Gangster Land (2017) Movie Script

- Where do you want this, ma?
- Here on the counter.
Vinny, what happened
to your face?
- Aw, it's nothin', you
should see the other guy.
- Why you do the fighting?
Why you no play the
golf that you like?
- That's a rich guy's sport, ma.
Once I turn pro, I'll be able
to play golf all the time.
And buy you and pop
anything you want.
- Vinny, I already
got everything I want.
- I know, I know.
- Make sure you got
enough for us next week.
- Sure, sure, no
problem, gentlemen.
I sell you all the sugar,
all the yeast you need.
- More guys from the genna mob?
- Don't worry about them.
They just need ingredients
to make the booze.
- So maybe you
shouldn't be sellin'
your homemade wine right now.
You don't want them thinkin'
that you're their competition.
- Competition?
It's no competition.
Nobody make better
wine than I do.
Plus, hey, we need the money.
- Yeah, I know, pop.
- Hey, this crazy prohibition
these politicians make,
it's an opportunity
for everybody.
And why we come to America?
- Opportunity.
I know, I know, I know.
All right, I gotta
go for a run, okay.
I gotta be in tip-top
shape for tomorrow.
- Come on, O'Malley!
My grandma hits
harder than that.
He's done.
- Jesus, I thought we were
supposed to be sparring in here.
- Sorry sergeant,
i got carried away.
- Yeah, take it easy, Jack!
O'Malley's jaw swells
up, he won't be able
to eat any donuts for a week.
- Yeah, fuck you, landa.
- He's got a good left hand.
Lookin' good, Jack.
Lookin' real good.
- Thank you.
- You ready for tomorrow night?
- Are you kiddin',
that's my big debut.
- Just wish it was
a sanctioned event.
Can't have 'em in Chicago
anymore like they do back east.
- Nah, that's okay.
A charity event for veterans,
what could be better?
You're gonna be there, right?
- Wouldn't miss it.
- Swell.
Well look, I gotta
get in the shower.
I gotta go to the
store and see my pop.
Sorry again, sergeant.
- Yeah, yeah.
He's hits like a mule
considering how young he is.
- Oh, is that your excuse, Bob?
Even your hookers don't
go down that fast.
- Yeah, fuck you.
- And in the other corner,
fighting for the Irish,
making his big debut,
battling Jack mcgurn!
- Here's our boy, Jackie!
Come on, Jack!
- Well, well, look who's here.
- A little far from the
south side, isn't he?
- Fight fans go where
the fights are, huh?
Hey, you don't think he's
here to gamble, do you?
- Oh, a fine upstanding
citizen like him?
No, he's taking
another poor orphan boy
to his first sporting event.
- I feel
bad I misjudged him.
- Uh, oh!
- Frankie!
- Grazie, mama.
The bread's a little tough.
- Papa told me you knocked
the guy's block off.
- Yep.
It even bounced around
the canvas a few times.
- Vinny!
- What, I'm only kidding!
It's a figure of speech.
- Hey, why don't you tell
your mama what happened next?
- What?
- Well, there were some
promoters at the fight tonight.
They said after a
few more tune-ups,
they're gonna put me on the
pro fight card out in Aurora.
- That's my boy!
Here's to the next welterweight
champion of the world!
- Salud!
- Salud.
- Salud.
- Salud.
No, no.
- You think we're stupid?
We know what you're doin'.
- What?
- Nobody sells liquor
on the West Side
except the genna family!
- This is the only
warning you're gonna get.
- What time you got?
- It's a little before ten.
You want me to take over?
- Nah, I don't mind driving.
You get used to these
Canadian runs after a while.
- I gotta say, torrio's fuckin'
right, it's worth the drive.
Especially compared to that
bathtub shit people drink.
What's this?
- You havin' trouble?
- No, you are.
- Buddy, just take a minute.
You don't know
whose truck this is.
- Sure I do, it's mine.
- Look, this is the south side.
This is Johnny
torrio's territory.
You gotta be crazy!
- Well, I've
heard that before.
Sometimes people
even call me 'bugs'.
- Fuck.
It's bugs moran.
You're with the o'banion mob.
- That's right.
Only Mr. o'banion doesn't
just run the north side.
Now he runs the south
side, West Side, all sides.
Make sure your tell torrio that.
Get out.
Tell him we said thanks.
We appreciate you
doin' all the drivin'.
And thanks for the new truck.
- Tough break, kid.
