Garudan (2024) Movie Script

Meeting got over and the minister left
Be ready
They 6
Prepare the MOU
Yes sir
During the party's meeting,
They discussed to give us the district
( Laughs )
Hey ... for the good heart we have
Everything will fall into place
Yes brother
Don't worry
Greetings Boss !!
Yeah !!
I've come as you'd called me
I've been waiting for a long time
What's this lawyer ?
Don't you know ?
The party is on fire !!
We're surrounded by crocodiles
We'll talk as we go !!
Let's go then
Boss , I'll have to make few calls so ...
I'll come in my car
E - 3 Patrol
Be ready !!
Minister's vehicle is nearing the city limit
Sir, we're all set here
Uh ?
SIRRRR !! I'll take reverse
Get lost !!
( Chaotic sound )
Minister of Registration K. Thangapandi
Has escaped alive out of a horrific car accident
Minister's driver Ramasamy and
South Chennai District's Advocate team's
Secretary Kathiravan has lost their lives
For an honest politician like me,
These minor things are bound to happen
Police department is enquiring about this
They'll answer for all your questions ASAP
Sir. we've settled for the lorry driver's family
And SP wanted to have a word with you
We'll talk
What kind of an audacity the lawyer would've had
To ask 50% from us royally ??!!
If he would've opted to get whatever boss offered,
At least he would've been alive
Anyways we've sent him forever
But yeah it's sad that we had to send our driver along
Most of the chaos around us are caused by the
Three things. They are
" the desire for Land !! Women !! Money !! "
" LAND "
Such a huge barren land
Hey, Boss has been eyeing for a while
Our lawyer used this paper as a tool
Oh okay !!
This is a total of twenty-two quarters of ground sir
330Cr is it's market value
It belongs to a renowned temple
which is located in Kombai, Theni
Back then,
Before going to the war, King Kulasekara Pandiya
Worshiped this goddess is what the temples history says
Hmmm Mmmmm
48 years back
A family donated this land to the temple and
Left for Australia and became Australian citizens
They don't know that such a place exists now and
The temple guys are also unaware about this land
So this is an anonymous place ?
- Quickly make plans to take over this land
- Okay sir
Sir ...
Uh ?
Sir they've given the original agreement
to the temple as an " Ancestral deed "
Oh okay ...
If we take it, everything will get sorted sir
( Giggles )
- But the Goddess ...
- What ?
Will it poke our eyes ?
HEY !!
Hey we're the ones who open her eyes
And stage the consecrate
Look ,
Just get the job done before Chithirai Festival
Now tell me where this temple is
90 days later
Happy birthday dear !!
Happy Birthday Dheeksha !!
Sharing is Caring !!
Okay baby ...
It's time. So you please leave
Cake cutting at home in the evening
Then there is a surprise in the evening dear
Daddy !!
I don't want any surprise gifts
Will you do only one thing which I say ?
What my dear ?
Before I joined 6th standard,
You've changed 7 schools and
I don't even have a proper friend
I've got many friends here
Please don't get transferred from here too. Please !!
Haaan okay
You get an auto and reach home
I'll go to SP's office and get back
Ride safe !!
Honey !! No transfer right ?
I'm gonna resign my job
You've got transferred to this town and
It's not been even 3 months
What's your problem dude ?
You've come to resign your job
Some personal problem sir
Are you planning to start a grocery store ?
Simply lazing around !!
So many things has happened in these 90 days sir
Everything cannot be told
Can you give in writing ?
Mmmm ?
In writing ?
You'll resign royally and
Bluff something on an YouTube channel tomorrow
Someone from the top will watch that
and target me !!
Do one thing !
Write in detail about the reason for your resignation
I'll look at it and let you know
If you can resign or not
Mmmm ?
12 years of service in total
17 transfers
My family has suffered enough
This time I didn't want any of it
Jut to stay put
I kept mum about a temple related issue
It has made me resign my job
The face of all this is
" Chockan "
The day I took charge to this station
Is the same day I met Chockan
Sir I'm delivering goods at the new Inspector's home
I'll be there in 10 minutes sir
Hey !! My teddy !!
Hey It's glass !! Handle with care !!
Oh god !!
BRO !! The rope is loose !!
Bro lift it up for a second !!
Bro !! Kid !! Kid !!
Bro there is a kid down there !! Baby !!
( Gasps )
Careful my dear
- Hey are you okay ?
Nothing sir
Hey won't you be knowing when it slides on a side ?
Pull it up man !!
It's slippery bro
- Sir I'll take a leave
- Brother please have this
No sir. It's fine
- Have this tip for food ...
- It's fine sir
Who's this man ? He looks uncanny
He is Chockan sir
He is working under Karuna
He's a solid loyal worker
You go and take care of the work
We've got an important assignment from the top
Take complete details of Adhi and Karuna
Who're a part of their temple's administration
Okay sir. Sir may I know what's the ...
Adhi and Karuna are friends from childhood
How these two bonded is that, both of their father were
" Indispensable Friends "
As they both died together in the same accident,
The bond between these two became stronger
Adhi owns lorries
AT transport
He is a furious man
He would hit before he talks
He has "n" number of cases over his crimes
Karuna, the only heir of the royal family
A ruined royal family
Who doesn't flash on their poverty
Who also never gives up on their ancestor's pride
He owns a " brickwork " with his 50 Cents of leased land
Brick making factory !!
He works hard despite of the heat and rain !!
Adhi transports the bricks which Karuna makes
and markets it for him !!
Though they fight and be in chaos
They both together show up regularly at the temple
Karuna's grandmother sellayee,
Is the head of " Kombai Amman's Administration "
They've been inheriting the temple's legacy
and have been kept under their control
Though the grandmother heads the administration,
Without Karuna and Adhi's ( trustee ) knowledge
Nothing moves inside the temple
If I've to tell their story completely,
I'll have to add Chockan along with them
Chockan ...
An orphan who lived along with the saints in the temple's yard
Karuna plays near the yard regularly
The friendship commenced by fetching a ball from the dirt
When Karuna was in danger
Catch !!
He saved Karuna's life and
the friendship became stronger
It was the reason why Karuna brought him home
Come on in
Please have
It'll be tasty
Please eat
Who's this ?
Friend granny
He has none
What's your name dear ?
I don't know
From now on, " Chockan " is your name
Even though they called sellayee as " granny "
For these 3 orphans
She was their " Mother & Father "
That's when Chockan turned into a loyal worker
Adhi has 2 kids
Karuna is married for 8 years and has no kids
I had asked him to collect the money
But he has got the money and gambled with it
He has been blaming that he has not got the payment
Look, we can't deal with you anymore
Settle the money and get lost
My business is with you
We both can have 1000s of dealings
Why the uncalled is barking ?
Hey !!
( Laughs )
Oh No !
Now we both are having a tiff !!
How can I deal with you ? Huh ?
So ...
Like Adhi said
Shut up and get lost !!
Get lost !!
This is how sir
They'll never give up on each other
That strong their friendship is
" Manly bull with horn "
" Will kill the very moment it's touched "
" Who'll dare to touch you & me ?"
" If someone messes ; we'll smash them "
" We born on this earth "
" Until our life time "
" we'll hold hands and fly "
" We'll admire anything & everything "
" We'll roam around like royal twin horses all around "
" We'll create our own rules "
" Let's not vanish like a rainbow "
" Let's not dissolve like the sky "
" Let's ask for a passport to sightsee the spinning earth "
Oh my god !!
What's all this ?
Falling on my feet in front of God
Granny, you're also our God
The God which fed us
God bless you both !!
God bless you !!
" There is no rehearsal for life "
" Time waits for none "
" We should not hide the desires we have listed in heart "
" Even if something goes wrong in friendship "
Hey go ahead !!
" Even if something goes wrong in friendship "
Hey come here
" Even if something goes wrong in friendship "
He gave it for you
" Friendship would be the medicine for the wrong doing "
You wear it
" Friendship would be the medicine for the wrong doing "
You wear I say !!
