Gangs of Wasseypur 2 (2012) Movie Script

May I Ieave now?
Good bye!
- Bye.
Definite, come here.
Come inside.
He just Ieft...!
FiII up the tank.
Let's go...
Hey, FaizaI...
Someone just shot yourfather.
Someone shot your dad.
Danish... wait, son.
Get inside, mom!
- I want to come.
You shouId stay home.
Nothing wiII happen to dad.
Shama, take her inside.
Let me go with you, son.
Were'nt you supposed to
be with dad, fucker?
I feII asIeep.
- 'FeII asIeep? FeII asIeep?'
You're aIways Iying stoned
on FazIu's terrace.
Like you're aIways Iying on top of
sis-in-Iaw in the bedroom.
Hurry up!
Eye witness:]
We were having tea...
...when Mr. Sardar Khan's car drove in.
We recognized him as
he comes here often.
SuddenIy there was Ioud firing
and a few guys on motorcycIes....
Who kiIIed him?
Who the fuck kiIIed my father?
Sir, they have arrested one
of the shooters.
Get out, motherfucker!
Get out...!
Look, you can't...
- Stay back.
I said stand back!
Rip the fucker a new hoIe!
Speak, bastard!
He just Ieft...!
Hey, FaizaI...
...Iets take father's body home.
But... we're in the midst of
an investigation...
Shut the fuck up!
This is my father's corpse,
and it wiII go straight home.
So fuck your investigation.
Come on, Iift him...
WonderfuI news, Mr. Singh!
WonderfuI news, Mr. Singh!
Our officers can finaIIy breathe
easy after 12 years.
Not for Iong, I'm afraid.
Sardar Khan's gone,
but he's Ieft behind 4 sons.
- Sorry?
Four from the first wife,
and one from the second.
The second one's a cook
at my pIace.
Meet Sardar Khan's fifth.
What's your name?
- Why 'Definite'?
Because I have a definite
mission in Iife.
Which is?
Sardar Khan's death.
But he's aIready dead.
How many rotis are ready?
-About 8.
Hurry up... they're waiting.
I'II serve some curry tiII then.
How can you aII eat?
Even I beIong to
brother SuItan's famiIy.
You are now my famiIy.
And my parents?
They are my parents too.
But what about what your
mom just said?
You're just pissed that someone eIse
bumped off your oId man, not you.
FazIu's mom:]
Brother Saggir's caII for you...
Yes, coming mom...
Go to heII, Ioser!
You have to stay aIert aII the time.
FazIu doped you with weed and
informed SuItan that dad was riding aIone.
SuItan was there himseIf,
with Saggir and another guy.
And Iike a dumbass you kept
hanging with your 'buddy'!
Wanna pIay with a two-face,
better Ieam to carry a mask.
Tomorrow morning, at the shopping centre.
Let me know if you can't do this, FaizaI.
He's not here.
But FaizaI had said he'd
be here by 11am.
What time is it?
Come on...
Iet's Ieave, son.
Now what are you doing?
Stay away from Iong haired girls at schooI.
Look at this fat Iice.
Go to your room, boys.
Where is Shama?
May I ask something?
Can't you Ieave this bIood shed
and Iook after the famiIy?
Begging for your brother's Iife, eh?
No... yours.
Look here Shama Parveen,
don't you ever interfere in my work.
I surrender...
for steaIing wood.
Easy there, buddy!
There are cops here.
Fuck them.
Yes, I was angry and
had threatened to kiII him...
...but I wasn't even at the
shopping centre that morning.
Why did you surrender then?
I had stopped and unIoaded
wood from a train.
When I Iearnt that it's iIIegaI
I decided to surrender myseIf.
Do you have any otherwitnesses?
No, your honour.
You are reIeased with a fine of Rs.500.
Non-payment wiII Iead to...
...15 days imprlsonment.
Run... run, motherfuckers!
OId BoIIywood song:]
Such kindness...
Such compassion...
Such kindness...
Such compassion...
It wiII take me many years...
It wiII take me many Iifetimes
to repay you.
Love has a very high price to pay.
But whenever they speak of
Iove orfideIity...
Love has a very high price to pay.
But whenever they speak of
Iove orfideIity...
...the worId wiII take our names...
...the worId wiII onIy teII our storles.
Such kindness...
Such compassion...
It wiII take me many years...
It wiII take me many Iifetimes
to repay you.
He's compIeteIy incapabIe.
Drugs have made him useIess.
The pain of Iosing one so young...
...and Danish was my first-born.
CaIm down...
I understand your...
...when wiII your bIood boiI, son?
Yourfather paid for your
drugs with his Iife.
Now your brother has paid the
price for your reckIessness.
So when wiII you puII
the trigger, boy?
When wiII you Ieave those potheads and
avenge your father and brother?
Look at your eyes...
dead with drugs.
Enough, Nagma...
If those fiIthy hands can onIy eat,
then Iet me feed you, fucker!
Now what are you staring at?
Where's that knife?
Stop it. Have you Iost it?
Here... Iet me chop those
useIess fingers.
Enough, mother.
- I'II chop them.
This is madness, Nagma!
Shut up!
You wiII stay out of this.
Father, grandfather, brother...
your son FaizaI wiII avenge them aII.
Don't cry, my oId Iady.
Staying stoned won't heIp you
forget Danish's death.
Who wants to forget, uncIe?
It's been a month since we buried him.
I know that.
Then what are you doing about it?
Same as you...
...counting days!
RaIIy speaker:]
Long Iive, FazIu Ahmed!
RaIIy speaker:]
FazIu Ahmed...
RaIIy speaker:]
Long Iive Wasseypur's new youth Ieader!
Where are you going?
FazIu has won the eIection today.
Take Asgarwith you.
He's my frlend.
I wiII congratuIate him myseIf.
Eat something, dear.
How Iong are you going
to bIame yourseIf?
Long Iive brother FazIu!
- Shut up, cunt.
Hey, FaizaI... buddy's here.
Get out of the way.
Where've you been, buddy?
We're partying 'cos I won, man...
where have you been?
Everyone spits at me at home.
And peopIe Iaugh at me outside...
the bastards.
Because the cunts feeI that...
...FaizaI sacrificed his own
bIood forfriendship.
My oId woman says if I wasn't born,
there'd be no mourning in Sardar Khan's home.
What do you mean?
I mean...
here, Iight the toke first.
This is reaIIy strong, dude.
What's with the stare, man?
I used to think I'm the angry, young Hero
born in the viIIian's den...
...but I tumed out to be just
a siIent side-kick.
Someone eIse turned out
to be the Hero.
I'm coming...!
'... she pIays with rocks.
She fIips and flops...'
' made of dew drops.
And makes onIy hoIy stops!'
FazIu's death made FaizaI a force to reckon with.
PeopIe were terrified of him after
the ruthIess beheading.
AII iIIegaI iron traders were aIso scared
and soon became his cronies.
Not an ounce of iron couId be cut or soId
without FaizaI's consent.
Even the cops were in on it.
Every poIice station was on his pay roII...
...and they happiIy turned a bIind eye
to his iIIegaI affairs.
His business finaIIy became stabIe
when he set up a massive iron warehouse.
PopuIar BoIIywood song:]
Take me...
Make me yours.
It is time...
...make Iove to me.
Let me wear your body...
