Garv: Pride and Honour (2004) Movie Script

"We are proud of our country"
"We are proud!"
"We will live in victory
and die in victory"
"Die in victory"
"O Country, we will decorate
your character"
"Come, we will guard you
against evil"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
"We are proud of our country"
"We are proud!'
"We will live in victory
and die in victory"
"Die in victory"
Arjun Ranawat is a killer!
- He is a murderer!
Arjun Ranawat is a killer!
- He is a murderer!
Arjun Ranawat is a killer!
- He is a murderer!
Hang Arjun!
- Hang him! Hang him!
Arjun Ranawat is a killer!
- He is a murderer!
Arjun Ranawat is a killer!
- He is a murderer!
(Brakes squeal)
Hang Arjun!
- Hang him! Hang him!
Arjun Ranawat is a killer!
- He is a murderer!
Arjun Ranawat is a killer!
- He is a murderer!
Arjun Ranawat is a killer!
- He is a murderer!
Hang Arjun!
- Hang him! Hang him!
Hang Arjun!
- Hang him! Hang him!
Hang Arjun!
- Hang him! Hang him!
Hang Arjun!
Your Honor.
This is ACP Arjun Ranawat.
He barged into the prime
minister's farm house..
..on the night of 1st November..
..and brutally killed the
deputy prime minister..
..Badrinath Trivedi,
his son, Munna Trivedi..
..the police commissioner
Yeshwant's son..
..Chandrakant Deshpande..
..police inspector Avasthi,
advocate Kulkarni..
..the six MLAs of the reigning
political party..
..and counting some government
and police officers..
..all in all, 18 people.
Your Honor.
He isn't the guardian of
the law, but its abuser.
With this cold blooded massacre..
..not only has he maligned..
..the government and police,
but even humanity.
These are some of the photographs..
..taken from the crime scene,
Your Honor.
Your Honor.
The police requests the accused.. be kept in remand for
fifteen days to investigate..
..this brutal massacre
and the reason for it.
Arjun Ranawat, do you want to say
anything about these accusations?
Do you have a lawyer?
- No.
Would you wish the court
to appoint a lawyer for you?
The government has accused you
of killing 18 innocent civilians.
It has asked for a remand of
15 days for investigation.
Do you want anything
during this time?
Do you have the need for anything?
Yes, I do.
- What is it?
The accused, Arjun Ranawat,
is placed into police custody..
..for 15 days in remand.
'While claiming that
he was perfectly sane..'
'..Ranawat said that he has committed
this massacre in sound mind.'
'When the judge asked him
whether he needed anything..'
'..he answered what he
had said before. Death.'
'Vandana Sajnani, Aaj Tak, Mumbai.'
Yeshwant Deshpande.
Is this the charge
sheet you've prepared?
Is this it? Just a murderer?
He isn't a murderer! He is a demon!
Come. Look at this! Look at this!
He snatched away my son, my brother
and my son-in-law from me!
He wiped off the vermilion
from the foreheads..
..of my daughter-in-law
and my daughter.
He even got your son, didn't he?
Aren't you sad about that?
He didn't leave anyone to
light our funeral pyres.
He vanquished our bloodline!
Our dynasty!
Listen to me, Tyagi.
Bad character.
Bad thoughts.
Betrayal of the country. Even to
the extent of calling him a traitor.
Accuse him of every crime
written in your law book..
..and label him a lawless character.
Slap all the sections
of your law on him!
Excuse me, sir.
I know Ranavat
since the past thirteen years.
He may be a murderer
but not a traitor or corrupt person.
What did you say?
Since I've said that
he's a traitor he is one.
My words are law
and I'm the court of this state.
If anyone you've love..
..or sympathy for my son's murderer..
..I'll damage his eyes, ears
and tongue and kill him. Got it?
Release his chains.
Sign these documents.
Arjun Ranawat.
You have killed my only son.
Until the court punishes you..
..I will give you a new death
every day in this prison.
Deshpande, he hasn't signed
these documents.
He has placed his life
into death's hands.
Please come.
Why did you put down your
weapons in the court today?
Why don't you tell the world
why you massacred them?
Why are you asking for
death for yourself, son?
Why are you doing it?
Because I have performed my last rites.
I wish freedom from my body
and this birth.
From today, both you and Rakhi..
..please don't come
to meet me here.
Because in the Hindu religion..
..mothers and sisters don't attend
funerals and enter cemeteries.
I'll leave now, Mother.
We were to be together for
just this long in this birth.
Don't cry when I die.
I'll be back again.
Ask your God to make me
your son next time too.
Respected Mr. Samar Singh.
My final salute to you
and your principles.
I've walked away
from your principles..
..this uniform and
this police force.
I have a final request of you, sir.
Please don't say 'Truth always triumphs'
ever again.
Because the truth is that in
this eunuch-like society..
..and injustice are always victorious.
I want to tell you, sir.
We soldiers are not
mere government machinery.
Outside the police station,
even we have a life.
We don't know where we lost it
while walking on your given path.
So, you're here still.
You haven't gone to the temple.
Didn't I tell you, son?
Mother. What will I do
going to the temple?
You've worshipped your
body for too long now.
Come and worship God too, son.
You want me to go to the
temple and pray to God?
Yes. I'll be very grateful to you.
Where are you taking me?
- Come here. Sit down.
'Hail the Goddess Jagdambe,
Hail Goddess Durga"
'Hail Goddess Kali,
Hail Goddess Saraswati"
You crazy boy, what are you doing?
Don't you see, mother?
I am praying to my God.
It's been truly said.
God can't be everywhere
at one time.
That's why he created mother.
Mother, you are my
temple and every deity.
Are you crazy?
A mortal man is never compared
to God, son.
Is it so?
Do you remember
the '1984 riots, Mother?
When a child was crying
over his dead parents?
God hadn't come at that time.
You had, Mother.
My real mother had
just given birth to me.
You've given me my life though.
My existence is because of you.
Only because of you, Mother.
I gave birth to Rakhi.
But you're a piece of my heart.
I didn't ask for anything
after getting you.
Why are you lying, Mother?
You pray for brother's wellbeing
from morning to evening..
..and yet you say that you
don't ask God for anything?
Rakhi, keep quiet.
You're just jealous.
Because mother loves me more.
What? I'm jealous of you?
My foot!
Oh, God!
She's in the mood to fight.
I haven't come to fight.
I have come to tell you
that I'm going to college..
..and I've taken Rs.1000
from your wallet.
Did you see that, Mother?
Robbery in a policeman's house.
I didn't rob anyone. I've just
taken what is mine by right.
By the way,
I have served breakfast.
When you both mother and son
complete your tearful reunion..
..please have it. I'll be very grateful.
I'll leave now.
Bye. Bye, Mom.
Did you see that, mother?
Rakhi has grown up.
Yes, son. When the daughter grows up..
..a mother worries even more.
What are you talking about, mother?
Does a cow ever feel that
her horns are heavy?
You worry about Rakhi's marriage,
don't you?
- Don't worry.
Your son will get his sister married
with such pomp and splendor..
..that the whole world will be stunned.
(Police siren wails)
(Brakes squeal)
Greetings, Lukkha brother!
Did you see, sir? Even a hero's not
as famous as Hakim Lukkha is! (Laughs)
Come on!
What is the hurry, sir?
I am human too.
Why are you dragging me
like a beast?
Sir, will I get a smoke?
Shut up and walk, you wretch.
Let the judge get you
in police custody once..
..I'll give you good cigarettes
in the lock up after that.
That will be decided
with the judge's verdict.
Your Honor.
This is the seventh time the police
has arrested my client in this year.
It's written in the remand application that
Hakim Lukka is a pimp.
..he owns beer bars in Grant Road..
..and he runs a prostitution racket
from his bar.
Your Honor.
When these policemen were accusing..
..Hakim Lukkha of cutting off
the prostitute's nose and ears..
..he wasn't in Mumbai city,
let alone Grant Road.
He had gone to Lucknow.
For the political party's work.
Your Honor.
This is the proof of the
police's wretchedness.
This is the air ticket to Lucknow.
This is the register of
the guesthouse in Lucknow..
And Your Honor, this is the manager
of that guesthouse in Lucknow.
Your Honor.
This lawyer is lying!
Hakim Lukkha is a pimp.
This scoundrel whores innocent girls.
Did you hear that?
Did you hear that, your honor?
This is the respected police
of our Mumbai city.
They abuse people
right here in court.
