Gangster (2006) Movie Script

Give me your word, Usman
If I'm caught, you will shoot
me at sunrise tomorrow
Step back... move!
One minute... hang on!
Why're you guys pushing
and jostling?
Just a few more breaths
You can't let me down today, Life
I will finally have the bliss...
I have craved for, all my life
Just stand by me till
the break of dawn today
If you had to desert me...
why didn't you leave
me on the day...
I found myself at the
crossroads of life?
Get a hold on yourself
You'll fall, Simran. You've
had too much to drink
Listen to me. Give me
your hand, Simran...
Simran... Simran!
I've landed you in trouble
too. Haven't I, Akash?
You were about to end
all the trouble today
What do you hold against me?
For the first time I've
found a true friend...
and you want to snatch
her away from me?
You were the who was drowning,
but it...
...was I who was dying.
You know that?
Akash, I've never cared for my life
But you've increased its importance
by saving it today
For the first time I've
begun to feel...
that my life and death make
a difference to someone
Oh shut up!
It's two months since we met, right?
Sometimes I think I understand
you very well
And there are times when I think
I don't know you at all
Why do I get the feeling
that you're...
...suppressing something
in your heart?
It keeps trying to come out...
and you always drink
to keep it bottled up
What are you hiding from me,
Simran? What is it?
I don't want to hide from you what's
going on in my heart right now
I don't intend to spend an entire
lifetime in this hospital
Will you take me home?
All right
Akash, stop right here
What's wrong with you, Simran?
You get off at just about any
corner or square every day
It's either this road,
or some other one
Let me drop you home atleast today.
You're not keeping well
Akash, I'm okay. I'll go on my own
I'm still a stranger to you, right?
- Why do you say such things?
That's not true, Akash
I'm always afraid that I'll drop
you some place, someday...
and never see you ever again
Stop talking nonsense. Nothing of
the sort's going to happen, Akash
Okay, I'll skip the nonsense.
But I have two conditions
One, you won't drink again
You'll come to hear me sing
this evening. At the club
I can't guarantee the first. But
I'll surely come to the club
May I go now?
Drunk again?
When are you coming home?
You weren't at home last night
Who'd I come home for?
Who is it that's waiting for me?
You call just once a week...
you have any idea how I spend
the rest of the six days?
Whatever happens, I have to wait for
the phone to ring to talk to you...
and I'm not even supposed
to phone you!
Every time I talk
to you, I wonder...
if I'll ever get to
hear your voice again
If something happens to you...
Everybody's got to die, Simran
But I'm not dying
without meeting you
I've got some important
business to wrap up
I'm taking a ship to Dubai
tomorrow morning
Take care
You are my night, my dawn...
you are my day
You are my God, my universe...
you are my world
To me, you are Time...
and I'm every moment for you
How on earth can you ever
live apart from me?
You are my night, my dawn...
you are my day
You are my God, my universe...
you are my world
To me, you are Time...
and I'm every moment for you
How on earth can you ever
live apart from me?
I don't know why, but without
even realising it...
It was in a moment of weakness...
that I met Akash at this very
restaurant about a month ago
I can't believe I've grown so close
to him in such a little time
Your eyes, misty...
your face, the mirror
of your heart
You are a beautiful sad story
Your eyes, misty...
your face, the mirror of your heart
You are a beautiful sad story
What causes agony to your heart...
tell me
Why are you so angry
with yourself?
Not just my eyes, you
are etched on my heart
You are the reason why I live
Not just my eyes, you are
etched on my heart
You are the reason why I live
Your laughter...
your charms...
are so different from the others
You are my night,
you are my morn...
you are my day
You are my God, my universe...
you are my world
To me, you are Time...
and I'm every moment for you
How on earth can you ever
live apart from me?
Thank you, thank you
I didn't think you'd
be coming today,
I didn't think I'd be coming either,
Everybody loved your song.
- Yes, sure,
How about the one I sang it for?
