?
Ah, them...
They're nuisances from the shantytown.
We brought them in for re-education
for causing so much trouble.
Get them some new clothes
and put them on the bus.
You boys.
Come to Seoul with me.
My stomach.
Why would they give us so much money
for filling in for a fight?
That's more than
what we make in a month.
Damn it.
Now that we're homeless,
should we join the gang?
Dream on.
- They don't accept ragmen.
- But you can take a beating.
Who knows? If you take all of their punches,
maybe they'll let us in.
Son of a bitch.
Listen up.
From this moment on,
we're affiliates of the Peace Party.
Once we get there,
walk in like you're a party member
and you crash the convention.
Make sure to trash everything in sight
and then get out of there.
Got that?
- Yes, boss!
- Yes, boss!
Wipe them out!
Destroy everything!
Destroy it all!
Destroy everything!
Come on, destroy everything!
Destroy it all!
I can't hold it in any longer.
I'll be back.
Stay here.
- Bro.
- I'll be back!
Bro! Where are you going?
- Drag them out.
- Assemblymen, come out please.
- Hey, fucking cowards!
- Get them all out of there!
- Open the door!
- Why are you hiding in there?
- Assemblyman...
- Come on.
- Oh!
- Get out of there!
Get out!
Go and grab more of them,
you bastards!
Damn sons of bitches.
I said get out here!
Get out!
Attack them!
You bastard!
[Peace Party]
- Out! Everyone out!
- Out!
- Let's go!
- Let's get out of here!
- Let's go!
- Bro! Bro!
Come on, move out!
Yong Gi!
Yong Gi!
Baek Yong Gi!
[Peace Party Convention
Crashed by Gangsters]
Assemblymen Park Seung Goo
and Seo Tae Gon.
If you were going to get the job done,
you should've been more discrete.
I'm sorry, sir.
We didn't anticipate that the media
would have a field day over this.
How are you going to take care of this?
Assemblyman Seo.
I hear you're the gangsters' backer?
Since Assemblyman Park
is in charge of the finances
you should be the one to resign.
Understood, sir.
I'll take the heat for this, sir.
The big boss called, and he said
we could rejoin them in a month.
Our family is getting smaller
by the day.
I'm worried what might happen
when we arrive in Seoul.
Aren't you the moneyman, boss?
They'll all come back
once we get the business permit.
Ragman, why are you here?
My brother didn't come here, did he?
You still haven't found that bastard?
Have you checked the station?
I searched everywhere
he could have gone to?
Hey, he probably took his pay
and is spending it all on booze.
Off you go!
What are you doing still standing there?
Couldn't you let me stay here?
You saying you want to join the gang?
I'm a good fighter.
I think I might cross paths with
my brother if I stay here, too.
It's not much, but please enjoy.
Thank you.
I'll heat up the room next door.
What are you doing?
Hurry up and eat.
Thank you for the meal.
- How old are you?
- 23 years old, sir.
And your parents?
I have none.
I met Yong Gi at the orphanage.
I already have one.
You should have it, sir.
Eat it.
Where the hell is that guy?
This floor's so nice and warm.
- Son of a bitch!
- Boss!
- Dad! Are you okay?
- Sun Hye, run!
- Get out of here, Sun Hye!
- No!
Run away!
Dad! Get up...
Dad! Dad!
- Boss!
- Dad!
- Are you all right?
- Dad!
- Boss!
- Dad! Dad!
- Is your leg okay?
- Yes, sir.
Thank you for coming in person.
Who was it?
He could be someone
from a rival gang.
The police are looking into it,
but some of them are in hiding.
It could have been enforcers
from the opposing party.
Retaliation for crashing
the party convention.
I could've been attacked, too.
If you come up to Seoul,
come see me.
Let's go.
This way, sir.
What about our boys?
Where did the others go?
They all packed up
their things and left.
Now that Boss Nam Soon Chul is dead,
and the rumors about your retirement
they all skipped town.
It's better this way then.
You all should leave, too.
Go and find a better way of life
for yourselves.
You won't be able to earn a living
if you remain here.
[Three years later]
President Yoon...
Don't! Let me live!
I'll sell! I'll sell!
No, don't! Please don't!
Spare me! Let me live!
I'll sell it! I'll sell!
For a young fellow,
you sure know how to do a clean job.
Thank you.
He's a smart kid, so he'll make
a great candidate for the hotel.
Fine. Don't let the hooligans
come in and out.
I'll settle things with Jang,
so don't worry, sir.
Yong Gi.
Move it to the assemblyman's car.
Yes, sir.
What is it?
The leftover cash after
taking over Daewang Hotel.
You'll go far
because you're not greedy.
She was probably lonely.
I can understand the idea of her
falling for a gigolo a hundred times over
but that bitch hands over
our property deed?
That bitch!
Consider yourself lucky.
Some girls have sent their husbands
dried seaweed soaked in rat poison.
Look at this man talk.
Do you know what that land is?
My ancestors are buried there!
Family matters should be
dealt within the family.
It's because I'm ashamed
to face my ancestors!
I earned this while working in
the Saudi desert.
Please get it back for me.
Hey, come out for a second.
I won't beat around the bush, huh?
Wrap up your business here
within the month.
What's the matter now?
If you've got eyes,
look around you.
This place's gathering dust
and we can't even cover
the electricity bills.
I didn't put you in charge
to run chores for chump change.
We're looking for good dancers to hire,
so the sales will go up soon.
Forget that.
I'm dropping the cabaret,
so look elsewhere.
If you kick us out, we can't
pay back the laundromat debt.
Pack up before I tell Gil Soo
about what you're doing here.
Oh honey! Baby!
- Feels good?
- So good!
Let's keep going.
Would you take a look at that gigolo.
- Ah!
- Oh!
Holy shit!
What the fuck?
- Who... who are you?
- 'Who are you'?
