Gatchaman (2013) Movie Script

You know, if the chosen ones
are infected with virus x,
they'll become Galactors.
Don't worry.
As long as the stone is
shining, they'll still
protect us even though
they were infected.
But what if the light
of the stone has faded?
Until then...
Year 2015 Eastern Europe
21 st Century
Strange monsters appeared everywhere.
A large-scale war is
spreading throughout the world.
A red light armor that can
hold against all attacks,
it didn't work in the various
wars initiated by mankind.
The 1 7th day after the war started.
Half of the world has been
subdued by unknown forces.
These new conquerors called
themselves as Galactors.
Many people were killed.
The world is filled
with grief and agony.
Many children have lost their
parents and siblings were separated.
Humanity are only allowed
to live in certain regions.
They are waiting for extinction.
And they put their
last hope on one thing.
Ken! Run!
Hand over the stone!
Are you awake, The Chosen One?
This incredible crystal known as stone
possesses power to control
the superhero ninja agents.
We called them as
1 3 Years Later, Tokyo.
1 9th, Galactors have
appeared in North Sanriku
connecting with North
Kitakyushu. ln addition,
this month's unempolyment rate is 29.3%.
Has increased 2.5%
compared to last month.
Overseas migration
exceeded 9 millions people.
l can buy with my salary. Don't worry.
Why you need so much
clothes for your mission?
Since it's a submerge mission,
of course l need more clothes.
What do you mean?
lt's about human observation
and intelligence gathering...
Hey! You can't tell anyone about...
the Ministry of Home
Affairs' main objective!
Why not?
You can't tell anyone.
You're doing something that
you shouldn't be as well.
lt's confidential. lf
using proper channels...
That'll be too complicated,
so we're sneaking in.
Hey, let's steal the recipes of that
3-star restaurant, what do you say?
You're so low. Just forget about it!
Don't worry. We'll see again very soon.
Yes. Bye.
Oh, yes. Mom, you should
listen to doctor's advice.
Take medicine according to time
so that you can recover soon.
Thank you.
Mission completed.
This day has finally come.
Our enemy is the lSO conference. (lSO:
lnternational Science Organization)
Scientists, the governments,
endophytes and plutocrats...
from all over the world are our targets.
Comebat Code, Last Suicide
The final...
Though this is the first combat for you,
but it is the last combat as well.
What's that?
Galactors have showed
up. Strange weapons are
approaching Nishi-Shinjuku's
defensive line.
Repeat one more time!
lt's the Galactors...
Jinpei! Dodge!
Suprisingly, the Galactors and
human DNA are 99% identical.
lSO Tokyo branch.
The 1 % difference is virus X.
Human civilization destruction, the
thing that had claimed
countless lives...
With horrific power, this is...
Virus X.
Western calendar, Year 1 71 8.
We've uncovered 28 unknown crystals
from the ancient ruins in Africa lnland.
We called them as stone.
Red alert.
The Galactors are approaching.
Expected target is our building.
Please move to the
evacuation zones immediately.
Please be quiet, everyone.
Don't worry.
We've made a plan.
The light emits from the stone
is generally known as G-particles.
lt can defeat the faceless,
armoured Galactors,
detroy Virus X, and suppress
destruction activities.
Evil people, can you see
the substanceless but
only white shadow me?
As we touch it, it's just a stone.
But as lSO agents touch it,
it'll become light of hope.
They gather together the chosen ones,
provide them with trainings,
and turn them into supreme
weapons against the Galactors.
Ken Washio.
Jinpei Ohtsuki.
G-Force Science Ninja Team!
Don't be so happy.
Ryu Nakanishi.
Jun Ohtsuki.
l was going to take care of both...
Something bigger is waiting for us.
The enemy's weapons are heading East
along Yasukuni Highway at 40km/h.
Estimated to arrive
at lSO in 7:20 minutes.
Massive fire rips through Shinjuku!
Neutron weapons are requested!
This is HQ! Neutron
weapons are prohibited!
G-Force will be right there.
This is G-Force! Reaching
destination in 40 seconds.
Well, the 3-star recipes,
l'm counting on you.
l know you're going to say like that.
This isn't the time to chit-chat!
Target's found in the city center.
After the target via the coffee
shop in Shinjuku-sanchome.
ldentical with the registered
model 363B in database and evidence.
PCB bombs, huh? Which has
taken millions of lives...
Retreat! And stop it!
This monster...
Ryu! Jinpei! They're coming...
Micro bombs.
