Gangubai Kathiawadi (2022) Movie Script

Oh, my!
See how beautiful you look!
Now listen to me carefully,
do as Jagan says.
Don't open your mouth.
Just spread your legs.
Go in, sir. Enjoy!
Please let me go!
I want to go home.
Hey, mister...
Hey, you!
Please open the door...
The girl has been crying
nonstop for three days.
Clients keep us up at night,
and she, in the day!
Madam, she's a 14 year old child.
Don't keep hitting her.
If she dies, you'll get arrested.
So, what do I do?
Send her back home?
Don't do anything.
Just call Gangubai.
What will that smart-ass do?
If there's anyone who can get
the girl to give in, it's Gangubai.
Think about it...
She's right, madam.
It's time you call Gangubai.
Gangu, the infamous one!
Adept at changing colors,
like a chameleon!
With one look she touches your heart.
She scorns at love,
but she's soft-hearted.
Have we arrived?
We've run out of gas.
So thanks to you,
I will have to walk
and make a fool of myself.
Open the door.
She shines and glows
She shines and glows
She shines...
Salaam, madam.
Namaskar, Gangubai.
Greetings, madam.
Over here.
I've come here after so long,
I forgot.
What happened to you?
You were one wildcat.
-Now you look like a washed out rag.
-What to do, Gangubai?
Business is slow,
and this new girl is also acting up!
But every time you come,
things brighten up.
You know what people say.
Nights in Kamathipura
are always moonlit.
Ask me why?
Because Gangu lives there!
Gangu was, is and will
always be shining like the moon.
-Where's the girl?
Great, Rashmi.
As expected from you...
What could I do?
She's an animal.
-She bit Mr. Jagan as well--
-Close the door and leave.
Fine, I'm leaving.
Have some water.
I'm offering it with love.
Just drink it.
What's your name?
-They beat me a lot.
I can't stay here.
Once you enter Kamathipura,
there's no going back.
Give me your hand.
There was a girl like you
who went back home.
Her family publicly hanged her to death.
Who brought you here?
How were you related to him?
I was his wife.
And he made you play
"wife" to the world?
Everyone here has the same story.
Every night is a wedding night
with a new husband.
Where did you say you're from?
I am from Kathiawar.
I was a barrister's daughter,
Ganga Jagjeevandas Kathiawadi.
I used to belong to a prestigious family.
The dancing, twirling damsel
Where are you off to?
With strings tied to the wind
The dancing, twirling damsel
Where are you off to?
With strings tied to the wind
As she casts away her shyness
Her eyes speak
Let her go wild tonight
The dancing, twirling damsel
Where are you off to?
With strings tied to the wind
Running through the streets
Neither asleep nor awake
She hops and skips
Like the moonlight
Chased by the moon
Running through the streets
Neither asleep nor awake
She hops and skips
Like the moonlight
Chased by the moon
The dancing, twirling damsel
Where are you off to?
With strings tied to the wind
As she casts away her shyness
Her eyes speak
Let her go wild tonight
The dancing, twirling damsel
Where are you off to?
With strings tied to the wind
Idiot! Where have you been?
-Why didn't you come for garba?
See what I've got for you.
A ticket to Bombay!
Your aunt spoke to the movie producer?
She's well-connected in Bombay.
They'll feature you
in a movie with Dev Anand.
Hey, save all this drama for the movies.
Start packing.
Okay, wait, let me inform my parents.
Then you'll never be a movie star!
You think your father
will let you work in movies?
-But Ramnik--
-You want to be a star?
Want to make your parents proud?
Do you love me?
-Tell me, do you love me or not?
-Come on...
You won't get this opportunity again.
So, should I keep
the ticket or tear it up?
You love me, right?
Tell me.
-Are you hungry?
Want to eat thepla that my mom made?
There's sweet and spicy pickle too.
You'll love it.
Did you bring the money and jewels?
Of course I did.
We'll return everything to dad
once we're back.
-Of course.
I promise.
What happened?
I've brought mom's cupboard keys with me.
-What will happen now?
What do you mean?
Dad's new shirt is in the cupboard.
What will he wear for the prayers?
He'll wear something else.
-Give me, I'll carefully--
I won't give my mother's keys to anyone!
Fine, keep them.
Along with the keys,
my mom must be searching for me too.
What if my parents never forgive me?
Once your movies hit the theatres,
not just your parents,
but all of Kathiawar will forgive you!
Cheer up.
We're going to Bombay!
Ramnik, I'm hungry!
-How far is your aunt's house?
-Relax. We're almost there.
-Ew, it's so dirty--
-Hush... Softly.
Ew, your aunt lives here?
Not everyone is a barrister like your dad.
Shut up, idiot!
Here comes a new one.
I don't like it here.
These girls are dressed weirdly.
Who sleeps during the day?
Let's go back.
My aunt teaches acting all night.
Everyone is resting now.
I don't want to act. Let's go.
Won't you become a movie star?
How will you face your dad?
Sit down, sit.
I'll meet my aunt,
the producer must be here.
-Be back soon, Ramnik.
want some tea?
Ramnik sure has good taste.
Uh, Ramnik--
I'm his aunt.
And now yours too.
Aunt Sheela.
Come here.
Aunt Sheela, Ramnik--
He loves you a lot.
He requested me to change your destiny.
I said, let's... change your destiny.
Ramnik had come in--
Ramnik! Ramnik! Ramnik!
Love is painful indeed.
Your beloved is inside, unpacking.
May I go?
Of course.
Aunt Sheela...
No! Oh, no!
Why did you shut the door?
Listen... open the door, please!
Please open the door!
Aunt Sheela!
Someone has locked me in, Aunt Sheela!
Ramnik, what kind of a joke is this!
Ramnik, what...
Aunt Sheela, the door...
Open the door, please!
Here, have some water.
You haven't had anything in two days.
Drink this.
I want to go home.
And how will you face your family?
Your beloved
sold you off for Rs. 1,000.
This is Sheela's brothel,
and she's the boss here!
You have two days to decide and comply.
Or else, there are people here
who will use force and pay for it too.
-Hey, mister!
-Take her!
My body, my dreams and my trust were sold
for just Rs. 1,000 by someone I loved.
Any glimmer of hope that I had
was killed in the next six days.
I was branded as one
of the whores of Kamathipura.
How could I go back home?
The brothel was my new home,
and, I was a prostitute.
Hey! Enough with the makeup!
Time for business.
The clients are interested
in your body, not your face.
Hurry up!
Hey, boy, come to me!
Look at her.
Bloody hell! Someone light a candle!
Ganga, Mr. Govind was very happy.
He has left you a big tip.
Take this.
Not Ganga.
He has given me a new name...
He also said that one day,
I will rule over Kamathipura.
He has lost his mind.
your first earning.
What the hell are you doing?
I'm cremating the old Ganga.
Gangu is hungry, Aunt Sheela.
Where can I get some food?
Everything changed overnight.
In no time, Ganga had been sold off.
But Mr. Govind's words stayed with me.
I decided,
I'd rule over this city one day.
the pawns and their moves were mine.
Kamli... wear this,
it'll look good on you.
But this is gold.
Darling, just wear it.
Who gave you this?
Gangu has many admirers
who shower her with gifts.
Does Aunt Sheela know?
She knows my worth.
She's a smart woman.
She won't take me on.
Wait and watch, Kamli.
In the next five years,
I'll buy this brothel...
and Sheela as well!
Done with your chitchat?
There are clients waiting outside.
Come on, get to work.
We're not working today.
They are going to watch
a movie with Gangu.
Today I complete a year here.
