Gaston Lagaffe (2018) Movie Script

makes useless again usable
No, no, no. You do not believe this.
He does not fool me every morning.
35 euros for error parking.
- Day, Vondelaar.
Dropped again for your police exam?
- On a hair.
Just like last year.
- No, Mr. Pruimpit.
Last year it was a hair,
now a hair.
Then next year.
I will show him who is the boss.
Hello, Sonja.
- Pruimpit, had a nice holiday?
- Idem.
I just want one thing: to my desk.
- Yes, how do I explain this?
It is a bit complicated.
That ice hockey helmet?
- That's just in case.
What does that rust bin do at the door?
- So I wanted to tell you.
Since two weeks ...
- Later, Sonja.
Later on. You will look surprised.
Good morning all. Is the last one
two weeks something happened?
There is a new boy ...
- I'm back. Tell. Roel?
The ski pants.
- The sizes are wrong.
And there was another problem.
Others have problems, Jef.
We have solutions. The giant pants?
We have a sleeping bag
for two of them.
But separately.
You want a weekend with your roommate
camping. Together, but not too close.
That is possible now.
Good night.
Not bad. Modern.
I'm okay with it.
- Perfect.
11,000 of them have been sold
in ten days.
Without us, all those factory flaws would happen
Because Aupeticoin makes it unusable ...
- Usable.
Unbelievable, De Mesmaeker.
"I will dominate in six months
the online sales. '
He wants to buy everyone.
- Thank you, Krasser. What's new inside?
What was that?
We wanted to tell you that.
The gull of the new trainee.
He is cute and he has a seagull.
I'm not crazy, though.
Nobody comes to work with ...
A seagull.
A seagull.
He has converted the fire alarm.
It now responds to noise.
Noise is the biggest enemy
of the employee. And you screamed.
I did not scream.
What is that?
Good morning. Excuse me.
Who has accepted you?
No idea. I had to come.
- To do something?
To work.
- In a chair? What a lesson in life.
It is truly...
Are they your legs?
Can not you run or run?
Hennen? That's what the others can do.
I took a nap,
so when you're done ...
Of course, you worked hard.
And you must not kill yourself.
- I did not intend that.
Every company needs people like you.
Diversity is a blessing.
And we have to get our quotas.
So if you need something ... He sleeps.
All right, sir?
So why pack his toy?
You are?
- Guust.
Yes, but I meant ...
You can walk? You stood upright.
Everything good?
I can still sleep for half an hour,
but that will come.
You started two weeks ago and
you are two weeks behind. Working.
You should not scream like that.
It is bad for your vocal chords
and you wake everyone up.
I shouted. You deactivate
this system like the lightning ...
because I want to wake you up
without having to take a shower.
After the outgoing you do the incoming
post. Mainly mail.
After the outgoing you do the incoming
post. Mainly mail.
You deal with the complaints.
Do that decently, neatly.
Remove the sharp edges ...
Excuse me?
This is graphics.
The customer must be absolutely satisfied.
Because the customer ...
What is it?
- You have a...
Stay focused.
Where was I? Oh yes, exchange ...
Yes, he is gone.
- The mosquito.
I saved you that bit nicely.
- Gretestry.
You pick up returned goods.
With this trolley you are faster
in the warehouse.
If a product is not good,
you replace it ...
What do we do with the triple suspenders?
- Your idea was good.
The portfolio holder?
I just said it.
- It's great. Off that car.
Do you know what that prize is for best start-up
means to us?
Medals, competitions, rankings ...
I prefer everyone to win.
But that wall is really not strong.
- Do not touch anything anymore.
Grab the cart and go to work
before I finish your internship.
Can I have a moment? I do not get it.
"Take the cart. No, not.
Anyway, but do not touch anything. "
Your instructions are not so ...
You're just not very clear.
A nightmare. I wake up like that.
Do not say, then I get sleep.
I want you in 30 seconds
in the warehouse.
Or you are fired.
And where can I find that warehouse?
Can I help you, Mr. Guust?
I like it here.
The people are super friendly.
The unusable goods
Are stored here.
And then we have the studio here.
Here I am often.
So we are close together. Maf, h .
Then I'll go. But I'm close by.
So if you do not know
where a room is located ...
then I can show you, because I
likes to show rooms to people.
You do not have to
sit with your nose in that thing.
That's modern, Guust.
With 'that thing' I can walk with you
and send messages at the same time.
I can log in and receive a message
send to Mr. Pruimpit.
What am I doing now?
Very good, but change the color
of the price. That is not enough ...
Your appointment is there.
- I do not have an appointment.
According to him.
And I warn you: he is scary.
