Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room (2015) Movie Script

How are you doing?
Better, I think.
Good. You look better.
I will be here.
[strains of birds singing]
Asking is $3 million,
So that will be
A very nice commission.
This is great!
Are you sure you're
Not in the market?
You sold us
The house we just bought!
Don't be greedy.
This house will make me
Number-one agent
And, hopefully, a partner.
The owner did
A ground-up restoration.
This place has not been
Touched in 40 years.
I remember
Driving by, thinking,
"What a scary
Old wreck."
Well, fortunately
For this old girl,
Her bones are
Made of redwood,
And that lasts forever.
Over here.
Okay. So, check this out.
Now, this room
Used to be smaller.
There was a wall
Right there,
And they
Knocked it out,
And they found
Another room behind it.
A sealed room?
That's creepy.
Why would
Someone do that?
Actually, it's not uncommon
In these big houses.
When you reduce
The size of the room,
It makes it
A lot easier to heat.
Oh. Well,
The place looks great,
And the open house
Sounds fun.
More like a party.
We have waiters
In period costumes,
Food, drink.
Jason's coming, right?
And you should ask Dani.
If she has a date,
She can bring him, too.
What about you?
Are you gonna bring a date?
Oh, you know me, Jenn.
Married to my job.
But you never know
Who might show up.
Okay. Why does
Somebody bring
Into the store?
Because they want to
Sell it?
Exactly! And we are here
To help them succeed.
While making money
For the store--
Through the art
Of negotiation.
Aim high. Expect
The best outcome.
Now, if
You're selling,
You ask for more
Than you expect to get.
Ah, but if
You're buying--
Offer less
Then you're willing to pay?
Where did you
Learn this stuff?
Oh, I have kids.
I negotiate
Every day of my life.
Okay, so Im here alone,
And someone brings in
A beautiful,
Hand-painted jewellery box,
And they're asking
A hundred bucks for it.
You offer?
Mm... 10 bucks.
Apple doesn't fall
Far from the tree.
That's my girl!
"Morp" dance?
It's "prom"
Spelled backwards.
Oh, that's clever.
I think he's worried
That a girl named Amy
Is gonna ask him.
Hmm. Funny.
In my day, they called it
A "Sadie Hawkins."
You went to a girl-ask-boy?
Who'd you ask?
Captain of the football team.
And where is he now?
Not sure.
Used to play
For the Dallas cowboys.
[Game guns blasting
In headphones]
You've been
Talking to dad.
Well, I usually talk to dad.
The dance sounds like fun.
Okay, one, I don't dance.
Two, it's a girl-ask-boy,
Which is lame,
And three--
Not interested.
Hmm. Did someone asked you?
Hope it stays that way.
This is a tough age.
[Adrian]: well, then
Don't bring a date.
Just come.
You're both
Coming, right?
Oh, yes.
Me, Jason and Hannah.
Me and me.
This would be perfect
For the open house.
Can I borrow it?
Mm. It's a barye.
Copy. It's a copy.
So, sure, you can borrow it.
Okay, Ill see
You guys tonight.
Oh! Wouldn't that be funny
If it wasn't a copy?
No. It really
Wouldn't be.
[Party buzz and chatter]
No thanks. I'm fine.
Yes, please. Thank you.
All right?
Red wine. Really?
He look great?
Oh, he cleans up good.
I was gonna say
The same thing.
[All laughing]
So, not a bad turn out, right?
-it's great.
So, any nibbles?
Nibbles and bites,
The bite's at full-asking
And Im, uh...
Well, Im working
The nibbles.
This is
A nice house.
Built 1890s?
Very good. 1884.
Gustav Carson.
He owned the lumber mill.
They ran out of wood,
So they fell on hard times.
The current owner
Has done a great job
With the restoration.
It's just beautiful.
Mm-hmm. Erica franklin.
She flips
A lot of properties,
But this one, she really
Sank a lot of money into.
Excuse me,
But congratulations.
This is an epic
Open house, Adrian.
Thank you.
Peter Mullin.
Real estate agent
This is Jason,
Jennifer, Danielle,
Susan, and frank.
Hi. And this is Mari.
If you need flowers,
She is your gal.
She runs
"Back to the fuchsia."
Oh! I love that movie.
I love your store.
-and that's a cute name.
-thank you!
I think Ive seen
You there before.
Oh, yeah.
Buy my own flowers.
So, any action?
Looking good.
I am so happy
For you.
I wanted this
Listing so bad!
Okay, guys, well,
We are going to wander around
And continue to eat for free.
-see you at the bar.
If you guys need anything--
Anything at all--
Please don't hesitate to ask.
-thank you.
You like the house?
What's not to like?
Well, I mean,
It's "the Carson house."
William Carson.
My great-grandfather
Built all this.
Did you live here?
The family lost the house
Back in the 1920s.
But yeah,
I'm hoping to get it back.
What do you do
That you could afford
A place like this?
I play on-line poker.
See, I log on through
A computer in Portugal.
The site thinks Im there.
I thought that was illegal.
As long
As you don't get caught.
Can I show you upstairs?
I saw it, but thanks.
I've gotta run.
You know I wanted to
Buy this place and tear it down?
Yes, I do.
I saw the plans
For the condo development
That you wanted to put here.
I was wrong.
I was wrong!
All my nearby properties
Are going up
Because of this restoration.
Oh, Erica did the remodel.
I'm just selling it.
Best presentation
I've ever seen.
I want to talk to you about
Handling some of my listings.
I'll be in touch.
Three offers now.
All above asking.
You're actually gonna
Sell the place tonight?
Oh, no!
No, no. Let the dust settle.
Maybe by the end of the week.
There were some buyers
That couldn't make it tonight,
So we need them to feel
That they missed out.
Troubles arrived.
Who is that?
That's my sister.
Excuse me.
What are you
Doing here?
Why don't you try
And find our daughter,
I'll go
Get the car?
Okay, honey.
I'll see you outside.
Usually I deal in fixers
At a fraction of this price,
But I fell in love
With this house.
It became a passion project.
Oh, I can see why.
And bonks head]
That chandelier
Is from Paris!
