Garbo Talks (1984) Movie Script

I will take you away from Paris,
far from our bad memories.
Where the sun will help
me take care of you
and will restore you to health.
We will come back to where
we were happy, one summer.
Oh, if only we could...
We can, we'll go, as
soon as you get better.
I can not.
Nanine. Nanine!
Nanine, go quickly
get the doctor.
The doctor...
If he can not make me live,
how could it?
No, do not say that, Marguerite.
You will live.
You must live.
Maybe it's better if I
live in your heart,
where the world can not see me.
If I die,
nothing will be left of our love.
Do not say that, Marguerite.
Even if we have
to leave today...
My God.
Think how happy we
will be, happy again.
Think of the day we found
the four leaf clover
and all the luck
he will bring us.
Think of the wishes of
Nichette and Gustave
and to those we are going
to do to each other.
It's for life, Marguerite.
Do not leave me.
Marguerite, come back.
Come back.
I had to go to credit service on the 7th.
There was a tail not possible.
I had a lot of other things to do.
Finally, I'm talking to
someone about the problem.
She said, "We could have
done it on the spot."
And nobody seemed to care.
Nobody apologized.
Nobody said, "I'm sorry for
the occasional accident."
In California, I would
have been apologized.
In California, a
salesman has feelings.
Gillie, I want to go
back to Los Angeles.
I want both of us to leave.
I talked to dad.
He will give us the money.
There is so much to
do in California.
You can find everything you
want at an hour's drive.
Where is my coat rack?
Elaine, did you
see my coat rack?
Elaine, do you have...
Elaine, did you see my...
You're not Elaine.
I am Harriet.
Where is Elaine?
I do not know.
It's not my calculator.
This is not my machine to write.
Who are they?
You were transferred there
in the hall, Gilbert.
Room 2601.
Elaine, what's going on?
Kellerman had a promotion.
They transferred
it to your office.
I am supposed to work here?
There is no window.
There is a Rauschenberg.
No, I can not work in there.
I take care of the Xerox, Gilbert.
Mr. Plotkin?
We moved your office.
We needed it for Kellerman.
I knew you would understand.
Yes, but...
- It's a big deal for Kellerman, the office.
He is a little too worried about his image.
Not you, Gilbert.
You could do a good
job everywhere.
You can balance accounts
at Sardi restaurant.
I am working on your increase.
If we get it, you
take me to Sardi.
Gilbert Rolfe.
No... right now.
- What's the matter?
- My mother is in jail.
I am thirsty.
I said I was thirsty.
What must we pay to
have some water?
If we were in the desert,
I would not insist.
I will take note of it.
But we are in the middle of New York.
At 10th Street and 7th Avenue.
There must be a paper glass
and water flowing somewhere!
They give nothing in
detention, cherish.
False. I was arrested
last month in Brooklyn.
I was given a sandwich
and some cigarettes.
A mozzarella.
I'm here for Estelle Rolfe.
I am his son.
$ 500 deposit.
Sign the two copies.
Is she.
I told you that I did
not want you to come.
I can take care of myself.
What am I supposed to do?
Your lawyer calls me to the office.
He leaves a message
to the receptionist.
Do you imagine how big I am?
There is no reason.
Your hearing will take place
on the 5th of next month.
Nothing in life should
ever annoy you.
I've always taught you.
Mom, you live in your own world.
No, I have company,
you, maybe not.
Water, everywhere, and
not a drop to drink!
What did you do?
I stole frozen zucchini.
They took me when I left.
Why did you do that?
They were changing the prices of
lettuce that was already on the east.
I said to the director, "Have you
made a mistake on the price?"
He said, "No, it froze in
Arizona and prices went up."
I said, "But not for the one
who is already on the sea."
I wanted to buy two lettuces.
The difference was 64 cents.
The zucchini costs
exactly 64 cents.
- How much was the deposit?
- $ 500.
I'll make you a little bit.
What does it do for the ghetto?
For God's sake...
Do they affect you in the ghetto?
Of course, when there is
an arrest to be made.
They use you for your race.
It is unfair.
You should not tolerate it.
They make you think of being a
traitor to your own people.
Let's go.
- Will not stop ever?
- What will never stop?
Walking on Washington,
be stopped, lie down in
front of the cars...
Gilbert, I'm like that.
You are you, I am me.
Since I was 6, still in
crusade, looking for trouble.
You did not allow
me to visit steel!
There was a fight against her.
All the others went there.
They all brought a box
of nails, except me.
- What did you miss?
- It's not a...
Gilbert, I like what I do.
I do not care to go to jail for my
convictions. It is a privilege.
You have suffered?
I have always been there for you.
The meal waiting for you?
Have you ever been ill alone?
I was just saying, why
not relax a little?
I am released.
- Let things go.
- It does not happen like that.
Calm down..
If your generation was
a little more active,
I could calm down.
You are hungry?
A beef and broccoli, please.
How's Lisa?
She is fine.
And his dad, the Beverly
Hills entrepreneur?
