Gasoline Rainbow (2023) Movie Script

[Ethereal melody;
Soothing, bell-like percussion]
[Delicate violin plucking]
[Sustained, warm violin tone joins]
[Music fades]
[Intense, electronic hum]
[Film reel whirrs]
[Dreamy, unsettling music]
[Music fades]
[Makai] Sometimes,
when I look out at night and I...
see that light over the hills,
and I just wonder what it's like...
to be there.
I wonder if there's anybody
out there like me
thinking the same things as me.
Wishing for something better.
I always wonder
if there's a place somewhere for us.
A place for weirdos.
I wanna be out,
I wanna be myself,
I wanna be accepted,
I wanna be loved for who I am.
I don't want to feel like I'm different.
But anywhere's better than Wiley, right?
Anywhere's better than here.
Just gotta be brave enough
to get to the other side.
[Music resumes;
[Train horn in the distance]
[Indistinct murmur]
[Bell clangs]
[Train blares]
[Unsettling, subtle music continues]
[Train blares intensely]
[Discordant music;
No audible dialogue]
[Train rumbles]
[Rumble blends
with discordant string instruments]
[Discordant music continues, faintly]
[Insects chirp]
[Indistinct voices in the background]
[Chill electronic music]
Fucking Tony!
[Music continues]
[Keys jingle;
Engine chugs]
[She groans;
Van starts]
[Music continues]
[Music stops]
[Van chugs]
[Indistinct chatter]
- [Van dies]
- [Girl] Oh my God.
[Van chugs]
[Lights buzz]
[Van chugs, dies]
[Van chugs]
[Van roars]
- [They cheer]
- Oh my God! Go, go, go!
[Van revs]
[Loud roar;
No audible dialogue]
[Car stereo plays - Sweet Child O' Mine,
by Guns N' Roses]
[She whoops]
[Boy] Yeah, Nathaly!
Fuck yeah!
[She laughs]
Bitch. Ready, ready, ready, ready?
[Makai sings] She's got a smile
That it seems to me
Give me this.
Can I hit it after you?
[He sings] Bright blue sky...
[Truck roars past]
That was scary.
I get so paranoid driving next to semis.
Everything looks so foggy...
[Indistinct, lively chatter]
[Makai sings] Oh sweet child o' mine
Play some Frank Sinatra.
[Music fades]
[Horse snorts]
[Car stereo plays - Big Poppa,
by The Notorious B.I.G.]
Listening to this
makes me wanna be in a 90's club.
Oh yeah.
Imagine what it felt like back in the day,
to be a rich young man,
with, like, a little chain
and a nice little car
at a club in New York
with hella money.
And, like, you're kinda famous
a little bit.
I did not bring 90's club clothes, bro.
[Nichole] If anything,
we can teach you guys
how to steal from Goodwill.
[Makai] No, I taught you that shit.
We'll teach you
how to steal from Goodwill.
That's how we get all our outfits, yeah.
Easy-peasy. No one's gonna miss 'em!
That's why they're there.
I packed clothes,
my toothbrush, toothpaste.
And I brought the "mota".
Ah, I knew it!
Dude, look at right by you.
[Makai] That's a big-ass joint.
[Nichole] If you're gonna go,
might as well go hard.
- [Makai] Tony, can I pet your head?
- No!
- [Makai] Why?
- Because.
- Only I can pet my head, bro.
- [Makai] Nah, I love you bitch.
[Music continues]
[Nathaly] What the fuck?
Holy shit!
- [Nichole] Those are horses.
- [Nathaly] Scared the fuck out of me.
[Boy] Bro, oh my God!
[Nichole] Oh my God,
that's a baby fucking horse.
[Boy] That is crazy.
- [Nichole] Aw, they're so cute!
- [Horses snort]
[Hooves click against pavement]
[Nichole] What the fuck?
At first I thought
I was fucking imagining that, sorry!
[Nathaly] You scared me.
[Nichole] Ya, bitch, there's literal
magical creatures in the road.
[They laugh]
Jesus fucking Christ.
[Tony] Are you guys sure
you wanna do this?
- [All] Yes!
- [Chill electronic music]
[Tony, laughing] I'm gonna beat your ass.
[Nichole] I feel like what was scary
was knowing like
how little time we had together,
how little time we had
to figure out what we wanted to do,
and, like, life in general.
It kinda felt like everybody looked at you
as like a failure
if you didn't know
what you were doing, you know?
One last fun adventure
we could all do together.
Are you guys getting regular gas?
[Nichole] 'Cause when we get back,
we all have to get fucking jobs.
[Music stops]
- [Man] How's it going, brother?
- [Micah] Good, how are you?
[Man] Doin' well here, doin' well, man.
- [Tony] Look, I found it.
- Where?
[Tony] It was up your ass.
[Man] What are you guys doing out here?
Headed to the desert?
[Micah] Nah, we're just heading
on a little road trip.
[Man] Y'all be safe.
I like the van. It's pretty cool.
[Nichole] Thank you.
All that red interior, huh?
- Yeah dude, that shit's sick.
- [Nichole] Yeah.
[Girl] Are you just looking
for cool sites and stuff?
- Kinda, yeah.
- [Girl] That's crazy.
- I used to travel too.
- [Nichole] Yeah?
- Yeah, and then I ended up here.
- [Nichole] You know any cool spots?
- [Tony] I got these for me.
- [Makai] Nichole got Sour Punches.
[Micah] Yeah, that's what she wanted.
You guys smoke?
[Chill electronic music]
So just go out, like, straight,
and then you'll see a paved road.
- Then you take a left.
- [Van rumbles]
- Yo! I like your shirt.
- Thanks. You like the Misfits?
Oh fuck, yeah!
- That's badass.
- [Girl] Yeah!
- [Micah] Where'd you get that?
- [Girl] My uncle did it for me.
- [Micah] Where you from?
- [Makai] Yeah.
- Yeah.
- [Makai] How is it up here?
- Terrible.
- [Laughs]
[Makai] I bet.
Yeah, no, there's nothing.
I mean, you kinda just
make your own fun.
How do you know
so much about the desert?
Honestly, when there's nothing to do,
you just...
You're always trying
to find something.
[Van rattles]
There's gonna be some, like, fatass bumps.
[Makai] I wonder why it's called
Frog Springs.
[Nichole] Ready?
Yeah, just keep going
and follow this road.
- [Makai] Straight?
- [Girl] Drive on.
- [Girls scream]
- [Van revs]
[Micah] No way!
[Nathaly] Is that water? What the fuck!
I knew it looked like ice.
[Makai] Oh my God!
So fucking awesome!
[Insects chirp]
[Cheering in the distance]
[Rock music plays on car stereo]
I'm not even gonna lie.
- I was freaking out that whole time.
- [They scream]
[Click, music stops]
Oh man! Wait! I have little legs!
I've never cried at a landscape
before in my life.
[Micah and Tony argue, indistinctly]
- I'll race you.
- Fucking cool!
- [Tony] No, you're way faster!
- [Micah] I'll race you, bro.
- [Laughter]
- [Micah coughs]
[Nichole] Pass that shit down.
[Girl] Where you guys headed after this?
There's nothing really out here.
Not too much.
- [Nathaly] The coast.
- [Girl] Really?
- [Micah] We want to stop at the coast.
- [Nathaly] That's our plan.
We haven't thought this through.
[Nichole] We don't even have
enough fucking money, honestly,
but we'll figure it out.
- Maybe come along?
- [Boy] Yeah.
- [Girl] Oh my God.
- [Boy] Sounds cool.
- [Nichole] It might be fun.
- [Girl] I know.
- [Nichole] We need another girl.
- [Boy] Let's fucking do it.
[Girl] I don't know.
There's a lot going on.
Just different situations...
- [Boy] Oh yeah.
- [Girl] ...that have to be dealt with.
[Nathaly] Hmm. I understand.
- [Boy] We get it.
- [Nathaly] Yeah.
[Makai] One, two, three.
[Music plays - I Stole the Right to Live,
by Michael Hurley]
I stole the right to live
As if there was no time
I stole the eyes of God
As if those eyes were mine
I took and did infuse
A light that was to shine
Oh, Mercy
Lord, have a pity
I'm only traveling
- [Girl] Have a nice trip.
- [Nichole] Thank you.
Have a good trip.
Bye, guys.
You too.
[Micah] I got it.
That was amazing.
I passed out on Satan's Hill
And made my bed on stone
[Micah] You can't escape everything.
You kinda just have to deal with it
and work past it.
It's just all a part of life.
But as soon as we hit
that highway... vroom.
Just driving away from it all.
It felt like...
my new beginning was coming.
[He sings] We live upon the waves...
I don't know.
Do you know that song, Makai,
by The Beatles?
[Makai] No.
[He mimics trumpet]
We all live in a yellow submarine
Yellow submarine
Yellow submarine
[Nichole chuckles]
I don't know all the lyrics to it.
What's that one Beatles song
where it talks about a hammer
falling on some dude's head?
[Nichole] I'm so confused.
Jack Steen's hammer fell...
Something, something, something.
Micah's show, bro.
[Micah] Dude, I wanna listen
to some Shakira.
I haven't heard her in forever.
- Is that water?