I don't suppose the
purse was too big either.
- The big money goes to the
guys at the top of the card.
- Name's al, by the way.
- Jack.
- No, you're not.
Been asking around about you.
Your name's vinny demory.
What's with the name change?
- If you've been
around the fight game,
you know for some reason people
don't go for Italian boxers.
But the Irish?
They love 'em.
So I told the police
at the gym that my name
was Jack mcgurn and they said,
"welcome, kid, come on in."
- Smart.
Stupid micks.
So, how'd you like to make
some real money, Jack?
- How do you mean?
- My boss, Mr. torrio.
- Johnny torrio?
- Mr. torrio, is always
lookin' for smart guys
who know how to
climb up the ladder.
- Yeah, well, my
pop's got enough
trouble with the
gennas as it is.
- The gennas?
They're bums.
They'll get theirs some day.
- I just don't want to get
involved with guns or nothin'.
- Who said anything about guns?
With those mitts of yours?
We're just lookin'
for a little bit
of protection for our drivers.
You want to help out
your family, don't ya?
- Yeah, of course.
- So what do you say?
Look, if you don't like
it, no hard feelings.
- I tell ya, this
prohibition, it's the
best thing that
ever happened to me.
- Yeah?
That's funny, my pop
says the same thing.
- What the hell?
- Step out
of the truck please.
- What's in the truck?
- Groceries.
- Oh, yeah?
The liquid kind?
Let's take a look.
- Come on, guys.
Is that really necessary?
- Shut your mouth, alright?
We're going to have to
confiscate this truck.
- So, what's the tally?
- Just under a hundred
thousand dollars this month.
- That's it?
- No, that can't be right.
What about all the booze we've
been swipin' from Capone?
We're saving a bundle not
having to buy own own trucks!
- It's really none of my
business, Mr. o'banion,
but torrio and Capone are still
bringing in more
money than you are,
and it's largely due
to their brothels.
If you're asking me.
- Well, I didn't!
But if you ask me,
I'll tell you this.
Booze is one thing, but
the holy mother would
never forgive me for
startin' cat houses up here.
That may be okay for those
spaghetti bendin' pimps,
but not for me!
As a matter of
fact, I'll bet that
some of the boys on our
payroll chasin' wops
out of this
neighborhood right now!
- These books are being
cooked, you will be, too.
- Cheers.
See, what did I yell ya?
I knew I had it handled.
- So, nice work, young man.
- Thank you, Mr. torrio.
- Want a taste of
Canada's finest?
- No, thanks.
I'm still in training
for my fights.
- An Italian that doesn't drink.
So what do you like?
You like gambling,
like women, what?
- I never had no
money for gambling,
or women, for that matter.
- We got a ton of whore houses
on the south side, my treat.
- Yeah, but you
have to watch out
because you're not
gonna find one whore
in any of those places
that this mamaluc'
hasn't already
fucked and tainted.
- Hey, you gotta test 'em out,
make sure they know
what they're doin'.
- Nah, that's okay.
- What do you like?
You like nightclubs?
You like music?
- You mean like jazz?
- Sure.
- Yeah, I love jazz.
- Alright, alright.
Al, you have take this young man
to the four deuces,
it's all my treat.
- Okay, torrio.
- Where?
- This, this is torrio's
place, enjoy yourself.
Besides, I gotta see
some professional ladies
who could use my company.
Have fun, kid.
- For you, sir?
- Club soda.
- Hey doll, let me
buy you a drink.
- Get your paws off.
- It's just a drink.
- I said leave me alone!
- I think the lady said
that she's not interested.
- Fuck you.
- Come on.
- My hero.
- Nah, you probably could've
handled him yourself.
- Lulu.
- Jack.
- Okay, it's Louise, but
I'm trying to be a model.
I think Lulu sounds
sexier, what do you think?
- Can I buy you a drink, Lulu?
- No thanks, I brought my own.
- Well.
- You dance?
Thank you, thank you!
- Well, thanks for
the dance, handsome.
I gotta go.
- Oh wait, wait.
When can I see you again?
- Oh honey, based on
this ten dollar suit,
I don't think you can afford me.
But good luck with
the boxing, slugger.
- Oh, wow, sun's gonna
be up in a bit, huh?
- Yeah.
- I ain't never pulled
an all-nighter before.
- Really?
Welcome to the club.
You know, if you come
work for us full time,
you can come to the
club whenever you want.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- I don't know, I just can't.
