Gates of Paradise (2019) Movie Script

I need to stretch my legs.
Do you mind if I take a break?
Huh? From... what?
From posing.
I'm getting
a little stiff over here.
Oh, I kind of moved on
from that, remember?
Working on
my Farthinggale painting.
I've just been sitting here,
looking like an idiot
this whole time?
Thought I said something.
I'm fragile, Luke.
"It was three days
before they found
her mangled corpse."
Choose your method of death.
Falling piano.
So should I come back
in 15 minutes?
What are you doing here?
I wanted to say happy birthday,
since I can't be here
on the day.
Yeah, yeah.
What'd you get me?
My God.
Are you still painting pictures
of this place?
It's better than
my old ones, though, hey?
I think there's
other subjects, Annie.
When you get to art school,
they are gonna want to see
a wider range.
Well, I paint other things.
Aren't you glorious? Hmm?
So what's next?
You reclining nude?
She could even put you
right here, on the front lawn.
Don't say I won't.
So, are you two kids
still playing
"prince and princess
of Farthinggale Manor,"
like when you were kids,
making kissy-faces
at each other?
Oh, shut up.
I remember once
you mom had to pull
you two apart.
Maybe I should
call Fanny over here.
Tell her what ol' Uncle Drake
just walked in on
between Annie
and her half-brother.
You done, Drake?
Ah, there you are.
- Hi. Mom.
- Heaven.
Just in time for supper.
No surprise.
Well, you can't blame me
for missing your
country cooking, Heaven.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Smooth-talker, get going
while it's still hot.
Hey, Mona Lisa, let's go.
All right.
Annie, why are you
still painting that place?
Because, Mom,
a bowl of pears is boring.
Why does everyone care so much
what I paint anyway?
Let's leave Farthinggale
in the past, where it belongs.
Good morning, Annie.
Happy birthday.
You're 18!
Yay, I can go to bars.
That's 21.
What is it?
Open it.
You're giving me your cottage?
You knew
I'd give it to you one day.
When you died, maybe.
I mean, you never
let me touch it.
Well, you can touch it
all you like now, it's yours.
But be careful with it.
It's delicate.
Thank you, Mom.
I know this means a lot to you.
It does.
Because of you.
Why because of me?
Happy birthday!
Thanks, Dad.
I got you
a little something, too.
Oh, my God!
If this turns out to be a prank,
I will hunt you down, Dad.
Mom, I love the cottage,
but Dad wins.
Oh, yeah. If you like
vulgar displays of affection.
Thanks, Logan.
It's like magic.
You say "vulgar"
and Fanny appears.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, Aunt Heaven.
You got her a Benz?
It's not too late
to try and top him, Aunt Fanny.
It's really beautiful,
Aunt Fanny.
Well, it ain't a car,
but I picked it out special.
Wow, it's very classy, Fanny.
You sound surprised, Heaven.
I got class,
just like all of you.
You'll get a dose of it
at my 40th birthday party,
which is coming up presently.
Hello, Heaven.
Oh, Drake.
Is the birthday girl there?
Yeah, she's right here.
Hi, Drake.
Happy Birthday, old lady.
You'll never guess where I am.
Mm... Buckingham Palace?
What if I were to tell you
I was at Farthinggale?
Wait. Drake, are you kidding?
Oh, my God.
Drake's at Farthinggale.
Yeah, he's there
with Tony Tatterton.
Drake, are you playing games?
No! Tony, come say hi.
I've got Heaven on the line.
Is it really you?
Whoa! Wait, Mom.
What are you doing?
- I want to talk to him.
- That's enough, Annie. Okay?
- No, not okay.
- Annie.
Wait. No, Dad.
I'm an adult now, right?
That doesn't mean
you know everything.
You're right, Mom.
You're absolutely right.
There's tons that I don't know.
All these family secrets
that you never want to tell me.
Well, I'm part of
the family, too,
if that's news to you.
Hey, Annie, why don't we, uh,
take a walk, get some air?
Mom, when you keep
these things from me,
I fill out the blanks
on my own, okay?
Just tell me the truth.
Annie, darling,
don't spoil your day
with bad feelings.
Hey, Luke's right.
Why don't you go for a walk?
You and your mom
will talk about things
when the time's right.
Will we, Mom?
You have to understand
there are some things that are
hard for me to dig back up.
But we'll talk, sweetheart.
I swear to God, Luke,
you'd think that my dad
also being yours
would be the biggest
family secret,
but everybody from here
to the moon knows that one.
Why can't you just figure
your mom's got
your best interests at heart?
Hey, it's my birthday.
Just pretend
that you're on my side.
Your mother's wrong
about everything.
She always has been
and she always will be.
Thank you.
Hey, um, listen.
There's actually something
I wanted to talk to you about.
I got my letter from Harrelston.
I got in.
Full scholarship.
So you're going to Boston?
When do you leave?
End of the month.
Well, that's great.
It's everything
you've been wanting, right?
You seem less than thrilled.
No! No, I mean,
it's cool, but...