- [Micah sings Hips Don't Lie]
[Boys sing Freakin' Out on the Interstate,
by Briston Maroney]
- [Nathaly] Flip me off, Nichole.
- [Camera clicks]
I'm sorry I....
I haven't been myself
And something's got me down
What it is, I cannot tell
- [Micah] Makai!
- Oh shit. It's my turn?
- Yeah.
- My bad, the fucking sun looks cool.
Holy shit!
[Nathaly] I'm like, wherever we end up,
I wanna get piercings.
- [Nichole] Oh, shit.
- [Nathaly] More.
- [Nichole] Huh?
- [Nathaly] I wanna get more piercings.
- [Nichole] Piercings?
- [Nathaly] Yes. Like, ear piercings.
[Nichole] We need to get
our tattoos first,
before we get piercings.
[Nathaly] True, but...
[Nichole] Where you gonna get
the "fuck it" tattoo then?
[Nathaly] No idea.
- I didn't put much thought into that.
- [Nichole] Huh?
[Nathaly] I didn't put much thought
into that.
I don't know, I want it somewhere
where people can see it,
but at the same time, I don't.
Like, I want it to be...
I think it'd be funny
if it's in a place
where someone
can't see the "fuck it" tattoo
until, I don't know,
I wear a tank top and it's there.
[Boys continue to sing in the background]
[Nathaly] I think it'd be funny
to have it like right here.
Oh, I know.
- [Nathaly] On my lip.
- We talked about that.
Plus your mom wouldn't see it.
[Nathaly chuckles]
My little titties are sweating.
[Girls laugh]
[Makai] Where the fuck are we at?
[Micah] No clue, bro.
Just follow the road.
- Makai, what do you want to eat?
- [Makai] Huh?
- [Micah] What do you want to eat?
- I want to eat fucking cheese pizza...
and some pasta or some shit.
- [Tony] Bro, pizza.
- [Micah] Something delicious.
- [Tony] You want some pizza?
- I want a Coca-Cola.
One of those cool fucking glass bottles.
[Tony] Pizza sounds amazing.
- [Micah] Mmm... pizza...
- [Tony] Melting mozzarella!
I just ran over
a chipmunk or some shit.
- [Tony] You ran over something?
- [Makai] Yeah.
- [Tony] What was it?
- [Makai] I don't know. I seen fur.
- [Nathaly] That's sad.
- [Makai] And ran over it.
You probably killed a baby squirrel, bro.
[Makai] Right.
- Oh my God.
- [They whistle Don't Worry Be Happy]
Oh my goodness.
[He sings] Don't worry
Be happy
Don't worry, be happy now
[They vocalize]
Don't worry
Be happy
Don't worry, be happy now
[They vocalize]
[Radio blares]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Music fades]
[Nathaly] Things won't ever go our way.
Like, when people see us,
they're like...
they start talking,
and like, start calling the cops.
It's annoying.
And I feel like
when we're in this car,
we get to, like, be ourselves,
and we don't have to stay in one place.
[Wind rustles]
[Indiscernible speakers]
- Where's the moon?
- Right there.
[They cheer]
- Over there.
- Oh, it's over there.
It looks like a big-ass
block of sharp cheddar.
[lighter clicks]
I wonder what it's like
to be up there.
Makai, go inside the van.
This is one small step for man...
- One small or giant leap...
- ...for mankind.
[Tony] He's like, "I just went
to the moon. I made it possible.
Ever thought of going to the moon?
Well, guess what. I just did it."
[Makai] Neil Armstrong?
How does he feel?
How does that feel normal?
Shittin' in the air.
You come back home
and you're fuckin'
shitting on the toilet.
Going to the grocery store?
Honestly, he probably felt like...
"I was at the moon,
and now I'm at a grocery store."
You're gonna stand up on this?
- [Micah] Let's take a pic and let's go.
- [Nathaly] I was thinking the same thing.
It'd be cool.
[Makai] Stand right here on the left side,
so this car doesn't flip over.
[Nathaly] And we die.
- [Micah] How should we take this picture?
- [Nichole] Dead-ass.
[Tony] Take what picture?
[Nichole] I'm, like,
scared I'm gonna fall.
What the fuck!
Don't shake it!
- [Makai] Tony!
- Tony! Dead-ass!
[Nathaly] Tony! I'm gonna beat
your fucking ass!
[Micah] No, you're not. No, you're not.
[They laugh]
- Fuck that!
- [Nichole] Don't be moving that now.
[Girls scream]
- [Micah] Oh, bro!
- [Nichole] Tony!
- Why are you guys so scared?
- Bitch!
[Van rumbles]
[Micah] Oh my God.
Look at the lights, guys.
The red ones?
And then they go boom!
And then gone. Boom!
[Boy, indiscernible] I know!
It looks weird. It looks weird.
- [Girl, indiscernible] Boom.
- [Micah] That's for airplanes, right?
- [Boy, indiscernible] No.
- [Micah] No?
[Relaxed hip hop music]
I'm high as fuck.
[Boys laugh]
[Boy, indistinct] Guys, look.
What is that?
[Girl indistinct] What the fuck is that?
[Girl, indistinct] Oh my God,
that's scary.
I thought it was a ghost.
[Boy, indistinct] Ask him if he needs
a ride anywhere.
- [Makai] Shit.
- [Nichole] Back up.
- [Tony] It's a dude.
- [Nichole] He has some booze.
[Makai] It's the middle of the night.
Why the fuck is this guy out here?
- [Nichole] That's scary.
- [Tony] Get a load of this guy.
[Makai] Hey, bro. Are you good?
Are you good out here?
[Nichole] How are you feeling?
Kinda creepy,
but what happened last time,
we saw some beautiful shit
with that random-ass girl.
[Man] Who's all in
this car though, like?
- [Music continues]
- [Nichole laughs]
Oh, I thought I recognized you guys.
You guys don't look familiar.
- Where you guys from?
- [Nichole] Yeah, we're not from here.
Just traveling.
Aw, nah man. I'm just chilling.
About to fucking head
down there actually.
Meet up with my friends.
I usually come down here
and have beers
with my homies and shit.
- Is that where it's at, right there?
- [Man] Yeah.
All the homies park down here
and shit, and we fucking crack 'em.
[Indiscernible] How do we get down there?
If you guys aren't fucking
up to much or nothing,
I'm just gonna go chug
these beers down there
and shit, so if you guys...
You guys are cool, right?
You guys aren't fucking...
- [Girl, Indiscernible] Hey, do you smoke?
- ...weird or nothing, right?
But, yeah,
if you guys want to, fuck,
I'm gonna cruise down over this hill.
- [Indistinct conversation]
- I'm gonna cruise down this fucking hill.
- Are we going?
- [Nathaly] I mean, fuck it.
We won't separate until we feel safe.
We'll stick together.
We'll be right back, Glen.
[Quirky 8-bit music]
[Boy, indiscernible] Hey, Glen,
are you over there still?
- Are you good?
- [Indiscernible] Hurry up.
[Glen] Oh yeah. That's a lawsuit.
[Loud burp]
[Boy, indiscernible] Oh shit! Shit!
- [Girl, indiscernible] Everyone book it.
- [Boy, indiscernible] Fuck yeah.
[Glen] Watch it, don't step in that.
- [Girl, indiscernible] What?
- [Glen] So sick.
[Glen chuckles]
I'm gonna plant myself somewhere,
get real drunk,
and get real introspective real fast.
[Indistinct chatter;
Music continues]
[Man] Welcome to the boneyard.
- [Makai] What's your name, by the way?
- Dallas. You're Makai?
- I'm sorry I forgot your name.
- I do remember.
[Makai] Sorry, I forgot your name.
[Micah] No, I want the pink! Aw...
This is nasty.
It's not nasty!
Yellow is a happy color!
[Micah] I can do whatever
spray paint I want?
[Girl] Do you like Enya?
- Yeah.
- Enya?
Oh my god!
She's my favorite artist of all time.
- I can play Enya.
- That slaps!
- Let me play Enya.
- Slaps!
[Girl] Like she... apparently,
a lot of people say she's what you hear
when you enter the gates of Heaven.
- [Glen] That's crazy.
- [Girl] I believe it, I believe it.
I don't know about that,
but she slaps, though.
You smell hella good.
Like weed and cologne, and shit?
- No, like cologne.
- I don't smell like weed?
- No, you smell like...
- Fuck!
You smell hella good.
You sprayed something.
Yeah, like four hours ago.
I put some cologne on.
Thank you.
[Indistinct chatter;
Low music]
This is my secret spot. I like it.
It's a little more deep, but...
You showed up a little late.
Yeah, you can kinda see the...
Just a little bit.
Is it OK if I kiss you?
[Music continues]
[Tony] Like, I have no clue
whatsoever what I'm gonna do.
Join the military or some shit?
I don't know what else to do.
I don't want to go to college.
That's not my thing.
I'm over school.
High school's enough.
I don't need college to...
I don't need high school
to even... you know?
But... I think I'm just gonna say fuck it
and join the military,
'cause I don't know what to do.
[Glen] They're just gonna have a party
at this place called
The End of the World.
Don't know... I don't really
know too much about it.
But I know it's like...