Akash, you get so utterly
corny at times,
Thank you.
- What for?
For accepting both my conditions,
Akash, I got to leave.
- Where to, Simran?
I get paid for 3 hours and I've
sung just one number yet,
You can stay, Akash. I got to leave,
Where are you going? I had
plans for this evening,
Some other time, Akash.
- Wait, Simran...,
and why're you taking the backdoor?
- Akash!
Coming, sir,
Stay here, I'll meet the
manager and return,
Akash, this is Mr. Raghavan.
- Hello, Mr. Akash,
I've heard so much about you,
Your songs are being discussed
even in India,
Meet my wife.
- Hello,
Please sit down, I'll join
you in a minute... yes?
Can I have a bit of whisky? Please?
Why're you doing all this, Simran?
Why do you love me so much, Akash?
I have a lot of reasons
to drink like this,
But you have no reason to fall
in love with a girl like me,
I can't even stand on
my own two feet...,
how will I ever be able to stand
by you through a lifetime?
I'll take care of you,
I know, you don't want to
tell anyone your story,
I know, Simran...
- What do you know?
You know nothing, Akash,
You know, had Raghavan caught
sight of me today...,
my story would've come to an end,
Raghavan? That guy who works
at the Indian embassy?
The bastard's an intelligence
agent. He's here on a mission,
Mission...? ,
Don't you always ask me, Akash,
why I drink so much?
This is why,
I somehow managed to escape
Raghavan's bullets,
But this poor child
died right there,
I couldn't even talk
to him one last time,
Who are you?
Who, except a criminal,
could I be...,
to run away from the
police bullets?
What... what crime have
you committed?
I've committed the crime of falling
in love with a gangster,
I've committed the crime
of living with him,
Gangster? ,
Well? The mere mention of his name
makes you break into a sweat?
I've spent 5 whole years with him,
He's someone the entire
police in India hates...,
and I've committed the crime
of falling in love with him,
I don't care if I'm caught, Akash,
But I know, if I'm caught...,
perhaps he will be caught too,
It's not today, I've always
tried to protect Daya,
Even on the day he got straight
to my house...,
running away from the police,
There were 300 families
in that locality,
But I don't know why destiny pushed
him through the doors of my house,
Did you see someone coming here?
- No,
There's nobody, sir.
- No? Let's go,
You want to die? They must
still be out there,
You can spend the night
here if you wish,
This chap who was mopping the
floor with me that day...,
I later got to know, was
a very dreaded gangster,
Whatever he meant to the world...,
what I saw in his eyes that day...,
made me feel that he too
was as lonely as I was,
No thank you, no good-bye...,
he didn't say a word to me when
he left early next morning,
I could feel his silence
for several days,
It was more than a month
since he had left...,
but I still couldn't get over him,
And one day, he landed
up at my door,
I wasn't in,
He made enquiries with
my neighbours and...,
and he straightaway
got to my workplace,
He then started coming frequently
to my dance-bar,
He always took one particular
table with his back to me,
Working at the dance-bar, I had
seen several drunkards...,
stripping me with their eyes.
In Daya's eyes, however...,
I saw respect for myself,
With him, I thought I was adequately
clothed, even in skimpy clothing.
He always looked at me silently,
He never uttered a word,
Maybe he wouldn't ever.
If it wasn't for...,
Let's go home,
The first word he
uttered was "home",
It was as if my dreams
were taking shape,
I felt as if he was taking
my hand, never to leave it,
I don't know whether I let myself
go with him... or my necessities,
But I got to his place,
You know something, Akash?
In broad daylight...,
I haven't felt safer even with the
so-called respectable men...,
as safe as I felt that night,
in a gangster's house,
I thought I had found
a world of my own,
My dream of starting a family
was really coming true,
How was I to know that as usual, my
happiness would be short-lived?
I'll see... who is it?