While you girls go out and enjoy,
am I to bear the loss?
Profit and loss are a part of business,
Aunt Sheela.
You entertain the clients tonight.
Besides, every office
gives a weekly off too.
You should also take a day off.
Let's go, girls.
It's time for aunt to get to work.
Let's go!
Come on.
See you.
Gangu? Where are you going?
Hey, beautiful, let's go have some fun.
I'll take you to the "night show". Come.
Gangu... What's wrong?
Taking me to the night show, huh?
Let him go, Gangu.
Can't we enjoy our day off in peace?
Let's go.
The movie is about to start.
Sister got angry.
Get lost.
What a total waste of our evening!
You wasted your money,
and then fighting with that man...
How does it matter?
I saw Dev Anand.
Now I'll sleep peacefully.
Come on, act like Dev Anand.
-Come on.
-Just let me sleep.
I want to send a letter.
Please write it.
You have so many lovers,
who all should I write to?
To my father.
What should I write?
Write whatever you want.
Dear father,
Firstly, I want to seek your forgiveness.
-For hurting you.
Consider it my stupidity and forgive me.
I often think...
If only before leaving home,
I had seen you...
You'd have stopped me.
But don't worry about me, Dad.
I am happy.
I am doing well.
A client is asking for Gangu.
Which customer comes at 4 in the morning?
Hold this.
She's sleeping.
Ask him to come tomorrow.
He has come all the way here
only for Gangu.
Oh! Ask him to pay double the amount.
Forget the money,
something's not right about this guy.
-Should I throw him out?
Let him in.
He is perfect for Gangu.
Gangu. Wake up.
-What do you want?
-There's a new client for you.
-At this hour?
-Do we even have fixed hours?
he's paying twice the amount for you.
We'll earn a lot.
Come on, go and get it over with.
Not like this...
Here's the water.
I'm hungry, Dawood.
Get me an egg roll.
At this hour? From where?
You'll find it on Grant Road.
They'll take a couple of hours.
-I have a bad feeling about this man.
-Just go.
I'm here to look after it, you go.
Madam, you're just--
Listen, make it quick.
Aunt Sheela...
Aunt Sheela!
Aunt Sheela!
Aunt Sheela!
Why do you need Sheela?
We're here together now.
Aunt Sheela!
Aunt Sheela!
Aunt Sheela!
This is such a nuisance!
-Aunt Sheela!
-What's going on?
-Bloody scoundrel!
Open the door!
Are you going to kill her?
Why is Gangu screaming?
Don't just bang on the door!
Do something!
Where are your men?
Call Dawood.
Where will I find him?
He must be lying somewhere drunk.
Go find him.
Open the door!
-Open the bloody door!
-Want to go out?
I'm right here, my child, don't worry.
Oh, poor Ganga!
You want to go to her?
She's got 15 stitches on her stomach
and four on her lips.
He has broken her limbs too.
You're our madam.
We are your responsibility.
In spite of you being here,
she's as good as dead.
These wounds will heal,
but she'll live with this trauma forever.
What can I say, my dear?
In our profession,
we often come across such monsters.
Just like how soldiers face the risk
of getting shot in the battlefield,
we have risks too.
Are you serious?
Only you guys know it all, is it?
Don't you worry, my dear.
I've prayed for your well-being
and donated to the poor.
Here, eat this.
If you had gone to the police
instead of putting up an act,
the monster would've been arrested.
If I had gone to the police,
they'd have arrested all of us.
So what?
The scoundrel would be punished too!
-What good has come from sitting here--
-Talk softly!
-This is a hospital!
Heard what?
Is setting a price on us
your only responsibility?
I will set a price.
Not once, but every bloody time!
I've paid through
the nose to buy you girls.
Your family sold you off.
I am the one who raised you.
And this is how you repay me?
My bad luck...
I've done so much for you girls,
yet I get no respect.
Nobody cares.
These people are treating
the hospital like a brothel.
Smoking, cussing, yelling all the time...
This dump is the right place for them.
I'll come at 8 o'clock
to change the dressing.
Shaukat Abbas Khan, that Pathan,
with four murder and three rape cases.
-He is Rahim Lala's man.
-Lala is the king of Bombay.
Even the cops here fear him.
They say he's a man of principles.
He is genuine.
I also heard that he's quite a looker.
Now that you know his name, are you happy?
Want a drag?
Mr. Rahim.
Mr. Rahim.
I want to talk to you.
Hey, you!
I'm here to seek justice.
Take her upstairs.
I'll come after my prayers.
It'll be done.
I've said it once.
No need to repeat.
Namaste, sir.
-Assalamu alaikum.
-Alaikum assalam.
Tell me...
I am Gangu,
from the brothel street.
What do you want?
I've heard about
your principles and honesty.
That's why I thought of--
I have enough people who praise me.
What do you want?
You worship your business,
and so do we.
What if someone disrespects it?
Those traitors will be punished by God!
And that is why I'm here.
Shaukat Abbas Khan,
he works for you.
I have many men who work for me...
and against me as well.
I don't know them all by name.
He used to work at our warehouse
in Antop Hill.
He's been missing for a while.
He has wronged me.
I've suffered great loss.
You expect him
to settle scores for whores?
Not to settle our scores,
but to give me justice.
Salaam alaikum, sir.
Hello, sir... Hello?
It wouldn't hurt as much
if this was just another blow.
But this has affected my business.
And I'm sure you know
what a loss in my business means.
Tell Bilaal to stand guard
outside her brothel.
If Shaukat returns, inform Bilaal.
I'll take care of the rest.
Liyaqat, drop her home,
-and give her money for treatment--
-No, sir!
It's not about money.
Accept it as a gift from your brother.
Come on...
Come on!
Hey, handsome, come up.
-Come on!
-Bilaal, my love, why so upset?
Ever since Lala sent Bilaal here,
the girls have been lusting over him.
Leave him alone.
Come inside.
These girls have fallen for him.
Why do it for free when you can get paid?
-The Pathan is here.
-What do you want to do?
-What do you mean?
You are our madam.
Ask that monster to leave.
After everything that he did, you think
we'll send Gangu back to him? Never!
And send her to the hospital again?
Aunt Sheela...
Ask for four times the price.
-He's ready to pay.
You never miss an opportunity
to make money.
Go. I'll be there.
Come fast.
Have you lost your mind?
-The witch is after money. Risking your--
Inform Lala.
-But Gangu--
-Go, Kamli.
Where did he go?
Fool, you scared him away!
Let's go.
-He's probably at the tea stall.
Banwari! What are you staring at!
Go call him!
Bilaal, listen!
Go and call Lala.
The Pathan is here.
Hurry up.
Gangu, Bilaal has gone to bring Lala.
Gangu, wait...
listen to me.
What are you girls staring at?
Come on, get to work.
All the scars I gave you are gone.
I'll give you some more this time.
It'll be fun.
Beating up a woman?
You're not a man.
Where is he?
Where is Shaukat?
Open the door!
Open the door, scumbag!
Come out, Shaukat.
Open the damn door...
What's wrong?
Come on.
You pervert!
What's the matter?
Leave me!
Where are you taking me?
Where are you taking me!
Come, you moron!
Rahim Lala, let me go...
Forgive me, please.
Give me my money.
Give me my rightfully earned money
right now!
Take it easy.
You're bedridden so soon, Sheela?
When did you guys ever
let me leave my bed?
I hope you'll make me meet Gangu today.
Ever since Lala called her his sister,
she does as she pleases.
She is behaving like the new madam here.
I think my time is up.
Time up? Don't be silly.
Called for me?
