Gaslight 2022 (2022) Movie Script

[enchanting instrumental]

[somber & eerie
strings instrumental]
[fades into trap hip hop]
[music fades]
Here at the bar.
Round on me.
What you say, Dupree?
To women.
Where you goin' with this?
They're all seductresses.
They all Sheba,
goddess of death.
Except my wife.
No, she...
is an angel.
And I risked it all.
May we get everything we want
and nothing we deserve.
[door creaks]
Dupree Williams, turn around!
Turn around!
Turn around! Get on your knees!
Put your hands behind your head.
Now! Do it!
Look, we're just
going in circles here
so why don't you just
admit what you did
and this can all be over.
I don't even know why I'm here.
You don't even know
why you're here?
[Dupree sighs]
Look at her.
Look what you did. Look at it!
- Is that my wife?
- Of course it's your wife!
Why, did you kill somebody else?
[Dupree stammering]
Just admit what you did.
Your fingerprints,
they're everywhere.
The kitchen,
the knife, everywhere.
You're going to fry for this!
Oh, my God.
I didn't...
[under his breath]
I know who did it.
A second ago,
you didn't know anything
and now you know who did it?
Let me explain...
You're under arrest
for the murder of...
I know who did this.
- It was a...
- Stand up!
[intense pounding instrumental]
All rise.

Madam forewoman,
have you reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
We, the jury,
find Dupree Williams guilty
of first degree murder.
What the hell
are they talkin' about?
- I didn't kill anybody.
- Order.
Mr. Williams, you will remain
in custody until sentencing.
I didn't kill my wife.
- Bailiff.
- Get the hell off me.
- Order.
- I didn't kill anybody.
- Get the hell off me!
- [gavel pounding]
I didn't kill anybody!
I didn't kill my wife!

[water rushes]
[birds squawk]
[Brooke] Dad!
Dad, you're missing the party!
Your party
They'll be just fine.
They came to be seen
and put pictures
on the internet, anyway.
Well, I'm here for you.
Are you really going to
marry that boy?
- Dad?
- He's a musician.
And what kind of name
is Mathias, anyway?
[laughs] It's a family name.
It's a dog's name.
What is it?
I have something for you.
Oh! It is your birthday.
I know you're not
the flashy type
but you should know
someone would spend it on...
Do anything for you.
Oh! [Brooke laughing]
Dad, I... Gosh.
[stammers excitedly]
But hey.
Don't settle for anything less.
[heartwarming piano
Ready to head in?
Not yet.

[bell tolls]
I just...
I need a moment, Mathias.
[wind whooshing]
[restaurant din]
[Mathias] Mm.
Babe, you have to eat.
I did.
[Mathias] Mm, a couple bites.
It's the best food in the city.
I'm sorry you have to
go through this right now,
especially with everything
you've been through.
I know he didn't like me.
I'm here for you.

I haven't slept in a while.
[sighs] I close my eyes
and I lie there but...
I don't sleep.
The medication isn't helping?
It just makes me feel blah.
What about your husband?
Is he responding
more to your needs?
He has a ton of great qualities
but recognizing
how other people are feeling...
- Not one of them?
- No, not really.
What you're feeling is common
after a long stay in a hospital.
It may take some time
for you to find yourself again.
I just...
I just feel alone sometimes.
Why don't you trust yourself?
What is that supposed to mean?
sometimes we allow
things to spin on us because
we don't trust that
if we try to stop it, we can.
You can.
Trust you.
[somber string instrumental]
You wanna reschedule?

[low mechanic humming]
So I have here
a copy of the will
detailing everything
that we discussed.
Now, once you sign
these documents,
you'll become a silent partner
in his five
remaining businesses.
[clears throat]
Now we discuss his estate.
And he had most
of his art collection sold
to simplify things,
make you more liquid.
But he did leave you
his more valuable pieces.
Still spoiling you, it seems.
Even in his absence.
You know, Brooke, your father,
he was more than just a mentor.
He was like a big brother.
You do know that, right?
You're like family to me,
too, Uncle Reggie.
So after liquidation,
insurances and taxes,
this is what you'll receive.
Substantial. I know.
But once you sign, it's yours.
Hey, Brooke.
This is my finance guy.
He works at the firm.
He's a smart kid.
Use him.
- What was that about?
- Nothing. [chuckles]
[Mathias] Babe,
I know this isn't ideal
but there are a lot of people
that aren't as blessed as you.
To come from
a family like yours, I mean.
We can finally take that trip
I've been promising now.
We just have to
think of a positive way
to look at this.

You comin' to bed?
Mm. In a little bit.