- Milkman,
There was no stopping after that,
I was looking for one house...,
and destiny kept changing
my house everyday,
At times it was a footpath. At
times, a room in a 5-star hotel,
We used to spend our
nights in hiding,
He always had his share of
enemies in the underworld,
But even those that considered
him to be a friend...,
had turned his enemies,
Brother, Khan-Saheb is here,
Go inside,
Sit down...
you must be tired of running
He was barely 12 or 13 years old
when he came to me asking for a job
Everybody said, he was a kid,
not to make him part of my gang
But no, sir. I trusted him
And he never broke my trust
Boys in the gang going out to kill
would first ask the means of escape
This guy did his job; he never
thought of how he'd return
Even the big guns were scared
of him. You know why?
Because he wasn't scared of death
And ever since you have
entered his life...
he has started loving life
Like a dog with its tail
between its legs...
he's running from place to place
He has forgotten what a goddamned
nuisance women are
Have fun, use them and dump them!
If you wear her around your neck,
she'll slit your throat!
Make him see reason
In our business, there's
lust. There's no love
Like my mentor, Sikander.
What happened to him?
He became a bloody dog
for the sake of a girl
He took a Qazi to the broad's
house; she double-crossed him
His body was riddled with bullets.
And I had to shoot the bitch later
If my kid is being stupid,
if he's making a mistake...
I'll have to do the same thing again
Hey, you're a whore
who works at a bar
You won't let go of him so easily.
But you can atleast
reason with him...
to leave you. Else,
I'll have to do... you what I did
to Sikander's broad
Now I know why boys leave their
fathers for the sake of women
You have lost your father today
You're on your own now
So look after yourself
I was terrified
But I had implicit faith in Daya
Akash, all my dreams were
about to come true
I waited to see fulfilled a dream
that I had for several years
And that is why you married Daya?
To dream and to see the
dream being fulfilled...
are entirely different things
Daya loved me so much, he didn't
even touch me before our marriage
Our marriage... that
never took place
The kid then?
It was hired
There is no dearth of poor,
helpless orphans in the world
I pretended to be a mother too
But I don't know what
it was about Bittu...
when I met him, I felt as if...
I were his real mother...
as if he were really my son
We needed passports
to leave the country
And to get those passports,
we needed to be a family
That's it. Bittu became part
of our so-called family
I thought then that I had everything
A husband, a son, a family
I wanted to make this fantasy
the picture of my life
And thus, I never wanted Bittu
to be separated from me
Daya was changing too
This man couldn't bear to see even
a drop of the child's blood
Who could've imagined
it was this man's...
. profession to indulge in bloodshed?
As they say, you can get rid of
everything except your shadow
And Daya's shadow was
far longer than himself
I'm terribly scared, Daya.
- There's nothing to be scared of
Why not, Daya?
I don't know whether I will
ever have you in my lifetime
But I don't want to lose Bittu
Nothing will happen to Bittu. It's
dangerous for us to live in India
There are informers everywhere.
If we don't take Bittu along...
it's impossible to get to Dubai.
- You said we'd never use Bittu!
I also said I'd never let
anything happen to Bittu
It's my chest that'll take
the bullets. Not his
Thank you
Won't you come in?
Simran, your past is
like these four walls
You have managed to step out...
but you've left the keys inside
Simran, life is goading
you towards a new goal
But you're still tied to the past
I know you want to
get on with life...
but you're afraid, you might
lose your dreams on the way
Open your eyes, Simran
Your dreams are here with you...
right in front of you
You don't need to look back again
and again to be happy, Simran
You have shed enough tears for
things that did not happen
Atleast let what is about to
happen reach its conclusion?
Simran, you have every right to live
You have every right to dream
I'll give you all the happiness,
I'll fulfill all your dreams
Because now that I've
heard your story...
I've begun to love you
more than ever before
I love you, Simran
Every moment, the distances
between us begin to melt
In the fires of passion
burns the dew
The sun sets with desires...