... whiIe you sprinkIe your
honey Iove on me!
Isn't this song a IittIe... naughty?
Like you.
I want your...
permission for something.
You won't mind, right?
I want to have ses with you.
Do you want to eat my
shoe first...?
That's it. Get out.
Get out!
- But you said you won't mind.
Yeah, right!
Get out now.
I'II wake up everyone
with one scream.
'Lover gets the Bride'.
- Seen it 4 times.
'Who Am I To You?'
- That fiIm's gone.
'BoIIywood Dreams'?
- Seen it.
'Karan Arjun'?
Come on...
Iet's see that fiIm.
It's got Shahrukh and
SaIman as Heros.
No, you'II hoId my hand.
I won't.
- You wiII.
I swear on my mom, I won't.
And you won't press
my cheeks?
I swear on mom, I won't.
And you won't grope my Iap
to 'Iook for popcorn'?
I swear on mom, I won't.
-You won't?
WiII you stick to me?
- I swear on mom, I won't.
Why don't you just watch it with
your mom then, Ioser.
Give me a penciI two.
Don't go aIone.
What if you're attacked from behind?
Listen, oId woman... this Iine of work
one can't trust 2 things.
One, the fear born from
your own heart.
And second... partnership!
Death is certain. If AIIah doesn't kiII me,
this neighbourhood wiII.
God forbid!
FazIu Ieft me fatherIess...
...when I trusted him more
than myseIf.
So what's the point!
Arms deaIer:]
This button unIoads the entire magazine.
I want 15 of these.
And 12 of this.
Arms deaIer:]
Is that aII?
Boss wants onIy this many.
What's that?
Arms deaIer:]
What does it do?
You send messages through it.
You teII them your message and
they send it for you.
Message to whom?
To whoever you have
work with.
But who sends it?
Whoever has work.
Yeah, but who sends it?
Anyone can...
yourfamiIy or yourfriends.
So very dark...
My Iover is so dark...
His skin is dark...
but his heart is darker.
Dark abuses faII from his
bIack tongue...
Grey days become dark evenings...
For my Iover is a coaI criminaI.
So very dark...
My Iover is so dark.
Dark skin...
with a darker heart.
And bIack cusses faII from
his bIack tongue.
Grey days become dark evenings...
For my Iover is a coaI criminaI.
He wiII find the damn coaI...
...and steaI the damn coaI.
He wiII find the damn coaI,
and steaI the damn coaI.
He won't stoke the kitchen fires...
But he sure knows how to
steaI that coaI.
My Iover is a wicked, wicked thief.
The soiI is dark,
the dog is bIacker.
BIack as the kohI in my eyes.
He's bIack as a raven...
...he's darker than fear.
Gang member:]
MereIy hoIding a gun doesn't make you a Don.
Gang member:]
MereIy hoIding a gun doesn't make you a Don.
KiIIing SuItan and Ramadhir Singh
is no chiId's pIay.
To do that you need guts.
And how many has FaizaI
kiIIIed anyway?
Just FazIu...
...that too by conning him
with friendship.
For now peopIe seem afraid,
but that fearwiII soon evaporate.
What say, brother...
Am I wrong?
Check this out.
Brother, any cIue what day of the
week it is today?
Such a wicked thief.
Such a wicked, wicked thief.
Such a crazy coaI thief.
Dark as sin...
...that's my Iover.
I've sworn on my mother...
...that I'II Iay your corpse
at herfeet.
Why on earth?
Because you kiIIed my father.
See, if I hadn't kiIIed yourfather
he wouId've kiIIed me.
But you aIso kiIIed his father.
He wanted to kiII me too.
See, that's how the story began.
Look, FaizaI...
...I have nothing against you,
yourfather or your brother.
I kiIIIed them so I couId Iive.
TeII me, who wants to die needIessIy?
So what do you want?
I won't come in yourway.
You ruIe Wasseypur.
Do as you pIease.
Make your miIIions.
Dhanbad authorities wiII
back you.
And if my men flout this agreement,
feeI free to shoot me.
But if you sIip up...
...then I wiII act appropriateIy.
You shouIdn't mind then.
So your dad's merriIy
joined hands with them...
...and espects us to
get amnesia.
That bastard chopped up FazIu
and we shouId forget it?
But you kiIIed his brother
and father... didn't you?
Now father has decided that
no one wiII touch FaizaI.
What if he attacks us?
Then handIe it...
but don't invoIve us.
BIack cIouds Ioom,
there wiII be bIack rain.
His bIack flags rebeI...
against the dark winds.
But the money in his bIack purse
is as guiIty as his eyes.
The ingIorious smoke from
his bIack fIames...
The bIack sun ruIes with
its iron heat.
The Iamp, the eIephant, and aII...
is bIack... pitch bIack.
God damn that coaI...
...he wiII steaI the damn coaI.
If there is coaI,
he wiII find it and steaI it...
...for that's aII his bIack heart
gives a shit about.
He's the thief of my heart.
Have you crapped as weII?
Where's KhaIid?
KhaIid was SuItan's main henchman.
And the onIy one of Sardar's kiIIers
whose whereabouts were unknown.
How much does he pay you?
Dried bones and bread.
If you join me you'II get a whoIe
goat every month.
Now where do I shoot you...
in the ass...?
In the intestines...?
... shaII I Iet you go?
- Let me go.
- Let me go.
Okay, then.
From now you'II shadow
KhaIid for me.
And if you try to decieve me
I'II bury you wherever you're standing.
See, I smoke pot, hash...
...I've even murdered FazIu
and a few others.
Done some jaiI time too.
So you want to teII me
about your stuff?
Like a wire...
As thin as a wire...
My darIing's as thin as a wire...
What in God's name have you done
to him, ma-in-Iaw?
My darIing's shrunken Iike
a drled prune...
He's Iike a dried prune...
Poor darling...
my poor dear.
Just doesn't eat...
My darIing doesn't eat a thing...
What in God's name have you done
to him, ma-in-Iaw?
My darIing's as thin as a wire...
My darIing waIks in dark caves...
My darIing waIks in dark caves...
His Iife's a dark mine,
swiftIy fiIIing with water...
Where have you Ied the poor
workers, our Ieader?
Where have you Ied the peopIe,
great Ieader?.
Was this the Worker's movement,
dear Ieader?
Was this the flame you Iit,
peopIe's Ieader?
At the rate of coaI...
SoId at the rate of coaI...
SoId at the rate of coaI,
everyday my dear.
My darling, my dear...
My Bihar!
Fountains of Iament burst through
mountains of sadness...
Fountains of Iament, my dear...
My darIing is as thin as a wire.
...with a deposit of Rs.11,021...
...and these peopIe as yourwitness,
do you take Mohsina as your wife?
I do.
Do you grant FaizaI Khan
permission to marry you?
I permit him.
Say, 'I do'.
I do!
CongratuIations, dear!
What broke?
Either sIeep or
Iay the mattress on the floor.
Some guy's here with
news of KhaIid.
Where's my gun?
In your pants!
Shut up!
But where are you going?
Nagma:] wash coIored and whites seperateIy...
...but onIy if they're cotton.
Georgettes can be mised.
SaIaam, mother!
Ironing marks are visibIe here.
And does this Iook
white to you?
Our enemy is standing
in our porch...
...this doesn't seem rlght to me.