I'm just not sure how badly
I want to be
that far away from, uh,
from home.
Well, I think it's great.
You and Drake, Harrelston men.
He'll be running Wall Street
and you'll be
the Surgeon General.
Us Hillbillies done good.
I'm really proud of you.
Come here.
Hey. Shh...
You guys will see each other
on vacations and holidays.
Drake didn't disappear forever
when he went off to school.
I know. It's just...
you spend all this time with
all the people that you love,
and then all of a sudden,
work or school or something
just takes everybody away.
Not everyone.
Your dad and I are still here.
I know, but Luke is...
he's more than just
a half-brother to me.
He's my best friend.
You didn't think you and Luke
and Drake would be
running around Winnerow
like little kids
for the rest of your lives.
Well, no, but...
would that be so bad?
Your dad and I are here.
And we're not going anywhere.
It's going to be okay.
It's going to be.
Hello, Handsome.
I don't think I know you.
You a friend of Luke's
from high school?
What are you, a wrestler?
Go easy on the booze
tonight, okay?
How often does Fanny turn 40?
I know, but Fanny likes you
a little too much
when you're a few in.
Well, there is only one "fanny"
that I'm interested in...
and it ain't your sister.
Hi, sweetie.
Thanks for coming.
Go get yourself a beer.
Come on, Logan.
Dance with the birthday girl.
Now, you know I don't dance
on an empty liver, Fanny.
You give me a couple, huh?
Oh, I'll give you a lot more
than a couple.
Thanks for making
an appearance, Heaven.
Last one here.
What is it comes after
"fashionably late"?
Oh, I don't know, Fanny.
Maybe looking for an excuse
to leave early?
Why are you starting with me?
I can see it
all over your face...
You don't want to be here.
You can't stand my friends.
Well, I could do without you
offering my daughter a beer
and propositioning my husband
in front of my face,
but short of those details,
I'm more than happy to celebrate
my sister's birthday.
Mm. What about
that one over there?
He'd be a bed-full, huh?
Uh, don't you mean a crib-full?
Ugh. Stay boring, Heaven.
Imma go tap his keg
before a line forms.
You do that.
Hey, Mr. Mopey.
Nice, uh, everything.
I was looking for an occasion
to try out this dress.
Well, I think you went
right past try-outs
and straight to competition.
So, what's with
the brooding-loner routine?
I mean,
look at her, for God's sakes.
No shame.
She doesn't care
who she embarrasses.
You'll miss her when you leave.
I don't know.
Looking forward to putting
this whole town in my rearview.
That's nice, Luke.
I'll make sure not to write you.
What? Hey, hey, hey, wait.
What did I say?
Oh, no, nothing.
I'll just go hang out
with the rest of the yokels.
I wasn't talking about you.
Well, I'm gonna be
in your rearview, too.
Listen, you dope.
You're the only thing
in this town
I'm actually gonna miss.
Hell, I'd take you with me,
if I could.
You're crying.
Come here.
Look. I'm sorry.
I really didn't mean that
the way you're taking it.
Okay? I promise.
Come here.
And you'd better write me,
or I'll get some Boston toughs
to come break your legs.
Where's my little Lukey?
There's my handsome son.
So, for those of you
that don't already know,
my sweet boy
just got in
to Harrelston.
He's gonna be on
a full-ride scholarship.
Won't cost me a penny!
So all the liquor stores in town
can breathe
a big sigh of relief.
Hey. You said you were gonna
take it easy tonight.
Actually, you said
I was gonna go easy tonight.
- Logan.
- Okay.
This is the last one, I promise.
Thank y'all for comin'.
Let's get dancing, dummies.
I'm comin' for you, you hunk!
Geez. What are you
hoping comes from this?
A little brother or a sister?
I think it's time to go.
But Mom...
Bye, Luke.
You can't be mad at me, can you?
I told you this would happen.
Right, but you can't
be mad at me, can you?
Slow down, please.
You're drunk.
She pulled me out there.
Everyone was looking.
What was I supposed to do?
Yank my arm away
and humiliate her
in front of everyone?
She never has any problem
humiliating us
in front of anyone.
Mom, just let it go.
It's Fanny.
Logan, please, slow down.
You're gonna be all right.
is gonna be all right.
Can you hear me?
Annie. Oh, thank goodness.
Welcome back, beautiful.
Who... Who are you?
Hey, there.
How are you feeling?
My head hurts.
You had an accident...
but you're gonna be all right,
you're in the hospital.
What's going on?
What happened?
You've been in a coma
for a few weeks.
Drake, I can't...
Drake, I can't... I can't...
I can't feel my legs.
You've suffered a spinal injury
and there's a great deal of
disc herniation and swelling.
But there's no reason to believe
that you won't make
a full recovery.
I-I don't know who you are.
Annie, this is
Mr. Tony Tatterton.
He's your great-grandfather.
Your step-great-grandfather.
I'm gonna take care
of everything, Annie.
No matter what the expense,
I'll cover it.
You will walk again.
