Gatao 2: Rise of the King (2018) Movie Script

Call the strippers
Get him two of those blondies
Don't need you to remind me about calling the ladies
Tell your boss to hurry up
Not being on time, how the fuck is he a boss?
As you know, our boss is quite busy
Just wait a bit longer
Let me ask Pretty-Pan to call him, Pretty-Pan!
Call the boss to see where he's at
He's almost here
Boss, just a bit longer
Almost here
I got ladies waiting for me,
I'm leaving if he isn't here soon
Boss Chun, I got a question for you
I heard you guys got some new chicks arrived
from Vietnam
When do we get to play with them?
C'mon, say something! Don't be so stingy
Boss coming
Boss coming
Why the fuck would you ask me
to come to this shit-hole
What the fuck are you doingl?
What the fuck are you doingl?
You're quite an unpopular fella, aren't you?
Why don't you just retire?
Retire my ass!
Just because you said so? Who the fuck am I then?
Even if I agree to retire
My brother wouldn't easily agree to that
President is on the phone
What the hell do you think you're doing!?
Did you forget who is in charge?
Nah, it's not like that, boss
Remember his father was like a brother to me
Let the man go!
Fine, I'll take care of it
I'm the fuck'n chosen one
You're just a little bitch to me
Fuck you! Fuck you! Stop it!
Boss, are you alright?
Alright! I'm dying here, alright my ass
Can you walk?
Boss, Why don't you be the boss thenl?
I don't get it, why worry about it?
Everyone wants a piece of North Town
I'm just taking it over for the family
What do you mean impossible?
That pig
I can easily have him taken care of
So long as I am still alive
This will never happen!
You know I have sworn to Hada's grave
That was only a half a year ago
Have you forgotten already?
At this rate,
Do you know
How many innocents will be involved because of you?
How many more of our boys
must sacrifice their lives?
Remember why we joined the family
After all, what we all want is a peaceful life
Now that you have need for nothing
A wife, a child, a career
Isn't this is the peaceful life you wanted?
What more do you want?
As a word of advice, control your ambition
Lou, let's go
Boss, what now?
We are the big dogs, not bitches to somebody
Shut the fuck up
You have problem with my boss?
No, I wouldn't dare
You're back
I'm back
Are you hungry? Want some porridge?
Nah, you go ahead
How about some chicken soup?
Sure, why not
What's this?
I thought you're the one signs her homework
I want you to see it
Her teacher says she did a great job with her essay
She's very smart
though she constantly asking
why bother studying at all
What about it?
She's just like me when I was young
Hurry, roll it
Reveal it, Boss, let's do it!
Po, are you sure you're going to do this?
Boss, there's no such a thing as mercy on the table
Hit it While it's Still hot!
All in!
All in, with extra
Wait, wait, I have something to say
This is how much I already won today
and if I win one more round
Boys, each of us all going
to get a blondie tonight, on me!
Now you're getting cocky, huh?
Roll it
What's up, Big-C
I've got shit luck so far,
come, bring me some fortune
Heard what happened with North Town
President wasn't happy about it
He has his ways of doing things
Don't worry too much about it
Nah, he is my boss after all, I can understand
Bigger the better
I think it's a big one
The biggest one?
Show it!
Now that boss has Big-C on his side,
how is fair for us?
Now who is your daddy?
C'mon, have some mercy
Go get Big-C his share for this month
O k8)'
Bro, come join me later
Hurry, now it's my turn
Hello, who is this?
Hey brother, it's me.
Long time no see
Hey brother, long time no see
Why call me all of sudden, what's up?
Got time to hang out? I'm at R00m18
Sure, I'll be right there
Boss, boss
It's your turn
ls there a policy says I must play it right away?
But I'm dominating this round
Dominating my ass
Last time I checked I am still the boss
Boss, let me come with you
Nah, stay and enjoy your food
My brother
Long time no see
Long time no see
What have you been up to?
Some plans are in motion
- Hey -What's up?
I heard about your failed attempt
to acquire North Town
Let's not talk about it
It has been a while, let's go grab a drink together
What the fuck are you doingl?