ACP Arjun Ranawat.
If you use any abusive and vulgar
language in this court the next time.. will be suspended.
Do you think you can make fun of law?
How can you arrest anybody
without evidence or witness?
This time, I'm letting you go
with just a warning.
Please don't waste the court's time
by bringing such matters here.
The accused is released honorably.
Thank you.
I've told you a thousand times.
Be respectful in the court.
They are ripping our shirts apart.
And you're saying that
we should respect them?
Didn't I show you your place
in court, Mr. Arjun?
I had said it.
I had announced it, Lawyer.
That this time too,
Hakim Lukkha will be released.
Why? What did you do?
Actually, sir.
Messing with me is
dangerous for you.
And dangerous for your sister, too.
I've heard that your sister
is very beautiful, sir.
No, Arjun!
Wait, Arjun! I say, stop it.
(Glass shatters)
I say, leave him, Arjun.
I said leave him alone.
Compose yourself! Are you crazy?
Get up, Brother Lukkha. Get up.
Hey, Kulkarni. Take this pimp away!
Hey, explain it to your hero!
These wrestling antics of his
will prove very expensive to him!
I'll have his uniform snatched!
You will have my uniform snatched?
Come on.
(Snaps finger)
Hey, take him away.
- I am going.
But explain to this hero.
Enmity with a lawyer
will prove very costly.
Come on, Brother Lukkha. Let's go.
Enough, Arjun. It is enough.
What enough? You always stop me.
That wretched Hakim Lukkha..
..spat on our faces and
we couldn't do anything.
And you tell me to stop?
See this. Do you see this?
The government has hung
a gun around our waist.
But we can't use it.
And those scoundrels shoot
in the middle of the street.
And what do we do? What do we do?
We just take those pimps
into the magistrate's presence.
And then Kulkarni
comes and releases them.
And what do we do?
We hold this in our hands and stand.
Let's go!
- You go. I'll be here a while.
Yes, why will you come?
It's time for your angel to come.
You've started it all over again?
- You scoundrel.
Why are you shy of speaking
what's in your heart since a long time?
She has expressed her love
to you a thousand times over.
And you..
Haider, please go.
I'll go.
It's bad to suggest
anything to anyone nowadays.
And listen, don't drink
a lot. You'll be driving.
"Beloved, my beloved"
"Beloved, my beloved"
"I am cream and cheese,
I have come from Delhi"
"I have brought some dessert too,
please taste it, beloved"
"I am Champa, I am Chameli,
and I am alone"
"I have brought mischief too,
please taste it, beloved.'
"Beloved, my beloved"
"Beloved, my beloved"
"My fiery body, my fair body,
my body burns"
"It is my youth,
this world is crazy"
"You be crazy too! Be crazy too!"
"Beloved, my beloved"
"Beloved, my beloved"
"I have come on the
command of my heart"
"I have come on the command
of my heart and public demand."
"I've come on remand."
"Please come, please come,
loot my beauty and youth"
"Please come, please come,
loot my beauty and youth"
"This is my miracle!
This is my miracle!"
"My goods are for free!
Take some symbols!"
"Take some symbols!"
"My dear! Hold my arms!"
"Beloved, my beloved"
"The dress irritates me,
it tortures me"
"The dress irritates me,
it tortures me, what do I do?'
"Please come, please come,
loot my beauty and youth"
"Please come, please come,
loot my beauty and youth"
"Take me in your arms"
"Take me in your arms!
Take me in your arms tightly!'
"Taste it a bit"
"Take a bit of my youth too!"
"Take a bit of my youth too!"
"Beloved, beloved, beloved, beloved"
"Beloved, I fall at your feet!"
"Beloved, my beloved"
"I am cream and cheese,
I have come from Delhi"
"I have brought some dessert too,
please taste it, beloved"
"I am Champa, I am Chameli,
and I am alone"
"I have brought mischief too,
please taste it, beloved."
"Beloved, my beloved"
"Beloved, my beloved"
(Brakes squeal)
(Engine not starting)
(Tires squealing)
Did you recognize me?
Lukkha. Hakim Lukkha.
What are you staring at, sir?
She's awesome. Just awesome.
She's a newbie. Still innocent.
I have many more like her.
If you want me to, I can give you
a new one each day.
You'll just have to speak
to me with respect, okay?
Respectable people are
spoken to with respect.
Not pimps.
(Bottle shatters)
Who do you call a pimp?
(Snaps finger)
See this street.
It is deserted.
Neither a man,
nor any sign of humans.
Look here too. Look.
You can't see anyone till afar.
If I kill you here right now..
..nobody will get any
proof or any witness..
..about who killed
ACP Arjun Ranawat.
There will only be your photo
in the newspaper tomorrow.
And your sister will be
in my jeep from tomorrow.
I'll leave now.
(Snaps finger)
Think about what I told you.
Work for me. Or else,
an unknown death may occur. (Laughs)
'He is correct.
A lonely street, unknown death.'
'What if I kill him here?'
Hey, Lukkha.
Yes, tell me.
What do you want to tell me?
Thanks for the suggestion.
(Screaming in pain)
(Screaming in pain)
Look here. Empty street.
Look here.
No man, nor any sign of humans.
(Screaming in pain)
And the papers tomorrow will carry
your photograph, not mine.
Unknown death.
Arjun Ranawat,
your activities last night..
..have shaken the entire city of Mumbai
and the government.
Your murdering spree has slandered
the police force's reputation.
Look at this. Look at this
and look at this.
While some are calling
us uniformed hooligans..
..others are calling us
uniformed devils.
You will have to bear
its punishment.
Write on that paper..
..that you lost your anger
and sanity and murdered them.
I didn't massacre them
in anger or insanity.
I did it in self-defense.
It was an act of self-defense.
Act of self-defense? My foot!
Don't think me to be a fool.
One doesn't break 17 bones
in someone's body in self-defense.
He doesn't make him
lay on his back..
..and empty the entire magazine
of his gun.
This is the autopsy report.
Have you not read
the procedure code?
You must warn a criminal first.
Then bullets are shot in the air
and later on the legs.
And then, you could inform
the control room too.
You are right, sir.
I committed a huge mistake.
When his revolver was below my ear..
..and he was about to
press the trigger..
..I should have called up
the control room.
Then I should have fired
in the air once.
After that, I should have
fired at his legs.
You are right, sir.
I committed such a huge mistake.
Sir, that wretch was
talking about killing me..
..and making my sister
a courtesan.
At that time, I should have told him,
"Brother, please wait".
"It is a crime to kill a police officer
and make his sister a courtesan."
I'm sorry, sir.
But if I had walked on your path.. name wouldn't be written here..
..but outside the police station..
..on the list of personnel dead
in the line of fire.
And you wouldn't be shouting here.
You would be shedding tears
over my bullet-ridden body..
..wrapping it in the Indian tricolor flag
and playing the bugle.
Shut up.
There is a limit to insolence
and shamelessness.
Did you see that, sir?
I say, we should declare him a killer
and set an example for others.
Why not, sir?
If you want to clean up the
good-for-nothing and useless image..
..of the police force with the
blood of an upright police officer.. are most welcome.
Nobody has any proof
that I did these killings.
Neither you, nor you were
present at the murder site.
You can only declare me a killer,
but you can't prove it.
And I won't say this.
My lawyer will say this in court.
And nobody will have
any answer to this.
This Hakim Lukkha had
38 cases against him.
He had started thinking of the
police station as his house..
..his house as a brothel..
..and police officers
like me as his pimp.
What had we done to him?
In 12 years of this police service..
..I've died a thousand
deaths at their hands.
I had just two ways out.
Either I would live on Lukkha's scraps
and barter the law..
..or I'd put down this uniform..
..and tolerate everything like a eunuch.
No, sir.
I refused to be a pimp or eunuch.
Sir, if these criminals
can be released by court..
..and allowed to move around
like innocent civilians..
..then why can't I,
Arjun Ranawat, kill them..
..and move around like
an innocent civilian?
Do you want to say anything else?
No, sir.
You may go.
He is speaking the truth, sir.
But sadly, what can be done?
That's what we will
have to think of, Jadhav..
..what we'll have to do
in such a situation.
No, sir. Punishing Arjun
is not a solution to this problem.
What is the solution
to this problem?
Yes, we won't catch
them in a clash.
We'll kill them.
We'll encounter them.
When the criminals see this
terror hovering around them..
..they will see only two
ways out for themselves.
Give up or die.
