Gateway (2021) Movie Script

Any word from Sully?
Not yet.
Have everything ready
when he calls, right.
And make sure Eddy is clear
with him, its our weed.
If we grow 200 plants
I expect 200 plants.
Ah, he knows,
the prick is edgy as it is.
we don't need to
freak him out even more.
Fuckin' Sully.
Have the lads meet us
at your mum's place,
I'll be there in 30 minutes.
Where are ya now?
I gotta go see Tex
about something.
Do you know this dopey cunt?
Is there anybody looking
for this dopey cunt?
Not that I know.
Well thats good, thats good,
but its not good for you.
What did he steal this time?
He stole somebodies eye.
I heard about that,
Burt's kid?
Yeah, that's Burt's kid.
What he's like 17,
mouthy little fucker.
Seeing is believing.
Burt's paid me up front for...
three days?
Burt's left it up to me to
decide what an eye is worth.
Ya know...
money, drugs, all that,
all that there shit
that can be...
can be settled, its payable.
But you see an eye,
an eye is difficult
to put a price on.
Do you like the smell of money?
Like the smell?
You know Cyril called me?
Oh yeah, what did he want?
He wants his fucking money.
I've got two months.
I just wanted to
give you a wee...
just a wee heads up.
He'll get his money.
- Where ya growing the weed?
- I have a place.
Oh, you have a place,
do ya?
Thats good...
Thats good innit?
Ya know...
Ya know,
now might actually be
the right time to go after him,
you know with his...
his wife dying of cancer.
Ya know, I heard
he is doing all these dealings
with these weird people.
I dunno, weird people.
No wait, um,
its holistic people, holistics.
Ya know, cause he's, uh,
he's trying to get rid
of his wife's cancer.
Speaking of cancer...
Don't you fucking move.
Where do you want
me to start?
- Climpy.
- Climpy?
The boyfriend?
Well how nasty?
Do you want me to
break bits or take bits?
I want to know everything
where he went,
what he saw, everything.
Get out.
Now Ellen would
not make us sit outside.
Yeah we talking about
the same Ellen,
the one who burned
all my stuff but kept the TV?
- You loved that TV.
- Yeah.
Maybe you should be
more worried about your kid.
She'd have made us
breakfast, too.
No, your fucking kidding me.
Yeah right.
We can't use Sully's place,
he thinks the cops
are onto him.
Paranoid prick.
Let's go.
Ellen, thats not
what you said.
Hang, hang on a minute.
Let's get this over with.
Where is he?
Hurry up!
I hear your looking for
a grow room.
Where's the money?
I've a handy room upstairs,
perfect for growing.
I said no.
I thought we were buddies?
You're scum, Gary.
Sorry to hear about Hannah.
What was that about?
Gary's a scumbag
but we need him to buy from us.
Let's go see Ellen.
Tidy those toys away.
What ya looking at, bird boy?
You, fat face.
Your a drunk
and I don't want Sarah
hanging around with a drunk.
And its okay
for her to be around you?
I'm sober.
You were never sober.
I am sober.
- Just like that.
- Yeah, just like that.
Don't walk away from me.
Your child is inside
there watching ye.
Is she still looking?
Hug her.
Fucking do it!
Tell Joe he can have
Sarah this weekend.
- Are you off the sauce?
- Yeah.
Are you gonna mess this up?
You heard him.
And if he does,
he can deal with me
the next time he wants her.
Put the child first
for once ye cunts.
Come on gimme a hug.
Next weekend, yeah?
Don't thank me yet.
If she goes with him,
I'll be alone.
I don't like to be alone.
Or Sarah stays here
and I don't care what you do.
but if you tell him.
What's he gonna do?
Last night.
Went to this pub,
was chatting this young one up.
Old fella at the
counter kept saying,
"Go way,
stop talking to her."
So I says to him,
"Whats it to you?"
The man at the counter says,
"She's my daughter your barred."
So I leaves.
He finds this motor bike.
He finds the helmet.
Puts the helmet on.
Had to put
the cat down last week.
