Gangs of 18 (2019) Movie Script

See! That's our target.
Definitely, by tomorrow sunrise we
have to reach, that flag should fly.
Since there was an
avalanche in the eastern side,
there won't be any
trouble from them tonight.
Hmm.. They too would think like us.
Ayyappa sir, there is no problem here.
That we won't trouble them.
The people of our village aren't aware
of our horrible fighting situations here.
When will all this end?
I don't know when it would end. But...
I started wars with my
neighbours in my school days itself.
My school gangs...
they are still in touch.
Well, try to recognize me.
Well, this one?
This one...
Back then, there were two
kinds of schools in our city.
The one the government
model school in which we used to study.
[bell rings]
-Oh no!
-Oh God!
-[students laughing]
The second one...
An International School, where
only rich children used to study.
Hey... I will play next.
Both schools had their
own gangs and underworlds.
What united those two schools that
had no chances of coming together,
were this bus stop and a double-
decker bus that passes from there.
I used to have two close friends.
One is Antony, the son of a mechanic.
And another one is the son of
Aalapaty theatre owner... Soori.
Though we used to have own cycles,
we used to go to the
bus stop to see the girls.
We, who used to conduct strikes by
collecting funds through betting,
and grew up as rogues were
named model school students.
who feels politics as his world, and
Pardesi Pateri, a small magician
who went missing in a carnival
and ended up at Anakapalli
bus-stand used to stay with us.
We never used like the
students of that school.
The two things which they had
abundantly unlike my gang were,
money and beautiful girls.
We're not afraid of rules!
For the first time fights started
between us in the cycle racing ground
and its gradually increased
as a revenge among us
In my gang, it was me, Soori and Antony.
The main enemy to our gang is... this guy.
Come on... Faster... Faster...
[indistinct voices]
[crowd cheering]
[indistinct voices]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd cheering]
-[crowd cheering]
-[crowd cheering]
You are finished
Don't let him go.
And the international
school wins with 9-8 points.
After the exciting neck to neck
grand finals, we have the champions.
And I request Dr. Hashir Abdul
Gafoor to give away the trophy.
Sir, a few words.
Who wins on the ground
is not important.
One should have a
sportsman spirit in life.
All the best to both the teams.
Thank you... Thank you...
We are the champions!
We are the champions!
-Hey... Hey...
-Ayyappa... Ayyappa...
Hey boys, move... Back off.
-I will take you to task...
-Back off...
-Let go of me.
-Oh my God! Baby, are you ok?
-Let's go.
-We will leave
-She's bleeding.
-Baby are you ok?
-Are you ok?
-You did a terrible thing, Ayyappa!
-Come, let's leave this place.
She is bleeding
I cannot tolerate any injustice
happening in front of my eyes.
People say love can reach
places where even wind cannot.
I met her like that.
I fell in love.
I don't know even her name.
-Ayyappa bro... Ayyappa bro...
-What is her name? What is her name?
-What is her name?
-What is her name?
-Lift him.
-Hey... Wohoo.
[crowd cheering]
Enough... Put me down.
You have to tell her name.
-Who is that girl, brother...
-Brother... Give way...
If you don't say we will not
let you go... Who is that girl?
You have to tell.
Don't leave.
-Tell, brother...
-Stupids! How dare you tease me?
It is not easy for any
girl to steal my heart.
Ok... I am leaving
I will find out that angel name
who is in Ayyappa bro's heart.
Don't start the bus. Hmm
did you enact a play in Gajuwaka?
-Aunt told me.
Why are you insulting me?
-She said it was really good.
-Forget it.
Third seat from the front row.
The fair girl, with a bruised forehead.
What is her name?
Why I should I go ask
names of random girls?
Paaru... not for me.
-It's for Ayyappa bro...
Right... Right.
-Can you please remove this?
-Yes, please sit.
-Wow! What a nice watch!
-Thank you.
What is that bruise?
-I had a small accident.
What's your name?
-Devi, she says.
Devi, she says.
Devi, she says.
Devi... Devi...
"Like sparking start you fell on
my heart as a rain at this moment"
-No I won't say again.
-"You made my heart taste the smiles"
"You played a hide seek
with your eyes all of sudden"
"You have thrown a piece
of glass with your eyes"
"It has been penetrated deep in my
heart you are an instant sparkle"
"Who are you? You shine instantly"
[mouthing words]
Hey, get lost
-Hey, why are you here?
-We should not come here or what?
"I have seen you in all
directions to reach the way to you"
"I am swimming in your imaginations"
"Is it not possible for you?"
"I am always dreaming to meet you anytime"
"I am waiting in excitement every time"
"Why don't you show mercy, my love?"
"You threw a piece of
glass with your eyes"
-Want this?
Caught you!
-Give it.
-Stop! Stop!
"It pierced into my heart
deeply. Who are you?"
"Where I should search for
you? You shine instantly"
-Hey catch me.
-Oh no! You don't know, Vada?
Vada? Crow flipped it.
-It's not hot.
-Shall I give something hot?
Get lost!
Wherever I go for study groups
I used to learn new things.
-Mr Giri is the guide, right?
-Hey, go away.
He knows all the topics in detail.
-You can do one thing.
-Yes, please.
Come to my home some day.
-You can do some activities.
-She is my daughter, Devaki.
And he is my elder son.
I know him.
I have seen him in cycle polo ground.
-Ok, I will leave. Bye.
Be careful and run. You may fall
Why are you eating like that?
Every time you scold me for not eating.
Now, you are scolding for eating.
I said many times not to feed
her food from the random hotels.
Father is sending amount for our
maintenance. What is wrong in that?
You don't want father, but need his money?
What do you think?
That I'm raising you both,
because he's paying for it?
He is sending the money which is the
dowry of our marriage... not his own.
Where are you going?
Hey, you have behave in a matured way.
I know out of my own experience that it's
difficult to control anger at your age.
Shall I say the concept
which is not in the manifesto?
[Prayers to Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala]
Hail Lord Ayyappa!
God bless you.
I could not get my
desired life when I needed.
At the time,
when she was getting closer...
[chanting prayers to Lord
Ayyappa of Sabarimala]
Hail Lord Ayyappa. When did you
start wearing lord Ayyappa's beads?
Hail Lord Ayyappa.
I started it last morning in the temple.
Very good.
-Come here.
Riyaz, don't you need your bag?
Hey Aziz, come here.
-Who is our chief minister?
-Chandrababu Naidu
-Don't forget to have lunch.
-Ok, father.
I will take your mother
to hospital. Now, you go.
-Bro, will there be a strike today?
-Get lost
-Get lost
Ajju bro, if you stuff all these kids
in that, won't they suffocate?
-The comrade has questioned.
- Get lost, you rascal.
Anyway, I have to come for Ajay and
these children live in the same area.
Otherwise, they would
have to walk 4-5 km.
While going back, I take them along too.
Well, you just want to laze
around on that wall, or what?
Shouldn't we do whatever we can?
Why your mother gave birth to you?
That's why, everyone says
we should have a school bus.
Raghu bro promised that
he'd talk to the minister.
Ayyappa... Ayyappa...
Come here once stop..
Hey... Stop... Catch him..
[praying]Oh God! Please
help me to control my anger.
You should only help me
from not getting into brawls.
Hail Lord Ayyappa!
-Give here.
-What happened?
Teacher, if I knew who hit me, I could
have definitely told you. But I don't know
I think your girlfriend's
brother did this to you.
Calm down!
I swear on God and on the food,
My girlfriend does not have
brothers. That much I planned.
Then, why did they beat me?
Who's so brave to hit him in our area?
Or else I guess they've got confused
by thinking him and beaten me.
Otherwise, why would
anyone hit me, Teacher?
After wearing beads, he's coming back
home on time and eating on time as well.