Surrender or death.
And only then will the dream of
a crime-free country come true.
Are you ready for this?
You ready the Crime Control
Squad, Mr. Samar Singh.
My government is with you.
Any questions?
- No, sir.
During the mission you'll be threatened,
offered bribes and attacked.
I promise you, sir
that if greed or fear..
..sways any of my soldiers
from their purpose..
..I'll shoot him.
If I get distracted..
..then you can kill me.
Hands up! - Police! Run!
- Shakeel, get the weapons out!
(Brakes squeal)
(Brakes squeal)
Have you brought money?
Slave of law, I will kill you.
This is too much, brother.
The police that would shiver in fear
when they'd hear of you..
..the same police has now killed 27
of our men in only 13 days.
Yes, brother.
This Mumbai Police has shaken up
this same Mumbai city in 25 days..
..which we ruled for 25 years.
The police has become
synonymous with death today.
They don't arrest or
ask for surrender.
That commissioner tells them
to kill directly.
Brother, that CM has backed the police.
Therefore, the lowliest of the officers..
..laugh at Zafar Supari's face.
I'll tell you, brother.
Just say the word.
I'll go and blow up that
commissioner's head right away.
I'll show the Mumbai police that
one must not touch a live snake.
Call that opposition leader
Kashi Trivedi.
Tell him to create a hullabaloo.. branding the police as the
murderers of the Dalits(low-caste sect)..
..minorities and the innocent
in the parliament.
Through the accusations of
fake encounters in the press..
..make life difficult for the
policemen and the government.
Shake up that CM.
I will show the CM
and the commissioner..
..that the government with whose
backing they prance about proudly.. run by Zafar Supari
sitting in a foreign country.
Down with the killer police!
Down with the heartless government.
Down with the killer police!
Down with the heartless government.
Down with the killer police!
Down with the uniformed hooligans!
Down with the heartless government.
Down with the killer police!
There's no law and order here.
The government is being run by goons.
The police have turned
into murderers in uniform.
They neither arrest nor
take the accused to court.
They directly kill the suspect.
I want to ask the CM what's going on.
What's happening?
Down with the killer police!
Down with the uniformed hooligans!
Down with the heartless government.
Mr. Trivedi, if you want to
create a ruckus here too..
..just like at the parliament..
..what is the meaning
of this meeting?
What is your problem after all?
I don't have a problem.
I have a question.
Till when will your police..
..carry out bloodshed on the
streets of the city of Mumbai?
Until the last one of this
city's gangsters isn't dead.
Until we don't achieve the
objective of a crime-free state.
Until then.
- Mr. Chief Minister..
..please make your crazy
commissioner understand..
..that he needs to stop shedding the
blood of Dalits and minority groups.
Kashi Trivedi,
politicians like you shed blood.
Not the police.
Who created fights in the country
regarding temples and mosques?
You did.
The Brahmins against
Yadavs in Bihar..
..the Thakurs against
Dalits in UP..
..and the Muslims against Hindus
in Gujarat. Who did all this?
You did.
Just for a few votes, you get a
brother to kill his own brother.
Then you warm yourselves
with their funeral pyres.
That's what politicians
like you do, not the police.
Human rights violator!
Human rights violator!
You are accusing me? Me!
I'll topple Satyanarayan Joshi's
government in a snap. (Snaps finger)
I'll topple your chair, understood?
I'll bring you down to a
constable from a commissioner.
Kashi Trivedi.
Whose human rights
are you speaking about?
Those hooligans, who don't
consider humans as humans?
Those who shoot
at innocent people?
Who widow their wives
and orphan their children?
Kashi Trivedi, are you
praising their human rights?
They aren't humans.
How can we have a human
consideration for them?
They are inhuman.
They just understand one language.
This one.
Shut up! You mere police inspector!
You're flying high on
their strength, aren't you?
This chief minister's
days are on thin ice now.
I'll transfer this
commissioner as soon as..
..I become the chief minister.
And as for you..
..if I don't make you
salute me everyday.. name won't be Kashi Trivedi!
Then listen to what I say too,
Kashi Trivedi.
The day I get some proof
against you.. won't be sitting on
the chief minister's chair..
..but on your funeral pyre.
And I promise you, Kashi Trivedi.
You won't even get one man
to shoulder your funeral.
Mr. Encounter Specialist.
You have turned this
city into Gestapo.
You have colored the streets of
this city red with blood.. the last 30 days.
What do you have to say about this?
Is this not the death of democracy?
How long will you kill
in the name of humanity?
What is the difference between
the police and the hooligans?
Is this encounter your
helplessness or greed?
Encounter is murder of democracy.
It's dictatorship.
What is the need of murdering
under the pretext of encounters?
It is necessary.
There is a necessity.
What do you think?
When we go to arrest them.. the criminals
wait with garlands for us?
They welcome us with a spray of
bullets and dangerous weapons.
It is our moral right to shoot
in self-defense at that time.
It is our democratic right.
Do only criminals and
terrorists have human rights?
Doesn't a soldier
have any human rights?
Are we soldiers not human?
Mr. Encounter Specialist.
Zafar Supari has
threatened to kill..
..every person in the encounter squad.
He has made a hit list of
the entire encounter squad.
What hit list will that pimp make?
We have made a hit list.
Look at this.
Do you see these red marks?
These are with God today.
Soon, the rest will be too.
Take this hit list. Print it
in your newspaper tomorrow.
The next time Zafar Supari
gives you a telephonic interview..
..tell him that we have
started striking off his name..
..from the ration cards.
(Brakes squeal)
Hello! Hey.
I've come to drop you till
your home. Won't you call me in?
Love you. Take care. Okay.
- Bye.
Rakhi is coming. You can leave.
I'll deal with her.
Hi, brother.
Brother.. there is a boy.
He studies in your college.
BSc. Final Year.
His name is Vivek Acharya,
Justice Acharya's son.
The two of you love each other.
How do you know that, Brother?
I am a policeman, not a milkman.
I keep an eye on the entire city.
Won't I know whom my sister meets,
and where and when?
Do you take me for a fool?
Do you love him?
- No.
- Yes.
Look at me.
Good choice.
Really, Brother?
Yes. Yahoo!
I'll talk to his father.
It is a matter of pride
to make your sister.. daughter-in-law.
..remember that we're
from the boy's side.
We have some conditions.
They'll get engaged tomorrow.
But we need some time
for the arrangements.
No, nothing doing.
The engagement should take
place tomorrow. It is an order.
But sir..
You're not in a hurry.
I'm in a hurry though.
If your sister changes her mind.. son won't get
such a good wife..
..and I won't get such a good
daughter-in-law anywhere else.
Therefore, the engagement ceremony
will be held here tomorrow.
"She is so beautiful,
she seems to be my heart"
"She is so beautiful,
she seems to be my heart"
"If she just opens her eyes
the heart sputters"
"The lips say that she
seems to be my life!"
"She seems to be my life!"
"She is so beautiful,
she seems to be my heart"
"If she just opens her eyes
the heart sputters"
"The lips say that she
seems to be my life!"
"She seems to be my life!"
"Your dreams"
"Keep it"
"Keep it well"
"O dear!"
"Your beloved looks so cute!"
"Your beloved looks so cute!"
"You got the procession,
I will go in the procession"
"I will go from the house
but not from the heart"
"She is so beautiful,
she seems to be my heart"
"If she just opens her eyes
the heart sputters"
"The lips say that she
seems to be my life!"
"She seems to be my life!"
"He is so handsome"
"He is so handsome,
he seems to be my heart"
"If he just opens his eyes
the heart sputters"
"The lips say that he
seems to be my life!"
"He seems to be my life!"
"If he just opens his eyes
the heart sputters"
"The lips say that he
seems to be my life!"
"He seems to be my life!"
"He seems to be my life!"
"He seems to be my life!"
Sir, your informer no. 555
wants to meet you.
Send him in.
- Right, sir.
Salutations, sir.
Come in.
Yes, tell me.
What news have you brought?
Sir, I have definite news.
Zafar Supari..
..he has given (clicks tongue)...
a contract to kill the commissioner.
And Zafar Supari's main
hitman is Pappu Kalia.
He has a master plan, sir.
And to succeed in his contract,
he's going to meet..
..four to five shooters at the
'Can Can' nightclub tonight.