Enemy's weapons are 2,000
meters away from lSO HQ.
3 minutes until explosion.
Ouch! Are you serious?
Get ready!
lt's so hot!
What's wrong, Jinpei?
Don't stop, Jun!
50 seconds until explosion!
Disarm the bomb first!
Yes, understood!
George Asakura!
Who is he? You know him?
Alright! The last one!
Huh? No way! Why?
30 seconds left.
Jupiter enters moon's
shadow! Gate opens!
Hey! What is this all about?!
1 0 seconds left.
Well done, Ken!
Who is he? You know him?
Haha! They're brother and sister.
They were asking the same thing.
Oh, yes. You should use
your brain more, Ryu.
So that it'll become like
a computer in 21 st century.
Why do you know about us?
Data about you two have
been recored basically.
l'm George Asakura, from lSO Europe.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
lSO East Asia Branch.
Thank you for saving Jinpei.
We won't be this lucky all the time.
The mission is much more important.
You must complete the
mission even if l'm in danger.
Yes! This is our rules, right?
George seems like your old friend.
Yeah. We've known each
other for 1 3 years.
We've been together ever since our
parents were killed by Galactors.
Same as you, Jinpei.
My parents are still alive.
The enemy has taken them captive.
l see. l'm sorry.
l'll save them out one day.
l want to cook something delicious!
And it was really funny back there.
This gorilla had fallen
heavily into the tub.
Don't make fun of others!
You're gonna pay for it someday!
Sheesh! Gorilla!
Alright! That's enough.
l've heard enough!
At this rate,
both of you will be together
when there's a mission, huh?
No way! l've had enough being
together with this gorilla!
Ohtsuki-chan, the way your brother
talks as if he's looking for a fight.
Anti-gravity response...
Do as you please.
We shall see later.
How about Ryu? He seems strong
but always goes to the hospital.
Just a slightly runny nose, he'll
go to the hospital immediately.
But this place is like
a hospital, ain't it?
Whether you're sneezing or
coughing, just go to the HQ.
Hey, do we need to record
data like this as well?
The relationship between the two of
you, l can tell even if without data.
You mean this gorilla and me? Come on!
With a monkey, huh? That's disgusting!
Hey, what about Ken?
What does he normally do?
l'm not sure. All l know is
that he eats hotdog every day.
l don't know what's on his mind.
Ken, he will only obey to
the rules set by himself.
Oh, yes. My sister confessed to
him just recently and got rejected.
She's been rejected!
You should've told us!
l didn't say anything.
A woman that can't cook, of
course she'll get rejected.
Later on, he felt relieved
and restless somehow.
lt must be Naomi!
The reason she got rejected.
A love triangle, huh?
lt's just like l thought.
Are you the kind of girls that will
get fired up when having competitors?
Oh. No. That's not what l mean.
l got you!
Not bad. l don't hate this kind of...
No! l'm not talking about this...
Ken has rejected you, but
it's not recorded in the data.
How's the situation in Europe?
We've tried our best to rescue the
refugees that sent the distress signal.
But all that's waiting us
was mountain of corpses.
The Galactors were a step ahead us.
One of them can kill up
to 1 00 thousands of people.
They were just a year earlier than us
stepping into the world of real combat.
My freedom was taken since l was
a boy. l've been training hard.
Even so, l still couldn't do anything.
What's the meaning of living?
There's no need for a meaning.
The stone chose us.
Only the chosen ones
can beat the Galactors.
Hence, we've no choice.
You've changed, Ken.
You've become better.
l just want to avenge Naomi.
Are you serious?
Dr. Kirkland.
The experiment has
entered the final stage.
You don't need those toys to
help you save the future anymore.
Now you can end the war with this.
And you can't reject it.
Excuse me.
You'll gain back your freedom very soon.
What do you think, Captain George?
George might break the rules
and disrupt the teamwork.
Like you in 5 years ago?
Go back to Tokyo. Last
Suicide isn't over yet.
Enemy's actual target is here.
The cadres of Glactors
that were fighting
with you have opened the moving door
and another door has appeared in north
of 203 district 84 at the same time.
Berg Katse
has sneaked into Tokyo
while we we were focusing
on repelling sayibowu break.
But Berg Katse is a girl.
l'm surprised.
l hope we can catch
her as soon as possible.
Not after we gathered
info from the intelligence
department. We still
have some other missions.
Protect the info provider.
As long as he's alive, the truth
of Last Suicide will be revealed.
ls the info he provided genuine?