- Really?
Okay, okay.
Look, if you ever
change your mind,
there's a whole lotta
money to be made,
especially for that
family of yours.
- Thanks, al.
- Let's go, al.
- You thought you could
muscle in on our territory?
- Angelo?
- Ma?
- Vinny!
- What, what happened?
- Sorry kid,
somebody popped your old man.
- What?
- Your mother said she
never seen them before.
She probably can't
identify them.
- Listen, I'm going to
be honest with you guys.
There's probably
nothing we can do here.
- What are you talking about?
It was the genna
family, I know it was.
- Hey, hey, hey look, kid,
the genna's know
very important people
on this side of town
and you know that.
- Yeah, just like all the cops
they bought off to
look the other way.
- Shut your mouth!
Looky, looky, looky
what the cat dragged in.
Aren't you boys a little
far from your precinct?
- I mean, we're not here to
help you find the killers.
Because we know you're gonna
have a drink with them tonight.
Don't you two got
something better to do?
Like, maybe pick up
some more bag money?
- Is that what you call it?
- We heard about it
on the police radio.
They steal anything, money?
- You recognize 'em?
The car, anything?
- No.
- Alright.
It's those two clowns precinct,
so on this our hands are
kind of tied but, uh.
- I understand.
- You don't hesitate to
give us a call, alright kid?
- The police,
they're going to find
the men who do this, yes?
- No, they're not
gonna do nothin'.
- Hey boss, someone to see you.
- Hey Jack, sit down.
- Does that offer still stand?
- Yes, I gotta warn you,
things are starting to heat up.
Mike merlo had done a good job
at the head of the
sicilian union,
keepin' peace
between the families.
The problem is, Mike died a
couple days ago from cancer.
Right afterwards, the micks
started shootin' up our drivers.
- I'll do whatever you
want on one condition.
You give me the names of the
men who killed my father.
- Welcome, Jack.
- We can't very well keep
going the way we have.
The killings, the violence,
it's not good for business.
- Violence is my business.
And I fought for every
inch I own in this city.
- I'm no stranger to
violence either, Dion.
- I wanted to meet
with you, Johnny,
because I agree.
All these killings are
getting out of hand.
Why don't we staunch
the flow of blood
running through our streets.
There's plenty of
customers for both of us.
I'll tell you what.
This here brewery
is more than I need.
We've got plenty of others.
Why don't you take
it off my hands.
- Good.
- So, no more violence?
- Salud.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You're not training anymore?
- I got a new job.
- And a new suit.
- So how's the
modeling business?
- I went out to California
for a few weeks.
It didn't work out.
- No?
- No.
- They don't know
what they're doin'
if they let you get away.
- Oh, yeah?
- The first thing
i want to do is get
rid of all o'banion's
piss water.
I'm gonna bring
in the best hops,
the best malt, all the
ingredients we need
to make the best
goddamn beer in Chicago.
Then once we get up
and running here we
should be making over a
million dollars a year, easy.
- Alright, boys,
let's take her down.
- Get over there!
- What the hell is this?
- All right, nobody move,
FBI, this is a bust!
- Who the hell are
you, you got a warrant?
- Yes.
- I tell you, you're
wasting your time!
This is just a
waste of your time.
O'banion set me up, alright?
Whatever he's paying
you, I'll double it.
- See?
I'm a man of my word,
no more violence.
Why waste bullets on
ignorant greaseballs
when you can just have
them arrested?
- Like taking candy from a baby.
Or liquor from a wop.
- And you know, now
with torrio gone,
I'm going to make
sure the next head
of the sicilian union
is one of our own.
- You know, there's another good
thing about Mike merlo dying.
- Yeah, what's that?
- Well, what does everyone
do when there's a funeral?
They buy flowers.
- Don't worry, i
wouldn't turn you in.
I been in enough trouble
with the law as it is.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
I accidentally
killed a guy once.
I got loaded, took
out my old man's car,
went for a joy ride.
I hit another guy's car.
- Why aren't you in jail?
- My daddy's got money, knew
the right judge to give it to.
- Jeez.
I guess I'll be doin'
the driving from now on.
- Oh yeah?
Are you taking me places?
- Anywhere you want to go.
- Fuckin' rat!
That Irish fuckin' rat!
What, fuckin' sells
torrio his brewery
and then runs and
tells the feds?
And then tries to
put Angelo genna
at the head of the
sicilian family?