[Background chatter]
[Muffled, heated exchange]
[Angry, indistinct
I can't believe you!
[Continues indistinctly]
Is there a doctor here?
Somebody, help him!
Mari, call 9-1-1, please?
Sir? What's your name?
Cook. Ken cook.
Okay, ken. So?
Where's the pain coming from?
Its right here
In my chest.
Okay, has this
Happened to you before?
-have you felt this pain before?
[Radios crackling]
May I have your attention,
Please, everybody?
I have good news--
Mr. Cook is going to be okay.
He just had
A little indigestion.
I really wanted
To thank you all so much
For coming this evening
And making this
Such a huge success.
We have offers on the table,
And so if any of you
Are thinking about it,
Don't think too long.
Okay, let's enjoy
The rest of our evening.
Thank you.
[Doorbell jingles]
[Dani]: hi!
How can I help you?
It's my mom's birthday
And I was thinking
About what to get her.
Okay, what kind of stuff
Does she like?
Mom stuff?
I don't know.
That's cool.
How much is it?
The hairbrush?
That's sterling silver,
It's from the 1920s.
I think its $250.
Maybe Ill just look around.
Okay. You let me know
If you have any questions.
Are you Mrs. Shannon?
No, Im Dani.
Jennifer's my business partner.
I go to school with Logan.
Well, Ill let him know you
Stopped by. What's your name?
N-- Dont tell him
I stopped by.
Okay. I won't.
So he comes by here a lot?
Yeah, every now and then.
Okay. Thanks.
[Bell jingles]
[Phone rings]
Hey, Adrian. What's up?
Oh! I am so upset.
Go online.
Search "deadly room,
The Carson house."
this is really bad!
Why? What's going on?
look, I gotta go,
but someone is saying
the house is cursed!
I'm doing damage control.
I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?
[Exhales tensely]
[Keys clacking]
Oh, no.
[Jennifer]: you saw it.
It's an anonymous blog.
Well, it worked!
Scared me.
Well, they did find
A sealed room,
But that doesn't mean
The house is cursed,
Or if you sleep there,
You'll end up dead.
I wouldn't buy
The house.
Would you?
I get it.
Someone's trying to
Sabotage the sale.
All three offers
Have pulled.
People will forget about
Some blog on the 'net.
Oh, no.
Not in real estate.
A house gets this kind of rep,
It sticks.
No. I gotta get to
The bottom of this.
I am just so ticked off!
Well, have there been
Any deaths in the house?
Is there any truth
To the story?
Well, it's an old house.
I mean, people used to
Die at home a hundred years ago.
It doesn't mean
The house killed them.
Good point.
So how do you prove that?
I've been thinking about it,
And I have an idea.
I'm gonna spend the night there
And, better than that,
I'm gonna do a live webcam,
So the whole world
Can watch me while I sleep,
And when Ill wake up
In the morning,
I'll be just fine.
Ooh! You might want to get
A new pair of PJs
If the whole world's
Gonna be watching.
What? I'm just saying.
You really think
This is a good idea?
[Adrian]: if we don't
Squash this right now,
Then we will never
Get rid of it.
Well, Im not sure
I'm going to allow it.
I think
We take it off the market,
Then relist it
In a couple months,
When the dust settles.
It's your house, Erica,
But let me tell you
About a home
A few years ago in Madison.
The renters left,
Claiming that it was haunted.
It took four years to sell,
At a 40% price drop.
Well, good luck
With your webcam.
It better work.
[Erica walks out]
I've been shopping.
You know, I don't
Know if Id want
The whole world watching
Me while I sleep.
That's because
She snores like a horse.
That's an exaggeration!
Maybe a pony.
[All chuckling]
So, the live webcast,
It's tonight?
Yes. The show starts
At 11:00 p.m. Sharp.
Okay, let's see them.
I think
My Grammy has those.
She's funny.
[Man on TV] : press the button,
you press it once.
okay, that's 30 times, but--
[Woman on TV] : I think it's only
supposed to be pressed twice.
It's the big night,
Holy cow!
Is it almost 11:00?
Where's my laptop?
What did I do with it?
-there. On the counter.
-thank you.
[Clicks television off]
[Keys clacking]
[Adrian exhales heavily]
hi, everybody.
if you are seeing this,
then you are watching
my live webcam
from the so-called
"deadly room,"
where you get to watch me
sleep all night.
how exciting.
I have set my alarm
for 7:30,
and when that goes off,
I will wake up,
wave to the camera,
and that will be the end
of this nonsense.
I will see you then.
and I will be in the office
shortly after 9:00.
any offers on the house
can happen after that.
okay? Goodnight.
[Jenn chuckles]
-Im going to bed.
See you up there.
Hey, dani.
Are you watching?
[Dani] : yep. Her head moved.
did you see it?
Very exciting.
Call me
If she rolls over.
[Both chuckling]
-alright, sweet dreams.
-you too!
Hey. Can I see?
I think
I'm gonna do that.
Go on a live webcam?
No. Go to sleep.
-funny. Goodnight.
[Birds singing]
Oh. Well...
Did the deadly room
Oh. Let's see.
Should be waking up any moment.
[Adrians alarm clock chiming]
[alarm continues]
How come she's not moving?
The alarm
Is right next to her bed.
[Alarm chiming]
[Responder radios crackling,
Overlapping chatter]
Frank, what happened?
[Sighing] I don't know.
First responders
Found her unconscious,
Seems she'd been dead
A few hours already.
She had a camera
On her all night.
I'm not a medical examiner,
So don't quote me on this--
There's no sign of trauma,
No blood.
Appears to be
A natural death.
A healthy young woman
Goes to sleep
And she just doesn't wake up?
I asked exactly
The same thing.
Seems it's a lot more common
Than you think.
Heart attack,
And blood clot--
Any number of possibilities.
Oh, come on, frank.
Do not go there.
We're gonna get the autopsy
Reports back in a couple days,
And then we'll know.
May I go inside?
Yeah. We're all done here.
Go ahead.
[Door creaks]
Can you believe this?
I have the worst luck.
I am, of course,
Devastated about Adrian.
It's shocking!
[Phone keys clicking]
Erica, do you mind
If I go upstairs?