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"The beauty is wearing
a blouse of flames"
"And yet love has not aroused yet"
"You have robbed me, my beloved"
"I've drowned in the sea of love"
"I won't regret even if I die"
"I'll be reborn just for you"
"My heart is restless,
it only wishes for you"
"I don't know what may happen"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"My heart burns and its smoke rises"
"When will you know that, my love?"
"If the pain rises
or I loose my sense"
"Even then I gave my heart only to you"
"I consumed the poison,
I swallowed the pain"
"Even then I didn't take your name"
"I have decided that I'll do
what I have never done yet"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"I consumed the poison,
I swallowed the pain"
"Even then I didn't take your name"
"I have decided that I'll do
what I have never done yet"
"My life belongs to my love, but
my love is not aware of it"
"I don't know what may happen"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"I have no other wish
in my heart except you"
"Your lover is yearning while
you have fun and frolic"
"You are the God of my love and
I'm thirsty for your love"
"I see the divine in your eyes"
"You are the God of my love and
I'm thirsty for your love"
"I see the divine in your eyes"
"You are my pride,
you are my dignity"
"I don't know what may happen"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
"Oh darling! Oh darling!"
Pappu Kalia.
You're under arrest.
Arjun, drop your weapon!
Or else I'll kill this girl.
I'm telling you to
drop your weapon.
Or else, this girl
will lose her life.
I'm telling you for the last time, Arjun.
Drop your weapon!
I'm telling you to drop your weapon.
Drop it!
Kashi Trivedi! I made you
a minister from a milkman.
I made you an MLA
(Member of Legislative Assembly)..
..and a leader of the opposition.
For what? For this day?
So you can give milk
sitting in the parliament?
Hey, Kashi! Pappu Kalia is dead.
One by one, all my lead
men have been killed.. that police commissioner of yours.
My reign of 25 years over Mumbai..
..has been destroyed
by your Mumbai police.
And there, you have ruined
my name in front of the ISI.
Do something, Minister.
Think of a solution to this.
Relieve us off this problem.
I have a solution for this,
Don Zafar.
But it will cost you a hefty price.
I was just wondering when
you would bark for more money.
Okay, then. Tell me how much.
Then listen to me carefully, Supari.
The government of Chief
Minister Satyanarayan Joshi.. supported by only
11 independent MLAs.
And from those 11, nine
are ready to be bribed.
The cost is Rs. 600 millions.
That means with Rs. 600 millions
you can become the Chief Minister.
Okay, Kashi.
Overrule the government.
You'll get Rs.600 millions
by tomorrow.
Then consider yourself..
..the prime minister
of Mumbai, Don Zafar.
Everyone in the government
will consist of our people.
The government will be ours
and the rule will be yours.
News headlines on 'Aaj Tak'.
Last evening at 5, nine independent
candidates under Satyanarayan Joshi..
..has withdrawn their support
from the government..
..because of the atrocities of police.
The CM is trying to pacify
the angry members.
We end the special news report here.
Vandanan Sajnani, Mumbai. Aaj Tak.
- Rascals!
Did you get the news?
- What?
The politicians are being traded in
the power-play market of kasha Trivedi.
Satyanarayan Joshi's government
is going to fall apart.
Do you know what this will lead to?
The commissioner will get transferred.
I wish to kill these scoundrels.
They've turned politics
into prostitution.
Mr. Samar Singh, I'll resign and.. I can't participate
in the auction of democracy.
I expected this from you.
This is what is expected from you.
Take this, Mr. Samar Singh.
You've signed on a blank paper.
I didn't get you.
Why are you giving me this paper?
As soon as I resign from the post..
..the new government will blame
you for killing innocent people.. the name of encounter.
Write down in this paper that I ordered
the encounters to avoid any charges.
Thanks for showing
so much trust in me, Mr. Joshi.
But if I tarnish the image of
an honest politician like you.. save myself from accusations
is not acceptable.
But Mr. Samar Singh they might..
Will they get me transferred?
Will they use media against me?
Will they initiate
an enquiry against me?
Don't worry, Mr. Joshi.
The media won't judge our actions,
history will.
I'm not sorry to let go of power
but of the fact that..
..we couldn't fulfill our dream of
a corruption free society.
You will be suppressed once I resign.
What about our goal?
Don't worry, CM sir.
I've inspired the young blood of
our department in such a way..
..that even if the government changes..
..the underworld won't be
able to do anything.
They'll get the treatment they deserve.
Mr. Samar Singh, I'll always be proud
to have worked with you.
Same here.
When we don this uniform
we need to salute people..
..who don't even deserve our hatred.
But, I salute you sir.
Despite being in the corrupted world of
politics you were always honest.
Hey, Munna! Hey, Badri!
Didn't I tell you?
I'll fix. I'll break.
I'll fight and
make others fight too.
I'll make the
parties and break them too.
But one day, I'll definitely
sit on this chair.
That day has arrived, Munna.
Now, I'm the king of this state.
And the rest all are subjects.
Listen, Brothers.
All you ministers, MLAs..
..and officers.
Honesty, that is ho..nes..ty.. a thing of the past with your
past Chief Minister. Understood?
Now, whatever I say will
be considered an order.
Whatever I decide will be the law.
Tell me, Bhonsle..
..have you brought my transfer orders
from the Home Minister's office?
How did you know, sir?
I knew.. as soon as the
new government is in rule..
..the ministers have an old
habit of transferring officers.
Bhonsle, explain to these ministers.
Only areas can be
changed by transfers..
..not determination.
Tanaji, you take care of yourself
and keep writing letters to me.
So, you have also received
the news of my transfer.
What's there to worry about?
These sort of things do happen.
But sir, people who changed
the government in 13 hours..
..and transferred you in three hours.. can soldiers like us
who are only paid..
..Rs.10000-12000 fight
against them?
Avasthi, by putting a
price tag on this uniform..
..don't insult all our country's
honest officers.
Avasthi, terrorists fight for money.
But a soldier does not.
Soldiers only fight for the
dignity and safety of their country.
Sorry, sir.
Son, they can put
someone else in my place.
But they can't change our
thoughts and our rights.
Sir, from now onwards,
your thoughts will be our duty.
The fire in your heart is
now burning within our hearts.
Sir, the dream you had
of a crime-free state..
..we'll fulfill that dream now.
This will be our gift to our mentor.
You've the same passion
in your heart that I had.
It has made me immortal.
Right now I can..
..see myself in all of you.
My blessings are with you.
Truth will triumph in the end.
Truth always triumphs.
I have spent Rs.600 millions to
break and make the government.
And for that, not
just 60, not just 600..
..but I'll torture 3600
million citizens of Mumbai.. repay that amount.
From builders to actors..
..and from doctors to producers,
don't spare anyone.
Tell them. If they want to live,
they need to pay protection money.
If they want their
families to be safe..
..then they should
send money to Zafar.
If anyone wants to do
business in Mumbai..
..even if someone wants to
breathe freely in Mumbai..
..then send Don Zafar
his salutation money.
The police thrashed my men
in their own homes.
Threaten their homes too.
Their mothers, sisters,
wife and kids.
If anyone disagrees, chop them up.
Tell the police force to be
afraid of this father of theirs.
Of Zafar Supari.
(Brakes squeal)
You take care.
- You too.
- Bye.
Mom, where are you?
Where are you?
It's time for brother to come home.
Have you arranged the prayer plate?
Where are you?
Mom is too much.
She must be busy praying
in the prayer room.
Brother. Brother!
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Brother. Brother!
Brother. Brother!
Brother! Leave me.
Leave me!
Don't worry.
I'm not here to kill
you but to warn you.
You know Zafar Supari, don't you?
He lives out of country..
..but rules over all of Mumbai.
Inspectors like your brother
fall at Zafar Supari's feet.
Explain to your brother..
..that he must respect
Zafar like a father..
..and Yeda like an elder brother.
He must salute and
fear Zafar every day.
Next time I won't come
here to explain anything.
I'll chop your mother into
pieces and kidnap you, too.
You go out of home at 8 in the morning.
You board a bus to go to college
at 8:10 from the bus stop.
Your college gets over at 3:30.
You return home at 4:30.
I'm well aware of your entire timetable.
I can kill you anytime I wish.
- (Screams)
And anyway, a pretty
girl does not belong here..
..but in Don Zafar's
harem and with me.
(Brakes squeal)
Oh no!
- What happened?
I forgot to bring gifts for Rakhi.
Ali, don't bother about gifts.
We're already late.
She must be furious. Let's go.
Who was here?
Who was here, Rakhi?
Tell me. Please.
Yes, tell me.