- He's cheating on his tax.
- You do not know.
He wears tinted glasses.
She still wants to go
back to Los Angeles?
The sun brings out
the best in it.
Why did you never love Lisa?
Tennis is a way to
go through life.
- How's your father?
- He is fine.
We're going to dinner on Sunday.
Claire still making cakes?
Look at this little brown fox...
Nice tits, come and
sit on my face!
I have an electric tongue
that never gets tired!
Mom, come on...
My God!
Who wanted a girl
to sit on her face?
Come on, who wants
to sit on his face
so loud that he cries out to the street?
Who was it?
I have the whole day and I
can come back tomorrow.
You mean the guy who
whistled the girl?
Yes, that's it.
- It was me.
- This girl can not come.
She had an appointment.
I came to his place.
I hope it's ok?
Which one has an electric tongue?
I think it's me.
You plug it or it's on battery?
- Listen, it was just...
- What?
Just a joke.
You have the right
to act like animals
just because you work in height?
Because you make buildings, you
can not have a little class?
You want someone to
sit on your face?
Shout it on the closed window shutters,
and stop humbling yourself in public.
If your head is in the
toilet, do not make bubbles.
Come on, we go down again.
Elaine told me I could
have the Irving listing...
He is there, near the window.
I am Jane Mortimer.
Gilbert Rolfe.
Are you new?
I was at 27, but
they transferred us.
You are fine?
You do not have an attack? I...
My breathing exercises.
I am an actress.
I... O... U.
Can you give me my cap?
There, in the drawer.
- Your cork?
- Yes, please.
Thank you.
Now is the time for all good men
to come to the aid of their country.
a deepens the voice.
An actress must exercise
a lot of her voice.
And now is the time for all good men
to come to the aid of their country.
a comes from my first
bottle of champagne.
You help me to get up?
Thank you.
You want to try?
No thanks.
- Was there anything else?
- It was everything.
Can I see this picture of
Garbo in your shop window?
- a comes from "Grand Hotel".
- From "Mata Hari".
- "Grand Hotel". This is my shop.
- No, it's "Mata Hari".
The scene in the cell
where she meets Rosanoff
just before being taken
to the firing squad.
Look at the costume,
it's "Mata Hari".
It's $ 35.
It is not uncommon.
I have already seen it.
He had to buy it.
This is the frame.
- I take it without the frame.
- I do not sell it without it. $ 35.
It's "Mata Hari".
Go see the movies.
- It's beautiful and it smells good.
- Wilshire shrimp.
I saw a in an article
about California cuisine.
- It's delicious.
- The best I've tasted.
Your father loves shrimp and
I try to make him happy.
I spoke to my parents.
They send their greetings.
Thank you.
My dad is dying to
go to Los Angeles.
He offered Gilbert
a fantastic job.
- He does not want to take it.
- I have a job.
Often in life, one must do
what makes the other happy.
We call it to give and take.
Do you know my philosophy?
There is nothing to give
the other a little joy.
How is your mother?
She had headaches.
- She was arrested again.
- How did you know?
We always know the same people.
Flight to the summer.
It was not really
flight to the bay.
How would you call a?
She was caught with
beans in her bag?
Why does she need to do this?
She has money.
She still has home in Flushing.
She speaks of an injustice.
Do you know that Claire and I are
having a birthday in a month?
Ten years.
Is it a long time?
- Dad...
- Yes.
What made you fall in love?
The way she danced.
How did she dance?
I met her at a party.
We were teenagers.
How was she dancing?
She danced everywhere.
His whole body, all his
being, everything.
When she was dancing, she did
not think of anything else.
She's still watching her weight?
She always watched her weight.
My God, we had fun.
Wedding day,
we went to the courthouse
to get the certificate.
They sent us to a cleric.
His name was...
William Albert.
She did not want to let him
write the certificate.
She did not trust
men with two names.
My God, we had fun.
Two names...
I do not know why we
started to go away.
Always indignant by
this or that thing.
She could not take
life as she comes.
And I got tired, that's all.
I worked very hard, I wanted
peace and tranquility.
And she did not want to
give me, that imbecile.
If she had changed a little,
take a step towards me...
She is a good person,
a good wife.
She lays the ground under my feet.
What more can you ask for?
She still wears
orthopedic shoes?
She has always had ugly feet.
I will take a sandwich.
You want to come?
I have to tell you, Jane.
I am married.
I just invited you
to eat a sandwich.
Elevators are very sexual, right?
I have this fantasy, in a
single lift with this man
that I have never met in my life and
who does not stop looking at me.
All of a sudden, he reaches
out and touches my chest.
I think it is very much
moved, but I do not stop it.
The elevator goes up very slowly,
we are at the World Trade Center,
and he continues to touch me.
We are on the 30th floor
and it takes me the size,
the elevator continues to rise,
and his hands keep coming down.
Arriving at the 70th
floor, we are making love
and he leaves me without
even giving me his name.
Gilbert, we are there.
Do you like working in
this dark little room?