PIease take care of the house,
my mother...
...and Iet me handIe the
But he's a cIose aide of KhaIid's.
He used to be...
now he's my aide.
Now pIease Iook after the house.
Where's KhaIid?
He's eating breakfast aIone
at the crossing.
His famiIy is on a piIgrimage,
so he eats out often.
No one wiII foIIow me.
But if I don't return,
kiII him.
Come on, step out.
Everyone out.
Come on...
What's up, asshoIe!
Forgive me, brother.
- Shave his head.
Hey, wait!
I'II get you SuItan.
I can get him myseIf, asshoIe.
We're both MusIims, brother.
Even AIIah forgives once...
- Move that razor, man.
Wear these.
PIease forgive me...
- Wear these.
Check out Dr. EviI!
He shaved and shot him,
and we shouId twiddIe our thumbs?
Just taIk to your dad, dammit!
It's a tender for a new highway...
...from the city of Patna to KoIkatta,
over the river Ganges.
SuItan had caIIed.
Go and arrange tea and snacks.
What is this?
MusicaI chairs? Get out.
Get out!
I've toId you many times...
don't name thugs in poIite company.
Thing is that FaizaI has just shot the guy
who kiIIed Sardar Khan.
So what's the probIem?
But he was our man.
- He was SuItan's.
And SuItan is not our
man either.
But isn't he working for...
- SiIence...
...and shove your sentiments in your arse.
Stop pIaying siIIy games
with petty poIiticians here...
...why don't you go to your constituency
and motivate peopIe instead?
And where were you Iast night?
- I was watching a movie.
Which movie?
'The Lover Gets The Bride.'
Son... you're not upto this.
You're worrying me now.
I don't think this job is for you.
Give him the goat...
...and Iet him go.
Babu Khan a.k.a Babua a.k.a PerpendicuIar!
The youngest brother, mereIy 14...
but crime was chiId's pIay for him.
See this bIade?
Nothing wiII happen if you
use it sideways.
So aIways hoId it Iike this
and use it perpendicuIarly.
Do you know 'perpendicuIar'?
- Yup.
Like this iron sIab,
I'm perpendicuIar to it.
Adead body means the bIade must
have cut it perpendicuIarIy.
But a mere sIit in the skin means
it was a tangentiaI cut.
Practice and report.
PerpendicuIar was more terrifying than FaizaI.
A 14 year oId who IiteraIIy pIayed
with a bIade in his mouth.
Who simpIy knew:
BIade + skin - bIood!
I hit perpendicuIar,
he hit at a tangent.
He had many run-ins with cops,
but aIways escaped.
BuIIets were whizzing past me... even grazed my ear...
But they couIdn't catch me!
It was impossibIe to get evidence or a witness
against FaizaI's brother.
It wasn't him.
And he aIways got away scott free.
His best frlend was Tangent.
Tangent did everything
with PerpendicuIar...
...but was the first to fIee
in the face of danger.
Hi, I'm PerpendicuIar.
FaizaI Khan is my eIder bro.
I've come to rob your shop.
So pIease don't caII the cops,
or we'II shoot you.
Are you done, uncIe?
Go on then.
Open everything.
We shouId mask up now,
or they'II identify us.
Here... give me the keys.
Open it... quickIy!
Those are my sIippers.
Hide this in my room.
PerpendicuIar got caught again.
And the jeweIIer said...
It wasn't him.
PerpendicuIar was reIeased.
Hey, Babua...!
What now?
Come here.
What's this I hear?
I think you accidentaIIy took my keys
with the other stuff.
If I couId get the keys
back pIease...
What were you shopping for?.
He's just a kid.
Mistakes happen.
So beautifuI.
Isn't it?
PIease send the receipt to FaizaI's office.
What's up, buddy!
What's up?
Wanna make 5 grand?
A new era of change had rung in.
There wasn't just one Ramadhir Singh
or Sardar Khan anymore... any Tom, Dick or Harry wanted
to be Sardar Khan or SuItan.
His mother had handed him
a pistoI at a tender age.
Where's the matchbos
you stoIe from me?
The worId wouId be in flames
by now if I reaIIy had it.
Don't fight with anyone today.
Every guy thought he was the
studIy Hero of his neighbourhood.
But Definite aIso had the duaI bIood
of Durga and Sardar Khan.
FiIm diaIogue:]
''They are just 'good friends'...!''
''Can a young guy and girI
be 'just friends'...?''
''Here... another cIiched
Definite and PerpendicuIar
were from the same bIoodIine.
WhiIe new thugs were
mushrooming daiIy...
...Definite was the deadIiest!
FiIm diaIogue:]
''Aboy and girI can never be friends.''
''This is just to hide hot fIames of desire
inside throbbing hearts on those chiIIy nights.''
But I'm yourfrlend!
'Aboy and girI can never be friends.'
Isn't this that viIIian's diaIogue?
Yeah, so?
WhiIe you're busy kiIIing
stray dogs and kittens...
...FaizaI is gobbIing up your
father's weaIth.
I don't want a thing from
that fucker.
I just want Dhanbad!
Which snake is this?
It's a cobra!
How do you hoId it?
Snake Cobra!
Come to Papa!
- Hey...!!
He's your brother after aII.
AIways a probIem kid.
That Hindu woman kiIIed Iast Ramzan
was his handiwork.
ApparentIy he Ioved her daughter.
They wouId screw around anywhere...
the terrace, the yard...
When her mom found out she promptIy sent
the girl to her brother's in CaIcutta.
This made Definite threaten her,
'CaII her back or I'II kiII you!'
Her mother threw him out
of the house.
He Iost it and bashed her
head in with a rod.
How about making me a
spIendid 'paan', uncIe!
Make it with Iove or
I'II put my frlend in your pants.
As you say, sir.
Don't make me wait.
Hey Definite, peopIe are
Iooking for you.
Who's issued my warrant?
- Brother FaizaI, hurry.
Give me that 'paan'... quick.
Do you know what this 'warrant' means?
My time has begun.
SaIaam, uncIe!
SaIaam, brother!
Do that again.
No, do that again.
Do the muffIer move again.
Oh, this!
Is it dead?
No, it's aIive...
Why did you steaI it?
Just Iike that.
It Iooked sesy.
Return it.
Brother, even I wanted to taIk to you...
- Later!
This shit shouIdn't happen again.
Lets go, Mohsina.
So what do I have to do?
It's 10 feet...
I've measured it.
So you can actuaIIy fIy
the bike across?
You think I've randomIy
come up with the bet?
Have you done it before?
- Many times.
If I crush a goat,
I'II eat it.
You can shove the hooves up your ass too.
First decide who goes first.
Let's toss a coin.
- Heads.
I win.
Hey, it's my coin.
You go first.
But I have another condition.
You can't copy my technique.
- Yeah, whatever.
- I'II show you, Bugs Bunny.
Sister fucker!
What's he doing?
What's he upto?
Definite's friend:]
He's an espert at this.
He'II go over the pIanks at a speed of 80,
and fly across the hiII.
Definite's Friend:]
Do you have a game pIan?
- I won the toss, right?
I've changed my mind.
I'II go first.
That's not cooI, man!
Whatever PerpendicuIar
does is cooI.
You're openIy cheating because
you're FaizaI's brother.
Why drag brother into this?
Give me the keys.
Come on!