Put that away!
Are you mad?
Why the fuck would you do that?
At least tell me beforehand
Hurry and let's get out of here!
I've decided
that I want to meet some important people in there
Today, I'm just here to say 'Hi'
and tell you about it
If that is your wish
I have nothing much left for you
Here, take this lucky 7, for good luck
Drop on the floor, put down your weapon
Drop on the floor, put down your weapon
Once I have all the turfs in Taipei
I will come back and find you
Get up
Wait for me
Get up now
Three years later...
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Thank you
Wish you all doing well
My boss, Yung, couldn't make it today
However, he specifically asked me
to wish you good fortune on his behalf
May you live long
Thank you
Fung, toast to you
Please greet Yung on my behalf
Your new friend?
- Toast -Toast
Thank you
Come visit us sometimes
Of course
President, I'm Po
Happy birthday to you
President, may I have the honor
to sing "Gold and Silver" with you
"""G0ld and Silver""?"
Life is treating you too well, huh?
Girl, pick a family song for us
What is the song of the family?
What is the song of the family?
Good question
The song of sorrow
This is it, The song of sorrow
Come, sing
- Music! -Dumbass
That was too obvious
You're such a brown-noser
I was doing it for Boss-Ren
Well, I fucked up
President is singing it now
Good job
Wow, Big-Chao, nice M6
Isn't she pretty?
Nice nice
Can't smoke in there
Don't dent the car
Or I'll break your legs!
You get it?
Yeah yeah, I got it
- Big-Chao -Now what?
What about tips?
Get outta here, go!
Don't dent the car
Or I'll break your legs!
What the fuck is wrong with him?
Who are those two?
They are from Man Corp.
The "Pharma" business people, they're rich as fuck
All of them drive lambo
For real? Damn
Wow, thanks Big-Chao
There you go, my man
I'm just here for my car
Get out of here
Those two who called you before, they're here
So, what is it? Hurry up
I don't have time to waste on you two
Boss Chum!
My boss tried to meet with you for so many times
Why didn't you ever reply!?
What the fuck are you talking about?
You guys are doing the "Pharmacy" business
That is a business for worthless junkies
I am the fuck'n chosen one
Do I look like a worthless junkie to you?
- Freeze! Hands up -What the hell?
- I said freeze -Fuck off bitch!
My hand!
Fuck, I'm not your bitch
What the fuck you bringing me here for?
That was your last word?
Still refuse to cooperate, I see
Fuck you, I don't want your dirty money
Let me tell you something
If you kill me
Don't even think about leaving this building
Oh Well
Your parents may have named you the wrong name
However, the nickname is unmistaken
What about you?
My boys won't betray me
You m0therfuck'n junkies
You m0therfuck'n junkies
You will all pay!
My brother, it is me.
I am back
The turf you failed to acquire three years ago
I have taken over for you
Let's do it
Six and a pair
What the fuck are you doingl? Let me go!
Let 9Q!
That's it
That's it for today?
Hey dipshit, you should spend more time
with your fiancee
You're lucky, all I have left is my grandmother
So what? Isn't that great?
This headache is killing me!
Hey, that prescription you take for your PMS
Does it even work?
It definitely works for my PMS
As for your hangover
I doubt it
Hey dipshit!
Stop hounding the lady
Po, come help us out
I'll take more see what will happen
It doesn't seem to work
-lt's not a fetish -Not a fetish?
I'm looking for the tenderness sensation
Like your mom?
That bombshell from last night
So I was between her legs, right?
As looked up,
those two big ones were pressing my face down
Do you have any idea how big they were?
Yeah, right
He likes to go for plus size chicks when he is drunk
Nah, I'm not shitting you
However, I think those are fake
Because for a skinny chick
with a pair of that size naturally
No fuck'n way
I wasn't even drunk!