I don't care. Go.
[Phone keys clicking]
[Shutter snaps]
Did she have?
Any family?
Her parents
Died years ago.
Car accident.
Her sister, Tina,
Was at the open house.
Did you see her?
Was she ever married?
It's been over for years.
He lives on the coast,
No kids.
You know, I had a friend--
Young, healthy,
It was an aneurysm.
What are you thinking?
Tch. It's nothing, really.
When I saw Tina
At the open house--
She and Adrian
Were off in a side room,
Having a heated argument.
[Sighs] come on, Jenn.
Not everything is a mystery.
Not every death
Is a murder.
[Doorbell jingles]
To rags to riches.
How can I help you?
[Exhales nervously]
I'm Jennifer Shannon.
I was friends with your sister.
I just wanted to come by
And say Im sorry,
And see if you're alright.
Come on in.
Thank you.
Isn't that funny,
How Adrian died?
I mean, we're all gonna
Die sometime, right?
But on a live webcam?
I don't think
That was her intention.
[Laughs] I guess not!
I'm sorry, but...
You seem a little...
Not grieving properly?
Well... Frankly, yes.
It's no secret
I didn't like Adrian,
And she didn't care much for me.
I don't know
How I feel.
Maybe it'll hit me later.
If you don't mind me asking,
What happened
Between the two of you?
A car crash happened.
No more mom, no more dad.
There was a trust fund.
Adrian controlled it.
So any time I wanted something,
I had to go to her.
Not cool.
Did Adrian have
Any health issues
That would've contributed
To her sudden death?
She had to wear
One of those heart halters
A couple years ago.
Irregular heartbeat,
But nothing major.
Seemed to go away on its own.
I won't presume to understand
Your relationship.
I know that family
Can be difficult
Under the best
Of circumstance,
But at the end of the day,
It's still family.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm really not an evil person.
Just honest.
Hey, hon.
Oh, hey,
Have you seen this?
No. What is it?
"Deadly house strikes again.
"Curse of
The old Carson house.
"An internet story
Told of the curse.
"Real estate agent
Adrian Merrill
"Vowed to prove it false.
"She slept in the house
With a live webcam.
In the morning,
She was dead."
This is horrible.
You okay?
Oh, yeah,
I'm okay.
None of it makes sense.
I know
That look in your eyes.
Do you really think
Someone might've
Killed her?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Autopsy reports
Came in this morning.
Death by
Natural causes.
What did you think
We'd find?
Well, it's just...
It's hard to believe,
That's all.
I have gone through
The entire tape
Of her sleeping.
She never gets up,
And no one
Ever comes into the room.
You mean, no one ever came
Into view on camera.
Fine. No one
Is ever seen on camera.
When they say "natural causes,"
What does that mean?
It means "death not attributed
To outside forces."
Her heart stopped.
This is not a police case.
There are no suspects.
Leave it be, Jenn.
I hear you.
Could you do me
A favour, though?
Would you call the coroner,
See if he'll talk to me?
Oh, here we go.
Hi. Is Jennifer here?
Oh, uh, she should be
Back in a couple hours.
Oh. Okay.
I think she loaned something
From the store
For the open house
Last Saturday.
If you could please remind her
To go by and pick it up.
I think
I saw you there.
-peter Mullin.
Hi. I work
In the same office
As Adrian...
You must all be devastated.
We are.
It's tough
Any time you lose a friend,
But this...
What happens to the house now?
Well, the house is still there.
It's gonna be a tough sell
After this.
I don't envy the next agent.
Mm, people don't really
Believe that "curse" story?
You'd be surprised.
We actually got a call
At the office today.
Someone says they remember
A woman who died in the house
Back in the 1960s.
It was
This big mystery--
She was young,
In her 40s.
Hmm. What do you think?
I think...
I think
I'm glad I don't own the house.
Have a good day.
You too.
The perfect murder?
In my opinion?
No such thing.
At least
In the real world.
The killer always
Leaves some evidence,
Always makes a mistake.
And nothing
About Adrian Merrills death
Suggested anything
But "natural causes"?
Ah, yes.
The "deadly room"--
Heh, I love that.
No signs of trauma,
No gunshot wounds,
Knife wounds, et cetera,
No bruising.
Blood panels
Negative for poisons.
Estimated time of death
Between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m.,
From her core temperature.
Her heart just stopped.
Well, um, she had
A history of mild tachycardia,
That's an irregular heartbeat,
And, looking at
The medical records,
Also had sleep apnea.
The irregular heartbeat,
The apnea,
Or a combination of the two
Could be linked
To sudden cardiac death.
What we have here
Is a 35-year-old woman
Who died of natural causes.
So that's it?
That's it.
The body is released.
Private funeral.
End of story.
Is this
The "deadly room" house,
The one that
Killed that woman?
No, it's not.
That house is, um,
A couple blocks down the road.
Okay. Thanks.
How long do
We have to stay?
No disrespect,
But if Adrian were here,
She'd want to leave.
Good to see
Someone I know.
I have no idea
Who most of these people are.
We don't, either.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Jennifer, Danielle,
This is my boss, Patrick white.
He owns the real estate firm
Where Adrian worked.
Nice to meet you.
Well, Im so sorry to meet
Under these circumstances.
Adrian was a friend,
As well as the best agent
I ever had.
This is a...
Tragic loss.
Can we have a moment?
Excuse us.
[Hushed conversations,
Dani, check that out.
Thank you so much for coming.
Do I look the part?
You look fine.
I'd appreciate it
If we kept that conversation
We had the other day
Between the two of us.
Yes, of course.
Do you guys sell?
Used furniture?
Yes, we deal mostly with
Antiques and unique items.
Great. 'Cause all this
Is gonna go.
I'm gonna be moving in
To Adrians house,
But I want
A whole different vibe.
I'll call you.
Geez. I could
Barely stand it!
If it wasn't so obvious,
I'd think
That Tina killed her sister.
What do you mean?
Well, I think,
If she was guilty of anything,
She would have acted bereaved
The last time I went to see her.
She didn't care.
Unless it was a double-fake
And she thought that,
By acting nonchalant,
It would make her seem innocent
Because on the surface,
She'd look guilty.