" Friendship would be the medicine for the wrong doing "
" If it doesn't move on ; let's move it on together "
Come over here
" If it doesn't move on ; let's move it on together "
You stand here
" If it doesn't move on ; let's move it on together "
" If it doesn't move on ; let's move it on together "
This looks good
" If it doesn't move on ; let's move it on together "
Smile please
" If it doesn't move on ; let's move it on together "
Dear ...
Everything is set
It's already late
Shall we start the prayer?
Why urging ?
Patience !!
We'll wait Son In Law
But the auspicious time won't wait for us
Why time restriction for praying God?
Stay put
Camphor will only burn if she comes and lights it ?
She'll come late and we should all wait for her
Come Sister !!
I was anticipating to meet you
Yeah coming
Why so late Adhi ?
Your grand daughter took a decade to drape her saree
Only if she ends that, I can bring her
Hey loser !!
I called you so many times
You could've told me
Hey with the roads we've,
We can't drive even if we have 4 hands
Looks like I'll have to pick your call in between chaos
We made on time. Then what ?
What dude ?
No bro. You were about to hit him
Oh my God !
Before he became your brother;
He was already my friend. Go man !!
Hey Adhi
Mmmm ?
I've been upset from yesterday
What are you saying granny ?
After the prayer, come with us in the car
We'll go meet the doctor in Theni
Not that dear
I dreamt a dream last night
Oh you dreamt ?
Everywhere !!
Elephants !! Horses !! Men !! Clan !!
Everyone had weapons in hand !!
That place looked like
All the men
Were standing against you and Karuna
Our Chockan
He stands still like Krishna
As if he doesn't give a damn
My soul is departing every minute I think about it
We have Kombai amman
We have you who's her incarnation
Then what granny ?
Nothing will happen
First pray to God
Pray granny !!
Why did you come here ?
Why has he hit you so badly ?
By mistake Karuna bro's hand flipped
When have you agreed ?
I've got you food, come eat
I do not need all that
Sister called you no?
You can at least stay at Adhi bro's home
Why should you work here ?
Are they both different ?
Why should I trouble them ?
I feel that I'm also a reason
for you to suffer like this
It's not on us
It was meant to happen and it happened
What's his bill ?
43 rupees and he has got a vada parceled
Huh okay
Give me
I'll eat. You leave
GO !
Hey Chocka, give them some water !!
Yeah I'll pour bro !!
Bro give me 2 dosas. Make it fast !
Hey hey !!
Can't you be careful ?
Are you blind ?
- Can't you be careful ?
- Please forgive me brother
What forgive ?
Get lost you loser !!
You told me that he is so close to Adhi and Karuna,
He is submissive and doing all menial jobs
That's how they were
But I'm unsure what went wrong in a week sir
As he's the reason why my child is alive
I was curious to know about him
Karuna's Brother In Law Vairavelu
Light the lamp sissy
He has been in an affair with a muslim girl
and that has bursted out
Will you marry me or not ?
Who else will I ?
We'll together live a happy life
I'll take care of you
Trust me
What happened girl ?
I tested as you said
What was the result ?
Tell it out girl !
Two lines showed up !!
I'll give you a tight slap
That means you're pregnant fool !
Do you really have brains ?
You could've been safe !!
Did I plan and do it ?
Even if a single piece of coconut goes missing
Granny will tear us apart. So drop it back from your pocket
We should open it up to Karuna bro
Not that dude
I suggested him to tell his sister
But he has been threatening that he'll kill himself
It'll become an issue only if we tell
We'll make the right one to tell
Don't think about anything
Come to Muni Bro's field by tomorrow noon
We'll sort it out
Chill Parveen. We'll handle whatsoever it may be
What were you friends planning ?
Nothing as such
I want to talk to you in private
You want the coconut right ?
Take it !! I'll pacify granny
Come to Muni bro's field tomorrow by noon
Something important
Be there
If an average looking girl
Calls out a super handsome guy ,
To talk about something important
What would be the matter ?
Expecting a reply !!
Hmmm Mmmm
You guys are feeling shy
I'll ask the right person
What it could be?
That girl would've liked you
She would've called you out to talk about it
She would've kept hidden some curry for your dad
Go bring that !!
It's a love affair right ?
Go man !
Okay Okay
Shall we tell your brother and
Get you both engaged ?
Stay patient sissy !!
We're going to talk tomorrow
Even after two days
We'll stage the wedding on an auspicious day
Because we should never urge in marriage affairs
Then don't go the way you look now
Wear the best shirt you have
Go like a handsome groom charm !!
Were you waiting for so long ?
No I just reached
Just now
Chuck that
Tell me , what's the matter ?
I don't know how to tell you
You've come a long way
How can you not say ?
If it's something else, I can immediately break open
This is a love affair right ?
Yeah we should take our own time to break open
We can actually sit and talk but
Why is this bakery coming here now ?
I only asked her to come
We'll have to talk and sort it out
Why do we need her beside ?
I've only come for the sake of her
She should only reveal her love
What ? her love ?
Yeah I'm the one who's in love
So it's not your love ?
When did I tell you that it's my love ?
She has been in love for 3.5 years
I've been secretively loving
For 3.5 years
What are you saying ?
How can you do something like this ?
All these things will not work out sister
I told you right dude ?
That this won't work out
That'll all work out. You shut up
I'll speak
It'll not work out
Her father has been toiling in the bakery by facing extreme heat
She is in love it looks like ...
Looks so innocent
That too with me
You know, what kind of a respect I had for you ?
I told you that we do not need all these
Did you listen to me ?
Hey wait !!
Why are you scolding this girl ?
Who knows how love blooms for people ?
No Vinnu
I'm not speaking against love
It comes when someone bears the other one in the heart
But I did not expect that this girl would be saying this
All these will not work out
I'll go
Hey stop
I'm trying to explain and make him understand right ?
What are you trying ?
This will happen over my dead body
Not just now but forever
Hey stop !! Where are you going ?
- I've been talking for the sake of you
- Let her go home. Why are you stopping her ?
Hey where are you going ?
HEY !!
Someone wants to die for the sake of having me ?
Hey go man !! quickly Save her !! go !!
( Gasping )
She's bathing I guess
Go man !! Go check on her !!
Where has she gone ?
Turn around and see
Hey she's drowning !! Get hold of her hair !!
Hey it's false hair !! Get hold of her hair !!
I'll not come
Hey parveen !! Listen to us !! Come up !!
Where did he go ?
Hey Parveen save him !!
Is there anyone who knows to swim ?
( Gasping for breath )
Sister !! What's wrong ?
Brother please come over fast and save her !!
No dear !! I'm unable to handle !!
( Coughs )
The ambulance is more like a coffin
Why did you jump ?
Karuna's Brother In Law Vairavel deserves to die !!
Why should he die ?
She's in love with him
So ?
Not me then ?
Who told that it's you ?
We wanted you to speak to Karuna and help us
Selfish crooks !!
I drank the water and
These girls are eating the bread
You want ?
I'll kill you !!
The girl who aimed to die has drunk very little water
But why did you drink so much who aimed to save her ?
I was thirsty ; thats why
Wear your mask !! You loser !!
- What have you done Chocka ?
- Brother !!
Uh ?
It's my daughter's life brother
You'll have to take charge and make her live a good life
- Don't worry sir. I'll take good care of her
- Okay brother. I'm sorted then
Why are you with the mask then ?
Hey Karuna must not know that she's got aborted
How is that right bro ? How can I keep things away from him ?
Hey I know all of your loyalty shit !
I'm telling this for the sake of Karuna
I'll tell Karuna
But still we can put a word bro
Hey I'm telling you not to !!
Sir this is a hospital !!
Did I claim this to be a temple ?
He'll not open up anything. You please chill
Hey come here
What I'm trying to convey is that ...
Let's talk in private ...
Who's the one who jumped into the well ?
Who jumped along with you ?
This one
What's your name ?
Parveen sir
You take care and I'll take care of everything
Myself Chockan, out of my interest
Here you go. Sign on this
Oh human rights ?
You won't sign it without reading it out ?
