Gangs of Godavari (2024) Movie Script

My village is a remote islet
in the Godavari River
between Rajahmundry and Kovvur.
Ages ago,
in the absence of laws or courts,
wrongdoers were punished
according to village customs.
For centuries, tying a trident has been
a tradition on the islets of the Godavari.
No one knows its origin,
but it is still followed today.
To the east of the islets is a cave.
Walking through the waters,
there is the Mother Goddess Ganga
among the tridents.
Each trident tied up is a duel challenge.
A trident once tied in Lanka always
ends with the death of the opponent
because the vengeance of an islander
lasts ten generations.
When a trident is driven into the soil
before the Mother Goddess
and a knot is tied,
it signifies death
for the intended person.
Why so much hype for killing an old man?
Whom did you send against him?
A small knife, a big knife,
a sickle, a scythe
Not a wound on his body
wasn't caused by one of these.
He isn't human, brother.
He is an animal!
it's been a long time
since we tied the trident against you.
We have been trying to kill you
ever since.
We realized it was beyond our capability.
But now we know your weakness.
Are you ready to die?
Or will you protect her until you die?
I am ready to die.
But before that
I want to meet her once.
Before I meet her,
she should learn about my past.
Bujji, I don't know
whether I am good or bad.
But I don't want the reputation
of being good
because that wasn't how I lived.
Hey, filthy rascal!
What's wrong, sister?
He spent the whole night with me
and is running away without paying.
Let him go, sister. Leave it.
Who's bothered about him?
He is leaving with my money!
Dirty rascal, come back again,
and I'll break your legs.
Unless sex workers start lending out,
the system won't improve, bro.
I've pinched a thousand.
And I give you a hundred.
Bless me, please.
May you be blessed.
In, out. In, out. In
Hail Saibaba!
There's not much work to do
on the islets of the Godavari,
except jumping into the river
at midnight to dredge.
Spend all the money thus made
on drinking, gambling,
and getting involved in petty thefts.
-Two hundred.
Yadu, Obu, Shivudu, Pothu, Vaira, Raju
We all live on the same islet.
But I don't get along with anyone.
Hey! Will Ratna opt for "in" or "out"?
When was he with us?
He's an outsider and will go for "out."
Well said, man.
Fine, dude.
Let's follow your hunch.
Five hundred on "out."
Then I go for a thousand on "in."
-In, out! In
-What, dude?
Is it Ratnamala's money again?
Why does she offer you everything?
And nothing to me?
Why don't you recommend me to her?
In, out!
Hail Saibaba!
Say it, man.
Say you will put in a word to her
and I'll let it go.
Say it, man!
Touch what belongs to me
and this is what happens.
Balayya, my heart is racing!
Calm it down, please!
Enough with calming down. Stop it.
It's a nice song, isn't it?
Why don't you play it?
Get lost!
Giving you a lift is big enough.
You want a song on top of it!
Don't get angry, brother.
Keep your hand off.
Oh, bloody heck! His attitude!
Brother, give me a cigarette.
One for me as well.
From the moment I let you in,
why are you trying to get on my nerves?
I have terrible cravings.
Give me one, brother.
I will break your teeth.
Shut your trap and sit.
The rickshaw is gone, sir.
Gone where?
It's been stolen, sir.
What do you mean it's stolen?
Thank God!
-What Ratnamala? Were you missing me?
-Bloody rascal!
-What else do you want to loot from me?
-Hear me out.
-What is left to tell me?
Why are you raising your voice?
Filthy rascal!
It hurts!
Unless you get a sound thrashing,
you won't learn a lesson.
-Don't hit!
-Where is my money?
From today,
soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste in
this area are going to be supplied by me.
What did you do?
I stole a rickshaw loaded with soaps
and shampoos from a guy.
Was it on this route?
The same route, sir.
The next day, he came back
with yet another rickshaw with goods.
They had good foresight, sure.
-Hey! Who's that?
-They didn't expect a jolt from behind.
We found the rickshaw, sir.
The goods are gone.
Even the rickshaw is gone.
Third time lucky,
he got his boss with him.
Oh, no! He is back!
My dear!
-I know you are around here.
-He was short but very shrewd.
Have the pleasure of
driving this rickshaw away.
And if you come to the office
in the morning,
I'll give you the dealership of this area.
Make good business.
He offered me a deal.
What's your benefit in this?
When you play the thief and steal,
I run into losses.
Be my dealer and sell,
and it brings profits.
For both of us.
Valid point!
Stealing from me was bad enough.
How could you steal from them?
Whatever you are doing,
are you doing it willingly?
But see how God plays?
He placed lust below everything else.
And hunger just a little above it.
I don't want a life centered around
only these two.
Once a wish enters this mind,
it begins to play lots of tricks.
With the same hand,
it can catch someone's collar
or touch their feet.
To live great
we have to let go of shame.
Mr. Murthy, who is this Ratnamala?
Can't you tell by the name?
Must be his mother or sister.
Oh, my! She is ravishing.
Did you see it?
Hey! Why did you use my name?
-Why my name?
Who do I have other than you?
Hey, take a picture.
Hey, Murthy! Come, dude.
You are calling me dude
on the very second day, sir?
Why are you shouting?
Name your price and sleep with me.
Bloody rogue!
I choose who I sleep with.
What is it? Other than him,
you don't fancy anyone?
You are a prostitute.
You got to take whoever pays you.
Try this with me again and next time,
this is not where I will point the knife.
Get it?
This arrogance is because of Ratna, right?
I will settle scores with him tonight.
Then you will see.
Why are we supplying goods at night?
How nasty!
My mind is disturbed, Murthy.
I thought I would lighten up
roaming with you.
Fine, tell me your last wish.
What else, sir?
A good house, family--
Why do you say last wish, sir?
Yadu is planning to rob your goods.
Whatever goods got you the dealership,
he plans to steal the same goods
from you and get the dealership.
I may be the bone of contention
between you two.
But what actually makes him angry
is your progress.