It's your father, you asshole!
You little shit.
You bastard, her husband's working
to earn dollars for our country.
And what do you think you're doing?
Die, die, you asshole.
Come over here.
Come here you filthy little...
- It hurts!
- Hold still.
- What did you do with the deed?
- Huh? What?
You go that deed from her, asshole.
Where is it?
I didn't get anything like that.
Oh, is that right?
Mr. Kim, what should
we do with this guy?
What else?
We have to follow the Saudi law.
'An eye for an eye,
a dick for a dick.'
You douchebag!
Do you still call yourself
a fucking man?
Pull it out.
- Why are you doing this...
- Let me see your balls, asshole!
Sir, sir! I don't have the deed!
I sold it.
Excuse us, ladies and gentlemen.
Who among you is Madame Min?
What is this about?
I'm from the Gimhae Kim gang.
I'd hate to ruin this brunch,
so should we talk elsewhere?
Hey Yang. You heard of the missing
hotel owner, President Yoon, right?
Was it you?
I saw the ownership of Daewang Hotel
switched over to one of your boys.
Was that a coincidence?
I'm a businessman now,
I don't order hits anymore.
You insubordinate bastard!
I created a monster
by giving a hooligan a suit.
You won't come to your senses?
Look here, Ki Taek.
Even a prick like you shouldn't
bite the hand that fed you.
I won't say it again.
Change back the hotel ownership.
I would love to do that...
but it's out of my hands now.
Heading up the Myeongdong clan
was a personal ego booster, huh?
Hey, asshole.
Should I pull out my knife for once?
Assemblyman Seo.
In truth, Assemblyman Park is the one
who took over the hotel.
Park Seung Goo?
I'm back.
Oh, you're home.
- Have you had dinner?
- Not yet. I was waiting for you.
- Where's Sun Hye?
- Off for the night.
Are things okay on your end?
I heard there are lots of factories
shutting down due to the recession.
We're fine.
That's good.
It's not easy finding work nowadays.
Oh yeah.
Today was payday.
I even got a bonus this month.
Don't give me that anymore.
You should start thinking
about your own future.
I'm good.
What's with the feast?
And on the best table, no less.
It's your birthday today.
Hey, I don't have one.
There's nothing to it.
A birthday is a chance
for a family to share a meal.
You came to our house
for the first time on this day.
You were born at some point,
and I felt bad about skipping it.
You didn't have to.
I know you're having
a rough time as it is.
Come on, try the seaweed soup.
This is delicious.
I paid special attention,
so make sure to eat every bite.
Of course.
You can probably get hitched now.
When will you and Chang Bae
get a promotion?
I'm not sure yet.
Is that meat?
If you wanted to start over,
then go live in the countryside.
Why come to Seoul and start
a laundromat with my money?
You're a thorn in my side!
I helped you out and put up with you
for the late Boss Nam's sake
but there's a limit
to my patience.
You won't ever be able to
repay your debt at this rate.
Boss Goo.
I'll get another loan if I have to,
so give me some time.
Gangsters shouldn't be
washing people's clothes.
If you don't clear out
by next week
I'll burn all the clothes in here!
Just wait and see.
Couldn't we
go live down in the south?
Anything we do
will be better than this.
People are coming to Seoul
because there's nothing else.
So what then?
Just be patient.
Assemblyman Seo is one thing,
but Jang won't let this slide.
- Don't let your guard down.
- Yes, boss.
- Yong Gi, how's taking care of the hotel?
- Yes, I'm doing my best, sir.
Boss, take care of Kyung Pyo, too.
Yong Gi's the one doing
all the hard work, you asshole.
Kyung Pyo, quit the heroin first.
Yes, sir.
- Let's go, honey.
- Okay.
Hey, I'll escort him tonight.
This way, ma'am.
Yong Gi.
Let me manage the casino
and restaurant here.
Let's split it half-half.
You okay with that?
- Not at all.
- What?
Didn't you hear what the boss said?
You backstabbing bastard!
I took you in and raised you,
and now you're all grown up?
Well now.
Let's not make a scene.
People here will see you
for who you truly are.
That son of a bitch!
- Evening, boss.
- Evening, boss.
Hey, what is this?
Not castrating the gigolo
brought us good fortune, boss.
Hey man!
This place is hopping tonight!
For a swindler,
he sure is down to earth.
Evening, sir!
These are the dancers I manage.
How do you like them?
Good work.
It's the least I can do
for leaving my livelihood intact.
This douche...
Have you told the madame?
- Should I pay her a visit?
- Ah, she's already here.
I apologize for our last meeting.
Chun Ho told me about your situation.
How much do you need?
If you could swing $50,000,
I'll pay it back in 4 months.
That's not pocket change.
Madame, come on.
Help him out.
Look at that earnest face of his.
It's a big favor.
Okay then.
But I want something in return.
I'm looking at lands in Gangnam,
and I need a companion.
What do you mean?
You know how naive farmers are.
It'll be easy pickings to get it for cheap
with a little persuasion.
You want to cheat them out of it?
$5 million from Daehyun Corp.,
$3 million from Geuma.
$2 million from Kyungsin Daily.
That's it.
Guess we're still too short.
The election's just around the corner.
We can't win with just this.
Everyone's saving up these days
due to the recession.
Should I crack down on the Namsan area?
They'll come to me
when the communists run wild.
How can a company exist
without a country?
We must regain power before
the communists take over.
I'll pressure them some more.
- Buy up some Gangnam lands.
- Land?
It's all for the good of our nation.
We'll flip the lands
and fill up our war chest.
Will buying up lands in Gangnam
be profitable enough for the campaign?
What if we move the capital to Gangnam?
Seoul's overpopulated
and crossing the Han River was so much
work at the start of the Korean War.
That's enough of a reason.
Buy three million square meters for now.
After getting the land, we'll make
an official announcement for development.