[rap music]
[trainer] One! One-two!
One-two-three! One-two-three!
- Time.
- Whoo.
You ready to come in?
- Uh, no, thank you.
- She's a lover.
How're you feelin'?
You all loose and limber?
I'm ready to put
my hands on somebody.
- Easy, Tyson.
- No, I'm taking
Davis up in these streets.
Baltimore style.
All right. All right.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
How are things at home?
It's just one thing
after another, you know?
And now this money thing.
- You should have seen his face.
- Mathias?
[Kendra sighs]
You don't think...
Nah. Nah, I'm overthinkin' it.
You guys are good now, right?
We are.
You know, I'd be the first one
to tell it like it is.
- I do know that.
- I go hard for my tribe.
He was by your side
while you were away, right?
- Yeah.
- [Kendra] Then men are stupid.
Chalk it up to that.
That I can do.
[door creaking]
[steps creaking]
[Mathias] All right, Joe, y'all
come right back over here.
Hey, big man,
be careful with that, man.
That's professional
grade equipment.
- You got this, you good?
- [delivery man] Yes, sir.
[Mathias] I don't know.
It's got some AARP...
[voice trails off]
Are you serious right now?
Am I serious?
Y... yeah.
I come home
to people shuffling things
in and out of the house.
What the hell is going on?
I'm renovating my studio.
You don't have a studio.
You know the basement's
where I work on my music.
I'm just making it official.
How much
is all of this going to cost?
I... I don't understand
what the big deal is.
We can afford it now.
When my album comes out,
it'll pay for itself
with interest.
The album you've been working
on for the past 10 years?
That's the album
that's going to cover this?
I didn't mean it like that.
I just meant
that we should be smart.
And investing in me isn't smart?
Yes. It is.
I just...
I wish that we could talk about
this kind of stuff first.
Yes, ma'am.
Is it okay
if I go back inside now?
Do you want me to send it back?
[music playing distantly]
[blanket rustling]
["Caution" (GOOD Remix)
by Skrxlla & WEARETHEGOOD]

[woman] Look who's back.
- Hi!
- You look so beautiful.
Thank you. How are you?
- I'm blessed.
- Good. Is he in the back?
Yeah. He's back there.
[Michael] You know, my office
is all a twitter
with you comin' by today.
[Brooke] I saw
a few people on my way in.
Good, good.
Well, you look rested.
- Do I?
- [Michael] Yeah.
I'll take it. [laughter]
I'm glad to see the office
is still functioning
in my absence.
You know, we're about this close
to ruin without you
but we're survivin', you know?
So come on,
to what do I owe the pleasure?
[sighs] I am ready.
I am ready to come back to work.
So soon?
Yeah, I mean,
I still have my job, right?
Of course, come on, you know,
we'd love to have you back.
Then welcome back?
[sighs] Well, we offered you
a year sabbatical.
It's only been a couple months.
You sure you
don't want to take the time?
I am sure.
So I'm flirtin' with bein'
a little out of line here.
But the hospital
and your father.
Come on, Brooke,
that would take
its toll on the best of us.
I need to feel useful again.
What do you mean?
I'm starting back up
at the firm again.
[Mathias] I thought
you were on sabbatical.
Well, I asked them
if I can come back
and they said yes.
Wait, you asked them?
- Yes.
- I thought the stress of life,
your father being sick and work
was what started
this whole thing.
Well, I can't just hide forever.
I need to get back to my life.
I really need
your support on this.
Brooke, no.
I love you, Mathias.
But I am not
asking for your permission.
I said no.
You don't earn, Mathias.
Don't make this about me.
When you were in the hospital
who was there for you?
- Me.
- And because I couldn't work,
we were behind on the bills.
- We were behind on mortgage.
- Well, we're not anymore.
Yeah, and my father only had
to die for it to happen.
What do you want me
to say to that, Brooke, huh?
Money is king with you.
But is money the only thing
that's gonna make you happy?
You're not ready.
I start back on Monday
whether you think
I'm mentally fit or not.
[delicate piano instrumental]
[low chatter]
Wanna get it
between, like, April or March.
[man] Oh, March?
My birthday is March.
[low chatter]
Good to have you back, Brooke.
Sometimes I wish I never got it.
[Natasha] The inheritance?
It was a gift from your father.
If I didn't get the money,
that means he'd still be alive
and I wouldn't be here.
Well, come on.
I mean, you know what they say.
Money is the answer
to 99 out of 100 questions.
But see,
that's why we should be sure
that we're asking
the right question.
I don't follow.
Is it money?
Or your husband?
Money is a tricky one.
- Yeah.
- Your friend, Kendra,
the one we spoke about
last session.
You've never had
issues with her and money?
No, I mean, well, I lent her
money a few years ago
but she paid it right back.
Then, why did you bring it up?
Well, she paid most of it back.
But she was in between jobs.
And I said it was a gift
and she still
insisted on paying it back.
I see.
We have a good relationship.
I'm sure you do.
[keyboard clicking]
[quiet rattling]
What are you doing up?
- I thought I heard somethin'.
- Sorry.
Couldn't sleep. Hey.
[delicate piano instrumental]
[Brooke moans quietly]
[city din]
[mutters under breath]
[high heels clicking]
Construction is on schedule
for the Miller building
and things
seem to be running smoothly.
So there's nothing
to report back on that.
[Michael] Good. Thanks, James.
So now what else? What else?
- [James] Visionary Van...
- Ah, Visionary Vanguard. Right.
Uh, Monroe, are you there?
[Monroe] Yeah, I'm here.
Uh, we're going to
hold for just a second.
[Monroe] Still there?
Uh, yeah... Yes.
Monroe, are you there?
[Monroe] Yes, ma'am.
Everything seems to be on track
as far as the progress
and the, umm...
Everything looks good to go.
So if anything changes,
I'll contact you.
[Monroe] So does that mean
we're moving to construction
next week or what?
Uh, let's... let... let...
Um, let me verify that
and I'll have an answer
to you within the hour.
[Monroe] Okay. I'll standby.
All right.
Moving on.
[office din]
[Brooke] Michael,
before you say anything,
I would like to apologize.
There was
an issue with my laptop.
I took it to Iand they fixed it.
- But I know that is no excuse...
- Brooke, Brooke.
Look, I'm on your side.
So if you need
a little more time...
No, no,
that was a one-time thing.
All right.
One time.
Don't beat yourself up, Brooke.
[notification sounds]
[quietly] Shoot!
Yeah, uh, you know, I...
I know about the transactions.
It's from my husband's studio.
He's a musician.
That's everyday
checking account stuff.
Not my concern.
There are
inquiries of large sums
and withdrawals
totaling $50,000.
I'd make a call, send an email,
making sure you're aware.
But Reggie wants special
attention on your accounts.
Are you making those inquiries?
The withdraws?
Look, either you're doing it.
The accounts
have been compromised,
which is unlikely,
or it's your husband.
I'll look into it.
Are you in need of cash?
- Excuse me?
- If you are,
I could release some funds
for your expenditures
and restructure the accounts
making you the sole holder.
Jacob, is it?
I trust my husband.
Be that as it may,
as your accounts stand,
he has full access to all funds.
[seagulls caw]
- How are you?
- How are you!
I'm good.
How... how long has it been?
- I don't... 10 years?
- 10 years.
Wow. [whispers] We're old.
No. I'm young.
- I'm old.
- You're old.
- Got it.
- [laughter]
You headed somewhere?
Let's walk, catch up.
Mm, it was a crazy time.
It was a great time.
You were... what was it?
Wantin' to build
artist housing, right?
[both laughing]
- Yeah, something like that.
- Uh-huh.
You were, like,
gonna take on the government
like this new age Black Panther
- or something?
- [laughs]
I wasn't that great.
More like a Brown Panther.
We wanted to change things.