The color. It needs more ...
- Very modern, that industrial concrete.
Peek a boo.
Yes I'ts me.
Do you know who I am?
- Yes, I read the newspaper.
Mr. De Mesmaeker,
director of Ventes Sympa.
Voyage-Voyage, Rijenmaar, Superoccaz ...
An empire.
Your boss is very elusive.
Thanks to him, we are doing well.
He has that long sailing holiday
well deserved.
Is that a seagull?
- No.
If the boss enjoys the sun,
I turn to the working man.
I am here to buy Aupeticoin.
I see. There is one problem:
our company is not for sale.
Not for sale. How much?
- Not for sale. Noppes.
We are a family business.
Nobody wants to leave here.
Who is talking about leaving?
I just buy it.
I have to go further.
I have a contract proposal here.
Go ahead...
I do not say anything.
Let us dissolve as friends.
We still see each other, Pruimpit.
We still see each other.
Who leaves a cactus now
in the elevator?
I said that we are not for sale,
Of course not. Well done, Pruimpit.
Aupeticoin is your child.
You do not just get rid of it.
Of course not. It is deeply sad.
How much did that scammer offer?
Hundred million.
To sell.
Hundred million? To sell.
Do you want to sell your baby?
One hundred million, Pruimpit.
I would also sell it for ten million.
Be happy. The staff owns
25 percent of the capital.
I hope you are that best man
handled well.
He was overjoyed. He will be back soon.
When would I return?
Ah, I'm not coming anymore.
To sell.
Good morning. I am...
I know who you are.
The son of the boss.
Your secret is safe with me.
Your father asked me to be discreet.
No preferential treatment.
I start at the bottom.
You can not start lower.
Have not heard anything from De Mesmaeker?
Have you made an appointment?
I called him twice.
And we apologized.
Bite into it.
And beyond, is Guust already there?
- Never before 12 o'clock.
If he comes too early, he needs a nap
do and is his planning messed up.
Relaxed guest, that Guust.
Send him to me. I told him
that gull and that cat had to do away with.
He also thinks
that it is a zoo.
Who are you?
- The new cleaning lady.
It is her first day.
Where does she interfere?
This time I have you. 35 euros.
And 90 euros because of air pollution.
Well tired, I have the cleanest car
from the city. He runs on olive oil.
150 euros for non-homologated
Always connected to devices.
You could still get a paper fine
make little planes, wads or confetti.
Do not worry.
You still get your warning.
My car has not done anything wrong?
What is that?
- You activated my airbag.
I only tapped the hood.
- My car is super sensitive.
It looks like a balloon.
- It is.
From the warehouse. I have it on a bottle
helium under the seat.
Does it stop?
What is it, Van Gestel?
- Bad news.
Guust again? I am discharging him.
- Guust has not done anything.
Not yet today. It is too early.
The suspenders do not sell well.
70 percent unsold.
How is that possible?
- Suspenders to keep wallets?
Did I approve that?
The image of the site has a dent.
- Our image is perfect.
Our customers know that we
a reliable website.
"Aupeticoin. For your big groceries. "
The slogan that the boss has rejected.
What the hell.
- Peek a boo.
Cut it through, Guust.
When I cut under me, I fly away.
And if I cut above me ...
No do not do that.
Then nothing is left of you, Guust.
It would sound nice.
Sufferd. Then our band is no longer a trio.
My slogan.
- From nothing.
He is now going around the world.
Please, Pruimpit. Save him.
- If I save him, I'll take it off.
Stop all that.
Here with that phone.
You were on my phone.
- No, do not put anything on the internet.
Someone else is livestreaming.
- Try this.
A drop of Calmax and you become calm.
Two drops and you sleep.
I do not know three.
- Do we know each other?
Sorry. Bertje Blunder.
- I'm Joost van Smith from the other side.
I also accept meal vouchers
for my phone.
The drops.
Well tired.
Come down.
Give me your Swiss army knife.
- Belgian.
Also fine.
- Here.
What should we do now?
He drops it
and also kaffert me out.
One, two, three ...
You saved my life.
- No, Aupeticoin. You are fired.
Well cool, that helium voice.
We form a good team together.
Soon you will regret it.
- I'll take that risk.
So I can take my things?
And take that hysterical gull
and psychopathic cat too.
Attempt to murder with a stabbing weapon
on an agent, that becomes an expensive joke.
Future agent. If you last that
piece at least saves. Working.
Hand in that thing.
- I'll call you, mama.
Sonja? With your favorite boss.
Hello, boss. I am not Sonja.
My eyeball.
No not at all. I am...
My treasure bolt.
What about our secret, Sonja?
- My son.