Yes. His name is llya.
The second-rate person of Galactors.
But she was defeated by Berg
Katse in jockeying for power.
Now he's escaped to Tokyo...
and brought back some information.
You got what l mean?
We must protect lriya at all costs.
And stop Last Suicide!
Here's an advise for you, George.
Don't kill lriya.
The future is much more
important than revenge now?
So, you shouldn't kill lriya.
After 6 hours, Tokyo.
l'm counting on you.
How is it?
Hey! At least say something!
Are you stuck on me?
How is it, Jinpei?
Wait! Just a little...
Hurry! We're almost there!
Please take care of them, George.
Got it.
Please come in.
Please come in.
Please put your hands here.
Please put your hands here.
Hurry! Jinpei!
l got it!
Please put your hands here.
Please put your hands here, Sir.
Please do it again.
Are you okay?
This is strange. lt's broken, huh?
What a beautiful necktie!
l'm sorry.
lt's okay.
That's so close.
Take back Europe.
And take back hometown.
Go find lriya.
Wait a minute.
Couple posing game is over.
Tell me about lriya. What has happened?
You've told George, but why you're
hiding it from your teammates?
While you were in the training camp,
George and another
teammate and l were already
having combat training
at the border of Europe.
The three of us have been
together since the training began.
But 5 years ago,
as we were rescuing the
refugees attacked by Galactors,
one was killed.
lriya was the one that killed her.
ln other words, we're now
protecting our friend's enemy.
The one that was killed, is she Naomi?
George has told you about it.
You like Naomi, don't you?
lt has nothing to do with you.
Will it halt us from being together?
No way!
No! That's not what l meant!
l'm sick of this conversation.
Don't worry, Jun.
Naomi belongs to me.
We love each other.
Ken's being supportive, too.
Both of you are perfect match.
That's great. Thank goodness.
Let's find lriya then.
Wait, what did you just say?
5 years ago in Central Asia.
You didn't hear it, huh?
You frightened me.
You mean you want to get married?
Yes. Please marry me, Naomi.
Who would propose in a place like this?
More witnesses, the better.
You're so carefree.
The truceline is 4 kilometers away.
l'd like to settle it up
before the mission ends.
l did it, Ken!
The prioritization is very strange.
l'll protect you with
all my life, Naomi.
Finally we've deployed agents in Tokyo.
We're here to protect you, lriya-san.
The earphone seems to be broken,
Jinpei. l heard some stray noise.
l got it. l'll send you a new
one right away. Please wait.
l've a grasp of information about you.
Let me see your face to check
whether you're the real person.
lf you're fake, l'll kill everyone here.
Long time no see.
ls it okay now?
Am l confirmed an exile now?
Well, not before you tell us
about the meaning of Last Suicide.
Huh? What?!
Are you trying to fool me?
Jinpei. Hey, something's
wrong with the wireless, huh?
What are you doing?
Hey. hungry?
Where are you, Ryu?
This is strange.
Damn it!
Damn! We've been betrayed.
Protect lriya, Jinpei.
l see.
lf l fire at this distance,
l can kill you instantly.
Pulling gun at me, huh?
Put down the gun.
You hate him, don't you?
Our mission is to protect
him, not killing him.
But he killed Naomi.
Be cool. Just put down
the gun. This is our duty.
Hey, Ken.
You like Naomi too, don't you?
Come on! Don't make
me pull my gun at you.
l'll protect you with
all my life, Naomi.
Thank you.
Damn it!
No, Ken!
The power of the stone is
fading! Retreat immediately!
This is an order, Ken!
Once the body and soul are depleted,
the power of the stone will disappeared.
You must come out now!
Can't you obey to a
simple rules like this?
Where's Naomi?
Haven't found her body yet.
George refuses to team up with you.
l'll take the responsibility.
Please allow me to withdraw myself.
You're not allowed since
you're the chosen one.
We'll transfer you to East Asia region.
Damn it!
Human is a foolish creature.
lf you resist, 600 tons of
liquid ammonia will be frozen,
and you'll be locked
in an armoured cage.
ls this how you treat an exile?
What is Last Suicide? Tell me!
l'll be punished if l tell you.
l didn't receive any order like that.
Order? Who cares? Just
kill me if you want to!
You're free now.
Alright, tell me now!
You love that woman, don't you?
And l've killed her.
What are you doing in Tokyo?
When did you become like this?
You want to kill me but you can't.
You've to keep me alive before receiving
further command and information.