It couldn't really walk or see,
it was deaf as a post.
Tried explaining it to the wife,
but she is as deaf as the cat.
So I wrote it down for her.
When you have to put your
thoughts down on a page,
you think about them
a lot more
and you really focus on what
it is you wanna say and...
Its like stepping through
a doorway in your head.
What I wrote down for her
was a basic sentence,
there was no poetry to it,
but it was...
the most honest heartfelt thing
I could write for her.
This is for you
and your friends.
Now fuck off.
I always figured
I'd tell her about you,
but whats the point?
That would only upset her.
Your mother never told
your dad about you, did she?
That was good of her, I guess.
He wouldn't have wanted ya.
Some people own their mistakes.
Some don't.
I didn't own you.
So lets her it.
We fell short.
I'm aware of that.
People die.
A month is plenty of time to
get it out of your system.
Number eleven Oakfield.
The attic is a good spot
for the crop.
Your friend Climpy goes there.
Now fuck off.
My wife tells me
every day not to worry.
That the lord is like a river.
Always moving.
Taking us to somewhere new.
My dad's buried in there.
Your dad's dead?
When did that happen?
About three months ago.
Why didn't you tell us?
He was in the ground
before I knew.
We didn't get on.
I thought you were adopted.
My adoptive dad.
Not so bad so.
This guy.
Cyril said there is
an abandoned house on Oakfield,
said you've been there.
Yeah, me buddy Jamie
used to smoke there.
Me and Hannah went a few times.
Anybody go there anymore?
Don't think so.
Haven't been there since.
I can't stop thinking
about that night.
I should have walked her home.
Yeah, but you didn't.
Sometimes I can't breathe,
I jus panic...
I just fucking panic.
I still see her,
out of the corner of me eye.
I find a can or two helps.
Don't go down that road.
How do you cope?
This is for you.
Hannah gave it to me,
its to your parents house.
The lads are wondering, Mike.
Wondering about what?
Just wondering
where's your head at?
What's that supposed to mean?
Look where we are!
Look who you
are just fucking talking to!
Where's your head at?
Cause mine's on finding
a place to grow this weed.
We all know you have
been through a lot.
And if you need to
take some time...
Phil and Robbie?
They've got a lot
to lose too, Mike.
Ye think my heads not in it
and your plan is what?
- Push me out?
- It's not like that.
I haven't thought about
my dad for ages, right.
And now I cant stop
fucking thinking about him
cause of that
fucking grave yard.
We all cared about Hannah.
And right now
we need to be focused.
Have you been to the house
that Cyril told me about?
Have ya?
Climpy has.
I know who used
to use the place,
what it was used for
and I also know how to get in.
As far as I can see I am
more focused then all of ye.
Why not spend less time thinking
about where my head is at
and a bit more getting
Cyril his fucking money.
leave Climpy be.
How are we getting in?
The garden at the back
of the house.
There's our boy.
What's up with you?
He's a snake.
Go on.
I got my reasons.
So tell us.
Don't need to
tell you anything.
Remember the last time
I come to stay with ya?
My dad stopped talking to me
cause of him.
Eric came round the house
late one night,
high as a kite,
started throwing stones
at the window,
trying to get me.
Except he is throwing stones
at the wrong fucking window,
wakes me dad up,
starts yelling at him
to come and get me.
Saying we got some bag
of pills we need to take,
even offering me
old man some.
That was generous of him.
That was the last time
he spoke to me,
my dad.
Died two weeks later,
fucking heart attack.
The key is under
the green flower pot.
Meet me in the park.
It's all over the house.
I don't think so.
Rest of the house?
Looks empty.
There's a door upstairs
I can't open.
Check the attic.
Reminds me of your place.
Fuck off.
Nothing up there.
What ya think?
Someone could have been here
this morning or last year.
And what did Cyril
have to say?
About the house?
He says no one comes here.
Why not?
This place should be
a junkies paradise, man.
Let's see what
the lads have to say.
What ye think?
Yeah, it could work.
Are you sure
no one comes here?
That's what Cyril said.