It's not so bad.
I would be claustrophobic.
I study at the theater next door.
I'm counting until
something happens.
I need this job.
People like you should
not have to work.
You are prehistoric.
Actually, I'd like to
be interviewed, but...
It's not my type.
I would like to, but I
do not have the money.
One day, when I'll
be very, very rich,
I'll stay at home all
the time, study Molire
and order veal with oysters
from Fraser-Morris.
Moliire make me laugh,
and Fraser-Morris, that's
where the very, very rich
buy all their tomatoes.
Lisa, it was very good.
This is the first
time I cook Chinese.
It took me 3 hours.
Go to the living room,
I'll serve the coffee.
3 hours.
She could have read "War and Peace".
Where's my bag, Gilbert?
Look on the table in the room.
Bring me a glass of water, too.
Mom, how are you?
Yes... I'm just a little sore
at the head, that's all.
Gilbert Rolfe.
Dr. Cohen. How are you?
What is it?
You can not operate?
There is no way.
You may have other opinions,
but there is nothing to do.
It's an attitude she
will not understand.
Why did not Dr. Cohen
tell me himself?
He thinks I'm made of butter?
Estelle Rolfe.
Not Estelle Rolfe.
I know everyone must die,
but I really thought I
was the first exception.
Dr. Cohen wants you to
go to the hospital.
Lisa's dad knows a
neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills.
I have Dr. Cohen.
It is a shoe size in his field.
He does miracles.
I do not believe in miracles.
You must have hope.
Yes, I have hope.
I do not believe in miracles.
We work with what we have.
We do not always win.
I have always accepted the objective fact.
Yes? Okay. One minute, please.
He could have you a room at Murray Hill.
He wants to know...
I'm not going to Murray Hill.
Dermaticians are not unionized.
- Mom!
- No.
Could you find another
place for him?
She does not like Murray Hill Hospital.
Why? I do not know why.
Yes OK.
No, we'll be there.
Dr. Cohen wants to start
cobalt treatments.
I know everything about cobalt.
You do not...
You will not feel anything.
No, that's not what I mean.
My hair.
They may fall.
I just dye them.
Look at it.
- How much time do I have?
- Hard to say.
You can resist for a while.
Do not tell me a story.
How much time do I have?
Four to six months.
I'm coming back tonight.
I called Mr. and Mrs. Kozinski,
they want to know
if you want visits,
I told them it would be
better to wait a few days,
the time you settle down
and feel comfortable.
They were great. They will monitor
the house and open the eye for you.
Gilbert, I want to meet Greta Garbo.
Yes, I want to meet Garbo.
- Mom, are you kidding?
- No.
It's impossible.
It is not impossible.
She lives here, in New York.
Can not you just focus
on improving your state?
I want to meet Garbo.
Why not? I will die.
She wants to meet Garbo.
It's like a last wish.
This is not my last wish.
I have lots of others.
It's just a little short.
And if we had lunch?
I'm sorry, I can not.
Oh ok.
- Gilbert.
- Mr. Plotkin.
You arrived 1 am
late this morning.
I let it go. And there, you come
back from lunch 20 minutes late.
I'm sorry, Mr. Plotkin.
It's not a library, Gilbert.
The number you have
called is not in service.
Check your phone directory
and check the composition of the number.
Mr. Dokakis?
Mr. Dokakis?
- Who ask for it?
- Me.
I do not need an accountant.
I use the short form.
No, Mr. Dokakis, excuse me.
You are the one who took
pictures of Greta Garbo?
She can not chase me.
I stayed at 15 m.
I know the law.
You can not deprive a
man of his livelihood.
No, Mr. Dokakis.
Mr. Dokakis, please?
Mr. Dokakis, I have to talk to you.
My mother is dying.
She is in New York Hospital,
Room 808, right now.
She has a brain tumor and
she wants to meet Garbo.
You think I'll give you a hose?
I will not spin you any pipe.
You want something,
call my agent.
- Miss Sonya Apollinar?
- Yes.
I want to hire one
of your clients.
Do you want to hire
one of my clients?
Do not do it to me. Come on.
Just a moment, and I'll be back.
We go out to dinner.
Come on, go inside.
I arrive!
I arrive... A momento.
Come in, please.
Come in...
Mi casa es su casa.
I must apologize.
I'm redoing.
It takes so much time...
You do not want to sit down?
I want to hire Angelo Dokakis.
But of course. Angelo.
A brilliant photographer.
And what is the nature
of this mission?
I want to talk to him.
Do you get bored if I ask what?
- I have to find someone.
- Who do you want to find?
- Greta Garbo.
- But of course.
Excuse me, just...
Just a minute.
I have to take a dog.
I will do everything.
Whatever the cost.
Well... is that all you want?
Find Garbo?
It should not be so difficult.
Naturally, I can help you.
You just have to know where to look.
Mr. Dokakis costs $ 250 a day,
a minimum week, plus expenses.
- Okay. Its good.
- Its good.
Its good...