Govind is here for you.
I don't feel like it today.
What do you mean?
It means, I'm running a fever.
Check it if you don't believe me.
Yes, yes, you do have a fever.
Go get some rest, dear.
I'll wait for it to go down...
your fever.
All plans have backfired!
-Sheela, you need rest.
-Should I give you a massage?
-Oh, yes.
Why are you screaming
so early in the morning?
Aunt Sheela...
Come quickly.
Thinking of money
until her very last breath.
We've earned this.
Distribute it among yourselves.
Kamli, take her away
right now.
And tell her henchmen
not to come to work from tomorrow.
We will take care of ourselves now.
The scoundrel is here.
It's a tricky situation.
Can you manage?
Don't worry, I will.
Namaste, madam.
She wants you to sit.
No, it's okay.
This room feels so empty
without Ms. Sheela.
Shinde, we didn't call you here to mourn.
Your men have been asking
for a lot of bribe.
And you guys end up
taking 40 percent of our earnings!
It's getting difficult.
There's a new officer
at the police station.
He is very stubborn
and does as he pleases.
Great, you keep asking for bribes
and our landlord has increased the rent.
We've lost our madam
and you want to bring us to the streets.
No, the neighborhood
has called for a committee meeting.
These government issues take time...
-It will be done.
When will Mr. Rahim come?
Why disturb him?
I'll sort it out.
Please be patient.
After all...
you are the new madam now.
I pray that Ms. Sheela's
gentle soul goes to heaven.
Or hell.
Get the job done in 15 days, Shinde.
I will...
Well done, what a performance!
You brought a cop to his knees today!
This neighborhood too
will fall on its knees.
"There are a thousand yearnings
that afflict my heart..."
We want to talk to you.
What is it?
Everyone together in my room?
Going on a strike?
We have a gift for you.
Gift? For what?
You're the only person in Kamathipura
who understands our plight,
thinks of our welfare,
fights for our rights.
And only a good madam
would do all this.
You are making me
a "madam" at 27, huh?
If I wear a white sari in my youth,
all my clients will run away.
you don't need to satisfy any client now.
Just look after us.
When you wear this white sari,
you'll look like a politician!
Right! Enough of all
this politician, election
and praising.
Get to work now.
-But will you be our madam?
I'll think about it.
If you refuse...
what will happen to us?
-Please say yes, Gangu.
Come on...
Do it, Gangu.
You are our madam now...
From Ganga, I became Gangu,
then from Gangu I became Gangubai.
The madam.
If you want,
you too can become
Madhubai from Madhu, dear.
I'm done here.
I have other things to take care of.
Look, darling,
I didn't have any option but to fight,
but you do.
If you choose this,
you live here.
And if you choose this,
you die.
It is poison.
You decide now.
Have you explained it to her?
I have.
Now you need to understand.
This girl will go back home.
I didn't call you here
to set my girl free.
She'd rather die than comply.
If she dies, you'll be in trouble.
I don't care.
If she doesn't spread her legs,
she'll beg.
But she will stay here.
I have paid Rs. 1,000 for her.
Come and take ten thousand
from me tomorrow.
Let's go, darling.
Showing off your money!
To me? Rashmibai?
With the elections around the corner,
she thinks she's a minister already!
No matter how pristine your clothes are,
you'll always be a prostitute!
Are you behaving like a saint
now that the elections are here?
Wait and watch what happens
when you lose--
Yes, madam.
I've managed to free her
after a lot of difficulty.
Take the bus tonight and ensure
that she reaches her home safely.
And you'll keep wasting
your money freeing these girls?
I hope you know what you're doing.
you won't understand.
Take her and go.
So, Rajjo...
did you try the laddus I sent?
What laddus, Gangubai?
Those were polished off by the children!
-We didn't get any.
-I'll send some more tomorrow.
You can pack some
for Najma to take to school.
What's the point in sending her to school?
She'll have to work in the brothel anyway.
What nonsense!
-I've brought saris for you.
-Two minutes.
Listen, this is not right, Rajjo.
-Come and meet me tomorrow.
-Okay, Gangubai.
By the way, the blouse you
tailored last time didn't fit well.
Actually, my eyesight is getting weak.
Along with the saris,
I will take your measurement again today.
Oh, wow...
I had just asked for saris, but
you've brought along "youth" as well.
He is my nephew.
He has come from Calcutta
to learn the business.
He'll take care of my work from now on.
What's your name again?
That's all?
No... Badr Razaq.
Afshan Badr Razaq.
-Who will take the measurements?
-Go, take the measurements.
I'll write them down.
Shoulders, 15 inches.
Sleeves, 6 inches.
Neck, 7 inches.
Neck, 8 inches.
Why are you standing so far?
Are you measuring a tree?
34... chest.
Your heartbeat.
Show me the saris.
Tell me.
Which one should I buy?
Choose any, they're all white.
Which white should I choose?
As white as the moon?
Or as white as the clouds?
As white as paper?
Or as white as a white rose?
As white as snow,
or as white as salt?
As white as milk,
or as white as seashells?
As white as the streams,
or as white as sand?
Or as white as smoke?
As white as a swan.
When my lover visits me at sunset
I shine as bright as the moon
When my lover visits me at sunset
I shine as bright as the moon
I embrace and rejoice
In every slur cast upon me
When my lover visits me at sunset
I shine as bright as the moon
When my lover visits me at sunset
I shine as bright as the moon
Every corner of my house
Has become my confidante
They ask myriad of questions
How many do I answer?
Countless emotions in my heart
Came alive
When my lover visited me at sunset
I shine as bright as the moon
When my lover visited me at sunset
I shine as bright as the moon
I don't get the time to look at myself
Everything pales
In the light of his love
I don't get the time to look at myself
Everything pales in the light of his love
I beam with pride
Despite the insults cast upon me
When my lover visits me at sunset
I shine as bright as the moon
I embrace and rejoice
In every slur cast upon me
All finances go haywire
with these late bribes.
Ma'am, I need to talk to you.
Is this a good time?
Go on.
I dropped that girl, Madhu, back home.
Her family gave a lot of blessings.
I didn't understand at first,
but what you did was very noble.
Anything else?
Madam, these are last week's collections
from Lane 7 to Lane 11.
Rs. 11,000.
Why such a small sum?
Everyone gets religious
this time of the year.
The election for the President
of Kamathipura is coming up.
If we don't have money, how do we win?
That too against Razia?
Madam, Razia has been the President
of Kamathipura for the last two years.
You can't defeat her.
-She has a strong hold over this place.
I'll tell you what.
Spread the news
that Gangubai has rescued
a 15-year-old innocent girl
and sent her back home.
It's time to bring Razia down.
Now leave.
I've kept the money, madam.
-Hey, Birju!
-Yes, madam?
Count the money.
It should be 11,000.
Victory to Raziabai!
-Who is our dear sister?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
-Who is our dear sister?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
-Who is the queen of Kamathipura?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
-Who is the queen of Kamathipura?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
-Who is our dear sister?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
Victory to Raziabai!
-Who is our dear sister?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
-Who is the queen of Kamathipura?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
Victory to Raziabai!
-Who is our dear sister?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
May God bless you with good health
and good fortune.
your grand Eid celebration here
reminds me of Kabul.
It's God's grace.
Sir, Gangubai.
Happy Eid, Gangu.
Happy Eid, sir.
Why are you sitting alone here?
Well, I feel smaller
when I'm around these respectable people.
I have made sevaiya for you.
-You made this?
-Yes, for the first time.
Then I have to eat it. Sit.
-Sit down.
You look worried.