You think the market won't be affected
if we move the capital?
Ah yes, I understand your intent now.
There's no time.
See the head of
Kongook Bank tomorrow.
He'll give you a fat check.
Yes sir, I'll take care of it
Be discrete.
If word that we're buying up land
ever reaches the President's ears...
we're both finished.
There's no problem when this is
my private business, after all.
I'll take the heat then.
[Third Han River Bridge Now Open]
First time riding in a car, asshole?
- It's over here, idiot!
- Fuck off!
- I got it.
- Damn it!
Don't push me, asshole!
- My word.
- What is this?
We're in the boonies.
Where's the petting zoo?
You memorized your lines, right, boss?
- Hey, don't forget the plan.
- Yes, boss.
Just be natural.
Big boss is at the laundromat,
and we run the real estate.
We didn't leave the factory for this.
If we arrive in a hard hat,
then we can leave in a suit.
Our day will come soon.
How about getting ownership
of an apartment in Banpo?
The premium ones are like
real estate lottery.
They don't hand those out
to just anyone.
- I could get snipped.
- What?
Men who get a vasectomy
have the advantage.
Overpopulation is enough of
a problem as it is nowadays
so those who shoot blanks
get the upper hand.
I could get it reversed,
It's simple!
Hey, Jong Dae! Come on!
- $30 per square meter.
- Forget it, $80. take it or leave it.
$30 is still a lot.
I'll buy the whole lot.
Ma'am, sign with the other one.
One moment please.
This lot is designed to become a park.
- Hey!
- He's coming. Hey.
Lee, a bit to the left.
Your left!
- What are you doing on my land!
- We're surveying the land.
- What for?
- 5 more meters, goddamnit!
You must really be
in need of quick cash.
Just a few days ago,
you wouldn't even sell it for $50.
We got them for dirt cheap
but are we left with anything
after buying up worthless land?
Just you wait.
First, let's buy and sell
the dirt cheap land we acquired
between one another.
That's how we'll drive up the market.
Then when the news
catches the others' interest
we'll sell it in one fell swoop.
Don't you know that property rises
whenever the press shows up?
In any case, the market changes
depending on the whims of the rich.
We just have to use that.
- Excuse me.
- How can we help?
- You're a reporter from the paper?
- About that orchard near here.
Could we meet the owner?
Everyone's asking about that land.
I think we've tricked the fool.
Now we go in for the kill.
Not at that price!
A Seoul newspaper publisher came by
and I rejected her $150 offer!
- I'll give you $50 more!
- Are you kidding me?
- I'm off.
- Hold on.
We made quite a bit, thanks to you.
The real estate business turned out
to be more fun than I thought.
Korea's tiny.
Just you wait.
There's no better way
to make money.
Here, 100 grand.
Why are you giving me so much?
Half is your pay, the other half
is an advance for the next job.
Next job?
There's an opportunity in Apgujeong.
It's a risky job.
Take care of it.
If you can't pay your debt,
then hand over your land!
- Get in!
- Isn't that Jang?
Yeah, it is.
Bring the pear orchard owner too.
Yes, sir.
Goddamnit, the Youngdeung clan
really did wonders on our ugly duckling.
So it was Youngdeung
who took over this lot.
Madame Min, that fox.
Let's forget Apgujeong.
Let's just do it.
Jang will draw blood
without flinching.
It's delicious.
Back when I was in the orphanage
I envied children on picnics
with their parents eating this.
We could go on picnics too, later on.
Honey, I have to go.
- Already?
- Yang's coming in today.
Make sure you eat all of it.
I'm off.
Baek Yong Gi.
It's been a while.
Good night.
Sun Hye.
Oh, hey.
Coming home now? It's late.
Oh. I was at Jung Min's place.
Why didn't he drop you off at home?
I wanted to get off here.
I didn't tell him about the laundromat.
Everything will come out into the open
soon enough, so you should tell him.
I... should delay the wedding.
We're about to lose the house,
and I don't want to burden him.
Just focus on the wedding.
I'll take care of the debt.
- Came for a show? Huh?
- Burn everything.
Don't leave anything behind.
- Get the things in the house.
- All of it.
- Get all of it!
- Yes.
- Get everything out of there.
- Sure.
- What are you looking at?
- You're not done?
Why I ought to...
- Take everything out.
- Hey you gangsters.
- Bastards!
- Jong Dae!
- Sons of bitches.
- What is this?
Bastard! Get up, you son of a bitch!
Who are you, asshole?
Jong Dae!
- Fucking asshole.
- Jong Dae!
- Bastard! Bastard!
- Jong Dae!
- Die!
- Jong Dae!
Here's your money!
Listen up.
I'll pay back every cent soon enough.
So don't you ever bother us again.
If you do...
you'll die by my hands.
It's not Chang Bae's fault.
I convinced him
to leave the factory with me.
I'm truly sorry for deceiving you
this entire time.
But now that you know,
please trust me on this.
I'll rebuild our gang
and restore your position.
Why do you think I left that life behind
and got myself in debt?
I was once cuffed and stabbed
in front of my daughter.
How can I call myself a father?
Even if you're penniless,
I wish you'd live like a human first.
That is all.
Running a laundromat
will barely earn you $5 a day.
When will we live like humans?
Welcome, boss!
I doubt there's a land deed here.
- I got it.
- Where?
[Certification of Property Transfer]
It's the land Madame Min wanted.
- The bag.
- Right.
We're fucked.
Those are Jang's boys.
Get him out.
- Get up, asshole!
- Come out of there!
Get him up.
Son of a bitch.
Stop wasting our time
and spill the beans already.
You're the one who killed
Daewang's hotel president Yoon, right?
I've seen him around
a few times.
Let me go.
I'll look the other way if you do.
You son of a bitch!
Why not let him go when he's got
Assemblyman Seo's support?