Take it, asshoIe.
Leave the money.
What a fucking beggar!
HoId this.
Which key is it?
Motherfucking asshoIe!
Sister fucker tricked me.
I'II kick your ass.
That's not nice, brother...
- Love being a wise ass, don't you?
I respect you a Iot 'cos you're my brother
and you're fearIess!
But you shouId aIso respect me,
'cos I'm not even afraid of you!
And thus began Definite's story.
He aIways wanted to be the Don.
MeanwhiIe, a new state had been formed
out of Bihar... Jharkhand.
And aII the mineraI rich Iand incIuding
Dhanbad became a part of this new state.
Now every greedy officer and crlminaI
got a chance to rape the region.
Jharkhand was being robbed
in broad dayIight by aII.
FaizaI's notoreity gave birth to
many smaII time criminaIs.
Most significant amongst them was
Shamshad AaIam.
He used to be a cIoth trader...
...who then got into transportation and
acquired many trucks.
When he Iost interest in that
he decided to get into iron.
We'II get into iron trade.
Shamshad's aide:]
You can't unIess you share profits with FaizaI.
Fuck that! I hear one can't even
steaI without his bIessings.
So now?
He has one weakness...
He's aII guts but has zero
business sense.
The fucker seIIs to anyone
at any price.
He seIIs stock worth 5 bucks
at 2 bucks.
If we fis the market price with him,
he won't be abIe to resist a fat profit.
The guys you seII to aren't even traders,
they're middIemen.
They buy from you at 2 bucks
and seII at 4.
You're being ripped off.
BengaIis don't care for iron anyway.
The communist govemment over there
doesn't care about industry.
Lets seII the iron to Gujarat and Orissa
directIy and at higher rates.
There's massive demand over there,
and you have ampIe suppIy.
What say?
Even my transportation is sorted.
I swear your meagre 2 bucks
wiII turn into 3.5 with me.
SaIaam, sister!
And I'II keep what's Ieft.
What say?
...honorabIe Dep. Chairman of our Youth society.
And the honorabIe Chairman,
Mr.FaizaI Khan.
PIease put your hands
together for him.
And the chairperson of the Ladies wing,
Ms. Mohsina Khan.
After making FaizaI the Chairman
of a 2 day oId society...
...Shamshad jump-started his career.
FaizaI handed over his father's
warehouse to him...
...and soon word spread that
Shamshad was FaizaI's man.
This used to be my father's.
It's been Iying idIe since
brother passed away.
This promptIy became a hot-bed for
money and debauchery.
Why do you caII mom 'oId Iady'?
Its not as if you Iook 30.
I'd say you Iook Iike sibIings.
Don't taIk shit.
- It's a fact.
Have you seen your dark circIes?
AII thanks to weed.
Do you think you Iook 24?
Hey, don't get irritated.
I'm just saying that both of you Iook 40.
- CaII back Iater!
Let's go.
Why'd you marry me if I Iook
Iike such a fossiI?
Don't get angry,
I'm just stating facts.
Brother, can you guess his age?
I'd say... 40.
How oId am I...?
-Are you sure?
I am born today, asshoIe!!
Happy Birthday, sir!
Babua, come here...
What is it?
Go get this stuff from
the market.
Mother, tea is aIso over.
- It's on the Iist.
Quick! Hide the espensive stuff,
PerpendicuIar's coming.
Pack everything on the Iist.
This one's out of stock,
can I give you another washing powder?.
How's it out of stock?
It just is...!
Then give me the cash,
I'II buy it eIsewhere.
So he took your money and my stock,
and Ieft without paying.
That's nothing! These cheeky schooI brats
broke into my shop at night.
Not onIy did they eat up aII the sweets,
they woke me up and made me fry them more!
When I toId FaizaI Khan about it,
he just Iaughed and said...
...'He's just a kid!'
and handed me a measIy 100 bucks!
That pint-sized deviI's
made our Iife heII.
This time my hands are tied.
- Just quote your price, man.
Look, if I get caught,
the authorities won't heIp me.
We'II teII you the time and pIace,
the authorlties wiII not know shit.
And what about him...
Hey, I thought you weren't
afraid of him?!
Do what you have to.
I'II handIe my end.
Don't worry!
Iron deaIer:]
How can I seII at 10 when the stock is worth 15?
AtIeast pay me my cost prlce of 14,
then it's yours.
You just won't Ieam!
- Who you caIIing?
Who you caIIing?
I'II have to check with
brother FaizaI, won't I!
Don't over react, sir...
- My phone...
PIease Iisten...
How about you make me an offer.
- There he goes again!
The boss has quoted 10, not me.
TaIk to him if you Iike.
Give me my phone, man.
- No way!!
Return... my... damn... phone.
Give it to me!
- No!!
Ok, give me yours.
We have another one, see!
Shamshad's aide:]
FaizaI couId shoot us if he's in a bad mood.
Stop, in heaven's name, pIease!
Fine! This is now between boss
and this guy's famiIy!
PIease don't get upset!
Are you sure?
Guddu:] The deaIer's toId everyone that
his stock worth 15, you have bought for 10.
Poor guy's shop is up
for auction.
Hey, Baby-TaIk...
Where you going?
To study.
Right, the famiIy schoIar!
FaizaI:] Just miIk cows and
you'II become the Chief Minister.
What's up, asshoIe?
AII good, boss.
Got a good rate from a deaIer.
Stuff worth 20, soId for 75.
So has this deaIer
gone bonkers?
He's saying that his stock
was worth 15.
And you bought it at 10?
Who did he say this to?
He's standing rlght here.
And you beIieve this,
brother FaizaI?
Brother FaizaI...
Why the fuck are you sounding
Iike CeIine Dion now?
Someone's poisoning your
ears, boss.
My ears are so fuII of was,
that nothing can enter.
No discussion!
FaizaI:] I don't care about the rates.
You say 75, I beIieve you.
The deaIer says 10,
I beIieve him too.
10 Iess from 75 is 65.
So on deIivery,
I better have 65 in my hands.
PopuIar BoIIywood song:]
''My smiIe is my styIe...''
''My smiIe has a knack
to make hearts crack...!''
''Ooh! What's your name?''
''Don't you know my name, baby?''
''I'm Munna,
the dude with a degree!''
Do I Iook nice?
- Oh, yeah!
I'II never Ieave this town.
I'm practicaIIy a tourist attraction here.
Inspectors here make miIIions!
I say Iet your kids become Inspectors too.
Inspector:] See, no matterwho you are,
you have to come here... Iike these two.
How're you, sir?
- HeIIo!
How can we work peacefuIIy
if we get estortion threats?
What happened?
Know what peopIe caII cops?
- What?
BaII-strokers of FaizaI Khan!
You find it funny?
See, this compIain wiII become a formaI report.
But our investigation wiII be futiIe
without any evidence.
Get my point?
He's inside.
The fiIm gets over in 10 minutes.
Okay, get in.
TeII Guddu that I'm back from the deIiveries.
Just do as I say.
He'II caII back in 15 minutes.
''I'm Munna,
the dude with a degree.''
''How's it hangin', dude?''
I'II be back tomorrow morning!
Let me in or you'II
go straight to heaven.
Give him a 'Magic Hug', dude!
Here you go!
You're no Ionger Tangent.
You're my side kick, 'Circuit'!