I'll read it up for you
Greetings sir
Myself Chockan, I've been dating Parveen for a while
We've been feeding our love by meeting near pump sets
After the climax, with the interest of disconnecting from her
I stopped meeting Parveen
As Parveen couldn't digest this disappointment
She fell into the well and jumped out of anxiety
I take responsibility for everything sir. Thank you very much
Yours faithfully, Chockan
Sign !!
Are you wondering about the rhyming words ?
MA in Tamil
Go ahead !! Sign !!
Will you sign or not ?
What ?
Look at him sir !!
A senior officer has been asking
and he's arrogantly refusing to sign sir
Sir, give us a minute
Are you going to bring out the truth ? Please
What happened ?
Huh ?
Tell me what happened ?
Bro our Brother In Law has been playing around with Parveen
in the name of love
After getting to know that she's 3 months pregnant
He has tried to shy away tactically
He has blackmailed that he would die
He has forced to abort
He has threatened that girl and
She told me through Vinnarasi and
She panicked that I would tell you
Unknowingly I called that girl and thrashed her by mistake
She jumped inside the well immediately
When I was peeping in, Vinnarasi pushed me in
I was unable to save her
I drank gallons of water instead
Only after those people rescued me in an ambulance and
admitted me here
I came to know that the fetus got aborted
Immediately I told everything to Adhi bro and Sister
But they both came here
and threatened that I should not spill anything to you
What ?
You've played with this Great Thiruvettai's experience
You'll get caught in the next hunt !
Dude , they've been in love mutually
A girl's life shouldn't get ruined
Do what I say
Whomsoever says
Even at the cost of my life
I won't get my son married to a girl
Who belongs to an other religion
If your daughter wants to live in this house,
This wedding should happen
Om ...
( Sanskrit Mantra )
Take it
I want a minute with you
I'm at work, you find someone else
Okay then. I'll go
But Tamil akka told me something
And I came to tell you that
Hey Vinnarasi !!
Wake him up and go. He has been sleeping for a while
Wake up man !!
Wake up man !!
I'm not here just to deliver the milk
But also to meet you
Did you make me come around by keeping this away from me ?
" With whom ? with whom ? "
" Will I talk about my love story ?"
" With you !! With you !! "
" What will I talk to you ? "
" I'll have a great urge to pour in all my thoughts "
" But the minute I meet you, all my words die "
" I'll anticipate for that one word from you ?
" But the minute I meet you, all that will fly away "
" I'm caught inside in a coop "
" Like a chicken "
" You my Multi coloured parrot "
" I've been bearing you in my heart "
We feel that your daughter would be a great match for our son
She's my sister's daughter
She doesn't have parents
She is self made & has come up on her own by selling milk
She has grown along with suffering
So her choice is important for us
" I was longing for a family as I don't have one "
" After meeting you, I was awakened !! "
" I was admiring when you uttered my name "
" I truly smiled out of my heart only with you "
" I'm unable to read your heart "
" I'm unable to understand your words and it's hidden agendas "
" Like a fish on the ground "
" I'm longing when I'm with you "
" You didn't tell it right on my face "
" and kept beating around the bush "
" With whom ? With whom ?
" Will I talk about my love story ?"
" With whom ? With whom ? "
" What will I talk to you ? "
Hey you Adhi loser !!
Who are you to stage my son's wedding ?
Uncle please hold your tongue
I've lost my dignity and every other thing possible !!
Everyone in the town will not respect me anymore
Move aside
Uncle Uncle
What happened bro ?
Ask that pot head !
Hey go ahead and slit me !!
Why is he screaming like this ?
Hey you have come drunk
Please stop !!
You're the reason for everything
- YOU !!
- Bro please !!
What's this dear ?
I'm not involved dear
I've slapped you by mistake uncle
You raised your hand against Karuna bro
- I got tensed seeing that
- Did you just see what happened ?
This dog has hit me and
You all are witnessing the insult
That man who kept speaking about " Dignity "
He has totally taken away his Father In Law's dignity
( Slaps )
No bro he tried to hit you
So ?
You'll hit him huh ?
No bro
Whatsoever it can be ; He's my uncle
Get lost from my sight
Okay bro
He came out
and never patched yet ?
Sir ... What are you saying ?
Please turn around and look at that first !!
Sir, that's all about their fight
Despite of Karuna's mistake,
If he calls Chocka,
Chocka will immediately go behind him
The phone call was the start for all the issues happened
You'd written a detailed report
You immediately go and meet Minister Thangapandi
Who's in his Rock Quarry, Devaram
Do whatever he asks you to
Okay sir
- Greetings sir
- Come on in brother
I heard that you're the new inspector for Kombai
I've some work in this place
That's why I'd asked you to come
Son In Law !!
Come here
- Everything is set right ?
- Yeah sir, I've checked
Nagaraj !! He's known for his theatre !
His father was running " Golden Talkies Theatre " in Kombai
His grandfather
was holding a posting
In Kombai Amman Temple's Administration
The theatre isn't active now
But he runs his illegal business there
This guy
In a way is my family
My Son In Law, Nagaraj
I know
Your SP told that you'll work
only after knowing about everyone's whereabouts in town
Look we'll have to help him with something
No sir
That is ...
What ?
He has got FIRs on him
as he makes 1st copies of famous brands
Hey what's all this FIRs, rip them apart
Look all the riches are using the originals
What'll the poor do ?
That's why he makes duplicate. Chuck that
Now we've a work at Kombai Amman's temple
Which is under your limit
Tag along with him and finish the task
( Smirks )
Heard that your daughter is studying 6th standard
Ask her to excel
Education is vital
Give him !!
No I don't want money
I'll do it
You've got a daughter
Save money for her
No. Not needed sir
If you're not taking the money, how'll I trust you ?
What if you turn against me tomorrow ?
Please have it dear
The ancestral deed they're looking for is
inside the bank locker along with the Temple Jewels
Yearly once during the Temple's Festival
Only the Temple's administrative head can access the locker
Son In Law !!
You should become the head of the Temple and
efficiently complete the task
A granny is heading the administration there
It's difficult to go against her and become the leader
That granny won't die anytime soon uncle
Can we give her a ticket to paradise ?
( Gulps )
Granny !!
Granny !! Granny !! How much would you drink ?
Stop !!
Hey !! For making you as the temple's trustee,
Are you buttering her by making her drink everyday ?
Don't bluff without knowing the issue
Granny is in rage
Granny who made you angry ?
Hey is that you ?
If there's any issue in the temple,
Keep it inside your heart
Why're you scolding that girl ?
Granny ... Granny ...
Granny No !! I've been telling you !!
- Granny is upset !!
- He is guessing it right
Look at me
Bro is only calling granny !
Brother it seems !!
I've shared toasts with his ancestors man !!
Brother ...
Hey Chocka, where are you ?
Bro ...
Are you with the granny at the toddy shop ?
Yeah bro. She's chasing 5th now bro
Okay take her home safely
Okay bro
Granny ...
Listen to me, come
Enough !!
My dearest
First wipe off your mouth
If I die
Don't throw me into the trash
Build a Chariot like a Ship
Like queen Elizabeth !!
You should celebrate it like anything that the village awwws at it !!
Cut the crap granny
Mark my words !!
I'll die and take an other life through my grand daughter
Then kill you all !!
Granny !! First sit down !!
Why're you talking all these
Just sleep off
Gimme ... I'll keep the bag aside
No. I want it next to me
Clever you ...
Let me keep your leg up
Shall I massage your legs ?
Please don't talk about these
You go my dear
" You were the goddess of empathy "
" You were the sky showering rain "
" You've just left this material space "
" You've just left us all behind with grief "
" Why would you disappear ?"
" Where would we find you ? "
As Sellayee passed away,
We're suggesting her grandson Karuna
To become the Head of the Temple's Administration
All are okay with this right ?
Hey !!
If you all gang up, will it become right ?
Are we here to witness the event ?
Granny was alive and
We stood away from this to respect her
It looks like everything will be given to their family
My family has also been a part of this administration
Is it their house's yard ?
For them alone to enjoy ?