All right. Bring him out.
We got everything.
Let's get out of here.
I have to see things through here,
so I'll see you back at home.
- What the hell are you saying?
- Take good care of that.
Hey! Where do you think
you're going, Jong Dae?
- Damn!
- Shut up!
You sons of bitches!
Fucking hell!
- Goddamn you!
- Son of a bitch!
Yong Gi.
You okay?
Jong Dae...
What the hell happened?
- Jong Dae...
- Goddamnit, Yong Gi!
Madame Min knows some
powerful people out there.
Whatever happens,
it'll be taken care of quickly enough.
You disobedient bastard.
You have the balls
to utter those words?
Go look for him!
- Jong Dae.
- Boss.
- Shouldn't you go to the hospital?
- I'm fine, sir.
It's late.
Please head back home.
Even if you go back to Myeongdong,
don't mention Jong Dae.
Of course not.
Good evening.
You and I can't ever catch a break.
About what?
How could you also be in a gang?
Be thankful that I'm not a bank robber.
Same shit.
But, why were those guys after you?
It's a feud over some land,
so don't worry.
Did you look all over for me?
I held memorial services
for you every year.
I thought you were dead.
Fucking bastard.
You hoped that I was gone.
Where the heck did you go back then?
I took the wrong bus.
When I came to,
I was in Boss Yang's group.
You should've come back later then.
I didn't want to die as a ragman.
I wanted to earn some money and
become cool before dropping by again.
So... did you at least buy a house?
We should stick together now.
I manage all of their accounts
over there.
I'll get you half.
Fuck you.
You haven't changed at all.
I'm serious.
I'm not the same man I used to be.
Fine, I'll join you later.
I'm with Boss Kang right now.
Give it some thought.
A gangster's future depends on
whom he serves.
The Ministry of Commerce
will move in Samseong,
City Hall will be in Nonhyun
and the business district
in Yeoksam.
Daechi-dong is by the river
but since that's designated
for apartment complexes
so the profit margin will be huge
if we buy it up now.
Bulldoze the shanties there
and kick out all the residents.
Yes sir.
Any other problems?
We need your help with a few construction
companies and Assemblyman Seo.
Seo Tae Gon?
He and gangster Jang Deok Jae
are buying up the lands in Gangnam.
If they're after the property value...
Why does that bastard
have a hand in everything?
Why don't you take care of him, sir?
You do it.
The Korea Central Intelligence Agency
is asking why we're dealing with
real estate instead of working
towards national interest as it is.
But this is in national interest.
We must win the election
in order to go after the communists.
[Property Sale Contract]
I think the financiers are happy
thanks to you.
You'll get the rest
when the market rises.
Pay me in land this time.
Just... I want to own
some land of my own.
1,500 square meters should do.
Sounds like I'm getting
the short end of the stick.
Since you signed off on this contract...
I'll take this.
Apgujeong celery field.
Is that okay?
But what's with the ruse
over some paddy fields?
It could become the golden pheasant
with the right political support.
I guess.
You must meet with
a lot of powerful people here.
A few.
Madame. Could you introduce me
to a few of them?
Have you ever heard of Assemblyman Seo?
He's pretty well-known
in the real estate business.
Assemblyman Seo... doesn't he
finance the Youngdeung gang?
You're right. He's been buying up
lands in Gangnam.
He could be a good fit for you.
I don't think Jang Deok Jae
will like that very much.
Jang Deok Jae.
How much did you pay Assemblyman Seo?
Just tell me how much.
I didn't give him any...
You asshole!
You bastard!
Beautiful are the sparkling
city lights, Yokohama
Blue Light Yokohama
You and me, two of us,
I am so happy for
Another sweet word of love for me...
It's time for you to start talking,
Assemblyman Park.
You think those in power
will easily give up information?
I got into politics unexpectedly
but the stubborn ones
are the ones in the government.
Walking down the street,
walking down the street
Assemblyman Seo.
Our country's going to shit.
You sons of bitches...
Is this the cocktail hour revolution?
You're all sucking on whore tits
while the country goes into ruin?
Who suggested using a gang
to trash the convention?
If I'm the one who took the heat
for that entire ordeal
you should at least be grateful
for what I've done, asshole!
So what is it you want to say?
Let Jang go if you don't want trouble.
As your former classmate,
I'll make this clear.
Don't align your business
with petty gangsters.
You won't rejoin the party,
let alone secure a nomination.
Hey Park So Ryeong.
You aren't the only one
who's crossed over into Gangnam.
Call off the investigation immediately.
When I came across Yong Gi last time...
I saw him.
The one who stabbed you.
Turns out he's part of Jang's family.
It was Jang who killed
Boss Nam, wasn't it?
I heard Assemblyman Seo was supposed
to hand out the business permits?
What are you implying?
Is that why Jang and
Yang Ki Taek killed Boss Nam?
What nonsense is that?
- How does that concern you at all?
- How could I not be?
Whose fault is it that
we're in this shit hole?
You knew, didn't you, boss?
That's all in the past.
Let it go.
We need to get our debt back.
Aren't you even mad about
what happened to your leg?
Kim Jong Dae.
You must really be mad,
now that you've tasted money.
If you keep this up...
there's no need for us to be family.
What a load of bullshit!
What's wrong with a laundromat?
If they're so ashamed of it,
why bother with them then!
I have no intentions of marrying you off
to that kind of nonsense.
Tell them to call it off!
Jung Min's family isn't making
an unreasonable request.
We just don't have to mention
the laundromat at the wedding.
Wow, you must be so desperate
to leave this family.
It's hard enough with the debt as it is.
Call it off!
You nuts? What brings you here?
What else could I do when
I couldn't reach you for days
and you wouldn't show up?
What is it that you want to say?
Yang wants me to move in.
He bought an apartment in my name
and told me to move in immediately.
Just say you won't.