Does he entertain himself at the bottom of the ladder?
- Your son? At the bottom of the ladder?
No preferential treatment.
Do not let him get away with anything.
That has actually happened.
He's in his own world, but he
it means well. Take good care of him.
Lots of love, doll.
Big kiss.
Gretverdrie, he is the son of the boss.
Gretverdrie, he is the son of the boss.
Do not leave us like that.
We have made a false start.
I do not hear anything.
Come on, Guust. Come back. Oh, sorry.
There's my little kitten.
Just as sweet as his dad.
- He's angry.
I see. People find it
sometimes difficult to talk.
They are ashamed or shy. Me too.
- You fired me.
Did you think I did not like you?
- Yes.
That is not true.
Oh no?
Yes. I'll explain.
It is a disease.
If I allow someone, I am unfriendly.
If I do not like him, I am friendly.
Do you understand?
- No.
Come back, Guust.
Come back. Look at me.
- No, I'm driving.
Please stay. Come home, Guustje.
And your divorce, Jef?
- Top. We call and argue.
Vanessa demands alimony.
I refuse that and then we scold.
Peek a boo. I sent you an email.
- I wanted to report that.
That I have received an e-mail?
- Yes, I'm putting it here.
He printed it.
Do not you make it unnecessarily complicated?
No, I like to deliver things
personally. Then you see each other.
Personal contact is important.
I think so, at least.
No, Guust. This is what I think.
You could have saved paper.
Ink. Our time.
Totally agree.
By printing paper, you kill an oak,
a fir or a lotus tree.
It will be with that lotus tree.
We are at work.
Are you mad?
- Not at all. We consult, we talk.
That makes me happy.
- Then I am happy too.
Aupeticoin makes it unusable
usable again.
What a wonderful atmosphere.
Which atmosphere?
Do not you see that he is destroying our work?
He broke what his father broke
has built.
Without a license.
You are kidding me.
So it was a misunderstanding.
- He apologized.
He seemed really happy
that I wanted to come back.
Aupeticoin without Guust
is like a party without lasers ...
a laser without rays,
like rays without sun ...
Nicely said, Miss Jannie.
- It just occurred to me.
But it is dangerous to walk around like that
with your nose in that thing.
I have built sensors to crash.
If it works for cars ...
- It also works for marketing managers.
You go.
- All right then.
Thank you, Mr. Guust.
No matter how many times I say it,
it does not help.
Ho, ho. Pedestrian crossing.
- The loading and unloading compartment is occupied.
Tell me something. I say every morning
that he can not stand here.
Miss Kielewaai, Mr. De Mesmaeker.
Good to see you.
And right on time.
- Yes, 15.12 hours. I am gone by 3.30 pm.
I really had to convince my boss, but ...
- Blabla. Let's draw.
50 million?
- Aha. A nice amount.
No. That is a mistake.
- No, it is not.
50 is half of 100.
That's true.
- It remains a nice amount.
Did he really say 50 million?
And 25 percent of 50 million
is more than 400,000 per person.
After tax.
I have to consult with my boss.
- Call him.
Tell him immediately of that fiasco
with that balloon and that slogan.
With that reference to 'a big one
message'. He will be happy.
Are we going to keep our work?
Why not? We are good.
- We are not good, we are the best.
Well, the honor is mine.
You were right. Printing is wasteful.
But that is a thing of the past.
This is the ont-printer.
He's going to save a lotus tree.
I only had to reverse the process.
The pages come out here.
They are coming ...
- Hail white.
You wonder where the ink is.
- Anyway.
The ink can be reused.
No waste, for a world without waste.
Turn off.
- Wait a minute.
You're going to pay this, Pruimpit.
- I'm cleaning it.
You make it worse.
- I'm taking it away.
What a kluns.
- We still see each other.
Let me go. We still see each other.
We still see each other.
Wait. Mr. De Mesmaeker ...
He was not happy. He scolded.
- I do not need to know.
I can not say it in function either.
But it started with a K,
then L-0-T-Z ...
I get it, Vondelaar.
That is with double 0.
Sonja. Get rid of his suit
and make a new appointment.
Say I enjoyed seeing again.
And that you also enjoy him.
- And that we miss him.
And that we miss his money.
- No. That is true, but not to say.
Okay. And I will send a cigar.
- No, a nice big box.
A box. Good idea. And handy too.
To take your keys.
No empty box.
Full of thick Cuban cigars, cake.
To practise.
- I did not say anything.
Practice with Guust.
- With Guust.
Practice with Guust
on the roof of Aupeticoin.
With Guust on the roof.
- Hurry up.
What is going on?
What is this?
- Guust is rehearsing.