At, like... on the coast somewhere,
at some beach or something?
And that... it'll be more like
a party than this is,
compared to how much
we're just fucking hanging out.
- At the beach?
- That sounds fun.
- Something sick like that.
- That would be dope.
We were planning on going to the beach.
That's fucking perfect.
That's weird how shit
like that lines up for us.
[Nathaly] I know.
No, it's funny though,
'cause that's how just like...
Just the same way
you guys came along.
Like someone came along
and told me that.
And I was like, yeah.
In the same way that I just came
along and hung out, or whatever.
And it's just like...
We're all just kinda kicking it and shit.
[Indistinct music in the background]
- Just take it.
- I'll fix it later.
- That's how you remember me.
- Sure?
That's how you remember
to go to The End of the World.
That's my favorite bracelet.
If you lose this, you forget.
[Music plays - Freakin' Out
on the Interstate, by Briston Maroney]
[They sing along] Rollin' down
The windows, baby
I can't hear a thing you say
I'm walkin' back to my favorite place
And I can feel them staring at me
Baby, do you think
I'm doing something wrong?
And you've got a lot on your mind
And your heart it looks just like mine
- And there's no use in wasting your...
- [Music stops]
[Tony] Not that anything
would have happened,
but anything could happen.
[Nathaly] Yeah, and we were
prepared anyways.
We had a knife.
We had pepper spray, mace...
[Nichole] We had anything.
We will not let anyone take us down.
We won't go down without a fight!
- That's for sure.
- [Nathaly] Yeah.
[Cow moos]
- Enya?
- Enya.
[Boy, indiscernible] Oh,
my fucking head hurts, bro...
[Boy, indiscernible] I feel like
I got kicked in the back of the head.
[Nathaly] Oh my God, Nichole.
I think you peed over there.
- Bitch!
- [Tony] Son of a bitch.
My balls feel like they're
in Satan's toaster oven.
[Cow moos]
Did anybody else stay here,
or is it just us?
- [Boy, indiscernible] Look around.
- Well, it seems pretty empty.
[Girls laugh]
Ugh, can we...
can we get out of here soon?
- I don't wanna sit here.
- [Tony] Let's go to the van.
It smells like cow, horse,
sheep... everything shit.
[Nichole] I don't know about you guys.
I may be hot as fuck, but it's
never too fucking hot to do a bowl.
[They laugh]
[Tony] Grab your bag and shit,
let's go.
- [Makai] Are you good?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I can't believe we came out here,
and trusted some random guy to be like...
To be honest, I thought
we were gonna get our van stolen.
[Makai] We were gonna
get killed or some shit.
[Boy, indiscernible] I can feel my body
[Tony] Actually, I think I am.
I want to eat something.
[Nichole] Damn, we never
got to shotgun a beer.
It seems we had a good-ass time
if we all passed out,
not remembering half our night.
I only remember who I met.
- [Indistinct] I don't remember anybody.
- I remember Glen, Ashley...
- That's it.
- Two people.
- And Dallas.
- [Nichole] Dead ass, two people.
- [Makai] She was pretty cool.
- Hmm... how was that?
Saw you guys walk off.
It's a secret...
We went to a secret spot.
[Nathaly] We need to jump
in the fucking river.
[Nichole] Dead-ass.
[Boys sing]
That song would have been
perfect, for the party last night.
[Micah] You took
the Tapatio chips from the party?
[Tony hums]
- You thief!
- [Nathaly] Of course you did.
[Micah] You're a thief, bro.
[Boy, indiscernible] What the fuck
happened to our fucking tires?
- [Driving electronic music]
- [Nichole] Shut the fuck up.
- [Boy] Did they take everything too?
- [Nichole] Shut the fuck up!
- [Nathaly] Oh my fucking God!
- [Nichole] Shut the fuck up!
[Boy, indiscernible] Wait.
- [Girl, indiscernible] You're joking!
- [Boy, indiscernible] Uh-oh.
[Girl, indiscernible] There's
literally no one.
Fucking hell!
[Boy, indiscernible] Why would they want
to take
your shitty-ass, fucking van tires?
[Makai] This means walking
forever and ever, and it's just all...
- A big-ass windy road.
- There's no cars either.
- [Tony] Okay! Then let's just walk!
- To where?
Where are we gonna go? How
are we gonna get to the coast?
How are we gonna walk? We're
gonna walk all the way to the coast?
- You wanna walk all the way?
- [Tony] You wanna figure some shit out?
We can figure something out, right?
- You're just gonna give up?
- We're fucked.
There's a house down there.
We could ask for directions.
Do you really think they'll open
their door to fucking random-ass kids?
[Makai] How about we ask somebody to drive
us to the closest place we can get to
that's not the fucking desert?
Should we just walk
until we get some service
so we can call someone at least?
- One bar would be good enough.
- There's no service out here.
When we were out there sleeping,
I checked my phone. No bars.
- No service.
- Fuck.
Oh my God.
We're gonna die out here.
- No, we're not. We got water.
- Fuck, like this much!
[Boy, indiscernible] Hello!
Is anybody out there?
[Boy, indiscernible]
Yeah, fuck this place.
[Nichole] I think we should fucking walk.
Come on, guys. It's my van.
Let's go.
- Guys, there's somebody coming.
- Hey!
[Tony] Hey, pick us up.
[Tony] Hey! Can you stop
your car real quick?
Sir! Sir! What the fu-- sir!
Come on, guys.
[Nichole] Hop on the fucking back
before he changes his mind.
- [Car revs]
- [Ominous music]
[Boy, indiscernible] Fuck you!
[Nichole] He's probably the one
who took our tires!
[Boy, indiscernible] Fuck you!
He's an asshole. Fuck him.
[Nichole] So much for that plan!
Let's fucking go!
Let's go.
[Discordant music]
[Wind turbine rumbles]
[Relaxed guitar music]
[Can rattles]
[Spray hisses]
Thank you.
How fast do you
think it's going?
- [Tony] I don't know.
- [Micah] You got service?
[Nathaly] No.
- Sorry, boys.
- [Makai] No service.
[Tony] Why do we live here?
Out of everywhere on Earth, we live here.
- [Boy] You gotta walk fast.
- [Nichole] Walk like you guys do?
How do we walk?
[Nichole] Like we got
some shit up our dick.
I got shit up my dick?
[Nichole] You guys are like,
walking like...
[Makai] Looks like I got
something up my ass?
- [Makai] Did you just say?
- You walk like this...
[Makai] Did you just say
I have shit up my dick?
[Music continues]
[They sings] I can't wait
To get on the road again
[Tony] Who pays for the roads?
Do we pay for roads?
[Tony] You guys good?
[Nathaly] I can't believe
you just said that out loud.
[Tony] We should have
stayed with the van.
[Nathaly] Pinche puto.
Shut the fuck up, Tony.
Damn, can they hurry the fuck up?
[Boy, indiscernible] Imagine
falling down this.
[They laugh]
[Boy, indiscernible]
Oh, my fucking legs hurt, bro.
[Nichole, groaning] All you do is whine!
[Micah] All you do is complain
and call people assholes.
[Nathaly] What about it, asshole?
- Nat!
- [Nathaly] I'm just fuckin' with you.
- [Boy] Oh my God. I see water.
- [Nathaly] Oh my God.
[Boy, indiscernible] I see
that shit fucking too.
[Girl, indiscernible] Finally water!
I feel like Sponge Bob.
- [Water splashes]
- [They laugh]
[Nichole] Hey! Stop it, you asshole!
[Gentle music continues]
[They converse, indistinctly]
[Boy] Wow, look at the fucking
color of the sky!
[Girl] There are shadows.
It looks cool.
[Tony] Purple, gray, green...
[Tony] Beautiful. It looks like sherbet,
bro. Like ice cream. Like rainbow sherbet.
[Boy] It looks like a painting.
A fake ass...
[Tony] It looks like
a Bob Ross painting, bro.
Bob Ross was 7 foot 3.
- [Boy] Was he?
- [Tony] He was!
- [Boy] 7 foot 3?
- [Tony] I swear, yeah!
- [Boy] No, he is not that tall.
- [Tony] He's 7 foot 3.
- [Boy] 7 foot 3. You're lying.
- [Tony] I promise.
[Wind blows]
[Makai] It's like something
deep inside me.
I've always felt like I needed
to do good for people.
Even if I don't know them.
I'm a guardian of the people
that I care about.
People I love. Watching over everybody
in some way, shape, or form.
Looking around,
making sure everything's cool around us.
I care about everybody's wellbeing,
and how everybody's doing,
if they're feeling alright, doing good.
Guys! I see a sign.
I see a sign. I see a sign.
It's a little town.
[Wind blows]
Oh shit, did you see those
railroad tracks behind there?
Let's get out of the road.
- Hi!
- They goin' to Portland?
- You guys going to Portland as well?
- Cool! That's where we're going.
Yeah. Hey, if you guys find
a ride, let us know!
[Girl with cap] Yeah? Fuck yeah!
- After, come find us!
- [Nichole] Yes, we will!
[Girl with cap] Best of luck to you.
[Girl] I think I just exposed myself.
[Boy] I'm tired, though.
- [Boy] Me too.
- [Boy] Exhausted.
