gatto nel cervello, Un (Nightmare Concert) a.k.a A Cat in the Brain (1990) Movie Script

A woman...
hacked to death with an ax.
Her face...
cleaved in half
Another strangled.
Yet another hanged.
Someone chopped to bits...
by a chain saw.
Or drowned in boiling water.
A throat torn out by a maddened cat.
Burned alive.
Buried alive.
Sawn in two,
Buried alive.
Stabbed. Sawn in two,
Devouring the remains,
Slashed by a razor
Killed. Smashed
Someone chopped-
Burned alive.
I love you so much I could eat you
just what I'm about to do.
We are gonna eat our mistress.
That's it. Good, good
Move in for the close-up.
That's it. That's it.
Not now. Later. Listen.
Print this take and the third.
Filippo. Filippo!
Right here. What is it,
time to break already?
Yes. I'm gonna have lunch
at that big restaurant.
- You wanna come with me?
- Oh, no, thanks. I have to stay here.
I need to keep an eye on things
during the set change. Okay?
- Okay. See you later.
- Don't overeat. See ya.
All right, everyone, lunch break.
Lunch break.
And don't forget. I want to see you
all back here in one hour exactly.
You got that? One hour sharp.
Thank you.
Why am I smoking?
I don't enjoy it any more.
It's bad for me.
- Mr. Fulci, how are you today?
- All right.
- Like a piece of fillet steak?
- Fillet steak.
No. Fillet, no. Fillet, no.
In that case, I've got this for you.
Can't beat steak tartar.
Doesn't that look appetizing?
Steak tartar, no. No.
- Not tartar.
- it's tender. Freshly minced.
No. Gigi.
Mr. Fulci, what's wrong?
No, no.
It doesn't look real to me yet.
We must do something
about those eyes.
Get 'em out of my sight.
They're revolting.
Very well. I'm so sorry!
- Pick 'em up.
- I hope my eyes didn't crack.
This is terrible.
Mr. Fulci.
Good morning.
What do you want, Egon?
We've got to talk.
To talk.
Don't be so pathetic.
What do you want to talk about?
Katya, I'm your husband.
I can't live without you.
Don't remind me.
Anyhow, it doesn't mean anything now.
it's only a matter of time.
Go and open the door.
Can't you hear the bell ringing?
That's Lilly's job.
Go on.
All right, I'll go.
You can go in now.
Marya, this is Lilly.
Guess who just walked in as a patient.
Yes, that director. Yes, the one
who makes all those horror films.
I will. You never know.
Maybe he's looking for girls
to act in his new movie.
Yeah, sure.
I'll keep you posted. Bye.
My dear Mr. Fulci,
I think I understand your problem.
Now you say the first manifestations
of your illness...
have been the fear of hamburger
and gardeners.
Well, professionally,
I'm a movie director.
Horror films usually.
I filmed a pretty nasty sequence
During the lunch break,
I went to a restaurant.
I ordered a steak.
And when I saw the meat, I...
I was totally...
I was totally overcome
with a sense of repulsion.
And this morning
I saw a gardener sawing wood.
He was using a chain saw.
The same type used in a scene
we shot in which...
we used a type of red paint
instead of blood.
The man was all red
and I wanted to kill him.
Do you think I'm going crazy,
What you're suffering from
is a type of identity crisis.
What it means is
you're breaking down the barriers...
the boundary between what you film
and what's real.
Dr. Fulci!
I thought you'd never get here.
Dr. Fulci.
- Dr. Fulci, everybody's in there.
- Yes, I know.
- We're all waiting for you.
- I'm sorry.
I had an appointment with-
- Never mind. I'm here.
- Okay, let's go.
- You realize you have a lot to do?
- All right.
Mr. Fulci.
There you are.
- Well-
- Hello there.
What about my character as a Nazi?
You see, your character-
that is, your presence...
when you enter the house
should make a deadly impression.
You are, after all, a symbol of death.
And you are also
the whole horror of the Nazis.
You get me?
Never mind.
I'll explain as we go.
You represent corruption,
All right, now you enter
through the curtains.
That's it.
You see her.
She's lying there. Seductive.
You like what you see.
Move toward her. That's it.
Move right up to her.
Good. Closer.
Closer. Very, very close.
Touch her.
Stroke her.
You wake her.
Susan, wake.
You see him. You react.
Who are you?
I'm here to satisfy you.
That's very good.
Now go over and speak to her.
You are so beautiful.
Like a dream come true.
No, it's not possible.
I don't believe any of this.
You're not really here in my room.
It's just my imagination.
- Closer. You're very hot now.
- I must have conjured you up in my head.
No. You're not dreaming now.
Good. You've got her.
Pour it on!
- You love me.
- I don't know you.
How can I?
I'm what you want.
That's not true.
You start getting rough now.
Lights. Turn the lights on.
- I want to see you.