Well, the neighborhood elections
are around the corner.
If I win, I'll become
the new President of Kamathipura.
But Razia is my opponent.
You're no less than Razia Sultan!
Have faith.
You'll win.
Sure, but faith doesn't
help win elections,
money does.
How much?
Think of it as a loan.
May I ask for something else?
What if I handle your alcohol business
in Kamathipura?
Sir, customers consume alcohol
and come to Kamathipura.
What if they got the alcohol
at the brothel itself?
"Buy alcohol if you want a woman!"
We can earn some
extra money as well.
And make my sister sell alcohol?
This Pathan has given up his land,
not his values!
Next time, add some more almonds
to the sevaiya.
Sir, I know this is wrong,
but my intentions are good.
It's not about values,
it's about the lives of those women.
And I have to win this election for them.
If I win, I can fight for them and try
to change their lives for the better.
Or else, Razia will continue
to make our lives hell.
The rest is up to you.
I surrender my principles
before your good intentions.
From today, we're business partners.
Twenty percent of the profits
from the sales in Kamathipura is yours.
You've done a favor not only to Gangu,
but to the 4,000 women of Kamathipura.
Bow down only before God.
New business calls for a new car.
But, sir--
Your gift for Eid.
Also, get your business cards printed.
"Gangubai, Mafia Queen."
Who is it?
-It's me...
-Mr. Razaq.
Come inside.
What brings you here?
got your blouse, it's ready.
Give it.
You said two days,
you've brought it after a week.
If it doesn't fit me well,
just you wait and watch!
Why are you standing? Sit.
What happened?
I'm bathing and you're getting wet!
No, looking at you...
You are so beautiful...
Did I say something wrong?
You are smiling?
It's called being coy, Mr. Razaq.
I've seen many men come and go,
this is the first time
I'm meeting a real man.
Want something to eat?
Want something to drink?
Want to bathe with me?
Do you have anything else to say but "no"?
Gangubai, I love you very much.
I love you too.
I feel like hugging you.
Me too.
This new car, Gangu--
This one is much better,
and more expensive.
I never thought
I'd be sitting in such a car.
But I did.
I don't want you to drink.
What do you want then?
I want to marry you.
Really, I do.
This big car has fueled
some big dreams, huh?
-You got upset, my love?
-No, it's okay.
Fine, I'm not drinking. Happy?
Mr. Razaq...
My love... my love...
My love...
My love... my love...
My love...
The night is intoxicating
Everything seems heady
Come, let us get drunk
Together we are magic
Under these drunken showers
Come, let us get drunk
My love... my love...
My love...
My love... my love...
My love...
Nothing is as intoxicating as my eyes
Nothing is as intoxicating as my eyes
Everyone wishes to drown in them
It is for you that I reject everyone else
My love... my love...
My love...
My love... my love...
My love...
Stay awake!
You should go home now.
Your intentions don't seem right.
-I was just... your shoes.
-Hmm, good job!
Go on, drop him home.
Open the door!
I told you to go home...
Raziabai has called for you. Come to
the office at 6 o'clock tomorrow.
Tell Razia that I don't have time!
Hey, you have to come.
Raziabai won't take no for an answer.
What the...
Just hearing Razia's name
makes me want to puke.
You stay in your limits!
How dare you...
-What are you doing?
-Limits, huh?
-If Raziabai finds out--
-You dare talk about limits! Get lost!
How dare you threaten Gangubai
in her house!
Get lost, you piece of shit.
Bloody scumbag!
Telling Gangubai to stay in limits!
Tell Razia...
Gangubai is fearless!
Talking about bloody limits...
Threatening Gangubai?
Who are you threatening
about the elections?
Tell Razia...
Gangubai is not scared.
Go. Tell her.
Press harder.
Things still seem upside down.
Are you still hungover, Gangu?
-Try some steam.
My love... my love...
Don't drink so much,
it's not good for health.
Police! Police! Police!
-The police are here for a raid.
-Come on!
-Birju, you continue...
-Yes, madam.
-Check over there!
Why are you hitting me?
Search every corner!
I'll shut this place down today.
-Yes, sir.
The madam is making a lot of money
by selling alcohol.
She bought an imported car as well.
It's Prohibition time.
There's a risk of the madam
going behind bars.
And listen carefully.
Gangubai, if I find a single bottle,
you will be in jail for five years.
That too, in Nasik jail.
Heard you're quite found of Pathans.
You'll find a lot of them there.
-Yes, madam.
Do you think Gangubai eats shit?
With elections around the corner
and these hungry dogs running around,
will Gangu make the mistake
of leaving food out in the open?
Now shove this in your mouth.
Maybe it will clean the filth in there.
Let's go!
The raid's over.
-Come on, let's leave!
-Let's go.
What is it?
Gangubai, Raziabai orchestrated all this.
Why don't you go meet her once?
All your problems will come to an end.
Tell Razia I'm very busy.
I'll meet her on election day.
-Another thing, Shinde.
You were a cop.
When did you become a postman?
What do you have?
-Bheja fry.
-Good choice! This is perfect for her.
Look, Raziabai is here.
Victory to Raziabai!
Victory to Raziabai!
-Who is the queen of Kamathipura?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
You have the time to savor
nalli nihari,
but not to meet Razia?
My girls informed me
that the cops visited you.
They threatened to put you
in jail for five years.
Thought I'd come here
and meet you one last time
and try to talk some sense into you.
Get a plate for Raziabai.
Why would I need a plate,
when snatching my share
is so much more fun!
You like to have fun, right?
Tomorrow I will not only
barge into your house,
but bury you right there!
You see these hands?
When I clap with these hands,
I can crush my enemy's skull between them.
Beneath every stone in my area,
I've buried many like you
who tried to cross me.
And you're showing me this attitude?
Why would I show you
any attitude, Raziabai?
I will show you stars in daylight.
It'll take me only so much time
to show you your worth,
and it will be that much more fun!
Forget about this election.
Kamathipura belonged to Raziabai.
Kamathipura will
always belong to Raziabai!
Make sure you come tomorrow at nine,
for my speech in the neighborhood.
Victory to Raziabai!
Victory to Raziabai!
-Who is our dear sister?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
-Who is our dear sister?
-Raziabai! Raziabai!
-How do you do this?
-That hawker was so irritating.
He just refused to reduce the price.
Yeah, he was...
Why are you looking
at this idiot's face? Let's go.
Yesterday, Razia came here
and publicly humiliated me.
I will not let her win, Mr. Rahim.
I will earn respect not just for myself,
but for all the women in Kamathipura.
By the way, Khan was here for a raid...
The loser fled, tail between his legs.
He didn't find a drop of alcohol.
I took care of everything, Mr. Rahim.
I'm your sister, you've taught me well.
Razia's cronies have been
threatening me since morning.
She left in a fit,
who knows what she'll do next.
You'll have to handle this.
Send some of your men over,
for our safety.
If you continue to support us like this,
this election is ours.
Yes, bye.
Thank you.
I have to admit, Mr. Govind,
by getting these reels,
you've paved the way for our victory.
-Look, Badri...
He's got us these reels
directly from the theater.
Actually, madam, there's one reel missing.
Don't worry.
Only two reels are enough
for me to finish Razia!
Hey, Badri. Set up the screen.
Have a seat.
I'll make this quick.
So you need not get up either.
Where's the villain
whom you call your manager?
Where is he!
Gangu, your brilliant move
will crush Raziabai.
All of Kamathipura is here.
Who will go to hear her speech now?
Where is everyone?
Watching a movie in Gangu's lane.
Will I deliver my speech
to these empty chairs?