Alright, that's enough bullshit for the day
- Drink up -Toast
I'm done for now
Since you're a pussy, drink soup then
That's cool, I'll be the pussy then
The new electronic buses now come
with the Hello Kitty design
and already took the local residents by storm
Breaking news
Last night in Taipei Zhongshan district
A man died falling off a building
The deceased person was a known gang leader
in the area
The police investigation found that
the deceased was tortured before he died
and had his fingers cut off
The police believe this could be a murder
There has been witness of
Men in black clothing leaving the building
After investigation
Police learned that
the famous Jian Corp. may be involved
After having a short meeting
with the Jian Corp. principal
Jian Corp. stated that
they are not related to the deceased in any way
Police currently
have couple suspects under investigation
especially those had finance exchange history
with the deceased
Meanwhile, the investigation continues
as more question left to be answered
Coming next is our weather report
Please prepare next one
Mr.Gui, step forward
Commence with three bows to the deceased
First bow
Second bow
Third bow
Appreciation to the participants
Sorry for your loss
Thank you, Uncle Gui
I'm so sorry
Once again, appreciation to Gui's participation
Up coming next, Jian Corp
Man Corp.
Step forward
First bow
Second bow
Third bow
Madam, this is Jian
He is a great friend of Boss Chun
I'm sorry for your loss
Madam, please accept this
Accept it, accept it
Please do let me know if there's anything I can help
- Please -Traitorous asshole
- Thank you -Once again,
Appreciation to Jian C0rp's participation
Please have a seat
- Take president home -Yes, boss
Brother, long time no see
Did I look good up there?
I see you're doing well for yourself
and your boys
Three years ago, you were the only one there for me
Now that everything is going so well
I also want you to do well
When I said I want you to do well,
I wasn't I kidding
This 40ft cargo container
worth over eight hundred million
and it already has customs clearance
This is just one of the many
Take a look
These are all mine!
You've always been a brother to me,
let me be frank with you
Base on what you have right now
Seven clubs, five pubs, four massage parlors
And this, this is what I have now
Since I am able to operate in such scale
so trust me when I say
Let us use your turf to move the goods
You and your boys will no longer
have to go through troubles to make easy money
You must be kidding me
When comes to fighting,
I never turn down any of them
But international business like this?
This isn't my cup of tea
Do you look down upon my business
or do you look down upon me?
There's never "Too much wealth"
However, it really matters
on how those money are made
This is beyond me
Brother, don't get me wrong
That's fine
I know that you respect the old man
He has his moral code
But he'll come around
We'll talk more later
I'm hungry now
Braised pork over rice
Let's get some braised pork over rice,
from that same old place
Do you still go there?
Remember that girl used to work there?
Don't stay for too long,
remember your heart condition
Get up
Yes, your highness
Wife is the real boss around here
Remember, her words are the law
Yes, sir
Take care
- So many people -Yeah,
the more the merrier
Where is Chao?
Isn't he coming?
He's probably busy today
He's a grown-ass man, no need to worry about him
He's coming later
I just hope he can be more mature like you
He's always like a kid
Tell Chao
It's his grandfather's anniversary in two days
Remind him to take me there
I can't even find him
Okay, I'll remind him
Come, let's get something to eat
Watch your step
Let's go, kiddo
- Remember to say hi to everyone -Sure
Where is Chao now?
Why would I know?
He called me this morning to pickup his grandmother
Then he disappeared himself
Let me call him
Okay, go ahead
Cut the shit
Boss, the man is here
I'm Chao from North Fort,
one of Ren's boys
What do you want?
Say it
I'm here for the good
Let me ask you a question
Do you think supplying drug is a dirty business?
Why? It's just business
However, Ren doesn't think so.
He thinks drug is beneath him
He thinks he has no need for money
He doesn't know you are here
He forbade you from dealing with drugs,
didn't you know that?
Chao, isn't it?
What is this aboutl?
Chads grandmother is asking who is getting married
- Grandma, it's Pretty-Pan -Grandma, it's me!
Pretty-Pan is getting married
- You're all invited -Please join us that day
This is a good day
toast to it, Toast!
As we hold our hands, our hearts connect instantly
As I look at her, that cutie looks right back
As we part away, I wondered who that beauty was
Hey! There aren't any prawn in the pond!