Who are they, sir?
They look like monsters!
It should have struck me
when you mentioned "last wish," sir.
Hey, stop him!
Hey, Yesu!
Take the steering.
If you challenge me and get nasty,
I'll strip you and thrash you, rogue!
Shivudu! Take it out.
Hey, Ratna!
Hey, Malli!
Hey, Malli
-Hey, Malli!
-Malli, get up!
-Get up!
Stuck in the mud, Murthy!
What is this, Beedi?
A sand ramp, sir!
Oh no, so much?
I've seen ten people loading
a tractor full of sand.
Is so much happening here
without my knowledge?
Not just you, sir.
Half the village has no idea.
And they make sure no one knows.
Hydraulic machines are forbidden
in sand extraction.
But these people use them.
In fact, sand should not be extracted
from more than three to eight meters deep.
But these people dig much deeper, sir.
They have no checkpoints
and cops don't stop them.
That's because
the MLA in power for two decades,
Doraswami Raju, owns this empire.
But their empire has a rival
in the opposition.
There is one Nanaji. A landlord.
There is a tall statue
in the village center.
That's his father's.
He gave the first ticket to Doraswami Raju
to contest in the elections.
But Doraswami is street smart.
He switched parties
and won the election against Nanaji's men.
Taking this as an insult,
Nanaji has been trying for years
to make his man win against Doraswami.
Nanaji wants power.
Doraswami wants both money and power.
When the sand under his feet is all money,
no shame in sitting at Doraswami's feet.
Hey, never saw you around.
Who the heck are you?
Sir, I live on the islets, sir.
I adore you, sir.
I never saw you there.
Brother, a flag bearer
is either before you or behind you.
-Why would he be next to you?
-I never saw you.
Brother, from finding laborers
to putting them on the truck,
I take care of everything, brother.
Give me one chance, sir.
I will prove myself.
Take him into the team.
For this kind of effort?
I will prove myself.
What will you prove?
I am next in line after the boss.
You can do nothing bypassing me.
Why would I even think of
bypassing you, brother?
Very good.
Ratna has arrived.
The frenzy must touch a new high!
Vote for Boat!
Vote for Boat!
Hey, come here!
He enjoys it when I dance in front of him,
but I have to do it.
It's crucial because
I need to get
from his kitchen to his bedroom.
Bloody old hag!
Sir, it's time to go to the farmhouse.
Tear the lungi.
Close the door quickly.
I am getting very close
to Doraswami Raju these days.
They call you a panderer
for whatever you are doing.
Hey! You only see adultery here.
Do you know what the real business is?
These gentlemen you see here actually
run the sand quarries for Doraswami Raju.
Money first reaches their hands.
They claim quite fat commissions.
But if that emboldens you to
steal from them, they will kill you.
Hey, come here! Come.
Why are you dropping the money?
Selling illegal liquor, big settlements,
everything is done here.
Every month, money from sand
is sent to Raja.
-He counts it and hands it to his sister.
Is it all there?
Not even a rupee has gone missing I hope?
Not a rupee. Keep it inside.
They don't leave a single rupee
in the farmhouse.
-So much happens in this place?
Hey! Take this bag and give it to her.
Is it for madam?
Let me take the bag to her.
Just supply vegetables.
Don't cross your line. Go!
Give it there.
Sir! You bowed to his feet.
You sent him girls.
You are neglecting our business
and running behind them.
But they don't even spare you a look.
Why all this, sir?
Let's go back to our business.
Would you like a drink, Murthy?
Roaming with you is bad enough.
Why do you want to add to my miseries?
-Beedi, stop the vehicle.
-Hey! Stop!
What are you doing here?
Nothing, brother.
Dad and others went with Yadu
for a theft and one of them died.
His wife lodged a complaint
against our dads.
Yadu had run away. The police
picked up my dad and the others.
Oh! What happened?
Why are you taking him? Sir!
What has he done, sir?
Please, let him go.
-Where are you taking him?
Okay. You guys go home.
Your husband's death
had nothing to do with their husbands.
I will take care of your kid's education.
Tell me how much you want.
You have worked very hard for me.
Tell me what you want.
So far, we have only supplied sand
from Godavari.
But from now on,
we will also build the houses.
We provide bricks.
We lay the foundations.
Why stop there? In simple terms,
any foundation laid in the Godavari
district should bring money to our house.
What is the plan?
We have herds of people.
But what we need is a hunting tiger.
Those who dive into Godavari
to dredge its bed
Each of them is equal to a hundred men.
They don't hesitate
to threaten, terrorize, or kill.
Trust me.
How can I?
What if you ignore me after their release?
Quote your price.
I want five hundred thousand.
Why? Will you give it to me?
Oh my.
I was worried she might ask too much.
Give her five
and keep the fifteen safe.
-Hey, how are you?
-I am good, Dad.
Husband, how are you?
Who got us released?
I am going to take up very dirty jobs
from now on.
News spreads across the world
before it slips off the tongue.
Will you work with me
without letting it slip?
A woman and money
Both can enter any room.
Hitting beds in anger is of no use, moron.
Elections are nearing.
Do something to raise money.
Anyway, you are taking
full advantage of Mr. Doraswami Raju.
But a respected Brahman predicted long ago
that thieves would become kings
and prostitutes would preach ethics.
The worst part is that
you preach ethics yourself.
I think there's been an accident.
She seems to be from a big family.
Hey, Beedi! Do you see how a queen looks?
Hey, Beedi! Stop the car.
She woke up. Stop it!
I am sure he disturbed her.
What happened, sir?
You are fine, madam.
Nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen.
I won't let anything happen to you.
What is he up to, Beedi?
I just won't allow it.
I won't let anything happen to you.
Oh, no! She is asleep.
-Hey, Beedi!
She appears slender only to look at.
She is quite heavy, actually.
Get the vehicle!
Hey, Beedi, she's awake.
Move away. Let her breathe.
It's a girl, man!
I will protect you with my life.