Call everyone.
Get lost!
What happened, Raziabai?
Weren't you supposed
to deliver a speech?
No one turned up!
No problem.
I am here.
I'll listen to it,
and clap as well!
No one can clap as thunderously as I do.
I am neither a man nor woman,
but more than enough
for the likes of you!
Sitting on the ground suits you.
Get used to it,
because you will be dethroned soon.
Defeating Razia
and hosting a wedding in a brothel,
are dreams...
impossible to fulfill!
Now that you've started a war,
then prepare yourself...
for an attack!
What's with all this exercise?
You want to be a wrestler?
How do you like your new poster?
I'm not shining through.
What more do you want?
You're laden with gold.
You want a golden tooth as well?
Good idea.
If I win, I'll get one.
Join me.
Gangu, don't worry.
The entire neighborhood supports you.
-That's half the battle won.
-But the other half is still left, Kamli.
Just one more trump card,
and that'll be the end of Razia.
I can't wait to go
and slap your poster on Razia's face!
All hell will break lose, Gangu.
What happened?
Go and get the keys from Kusum.
I've told you repeatedly
not to give her opium
and hide her around.
What else can I do?
Roshni is 15 now.
All kinds of men come here every night.
If one of them spots her,
she'll be devoured, just like us.
She might get addicted
and her life will be ruined.
What life?
We have no home, no roof, no husband...
Every night we sell our bodies so that
our children may lead a better life.
I'm tired of hiding her.
How long can one keep a bird caged up?
You can't cage her
like an animal, Kusum.
She's old enough to marry.
I'll either get her married or kill her.
I won't let her be a prostitute.
So you'll have a wedding in Kamathipura?
No one gets married here, Kusum.
-Stop dreaming of settling her down.
If Gangu can dream,
then why can't Roshni?
Get off.
You have a nice house.
Why don't you get a daughter-in-law
and make it a home?
Not yet.
We can barely make ends meet.
And Afshan has just started working--
Ms. Salma, I've found him a match
that you won't be able to refuse.
This is Kusum.
I've brought her daughter, Roshni's
proposal for your son, Afshan.
A proposal for me?
With whose permission?
This is ridiculous.
Around 350 grams of gold,
fifty thousand rupees in cash...
and sweets worth Rs. 25.
If you're still unsure,
have a look at this tray full of gold,
and the whole world will sparkle
in front of you.
With all this... are you
trying to buy me or sell her?
Sir, make him understand...
I'm not buying or selling, I'm saving her
from ending up as a prostitute.
And by marrying her,
you'll do a noble deed, my dear.
I'm not interested in being noble.
I reject your proposal.
-We're still talking, Ms. Salma.
Brother, please say something.
Dear, how can a prostitute
be our daughter-in-law?
That's exactly what I'm trying to say.
That a prostitute can't be
your daughter-in-law.
Her mother is a prostitute
but the girl isn't.
Roshni is just 15...
innocent, untouched and single.
Let's go.
Hey! Please don't get upset.
You've brought this gift with love,
we don't want to insult you
by refusing it.
There's no pressure,
the decision is yours.
We... accept the proposal.
You're a lucky girl, darling.
You have a mother,
and now a mother-in-law.
A husband...
and truth be told, a rival too!
Stop sulking.
You'll be the first groom
in Kamathipura's history--
Don't you have a heart?
I mean nothing to you?
Why are you doing this?
If you were in my place,
what would you do?
I would love you,
keep you happy...
I would make a life with you.
That's what I am doing, making your life.
You can't be my love affair all your life.
You're willing to sacrifice me
just to win an election?
Not for the election.
For the women of Kamathipura,
Gangu is willing to sacrifice 100 Afshans!
Is your decision final?
It's final.
-Should I get off?
Stay for a bit...
then get off.
Looking at your lover's
wedding procession?
I'm looking at Razia's funeral procession!
She is done for.
And you've become great.
Who asked you to sacrifice
your happiness for us?
Doesn't it hurt?
A lot!
It hurts like hell, Kamli.
To spend each evening lost in memories
A lover needs to have
A courageous heart
To die a little every day
Is what it takes
To love deeply
I've heard there are many complaints
I've heard there are many complaints
It can only mean
That his love for me runs deep
I've heard that he is a heart-breaker
I've had my heart broken many a time too
I've heard there are many complaints
He doesn't look at me lovingly
Nor does he think about me
No, he doesn't even think about me
We cross paths every day
But he does not even stop me
No, he doesn't even stop me
No, he doesn't even stop me
I've heard that he hates me
It is in his hatred that I find solace
I've heard there are many complaints
I've heard there are many complaints
Go ahead and desert me if you like
But look at me with love at least
I am disillusioned by promises of loyalty
Still I permit you to make those mistakes
His mistakes do not anger me
There is no distance between us
There is no distance between us
-No matter what blame he lays upon me
I will always remain loyal to him
Yes, I'll always be loyal
Yes, I'll always be loyal
I've heard, he has forgotten me
But I have a treasure trove of memories
I've heard there are many complaints
I've heard there are many complaints
Yes, I've also heard, his love runs deep
Yes, in his hatred I find solace
I've had my heart broken many a time
Complaints, love, solace, I have them all
I have a treasure trove of memories
I've heard all this...
I've heard...
I've heard
There are many complaints
The election results are out.
-You've won!
-You've won!
You are our President now.
Come, all of Kamathipura
is waiting for you down at the cafe.
Come on, hurry up.
Nalli nihari for everyone, on me.
And send two portions to Razia also.
I had warned Razia,
I'd defeat her on her home ground,
and I did it!
Destiny took my childhood home away,
but it doesn't matter...
You have made me the President
of Kamathipura today.
Thank you.
You've given Gangu so much love.
Thank you.
Gangu will return your love
with interest, it's my promise
to everyone... to you, and you...
Oh, Rashmi!
Will you be my secretary?
Gangubai will say three things...
people think we're dishonest, no problem.
But do this dishonest work with honesty.
Complete honesty!
a flower, by nature, is fragrant...
whether it's in a temple or a shrine,
at a brothel or a funeral...
spread your fragrance!
Satisfy your clients fully...
but also remember to get paid... fully!
We want progress.
live with dignity.
Never fear anyone.
Be it the police, be it an MLA
or a minister or a pimp. Fear no one.
When women are the embodiment
of power, wealth and intelligence,
what makes these men feel so superior?
Well said! Bravo! Bravo!
Don't move.
Stop screaming out my name.
You wanted a golden tooth, right?
Now bear the pain!
They are back for a raid!
Gangu, this time they're raiding Lane 14.
-Hold on.
It's the third one this week.
These cops are acting too smart.
I'll have to find out what's going on.
Khan needs to be tightened again.
Come back, Doctor.
Open your mouth.
Wider. Open wider.
Are you going to shove
all of China in my mouth?
One, two, three...
These cops are conducting too many raids.
Time to bribe them.
Four, five, six... This is for Navratri.
We'll make it a grand affair!
Seven, eight, nine, ten.
Put this in the girls' bank accounts.
-What did the bank manager say?
-I tried my best,
but they refuse to open
bank accounts for our girls.
But they're okay opening
our girls' clothes?
One, two, three, four, five...
No... this is for my jewelry.
Arrange a meeting
with the manager tomorrow.
Yes, Nimmi.
I'm going to my village.
Give it another thought,
finish your tuberculosis treatment first.
I'm afraid I'll die, madam.
Before that happens,
I want to see my mother once.
Maybe she has forgiven me now.
And if she hasn't, come back to us.
There are enough people here
to perform your last rites.
I'll leave.