It's a public property dude
Have this in mind
In addition, they have agreed on an inter religion wedding
Then how'll we make them a part of the temple's administration ?
Has he married an other religion girl ?
His Brother In Law has only married to an other religion girl
Who's his Brother In Law ?
It's his wife's younger brother right ?
Shall we do something ?
Ask him to leave his family behind
We'll give him the priest's job along with it
I'll chop you into pieces and dissolve them in river Vaigai
Stay calm guys !
Hey what do you want ?
We've other ideas bro
Organise an election
I'll stand
Let him also stand
Whomsoever wins
Can take the post
Who's this guy ?
Is this an MLA post to hold an election ?
It's a humble temple post
You're wanting an election for this
The politics is around the temple
Try to understand this
He has done an inter caste wedding and
Now wants a post in the temple
What are you expecting us to do now ?
Organise an election is what I'm saying !!
Don't you guys understand ?
Ask the casteless guy to stand
I'll face it !
I'm not going to stand
A man who's incapable to prove his masculinity is
running away in fear
What did you just say ?
Let go of me !
I'm asking you to spare it !!
Leave me !!!
Is it fair to fight in a temple like this when elders are around ?
If you guys can, Compete and try to win !!
HEY !!
Our brother doesn't need to compete and win
With you filthy people !
To win you guys, my bro need not stand
A man he points out is more than enough
Hey !! not even a man is needed !
If he decides, he can even make a dog stand and win
Wear it !
I told you guys that we do not need that girl
Did you listen to me uncle ?
That day my dignity went for a toss !
Today it's your dignity which is gone !!
That's all over right ?
Let it go
Over ?
Everyone has given you an end is what I'm saying !
Hey !
I know very well about
What to do with whom, when and where !
You all mind your businesses !
Give me your ID proof
Our brother
Uncle, sign the way we taught you
Look Adhi, we both belong to the same caste
He's a coolie who doesn't know what caste he belongs to
If I lose competing with him,
I won't be the only one bearing the insult,
It's also an insult for you
My dearest, loving caste mate !
Living unlike you and me,
Chockan doesn't know what caste he belongs to
and I find it as his ultimate strength !
Why are you
Talking like this ?
Okay bro
I'll ask Chockan to take back as you all say
What's the profit for us in it ?
Everything is a profit !
Tell me that you'll agree
I'll do anything and everything
If you want, buy 10 lorries and rejoice
We'll take out temple's jewels and split it equally
We shall give a share to your boy Karuna too
Who'll question us ?
There are n number of people in the committee trusting us
If they ask us ?
( Smirks )
Who'll dare to raise a question against us
They've already heard
Bring that here
Have you kept the volume right ?
Yeah I've kept it perfectly
Did you record ?
I've recorded it correctly
Live is " ON " right ?
Hmm ?
My dear Village mates !
Did you watch this honest man's true colour ?
He'll share and give you the temple jewels it looks like
Will you guys vote for this guy ?
Hey you were right dude !
Not even one will vote for you
Chockan is solely selected as our
Kombai Amman Temple Administration's head
Who's this Chockan guys ?
Bro what's this ?
You are the temple's head,
You're bathing the dogs
Leave it to me bro. I'll bath them up
What dude ? were you waiting for this posting ?
Only because of this qualification,
They've selected me as their leader
The whitey in the last
Has pottied
Go clean it off
Let's meet in the next election
Even though Chockan heads our temple administration,
He's not mature enough to hold all the keys
Hey Adhi, you receive it
As you're the trustee,
You keep everything under your control from now on
Hey Angu
Open !!
What are you doing ?
What's wrong with you ?
What are you doing ?
Huh ?
The keys which were here for generations
Is with someone else now
You're not the way
I Imagined you would be
A Palace House
Few lovely children
A dignified life
I came here dreaming all of that Karuna
But ...
So, you and me ...
Aren't we happy ?
If you'll change everything if I say " no ",
Then its " NO"
I don't know why on earth you all believe him
We'll have to do something and come up
He did not pick up bro
If so, Call again
This is also duplicate sir
137 pawns in total
They've worked so well
Thank God ; the important jewels got spared as it's all in the bank
Call the writer and take a list
Split it separately
We got the key yesterday only sir
I came to know only when I checked sir
What happened dude ?
I don't know whom to trust and not to
Granny trusted him and made him the temple's trustee
When I checked all the jewels in the morning
Not one or two
On the whole 137 pawns were duplicate
I asked him how it all changed
But he isn't answering
Who's he to tell anymore ?
It's gotten confirmed now
Then what ?
We'll go to the station and file an FIR
Then we'll decide what can be done next
I wanna have a word with you
Hey what do you want to talk ?
If he has dared to do something when granny was the head
Do you want me to let go of him ?
For the anger I was with,
I would've broke open his head
Dude ... do not get angry
I wanna have a word with you in private
What sir ?
What are you going to discuss post this ?
Sir, one minute
Dude !
Dharma bro took it as I asked him to
Last month, the soil which was kept in the brickworks,
got drenched in the rain
Which you are very well aware of
After that
Granny's funeral took place
I spent all my money
What have you done ?
You could have told me in advance
Now we've called the police
That's why I called you dude
You did not pick
The phone was on silent ; That's why I didn't pick
What's this dude ?
Swallow this here
Let brother go to the police station
Hey you are the guilty
We can't make someone else go for the sake of you
I'll go to the police station bro
Hey shut up !!
You go to the station
I'll come there with a lawyer and bail you out
Go man !
HEY !!
How long will you be getting the statement ?
Ask him to file an FIR
Yeah okay sir
This is our house's deed
and these are my lorry's documents
In total, the worth is 65 Lakhs
It's more than the worth of the temple jewels
I'll get it after the jewels are returned
We'll sort it out amongst ourselves
Please do not file an FIR
You don't want me to file an FIR ?
Who are you to tell that ?
I know the do's and don'ts
Hey where's that writer ?
Sir, I've asked him to come
You check if the jewels are there sir
As the jewels were under our control for years
Granny has kept it at her home to keep it safe
We ourselves got to know only after opening the cupboard
Meanwhile the unwanted ones started taking charge
and created this scene sir
The temple smith has checked it too sir
Ask them to check if they want to sir
Hon, you told me that Karuna bro pledged the jewels
What's all this ?
Each one are coming up with a story and killing our time
Huh ?
He only asked me for the receipt. That's why I gave
At least now you grasp the good and the bad ones
Some bad time
Things which shouldn't have happened, has happened
Nothing as such
All the bad things has happened the way you staged
What's this dear ?
If you get into politics,
The betraying crowd should learn the basics from you
What's this uncle ? You too ?
Then who'll ?
We're the victims
You come Dear, lets go
The humiliation I went through at the police station
That I stole the temple jewels
I can never forget that insult in life
You were the one who extended a hand and helped
Tell me what should I do for you ? tell me
Not today
Lets talk about this tomorrow
HEY !!
What are you man ?
Tell me right away !
We'll talk in the morning dear
You've spent so much on me
It's time to express my gratitude
You've something in heart
Tell me
Let's talk later
I'll take a leave
HEY !!
Sit down man !!
Come closer
You know what the theatre guy demanded for ?
HEY !!
Our temple's deed is inside the bank locker bro
An influential Minister is looking for it
If we flick and give it to them
They'll give us 10%
Bro and sis agreed to it instantly
They've also informed uncle about this
They asked me to shut my mouth until they reveal it to you
That's the matter
If you do this now,
You'll reach more heights than this
20Cr on your table
What ?
Yeah uncle,
They say that the deed was written long back by someone
This won't lead you into any issues
All these years we've protected and worked for the temple
Think that the God is giving you back something in return
Adhi bro will not agree to this
We can't do this against Adhi
Our Chocken is the head
He would do it if we order him to do so
You can't do anything against Adhi
Hey !! Why are you simply fearing for him ?
What if he's not there at all ?
HEY !!
You want me to kill ?
He's my friend
He'll become the " Hero " with glittery attires
But you'll stand forever like a " Joker " with these dirty cloths
Is this called as " friendship " ?