Now if you will try to spoil him I will
kill you by mixing poison in your food.
-We will leave.
-Okay. Take care. Hey you get up.
Hey Soori...
[singing Bollywood song]
-What is this head light
-Who is this?
-Oh, you?
-Soori, we shall join hands.
What? Caught you, rascal!
Hey. Hey. Stop.
Why you are beating? Stop!
Where is your Ayyappa?
-Heard that he's hiding out of fear?
-Call Ayyappa.
-Tell Ayyappa, we will kill him.
-Ayyappa bro...
I wore Lord Ayyappa's beads
but my friends called for help.
In the days of uncertainty
moves from both gangs,
our education went on.
Captain, shall we start?
- Yes, sir. Move.
Go. Go/
[gunfire and explosions]
Captain, take cover.
It is being said that,
every war that happens in this world,
said to be happened for land and women
The reason for the bullet penetrated in
my heart is for invading my motherland.
Back then, what shattered my heart was
The attack on my friends.
It doubled my vengeance fury in me.
My rage erupted.
-Where are they?
-Ayyappa, they are upstairs.
Until one among the three of us comes
down, don't stop this bus anywhere.
-Ayyappa, be careful.
-Should I tell my dad?
For what?
Let me hear Shanmukham bro.
-Shall we start Ayyappa's game?
Do it.
-Go Monty.
-I am gonna kill him
Go get him!
Kill him
Sony... kill him.
You... You dare to break my head, huh?
-Hey brother.
-Out of my way.
-Thrash them.
-I will take care
Antony, don't leave him.
What, rascal!
Get down
Get the money for all the
damages from these guys.
If you ever dare to
mess with our fellas...
I will strip you naked and make
you run on the roads. Remember!
Don't you dare to
meddle with model school!
Boss... The idea is good.
-But it won't workout.
Sir, this is our dream! Help us.
Its totally unnecessary to you. If this
bus comes on road it can create problems.
That, we will take care.
Our school will get good name.
What teacher said is true.
Even if we find funds for
this, this won't workout.
That's what he said.
It is impossible!
Success can change the
mind of every weak person.
Now I should speak to nothingness.
School is nothing but an open prison.
We have an old bus in our school
garage from the past 15 years.
We will make get it repaired.
In order to repair the old bus, your
communist brother has a better idea.
Go and meet him.
As the system has rejected your
request, you can go to underground.
Sir, the school bus is
a prestige issue for us.
We can't do it alone.
If you please help us...
Satish, give it to them.
-Take it. Take it.
-There are five.
Return it in the evening. Understand?
I will take care.
-Say the number 413567.
"Hey brother, come brother...
We don't have any fear"
Giri... fill this gap.
-If it rains, it will shrink.
-Hey fill that gap.
"Come brother... It's our colourful life"
"Come brother... We will swipe the life"
"Who will ask us? Who can stop us?
We will solve everything"
From which post office
you flipped this box?
Sir we don't write any
letters in our colony.
-We too don't receive letters.
-That's also true.
"All the students of all the classes
have moved for the school"
"All the students of all the classes
have moved for the school"
"We reach the sky"
-"No calculation for that"
Take it
"We give friendship...
And it flies like bird"
"It started as a dream and becoming true"
"That truth has become a
part of our heart"
"Bus has started flying..."
"All the students of all the classes
have moved for the school"
"All the students of all the classes
have moved for the school"
Gold ring?
Thanks a lot
Please sir... Please sir...
Okay. A little more.
"Tides of this day"
"We touched the sky"
"The revolving earth"
"Has turned towards us"
"All the people are helping us"
"There is a success in us
hey give money"
-Hey give money
-"Money calculation is beyond us."
"All the students of all the classes
have moved for the school"
"All the students of all the classes
have moved for the school"
"Get into that, we will play."
"We will go to school and enjoy.
Shall we enjoy the festive in school?"
"We will start studies
in our class rooms"
We have with us,
someone who is completely qualified
to take up the leadership of our
school, respected Nanda Kumar.
He worked for Indian space program from
beginning and became successful.
He has taken up this responsibility
selflessly without expecting any gains.
We welcome Mr Nandakumar.
My dear children
[students cheering]
I was a normal government school student.
I come from a very poor family.
Something that many
first world countries
but our country could do this
successfully. I feel proud of it.
Though we are from poor background,
we should get inspiration
from the successful people
who persistently worked
hard with self-confidence.
After all the achievements, the night
I got a recognition from the country,
what came to my mind,
were not the the stars
shining in the sky.
They were the stars
born on this land!
Our children.
They constitute my dream now.
This bus which was rusting in a dark
godown for more than 20 years...
Our students have repaired it.
I really appreciate your work.
Thank you, sir.
Did you get any support?
All the teachers have supported, sir.
-Hey, stop.
Thank you, sir
I am so happy.
everything happened as we thought.
An enemy entered in my peaceful life
And his name is Ashwin
[children shouting] Ashwin... Ashwin...
I now invite our school
head-boy, Mr. Ashwin V,
to address this assembly,
and share with us, his emotions.
[children shouting] Ashwin... Ashwin...
See his pride!
This is called jealousy! Okay?
He deserves that! Ashwin! Ashwin! Ashwin!
I studied psychology.
I'm planning to teach English here.
Good! The one who teaches that
subject here, is slightly mental.
Apply your psychology
-For whom? You?
-Not for me.
Apply it on Joy sir.
[Blackbird song from Beatles band playing]
Good morning, Joy sir.
You don't deserve a good
morning from me, Father Philip.
You left last night saying that you'd come
for the physical test in the morning!
Where were you?
When I enquired at the kitchen, I was told
that you went to the market for purchase.
But Father Burner said you
sent Marappa to the market
and you went to welcome the teachers
recruitment board members.
But Das said that you
escaped from this Parish itself!
What is this, sir? You are so careless.
I will say the truth.
My stomach is upset since morning.
Oh! You buttered Father
Joseph and Father Jo,
you pulled strings against the
teachers protesting outside, right?
Why don't you give their
compensation, father Philip?
Who is this?
Hi lady. Me, myself Joy.
Joy Abraham Paulson.
-That's it?
I mean what is your last name.
Annie John? Annie Thomas?
Annie Jacob? Annie Masquerene?
But it's just Annie.
Plain and simple. Just like that.
Welcome to the circus, Annie.
See you.
All the girls are on his side now.
He buttered teachers and
made them incline towards him.
And now, he's the head-boy too.
Now, his vanity would have no bounds.
Hey! The party is on me, guys!
-Congratulations, Ashwin!
-Thanks, bro!
Let me guess.
Weren't you slandering about me now?
Monty believe me. I did not play
any games to become a head-boy.
See, we can ruin this year
by playing petty politics.
Or we can stand together strongly...
We'll make it the most
memorable year in our lives.
I know we have many problems.
But trust me we will teach the
lesson to that local school guys.
Hands on that!
"In the evening"
"I heard a music"
"I lost my mind in the evening"
"By listening lovable stories"
"The music is heard clearly"
"Romance with the traditional music"
"This love is like this"
"The beauty of the age has been exposed"
"My heart is at the heights"
"It is increasing the madness of age"
"We are all falling waves"
"Body is at the heights of floating"
"We became a foam in this
ocean..Oho... oho.."
"I could touch the sky"
"It's me. The bird in the sky... It's me"
"Today... the earth helps us to meet"
"But there is a lot of journey"
"I could touch the sky"
"It's me. The bird in the sky"
"Today... the earth helps us to meet"
"But there is a lot of journey"
"Dreams are inviting us"
"Given a hand.
Attraction is chasing our hearts"
"It is very new.
