Garudan (2023) Movie Script

Turn down the volume, man.
What is this?
Why are you still sober?
Have a drink, Salamikka!
Let me pour water.
Pour some water.
Come on!
This is Salam Kyperi.
If he has one drink,
next one will be free.
Shiva, I'm not sure if I turned
off the main switch at the site.
This lightning suddenly reminded me.
You turned it off, Ikka.
And even if you didn't,
what's going to happen?
There's nothing to be struck
by lightning there, right?
It's an under-construction
building, right?
But I need to go check.
Otherwise it will keep bothering me.
There he goes again!
You should be called 'Unsure' Salam
instead of 'Supervisor' Salam.
You are always unsure.
No, dude.
The finals are happening tomorrow.
Dude, everyone is practising
vigorously over here.
Yes! We will win this year's
zonal trophy for sure!
We'll see! We'll see!
- He's challenging me!
- Are you going in the rain?
Are you leaving?
Let's do one more rehearsal.
No way, dear. My dad is alone
at home. You know, right?
Let her leave. Or else,
she'll be court-martialled.
Hey Noorah! I have to go
back home and cook for Dad.
But how will you
understand all that?
You're shamelessly hogging food made
by your mom, four times a day, right?
Shall I leave?
The rain, the cold weather and that girl.
There was a song about it, right Saji?
That song with the girl... "Mainakam"...
Shut up!
Give it to me.
- Isn't that the one?
- Him and his "Mainakam".
Hey! What was the name of that
yellow Sari chick from Ravipuram?
It's raining heavily.
Shall I call her?
Stop it, Shiva.
Don't tempt us as well.
Come on, drink!
Bro, avoid the
gutters while driving.
Pass me the water.
It's so dark here!
Look, Supervisor!
The main switch is off!
You and your imaginations!
- I'm leaving.
- Wait!
- I'm coming too.
- Got drenched for no reason.
[crying in pain]
Who's that?
Shiva, come fast!
Catch him!
- Help me! Catch him!
- Salam Ikka!
- Hey!
- Ikka!
Hold her.
[Singing an old Malayalam song]
Oh God!
Will it be the Principal?
Was it you, Xavier?
We would have died in shock now.
Sir, there's an emergency.
Teresa, from D1 English class...
We're in front of Stephen
Luke Hospital now.
A girl was admitted here under
suspicious circumstances some time back.
We came rushing here
on hearing the news.
They're not allowing us inside.
She had left saying that
her dad is alone at home.
How is she, Sister?
We've gathered that a girl
has been admitted here,
under suspicious circumstances.
We've been informed that DCP
Harish Madhav is on his way.
From whatever information we could gather,
we suppose that the girl
has been seriously injured.
I'm here, sir.
I'll brief you soon.
15 minutes... max.
- Okay.
- Sir.
This way, sir.
- He went inside, sir.
- Around 8:30 p.m...
- I saw it while heading back.
- What's the status?
She is unconscious now.
It's a rape.
There are signs
of strangulation,
possibly caused by a
metal chain-like object.
We can't say anything now.
She's under observation.
coma is a possibility.
What happened to my daughter?
It's nothing, sir.
My daughter...
She's alright.
- Where is my daughter?
- She is in the ICU.
What are you saying?
She's in ICU?
- She's under observation, sir.
- Please don't be stressed.
She'll be alright.
- Sir, please come.
- Sit down, sir.
Sir, that's Teresa's father.
Somebody tell me something!
It's all fine, sir.
Please sit down.
I want to see Teresa.
- I want to see her. Please!
- Doctor will come now, sir.
Let me see my daughter!
Please show her to me!
Somebody please help me!
We went back and checked,
based on a doubt, sir.
Otherwise, we would have known
only when the watchman showed up.
That too, only if he
checked inside.
I saw him, sir.
In the flash of the lightning.
I have not seen him before.
If you see him again,
will you recognize him, Salam?
Definitely, sir.
Though I was three drinks down,
I wasn't drunk.
When I saw this, my high
dissipated in an instant.
Anyway, don't say any
of this to the media.
You know, right?
If they get something,
they won't leave you.
Breaking News!
College student assaulted at Kochi.
Kochi City Police Commissioner has informed
us that the investigation has begun.
The girl who was assaulted
is in critical condition.
More information
regarding the incident...
Sir, it's exactly like Salam described.
The workers leave around
7 p.m. in the evening.
The watchman reaches around 9 p.m.
and stays till 8 a.m. in the morning.
It's definitely not a random act.
It's a planned attack,
with carefully adjusted timings.
Yes, sir.
Is it him?
- No.
- Are you sure?
It's not him, sir.
This one?
Look carefully.
- Are you sure?
- No. It's not him, sir.
Harish, semen was found
in the girl's body.
No fingerprints were
found on the dog-chain.
Moreover, it's quite old too.
So, it would be
difficult to trace.
It's rusted?
Sir, what happened was a
very well-planned attack.
The culprit was aware that nobody would
be present at that site, post 7 p.m.
The final rehearsals for the
inter-zone youth festival...
were happening for the past
four days, at that campus.
Teresa was assaulted
on the fourth day.
So, someone who knew Teresa closely;
someone who knew her routine
and timings for those four days...
Someone who knew all this precisely.
We've already interrogated around 100
people who are connected to Teresa,
including her batch-mates,
students of that campus and teachers.
We could not zero in on anything.
Now, it's time for the reality.
Now, she's in coma.
She's alive only because
of the life-support system.
We don't know how long
it will stay that way.
We are really sorry.
She has been in the
ICU for 7 days.
And now, in a coma!
When are you...
and how are you going to
catch the bloody culprit?
Tell me!
Tell me!
Mind ablaze
The day's beyond reach
Lonely road ahead
As gratitude does teach
Is the truth being covered?
We want justice!
It's alleged that the police investigation
into the student rape case...
is stagnating and making no headway.
Alleging that the police are searching
in the dark with no leads,
the Opposition Party made a walk-out
from the Legislative Assembly.
We've been informed that the case will be
handed over to the Crime Branch soon.
What next?
We're going for a long-shot attempt.
Ancestral genetics.
DNA ancestry.
To determine whether our ancestors are
Africans, Aryans or Jews,
people donate their DNA's,
just out of curiosity.
Hundreds of agencies that
accept these DNA samples,
preserve them in their repository.
We'll send our rapist's semen
sample to such agencies.
What if any one sample
from their database,
matches with our sample?
What if that becomes the
"God's evidence" in our case?
Sir, we found a match!
Sudev V. Rajan.
An IT professional, from Hyderabad.
[radio announcement in Hyderabad]
Sudev V. Rajan?
you're not a criminal,
and I'm not an officer who has
come to take you into custody.
I'm assuring that once again.
You can tell me anything...
that I will need to know.
Sir, I was born and
brought up in Hyderabad.
I go to Kerala very rarely.
I don't know anyone there.
And I did this DNA sampling,
out of curiosity.
But... not only me.
My friends also did the same.
if I could know why
you've brought me here...
I can be more specific.
Do you know her?
No, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
Can I have a word?
Sir, he was at his office on
the night of the incident.
There is proof.
Late night, with friends,
he had gone to the bar...
and swiped the credit card.
There's proof for that too.
He has gone to his office
on the next day as well.
There's proof for that too.
You told me that you don't
know anyone back in Kerala.
Will that also mean that you don't
have any relatives in Kerala?
I mean, blood relatives?
There's a family in Kochi.
My grandpa's younger
brother's family.
But I'm not in contact with them.
And an elder cousin from that
family is my FB friend, I suppose.
If you want, I can
find the details.
Just to show.
Nothing else.
I don't think that it's him, sir.
- Can't you walk properly?
- What are you saying?
- You bumped into me, right?
- Can't you see even with the specs on?
It's him, sir.
It's definitely him!
- Sir, shall we catch him right away?
- No.
We must close all possible loopholes.
Look what Mommy has
brought for you, baby!
Look! Look!
Look! Look! Look!
Madam, shall I leave?
Aeroplane! Aeroplane!
- It belongs to Nishanth, right?
- Yes, sir.
I took all this from their bathroom.
You may go.
Sir, on the night of the incident,
while the students were practising,
the Principal had asked
us to be present there.
All of us decided to hang
out and chill for sometime.
Sir, we were drinking.
That's when Xavier came in
and told us about Teresa.
Varghese sir promised that he'll bring two
bottles. But when he came back,
he had only one bottle with him.
He said that he misplaced
one bottle on the way.
Someone said that one
bottle won't be enough.