What should he rehearse?
About the new collection.
Those mittens without a thumb ...
What is he rehearsing?
- Making noise.
His music. I once thought about it
about those cell phone jackets ...
Is this music?
He specializes in modern sounds.
Just a bit too modern.
- You can do it again.
You have to start somewhere. Before Mozart
broke through, he also experimented.
But I do not see it that way
with those jackets.
This is horrifying.
Is that good?
- Yes, of course I think it's good.
Bertje, in A minor.
- I still have to vote my ball.
What is that?
- Thunder vibration with maximum gain.
In other words the Flaterfoon.
We are the Moon Module Match.
The Moon Module Men.
- My favorite band.
What do you two do at Aupeticoin?
Work is being done here.
That's what ordinary people do.
With grids, obligations.
Without your ears failing.
Calmax. Try it now.
- He did not like the music.
My fault. My ball has not been voted.
He liked it,
but he can not say it.
He is overworked and he is sleeping
less than 12 hours a night. Logical...
I'm still there, Guust.
Did you answer the mail? Complaints
handled? Delivered deliveries?
Certainly do not know.
I was making music.
I have to relax when I work too hard.
You have to feel good?
That is not a good answer, Pruimpit.
- It's my answer.
Negativity does not bring us further.
Also a philosopher.
- That's why he is the bandleader.
Good. From the beginning?
- Moment.
Three four...
Got you.
Error parking. Air pollution through
prehistoric vehicle. That will be expensive.
That does not cost me anything. Watch.
Solar panels. No fuel needed.
Road pollution.
I have the car of the future
How do you see the future?
- That depends on my exam.
To wait.
I do not smell anything.
Not sle ...
Well tired. Of course that is hot.
That is the whole principle.
You have five seconds to continue.
What are you doing?
- Unfortunately.
Unfortunately what?
- I can not leave. It's clouded.
Solar panels.
Then you will not progress without the sun.
Mittens without a thumb, forward.
But did Pruimpit approve this?
He knows best. Ready, Sonja?
Yes, the winter is coming again. Your
smartphone will not be cold.
The i-Onesie keeps him warm.
Aupeticoin makes it unusable ...
- usable again.
You are kidding me. From my image, Guust.
Sonja, you're fantastic.
- Yes I know.
Do you know why? I dug deeply
to get to my emotions.
That way I could remember my memories
and evoke experiences ...
and let everything bubble up supernaturally.
It is funny that you have those emotions
bizarre enough to experience again.
That is comical.
Have you never wanted to act?
- No, Mr. Guust.
I'll see you in a western.
With your figure and your hairstyle.
You would be a great pony.
In fact, you do not play a scene.
You experience it.
But do not risk your life.
We just sell onesites.
Are you OK? Are we back to the lesson?
- Yes.
Have you seen Guust?
What would he do now?
No, but I did see his cat.
He wanted to take my sponge away.
Now that soap is stinging horribly.
Sorry, but my sensors are broken ...
- I say that to my father.
I have bad news again.
- Let me guess.
Guust has taken the warehouse off.
- Worse.
Then tell it.
- It's dramatic.
A catastrophe.
- Hurry up, Van Gestel.
The flanges are a wop.
The parties are a fop.
The mittens are a flop.
- Goodbye, boss.
Has the contract been signed?
- Yes, the contract. I just wanted to ...
Do you throw the phone close for the boss?
- No.
What do you mean by a flop?
- 85 percent is unsold. A disaster.
What else did you expect from it,
And those square rolling pins
are not going to save us either.
Crisis consultation.
Okay, we're in a dip.
The income has declined.
There are some unforeseen repairs.
And we can whistle to that 100 million,
that hurts.
Some things will have to change.
Van Gestel.
From now on we save time,
because time is money.
So fewer private conversations,
coffee and plaspauzes.
We do not just report sick, do not come
more late and do not leave earlier.
Are they going to count the coffee?
- And the puddles.
Do not make yourself fat. I'm here.
- Ah, Mr. Guust.
To open a door
use your 32 muscles.
A second for the latch,
with danger of sprain.
Two seconds to open
and two to do close.
And that 47 times a day. Take care.
- 282.
But I have the solution.
Because with the sprung door, no nagging.
Brilliant, Mr. Guust.
Try it, Van Gestel.
Figurine: you have to be very necessary,
so you run to the bathroom.
I am a financial director,
so I have little imagination.
Right. I will show it.
Are you still alive?
Well tired.
Do something or we all go.
- There is nothing wrong, Van Gestel.
Do not you say anything to him?
- Yes: Bravo.
You meant well, Guust.
But do you also want to comply with the rules?