Believe me, it's...
This is not a problem.
I wish all my missions
are so simple.
I will need a down payment.
$ 500 to start.
I'm giving you a chit.
Could you settle my commission
separately to cash?
I... $ 50.
Sit. Right here. You can use...
Angelo is very, very particular
about the work he chooses to do.
Could he start right away?
I do not see what would stop him.
The chick.
Mr. Plotkin. Here Gilbert.
Mr. Plotkin, I'm so sick...
I can not come today.
I knew you would understand.
Thank you sir.
That's where she lives.
On the 10th floor.
I never went inside.
Did you take pictures
of her there?
I took them with a
telescope lens from there.
I rented a room.
She has several rooms.
They are empty most of the time.
And that's all?
Are you waiting all day
hoping she's coming out?
If you are lucky, all day.
Sometimes it takes weeks.
I followed Princess
Margaret for a month.
All around the Caribbean.
I took it tanning without
the top of the shirt.
If she had returned, I would
be a millionaire today.
I am serious.
What does she like, your mother?
I do not know. I...
The calm kind?
Mine too.
- How long has she been sick?
- A few weeks.
She started having migraines.
Sometimes she missed a walk and...
Little things.
What time is it?
As far as I know,
she's not even here.
She spends a lot of time in Spain.
Fire Island, France, Antigua...
It is 5:30.
We can meet tomorrow,
but I will not take
you any more money.
Besides, you know where she lives.
But you make a mistake.
Even if you see her,
she will disappear as
soon as she notices you.
She is totally inaccessible.
Stay a little longer.
I am tired of chasing people,
hotel rooms, helicopters.
I'm tired of spying on them.
The way they look at
me, so condescending.
a simply does not make sense anymore.
I am sorry for your mother.
She looks like a nice lady.
It was pouring rain.
I saw the Goodyear airship pass
right in front of my window.
The Knicks beat the Celtics, 97-96.
I want a flash.
Cherish, bring me a flash, will you?
It's mine?
I have trouble
keeping things last.
I have a terrible word.
There are two checks
for Angelo Dokakis.
One of $ 450 and another of $ 675!
And this cash flow, $ 50?
A check for $ 75, cash?
We have a balance of $ 600.
We have no money left.
Gillie, do you know what we are?
Do you know what we are?
I can not say it.
Just heaven, I can
not say the word.
What are we?
We are...
Lisa, can you take care
of our budget this month?
Are you serious?
Cut in capital?
My father says it's
like spitting on God.
What are you doing?
I sew.
I know you're sewing.
What are you sewing?
Tell me what you're sewing.
Tell me immediately!
- I can help you sir?
- Acme delivery. For Miss Garbo.
There is no one here of this name.
- I know for sure that...
- There is no one of that name here.
Okay, so this is for the
lady of the apartment 10 A?
There is no lady at 10 A.
You know that this work
is paid to the SMIC?
- Yes. It suits me.
- You provide your own uniforms.
No problem. No problem at all.
You can buy those from Guthrie.
You have the same size.
- I'll talk about it with Guthrie.
- Guthrie is dead.
- It's a part-time job.
- Yes.
You have to be here at 2:45
for afternoon deliveries.
- Yes sir.
- 2:45, not 3:00.
I understand, sir.
You have no resentment
towards the upper class?
- No.
- Good. We do not tolerate grossness.
There is still a place for
the rich in New York.
Excuse me, Mr. Plotkin.
What can I do for you, Gilbert?
I would like to come to work
earlier, earlier than 8:30.
I have a job in the afternoon.
I would like to leave at 2 pm.
We have an open hiring policy.
You start when you want, as
long as you make 8 hours.
What time do you think?
I would like to come to 7 am.
- From 7 am to 2 pm?
- Yes sir.
It's been 7 hours.
I will fill the difference.
I will work on Saturdays.
The office is closed on Saturdays.
I will not take a vacation.
We can not use the time of the holidays.
It's the law.
You could come at 6 pm.
At 6 o'clock? Nothing works at 6 pm.
Computers are shut down at 6 o'clock.
Well, come on, anyway.
Gilbert, are you crazy?
I do not believe that.
What's happening to me?
What's going on in my life?
I will not go out until
you remove this thing.
Honey, try to understand.
No, I do not want to be part
of this circus anymore.
Am I unfair?
If I am unfair, tell me.
You are not unfair.
This is too much.
You make me depressive.
I'm starting to ovulate.
I feel it.
Mrs. Jacobs at 51 and Madison,
Mrs. Harrison, same
building, a lower floor.
At 52 and Park, Mr. Blaustein.
Then down, at 49, the Waldorf.
Miss Moore has an apartment there.
We send him his biscuits and
Perrier water every Tuesday.
Jacobs, Harrison,
Blaustein, Moore.
Always have someone sign.
Do not forget.
I do not see you anymore.
You will have lunch at 10 am
I start tft.
I need my afternoons.
I am taken for a role.
"As You Like It". Joe Papp.
Good luck.