You're like a dog that
can't disobey order!
What is Last Suicide?
No. Were you the one
that made her suicide?
Tell me!
Well, you should be killed instead.
Answer me!
Killing youself?
Using your own hands.
Last Suicide is a plan to wipe out all
the lSO's scientists and
important persons in Tokyo.
But only Berg Katse knows how to do it.
Alright! You can kill me now.
Why would Berg Katse sneak into Tokyo?
Listen here. Berg Katse has gone nuts.
You'll be attacked if you don't do it.
What is it, Dr. Kirkland?
That's the plan.
But it's still in experimental stage.
l live because of this.
MOSCON was developed
for a moment like this.
So we must success!
ls Dr. Kirkland here?
Please forward my message to him.
l'd like to repent about
something particular.
l've killed your wife.
No, l didn't kill her.
l tortured her to death
after interrogation.
Why? Because she's Kirkland's wife.
Shut up! lt's live ammunition this time.
To know what Dr. Kirkland is developing,
a dreadful interrogation worse
than dying was being used on her.
Shut up!
But, just put it down.
Turn off the video recording.
She didn't say anything.
Because she really loved you, Doctor.
l have a suggestion.
A standby command.
Huh? Standby?
Are we going to wait until
Tokyo is being attacked?
Dr. Kirkland is going to
execute his battling strategy.
Doctor and his laboratory
have developed a MOSCON
that will emit streamline
beam from the satellite.
Emitting streamline beam
from artificial satellite?
Yes. lt can destroy the armours.
And wipe out all Galactors
in the center of Casablanca.
What? What about the captive?
Many people were being enslaved there.
Even Dr. Nambu's family is over there.
Sacrifices are necessary
for operation execution.
We are the chosen ones.
Come on, wake up!
Just leave me alone.
Normally you can't move for a week after
being hit by high-voltage
electric bullet.
We are agents.
l see.
Hey, Ken.
Will you still hit me
if it's a real bullet?
Our mission is absolute.
That's our rules.
But Naomi wouldn't do the same.
She'll protect you even
if breaking the rules.
Bear that in mind.
l want to talk to lriya.
Be careful.
l've received your message.
We were able to eliminate Galactors,
it's all thanks to my wife
for protecting the information.
lt can't be helped.
l'll kill you afterwards.
l'll find you
even though you're being
protected and hidden.
l'll kill you with my own hands!
And so?
Just go ahead and do what you want.
You're saving a lot of work for me.
Target is MOSCON, huh?
But my...
MOSCON cannot be activated
without motorizes devices, huh?
Someone like you, it's impossible
that you didn't take it along.
Can you hear me, Ken?
lriya has escaped!
Pursue him immediately!
Where's Jinpei?
Capture lriya is more important now!
l'm coming to save you, Jinpei.
Wait! Bastard!
Good boy.
5th Century B.C.
Virus X was brought here from the space.
Those got infected were called
as zombie in some regions.
While some called them as dracula...
or devil.
And they were being attacked.
During world war ll, virus x was being
used by some countries
as military purpose.
People assumed that the research
result on defeat has disappeared.
But after half a century.
A scientist from Pulaha discovered
an underground laboratory....
and got infected with Virus X.
And his name was Berg Katse.
Berg Katse?
We got infected with Virus
X, and evolved into Galactors.
But not everybody will get infected.
The probability is one
out of 800 millions.
The chosen ones for stone are the
chosen ones for Virus X as well.
They possess the possibilty of evolving.
Transforming is so tiring.
You are...
Virus X is omnipotent.
No way.
Because of death, l can
manipulate freely as l want.
l can turn into any shapes.
You treasure the same
ring that we shared.
Are you really Naomi?
Can you remember it now?
Those that got infected with Virus X and
became Galactors are
increasing over time.
As Berg Katse came back to life,
it's reached almost 300 peoples.
Men were entrusted to inherit.
And his name was Berg Katse, too.
The second generation.
He wanted to wipe out
70 millions of human
with 300 Galactors.
lt's a good chance as lSO started
to recruit the chosen ones.
They've helped us to gather up
those that can evolve into Galactors.
Hence, l've joined them since then.
l was given the chance to choose for
the first time ever since l was born.
Either to be an agent or a Galactor.
l've chosen freedom.
George has made his choice.
Now l'll let you choose.
Do you smell Virus X from my lips?
Congratulations. You've got infected.
That's not my name anymore.
My name is Berg Katse.
lriya isn't the third
generation, but l am.
l'm entrusted as the symbol of freedom.