- [Nathaly] I'm pissed off.
- [Boy] Fucking windy!
[Boy] Shit.
[Boy] I'm ready to get some fucking water.
[Boy] Oh shit, this place
has fucking food!
[Makai] I want some
fucking mozzarella sticks.
- [Micah] Dead-ass. They have food!
- [Tony] I hope so. Where's the food?
[Makai] Gotta turn my white voice on.
OK. I put more hamburger
out there for you.
- [Muffled country music]
- [Grill sizzles]
[Indistinct chatter]
- Who do they go to?
- Uh, Jessica and her mom.
[Lively rock music]
[Pool balls clack]
[Group cheers]
We started...
Hey, we're coming back.
- Yep! That's right!
- Hey, we got next! OK?
[Nathaly] No, you boys are playing,
but after...
- We're coming back!
- [Nathaly] Yeah!
Coming back with a vengeance.
And we can talk shit about them
in the meantime.
[Girl from bar] So,
how do y'all know the boys?
- How do you know the boys?
- What was that?
How do you know the boys?
[Nichole] Sorry,
I can't really hear for shit.
- Nat usually does it for both of us.
- Yeah.
[Girl from bar] That's cool!
You're all best friends?
[Nichole] We've gone to school with them
our entire lives.
We graduated together.
[Boys murmur]
Thank God.
[Girl from bar] Did you decide
to go with them?
Or they just came along?
Uh... sometimes they kinda...
A little of both.
- Little bit of both.
- Alright.
- They have their moments.
- Yeah.
- Did they invite themselves?
- Exactly, exactly. Yeah.
[Girl from bar] Yeah,
we've had those before.
That's it, Tony! You're trash.
[Tony] Get the fuck
out of my way, bitch.
Not bad, boy.
My dad was like,
"Do you like your job?"
I was, "Yeah, it's cool."
"You like your coworkers?"
I was like,
"Some of my best friends ever."
And he was like, "And you quit?"
I was like, "Just don't worry."
You know, he's old school.
- [Giggling]
- [Indistinct chatter]
It's harder for immigrants too,
I'd say.
My parents are immigrants.
- [Nathaly] Oh yeah, my dad is too.
- [Girl from bar] Yeah?
So is that part of the reason
for the disconnect?
Yeah, like I don't have a connection
with my mom really.
Like at home,
there's not much there with us.
And my dad got deported.
- Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
- [Nathaly] It's okay.
He was like the heart,
the heart of our family.
I can't even imagine.
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
Are you still able to talk to him?
He Facetimes me when he can.
He was in Tijuana,
but I think he moved to Mazatln.
I can't imagine.
But you're still able to
communicate with him, and...
It's way better than it was
five years ago.
Maybe you guys can go down there.
I know!
Me and her are planning to.
I'll join you!
- [Boy] I want some dance music!
- What?! This is George Clinton.
This is dance music.
You better learn about history, son.
He's listening to George Clinton,
and he said, "Put on dance music".
Yeah, there you go.
Find it, find it. You got it.
P-funk! There you go.
Aww... honey. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[Wind rustles]
[Car rumbles]
A couple of people stopped,
but just to say hi and then left.
[They laugh]
They didn't even throw us
a couple bucks, but that's okay.
You guys are in a pickle
if you're walking to Portland.
[Boy] Yeah, at least it's not fucking
120,000 degrees outside.
Oh shit!
We were hurting earlier.
You said it was like home, but...
- Yeah, it's fucking...
- That's California.
It's brutal for Oregon
and shit, you know.
- Yeah.
- It's too fucking hot.
[Girl with cap] Global warming
is fucking real!
Yeah, the end
of the world is coming.
[Girl with cap] Oh yeah.
We're spending it here.
[They laugh]
[Boy] We're trying to spend it
at the coast, not here.
You guys. If you guys
are for real about the train,
I don't know how you're feeling.
We could... we could try.
It's possible, as long as we can
even it up between
all of us, you know,
I think we can get there
safely and stuff.
Do you have anywhere
to sleep tonight?
Or are you roughing it?
- I'm gonna sleep on a fucking... train!
- I feel that!
We've slept in the dirt many a time.
- [Boy] It for sure goes through Portland?
- Yeah, dude.
This line runs through there.
We just haven't got it,
so we'll learn together.
- Yeah?
- [Boy] All right, sounds good.
Should we have a fucking little fist
bump, or some shit? Or group hug?
I was going to ask you guys:
Have you eaten today at all?
[Boy] We haven't eaten.
Have you just been here all day?
If you have extra food
I'd be down for it.
I would not turn it down.
Thank you! Sweet!
This sounds like
a good trade-off to me!
Food for train shit.
[Dreamy music]
We could be waiting a while.
I'm gonna warn you guys.
One, because we don't know
this yard, and two,
no one really
fucking knows with the train.
No matter how many times I've done it,
it scares me every time,
and it's fun,
but it's fucking loud and scary.
But we'll hear it and see it
when we hear it and see it.
[Insects chirp]
Some of the people
who give the most
or have helped me out
the most have nothing.
Like you guys.
You gave us your food,
and your fucking car broke down.
And you helped us out.
Now we're helping you out.
It all kind of like comes around.
We ate a really good-ass
fucking meal in there, so...
- I don't wanna get caught.
- Don't worry, you won't.
Do you have any siblings?
No, I actually...
I don't know
either of my parents.
I was lucky:
I was always surrounded
by kickass friends
and shit growing up.
- That's awesome.
- But I was staying
in places I shouldn't
have been staying.
And, like, social services
and like...
doing a lot of drugs
and drinking and, like...
That's partially why
I wanted to make sure
you guys were okay too.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Cause I know what it's like
being, like, a fucking teenager
and having nowhere
to go and, like,
self-medicating and, like,
I know shit's hard.
Everyone's gotta cope somehow, right?
[Tony] Yeah, everybody
has some problem.
Everybody's been through shit.
[Boy] Not everybody survives
that type of phase, you know?
I've seen it happen
firsthand to people I love.
- [Boy] Exactly. It affects you, man.
- [Boy] Yeah. Yes and no.
- Hey.
- Yeah, you see something?
- We saw a car pull in.
- Oh shit, for real.
- There's a car pulling in.
- [Train rumbles]
[Girl with cap] It's go time.
[Ominous music]
We're gonna wanna do this quick.
Okay, split up. Check the cars.
If you see something without
a hole in the bottom,
yell us over, okay?
Go. Go up the train.
If you hear brakes, run, okay?
[Footsteps crunch]
[Girl] Suicides... shit,
they're all suicides.
I think we'd be better off
going that way.
I'm not sure how
much further this goes.
Maybe they found something.
[Train hisses]
[Train clicks rapidly]
- [Girl with cap] You guys find anything?
- Go, go, go, go, go!
You guys get in that one.
We'll get in this one. Fuck it.
Alright, just get up there.
[Music continues;
Train rattles]
[Train horn]
[Train whirs;
Driving music]
I thought I was gonna die.
- I bet the boys loved it.
- Fuck, yeah!
[Boys yell excitedly]
We're on the motherfucking train!
[Makai screams]
[Train rumbles]
Ah, look at that!
Oh my God!
That was, like,
the unsafest shit ever.
[They laugh]
[Train horn]
Man, I'm holding on tight.
I don't want to fall.
[Boy] Nobody would
want you to fall off.
[Train signal dings]
[Train roars]
You know,
it's not for everybody,
but it beats being stuck
in a fucking nowhere town.
The little fucking
hick town we call home.
Imagine being the only
Black kid in the neighborhood,
every day of your life.
Would probably suck.
Yeah, that shit fucking does suck.
Everyone's got their fucking struggle.
Yeah, sure. But, like...
I don't know, bro.
I'm just glad to be out of there.
[Chill guitar music]
- [Makai] I got four brothers.
- Yeah, I have three of them.
One older, and two
younger ones, you know?
Traveling sometimes
is a pain in the ass.
My little brothers
are already growing up.
Leaving them and
seeing them all grown up
sometimes brings a tear to my eye.
I don't get to see them,
like, grow up.
They just change instantly,
you know?
[Makai] I can feel why. I feel you,
how you're missing out on it, you know?
[Boy] But don't sweat it, dude.
That grief you feel
when you leave your family
is the same thing
that holds you back, you know?
[Train rumbles]
[Planes roar in the distance]
[Micah] I have to say,
I've had a lot more put on my back
than a lot of other kids did.
Watching my little sister and brother,
taking them to school,
taking them to daycare
and stuff, and uh...
that was really hard
on a 17-year-old kid.
I didn't really have parents
to be there and help you.
And you gotta figure out
all this stuff on your own,
so I learned quicker, and...
So time's been going by fast,
but it's been rough for all of us.
[Trains rumble]
[Girl with cap] We're slowing down.
Get down. Get down, dude!
- [Nichole] Shit.
- [Girl with cap] Get down.
Move your ass.
Get off the train this way, bitch.
Fuck, yeah.
[They laugh]
Oh my God!
Well, we lost the guys.
- [Boy] You guys up for it?
- [Boy] Yes.
- I'm scared it's gonna start going fast.
- [boy] That's easy as fuck.
- Let's go!
- [Girl] Guys! Go, go, go!