Um. So.
Uh, you uh,
got into politics, right?
- Law.
- What kind?
Criminal defense.
You like it?
Mm. Yeah.
Mm, like Obama now?

You were too cool for me!
That is so juvenile.
It doesn't mean it's not true.
You were so into that guy,
the R&B guy.
What ever happened to that guy?
You married a crooner?
- Oh!
- Don't, don't. Okay?
[both laughing]
The much more adult me
has to concede that...
your happiness is more
important than my fantasy.
I mean what I think.
Do you?
About you?
Regrets, mostly.
I should have shot my shot.
Who knows
what you would have said?
At least I'd know.
And I could sleep
without you
dancing around in my head.
Thank you so much.
For making me laugh.
I haven't
laughed like that in...
- I don't know how long.
- We can't have that.
Can I see you again?
Ah. Right.
Maybe next lifetime?
I promise to be cool.
Don't change.

Where you been?
Uh. Work.
So um, you're not upset
I had to use the card
to pay for studio equipment?
I thought that was over.
You know, I had to get
a few things to make it right.
- Mm-hm.
- You know, I had an epiphany.
I mean, I'm a straight
visionary on this.
We're throwin' a party.
You invite your people,
I'll invite mine.
Music, drinks,
a good time had by all.
- I don't know...
- [Mathias] No, no, no.
I'm not taking no for an answer.
I'm gonna make you happy,
even if it makes you miserable.
Oh, is that a smile?
It's workin' already.
by Stevie Ross feat. VESHZA]
Girl, tryna' get paid, yeah
I've got patience, for real
Out in LA, MIA
Talking temptation, for real
[indistinct lyrics]
I'm not here to play
I know you want it all
but I can't give it all away
[Brooke playfully] Hey, Devon.
Hey Brookie-Brooke, how are you?
I'm good. Mathias is out back.
Okay, cool,
I'm just waitin' on my girl
- to get out of the car.
- You left her in the car?
Look, y'all need to
make up y'all mind.
Is it equal rights
you want, or not?
'Cause I'm confused.
Is this a new one?
Because I don't want to
pretend I remember her...
I mean, I don't...
- Oh.
- [Devon chuckling]
So y'all already
know each other, huh?
- No, not really.
- [Devon chuckling] Okay.
- Let me find out.
- [laughter]
- Do you want a drink?
- Mm.
I mean, you do drink, right?
Come on, I am not that uptight.
[laughs] Kidding. Come on.
Well, do you think we can not
tell anyone
about our connection?
It's probably best
that we keep things separate.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
- [Natasha] Yeah?
- Yeah.
Here they come, tighten up.
[Brooke sighs]
Since this jackass
doesn't have any manners...
It's like that?
[laughs] Natasha,
this is my husband, Mathias.
[Brooke] Kendra.
This is Natasha.
this is Kendra, my best...
Oh, you guys talk
amongst yourselves.
I'll be back.
[Kendra sighs]
["My World" by Jasmine J Walker]
I think tonight
I'm gonna make it right
I stepped out,
stepping on necks
[Brooke laughing]
Where'd she go?
[Brooke] You promise
you can keep this to yourself?
And what's that
supposed to mean?
She's my therapist.
Who? Ponytail?
- Yeah.
- You invited your therapist?
No, no, no.
She's here with Devon.
You need to fire her then.
She can't be all that smart.
[Brooke laughing]
I... I'll be right back.
So, uh.
What's that about?
You know,
it's somethin' I'm workin' on.
She came to me.
I usually
don't like 'em that aggressive,
but somethin' about this
kinda turned me on.
- Not bad at all.
- [Devon] Uh-uh.
You hit?
[Devon laughing]
All kinds of ways.
Nah, I'm lyin'.
She's a tough nut to crack.
[indistinct] herself makin'
me work for it, I guess.
by Stevie Ross feat. VESHZA]