George wasn't bound by any
rules ever since he was young.
l like you about the freedom part.
But what about the stone?
You were enslaved by humans
because of this stone.
You've lost your freedom.
l'm not a slave.
Then why you want to be an agent?
To seek revenge and avenge someone.
But l'm still alive.
You'll gain freedom when you evolve
into something surpasses human.
Forget your vengeance.
And live on freely!
Dear George.
Jupiter has entered moon's shadow.
Look. Once you join the Galactors,
you can open up the
door to the other world.
lnspection result.
Their compatibility rates are much
more higher than the benchmark.
This way please.
You're pissed that your
parents were killed, huh?
l want to banish the Galactors.
Me too!
How about you, George?
Me too!
Well, l'll give you a chance.
l'm waiting for you.
l heard a...
woman's voice.
lt sounds like...
l can't answer it, it's illogical.
Declare the war.
Where am l?
Puny human.
Never ending retaliation.
How selfish.
You wanted to avenge your wife
that's why you created MOSCON.
Endless retaliation after retaliation.
l'll release you from it.
There's only one way to stop
the chain of retaliation!
We won't use the
weapons created by human!
Let human use it themselves.
And kill themselves
with their own hands!
This is the so called Last Suicide.
What does justice mean to you
after killing millions of people?
Though we don't have justice as a human,
but we have our own
justice as Galactors.
l know what's the enemy's target.
lt's Dr. Kirkland's MOSCON.
They approach us in order to hijack him.
Dr. Kirkland is going to use his
own body as MOSCON's control device.
The enemy wants to control his
mental and launch the MOSCON.
Targets are New York, Los Angeles,
Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo.
30 minutes to launch.
Dr. Kirkland was found in the enemy's
fleet. Stop MOSCON from launching.
Allow Phoenix to move out.
What? lt hasn't tested
yet, are you sure?
lf we don't use it now, we might
not get the chance to fly it anymore.
Understood! Move out now!
l'm ready to fight!
Hurry! We'll inform you when the
detailed strategty has arrived.
Before that, l've something to ask you.
Why did you leave Jinpei behind?
No. He was...
Shut up, Jinpei. l'm asking Ken now.
ls lriya more important
than your comrades?
l was just doing my job.
Stop talking about duty!
Jinpei would've died if l was late.
Stop it! lt's my negligence.
Alright? Don't forget that
we are the chosen ones.
The chosen ones.
The chosen ones can only
live the life that's chosen.
You've never changed.
Are you crazy?
Am l crazy?
Can't you be a bit normal?
How can we be normal
when we're like this?
l don't know.
l just want to live a normal life.
But the stone has chosen us.
And we're forced to
wear those ugly uniform.
We fought and killed the
enemies and keep on fighting...
But l feel happy sometimes.
l guess l've gone crazy, too.
Go take a rest. l can
take care of here alone.
Do you still remember?
Captain's duty is not following the
rules but to protect his comrades.
Well, this is an order! Five of
us, let's save the mankind together!
Prepare to ascent! Energy loop
open! Maximum power output!
Using stone's assault weapons.
l heard that the compatible parts for
this body have been transplanted, too.
We are a brand new siblings!
System activated! Main
engine has been opened!
Main engine starts operating.
Phoenix! Ready to move out.
Tunnel has been opened.
Attack command has been received.
Request accepted.
Target 1 to 5 have been locked.
G-Catridge and rocket
booster have been filled.
l don't feel good about it.
Shut up, Monkey.
Shut up, Gorilla.
1 8 minutes to launch.
Split after sneaking in!
Stop MOSCON from launching.
Enemy's orbital element
diamater is 4,1 00 meters.
Horizontal plane defense, approximately
the fort's diameter, many of them.
Affirmation confirmed.
Ready to fight back.
Missile preparation 80% to launch.
Let's go!
l'm fine! Let's go!
1 0 minutes left. Let's find Kirkland.
You don't have to remind me.
Captain's duty is not following the
rules but to protect his comrades.
There you are.
l'm not happy because you
didn't return after borrowing it.
Like you can defeat me
with an attack like this.
You want to take me away
or you want to kill me?
Wake up, Naomi!
7 minutes to launch.
Here you are.
Dr. Kirkland.
What's this? How am l
supposed to sneak in?
What's this?
l won't forgive you!
Giving you freedom? So
this is George's reply?
l will not become a Galactor!
Well, you should just
kill yourself then!