He's a fuckin' dead man!
Do you fuckin' hear me!
- Boss, don't you think we
should wait till torrio--
- what are you
interrupting me for!
There's a lot of
people buying flowers
for Mike merlo's funeral.
You two know what to do.
Jack, you're drivin'.
- Keep the motor runnin'.
- Hello, Dion.
- Oh, you're here for
Mike's funeral, I take it.
There you are.
- Among other things,
you dirty Mick.
- No!
- Alright, come on, Jackie,
let's move, let's move.
Go, go, go!
- Johnny
torrio, I am sentencing you
to nine months in
the lake county jail.
- Request that my client have 48
hours to put his
affairs in order?
- Granted.
- So you're saying you
have no idea who did this?
Boys, we're trying
to help you out here.
We're trying to
give you a break,
we know this wasn't a robbery.
- You know how this
city got its name?
The Indians.
When they came here
there was nothin',
except for swamp, cabbage weeds.
They called it 'chi-ca-gou',
which means 'bad smell'.
See, no matter how hard you
boys try to clean it up,
this place will
always be rotten.
- Well, we're gonna keep tryin'.
So, uh, if you can
think of anything
you just give us a
call, here's our card.
Alright, there you go.
- Those motherfuckers.
Those greasy wop motherfuckers!
Right here in his own shop!
They kill a man while
he's selling flowers
for Mike merlo's funeral.
One of their kind!
They want a war?
Well, they just got one!
- If you elect me as your mayor
I vow that I will put an
end to these criminal gangs
that have been taking
over our fair city.
- Great, this is
exactly what we need.
- I will shut down
these speakeasys
and gambling parlors
and brothels.
- This guy's a schmuck.
- And
i will put an end.
- I hate this
neighborhood, John.
- I know.
- You promised we would move.
- We will, we will.
- I want a bigger
house when we do.
- Look, it's only
nine months, alright?
I'll be back before you know it.
- I want to go back
to the old country.
- We'll talk about that later.
- So long, Johnny.
- Boss, we gotta go!
- Papers, papers!
Get all your papers!
Get your papers!
- I don't how, but he survived.
He's resting in his bed.
- I wanna talk to him.
- All right.
- Johnny.
- I, uh,
I guess I'm not as quick on
my feet as I used to be, huh?
I got careless.
- No, no, you didn't.
Don't worry about it, doctor
says you're gonna be fine.
In a couple of weeks
when you get out,
I'm gonna go track
those Irish fucks down.
- No.
Al, come here.
Come here.
- What did he whisper to you?
- He just made me the boss
of the whole south side.
So, it looks like I'm gonna
need a first lieutenant.
How about it, Jackie?
- Anything you need, al.
Chicago's gangland
violence continues to soar--
- since the first of
this year there's been
27 gangland killings,
and not one conviction.
- Any witness to come forward
would be number 28, that's why.
- Now this bloody
rivalry has gotten
to the point where
someone's going to talk.
Sooner or later,
someone will talk.
- You want to stop the killings,
you gotta end prohibition.
- Now, that's up to
congress, isn't it?
But in the meantime,
we'll enforce
the laws that are on the books.
Okay, boys, get to it.
- I bet you mugs were wondering
why I brought you down here.
Who wants to take it for a roll?
The pony inn.
Bugs moran's good
pals, the o'donnels.
- Get 'em up,
everybody hands up!
Hands up!
Get your hands up!
Don't even move
a fuckin' muscle!
- Come on!
Jack, come on!
- It's Capone's work.
Christ, my boys were
entertaining the
state's attorney
tonight, he's dead.
The feds'll be on us, now.
I don't imagine Capone's
gang's gonna stop.
And they'll be comin'
for your clubs next.
- Oh, hell no.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
If Capone wants to
play with the big toys
we'll just have to
join in on the fun.
- You better come grab some of
this before I finish it all.
I said come and join me.
What's wrong?
- Nothin'.
- You haven't been
yourself since last night.
- Before I used to get in
the ring I used to say,
"I'm gonna murder that bum."
I didn't really meant it.
It was just a sayin', you know?
- Sure.
- And then you, actually,
and you go and you do it.
- Hey, hey, these guys
are comin' after you.
You gotta defend yourself,
there's nothin' wrong with that.
I bet I know what would
make you feel better.
- Yeah, well, I gotta get
to the meeting with al.
- Well, then,
you can do something
to make me feel better.
- Oh, yeah?