Where's my mom and dad?
where are my parents?
you don't know how lucky
you are to have survived.
The accident, it was...
It was instantaneous.
There's no way
they could've felt any...
God, we all thought
we were gonna lose you, too.
So my family's gone?
No, that's not true, Annie.
You've got your Uncle Drake,
your brother, Luke. Fanny.
And you've got me.
I'm your family, too.
You won't be alone
through any of this.
Tony's gotten you
the best doctors.
Your own private nurse.
You won't want for anything.
Please. Leave me alone.
No! No, no, no.
No, no...
Not to worry.
It's still very early
in your recovery.
I'm never gonna
walk again, am I?
I think you will.
The prognosis
is very promising, Annie,
but you have to keep
a positive attitude.
Remember, you're suffering
an emotional trauma
just as devastating
as your physical one,
and given what I see
on your x-rays,
there's every reason to believe
that you'll make
a full recovery.
Are you family?
- Yeah.
- Yes, we're family!
Please remember
to not get her too excited.
She's still very fragile.
All right, all right.
Leave us be, please.
Hey. You're looking good.
Luke, where've you been?
Why haven't you come to see me?
What do you mean?
Annie, I've been here every day
for the last few weeks
since you went into a coma.
It's true.
He never left your side.
Not once.
Brought you your favorite drink.
Could you...
Look, they want us
to give you some space
'cause they want to avoid
any upsetting stimuli.
Upsetting? How would
me seeing you be upsetting?
This is all my fault.
I acted like
such a fool that night.
I'm not blaming you, Aunt Fanny.
It just kills me
I was always so rotten
to Heaven.
When we were growing up,
I was always the one that got
all of Daddy's love.
But I loved her
in my own way, Annie.
You have to believe that.
Hey, Mom?
Maybe not right now.
You're right.
I-I'm sorry.
What's important
is getting you better.
We'll get you out of here
as soon as they let us.
And we'll get you back home.
Hey. What is it?
I hadn't thought about that.
Going back home.
Knowing that my mom and dad
are never gonna walk through
the front door again.
W-Well, uh, we'll take you
back to our house.
And we'll fix you a nice room,
and we'll get you
anything you need.
You're not even gonna be there.
Hey, I'll be here
for another week and a half,
before I go to school.
And I ain't going anywhere.
I'm gonna take care of you
just as good as Heaven would've.
She's not much older
in this picture
than I am now.
And here is a photograph
of your mother
riding "Scuttles."
We had dozens of horses
back then,
but those two
just loved each other.
Tony, how many pictures
do you have from back then?
Because I'm gonna want to see
all of them.
Oh, I've got dozens and dozens.
They're all up at Farthinggale,
but I like to keep
these ones close to me.
You've been incredible, Tony.
I mean, I don't know
how I'm ever gonna be able
to thank you,
all this stuff
that you're doing for me
when I'm practically a stranger.
No, you're not a stranger,
I've always known about you.
It's a tragedy
that our family was ripped apart
all those years ago,
but it's not too late
to put things right.
I never understood
what happened.
I mean, my mom
never really talked about it,
her days at Farthinggale.
I always wondered if you were
some kind of ogre or something,
but now I just can't understand
why she put all this distance
between all of us.
Heaven and I...
we had a falling out.
But I never stopped loving her.
Do you know
where they're buried?
My parents?
I had Heaven and your father
buried up at Farthinggale.
You're kidding?
They had plots
in the family cemetery.
Right on the grounds.
I do take some comfort
in the fact
that they're both at home.
Oh, look at you, Dapper Dan.
You're looking at...
the new Regional Manager
of Factory Operations,
Tatterton Toys,
Framingham Division.
Oh, I'd give you a card,
but they're still being printed.
You hired this lunkhead?
Drake's third in his class
at business school.
He's graduating this year.
I figured I'd better
scoop him up
before 50 other people
had the chance.
Well, congratulations, Drake.
You might end up
respectable yet.
Actually, I have an offer
to make to you as well.
I don't really
look good in pinstripes.
I was hoping
you might consider
coming to Farthinggale.
Recuperating there.
You'll have
your own comfortable room.
Nurse Broadfield will
take care of your every need.
I have a private cook.
And Dr. Malisoff
will be on call.
You need a lot of peace
and quiet,
like the doctor says.
And, frankly, I think
getting out of this town
would be good for you.
You could get you away from
these bad memories for a while.
I don't really know what to say.
Just think on it.
Well, I will need to go there
at some point.
I will need to see
where my parents are buried.
Well, Drake will be close.
Oh, yeah, and that's right.
Luke will be at Harrelston, too.
Only 20 minutes away.
- Mm-hmm.
- Just think about it.
It would do my heart good
to make up
for all the lost years.
Are we done yet?
Yes. We'll do it once more
before your bedtime.
The phone's not working.
Dr. Malisoff
had them shut it off.
Why'd he do that?
Because your blood pressure
was too high
after your last visitors,
and he thinks it's best
if you refrain from
social activity for a while.
Well, what social activity?
I need to make a phone call.