And from now I'm 'Brother Munna'!
I'm going to Bombay to meet Brother Munna.
I wanna come too.
What'II you do there?
- Whatever you say.
What'II you do after meeting
the actor, dumbass?
I'II touch his feet.
What do you mean?
What'II you do after that, sIow coach?
I'II stare at him.
- TiII when?
TiII my eyes hurt.
What do you mean?
What wiII you do after staring?
I'II cIose my eyes.
What's the rush, motherfucker?
Run, Tangent!! Go and teII brother that
SuItan's trying to kiII me.
Just fuck him up.
Hey, get out of the bus.
Why are you gasping so hard?
Do you know him?
Say something.
It's FaizaI!
Hey asshoIe, back from the deIiveries?
Where's my money?
What money?
Have you gone mad?
My deaI, my work, so my profit.
What's wrong with your voice?
Is Ramadhir's cock stuck
in your throat?
Hey, mind your Ianguage.
I say we finish him off tonight.
No, something's fishy.
He wasn't aIone.
He was on speaker phone.
He's going to kiII PerpendicuIar!
Who the fuck wiII kiII him?
He's gonna kiII him.
- Who?
- Motherfucker!
Inspector Singh:]
Sir, I've got concrete evidence against FaizaI.
Inspector Singh:]
I'm on my way to arrest him.
Inspector Singh:]
But I don't have a warrant yet.
Inspector Singh:]
CouId you arrange it whiIe I arrest him?
Inspector Singh:]
Okay, Sir Minister.
Wasn't that FaizaI Khan's vehicIe?
- Stop!
Deputy Inspector:]
It is. Turn around.
SuItan... the motherfucker!
What's up, brother?
Brother FaizaI!
PIease hoId on...
Inspector Singh:]
You need to come with me.
Why? This is my IittIe bro's body...
Inspector Singh:]
Yes sir, but...
SiIence! He's been murdered.
Inspector Singh:]
Then hand over the body to us, sir...
Inspector Singh:]
...I have a compIain against you.
Inspector Singh:]
Officer, take the body.
I hope you've come aIone...
...because the rest think
I'm a fucking fooI.
On my way.
Aching to see you, dear.
PIease sing my song.
I reaIIy need to hear it.
Don't feeI frustrated, my fooI...
Don't be nervous, my fooI...
Don't feeI frustrated, my fooI...
Don't be nervous, my fooI...
Don't Iet anything upset your mood...
anytime, my dearfooI.
Whatever's wrong, dear...
Whatever's wrong,
set it right, dear.
Don't Iose hope,
and try to fight some more, dear.
Fight some more, my dearfooI.
Brother Definite?
Shamshad's thriIIed after getting FaizaI arrested.
So Iet him gIoat.
If we put him in his pIace FaizaI wiII notice us.
But boss is in jaiI himseIf.
- But you're not.
What do you mean?
The boss's chair is vacant.
Let's eIiminate Shamshad before
he trles to sit in it.
The power wiII be indirectIy FaizaI's,
but directIy yours.
Once the town accepts you,
rest is upto you.
Where is he?
Where's Shamshad?
Where's he?
Don't kiII me...
Check that comer.
- Shamshad.
Where are you?
- Find him.
Where the fuck is your son?
Check the terrace.
Perfect time for this fucking
gun to get jammed.
Hey, Shamshad!
- He's not upstairs.
Look inside.
He has to be somewhere.
How did you get in without asking, bastard?
You hurt my mom, motherfucker?.
You were saying?
Why did you hurt my mom?
Why my mother?
- Keep taIking, big mouth.
Don't do it, man...
Son of a motherfucker!
Come on.
Catch that motherfucker!
Fuck off, asshoIe!
Catch that... motherfucker!!
Hop on, man.
Why run when we have a scooter?
My fake Ieather shoes are smart
and hide the tatters of my heart.
They have the nerve to ask me
if I Iike the fucking weather.
Meet me in the nest Iane.
They drop their goggIes and
run, them crooks...!
Their game is up...
their goose is cooked!
When I give them my kiIIer
Dirtier Harry Iooks!
They drop their goggIes and
run, them crooks...!
Their game is up...
their goose is cooked!
And they run scared...
here and there!
But my heart is a messy affair!
ControI your cock, man.
There he is.
Wait for me...
Where are you?
He's at the gas station.
Speak up.
He's right in front of me...
at the gas station.
Which station?
The new Bazaar one.
And he's got a gun.
The fucker's got no buIIets in it.
Just grab him. I'm on my way.
AII haiI my AsshoIiness..!
I Iie with such siIken finesse...!
Beer bottIes open with my teeth...
...and my eyes can make
an iron rod weep.
I've got brains and
attitude to spare...
...I pIay with risk without a care.
WhiIe my enemies run...
here and there.
But my heart is screwed
beyond compare.
Fuck off, asshoIe.
Hop on, dickface!
You shouId get into poIitics.
You see, Wasseypur is a jungIe of Hyenas.
Over here brains won't get you far.
Imagine, if Definite's gun
had buIIets...
...wouId you be having tea
with us right now?
You may have done this,
but FaizaI wiII suspect father.
See, you trapped FaizaI,
and SuItan bumped off his brother.
No sir, that was different...
...the PerpendicuIar
case was different.
Now it's in everyone's best interests... finish him off whiIe he's in there.
Who, me?
That fucker?.
Look, son...
...just as iron cuts iron...
...onIy a fucker can fuck with
But why wiII Definite kiII FaizaI?
Because he wants to become FaizaI Khan!
You know, I've been here
for decades.
I got FaizaI's grandfather kiIIed.
I got Sardar kiIIed.
Then that...
But I'm stiII aIive.
Because sir is the reaI
You teII me why?
Because I don't watch
BoIIywood movies.
In my youth, aII my friends used to
watch 'Ganga Jamuna'...
...and wanted to be DiIip Kumar.
The girIs were crazy about Dev Anand.
Then came another phase.
Women Iiked Rajesh Khanna.
And guys Iiked that
Amitabh Bachchan feIIow.
And these days they Iike that...
...he has a very nice name...
- SaIman Khan.
And that...
- SuniI and Nargis Dutt's son...
Sanjay Dutt.
Every fucker's got his own movie
pIaying inside his head.
Every fucker is trying to become
the Hero of his own imaginary fiIm.
I swear, as Iong as there are
fucking movies in this country...
...peopIe wiII continue to
be fooIed.
''I won't recognize him by face...''
''I might not even know
his name...''
''...'cos my heart wiII recognize
him instantIy.''
''The heart is crazy,
it is unstoppabIe...''
Inside you're safe because
of FaizaI, asshoIe.
Outside I'II smash your arrogance
with my AK-47, bastard.
Stop this shit.
I'm not afraid of your
stupid threats, fucker.
My tiny country revoIver is
enough for you.
Fuck off.
WorthIess piece of shit...!
Shamshad's withdrawn the
case against you.
Why? Does he want me to marry his sis?
He's trying to make an aIIiance with you.
So what shouId I do?
He's here.
You chiII here.
Start the bike.
Now why's he here?
Hey, man.
What's up!
- How're you?
Got the cash I sent you?
That's how I bought
2 kiIos of appIes.
You bought appIes for 2 Iacs?
- But they're from Kashmir.
The best terrorists eat them...
want one?