But... Guilty of what?
Jenn, you went to the coroner.
Nobody killed Adrian.
[Gasps] Ive got it!
Blow gun.
The killer was off-camera
With a poison dart,
Blew through the long tube.
And-- [smack]
I don't think so. No.
Well, one,
The dart would still be there.
Or two, if the killer
Went to retrieve it,
We would see him on camera,
And the poison would show up
In an autopsy.
How else could
A killer have done this?
I'm stumped.
So, either she did
Die of natural causes,
The house has a "deadly room"
That kills people.
Does it?
How much do you really know
About the house's history?
May I help you?
[takes a breath, chuckles]
That house
Has quite the reputation.
When I was younger,
We wouldn't even
Trick-or-treat there.
[Scoffs lightly]
You certainly don't think
The house somehow
Kills people, do you?
How it happens,
I don't know.
But there have been deaths.
I've been told houses that old
Have had deaths.
Oh, that's it. Right there.
And now
The most recent one,
The real estate
You heard about that?
It was a "celebration
Of life,"
It was at
Adrian's house,
But it really
Wasn't a lot of fun.
They never are.
Tina is walking around
Like the bereaved sister,
And she isn't.
That's harsh.
Logan and I
Were at the batting cage today.
I brought up
The dance,
And he seemed
A little callous about it.
I asked him what he would say
If Amy invited him.
And he said, "Thank you,
That sounds like fun,
I'd love to"?
No. It's was more like,
"No way."
[Video playing]
Hey. Whatcha doing?
[Clicks video off]
English homework
And watching an old movie.
It's amazing you can do both
At the same time.
It's called
Multi-tasking, mom.
What movie
Are you watching?
the sting.
the sting?
That's a classic.
Hey, can we talk?
Yeah, about what?
I just want to
Share something with you.
Long ago, and far away,
Your mother
Was in high school
And there was
A girl-ask-boy dance,
And there was a boy
I really wanted to ask,
But I couldn't
Work up the courage.
What if he didn't think I was
Cool enough, or cute enough?
Or what if he said no?
It was very stressful.
Anyway, one day I did
Work up the courage to ask him,
And to my surprise,
He said yes.
We didn't date after that,
It was never a "thing,"
But we had a wonderful time,
And I will always remember him
For that.
So I just want to say,
If you are lucky enough
To be asked,
I hope you'll realize
That it's not easy for the girl.
That's all.
Oh, no.
You are not gonna
Spend eight hours
Watching Adrian
Sleeping in bed.
I thought it was
A live-feed, anyway.
What, did you
Tape it?
No, Logan helped me out.
The live webcam was backed up
In the cloud.
I'm watching it
At four times the normal speed.
I should be done
In two hours.
What are you looking for?
I don't know.
A shadow?
Something weird.
[Sighs] pause it.
Can you tell me why
Everyone else is wrong,
And you suspect foul play
In the death of Adrian?
I went down to the library,
To look through the records.
There was a woman
Who died in the house in 1895.
Elizabeth Carson.
William Carsons
Great-great grandmother?
There might be three "greats."
Died of typhus.
So not a deadly room?
No. But the story
That the house was thought
To be cursed.
There were other deaths.
But Adrian said, back then,
It was common for people
To die at home.
I don't believe
In a curse anyway.
It's just too convenient.
An anonymous article comes out
About a "deadly room,"
And the one night
That Adrian sleeps there,
She dies?
Well, if you're
Thinking murder,
You need a suspect
And motive.
I'm working on that.
And a method.
I mean...
How do you kill someone when
The world is watching live,
There are
No marks on the body,
And the autopsy finds
Nothing out of the ordinary?
I'm working on that, too.
Do I think
She died of natural causes?
Hard to believe.
But the alternative is...
It's ridiculous.
Adrian was
A good friend.
Few years back,
We were a team.
One of the top producers.
Why did you split?
Well, the agency thought
We'd be more productive
Competing against each other,
And we were.
But we didn't have
As much fun.
When something like this
Who profits?
Well, not the owner--
Erica franklin.
She's put a lot of money
Into this project.
The price of the house
Has taken a big hit.
How much?
Who knows?
But killing someone to get
A better price on real estate,
That seems a little extreme,
Don't you think?
I'm just
Trying to figure out
Who might gain
By this situation.
Hey, folks! One sec.
Look, I have to admit
I've had some of
The same thoughts myself.
I keep on coming up empty.
If there's anything
I can do to help,
Please let me know.
Thanks, peter.
Hi. Peter Mullin.
Pleasure. Nice to meet you.
[Doorbell jingles]
Oh! Welcome to rags to riches.
I have
A vintage silk flapper dress
From the 1920s.
Oh! Wow.
That's stunning.
I even have a picture
Of my grandmother
Wearing the dress.
Oh... I love this.
Well, I need to
Sell it right away.
It's really crazy,
But little my doggy,
He tore his acl,
And the operation
Is really expensive.
Well, this dress would be
Great for the store.
Um, how much
Did you want for it?
Well, I don't really
Want to sell it,
But I feel like
If I got $700 for it,
That would be fair.
Okay, well...
Excuse me a second.
[Keys clacking]
[Quiet gasp]
[Picks up phone]
Why don't you ever
Pick up your phone?
I really like the dress,
But I can't buy something
That expensive without approval.
Could you bring it back later?
I-I really do
Need to sell it today.
I'll try another store.
I could give you
$300 for the dress.
Five is really
The lowest I can go.
I mean, it is
Vintage silk, beaded.
The most I have is 300,
And I probably
Shouldn't do that.
[Giggles happily]
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Oh, wow.
No one wants to get near it.
All offers have been pulled.
Is it true?
That Donald Lennox
Had wanted to
Tear the place down
And build
An apartment complex?
Well, Donald wanted to buy it
For practically nothing.
I offered slightly more
Than nothing,
And I think Donald
Was irritated with Adrian
For letting me snatch it up.
I heard William Carson
Was interested in the house.
He still is.
You know he called me
The day after
Adrian's passing,
Seeing if I wanted to
"Unload" it.