Thank you.
See you soon?
Krebs at 56, Detweiler at second
and 55, Bluttman, right at 55,
Kronhauser at 53, Cavaleri
at 53 and Brown at 50.
Rolfe, this order
for Brown at 50...
On arriving, tell the porter,
"I'm from Fraser-Morris and
I have an order for Brown."
Then you look at it and ask,
"Are you from Oslo?"
It's understood?
I say that I am from
Fraser-Morris and...
No no. You must do
it exactly as I say.
I am sorry. "Good afternoon.
I'm from Fraser-Morris..."
There is no good afternoon.
You say,
"I'm from Fraser-Morris and
I have an order for Brown."
"Are you from Oslo?"
Otherwise, you will not enter.
I will have to send another one.
I do not want to make two trips!
Do not ask me to explain.
One day, maybe, when
I know you better.
I'm from Fraser-Morris and
I have an order for Brown.
Are you from Oslo?
B. The service lift
is downstairs.
Miss Garbo, Miss Garbo.
Miss Brown, Miss
Brown, please...
- Fraser-Morris?
- An order for Miss Brown.
Thank you. I'll take it.
- You're not Miss Brown.
- I work for Miss Brown.
Mr. Morganelli told me
distinctly to put this back.
Miss Brown and no one else.
I'll be fine, believe me.
Miss Brown is absent.
It will be necessary to give them to me.
I would like to leave a
note for Miss Brown!
Rita came to see me today.
She made my hands. Viewing.
Mom, I tried to find her.
Do you think you'll get there?
I do what I can.
I can not promise anything.
Kiss Me.
I'll miss you.
I will miss you so much.
Mom, do not be afraid.
I am not afraid. I am angry.
I will not know who will be the next
President of the United States.
Me, the only one?
I have the right to know.
Angelo, here Gilbert.
I'm fine thank you.
You must help me.
I am desperate.
You said she was going on an island.
Fire Island. God, I'm stupid.
I could not do it.
I only remembered the island of Elba.
You always have a pulse, Estelle.
- How much do they pay you?
- $ 7.10 an hour.
- How are you living with?
- I have three boyfriends.
- Why do not you ask for more?
- Everything is in the contract.
- The contract lasts until when?
- One year, two years...
Want to continue earning
$ 7.10 an hour?
- Are you kidding?
- Only you can change it.
Me? Esperanza Gonzales, of San Juan.
I have two children.
I live in Queens in an
apartment with my sister.
Who will listen to me?
Hey, Sanchez?
When does your contract stop?
Which contract?
We have a contract, imbecile.
When does your contract stop?
Which contract?
The dog is pissing on your leg.
You want pants?
Thank you...
I am Bernie Whitlock.
Gilbert Rolfe.
I am not gay.
Me, yes.
I guess the whole boat is.
A few exceptions.
What are you doing?
I am an accountant.
I progressed from postman
to Bloomingdale.
It was a joke.
In fact, I work at Alexander's
men's department.
Sometimes I lie, I say Bloomingdale.
It depends on which company I am.
This is my third year on the island.
People are friendly.
The older I get, the
less I care about sex.
I'm looking for someone
I can talk to.
It's hard to find.
- And you?
- And me?
What are you looking for?
We are all looking for something.
You will not believe me.
I'm looking for Greta Garbo.
Looking for the Garbo?
It's a joke?
I can ask you why?
It's a long story.
I imagine.
I saw her once last summer,
walk on the beach.
She had a big hat, sunglasses
and a long floating cape.
Yes, she was... She was walking under
a light rain without an umbrella.
I do not think anyone
knew who she was.
But all of a sudden, she
disappeared into a house
and I never saw him again.
You could remember the house?
It was somewhere on the coast.
I did not pay attention.
Please, this is very important.
Do you want to dine with me tonight?
I'm sorry, I can not.
- I just hate to eat alone.
- My mother, either.
She goes to the restaurant, she
looks if others are alone.
If they look interesting,
she asks them to join them.
- And if they say no?
- She's asking someone else.
A rejection, I lose my appetite.
It could be that one.
Can I ask you a question?
Why are you looking for Garbo?
My mother wants to meet her.
Your mother is weird.
I thought you were doing
it for an autograph.
And for the pants?
If ever your mother
wants to meet me,
I am at the Queens Boulevard branch.
In Queens.
Miss Garbo, please.
There is no one here of this name.
This is the residence Von Klammer.
- I need to talk to him.
- There is no Garbo here.
Look, she's here.
I know she is here.
Wait, please.
- What time is the next ferry?
- 7 am.
You stayed up all night?
In your opinion?
I slept on Fire Island Beach.
What were you doing at Fire Island?
Search Garbo. Search Garbo.
Mr. Plotkin has called.
You did not go to work on Friday.
You did not call to say
that you would not come?
I know.
Gilbert, is there another
woman in your life?
Are you sure?
I said, are you sure there is
not another woman in your life?
I am sure.
These things happen.
People change, lose interest.
I am from California.