Our heart is in the toxicity of love"
"No one able to listen the love music"
"Hello, I could arrest you in my eyes"
"Today... I could trace you with my looks"
"World... This world is born for us"
"It is making us to reach each
other and making a magic"
"I could reach the sky"
"It's me. The bird in the sky"
"Today... the earth helps us to meet"
"But there is a lot of journey"
"I could reach the sky"
"It's me. The bird in the sky"
"Today... the earth helps us to meet"
"But there is a lot of journey"
Hey, listen to me.
Don't be in hurry.
Be brave. I will close the doors. Go.
-You should not be so scared.
-Go, Giri.
I don't think we can repay the money.
[glass shatters and fire crackling]
-What's that?
-Something is burning.
-Friends, that is our bus.
-Come fast. Lets go. Quick.
Guys, come on.
-Hey stop...
Hey come on... Come fast!
Don't leave those stupids.
Catch them. Don't leave them.
Come on... Give me a hand. Give me a hand.
Hey guys. Quick... Quick.
Come on, jump. Quick.
Hey hold me.
Pull... Pull me...
Put the fire out.
[Indistinct voices]
Everything is ruined.
Everything is ruined!
[indistinct voices]
See this... What more
evidence is needed other than this?
Commissioner sir, there was again
a brawl between the students of my
school and the government school.
Provide us protection, sir.
Hey... No one should touch it.
That's the new name that they gave
us, coming to our school ground.
See... we made ready this bus with
the help of our brothers and friends.
They burned it down,
in a single night.
Whoever wrote this,
until he comes here and erases this,
it should remain here.
Every time we see it,
it shall churn our vengeance.
We should show what will
happen if they mess with us.
Let's take them to task.
Let's chop them into pieces.
-Come on, guys.
[sloganeering] Long live the revolution!
[sloganeering] Long live Model school.
Close the gate!
[sloganeering] Earth and sky
are witness of this injustice.
[sloganeering] Earth and sky
are witness of this injustice.
[sloganeering] We will take vengeance.
[sloganeering] Injustice
should be obliterated.
-Come, let's go inside.
Dude, I was in the bathroom.
Then Kiran asked me to
come to the chemistry lab.
When I came in here,
both doors got locked.
Dude, Joy sir.
Sir, why are we here?
Sir, why have you
locked us up here?
Are you hearing the
commotion happening outside?
Their bus has been burnt and they are
here to to burn the whole school building.
Ashwin... Sony... Monty...
George... Godfrey...
Hey, the fathers might be believing
that you guys are behind that arson.
But I know very well that you
people are not involved in it.
You people used something on that day...
That's what made you do
all this. I know that.
I've told you a hundred times not
to supply such stuff to them.
I won't let them reach you as
long as you are in the school.
But for what you have done... face it.
Nothing. Take it easy.
Hey, someone is coming.
Do you recognise this?
-It is acid.
-It is acid.
If I pour acid on all
your faces, it would burn.
Even your parents will not recognize you.
Not only that, we have to bash the
goons who worked for you in the dark.
So let's fight it out
in the open, properly!
That should decide whether it is Ashwin
or Ayyappa, as the victor.
Without any shame,
bring along as many people as you can!
Me and my gang will
be ready in the ground.
We will meet.
-Let's show them boys.
Ayyappa bro.
Hey, stop.
Ashwin... beat them.
Beat them, boys.
Ayyappa bro, get up and smash them.
Don't spare them.
Kill them.
Come on.
Come, we will finish them.
What happened?
-Hey Ajji...
Don't worry, Father. I'll handle it.
This is about the future of
the students of both schools.
That's why I have come by own...
all legal issues will be dealt by Francis.
I will take care.
Don't worry. You can go.
Father, you can leave. I'll bring them.
Parents will be worried.
Please send them early.
Ok. You go and talk.
-Where is Ashwin?
-Yes, sir.
Father has discussed and
compromised the case.
Namaste, sir.
There is nothing we can do now.
Another public nuisance shouldn't
happen in the name of that burnt bus.
We will find out the
culprits, but it will take time.
Father left after discussing a compromise
plan that will be beneficial for you.
They will give you an
amount as a compensation.
You can buy not just one,
but two buses with that.
Now, I won't tolerate if you
fight again for that bus again.
Around 12 boys are in the
hospital with broken bones.
-We don't want any money.
If we accept shamelessly,
then it is not a compensation.
Sir... Sir... Sir...
If you open the mouth I will kill you.
Do you have the courage to question
at least one of those boys? No, right?
I'm saying this for your information...
You are beating because we all
are from poor family backgrounds.
Don't show the arrogance of
your uniform, on our children.
Ayyappa, you come here.
I did not do anything.
-You please go...
-Sir..Sir... sir..
-Quick! Quick!
-Did you find?
Then, where is it?
-Celebrating a success party, huh?
-Hey, it is Joy sir.
Shame on you guys!
I am not here to advice you.
I want to handover this.
Suspension letter.
Now you needn't go to the
school for some days. Happy?
Sir, how many times have they
tortured our boys at public places?
-So how else can we give an answer to him?
You should have asked this
question before doing this atrocity.
You have excelled in ruining what they
have achieved with so much hard-work.
You could have do something
which is more brilliant.
And finally, you have written
your own names on the walls.
F U all boys.
Once upon a time, I was also
addicted to the pleasure of this needle
My life got ruined.
For 4-5 years, a chemical
factory's siren rang through this brain!
I started it as a
style statement!
And what happened?
In this same dormitory,
under this same roof...
Depression, hysteria,
and then suicidal attempts too.
Since I had my elder brother
in my father's position,
I got a return ticket back to life.
I had to fall at the management's feet, to
turn this borderline dismissal of yours
into a suspension.
Trust me guys, you will
have to quit this habit.
Ashwin, aren't you a boxer?
A fighter needs the perseverance
to hold on until the last round!
We will fight this out.
We are going to win this game together.
Now there's no point in staying here.
Pack your bags. Let's go.
Where to, sir?
I've told your guardians that
this is a special study tour.
-Study tour?
-But the place we're going to...
That's a surprise.
Susan Aunty, look! Look!
Solomon, was this the
surprise you were talking about?
Of course!
Joy, dear.
Hey, uncle... Uncle...
You are finished!
Solomon uncle and Susan aunty! We are
going to stay with them for a week.
Welcome to Paulson's house.
We lied in a big way and
asked aunty to come from the US.
-It still remembers you.
-Hey Sam!
How was your journey?
-Hi. It was good.
-I was born and brought up here.
Why I have changes
annual rehearsal here because
Open stage,
free food and free accommodation free.
Free accommodation?
Freshen up, and have breakfast.
You start drama and music.
We watch you from other side
All the males stay there in that outhouse.
All the ladies stay here, understand?
As soon as we complete
dinner, I will leave my pets. Remember!
I will take care, uncle.
-I leave the pets because of you!
By the way, Susan aunty is
a great cook. She cooks very well.
-Not really.
-We are all there, right? We will help.
She cooks very quickly.
Whatever may be the number of guests I
cook fast, that is my talent. Come.
What is this? The cooking has
been done but did not serve him.
Today, he won't allow us to sleep.
Listen, children. This house
has been constructed by him only
He is still very much live. Observe
carefully we feel he is staring at us.
"Flower of which divinity"
"Snow fall of which moonlight"
I'm out of practice.
Hmm... love failure?
-"What a love impression"
-"Flower of which divinity"
"Snow fall of which moon light"
Abhi, I am not ready for this.
Annie, I am an investment
banker in London.
I have some fixed deposits that
I earned with my own efforts.
and my ILR status would be
ready by the coming Christmas.
On top of that my family
is the richest in this area.
Why do you say you are not ready?
Abhi is perfect in all aspects of life.
I don't have anything to do in your life.
No, that is not true.
Who is that lucky guy?
-I don't want to come, uncle.
-Will you come or shall I come there?
-"Rain of flowers has been showered"
-Check if the salt & pepper are enough!