Doctor! Open the door, doctor!
At times like these,
you must show compassion, not passion.
She's an innocent girl, sir.
If you touch her, she'll be crushed.
Oh, bloody heck! She's awake.
Thank heavens. So, you're awake!
The doctor told me
I brought you just in time.
Don't worry,
I've called your dad. He's on his way.
-Did you call my father?
With whose permission?
Actually, I took the car
without my dad's knowledge.
If he finds out about this accident,
he's going to kill me.
Oh, no.
If you brought me this far,
you must be a good person.
Where is Bujji?
Oh, my dad is here.
I'd better lie down.
Is this good enough?
Injured patients don't smile like that.
Let's go.
God's mercy. Motor service.
I saw a girl a while ago.
What a beauty!
She was glowing even in the dark.
If not for this sun tan,
I would be glowing just as much.
I was sharing something.
Must you interrupt
and add your own tale to it?
What do I know?
You were talking
about sensitivity and beauty.
I couldn't stand it
and had to chime in.
I held her very gently
and yet she was bruised.
Why didn't you let go of her then?
Won't it break her heart?
When her parents hear about you,
it's their hearts that will break.
You are right.
Mr. Nanaji
His heart would stop, right?
Hey! Is she Nanaji's daughter?
He values his reputation
more than his life.
If he finds out
you're involved with his daughter,
he'll kill you.
Let me first get involved.
Doraswami Raju is only a nominal MLA.
When it comes to land settlements,
they say only Nanaji can sort them out.
That's the kind of power you hold.
Sir, I must tell you something.
There's this guy, Ratna.
He has become popular recently.
He's Doraswami Raju's man
and has even formed his own gang.
He is looking after
Doraswami's sand quarries.
He is squatting on one of our lands.
Shall I call him?
You squat on their land and then
go to them carrying soaps and shampoos.
You sin but want them to cleanse it?
Silly idiot!
You should never meet elders empty-handed.
Learn some courtesies.
Why would you come
unless you have a motive?
Oh my!
Such nasty ideas in that filthy brain?
You're not here for the father!
You're here for the daughter?
-Hey, is that Ratna?
-She's looking at you. Look.
That will diminish my value.
Greetings, sir.
If it's land you want to occupy,
there are hundreds available.
But to catch my eye,
this is the only way.
Tell me.
What do you want from me?
Beating me up or getting me jailed
is no big deal for you.
But you didn't do it.
What do you want from me?
Hey! Who is it?
Which rogue has tied me up
and brought me here?
Sir, sir, sir!
Have they brought you too, sir?
-Hey! Hey, Ratna!
Someone has kidnapped us!
-Have they kidnapped us?
Oh no! How dare you
kidnap my Godly figure?
Quote your price, and we'll throw it
in your face and leave.
-Hey, Ratna!
-Detain me if you want.
-Tell me, sir.
Why should we pay these idiots?
Don't give them even a single rupee!
-Hey, don't hit him. Don't hit him.
-Oh, God! Who is it?
-Please don't hit.
-Oh, God!
-My boss is my God. Don't hit him.
-Hey! Who is hitting me?
-You won't get a penny from me. I won't!
-Sir! Let's give them the money, sir.
No, sir!
-No, sir! Let's not mess with them.
-I said I won't.
Let's give them the money, sir!
-They are hitting me as well.
-Hey, he is innocent. Don't hurt him.
-Let's give them the money. Leave him!
Why are we hitting him so hard
as if he owes us money?
-I don't think he's going to pay.
-Stop it, sir.
I will kill him.
Why are you hitting him like that?
He is the sitting MLA.
He is Doraswami Raju.
How do we pay Nanaji then?
Sir, aren't we making good money, sir?
If he doesn't want to pay,
let him go, sir.
You want to insert your finger
into every ring you find.
Yes, finger into his ring
Hey! Take whatever you want.
Don't take my ring!
This is a thirty-year-old sentiment.
Leave it.
Hey! Tell me how much you want.
I will pay whatever you quote.
Three, four, and five!
Five hundred thousand?
Stupid idiot!
Does Nanaji look like a lottery winner
to be discussing a few hundred thousand?
-It's me.
Tell me.
I need some money urgently.
Send fifty million.
Have you lost it to cockfights?
I'm not giving even a single rupee.
Shut up, idiot!
I am kidnapped!
Where do I send it?
I have a small request.
Poor Ratna is innocent.
Don't hurt him.
Sir, sir, sir
I can't see anything, sir.
-Wait, I'll remove the blindfold.
-Let me.
Thank God.
-Sir, are you fine?
-I am fine.
-Hey, Ratna!
-No one should know about this.
-The beating part or the money part, sir?
-Okay, sir.
No one should know. Be careful.
And from today, you will keep
all the money from sand quarries.
Why me, sir?
You saw what happened, didn't you?
My wife wasn't ready to give a single
penny even when my life was at risk.
-That's true.
-So, keep it with you from now on.
Sir, that's a lot of money for me
Do what you are told.
Okay, sir. Okay.
Whoever he is, I must know his name.
Only after he's dead
will I head to the farmhouse, Goddess.
Until then, lock up that farmhouse!
This is an inside job.
Keep your cards close
to your chest and find the culprit.
Let's teach the rogue a lesson.
But there were two gunmen, right?
What happened to them?
I felt it was a waste of money on dinner,
so I sent them away.
With the ransom I paid,
the entire constituency could be fed.
What's with this water kiosk in winter?
So nasty!
Say something, Murthy.
You always have something to say.
I never thought
you were this kind of person.
Why have you changed your voice?
What kind of person?
That you are so wicked.
Did you grab our land?
-Yes, I did.
Do you know what it's like
when the Godavari floods?
Women, children
Can you even imagine their predicament?
They need some land to live on.
That's why I took it.
If what I did was wrong,
go ahead and call me wicked.
Isn't land grabbing wrong?
We grab plants from the earth
in the name of hunger.
But when a man grabs from another,
we call it monstrous.