I went to see your mother last night.
His hearing is worse.
She did not recognize me.
I could not say whether
it was wanted or not.
Gillie, I talked to my parents.
They are worried about me.
They want me to come home.
Dad offered to come
here and bring me back.
Of course, it is not worth it.
I am a big girl now.
What did you tell them?
I told them I would
not come until...
After Estelle...
I try to do the right thing.
I do not always
succeed, but I try.
You know, Lisa.
You do not have to try anymore.
If you want to leave,
why not just leave?
You do not have to
wait for mom to die.
I am going to tell you something.
The first time mom saw you, she
found you affected, careful.
She did not love you. She...
What was she saying?
I told him that you
spoke two languages.
She said, "Yes, English and Gucci."
The feeling is shared.
My parents have never been so
embarrassed in their whole lives.
She did not cross the picket for
the wedding of her own son.
Do you still want to bring back?
The barman's union was
at the Beverly...
We wanted to put her in the laundry,
but she did not want to move.
She does not cross the pickets.
- The marriage of his own son.
- She's like that.
I will come back if you wish.
I think it's better like that.
I feel really sad.
We had a perfect wedding.
All I wanted was a house,
children and safety, but...
Last time with you, I went
from surprise to surprise.
I do not want surprises, Gillie.
The counter next, please.
I paid the difference.
I did not want your father
thinks I'm an idiot.
He will think so, anyway.
- And how is it, Estelle?
- A little more brightness.
Its good?
Do you want something else?
Estelle, our contract expires
on the 1st of the year.
They want us to increase from
$ 7.10 an hour to $ 7.90.
Nobody of us knows what to do.
We do not want to make waves.
Make waves.
We do not want to
start something.
Start something.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Estelle Rolfe.
Mrs. Rolfe is resting.
She does not feel like having any visits.
I will not be long.
I am her husband.
Jenny. You will have to be short.
Yes thanks.
This imbecile thing.
Williams goes to Woodson,
who gives it to Bill Cartwright
for the smash... foul!
What a wonderful pass
from Ray Williams
and good vigilance
of Bill Cartwright
to anticipate this pass.
Yes indeed.
We see Ray Williams
move without the ball,
Woodson will intercept.
The defense is grouped
in Ray's throw...
Voila Meriwether with a
nice pass for Cartwright.
Ninotchka, do not take
everything seriously.
It's not worth it, really.
Please. Dtendez you.
I beg you, sergeant.
- Smile.
- What?
- Do you want to smile?
- Why?
- Smile, that's all.
- What?
Of anything.
From the ridiculous spectacle
of life, people too serious
who take a pompous air,
exaggerating their own importance.
If you do not want to
laugh at anything else,
- you can laugh at you and me.
- Why?
Because we are a
couple of couples.
So, you should go
back to your table.
No, I'm not leaving you.
Not yet.
Not until you laugh
at least once.
Now go back to your table.
It was not a laugh, a.
I meant, a heart laugh.
I know. I will tell
you a funny story.
One minute... Let me remember...
I got it. Two French people
go to the United States...
On which boat?
Let's move. Besides, history
would not please you. Probably.
Believe me, Elizabeth Rennick is
the forgotten genius of the movie.
Come on, Adolph. You must joke.
No, no, I really do.
Elizabeth Rennick was
just as good as Garbo.
a did not stop...
She has played in a lot
of Garbo movies ..
Small roles.
You know, there are actresses
who start with small scenes
and make their way to the top...
Well, she did just the opposite.
The poor. She often comes
here to watch her old movies.
- Jane?
- Gilbert?
How to find an actress?
- I am an actress.
- An actress in particular.
You call Actor's Equity.
All actors are listed at home.
But it's Saturday, today.
Ah yes?
- They are closed.
- Really?
You can call them Monday.
You ask the adherents.
And you tell them who you are looking for.
Who am I looking for...
And you go to see her.
I can go and see her...
You are free?
I imagined you with someone rich.
Rich men are too weird.
They always order California
wine and then defend it.
You are not married?
We are separated.
She is in Los Angeles.
She's been there for a few weeks.
She is probably very tanned now.
Gilbert, I do not want...
I do not want you to
take too much seriously.
Being with someone... permanently
is not really in my plans.
Actor's Equity.
It's for you, Mr. Goldhammer.
Adhsion. Goldhammer.
I would like the address
of Elizabeth Rennick.
Who calls?
Gilbert Rolfe.
Gilbert Rolfe?
This name does not tell me anything.
It's a personal question.
I must contact her urgently.
Dsol. I can not give it to you
unless you know your company.
Adhsion. Goldhammer.
- Here David Barrick's office.
- How can I help you?
I need Elizabeth
Rennick's address.
- Have you just called?
- No.
Are you a casting director?
Yes, that's it.
So look for it in your
repertoire of actors.
- Yes?
- Mr Goldhammer?
Yes. - Enchanted.
I am Marian Lane.
- Who?
- We met at the Tony Awards.