In what fires burns the dew?
- Reception
Please try this number again
For the past three days, I've
been trying this number
Why don't you understand?
All you Indians are the same!
Your eyes...
show me...
of the stars
On your lips...
is written...
what you say...
in signs
In a caravan of dreams,
the night moves on
What fire is it in
which burns the dew?
This evening, I'm going astray...
with you in my arms
Must I touch you...
or keep you...
hidden in my eyes?
Shy. Fumbling...
what fire is it that
burns the dew?
Every moment, the distances
between us begin to melt
In what fires of passion
burns the dew
Why does the sun set
on our desires...?
In what fires burns the dew?
Will you forget me
like this someday?
He's dead
The doctors say she's out of danger,
Daya! Don't hit him!
Let him go! Leave him alone!
Let go... it's not his mistake!
He hasn't made any mistake!
Daya, let him go!
Let go of my hand! Leave
me alone, Daya!
Let me go, Daya! Please
let me go, Daya,
Let me go, Daya!
Daya, leave my hand!
Leave my hand, I say!
Talk to me! Why aren't
you talking to me?
What right did you have to hit him?
Jealous? Jealous to see me
with another man today...?
Where were you when I
gave up everything...,
and wanted to settle down with you?
You locked me up in that house
and went away then!
And when I want to open the
window for some fresh air...,
you find that bad? Why
must I wait for you?
What have you given me except
fear and terror, Daya?
I thought Bittu's death
would change you,
But you can never change,
Daya! Never!
You were a gangster and you
are still a gangster!
I can't spend a lifetime
with a gangster!
I can't spend the rest of
my life with a gang...,
which is the stained with
the blood innocents!
What are you going to get out
of killing Akash, Daya?
Talk to me! I'm the one
you must talk to!
You want to know whether I
love him? Yes, I love him!
He's the only one who can
fulfill all my dreams!
He's the one who took care
of me after you went away!
He's the one who brought
a smile to my lips!
He's the one I truly love! Only
he can fulfill my dreams!
you really...,
are in love with Akash...,
I will not stop you,
I've given you a lot of sorrow,
But if you have ever loved me...,
even a wee bit...,
give me one chance, please,
I'm a changed man,
Today, this moment... I'm willing
to give up everything,
But if you leave me...,
I'm going to die,
I won't be able to live, Simran,
I... I won't be able
to live, Simran!
I won't be able to live
anymore! I won't!
Daya, go away!
Listen to me, Daya! Go away!
Go away, Daya! Listen to me!
Run, Daya!
Get him. Quick!
C'mon! Move it!
Shit! ,
Moist memories, moist nights,
moist eyes...
what makes my eyes moist?
Dreams in my eyes...
make me laugh one moment,
make me cry the other...
what vacuum is this...?
Nobody knows...
what life I lead...
my story, incomplete
what life I lead...
my story, incomplete
Sleepy, awake...
your eyes, teary...
for my sake
My Maker, angry. Everything,
heartbroken, without you...
how shall I accept life?
Nobody knows...
what life I lead...
my story, incomplete
what life I lead...
my story, incomplete
Moist memories, moist nights,
moist eyes...
what makes my eyes moist?
Nobody knows...
what life I lead...
my story, incomplete
Nobody knows, nobody
has a clue...
of the incomplete
story my life is
Nobody knows...
what life I lead...
my story, unfinished
My story... incomplete
it's said one must begin
where one strayed off...
if you wish to tread the right
path all over again,
I too wish to go back to India.
To my village. With you,
You know where my village is?
It's near Kashmir,
When it snowed in winter, all
roads used to be blocked,
My mother was employed
to clear the snow,
Two rupees,
To earn two rupees,
she used to pray...,
that it may snow again, so
she could have employment,
There was so much of peace
in those two rupees,
After several years today,
I could sleep in peace...
after earning an honest living,
And it's all thanks to you,
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't
even have known...
what sleep for the honest means,
I wish to live like this
all my life, Simran,
With you,
But before starting again
on the path of honesty...