- Oh, my God.
Tell her you're going
to torture her now.
I'm going to torture you,
and you'll enjoy it.
I don't want that. I'm afraid.
Who are you kidding?
No, honest.
- Don't hurt me.
- Why shouldn't I?
If you'll just-
If you're a dream-
That's good. She's ready for it.
Now, slap her!
Please don't.
You liked it?
The blood, you must lick it.
Lick it away.
Lick it. Lick it. Lick it.
Lick it away.
Did I hurt you?
You mean I haven't?
You enjoyed it?
Lick it away. Lick it away.
You like it. You enjoy it.
Go on. I want it.
Go ahead. Lick her blood, every bit of it.
Every bit. Every bit. Every bit.
That's it. Good.
Tell him you like it.
Tell him you like it!
I like it. I like it.
That's nice.
That's good.
Put your hands all over her body.
That's good.
Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous! Stop it!
Sadism, Nazism-
is there any point anymore? it's sad-
- Lucio! Lucio!
- What's the matter?
- Lucio! Lucio!
- What's the matter?
- Problems.
- What is it?
- Lucio, just let me explain everything.
- Trouble?
You know, the organizers,
they just arrived here from Munich...
and they wanna make a documentary film.
It's on you.
You've gotta help us.
I don't wanna, like, make problems,
but just tell me what to do.
'Cause it could be great for publicity...
you know, like showing
how you shoot the picture...
and, like, how you deal
with the actors and things.
I told 'em I could persuade you.
You have no objections, have you?
Sadism. Nazism, of course.
Nazism, sadism.
- What are you talking about?
- I don't want you to worry about it.
Mrs. Herbert, Mr. Fulci.
Guten Morgen, Mr. Fulci.
That's it. Hold still.
Right there. Right.
Keep still. Okay.
This is what you want. This is what
you waited for- to film the orgy.
Yeah, film it all!
You love this orgy. Film the orgy.
Good. Shoot it all!
All of it!
Every tender little moment.
Record it all. Record it. Record it.
Everything. The sex.
Cruelty, sex. Degradation.
That's it. That's it!
Good. Catch it. Shoot it!
The wonderful orgy.
Good. Film the orgy.
Film every second.
That's it. Good, good.
Shoot everything.
Go around the room.
All the sex that you can think of
The beginning of the torture
and degradation.
That's what they need.
That's what they want.
They love it.
They want the pain.
Torture. Torture them.
Good, good.
That's good. Keep going.
Keep going. Keep going!
Good, good.
Film everything all around you.
That's it.
This is your chance.
It's what you want.
it's what you live for-
to be in the center of an orgy...
with your camera shooting everything.
The bestiality. The love.
The hot sex. The pure sex.
Shoot it all. Shoot it all!
Sadistic. Sadistic.
She's on the pool table. it's hot.
it's a very difficult shot.
Move in for the close-up.
Good, good. Ready?
Put it in the pocket.
Put it in the pocket!
That's it. That's it. That's it!
Yeah! Stick it up higher!
Up higher!
- Up higher! Up higher!
- Lucio!
Lucio, please, you must stop!
Stop in the name of God.
- What happened?
- What happened?"
You can ask that? You nearly killed
the tele-journalist and smashed a camera.
That's gonna cost us money.
And then you started to tear off
Mrs. Herbert's clothes.
You call that nothing?
My God. It was vivid and real.
There was this Nazi shooting an orgy.
They shot and he shot
as they made love.
And some took drugs.
And then for some reason...
I found him shooting
a terrifying thing.
It was girl who was a pocket
that they shot a ball into...
on a pool tablet
It was horrible.
You better go in there and apologize.
Forgive me, Mrs. Herbert.
I apologize. I'm sorry.
Oh, Lucio, it was wonderful.
I really never had
such a thrill in my life.
You may send Mr. Fulci in now.
- Mr. Fulci.
- What do you need to tell me, Doctor?
Mr. Fulci, I've seen all your films.
I've read all the scripts,
the screenplays, the notes.
I understand now why
you're in this state of confusion.
Everything and anything
having to do with horror is there.
But I make horror films.
If I made films about love,
no one would buy a ticket.
Leaving that aside,
what's the solution?
I'd like to try hypnosis.
- Why don't you lie down there and relax?
- Hypnosis.
You see, during the hypnotic state...
I'll be able to give you orders...
which will alter your behavior.
This way we can curb this tendency
you have to pass over the boundary...
between reality and fantasy.
try to concentrate...
on the metronome.
Just relax.
Your eyelids are getting heavy.
You can't keep your eyes open.
You're getting drowsier...
and drowsier.
You just want to sleep.
Now listen to me.
You will do everything I tell you to do.
When you hear this sound...
your mind will make you live scenes
that you think are real.
You'll slowly be possessed...
by madness.
You'll think you've committed
terrible crimes.