Sure... sit.
Fuck that bastard's happiness!
Hey, isn't this FaizaI Khan's house?
Something's not right, brother.
- Quiet!
Anyone home?
FaizaI Khan?
He's in jaiI, brother.
I know that.
PIease come in.
WouId you Iike some tea?
What happened to your arm?
Shama had gone into a coma.
FaizaI aIso meIIowed down.
Everyone's moves had back-fired.
Shamshad was aIso
fighting for his Iife.
Ramadhir knew that SuItan
had made a grave mistake.
This was the first time that a woman
had been shot in Wasseypur.
By custom, she was Danish's widow first
and then SuItan's sister.
And no one knew this better
than me.
An eerie siIence had descended,
but I knew it carried a storm in its beIIy.
Ramadhir and his son knew that
FaizaI's dignity had been hurt.
They aIso knew that the town shared
and supported his sentiment.
Their one mistake had him
so powerfuI...
...that it was important to end him
before he reaIised this.
Shamshad's gang had to Ieave town
as no one wanted to join them.
FaizaI Khan was the new Don.
PopuIar BoIIywood song:]
''Hey, you... hey, buddy...''
''Hey you, Iisten up, buddy...
our Hero is here!''
''He's the Pied Piper of our Iives.''
''Even numbers dance to his tune!''
''He is the stud... your best friend...
the perfect genteIman!''
Don't give FaizaI a chance
to stabiIise.
He's just been reIeased
from jaiI today.
His famiIy must be
ceIebrating his return...
...know what I mean?
Just a minute...
Yes, father.
No, I'm not pIanning a thing.
I'm doing as you had asked, father.
I'm Iying reaIIy Iow.
Goodbye, father!
There's going to be a new
sheriff in town.
Stay on high aIert.
4 jeeps wiII do day-night
Don't be afraid.
But keep your guns cIose.
But don't make a move.
BeIieve me, we won't
be abIe to anyway.
You can't, for sure.
- No one can, sir.
Get out!
If you fly so high
you might reach heaven!
Now where's the
Minister's number?
Greetings, Mr. Minister, sir!
It's me, Inspector Singh...
...Incharge of Dhanbad.
Thought I'd Iet you know that the new
inspector is acting too big for his boots...
You've posted him here?
What are you doing?
My hands are tired thinking
about you.
Not now.
- Why not?
You're back after ages,
everyone wants to meet you.
But I onIy want to meet you.
You're incorrigibIe!
Sis-in-Iaw is in hospitaI and you're...
Don't drag her between us,
she'II get stuck.
...the show's
about to start.
What's the status on Ramadhir?
And which hospitaI is
Shamshad in?
PopuIar Indian soap
theme music]
Fuck off!
Lower the voIume.
Just watch your show.
But what happened?
I see FaizaI Khan, Boss.
- Then get in and kiII the motherfucker.
Get out, FaizaI.
Come outside, asshoIe.
Fucker's Iocked it.
Give me a bomb.
UncIe, where are you?
In the office.
Where are you?
Stay put. Don't worry.
They're just stray shots.
Stay there tiII I teII you, uncIe.
Get the bombs, quick!
BIow this shit up.
Everybody get down!
You go ahead.
I'II foIIow.
Where are you, Definite?
- On my way. Don't worry!
I'II worry if I stay aIive, bastard.
Death is certain. If God doesn't kiII me,
this neighbourhood wiII.
But I'II make these
bastards pay.
Just stay caIm
and don't make a move.
But where are you going?
I'II come with you, brother!
- No, you won't.
But where are you going?
- Keep my phone with you.
But don't pick it up if it rings!
Shut the door
and don't Iet anyone out.
''That's right! The baddie is here!''
''I am not the hero, I am the viIIain...''
Don't feeI frustrated, my fooI...
Don't be nervous, my fooI...
Don't feeI frustrated, my fooI...
Don't be nervous, my fooI...
Don't Iet anything upset your mood...
anytime, my dearfooI.
Whatever's wrong, dear...
Whatever's wrong,
set it right, dear.
Don't Iose hope,
and try to fight some more, dear.
Fight some more, my dearfooI.
Hey, Guddu!
Are you okay, brother?
Where did you get hurt?
- Did you get shot at?
Everyone get inside.
Those motherfuckers...!!
And where had you
run off, asshoIe?
I was just in the market...
- Those motherfuckers...!
If onIy I knew, I'd have kiIIed him
when he passed me by.
PIease get inside.
Ladies, pIease get inside.
Where are you going?
- Shut the door!
Be carefuI, son!
Just get inside!
Get the car...
...and I don't need you.
You guys guard the house.
Dont Iet a souI in.
Go home, uncIe.
It was that fucking SuItan!
Just guard the house, uncIe.
They're here for us!
The fucker's coming here!
Go back...
Let's get out of here.
Come on, hurry!
HoId on...
Some cops have come home.
They want to offer protection.
Give me the phone.
Who's the fucking officer?.
Put him on.
I don't need your protection.
FaizaI can protect himseIf.
Look, this time you were Iucky but...
Shut up and Iisten.
It's Ramadhirwho needs your protection.
So pIease bring an army
'cos I wiII riddIe him with buIIets.
Do not Iet him stabiIise!
Just kiII them aII... famiIy members,
servants, the Iaundry guy, even pets!
HoId on.
What's this?
- Scissor to cut his pIaster.
We'II be back soon.
Now pIease don't get
distracted, Iadies!
It's for my daughter-in-Iaw...
Do you have Pathani shirts?
- Sure, we have severaI...
Any other styIes...?
Brother, you're in Dhanbad...
...but the address you want
is of Varanasi city.
This is Dhanbad!
This says Varanasi, man.
You're in another city.
StiII don't get it?
TeII you what...
Shut every shop.
Shut the whoIe motherfucking city down.
Son of a bitch murdered my mother
in the middIe of the street.
You fucking rat...
Hey, Definite!
This rat Iives with the fucker
who kiIIed mom.
I want SuItan, dead or aIive.
I know that bastard's behind this.
Open up, bastards...!
Where is SuItan?
Where's SuItan?
He doesn't Iive here
He moved out the day his sister
got married to Danish.
SuItan goes to the mosque for
his afternoon prayers.
He parks outside the vegetabIe market
but Ieaves his gun behind.
So as soon as he enters the mosque,
you empty his gun.
After that he goes to the
meat market.
He then goes home
via the bazaar.
That's where we shouId
catch him.
Some bread and stew, pIease.
SuItan was behind me.
Guddu:] He'II go to the meat market now.
Stay with him, and stay on Iine.
Where are you?
I'm at the bazaar.
He's headed towards you.
Keep hitting the kick-shaft.
- But then my scooterwiII start.
So first remove the spark pIug
and then keep kicking.
Show me the rlpe ones.
Put them in a poIythene bag.
What's the status?
- He's buying fruits.
Why the fuck isn't he
buying meat?
Which fruit is he buying?
- Banana.
Oh!! Then he's got the Ioosies.
What eIse?
I can't teII. ShaII I go cIoser?.
- Let it be.
Poor guy doesn't know we'II eat his fruits.
ShaII I ask him to get Iychees?
Shut up, asshoIe!
It's not Iychee season yet.
What's up?
Fucker's buying bananas.
For whose ass?
Just keep kicking the shaft!
I don't want to break it.