Tell him yourself.
You scared?
You're the one who seduced him.
This is your problem.
Mr. Baek, you're really
a son of a bitch.
Joo So Jung.
- What's gotten into you.
- Like you don't know?
I'm sorry. I've been thinking of a plan
so I need you to be patient.
Forget it.
So Jung.
Joo So Jung.
Mr. Baek.
Why is it so hard to see you?
We never finished
our last conversation.
Now there's been another wrinkle.
What wrinkle?
Who does she belong to?
Is So Jung... our boss's bitch?
Or yours?
What should I address her as?
Should I ask the boss?
Yong Gi.
Don't bite off more than you can chew.
Us henchmen have to stick together.
I'm on your side.
What is it that you want?
Keep managing the hotel.
I'll count the money.
Hard hat for you,
Gucci for me.
Wouldn't that be nice?
I'm a fucking gangster!
You fucking dope fiend!
Are you nuts?
What kind of absurd nonsense is that?
How long must we go after
the little guys?
Let's remove Jang and
go for the major leagues.
Chauffeuring the madame
gave you these ridiculous ideas?
You think the Youngdeung gang
is some sort of kiddie club?
Plus, how can we accomplish that?
There's talk that Jang's been captured.
I haven't seen his minions
around for days.
I can't believe what you're saying!
What do you propose?
We can't fight him head-on anyway.
This is the best shot we have.
Hey, Yong Gi.
What's going on?
You should've come inside.
What is it?
What's wrong with your hand?
I'm fucked.
I killed one of my own.
I must have snapped.
When I came to,
I could only think of you.
What do I do?
- What now?
- I got to find a way.
Maybe I might join you...
Shit, it's so fucked up.
I worked so hard
to come this far...
Join me.
You can't handle me, you bastard.
If Yang finds out you're involved with me,
he won't stand for it.
Let's go join the Youngdeung gang.
If we align ourselves
with Assemblyman Seo
even Yang won't be able to touch us.
That's right.
I heard you have a son
who works at a company.
He's supposed to come.
He must be running late.
Fucking bastard!
They say those who are good
at surveying land
are also good at reading people.
What do you think of Mr. Kim?
He doesn't have the look of a traitor.
I really like how he handles my jobs.
I'll let you two talk alone then.
Kim Jong Dae, is it?
- Have a drink.
- Yes, sir. Thank you.
We've crossed paths once before, sir.
At Boss Nam's funeral, sir.
I serve Boss Kang Gil Soo.
Kang Gil Soo?
You're one of his?
Then you must know of
Jang Deok Jae.
A little bit, sir.
Will you be okay?
He'll be hard to handle.
I already took care of him.
He won't be dragging down
your business anymore.
Assemblyman Seo,
please give me a chance.
A gangster's life is to be
used and tossed out, am I right?
You idiot...
Who asked you to do that!
You have a death wish?
Son of a bitch.
You're really leaving
my hands tied.
If you're so desperate to become
a gangster, then leave.
Get lost, you son of a bitch!
As a member of your clan,
I'll be working for Assemblyman Seo.
Please forget this shop, and join
the Youngdeung gang with me.
He's succeeding Jang as the head
of the Youngdeung gang
so fall in line.
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Let's toast to Assemblyman Seo
and our new boss!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Where's Gil Soo?
- He'll be joining us shortly.
Yes, very good.
The friend behind the groom.
Polka dot lady,
point your chin down a bit.
Turn your face a little.
Great, here we go!
Smile! All right!
One, two, three!
Okay, okay. Here we go!
Look like you're happy!
You're in love!
The groom looks so happy!
We're going in for another shot!
Here we go!
One, two, three!
They don't suspect a thing yet.
They're all busy with
the Assemblyman Park job.
So come join me soon since it's risky.
How long are you going
to be stepping on a mine for?
While we're at it,
let's attack Yang, too.
- What?
- We're up to our knees in shit already.
Let's take over all of the businesses
in Myeongdong.
I'm not interested in
Yang Ki Taek's territory.
I didn't join Youngdeung
just to start a turf war.
Then what?
Remember how hard it was
when we didn't have a room?
I'm going to help Assemblyman Seo
and I'm going to buy up
tons of land for myself.
So come and join me.
I have to make sure you can build
a nice apartment for yourself there.
All right.
I'll think about it.
Yong Gi, watch me.
Fuck, this will all be my land,
as far as I can go!
All right!
Land for you!
Money for me!
Let's take this all the way!
Slow and smooth. Quick!
Hey, stop!
You guys need
bootcamp training, don't you?
You call that dancing?
Is that what you call dancing?
You need pelvic thrust!
How will you seduce
Gangnam cougars like that!
Feel the mood.
You have to dip the lady back like this
and down she goes.
Next up!
Use your thighs!
Rub into her crotch and boom!
Put one of these
in your pocket.
And hit it.
Out comes her legal seal.
Here we go!
Hey, ladies!
Come on now!
Our club is promoting
a healthy dance culture
for all of you ladies
who work tirelessly on the field.
Once a year! No!
Our meaningful service
is entirely for you all!
Come to Seoul with me.
[Registration Certificate]
You've heard of Chairman Hur
of Husam Construction, yes?
You can't go to Gangnam
without stepping on his land.
This is his Yeoksam lot.
The deal isn't going well.
Since the City Development Division
will be the one to act
it would be weird
if the deal was going smoothly.
I'll hand over any troubling deals
to you from now on
so take care of them.
Yes, boss.
If you don't own the land,
you must vacate!
Get your weapons!
You should defect to the
Youngdeung gang before it's too late.
One false move and it's all over.
Let's just stay.
I think the incident
with Kyung Pyo will pass.
But we've got no good reason
to be working for Jong Dae.
I'll just become
one of his damn minions.
But we have to use him
in order to snap Yang's neck.