Nishanth sir asked us to start drinking,
and that he will bring a bottle.
Nishanth sir doesn't drink.
He went out and came back after
half an hour, with a bottle.
We came to know about Teresa,
half an hour after he came back.
I think Nishanth sir went out and
returned with the bottle, before that.
That's all I know.
It's time to pick him.
Go ahead!
Hey, Nishanth sir!
- All good?
- Yes.
We need to go to the station, sir.
What's the matter?
I'll tell you.
Sir, I've come shopping
with my family.
Your family will come, sir.
You please walk.
- Let me talk...
- Walk, sir.
Sir, we came shopping!
Hey! Get him in!
Come on, get in.
He has been here
for 5-6 hours now, right?
It's time!
Sorry to keep you waiting, Nishanth.
Please sit down.
I had some last-minute
cross-checking to do.
Sir, what is this?
Why have you held me here?
Don't you know it, Nishanth?
Then why are you asking me again?
You're talking based
on some misconception.
Since you've decided to
put up a performance,
let's start with the first reason.
You've been taken into custody...
for brutally raping
Teresa Philip
and leaving her on the brink of death.
What do you mean, sir?
Yes, Nishanth!
I can prove that beyond doubt.
Sir, please don't fabricate things.
I have a family!
I have a young daughter.
Teresa is also someone else's daughter.
You shouldn't have forgotten that.
You are officially under arrest.
It was drizzling that night.
We were all in our room,
after finishing our work.
And I remembered
something suddenly.
Salam! Salam!
You needn't say it like
you've learned it by-heart.
Since you're saying the truth,
you can express it in your own style.
The Judge is not sitting there to
evaluate an elocution competition, right?
What do you say, Harish?
Tell me, like how
you'd say it naturally.
The rain made us wonder if we
had turned off the main switch.
To clear that doubt, we
went back to the work site.
And I saw him running away,
in the dim light.
It was him.
I am sure.
Your Honour!
He has mistaken
me for someone else.
Or else, he is lying!
Defence, please control your client.
Sorry, Your Honour.
Sir, please.
Someone else is behind this, sir.
Please believe me.
The evidence against
you is so compelling
that even I find it hard to believe
that you're not the culprit.
What can I do?
It's all fabricated, sir.
Everything is fabricated.
Are you the one who
conducted the DNA tests?
- Yes, sir.
- Can you please give us more details?
His DNA and the DNA of the semen
found in the victim's body...
are the same.
We've submitted all
the reports to the police.
During the time of the incident,
was the culprit with you throughout?
He wasn't with us all the time, sir.
Nishanth sir left and returned
during the period when the incident
is said to have happened.
The Ernakulam Sessions Court will declare
the verdict on the student rape case today.
The court's decision will
rely on the examination
of the evidence presented
by the prosecution,
as well as other scientific evidence
against the accused, Nishanth.
Hang Teresa's rapist!!
No pardon for Teresa's rapist!
It has been proven beyond doubt
that the accused has
committed this heinous crime.
Considering the gravity of his offence,
he has been sentenced to life imprisonment.
Nishanth, the accused in
the student rape case...
has been declared guilty by
the Ernakulam Sessions Court.
Nishanth, the culprit, has been sentenced
to life imprisonment by the court.
Witness statements confirm that the culprit
Nishanth had brutally raped the victim...
You did a mistake, sir.
No, Nishanth.
You did a crime.
And it's not my mistake.
It cannot be my mistake.
Tear my soul, you hoped
Watched me bleed, I know
Judge me not, on my downfall
[The Eagle]
From the depths I'll find desire
Wash down my soul
Tell me you know
Don't fade on me
Teresa, wake up!
Time to go for a walk now!
You didn't come yesterday.
And you're not
coming today either.
What's the plan, Teresa?
Becoming lazy day by day!!
Don't allow this old man to
walk alone in the morning.
You better wake up and be ready
by the time I come back.
Don't make me take my gun!
Move on
Something's just weighing me down
You left with the colours
I slipped to the black
Now I feel so lost
Life can get too hard
Shadowed by the grey, But I'll move on
Namaste, sir.
Teresa, Papa is coming!
Who are you?
Where is my daughter?
What did you do to my daughter?
Tell me!
Tell me, man!
What are...
No! No!
No, no!
Sir! Harish!
The statement you're going to
give against Minister Mathew?
You should tone it down a bit.
When the vehicle was seized, you received
a call from the Minister's office, right?
Just deny it.
You have a family, right?
You have a wife and son, don't you?
Let it slide, sir.
I'll set you straight soon, sir!
Are they the Dollar Minister's people?
- Yes.
- Ah!
Minister Mathew had to resign.
Well, he has high hopes of
regaining his Ministerial position.
And this is the strategy he has chosen!
Well, well!
[The culprit of the student rape case,
Nishanth, is getting released from prison]
Professor, it's your lucky day!
You're being released today, right?
His condition is really bad, sir.
Many a time, he doesn't
even recognize us.
And sometimes, he becomes
really violent too.
This is what Alzheimer's disease is like.
Colonel is being treated by
Neurologist Dr. Ajith Kumar, right?
Yes, sir.
I'll be meeting Dr. Ajith anyway.
- I'll ask him to adjust the dosage.
- Okay, sir.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Sir, is there any improvement
in Teresa's condition?
It's been almost seven years now.
If a coma exceeds even six months,
it can harm the organs
and muscles.
Removing the ventilator support
would result in Teresa's demise.
Don't you know it?
Aren't you in the medical field?
Look at him playing around!
His 12th grade results
will be out in two hours.
And he's not bothered
about it at all.
These days, all students
are achieving distinctions.
My dear Sree...
this boy wants to go to Europe, study
catering and become a cook.
Why does he have to
achieve such high scores?
Don't become one of those
competitive mommies!
It's not that, Hari.
What if he fails?
Well, among the 99.9%
students who pass the exam,
there's a 0.1% chance of
failure for a pest, right?
What if that's our son?
Sir, their community service programme is
happening day after tomorrow.
And as you said, the criminal psychology
seminar has been charted for three days.
Sir, do you feel disheartened by
the punishment transfer to KAP
right before your retirement?
We're gonna miss you, sir.
You're retiring and
leaving from here, right?
Where will I go?
I can come back here often...
as visiting faculty.
And... keep one thing in mind.
Once a policeman,
always a policeman!
I need to go and see
my daughter first.
She must be all grown up now.
She might not even recognize me.
Bye, sir.
Hey! Can't you refill these empty jars?
Should I do everything over here?
- Saji...
- Do it, man!
Hello! When were you released?
In the morning.
Didn't you recognize him?
- Come!
- Mom, we didn't take the ATM card.
- Mom!
- Just come, I say!
Please don't mind it.
- You know, right?
- It's alright.
Do you need some money?
I didn't come here for that.
I need to see Haritha
and my daughter.
You know where they are, right?
Seven years have passed
since I last saw my daughter.
- We'll see if there's a problem.
- I think he's here to talk.
We'll see!
Can I go to Malu's
house to play, Mom?
You can play after
finishing your homework.
Okay, Chechi.
He has been waiting here for
the past couple of hours.
We thought we'll wait until you come.
I don't know him.
I don't want to see him either.
Haritha! Let me...
Stop hanging around
and get out of here.
How dare he!
Anyway, this pest didn't fail.
He managed to score 70% somehow.
I'm happy he scored
at least that much.
Don't say that.
He passed the exam, right?
Yes, yes!
Smart fellow!
He will leave the country soon.
And you'll be
retiring next week.
What's your future plan?
Using my retirement funds,
I need to send him abroad,
without taking any loans.
I need to sell this house.
I've readied a property
in my home-town.
I will build a small house there,
and live a simple, peaceful life there
along with my wife.
I just want to relax and do
nothing for a long time.
You'll be bored to death!
- Will we?
- No way!
I'm fed up, Iype!
I've had enough of running around.
Who is it?
That Dollar Minister's trial
is happening tomorrow.
These are threats,
asking me to change my testimony.
Brave guys who're making
internet calls sitting abroad!
Such shady guys!
Since they can't threaten you in person,
they opt for guerrilla warfare via phones.
This is your first night
in the prison, right?
Hey! Don't be disrespectful, Vareethetta.
He's a big shot Professor!
How the hell does it matter!
When people like him land
up here, it's a celebration.
What are you looking at, huh?
Hey, hey!
That's enough!
You can continue... tomorrow!
The ward member from
Haritha's area had called.
She said you'll be bashed up
and handed over to the police.
Moreover, she said she'd file a case too.
Forget her, Nishanth!