Offering me even less
Than what I paid for it,
Before the remodel.
I know you consider yourself
Some kind of sleuth--
At least that's what I hear.
Doesn't really matter.
"Deadly room," murder,
It's all the same.
My investment is wrecked.
It may have
Mattered to Adrian.
Of course.
She and I were in
A business relationship,
And that's what my mind
Is on now--
The business.
I'll be fine.
Hey, sweetheart!
How did it go?
Went great.
Do you notice anything new?
I took your advice
About going for it.
Authentic silk flapper dress
From the 1920s.
How much?
Well, I saw one
Online for $1,500.
The woman was trying to
Get $700 out of me,
But I drove a hard bargain
And I got it for 300!
We're gonna do okay!
If-- if it's real.
It's real!
I have a photo
Of her grandmother wearing it.
Well, sweetheart,
How do you know that
That's her grandmother?
How do you know
That it's silk?
Well... Feels like silk.
The woman needed money
To pay for an operation
On her dog.
Real silk--
...can be
Pulled through a ring.
Synthetic bunches up.
So this dress is...
But good rayon.
It's worth about 25 bucks.
[Sighs heavily]
I'm so sorry.
That was all a lie?
The picture of her grandmother,
The story about her dog?
[She sighs]
I've been conned.
Oh, sweetheart.
I'm sorry, mom.
That's okay.
We've all made
The same mistake
When we're starting out.
Well, sure!
That's how you learn!
$300 is an expensive lesson.
I will earn it back.
I swear.
It's okay.
Okay, you try, mom.
First, click
The magnifying glass,
Then put the cursor
Over what
You want to enlarge.
[Jenn]: why so blurry?
From your
Cell phone, mom.
The less you enlarge,
The better it looks.
What-- w-what--
Absentee-mom intervention.
You two have a choice.
You can stare at that computer--
...or you can get your butt
Kicked at hearts.
-you know you want it.
-that's a challenge.
-you know you want it!
-We cannot turn down--
-we can't turn it down.
We've won--we've won
Six times in a row!
Mm. Just go with me here.
Seems impossible
There was a murder, right?
Put that aside.
Let's talk suspects.
Okay. Let's hear it.
And I want motive!
Okay, Ive been
Working on this.
Suspects and motives.
William Carson,
Heir to the Carson family,
Who built the house.
He wanted to buy the house,
But he couldn't afford it.
Donald Lennox,
Real estate developer.
He wanted
To knock the house down
And build
An apartment complex.
Maybe he still does.
Erica franklin,
Present owner of the house,
Maybe we should rule her out,
Because she stands
To lose the most
From this whole
"Deadly room" story.
Or we should rule her in,
Because she looks innocent.
And then there's Tina,
The most obvious suspect,
Because she stands
To gain the most--
Control of the trust fund,
Plus Adrians share of it.
Sounds guilty to me.
[Phone alert beeps]
Ooh! I have an appointment
With my astrologist.
Oh! The colonial.
We still have
A statue there.
Right. I will
Go pick it up.
Okay. Bye, honey.
Zip code.
[Door creaks open]
Oh! Oh, no.
Hey. Have you
Heard from your mom?
Uh, no. I called her earlier,
Got her voicemail.
[Phone buzzes]
oh, hey, dani.
it's Jason.
Have you heard
From my lovely wife?
I can't get a hold of her.
No, I don't know
Where she is, either.
I tried calling her, too.
I'm getting a little worried.
I left her at
the shop this afternoon.
She may have gone over
To the colonial,
to pick up a statue
we left there!
Let me check upstairs.
I'm going to go this way.
Jenn! Jennifer?
Her purse and phone are here!
- [muffled]: Jason!
- [muffled thumping] Jason!
[Jenn]: here! In here!
Hold on, honey.
I'm gonna get you out.
- [click]
-I got it!
[Jenn gasps with relief]
Oh, Jason.
Aw, thank goodness.
-you okay?
Yeah. Ohh...
Isn't this trespassing?
Can I press charges?
[Sighs] probably not.
You had a lockbox on the door,
She had the code.
How did you know the code?
She told me all the codes
To the lock-boxes
Are the zip codes.
And you came by
To retrieve a statue--
The barye stag!
Uh, thank you-- which
You loaned for the open house?
And then I found
The hidden stairway
That leads
To the bedroom.
I knew about the stairway.
So what?
I don't want you
Sneaking around this house.
And I want you to stop with
This nonsense about a murder.
What is the official cause
Of death of Adrian Merrill?
Natural causes.
Well, then who closed
The door behind me
And trapped me
In the stairway?
[Door creaks]
Just like that?
[Mechanism clicks, door thuds]
[Erica scoffs]
Do you know what this is?
Cap to something?
I think it's what
You put on a syringe
To protect the needle.
Where'd you find this?
The hidden stairway.
I think somebody
Injected Adrian with something.
You don't know how long
This has been in the stairway.
I mean,
Think about it--
You've watched
The entire tape
Of Adrian sleeping,
And nobody injected her,
It would be on camera
If someone had.
And there was nothing
In the autopsy report, right?
So what do you think now?
I think Im gonna
Finish my pie.
Colonel mustard
With the candlestick.
I'm thinking
Professor plum
With the rope.
Ahh. I knew it!
"1,000 times
More deadly than cyanide."
"One fish
Could kill 30 people."
Mercury? Well, got that.
Watch your tuna.
"A medical toxin,
"Similar to curare,
Used during surgery
Or emergency intubation."
Wolfs bane. Untraceable?
"Causes arrhythmic
Heart function
"Leading to suffocation.
"Leaves and stem are toxic
"And easily absorbed
Through skin.
Must be handled
With protective gloves."
Wolfs bane.
[Pen scratching paper]
-Wolfs-- what?
-"wolfs bane."
It's a poisonous flower,
Very toxic to the touch.
You have to wear gloves
If you're handling it.
So, not a "deadly room,"
A deadly massage?
[Laughs] that's funny!
But what if it had been rubbed
On the sheets, for example?
Have you been up all night?
I think you need more rest.
Here, let me
Take your temperature.
Seriously, dani,
This could explain a lot.
Oh, hold on.
Hi, Tina.