The procedures and safety standards
to observe?
Safety rarely has its priority.
If you can not get more coffee,
we bring the coffee to you.
That's very friendly, Mr. Guust.
But I only drink coffee with milk.
Oh no. What a disaster.
Have you ever been all your contacts?
lost? No problem.
Thanks to the first unprinted book,
you can write everything down.
No, kitten.
- Perfect, Guust.
Thanks, Guust. Really very good.
What a kluns.
Peek a boo.
I present my chairlift.
Practical, modern, fast.
You go faster and do not get tired. And
with my bicycle brake he is completely safe.
Aupeticoin makes it unusable
usable again.
Have we not seen this too optimistic?
- Yes, well that it comes up.
You do not go six days
overwrite all your contacts?
What do we do with it?
- We're going for it, Jef. Forward.
Very good, Guust.
A third towel dispenser.
When it's busy, we win time.
And it is not dangerous.
- Do it, Guust.
Aupeticoin makes it unusable
usable again.
Completely safe.
- That bike brake, things go wrong.
We are all going.
One before n. To the last man.
How long do we know each other? 15 years?
- Three and a half.
So I have to be honest with you.
- Go ahead.
I have calculated your reforms
have saved us. Four.
Four percent?
- Euro.
That's because of Guust.
- Not at all.
Sales are falling, costs are not.
- No hasty conclusions.
How 'how'?
- I did not say anything.
Yes. You said 'boo'.
- No, it is not.
- Absolutely.
That is not a good sign.
What is that?
- Those city people too.
This is a cow, Pruimpit.
Carine, this is Pruimpit.
Carine, Pruimpit. Pruimpit, Carine.
- She can not stay.
She had to go to the slaughterhouse,
so I did not hesitate.
You're too good, Mr. Guust.
- Cows always go to the slaughterhouse.
Do you think that's normal, Pruimpit?
- That is indeed not logical.
For a moment: the door of the toilet
to win time, why not?
The chairlift not to get tired,
ok. You can also have coffee at your desk.
But a cow in an office.
We do not have anything to do with that.
Nothing more useful than a cow.
One coffee with milk. Please.
Mr. Guust ...
Good, a cow. Very useful.
What now?
What am I doing with the poo of that fat cow?
Excuse me?
That fat cow has a name. Carine.
I will also mention you by your name.
What's your name?
Edern, sir.
- Edern?
Some parents would
must lock up.
What are you doing here?
- I start at the bottom of the ladder.
Sweep and clean up the mess.
Here is more than enough to clean up.
I say that to Daddy.
Listen, boy.
Revenue is falling.
I can not sell the company.
So what your father finds, leaves me cold.
On a cable, that's the fault.
Mr. De Mesmaeker is there. That expensive
cigars have him out of his ho. Smoked.
Will I send him upstairs?
- No.
I'll come back later.
Keep it on the line. I'm going to Guust.
Van Gestel. Do you have a minute?
There must still be champagne somewhere.
Give back.
That is not yours.
He wanted to eat my mouse.
- He only thinks about food.
Do take a nap.
You've been awake for two hours.
I need a screwdriver first.
- I do not have that with me.
A drill then?
I have to concentrate.
Say what you think of it.
I need your phone in winter
gut packing.
Everything good?
- Then the iPhone does not catch a cold.
Get out.
- How do I get that can open?
With a bomb.
- Upon which?
On Miss Jannie.
Task accomplished.
Thank you.
- That was from Guust.
I was thirsty.
It was his glass.
It does not matter.
- No problem, he says.
I will take a new glass.
I was not thirsty anyway.
He is always concerned about nothing.
He gets another one ...
I can push later.
- There are all kinds of tools.
Is that a cow that is staring at me?
- Yes, that's Carine.
She can. Otherwise she did not look like that.
A cow in an office.
Mr. De Mesmaeker, what a surprise.
And what a nice cigar. A Cuban.
Where is he?
- Just calm down. He will stay away for a while.
It is already 16.43.
- You walk along.
The contract.
What a nice contract.
What a good contract. What a...
Of course you look at your bookkeeper ...
- Champagne.
Nothing on the hand. Nothing at all.
What a nice pen.
Draw here.
I can still see a big mistake.
No, it is not.
- You do not play fifty as t-i-e-n.
Ten million is five times less.
Be happy. Your turnover is in free fall.
This is a nice amount.
- Ten. Take it or leave it.
You have your last chance
to let pass.
You will regret this. Count on it.
Solar panels are ideal
when the sun shines.
But now it's raining,
so I have a UV lamp mounted.
- A cast-off from the tanning salon.
UV is harmful to the skin.
He does not hurt anyone.