I want to tell Luke
I'm going up to Farthinggale.
So, are you going to argue,
or accept that the doctor
knows what's best?
I assume you want to be up
and walking as soon as possible?
Well, this is what
the doctor prescribed,
so unless you think
you know better,
and want to just roll the dice
with your recovery...
I can just let the doctor know
that you think
his medical degree
and experience are worthless.
Shall I go ahead
and do that right now?
I need to get a message
to my brother.
Would that be possible?
Of course.
Wake up.
You've been paroled.
You're being discharged.
As soon as you're up and ready.
Oh, well, I'm up and I'm ready.
I brought you a get-well gift.
It was your mother's.
I had it sent overnight.
Was this really my mother's?
I bought it for her
as a special present
when she first went away
to boarding school.
I thought it might be nice
if you wore it for the trip.
Well, I don't know
if this is really
up to the minute
fashion-wise, Tony.
Oh. Well, you don't have to,
of course.
I just thought...
No, no, no. No.
If it'll make you happy,
it'll make me happy.
Yes, it would.
I'll have Ms. Broadfield
come in and help you put it on.
My God, you do remind me
of my Heaven.
What are you doing?
You need your rest
and we have
a long ride ahead of us.
Now, just hold on a min...
A minute.
Annie. Annie, wake up.
We've arrived at Farthinggale.
It's magnificent, isn't it?
I never grow weary
of looking at it.
When you're feeling better,
I'll show you the stables
and the gardens.
We even have a private beach.
Tell me...
what do you think?
Uh, well, it's great.
I mean...
Take that inside!
I've got her.
You'll have to forgive me.
My mind has been
too much on my business
and not on practical things...
and we men tend to not notice
dust and clutter
when we live alone.
I don't suppose
a feather duster
would hurt things any.
No. I don't suppose it would.
And I'll get right on it.
You will see,
this house will look
just like it did
when your mother lived here.
That's a promise.
Who's the boy?
Oh. That is my brother. Troy.
Oh. You have a brother?
But he, uh...
died some time ago.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Uh, let's, uh...
get you upstairs.
Careful with her, now.
Here we go.
I've got you all set up
in my favorite room
in the house.
In fact, it used to be
your mother's room.
And your grandmother's
before that.
Here we go.
Oh! Perfect timing, ma'am.
I've just finished
with your room.
Annie, this is, um...
It was Millie, wasn't it?
She will be your private maid.
You just call for me
day or night, ma'am,
and I can take care
of whatever you like.
That's, uh, well, thank you,
but I really don't want you
to make too much
of a fuss over me.
Oh, it really isn't
a bother, ma'am.
And please, just call me Annie.
Well, okay, ma'am.
Uh, Annie.
You can leave us now.
Thank you.
All right.
Right this way.
Ahh. Okay.
Do you want to put your arms
around my neck?
I'm sorry, Tony,
but, um, there's no phone.
Ah, yes, well.
Dr. Malisoff instructed us
to remove the telephone...
At least for now.
But, I mean, I'm kinda
gonna need a phone.
Annie. Please trust me.
Let me help you heal.
Don't you believe
that I've gotten you
the best doctors money can buy?
Yes. Yeah, of course.
And we'll get
any message you want
to anyone you say.
And, um, I'm sorry to ask this
on top of everything else, Tony,
but do you think I could
get some art supplies?
I mean, I wouldn't ask...
We'll get you anything you want.
Except a phone.
Doctor's orders, for now.
We should probably
let her rest, Nurse Broadfield.
Could you please ask
before you do that?
With needles, I find it is best
to be done with it.
Could you not be so rough?
Well, it's this or bedsores.
Take your pick.
So do you have any kids,
Mrs. Broadfield?
It's Miss Broadfield, thank you.
Oh, you don't have a husband?
No, I do not.
If it's any of your business...
Which it isn't.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry.
I'm just trying
to make chit-chat.
Well, I don't have time for men,
and they haven't had
any interest in me,
which suits me just fine.
There's a shocker.
Will you stop moving, please?
Gin. Twos and Jacks.
Didn't take you
for a hustler, Annie.
Yeah, that was your downfall,
Millie. Go again?
I can't.
If I don't get
to your laundry today,
I might end up
in that graveyard out there.
Oh... God.
I didn't mean to...
No. No, it's okay.
Um, actually, I've been wanting
to ask you something.
Have you seen a strange man
around here?
Because I swear
that I saw somebody
out by the graveyard
the other day.
He just, like, appeared,
and then was gone.
Well, that's creepy.
Out by the graves?
Maybe there's ghosts here, huh?
Yeah, well, that wouldn't
surprise me one bit,
if you want to know the truth.
If I were a ghost,
I'd feel completely at home
in this house.
Excuse me, ladies.
Why, I'm Rye Whiskey,
and, well, I'm the cook.
It's nice to meet you,
Rye Whiskey.
Have you met the maid,
Scotch on the Rocks?
Oh, don't think
you're too clever now.
I've pretty much heard 'em all.