Yang ain't that easy
of a target.
Then will you give up
on getting rid of him?
We have to use Jong Dae
to make him do that.
He's crazy about land right now
so don't you think he'll take Yang's seat
if we slip him insider intel on Park?
Sir! Wake up.
Get up! Come on!
Wake the fuck up!
Get up! Now!
Get the hell up!
What the fuck did you do?
What the fuck did you do to her?
Good work.
Stay out of sight for a while.
Your son did a lot of drugs.
This could interfere with our business,
so we'll keep it under wraps.
Have you contacted her family?
She doesn't have any.
How much will do?
Chairman Hur.
Didn't you buy some lands
in Yeoksam recently?
[Ownership Certificate]
You did better than Jang did.
But how did you get to Chairman Hur?
Turns out he loves his son
more than anything.
Good work.
But it's still not nearly enough.
It has to be significant enough to convince
the party to take me back.
Real estate is still the best way
to make big bucks.
I'll try my best.
There's no time.
If we had some leads,
we could all go in.
Leads, sir?
Some insider intel!
A solid source!
Let's go.
Who has Chairman Hur's deed?
It was Kang Gil Soo, wasn't it?
Speak, you fuck!
How dare you try and
pull the rug from under us?
Where's Kang Gil Soo?
After you offed Jang, what deal
have you made with Assemblyman Seo?
It's in Assemblyman Seo's hands already.
There's no point in
tracking down Boss Kang.
You fucking piece of shit!
Call Youngdeung, and tell them
to bring Chairman Hur's deed.
They'll bring it if they want
to save one of their own.
Yes, boss.
- Is Jong Dae safe?
- Yes.
I got a call from them.
Why are they asking for a deed?
I tipped them off on some real estate,
and things took a bad turn.
I'm sorry.
Afternoon, boss.
Get some ramen noodles.
Sure, I'll make a fresh pot.
Not for me.
We have to feed our guest.
- Eat and get ready.
- Yes, boss!
Get the tools.
It's almost time.
- Yes, boss.
- Yes, boss.
The boys are ready, sir.
Once we get the deed,
kill him yourself.
Yes, sir.
Look who it is.
Been a while, Boss Kang.
Where's my boy?
- Fetch him.
- Right away.
Did you bring the deed?
Come out.
Come the fuck out!
Check it out!
Fucking bastards!
Hey you bastards!
- Jong Dae!
- Grab Kang Gil Soo!
You bastard!
Come at me!
I'll fucking kill you!
Jong Dae. Jong Dae!
Jong Dae!
Jong Dae!
- You okay?
- Jong Dae.
Jong Dae.
You incompetent fucks!
You had an army!
How many boys do you have
that you couldn't even
take care of this job?
I can overlook these idiots!
But what are you?
Are you totally satisfied now?
No excuses, sir.
I think there's a mole
in our midst, sir.
He could have offed Kyung Pyo
and leaked information to Kang.
You fucking moron.
Are you here to take a stroll?
Then you should've done
something about it!
Assemblyman Seo must have
gotten to Chairman Hur.
I'm working on it,
so please be patient.
I've had it with him.
Gorge his eyes out
while you're at it.
Eat this and regain your health.
Stay here, keep a low profile for a while.
I'm sorry...
I'm paying you back for everything
you've done for me.
And I'm closing up the laundromat,
just like you wanted.
From now on, I'll take care of my boys
so stay here and get better.
Arrest all the gangsters!
This way.
What's going on?
- Get in!
- Don't you know who I am?
Sons of bitches!
Who do you work for?
I won!
The bra comes off!
Here we go!
Chief Moon.
Have a drink.
I can't bear to watch.
You're more modest than I expected.
By the way, Jamsil
is a sandy field.
Just buy it up.
Sandy fields become gold fields.
Well, your pen moves mountains,
so I'll hold you to that.
Sometimes, valleys move too!
Where's Yang?
He just left.
Don't make me do this again.
So Jung.
Wasn't this Park's private business?
Park is only taking orders,
and I'm the architect!
It'll all turn to gold once the plans
for Gangnam are announced.
If this leaks, we're both done for...
So they're finally coming to Gangnam.
Let's not touch Park.
I think he's got powerful connections.
Risky moves have big payoffs.
Can you go up against an enemy
holding a gun, unarmed?
Join us before it's too late.
I will.
Boss Kang's joining
the Youngdeung gang, too.
I wanted to do this properly,
but I feel bad for dragging him in.
Boss. It's me, Byeong Sam.
We're in trouble.
The cops rounded up everyone!
It's probably because of
Assemblyman Seo.
- What about Boss Kang?
- He turned himself in on your behalf.
- You have to leave!
- Ah, shit.
Hey, what's with you?
- What are you going to do?
- I have to go to the station. Move.
You bastard.
You bastard, what will that do?
Who the fuck did I get stabbed
and going through all this trouble for?
- Turn around.
- Hurry up.
Raise your hands.
Hey, Kang Gil Soo.
Shame on you, you bastard.
Leeching off honest farmers at your age.
Stand up straight, assholes!
[20 members of Kang Gil Soo's clan arrested]
[Prolific politicians involved in
real estate corruption]
[Kang Gil Soo]
Who is it?
Sun Hye.
What's wrong?
What's happened to your face?
Sun Hye.
Who was it?
Who did this to you?
Jong Dae.
If she deceived me about
coming from a gangster's family
then she should at least be obedient.
My company isn't doing well
so what's wrong with her
going around to get some money?
I got so fed up that I slapped her!
This will calm you down.
What is this?
A small contribution to your business.
Take it.
Our Sun Hye...
Don't ever hit her.
Assemblyman Seo's out.
Taxi! Taxi!
This job is far more dangerous
than the one for Chairman Hur's son.
As long as we get a solid lead
Assemblyman Seo can help free Boss Kang.
- No mistakes.