[Micah] Woah, fuck! I'm gonna die!
I'm gonna die!
[Nichole] Fuck, yeah!
[Boy] Micah, you're not gonna die, bruh.
[Nichole] Oh my God!
That was crazy!
I jumped off a fucking train!
[Nichole] Micah, you should
have seen your face!
- [Boy] Holy shit!
- [Boy] Fucking awesome.
[Driving music]
[Group murmurs]
[Chill guitar music]
[Boy] There's a tampon
and another tampon.
[Girl] That's not a tampon,
dumb-ass. It's a pad.
[Boy] Ew.
[Girl with cap] You guys know
what you're gonna do
when you get to the city,
or are you winging it?
[Micah] When we get to where?
[Girl with cap] To the city.
Or are you winging it?
- [Nathaly] We're winging it.
- [Nichole] Yeah.
[Boy] Oh, fuck.
Micah still needs to call his cousin.
[Micah] I have a cousin
that said I could come in.
I'm gonna ask if he can take us all in.
[Boy] Oh my fucking goodness.
Look at the fucking city.
[Boy] Fuck yeah! Look at Portland!
[Girl with cap] What day is it?
[Music continues]
We appreciate everything.
- [Nathaly] Thanks!
- Bring it in!
Bring it in.
Come on, group hug, everybody.
- [Girl with cap] We made it together.
- [Boy] Yes.
- Hobos!
- [All] Hobos!
[Bus hisses]
- Thank you so much.
- [Boy] Be good.
Y'all ready for this?
[Micah vocalizes]
[Scooter thuds]
[Jazzy piano]
- You gonna call your cousin?
- [Micah] Oh yeah. That's our go-to.
- [Nichole] Smells like shit.
- [Boy] It smells like ass.
This grass is nice.
This is some nice grass.
Let's sit on this grass.
[Nichole] Look at that grass.
It's all full and shit.
[Swings creak]
[Music continues]
Inner strength and power gained
through compassion and love.
Yeah, this is such
a powerful image.
[Distant cheers]
[Music continues]
[Nichole] Where we going? I'm like,
maybe somewhere in the shade?
There's a street called Couch.
- I'm gonna throw a rock at this guy.
- Is that guy waving his pee-pee out, bro?
- [Nathaly] That's fucking gross!
- His pants are unbuckled,
and he's like pulling
his pants down.
What'd you say?
He thought he was whipping
his pee-pee out, bro.
What the fuck!
[Man yells]
[Nichole] I don't really fit in anywhere.
Like, I don't belong in a certain area,
or I'm saying the wrong things.
Or, like, nobody's listening or..
I just, like, don't...
I don't know.
I honestly feel like
it's an insecure kind of thing, you know?
My friends mostly
bring me the most joy.
To me, home is everywhere,
but it's also nowhere.
If that... I don't know
if that makes any sense.
[Makai plays Imagine, by John Lennon]
[She sings] Imagine all the people
[Men chat in the distance]
[Micah] Because we took a van from
Wiley, one of our friends' van.
Er, yeah, you guys okay
with going in the morning?
He's gotta go to work tonight.
Alright, sweet.
Alright, thank you so much.
We all thank you.
- [Nichole] Thank you so much!
- Thank you so much, Mila.
Oh yeah, we can't wait to tell you.
Alright, I'll see you soon.
I love you.
See ya. Bye.
- Sweet, we got a place.
- Fuck yeah!
- Now we need to find...
- [Tony] Sick...
- Makai!
- For tonight.
- We have a place to sleep.
- [Makai] OK.
- Tomorrow.
- [Makai] So we can't go tonight at all?
I like your mustache.
- He doesn't like Black people.
- Who?
That guy.
I told him I liked his mustache.
He didn't acknowledge me.
- That's hella rude.
- Jesus, it's hot.
When that car drove by,
it smelled like old people.
Look at that thing.
- Where we going? Straight still?
- [Nichole] I'm guessing.
[Police siren woops]
[Tony] Whoa! I didn't do nothing.
- [Nichole] There's a cop.
- [Tony] Don't trip, we're good.
Oh, my stomach hurts, bro.
- Run, run...
- [Tony] I'm crossing the road.
Where do you guys want to go?
I didn't want trouble with the ops.
[Nichole] We're a funky-looking group.
[Boy] Oh shit, keep doing that shit.
Keep doing it, keep doing it!
[They murmur]
- [Boy] Oh fuck!
- [Boy] That was sick!
[Boy] How long have
you been skating for?
- [Skater] Like 20 years.
- [Boy] Oh shit! No way. 20 years?
- [Girl] Cool!
- [Boy] OK!
- What y'all doing?
- [Girl] That's dope.
[Skater] I like your shoes.
- [Micah] I like your board.
- [Skater] Thanks! It's a There.
- [Micah] That's badass.
- It's a queer skate company.
- [Micah] No shit.
- Yeah.
Thunder Trucks,
Slime Balls, you know.
- Gotta stay slimy.
- [Micah] What's your name?
- Gary. Yours?
- I'm Micah. Nice to meet you.
- My name's Makai.
- [Gary] Makai. Cool.
Nice to meet you. I'm Tony.
Nichole. Oh shit!
Sorry, my bad, dude.
- Nathaly.
- [Gary] Nathaly?
- What y'all doing here?
- [Makai] Trying to go to the beach.
[Micah] Heading for the coast.
But we're stopping
at my cousin's house.
What do you do here?
Oh, just riding around,
doing manuals and shit.
I'm an old-school guy.
Never meant to change it up.
- [Girl] Teach us your ways, dude!
- [Gary] Sure.
[Gary] There's some
skate spots down here.
You guys want to
head down this way?
- [Makai] Wait, hold on. Are you cool?
- [Gary] Yeah.
[Makai] Promise? You're not gonna
take me into an alley?
Stab me and
eat my ass or something?
[Gary] I mean, I might.
But you never know.
- [Gary laughs]
- [Jazzy piano]
I'm just kidding.
I'm just kidding.
Come on.
[Grooving blues piano]
[Car radio blares]
- [Boy] So you're from here?
- [Gary] Yeah.
[Boy] Can I ask you a question?
Why does everywhere
smell like shit?
Because this is a city
and all kinds of cities
smell horrible.
When I was in New York,
it smelled horrible.
When I was in San Fran,
smelled horrible.
How many places have you been to?
Quite a few cities around the world.
Not the world, around the US.
- That's still the world.
- Down to Mexico.
Oh, yeah, that's sick as fuck.
Traveling's fun as fuck.
[Gary] It's pretty chill.
I feel like a young Patrick Stewart.
[Makai] Patrick Stewart?
- Isn't that an old famous dude?
- [Gary] Yeah.
[Makai] Free shoes!
Nathaly, these might fit you!
[Nathaly] Eat it, Makai.
[Makai] Okay. That was rude.
[Nathaly] You were mean to me first!
[Gary] How did you guys all meet up?
Start traveling and all that?
[Micah] We grew up with each other.
And I was living with Tony.
Because both my parents went to rehab.
So I was chilling with Tony.
Living with him
and helping out with his mom.
We all got together and were like,
"Fuck it, let's go on one more adventure
before we have to get jobs and shit.
[Gary] Hell, yeah! Alright.
[Tony] How long you been
in Portland for?
Uh... I had lived in New Jersey
for a little while... for like...
15 years maybe or so, like.
And I hated it.
I hate New Jersey.
Everything about it.
I needed to get out.
Plus my parents were in New Jersey,
and I wanted to be away
from them because, like,
they raised me a Jehovah's Witness.
Like growing up in a religious cult.
And after a while,
I just wasn't about that.
I was like, "I gotta get
the fuck up out of here."
I can't have my parents
preaching self-hatred to me
because I'm different, and want to
hang out with my friends and stuff.
Go on my YouTube,
and look up my beginning skateboarding.
It's all at night. I had to sneak
out to skate with my friends.
My parents would be like,
"You're not skating with these people.
And do drugs.
This, that and the third."
They can't hold you back.
I was like,
"You're not holding me back
from doing what I want and love."
After a while,
I just got the fuck up out of there.
Literally hopped on a plane to Portland,
I've been here ever since.
And I'm not going back, so...
I totally empathize with you
wanting to get out of your town.
I couldn't stand mine either.
[Loud punk music]
[Audience cheers]
[Chill rock over speakers]
Know what I want to dress like?
The guy with the red shirt on. Like that.
I always have, but I don't know
where to find clothes like that.
For real? That's sick.
[Chill dance music]
Look at him dance!
He's my dream man.
- [Nathaly] I love him.
- [Nichole] Dead-ass.
[Groovy funk music]
- My name's Makai, what about you?
- [Aki] Makai?
- Makai, what about you?
- [Makai] Aki?
- [Aki] You're cool.
- [Makai] You're cool, too, Aki!
[Aki] Dance battle?
[Groovy funk music]
[Crowd cheers]
Makai! Makai!
[Loud cheers]
Oh my God!
[Crowd cheers]
[music continues]
I wanna dance.
Go dance with them.
I'm too scared to do it without you.
You're fucking amazing!
Me and you need to hang out
so you can teach me.
I can't, bro. I gotta leave.
Come on, come on!