- Yeda!
One of Zafar Supari's men.
Arrange the prayer plate
for your brothers.
I'll get your gift.
(Bullet clinks)
(Bullet clinks)
(Bullet clinks)
So tell me, Chopra.
How would you like to have a bullet?
With whiskey?
With soda?
With water?
No, Don.
- Or..!
- No, Don Yeda. Forgive me.
Forgive you?
Under that commissioner's approval,
you all were flying very high.
No, Don Yeda. I.. I.. I..
Come on. I want
Rs.30 millions in cash..
..the overseas
rights of your new film..
..and the contract for
its home video and music.
Come on, go.
I'll get it.
I'll get it right now, Don.
What did you say?
You'll chop our mothers into pieces?
Kidnap our sisters?
No, Hyder.
So, Zafar Supari's pimp.
Come on. Now spread
your terror in the city.
Now threaten the police force.
No, Arjun.
So Yeda, now tell me.. would you like
to have a bullet?
With water?
(Coughs and splutter)
With soda?
(Coughs and splutter)
With whiskey? Speak!
(Coughs and splutter)
- Direct?
Rascal! Rakhi is our sister.
You've not threatened her..
..but have invited your death.
Arjun, tell the world..
..that we as brothers
can sacrifice our lives.. well as kill for our sister's safety.
Call your boss.
C'mon, call him.
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
Chote, it's Yeda's call.
- (Phone rings)
Yes, Yeda. Tell me.
- Don, they've killed Yeda.
(Over phone) What rubbish?
It's not rubbish.
It's the truth, Zafar Supari.
Who are you?
- MPS..
- Yes.
Maharashtra Police Service.
Zafar Supari,
here's a word of advice.
Don't send a band of eunuchs
to take on real men again.
Remember Zafar,
for goons like you..
..there's no competition
in this world, but the police.
Zafar Supari, your final warning.
For you, there will
be no charge sheet..
..only D-final, which
means only death final.
Jai Hind!
Hey, Rakhi.
Both of you at the
police station together?
Tell me, who's here to
complain about whom?
First of all, you write
down my complaint, sir.
This sister of yours keeps
threatening me all the time.
If you don't do this,
I'll get you arrested.
If you don't do that,
I'll get you handcuffed.
She's doing nothing wrong.
Look, Brother..
..the government is
granting him a scholarship..
..for higher studies abroad..
..and this gentleman
here refuses to leave.
Brother, it's not even been
three weeks since our engagement..
..and she wants to exile me
to Canada for three years.
No, Brother. I don't want to go.
If I were in your place,
I would've left..
..the very next day after
the engagement. - Brother.
It's a lifetime opportunity.
Don't miss it.
You've already got her.
Now don't leave that.
And as far as your
fiance is concerned..
..I'm Arjun Ranawat.
Don't worry.
- (Phone rings)
- (Over phone) You traitor.
(Over phone) Under your reign,
that inspector, Arjun Ranawat..
(Over phone) ..tortured Yeda and my
men to death, like dogs..
(Over phone) ..while you're laying
eggs on your CM's chair.
(Over phone)
Warming the seat, is that all?
No, Don. The thing is..
- Don't interrupt me.
If you don't take care
of those policemen soon..
..then I'll take care
of your entire family.
But Don, I was..
You wretch.
If I can make a government
with Rs.600 millions..
..I can even blow your head off
with a bullet worth Rs.60..
..and wipe out you
and your entire family.
What's the matter,
Mr. Kashi? Who was it?
It was my boss.
Zafar Supari.
You idiot, Yashwant Deshpande..
..I brought you all
the way from Pune..
..and made you the
police commissioner here.
For what? To dance in
your father's procession?
You didn't do me a favor.
I paid you Rs.25 millions for the post
of the Police Commissioner of Mumbai.
There. Did you hear that, Kulkarni?
He's crying for his
25 millions rupees.
Explain to your father.
Those encounter specialists
killed Zafar's men.
Were you sleeping?
Now go and dismiss
this Encounter Squad.
I don't want to see this Encounter
Squad again. Do you understand?
That's not in my power, Mr. Kashi.
Then what's in your power?
The sage's bell?
Am I the Home Minister of this country?
I told you that
it's not in my power.
Even the DG(Director General) and the
Central Home Ministry are involved in this.
We'll gain nothing out of anxiety.
Whatever we do,
we must be careful with it.
Mr. Kashi, first decide what
to do with Arjun Ranawat..
..and even before that,
decide what to do with Hyder Ali.
Hyder is Arjun's eyes and ears.
He handles his entire spy network.
If you eliminate Hyder.. can be sure you've
broken Arjun's backbone.
You are right.
Mr. Kashi, I'll take care of Hyder.
I'll make an issue of his religion..
..and try for his transfer.
I don't want mere effort.
Make sure he's transferred
and make it quick.
Thank you.
Mr. Arjun.
Wait a minute.
- Yes.
I know that you are the
strong and silent sort..
..who don't express their feelings.
But what will you do with your eyes?
What are you saying?
I mean to say that
I can clearly make out..
..from your eyes
that you love me a lot.
Anything else?
Okay, then tell me.
Should the ring be worn..
..on the finger or around the neck?
On the nose.
Stop joking. Please tell me.
On the finger.
Then hold my hand and put
this ring on my finger..
..and make me your companion.
- Yes.
First don't make me suffer so much.
- What?
I'll put the ring on later,
but first put this on.
Jannat, beauty is adored
when it's covered up.
"The heart which falls in love"
"That heart becomes a non believer"
"Then may God be angry with
you or the world leaves you"
"Or even if the life deserts you"
"In the spirit of love"
"When the magic of love takes over"
"Then everything seems
to be unfamiliar"
"When the magic of love takes over"
"Then everything seems
to be unfamiliar"
"Lovers are already crazy, but
even the world seems crazy"
"The intoxication takes
over your eyes"
"The fun of life begins"
"My heart just feels
to be restless"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
"There's a sea of love in my heart"
"There's a sea of love in my heart"
"You come and sail on it"
"You come and sail on it"
"You come and sail on it"
"My heart seems to be drowning"
"You come and save it"
"You come and save it"
"You come and save it"
"My heart is going out of control"
"My heart just won't
slow down thumping"
"My heart just feels
to be restless"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
"Love is such a thing"
"It's dearer than life"
"It would trade your life"
"It is such a nuisance"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
"In the spirit of love"
Hyder Ali, here are
your transfer orders.
You are being transferred from
the job because of your caste.
Hand over your charge
to ACP Arjun Ranawat.
But why, sir?
The special investigation
team is on.. operation to investigate
the Mumbai underworld's links..
..with the ISI and are
exposing some of the ISI agents here.
It is their opinion that.. this operation,
some of our officers..
..may be gentle to
the alleged ISI agents.
Why don't you say it clearly, sir?
That I'm being transferred..
..because I'm a Muslim..
..and hence could be
helping the Muslim criminals?
Look at this. Can you
see these bullet marks?
These are marks from bullets
fired by Muslim terrorists.
The bullets coming out of my gun..
..don't ask a criminal
his caste or religion.
Whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim.
Through this report,
you want to convey..
..that my caste,
my religion is a proof..
..of me being a traitor.
- Hyder.
No, Arjun.
Even if I cut off my
head and give it to them..
..even then this department..
..would not believe
that Hyder is an honest..
..and patriotic police officer.
No, I don't care.
- No.
Hyder don't do it. Ali don't do it.
I don't want to do this job, Arjun.
Commissioner, Hyder
Ali is such a Muslim..
..who can sacrifice his
life for his country..
..and his land even
without this uniform.
This is a mistake on your part, sir.
The traitors have no
caste or religion.
They are neither Hindu nor Muslim.
The mere fact that I'm a Rajput,
or that you're a Brahmin.. not proof of us being patriots.
Such a cheap criminal thought
takes several youths like Hyder Ali.. wrong directions,
distancing them from our country.
Why don't you understand?
These decisions are not taken here.
They are taken in the offices
of the Home Ministry and..
..DGP (Director General of Police).
If you have the guts..
..go there and tell them
what you just told me.
(Brakes squeal)
Shut up.
You mean that he,
who took his belt off..
..and walked out abusing the police
department in front of a commissioner..
..that ill-mannered
junior of yours is correct?
That we are all non-secular?
Is that what you want to say?
If your seniors call you and
tell you that you are a Sikh..
..and that you'd be aiding
the Khalistani terrorists..