- Are you okay?
What the hell!
I didn't see you there.
I'm sorry, are you hurt?
Are you okay?
Ma'am, I'll take care of this.
Please go ahead.
- You'll be late.
- Driver Hong.
How can I just leave
when someone's injured?
Tell them that I'm not coming.
I bumped up the amount
on the contract by 10 percent.
Here is the difference.
Have them put under my boy's name.
Yes, sir.
It'll have a nice view.
Park's bank statement.
Okay. Good work, Yong Gi.
Take the picture.
Wake up, fucking assholes!
Holy shit!
What's going on?
Who are you?
What a piece of work.
A man's wife wasn't enough for you
so you had to take the driver, too?
I apologize for the madame...
but I didn't sleep with the man!
I'm not into men, I swear!
You're the one who did the drugs,
but I'm the one that hallucinated?
Hey, report him to the police
and send these to his wife
and to City Hall.
Yes, sir.
Please don't!
- Don't do this. I'll be slaughtered.
- Hey, hey.
Please, I'm begging you!
Don't do this!
Conniving bastards...
They've been playing cards
by themselves all this time.
We've kept a low profile,
so there won't be any repercussions.
Good job.
Not at all, sir.
When do you think Boss Kang
and my boys will get out of jail?
You caught a big one,
so I should keep my word.
I'll get on it right away.
Thank you, sir.
After the party donation,
my funds are dry.
Madame Min, you pick one.
How about Doguk-dong
by Yangjae stream?
Buy that one first.
Why there?
A feng shui expert told me
he felt a mighty force from there.
Even a shack that's built there
could later become a palace.
Say what?
It's a treasure cove of land.
A once in a lifetime opportunity.
Is that so?
I'll empty my pocks
and buy up this region then.
But, Myeongdong is already
working on the best lands.
Would Park sit back and watch
while we snatch up those lands?
Let's deal with the problem now
and suffer the consequences later.
If we get the capital,
there will be no backlash.
The best land belongs to Yang.
What are you going to do?
You'll have to face Myeongdong
at least once if you want their lands.
Once my boys are out,
let's get on it.
The sources of the funds
are unknown
but I'm certain he's been
siphoning party funds.
Where did you get this?
Park has numerous enemies.
You heard of '10-Men Association'?
They're already scheming
for the next election.
With Park at the helm.
Even if one does business
with the gangs
one mustn't sell his soul doing it.
With my loyalty to you
I'll clean up this mess
and win the election.
Thank you all for toughing it out.
Let's drink.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Listen to me carefully.
You've endured so much.
You've functioned as my family,
but I never acted like the boss.
Some of you may have heard
while we were behind bars
But as of today,
Kang Gil Soo's gang...
we're done.
I'm handing over
the business to Suwon
you're all free to move there
if you wish.
Whose name is it under, you asshole!
Please, stop it!
Boss, we don't need to work
with these minions anymore.
I'm certain Kang took
Moon's lot number.
Kang's boys covered up the land owner's
identities in the contract, too.
Names were relayed a few times,
so it wasn't easy.
But isn't Boss Kang locked up?
I think it must've been
his minion Jong Dae.
And Kang Gil Soo's out too.
Where is the leak?
Why not finish off Youngdeung
before Park finds out?
What are you doing?
Why did you let them go?
You're the one who wanted me
back in command.
The boss can do
whatever he pleases.
this won't make any difference.
This job will be my last,
so please help me out.
So you'll go after
Yang Ki Taek too?
If necessary.
Then you'll die too.
I don't know what kind of deal you made
with Assemblyman Seo to let us go
but once this job is over,
you'll follow Jang to his grave.
Don't you know that?
Kim Jong Dae.
Walk away from this job.
Even if I give up now,
I'm still a dead man.
I don't need to be your family anymore
so let me see this through.
Hey, Jong Dae!
Yong Gi.
Yang found out about our scheme.
He'll move in.
I'll get my boys ready,
so you should, too.
Boss Kang disbanded our clan.
It'll take some time
to gather everyone again
so do your best on your end
to buy us some time.
What's this shit?
What right does Kang have?
What a preposterous ass!
Don't talk shit about him.
I'll gather some men somehow.
Min Kyu!
Min Kyu!
What happened?
Yong Gi.
Baek Yong Gi.
Kyung Pyo was found...
all bloated and shit.
Remember Yongguk's reservoir?
You buried President Yoon there.
His body was found there.
Coincidence much?
- What was?
- 'What was'?
This bastard.
I didn't do that to Kyung Pyo.
Why would I stab one of my own?
Then... why was Kyung Pyo's body
found near President Yoon's?
I don't know.
I may have revealed the spot when
the Youngdeung gang was in captivity.
So it was an eye for an eye?
Are you the rat?
That's not fair, boss.
After everything I've done for you,
how could you ask me that?
Believe me!
I believe you.
They're the problem.
Make them believe you.
Make them believe
you're not with Kang.
- Welcome, boss.
- Hey.
What about the boys?
Did you reach out to them?
Yes, but I can't reach
Tae Shik and Jong Soo.
Then go and look for them yourself!
- Yes, sir. Follow me.
- Yes, boss.
- And Boss Kang?
- At the shop.
- You didn't tell him?
- I told him, but he won't listen.
Oh, shit.
Where are you going?
He can't be alone.
I'll bring him here.
Please take this call.
We're leaving the Youngdeung gang.
We won't be interfering with
your business any longer
So please...
don't engage in a war
with my boys.
You sure have a strange way
of turning the cogs.
Sun Hye.
For the sake of Boss Nam's legacy
please forgive us this once.
Motherfucking bitch!
What the hell?
- Come here!
- Goddamnit!
You son of a bitch!
Come here.
Hey, you son of a bitch.
How dare you hit my sister,
you asshole!
Why? Why!
- Hey, stop.
- Let go of me!