[sucking teeth]
You need help cleaning up?
Ooh, my.
Would you look at the time.
- I got a thing.
- Yeah, whatever.
Are you going to
make it to class tomorrow?
[sighs] I don't know...
Please do.
I need to
talk to you about somethin'.
Okay. Bye.
[Brooke] Bye.
[Kendra] Don't stay up too late.
I won't.
[both laughing]
[sighs] Oh, my gosh.
You know I hate to admit it.
- But you were right.
- About what?
- The party?
- Mm-hm.
I tried to tell you.
[both laughing]
The proper response
is thank you.
Mm. What's goin' on with this?
Stop. I'm filthy.
Maybe I like it filthy.
- I can't... Stop!
- [both laughing]
Stop, Mathias. [Brooke laughing]
I'm tellin' you.
Something's not right with her.
You don't even know her.
I know all I need to know.
Comin' up in there,
poppin' her ass every which way.
[Natasha] Sorry about the party.
If I knew, I wouldn't have come.
It was interesting.
in social situations
can be very awkward.
How long
have you been seein' her?
Not too long after I got home.
Needed somebody to talk to.
[Natasha] You've known her
for a long time?
Since college.
So not that long.
So you knew her
when you met your husband?
Yeah, she introduced us.
[Kendra] Are you
going to keep seeing her?
Why wouldn't I?
- You sure she's straight?
- Excuse you?
I mean, she look
a little tricky to me.
You would know.
I dabbled one time.
[Natasha] Forgive me.
No, go ahead.
She seems to have
little faith in people.
[Kendra] What kind of therapist
shows up at a patient's house?
She didn't know.
You sure about that?
You're overreacting.
- Kendra's been hurt.
- [Natasha] We've all been hurt.
We all carry burden and baggage.
But that
doesn't give us the right
to export that pain
onto other people.
She doesn't.
I'm sure.
[Kendra] What does Mathias
think about all of this?
Have you talked to him about it?
Why do you care
what Mathias thinks?
have you talked?
Married people talk, right?
[Natasha] You have to
protect your borders, Brooke.
Some people actively seek out
another person's life.
Now, they may not be
aware that they're doing it
but they are, nonetheless.
- Talk later?
- Yeah.