If that's not wrong, how is this wrong?
If this is wrong, so is that.
It's not that
What happened?
It's an unclaimed body.
Burning it with the trash.
Bloody heck! Give it here.
Start the vehicle.
This belongs to the elite, right?
They will listen to you.
Ask them to open it.
I don't know about his birth.
But every death deserves dignity.
Ask them to open it.
Hey, Ratna! Get up, man. Up!
Get up
Get up!
-What happened, sister?
-Come here.
Swear on him and tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me if you grabbed
the land for us or not. Tell me.
Who told you?
Did you grab the land or not?
Answer me honestly.
You see? Did you all hear that?
So many of you here.
Did even one of you ever
-Damn it!
-think in our interest?
He did.
He will build houses for us.
We won't have any problems now.
What is this, Ratna?
I wanted to wait until it was done.
Who told her anyway?
Look there.
Goodness gracious! This girl?
What do you mean by distributing it, sir?
If Nanaji finds out, he will bury us.
Are you really going to distribute it?
I had to work hard to seize that land.
Why would I give it away?
What brings you here, madam?
What you said yesterday made me sad.
It's winter.
I got sweaters for the kids.
if your dad gets the wind of
what I am doing, he can harm me.
I don't want that to happen,
which is why
Land documents.
Everything is in my name.
No one can trouble you now.
Can I ask you something?
Why do you trust him so much?
Why just me?
The entire village trusts him.
I will stay in touch.
I have something to tell you.
I want a proper marriage with you.
I want to have kids with you.
Why did you suddenly
call for all of us, sir?
I'll tell you.
Listen carefully, everyone.
Not a word
of this meeting should leak out.
We're going to change parties.
Which party, sir?
Nanaji's party.
Won't we have a problem, sir?
Who can create problems for us?
Does Nanaji know about this, sir?
Not yet.
But the high command
of their party is aware.
We'll join the party
in their presence tomorrow.
Why are we switching parties, sir?
When the opposition party met me
the other day,
they promised us a ministry
and invited us into their party
since our party would face defeat.
They said they were going to
form the government.
That is true.
That party is going to win.
But the candidates will be ours.
Oh no!
Damn! How low can you guys go?
You want to attack even Nanaji's father?
Aren't you ashamed?
You're worried we're joining your party.
You damaged the statue yourself, and now
you want to blame my brother-in-law?
Hey! You guys are like Nanaji's footwear!
You are in no way a match for him.
The same footwear has been dancing
on your heads for twenty years, man!
What nonsense, you bloody imbeciles!
Women are much better than you.
You slipped up.
I had nothing to do with this incident.
But let me tell you now!
I won't join your party.
I will contest from my own party.
If you have the guts,
contest against me.
Let's settle this once and for all!
Why would I stoop to stand against you?
You're just a slipper under my foot.
I'll make your own slipper challenge you.
If it's land you want to occupy,
there are hundreds available.
But to catch my eye,
this is the only way.
Tell me.
What do you want from me?
With Nanaji's permission
I'll contest against my boss, sir.
You're good with words.
You're shrewd as well.
But that's not enough.
What else do you want, sir?
Get me five.
Hey! Who is hitting me?
Oh, God!
This man?
This man?
What? Will you stand against me?
Will you?
Yes, I will, sir.
The people of Lanka,
because of whom he's been winning,
let's get a guy from the same Lanka
and win against him.
How humble he's been acting!
But then, how is that farmhand
competition for me?
The day after kidnapping you,
Nanaji received fifty million.
His driver told me.
Nanaji and you received calls
from the same number.
When we verified,
we found it belonged
to Ratna's assistant in the shop.
it was Ratna who kidnapped you.
Don't underestimate him, sir.
Oh, God!
You scoundrel!
I got the ticket for the first time.
I've come to take your blessings.
I didn't slap you
because you're contesting against me.
You know very well why.
Hey! Give me my money back.
And get lost!
-What money, sir?
Which money, sir?
The money from the sand quarries.
-Didn't I ask you to keep it with you?
-It's not that, sir.
Did you stow it away? Did you?
Without my knowledge?
Shut up! Go inside!
Wasn't it because of your greed
that I had to keep the money with him?
Brother-in-law, come on!
Why are you scolding my sister?
This rogue!
Tell me. Where did you hide the money?
Which money, sir?
Money from the sand quarries!
What's left of it, sir?
For your elections, party meetings,
for alcohol, for gathering people
in cars and trucks, it was all spent!
In fact,
I had to spend from my pocket as well.
Slap me or scold me.
I am always your follower.
I belong here.
Brother, I will never go behind you.
Madam, don't take this to heart
and order provisions elsewhere.
I will send them from my house.
Winning or losing is in God's hands.
I'll see you after the election, sir.
Please, bless me.
Bless me, sir.
My vote is always for you, sir.
See you, sir.
Whether it was negativity
against Doraswami,
sympathy for Nanaji,
or just my luck, I don't know.
Following the completion
of the final round of counting,
Lanka Ratnakar emerged victorious
over the candidate Doraswami Raju
with a commanding majority
of 52,320 votes!
Everyone is waiting for you outside, sir.
Hey, Murthy,
what did you put on the banner?
What else?
"Young leader Ratnakar" has been written.
I don't want this "young leader" nonsense.
Write something powerful!
Something like from Mr. Balayya's movies.
Bobbili Simham or Samarasimha Reddy.
Something like that!
That might suit him, but not you
-Hey, Murthy
Get "Tiger Ratnakar" printed.
Hey, Ratna! You made Doraswami Raju
bite the dust!
-We won!
-We have won, Ratna!
Your getup is rocking!
-How is the house?
After all, you've grabbed it.
Looks good.
-Long live
-MLA Ratnakar!
-Long live
-MLA Ratnakar!
He wins, gathers a crowd,
and comes straight here.
What should we do with him?
-Long live
-MLA Ratnakar!
Greetings, sir!
After I was declared MLA,
you're the first person I offer this.