-Booked a two-minute call to Kathiawar?
-Stay on line.
-I will connect you.
No one's saying anything.
Who is it?
Gangu... Ganga... it's me, Ganga.
-Mom, it's me, Ganga.
-I heard you.
You're calling me after 12 years?
Yes... I still remember
our telephone number after 12 years.
-I'll always remember it.
-Anything else?
I have to go to the temple,
I'm getting late.
Oh, your cupboard keys, I have--
Is this why you've called
after so many years?
I miss you, Mom. A lot.
It's Ganga...
What do I talk about?
-Why did she call?
-I don't know.
-I don't understand...
-Who are you talking to?
Talk to me.
What is there to talk about? Huh?
I know you're angry.
It's okay.
Where is dad? Will he talk to me?
He is no more.
And yes, you should know...
he refused to drink Gangajal
at the time of his death,
as it has your name in it.
Thirty seconds left.
One second.
Mom, dad refused
the Gangajal because of--
-Thirty seconds left.
-Hey! What is this "30 seconds" nonsense!
My father is dead.
I'm supposed to mourn in 30 seconds?
My mom is angry, she won't talk to me.
I want her to hear me out.
I need to tell her
about the last 12 years!
How do I do that in 30 seconds?
What I've been through over these years...
How much I've craved for her love...
How do I say all this...
in 30 seconds?
Come, my love. Make this rangoli with us.
Gangu, your idea to celebrate
Navratri is great!
But why do you look sad?
I really miss my home during Navratri.
Never mind.
Tonight we'll celebrate Navratri
in our neighborhood.
And I've decided,
no man will lay a hand on us tonight.
Just imagine
how frustrated that would make them.
I'm three months pregnant.
I've decided
to have the child this time.
At least I'll have someone to call my own.
O Goddess of Power, come and bless us
As we play garba together
My dear friends
Let us dance and twirl
As the drummer plays the drum
Hey, drummer, play the drums
Hey, drummer, play the drums
Hey, drummer, play the drums
As the wind dances on the drums
Hey, drummer, play the drums
Hey, drummer, play the drums
My heart skips a beat
I dance with abandon
I seem to have lost my senses
As I get high on the drum beats
My heart skips a beat
I dance with abandon
I seem to have lost my senses
As I get high on the drum beats
Hey, drummer, play the drums
Hey, drummer, play the drums
Hey, drummer, play the drums
As the wind dances on the drums
Our beloved Goddess
Goddess Amba of Arasur
The Goddess of Pawagarh
Goddess Mahakali
The drums play in Your honor
O Goddess, Your beauty is exceptional
Your beauty knows no bounds
The sun, moon and stars
Praise Your virtues
I bow down before You, O Goddess
You are our savior
You, who reside on the mountain peak
The powerful Goddess Chandi
The powerful Goddess Chandi...
Assalamu alaikum, sir.
Alaikum assalam, Gangu.
-How was the Navratri celebration?
We danced the night away.
For the first time
in the history of Kamathipura,
I closed our business for an entire night.
Meet these two gentlemen.
They have come to close down
your business once and for all.
What do you mean?
He is the Secretary of Ward C, Mr. Shah.
He has drafted a petition along
with the school behind Lane 14
to vacate everyone from Kamathipura!
But why?
What have we done wrong?
They say you're bad influence
on the students.
Being located near a brothel
is bad influence on the school?
Then why isn't being located near
a school a good influence on the brothel?
Mr. Rahim, what say do we have
in front of the school board?
Ward C has also supported them.
And supported the builder too.
Using this as an excuse,
you want to vacate their area
and build skyscrapers there.
May I say something, sir?
This petition will benefit everyone.
I'll speak to the builder
and get one flat each for you and madam.
Trying to bribe a free bird
with a measly cage?
Sir... What the...
This is an insult!
It is.
You're insulted
just because your shirt is torn.
And tearing down their homes
isn't an insult to them?
Lala likes to make homes,
not break them!
If you dare do this again,
I'll make sure you go home naked.
Let's go.
Listen to me carefully, Gangu.
The government will send you
a notice in two days.
I'll handle the builders.
But the school authorities
will drag you to court.
I can tackle these neighborhood battles,
but court--
Turn your fear into your strength.
The lives of 4,000 women depend on you.
If you lose,
you lose not once, but 4,000 times.
Gangu, you must win this battle!
-End prostitution!
-End prostitution!
-Vacate Kamathipura!
-Vacate Kamathipura
-End prostitution!
-End prostitution!
-Vacate Kamathipura!
-Vacate Kamathipura!
-Shame on Gangubai!
-Shame on Gangubai!
What? Turn your head, silly girl!
-You hear this nonsense?
-I hear them.
They think I'll get scared.
So fighting the case
for the last five months
has all gone to waste, Gangu.
They're in the neighborhood.
What if they come into our house?
I mean...
-Vacate Kamathipura!
-Vacate Kamathipura!
-End prostitution!
-End prostitution!
-Vacate Kamathipura!
-Vacate Kamathipura!
Shame on Gangubai!
Shame on Gangubai!
Vacate Kamathipura!
Shame on Gangubai!
Shame on Gangubai!
You don't understand, Mr. Fezi,
this is a girls' school.
If 14-15 year old girls see such
immoral activities going on outside,
how will it affect them?
Are you saying that everything
that's wrong with the world
resides in this neighborhood?
Yes, exactly.
That's why we got this petition signed,
to remove those people from here.
Then you should
get the entire city vacated.
-Immorality resides everywhere.
-Come on, sit here quietly.
Khushbu, don't make noise.
Hello, Mr. Principal.
These are my daughters.
See how neatly they've dressed up
to meet you.
Yeah, I see... but who are you?
And how did you get in without permission?
Just like how you sent us a notice
without permission!
Truth be told, that's when
I found out that this school
has been here for 40 years.
Now that you know,
leave this neighborhood.
Sister, your school
has been here for 40 years,
and we have been here for a 100 years!
Didn't you think
when you were constructing the school
that there's a brothel next door?
Father, all this protesting
is affecting our business.
Clients are scared to come.
The children barely have food.
Stop ringing the bell, Father!
One call from me and the entire
neighborhood will land up here.
Don't start a war.
Why are you writing down all this?
Who are you?
I'm a reporter...
Hamid Fezi, Urdu Times.
I'm a Prostitute... Gangubai!
Are you done talking?
You may leave now.
My dear Sister, I will leave,
but only after my children
get admission in this school.
I've even got the school fees.
Here, five years' fees for eight girls.
Take it back.
We cannot enroll your girls here.
So what if they're from a brothel?
They have a right to education.
And I'll make sure they get it, Father.
Imagine, if one of them becomes
a doctor, an engineer or a barrister...
Her life will change.
Then you won't have any complaints, right?
Of course.
Another thing...
A-aah, E-eeh, O-ooh...
They learn these sounds in the brothel.
The rest, you can teach them here.
Come on, Sister,
take out the admission form.
Write... Mother's name,
Gangubai Kathiawadi.
And father?
What should
we write as the father's name?
The mother's name is not enough, huh?
All right, father's name, Dev Anand.
Everyone's father's name
is Dev Anand. Happy?
Admission complete?
Girls, say "thank you" to Father.
-Thank you, Father.
-Thank you, Father.
See, Mr. Fezi, what a great day!
My girls only had a mother until now,
now they have a Father too!
Thank you, Father. Thank you.
Visit us at the brothel sometime.
You'll find young girls
and good stories too!
Come, children,
it's time to buy your uniforms.
Don't make noise.
Buy us popsicles too.