Try to go somewhere else
and start your life afresh.
That's better for you.
Who kept this here?
Somebody had come here,
claiming to be a relative of yours.
He just left.
Today, DCP Harish will appear in
Ernakulam Additional Sessions Court
to testify in the
Dollar smuggling case,
with ex-Minister Mathew as the accused.
Ex-Minister Mathew
is facing charges
related to smuggling Dollars
along with imported books.
The Minister has arrived
at the court now.
This case has created quite
a furore in Kerala Politics.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Please say something, sir.
Do you think you can
prove your innocence, sir?
- Write this name as well.
- This one, sir?
You still have time to tone down
your testimony, Harish sir.
As you know,
this is politics!
If things turn around,
what if Mathew sir
becomes a Minister again?
You know what will
happen then, right?
DCP Harish?
This is Minister Mathew Joseph's PA
calling from his office.
I'll pass the phone to him.
Hey, policeman!
Let that vehicle go.
I'm affiliated to that charitable society.
It would be difficult, sir.
In between those
second-hand books,
there are Dollars
worth Crores of Rupees.
Just obey me!
I'm a Minister and you're just a DCP!
If you don't obey me,
you'll have to face the consequences.
The court should ensure the authenticity
of this call recording immediately.
One of the board members of
this charitable organization
is Minister Mathew Joseph's wife.
You refused to succumb
to his threats.
You registered a case.
Following which,
the Minister had to resign.
[reporters asking multiple questions]
Tell me, sir.
How dare he, Harish!
How dare he!
How dare he come and see my daughter!
How dare this country do this to me?
I am a freakin' soldier!
That is walking alive and free!
And my daughter is...
... is still in a coma, Harish!
What wrong have I done, Harish!
What wrong have I done?
Sir, it would cost 40 Lakhs
to do this course in Swiss.
3 year-diploma in culinary science.
He can get a stay-back of two years.
And within one month, we'll arrange
everything including the offer letter.
Then, you can arrange the funds, sir.
Will there be any guarantee
regarding the placements?
Oh, sure!
Since we're spending so much
money on his education...
Well, sir...
Sir, assistance will be
available for placements.
And getting a job... will depend upon his
performance during the training period.
And if you're interested in getting an
education loan, we can support you.
I don't need a loan.
I have no plans to take loans.
Frankly, I should be giving
him the burden of that loan.
But he's my only child, right?
I had set aside all my retirement benefits
long back itself, for this purpose.
So, let it happen that way.
- Did you close the file?
- I will.
Get into the car.
I'll just be back.
- Come.
- Where's dad going?
You've started showing gimmicks
as soon as you got released, huh?
I just felt like seeing that girl.
Was it out of guilt...
or to determine if she still had
enough life left for you to end it?
I'm someone who had the urge to
kill people like you many times,
but refrained from it,
just because I don
the police uniform.
But in your case,
I will do it,
if the need arises.
That daughter and father deserve it.
Nothing like that, sir.
A good job!
That's what I am after.
You're retiring in two days, right sir?
I'm not extending my speech.
My best wishes for Harish Madhavan's
long life, good health, and happiness.
Along with that,
I invite Mr. Harish to deliver his
speech, with heartfelt affection.
Harish, please.
My dear colleagues,
I'm filled with happiness and a
strong sense of pride as I retire.
Party, attention!
Throughout my life, I have
always stood for justice.
Party, salute!
Our foundation should exist based on the
affection and the trust of the people,
and not upon their fear.
Because it's the people who
provide us our daily bread.
The people alone!
The wisdom I've gained and shared...
Even if a single individual who completes
their training here can embody them...
That will be the legacy I leave behind.
I had given the receipt earlier.
After checking that...
- Yes, George.
- Iype sir...
- Remember Nishanth, of the Teresa case?
- Yes.
I just saw him entering
the High Court now.
I sense something fishy.
Okay, George.
Yes, Iype.
Where are you?
I am at the function here.
I need to meet you urgently.
Nishanth has filed a petition at
the High Court to reopen the case.
Even after serving the punishment?
- Is it possible?
- Yes, it is possible.
As per section 386 of CrPC,
and reading along with
section 482 of the same,
it's very much possible.
But why?
It's an open and shut case.
Why should he rake it up again?
That too, after so long?
There could be various reasons.
In the last seven years, he went from being
a respected figure to a nobody, right?
Or it could be a publicity stunt.
Or else, it could be part of an attempt to
reduce his peer and personal damage.
Whatever the reason may be,
if the court reopens this case,
I'll roast him at court.
Why is that Nishanth
applying to reopen the case?
Who cares!
My official association with Kerala Police
has come to an end today.
Let's think about our future life, dear.
But it's the timing he picked to
reopen the case that worries me.
Exactly on the day you
are retiring, Hari.
Professor Nishanth who was the
culprit in the infamous Teresa case
has approached the High Court
demanding a retrial.
Never before has someone
applied for a retrial
at the High Court after
serving their sentence
without first going through
the appeals process.
This move by Nishanth has stirred
up curiosity among the police.
Legal experts opined that this case will be
rejected in its initial stage itself.
Furthermore, legal experts are emphasizing
that this incident is of the utmost rarity
within the Indian legal landscape.
We need to wait and see what the High
Court will decide, regarding this case.
The retrial petition submitted by the
defendant Nishanth is comprehensive,
and has compelled this
court to reconsider.
A new twist in the Teresa case!
The High Court has ruled in favour of
the culprit Nishanth's retrial petition.
The High Court realized that
this case needs a retrial,
after thorough examination...
Hey! Bring all the files
of the Teresa case.
I need to re-examine them.
Iype, I'll repeat it once more.
I will leave within two weeks.
After that, I'll come back to this city,
only if it's absolutely necessary.
This case is yours now.
You do what you want!
Hey! Listen to me!
Yeah, okay.
You... Hello?
- Understood?
- Haritha!
Don't turn back.
Look straight and walk!
You'll see many such people!
[The number you're calling
is out of coverage area]
There's a problem, Harish.
The main witness of the case, Salam,
cannot be found.
His phone is switched off.
Upon speaking with his wife,
she responded passively,
mentioning that he's away
for work in Coimbatore.
I sent people to their
house to inquire.
She repeated the
same then as well.
I don't think they are in good terms.
What's the problem?
I'm worried that Nishanth might
have jeopardized Salam.
Or else, he would've threatened
Salam and shifted him somewhere else.
He can play so many games!
Don't forget that he has come here,
from the prison.
To kidnap or threaten someone,
he needs both financial
and physical support.
He won't dig up this case without
some kind of motive, right?
Harish, please!
You ought to step in.
I seriously think something is off.
Really off!
He has gone to Coimbatore, sir.
It's been 8-10 days since he left.
I had told this to the cops.
Doesn't he call you?
He calls occasionally.
He doesn't use his
phone much nowadays.
You have his number, right?
Why don't you try calling him?
What's your name, dear?
- Sameera.
- Huh?
Which grade are you studying in?
12th grade.
Razia, if your husband
doesn't appear in court,
that could turn into a
lifeline for Nishanth.
We should not be the reason for the
exoneration of a criminal like him.
Whichever end of the
world he might be at,
Salam must reach,
when the case is called.
Or else, God will never
forgive him or you.
At the time Teresa fell into
a coma because of Nishanth,
she was approximately
the same age as Sameera.
This is an unprecedented occurrence
in Indian judicial history,
unfolding at the
Ernakulam Sessions Court.
The Teresa case, recently marked for
retrial, is back in the headlines.
Furthermore, the most exceptional
aspect of this case is that
the culprit, Nishanth himself
has initiated the retrial.
SC No. 114/2015
Your Honour,
Thomas Iype.
I'm representing the State.
The Prosecution rests with this case...
and the judgement was in our favour.
This case was concluded seven years ago
and the sentence had been handed down.
Back then, he didn't go for an appeal
against it.
Without doing any of that,
if he shows up one morning
and insists on reopening the case...
It's absolutely ridiculous.
And he's trying to waste the time
of the Honourable Court.
So, I humbly request the court to dismiss
this retrial petition at the earliest.
That's all, Your Honour.
Is your advocate present?
While serving my sentence,
I earned a law degree from the Central
University during 2016-19.
I humbly seek permission to
represent myself in this case.
Even if you don't have a degree in law,
as per Section 32
of the Advocates' Act 1961,
any ordinary citizen
can plead his own case.
I know, Your Honour.
But there's a difference between an
average person pleading their case
and a person who has
studied law doing so.
So, may I?
- Yes.
- Thank you, Your Honour.