What's that?
- Get him to make me a
dancer at the four deuces.
- A dancer?
- Yeah, you know
how good I dance.
- I don't want you
bein' no dancer.
- No?
I thought you liked
the way I dance.
- Yeah, I like
the way you dance.
But I don't want you dancin'
for no other guys, though.
- No?
- Okay, I need to
get to the meeting.
- I think you're gonna be late.
Are you gonna make me a dancer?
- I swear to god,
that son of a bitch,
he cost me 10 dollars, al!
I could have cut
his freakin' throat!
- Why didn't you?
- The guy was fuckin' my
sister, what am I gonna do, huh?
It'd break her heart, I mean.
- I fucked her a
time or two myself.
- Hey, watch it!
What the fuck?
That's my sister
you're talking about!
- Yeah, she's a
nice piece of ass.
- You know, you better
watch your freakin' mouth.
- Jack, nice of you to stop by.
- My apologies, al.
I was, uh--
- gettin' a blow
job from your lady?
It's the only excuse I accept.
So after our little
outing last night,
the cops raided our casinos.
I guess we hit a nerve.
- Everybody down!
- Fuck!
- I'm out.
- Did you throw in?
- I threw in, you're the
one that didn't throw in.
- I threw in!
Bones, stop food
dropping me, alright?
I know your little routine
that you're pulling over here.
- That's
bullshit, bullshit.
- Alright, keep your
eyes on your cards.
- I got my cards.
- What do you got?
- Lookin' good, ladies.
Take a walk.
I want to talk to Jack.
Listen, I never had a chance
to thank you for the restaurant.
- There's no need.
- Yeah, yeah, there is.
If it wasn't for you, i
wouldn't be here right now.
So, I wanted to repay the favor.
- What's this?
- I'm a man of my word.
Sorry it took me so long.
- Baldelli, tropea, bascone.
- It's the three men that
killed your father, Jackie.
- Tropea.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
- You're kiddin'?
- No, nickel and dime
in each of their hands.
Death by machine gun fire.
- So, same m.O., and they
all work for the gennas?
- Yep.
- Our lucky day.
- I told my client
he was under no
obligation to appear before you.
- But I heard you had
some questions for me,
so I thought it was my
civic duty to pop in.
- Oh, wasn't that nice of you.
Let me ask you something.
Um, orazio tropea,
vito bascone.
Is that right?
Ecola baldelli.
You know those
paisans, by any chance?
Yeah, because they were all
machine gunned down
here last week.
- Hmm, that's tragic.
- So, you're denying
any responsibility?
- Absolutely.
I didn't shoot those men.
- Bugs moran's right
hand man hymie weiss,
he was machine gunned down, too,
right outside the holy
name cathedral, no less.
- That's terrible.
But I run a used
furniture business.
I don't know about such things.
- Okay.
- I do from time to time
provide liquid refreshments,
but you guys should know this.
I see a lot of you in my clubs.
- Providing alcoholic
beverages is
against the law of
the land, Mr. Capone.
- Then tell people
to stop drinking.
- The United States congress put
that law on the books to promote
the health and welfare
of the American people.
- Come on, you expect
people to believe that?
That, what, congress
jumped because a bunch
of tee-totaling church
ladies told them to?
It was rockefeller
and his oil boys!
Cars were made to run
on gas or alcohol.
Rockefeller wanted
to corner the market.
So, he bribed congress to
put a halt in production
of alcohol and now
he's making billions.
And you're callin'
me the criminal?
- Look here, you
smelly, greasy wop.
I don't care how you
justify what you do.
I don't care the
scum in this city
that you got on your payroll.
This is my city you're
in and there are
dead bodies on my
streets, that's a problem.
- And what are you gonna
do about it, tough guy?
- Since there are no charges,
I believe our
business here is done.
- Good work, fellas, keep it up.
If they can't take
the truth about
this country then fuck 'em!
- Jack.
- Guys.
- What're you hanging out with
a goon like Capone for, Jack?
- Oh, you know, it's
nothin', some part time work.
Driving trucks, whatever.
- Oh, 'cause that's not
what people are saying.
- Yeah, well you know what
they say about rumors?
You can't trust 'em.
- I wasn't done talking, Jack.
So I want you to listen to me.
Capone is low-life scum.
You understand that?
You want to pal around
with the guineas
and the wops, one of
two things gonna happen.
You're gonna be in prison,
or you're gonna end
up like your old man.