Uh, yes, I can do that.
Very good.
I'll see you in a bit.
That was Tina.
She wants me
To go over to Adrians.
Something about
Going through her stuff.
Hey, you have a friend
Who grows exotic flowers?
Yeah, angelica.
Would you mind calling her?
And seeing what you can
Find out about wolfs bane?
Not at all.
-thank you.
And... Go!
Nice. Nice.
Okay, let's do another one.
[Awkwardly]: hey.
Uh, Ill catch up
With you guys later.
[Words catching]: um--
If you're gonna ask me
To the dance,
I appreciate
You thinking of me.
And Id like to go.
Yeah. Cool.
I mean...
Thanks for coming over.
Let's go
Out to the garage.
You're bluffing!
You don't have that ace.
So, here's all the stuff.
Do I just donate it?
There's personal things I don't
Really want to go through.
If you want anything
For your store,
You can just have it.
Most of the furniture
Can go to charity.
They'll pick it up,
And Ill go through the boxes
At the store,
And donate what's appropriate.
Great! I figured
You might know what to do.
I didn't know
You were involved with William.
I met him at the open house.
You know he tried to buy it?
He's a Carson,
Used to be in his family.
I'm a little naive.
Can you really make that kind
Of money playing on-line poker?
Enough to buy
A house like that?
Willie wanted to buy it
Before they sunk
All that money into it.
He still might,
If he can win a big tournament.
William Carson wants the house
Because it's part of
His family legacy,
Which is crazy.
Why's that crazy?
Well, he doesn't have
The money to buy it.
So he's moved in
With her?
Humph! Oh, yeah.
Hey. Check this out.
Did you know Peter and Adrian
Worked together?
Oh, yes.
A long time ago.
Before we ever met Adrian.
Did you ever find anything
Out about wolfs bane?
Yup. It's not hard to get.
Angelica had some
In her orchid house.
Toxic to the touch?
Yeah. Sort of.
If you touch it
With your bare hands,
You'll feel all tingly
And weird,
But you won't die.
It's lethal
If you eat it,
And it's easy to crush it up
With water and make an extract.
Well, I wonder if
You injected that into someone,
If it would it kill them?
I asked her that,
And it would,
But they'd be
Violently sick
For about four hours.
Oh! I guess we can
Rule that out.
So, what's the connect between
William and Tina?
I mean--
He was flirty
At the open house,
So things must have
Moved really quickly.
Well, William wants to buy
A house he can't afford.
He hooks up with Tina,
Who's the only person
Who's profited
By Adrians death.
If he wanted to buy the house,
It's a lot cheaper now.
And if anyone would know
About the hidden stairway,
It would be him.
Thank you very much.
So, everyone at the agency
Was talking about you
Getting trapped in the stairway.
And we even had to change
The code on the lock-boxes.
Normally, I don't panic,
But I was getting there.
I can only imagine.
Erica franklin
Called me yesterday.
She wants me
To take the listing.
The colonial?
But I said no.
I just didn't feel comfortable
About it.
It was Adrians listing,
And she'd done such a great job.
I know,
But if you don't take it,
Someone's going to.
What would Adrian have wanted?
That's exactly
What my boss said.
He really doesn't
Want to lose that property.
So Ill see.
Erica gave me 24 hours
To reconsider.
Is there
Any interest at all?
Well, actually,
There's one low-ball offer
From William Carson.
How does a guy like that
Even scrape together
A low-ball offer?
Well, he's got
A little family money,
And I hear
He's some kind of gambler.
So Ive been thinking about
Our last conversation,
About who would gain
From Adrians death--
Now that's motive, right?
It all begins with motive.
Well, I can think of a couple--
Some of them far-fetched,
Like, uh, Carson trying to
Knock down the price.
But I keep on
Coming back to how.
If Adrian was murdered, how?
I was looking
Into deadly plants.
Wolfs bane,
For example.
I thought it might be some kind
Of contact transmission,
But that would only
Make you sick.
Try this out.
Is there any way
Of releasing some kind of gas,
Or cutting off the oxygen
To the room
So she just dies in her sleep?
Uh, from
An unvented fireplace?
-carbon monoxide?
Wouldn't that show up
In an autopsy?
I guess so.
I got to get back to work.
Is Erica considering
The low-ball offer?
Not yet,
But eventually,
She may just have to
Take a loss and move on.
Thanks for coffee.
My pleasure.
[Bell jingles]
Hello. May I help you?
Can I ask you a favour?
Sure. What do you need?
I own a number of properties
Around the colonial house,
All this talk about it
Being cursed
And a "deadly room,"
It's hurting everything.
Well, how can I help you
With that?
Leave it alone.
I know you have no intentions
Of keeping this rumour alive.
So why don't we just accept
What the coroner's ruled
As a natural death?
You're right,
I have no intention
Of fuelling any rumours
Connected with the house.
I am sceptical
That she just laid down
And died.
Are you a doctor?
A police detective?
You own a second-hand shop,
And suddenly,
You're an expert
And you know better
Than the professionals?
You're not serving her memory
By doing this.
I'll be the judge on
How I serve my friend's memory.
My advice?
Leave things alone
That don't concern you.
So, uh...
Amy asked me to the dance.
Well, I heard "mom voice"
In my ear,
So I said "yes."
Figure Ill survive.
There ya go!
I can't wait
For the wedding.
[Laughs] just kidding.
Hey, um--
That movie, "the sting"--
Um, that was about
A horse race, right?
Yeah. A bunch of gamblers
Figured out a way
To delay the telegraph results
So they would know
The winner before anyone else.
Pretty cool, huh?
[Dress swishing,
Heels clacking]
What do you guys think?
That is beautiful!
Are you buying it?
Because I think its $300.
I'm borrowing it.
Two of my delta sisters
Want to enter a dance contest
For Greek week,
So we're making duplicates
Of the dress
And we're doing the Charleston.
Oh! I can do the Charleston.
You want to see?
[Kids]: mm--
Maybe later.
Hey, after dinner,
Can you show me something
On your computer?
-yeah. Sure.
Okay, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait. Pause.
Adrian's watch.
Can you blow it up
So we can see the time?