Its too spicy.
Some for me.
Neither you wear clothes
nor dry your hair.
Why are you like this?
-Where are you people going?
-We started to the market to bring meat.
-Go carefully.
"You will stay as a hibiscus"
"I was looking at your eyes"
"With worship"
The star's position
would be here this year.
You only serve
It's just black tea, not wine. Have it.
"The cold breeze has told me about you"
-So cute, right?
-"Flower of which divinity"
"Snow fall of which moonlight"
Hey come, Angel. It's okay.
Nothing wrong. Here. Have a drag.
Hey Angel, come on.
Monty, don't do this again
-You are going overboard.
-Don't shout.
It happened to her again yesterday.
Withdrawal symptoms.
I spoke about it to everyone.
I promise that I won't do it again.
I trust you.
But Ashwin, one thing. Please
don't break the promise for your sake.
-"Flower of which divinity"
This is my island.
-And that is my lift.
-"Snow fall of which moonlight"
She is over there.
Sit, carefully. You may fall. Slowly.
Flower of which divinity
snowfall of which moonlight
"Snow fall of which moonlight"
So here we get into the magical world of
Sir William Shakespeare's
'The Tempest'.
-Devi, did you see Ashwin?
-No. I didn't see him.
Where are you going?
The play is about to start.
-Come fast.
-Just five minutes.
We should not forget the
dialogues on the stage.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Angel, why are you here?
Aren't you supposed
to be on the play?
I am not able to control.
I'm really nervous and...
I think I'm going ruin this play.
You will be fine.
-Be calm, go to the floor.
-No Ashwin
Can you do me a favour?
-I badly need that magic pill, Ashwin.
-Angel, I cant help you out.
I made promise to Joy sir
that we won't use it again?
No, Ashwin. Please! Please!
Yeah, I have something better.
Close your eyes.
Oh my God!
What is this?
-Amazing practice!
-It's not like what you think.
She wanted that thing, man.
-Did you give?
-Forget it
Monty, come.
Don't make an issue, Monty.
No... Stop. Monty, wait.
-Hey Angel.
-Listen man, she cant handle that thing.
Wait... Wait... Wait...
Ashwin is feeling bad.
And he asked me to give you this.
Ashwin asked you to give me this?
He is already having it.
Let's have a good time
-No! This is mine.
-Monty! It's dangerous.
Let's go to the corner.
Sony... give her the stuff
Hey babe, take it.
-No, Ashwin! Stay away from me.
Hey next is our act. Where is angel?
Joy, she is here but she is very nervous.
I sense something
really strange.
Every actor feels
nervous in their first entry.
That's not the case.
-Angel... get up dear.
-Get up, Angel.
A little right. Stand there.
I will hit you.
-Talking in sleep or what?
-Get up.
Come on, Angel.
-Get ready fast.
Ask boys to go on to the stage.
What's next?
-Hey Angel...
-Where is Das? Where is Das?
-What happened?
-Angel. Get some water.
-Give way. Annie would replace Angel.
-You please go from here.
-Go... Go...
Give way. Give way.
Mary teacher, clear that space.
Sir, is she having seizures?
No, Ashwin! Please stay away from me.
-Teacher please hold her.
Mr. Das, ask father Philip
to arrange a vehicle.
I will call to the hospital. Stay here.
Teacher, please make some
ORS. She's dehydrating.
I'll bring it. Devi, please take care.
-What is this, Joy?
-This is bloody drug overdose.
I hate you!
By the looks of it,
seems like it's 'that'.
-What do you mean?
Sir please.
Let's go quickly.
-Please give me a way.
-The Father is here.
Don't know father,
she just lost conscious.
-I smell something fishy.
You're also responsible for spoiling
that Ashwin and his friends.
If students commit this kind of mistakes,
we, teachers simply cannot
forgive them and leave like this, Joy.
You people really have brought
a good name to this school.
-Sir... Sir...
-Come, rascal.
-No, sir. No! Don't do anything.
-You people will never change.
How many times have I told you?
I trusted your promise but you broke it.
Now, go to hell!
You people have spoiled
that innocent girl's life.
Sir I did not do anything. I stopped
her in taking drugs.
-Please believe me.
-Shut up!
Trust me, sir.
If something happens to the child,
I won't spare any one of you!
I'll make sure that you are
called to the management.
-Out of the way!
-Oh God!
Hey Ashwin...
What happened?
Did Joy sir come and show off again?
I fell on your feet and requested you
not to give her she can not handle it.
We will take care of Joy sir.
Now all my charms are overthrown.
The only power I have... is my own.
The gentle wind you blow
with your applause,
will fill my ship's sail.
Without applause,
my plan to please you has failed.
Now, I have...
Abhay, you were here?
We have to tell you something. Come.
Where you people are taking me?
Unless I'm relieved by prayer...
which wins over the God himself
-Sony, check if some is watching
-Nobody is watching.
-Annie teacher.
-She won't see us
This is between us.
Indulge me!
Forgive me!
And set me free.
[screaming] No...
We're not talking to you now as
Ashwin's guardian or sister, Gauri.
It is because you are a
committed writer and media-person.
This problem came to our notice, while
this institution was getting liberated
from the shock of a grave tragedy.
The drug called Methamphetamine found
in the blood sample of the victim...
She won't get it without
an external help.
When we asked her who provided this
to her, the only name she said was
In this conditions, we
had to take this decision.
Sorry to say, our counsel decided that he
can not continue in this school any more.
Let me say this with all due respect
to honourable academic council,
Not as anyone's sister.
But this dismissal was the most simple
punishment that you could give Ashwin.
If he was involved in this,
it should be taken
up by a proper police investigation.
So if more people are involved in this,
we would be able to find
that network and eliminate it.
But if we do this, the school will be
exposed and it will be known to the media.
That will affect the
goodwill of the institution.
So the dismissal of the
student is easy. Nice!
My responsibility as a
guardian begins here.
Ashwin and I have spent our
childhood without parents, sir.
Growing up is not easy.
The discipline of a child is the
responsibility of the parents.
One day he will also stand up as a
good citizen in front of you people.
I take this responsibility as a sister.
[sloganeering of
Ashwin's name in the background]
You might be thinking, everything has
ended, but it will begin from now.
[sloganeering of
Ashwin's name in the background]
Let him stay here and
complete this year.
As you people are here, he can
stay and complete his studies.
Obviously, that's what friends do.
Gowri, Ashwin was expecting that you
would take him along, when you go back.
Now, I'll have an assistant
to help me in teaching Maths.
I took such a decision about him,
after a lot of thinking.
Joseph sir, hereafter,
you would be his local guardian.
This is our joint account.
We both can use this.
Ashwin, by staying in this city
only you have to start a new life.
This is a new beginning for you.
-All the best.
-Ok, sir.
Ayyappa, look who's standing in
front of our school gate.
-Hey friends, come fast.
-What happened?
At last, the deer which escaped all
these days have now got into lion's cave.
Now, what we should do with him.
What are you staring at?
Close the gates!
The wound is full of
sand and glass pieces.
Though you claim it as an accident,
only God has saved you.
Did you bring medicine for injection?
-Here you go, Mommy.
-Allen, shall I give you an injection?
I will give you an injection.
-Kill this rogue who burnt our bus.
-Don't leave him. Don't leave him.
Don't leave him. Don't leave him.
How dare you burn our bus?
Get up and clean it.
-Time and history stand witness!
-Time and history stand witness!
-The blood on the war field stands witness
-The blood on the war field stands witness
-This earth and the sky stand witness!
-This earth and the sky stand witness!
-We will take revenge
-We will take revenge
-We will take revenge
-We will take revenge
With the evidence of time and history...
Joseph sir...
I will never step into that school.
If I go there, they will kill me.
I will talk to your headmaster.