I have not been to the
Tony's for years.
It was some time ago, but...
I remember you.
You are the backbone of this
organization, if I remember correctly.
Most people do not
know my existence.
Me, I know you.
You are one of those you can
not get out of his mind.
Thank you.
Our phones are down.
I work for Jimmy Nederlander,
and he needs information
about Elizabeth Rennick.
No one has been calling for
Elizabeth Rennick in 15 years.
a is going to be
lucky for her life.
She is very old.
Mr. Goldhammer, what sense
of humor do you have.
Here is his number.
Here Elizabeth Rennick.
555-8318. I'm not here.
I'm rehearsing a new
production of Romeo and Juliet
where I was given the
role of the nurse.
I declined several times,
because I...
I do not do second roles,
but Joe Papp, the brilliant
producer of "A Chorus Line",
continued calling and finally,
I said, "Ok, I'll try."
We are at the Delacorte Theater
in Central Park for rehearsals,
who, I hope, will not
take more than 2 weeks,
if everyone behaves
Sometimes these companies on Broadway
are a bunch of animals,
smoking drugs,
where everyone tries to get
into each other's pants.
Everyone does not care about
Shakespeare, but hopefully...
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Elizabeth Rennick.
Miss Rennick, we are ready
to redo your scene.
Miss Rennick!
Put yourself there.
That's it.
Just here.
Perfect. Good...
And please, try not to flicker!
Nurse, where's my daughter?
Call her forth to me.
Now, by my maidenhair...
"Maidenhead", Miss
Rennick, not "maidenhair"!
I want to cut this reply.
We can not cut it!
She made the same
mistake all week.
You can not memorize
your replicas!
- I forgot my rejoicings once!
- You knew them once!
a does not work!
Very good, everyone,
lunch break, one hour!
Miss Rennick, please,
I need your help.
Are you still friends?
You see her sometimes...
I should never have given
my name to this fiasco.
Yes. Miss Rennick, could
you call him for me?
Call who? What are you telling?
Miss Garbo.
Yes. She gave me this ring.
It's gold.
It was very generous on his part.
Especially thinking that this
is the first thing she did.
Do you know the flea
market on 6th Avenue?
You could pick her up there.
She has always loved to hunt.
You are...
I am sorry.
It's massive money.
$ 175.
You saw it?
It's not...
I do not know. I believe so.
May I have a minute
of your time,
I am neither a
journalist nor anything.
It's about my mother.
You must listen to me, please.
My mother is very sick.
She is in the New York hospital, room 808.
She has a tumor.
She does not have much time.
She does not have the time.
The doctor thinks he has
only one week left.
She has this mad desire.
She wants to meet you.
I've been looking for you for three months.
She just wants to see you
before she dies, that's all.
She just wants to watch you.
I do not know, just see you.
Please. Come with me.
Just a few minutes, that's all.
Five minutes. One minute.
There is not even to think about it.
She loves you so much.
She loves you, maybe
even more than me.
It's her.
I can not believe it.
It's really you.
It's you.
If I had known, I would have done...
I would have put on my
hair, had a manicure done.
Did you meet my son?
He is a good boy.
He works very hard.
I do not know what to say.
I mean, you're here,
I do not have words.
It must be 30 years, 40 years.
I bet you've been told
thousands of times already.
I loved you from the
first time I saw you.
We lived on Eastern
Parkway, it's in Brooklyn.
My dad gave me 10 cents
to go to the cinema
with Wanda Sternhagen, my friend.
My father was not rich.
10 cents, it was a lot
of money for him.
He had six mouths to feed.
We saw "Flesh and the Devil".
You were Felicitas von
Kletzingk, remember?
Which name. I never forgot it.
I still have it in my head.
In general, the names of the
films do not stay in mind.
I was at the balcony of Loew's Pitkin,
with Wanda Sternhagen in Brooklyn
and I was Estelle Garbo,
eating a corned beef sandwich
in a brown paper bag and
Wanda saying "hush"
because the brown
paper bag made noise.
It's easy to be Estelle Garbo
when you are on the balcony of
Loew's Pitkin in the darkness.
Nobody saw my double
chin and my big chest.
Not like the vphers. Fine.
I would not have had to eat a
corned beef sandwich anyway.
I was a fat child.
I had to lose weight,
but show me a fine grocery,
especially corned beef,
and I ate you in the hand.
Every time you moved, I sighed.
You walked from one end
of the room to the other,
it was as if your feet
never touched the ground.
Wanda and I saw all your movies.
She thought I loved you
because of my big feet.
That is true. I was doing 39.
I was only going to be 12 years old.
Wanda moved.
Her father had a job in Trenton.
Before leaving, I took her
to lunch and to the cinema.
We went to see "Wild Orchids"
who stood out.
We saw it four times... we did
not know how to say goodbye.
I wrote you a letter once.
I have never written
to another movie star.
I did not get an answer.
It does not matter...
I did not take it personally.
You will not believe
it, but it's true.
I married my husband in 1953.