Um, yeah.
Can you make it
Not so grainy?
I can run a program
That generates missing pixels.
Might help.
Yeah, let me see.
What if you were to run
The pixel program
For a three-hour segment,
How long would that take?
Mm, it's a pretty static image,
Might take a couple of hours.
Okay. Fast-forward
To about 2:30 a.m.
And go three hours
From there.
What exactly
Are you looking for, mom?
We'll see.
the sting gave me an idea.
Okay, Logan,
Let's play it back.
Whoa, whoa, but that'll take,
Like, three hours.
It's almost
Midnight now.
Well, put it
On three-times fast-forward,
It'll take
Less than an hour.
You want to stare
At a watch-face for an hour?
I'll make you french toast
In the morning.
You are getting
Ve-ry slee-eepy.
[trance-like]: you will
Take out the trash
Without being told.
Your son should
Have a cool car.
He needs a cool car.
[Sighs wearily]
Please don't ever
Tell anyone I did this.
They wouldn't understand.
There it is!
Look at that.
Like, three minutes are missing.
Rewind it.
Play it again.
Yeah, yeah.
[Keys clacking]
Can you go to the wider shot?
Okay, we're just
Seconds before and...
Oh! Yeah, there it is.
Okay, pause.
Blow up her hand.
Now play it back
And watch carefully.
What does that mean?
[Exhales] oh...
That means the live webcam
Was not live.
This has been edited.
You always tell me
To eat slower.
Fine. Let's do this!
Yeah. Okay.
So, we'll start recording.
-um, nothing for a few seconds.
Okay, you can step in now.
-okay. Off-camera.
Now I am on-camera.
-yeah. Looks good.
And a few seconds of you.
And that's great.
Yeah, yeah.
Come on. Cool.
And we get a few seconds
More now of you out.
It's back to nothing.
- [beep]
-that should be good.
Let's play it back.
Let's do it!
-check it out.
-now I am on-camera.
-yeah. Looks good.
How's that?
Okay, now edit me out.
What I have to do is, uh,
Just make a cut here--
Before you enter...
Then one over here
After you leave...
Yeah, here we go.
Mom, that's it.
The key is to have
A static background.
If anything's moving,
It'll be obvious
Something's been cut out.
But if nothing moves,
You can't tell
There's been a cut.
Could someone delay
A live-webcam for three minutes?
I mean,
It takes some hacking skills,
But you tap into their server,
Or high-jack their feed,
And then send it out
Three minutes later.
The killer had to be
In the house the whole time.
-the secret stairway?
He or she had to be able
To take control of the server
And delay the signal.
Then walks out,
In full view,
Just like when
I walked to the chair,
And kills her.
The killer then
Edits out that section,
And from then on,
The webcam is truly live.
You're amazing!
Are you going
To detective Lynwood with this?
No, not yet.
I still have to figure out
How Adrian was killed.
Oh. That.
All we know
Is that the killer
Had a three-minute window
To do something
To stop her heart
That would leave no trace
During an autopsy.
A couple of syringes of air,
Directly into a vein
Could do it,
But it would have to be i.v.
Why? Why not a syringe?
You'd need
To do it twice
To get sufficient air
To stop a heart,
And you'd need to make sure
It was in a vein,
And not an artery.
What about toxins?
Like curare, or wolfs bane?
Wolfs bane?
Oh, I hate the internet.
People are getting
All kinds of bad ideas.
What about 'em?
Or something
Like succinylcholine?
They could all
Stop a heart.
Wolfs bane would show up
In the post-mortem.
Curare, maybe not.
Your best bet is...
It's metabolized
So quickly,
It's virtually
How fast would it act?
You're paralyzed in seconds.
You die within a few minutes.
You would be conscious,
But completely unable to move,
Swallow, or breathe.
You are gonna die...
And you know it.
There were no needle marks
Found on Adrians body,
But is it possible
To have missed
A single injection site
During an autopsy?
It has happened.
Who would have access
To succinylcholine?
Any hospital,
Any ambulance
Would have it.
E.M.T.S use it
To intubate people.
Could have it.
If you are thinking
That Adrian Merrill
May have been murdered
By an injection
Of succinylcholine,
Please remember
There was a camera on her
The entire night.
Right. Thank you.
Cdt2cdt2 [news reporter] :
to the national weather service,
we won't get relief from the--
Oh, thank you.
Down payment.
For what?
We took a solid third
In the dance contest!
So, that goes towards
The 300 that I owe you
For my bad purchase
Of the flapper dress.
Oh, sweetheart,
You don't have to.
No, no, I said that I would,
And I will.
Besides, we had a ball.
I owe you two, now.
Well, look at that.
Our daughter paid me back.
She borrowed gas money
From me today,
So I think 20 of that
Belongs to me.
Uh... No.
I think somebody
Hacked into Adrians computer,
Delayed the live feed
By three minutes,
Injected her
With succinylcholine,
Edited out the murder,
And has completely
Gotten away with it.
Well, the killer
Would have to have
Computer skills,
Medical knowledge,
And enough familiarity
With that house
To know about
The hidden stairway.
And motive.
It sounds like
William Carson to me.
What about Tina?
Or could they have
Done it together?
If I go to Lynwood with this,
He's gonna think Im crazy.
If only you could get
That three minutes
Of film that was cut out,
You'd have your answer.
Wait a sec.
Maybe I can.
Hey, Logan, it's mom.
A quick question.
If something was recorded
On a computer and then erased,
Is there any way
To get that back?
Okay. Thanks!
It's possible.
If we can get her computer,
And if the hard-drive
Hasn't been reformatted.
Where's her computer?
Hi, Tina.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Adrian had a laptop.
It had some photos on it
Of me and Adrian,
And some of our friends,
I wanted to make copies.
Do you think it would be okay
If I borrowed it?
Come on in.
I should only
Need it for the day.
I don't remember a laptop.
I think
She had one for work.
Probably a company computer.
[Jenn sighs]
[Laughs] hey, look.
We did have some fun times.
My weirdness after her death...
I think that was just
A defence thing.
I'm not very good at
Processing emotion.
Hey, Jennifer.
It's good to see you.