You won't face any other violence.
Sir, why are you experimenting with me?
Of all the places, why this school?
Ashwin... if you can survive here you
can survive any where in the world.
If you try to escape from them,
you will always be running away
from your problems all your life.
[indistinct voices]
Hey! Ashwin is here.
Why did you come here?
I'm leaving this town forever.
But before I leave,
I need to know something.
For everything that
happened to Angel that night...
Was it her who said my name?
Or did you guys make her say my name?
Tell me, you rascal.
Where is Angel?
I want to meet her now.
Ashiwn, that's never going to happen.
All the problems ended that night.
If you meet her,
that would lead to a new issue.
So it's better both of your futures
that you don't meet her now.
Wasn't it you who gave
it to her that night?
Who gave it to her first?
Who made her life dependent
on it? You, right?
And now you're acting like a hero?
Get lost.
Hey guys, don't fight.
Please. Don't start.
-Teacher! Teacher!
-Monty, calm down. Leave him.
We lost Joy that night...
...because of me.
Leave it.
-It's all right.
-I lost my temper.
I myself don't know what all I told him.
All this would get sorted tomorrow.
But now, this evening... this stage...
Only that should be on your mind now.
I don't want to do this play.
Joy, what all are you saying?
After practising for all these days,
And those kids who are all dressed up...
none of them know all this.
There is a solution for this problem?
Cancelling this maiden
production because of that?
Now, that's cruel.
I felt Ashwin's words to be honest.
You feel so because of your
blind affection towards him.
That boy has done this before.
And he hasn't quit that habit.
-Isn't that the truth?
You don't know him.
I know him really well.
Even if the entire world
doesn't believe him,
I will stand with him.
Because I know,
The feeling of being broken inside.
let's look into the play.
If Joy had returned from
the stage that night,
the management wouldn't have
made a wrong decision about you.
Angel confessed everything to me.
But... no one gave her a
choice to say the truth.
Shall I leave, Miss?
What happened that day...
I'm trying to make myself
believe that it was an accident.
But both of us know that it wasn't one.
Whatever Jo left behind, is in this.
Words... Paintings... Music... Everything.
You were a huge part of his dream.
If you are able to realize that some day,
in this world, in our midst,
Joy sir would remain forever.
"You are an unforgettable song"
"At least, once a minute"
"the memory of yours churns my mind"
"Never will those memories
slip away from my eyes"
"I have filled all my
heart with your form"
"You are an unforgettable song"
Thank you, Mr Das.
It was Joy sir who suggested your name
and convinced the fathers about you.
"Whenever I think of you"
"I wish for a boon that
makes me unite with you"
"You narrated stories across my
heart, which has been molten"
"The dreams remained lost
in which we walk together"
"You left me before I reached you"
"Tides of tears has been rolled"
"There's no way that I forget you"
"There's no way that I forget you"
"At least, once a minute"
"the memory of yours churns my mind"
"Never will those memories
slip away from my eyes"
My brother gave this 200 acres of land.
He is in Stanford. He's a professor.
I'll tell you about him gradually.
"You are an unforgettable song"
[sloganeering] Hail Annavaram Narendra.
-Welcome... Grand welcome...
-The minister has arrived.
-Quickly give the garland.
-Welcome, sir.
-[sloganeering] Hail Annavaram Narendra.
Please, sir.
-Koti, is everything ready?
I honour all the teachers. My dear
students who are the future citizens,
I am immensely...
-Hey what happened?
-Power cut?
Mr Narendra.
-Isn't the mic working?
-Who has switched it off?
Whatever you used to say
we have heard it till date.
But now, you please listen to
us as an education minister
Hey stop.
You promised us that
you are going to renovate our
school by spending lakhs of money.
Leaking classroom roofs,
shaking benches and bats.
There are also groups
which are eating funds.
Instead talking about new innovations,
once come along with us and
go around the school building
for us for five minutes.
What kind of developments
are you making, sir?
We don't need huge developments.
Do we have a sports cell?
Or a band orchestra...
or at least a school
bus within 10 km radius?
Finally, we use open toilets, sir
Our colony people are selling the school
property such as doors and windows,
spare parts of vehicles to buy liquor.
We are the only one who have
been questioning them, sir.
We have bad reputation because we get
into brawl when they don't listen to us.
We revolt when there
is injustice happening.
These teachers vent their
family anger on the students.
We are not seeking any pampering, sir.
Don't treat us as enemies.
After money-lending, chewing
betel-leaves and other side businesses,
they don't find time
to teach us on time.
But they are living
happily by giving tuitions.
There should be an end for all this.
Even if we adjust to all this,
the problems are never going to stop.
Our campus should be an
inspiration to the world.
There is no use of applying 147.
We're not taught discipline and
schooled to be the hopes of tomorrow.
We'd only get menial jobs
for the studies they teach.
If not that, we'll have to go to Gulf
countries to do daily labour jobs.
Apart from that,
no good is going to happen here, sir.
When the school bus that was built
by the students was burned,
and we came to inform you,
your PA, Krishna Murthy, said that
we'll be given a compensation.
That case is still running.
We requested to show the plan which
we have developed for this school.
But no one has seen it.
All of us have come to a decision
If you have to go safely, you need
to sign on the papers of our demands.
We are prepared if you want
to launch police and military.
Mr. Annavaram Narendra,
you can't leave this school today.
This is the decision
of our school students.
[sloganeering] Long live the revolution!
[sloganeering] Long live the revolution!
I don't need the help of a
microphone to speak to you.
Because... my words will
reverberate in these walls.
After taking the
responsibility of the school secretary,
I grew to this position.
Throughout the journey, I travelled alone.
So I think its not really necessary
to teach me how to go out alone.
I have an answer for
every question of yours.
But I will answer in actions.
I know how to solve your
problems and demands.
Did you ever see the
students who swim across rivers
and walk long miles to reach the school?
Did you observe the spark in their eyes?
Do you know the opinion of the colony
people around your big campus?
There are many students who hail
from poorer backgrounds than yours,
and study under lanterns.
It was not easy to be an
education minister for me.
Public trusted me and voted
expecting some developments.
My party supports me all the time.
These two things are
with me like my shadow.
I have a challenge for you.
The plan which you prepared will be
implemented not only in this school,
but in all the governments
schools of this state
This is my promise.
For that to happen, all 12 of you,
have to score minimum 40 percent
of marks in the coming public exams.
First you do your job
properly, then question me.
See you.
[dogs barking]
[bell ringing]
[dogs barking]
Oh! How come you are here?
That's why the dogs were
all barking so loudly!
I had made a call to this house.
No one picked up.
We have removed phone call
connection as we would receive no calls.
Alright, come in.
We're in a family meeting.
Keep the bag there.
They will guard it.
Do you know who he is?
God drew a line between
intelligence and madness.
That is this incarnation!
John Abraham Paulson.
St. Thomas came on one such night.
Back then, this place was the
house of priests.
The priest ancestor of
all my great grandfathers.
It was while he was relaxing by
chewing betel leaves after dinner,
that he heard a 'Hi' in Hebrew.
The priest replied 'hi' in Sanskrit.
He understood that St Thomas
hadn't come there asking for food.
Back then, this Northern building
was the biggest library of this town.
They spoke for one whole night.
He learned about the story
of Jesus who was crucified.
After that Thomas left at dawn break,
but whatever he said,
never left priests mind.
Do you know what he did after
deciding to become a Christian?
He burned all the manuscripts in
the library, at this same courtyard.
For the dead to leave our minds,
everything that reminds us
about them should be burned.
Like this.
Let us...
Do this to our Joy,
and liberate him as well!
He is our Joy's student.
He has come here earlier.
[Blackbird song from Beatles band playing]
For this moment to arise.
'Blackbird singing in the dead of night'
Year 1968.
It was Joy's favourite song.