I allege that...
the police conducted an
inadequate investigation
and hastily framed charges on an
easily found individual, in my case.
To prove this, Your Honour...
as per CrPC, I request permission from
the court to cross-examine PW1, Salam.
Objection, Your Honour.
Maybe because...
the defence counsel is not familiar
with legal proceedings, Your Honour.
It's the prosecution that has to
start the witness examination first.
Without understanding this, the accused
cannot jump in and begin cross-examination.
While starting the proceedings,
Prosecution had stated that...
Prosecution rests with the case.
That means that he doesn't have
anything more to ask the witness,
and that he has nothing more
to contribute to the case.
So, I don't understand what this
objection is for, Your Honour.
Objection overruled.
Thank you, Your Honour.
PW 1, Salam.
PW 1, Salam!
You haven't been in town
for a while now, Salam.
Where were you?
I was at a relative's
house in Coimbatore.
I went there for a
business purpose.
Coimbatore or Gudalur?
Salam has come here, from a
de-addiction centre in Gudalur.
Weren't you admitted there for
the past one month?
Is it the first time that you're getting
admitted in a de-addiction centre,
to treat alcohol addiction?
Your Honour,
during the past seven years,
Salam has been admitted in different
de-addiction centres, six times.
These are the records.
After verification, you
can take this into file.
We had boozed lightly that night, sir.
Regardless of whether
it's one drink or four,
'boozed lightly' is a commonly
used expression.
- Isn't that right, Shiva?
- Yes.
Did Salam, the witness,
consume alcohol that night?
Yes, sir. He did.
I remember that he had mentioned it to
the policemen who were present there.
It's evident from this that the
police opted for a primary witness
who is a chronic alcoholic.
He had consumed alcohol
even on the night of the incident.
Apart from all this,
that place had no
electricity that night.
And witness Salam states that...
he caught just a fleeting glimpse of
my face, in the flash of a lightning.
Our country enforces severe fines and
penalties even for drunken driving,
as alcohol can impair
a person's judgement.
Though they could have discredited that
witness then, the police chose not to.
I humbly request the court to
discredit him, at least now.
This will be verified and appropriate
orders shall be issued later.
Thank you, Your Honour.
Even while I was a junior,
I haven't been humiliated
like this in court.
I couldn't bear the shame.
Why are you silent?
Normally, when an inmate studies and
earns a law degree while in prison,
it often becomes major news.
But Nishanth kept it under wraps.
Or he gave a special
request to keep it hidden.
What for?
he must have been planning
this for a while then. Right?
When he reopened this case,
I never imagined Salam's situation
would turn out like this.
There's something I
haven't told you so far.
That will be a bigger
problem than Salam.
SC No. 114/2015
The next major evidence against me...
is this test result,
from Central Laboratory,
which comes under
Kerala Government.
Mr. Lab Director,
I have a question for you.
Where is this lab now?
Tell me!
The lab is...
It has been temporarily shut down
for the past couple of years.
I shall explain the reason, Your Honour.
Permit me to examine a
couple more witnesses.
Objection, Your Honour.
Do not allow him to
examine new witnesses
until the witness list is
given to the Prosecution.
Hand over the additional
witness list to the Prosecution.
You can continue the
trial after that.
Yes, Your Honour.
I have another humble request.
Yes, go ahead.
No matter what the verdict
of my case's retrial is,
I've already completed my
punishment and been released.
Because of this case,
I lost my job.
I lost my family.
I lost my reputation.
My life is stuck in a limbo now.
So, considering my current situation,
I humbly request the court to temporarily
suspend my conviction,
to practice as an Advocate
and earn my livelihood,
until the retrial of
this case is completed.
You need to pay the
fees in three weeks.
Or else, you won't gain
admission for this term.
Smitha Jijo, Samuel John.
And PV Murugan, also
known as Burglar Murugan,
from Kannur Central Jail.
These three people
are the new witnesses.
Who are these people?
Among them, we spoke
to Samuel and Smitha.
It's quite complicated.
But Murugan is a bigger problem.
He isn't allowing us to
meet him or talk to him.
He denied our
visitation request too.
He suspects that we will
jeopardize him, apparently.
DW1 Smitha Jijo...
Your Honour,
Smitha is here as a witness
in connection with the shutdown
of Central Chemical Laboratory,
owned by Kerala Government.
Tell me, Smitha.
What's your connection to the lab?
I had filed a case regarding the
paternity of my daughter, some time back.
The first test result
of the paternity test...
that I got from this lab,
was wrong.
As I had a doubt
regarding the result,
I appealed to a higher court.
As per the court's order,
re-tests were conducted simultaneously at
two different labs in Hyderabad and Delhi,
and I won the case.
Yes. I've submitted those copies
to the court, Your Honour.
Prosecution, you don't intend to
cross-examine her, right?
No, Your Honour.
DW2 John Samuel.
I had sold a property to a
person called Somaraj long back.
He filed a case against me
alleging that a very old document
for that property had been forged.
I was sure that I hadn't
done anything illegal.
This lab was tasked with confirming
the document's authenticity and age.
The result from that lab
was unfavourable for me.
I became a crook!
Will I leave it at that?
I initiated an appeal.
I had it tested at three
or four reputed labs.
The results from those
labs were in my favour.
I won the case too.
The tension I had to go
through because of this lab...
It was quite extreme, Your Honour.
I've submitted the copies of the test
results and the verdict of this case,
which happened six months after the
verdict was declared for my case.
Two years ago, after
these two cases surfaced,
the Alathur court had
issued an order...
in the Jinesh Devasya v/s State of Kerala
AAR 212 case,
declaring that the results from
this lab were unacceptable.
Consequently, the Government gradually shut
down this lab in the name of renovation.
I've submitted copies of the verdict
of the Alathur case, to the court.
DW3, Murugan.
DW3, Murugan.
Murugan, you're widely known
as "Burglar" Murugan, right?
Yes, sir.
You're serving life imprisonment
at Kannur Central Jail, right?
Yes, sir.
Can you explain to the court
why you have come here?
Sir, prior to this, I was imprisoned...
for strangling a housewife to death
during a burglary attempt at Malappuram.
Before that,
this girl called Teresa...
was assaulted in Kochi...
And I was the one who did it.
[crowd murmurs]
I didn't do it deliberately, sir.
When I saw her walking alone,
it somehow happened during
that circumstance.
When people gathered,
I fled from this city.
And I resurfaced at Malappuram,
only after seeing the news...
that this Professor was arrested.
And I got caught during
my very next crime.
It was me who assaulted
that girl, sir.
And nobody else.
Objection, Your Honour.
It's a mere drama.
Why I should confess to this crime too,
with just two months left of my sentence?
I'm old now.
I'm completely worn out.
To be frank,
I am on a spiritual path now.
I need to atone for my sins,
as far as I can.
Do you want to ask
him anything, Iype?
Yes, Your Honour.
How long had you known Teresa for?
What a question, sir!
Didn't I say that it wasn't deliberate?
That means that I didn't
know her earlier, sir.
What will you get if you admit to this
murder charge, Murugan?
Has anyone made any offer to you?
I've received an offer, sir.
God has offered me
some peace of mind.
And if I can atone for the tears
of this Professor and his family,
I can die peacefully, sir.
Isn't that the greatest offer?
The responsibility of
checking the validity
of Murugan's statements
lies with the police.
They should also provide the court with
updates on the investigation's progress.
Defence counsel, you may proceed.
Your Honour,
though the police investigated the
Teresa case around six to seven months...
and couldn't find any evidence,
this case was solved dramatically,
just a week before the Crime Branch
was about to take over this case.
A witness who's an addict,
a notorious lab infamous for
sending out wrong test results,
The police investigation team,
which refused to conduct a second
test for that lab's result.
Though a criminal like Murugan
had committed a similar murder
in the neighbouring district,
the police officer who refused
to even notice that fact.
All these people destroyed MY life.
Seven years of mine!
My family, my career!
This case is as clear
as the daylight sky now.
I deserve compensation.
Though nothing can
replace what I've lost.
As per section 357 A of CrPC,
which says about the
compensation to victims,
and also with reference to
Rithul Shah v/s State of Bihar,
and in the case of GS Ahluwalia
and Rajiv Kumar Shrivastava
CRA No. 463 of 2008.
If the victim is to receive compensation
for the State's wrongful
police investigation,
the funds must be retrieved from
the officer who handled the case.
I humbly request the Honourable Court...
to retrieve the compensation
I rightfully deserve...
from this investigating officer,
and render a fair verdict,
akin to those in the
cases I cited before.