[They laugh]
Bitch, I love you.
[Music fades]
[Dog barks]
[Tony] I want to thank you
for bringing us out here.
[Gary] No problem, man.
[Tony] This is the first...
I've done nothing.
This is my first time
experiencing anything.
- [Gary] Hell yeah, Tony, that's sick.
- [Tony] I'll do things, but like...
A lot of things I've wanted to come true
have been coming true.
[Gary] Hell yeah, man.
[Tony] All this that is
happening is awesome,
and it's something
I've always wanted to happen.
[Gary] He who stays home
learns nothing.
[Driving rock music]
Welcome to fucking Burnside, y'all.
[Motorcycle revs]
We see this every night, dude.
There you go!
[Motorcycle revs]
- [Nichole] This is dope.
- [Micah] Uh, yup.
How come you're not skating?
Bro, we don't even
have a fucking board.
Go ask Makai.
Do the flat stuff, not this stuff.
Why don't you go skate?
'Cause Makai won't
give me the board!
- Well, I doubt he'll give me it.
- Makai!
I don't even want it!
- Nichole wants the board!
- No, I don't!
[Micah] Makai!
[Makai groans]
- And... he just ate shit.
- [Makai] Ow, my ass! My ass!
- [He whispers] She wants to skate!
- He wants to use the board.
- [Makai] I fuckin' hurt my butt cheeks.
- He wants to skate.
- [Makai] You wanna skate?
- Nichole wants to.
Use the board!
The guy let me use it!
- [Micah] Come skate, Nichole.
- Strike fucking one, Micah.
[Rock over speakers]
Hey, that porta potty
is pretty gross, man.
Do I love life?
I'm following Tony.
- Micah!
- Come here.
- Look at Tony.
- Scared little boy.
What's he doing?
- [Nichole] Acting all innocent.
- [Gary] Just being Tony.
- He's just talking to females.
- [Nichole] She's not even looking at him.
[Gary] Don't hit on no
random Burnside babe.
[Micah] He doesn't know
what the fuck to do.
[Nichole] He just thinks he's the shit.
Like, say something.
[Micah] What a clown!
What a clown, dude!
Oh my God!
But when Tony's under pressure,
he gets so nervous
and he'll eat shit. Watch.
[Girl] Go, Tony, you got it!
[They laugh]
What a fucking nerd.
What a fucking nerd.
Look at that nerd!
[Nathaly] Family is, like,
where you don't feel like
you need to be perfect
or fit their needs
They've always been there for me
when I'm feeling down,
even, like, at my lowest
and highest
I feel like sometimes
we don't say it enough,
like, how much we love each other
[Man] Park's closed!
- [Gary] Bye, Makai.
- [Makai] To new adventures.
[boy] You know what?
If life brings us back to each other...
[Gary] You'll always meet different
people anywhere and everywhere.
You never know, you might see me
at The End of the World, man.
[Boy] You headed out?
Yeah, man.
I gotta get out of here.
[Skateboard rattles]
[Micah] Let's just walk
to my cousin's house.
He's working all night,
but it's already, like, what?
[tony] Bro, I'm not even tired.
It's 2 a.m.
I'm trying to go fucking party!
- Let's go do something.
- [Nathaly] Fuck, yeah!
[Nichole] Dude! We're trying to sleep.
[They laugh]
Makai is dead.
[Boy] Today's been
a long-ass fucking day, bros.
- [Boy] I'm real tired.
- [Girl] Me too.
[Boy] I don't ever wanna go home, bro.
[Dreamy music]
[music fades]
- [Fire crackles]
- [Wind chimes]
[Indistinct voices from TV]
- [Girl] That's literally us.
- [Girl] Literally.
[Nichole] You think they got
stoned for this movie?
[Nathaly] Oh fuck, yeah.
I bet they had
fucking killer-ass weed.
[Voice from TV] Watch out!
You're gonna kill us, man.
You're gonna kill everybody.
Hey, brother.
Move it or milk it!
- What's this, man?
- Who's this idiot?
Look at that idiot!
Tempo's like a maggot.
Hey, Conchi--!
- [Micah] But it was hard.
- [Cousin] Would be rough on anybody.
- No matter how old you are.
- [Micah] Yeah.
I don't know. That's just
a fight between families.
And it was annoying,
so I wanted to be on my own.
Not have to worry about:
if I wake up in the morning,
will there be an argument?
Am I never gonna see
my sister and brother again?
See, I never wanted
to put Shanti through that.
So instead, she didn't
know that I really cared.
- But you did. A lot.
- Oh, every day.
I've spent my life
trying to make the world better.
Whether or not I get
to see her again, I wanna...
be inspired by her,
and, really, she's changed
my life in so many ways.
Oh yeah.
With my mom and dad...
my dad...
My mom never, like, really said,
"Hey, kids, go call your dad."
So my dad would be sitting
by the phone sometimes at night,
"Why aren't the kids calling me?
Do they still love me?"
Stuff like that.
And then, he'd get a call,
and it would be
my little sister.
She'd talk to my dad for five minutes
and didn't seem interested at all.
So my dad would just sit by himself,
and be like, "What did I do wrong?"
And think to himself, and
that's where problems started.
He'd get in this hole.
He was depressed for himself too.
Getting into bad stuff and drinking.
And my mom always
had a drinking problem, so...
That was... and it was very noticeable
by sister and brother.
So that was...
that was pretty bad, and so...
I'll tell ya something, Micah.
This is the big difference
between grown-ups and children.
Grown-ups aren't supervised.
That's it.
I wish somebody had told me that.
- Oh, yeah.
- You gotta find your own way.
[Chill piano music;
[Cousin] You should get a hold
of your dad.
He needs to know where the car
is before somebody takes every last part.
- Yeah.
- [Cousin] Call your dad.
I will, I promise.
I'll text. I'm not much of a caller.
Call your dad.
I like the way you treat each other.
- Thank you so much.
- Micah. Hey, man.
I wish you guys
could have come sooner.
- But I'm glad it worked out.
- Me too.
- [Cousin] You got the address?
- Yeah.
- [Cousin] Clayton's a good guy.
- Yeah.
He'll know how to help you out.
[Nichole] Thank you for taking us.
What the fuck!
You guys are beautiful.
You're gonna be alright.
- Love you.
- Love you.
[Gentle music]
- Take care of these guys.
- I will, of course.
- Make sure she calls her dad.
- Okay. I will.
[Micah] I really needed it.
[Cousin] If there was a party
at The End of the World,
I think I'd be there.
Get out of here before it gets dark.
Thank you. I love you guys.
Goodbye! Have a good day.
- Have a good night.
- [Cousin] Don't do anything I would do.
- Thank you!
- Thank you, we will.
- [Cousin] Keep in touch.
- Thank you. Goodbye.
See? Wasn't that bad.
[Nichole] On the way back,
if we need to crash,
we definitely need to come back.
- Did you enjoy them?
- [Nichole] They're awesome.
- [Nathaly] Cheech and Chong.
- [Nichole] That was so funny.
- That was fucking awesome.
- [Boy] Oh yeah.
[Train rumbles;
Gentle music continues]
- [Boy] I trust Mila.
- [Tony] He was cool.
[Boy] But, like, something
gives me a vibe
that I'm not gonna like these people.
- [Girl] Why?
- [Boy] I don't know.
They told us that
they were like, 30 or 40.
- [Girl] They're 40, 50.
- [Boy] I think they're old, old people.
[Nathaly] Who cares?
I feel like they'll have a lot of stories.
I don't wanna listen
to old people talk.
[Nichole] Maybe they're hippies?
[Muffled heavy metal]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Woman] Do you remember Bones?
He lost... just recently, this year.
From a motorcycle accident.
- [Woman 2] Oh my God.
- [Woman] Well, Bones was fuckin' crazy.
He's like best friends with Terry Trash.
[Women speak indistinctly]
[They laugh]
[Woman 2] My mom met them in New Orleans.
Bones used to have...
he's got red hair.
Didn't he stab somebody
at that Superbowl party?
- No, he got stabbed.
- [Woman 2] Yeah, he's not a stabber.
Who got stabbed at the Superbowl party?
It was in Baton Rouge.
Who was that?
No, I know Bones was involved.
[Boy] Was it a bad stabbing?
It was a light stabbing.
It was fine.
This dude used to have long hair.
Yeah, hair down to my balls.
You should tell them why
you had to cut your hair off.
- He was there.
- Yeah, dude.
It was a fucking cheap-ass haircut.
I'll tell you that right the fuck now.
So I was mixing up some silicone.
- You know what a drill press is?
- Yeah.
It's like a cake mixer in a drill press,
and I was mixing a bucket
of raw, gel silicone.
And I was listening to Nuclear Assault.
You should check it.
- I think I've heard of them.
- Yeah. Hell yeah.
So don't listen to that shit
when you're doing this.
[Indistinct chatter and music
in the distance]
Hey, Dad.
If he wasn't so strong,
he'd have died.
It literally ripped
half the hair off his head.
It was like a giant mixer.
Really? His hair got snatched in it?
Yeah, I mean look at this.
- [Micah] Oh, what the heck?
- [Woman] See how long it was?
- [Micah] That was long!
- [Woman] Yep.