Mrs. Tatterton mispronounced
my name years ago
after she got
all sick in the head,
and it just stuck.
Sorry. I'm just kidding around.
I'm Annie Stonewall.
Oh, yes, I know.
I brought you some lunch.
I just had to come up here
and see if it was true.
Everyone is saying
Miss Heaven's come back
to Farthinggale.
Now, I don't know about that,
but Lord if you don't
remind me so much of her.
You knew my mother?
Oh, yes, I did.
I pretty much come to know
everyone who ever come up here
in, uh, the last 40 years or so.
Been in this house a long time.
Seen everything.
'Cause Annie thought she saw
a ghost the other night,
wandering outside.
You ever seen one of those?
A lot more than one,
Miss Scotch-on-the-Rocks.
A lot more than one.
You know...
What are you doing in here?
The two of you!
Why are you
disturbing this girl?
They're not disturbing me.
We're just talking.
Get out!
It was a pleasure
to meet you, Miss.
Could you mail this for me?
Who's this "Luke"?
He your special guy, wink-wink?
He's my brother.
Never mind.
Mr. Tatterton would like
a word with you.
Right now?
He's in his office.
This will calm you down.
I am calm, Nurse Broadfield.
I'm calm, too,
but I can only be
tested so much.
Now, it will be the pill
or it will be the needle,
but it's one or the other.
Ugh. Again?
Oh, my God.
Tony, you scared me.
I was just thinking
of you, Heaven.
I would love so much
to see you back out,
riding on the grounds,
on Scuttles.
Uh. What?
You always looked beautiful
on that horse.
Like you were one being.
Tony... are you okay?
I'm sorry.
Was my head in the clouds again?
I used to watch your mother,
riding Scuttles for hours.
When she left,
my younger brother, Troy,
he cared for Scuttles
for a while.
One day,
he got on Scuttles and just...
rode out into the ocean.
And that was the last of Troy.
Oh, my God.
He killed himself?
Who told you that? Who?
I mean, didn't you?
Just now?
Those are lies!
Lies and vicious rumors!
Troy would never do
anything like that!
No, that whole situation
was just
an unfortunate accident!
I'm sorry.
I-I didn't mean to assume.
No. No. I'm...
I'm sorry.
Sometimes, I get lost in memory.
I-I didn't mean to wake you.
You should go back to sleep.
I got you those art supplies
you wanted.
Thank you.
Goodnight, Heaven.
I felt that.
No, I don't think so.
No, I'm telling you,
I felt that. It hurt.
No, that's nonsense.
It's too early.
You wouldn't feel anything
this stage of your recovery.
I'm not nuts, Nurse Broadfield,
I think I'd know.
What you felt is something
called "phantom pain."
Okay? It's in your mind.
No. It was in my leg.
You've heard of those people
who've lost their arms
and they just have stumps,
yet they insist
they can feel their hands?
It's the same thing.
So, you're telling me
that you're not hurting me
right now, when you are?
Something along those lines.
Where's Millie?
I haven't seen her all day.
Millie has been let go.
The girl was incompetent
and, frankly, a little stupid,
if you ask me.
Well, how come she didn't
come to say goodbye?
Don't know, not a mind reader.
I do, however, have
a sixth sense...
when it comes to sneaky people.
Is it part of your job
to spy on me?
It's my whole job
to help you heal.
Now let's get you back into bed.
No, I don't want
to go back into bed.
Well, I think
you should get back to bed.
I don't care what you think,
Nurse Broadfield.
I'm sick of
being cooped up here.
Plus, it was
my great-grandfather
who hired you, wasn't it?
So that makes me the boss,
and not you, doesn't it?
Suit yourself.
Come in. Hurry! Tony!
What is it?
I need to speak with you
Well... what is it?
I want another nurse.
Certainly. I'll get you
all the nurses you need.
No. I want a different nurse.
Broadfield is horrible.
She's a tyrant.
Well, yes.
She can be a tad gruff,
but I assure you,
she really is the best there is.
No, Tony, please,
I can't stand her.
Annie. I thought
you trusted me.
- Tony, I...
- I'll speak with her.
Tell her to be
a bit nicer. Okay?
And Tony...
I want out of this room.
I think it's time you tell me
why my mother left Farthinggale
and never came back.
left this place
because of me.
Okay. So what does that mean?
Your grandmother, Leigh,
she took up
with that mountain fool,
Luke Casteel,
for reasons
I'll never understand.
should've been born right here,
not in some mud hole down south.
When she finally came
to Farthinggale,
she was happy here.
You could see it in her face.
Tony. Why'd she leave?
I contacted Luke Casteel
and he...
he was exactly the kind of man
I'd always expected he'd be.
I paid him
to stay out of Heaven's life.
She may have had some lingering
love for him...
But you bought him off.
I did.
And when Heaven found out,
she left.
She told me
she'd never forgive me.
She never did.
It was like...
Leigh had left me all over again
and I just couldn't bear it.
All the light went out
of this place
when I lost Heaven.
I want to show you something.
All that
belonged to your mother.