Here's more
Still aren't any!
Wait here, keep the engine running
And with same heaven above us,
we share the blessing of this world
remember this song?
Come, sing with me
We live in this world,
there is love and there is hate
As a family, why must we harm each other?
Of all the unnecessary death,
who is the one responsible for it?
Of those who remain, whose rage is still burning?
Hey-ho, Hey-ho, such is the Wrath under the heaven
My brother
Now that I am here
Isn't it the time for you to return my boy to me?
Before I do that
I must explain what happened
Refuse to do business with me
However, your boy, Chao
Chao, isn't it?
He, came to deal with me behind your back
Isn't that a shame?
I have punished him for you
Fuck you, who do you think you arel?
Boss, I am sorry
Panda, take care of him
- Chao -Are you alright?
consider this as my fault
I had you to do my job for me
Sorry about it
We've been brothers for so many years
there's no need to apologize
To be frank
Though you as the boss have no need for money
Yet your boys are eager
So I already have a plan for you and your boys
Imagine if I let you have the North Town now
And have all your boys to run the place
while distributing the products
while distributing the products
We're going to be rich as fuck
So you're saying if I refuse to cooperate
then I'll ended up like Simple-Chun
You will have me "taken care of" as well, right?
Don't say that
There's no need to turn a brother of yours
into your worst enemy
Do you remember?
The lucky 7 you gave me?
now you will need that luck more than me
Phone call for you
Hey, what's up?
One second
Sit for a bit
I'll be back
When you were planning
for everything three years ago
Did you anticipated the current situation?
Let's go
Where do you think you're going?
So what now?
Hey, we're not done yet
Done!? You're fuck'n done!
Bring it on, if you dare
Hang in there!
Where are you now!?
Weren't you almost herel?
Hurry the fuck up!
What's going on now!?
Boss, just go
Boss, get out!
Get out of here!
Let go of me
Go now
Get out of here, Boss!
How the fuckl?
Why are we still here? Let's fuck them up!
I'm going to kill them all
Get everything ready
Get everything ready
Move! Get ready!
One second
I am being reasonable
But are they being reasonable?
I remember everything you taught me
and I understand all of them
But you know me, Boss
My boy took a bullet for me
and now he is dead
If wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here
and we wouldn't have this conversation right now
Can you understand, boss?
So we're just going to let them get away like this?
ls it president again?
Is it president again?
But the one died is...
Take care of it
So we really have to wait here all night?
Should just leave it to the boys to handle it
Chao is our brother, we will avenge him ourselves
This is all for you
This is a little courtesy from us
Today is the anniversary of your passing
However, your grandson, Chao, isn't here
Chao is such a nice kid
But he's always out there somewhere
you can never find him
Here he comes
This is fun
So much fun!
Hey, that's enough
That's enough
Let's go now
Enough. Get up.
- Let's go -That's enough
Get out of here
- This is really fun -Crazy bitch!
Come on, Syko, let's go home
Hey, Boss is here
What the fuck is going on!?
So now you're the fuck'n boss?
Who told you to start the conflict with them?
Boss, didn't you tell me to take care of it?
I told you take care of Chads funeral!
Fuck'n great,
now President wants me to take care of you
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
It's the President again
Fuck it, I'm hungry now, let's eat first
Braised pork over rice please
May I have one more...
- One for me as well -Are you guys OK?
Make it two
Nothing, it's fine
Hey, it's me
Wire three million to Syko-boy's family
Yes, sir
Tell them not to mention a word
Let's do this
North Fort piece of shit
Smash all of it
Wreck this place!
It's definitely Jian Corp.
It's definitely Jian Corp.
Cut the shit, It's war time!
- Ready -Let's go
Fuck off
Fuck 'em up
Where is your boss now?
Everyone here?
Tie up your red bands
Make sure you don't hit one of our own
Yes, sir
Let's do this
Boss, I have to someone to deal with
Be smart about it
Pan, is that you?
What the fuck are you looking at?