It was a small wedding. At home.
My mother cooked for a week.
My aunt too.
Everyone has come.
Later, Walter and I took the
train to Atlantic City.
It was our honeymoon.
Some honeymoon.
Two nights.
I did not foresee things...
The rules...
So we were there in Atlantic City,
and I could not do anything.
I was a virgin.
Walter was a virgin.
We had to stay a little longer.
We had nothing to do.
So, I bought a newspaper.
We passed "Anna Christie".
It was the only one of your
movies that I had not seen.
Garbo is talking.
Give me a whiskey.
Ginger ale on the side.
And do not be stingy, baby.
We had Gilbert.
His name comes from John Gilbert.
On returning, after childbirth,
I was so tired that I
could barely move.
I could barely open my eyes.
The television was on.
They passed "Camille", and
I did not stop looking
those heavy skirts that you wore
come and go, then come and go...
Walter and I divorced.
The world is a crazy
place to live, right?
He thought I was eccentric.
Returning from the lawyer's
office, I cried all day.
I walked around the house all day.
I can not sit down to rest.
I took three baths.
I do not know...
You love someone, you have
a child, and it's over.
Why? I do not know.
It's crazy.
I turned on the television.
They were passing
"Queen Christina".
This close up of you in the end,
I thought it would never finish.
It lasted an infinite time...
God, how I tested you.
I really dislocated myself.
I thought that if I
looked like you,
if I had that face,
if I had those eyes,
I would not be so alone.
And your arms,
these long thin arms,
making arabesques
and which seemed
of endless length.
I would have been jealous
of any beauty that day.
Luckily, they passed
"Queen Christina".
Are you interested in basketball?
The Knicks are out of the series.
It bugs me a little.
The world is full of
small injustices.
They disturb you or not.
Me, they disturb me.
A few years ago, I saw a
picture of you in a magazine.
You were in Paris.
You were walking in a
park with a black hat.
I bet you have a million hats.
I was in Paris. Two times.
You have nothing on me there.
Of course, you were
with Aristotle Onassis.
And I was with the B'nai B'rith ride.
My god, Gilbert!
Do you know what she told me?
That her father was
very poor, like mine.
He worked in a factory in Sweden.
He made auto parts.
And she likes deli meats,
but she prefers cold
chicken to corned beef.
And what else?
She detested biology...
And, God, how I
disliked biology.
And I do not remember
everything she told me.
We had a good conversation, Gilbert.
She told me she was
born in September.
I was born in
September, do you know?
And she told me that her
living room is red.
His salon is red, Gilbert.
And what else? What else?
Her living room is red
and she hates war.
It does not deny anything as
much as war and violence.
In any case, she said that
we were very similar.
Except for the feet. You know she
does not have big feet at all.
She wears 38.5.
She showed them to me.
She knows everything about me.
- I am very busy, Gilbert.
- I must speak to you, Mr. Plotkin.
Later, Gilbert.
I have to talk to you now.
Shepard, I'm leaving.
I do not say that
because I am upset.
But yes, I am upset.
Of course, I am vexed.
I am very upset.
You took my office
to give me a small
piece of criticism.
It's not your fault.
It can happen.
The luminaire buzzes.
There is a low buzz all day long.
You know it.
You did not repair it, I asked
for it many times. It's OK.
You reduced the staff,
and you gave me work
for three people.
And if I did not finish,
I had this speech on
my time to complete.
Do not worry.
This is not your problem.
I sat there and I listened.
Is not it?
You have deducted a half-day
salary for my delay.
No problem. It can happen.
You made me come at 6
o'clock in the morning.
There was nothing to do
at 6 am and I thought:
"Plotkin has fun doing me a."
But then I said to myself,
"No, the rules are the rules.
"He's only doing his job."
"Its good.
A man must do his job."
You have been great. Really.
I wish you good luck.
I'm not angry.
I do not have any resentment.
You have been great.
But we are who we are.
I am who I am.
You are who you are.
So, fuck you, Shepard.
I had the role.
- Yeah? Gnial.
- Yeah.
They did not stop calling me back.
I thought they would
never decide.
I resign.
Do you disavow, too?
Yes. I can do better.
I think I can do a lot better.
What are you looking for?
I do not know.
Sky is the limit...
I would like you to
come to the first one.
Of course.
We will talk about my
Rosalind for years.
I'm going to be the best
Rosalind we've ever seen.
You already are.
You are not part of my world.
My career consumes me.
There is no time for
a relationship.
- Do you understand?
- Of course. - Good.
Maybe I deprive myself, but
playing is such a sacrifice...
Every day I give
something for my art.
You are "simpatico."
I like it a lot.
I am reputed for my "simpatico".
I do not know what's with
you, but you make me laugh.
You are so deceived. I love it.
My God. Gilbert, do
you know who it is?
It's Greta Garbo.
Oh, my God, she's coming over there.
I can not look, I can not.
How are you, Gilbert?
I'm fine thank you.
I can not believe it.
Gilbert, you are fantastic.