That's her hair brush.
Part of her is still in it,
you see?
I know.
I just can't believe
that she's gone, you know?
I understand.
Tony... I don't get it.
You and my mother always had
such a big rift between you.
Why would you hold on
to all of these things?
It was she who wanted
nothing to do with me.
It was very different on my end.
I never lost hope
that she'd come back.
You see...
by keeping a few
of her things as they were...
I've kept her as she was to me.
I cheated fate.
Tony, what are you doing?
Sorry, I just, um...
I just, uh,
I just wanted to tell you
I've made all the arrangements
for your parents' service.
We'll be holding it tomorrow,
at noon.
Thanks. Bye.
Yes. Ahem.
Guess it's a good idea
to keep that door closed, huh?
In my father's house,
there are many dwelling places.
If there were not,
would I have told you
that I am going to prepare
a place for you?
And if go
and prepare a place for you,
I will come back again
and take you to myself,
so that where I am,
you also may be.
They were fine people,
Miss Stonewall.
We were all richer
for having known them.
Thank you, Rye.
Will you come by later?
I've been wanting
to talk to you.
Well, the boss says
you need rest, Miss,
and I do as the boss tells me.
But I'll sure try.
How are you holding up?
Drake, what's going on?
Where's Luke?
It's his father buried
there, too.
He wouldn't miss this.
What? What is it?
Luke met somebody.
A girl.
Yeah? So?
It's just...
Luke has been so absorbed
by this new girl,
he doesn't seem to have time
for much else.
No, no. That's not Luke.
What's going on, Drake?
Hey, don't blame
the messenger, Annie.
Her name's Jessica.
She's got him hypnotized.
I written him
a bunch of letters.
Hasn't he even received
any of them?
I don't know.
Why wouldn't he?
Something's not right.
I need to call Luke.
Look, as soon as he gets back,
I'll pin him down.
I promise.
Time to go.
We don't want any back sliding.
What are you doing in here?
I-I was just...
Just what?
I am not losing this job
because a crippled girl
violates the rules!
Nurse Broadfield?
Nurse Broadfield!
Open the door!
Open the door and let me out!
Luke, is it?
I'm Nurse Broadfield.
Annie never stops
talking about you.
Well, she's been
on my mind, too.
Yeah, she knows that.
Look, um, I don't want
to get her too worked up,
like the doctor said,
but I was hoping to come up
and bring her a few things.
Just some books, some snacks,
stuff I know she likes.
What a sweetheart you are.
I'll get those
to her right away.
I was actually hoping to say hi.
I'll be in and out.
Five minutes.
Did you know that she took
her first steps already?
You're kidding?
That's great!
Yeah, and the doctor says
she's at a very crucial point,
and we don't want her progress
to backtrack.
No, no, of course not.
She'll be up and walking
any day now,
and so you understand,
the less that
she thinks about home,
the less the trauma
of her loss will come back.
All right.
Can you do me a favor
and take her this for me?
And she'll be thrilled to hear
that you stopped by
and I'm sure she'll appreciate
knowing that she hasn't
been forgotten, Luke.
No need to worry.
Hey, one more thing.
Keep taking good care
of her for me.
I will.
Is Tony back?
I'm not eating this.
Then I guess you'll go hungry.
Tell Rye I'd like
something more appetizing.
Anything too rich
will upset your stomach.
This isn't prison.
I'm sick of prison food.
Now go down and tell Rye
to make me something decent.
I'm the nurse.
I've decided that
this is what's good for you,
So this is what you'll eat.
You know, Nurse Broadfield,
when I get hungry,
I get talkative for some reason.
Anything can come out
when I start blabbing.
I could even let it slip
that you were taking
a little siesta
when I paid a visit to the room
with broken mirrors.
I'd really hate
to accidentally mention that,
because I was hungry.
Oh, boy.
Nurse Broadfield!
Nurse Broadfield!
I need you!
Oh, my stomach.
My stomach!
Nurse Broadfield!
Please come quickly!
I need you!
My God, You're boiling me alive!
Well, you were a mess,
weren't you?
You put something in my food.
You're recovering from a trauma
and I told you
what would happen.
Don't blame me that it did.
You just wouldn't follow orders.
Don't think
that you're fooling me,
and Tony's gonna be home
any minute.
Well, if that's a threat,
young lady,
you should know
that I'm completely secure
in Mr. Tatterton's
confidence in me.
And you're not the only one
with tales to tattle
about your trip
through his sealed rooms.
Imagine what
he might think of you,
poking through
his private business.
Makes for an interesting
conundrum, doesn't it?
Got me fired?
The joke's on you.
You're on your own now, girlie!
See how much you like that.
I'll never forgive myself.
I should have listened
to you before.
She came so highly recommended.
Tony, it's all right.
She's gone.
I could never hurt you, Heaven.
You do believe me, don't you?
Tony, I'm Annie.
Oh, I've missed you so much.
I never thought
you'd come back to me.
Okay, Tony. Stand up.
You're confused.
Annie. Yes.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.
I'll make up for it.