- [Micah] Whoa!
- [Woman] Yep.
- [Micah] You guys are beautiful.
- [Woman] Aw, thanks, man.
[Man] ...where it didn't grow back
and I had to shave it all off.
And... it looked ugly as fuck!
You ever seen the Toxic Avenger?
Yo, you ever seen Texas Chainsaw 2?
Chop Top.
"Damn you, Leatherface!"
[Driving rock music]
[No audible dialogue]
[Music continues]
[Music fades]
It's like everyone back at home
can't express themselves
the way they want to.
Or like, they're barely doing it.
- It's too small or...
- Yeah.
Uh, it's like people
are very small-minded.
Who's the alpha in this pack?
Is it you?
It's not real...
The one who beats
everybody's ass is Makai.
- Well, then that's him.
- The plan is...
You guys need a place to crash?
- We need a place to crash for tonight.
- We'll pull that couch out.
Get you some blankets,
and you can stay here.
- Sounds good.
- What are you guys doing tomorrow?
We have no plan, bro. We're trying
to get to the coast to get to that party.
You should get on
that fucking water, man.
We can take the boat
out tomorrow, and...
- [Woman] That'd be fun.
- Yeah.
We should hook it up, wake up,
get some coffee in us,
and take that boat out,
and see where it takes us from there.
You don't have any plans?
Alright, well, let's get you
set up to crash here.
The world's most glamorous couch.
- That sounds great.
- So glamorous.
- [Man] Debrief...
- I appreciate that.
[Man] And make plans in the morning.
You guys remember
Where the Wild Things Are?
That's that fucking boat.
Let's go there tomorrow, dude.
Let's go to Monsterland.
Hell yeah, y'all are
very fucking cool, man.
Stay that way.
[Gentle, playful music]
[No audible dialogue]
[They chatter indistinctly]
- Thrash Bash.
- I'm gonna go to bed.
[Music fades]
Goodnight, Tony. I love you.
I love you, bro.
- Sleep good.
- [Tony] I love you too, bro.
Don't let anybody eat me.
Okay, I'm gonna sleep next to you.
[Tony] I miss my little brothers.
I know. I fucking miss them too.
[Tony] And my mom's food.
And her hugs.
I just...
I just don't want to be stuck.
[Nathaly] What are you
gonna tell your dad?
[Nichole] I've called him.
Everything's all chill.
He's more worried
about me than anything.
He's kinda pissed, but it ended up
going a lot better than I expected.
I feel like parents are
the least of my worries now.
It's more, like...
What the fuck am I
gonna do with my life?
[Nathaly] I know. Same.
[Nichole] That's the thing that's more
scary to me. Parents? I'm like: okay.
We're practically all adults now,
can our parents really
be the most scary thing
for us now, you know?
[Nathaly] I don't know.
Like I do just get scared.
Sometimes I think about, like,
not having a guardian over me.
Me just living by myself.
Sometimes I get scared by that, yeah.
Growing up is scary.
[Distant music]
[Muffled rock music]
[Woman] This is adorable.
I'm gonna let you guys
go to sleep.
[Music stops]
Water ripples]
[Dreamy, gentle music]
[Man yawns]
Play The Shire.
[Electrical voice] Here's The Shire,
from Howard Shore
on Amazon Music.
[Speaker plays - The Shire]
Whatcha know about
Lord of the Rings, man?
- You into that shit?
- Uh-huh.
Fuck yeah, me too.
It's no bad thing
to celebrate a simple life, man.
[Nichole] Ay! First one up!
[Tony] Lord of the Rings, huh?
[Man] Yeah. I feel like
fucking Tom Bombadil.
[Tony] You get any sleep?
- Pulled an all-nighter.
- [Tony] Oh shit!
[Man] You ever get Silly-marilli
with some Tom Bombadil?
That character is badass.
[Distant motor hums;
[Truck rumbles]
[The Shire continues]
[Dishes clink]
My fucking head is tweaking, dude.
[Nichole] Jesus... I'm tired.
[Man sings] Down
Through the willows
There's Tom Bombadil-o
That's some dorky-ass bullshit.
Okay, my travelin' friends.
- [Nichole] Fuck, yeah.
- First and foremost...
- [Girls] Brew and apples.
- [Man] Try to get some fruit in ya.
- Yes.
- [Boy] That's great.
- [Girl] Thank you.
- [Man] You're very welcome.
If I eat this one right here,
is that OK?
[Tony] No, it's not OK, Makai.
We gotta whole lot more of this, bro.
Come here, boy!
[Goose honks]
I know you like that. Uh-huh.
Come here!
[Mimics quack]
[Goose honks]
[Mimics quack]
Oh my God!
That's fucking awesome!
There's, like, three already or... four?
[Nathaly] Five.
There's five? Six?
Jesus. They're all just
calling their friends?
What? I'm, like,
this ain't a fucking orphanage.
[Nathaly] Are they... Oh my God!
- Did you fucking see that?
- [Boy] Where?
- Who's that?
- [Boy] Gary, is that you?
- Gary! What's up, bro?
- [Boy] He said get on the boat.
- They want us to get on.
- They do.
- [Boy] Gary!
- [Gary] Yeah!
[Tony] Gary! One of our old friends
is out there, bro!
- [Boy] I imagine.
- Who?
[Tony] Gary. They want us
to swim out there.
- [Man] Well, let's go catch his ass, man!
- [Nathaly] Ooh, I like this. What?
- We gonna get on this, or what?
- [Man] Hell yeah, we're going on this.
- [Boy] Oh shit!
- [Groovy funk]
Right on. I hope that
y'all make it to the beach.
And you find what you're looking for.
We will.
Oh shit!
[They laugh]
What's up, bro?
What are you guys
doing on this boat?
This the boat you
were telling me about?
It's the cruise
to The End of the World.
Told you I'm nautical by nature!
[Girl] Dead-ass, bro!
Alright, fellas. Good luck.
One last word of advice:
anybody asks you a question,
be ready to answer the same thing.
[Boy] Bye, Clayton!
I never saw you!
You never saw me!
[Boy] I don't know you!
[Boy] Tell Mila we made it!
I love this!
[Driving bassline]
[Indistinct lively chatter, yelling]
[Tony] Does this look cute on me?
[Nichole] You look
like a fucking magician.
Abracadabra, bitch.
[Music continues]
[No audible dialogue]
I look cool, bro.
- [Boy] Is that it?
- [Boy] That's the party?
[Gary] Yeah, that's it there.
- [Woman] Shit! We're so close, you guys.
- [Gary] It's right there!
[They sing Billionaire]
Every time I close my eyes
What you see,
What you see, bruh?
I see my name in shiny lights
Oh, yeah
A different city every night
Oh, I, I swear
The world better prepare
For when I'm a billionaire
Oh-oh, oh-oh
When I'm a billionaire
Oh-oh, oh-oh
This song hits so much
different now, bro.
I wanna be a billionaire
So fucking bad
[They cheer]
- [Boy] You see that red and blue light?
- [Girl] Oh yeah.
What the fuck!
You see the cop lights over there?
[Gary] Hold on, hold on, hold on.
[Woman] Those are cop lights.
That shit's busted.
- [Boy] It's busted, dead-ass?
- [Woman] Dead-ass.
- Those flickering lights are cops lights.
- [Girl] Wait.
[Girl] No, they caught our party!
They caught our party.
- [Nichole] Let's go over there!
- [Nathaly] Damn! There's, like, cops.
I don't know about this.
I think that
the party is getting raided.
There's usually a different vibe
around the party.
- Smoke should not be coming out.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
[Girl] Yeah, there's smoke, dude.
[Girl] That's it?
[Boy] That's The End of the World party?
[Nathaly] Oh my God!
[Nichole] It looks like
a little fucking shack.
[Boy] Are you kidding me?
[Boy] That's a dance party
in a fish shack.
[Gary] I'm definitely seeing some po-pos.
Yeah, we're not doing it.
We can't do this.
[Boy] Party on The Fucking
End of the World, bullshit.
[Man] Yeah, that's definitely busted.
[Police radio] Turn back or proceed
to a safe destination.
[Gary] Let's get out of here.
So we embarked on this journey
just to get fucking stopped?
We're gonna let it stop us?
[Gary] We'll go back to Portland
if we have to.
It doesn't really matter
as long as we're partying.
The End of the World will
always happen another time.
[Grooving music]
[Nathaly] Where are we going now?
Weren't we trying
to get to the coast?
That's where they're going.
We have no other options.
We're with them.
- We can't let this stop us.
- I'm not quitting.
You guys are gonna
let the cops stop us?
What are the cops gonna do to two
Black men on a boat? I don't know.
Maybe we shouldn't test it.
Maybe we shouldn't test it.
[Music continues]
[Nathaly] Fuck, dude!
[Nichole] Fuck that party.
That was never the point.
It's better that we didn't go.
If we did go,
and if it did get busted...
[Nathaly] If ifs were spliffs,
we'd all be high.
[Nichole] Bitch! This bitch!
[They laugh]
- We do that shit all the time, anyways.
- [Nathaly] That's what I was gonna say.
Oh my goodness!
- [Nichole] This is dope.
- [Nathaly] I know, ho.