If you follow the same pattern,
You'll end up settling along with the soil forever
Think well and let me know
I'll leave
Hey come guys !
Hey Theatre
I don't want to end up living in the soil forever
What should I do to take that deed ?
The Amman Temple's festival is by next week
You will generally take out the jewel from the bank
to decorate the goddess right ?
There where the plan is laid
At 5 Chockan will enter the locker room
I'll help him find the deed on video call
We'll fetch the deed and drop it inside the box
2 of our PCs along with it
No problem at all
The driver is our man too, so that's also sorted
The only catch is
The boys who work in the bank
Until the taken jewels are kept back
They'll stick with me
Dad made it a practice
We can't change it
That's why we have a plan !!
At 6:25 PM, the vehicle will reach Bodi
We'll flick it there
If it gets missed there
A team will stand near Chinnamannur
If we miss it there too,
Uthamapalayam Velakku
We'll flick it there
These 3 routes can be the only ways to enter the village
The theft should look like
it has happened for the sake of the temple jewels
I told you right ?
No bro. Adhi bro ...
Don't be scared
Adhi's life will not be in danger
Do what I say
No bro
Bring the water bottle from the car
What if he blabbers something ?
He is my Chockan
He won't utter a letter without my command !!
Don't suspect him
Managing Adhi is the issue
Wouldn't I plan it, when I've planned so much ?
Adhi has got something more important to do on that day
When he reaches after completing all his tasks,
The whole festival would've gotten over by the time he arrives
If Adhi intrudes this plan after all these,
We should kill him too
I feel suspicious about Chockan
If an issue arises, Kill him along with Adhi behind Uncle's back
Hey stick the poster in all the streets
Stick all the ones we have
( People praying )
When we take God's jewels
Don't forget to send the two PCs I suggest
Then sir, Minister asked you to visit his Party office
He has given orders right ?
Start now
The flower vendor has pulled our leg
He hasn't reached yet
Call him and ask bro
He has always delivered on time in the past
I myself have not received the goods yet bro
Each one gives a reason bro
Only if you come here, It can be sorted
Hmmm. I'll come
Hon, Samaran has not yet reached home from school
I called his sir and enquired
He says that he has left long back
What are you saying ?
I'm standing near his school only
I don't know where he went
- Okay I'll come there
- I've been searching for him
You go and check at his tuition
I'm the SI from Periyakulam station
Is AT transport yours ?
Your lorry has hit a vehicle at the Junction road
The rider is injured
We've admitted him at GH and he's critical
We've held the driver back
You immediately start and come to the station
Okay sir. I'll come down
I've asked Adhi to come to the station. He's coming
I've left Adhi in a spin
You don't worry about anything
He'll not show up at the bank for sure
Ask Chockan to go now
Hey, you start to the bank
Okay bro
- Here you go sir
- We'll have to go to the locker
I'll go along
Thank you sir
Take it
Locker's key. I'll go now
Okay sir
Why are you looking haunted ?
No bro. They'd told me that you've gone out
regarding some station work. That's why
It looks like the accident has some hidden agenda
You're the vehicle's owner right ?
Go sit there until the inspector comes
I'm not the owner
My wife is the owner
Vehicle's book, insurance, road tax are inside this
She'll be here until the inspector comes
Bro as you said, I went and brought your son
We're going home
The flower decoration is also happening
I got issues from multiple sides at the same time
I decided then
They told me that you've come alone
So I immediately reached here
Go and bring the jewels
Adhi has also come to the bank bro
Yes bro
He just entered in
Oh NO !!
Not that
Not this too
The copper coloured cylindrical stick is the one
The deed is inside that
Have you entered the time ?
I've informed sir
Okay sir
Follow me
Adhi is coming along in the vehicle
Why man ?
Your looks are weird and puzzled !
Nothing bro
You've been starring from the minute I saw you
We're taking God's jewels and I'm tensed about it
We're taking the God's jewels which we'd kept in the bank
You're telling as if we've robbed the bank
Which way are you taking ?
Via Bodi bro
Go via Chinnamannur
Bro it's far
Hey !! Listen to what I say
Go via chinnamannur
Okay bro
Bro he hasn't come via Bodi
Then he'll cross Chinnamannur
Wait on the Junction Road
Go via Sindhalaseri into the village
I know this route bro; It's the longest the way
Anyways Police is along with us bro
Who ?
These weak police men ?
You !!
We're only protecting them
Bro he hasn't come through Chinnamannur bro
He plans to go via Uthamapalayam I guess
We should not let him go
Go to Uthamapalayam Via MarkayanKottai
Hey turn this way
What the hell is happening there ?
No uncle, He has not come in any of the routes we planned
Where the hell is he coming ?
Where the hell is he ?
He has come here
Move aside and stand guys !!
If he smells something,
That's it
He'll turn everything into ashes and walk away
So ,
Let's not do it today
Let's let him go
Hey, I can't leave it just like that
Not everything will favour us
We should only fight and get things done
Let's first slit Adhi and get over with him
Then take the deed and leave
We'll knock him down when he worships our Protecting God !
Hey !! Hey !!
Bro let me worship
Go !! Go !!
Get in
Check what's going on in the top
Go fast !!
Hey go fast !!
Hey move aside
Move aside !!
Hey put off the fire !!
Escape !!
Hey what are you looking at ?
Fetch some water and pour
Where is it you loser ?
Take the Gold box inside the temple safely
Hey leave me
Sir, shall I call that hand chopped case guy ?
Is that him ?
He has already played with my experience
If asked, he'll deny
But I know how to pull out the truth tactically
Ask him to come
Greetings Uncle !!
Keep your greetings to yourself !
I'd asked you to complete a task secretively
What've you done ?
Huh ?
Why getting into goon businesses ?
Don't you know that I can do all of that ?
No uncle. It's ...
What It's and That's ?
You know how careful you should've been ?
Except for the time we spend in the loo,
Rest of the time, we spend our lives with the public
Last week in the Madurai Meeting,
That Women's Team lady
She was about to flip and I held her hand,
I don't know in what angle they captured it
Our dignity ...
Brother people have come from Union
- Did you come after listening to what I spoke ?
- No brother
Get out first !
Look, if this matter leaks like that women's team issue,
What do you think will happen ?
They'll rip us apart !
I can't trust you anymore
Ask that Karuna to come
I'm bearing all of this for your sake
Say my daughter is not your wife,
You've no clue what would've happened !
I would chop everyone and walk away !
Some random scumbag will cut my son's hand,
Should I witness it and stay calm ?
I only asked Chockan to chop off his hand
If he did not cut his hand,
Adhi would've chopped his head
Even after me telling you not to do, Who encouraged you to do ?
When I'd gone to worship in the temple,
I by mistake stepped on a stone & slipped over a billhook machete
My hand got chopped
Hmmm. Tear off the FIR which you'd written,
Write this and close the case
What sir ?
The whole village knows who slit and you want me to tear
What can be done ?
The man who got the cut has given in writing that it was slip
Then what ? Close it off
You guys will fight and stab each other
Then you'll give a statement that it was an accidental slip
We should trust all these and nod ? Isn't it ?
Didn't we trust that police men will protect us ? Likewise !
When you'd sent 2 selected PCs to the bank
for the sake of the people's protection
I came to know who you are by then sir
Okay sir
It's all on me
You're an honest person right ?
What and when it all happened ?
You know who all are behind this right ?
Write everything as a complaint and give me
Can you ?
Why not ?
The minute the culprit gets caught,
You'll have my complaint on your table sir
Do that first
Then you'll know who I am ! Leave now !
What ? Did you listen to all of these ?
NO sir
Tell everything to the top without missing out even one !
You'll get your promotions !!
When temple's Jewels were taken out from the bank,
You'd only picked and put the deed inside the box
With whose command did you do this ?
You've told me without telling me who it is
Where are you dude ?
In the hospital
Okay I'll come there
Huh ... No
I'm going out a bit
Where ?
I'm asking you where you are gonna go !
I'm meeting the Minister of Registrations department
Mr. Thangapandi
Okay. I'll tag along too
What are you saying ?
Why is he coming here ?