All of her abuses.
Just tell me how.
I need to use the phone.
I need to call Luke.
No. I'm afraid I can't do that.
Dr. Malisoff says
you should be out
of the wheelchair by now.
You're obviously
much too distraught.
You know, I'm so sick
and tired of hearing that.
I can't see any good reason
why I can't make
a simple phone call.
Well, I'll call Luke.
I'll call him for you right now.
No, Tony.
I'll call him myself.
Why are you always resisting me?
You act like I want to hurt you.
Don't you think I could have,
if I wanted to?
I never suggested
that you wanted to hurt me.
I will call him!
I'll call him for you now!
Just tell me
what you want me to say to him!
Just tell him that he needs
to come see me right away.
Maybe later I'll sit for you.
Would you like that?
Yeah, that'll be fine, Tony.
Heaven, is that you?
Tony, stop!
- You've got to soak.
- What are you doing?
There may be swelling
from your fall.
Oh, what am I thinking?
- Let me get that for you.
- No, no, no! Tony! Tony!
Get out!
Are you insane?
You know,
this is a good home for you.
It's always been your home.
I know you never meant
to leave me.
Just call when you want
to get out, darling.
Hey, I just wanted
to swing by and show you
my new hot-off-the-presses
business card.
Thank God, it's you. Listen.
You got to get me out of here.
Hey. What's going on?
Tony's not right in the head.
You got to get me out of here.
- Right now. Come on.
- Hey, hey, slow down.
Take you where?
Look, there's
nothing wrong with Tony.
You're getting a little...
I don't know, stir-crazy.
That's all.
Why aren't you believing me?
Because you don't know
what you're talking about.
I'm sorry that this place
hasn't lived up
to your expectations
of unicorns and rainbows...
Drake, he's crazy.
No. No. That is ridiculous.
I have been
working with him every day,
and he is treating me
like I'm his own son,
so why are you
trying to blow this?
Oh, my God.
He bought you.
Hey, don't get so sanctimonious.
You never called Luke, did you?
You said something to Luke
so that he wouldn't come here.
What did you say?
All right, Annie.
Listen to me.
Your brother,
Luke, he's found himself
another girl.
You know, they say
if you sell your soul
for the whole world,
it's a bad deal.
But for "Regional Manager,"
Here we are.
Your tea and some of
Rye's famous sugar cookies.
Thanks. You're an angel.
Is there anything else
I can get for you?
Uh, yeah, there is, actually.
I am totally out of Cadmium red,
and I really need it
to finish this new one.
Do you think that
while you are out
you could go and get me
another tube?
Of course,
it's no problem whatsoever.
This is Val.
Oh, Val. Thank God. Hi.
Um, is Luke Casteel there?
Uh, no.
Luke's in class, I think.
Oh. Right.
Listen, Val, this is
unbelievably important.
I need you to get
a message to Luke.
Can you do that for me?
Carlos, ew! Put that away!
Val? Val, hello?
Yeah, what?
I need you to tell Luke
that Annie is in trouble.
Serious trouble.
And he knows where to find me.
You got that?
You got it?
Uh-huh. "Annie's in trouble."
I got it.
Well, uh, c-can you please
write that down for me?
Who are you?
I'm Tony's brother, Troy.
Well, I must say,
you're looking pretty spry
for a guy who's been dead
all these years.
Come on. Let's go.
So, Tony's story about you
riding a horse into the ocean
was just another lie?
No, that was true.
Right up to the part
where I died, that is.
I tried to end things
more than once,
I'm ashamed to admit,
but fate had other plans,
I guess.
So now I live here alone
in my cottage on the far side
of the maze.
My God, this is it...
This is my mother's music box.
Yes, it is.
This is my workshop.
I made that music box
for your mother
with my own hands.
In fact,
I made all of these toys.
I'm still the head designer
for the company.
So, you knew my mother, too?
I knew your mother very well.
Years ago,
I found her lost in the maze
and I brought her back here.
In fact, she's the last guest
I've had here.
Until today.
I'm so glad that,
after all this time,
my first guest here is you.
My mother never mentioned you.
No, she wouldn't have.
Your mother and I were close
for a while,
but things got...
As they always do.
And we both agreed
it would be best
if I remained dead.
Define "close."
For a brief moment,
your mother brought me back
to the world of the living.
I really shouldn't say
anything more than that.
Why? Why does everything
that happened in our families
have to be lied about
and hidden away?
certain things are taboo.
Can you understand that?
Yeah. Yeah,
I can understand that.
Listen, Troy.
Your brother's
trying to keep me here
against my will.
Can I use your phone?
I need to call a cab.
I, uh... I haven't had
a phone here since...
well, forever.
Well, can you take me into town?
Uh, I can't do that.
I don't leave Farthinggale.
I can't do this on my own.
I want to help you, believe me,
but, uh, I've tried
to leave in the past and...
I just can't...
I can't breathe out there!
Please, Troy, I'm begging you.
You're my last hope.
If you ever cared
about my mother,
you know that she'd want you
to help me.