What brings you here?
Where's Jong Dae?
What about him?
It's not safe here.
Yang's men are on their way here.
- What?
- It's dangerous. We have to go.
Maybe it's for the best.
He would only get in
Jong Dae's way.
And I proved that I'm not
in Boss Kang's pocket.
Have the boys on standby.
Once Yang is buried, you should
consider getting rid of Jong Dae, too.
There will be no more use for him.
If he finds out what happened
to Boss Kang
he won't just take it.
Hello, boss!
Don't be so upset
at the boys.
Isn't it enough that
you've proven your loyalty to us?
Yes, sir.
Since Kang's out of the way,
we should finish the job.
Hit them when they're down.
Yes, chairman.
Get ready for war!
Yes, boss!
Get the weapons.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't help you out at all.
Yang must've made his move first.
His men were watching me,
so I couldn't do anything.
After the funeral,
that's when we move in.
Tell them that.
Kill them all!
Kill them!
Kill them all!
We're here!
Get over here, you bastards!
Out of my way!
You crazy...
Send them all to hell!
Take that, you bastards!
[Gangnam Development Press Conference]
Due to the overpopulation of Seoul...
and as a preemptive measure
against North Korean invasion
the city of Seoul will expand
to include the Gangnam region.
[Intelligence Interrogation Room]
Who are your co-conspirators?
Don't want to talk?
No more Mr. Nice Guy for you then.
Are the lands up for development ready?
Including Yang's lands,
everything is almost ready.
Where's Yang Ki Taek?
He must've fled after hearing that
the Korean Central Intelligence Agency
has Park.
This is strictly my personal business.
Eliminate anyone involved
in this matter.
Park Seung Goo's underlings
Yang Ki Taek, and Baek Yong Gi, too.
Get rid of them all.
Take care of that, and I'll give you
all the business permits.
Let's build some structures
for ourselves.
Which building?
How about a hotel
on Sinsa-dong?
I'll do my best if you
give me a chance.
Will it be okay even though
no business has zoning permit yet?
Once I regain my seat,
I'm going to go hard on Seoul.
Then they'll all come
crawling down to Gangnam.
If you throw in a tax exemption,
I'll be the first one in line.
Congratulations, boss!
If they are happy like doves
Build a house
with a rose garden.
Following an echo off the beaten path
where the echoes are clear
Birds chirp cheerfully
Who was it?
Baek Yong Gi.
What will you do about Yong Gi?
We'll deal with Yang first.
We needed him to hit Myeongdong,
but we need to make a decision now.
What are you doing out here
by yourself?
Just getting some fresh air.
You don't look so good.
You feel uncomfortable
around my men?
Your bride looked beautiful.
She's pregnant, so I think we'll have
to hold the wedding sooner.
That's good.
I hated the parents who abandoned me.
But now that I'll be one,
it feels really odd.
Honey, what are you doing out here?
Everyone's drinking inside.
Jong Dae, please come in.
Let's go inside.
Oh yeah.
We located Yang.
Let's finish this,
and let Boss Kang rest in peace.
[Parents: Kang Gill Soo, Park Jung-eun]
[Daughter: Kang Sun Hye]
[Son: Kang Jong Dae]
[Son: Kang Jong Dae]
So will the war chest be filled?
Certain regions have increased to
50 times more than their original value.
You're getting things done quickly.
Even the interstate highway
was completed in two years' time.
Anything can be done
as a military operation.
But Park really messed up the plan.
That's why I already have
a plan in motion.
Are you all right?
He's inside.
Have your weapons ready.
He's a sneaky bastard, so we need to
get rid of him in one shot.
What about the money?
I was in a rush,
so I couldn't get much.
So... does that mean
you're working under Kang's men?
I should have listened to my men.
I never thought you'd betray me.
You backstabbing motherfucker.
Boss Yang.
You bastard...
Hey, let's move him
to the washroom.
Come on, help me.
You've got your boys in there.
The voice...
Hey, you assholes!
Kill them all.
You bastard.
What the hell is the matter with you?
What is this?
Why did you kill Kang Gil Soo?
Why would I ever see him?
Don't wait for your boys.
Why did you do it?
Why did you kill him?
That fucking cleaner...
I did it for my own survival!
If I didn't kill him,
I'd be six feet under by now.
Don't you know that?
If you...
didn't bring Kang into
the Youngdeung gang...
we wouldn't be
in this fucking mess, asshole!
- Motherfucker.
- Jong Dae. Jong Dae.
I'm sorry!
Jong Dae...
It's my fault.
Aren't I still your brother?
We only have each other!
Spare me this once.
Spare my life, Jong Dae...
Baek Yong Gi.
Run far away.
Mr. Kim Jong Dae.
To the next chapter of Seoul!
For Gangnam's future!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
What would have happened...
if our old shack wasn't demolished?
Isn't it obvious?
We probably would have wound up
hugging a lightbulb until the end.
Let's go for a round.
It'll warm us up.
I'm already warm.
Get up!
Winner takes the whole blanket.
Don't fuck around.
Jab. Jab!
I'll fucking knock you out.
Float like a butterfly,
and sting like a bee!
- Sting!
- Hey now!
I'm Joe fucking Frazier!
It's over for you!
You hurt?
Joe fucking Frazier!
Kim Jong Dae wins!
Son of a bitch!
It's an uppercut! You bastard!
Kim Jong Dae's stamina is dropping!
That hurts.
What the?
What the fuck.
Seo Tae Gon!
Seo Tae Gon! Seo Tae Gon!
[Gangnam Candidate No. 1: Seo Tae Gon]
Seo Tae Gon...
Born and bred right here in Gangnam
I will devote my life to this land!
I am the son of Gangnam!
Seo Tae Gon!
If you give me one last chance!
I will bring prosperity to Gangnam!
[Director Yoo Ha's 2015 Project]