No popsicles! You'll catch a cold.
I hope he arrives--
Some Mr. Farzi is here to meet you.
Who's Mr. Farzi?
Idiot! It must be Mr. Fezi, not Farzi!
A journalist. Let him in.
I'll send him in.
Come in, Mr. Fezi.
The newspaper has found
its way to a brothel!
I came without informing you.
Who makes an appointment to come here?
-Please sit.
-Thank you.
Ms. Gangu, I wanted to ask you--
Why are you laughing?
It's the first time someone has
addressed me with respect.
What brings you here?
Did your girls
get enrolled in that school?
Why wouldn't they?
In fact, today I dropped them
to the class myself.
They cried a lot...
but I told them to study well
or they'd be punished!
May I take your photograph, Ms. Gangu?
My photograph?
I'm no movie star.
But you're the star of Kamathipura.
a magazine interview
without a photograph is incomplete.
Are you interviewing me, Mr. Fezi?
Our services come with a price.
And even if you publish my photograph,
who reads magazines here?
Maybe not here,
but people across the world will read it.
The world...
By the way,
what's your educational qualifications?
I've studied until ninth grade.
And where are you from?
Don't you ever feel
like going back home?
Stop these annoying questions, Mr. Fezi.
That's enough for today.
Come back after two days.
It's time for me to give this medicine...
My friend, Kamli,
she's very sick.
Pray for her speedy recovery.
What happened?
Why are you back so early?
-School doesn't get over until 4 pm.
-The teacher hit us and threw us out.
See, this is the respect we get.
Come here.
Take the photograph now, Mr. Fezi.
And make sure this photo is published
in your magazine
for the world to see!
The medicine is not working.
Now that she's finally a mother,
look at her luck.
She's on her deathbed.
This child will be the death of her.
Nothing will happen to Pammi.
Ill look after her.
Take this medicine.
I made it myself.
Don't do this, Kamli.
You're the only friend I have.
Best friend...
Best friend.
-I want to meet Ms. Gangu--
-Not today.
But she had asked me
to come after two days.
Kamli passed away.
The brothel is shut today.
She has such thick hair.
Braiding them takes the life out of you.
The first time I saw her,
she was running away from Mr. Mandar
half naked, her hair in a mess...
yet so beautiful.
Forget the man,
even I was attracted to her!
She liked everything bling.
Even in a dark movie hall,
she'd shine brighter than the actress!
She was crazy.
The tea-seller, Banwari,
wanted to marry her.
But she refused.
She'd say...
"This moron
will always be suspicious of me."
"Even if I go to the market,
he'd assume that I'm whoring around."
Come on,
it's time to take her away.
tie her legs tightly.
Men cannot be trusted...
not even with a dead body.
My darling.
-Did you have fun, sir?
-I'll be back.
Hey, Mr. Fezi!
Oh, Ms. Gangu.
I went to the house
looking for you and you're here.
I'm seeing you after a very long time.
Sit down.
I have a surprise for you.
You'll be happy to see it.
I'll make you happier.
Just try the bheja fry here.
Hey, Birju!
Get Fezi a--
Mr. Fezi...
Show me, madam.
See this...
Wow! You look like a movie star!
Madhubala is nothing compared to you.
See how lovely our girls look.
-Show me.
-Our madam is famous!
Use this to your advantage.
You're famous now.
And everyone listens to famous people.
What fame, Mr. Fezi?
I understand your pain,
but it's time for the world to know.
What do you mean?
Next week, there's a huge rally
for women's rights at Azad Maidan.
Education for prostitutes is a topic too.
I've suggested your name to the committee.
What should I do?
Nothing much.
There'll be around 400-500 people,
you have to deliver a speech.
I can't be lured by all this.
I can't give speeches.
No, madam. You have to do this.
Who else speaks up on our behalf?
And I've already written
something for you.
Memorize it, and blow everyone away
with your fiery speech.
my dear brothers and sisters, I..."
What is it?
Whose "brothers"?
please reach Azad Maidan
at 4 pm on Wednesday.
Should I pick you up?
Why are you doing all this for me, Fezi?
Let's go.
But where are you going?
Pammi needs to be fed,
and I have to memorize this speech.
Now that you're here,
enjoy the charms of Kamathipura.
Girls, take extra care of Mr. Fezi.
-Sure, madam.
-Let's go, Birju!
Why do you call out
when I'm about to leave?
Fezi called,
asking why you haven't reached yet.
-Tell him I've left.
-You packed my glasses?
-My water bottle?
-Where's my speech, Birju?
-It's in your hand, madam!
Don't act too smart, idiot!
Get lost!
Madam sure is worked up today.
-What are you smiling at?
You're going to give a speech,
seek God's blessings.
Dear God,
You've let me down so many times,
don't let me down today.
Come on, leave.
Hey, Gangu...
Be safe.
What have I gotten into!
My dear brothers and sisters, on...
What was it?
"Let me welcome the audience
on this auspicious day..."
Screw the audience!
Move it!
What are you waiting for? Buffoon.
Our society can progress
only when we are united,
all religions are seen as equal,
and women are given respect.
The progress of women from all walks
of life should be given importance.
After Mr. Minister's fiery speech,
the last speaker for this evening,
to talk about the rights of prostitutes,
is their representative,
Mrs... er, Miss...
It's okay, let it be...
-Lovely introduction...
No, thank you for that.
She's confused about our title,
but we've been living with it.
I am Gangubai, President, Kamathipura.
They didn't let me be a "miss"
and nobody made me a "missus".
Hey, come here, you.
Get a chair!
Get it, darling.
Keep it here and lower the mic.
Now leave.
I'm not used to giving speeches.
I will say what's in my heart.
You might find my words
a little offensive but listen carefully.
You too...
the caretakers of our society!
I'll come to the point.
All of you...
all of you sitting here
must have some occupation...
A doctor, an engineer or a teacher.
Some sell snacks,
alcohol, clothes, soap or utensils...
-Isn't it, Fezi?
A qualified person sells his intelligence
but we sell our bodies.
We work bloody hard!
What's wrong in that?
Why do they object
only to our establishments?
Why is only our profession
seen as immoral?
Men from your neighborhood come to ours
and yet our neighborhood is infamous. Why?
Do you know what the oldest
profession in the world is?
Without us, even heaven is incomplete.
You must give us some respect,
don't you think?
To tell you the truth,
we have more dignity than you.
Ask me how.
You lose your dignity once,
it's gone forever.
We sell our dignity every night,
-yet it doesn't seem to run out.
Enough of the photos.
Stop it already!
I'm not used to such bright lights.
I belong to the red light area!
No matter what you think,
we're women of integrity.
Sit down now, darling, enough of clicking!
I'll let you take my photos, sit down.
No matter who turns up at our doorstep,
we don't judge them.
It's our principle...
we don't ask your religion or caste.
Dark-skinned, light-skinned,
rich or poor, everyone pays the same rate.
When we don't discriminate
among people...
why do you discriminate against us?
Why are we excluded from your society?
The minister who was preaching
about unity and equality...
Visit us sometime,
we practice what you preach!
Well said, Gangubai! Bravo!
Okay... It's not that we don't
matter to people, we do...
To politicians, we are their votes.
To policemen, we're currency notes.
To men, we're winter coats.
And to women,
you all know who we are...
We have fire in us
and yet bloom like a rose.
We satisfy the lust of men
and protect the integrity of women.
Bravo! Bravo!
Just imagine...
if there was no Kamathipura...
this city would turn into a jungle!
Women will be raped,
families will fall apart,
relationships will end and our
glorious Indian culture will turn to dust.