Well, then, uh...
Well, then I'd better get you
out of here then, Annie...
for Heaven.
You're doing great, Troy.
- Just one step at a time.
- Annie!
Just get me down to the road
and I'll wave down a car
or something.
Oh, God, please, Troy.
We're almost there.
- Annie! Annie!
- I can't breathe.
- It's not that much further.
- I can't breathe.
- Troy!
- Annie!
I'm sorry.
I can't breathe.
Thank goodness, you're okay.
I was worried sick.
Tony, get out of my way.
We'll get you some dinner.
Whatever you want.
Leigh is dead!
Heaven is dead.
You can't bring 'em back!
Just let... let my...
Let Annie go!
Troy, you're very sick.
Let me get you back
to your cottage.
Take her back to the house,
would you?
- No!
- Troy! Make him let me go!
Please! No!
She's in the best hands
Come on, now.
Come on.
No! No! Tony!
I'm getting out of here!
What's going on?
Tony? What do you want?
You can't know how
I've missed you, Leigh.
Tony, I want you to stop this.
I'm not Leigh.
Leigh is dead.
I've never loved anyone
but you, Leigh.
Tony. Tony...
you're making a mistake.
No! Tony. Tony...
Get out.
Get out!
I'm sorry, I thought I was...
Get out of here!
Oh, I thought I was...
Get out!
I mistook you for...
Please forgive me.
Give me back my chair!
Tony! Bring me back my chair!
I need to speak to Tony.
Get outta here.
What do you mean,
get outta here?
You're not welcome here.
Get out.
Will you get him for me, please?
- No.
- Tony!
- Get him for me.
- Get out, right now.
- My sister's in there!
- I don't care.
- Tony!
- Luke?
Get Tony for me! Tony!
Tony! Get your hands off me.
My sister's in there.
Tony, come here!
Get out of here.
Work! Work!
Tony! Get this guy
to let me past.
I need to see my sister!
I'm afraid
your sister's not well.
I need to see her.
I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.
Let me see her! I need to know
if she's all right.
It's all right.
I got it.
You son of a bitch!
Wait. No, Luke, stop.
He's crazy.
Just take me out of here.
Annie, oh, my God.
What have they done to you?
I'll get the door.
Heaven! Don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
You should be here
with your father!
I'm so glad you're back.
Me too.
Come on.
How are you getting along
there, sweetheart?
Can I get you something?
Can I talk to you
for a minute, Aunt Fanny?
When I was at Farthinggale,
I met a man.
He lived on the grounds,
in a cottage by himself.
This cottage, actually.
It's the same one.
I just found a letter
that he wrote to my mother.
It said a lot of things,
but, in it, he referred
to her as his niece.
Now, if that's true,
that means that
my mother's real father
is... Tony.
Could that be true?
Heaven never wanted
your daddy to know about that.
She made me swear
to keep it a secret.
Your momma and me,
we had our differences,
but we always kept
each other's secrets.
That's something, at least.
So Tony really is her father.
I guess, if you figured
that out yourself,
then there's no reason
you shouldn't know the truth.
That Tony...
he pushed himself
on your grandmother, Leigh.
So that means that...
you and my mother
aren't really sisters.
Not by blood, no.
You got it?
All right...
At this rate,
you're gonna be
running marathons in no time.
'Kay, watch your step here.
There you go.
What if we weren't
brother and sister?
I don't know, Annie.
What if the earth was flat?
Do you ever think about me?
Let's take a break.
No. Luke, I love you.
I sure hope so.
Not like a sister, okay?
I think you feel the same way.
Annie, this isn't
a conversation.
Look me in the eyes
and tell me you're not
in love with me.
You're my sister.
That's not an answer.
It's the only one that matters.
Ahem. Luke, Annie.
I just got a call from Drake.
You owe me
for bringing me up here.
The truth is,
you're not really here for Tony.
For what, then?
Are you here to steal
that diary you found?
That's part of it.
Annie, can we talk?
I don't have anything
to say to you, Drake.
I-I only wanted to do what
I thought was best for you.
You can believe
whatever you want,
but that's the truth.
That's nice, Drake.
I was hoping
you'd stop by before you left.
Come in.
I brought you something.
I remember this.
It's a love letter.
To my mother.
So I have something
that I've been wanting
to ask you, Troy,
although I think
I might know the answer.
You were never supposed to know.
But I have to admit...
I'm glad you finally do.
I'm sorry,
I don't mean to be rude,
but what the hell
are we talking about, here?
Troy is my father.
So w-what you're saying
is, um...
what are you... what are you...
What are you saying, Annie?
You and I aren't actually
brother and sister.
I've been wanting to tell you,
but I had to hear it
from Troy first.
It's true.
So are you ever gonna kiss me?
Give me a minute, okay, Annie?
You were my sister until
about three seconds ago, so.
I wasn't your sister
three seconds ago.
I wasn't ever your sister.
Well, I guess
I can kiss you, then.
You can kiss me.
You can marry me.
You can do
anything you want to me.