Don't tell me you're diabetic.
You have to eat this today.
Madam, this is for you.
I am really happy for you, Ratna.
Oh, thanks, madam.
How dare you sit in front of him,
you idiot!
Why do you make me violent, Raja?
I'm older than you.
What if I take these things to heart?
File a case against all of you?
And throw you all in jail?
But I would never do that.
Because I am forever your man.
I'll take your leave.
I take leave, madam.
I'm leaving, and may you all
thrive under my administration.
Be within your limits.
He gave us a bashing and left!
And you could do nothing!
-Long live
-MLA Lanka Ratnakar!
-Long live
-MLA Lanka Ratnakar!
-Long live
-MLA Lanka Ratnakar!
I thought this would be
my only happy day in twenty years.
But I never thought
it would also make me sad.
Do you know who he is?
There is no bad habit he's not into.
He told me everything, Dad.
You have no idea
whose trap you're falling into.
You know nothing about him.
Just tell me this.
You want me to stay and take you with me?
Or leave you behind, Bujji?
Whom do you want to take
from whose house--
-Long live
-MLA Ratnakar!
This is our home from today.
I don't have a fortress like you do.
But you are the queen of this fortress.
-You won, bro! You won!
You idiot! I am talking to her! Get lost!
-Come, Bujji.
I am not bothered about anything else.
But you're giving them the land, right?
Promise me.
-Long live
-Tiger Ratnakar!
People are really stupid.
Just as you wished,
they are calling you "Tiger."
It's all about forming a habit, Murthy.
If we repeat it four times,
they start using it from the fifth time.
Anyhow, you are doing
one good thing in your life.
How many such plaques
have we seen in our lifetime?
If we conduct an inaugural ceremony,
both Bujji and the people here
will be happy.
However, do you think
I am going to build it?
-Messiah of the poor
-Tiger Ratnakar!
-Messiah of the poor
-Tiger Ratnakar!
-Messiah of the poor
-Tiger Ratnakar!
Hey, Ratna!
What is all this?
Whose land is this
and who is doing the construction?
-Mr. MRO!
You know all about this land.
First, chase them out.
Why will you chase us out?
How can you chase me out
when I have the documents?
He has stolen the papers!
Bloody hell!
Your life isn't even worth my slipper.
How dare you raise your voice
in front of me, you bloody lowlife!
Did you just hit a sitting MLA?
-Sir! Sir!
He's gone, sir.
It's true that your dad
and I have been rivals,
but I never wished him dead, dear.
You have married a monster.
He occupied our roadside farm.
Isn't land grabbing wrong?
You have no idea
whose trap you are falling into.
Bujji has filed a case against you.
I will remain at the police station
until she withdraws her case.
I don't want any of you here.
Call everyone who is against Ratna.
Today, we will be finishing Ratnakar.
I have called you all here
to let you know that
Doraswami is not powerless yet.
Sir, everyone is leaving. Why do you
want to stay alone in the police station?
Are they from our village, sir?
Are they from Lanka, sir?
Whom did you send, sir?
He calls himself "Tiger."
That's why, we have sent hunters.
How are you going to kill him, sir?
In pitch darkness.
For a hunter who sets out before sunrise,
night is no obstacle, sir.
They rhapsodized about him!
He wasn't as tough as you thought.
I believe he is lying there motionless.
He has been stabbed around.
How many stabs, sir?
How many?
He offered the first three stabs
to Mother Ganga!
Mother Goddess has taken possession.
Everyone will be
in a frenzy tonight.
Sir, he has set
the police station on fire.
Please go to a safer place, sir.
Hey, baldie!
Where is Doraswami?
Let go.
Please let go of him, Ratna!
You got me
to the police station to kill me!
You went to my wife
and shed crocodile tears!
Ratna! Please leave him.
Please, Ratna! Leave him!
Please leave him!
Ratna! Leave him!
Listen to me!
Ratna, listen to me! Let him go!
Please! Leave him!
-Will you leave him or not?
Kill me if you want, Bujji.
I won't leave him until he is dead!
Ratna! Hey!
Give me a hand.
Let's get him to the hospital.
Quick, quick. Ratna!
Make it fast.
-Ratna! Ratna!
-Let's go.
Hey, Beedi! Start the Jeep!
Sir! Get up, sir!
-Nothing will happen to you, sir.
-Get up, sir. Get up.
Get up, sir.
-Hey, Ratna
-Make it fast!
-Let's leave.
-Open your eyes!
-Ratna, wake up.
-Sir! Wake up!
Hey, Beedi!
I killed Bujji's father and became guilty.
I compelled her
I compelled her to shoot me.
And now, I made her guilty too.
Sinners live long.
Nothing will happen to me.
I'm Ratnamala.
I've known him since he was a kid.
I don't know
if he's going to survive today.
when he was only eight years old,
he died as a person.
Your dad was the reason.
Ratna's mother died when he was a kid.
His father was never there for him.
Because he saw his father
much less than he heard about him.
Geddaraju was always
the first to volunteer
whenever the village faced a problem.
After spending four years in jail
following clashes between villagers
and the government during floods,
he was returning that day.
His dad was his world.
And for his dad,
the village was his entire world.
Geddaraju, Nanaji has assigned us a job.
In the days when Nanaji
and Doraswami were together,
Nanaji made Doraswami Raju
contest the elections.
But realizing that
Doraswami was going to lose,
he asked Geddaraju and his men
to throw the ballot boxes into the river.
Hey! You guys take the Jeep.
-I will follow you. Go.
But Geddaraju had other plans.
Hey, stop! Stop the vehicle.
Where is Geddaraju?
He took the ballot boxes and
handed them over to the election officer.
The entire village
confronted him about it.
You put our lives at risk.
Every time the Godavari was in spate,
crossing the river with nothing but
the clothes on our backs, we faced peril.
Has anything changed in all these years?
This time, it must change.
If the change is for the better,
the entire village will benefit.
If it is for the worse, the repercussions
will fall on me alone.