John Lennon... and McCartney.
They wrote this for him.
Have you ever thought what good are
flowers & candles, for the dead?
They don't need all this now.
These are to remind us always...
that there are colours and lights
remaining in our lives, even now.
The promise I made to Joy sir...
I wasn't able to correct my friends.
All the corrections begin...
Hey! Look at me.
...from within oneself.
Joy got a second chance...
To reclaim the life he had lost.
Bad luck!
But before he could do that, he died.
Now, life has offered you a second chance.
I'm not going back there.
Don't be adamant that the
entire world should love you.
We should learn our
biggest lesson from ants.
Be it any rain or storm,
they always stand together holding hands.
For that, the technique that they adapt,
is very simple.
Without leaving his hand,
holding his head close.
You should convince one person
who's right next to you.
Once you convince him that you
will be with him for anything,
A new world would open up around you!
Don't think you are alone.
Though Joy has left this
world, I am with you.
Go courageously.
Face them.
Stop there.
Catch him... Catch him...
Don't leave him today.
Catch him
Hey stop
Stop... Stop... Stop...
[indistinct voices]
Even dogs won't come back
once they are left insulted.
See how shamelessly he came back.
What we can do if he wants to take risk?
[bell ringing]
-Dude, Vikram sir is here!
-Oh no!
The same condensed silence I experienced,
before being assaulted in the lock-Up.
Stand up!
Sit down!
Stand up!
Sit down!
Very good!
Don't trouble that new
admission boy any more.
You already gave him enough, right?
When I enquired,
I found out that his sister is a
senior party worker in the North wing.
Don't get me involved into this.
Let him join you.
Convince a person who's right next to you.
Once you convince him that you
will be with him for anything,
A new world would open up around you.
Show me your homework.
Take it out.
-You won't do your home work?
-Sir, don't beat me
What's the reason?
Are you out of your mind?
Where's your home work?
-Forgot to bring it.
Why can't you obey me?
You have made the class room stink.
Where is your homework?
You've done it, right?
Then why are you stretching your hand?
-This is not mine, sir.
-I haven't done it.
-Then who did it?
Look at you, Mr. Clean!
How dare you didn't do your homework!
I will peel your skin.
Take out your books.
Who didn't do their homework? Open it.
I'm coming.
-[Indistinct voices]
-Show me your hand.
Why didn't you do your homework?
Elson, go carefully.
What do you want?
One chance.
One chance to correct the
mistake I made. Just once.
Ajit, however much you beat me
up for what I did to you guys
and the school is not enough.
Students are treating me as a criminal.
I want to change that.
I can do that only if you stand by me.
You should understand me.
Nothing will happen here,
with my decision alone.
The only one who can make a
decision about you, is Ayyappa bro.
Only one person in this world has the
courage to go and say this to him.
[Telugu song playing the background]
Shall we leave?
Do you know what that smell is?
That's the snake's gush.
Oh no! Snake? Don't scare us, bro.
It comes out in the night
searching for its mate.
Who's that?
-Oh no! Who's that?
-Paru, stand closer.
-Someone is here.
-Who is it?
-I can't see anything.
I'm scared.
Who is it?
Didn't I tell you that
we'll sit there itself?
-What do we do now?
-Who is it?
They are walking towards us.
Was he a guy?
I doubt it.
Pull her.
Lift his skirt.
Paru, come here.
Check, dude.
Don't do anything.
-Shut up!
-Leave me.
-Who is he?
-Let's go...
He'll kill us. Let's run away.
If they had done something nasty
to my girl in front of my eyes,
If you guys hadn't brought him here,
those rogues would have
done a terrible thing.
How do I pay your debt?
Tell me.
I will do whatever you ask.
Did you see him?
Hey! What are you doing here?
Who allowed you?
Hey, go away.
Come here. What are you doing?
Hey Giri! Leave your hand.
I told him to come.
Oh! You joined hands with him?
Alright, I'll click a
photo & leave him now.
Hey Giri! Go!
What, Soori? Did you latch to him
after he bought you a lemonade?
You are provoking despite
I thought otherwise.
Hey Soori!
Hey, stop it!
Leave him!
Hey! Giri!
I'll kill you!
You go to the class!
Come. Let's go.
Soori, enough!
If you raise your hand at anyone again,
Soori will chop off those limbs!
[indistinct voices]
-Why should we mess with him?
What is this, Giri?
What's the matter?
What's it between you guys?
He is crazy.
-Bro, even the balance rod is damaged.
-Did you check?
We can still repair it.
This car belongs to someone close to me.
Repair it somehow.
That's what I'm here for.
Let me search for some scrap.
Our Soori is making
friends for that new guy.
-Is that true?
-Of course.
I swear on Antony.
Amberpet Soori.
He is a fool.
Ashwin rascal must have lured
him by saying something.
But his tricks won't work with me.
A guy has come to meet me,
saying that he's your classmate.
Do you know him?
I know him, dad. I know him really well.
He seems to be better than your
friends who keep barging in here.
Did you see this?
It's an advance.
The first advance to work on that engine.
-What is it, boss?
Seek for a vehicle body from
my elder brother in Khammam.
Okay, sir.
Rest according to the payment schedule.
Dad, if you accept this money,
I won't touch the tools here.
He said that too.
As your Dad,
I have only one thing to tell you.
A workshop mechanic shouldn't just
learn how to repair a vehicle,
he should learn how to
find work in life too!
This boy's intention is pure.
He didn't cheat me by lying.
If you leave,
I'll make my assistants work!
And those vehicles would
run on the road too!
Damn it!
Get lost!
He's gone crazy.
I will see how you would arrange that bus.
"the freedom-loving and
free-spirited divine lord"
"our finest martyred servant of God"
"Hail, our beloved divine lord"
"Hail, our beloved divine lord"
"Oh lord, you are the
emperor of the universe"
"Oh lord, you are the
emperor of the universe"
"You are the inception, Oh Allah"
"You are the proof, Oh Allah"
"You exist in the stars,
moon and everywhere, Oh Allah"
"You exist forever in the
very air we breathe, Oh Allah"
"You exist in the stars,
moon and everywhere, Oh Allah"
I was so scared.
You are alright, aren't you?
My single hand is enough for these rogues!
"Your aroma exists in
the breath, Oh Allah"
"Your light shines all
over the places, Oh Allah"
"Everything is your magic, Oh Allah"
"It's your glory everywhere, Oh Allah"
[music mutes voice]
"You are the God who blesses
everyone with children"
"You are the God who
showers mercy on everyone"
"You are the God who blesses
everyone with children"
"You are the God who blesses
everyone with children"
"You are the God who
showers mercy on everyone"
"You are the God who blesses
everyone with children"
"You are aware of everything, Oh Allah"
"Oh Allah, you exist in the
stars, moon and everywhere"
"You exist forever in the
very air we breathe, Oh Allah"
"Hail, our beloved divine lord"
"Hail, our beloved divine lord"
Are you okay?
Hey! Tittu Samuel.
Are you playing with teddy bear?
I am okay, man!
Here. It's her birthday today.
Orange candy.
Nothing has been okay
there since you left.
Groups, politics...
Our whole... Leave it.
There's an important
thing I should tell you.
Our friend Angel?
She is in George's trap now.
[bike arriving]
-Hey George!
-Hey George!
-Hey George!
-New bike! Wow!
Let's go! Let's go! Come on!
Let's go!
[indistinct voices]
I know, by giving a treat
in high class restaurant,
taking them to cinemas
on the top row seats,
buying them expensive clothes
and turned my guys to your side.
These are old tricks.
I haven't touched you until now.
because I gave my word to Mr Nanda.
I heard that you paid money to
his Dad and got him out of there.
If I hear that something
like that has happened again,
I don't what I will do out of anger.