..and are therefore being
transferred from Punjab..
..then you'd have
not liked it either.
Sir, if you were not stopped
from fighting Sikh terrorists..
..why is Hyder Ali Khan
being stopped from fighting..
..Muslim terrorists and ISI agents?
Without any proof or witness..
..just on the grounds of religion.. suspect somebody
is unconstitutional.
..our constitution gives prominence
to duty. Best man for the job.
It does not give
prominence to religion.
..Hyder Ali Khan is such a soldier..
..who would like his uniform
to be adorned a million times..
..but would never let it
be tarnished even once.
They have proven me a traitor.
Now, they'll knock me off
in an encounter any day.
What is this? My arrest warrant?
Or is it a search
warrant against a traitor?
No. These are orders
to have two more pegs.
But have it with joy.
- What do you mean?
Read it and you'll know.
Your transfer order
has been cancelled.
You did this for me?
No, for myself.
Because the police department
needs officers like you..
..and I need a friend like you.
- Is that so?
Then you must also
do something for me.
Just ask.
- Then listen.
A daughter-in-law
like Jannat for mother..
..a sister-in-law like
Jannat for me and Rakhi..
..and Jannat as your
wife is what we all need.
- Cheers.
"I'll hide you in my eyes
in such a way"
"I'll hide you in my eyes
in such a way"
"However you try to escape,
I'll steal you away"
"In your love my dear"
"In your love my dear,
I'll forget the world"
"However you try to escape,
I'll steal you away"
"The vermillion on my
forehead tells it"
"The bangles on my hands tell it"
"The anklets on my feet tell it.
Listen to it my dearest"
"Listen to it my dearest"
"I'll adorn you forehead
with stars.."
"..I'll fill your heart
with happiness"
"I'll make you my bride.
Listen to it my dearest"
"Listen to it my dearest"
"I've found out my life"
"I've found my happiness"
"I've found my love"
"I'll make heart.."
"I'll make heart as the mirror of love"
"However you try to escape,
'I'll steal you away"
"I'll hide you in my eyes
in such a way"
"However you try to escape,
I'll steal you away"
"In your love my dear,
I'll forget the world"
"However you try to escape,
I'll steal you away"
Sir, Zafar Supari's brother
Majid Khan is in town.
Do you understand what it signifies?
A huge amount of explosives, bombs
and RDX will be smuggled in Mumbai.
Zafar Supari and the underworld
are being given protection. our CM Kashinath Trivedi.
Yes, sir. Mumbai is going to be
the next terrorist target.
So? What are we doing?
What are we doing?
If Zafar Supari from Dubai
and Kashinath Trivedi in Mumbai..
..are planning a terrorist attack..
..are we going to sit idle?
Are we wearing bangles?
Not everybody in the
Mumbai police force is not corrupt.
So what if our commissioner is corrupt?
Are you corrupt?
Speak up. Are you corrupt?
Tell me. Are you corrupt?
Are both of you corrupt? Am I corrupt?
We're police and not prostitutes.
How dare they target
a terror attack on Mumbai?
They'll be the targets on terror map.
From today ISI
will be on our terror map.
Got it?
Sir, as per the lead given by 555 we've
found out the hideout of Majid Khan.
Arjun sir has already
set out to raid the place.
Majid Khan, your game is over.
"We are proud of our country"
"We will live in victory
and die in victory"
"O Country, we will decorate
your character"
"Come, we will guard you
against evil"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"
You wanted to spread terror
with the help of these arms. Right?
(Phone rings)
Yes, tell me Majid.
This is not Majid
but Majid's death speaking.
ACP Arjun Ranawat.
Arjn, if I find a single scratch on
my brother's body..
..I'll go to Mumbai and kill you
and your family.
That's what I want.
I want you to come to Mumbai.
I've marked your brother for death.
Listen to the gunshot, shriek
and the last breath of your brother.
No! No, Arjun!
(Rapid gunfire)
(Brakes squeal)
(Tires squealing)
Hi, Jannat!
Hi, Hyder!
Why are you sitting outside?
Isn't Arjun in his room?
- Yes, he is.
But, he's busy with some
important work so I'm waiting outside.
What's the matter?
Why are you dressed in this attire today?
Anything special?
Mom has invited me.
Okay. So, mom has finally found
a daughter-in-law for herself.
The Ghatkopar blast in the bus
makes the intention of the ISI clear.
To create fear in the minds of people
and to instigate communal riots.
We have to be very careful.
I don't need to explain your duties.
Everybody is well aware of their duties.
But, you're ignoring your duties.
C'mon get up.
You're a very important duty
to attend outside.
Ali, I'm briefing them.
Rascal, a non-bailable warrant
has been issued against you.
C'mon, get up. - What about my work?
- C'mon get up.
- Bye.
You have entered this house..
..on the day of celebration
of our Goddess.
My fortunes have opened up.
May you live long.
Dear, this is a special gift.
Rakhi had it made, so as to
give it to her sister-in-law..
..when she first enters this house.
Hold this, dear.
May you live long, dear.
May your hands always be around
to protect and bless me, Mother.
Hold this, Mother. Let me show
you the house, Sister-in-law.
Go along, dear.
She is good. You sit down.
I'll arrange for some food.
Hey, Deshpande..'re as nervous as a 16
year old on his first date.
Listen, I'm the
Deputy Chief Minister.
And when the elder brother
is the CM..
..what damage can the report..
..being prepared by ACP
Arjun Ranawat do to us?
Don't you read the newspapers?
If not, start reading them.
Because of the leak in
the Jaiswal report..
..a DGP, a commissioner and..
..a dozen officers
are rotting in custody.
Their bells have
been rung, understood?
Listen, Mr. Kashi.
Arjun is digging into our
nexus with the underworld.
If he succeeds in
establishing that nexus.. would dig a grave
for us and the underworld.
Try and get that report
at any cost, Mr. Kashi.
If that report goes to Delhi..
..all of us will be behind bars.
And if..
- (Shushing)
- Yes!
Those forged documents that
are being printed in our press..
..should be given to me tomorrow.
- Yes, Brother.
And yes..
..regarding that
report by Arjun Ranawat..
..that report will be on the table of..
..Chief Minister Kashinath
Trivedi tomorrow morning.
May I come in, sir?
Encounter specialist. Come.
Did you remember something,
ACP Arjun Ranawat?
I told you that one day,
I'll occupy this chair.
And that you'll salute me.
Do you remember?
You're mistaken, Kashi Trivedi.
I've saluted this
constitutional position..
..and not you.
Those who sit on this
chair keep coming and going.
But, who'll save you?
I've got the commissioner transferred.
Maharashtra-Andhra border.
It's a Naxalite area where
he won't even get a drop of water.
He'll always be surrounded
by gunshots of the terrorists.
Samar Singh is used to play with death.
But, cowards like you aren't aware of it.
The only difference is that
in order to retain your position..'ve go begging for votes
after every five years.
But, I don't have to
do anything like that.
That's because I've attained
this position as I'm capable.
Stay within your limit.
From today, I'm your master
and you're my servant.
I'm a public servant and not yours.
I'm a public servant.
And so are you.
Tell me. What did you call me for?
Then listen.
I've kept the home ministry
with myself.
That's why I gave this order.
The data bank on the Mumbai
mafia that you have compiled..
..give it to me.
I knew it..
..that you'd want the
information on those..
..who helped you reach here.
Take it. Keep it safe.
So, this is the real deal.
You must have worked
very hard to compile this.
Saw how I burnt it
to ashes in a moment?
You must be feeling heartbroken,
No. Yours will hurt.
Maybe, you'll even
have a heart attack.
Because one copy of
this has been sent.. the Central Home Ministry..
..the second to the
President's office..
..and the third to the
Prime Minister's office.
Your mafia friends
can't escape now.
You're a scalper for Zafar Supari.
What did you say?
You called me a scalper?
You called Kashi a scalper?
You called the CM a scalper?
You small-time police officer,
what's your status?
What do you think you are?
Kashi Trivedi, when the
bones break at this age..
..they're set back
with great difficulty.
Take your hands off me.
Now I'll show you your status.
You beat up the CM!
You beat the CM!
No, a patriotic and
honest public servant..
..has beaten up a treacherous
and dishonest public servant.
Kashi Trivedi, my name
is Arjun Ranawat.
To me, death is like a pillow
and a coffin is like a bed.
Jai Hind!
- Hi, Jannat.
Okay, listen. You get ready soon.