Let me face it alone.
Someone had defied
Nanaji for the first time.
Everyone understood that the cost of the
reputation of big shots is several lives.
Lanka turned into a burning inferno.
You said you would face it alone.
But why did the police pick up all the men
overnight except for you?
-Don't hit us, sir.
Nanaji is here.
Nanaji has come for these guys?
To make himself the bigger man,
he betrayed all of you.
If the police touched you
despite knowing you are my guys,
it's because he opened his mouth.
This problem can end only with his death.
Otherwise, the entire village will die.
The decision is yours.
Nanaji got them beaten up,
and he also went and rescued them.
But he could convince the entire group
that Geddaraju was the culprit.
Either out of anger for breaking his word
or out of anguish for cheating them,
Geddaraju's own men installed the trident.
Once the knot is tied,
they won't spare him until he is dead.
Because vengeance in Lanka
lasts for ten generations.
If one of you kills me
there will be no honor in my death.
Take it.
Hey, Ratna
You get to be sad.
Don't be afraid.
Your birth is your freedom.
Your death is your liberation.
Progress is every man's right.
No one can snatch it from you.
I'm not afraid of death.
But every man deserves to die with honor.
When I die,
it's you who should light my pyre.
Don't think.
I bow to Mother Ganga
and surrender my life to River Godavari.
That's when he started to solely use
the people around him and not trust them.
I'm close enough to him to fight with him,
but not close enough to change him.
Murthy, make sure to give him
the tablets on time.
Doctors have advised him not to eat meat.
They've also advised against smoking!
If you don't talk to me,
I won't eat, Bujji.
Obu, I will send dinner tonight with Aunt.
Okay, madam.
Why does she advise me
like a nurse and then leave?
-Hold the saline.
-Sir, everyone's watching.
Bujji, you shot me!
Why do you get to sulk?
Sir, be careful.
If you don't listen to me,
I don't know what I will do--
I beg you to believe me.
I didn't intend to kill your dad.
I know.
I knew it the day I shot you.
When people get angry, they don't
realize what they're doing.
That's why I have withdrawn
my case against you.
What do you want me to do?
There should be
no more fights in our house.
I swear to you.
Promise me now.
I have troubled Bujji a lot.
She was very insistent.
She doesn't want issues
to reach our doorstep.
I won't let anyone,
not even a fly, hurt Bujji.
Bujji! Bujji!
-Help her up!
-Bujji! Get up!
Bujji! Bujji!
Who did this to her?
Bujji you will be fine!
Bujji, get up!
Bujji! Bujji
Which rascal has done this?
Bloody heck!
Contrary to what you thought, Ratna
is not stubborn, stupid, or ignorant.
He's a coward.
We have just introduced fear to him
through his wife.
When he finds her
lying on the road like that,
he will be enraged
enough to kill Nanaji's men.
Today, he will commit a huge mistake.
I didn't do it.
Only Mother Goddess can save him now.
I know what you are going to do.
-Let it go.
-They touched my wife, Bujji!
So what?
Are you going to kill them?
In a way, I'm responsible
for my father's death.
If this is how they want to vent
their anger, just let them!
I'm responsible for everything.
They should have sought revenge
from me, but they touched you!
I will not spare anybody!
You are upset because
they touched your wife, right?
Do you know what the entire village
says about me?
They say I'm going to have a child
with my dad's killer!
Are you going to kill all of them?
I'm not educated like you.
I know only one thing.
If someone messes with me,
I pounce on them!
That's enough!
I have tolerated enough.
I don't want all this for my child.
Tell me the truth.
If it weren't for this baby
coming into our lives,
you would have left me, right?
Is that how well you know me?
Obu! Let them go.
-Tell me.
We had a baby boy.
How is he?
He looks exactly like me.
I hope he doesn't get your qualities.
I'm afraid about the same.
Okay, see you then.
-Hey, Murthy!
I've been blessed with a son.
We must celebrate!
Let's feed the entire village, sir.
Hey! They will eat and forget it.
-Let's organize dance performances then.
-Damn you!
Forget all that.
Ratna's son is born.
This must be recorded in history.
That's it.
-To hell with this life!
-Oh, no!
That mirror is worth ten thousand rupees!
Why did you break it?
Shut up!
Just shut up!
It's not that.
Hey! It was all our money.
Ratna splurged it in his son's name.
Raja is of absolutely no use.
And your son is a lame duck.
If you are done with your drama,
let's sit and talk.
I'm not going to sit! Just talk!
Why did you lose against him?
Because of my bad times.
That party had a favorable wind then.
But some of us did win.
I'm an inefficient man!
Then, what?
You never considered him a competition.
I consider him now!
And that is dangerous.
If he comes to know,
he will become cautious.
What do we do then?
Someone he doesn't consider competition
Let's make that person
contest against him.
Whichever islet Nanaji had brought him
from and made him contest against us,
let's divide it.
Another rebel will be born there.
-Long live
-Long live
-Long live
-Long live
-Long live
-Long live
Yadu is contesting against you.
Income Tax Department!
After killing Nanaji,
it was Ratnakar who humiliated
his wife to gain sympathy.
I'm with you.
Congrats, sir.
You are going to be a father again.
Members of both parties
should maintain discipline.
Counting will begin in a while.
Look at them and learn from them.
He's sitting alone
and the rest are standing.
Look at you!
You're sitting right next to me
cross-legged as if this is a feast.
Sit, sit.
Just learn.
At the end of the first round,
Lanka Ratnakar leads Paiboina Yadayya
with a thousand votes.
At the end of the second round,
Lanka Ratnakar leads Paiboina Yadayya
with a majority of 3,000 votes.
At the end of the third round,
Lanka Ratnakar leads Paiboina Yadayya
with a majority of 5,000 votes.
That's my boss.
Bloody heck!
-Let us leave.
-Brother-in-law! Please wait.
If he loses this time, I thought
I would open the farmhouse.
That doesn't seem likely.