Smart, but warm. Do not touch.
Vondelaar is not from yesterday ...
The kluns. It is raining, it is soaked.
He is under power.
How else do you think that light is on?
- Like, but because of you the battery is empty.
What do we do with De Mesmaeker?
- Another box of cigars?
A whole container.
- That is not practical.
Add something sweet.
- "You are more handsome without a toupee."
That is true, but not at all.
Only the cigars.
- Fine, but they do smell.
No, but.
- Say that.
She is gone.
- Yes. But if I closed my eyes ...
Where is Carine?
- Near who?
No one. Near, in a meadow.
- Aha, in a meadow. Nearby.
Did Guust finally put her out?
The meadow is well ...
- What?
Oh no.
- Anyway.
This can not be true.
- Anyway.
And he irrigates with the water
of the fire hydrant.
It is hopeless as long as that public danger
has not been neutralized.
Neutralized? Take it easy.
Why do not you fire him?
- Strict secret.
I know things that you do not know
that I know them.
Crisis council.
Friends, Bobbeltje.
Bobbeltje, my friends.
Just attention.
Dear colleagues. The press is cracking us off.
Sales are falling sharply.
Unemployment is imminent.
But we will fight like lions.
I have full confidence in you.
360 degrees.
He's great, is not he?
Super cute.
And so agile.
We are going to prune the expenses.
I love that naughty look
and then those espadrilles ...
They do not listen at all.
This is a crisis consultation.
We are going to work day and night.
- Day and night?
Then we can each other
see twice as much.
And on Sunday.
He makes a joke.
- Certainly not.
We work until this company is rescued.
So goodbye lunch break,
plaster break, smoking break.
That is not allowed at all.
He has a sick leave
laid. I delete it.
And if you are sick?
- We are no longer ill.
Working is healthy.
Slave driver.
- Action.
This is going to be terrible.
- It will be super.
I am there, friends.
Cod with strawberries, mayonnaise
and flambed capers
What have I done now?
- With the emphasis on 'weather'.
You parked 156 times here.
That is why I have the honor
to hand over your 156 fines.
Otherwise, I have improved my system.
No, I do not want to hear it.
I do not touch anything.
The power for the lamp that the solar panel
drives, comes from that wind turbine.
Does that work? Can you drive with that?
- Yes, if there is wind.
That is there.
Then continue.
Nice thing, you know.
We are all going.
It is four o'clock in the morning.
Do not you notice anything?
- Is it less cold?
Do not you smell anything?
I have a cold and my nose is closed.
- Lucky you.
The last figures are pretty bad.
Good or bad?
- From plus four to minus twenty.
We are even making debts now.
We're really in the shit.
No, it smells sour.
What is that?
Beef heating on methane gas.
You are kidding me.
- Yes. The snake catches Corine's shit.
Hence that smell.
- And it does not cost a cent.
It smells.
- But it's warm.
It smells.
- That's methane.
Take that thing off immediately.
- Better not.
What is this?
What did I say, Pruimpit?
That gas is highly flammable.
When someone comes in
and turns on the light ...
I'm not angry, but sometimes you have to
think first and then do it.
So I do not give up.
What now. You blow up everything and come
then you can not clean it up.
You have half an hour
to clean it.
I smell more than methane.
You are disturbed here.
We have 50,000 right shoes
We need to look for women
with two right feet.
That is good.
- Forward. Come up with those ideas.
Are they practicing again?
- Yes it is.
- Well. Practice makes perfect.
I push that flater through his throat.
Did he like it or not?
I am confused.
I think it hit him, but
Pruimpit does not like rock music.
He is more for French chanson.
Do you prefer singing?
Do you know what I would like, Guust?
That you went to work.
Try it once.
Please. Only once.
It really hit him.
Of course. You just have to ask.
- Thank you. There we go.
Liza, post. Julien, post.
Hey. Post.
Krasser, post.
- Is that his doppelganger?
He did more in 20 minutes
than in half a year.
Dear help, Guust.
Well tired.
He's through it.
- He is pretending.
A burnout.
- Excuse me.
This young man is overloaded,
Mentally and physically.
Is he going to die, Doctor?
- He needs rest. A lot of rest.
He? Peace? You're joking.
- Do I look like this?
Go home and rest, young man.
This is where I get the best out of it.
He sleeps very well here.
- Like the best.
You decide that yourself.
- I'll just walk along.
Yes. Peace. Of course.
I should indicate you
at the Labor Inspectorate.
Yes, rest. Rest a lot.
What can we do with oval tennis balls?
To throw over the water?
- Then they get wet.
As furniture support?
- Then it becomes even more useless.
How is he doing?