It has to be so because...
it's not an error in
judgement from his side.
Your Honour, it was an
act of malicious intent.
Unlawful acts committed
by a police officer,
to prevent losing the
case to someone else.
What did he get for that?
A police medal from the Chief Minister.
And me?
I decided to don
this lawyer's suit...
for the numerous people who
had been trapped, just like me.
Everyone deserves it, Your Honour.
In light of the confession made
by DW3 Murugan in this case,
it has been proved beyond doubt that
the accused, Nishanth, is not guilty,
this court hereby dismisses all charges
against him and declares him not guilty.
Thank you, Your Honour.
In recognition of the fact that
the accused was wrongfully charged,
leading to defamation, job
loss, and mental suffering,
the court grants him Rs. 48 Lakhs.
for the time unjustly spent in jail,
the accused will receive Rs. 22 Lakhs,
bringing the total
compensation to Rs. 70 Lakhs.
The court mandates that this
compensation be disbursed to the accused.
The court directs that
the aforementioned sum
should be recovered from
the investigating officer.
I had told you when you arrested me,
that you're making a mistake.
You didn't listen to me.
I want to live, sir.
with my head held high.
The label of a criminal doesn't
suit an innocent man like me.
That night I had told you...
that I'm after a job.
That job was to win against you.
Tear my Soul, you hoped
Watched me bleed
This court verdict has caused great
humiliation to the police force.
We're in front of
Harish Madhavan's residence now.
This is a dark chapter in the history
of Kerala Police investigations.
Ernakulam Sessions Court has delivered
a unique verdict in this case.
Harish Madhavan hasn't
responded to the verdict yet.
All the media-persons are
waiting outside his house.
Dude, I think it's a
crazy situation out here.
Forget paying the fees.
We can't even step out of the house now.
Yeah, dude.
It's really crazy around here.
I'll call you later.
Sir, what do you have to say
about the court's verdict?
I honour the court's decision.
I'm still studying the details.
I'll be giving a detailed
response later to all of you.
This is all I have to say,
as of now.
Thank you.
What can we understand
from today's court verdict?
Harish Madhavan is a police officer,
willing to resort to any form of deception
in order to manipulate the
outcome of a case to his liking.
Professor Nishanth is a great warrior.
That's why he kept fighting
until he won the case.
The same will happen
in my case too.
That's all I have
to say for now.
We'll discuss about
the rest later.
No, no! I've said
everything I wanted to say.
God is actually on our side.
Or else, we won't get such a
golden opportunity at this point.
We need to flare it up!
The party workers are all furious, right?
Move! Move!
Please move!
What are you doing?
Please move aside!
Move! Move!
Move! Move!
Hey! Please move!
The court has pronounced
a highly unusual verdict.
We fully acknowledge the court's decision.
So, the department
will be releasing
the retirement benefits of the
investigating officer, Harish,
only after the entire amount
declared by the court is paid.
That's all for now.
Don't worry, Dad.
People will forget
all this very soon.
Even if I can't go to college this year,
it's alright.
even if I'm unable to
study abroad,
it's okay for me, Dad.
I'll study in some college here.
Don't be sad!
Is he...
actually innocent?
Sir, how do you see this new life of yours?
I harbour no complaints
against anyone.
I'm just happy that
justice has won in the end.
And... I need to reclaim
the life that I had lost.
I will continue my fight for the
people who are denied justice.
That's another reason
why I studied law.
So, you've decided not to return
to your old Professor's job?
The college has offered me the job.
But I've decided to continue
working as an Advocate.
Nothing more to say.
Thanks to everyone
who supported me.
Thank you.
Along with everyone else,
I also...
It's nobody's fault.
Just consider that we're starting
our life afresh from today.
Please understand the
current situation.
Let Sridevi and your son stay away
from here, for the time being.
I don't think these
media guys will spare us.
Moreover, that ex-Minister Mathew...
He will make full use
of this opportunity.
He can go to any extent.
And you're aware of their
influence in the harbour, right?
That's another reason
why I'm saying this.
- Let them stay away for now.
- Iype!
I haven't done anything illegal.
And that's exactly why
I don't fear anyone.
Iype, I'm making this clear again!
Nobody is going away from here.
Mom, move away!
- Hari!
- Dad!
Are you okay?
- Dad!
- Move back!
Don't go!
Harish, stop!
Hey, Sree...
Cut this melodrama.
You guys go and stay at Palakkad
for two weeks, for the time being.
Don't divulge too much to mom.
Just tell her that I'm trying
to sort everything out.
How will we pay the money, Hari?
Is there any option besides paying?
We were planning to sell
the house anyway, right?
That would be enough
to cover it, I guess.
Once I pay the compensation,
I need to decide about the appeal,
along with Iype.
Well, will there be any point
in filing an appeal, Dad?
Isn't all the evidence in his favour?
I'll end everything then.
Is that okay with you?
- Oh no!
- Shucks! These guys...
Don't worry.
Come what may, don't step out.
What have you done?
Having a large car doesn't mean
others should have less space to move!
Why the hell are you silent?
Oh no!
Sir, in this case,
I completed the investigation,
following all the protocols.
And all the evidence
was against Nishanth.
Even my superior at the time was
actively monitoring everything.
No one had any doubts then.
But in the name of this
setback from the court,
I cannot accept them hunting me
on the streets like this, sir.
There's a big game at play behind this.
I will expose it.
Your only option now is to come to
a compromise with Minister Mathew.
Because your current
situation is really pathetic.
So, in the midst of that, you won't be
able to bear his grudge as well.
During the next Sessions Court hearing,
just change your statement.
Tampering with evidence
is not new to you, right?
And if it's protection that you need,
just give a written complaint.
I'll take my time
and think about it.
I have an urgent video
conference to attend.
You may talk to my secretary.
Time uncovers me,
through moments thick and rife
One day, gently, sunshine
will cut through like a knife
I worked sincerely for the
police department, for so long.
I earned the animosity of so many people,
by taking impartial actions.
And yet, a retirement like this?
I just can't take this!
Where did we go wrong?
Was Salam wrong?
Or... did the lab go wrong?
Or... did I go wrong?
Nishanth isn't what we
assume him to be, Iype.
Be it in my life or in my profession,
I haven't done anything without proper
homework or ground-work, till date.
What are you saying?
Nishanth, who was in
jail for seven years,
got out and toppled such a
high-profile case, just like that?
So, are you trying to
imply that I was wrong?
- We're humans, right? Anyone can go wrong.
- No, no!
I haven't gone wrong.
I won't, either.
I'm not ready to accept defeat.
Wait and watch!
I will prove that I
haven't gone wrong.
Bloody son of a bitch!
I can't help but be a
little philosophical now.
Today marks your
comeback, Professor.
But it's also a reminder of
perpetual guilt for some of us.
Forget all that, Professor.
We can't forget it
so easily, Professor.
We still feel guilty that
we had testified against you.
For that, definitely...
you know, we'll
make it up to you.
For now, I wish that this new venture of
Professor Nishanth becomes a huge success.
You can win, celebrate
or do anything you want!
But for that, how could
you do this to my poor Drake?
I won't spare you or
that Minister Mathew!
Let go of him!
Let go of him!
- Let go of Nishanth!
- Let go of him! Move away!
- Move away!
- Saji, no!
Move away!
After framing him
in a false case,
how dare you come here
and do this nonsense?
- Saji, stop it.
- Nishanth, don't spare him!
- Move away, you...
- No!
- Go away!
- Stop it, guys!
Let go of him!
What is this, Hari?
Did you send us here for you to
get drunk and create a ruckus?
YouTube and Instagram are
full of your videos, Hari.
Our Drake!
They killed him, Sree!
I can't bear this!
Shouldn't you ask Minister Mathew
about killing Drake?
Why did you create a ruckus
at Nishanth's house for that?
You've caused such a disgrace
for no reason, Harish.
What are you doing, Harish?
Why are you doing this to yourself?
Everyone is only bothered
about themselves, Harish.
He won the case,
and started a new life.
I think he is innocent.
You know, Harish...
Everyone has forgotten this case.
It's time to let go and...
move on.
Do you think...
I can?
If I close my eyes,
I can only see Teresa.
This is not fair!
And I believe...
justice has not been served.
I cannot let it go!
It's... It's not a question
of fairness or justice.
Everyone asked me to plug off
Teresa's life support system.
I cannot do that, Harish!
I cannot do that.
All my savings...
I will spend it for Teresa.
You know?
At least till the Alzheimer's
takes me completely.
My greatest pain...
are my memories about her.