Fuck you, piece of shit
Come at me
Meh, sir
These traitorous dogs
started it!
Shut the fuck up
Enough, sit down
Are you done?
How old are you?
Because I'm already sick and tired of this shit
I'm already sick and tired of this shit
It's definitely them
Don't tell me how to do my job
You'll see
Your president never taught you how to behave?
Do you solve all your problems with violence?
So you think you're untouchable
What now?
Know this
You're already standing in your own grave
If you are willing to take out your own boss
Then you're free to go
Are you out of your mind? Or was it me?
Put me down, I fuck'n dare you
I'm going to fuck you up
Put my down
Put my down
Put my down
Burn, baby, burn
Burn, baby, burn
Put my down
Put my down
Fuck you, come back here
Hurry UP!
There was a big mess out there last night
Was it necessary?
Why you would bring this to yourself?
What for?
I'm here today to deliver you a warning
The higher up is now paying attention
to the situation
If you keep this up, I will have to do my job
Right? Let me handle this
I'll leave it to you then
It's about time
See you
What is going on now!?
What is this about?
Say something!
I understand
You have your reason to stay silent
Now that two of our boys died
Your boys
My brothers
If I don't do something right now
How am I supposed to avenge them?
I'll handle it well
Handle what I?
You the boss now!?
Here, take my position
and let me take orders from you
Somebody killed my boys
ls it because I failed as a boss
or are you getting to ambitious?
Ren, I don't understand
I thought Jian and you were like brothers
How did it all came to this?
Brothers, so what?
People change
Like everything else
Back then, it's about loyalty
Now, it's about profit
I sincerely hope everyone will be okay
Especially you
Now that both sides are in conflict
Situation has not improved
Instead, it has gotten worse
Her highness is not happy about it
The conflict between North Fort and North Town
That was all part of my plan
This is the perfect time
for me to take control over them
one by one
If you're unable to
contain the situation
I will have to
Step-in to do my job
O'great Lord Guan, the God of War
I, Ren of the North Fort
Humbly ask for your favor
There is a wicked organization, Jian Corp.
I believe it has to be destroyed
In order to bring peace back to the region
Therefore, I brought my followers to you
May you choose the right person
for the upcoming task
May the chosen one return safely to the family
Excuse me
Where have you been?
My son had fever, took him to the doctor
Meh, you're not that important anyway
It's me
Just let me do this
Rules are rules
Raise the incense
O'great Lord Guan, the revered God of War
I, Po of the North Fort
Thank you for this opportunity
To serve the people of North Fort
May you watch over me
As I carry out the mission
and please bring me back safely
Easy, take easy
Just keep calm
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Calling Big-Qing for backup
Do you know how long
I have been waiting for this?
I'm going
Take care of yourself
Tell you what, no matter what
Remember, wait for me
I got this!
What is going on?
What happened?
Looking for me? Make an appointment next time
Hey, over here!
You're back
Why so sudden this time?
Have you packed everything?
I'm leaving
How long is it going to be this time?
I don't know
Don't know
You don't know?
Is it nice over there?
Not bad
Try not worry too much
So I might be back before I know it?
It's about time, the boat is here
Captain, all good?
Big-Qing, how long before I can come back?
About 20 years
Big-Qing, about my fiancee and my son...
I know
Make sure you don't call back
Take good care of yourself
Where the hell are you!?
Fuck you
Fuck you
What the fuck now, what the fuck now
Do you know what happened to him?
What happened?
What about him?
Tell me!
You don't know!?
You don't know!?
Fuck'n say it one more time!
Why the fuck are you herel?
I chickened out
Chickened out!? Why didn't you just call me?
Don't you have my numberl?
I couldn't do it!
Why didn't you call me?
Don't you have my number?
I didn't know this would happen
I didn't know this would happen
I didn't want to
They were five of us!
Now two of our brothers are already dead!
How would I know this would happen?
He was the youngest, and now he is gone too
ls this how you treat your brothers?
Why would him do it for me?
I told him to wait for me in the car
If you did shoot that motherfucker
this wouldn't have happened,
was it really that difficult?