Can you see me, bastards?
lt's been a while, Ken.
You didn't tell him, huh?
That's what friends are for, huh?
l died because of Ken.
But l've gained freedom.
What is going on? Was it Naomi?
lt has nothing to do with you.
Come one! Of course it has!
All safety locks have been unclocked.
Hello, l'm Naomi.
He's George, right?
Nice to meet you.
This sound...
MOSCON is going to launch
soon! Hurry, Jinpei!
Oh, yes.
Connect to the control machine directly.
Alright! How is it?
lt's lighting up.
Alright. New York is safe.
Yes. Los Angelos is safe.
Rio de Janeiro and Sydney are safe.
Wanna know how we make it?
Well, just move the satellite's orbit,
using science technology
and offset the orbit.
l see.
Left only Tokyo now.
This is for revenge...
Get away from there, Jinpei.
He's suicide.
How's the situation?
No! At the rate, l can't confirm it.
Control has been cancelled. Damn it!
Tokyo is late.
Any other way to stop it?
No other way but to
destroy the satellite, huh?
You must escape!
MOSCON, leave the main fleet.
Wanna date me, huh?
l see.
lt's over.
Did you hear that, Ken?
lt's unavoidable that Tokyo
has become MOSCON's target.
Dr. Nambu's evacution advisory
is impossible to be fulfilled now.
Brother! Go out!
And George!
They are battling in the
satellite to stop MOSCON.
We can't lose the five of them now.
The rest depends on you now.
Go out!
What do we do, Brother?
lt's going to launch soon.
The three of you can do
it! l'm going with George!
l've finally realized that l want
to be with George until the very end.
This is the reason l'm fighting for.
l'm proud that l can cook.
lt tastes so bad.
No, Ken! Come out now!
Even to save the remaining four...
l won't sacrifice anyone.
Even to save thousands of people...
l won't sacrifice anyone.
And lastly, George, we, and Tokyo,
all of us have come down.
We've been released at last.
Actually l really like you, George.
That's why...
l didn't kill you.
Just kill me.
The chosen ones will become Galactors.
Kill me now.
Leaving all the risky
tasks to the chosen ones,
while hiding youself at somewhere safe,
why would you throw your
life in for someone like that?
Don't forget that you can
gain the real freedom here
once you've become Berg Katse.
Got it?
The chosen ones will become Galactors
if they're infected with Virus X.
Don't worry.
As long as the stone is shining,
they'll still protect us even
though they were infected.
But what if the light
of the stone has faded?
Until then...
just kill him.
l'll kill him, too.
Stop it!
Tell me! Are you Naomi?
l'm the one that you love, Ken.
The one that George has taken from you.
And you want to kill me again.
Come with me, Ken.
Let's be free together.
You're not Naomi.
Naomi died since a long time ago.
She won't come back anymore.
She's gone to Heaven.
Fulfill your promise now, Ken.
This has nothing to
do with rules and duty.
l fight because l want
to protect mankind.
l throw myself in because
l want to save them.
Naomi has saved me back there.
Now, it's my turn to save you!
So long, Naomi.
Thank you.
The last mission.
Go now!
l want to die here.
No! Get up!
l've become a Galactor.
The stone is still shining!
We still have hopes!
And you're my dearest friend.
l won't let you die!
You must live on in place of Naomi!
You're so stupid...
Engine activated.
Error occured! Engine
cannot be activated!
We can't get out!
lt's still under testing.
1:30 minutes to launch.
What do we do.
The Bird Missile! Activate the missile!
What are you doing?
You're much clever than l thought.
This is the only way.
Change to battle mode, Ryu.
Yes. l got it!
Monitor Phoenix! Battle mode!
Battle mode! Launch!
49%! Launch!
40 seconds to launch!
There's still one more
blow. What do we do?
Launch again, Ryu!
We'll be together forever.
Right, Jun?
The decision is in your
hands! We'll just follow.
Yes, me too!
Alright. Let's go.
lt's been concluded.
Target corrected.
Energy filled.
Loading 60%.
5 seconds to launch.
We did it!
This is Kagaku Ninpo: Hinotori!
Good job!
Did you hear that, Jinpei?
Ken said that he wants to
be together with me forever.
Of course l did. That's my brother.
l mean we'll be together when we die.
l didn't say that especially to Jun.
Geez! Come on!
lf it's like that, l'll steal
your position as a Captain,
and command you to date him out.
You can't refuse, Ken.
This is great.
That's nonsense.
They are the best!
Let's go back.