[tinny note playing]
[soft chuckling]
[notes playing]
[notification sounds]
[Brooke] All right,
so I'm thinking
a little bit more modern, um,
maybe more natural lighting.
- And some harder edges?
- [knocking]
[Brooke] Oh,
give me just a moment.
Okay, no problem.
You got a second, Brooke?
- [Brooke] Yeah.
- Okay.
So James
isn't really working out
on the Miller building.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Client's a little
agitated so I told him
I'll bring
one of my aces to close.
- You want me on it?
- Yeah, is that a problem?
- No!
- [Michael laughing]
Okay, good. Good. So.
Yeah. I'll handle James.
- [sighs]
- You know, this is one
of our bigger accounts
and they just a little needy.
But uh, what better way to
get you back up to speed, huh?
- Yeah.
- So I can count on you?
- Yes.
- All right.
All right!
[clears throat]
Hey. You okay?
What's wrong?
I'm gonna ask you a question.
Please, don't do
anything but answer it.
Who is he?
Who... who's who?
The man in the picture,
the man you're with.
- How did you get that?
- [Mathias] Who is he?
He's no one.
You always kiss no one?
It's not what it looks like.
How did you get that?
You lookin' at a picture of you
and another man
and your response is,
"How did I get it?"
He is somebody
that I knew from years ago.
We spoke for a moment.
- That's it.
- You forgot kissed.
- It is not...
- What it looks like. I got it.
Why did you take me back?
Pretend to forgive me.
Put me through hell.
You did that to us...
Don't flip this around on me.
You put me through
all that just to hurt me?
I hope it was worth it.
You should'a just let me go.
I'm sorry.
[city din]
The worst part is I can't get
my mind to stop running.
You know, it's like
one thing gets in there
and it just keeps
playing over and over again.
And I could not stop it.
You haven't been given a rest.
You should go somewhere alone.
But if it's the Caribbean,
I'll go with you.
I'll give you
your space, though.
Sometimes I feel like the reason
everything's falling apart
is 'cause
I went to the hospital.
You know what I'm sayin'?
I took my hand off the wheel.
You're putting way
too much pressure on yourself.
No, I should have been stronger.
[Kendra] Brooke.
First Mathias cheatin' on you,
then losin' a baby,
then the job,
then your father getting sick.
And who knows what else
you haven't told me all on you.
It was too much.
It would have been
too much for anyone.
Some days are good, you know?
Other days it's just like...
[mimics explosion]
You can always call me.
I know.
With you and Natasha's help,
I'mma make it through this.
- Yeah.
- Why you listenin' to her?
Not this again.
I don't know why you think
she's on your side like that.
I didn't say all that
but she has been
right about some things.
- [Kendra] Like what?
- Like the things Mathias does.
[scoffs] Don't talk to her
about your husband.
She's a professional.
You have
too much faith in people.
And maybe you have too little.
Let's just not
talk about this, okay?
And now she's in your head.
This is Brooke.
[Natasha] Hey, it's Natasha.
Hey, Dr. Clay.
[Natasha] You canceled
your appointment.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, uh, work's just been crazy
but I'll make the next session.
[Natasha] You sure?
[Natasha] You have to
put yourself first, Brooke.
I know.
[Natasha] Are you sure
you can't come by?
Look, the spot is still open.
Next session.
[Natasha sighs] Okay.

[Brooke panting]
[object clatters]
[Brooke breathing heavily]
Would you like me
to get you some water?
Oh, no.
Uh, what were you saying
on the voice-mail?
There's been
more of the same activity,
this time totaling $75,000.
I'm assuming
that wasn't you, as well.
Can you print this out for me?
So... so, I...
I can see what's going on?
Yeah, sure.
- [tinny note plays]
- [Mathias humming]
[phone buzzing]
What's up?
[Kendra] Can you meet me?
[car engine whirring]
[door clicks]
[door creaks]
["I'll understand" by Roza]
The end of the world
at the palm of my hand
[phone buzzing]
[water sloshing]
[phone buzzing]

[Kendra] I'm worried about her.
She's acting like before.
Brooke is fine.
She's just got
a lot on her plate.
No, it's... it's not that.
She's like my sister.
I think we're past the point
of you and her being sisters.
[motor revving]
I'm not going to stand by
and watch you put her
in the hospital again.
I put her in the hospital?
- Who else?
- What about you?
Hm? Where were you?
I don't care
what you think about me.
You don't want to know
what I think about you.
Oh, I know exactly
how you feel about me.

She has to believe
that you're protecting her.
I know you're not
man enough for the job.
But she has to believe that.
So um,
I'm supposed to protect her
from the guy she's seeing?
You didn't know
about that, did you?
Don't feel bad.
Neither did I.
So what you going to do
about it, sis in law, huh?
You see, you stick your nose
in everybody's business
and then just
stand back
like your hands are clean.
We both know they're not.
You see, we both know
that you live in a glass house.
I can't make one mistake?
You tell me.
You can
sure as hell call me out.
But what about you?
We are not the same.
We are exactly the same.
[mournful strings instrumental]

- I'm leaving him.
- Math...
- Your husband?
- Yeah.
I don't know who to trust.
When I'm around him,
I don't even know
if I trust myself.
I saw him with another woman.
Did you know this woman?
I'm only asking because I know
you've had issues with his
infidelity in the past.
Was it the same woman?
But you do know this woman.
- Yeah.
- Was she a friend?
- [scoffs]
- Brooke...
Have you ever heard
of Othello syndrome?
- No.
- It's also known as
pathological or morbid jealousy.
It's when
a person is so consumed
by their insecurities that
they become jealous.
Usually of a spouse
or a friend.
What are you saying?
Well, other than
your father's passing,
your life
was turning for the better.
You were repairing
your marriage.
You returned back to work
at a prestigious firm.
You gained
financial independence.
Your friend, Kendra.
She doesn't have any of that.
Does she?
See, normally when this disorder
takes hold of a person,
any good falling on the subject
of their jealousy
feels like an injustice...
a personal attack.
She may be
actively trying to destroy
everything that you've built.
So, you decided to come home.
[Brooke] I spoke
with the financial advisor
and he said there's been
some activities in the account.
Sounds like you meant
to say your accounts.
Is there something
you want to tell me?
You went to the financial
adviser without me.
He said there's been
withdraws of $50,000
and $75,000.
And you think that was me?
Who else?
I think
what's happening is familiar.
Before your stay
at the hospital,
you accused me
of trying to sell our house.
Was that true? Brooke.
Was that true?
I think
you need to get some rest.
When you feel better,
you and I can go
to the financial
adviser together
and get to the bottom of this.
You're not gon' make
me think I'm crazy.
Oh, you're not crazy.
You just trying to make me
forget about those pictures?
Where were you last night?
- Good night.
- Where were you?
I was here in our bed.
You were not.
So where were you?
I guess I'll just
wait for pictures on that, too.