Do you really I'm that brave?
It's all because of you
Because you were always there to back me up
I thought I was always fearless
When you were around
How would I know what would happen
when you aren't there, I really have no idea
Stop it
Fuck fuck
Please stop it
Fuck, fuck
I'm begging you, please stop
What the fuck is wrong with me!?
What am I supposed to do?
What the fuck is wrong with me!?
Please stop this
it pains me as well
When I was chosen I really had no idea what to do
I waited until now to call you
because I really had no idea what to do
Please tell me what am I supposed to do
Please don't do this, I beg you
What have I done?
You tell me then! What am I supposed to do?
Tell me then!
I really don't know
Please, I don't know anymore
Have you taken good care of him?
I've asked brothers from the other side
to help him settle in
A man can't help but go with the tide
I'll handle this myself
- Give them a call -Yes, sir
Set me a meeting
Thanks for coming
You wanted to see me,
I'd crawl my way here if I have to
Thank you, thank you
Secretary is here
- Mr. Secretary -Mr. Secretary
This is brother Yung
- Welcome -President Gui
Thanks for coming
It's my pleasure
- Thank you, once again -Pleasure, pleasure
Senator, thank you for coming
Thank you, thank you all for coming
I am honored to be among you
For the good of this community
I humbly ask for advices from all of you
Thus we can settle our differences
Mr. Liu
Perhaps you have some suggestions?
President, you
are like a great father
Trying to be the peacemaker for Ren and I
I am so touched
Really touched
my heart
You're not young anymore
Times have changed
Why don't you just take a back seat
Young man, watch your manner
Your dog is trying to take a bite out of me
You can't just hold on to his leash forever
He is already beyond your control
Go on, keep going
Why don't you guys keep going?
I could use a boost to my career
President, Yung, I'll take my leave
My ap0l09V
Congressman, this way
Son of a bitch
I've never seen anyone
more disrespectful than that little shit
Boss, let me drive you home
Let Qing do it, I want to have a few words with him
Do you know what does it mean to be Gatao?
Early days in Taiwan, there were many Gatao
and they were not gangsters
They were a bunch of passionate young men
with sense of justice
They wanted to protect the interests of local people
and they fought the outsiders
As the time goes by, they gain many followers
and became forces to be reckoned with
That's how they won the heart of people
and became the local leaders
That is the real Gatao
Now that North Fort is such a prosperous place
People are able to live their lives
in peace because of us
You can't always solve problems with violence
Instead, you have use your virtues
You shouldn't continue to provoke Ren, your boss
Instead, you should support him
Bring stability to our Gatao
I get everything you're telling me
and I understand all of them
However, it is others who brought this onto us
I know!
I know!
No matter how much anger you have right now
I want you
to swallow all of them
The medicine
Where is your medicine?
President is talking to Qing
Gui! Gui!
Ambulance, call the ambulance!
The fuck are you doing over there?
What's going on? Say something
That was my boss!
My boss!
Boss, let me drive you back
Chu, where is the car?
Boss, it's that way
Boss, Qing
Have you ever regret taking this path?
After I came here,
I ask this question myself constantly
I just want to be with you guys
Like a family
These days, I couldn't do anything
but get drunk
I have no future
I miss you GUYS
I miss Panda, I miss Chao
-lt's Pretty-Pan -Grandma, it's me
Pretty-Pan is getting married
- I can fire three times and... -Hit five targets!
So you were there?
Hey dipshit, you should spend more time
with your fiancee
Honey, remember the day
I promised you and our son a family
Sorry, I failed to keep my promise
Please forgive me
Boss Ren, where are you going today?
I really want to go back
Boss, Big-Qing, thank you
I will never forget you
However, 20 years is too long for me
My heart couldn't take it
It's too empty without all of you
Honey, promise me, take care of our son
Don't let him grow up like me
Tell him his father loves him very much
Boss, Big-Qing, I'm going home
Please take care of my family
And take care of yourself
I am coming home
Pan, you're home
I told him to leave
He wouldn't
Because he said
he had brothers like you
You were his family
How come they're the ones who died?