What if he creates a ruckus here ?
Minister is in rage
I don't know
I couldn't stop him
We'll take care
How are you ?
Minister is calling you up
Come. Let's go
Weve lived so well for generations
But we are unable to do anything now
We strive hard but fail
You wont understand my pain dude
Somewhere ... My good time ...
Some random theatre guy
Extended his helping hand
To uplift me
Im trying hard
to hold on to him and come up
What now ? Money is your issue right ?
Ill give you by selling my house and lorries
Hey Do you want me to live out of the money
I beg from you ?
What Dude ?
Why speaking like a stranger by differentiating as yours and mine
I'm telling this as I dont want you to make a mistake again
Already regarding the temple's issue,
youve gotten insulted at the police station
You were the one behind the insult of mine
Hey dont spill out words in anger
Will I humiliate you ?
Theyre all big goons
Tomorrow If an issue arises,
they will escape by leaving you behind
You dont get caught and make everyone else get into trouble too
whomsoever gets caught , Ill take care of them
You mind your business
Ive been telling not to
How many times to tell you ? Give back the money !
BRO !!!
What Bro ?
We have been talking normally only ?
Take off your hand
No bro
Take off your hand !!
If something bothers him, You'll barge in !!
You took the deed by listening to his words ?
Tomorrow if he gets into trouble
Will you deal with it ?
Get lost !
The theatre guy is behind all this
If we finish his case , Everything will get sorted
Even if he isn't there ; I'll do this
It is temples property
Ill go tomorrow and fence it & keep a board
I wont let anyone touch even an ounce of sand
Even if you intervene tomorrow
Ill finish you off
Your friend has told you right ?
Why don't you go and throw it on their faces ?
Should watch it live and die out of jealous ?
If we give back the money, Minister would ask for the chamber
We'll give off that too and go back to our brickworks and
Live in the soil for 6 months and rest 6 months with the debts
This isn't new to us
If things go out of our hands !
Let's go with our family and beg in front of the temple's entrance
I've spoken to the minister
He told that he'll support and asked us to do anything, everything
Before he goes ahead, you go ahead
Only now he treats me as his wife
Your action
has left back a good deed too
Parveen !!
I'll go !!
What Vinnu ? The milk has been watery lately !
What to do sissy ?
I'm asking the cow to milk thick
But the cow is not listening to my words
I understand that you're giving hints to someone else through me
The ones which are grown like cow has no brains
How can we complain the cow ?
Did you mean the cow or me ?
Of course " YOU " !!
You did not harm him over the influence of God !!
You did it over that guy's order right ?
Hold your tongue !!
I'll break open your head if you disrespect him
Hmmm. Go ahead !!
Tomorrow he'll ask you to slit someone else
Why ? He would ask you to kill me
Will you harm me ?
Tell me !! Would you slit me bugger ?
Bugger ?
Hey !! get on to the car
We'll have to go to Kodaikanal. come !!
Go man !
Go get inside that car !
Hey this is your room !
Give me your phone
Be inside the room until I say
We'll go out in the evening
Until I call you,
Keep roaming around all the tourist places. Start now !!
Brother !!!!
Karuna, Adhi will come over for sure right ?
Yeah. He'll
" A tree which has fallen in the forest,
Is given away for money by a ranger "
I've asked him to come to complete the deal
Give me your phone
Confirm if Adhi comes for sure
Hey, I've been trying to contact you for a while
Whose number is this ?
Phone's display is broken dude
I've given it for service
Okay. Tell me
Are you gonna come here and talk ?
Or you have any changes in the plan ?
Yeah there is a minor change
Even if we don't give them the deed
With the influence they have,
they'll somehow take it
It'll not happen until I'm alive
That's what I'm scared of too
So ?
Should we give them ?
And share the money equally ?
We can get that money and
Do some good deeds
For our temple or for our village
We ourselves were unaware about this land
and it's value. We got to know about these only now
What are you saying dude ?
Are you gonna hand over the deed to me?
Yeah dude !
I'm gonna hand over the deed to you
Why should we fight amongst ourselves ?
Everything is for you
I'll come over. We'll talk it out
Hey what are you guys thinking about ?
If he says that he'll give back the deed,
Shouldn't you immediately get and keep it in the altar. Pray ?
Tomorrow, come with that to the party office
Okay uncle
We'll do as the minister says
If we alter
He'll smash us !
Hey Adhi ! Where are you going at this hour ?
Hey, If you're drunk,
You'll not know the difference between day & night
Move aside from my way
I know !
To meet your friend right ?
You still believe that he's good ?
But that Karuna !!
Is not actually " Karuna " !
He is a " Killer snake " !
HEY !!
Hey fraud, You've brought him down by making him gamble
That's right. I'm a fraud
But you don't know how big of a fraud he is
Let me show you
Hey, Move away from my side !! Go you drunkard !!
You guys have forgotten and have left me behind
I've come after travelling in 3 modes of transport
It was an urgent work. That's why I brought him
Urgent work ?
So I shouldn't accompany my brother?
That's okay. How do you know this spot ?
Why not bro ?
You were asking everyone to come inside the Andipatti forest gate
I was there only when you were talking
What Karuna ?
What bro ? cooks are all new ?
So the banging party is gonna be here ?
Move aside everyone !
My bro likes only if I cook for him
Are you from Sekkarnoorni ?
All this time, You were only boiling water ?
Come let's chop vegetables
Here, keep this aside
Why've you brought this knife here ?
To chop onions
Why would you need this big of a knife to chop onions ?
Where's the chicken ?
It's there
Had asked for a small knife and you've got this big one
HEY !!
Hey come !
You go that side !
Go sleep
Who are these guys ?
They all look new !
No. They are all our men only
You've become a big business magnet
What are you looking at ?
I've brought along your Daughter In Law ?
Your sis has sent her as a body guard to refrain me from drinking
This little munchkin is going to protect me
What ? Have you reunited with your friend ?
You'll not like it if we stay united !
Okay okay
If Chockan is near you, Can you please pass on the phone ?
Chocka ... Here you go !
Sister !!
I'm frying liver
It just stroke that it's Karuna bro's favourite
Can you drop in and collect it ?
Why so silent ?
No sissy. we've cooked chicken here
I've cooked for everyone. You come and collect it
What ?
It looks like sis has cooked liver
She's asking me to collect it as you would love it
Hey go and fetch it
Okay sissy ! I am coming
Bring the deed from the car
Go !
I can have the baby
Not needed ! She's sleeping and she'll wake up !
You go and fetch it
Go man !
Take this and go
Hey dude
Give the deed and
Get the money
With the money we get
First lets build a school for our village
Because our kids are going to Theni for english medium
Bro I'll go fetch it
Okay Go !
We'll also renovate our hospital
Finish all your problems !
Don't lose all your money by gambling !
I just met that drunkard while coming here
We should distort him today
Theatre !! First let me put an end to you !! Here I come
Chop him away !!
He is the one ; Don't spare him
Hey he's after me
Sister !!
- Hey kill him !! Kill !!
- Sister !!
Sister !!
You and your game !!
Give me soon. I'll have to leave
I know that you also love it. So I've cooked for you too
- Eat and leave
- No I don't want it
- I'll eat later. Bring it first !
- Come , you won't get it there
Okay. I'll eat
I'll loose the life line dude !!
Bring it fast sissy !!
Karuna !!
Hey Karuna
Hey Kill him !!
Hey drink some water
Only if you die, I can flourish !
( Baby cries )
Move aside
( Baby cries )
Who's that ?
Hey don't go near !! Someone is killed !!
Oh My God !!
Baby come to me !!
Where's dad ?
( Cries )
( Weeps )
Hell !! My brother !!
Oh my God !! My brother !!
Sissy !!
No sissy !!
Sister please don't see
Please do not see our bro sister !!
This cannot be him. I want to see him
This is not him !!
He told me that he'll always be with me
I want to see him
My brother !!
I let him go away from us !!
Clear everyone !!
Hey none should stand there !! Everyone !! out !!
" Where is your foot print left at the end ? "
" How will I chase them to find you ? "
" Is time our raging enemy ?"