-Brother-in-law, no. Hear me out.
-Don't stop me.
At the end of the final round,
Paiboina Yadayya won against
Lanka Ratnakar with 50 votes.
Hey! Our brother has won!
You guys have lost!
We have won, so why are they celebrating?
But, Murthy, why is the majority only 50?
That's very shameful.
Sir, we have lost by 50 votes, sir.
What do you mean we have lost?
What do you mean we have lost?!
It's you or me this time.
Come on! Scoundrel!
I will see your end.
I will show you what I am.
Ratna, he's Chinnadora.
I couldn't believe my loss,
and Doraswami
couldn't believe his victory,
except for one man.
All the old cases involving Kovvur's MLA,
Lanka Ratnakar,
were being reopened, one after another.
Section 144 was imposed.
Cops surrounded the area.
The situation was very volatile.
Do you have anything to tell me?
How strange women are!
-Long live
-Tiger Ratnakar!
-Long live
-Tiger Ratnakar!
We remand the accused, Ratnakar,
for three days and order further inquiry.
Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi!
Goddess Madhura Meenakshi!
Goddess Kasi Visalakshi!
You have proved you are watching.
You are very much there! You are!
Open the farmhouse!
they've brought him out to kill him.
If you close the door,
I will open my bottle.
Hey, Kumar!
Have you killed the rogue?
Not yet, sir.
Kill him right now!
I must hear the sound.
Let him go.
What happened, sir?
I said, let him go!
Touch so much as a hair on his head,
and this guy's head
will be severed like a melon.
Give me a cigarette.
Give the phone to Ratna.
I have Doraswami.
How is the cooperation?
I didn't expect this.
That's how I operate.
Go ahead.
Convinced I will be killed,
I believe Yadu got a girl?
I hear she is beautiful.
Let me give her a break.
Hey, why are you here?
Hey, Ratna.
Wear these bangles, rascal!
He gatecrashed our party
and is thrashing us,
while you're sitting here busy drinking.
Are you the MLA here or is he?
If this continues,
everyone will treat us like servants.
No one will respect us!
Bloody heck.
If this stings us so much
The gentleman gave his seat to us,
made me an MLA
and offered respect.
But when a few powerless girls
point a knife at his throat,
how should we feel?
This has gone further
than it should have.
We need to go
as far as he wouldn't expect.
Let's put a stop to this.
Hey, Obu.
Call for a meeting.
I will give up whatever they want.
I don't want any further trouble.
If possible, be aggressive.
Or else, get submissive.
Dirty scoundrel.
And you want me to believe him?
Get lost!
Bloody nuisance.
Hey, we were unhappy
he wouldn't mingle with us.
But now, after all that you have done,
he is volunteering to join hands.
He is ready to offer
whatever you ask for.
If this works out, there will be
no issues between us.
Give it a thought.
They are repeatedly requesting you.
Why don't you meet him once?
-We can't trust that rogue, sister-in-law.
We take the responsibility.
Trust us.
Though you chose to leave me,
you are always my family.
I will come for you.
People are of three kinds.
Low quality, like you.
The second is the hollow type.
Those who denounce everyone,
like our voters.
The third is the superior quality.
Like us.
Sir, let's not fight anymore, sir.
My boss is ready to return
all the money he took from you.
He learned his lesson after a clean shave.
Let's give him a cleaner shave.
Let's not get there.
-Take your money back.
-Give it.
Fifty million in all.
It should be ten.
I took only five.
What about the interest?
It shot up like a sin.
I have brought only five now.
I will send the other
five through Murthy.
What about the sand quarries?
Take them.
There is a program called
Incredible Facts on E-TV.
We seem to be living it today.
Hey, Ratna!
A single visit to jail has really
scared you, hasn't it?
Yes, sir. I'm scared.
I have a wife and kids too.
I will live my life if you let me.
Anything else?
You will not write "Tiger"
on the banners again.
You wanted money, I gave it to you.
You wanted property, I gave it to you.
Tiger is the title I've given myself.
What is your problem with that?
This district shall have only one tiger.
Only one.
And that's me.
Take it.
I give it to you.
Hey, Obu! Get the boat.
Let's start.
can I trust you?
this is for my wife and kids.
You still don't believe it?
If you want, here, I swear on him.
I swear on your dad.
I swear on you.
No point in swearing on him.
I swear on you as well.
Get lost!
You wanted to kill me
at the police station. I tolerated it.
You wanted to kill me
in a police shootout.
I spared you.
But you tried to touch my wife and kids.
So, how did you expect me to spare you?
The same E-TV runs a program called
Crimes and Atrocities.
Didn't you watch it?
London baby!
Did you think you could take me
to Godavari and claim all my assets?
You could only bring me to the river.
But I grew up in this very Godavari,
you scoundrel!
If the father-son duo plans
to file a case against me,
I will file a reverse case for
murdering your own party's MLA.
Hey, Doraswami Raju!
People are of three types.
Women, men
and politicians.
Hey, Obu!
Our shire is done.
Get the vehicle.
Wait, Ratna!
What you have done is wrong.
Stones as big as these!
They threw them at my wife and kids!
What if one of them had hit my boy?
Won't they be wrong?
Killing someone during negotiations
isn't that a betrayal?
Yes! I am the culprit here!
They are not!
You have no issues. You live here.
But we live in Lanka!
We have to see each other every day.
Well, then don't see them!
Who asked you to stay in Lanka?
Why don't you come
and live next to me?
It is not as easy as you say, Ratna.
You still sound like Yadu's men!
Why do you label us as his men?
It's you who is at fault!
Yes! This is how I am.
If you like me, then stay.
Or else, get lost!
Hey, let's go.
Eeranna, I heard they have killed Yadu.
Now, we are unrivaled in the village.
What the heck! Bloody rogue!
We may fight among ourselves.
But once back in the village,
we are all one.
Useless idiot!
What happened?
What's the matter?
I killed Yadu.
What do you mean?
Where is Obu?
Hey! How dare you come here!