We've to go to Police Indoor Complex
right now.
Brother and his friends are going to
perform on police annual day function.
Today is the grand rehearsal
of the show.
The police are going to sing and dance?
Yes, sister-in-law.
Interestingly they're acting
as thieves and pick-pockets.
"I couldn't impress the girl."
"I didn't get a job."
"I tried to take up hooliganism.
- Hey bro!"
"But even that didn't work."
"I couldn't impress the girl.
I didn't get a job."
"I tried to take up hooliganism.
But it didn't work."
"When I picked pocket I got caught.
When I stole a chain I was caught."
"I face problems and
am thrashed every day."
"I'm a regular visitor
at the police stations.""
"I gained nothing.."
"I gained nothing
but incurred loss instead."
"The clouds have parted,
and water is leaking drop by drop."
"What are you saying?"
"The clouds have parted,
and water is leaking drop by drop."
"Please tell your sister-in-law.."
"Do something."
"Please bless me."
"And get a wife for me.
Hey sister-in-law."
"You've neither gold nor silver.."
"Nor keys of a bungalow.."
"..or an imported car.."
"How can I get a wife for you?"
"I'm a pauper."
"I didn't get the girl."
"I'm a pauper so I didn't get the girl."
"The same old lamentations."
"I gained nothing.."
"I gained nothing
but incurred loss instead."
"I gained nothing
but incurred loss instead."
"I gained nothing
but incurred loss instead."
"I gained nothing
but incurred loss instead."
"I gained nothing
but incurred loss instead."
Yes, 555. What is the news?
Who? Arjun sir?
No, I'm Hyder speaking. Tell me.
Sir, the minor girls
brought in for prostitution..
..from different
parts of the country..
..have been hidden in the
old Jassai railway yard.
And they'll be sent to different
brothels in Mumbai tonight.
Please save them, sir.
Don't worry. We'll go there
and save them all.
Please don't kill me, sir.
Leave me.
(Brakes squeal)
(Gun cocks)
There's nobody here.
Was the news given by 555 false?
Sir, could this be a trap?
- Yes.
This is a trap.
A trap for all of you to die.
Zafar Supari, you?
Yes, it's me. I'm in India.
Look around you.
Encounter Specialist,
I'll do the encounters today.
Yours, your friend
Arjun Ranawat's..
..and of all of Mumbai.
See, I've brought
500 tonnes of RDX.
Turn around and see.
It's good that you have brought..
..your own funeral pyre
materials to burn yourself.
Instead of you burning
the city of Mumbai..
..I, Hyder Ali Khan, will burn you.
(Rapid gunfire)
We're trapped, sir.
Five of our colleagues are dead.
We have no option, but to retreat.
This is not the time
to retreat, friends.
This is the time to pay back
our debt to this uniform we wear.
Today, all of us
will pay back that debt.
How much ammunition are
we left with?
Last magazine, sir.
Friends, our prime target
is destruction of..
..the RDX brought by Zafar Supari.
I'm moving towards that direction.
You both will cover me.
Any doubts?
- No, sir.
(Empty gun clicks)
Oh, God.
Zafar Supari, you'd set out
to burn all of Mumbai, right?
Look. Hyder Ali Khan
will burn you up.. the same burning
RDX pile you brought here.
(Gun cocks)
Avasthi? You?
- Yes.
Hyder Ali!
(Empty gun clicks)
(Phone rings)
Hello. - Yes, MPS.
Maharashtra Police Services.
Go to old Jassai railway yard..
..where the corpses of
your brother, Haider..
..and other colleagues of
yours are waiting for you.
(Cellphone beeps)
Yashwant Rao.
"The uniform is our pride."
"The uniform is our faith."
"The uniform is our identity."
"The uniform is our God."
"I've sacrificed this life
for my country."
"We are proud of our country"
I'm very sorry to
inform the press that..
..Hyder Ali Khan, the bravest
officer of the Crime Control Squad..
..was a secret agent operating..
..for the underworld and
Pakistan Secret Service, ISI.
Pakistan and the underworld together..
..had planned for another
serial bomb explosion in Mumbai.
Inspector Hyder Ali
was helping them..
..bring 500 tonnes
of RDX into Mumbai.
Yesterday, Inspector
Avasthi reached the spot..
..and destroyed
the dangerous mission.
Not only did Avasthi destroy
the RDX, but also killed..
..the traitor Hyder Ali Khan
and his accomplices.
During our raids at
Hyder Ali's residence..
..we found some floppies,
foreign bank accounts..
..forged passports and visas..
..and some ISI identity cards.
- (Camera clicks)
These are proof of his
having been a Pakistani agent.
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
Zafar Supari.
'What am I doing?'
'I had vowed not to discuss
that incident with anybody.'
'But today, I've broken my vow.'
Tyagi. What is this man saying?
Samar Singh has
resigned from his police job..
..and is going to
fight Ranawat's case?
He has filed a lawsuit in court.
(Chuckles) What is so alarming
in that, Mr. Kashi?
Everybody knows that
Samar Singh is also a lawyer.
But he is also an emotional lawyer.
But I am a professional lawyer..
..experienced in proving
true as false and false as true.
Let it be.
- But we should be..
Mr. Kashi. The false evidence
that we have and..
..the charge sheet I've prepared
is so strong and foolproof..
..that let alone Samar Singh..
..even God can't save Arjun Ranawat
from death penalty.
The game is over.
Your Honor, I would like
to present the officers..
..who have been working with
Arjun Ranawat for the past 15 years.
These witnesses will tell us..
..who Arjun Ranawat is and
what his character is like..
..and what the truth is.
Permission granted.
Your Honor, this is
that Arjun Ranawat..
..who is considered
the lion of Mumbai.
The mafia gangs would shiver in
their boots on hearing his name.
Sir, he's that Arjun Ranawat
because of whom..
..the underworld
was not only forced.. leave the city,
but the country too.
Your Honor..
..if the police force..
..didn't have officers
like Arjun and Hyder Ali..
..then these mafias would have
made the police their pimps..
..and Mumbai their brothel.
But this is the misfortune
of this country..
..that one was killed by humiliation
while performing his duties..
..and the other.. standing in this witness box.
Hello, sir.
I'm Tanaji Malusari.
I'm a petty constable working
for Mumbai Police.
To serve the commissioner.. my duty, sir.
I'm bound by my duties
to the chair, sir.
But after what I say today..
..I may lose not only my job..
..but also my life.
Sir, I don't care if I lose my life.
But, I'll speak the truth today.
The world knows it.. kasha Trivedi overthrew
the previous government.
Mr. Samar Singh,
the commissioner was transferred.
Yashwant Deshpande who flatters Kashi..
..was made the Mumbai
commissioner over night.
Deshpande, why are you staring at me?
How dare you..
How dare you call
Mr. Ranawat a traitor?
You're the actual traitor..
..along with your boss,
CM Kashinath Trivedi.
Sir, if Mr. Ranawat is a traitor..
..then everybody is a traitor.
I'm a traitor.
Every honest police officer
of this country is a traitor.
Yes. All of us are traitors.
All of us are traitors.
Yes. All of us are traitors.
All of us are traitors.
Sir, Tyagi and the commissioner
are lying.
Yes, the commissioner is lying.
He's lying.
- Order! Order! (Gavel Bangs)
I object, Your Honour.
What's going on here?
The policemen are shouting
and insulting the court.
What do they want to prove?
Your Honour, they're doing
what my learned friend expected.
I just want to prove to the court that..
..honesty and truth haven't
become extinct in our country.
If there are ten people who lie..
..there are 10,000 who speak the truth.
Yes. The commissioner is lying.
He's lying.
Objection overruled.
Thank you, Your Honour.
I would like to call
Arjun Ranawat's mother..
..Shakuntla Devi
to the witness box.
Permission granted.
Mrs. Shakuntla Devi, when court..
..will declare your son to be a
traitor and sentence him to death..
..won't you be ashamed
of being his mother?
Won't you regret it?
I'll regret that I didn't bear him.
I'll regret that every
mother of this country..
..didn't give birth
to a son like Arjun.
Not regret, but I'll be
proud of Arjun's death.
The same pride which 'Bhagat Singh's'
(Indian freedom fighter)..
..mother felt on the day of
Bhagat Singh's execution.
Every countryman would have felt it.
Your Honor, not just in
this life, but in every life..
..I would like to live
and die as Arjun's mother.
Wow! What a speech!
Astonishing! Incredible!