I dunno,
something doesn't feel right.
We've got a little
over two months.
- It's a good spot for a crop,
- Yeah.
you'd get at least fifty plants
up in the attic.
Who asked you, you cunt?
Just sayin'.
I'll be next door.
Is there a reason
why he is still here?
He'll be gone soon, alright!
Lads, we need to
get started, yeah?
It's a risk.
What about that front bedroom?
We could get the
gear in tonight,
have it setup by
tomorrow evening.
And is someone going to stay?
I think a walk away is better.
The attic, yeah?
Yeah, its more work,
but if somebody comes in
they wont find it.
And power?
We just tap into
the attic light,
run the power off that.
We can knock
a brick out of this chimney
and we vent straight up.
What about the attic hatch,
if someone does turn up?
We leave it.
What about Cyril?
Give us a minute.
Robbie's got a point.
What, about him?
Yeah about him,
is he gonna fuck us over?
I don't think so.
Are you sure about that?
Well, what other
choice have we got?
And does anybody else
know about the place?
Is he gonna be a problem?
We'll get the gear in tonight.
What'd you say to Ellen?
What did you say to her?
I saw ya, man.
I said you were on the wagon.
And thats it?
That's it.
How ya getting on?
Take the weight!
Fucking help us!
He's not breathing.
What was he doing
in the fucking attic?
I don't know.
You sent him up there, Mike.
To open the fucking door.
Not to go into the attic.
He must have slipped.
Got caught up in the cord.
It's wrapped around
his fucking neck, Joe.
So he just hung himself now,
did he?
What else is there?
- We need to get out of here.
- Eric!
- I wanna go!
- Don't you fucking move.
We need to leave.
We could find somewhere
else for the grow.
What about Phil?
Leave him here.
- Don't say a fucking word.
- Relax.
We ain't leaving him here.
And what are we
gonna do with him?
I don't fucking know,
but we ain't leaving him here.
He has an attic at home, right?
What are ya saying?
When it's dark,
we're gonna take him home
and hang him in his attic.
Jesus fucking Christ.
He killed himself.
It's got to look like that.
- Makes sense.
- Don't fucking say anything,
You listening to me?
Shut the fuck up.
I'm not fucking doing that.
Then don't.
This is wrong.
We can't do this!
I see her sometimes.
At the end of my bed.
In the street.
I'm her big brother, man,
and I wasn't there.
I feel the same way.
I wish I was there, too.
She used to fancy you.
Big Joe.
Didn't she ask you to go to
the school dance with her?
Yeah, she did, ya.
Phil was one of
our best mates.
I know.
But you're right.
We'll bring him down
to the back door.
And we'll take him home tonight.
I'll talk to the lads.
Are you really going
along with this?
We can't do this.
You know what happens
when we don't pay up.
What about Phil?
Phil put us in this shit.
And this is our way out.
Let's do this.
Are you ready?
There's somebody coming.
Up the ladder.
Eric, get up here quick.
Come on!
Hurry up!
Close the hatch.
Where the fuck is he, Mike?
Joe, get the fucking ladder!
Where the fuck is he?
He got up.
And walked out with them.
What do you mean he got up?
You're losing it, Mike.
- We should get out of here.
- Yeah, fuck that I'm gone!
Keep him in the house!
We're leaving.
Wipe it all down.
What the fuck happened?
In here.
We have to get out of here.
Yeah, we are.
Fuck this shit.
We wait.
For what?
We all go together.
I just wanna get out of here.
Where's the bag?
We can't leave without the bag.
Forget the bag!
I'm not staying.
You know what happens
if we don't find that bag?
Fuck the bag!
Let him fucking go!
You and Ellen?
Now's not the time, Joe!
I don't fucking care.
You wanna spend time
with Sarah, right?
Yeah, but not like that.
While I'm with Sarah
your banging my missus.
That is not going to happen.
If you cared about Sarah,
you'd have laid off the bottle.
We can go round
and round on this after.
Yeah, we're coming
back to this, Mike.
Search the bathroom
and the attic.
Do it.