[Makai] We're very appreciative
of what you guys have done for us.
We're super stoked
to hang out with you,
but we have to continue our journey.
We can't take you back to the coast,
but we can drop you off
somewhere close.
We won't take you back to Portland,
but we'll drop you off somewhere.
[Nathaly] I honestly don't know
what I would do without you.
And, like, if you were to ever leave,
I would fall apart.
And I'm glad that it's you
and not anybody else.
[They laugh]
- [Nichole] Stop! I'm not gonna cry.
- [Nathaly] Just hug me!
[Girls sob, laughs
[Nichole] I will love you forever,
you are literally the
love of my life. Seriously.
[Water laps at boat]
- Aw, they're waving!
- [Boy] Bye, everybody!
[Woman] Love you guys. Get home safe!
[Girl] Look at 'em.
We love you!
- There goes our ride.
- Oh my God, no!
[Groovy playful music]
[Boy] Feel like I'm
on the fucking boat still.
Oh, you're, like, still rocking?
- [Nathaly] What is this?
- [Nichole] Woah!
These are probably snake holes.
[Nathaly] I've never seen it that close.
Oh my God, they were crazy.
[Makai] When we get to the coast,
I'm laying in the sand, and crying.
- [Nichole] That one's huge!
- [Nathaly] About what, Makai?
[Makai] The fact that
we fucking walked here.
- [Boy] Yeah.
- [Micah] I'm tired of walking.
I'm gonna need a new pair
of shoes when I get home.
Can we walk on the wet, hard stuff,
so we're not sinking in this shit?
Oh look! It's a fish!
That's a...
It's a flounder, bro!
That's a flounder!
It's alive!
[Nichole] Oh my God!
Its gills are moving.
Flip it over.
I want to see the other side.
[Boy] It's a flounder.
Flip it to the other side.
[Girl] Makai, throw it!
He's dying!
[Tony] Put it underwater, bro.
[Boy] It's awesome! He'll go out
when the water comes in.
[Nichole] I'm scared!
[Tony] Let the water come in
and grab him.
We want to see him.
We want to see him swim!
[Boy] He's stuck in the sand.
[Tony] No, that's what they do.
That's probably what they do.
[Micah] No, they're flounders, bro.
[Tony] Maybe he buries
himself in the water.
You saved a flounder.
Ever thought you'd save one?
[Nathaly] Never. Good eye. Oh my God.
[Waves splash]
[Boy] Do you guys hear that?
Do you fucking hear that?
- [Boy] Dude, we're fucking here!
- [Boy] Oh, shit!
- [Nichole] Fucking A, bro!
- [Boy] It's so fucking beautiful.
- [Boy] Oh my God!
- [Girl] Wow, that's pretty.
- Turn off your light!
- [Dreamy music]
[Loud laughter]
[They yell, excitedly]
[Boy] I'm glowing!
[Running footsteps]
[Music builds]
[They laugh]
[No audible dialogue]
[Music fades]
- [Nathaly] Love you guys.
- [Boy] Love you, Nat.
[Nathaly] Ugh, I hate talking
from my heart.
[Tony] It's not that hard.
It's pretty easy.
[Nathaly laughs]
What is that?
- [Nichole] I see a little light.
- [Boy] I see it too.
- [Nichole] Or am I crazy?
- [Boy] You're crazy.
- [Nichole] Do you see it?
- [Boy] Yeah, it's there. I see it.
[Boy sings] I know everybody
on this island
Seems so happy on this island
[Makai] Oh my God, I feel alive, baby.
[Girl] Makai! I'm gonna fuck your shit up.
[Makai] Honestly, I wanna wake up here.
So I started jumping from...
There's this huge building.
It's probably, like, 50 feet.
Or, like, 45 feet.
And little by little,
I stopped being scared of heights
because I knew that I would land
in water and I would be fine.
All you gotta do is just jump.
[Fire roars]
[Tony] That's a ship. Like an old boat.
[Boy] That's a broken ship and shit, bro.
There's mad people!
[Crowd chatters;
Music builds]
I'm kinda nervous
just walking up there.
- [Nichole] I don't care.
- [Nathaly] There's music.
- [Tony] I'm gonna go meet everybody!
- [Triumphant electronic music]
[Indistinct chatter]
- You guys were at the party?
- [Tony] The End of the World party?
- [Woman] Yeah.
- [Tony] No, we didn't make it.
We were too late. We got there
after it was busted. On the boat.
We were gonna
pull up on the boat,
and we got there and we saw
that all the lights were...
[Woman] You should have been there!
- It was fucking insane.
- I know! I bet it was.
[Music builds]
[Dallas] I told you I'd be here.
I never thought I'd see you again.
For me? Are you sure?
I saw that skatepark.
I was like, "Oh fuck, yeah."
It was from my favorite video game
I played as a little kid.
But on the video game,
it looked bigger.
[Music intensifies,
obscures dialogue]
I'm happy! So happy!
Nathaly, are you happy?
Nathaly's so happy.
[She giggles]
You guys do that all the time?
It's irritating.
The old generation will
never understand the new one.
[Boy] Man, the old generation
doesn't know shit.
Wait until we're the old generation,
not understanding shit.
I know, but at the first party,
I didn't see you
party so damn hard.
'Cause you showed up too late.
[No audible dialogue]
[Music and chatter subside]
[Micah] Oh my God!
Oh, look, Mom, I made it.
[Blows raspberry]
[Wind blows, waves crash]
[Distant party chatter]
Told ya I'm not gonna be
some low-life on the street.
Even if I didn't do good in school,
I'm still here.
- [Girl] Micah!
- ]Girl] Micah, come back!
[Discordant piano;
Woman vocalizes]
[Piano strikes]
You wanna go burn that shit?
Hey, wanna go burn that shit?
- [Nathaly] Fuck, yeah.
- Alright, bet.
Growing up there, sometimes...
it sucks, but at least
you got family there.
I mean, like,
I got a lot of people I can...
The same race and shit,
the same culture.
And they understand.
Yeah, but at the same time,
I'm not the same, you know?
And everywhere else I go,
there's just not people like me,
so it kinda sucks at the same time,
but the people I knew,
they've always been there.
It's hard to find
that understanding, huh?
It's rare.
Yeah, that shit does suck, to be honest.
Ike, it's really isolating and lonely.
Yeah, I feel you because, or a long
time, people never understood me too.
Yeah, I still feel that way,
but at the same time,
it doesn't matter,
'cause along the way,
you're gonna find somebody.
- People like me and you.
- Yeah, dead-ass.
Scenes like this in general.
You know what I mean?
This place, this setting, this time.
This shit's crazy to me.
For the longest time,
I've always wanted to...
To do something like this
'cause I know there's
other people like me.
This is fucking awesome.
It is awesome.
It's just cool to share this experience.
A day ago, I didn't think I'd be here.
[Boy with cap] I never thought
about doing any of this.
It was just, like, kind of a dream.
[Makai] Yeah, for real.
For real, like a dream.
It's like a dream that I'm gonna
wake up from soon, though.
[Fire roars;
[Nathaly] Nichole!
I don't wanna leave.
[Boy] Three, two, one, go!
[Triumphant music;
[Music fades;
Timbers crackle]
Jesus, people over here
never get tired, do they?
I can't wait to, like,
just be home,
and not know what to do next.
[Nichole] Yeah, like, I kinda...
[Micah] I've partied long
and hard enough.
Fucking Micah, you're like this.
[Girls laugh]
When Micah's fucked up,
he's like this.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[Nichole] I kinda miss driving...
Scoot the chair over a bit, it's cold.
[Micah] It is getting cold.
Yeah, being like,
"Damn, there's really nothing to do."
"Let's try somewhere new",
and going back to the same fucking spot
you go to every fucking time.
You know?
[Micah] What the fuck are we gonna do now?
I don't know.
[Fire crackles]
[Waves roar in the distance]
[Micah] Fuck Wiley.
[Music plays - Changes feat. Kerry McCoy,
by Antonio Williams]
I thought I knew one
Who told me I kept 'em safe
Got caught up in love
It can make it through today
Now all I think
Of is how will I run away
Buried in the problems
Of the yesterday
Yesterday, yesterday
Buried in the problems
Of the yesterday
Yesterday, yesterday
In the same old town
I saw your face
You seemed so sad
I felt the same
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
In the same old town
I saw your face
You seemed so sad
I felt the same
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
You thought you knew love,
I thought that I felt the same
I found a new love
You found out, I felt ashamed
I thought I knew love
But home-girl didn't think the same
She found a new love
I went within again
Within again, within again
I went within again
Within again, within again
Within again, within again
In the same old town
I saw your face
You seemed so sad I felt the same
I knew you felt a way
that I couldn't change
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
In the same old town I saw your face
You seemed so sad, I felt the same
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
[Waves crash]
In the same old town, I saw your face
You seemed so sad, I felt the same
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
In the same old town, I saw your face
You seemed so sad, I felt the same
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
I knew you felt a way
That I couldn't change
[Music fades]
[Discordant, sweet music]
[Delicate, ethereal singing;
Waves crash]
[Train rattles]
[Metallic whirs]
[Dissonant string instruments]
[Train honks]
[Music continues;
Waves crash]
[Music fades]