" Our dreams are flying as ashes in the air "
" Is love a cooked story ?"
" Then It'll never end until I find you "
" You by my heart "
" Swimming through your memories "
" I'm slowly poisoning my soul "
" When the hard hitting truth fails "
" How'll I live in this unfaithful world ?"
How many times to ask you ?
I know that you did not do it for the sake of the deed alone
Tell me the truth as I'm the one hiding this murder from the world
Why did you do it ?
Do you want the truth ?
or the deed ?
You got the deed right ?
( Baby cries )
What do you want mam ?
Sir my husband has been murdered sir
Yeah. They've surrendered
They've done it with a motive
We know what to do with them
Don't stand here
Go away
No sir
They're not the ones who murdered
Who else then ?
- It's his FRIE ...
- Hey did you witness the murder in front of your eyes ?
Then shut the hell up and leave
Your husband was a big goon right ?
He messes up with anyone and everyone wherever he goes
One or the other would've killed
Your husband tried to kill them for the lorry's issue
So, they've done it in return at the right time
Mam , you becoming a widow is not the centre of our world
End the nonsense and leave
Bro, send her off
Why're you troubling your kids by bringing them here ?
I'll call you
Sir, I came to meet you only
Sit down
No sir. I'm fine
Tell me
My husband was killed by
That Karuna sir
But they've caught some other people
Mam !!
I told you that the people who'd done has surrendered right ?
Sir, I've informed her
Sir, there's a land in Chennai which belongs to our temple
For the sake of it's deed
They've mercilessly killed my husband sir
Do you have that deed mam ?
No sir
My husband has given that deed to Karuna
Mam,how can I believe the story which you're narrating ?
Why would they kill even after him giving away the deed ?
Stay away for some time
Look mam
Don't think that I do not understand your state
Here everything works with the help of " Witness "
I'd also checked with cyber
To trace out Karuna's cell phone tower
It shows that he was in Kodaikanal on the day of the crime and not in town
We even have the CCTV footage of the hotel he'd stayed
Sir they've planned everything and executed
If you want me to do something for you
You must have an evidence
Any eyes witness ?
There is a witness sir
Come Chocka
The witness you asked for
Tell him
Tell him Chocka
Tell where Karuna was
Tell that he was here and not in Kodaikanal
Tell that he only killed my husband
Why sister ?
Karuna bro was in Kodaikanal only sir
Sister listen to me for a minute
What do you want me to listen ?
What all the hell do you want me to listen ?
You all together
Have destroyed everything for me and slit my throat
Both my kids are asking for their dad and they're weeping
What will I tell them ?
What will I tell ?
I treated you like my own sibling and
Fed you with all my love
How well you've betrayed me !!!
You'll never live a good life
"When all the poison filled arrows hit straight "
" Where will I even go ?"
- What actually happened bro ?
" To shred all the sins I've done ?"
- Adhi bro came there just to hand over the deed right ?
what happened post that ?
I can lie to the world
I'll never lie to you dear
I never have imagined that Adhi would change
He didn't like us growing
The other day, I thought that he threatened to kill in rage
But he tried killing me for real
The men around me killed him
If we should live peacefully
Please make sure that none gets to know about this Chocka
I couldn't save him
I'm unable to bear what he has done for me
If someone asks you about this,
Tell that we were in Kodaikanal
and tell that we're nowhere related to this
" The whole sky can fall apart "
- Your brother is going to become a " Father "
" Will sun stay from the sky ? "
- How many years of dream it is ? If something goes wrong
" Waves can hit the shore up and down "
- It'll affect all of us dear
" But the wave never crosses the shore "
" The guilt snake penetrates through my heart "
" All my nights are filled with curses "
" My eyes "
- Brother that spot is next to your farm
" are with dishonest stains of blood "
- Even if he knows, why should he tell you ? Should I suffer too ? Go away !
" where will I end my journey ?"
Why are you avoiding even after seeing me ?
Even you've said that someone was in Kodaikanal,
When he was inside the village
I'm watching all that you are doing
On the day of Adhi bro's demise, Karuna was here only
That's why you were here
You're living for the sake of loyalty
But there's something called " fairness"
Are you not able to see it ?
I feel disgusting that I had love for someone like you !
Are you bonding with a wrong doing ?
He has not done anything as cruel as yours
I know what all you've committed
Did you see my son around ?
No idea dear
I don't think he came here
Did you notice that uncle ?
He's looking like a miniature and has guts
to try stabbing with a massive knife
That too a rusted knife
He's as powerful as his dad
Why should we spare him ?
Let's slit him too
Pass the phone to uncle
Don't spare thinking that it's just a cub !
We've killed It's Father !
He'll come out as a Lion after 5 years
If he takes the sword then, It will kill us for sure
If you feel pity as he is young, you stay away
I'll take care
Unaware about who the young boy is. Come fast !!
Tie the rope stronger !! Fast !! Quicker !!
Hey lift it and tie man !!
Lift him !! First start from here
Sister !
Sister !
A minute Sister ! !
You know what Samaran did today ?
What did you do to my son ?
What's wrong with him ?
You guys killed him ?
You guys killed him too ?
He barged into Karuna bro's house with a knife !
He would've stabbed him
His life will go for a toss sister
My son is a warrior like his dad
At least he understood the pain I'm living with
I do not need any dog's shadow anymore
Right sister !! I'm a dog !!
A dog with no diplomacy and intelligence
It only knows to be loyal to the one who provided
That's why I'm unable to open up to you sis
But this dog won't run off if Samaran is in danger
This is Adhi's son right ?
He tried stabbing Karuna it seems ?
Brother ...
He did it by mistake bro
That's all bro
I'm gonna warn him and leave him at home bro
Are you protecting and saving the boy ?
Who tried stabbing Karuna ?
Bro he did it in a haste !!
Poor kid bro
He's a small boy bro
He has gone with a knife
And you say " Small boy " ?
Uncle !!
Stay behind me son !!
Brother please forgive him !!! Brother !! Please !!
Brother please don't harm him please !!
He's a small boy bro
I'm pleading you bro. Please let him live !
You cur !!
Please leave him bro
Did you just lay your hand on me ?
Bro he's a small boy bro
The minute you entered our family
That's the very minute all our wars began !!
YOU !!
You're the reason for Adhi bro's demise !
You don't deserve to live !!
Samaran is in Devaram at the bakery guy's home
You've given him a rebirth ! Like a God !
Enough is Enough sister !
The next generation should flourish sis !
You don't be here
Move out with the kids from this sinful ground !
Karuna should die
I'll move out only after his soul departs
Until then, don't ask me to move out from this village
Did Vinnarasi show up ?
No idea Chocka
Come here
I'm surrounded by sharks
Someone has killed the theatre fellow
Hold this
Have this
For the sake of my protection
Stick close !!
Bro come on in !!
They have strangulated and killed bro !
He stepped out to meet you
Not sure who killed bro
" A single man army's war dance "
" A trap is set like a fox "
" You'll get trapped like a rat "
" It's time to rip off all the weeds "
" Faces decorated with fear "
" Reward splashed with Red Blood "
" Surrounded with Human Sacrifices "
" Era to Eradicate Enemies "
" Don't dare to rage against "
" Don't try to share stares "
" What's planted will be harvested "
" Only then this blood bath will end "
" If tried to destroy ; dead end is the destiny "
" If threat surrounds ; will succumb to death "
" The whole world will feel the pain in the vein "
" The next is you my brother "
" Don't dare to rage against "
" Don't try to share stares "
" What's planted will be harvested "
" Only then this blood bath will end "
" A single man army's war dance "
" A trap is set like a fox "
" You'll get trapped like a rat "
" It's time to rip off all the weeds "
" Faces decorated with fear "
" Reward splashed with Red Blood "
" Surrounded with Human Sacrifices "
" Time to throw the enemies out ! "
Police has arrested Chockan and taken away
It's fun for you to play around with my experience ?
I'm repeating it again
You haven't committed this murder
That's why you've pursed up
Hey !! Up !!