But, very soon...
I will forget my daughter.
you know, that is my destiny.
You should also forget her.
I have lost everything!
I don't want you to
lose everything too.
You have a family.
I have already lost mine.
I know that you'll have many doubts,
as first year law students.
I may not be able to
answer all of them.
Anyway, I'll try my level best.
- You may ask me.
- Sir!
You had to endure a harsh sentence
for a crime you didn't commit,
solely because the evidence was
against you, in the eyes of the law.
So, did you doubt the Indian Judiciary,
at any point, while
serving time at the prison?
As a human, I've felt angry...
during the initial years.
But it's the same Judiciary that
restored my honour as a citizen.
Had it not been for this system,
I would still have been behind bars
like a murderer.
Professor Nishanth was brought to
this prison, after I joined here.
He's an innocent chap.
During his initial days in the jail,
he was always beaten up.
Sex offenders are the ones who are
attacked the most, in every prison.
We don't really do
anything to protect them.
And... when "Nari" (Nari) Suni
dislikes someone,
nobody in the jail, including the cops,
would even smile at them.
"Nari" Suni?
The old Ibrahim Haji murder case?
Yes, the same guy.
There was no dearth of his influence here.
Money laundering deals
that happened outside,
hit jobs,
and even settlements... He would sort
them all, sitting here, in jail.
He was earning millions,
even behind bars.
Hey, come!
Suni is calling you.
Come on.
They will start now.
Shouldn't we reach there
before they kill him?
I spared that Professor when
I heard his actual story, sir.
We've seen so many devils.
But this guy is innocent.
A naive fellow.
He's not the type to turn to violence.
Ever since I became
friends with him,
I myself have started thinking about
giving up violence and hit jobs.
Don't scorn, sir.
What if I change for the better?
Some people can turn
mud into gold, sir.
That's how influential Professor
Nishanth was, in this prison.
A character whom even
Nari Suni respected.
Everyone held him in great regard.
To be frank,
none of us believe that he could commit
the crime unlike what you proved, Harish.
Unlike other lawyers, we don't handle
cases that pay fees in the millions.
I don't accept them either.
I fight for the common people.
So, there will be plenty of cases.
See! Sometimes, the fees we receive
for a case might be a cup of tea.
If you can manage with all that,
you can do your internship here.
- Okay?
- Sure, sir.
Let's go.
You know precisely why I've come here.
Don't beat around the bush.
Let's get straight to the point.
I agreed to meet you,
since I don't have
anything to hide, sir.
A few years back, when I made
the choice to reform myself,
I wrote a letter to Nishanth sir.
He didn't respond initially.
Later, he sent me a reply...
saying that it's alright.
Following his release from prison,
he came to see me here once.
And he asked me whether I was
ready to say the truth in court.
I said I'm ready to
say it anywhere, sir.
That's when...
he gained the confidence
to reopen the case.
I know that I can't
correct all my sins, sir.
But I could make amends
at least for this one.
And what did your "Sir" give you,
for making those amends?
When he tapped me
on my shoulder,
he had tears in his eyes.
- Seeing that was enough for me, sir.
- Is this how...
he tapped your shoulder,
you rascal?
What is it, sir?
Do you have trouble accepting
that you've made a mistake, sir?
- I get that, sir.
- Come on, move.
- Walk!
- Hey!
You can try to trick
the court and the people
with your ash-smeared forehead
and fake spirituality,
but there's a higher court above.
I'll expose you there!
Nishanth, one last question.
You are a real life hero
for many people.
What do you have to say?
I'm filled with a sense of calm.
And, as Neethu said,
if I've been able to inspire so
many people, I feel really happy.
Awww! So sweet!
So, we're winding up
this interview session.
Listeners, stay tuned to Club FM 94.3
Next up is a photo session.
Are you ready, sir?
Who are you?
Isn't this Burglar Murugan's house?
Before Murugan went to jail,
he used to give a share of his
stolen funds, at this house too.
But once he went to jail, this mother and
her two daughters fell into abject poverty.
She used to work as
a labourer then, sir.
This Rema had a habit
of buying lottery tickets.
And you know what?
Around 3-4 years back,
she won the lottery and
got Rs. 80 Lakhs, sir.
The newspapers had carried
this news back then.
Thanks to that, this family was rescued,
I swear!
What is it, Sree?
It's been 3-4 days
since you called, Hari.
And you don't answer my calls either.
What is this?
I was really busy.
I'm sorting everything out here.
Vijay wants to come back there.
He wants to see his dad.
No, no!
Nobody has to come here.
There's not even a
chair to sit here.
The house will be sold next week.
I'll finish everything and come there.
Both of you remain right there.
Are you drunk, Hari?
This load is supposed to reach
Patthanamthitta at 9 a.m. today.
If you keep lazing around,
other guys will send their loads there.
If we're unable to send the loads,
we'll be screwed.
Better load it quickly!
Come on!
Are you here to buy fish?
We don't do retail sales here.
I've come to talk to you.
What's the matter?
I'm not interested
in giving new supplies.
It's not that.
It's about a case.
Your wife...
had filed a paternity
case long back, right?
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Move away!
If there's anything between me and my wife,
we'll talk it out.
Just because you
goofed up in your job,
don't try to act smart with me...
You scoundrel!
You rascal!
You guys took money from that
scoundrel, staged a drama,
and denied justice to
an innocent girl.
I won't spare any of you!
I won't spare any of you!
What happened to Harish sir?
He was drunk, so
early in the morning.
Convincing him not to file a
case was a real struggle for me.
I heard that he created some
problems at Kannur Jail too.
Ever since he lost that case,
he has been quite depressed.
You know, right?
This won't happen again.
I'll take care of that.
Anyway, thank you, Suresh.
Iype, please try to understand.
Please believe me!
All this is part of Nishanth's
meticulous planning.
During his time in jail,
spanning five years,
he fabricated stories
using people and money,
and executed this master-plan.
Yeah, right!
There's more to Nishanth
than meets the eye.
Harish, aren't these your assumptions?
Aren't they?
That's the problem here.
Your assumptions don't
reflect the reality.
Understand that first!
You made a mistake for the
first time in your career.
Even we made the same mistake,
while supporting you.
You know what sensible people do,
when they make a mistake?
They will acknowledge it,
and they will move on.
But I am not wrong!
You're repeating the same thing?
Try to pay that money first!
I'll help you if you want me to.
And stop this pointless and investigation
and your damn drinking!
It will only ruin you and your family!
Stop this madness!
He thinks he's bloody
Sherlock Holmes.
Answer the phone.
The Legislator Purushotthaman
made a strong statement
against the residents of
Attappadi, the other day.
To discuss about this topic,
we have a legal expert,
Advocate Nishanth, who's joining us today.
What do you know about this case?
MLA Purushotthaman's
statements are utterly...
disappointing and
extremely deplorable.
This defamation case against him,
will definitely stand in court.
Hey! Write!
His statement that goes, "Like people of
Attappadi, who got shocked seeing a ship",
is definitely punishable under IPC
section 499 and there's no doubt about it.
People who make such statements...
It would be advisable if they are aware
of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act/
But if this section has to be imposed,
the FIR or...
When that man grilled him at court,
the entire town came to know
that he's a chronic alcoholic.
Out of that depression,
he started drinking again,
and he couldn't stop it at all.
It became such a
disgrace for us,
and everyone came
to know about it.
he mixed poison in his
drink and drank it.
It's sheer luck that he survived.
That Professor has reclaimed
his life, didn't he?
Very good.
We both made mistakes, didn't we?
Never, Salam.
I should never have testified in court.
When he questioned me in court,
even I felt that he was right.
Alcohol is a strange intoxicant, sir.
I tried really hard to quit.
I managed somehow for a couple
of years after that girl's case.
Later, I started
drinking again somehow.
I tried quitting many times.
But I couldn't.
Sometimes, even complete strangers
would buy alcohol for us.
Finally, it took me to this point.
While I was in the hospital,
I felt like seeing you, sir.
That's why I called you.
What happened to you, sir?
You look really worn out.
I think your situation is
much worse than mine, sir.
Tell me, Sreedevi.
Hari is not answering his phone.
I'm really stressed.
Can you please go
and check on him?
I met him the other day.
I'll go, check and call you back.
It's me.
So, you've decided to ruin yourself!
I traversed all the paths he explored.
No use!
But I've found a way to trap him!
She is the key!
Please listen to me patiently.
Nishanth is really brilliant, man!
He is adept at keeping a low profile.
But no matter how hard a psychopath
like him tries to stay hidden...