You wanna do that to your ma?
- That's not what your
pop would have wanted.
Come on, tell us
what we need to know.
Let us help you, Jack.
- Like I said guys,
it's just rumors.
- Mr. Capone,
what are you doing
coming out of police
headquarters today?
- What, me and the boys?
We were just talking
about interior design.
Goddamn it!
- Try spreading your feet
a little further apart.
Trust me.
- Not bad, huh?
- Not bad at all.
- Been meaning to speak to
you about something, Jack.
We can't just rely
on speakeasies and
whore houses any more.
I wanna expand into the unions,
pick up the pension funds.
Also, I want you to stop by
the hotels and smoke shops.
Convince them to
install slot machines.
- Like in Atlantic city?
- Exactly, this way
instead of waiting on them
to come to us, we bring
the action to them.
- You know, al,
there's something that
I've been meaning
to ask you about.
- What's that, Jackie?
- No offense, but how'd you
get the scars on your face?
- Years ago when I was
a bouncer in Brooklyn.
I saw this broad
over by the tables.
So I walked up to
her, polite-like,
and I said to her,
"you got a nice ass."
Out of nowhere
this guy jumped up
from the bar and
took out a knife.
He cut the hell out of me.
- Boyfriend?
- No, brother.
The doctors did what they could.
But you know what?
I think it gives me character.
- Yeah, sure.
So what'd you do, did you
go back and whack the guy?
- No, I hired him.
You can always use a
good knife guy, right?
The dumb Mick moved.
- You didn't have your feet
spread far enough apart.
You wanna go again?
- No, I don't need no ball.
- You know, last
couple of years,
our organization here
has been suffering.
And I don't just
mean financially.
- Yeah, no kiddin'.
- I can't tell you how many men,
good men, that behemoth
has had killed.
- My own brothers, killed in
the street like fuckin' dogs!
- And Frankie Yale,
Capone had him
shot down in new
York just last week.
- Yeah, you know why?
Because of me, because
Frankie backed me
to run the sicilian union
so we don't have to use
Capone's man, Tony
lombardo, that fat prick.
- I think we're all
in agreement, here.
We've had a longstanding problem
and it needs to be fixed.
Frank, Pete,
I'm offering you $50,000
dollars to kill Capone.
But first, I want
you to take out
his machine gunner, Jack mcgurn.
- We'll do him for free.
- Lulu!
Lulu, I love you!
You're the bee's knees, you've
always been my bee's knees!
Lulu, Lulu.
Come here, Lulu.
Lulu, I love you, I love
you come here, Lulu, Lulu.
Just, Lulu, Lulu, I love you.
Psst, Lulu!
Marry me, Lulu.
Lulu, Lulu, Lulu, look, look.
- You can't just
come in here and
take out every guy
that looks at me twice.
- Now you see here, i
agreed to let you dance,
but I never agreed to that.
- Now you listen to me, slugger.
I don't need your
permission for anything.
Hell, I don't need
any man's permission.
I've gotten myself this far.
- Baby.
Baby, I'm sorry.
Look, I got carried away.
Okay, I wasn't thinking.
I just came here to pick you up
and take you home, that's all.
Why don't we get out of here?
- I've got a better idea.
Why don't you get out of here.
- Yeah.
- This is Jack,
all in all we got
six different
businesses ready to go.
- That's my boy, Jackie.
- Listen, al.
If the machines are ready,
i can deliver them tomorrow.
- No, no anselmi and
scalise is picking 'em up.
I just want you to focus
on getting more locations.
- All right, I'm on it.
Just be sure to--
- Jackie?
- He's lost too much blood.
We're losing him.
Hang in there, Jack!
- Daddy!
You made it.
I was so scared.
- I never lost faith, Jack.
I knew you was a fighter.
I guess it's that
boxing mentality, huh?
And don't worry about the
bill, I got that covered.
You just get rested.
When you're better
you come see me.
We'll take care of business.
- Jack, what were you
thinking going out
and getting yourself
shot up like that?
And don't think
you're off the hook
for the other night
either, mister.
I'm worried about you.
- Don't worry about me.
I'll be okay.
- Okay.
Just promise me when you're all
healed up we'll
go away somewhere.
- Anything you want, sweetheart.
I just,
I just need some rest.
- Goddamn it, he's alive!
Mcgurn just walked
out of the hospital.
What the fuck did I tell you?
What were you supposed to do?
- Impossible.