Ayyappa, just a minute.
George, congrats.
New bike, huh?
Which showroom did you buy it from?
-Go and get it.
Face me.
The one who wears this
uniform is one of us.
If anyone meddles with
him, I'll kill them.
Hey! Hey!
This is your regular quote. Disperse.
Don't get into all the things
If you've come to study,
you should do that.
Shall we go tomorrow, Ayyappa?
"The earth and the sky.
The ocean and the wind"
"You are in everything, Allah"
"In hunger... in
food... in hope... in life"
"You are in all my footsteps, Allah"
"Are you the voice or the light?"
"Are you the shore or the wave?"
"Are you a boon, or the mind?"
"Are you the solace?"
"Are you the voice or the light?"
"Are you the shore or the wave?"
"Are you a boon, or the mind?"
"Are you the solace?"
"Are you the voice or the light?"
"Are you the shore or the wave?"
"Are you a boon, or the mind?"
"Are you the solace?"
[sloganeering] The model school
exams should pass the exams.
[sloganeering] The model school
exams should pass the exams.
[sloganeering] The model school
exams should pass the exams.
[sloganeering] The model school
exams should pass the exams.
You guys should pass
the exams at any cost.
Bro, the kids are all quite excited.
Seems like we're really trapped!
The minister has trapped us.
We can't achieve that for sure.
-We're so trapped, bro!
We must win this challenge somehow.
I just had to score pass
marks to go to the Gulf.
If we study really hard, we can do it.
I wish there was a crash course
we could attend to study quickly.
That's going to be really expensive, bro.
-Where are you throwing it to?
-Go and get it.
Get it!
There is one way.
I know someone who can help us.
If it doesn't cost us money,
why don't we try it?
What do you think about me?
That I make my living by
selling guides for exams?
First of all,
this whole tradition of
exams itself is outdated.
If you write many answers
by studying them by-heart,
according to a syllabus
created by someone,
the system will give you plenty of marks,
evaluate you liberally,
and make you pass.
Or it would make you fail.
What's the point in doing that?
That does not interest me at all.
So, in this matter, I cannot help not
just you, but anyone in this world.
-We came here unnecessarily.
-Let's go
But in your case,
we have to defeat that system.
the plan that you guys made...
That is democratic!
The pass mark that you need
to get it implemented...
I'll help you score that.
Then, we will pass.
I have 3 conditions.
I will teach you only when I feel like it.
And I cannot come to a place you choose,
or at a time you choose.
Instead, if your guardians permit you,
you can stay here...
Following the rules of this place.
I have only one goal.
I will make you guys pass the exams.
Don't ask me how and when!
I'll shave off the heads and play drums
on the heads of those who act smart!
Complete submission.
Apart from that,
you can ask me any sensible question!
If I know the answer, I'll tell you.
Or I'll bring someone who knows it,
before you.
This service is not free, boys!
It's not free!
There will be a fee for this.
I'll collect it according
to each one's capacity.
This a deal between each of us,
Are you okay with it?
Think about it and let me know.
-No. Let's go. We don't need this.
-We don't have money.
This won't work.
[Indistinct voices]
Let's go.
Sorry bro.
We agreed to this only
because you asked us to come.
Why is he giving a big show off?
We will leave, Susan aunty?
What are you saying?
After preparing a feast
for so many people,
should I throw away everything
that's on the stove? No way!
Leave only after eating. Here.
Hold this and give it to everyone.
Move! Move!
Please. Shall we eat?
Let's have a silent prayer then.
Brother, we cannot pray silently.
Our father, for this day, for our friends,
for this food, we thank Thee.
This is a ritual as
per our clan tradition.
We should provide abundant
food for everyone.
We should take rest,
and make our guests rest too.
-And we need to serve one person.
Okay? So go ahead.
Enjoy your food.
Chicken fry, crab roast, duck gravy,
tiger prawns, fish fry and fish curry,
chicken curry and many more are there.
But no one should leave
without having desserts.
All the desserts are special items.
-Hey! Get me the plate.
-Give me here.
[indistinct voices]
They are very delicious.
The hall...
Since the hall doesn't have enough space,
We're planning to accommodate
you in 3 AC rooms upstairs.
-AC in all rooms, dude!
If you need anything else,
you should tell me now.
So you've decided!
Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
A disciplined body, mind and intellect.
Only if you have all these, you will have
the capability to answer the questions.
-Tell me, sir.
Train them.
Let their brains become warm first.
Studies can wait until then.
Shekhar, lock that gate.
We shall start?
10 rounds around this campus.
[dogs barking]
I can't climb this.
I'll help those who cannot climb.
You've been hanging for too long! Climb!
You have two tasks before you now.
Collect all the dried leaves on
this field and put it in one place.
Come here.
Move this side.
Secondly, collect one bucket
of water each from that well,
and pour it under each
tree here, every morning.
Sir, I'm scared of water.
Go and get water.
Don't interrupt others' work.
Come on, pour.
Soori, it's evening and they haven't
even given us a drop of water.
The kitchen here closed yesterday.
Seems like the kitchen
wouldn't open till our exams are done.
Let's live by eating the mangoes here.
Shut up.
-Okay, right?
From this point to that point.
Ready? Come on.
Climb on it.
Those who have fallen, climb again.
Come on.
Go fast.
One by one!
Sir, we did whatever you asked us to do.
Now I got courage to do anything.
But we haven't studied anything for exams.
There is only one way now,
to make each one of you pass.
Many intellectuals and
criminals in the world,
Without any gender differences,
have tried and been successful at
least once, at this golden technique.
-What did you say he was in America?
Didn't understand, right?
Not just the questions that may be asked.
The entire textbooks!
On tiny bits of paper,
Write in the smallest letters,
fold it, roll it,
And keep them safely in places
where even the thousand-eyed
Lord Indra can't find them.
As soon as you see the question,
without any space for doubts,
Take out the note carefully.
Write the exam!
Isn't that wrong, sir?
Don't answer back!
Though it may seem
simple when you hear it,
you're not keeping any
ordinary secret notes.
Each of you should make your
notes in your own handwriting.
I'll check the quality of the notes,
and approve them.
Start writing!
Seek and you shall find!
Come on, go!
What did Soori say?
Bro, leave this to us.
We'll take care of this.
We'll give you an unforgettable
experience within 15 days.
I'm thankful, bro.
This is quite an unforgettable experience.
The transfer of pollen grains
from the anther to the stigma,
of a flower is called pollination.
Hey! If you've finished
writing, put it in this.
Okay. Lymphocytes are
taken from patients' blood.
-Isn't this over yet?
-The entire textbook is there, man.
-There are 4 more chapters along with this
The boys have brought the secret notes.
Show me.
Are these secret notes?
If they write it so big
in such large papers,
they can't hide them anywhere.
Do one thing. Tear all that off...
And write it in tiny letters,
in tiny bits of paper.
It's the lake in front of us,
And behind us, is the guy from America.
And we're in the middle,
working and starving!
Will he burn it even if we
write it smaller than this?
If we don't write it, he'll burn us.
What's happening? Did you write it?
-How did you write it?
In our own handwritings...
How did I ask you to write it?
These are secret notes
of entire text books,
Prepared by each one of us,
written in our own handwritings.
How did I ask you to write it?
[in unison] To make it small...
How did I ask you to write it?
To write in tiny letters...
Have you written in tiny letters?
-Then what should you do?
We should write it again, in tiny letters.
Then go and write it.
I'm scared of failing in the exams.
Trust me.
We have good days ahead.
You've hidden everything
you've written properly, right?
Don't get caught at any cost.
If this technique has to work out,
don't copy from your neighbour's
secret note or answer sheet.
Seek from your own secret
notes and you shall find!
Did you study?
Look! They are studying!
Yes, bro!
Ask if you have any doubts.
We'll tell you.