- Not so hard.
He has been sleeping for a week now.
- He needs a lot of rest.
No news from De Mesmaeker?
- Yes.
I called again
and he has ignored that again.
He is awake.
What is he going to do with that petrol now?
He is in shape.
It's spring. No more dirty sandwiches.
Potatoes, tomatoes, fresh beans.
He is healed.
- We're the fucker.
We eat organic.
We do it unobtrusively, Kielewaai.
We are overwhelming them.
Well tired.
- What is this?
Vondelaar for the central.
- Where are we?
This must stop.
Vondelaar for the central.
Then the customer is more comfortable.
- What is he on about?
What should this represent now?
No. This really has to stop. Guust ...
It's a chair, apparently.
This does not make sense.
- I think it's original.
Nobody is going to sit on a spring.
- It's a chair.
Sonja, we're here alone, hu?
- Yes.
I know everything.
- No, you do not know everything.
You know things, but not everything.
People think they know everything.
I know what you know.
- And what do you mean by that?
- What do you know about what I know about Guust?
He is the ...
- Aupeticoin.
With your favorite boss.
I can not get hold of Pruimpit.
Right. I'll give him a moment.
Hello, boss.
Why do you hang up when the boss calls?
- The battery is empty.
You leave me no choice, Guust.
This must stop.
What are you doing?
- You are strangling a lamp.
Yeah so?
You do not train at all ...
- Well. Did you think I ...
Take a breath. Guust is a good guest.
- Oh yeah?
Afterwards. You do not know who he is.
A super cool, helpful colleague
in whom sometimes something goes wrong.
Guust is the son of the boss.
- What?
Now I understand better what I did not understand.
State secret. Nobody can know this.
I did not tell you anything. Swear it.
Pruimpit, you're my chief
but also my friend.
I am silent as the grave.
Scratchers word of honor.
May I go?
I knew it, Mr. Guust.
You are important.
And then just walk around on espadrilles.
Everyone is important, Miss Jannie.
You are important.
My cat, my seagull, my fish.
Even this hammock is important.
Do you know what would please me?
- a bio-pumpkin.
Yes No...
A tropical vacation?
- No, not that either.
Those stupid things ...
What do you think is my biggest dream?
- Being a film star.
I would really like that.
But I thought more ...
something we can do together.
'Big kiss'?
- No, 'warm regards'.
Is that too much? 'Big hug' then?
What are you doing, Edern?
I quit. I can do with rudeness
still live, but not with unfairness.
Krasser bazuint around
that Guust is the son of the boss.
He had sworn it.
- Will be best. But I'm gone.
And this time I'm really telling daddy.
- Go ahead.
Tell your dad
that I like to meet him.
He is now on his hunt.
But if he's back, that's for sure
happen, because he works here.
In the largest room.
- The room of the ba ...
Is your dad my boss?
- or vice versa: your boss is my dad.
So Guust is your brother.
No, nor my cousin.
We are not family.
Give me your apron ...
- Edern.
Edern is a nice name.
Do not bother, I'm going to tell everything.
I stop.
Start at the bottom of the ladder
is nothing for me. I want to go to the top.
It is done.
He's going to save it anyway?
That something like this can cause 38 fractures.
But he survives.
A complete relief. And call
with his father, that's certainly tricky?
Impossible. His jaw is shattered.
Nothing understood? You?
- No.
Me neither. Better can not.
I do not switch on the labor inspection,
but the police.
And I will personally testify
in court.
Oh no. He is not going to die?
How terrible.
Paper is patient, the book is blank.
Write your own story now.
You are so creative, Mr. Guust.
We put it online.
Why do you always want everything
share with the world?
Pruimpit, can I do something for you?
- Count on it.
Get out. You have destroyed this company
focused and ruined my life.
I also like you.
He is happy, but very shy.
- Not at all, Guust.
I have not felt that well in months.
Because I will never see you again.
Never again. I will never see you again.
Stand up straight.
There he goes. Adios.
Glad it's better,
but screaming like that is unhealthy.
I will not leave without Bobbeltje.
- Go away.
Sonja, let that glass door directly
to replace. I want unbreakable glass.
And camera surveillance. Do not let anyone
without my permission.
Only loading and unloading.
- I will also unload.
Good, for this time then.
Run through.
What are you doing?
- I do not take any risks.
He is gone. Breath.
- His spirit is still around here.
Hello, Pruimpit.
How are you doing? Do you hear me?
Tell him everything.
- It is over.
On the contrary.
Now that Guust is gone, everything is fine.
The greenhouse is empty.
We have to close the door.
I do not leave the sinking ship.
You've been lying to the boss for months.