- We filled the
guy full of holes.
- No, you didn't!
That's how you shoot
something full of holes!
- I heard Capone
is in palm beach.
- Yeah?
Well, you better hope to
god that he stays there.
Clean this shit up!
- Are the caterers
set for next week?
- Yeah, florists too.
Should be quite the shindig.
- Good, it better be.
Hostin' the d.A.'S no different
in Florida than
it is in Chicago.
You want to do
business, you gotta
do a little wining and dining.
Look who finally
decided to show up.
- Oh my god,
it's like a movie set!
- Even better, sweetheart,
it's not make believe.
How you doin', Jackie?
- Still a little sore,
I'll be alright though.
- Louise, how about you
go join rio in the back?
He'll make you a mimosa.
- A what?
- A mimosa.
Champagne with fresh
Florida orange juice in it.
- Oh my god, I think i
can get used to this.
- I appreciate you
taking care of things.
- Don't mention it.
I gotta talk to you
about something, come on.
Sit down, Jack.
- I want them, al.
- Easy, Jack.
You gotta play this smart.
You can't just go into the
flower shop and start blastin'.
- I know.
I just want to get your
blessing before I go back.
- What's your play?
- Abe Bernstein.
He still runnin'
truckloads of whiskey?
- That old bastard?
Been sellin' hootch
to me, moran,
everyone and his fuckin' mother.
- And he still owes
you for operating
without interference, right?
- Go on.
- Here's how we do this.
- Yeah.
Boychick, how are you?
- Abe berstein, you old kike.
Are you still alive?
- I'll dance on your
grave, you Irish potato eater.
- What's on your mind, Abe?
- Well, you may have
heard, but our old
friend 'Mr. brown'
is down in Miami.
But, with him gone, some of
his boys got a little careless.
And one of my guys
pinched one of his trucks.
The good stuff,
Canadian whiskey.
I can let you have it
for fifty bucks a case.
- Yeah, well, like I always say,
any liquor of that fat
beast is liquor of mine.
When can you deliver it?
- How's tomorrow morning?
- Perfect.
You know where my warehouse is?
- 2120 north Clark.
- Have them drop
it off at 10 A.M.
I'll be there.
- Mazel and brocha.
How's that?
- Couldn't have been better.
- Give my regards to al.
- Right on time.
This is for Abe.
- Thanks, I'm gonna
go grab a bite to eat.
I'll be back when
you're done unloading.
- You wanna give me
a hand with these?
- Fuck that, Frankie.
We're on time, the other guys
are late, let them unload it.
- Aw, what the hell is this?
- You got me, boss.
Maybe an accident?
- Well, cut down one
of the side streets.
We're late for the
shipment as it is.
Go on, go around them, come on.
- Isn't that moran?
- Can't see his face real good.
I mean, but, yeah,
it's gotta be.
- Yeah?
We're on our way.
Let's go.
- So, what have we got?
- You got fifty cases, about
a dozen bottles per case.
Once you water it down, you
guys are about fifty grand.
- Considerin' we paid Abe a
fourth of that, not too bad.
- Who said the Jews
were good with money?
- Brought
her home, you know,
slapped her around a
little bit, she likes that.
- Alright, everybody,
grab a piece of that wall!
- What?
- You heard him, move!
- You boys new to the force?
You don't know how this works?
- We know how this
works, hit the wall.
- If you're lookin'
for a payoff,
we already paid up this month.
But I'll tell you
what, we'll let each
of you grab a bottle
on the way out.
- Shut your mouth
and face the wall.
- If this is a beef
about concealed weapons,
our lawyers will get that
beat with one phone call.
- You think we should
give you a phone call?
That's funny, you never
let me finish mine.
Where's moran?
Where the fuck is moran?
They said he was here!
- Wait, wait, wait.
What the hell do they want?
- A bust?
- Nah, probably just
looking for a payoff.
Mcgurn, what the hell
is he doing here?
- Boss, we gotta go.
Boss, we gotta go!
You want us to go after mcgurn?
- No, just drive.
- You know, up till
now the people of
Chicago have looked
on these gangland
killings almost
like entertainment.
A little radio
drama in the morning
they can listen to
over their corn flakes.
But this is sick.
- I think this might actually
be a good thing for us.
- Good, how?
- One of the dead men
was just a mechanic,
another was an
optician who just liked
to pal around with tough guys.
If men like these can be
lined up and gunned down,
then your average person is
going to feel no one is safe.