We'll tell you everything.
Sit there and study!
-Everything is okay, right?
-What? Can't you go?
-Vikram sir...
-'Oh my mother earth, for your near death'
May your soul rest in peace
Come to the light.
Let him come to the light first.
A special invigilator appointed
directly by the minister...
is coming to throw away
all the secret notes
You've expertly hidden in
various parts of your body.
Here comes that tornado!
Seek God's blessings!
Welcome, sir.
The school is all yours.
Nice Kurta.
The first bell will be at 9 AM sharp.
At 12 PM, they should be out.
None of your teaching
staff should be present
in the hall where those
12 students are sitting.
-Now let me do my duty.
None of their games will
work with Sudheer sir.
Minister Narendra is really particular...
that none of you should score even
one mark more than what you deserve.
Whoever commits a malpractice,
I'll change his fate.
It's better to surrender
before the war starts.
Only God can save you in this exam now.
Stand up.
-Come out.
Come out, man.
Why are you wearing
slippers in two colours?
They got switched when I
came out of the temple, sir.
Remove it.
What is this sticker?
It got torn, sir.
Poor thing. Remove that sticker.
It's not coming off, sir.
The glue is really strong.
Open it.
What is this? This is not mine, sir.
You stand up!
You stand up!
You stand up!
-All of you, come.
-What is your name?
Aalapaty Soori.
Aalapaty Soori?
Are you a folk tale narrator?
No sir. I enact plays.
Open that slipper and show everyone.
You saw his footwear?
All three of them have
such stuff with them.
No, sir. We don't have anything.
-We haven't done anything like that.
What is this then?
Sir, I had tied it around my broken nail.
Oh God, save me!
Nothing else, right?
-Sir, the cloth...
-Your hand.
-Your neck is also hiding something!
That's all, sir.
-What's inside?
-The sacred thread, sir.
-Sacred thread?
Remove your buttons.
Remove the buttons.
There was a prayer meet, sir.
Yeah right!
You saw it?
Is this your prayer?
-I wrote it so that I won't forget.
-Not to forget?
-Come here.
-There's nothing, sir.
Come here, I say!
Move your hands.
Did you see this, sir?
Is this their skill that you praised?
This is utter cheating, sir.
What is this?
Since they haven't written even
one line from these secret notes,
I am giving you one more chance.
It's not my charity to
this school's headmaster.
It's only because you
made a request to me.
Can you give me a hall big enough
to place these 12 at 12 edges?
-Say yes, sir.
-Don't say yes, sir.
This is your last chance.
If I suspect that even one of you is
performing malpractice of any kind,
All 12 of you would be thrown out.
Your time starts now.
Come on! Start writing.
It is when we forget all
expectations and lose all hopes,
that the hands of God would intervene.
In that classroom where those
12 students were sitting,
Imbibing prayers from all
the students of that school,
A huge miracle had commenced,
without their knowledge.
Seek and you shall find!
Among you,
There must be people who fell on their
heads, and people who tripped & fell.
Basically, it happened because
you didn't have balance.
Torque is the idea of balancing the act.
Depending upon the centre of mass moving
above or below the supporting level,
You will trip, and fall too.
Seek, and you shall find it.
If you apply force from this
focal point of this ellipse,
It will reflect from
the second focal point.
That's why the coin fell there. Try.
Brother, they have somehow collected
all the dry leaves on this field.
But that's not your task.
-Then what is it?
-Burn it.
Sir, can I get a match box?
I'll burn it quickly.
Match-Box is science!
That was unnecessarily invented.
Right, brother?
Man should learn how to make a fire first.
Make it.
How do we make it?
Principle of converging lens.
Only half the force that you use to
lift a bucket of water is needed,
If you use a pulley.
So if you use three pulleys,
It will reduce even further.
That's the advantage of a simple machine.
Take it.
Hurry up!
10 minutes to go!
-How did you write?
-I wrote well.
All exams are over.
I received your answer sheets as well.
There's someone who's sure that your
efforts & prayers would succeed.
Sudheer Kumar.
Roll No. 36, 10 A.
Don't know who he is, right?
It's me.
Someone who loves his school,
just like you.
1971 batch.
And yeah, one more thing.
You know who told me that you have secret
notes with you, and I should remove them?
It's the same person who
asked you to make secret notes
Of entire text books,
writing it in tiny letters.
John Abraham Paulson.
We understood why you made
us do all that we did here,
only when we got our question papers.
We don't know what to give you in return!
We don't have anything to give you!
Forget all the exams you've written.
You may pass or fail in them.
You guys, who are going to climb on
to the 18th step, from this 17th step,
Should get prepared for...
the summer exam of your lives hereafter.
You shouldn't fail there.
Forget about the social
hierarchy in jobs that you do,
Don't contaminate your lives by fighting
for the colours of skins or flags,
And stay as the heartbeat of the
people with you, for this land.
That's your responsibility.
It's your future.
You should remember that before
stepping out of this room.
You needn't do anything for me.
If you wish to do something,
Do it for her.
I want to see those who
destroyed the light in her life.
Just once.
They shouldn't repeat what they
did to her, to anyone else.
Before going back,
I need to fulfil that duty as well,
for Joy.
[glass clunks]
Sorry, friends.
I usually don't go to any party uninvited.
But I came here...
To take these two guys with me,
without your permission.
Come on.
Your party is over.
You should confess to the world,
what injustice you have done
to Angel and my Joy.
Come on!
Who are you, Mister?
That's a long story, son.
If I start, I'll have to talk
about a history of 30 years or so.
No one will take anyone away from here.
That's my brother.
Those who come to me wishing to learn,
shouldn't be sent back empty handed.
That's what my teacher
taught me in 3rd grade.
I have been following it till date.
Oh God!
Don't close your eyes.
You have promised me.
Don't fail.
You gave me your word!
Don't fail.
You should always win.
Come on!
What gave us the strength to face
any danger with extra boldness,
were those words that
our teacher taught us.
Come on!
You should succeed.
Get up!
Behind every achievement,
there is that lesson I learned from ants.
The exam results also proved the same.
Based on that master plan
devised by those 12 students,
A better plan was implemented
in all 14 districts.
And thus, the Government also
became a part of our victory.
Rectifying all its problems,
Mr. Stanley Moore, brought a first
class school bus, to our school as well.
when we're celebrating this success,
I remember my friends,
who didn't fail in the exam called life.
And those truthful words that
made me open my eyes to the good.
Someone who's right to next us...
If we try to understand his dreams,
If we try really hard,
A whole new world would open up before us.
Today, my...
I tried to understand...
Ajith Naidu IAS.
My classmate.
To do what his conscience says is right,
without fear,
the last name signifying any creed, or
his designation are no obstacles for him.
I am not alone.
I've brought a gift for you.
Not just mine...
All our old friends' efforts were there,
behind finding Joy
sir's own Annie Teacher.
And when I told her that
we're coming to your school,
I didn't have to force her.
Thank you.
For bringing back Joy sir once again,
through them.
Back then...
for Angel and Joy sir,
We did one more thing.
They are dreaming about
their bright future
First batch of this school is stepping
out of the school to fulfil their dreams.
Bless them.
"The earth and the sky"
"The ocean and the wind"
"You are in everything, Allah"
"In hunger... in
food... in hope... in life"
"You are in all my footsteps, Allah"
"Are you the voice or light?
Are you the shore or the wave?"
"Are you the boon or the mind?
Or are you a solace?"
"Are you the voice or light?
Are you the shore or the wave?"
"Are you the boon or the mind?
Or are you a solace?"
"Are you the voice or light?
Are you the shore or the wave?"
"Are you the boon or the mind?
Or are you a solace?"
"Are you the voice or light?
Are you the shore or the wave?"
"Are you the boon or the mind?
Or are you a solace?"