How come it wasn't you?
How come it wasn't you?
The Big-Qng
You promised me,
you promised you would bring him back
You promised me
This isn't what you promised, not like this
Leave! Please, get out!
Brother, it's me, Ren
This is the last time I'm calling you as a brother
This phone call is just a heads up
Now is just between you and me
You and me
Chu, Chu!
Yes, boss
- Call Qing to come back -Yes, boss
Let me answer the question you had for your teacher
The reason why you have to study hard
ls so that you can have a proper career
when you grow up
So you don't have to be like me
constantly living on the edge
I'll be back in a bit
Big-Qing is back
What the fuck is going on?
Boss only told me to call you back
What's going on?
I don't know
Where is your boss?
Ren, come
Join me
Come, help yourself
This braised pork over rice
is from our favorite joint when we were young
The owner
She had a daughter, remember?
During that time
I had nothing
Tried so hard to impress her
Now, I have everything
And she's already married
Such is life
You're right, people do change
Even this braised pork over rice
doesn't taste the same anymore
The whole world is changing, if you don't change
what makes you different than a caveman?
Jian, I still have the same question for you
When you were planning
for everything three years ago
Did you anticipated the current situation?
Ren, do you know
Who do I envy the most?
It is you
Though not having to spend a single dime
You've got a whole gang of brothers backing you up
as for me
Look at me
the amount of money I spent
yet, I have no one I can trust
This situation,
it wasn't that I didn't think it through
It's just that I didn't expect
it would end like this
Then we have nothing left to say
Why are you here?
Ren, don't take this the wrong way
Let me ask you again, why are you here?
It's about time, they're taking over
This world
is no longer up to us
It seems you never get the point
It's not perfect
but acceptable
I warned you
In the end, you still failed
to contain the situation
Out of control?
Everything is according to my plan
Both North Fort and North Town are now gone
Jian Corp. has already taken majority of the Taipei
The northern Taiwan underground
is now under my command
Isn't this what you asked me to do?
Your command?
You're still missing the point
What we wanted was stability
All you do is causing trouble
Tell me
How am I supposed to keep my job?
Her highness has made her decision
Our cooperation ends here
Let me tell you something
Nobody tells me what to do
Nobody dares to tell me what to do
You're going to kill me now?
I learned all of this from you guys
Ren, it's me
Boss, I'm here
Of all the fun, and you didn't invite me!?
Watch out! Boss
Use this one
Boss, Qing is here
Po! Po!
Just die!
Qing, are you alright?
I'm good
Are you hurt?
I'm fine
Po, you alright?
Clumsy as always
You aren't drunk again, aren't you?
I got shot by the big one
Po, you alright?
Should be fine
Doing alright in there?
Not bad
Got many friends looking after me
And they send you their regard
How is Po?
Where is he?
He got into a fight with someone
Fight? Again?
If he doesn't shape up
He won't be calling us "brothers" again
Ha, I'll tell him
Boss, what about him?
Don't know
I haven't heard of him since then
No worries
I'm sorry
for causing you all the trouble
Dumbass, don't be silly
Make the best use of your time in there
You will be back before you know it, you hear?
Yes, thank you boss
Send me a letter if you need anything
- Ask Chu if he also needs anything -No problem
Pull now
Hold right there
That's him!
Hey, thanks, a little courtesy from me
Nah, don't worry about it
We're from the same school
You're such a badass
What are you going to do after graduation?
I am from North Fort
My boss is Big-Gui
I am going to
takeover the underground for him
What about you
Wanna join me?
I'll probably...
continue my study
I am Ren, what's your name?
I'm Jian
What is the song of the family?
The song of sorrow
This is it, The song of sorrow
I was born with the wrong sign
While others are fortunate,
I had to live underground
As if the birds outside are crying for me
I had no choice but go with the tide
Though having fun on the surface,
I feel hollow inside
Only alcohol can sustain me these days
Unable to face my past
Yet don't have the courage to take different path