And you will be responsible for this.
We guard not only your dignity
but also the dignity of this society.
That's why I'm as proud of being
a prostitute
as you are of being a doctor or a teacher.
You are applauding my speech,
but it's funny
that you're still hell bent
on making us homeless.
And if that's not enough, you want
to throw our children out of school too.
I want to ask you all something.
Answer truthfully.
Don't our children have
the right to education? Huh?
Aren't our children,
like your children, the future of India?
Yes! Yes!
They are!
And so, Gangu has decided...
I won't let the women
of Kamathipura become homeless.
Our children
will get the right to education
and we will get our right
to live in society with dignity.
So, my dear audience...
I end my speech here.
Mr. Fezi...
Write in tomorrow's newspaper...
Gangubai made a speech at Azad Maidan
not with her eyes downcast,
but with her head held high!
Ms. Gangu.
Mr. Patil is here.
He's the local politician.
I got him after much coaxing.
He was scared to come here.
Of course he's scared, Fezi.
When gentlemen like him
visit our brothel, we gain respect
but they lose theirs.
Sit down.
Gangubai, you have a way with words.
Everyone is talking about your speech.
And what good will that do?
I don't want to be talked about, sir.
I want change.
-Get some sherbet.
-Yes, madam.
Tell me,
what can I do for you?
Elections are around the corner.
-Get the green sherbet.
Not just Kamathipura,
the stretch from Dongri
to Byculla is your domain.
Not just Byculla, Mr. Patil.
She has her hold up to Dharavi!
Our party is lacking support this time...
I forgot to ask,
would you like ice in your drink,
or room temperature is fine?
Add ice to Mr. Patil's sherbet.
-Yes, madam.
-If you could lend us your support--
What have you done for us?
You're asking for our votes,
when thousands of women here
will become homeless
because of this school's tantrums!
they've escalated
the matter to the Center.
They've submitted
a petition in Supreme Court.
We can't do anything now.
Why the hell isn't the sherbet here yet!
Mr. Patil,
forget it!
What I meant was...
it now relies on the Supreme Court
or the Prime Minister.
How can I meet everyone
in the Supreme Court, Fezi?
Arrange a meeting with the Prime Minister.
Okay, Mr. Patil.
If you can't do it, I'll--
No, no, please don't be upset, Gangubai.
I'll do something, I'll try.
Help me win this election
and I'll arrange your trip to Delhi.
In that case...
Victory to Mr. Patil!
Thank you, Gangubai. Thank you.
I'll leave.
But you haven't had the sherbet.
I will, when you're back from Delhi!
Ms. Gangu...
I'm glad you're here, Fezi.
I was wondering what to pack,
a shawl or sweater?
It's cold in Delhi--
You won't need it.
The Prime Minister
has canceled the meeting.
Come here.
Yes, madam?
Distribute these sweets.
-The trip to Delhi is canceled!
Men should never be trusted.
I was joking...
the letter from Delhi just arrived.
What a terrible joke!
I was so scared, Fezi.
I've been worried and anxious
about my Delhi trip.
Why are you anxious?
Fezi, 15 years...
I haven't stepped out
of Kamathipura in 15 years!
What stopped you?
A hope...
that I might meet him
in these lanes someday...
But I hope that you never meet him.
Because the day you meet him...
from Gangubai,
you will become Ganga again!
This fire within you
that makes you fight
and think for people...
will get extinguished.
Forget the past, think of the future.
The Prime Minister will meet you at 4 pm
in his office, only for 15 minutes.
That is enough.
I'll change my name if I don't win
that rose from him in 15 minutes!
Are you sleeping, madam?
I can't sleep.
It's my first time traveling by train!
It's my second time.
The first time, destiny brought me
straight from Kathiawar to Kamathipura.
And today... I'm headed straight
to the Prime Minister's office!
Everyone in the neighborhood
will respect us after this.
I'll show Pappu my photo when we get back.
Madam! Do get a photo clicked with him,
or no one will believe we met him.
Please take your seat.
-The Prime Minister will be here shortly.
-Namaste, Gangubai. Please sit.
-Namaste, Mr. Prime Minister.
-I hope you had a comfortable journey.
-I did.
-Have some tea.
-Thank you.
-You have some too?
I've heard a lot about you, Gangubai.
What you've done for downtrodden
women is commendable.
Your fight against injustice
is a noble one.
My father taught me all this.
He was a barrister too.
Mr. Jagjeevandas.
First of all, I want to thank you, sir,
for taking the time to meet me.
No need to thank me.
It's my duty to meet people
and grant them their rights.
That's what I have come for...
Go on.
Legalize prostitution!
That is impossible, Gangubai.
Prostitution is not
for the welfare of society.
But as long as society exists,
so will prostitution.
As we speak,
some girl is being sold off
or someone is buying her.
The seller and buyer should be punished,
but who gets the punishment?
That innocent girl.
I can understand your pain.
No, sir.
No one can understand what we go through.
Not even God Himself.
All our rights
have been taken away from us.
Be it a school or a hospital,
bank or queue at a grocery store...
A mother's love, a father's protection,
we are deprived of it all.
Now even our home
is being taken away from us.
They want us to vacate Kamathipura.
They have even dragged us to court!
Have faith in the law.
It always supports the truth.
Which law?
We're the victim
and yet treated as a criminal.
The daughter of Eve needs help.
The likes of Yashoda,
the daughter of Radha.
The prophet's nation,
the daughter of Zulekha.
Those who are proud
of this country, where are they?
I will set up a committee
and discuss this matter.
Thank you.
-Can I ask you something, Gangubai?
Don't you want
to set up a home of your own,
away from this world?
The truth is that the 4,000 women
in Kamathipura are my family.
I live in their hearts.
I'll make sure
your homes are not taken away.
And our legal rights as well...
Have you ever seen black roses,
Mr. Prime Minister?
Black roses?
Do they even exist?
They do.
Visit our neighborhood sometime,
you'll find a garden filled with them.
Long live India!
Long live India!
As long as Gangubai was alive,
the garden of black roses thrived...
Gangubai was no saint
but she was no devil either.
People like Gangu will not be
mentioned in history,
but these lanes have a way
of remembering history.
And these lanes tell us,
as long as Gangubai lived, not a single
woman in Kamathipura went homeless.
White sari, a golden tooth,
and a woman with a golden heart...
Gangubai Jagjeevandas Kathiawadi.
The woman who tried
to legalize prostitution.
Who gave women dignity
in an undignified place,
and taught them to breathe freely
in stifling cages.
The color of gratitude
and celebration that day was white...
Gangu's white.
Some called her a Mafia Queen,
while others called her a sister.
A friend to someone,
and a mother to some...
Movie stars' posters come
and go every Friday...
But Gangubai is one such star
whose photograph
has stayed on the walls of Kamathipura
for the last 50 years!
Her destiny was filled with sorrow,
but she smiled her way through life.
Wanted to be a movie star,
but her life played out
like a grand movie!
Let smiles enjoy
Coming to you
Cheer sorrows up
So they start smiling too
Let smiles enjoy
Coming to you
Cheer sorrows up
So they start smiling too
Let smiles enjoy...
Smiles are buried
Under sadness
Try moving your lips
You will find them
Look at those
Who wish to show you life
Cheer sorrows up
So they start smiling too
Let smiles enjoy
Coming to you
Cheer sorrows up
So they start smiling too
Let smiles enjoy...
When your heart
Refuses to smile
The heart will forget
How to beat
Ask your heart to start laughing
And smiling for no reason
Cheer sorrows up
So they start smiling too
Let smiles enjoy...