Your guy kills, and you come to console!
-Are you here to put on a drama?
-Raju! First, see what is to be done.
-Hear me out.
-This is very tragic.
-And that's because of you.
-Hey, wait!
-I'm going to see his end.
Raju! Hey!
Bloody rogues.
They are not taking the call.
-Brother, I'm Obu's son.
-Tell me.
-What's happening, brother?
Why are my dad and
others at Yadu's funeral?
They think that the others were right,
and I was wrong.
If they attack our house,
why will we be quiet, brother?
Go, tell your dad that!
Let me know if you need anything.
I'm with you.
We need nothing, brother.
We are going to install the trident.
-Karma spares no one, Bujji.
His own men have turned against him.
The village has untied against him.
Ratna's not there, is he?
Ratna's own men installed
the trident to kill him.
Who told you?
Dad's group.
Talk to Obu once.
The rogue wouldn't answer.
What is it now?
Tell me, brother.
Where are your dad and the others?
They're at the temple
for the trident installation.
What is happening, brother?
Brother? Brother?
My own men are drawing swords at me.
If you want to go against Ratna,
either you kill us first
we end up killing you.
Do you mean we should spare him?
We don't mean that.
Spare him, and we'll go to jail instead.
Tell us how much his family needs.
We will arrange it.
Let these four rogues go to jail.
We can kill him anytime.
I don't believe it.
You must be mistaken.
I am only now thinking clearly.
Try and call Obu if you want.
He will answer.
Tell me.
Call him for lunch.
Okay, coming.
People my dad trusted
turned out to be the ones who killed him.
But I won't allow that to happen to me.
Since you like it, I've made fish curry.
Please, eat until your heart's content.
Don't mistake my shouting at you.
I was angry.
Forget Yadu's issue, Ratna.
We will take care of it.
And you should be very alert
for a few days, Ratna.
No one is trustworthy.
We fought but we took the initiative
and came back.
Why don't you talk to us?
Revenge in Lanka lasts ten generations.
But love lasts until death
and even after death.
Hey, Obu!
What happened?
Hey, Shivudu!
-Ratna, what did you do?
-Hey, Murthy!
Ratna! What did you do?
Hey, Beedi! Murthy!
Obu Obu!
Sir! What happened, sir?
-What's wrong, sir?
-Take them to the hospital immediately.
-Hey, Shivudu!
-Open your eyes!
-Shivudu, get up.
Come! Faster!
Hey, Murthy, take them quickly!
Sir, madam is in labor.
Please come soon.
Make it fast.
what happened to my dad
and the others?
Sir, it's a girl.
You have turned out great.
Great enough
to kill your own friends.
All these days, I thought I was low,
but you have stooped even lower than me.
How could you do this to your own men?
Bujji, I'll explain everything
once we get home.
I will.
Bujji! Bujji!
You have turned out great.
Great enough
to kill your own friends.
Bujji, Bujji, Bujji!
Bujji, I'm right here!
Hey, Beedi!
-Hey, Beedi!
Take the baby away.
Hey, Beedi!
Try to understand.
Bujji, get up!
Bujji! Get up!
This was exactly how you
carried me and ran
-the first time we met, Ratna.
Bujji, please don't say that!
That was all a lie, wasn't it?
Don't talk like that, Bujji!
Nothing will happen to you.
I know your past, Ratna.
You think the entire village had ganged up
and killed your dad.
in truth, your dad chose to die
for the sake of the village, Ratna.
Life is not all about grabbing, Ratna.
Give for once and see.
You will understand life.
Promise me.
Where is my son?
Your son is dead.
Obu's children too.
Your daughter has survived.
Don't let our kids grow up with you.
They shouldn't turn out like you.
That rogue deserves to be
killed by my knife, Obu!
How are you, Bujji?
Are you afraid?
That's not how my mom raised me.
Are you angry with me?
In all these years, you didn't
want to see me even once.
But wouldn't I like to meet you, though?
I committed numerous mistakes, Bujji.
I don't want to look at myself.
I have made many mistakes.
Your mom and you wrote me letters, right?
Maybe you could
only see the alphabet there,
but I could hear your voices.
I wanted to meet you so many times.
But I thought your safety
was more important.
I don't want even my shadow on you, Bujji.
Of all those around me,
who among them is happy?
You lost your mom.
You had a brother.
Your mom
I don't know why she was in love with me.
She had a luxurious life.
I dragged her into my life and
My Bujji was precious.
Even now
as soon as you saw me,
you only asked
if I didn't want to see you.
Bujji, you never said,
"Damn it! What kind of man are you?"
That's enough for me, Bujji.
The weight has lifted off my chest.
Parents normally wish to look great
in their children's eyes.
They hide their flaws.
But why did you make sure
I knew about every mistake of yours?
It wasn't necessary, was it?
Your mom
I couldn't fully understand you.
But make sure to meet the kids only
when they know everything about you.
Promise me.
I wanted to raise you
away from my conflicts.
But now that the conflicts
have reached you,
I wanted you to know about me.
You were not responsible
for their children's deaths.
Why wouldn't you tell them?
Yadu's wife told me over the phone
that Chinnadora killed Obu's child.
Kill the children.
Afterward, Obu and his men
will seek vengeance by killing Ratna.
If this ever gets out,
Yadu's wife fears that Chinnadora
might retaliate by hurting her child.
If I tell them I didn't kill the kids,
they will ask me who did.
If I reveal the names,
they will kill the kid and go to jail.
Or the boy will kill them
and become another Lanka Ratna.
I don't want either to happen.
The redness of Godavari
and the tears of its islets
let them end with me, Bujji.
You didn't want anyone else
to end up like you.
That's where you have won, Dad.
Time's up!
See you.
Don't wish to come back
to a place like this, Bujji.
How is he?
Not bad.
When Chinnadora was behind all this,
why did Dad spare him, Mom?
Someone always alters history.
The practice of wielding a knife in Lanka
was discontinued after Ratna.