You go first.
That's because of Guust.
- You drove the customers away.
You should have done less with him
busy and more with sales.
Who has done everything
to make it easier for us?
Who gave us food
when we were not allowed to eat?
Who warmed us
when we were cold? Well?
Maybe the heater is smoking
to the countryside ...
and does not please everyone
cod with strawberries.
But no one has ever
so used for our well-being.
Mr. De Mesmaeker is at the door.
Should I open?
What a luck.
We are all saved.
Pack of moving boxes again.
Everything will be fine.
He has been playing with a bucket for six hours now
and shovel. I worry.
He is not doing well.
I speak with Joost van Smith
from the other side?
Can I have Guust? It's urgent.
- Guust, phone for you.
It is terrible.
Pruimpit has built in Bobbeltje.
Best friend.
I am prepared for everything.
Prepared? Ah, no need. Guust is gone.
Shall we go that way?
We are even on olive oil
in six days pass.
That poor Bobbeltje.
He was already rumpled.
Or schub over graat.
He will perish from thirst. Horrible.
This time there is a huge mistake.
One euro, it says. One euro.
Listen. Aupeticoin is bankrupt.
It is not worth anything anymore.
If you agree, I will save the company
and then everybody keeps his job.
And otherwise everyone is on the street.
You can not go any way.
You have destroyed the company.
You can not pay any more.
The electricity, the wages.
Face it now.
What is that advertising on the site?
Do you see that too?
The views and sales in blue.
They are rising.
- And not about that.
I could not let them post.
Warm hands, please.
But cold feet, a plague.
Day glove, hi foot shoe.
And with every purchase
a right shoe for free.
Great, Jannie.
That of that free right shoe: genius.
That was not my idea.
Guust has invented everything.
You are crazy.
All units. Unknown driving object.
Yellow-black, checkerboard pattern,
approaching at high speed. About.
I'll catch him, boys.
- Who are you? From the police?
Vondelaar, auxiliary agent. But not long.
Put my diploma ready.
Who guarantees me
that everyone keeps their work?
I. My name. My reputation.
- I do not do anything else.
Nobody can load and unload here.
Totally disturbed.
Where are we?
To endanger an agent in office.
Drive at least 100 km / h.
Ignore a stop sign.
This is going to be a very expensive joke.
Fortunately, there is plenty to drink.
- Do not.
That will be a new jacket.
That is all right.
Return the pen. Okay, it's 6:13 PM.
Are you still there?
Pack up and take your friends
from Aupeticoin. Hup, get out.
Your promise.
- Did I promise something?
I could do that, I ask.
Did I promise something?
Take a look in the contract.
No, it is not.
Shake well.
Is Captain Soda ready?
- One, two, three, four ...
Be careful, Guust.
I'm coming, Bobbeltje.
At the table.
Poor Pruimpit.
No more to stand up.
I would not like to trade with you.
I am sad, but not so bad.
- What?
My heaven, Guust.
Do you hear me, Pruimpit?
- It does not come out now, Sonja.
Because of those commercials of Guust the
sales explosive. An unparalleled success.
AI bakes nothing of Jannie.
The business world knows its rules,
but you are all about your boot.
And there is a Heine leak here.
Come and see here.
The drops are plip-plop on my desk.
Is that also the case with you?
I'll call you back.
I will return.
I will return.
I saved Bobbeltje.
Thanks to you, the contract fell into the water
and attracts the sale.
You saved us all.
- No, only Bobbeltje.
That's why I call you out
as a trainee for life.
You can sleep as much as you want.
This is the moment to kiss.
- I did not dare to imagine it myself.
Thank you.
Mr. De Mesmaeker has left.
Miss Kielewaai ...
Soon she will drown. Wait.
My name is Guust
trainee by profession
I wear espadrilles
I am a green boy
my green sweater is for all seasons
I am a musician
that grows pumpkins
young and single, so come on
with my cat, my gull
and Bobbeltje, my fish
sometimes I'm a klutz,
Pruimpit is my boss
working hard
I have a brother dead
well tired.
We are the Moon Module Men
we preach the si sta
for good
well tired.
We are the Moon Module Men
we preach the si sta
for good
I do not become a slave of the tablet
offline from the planet
from those crazy phones
are going to boil your brain
You will not be deaf from the Flaterfoon
my invention becomes a craze
he brings everyone to dance
do not worry,
I am ready for everyone
but I go too fast, then I hit a fool,
I can not help that either
well tired.
We are the Moon Module Men
we preach the si sta
for good
My boat has stalled.
I went to the lighthouse.
This is difficult.
Control room, the patrol here.
A cargo ship has crashed
on the beach.