His obsession, his urge...
He cannot keep it
under control for long.
He will attack girls again.
Girls like Teresa are his type.
That's the recurring
pattern among his victims.
He won't be able to break that.
This is his intern, who has
joined his office recently.
Arunima, who's in her
first year of college.
Smart and dynamic!
He will attack her!
Or he will try to attack her.
That's when I will...
- catch...
- Harish!
As a friend who've known
you well for many years,
I'm telling you this,
one last time.
Please stop this madness!
Chasing his obsession relentlessly,
you have crossed the
phase of obsession,
and you're becoming paranoid.
If you continue this,
the next time we'll be meeting
in a very bad situation.
Did you hear me?
And yeah...
It's the order from the court.
If you don't pay the compensation
to Nishanth within two weeks,
the Government will seize all
your wealth and recover it.
Otherwise, it will be deducted
from your retirement benefits,
including your pension.
You can decide what you want.
Soaring like an arrow,
sharp and swift in flight
Igniting like a blaze,
in the dead of night?
With eagle eyes so keen,
does prey come into sight?
The fire still alight,
sky a canvas of pure light
Is the forest of the mind,
aflame like woods on fire?
Are you in tales of dread,
soaring skies so vast?
O' those who come, spreading
wings in a sweeping cast?
The tale's enigma will unfold
Betrayal's mask will be removed, bold
One day, reality will break its hold
On trails where serpents slither near
On pathways dense with venom's fear
Spread wide your talons,
O eagle, clear
A master hunter in the sky,
aren't you so?
Swooping low to capture prey,
is that your show?
Are you in tales of dread,
soaring skies so vast?
O' those who come, spreading
wings in a sweeping cast?
Wake up!
Come on!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Come on!
No, no!
I'm helping you.
Arunima, please.
- Don't worry. I'm trying to help you.
- No!
No, no!
- Come, let's go.
- Please help!
- Don't panic. Cool!
- No!
Hey! Stop, stop!
What is it?
- What happened?
- Sir!
- What? What happened?
- Please help me!
He tried to...
- Leave me.
- What did you do to that girl?
Tell me!
What did you do to that girl?
We may consider this as the final
chapter in the Nishanth-Harish battle.
Ex-DCP Harish Madhav
has been arrested.
He has been following
me for a while now.
But initially, I didn't take it seriously.
Later on, he began following
me wherever I went.
And today...
when nobody else
was around, he...
Iype, his state of mind is in turmoil.
The media has come
to know about it.
It will be a real disgrace.
A police officer...
That too, such a reputed officer,
doing something like this?
Arunima, good job.
You are pretty bold.
Take her to the hospital
and then drop her home.
- Okay?
- Okay, sir.
We'll take him straight to
the Magistrate's residence.
He won't get bail for sure.
He'll be remanded to
the sub-jail tomorrow.
After that, it's in the
court's hands to decide.
If we hadn't received
that anonymous tip-off,
we wouldn't have
arrived there on time.
That girl's life could have
been in danger as well.
It wasn't me.
Believe me!
It wasn't me!
Have you come to a point
where you didn't hesitate to use even this
young girl as a scapegoat to frame him?
Wait and watch!!
Not a single advocate will be
willing to appear for your case.
Ex-DCP Harish Madhavan who later
retired as the Deputy Commandant,
made an attempt to assault
a girl, in the city today.
This tragic incident occurred in Kochi.
- Mom!
- This girl, who's a first year law student
was stalked and assaulted by Harish
Madhavan, as per the police reports.
He was always a miscreant!
He's a menace to our entire city!
When he was in service,
he would harass any common
man he could lay hands on.
I stand as a living
testament to that fact.
Since we need more clarity,
we're in constant touch
with the police officials.
- The Home Minister...
- I'll be back soon.
has demanded a report from
the Police Commissioner.
Though the reason for the arrest
isn't clear yet, Harish...
Your Advocate is here to meet you.
Ideally, I should be
handling Arunima's case.
And then, I should trap you!
But I am not you!
I know that nobody will be
willing to take up your case.
That's why I am here.
Sit down.
You need to sign the
authorization letter.
You'll be presented in court
within two days.
You won't get bail initially.
Given the gravity of the offence,
we should emphasize your
present circumstances
and the mental strain
you've experienced,
and play a mental insanity card.
The court may mandate supervisory
de-addiction and psychotherapy for you.
You can come out clean
in around 6-7 months.
I know that you still
see me as an enemy.
That's your choice.
You can call me anytime.
God bless!
IT Act 10AA.
Omega Infotainment LLP.
Abuja City,
Omega Infotainment.
The overseas shell company that
you established for Nari Suni,
during your time in prison.
I know, Nishanth.
I know everything!
Hey, come!
Suni is calling you.
If the tax officials can come there, they
can access the other location as well.
We need to shift a total of Rs. 6 Crores.
I'm tired of lugging it around, auditor!
Tell me a solution.
If I declare and settle
the whole amount in cash,
won't there be an
inquiry about its source?
What the hell will I say then,
you bloody chartered accountant?
just fire that auditor of yours.
I'll tell you how to
make all this cash white,
without paying a
single Rupee in taxes.
Sunil amassed Crores of black money
through Hawala and hit job settlements,
and you counselled him on its
And you got it executed.
first, the black money
in your possession
should be routed to the
Middle East through Hawala.
And from there, it should be
taken to Abuja City, Nigeria.
Abuja City is a tax-free area.
You need to register a company there,
and start an off-shore account.
At the same time, you need to start
an IT company in your wife's name,
at the Special Economic Zone here.
We'll generate a dummy software
at this company and send it there.
As part of its billing,
we can receive millions of Rupees
transferred here from Nigeria.
The Government always entertains
the inflow of foreign currency.
Moreover, the start-ups that are
formed in such special economic zones,
need not pay taxes
for five years.
That's IT Act 10AA.
We can make everything white!
Just that it will take some time.
What have you studied, Professor?
For someone with a PhD in
finance and taxation like you,
executing this task was a breeze.
Suni, a gang leader,
was reborn as a businessman
named Sunil quite effortlessly,
within a couple of years.
And you were behind his rebirth.
As soon as you got
Nari Suni on your side,
you targeted the lab.
If you were truly innocent,
you would have gone for an appeal,
the day after the verdict was pronounced.
The semen sample found from Teresa's
body, was stored in the lab.
You were aware that it
would work against you.
You waited until the
sample was no longer valid.
Hey "Nut"!
- Yes!
- Nari Suni is calling you.
I'll come.
You carry on.
How old is your daughter now?
She's two years old now.
When I was sent to jail,
she was just two months old.
So, once you're out of here,
you can go meet your daughter, right?
Yes, yes.
Around 3-4 months after
your release from prison,
you should ask your wife,
to file a complaint at the
nearest police station;
stating that you aren't taking care
of her and not providing for them.
Then, the cops will summon you.
And what will you say then?
You should claim that
the child is not yours.
Hey! She is my own daughter!
The case will reach the court.
The court will order a paternity test.
The initial report will indicate
that the child is not yours.
Your wife will approach a higher
court, requesting another test.
The DNA will be tested simultaneously
at three reputed labs in India,
and all three will
yield the same result;
that your daughter is
indeed your own child.
The Higher Court will declare
that the first test was a failure.
for doing this,
you'll be given some money.
By some money, I mean
around 10-15 Lakhs.
you will also have Sunilettan's
lifelong friendship.
You're getting out of jail after
serving your sentence, right?
You have to survive, right?
I obtained the full list
of inmates in prison,
during the period when you and
Nari Suni served time together.
That's what...
led me to the Jijo connection.
Your subsequent moves were all
precise and well calculated.
You skilfully harnessed
Nari Suni's extensive network.
Look who's here!
Who is with you?
This is John Samuel sir.
He lives in Thiruvani.
Sir, please have some tea.
Ah! Salam Ikka, right?
Err... Yes.
Didn't you recognize me?
I don't really...
During the flat construction
at Pathadippalam,
I was with you for a few days.
- Hey, get us two drinks, 90ml each.
- I don't need it.
Have it, Ikka.
What else is happening?
All good?
- Muruganna.
- Yes.
There's a request from Viyyur jail.
It will be beneficial for you.
I don't have the money to
buy this property from him.
We will give you the money.
As soon as this property sale is over,
you should file a civil case,
and say that a document I
handed over to you, was forged.
My dear Salam Ikka, I've
been calling you for so long.
- Who are you?
- We got drunk at the bar yesterday, right?
Hop on.
Let's go have a couple of drinks.
Hop on, Salam Ikka.