[tinny notes playing]
So this is the new version.
I implemented
all of your changes
so you just
need to let me know if this was
a bit more
of what you were expecting.
I warmed it up a little...
Yeah. That's it.
Oh, uh, can you
excuse me for just a minute?
I think she's going to like it.
[Natasha] I am so sorry
to disturb you at work.
I... I just felt this couldn't
wait to our next session.
- What is it?
- I just got a call
from your friend, Kendra.
What do you mean a call?
She was quite upset.
She suggested
that I was manipulating you
and that she'd prefer
if I stopped seeing you.
Only not that elegant.
I am so sorry about this.
Can I take my doctor's
hat off for a second?
I mentioned your husband
and she became unraveled.
I just thought you should know
that from one woman to another.
Are you crazy?
Brooke. You need to slow down.
Did you call Natasha?
What? Who told you that?
How dare you.
She told you that?
How dare you!
I am telling you
as nicely as I can
to stay away from me.
I mean it.
It's like I'm back
in grade school again,
all over again.
- It's tough.
- [patient] Yeah.
- Excuse me?
- Shut up.
I need to talk to you.
This isn't helping
my anxiety, doctor!
I... I'm so sorry, please,
allow me to take care of this.
I promise,
I'll have you re-scheduled.
[Kendra] Get a cup of coffee.
Get the hell out. Move!
You may have Brooke fooled
but with me, you got a problem.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
When I slap that bun
off the top of your head,
you'll know exactly
what I'm talking about.
You're acting like
a crazy person.
Take my card.
Kendra, do you know
what projection is?
If you say one more word,
I'm going to project myself
all over that ass.
You stay away from her husband.
Is this about Brooke?
Or Mathias?
Stay away from her.
I'm not sure how things
are done where you're from,
but you don't barge into
a person's place of business
and threaten them.
I just did.
Now what?
[Brooke] Hey. Hey, Jacob.
Excuse me? Can you stop?
How'd you get past reception?
My uncle runs this place.
Yeah, well, you just got
the front desk woman fired
if I have
anything to do with it.
Okay, can you stop for a second?
What is going on?
You're not
picking up my phone calls.
I don't know
what game you're playing
but I was trying to help you.
Uh, slow down.
What are you talking about?
A letter signed by you,
sent to Reggie
saying I was an obstruction
to your access to funds.
And implying I was siphoning
money from your accounts.
I could lose my license.
I never wrote any letter.
How about you find out who did?
How about
you let me in your office
before I pull
every dime from your care?
Right this way.
I didn't send any letter.
What am I going to do
about Mathias stealing from me?
When you open the accounts,
you gave him full access.
I can't deny him
what's legally his.
So what then?
I could put
a freeze on the accounts.
No one, including you,
would have access to them
and buy you time to restructure
or close them and open new ones.
But a letter from him
or a lawyer can overturn that.
So for now, no one
will have access to the funds.
For now, yes.
Do it.
You should know,
we've received a call
asking about the protocol
if you're no longer mentally fit
to manage your finances.
And what's the protocol?
If you're declared
mentally unfit...
he gets power
of attorney over it all.
[marvelous strings instrumental]

I'm here.
[Natasha] Are you okay?
Your voice sounds faint.
I'm worried about you.
I think you should come in.
Why are you worried about me?
Come in.
I won't be coming in any more.
I don't think
that's a wise decision, Brooke.
I miss my father.
Where are you? I'll come to you.
I want you out of this house.
[mournful strings instrumental]

I know you're
not speaking to me, but...
[eerie strings instrumental]

[alarm rings distantly]
[alarm keeps ringing]
[paper rustling]
[alarm keeps ringing]
We're clear.
[woman] Copy that.
[alarm ringing]

[notification sounds]

[keyboard clicking]
All right, so you can
skip the nine o'clock
staff meeting so you can be
ready for the clients at 10.
- Okay. Okay.
- You need some help with that?
- Oh, no, no, no. I got it.
- Okay.
So, like I said,
this is a really big account.
And I need you to get them
to start writing checks again.
- Yes.
- Writing checks.
- Okay.
- Checks pay the bills.
I got it. I got it.
Come on. Ring.
[whispering] Hey!
Come on! Please!
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- You got a sec?
- Yeah.
- We've received a letter.
Uh, about the freeze?
It's requesting
a hold on your account
whiles there's an investigation
into your mental fitness.
Hey, we're waiting. Come on.
[whispers] Oh, okay.
Are you there?
Yeah, Jacob, I'm going to
have to call you back.