I'll have one last bad thing to do,
I'll have to get hold of fake
passports for you and me,
I'm going to Seoul,
One last time. After that...,
you can say the bad man
in me is dead for good,
Hello... hello?
Thank God, Simran! I looked so
much for you... where are you?
I want to meet you just once, Simran
I promise, I'll never try
to meet you ever again
Simran, please don't do this to me
Ties aren't snapped like this,
Simran... - Akash, I'm pregnant
O Merciful Lord...
everybody would lay down
his life for You
O Savior...
my life's for You
My life, I could give
away for my love...
I'd wipe myself out for my love
I'd finish my identity for my love
O Merciful Lord...
everybody would lay down
his life for You
O Savior...
my life's for You
I thought I hated you
I used to dream that you'd
walk before me...
and that I'd shoot you
And now that you stand in
front of me, I hate myself
What goddamned business are we into?
We got to shoot our
kids ourselves...
and then carry their biers
on our own shoulders
Looks like that's the punishment
I will get for my misdeeds
What has happened is in the past
I will never stand in your way again
I'm taking Simran and returning
to India for good
Please let me go
How I wish I could...
but it can't be helped, my son
If I don't kill you and set an
example, people will call me impotent
Every boy in my gang
will turn a Romeo...
and will rebel for the sake
of some whore or the other
I have to pull a full-stop
to it, right?
Don't worry, son
I'll kill you and set a good example
After you're dead, I'll
keep your whore alive...
I'll hold on her display on
the terrace, stark naked...
so that people can see...
what consequences befall those that
come between father and son
You get that, son? My boys will
toy with her body every day...
so that she can realise what...
I've given up...
Without You, there isn't a moment
Without You, there is no tomorrow
If it wasn't for You, man
would be stone-hearted
He would know no feeling
For my love, my sweetheart...
I'd die, finish myself
I swear, I'd wipe out my identity
O Merciful Lord...
everybody would lay
down his life for You
O Savior...
my life's for You
Simran, I don't want
to lose this baby
I want to marry you, Simran
I want to take you and my baby home
That's what you too want, isn't
it? Isn't that what you want?
I'll give you so much of love,
you'll never crave love again
All I'm afraid of is...
will Daya be able to forget you?
Not even an ordinary man can
accept defeat in love...
...and Daya's a gangster
I don't want a gangster's shadow
to be cast on our child
The family and surroundings
I'm taking you to...
is a place where only
decent folks live
My parents haven't even
sworn at anyone
If they get to know that
you and a gangster were...
Simran, you will have to shut
the doors on the past forever
You'll have to help me
If you want us and our
child to be happy...
you'll have to turn Daya over
to the police, Simran
Hear me out...
- No, Akash...
I'm asking you to save him,
not to trap him
Out in the open, he might fall
a victim to the bullets
Behind the bars, he has a fair
chance of getting justice
Think it over, Simran!
I can't do it, Akash!
Think again, Simran
On one hand are the lives
of the three of us...
on the other is Daya
You're the one who has to decide
- Simran!
The police are after us! Get
out of there immediately!
Meet me at the Seoul station at 10
Haul him over!
- Is Akash there?
Akash is not here. Who's this?
- This is Simran here...
I've been looking for him... - Simran,
Akash waited all night for you
Mr. Raghavan and his men were here
this morning; he has left with them
You'll probably find him at
the Indian embassy, my child
Hello... is everything okay?
I've committed the crime of falling
in love with a gangster
I've committed the crime
of living with him
Well? The mere mention of his name
makes you break into a cold sweat?
I've spent 5 whole years with him
I don't care if I'm caught, Akash
But I know, if I'm caught...
perhaps he will be caught too
It's not today, I've always
tried to protect Daya
Even on the day he got
straight to my house...