It's time!
Don't fall.
Hold tight.
Hey, Rema.
You should do something.
You should go to our nearby shops and
buy as many lottery tickets as you can.
And you should check
it in front of people.
Check whether you've won.
We don't have money to buy rice.
And you want me to buy lottery tickets?
Have you gone crazy?
The money will reach you!
By the time I get out of here,
I'll be as good as dead.
Shouldn't I do something
for you and our children?
I've brought what you asked for.
Nari Suni sent this for you,
for your efforts.
You fixed a really strong drink.
Yeah, right!
The third ticket also
didn't win, Rema Chechi.
It's alright. I just
hope I win it someday.
We should keep buying them.
Shall I give you another one?
Yes, please.
Claiming that I forged
this death certificate,
you should file a case.
Rest everything, as we agreed.
Don't fall!
- Go carefully, Salam Ikka.
- Don't worry about that.
- What's your name?
- My name is Suneesh.
Suneesh, right?
- Let's have a drink each.
- The bar is closed!
I'll sort that out.
- Come on then.
- I'll make them open it.
Who is it?
Here you go, Chechi.
This is a Kerala lottery ticket.
This is the ticket from
Thrissur that won 80 Lakhs.
80 Lakhs?
You can exchange it at any bank.
If anyone asks you,
just say that you bought it from
Shankarankulangara in Thrissur.
Even your children
needn't know about this.
Once you get the money,
Murugan has asked you
to call him on this number.
- Okay. I will call him.
- Okay, Chechi.
The report can be
manipulated in various ways.
The lab examiner may go wrong.
The equipment can falter.
There can be a data error
where the report is printed.
And any staff member...
can be bribed or blackmailed.
Apart from all these,
even the sealed samples
that come from the court,
can be replaced before they
are delivered to the lab.
If you have money and influence,
you can find plenty
of inner connections.
Salam had told me that even complete
strangers would buy alcohol for him.
Thereby, you made him
a chronic alcoholic,
sent him to de-addiction
centres several times,
and destroyed his credibility.
Jijo, John Samuel and Murugan's
lottery ticket were all...
mere pawns in your grand scheme.
Very nice, Nishanth.
These stories are very interesting.
Driven by your thirst
for revenge against me,
are you becoming
delusional now, sir?
Mental insanity!
We can actually plead that in court.
Let me see if I can
get you out on bail.
Good luck.
Safiya Sait.
Year, 1991.
During the investigation
of the Teresa case,
I had made a mistake, Nishanth.
The method you used
to assault Theresa,
was something you had practised
and perfected over time.
It exhibited all the traits
of a psychopath.
Yet, I considered it
as a random incident,
failed to dig up
your background,
and do a full profiling.
It was a grave mistake on my side.
I corrected it this time.
Safiya Sait.
Calicut University student.
D1 Representative.
A great orator,
smart and intelligent.
She was anticipated to become the
chairman of Calicut University.
One day,
in a remote corner
of the campus,
she burned to death,
while sitting in the second-hand car
her father had gifted her.
A mysterious death.
During that time, you were...
a second-year postgraduate
student at the same campus.
JCM University, Banaras.
First year student, Sunita Sharma.
That girl went missing one day.
About a year and a half later,
during the excavation of the university's
bushy area for a new construction project,
that girl's skeletal remains
were unearthed.
The postmortem report revealed
only one piece of evidence:
her neck bones were fractured.
During that time,
you were completing
your PhD there.
Sunita also...
was smart,
intelligent and dynamic.
Just like Safiya.
Just like Teresa Philip.
The resemblances in age and character
among the girls who were murdered.
The five or six-year intervals
between each death.
And your clear presence at
each of those locations.
To believe that all these
are just mere coincidences,
it's impossible.
Asha Mathew.
My pre-degree senior.
You didn't find that, huh?
She was my neighbour.
The all-rounder at the
youth festival that year.
She was in a strong love affair...
with a Hindu boy.
I caught her near my house.
She tried to escape,
slipping away from my grasp.
You know these old chains
we can find at our backyard?
What do they say?
The chain that's used on dogs?
I strangled her using it.
Like this!
The sound of the windpipe
being crushed...
was audible even amidst the
sounds of everything else.
Life leaving her body through
the windpipe, like thin air...
I could sense it up
from the closest range.
I was inside her.
While enjoying that body,
I knew that...
I was in the peak of my orgasm.
Controlling a life
with your own hands,
and blending it back
into nature as an orgasm.
That's such an extraordinary experience.
Saying that she wanted
to meet her boyfriend,
I took him to the same spot.
And with a crowbar
I found lying there,
I made just one blow!
He was dead!
I dug up a pit in the
forest for the two of them,
and planted a mango
sapling over it.
I planted a rumour that they
were in love and may have eloped.
Poor guy!
Her younger brother and I...
have relished several mangoes
from that mango tree.
So sweet!
You are sick...
and beyond repair!
You are a devil!
Teresa might have met
a similar end, Harish;
if Salam hadn't come there.
If it weren't for you,
I wouldn't have been caught either.
But I am out of the cage.
The Devil cannot be caged, Harish.
Because... Devil is not human.
He is half-God himself.
Now listen to this
as well, Harish.
All psycic killers get caught,
when they continue their killings,
without breaking their patterns.
Once the obsession to follow a
pattern is fed into their psyche,
it never leaves them.
Your reading was correct.
Arunima was the best target.
She wasn't my target.
She was the target I used,
to trap you.
you broke your pattern.
This night, while the entire city police
was running around to arrest you,
I caught my next prey, Harish.
- What happened? He didn't come?
- It's raining.
Get in, I'll drop you.
Come in.
It's been raining for so long!
And I broke my pattern.
I haven't killed her yet.
I am about to kill her.
The fact that you're behind bars,
unable to stop it,
gives me a bonus kick!
The day...
The day you get out on bail,
you'll be arrested again.
Don't strain too much.
If you strain too much,
the oxygen intake will increase.
The oxygen inside the cover
will drop considerably.
You'll run out of breath.
Be a doll and stay still.
I'll be back.
from beneath the floor of one
of the rooms in your house,
her decomposed body will be found.
Along with that,
the city will get a new psycho killer too.
What are you doing?
Let go of him!
Sorry to keep you waiting, Neethu.
I had gone to settle
a personal score.
I won't hurt you much.
May I?
While you were witnessing my downfall,
you failed to notice
the eagle eyes of Kerala Police,
who were monitoring
every move of yours.
Party, Salute!
Harish had come and met me
with all the necessary documents,
a month ago.
We were all over you, discreetly;
including the cyber police.
Everything was planned, Nishanth.
The Kerala Police has
never had a history
of disowning one of our
own efficient officers.
And this tradition won't
change in the future either.
By making you believe that
I had become obsessed,
the investigation came to a halt and
that I ruined my life due to alcoholism;
I triggered your obsession to kill.
That was the reverse
psychology I applied here.
once a cop,
always a cop!
And I am a bloody cop!
Your Honour, I request you to
initiate a comprehensive investigation
into several individuals, including
Nari Suni, taking cues from this case.
I respectfully request you to
grant the necessary time required
for the police to unravel the
mysteries of this conspiracy.
One second, Your Honour.
Your Honour, in addition
to the existing charges,
there's also an additional
charge to consider.
It's 302.
Teresa, who was in coma,
passed away today.
Your Honour,
in addition to the existing charges
of IPC Section 320 grievous hurt
and rape charge under Section 376...
filed against Nishanth
in Teresa case,
I request this court to add...
an additional charge of
IPC Section 302 for murder.
Therefore, I humbly request the court to
alter the charges against the accused
in accordance with Criminal
Procedure Code Section 216.
This court hereby orders that
the Kerala Police will be tasked
with conducting further investigation
into Nishanth, the accused in this case.
Additionally, the court
mandates an in-depth probe into
Sunil Kumar, alias Nari Suni,
Murugan, John Samuel,
Smitha Jijo and Jijo Manalil,
who provided assistance to
the accused in this case,
by including them as co-accused.
- Finally, that battle is over, right?
- Yes.
But you could have shared
this plan of yours with me!
I could have.
But your acting skills don't
quite measure up to mine.
The look on your face
suggests an arrogance,
as though you're confident
you'll return even stronger.
This time you won't.
There won't be any Nari Suni
coming to your rescue!
In prison, you will always be
under the watchful eye
of The Eagle!
What's that?
Huh? What is it?
That was his name.
Have you seen the movie, "John Wick"?
The favourite movie among youngsters?
John Wick!
Hey! Where's the driver?