Build with confidence.
Modern timeless.
Be above the fray.
Built with D&P Life Designs.
Our concept for the Miller
building is modern
without compromising
your individuality.
We know how much emphasis
you put on being green.
Our plans
will allow for the building
to run 92% solar
and renewable energy.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Okay. Uh.
I think what Brooke
is working to do...
I actually have it
on an empty thumb drive.
I just need to switch laptops.
Okay, well, in the interim...
Can you just give me a moment?
- [Michael] My apologies...
- Please don't do this to me.
Uh, little technical
difficulty right now, right?
But while Brooke is working
to get the presentation back up,
let's talk about some
of the features you can expect.
[Michael] Brooke!
Look, I think you need
to take the rest of the day,
as a matter of fact, you take
the rest of the week off.
You go home, get some rest
and come back Monday,
we'll chat.
Are you firing me?
I'm trying my damnedest not to.
Go home, get some rest, hm?
We'll talk on Monday.
What... what are you looking at!
You need
to mind your own business.
[fast strings
instrumental builds]
[notifications sounds]
[male voice]
You have a collect call
from the Maryland
correctional facility.
Press one to accept.
Yeah, who is this?
This is Kendra.
You don't know me.
I've read about your case online
and I wanted to talk to you
about someone you knew.
I ain't got nothin' but time.
Do you know a Natasha Clay?
- No, I don't know her.
- I think it's the same
person as Monique Haynes.
[pensive instrumental]
Her, I do know.
What can you tell me about her?
Stay away from her.
You hear me? She's crazy.
How do you know her?
I had an affair with her.
She's a psycho.
Every man says the woman
they cheated with is a psycho.
Yeah, you sound just like them.
[Kendra] Go on.
It got crazy so I ended it.
She threatened
to kill me, my wife.
Thought she was just talking.
I read your report online
and your fingerprints
are all over the knife.
And you had motive.
I gotta go.
Wait. I'm sorry.
Please talk to me.
You see that blond hair, run.

How did you get in my house?
I looked under the welcome mat
and the ridge of the door.
Couldn't find a spare so,
I broke in.
You can sit there
like the godfather all you want
but it's too late.
- I know who you are.
- I know.
You've been
asking around about me.
I have, Monique.
Well, I've had so many names.
Sometimes it's hard for me
to remember what my real name...
My government name is Lauren.
I don't care
what you call yourself.
I know all about you.
Your license.
That guy you set up
that's rotting in jail.
- Dupree.
- Shut up, you psycho!
Please don't call me that.
You killed his wife.
I stabbed her.
The loss of blood killed her.
I'm gonna expose you.
I never did like you.
I didn't like you, first.
You know what? Stand up.
You picked the wrong one.
You want me to stand?
This beat down is inevitable.
Look, I know you
haven't asked for my advice.
But, between you and I,
you should probably
keep a lock on your gun case.
And you shouldn't hide it
in the closet, sweetie.
That's the first place
an intruder would look.
[phone ringing]
[Det. Wright] Hi. May I speak
with Brooke, please?
- [Brooke] This is her.
- [Det. Wright] Hi, Brooke.
This is Detective Wright
with Metro Homicide.
How are you?
So I was wondering
if it was possible
if you could
come down to the station
so we could talk.
It's about your friend, Kendra.
[Brooke gasps]
[car zooms]
Here you go?
- How you feeling?
- How's Kendra?
[Det. Wright] I just
talked to the hospital
and they
have her listed as critical.
It's a good sign.
The reason why I called you in.
Her cell shows,
the last three calls she made
went unanswered by you.
Was she family or a friend?
Brooke, I need your help here.
Can you think of anyone
who would want
to do this to her?
[moving instrumental]

Can we go home?
[Mathias] Brooke.
You okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[thunder rumbling]

I know you're
not speaking to me.
But I want to say I'm sorry.
I should have
visited you in the hospital
but I was so caught up in my own
and you're...
You're too good of a person
to tell me how much that hurt.
I should have been there for you
when you needed me.
Don't be mad at me
but I've done some digging
and I sent what I've found
so far to your email.
Brooke, please. Read it.
[ominous instrumental]
[restaurant din]