But I would like to remind the court..
..that this case
is a mass murder case.
And the criminal has
already admitted his crime.
And Your Honor,
I also want my friend to know..
..that cases are fought
with evidence and witnesses..
..not with speeches and dramatics.
Also, Your Honor..
..when his mother has already
compared him to Bhagat Singh..
..then to spare that
great martyr's name..
..I'm left with no other choice,
but to unveil a truth..
..after which every
mother and sister..
..of this world would like
to die in shame.
And this mother..
..she'll be left utterly speechless.
Okay, Mrs. Shakuntla Devi.
Tell the court..
..on the night of 1st of November..
..where was your daughter
Rakhi Dixit?
Answer me, Shakuntla Devi.
Where was your daughter
and his so-called sister..
..on the night of the mass murder?
Answer me. Where was she?
You tell me, Arjun Ranawat..
..on the night of
the 1st of November..
..where was your
so-called sister, Rakhi Dixit?
Answer me, Arjun Ranawat.
Why are you so quiet?
You can't answer this question
and nor can your mother.
I'll answer this question.
Your Honor, on the night
of the 1st of November..
..his sister,
a girl of loose character.. aimless and uncultured woman..
- I object, Your Honor.
..was at the chief minister's farmhouse..
..making merry with the
Deputy CM, Munna Trivedi..
..police commissioner's son and
many other people, Your Honor.
I object, Your Honor.
She was a high society
call girl, Your Honor.
She didn't just have illegitimate
relations with many men..
..but also with her so-called
brother, Arjun Ranawat.
She was his sister during the day
and his mistress at night.
His mistress.
Arjun! Don't Arjun!
What's this?
He's started with hooliganism.
Somebody stop him.
Guards, security. Catch him.
Guards! Catch him. Hold him.
Arjun! No, son. No, son.
Arjun! I say, no. Leave him.
Swear by me.
Did you see that, Your Honor?
He doesn't know of any
other way to stifle the truth.
He can't tolerate any other man.. a relationship with Rakhi.
On the night of 1st November..
..when he found his 'mistress-sister'
with not one, but three men in bed..
..he lost control in just this way.
And that's why, he
committed that mass murder.
(Gavel Bangs)
Order! Order! I say, stop it!
Samar Singh, one more inappropriate
action like this from your client..
..will force me to stop
this proceeding right here..
..and come to a conclusion.
Sorry, Your Honor.
Today's proceeding is stopped here.
Tomorrow's proceeding will
be held in the presence..
..of paramilitary forces..
..and only the people who
are concerned with this case.
Shameless. Rotten scoundrel.
If I wasn't bound by the
boundaries of the law today..
..I would have shot that Tyagi.
By presenting Rakhi
in court tomorrow..
..I'll clear all the lies
Tyagi has been spewing.
But Rakhi cannot come to court.
Why? Why can't she come?
She'll have to come
to court tomorrow.
But sir, she is in deep
shock due to Arjun's killings.
Since she's got the news,
she just won't react to anyone.
She is being treated at the
St. Mary's sanitarium in Khandala.
'There is definitely some secret
that Arjun is hiding from me.'
Don't sit like a rock.
Tell me, Rakhi.
What was the reason
behind that mass slaughter?
One of your brothers, Hyder Ali,
has died a humiliating death.
And the other one is
charged with treason.
Will you be able to bear that..
..your brother Arjun
is sentenced to death?
Will you able to live
after hearing that..
..your brother is a despicable
and disgraceful person?
You stone-hearted woman..
..will you be able to
bear people saying that.. had an indecent
relationship with your brother?
Will you be able to listen to the
taunt that you are Arjun's mistress?
No! (Screams)
(Thunder crashing)
Tell me clearly,
dear, what the truth is.
Perhaps, I'll be able
to save Arjun's life.
Tell me what the truth is.
I'll tell you, Uncle.
I'll tell you the truth.
You're a liar. You're a traitor.
You're not the Arjun
who boldly faced the truth.
Where is the old Arjun?
Arjun died with Hyder, sir.
Arjun never dies. Arjun always fights.
I don't wish to fight.
I wish to die.
I want to die.
I want freedom.
For god's sake go away from here.
Please go away, sir.
Your Honor,
these are some documents..
..that I'm going to give to the..
..Chief Minister and
Police Commissioner.
Please watch carefully.
So Chief Minister,
what do you have in your hand?
They are the pamphlets
of my election propaganda.
And this is my newspaper,
'Mera Bharat Mahan.'
Can you tell us
where they are printed?
At my own printing press in Nagpur.
- Good.
So, Police Commissioner.
What do you have in your hand?
This? They are the documents
from Pakistan which mention..
..that Hyder and Arjun
Ranawat are ISI agents.
Pakistan's government's documents.
According to the reports
given by laboratory experts..
..the ink used in printing
these documents from Pakistan.. the same as the ink used
in Chief Minister's newspaper..
..'Mera Bharat Mahan.'
Now, there can only be
two things, Your Honor.
Either Chief Minister's newspaper
'Mera Bharat Mahan'.. printed in Pakistan.
Or documents from Pakistan..
..are printed in his
own printing press..
..which is in Maharashtra, India.
Your Honor,
these two great people..
..forgot this small point.
And to prove Arjun and
Hyder to be traitors..
..they printed these
fake documents of Pakistan.. their own printing press.
Arrest them.
Your Honor,
he's misleading the court.
Because this case isn't a
case of forgery, but of murder.
And no one can change
the truth that..
..the accused has killed 18 people.
Does his lawyer have any evidence..
..which will prove that
this murder wasn't a crime?
I have that evidence, Your Honor.
Then present that evidence
and prove Arjun innocent.
Why are you so silent?
Show us the evidence.
I have the evidence,
but I can't present it in court.
Do you know that this
statement may also..
..result in the guilty
being awarded death penalty?
Yes, sir.
Sentence Arjun to death.
I'm asking you for the last time..
..what was the reason
for the murder?
Answer me, Mr. Samar Singh.
Sentence him to death.
I can't tell the reason.
Your Honor.
Your Honor,
I'll tell you the reason.
No, Rakhi! You go back.
I'm telling you. Go back, Rakhi.
Swear on me, Rakhi. Go back.
For mother's sake, Rakhi,
back off from this hell.
No, Brother.
Neither any promise, nor
God can stop me today..
..from telling the truth
about our relationship.
Don't get emotional, Rakhi.
You'll be ruined.
Let me be ruined.
Today, I'll tell what the truth is.
Your Honor, on the night
of the 1st of November..
..the brother of this CM,
Deputy CM Badrinath Trivedi..
..underworld don Zafar Supari,
Inspector Avasthi..
..this commissioner's son and his men..
..kidnapped me and took me
to their farmhouse.
Your Honor, to rape me.
To gang rape me.
No, please. Brother!
- Come here.
Leave me. Brother!
- Come on, Inspector.
Brother! - Good.
- Save me, Brother. Leave me. No!
No! Brother!
Come on. Come.
- No. Save me.
- Save me, Brother.
No! No!
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
Encounter Specialist,
Arjun Ranawat.
I'm Zafar Supari.
If you have the guts..
..then come to the CM's farmhouse..
..and stop your sister
from being raped.
Zafar Supari.
(Tires squealing)
(Glass shatters)
(Glass shatters)
(Rakhi crying)
This is the truth of that night.
Now does anyone want to know why
my brother has kept his silence..
..and wished for a death penalty?
Just wait, Your Honor.
Your Honor, I'm a soldier.
I don't want a life of mercy.
My only wish is either
victory or martyrdom.
Give me death penalty.
Because I'll come back again.
And to save the pride of my country..
..I'll pick up weapons again.
Because Arjun had always taken up
weapons on the battleground.. the past, the present
and the future.
This court hereby orders
a case to be filed..
..against the Chief Minister,
Kashinath Trivedi..
..and Commissioner Deshpande
on counts of treason.
And with that, the one who took up
arms for the safety of the society..
..Arjun Ranawat is declared.. from all charges
leveled against him.
Long live Arjun Ranawat!
Long live Arjun Ranawat!
Long live Arjun Ranawat!
Long live Arjun Ranawat!
"In the holy book of
Gita Lord Krishna said.."
" kill evil is not a sin."
"In the holy book of
Gita Lord Krishna said.."
" kill evil is not a sin."
"Death destroys the body."
"The soul is immortal."
"Always fight for justice."
"Every drop of my blood
is for guarding you"