I heard you put an offer
In on the colonial?
I have, yeah.
I mean, pretty low compared
To what they were asking,
But if there's any justice
In this world,
Erica will just accept my offer.
Hi, peter?
It's Jennifer.
Adrian had a work laptop.
Do you know
Where that might be?
probably here
at the office. Why?
Well, it had
Some pictures on it,
Of Adrian, me,
Some of our friends.
I wanted to borrow the laptop
And make copies.
Would that be okay?
its okay with me.
Im meeting some clients
out at the colonial.
meet me there
and you can take it.
Ill need it back
in a day or so.
Okay, Ill see you there.
okay. Bye-bye.
it's Danielle.
leave a message
and Ill call you back. Beep.
- [beep]
-oh, hey, dani. It's me.
I just left Tinas.
It was a little weird.
I'll explain later.
Adrian had a work laptop,
Peter's getting it, Im gonna
Meet him at the colonial.
I'll talk to you later.
I'm taping! Come on up.
These virtual tours are great,
I edit them down,
And then, uh,
People from all over
Can check out the house
On the 'net.
Weren't you meeting
Some clients here?
Oh, they cancelled.
[Peter]: my laptop's in here.
I've got it all booted up.
I'm pretty good
With computers.
Used to code and program,
Back in school.
Peter, this could take a while.
I don't want to keep you.
I could take the computer
And bring it back tomorrow.
Actually, no.
I could get in trouble
If I let you have it.
There's some work stuff
On there.
But have a seat.
I've got a flash drive
Plugged in.
It'll just take me a sec
To copy these.
I know her pictures
Are in here somewhere.
[Phone rings]
[Reaches in purse]
[Phone ringing]
You're not really here
For the pictures, are you?
What did you discover?
Three missing minutes
From the webcast.
something was edited out.
[Gasps] oh!
You hacked into her server,
And you delayed it
By three minutes.
That's impressive.
You had to be
In the hidden stairway,
Waiting for Adrian
To fall asleep.
You had a syringe
Full of succinylcholine.
They say the killer always
Leaves evidence at the scene.
I found this
In the stairway.
Love is a strange thing.
How it can just...
She left me behind.
When you asked for the laptop,
I figured the game was up.
How did you know?
The minute-hand on her watch
Was visible the whole time.
Sometime after 3:00 a.m.,
It suddenly jumped forward
Three minutes,
And that meant
Something was cut out.
Would you like to see
The missing footage?
There's a program
Called "ghoster"
That can retrieve
Recently deleted
And corrupted files.
[Hits a key]
I took the liberty
Of running it.
Here we go.
I said, look.
Let go!
No! Oof!
[Hammers cocking]
You okay?
I'm okay.
[Jenn]: well, the picture
That dani found
Of peter as an e.m.t.
Was the key clue.
The killer had to have
Some kind
Of medical background
To know about that poison.
And then I remembered
Back to the open house--
it was peter asking
the old man with chest pains
all the questions
before the ambulance arrived.
Peter was not on my list.
I was so focused
On everything else.
If I could only
Get the hard drive,
I might be able to see
The killer commit the crime.
Why didn't you call me
Before you went
After that computer?
I should have.
I wanted to wrap everything up
With a nice bow.
I had thought of everything,
Except the "who"
In the "whodunit."
But wouldn't the body
Be in a different position
After the edit?
Peter did try
To arrange her body
In the exact position it was in
Before he injected her.
He used a freeze frame
As a reference.
Alright, you may have
Figured this one out--
I'll give you that much.
Do you understand
How close you came this time?
Okay, I won't make
Promises I can't keep,
But I will promise to try
And not solve things on my own.
Fair enough?
What happens
To Mullin now?
Well, D.A. Is filing
"Murder one."
I spoke to
Some of his co-workers
After the arrest.
There was a previous
Romantic entanglement.
In addition,
They were competitive
At work.
He thought he was getting
The listing for the colonial.
She got it,
And as a result,
She was gonna make partner.
He did say that
She "left him behind."
Oldest motive there is.
But, thanks to Jennifer,
We have the visual evidence
We need
On the laptop's hard drive.
Way to go, mom.
Thank you.
[All]: cheers!
That's the last time, Jenn.
This is becoming a habit.
[Jason]: that's my girl!
He looks great.
He's been
Moaning about it.
Oh, he's gonna
Have fun, trust me.
[Doorbell chimes]
Your date is here!
Amy! Hi.
Hi, Mrs. Shannon.
You look
Absolutely gorgeous.
[Chuckles] thank you.
Come in!
Come in.
I brought this
For Logan.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Let me put this on you.
Yeah. Yeah, okay. Sure.
[Camera shutter snaps]
Oh, uh, yeah--
This is for you.
Thank you.
For sure.
[Shutter snapping repeatedly]
- [shutter snapping]
Okay, uh, we should
Probably get going.
-have a good night.
-have fun!
-a lot of fun!
- [awkwardly]: yeah, for sure.
My dad said
You could drive his car.
Want to?
Yeah. Sure.
Not too fast!
Don't embarrass him.
[Shutter snapping]
Goodnight, son!
Oh, I got
Some good pictures!
Oh, you sure did.
[Logan speaking downstairs,
Jason, I think
I hear something.
[He groans]
[Logan]: right there.
Duck around the corner.
Don't get hit!
That was an innocent victim!
He was a collaborator.
Good shot.
Oh, hey, you two.
I didn't hear you come in.
Hi, Mrs. Shannon.
H-hey, mom.
[Amy sighs]
Well, Im just gonna...
Make myself some warm milk.
To help me sleep.
[Long sigh]
I should go.
Yeah. Yeah. Uh...
I'll walk you out.
Oh, uh...
There you go.
I had a really great time.
Me too.
[Door shuts]
[Wistful sigh]
So? Did you have a nice time?
[He sighs]
I had a great time.
She's so cool!
And look,
She even beat my high score,
Which is saying something.
Well, Im glad you went.
Hey, hey!
I-I told her
You were all into mysteries
And she is, too!
-yeah, yeah!
She's, like, obsessed
With this one writer.
Um, have you ever heard
Of Agatha Christie?