Why here?
Oh, you think this will
cause me to not make a scene?
I will ride you on this tape
and you know I will.
We have to talk.
Talking's never been
our strength.
Did you do that to Kendra?
- Do what?
- She was shot.
That's terrible.
Did she stick her nose
in the wrong person's business?
Yeah, she did.
Sounds like
she got what she deserved.
Oh, I scheduled a meeting
with your financial advisors
and your lawyers on your behalf.
I told you not to do that.
And I told you
not to send that letter
about Brooke's mental health.
[Natasha] Come on.
I'm an independent woman.
Hey, we're almost there.
You go to the meeting.
Brooke spins out of control
and then it's done.
We're off to Paris
just like we planned.
There's not
going to be a meeting.
Oh, there very much
better be a meeting.
Natasha, stop it.
Are you crazy?
Coming to my house?
Please don't call me crazy.
I just
wanted to see how you lived
when you weren't
returning my calls.
I'm impressed.
You know, I may have led you on.
I don't care anymore.
I wasn't going to leave my wife.
Not for you.
I can't believe
I let you manipulate me
in doing what I did.
Oh, please, man. Grow up.
I just gave you a treat
and you came running
like the little
useless dog that you are.
We both knew
exactly what we were doing.
But I will never be able
to live with what I did to her.
You feel sorry for her?
I feel sorry for her.
Look at you.
You're up here
crying to the woman
that you're sleeping with
about your wife!
What kind of sick, depraved
mommy issues do you have?
There is a basic
piece of decency
that you don't have.
There is nothing in you
capable or deserving
of redemption.
You are not just
going to sleep with me
and then toss me aside.
Actually, that's
exactly what I'm going to do.
Because that's all you deserve.
If I catch you near her,
I'll kill you myself.
So you're
chivalrous now, Mathias?
You're her knight
in shining armor?
You're weak!
A boy in man's clothes.
- Hey!
- [Brooke] Shut up.
What the hell is going on here?
She's gone.
[phone ringing]
- Brooke.
- Detective Wright?
Let me put you on speaker.
Hold on.
Detective, I sent you an email
with all the information
you need to know
about Natasha Clay.
Where did you get all this?
My friend.

How's Kendra?
She's in critical condition.
How are you?
This house has gotten so quiet.
It used to be so alive.
That was the past.
We had
some great times, didn't we?
But now?
I have something to tell you.
Please. Please don't.
I really can't take anymore.
I've done
some terrible things...
things that if someone told me
they did to a stranger,
I'd think you must hate them.
Whatever you feel
you need to tell me...
I don't need to know.
I already know.
I know in my heart.
You left me
vulnerable to the world.
I trusted you.
I trusted you
when nobody thought I should.
Did you do that to Kendra?
But I know who did.
Did you have an affair with her?

Were there others?
All this pain.
For what?
I've lost you, haven't I?
I owe you so much.
I do love you.
I was just weak.
Let me know when you
won't be around, I'll...
I'll come by and get my things.
[doorbell rings]
You expecting someone?
[doorbell rings]
[eerie instrumental]
[Brooke] What?
Hello, love birds.
Oh, look at you.
You're such a gentleman.
What are you doing?
I came to kill her, silly.
I couldn't kill you
'till after
I took control of the money.
You can plan a cookout
but you can't
predict the weather.
You don't want to kill anybody.
I didn't drive
all this way for nothin'.
Can you put the gun down?
You think
I won't shoot you, Mathias?
I've already shot you
10 times in my head.
I'm sorry.
Everybody is sorry
with a gun in their face.
We're both adults.
But I led you to believe
things that weren't true.
I mistreated you.
I'm sorry.

No. No, no, no, no.
Mathias, please Mathias.
Mathias, please baby,
hold on, hold on.
- Back up.
- Please, please.
I told you you were weak.

Please! Please don't.
For him?
Don't you know what they are?
They want you
to be the sexual being
so they can have their fun.
And then
they treat you like trash.
Worse than trash.
They're all the same.
All of 'em.
The better you are.
The worse they are, it's...
I'm doing you a favor.
But you don't understand.
No one understands.
Because you don't understand...
You don't deserve it.
[thunderous instrumental]

[somber instrumental]

Now we do have a unit
that's a little larger
that's not too far from here.
But this...
This is 2,600 square feet.
So what was it
that you were looking for?
I'm opening
an architecture firm.
How exciting. Congratulations.
Thank you.
We do have
the classic wood flooring
and decor and you can't beat
that you're
in the heart of the city.
- I'll take it!
- Wonderful.
[delicate piano instrumental]

by Jasmine J Walker]
Yo, this is about to...
Really hurt some
people's feelings, so...
If you a little sensitive
you might as well turn this
joint off right now, okay?
How you afraid
to drop a dime
When you already drop a dime
Got a wife at home
but you steady on my line
"Talkin' 'bout" Shorty, you
remember when I grind slow?
"Did I really... Did I really
blow your mind though?"
Nah, you got me confused
with your other boos
I been peeped game so I
never gave the cookie up
And that's why I got ya wife
on the line man...
[I'll Understand by Roza]
Have to go, have to go,
have to go
Have to go, have to go,
have to go
The end of the world at the
palm of my hand
When it all goes to hell,
will you still be my friend
My face to the sea
and my back to the land
If you can't come with me
I'll understand
I'll understand
Can we meet in the dark
We don't have to say much
And if you have to go
have to go
(I'll understand)
If we didn't know
what we know
The end of the world
at the palm of my hand
When it all goes to hell,
will you still be my friend
Have to go, have to go
My face to the sea
and my back's to the land
If you can't come with me
I'll understand
Can we meet in the dark
We don't have to say much
And if you have to go
have to go
(I'll understand)
I'll let you go, let you go
(I'll understand)
I'll let you go, let you go
(I'll understand)
If we didn't know
what we know
'Cause when you travel light
Some things are left behind