The public's finally
going to demand
that these men be taken down.
- But how does that
help us do our job?
We can never get
witnesses to come forward.
We can't make arrests stick.
- Which is why Mr.
hoover has decided
to go after Capone on tax fraud.
- Doesn't matter what
the charges are when half
the damn cops in the city
are on Capone's payroll.
- Our bureau is going
to drag Mr. Capone
into court on federal
charges, detective.
In the meantime,
i suggest you and
your men round up
the rest of these
criminals on whatever
charges you can think up.
Now, if you gentlemen don't
mind, we'd like some privacy.
- Do you believe the
way that o'Connor
was kissing that g-man's ass?
I mean, it was like.
- You know what?
You can play the fool
with everybody else,
but your bullshit
doesn't fly with me.
Where's mcgurn?
- Get your fuckin'--
- maybe you have not noticed,
I'm not part of your
little boys club.
I don't play by those
rules or those fake codes.
I'm gonna ask you one more
time, detective, once.
Where's mcgurn?
- Chicago's so
cold in the winter.
When are we gonna
go to Florida again?
- I already told ya.
I'll give al a call,
we'll see what happens.
Who's that?
- I ordered room service.
- Again?
What d'ya got, a hollow leg?
- Ha,ha.
- I'm taking you in, kid.
- What for?
- You're under
arrest for suspicion
of murder in the
Valentine's day massacre.
- He was here with
me the whole time!
- Alright, you tell that
to the judge, sweetheart.
We're going to bring
you in as well.
- What's the charge?
- Taking a woman across state
lines for immoral purposes.
That good enough?
- You both conspired to
violate the mann act.
- You fucked up, Jack.
You fucked up.
- Take a seat, Jack.
Did you rat me out, Jack?
- What kind of question is that?
- It's a pretty
fucking good question.
- After everything
I've done for you.
You're gonna ask
me that question?
- Who brought you up, Jack?
- You may have started me,
but I earned my way up.
- Yeah, but I can fuckin' take
it away from you, can't I?
The word is that the
cops and the feds,
they're pretty embarrassed by
your court appearance today.
And they're gonna keep coming
after you any way they can.
So until things blow over,
i need to ask you a favor.
- Yeah, what's that?
- I need you to lay low.
I need you to move
out to the suburbs.
Be in charge of collecting.
- Al, come on.
You want me to be a
bag man in the 'burbs?
- It's just for a little while.
- It's a death sentence.
- Al, we need you out
here, it's important.
- Yeah, I'm coming.
Listen, Jack, thanks
for understanding.
You'll be back here in no time.
- Alphonse Capone, you
have been found guilty
of violation of federal tax law
for the years 1925 through 1929.
You will be confined to
a federal penitentiary--
- what?
- For not less than 10 years.
- You can't do this!
Who the fuck do
you think you are?
- Please escort Mr. Capone
out of the court room.
- Do you know who I am?
Do you fuckin' know who I am!
I'm fuckin' al Capone!
You fuckin' better remember me!
- You didn't like your
Valentine's dinner I made?
- Yeah, baby, it was great.
I was just thinking
back when I was a kid.
I was thinking about
who I used to be.
Just a kid who wanted to box.
Make some prize money,
take care of my family.
I just can't help but wonder,
if the gennas had just
left my pop alone.
I don't know who I'm
supposed to be anymore.
Al's gone.
Frank nitti's runnin'
the south side,
he don't want nothin'
to do with the old gang.
I don't know what
I'm supposed to do.
- I'll tell you what
you're supposed to do.
You're supposed to sit there,
looking at me and be happy.
Did you forget, mister?
Walking into that dressing room
seven years ago
and giving me this?
- How could I forget?
It's the smartest
thing I ever did.
- Well.
I actually think of
today as our anniversary
and not the day we
actually got married.
And I think we should celebrate.
- You're right.
I'll go get us some champagne.
- Good.
- Take a little walk, see if
i can get out of this funk.
I love you so much.
- I love you.
- Practicing for the tournament?
- A hundred bucks
is a hundred bucks.
- Yeah, you can buy your girl
a lot of candy and
flowers with that.
- I actually gotta go
pick up some champagne.
- Celebrating, huh?
Hey, uh, you remember
February 14th
from a few years ago, right?
- Nah, I can barely remember
what I was doing yesterday.
- Maybe this'll help remind you.
- Happy Valentine's day, Jack.