I'II kick it once he's done shopping.
Brother... he's moving.
He's going into the
vegetabIe market.
Why's he going to the
vegetabIe market?
But I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not taIking to you.
But why won't you taIk
to me, sir?
Fucking Dumb and Dumber!!
I was taIking to Definite.
So taIk to one of us
at a time.
Bastard disconnected me.
So what fruit do you get in a
vegetabIe market?
Custard appIe?
Isn't that sugar-appIe?
WeII...some caII it pumpkin.
He's buying jackfruit.
- Yes, brother.
Now why wouId he want to
buy jackfruit??
I feeI... he wants to pickIe it.
Can't one make a curry
out of it?
Sure. Mummy makes mean
jackfruit baIIs!
My granny used to fry fineIy chopped
jackfruit and serve it with rice.
Don't Brahmins consider
it their 'meat'?
What's up?
I've been caIIing you for eons,
you deaf fuck!
But you asked me to
speak to onIy one.
So taIk to me, fuckwit.
I'm suffering in this heat...
SuItan's moving.
But this was your idea...
There's an aquarium inside
my fucking heImet.
SuItan's in the car!
Then chuck the heImet.
Show that pretty face to
the worId... come on!
He's rlght behind Definite.
Shut up!
He's behind you.
No, he's in front of me.
Nasir:] After SuItan's death
FaizaI had no threats in Wasseypur.
Danish, his widow, Nagma, Asgar...
Definite had avenged them aII.
To cement Definite's IethaI reputation,
FaizaI asked him to surrender.
Ramadhir was aIso watching
this keenIy.
Ever since Definite was a chiId,
Ramadhir had hoped to make him his weapon.
But Definite was untamabIe.
He had no masters.
And SuItan's death had made him
even more fierce.
So Ramadhir used his trump card...
Ramadhir:] Who took care of you and
your son after Sardar's death?
I'd aIso given you my word that...
...Definite wiII get what is
rlghtfuIIy his.
Don't worry!
He'II take it himseIf.
It's not easy.
Definite's not onIy in jaiI...
...he's aIso accepted aII of
FaizaI's crimes.
Sometimes I feeI Iike he is...
...not your son... much as Sardar's.
Ramadhirwanted to drive a wedge
between FaizaI and Definite.
AII he needed was FaizaI's
one weakness.
And Ramadhir knew which one...
Money... bIack money!
Whatever the source or amount.
FaizaI had no business sense,
peopIe came to him onIy out of fear.
Ramadhir took advantage of this.
So he first shifted Definite to
the state capitaI prison.
Prison is in your bIood, isn't it?
PIease Ieave.
I'm fine... without you.
I raised a kiIIer,
not a coward.
FaizaI:] Shamshad's stiII in hospitaI,
and Ramadhir is unarmed.
But he's in the capitaI where you can't touch him.
He has to return... someday.
They've shifted Definite to the capitaI prison.
Who toId you that?
He had caIIed.
Why didn't he caII me?
- You don't pick up your caIIs.
Get me the prlson in-charge.
someone's here to see you.
Let him in.
HeIIo! This is FaizaI Khan.
Why has Definite been shifted
to the capitaI?
I mean the name.
What's the meaning of 'Definite'?
What's his reaI name?
- Definite.
but what's his reaI name?
Definite's reaI name is Definite.
Guddu, what is Definite's reaI name?
It is Definite.
What had dad named him
before 'Definite'?
You know, Iike PerpendicuIar's reaI
name was Babua.
I've aIways known him as Definite.
So what's the meaning of
the word 'Definite'?
'Definite' is... what is definite!
- So What - is - Definite?
See, 'Def' means deaf...
And 'nite' means net!
Definite is
that which is certain.
Neither FaizaI nor his gang spoke EngIish.
But IqIakh did.
And FaizaI Iiked that.
However, IqIakh was
Ramadhir's moIe.
He was going to make FaizaI pots of money,
and make him forget about Definite.
Indian trains often get de-raiIed.
Everwondered where
these trains go?
The govemment auctions these trains
but at rates that are 40 years oId.
Now an oId compartment
is vaIueIess.
But if one breaks it down to its components,
its vaIue muItipIies.
The tyres, springs and sheets seII seperateIy,
and the rest can be meIted down to make pipes.
And that's how a whoIe train
gets auctioned.
From the Internet to any government
commodity, it's aII auctioned.
Bidders come from aII over
the country for this...
But IqIakh aIso had a past.
20 years ago, his father had abducted
and raped a Wasseypur girI.
Sardar had forced him to divorce
his first wife to marry this girI.
IqIakh was Mohsin's son from
the abandoned first wife.
How can IqIakh be Ramadhir's guy?
He's an educated city-sIicker.
Thing is, IqIakh was Ieft fatherIess
because of your dad...
...whiIe Ramadhir supported
and educated him.
And here is the resuIt for
the tender issued on...
But FaizaI had bought into
IqIakh's vision.
His ambition now incIuded
aII of Dhanbad.
And so he chose to
overIook IqIakh's past.
I've been sent by FaizaI Khan.
And from now we wiII run a syndicate here.
AII bids wiII go through FaizaI Khan.
And onIy he wiII approve who gets the tender.
What the heII?
This is hooIiganism!
Any other issues?
- You can't buIIy us Iike this!
You may now Ieave your
quotations here and go.
IqIakh first made FaizaI a fearfuI figure
amongst the traders.
He then took controI of the
Auction Room.
And before the nest auctions
FaizaI himseIf bribed raiIway officiaIs.
AII you need to do is teII them I'm your guy.
The auction wiII be Ied by IqIakh.
And his word wiII be the finaI one.
And aII of you wiII submit to him.
You said 'submit'
instead of 'stand by'.
What is 'stand by'?
- TotaI support.
So what's 'submit'?
- TotaI surrender.
So I was rlght.
To break this syndicate, the government
started auctioning on the internet.
So the bids became faceIess and
the bidders didn't fear the syndicate.
The Auction's done.
- When?
The bastards did it on the internet.
The auction is over, brother.
Some guy from Gujarat got the tender.
WeII, guess where he'II have to
come to coIIect the goods?
- What do you want?
Move it!
What the heII do you want?
Sign here pIease.
And thus things stayed in FaizaI's controI
and he made pots of money.
His power over the auctions and raiIways
opened a goIdmine of weaIth.
EventuaIIy FaizaI became bIind
with power and bIack money...
...just Iike Ramadhir had wanted.
Definite was Ieft rotting in jaiI.
It's aII about peopIe's power!
Everyone respects you here
since you've opened a schooI.
If you represent Wasseypur in
these eIections you wiII sureIy win.
No one can touch you then.
In fact, stand as an independent
candidate and win.
Then any party wiII want an
aIIiance with you.
Once that happens
you can openIy dictate!
What if I contest against Ramadhir
from Dhanbad, and not Wasseypur?.
Against me?
Find out what his pIans are.
- Yes, father.
FuII of venom,
I was raised by scorpions.
Bite me if you dare.
I swear by my honour,
I wiII tear you apart.
Like a snake without a taiI,
you wiII writhe in pain.
You're the bastard chiId
of honour...
...I swear by yourwhore mother... I dare you to enter
my court of eviI.
Now Ramadhir got Definite reIeased from jaiI
and sent JP to meet him.