Shall I frisk him sir ?
Don't !
Don't make him a goon by doing it
I can read his brain through his eyes
Thiruvettai, has he spilled anything ?
The enquiry is ON sir
Hey ! Open up !
Tell me I say !
Are you staging a play ?
If you stay mum,
I'll beat you to death
Hey pass on the latti !
Subburaj ,
Look , We have an eye witness for your murder
If you stay silent like this
Then I can't help you with anything
Hey lift him
Hey ! Up !
Lock him up !!
Sir whats this ?
Why've you arrested Chockan sir ?
If you couldn't find the culprit,
Will you lock up a random guy ?
In what capacity you chose to arrest him ?
Hey Dont worry ; I am here for you
Ive called the lawyer ;
He'll be here
His innocence or guilt can be found later
First ask him to open his mouth and talk
Even if he speaks
Youve not done anything right ?
I only killed the theatre guy
Morning when Adhi's son came up with the knife,
I protected him and took him away in the cycle
Meanwhile the theatre guy stopped us on our way
He tried to stab the little boy with no mercy
Immediately I tried to plead him on his feet
But he unfortunately flipped on to the ground
He mistook that I pushed him
and hit me like a maniac
I was okay him harming me but not the innocent boy
I tried to pacify him many times
He rejected all that and tried to stab again
I told him that his entry was the only bad luck for our family
I then dragged his head and got hold of his hair
I took a hard turn and I banged him over the tree
I strangulated his neck with a rope until he died
I even wanted to kill you bro
I couldnt bro
None are here ; Keep it in
No need of lawyers ; Let me go bro
I'll stay behind the bars and die
Take it bro
I might end up doing something crazy if I have it bro
Take it back bro
Hey did you guys even check him ? Useless scumbags
Take the gun away from him
Please get it sir
I can't kill you bro
Shoot me !!
Hey !!
Is it a sentimental play ?
What ?
Brother has been missing from last night
Dad has been searching
No clue about what happened to him
Go search for him if he's missing
Why are you calling me ?
I finished his case too bro
" Many bullets are shut down today and the fate will turn around "
" Eagle's path is going to be the ultimatum "
" Swords will slit by travelling into every cell of the body "
" The almighty is playing the war of justice amidst the red blood river "
Bro my husband has found Samarans place
and he is on the way to kill him
Please do something and save him brother
Im unable to live with that ruthless animal
Its okay even if he dies
You're the maternal uncle
Come do the honour
I was a part of their family bro
At 5 PM, we're taking him to the magistrate's home via Poongulakundru
He'll be remanded
Him being alive is a danger for all of us
Plan what could be done
If you miss,
You'll be killed like the theatre guy
You decide, who should live and who should let go of this world !
Please Eat !!
I feel that I'm also a part of this blood shed war
I wanna do something as a favour for you
What do you want ? Ask
My sibling has been killed pathetically and
He's turning into ashes in front of me !!
My sweetie ...
That's alright !!
Easy !!
Here you go !
Enough of this !
Your kids are swimming amidst blood !
No good in tit for tat
A 12 year old has taken up violence in hand
What if they file a case on him ?
What would happen ?
The Inspector of Pudukkottai is my friend
Starting from his school admission,
Rest every other thing shall be taken care
You'll be starting tonight
I did not initiate this
Chockan made this plan for you
Everything is nothing when compared to children's future
Please consider
Will the unborn of ours meet you ?
Will you get to feel the tenderness of our child ?
I'm not sure Karuna
I'm so scared
My boy,
take good care of your mum and sis
You should study well
Okay uncle
What's this sister ?
Don't worry sister
Everything will fall into place sister
Unsure about Vinnarasi's whereabouts sis
Please take care of her
Yeah sir
Are you alone ? Or come aside and talk
Yeah sir
Why're you taking him to the court ?
Magistrate has asked us to produce at his home at 5 PM
Is he a freedom fighter ?
Encounter him on the way in the name of " escape "
I did what you asked me to and it has blown out of proportions
My dear,
Add this to your task list
I'll safe guard you !
Dear ? Are you there on line ?
Sir, I can only work for you
I can't kill people
Mmm ?
Where is he ?
S.I has taken him to the hospital for the fitness check sir
- Taking him for the check up
- Okay sir
I'll inform sir
Loser ! I was supposed to take him. Why did he ?
You were on a long call sir
He took him away as it got delayed
Won't you give a heads up ?
Let's go guys !
Careful !
My leg !!
What happened ?
He flipped the auto and escaped sir
He is an approver ; why would he escape ?
No idea sir
Take him to the hospital
Slowly !!
Careful !!
My leg !!
What Chocka ?
Karuna screwed your case too ?
When Adhi left to meet Karuna
I told him that Karuna murdered his granny
He did not trust me
Hey Karuna
I wanna have a word with you
I'll have to quickly go
Whatever it is ; let's discuss later
Don't I know where you're heading to ?
You've finally flicked the temple's jewels for your dirty business
Look granny, I've not stolen and have escaped
I'm multiplying the money
If you gamble, you won't multiply
You'll lose everything
Why're you screaming like this ?
I'll bring it back in 10 days
No !!
You must bring it back tomorrow
If not
I'll tell my grandson Adhi
Stop !!
Who're you to stop me ?
Please don't !!
Hey Shut up !
I am asking you to stop
( Strangulates )
Is she going to live for 1000 more years ?
She dying is better than me dying out of humiliation
While she drinks toddy,
Mix the poisonous milkweed's milk into that single pot of toddy
I sent the video of Karuna's speech to Adhi
What's this ?
You murderer !!
What have you done ?
Would you do anything and everything for money ?
Give me the deed ?
We'll talk after that
You first spill out
Will you give it or not ?
You tell me the truth
I'll give
Yeah !!
I only asked him to kill
Anyone who's against me.
Will be killed
I came inside the bars yesterday over a weed case
Now he's looking around to kill me
How many more will he kill ?
Why did you kill our grandmother ?
He brought up like our own mother
You've poisoned her
Like a maniac
Did you kill Adhi bro as he knew it ?
To hide one mistake, you've gone on a rampage
How'll you sleep peacefully bro ?
Sad brother
I've always trusted every single word of yours and
You've betrayed me bro
I love the Karuna who shared his lunch with me
This face of yours is sick bro
You really thought that I would die not knowing all of these ?
I know everything bro
I am gonna spare you
Even after knowing all of it
It's done
Everything is done
Things took all kinds of wrong turns and has ended
Things took all kinds of wrong turns
( Coughs )
Ey Ey
Hey what are you looking at ?
Hey move away man !! Move !!
Vinnu ... vinnu
If you leave after knowing all these,
It's really a problem for me Chocka
Die out of my hands
Harm me
But not that innocent girl bro
I should decide that you loser !!
Why did you come here sister ?
Load this at last
Sister you were asking about Vinnarasi right ?
I know her whereabouts
I was anxious about leaving you behind
Please don't bro
Please leave them brother
Are you okay ?
Before I kill you
I'll kill him in front of your eyes
Brother let him live. He's a poor small boy
YOU !!
Forgive me brother
I was a loyal dog
and you've made me into an unfaithful human bro
Life or Relationship ?
Loyalty or Fairness ?
Chockan's act is an answer for all these questions
What's this ?
Whatever you asked for sir
A detailed report on my resigning
The things which happened around me
I've mentioned clearly about the culprits
Your name is also mentioned on the 8th page sir
With your photograph
You mentioned that minister wanted
A report on Adhi and Karuna
They both are not alive now sir
So I've mentioned minister's name too sir
I've safely kept a copy of this report book sir
I know what would happen if I send it to places at the right time
You know it more than me sir
Chockan is gold
You know how to close this case
Because it's your case
He has threatened to make sure that Chockan comes out clean
Hey what stops you from doing that ?
Sir ... How can we sir ?
Are you gonna hold the justice by locking him up ?
Set him free from the allegations
We'll lose nothing over his release
Okay sir
If we desire to own something through illicit ways
Situation or Nature
God Or Karma
Will give us a perfect climax
Because it's watching us from an eagle's eye