Ladies and gentlemen,
there's a saying...
"everything is fair
in love and war"
And this is also a war
For my country. A war against
organised crime
If you have any questions,
you can ask them right now
Mr. Akash, when did you
begin this battle?
In Spring, to catch a cobra, you
got get hold of his female first
That's the mating season they
cannot do without each other
And the cobra is forced
to slither out of its pit
I did something similar
To ferret Daya out of his pit...
I used this beautiful female cobra
She was Daya's weakness
and I became her weakness
Daya was crazy about her and I
drove her crazy about myself
Her dream was to have a small
family of her own...
and my dream was to finish
international organised crime
I put the two dreams together and
the results are there for you to see
How dare you!
How dare you do such a thing?
How dare you...?
How dare you!
Have you never loved me?
Not even for a moment?
Not when you were consoling me,
...getting out bits of
information from me...
in my arms, in bed... wasn't there
a moment when you really loved me?
No, never
I was only doing my job, my duty
In any case, how would a
police officer like me...
ever fall in love with a cheap
and filthy girl like you?
A girl who has warmed the
bed of a criminal like Daya
It's part of our job to thrust
our hands in filth now and then
But yes, the times when I looked
deep into your eyes...
talked sweetly with you, in
your arms, in your bed...
every moment that I spent with
you, I hated you so much!
- Shut up!
I wasn't getting close to you; I
was making a sacrifice for my nation
I was saving those several men who
could've been Daya's victims
I was trying to prevent innocent
children from being orphaned...
by gangsters like Daya!
- Gangster?
He's not a gangster! You guys are!
- Get away!
You cheat despite being in uniforms!
And he never betrayed anyone!
Not in the name of justice,
not in the name of hatred!
If he's caught today, it's only
because of his integrity!
He's not the criminal! You guys are!
In trying to save families,
you've ruined my home today!
In the name of innocent children,
you've killed the baby...
that I'm carrying in my womb!
How could you forget that
this is your baby...?
Akash! How could you forget
that I'm carrying your baby?
You will have to pay for this!
Let's go
Kill me
Please kill me
Kill me...
"You're not to blame for
what you've done, Simran"
"You haven't betrayed me. In fact, are the one who
has been betrayed"
"As for me..."
"I had to face death for shedding
the blood of so many people"
"What could be better for me..."
"that God has made you the
reason of my death?"
"I understand today..."
"why I got to your place of all
the places in that locality"
"I understand today what role
you had to play in my life"
"I've always been a bad man"
"But thanks to you, I'm
dying a gentleman"
"God gave me just one death..."
"but I've lived several lifetimes
in the days I have spent with you"
"One last thing"
"I'm sending your passport
with Usman"
"lt'll take you safely
to my village"
"Don't refuse, Simi"
"If you get there, I'll feel
I've gotten back there"
Daya in police custody
After a long and grim battle...
the law has finally caught up
with gangster Daya Shankar...
who had escaped from India
The credit for the success
goes to Akash
He's the toast of the officers in
the echelons of the police force
Daya created a sensation
in the court today
He prayed to the court
for a death sentence
All charges against Daya Shankar
have been proved in this court
Moreover, the accused has also
confessed to his crimes
This court therefore holds
the accused guilty...
and sentences him to death
He may be hanged till death
on the morning of May 2
To be hanged till death
Nobody knows...
what life I lead...
my life
My story... incomplete
Nobody knows...
nobody has a clue...
what my story is
Daya... forgive me.
Please forgive me
My incomplete story
My incomplete story
Give me your word, Usman...
if I'm caught, you will kill
me at sunset tomorrow
Promise me
Promise me... give
me your word, Usman
Who is it, Sharda?
Stop me not...
let me go to my lover's house
I'm a firefly...
let me die for my flame
Do not stop me
To have him...
is the only aim of my life
Should I have him...
let me go forth and embrace death
Should I have him...
let me go forth and embrace death
Do not stop me.