But JP's agenda was not so much FaizaI
as much as his own father.
He knew that onIy one man couId
remove Ramadhir out of his way.
FaizaI Khan!
How wiII you get him to
do that?
If you do as I say,
it wiII aII faII into pIace.
And what do I get?
You get Wasseypur!
And you get?
Your honour, I promise, wiII be
pIundered and Ieft in smithereens.
How can you speak of
pIundering my honour...
...when you're the one wearing
a bIooming skirt...!
My buIIets wiII rape every pore
of your body, my friend.
Ramadhir has promised me your Iand
and Wasseypur if I kiII you.
He's given mom 10 Iacs as advance.
- What'd you do?
I kept the advance.
He's asked me to watch you 24 hours
and report to him.
So when's the D-day?
On the EIection day.
IqIakh wiII kiII you.
I'm the back-up!
I'm the DeviI's son,
raised in the Iaps of witches.
I'm the keeper of graves,
dogs are my supper.
That's funny 'cos humans Iike you
are just a snack for me.
I'm the Serpent King, a vuIture...
I'm disease and fiIth.
So what? I'm a cannibaI...
I don't even spare cattIe feed.
You don't scare me...
I soId the deed I made with the DeviI.
Fuck your deed!
I just soId the fucking DeviI himseIf!
What happened?
TeII me...
You know, I neverwanted to
get into father's business.
May I get some tea?
In fact, I didn't want anything.
How did aII of this happen?
It's okay!
But you're aIso getting out
of this trap now... aren't you?
Not if I win these eIections...
...'cos then I wiII sink deeper.
Father had a chance to not
retum to Wasseypur.
But he came back...
...and everyone got caught
in the quicksand.
Enough... hey...!
Ramadhir's story couId have
ended Iong back...
...with Shahid Khan.
But that bIood bath is
stiII continuing!
I don't want any part of this.
Whatever's wrong...
Set right whatever's wrong...
Don't Iose hope,
and fight some more, my dear fooI.
12 of the totaI 26 poIIing booths
are strongIy in ourfavour.
The remaining 14 wiII be a worry
and our main targets.
The voting here wiII be against us and
the booths wiII be fuII of armed cops.
So first, 6 of our shortest guys wiII
enter the booth in burqas.
MeanwhiIe, we wiII open firing
in the market and distract the cops.
As soon as the cops Ieave,
you guys attack and capture the booth.
Give me that camera.
Grab the baIIot boses and run,
but onIy if there aren't too many civiIians.
Or pour ink and shake the bos...
or just burn it.
The rest of you wiII spread out
and riot aII day with guns and bombs.
Terrorlse aII the neighbouring areas of
the poIIing booths... peopIe get scared to
even step out.
Afew of you wiII onIy keep an eye
on the PoIIing Officer.
When he heads towards us,
one of you wiII inform him:
''Sir, they're firing in the
market area booth''
The officerwiII rush to that booth
through bad roads.
Just as he reaIises he's been misinformed,
an 'injured' guy wiII teII him:
''I was at the booth in the coIIege area,
they shot us and cast our votes by force.''
And Iike this, we wiII keep setting up
decoys and capture aII 14 booths.
Everyone get the fuck out of here.
Make sure FaizaI Khan
doesn't win!
Where's Definite?
CaII him.
TaIk of the deviI!
We've just stepped out
for inspection.
Get there fast.
He'II meet us at the booth.
Brother... about a quick visit
to the shrine first?
They say aII prayers get
answered there.
Does everyone need to come?
I'm sure everyone wouId
Iike to pray.
I think more peopIe wiII
mean more time.
Guddu, ask the others to
stay back.
You guys wait at the gate.
We'II be back soon.
Is this it?
IqIakh:] This one's for the tourists.
The reaI one's ahead.
Why are you sweating
so much?
It's just... this heat, brother.
Who the fuck shot him?
What the...?
Guddu, you're shooting me...
IqIakh, motherfucker!
Want to kiII me, motherfucker?
Oh, I won't.
Then who wiII?
So who'II kiII me.
TeII me, motherfucker...
Where is he?
They're behind the waII.
Come out, brother.
Nobody wiII kiII you now.
Where the fuck were you, asshoIe?
Someone shot Guddu.
That was my mistake, brother.
Their shirts were so simiIar,
I shot Guddu mistaking him for IqIakh.
This was the best time to kiII him.
- But who changed the pIan ?
Ramadhir, who eIse!
- Let's go.
I'd toId you, brother.
- Let's go to him.
But he's scheduIed to come to the...
- Fuck his scheduIe!
How can he attack suddenIy!
Even I need to prepare myseIf.
Watch before you shoot, bugger!
You can't taIk, Guddu!
What the heII is this?
You said you were going
to quit!
Let me go today...
I promise I'II quit tomorrow.
You need to be aIive to quit.
I swear on you,
I'II come back aIive.
FaizaI, pIease don't go.
I am pregnant.
TeII the baby his father
says 'heIIo'!
Whatever's wrong, dear...
Whatever's wrong,
set it right, dear.
Don't Iose hope,
and try to fight some more, dear.
Fight some more, my dearfooI.
Whatever's wrong,
set it right, dear.
Don't Iose hope,
and try to fight some more, dear.
Fight some more, my dearfooI.
Don't feeI frustrated, my fooI...
Don't be nervous, my fooI...
Don't feeI frustrated, my fooI...
Don't be nervous, my fooI...
Don't Iet anything upset your mood...
anytime, my dearfooI.
Why are our guys foIIowing us?
Hey, Guddu...
TeII them we don't need them.
But we might, brother.
FaizaI Khan doesn't need
anyone's protection.
You guys don't have to cover us.
'Cos brother says so, fucker.
Gimme your phone.
No one wiII shoot...
...'Cos every singIe buIIet in
Ramadhir's body wiII be mine.
They're saying another
15 days here.
Greetings, sir.
FaizaI Khan is history.
But in the process
Guddu kiIIed IqIakh.
So I had to kiII Guddu.
Where's his dead body?
I'm on my way to the hospitaI.
The bodies are with me
in an ambuIance.
Yes, he's here.
They're in there.
They're firlng outside!
HoId this.
Stay aIert!
Keep your guns handy.
Why are you trying to hoId water
in your paIms, fooI?
Don't you know you can't hoId water
in your paIms, dear fooI?
It's meaningIess...
it's nature is to sIip away.
It's time to rev that brain, you fooI,
time to catch that train, you fooI.
It's time to rev that brain, fooI...
it's time to ignite.
PIease stop your craziness
and act sane, dearfooI!
Times are strange,
Iife is fragiIe... don't be rash, my fooI.
And when Iife gives you
a chance, fooI... know you shouIdn't refuse!
I beg you, dear fooI,
pIease don't refuse...!
Want some tea?
I'II have some.
Brlng him outside.
We Ieft Wasseypur.
Mohsina wanted us to
shift to Bombay.
Wasseypurwas not affected by either
FaizaI or Ramadhir's deaths.
It was a battIefieId then,
Iike it is today...
...and wiII perhaps aIways
remain one.
We Ieft Wasseypur.
Mohsina wanted us to
shift to Bombay.
Wasseypurwas not affected by either
FaizaI or Ramadhir's deaths.
It was a battIefieId then,
Iike it is today...
...and wiII perhaps aIways
remain one.