But I'll be the one who kills
and wreaks the horror.
Just like you do in your films...
I'll create an evil being...
who everyone will think is you-
a mad, bloodthirsty monster.
I'm going to awaken you.
But you won't remember anything...
that when you hear this sound...
your actions and your behavior
will be conditioned...
by the thoughts I transmit to you.
Now you can waken.
That's it.
You can open your eyes.
Come and see me in a few days
and let me know now things are going.
Yes, Doctor.
Good day.
Little shit.
Want me to give you a good time?
Whats the matter?
Cat got your tongue?
Come on.
That's it.
Don't be shy.
I'm here to satisfy your desires.
What would you like to do
this evening, huh?
Are you crazy? No!
Please! What do you want?
Please, don't you hurt me.
I did nothing to you, did I?
What's the matter with you?
You want money? Here.
Take it. Go on.
There's a lot. I don't want it.
You can have it. it's yours!
Just leave me alone!
Oh, no!
Oh, my God.
Okay, that's fine.
- How was it for you guys?
- It was a beaut. Just great.
Good, good.
Where's the director?
Where's Fulci?
I... I'm here.
But my car has broken down.
Excuse me.
The merry-go-round goes round
as death takes a spin.
Round and round it goes.
Lucio, I'm sorry about last night.
But you weren't here
and we didn't have much time.
The best thing you could do.
Don't worry about it.
But I am worried... about you.
Yesterday, you were
acting very strangely.
And when you spoke,
you talked nonsense.
I think you're a little overtired,
my friend.
But I'm sure once the film
is completely finished...
you'll get back in shape again.
Don't worry.
See the papers?
Yesterday a prostitute was killed...
right by where we were filming.
A prostitute?
I expect it was her pimp who killed her.
Yeah. Well, I could have
also done it, you know.
After all, I was away from the set
the whole afternoon.
There you go again.
You're still talking nonsense.
A man was seen leaving the area,
his clothes covered in blood.
I should think so.
Anyone who did what he did
would have been soaked in it.
When I reached the set,
I was absolutely clean.
Lucio, why don't you go home
and get a really good night's sleep?
And have someone accompany you.
- Yeah, all right. Good idea.
- Good night, Lucio.
Anyone who did what he did
would have been soaked in it.
When I reached the set,
I was absolutely clean.
But it wasn't me.
It wasn't.
It wasn't, honest.
Good morning, Mr. Fulci.
Mr. Fulci!
Hey, Mr. Fulci.
Aren't you gonna help me down
like you do every morning?
I'm going crazy.
You're losing your mind.
Get a hold of yourself.
Hello, Mr. Fulci.
This is the lady upstairs.
What's happening?
I heard shots.
I'm so sorry.
I guess the television was on too loud.
I won't let it happen again.
I'm so glad it was the TV
I was really worried.
Thank you.
You're very understanding. Good-bye.
Hey, what are you doing, huh?
This spot's fine, don't you think?
Hey. What's the matter with you?
- I'm scared.
- What's there to be scared of?
There's no one here
but the two of us.
Do you expect my wife
to pop out of the bushes, huh?
Anyone there?
Anyone there?
Anyone there?
Did you hear that?
Company's what she wants.
I might go just to please her.
I don't think you stand a chance.
She doesn't like young guys.
She's got all she can handle.
Who's down there?
Why are you foolin' around, huh?
Who are you?
Answer me.
No! No!
- Hey, Cindy! Where are ya?
- Hey!
No! No!
We interrupt this program
to bring you a news flash.
Another prostitute has been murdered...
in a boatyard near the spot...
where 5 woman was found dead
with 5 man two days ago.
Both as yet, unidentified.
Two young men who worked
at the boatyard...
were also killed in this latest savage
and bloodthirsty attack.
That brings the
total number of victims up to...
No! No!
What do you want from me, huh?
What's the matter with you, Fulci?
Whats the matter?
What do you want from me?
No! No!
What do you want from me,
Mr. Fulci?
Katya, who are you speaking to?
Sorry. it's my husband.
None of your business.
You be careful.
You can't do this to me.
You can't.
Oh, yes I can.
Nothing here belongs to you,
including me.
Get out!
Damn you! You've made
a mess of my life.
Damn you to hell!
But, now, I've had enough.
The discovery of the three bodies
was made just a few hours ago.
The girl and her two male friends...
join the long list of victims...
who have been slain in mysterious
circumstances by a brutal attacker...
who uses knives and hatchets
to hack his victims to death...
in an appallingly bloodthirsty
and barbarous manner.
So far there have been few clues
to the identity of the killer...
who is believed to be of middle age
and probably an apparently normal person.
A typical citizen above suspicion...
although his behaviour pattern displays
evidence of a dreadful mental condition.
Hello. May I...
I'd like to talk
to Inspector Gabrielli if I may.
He's on vacation.
I see. Yes.
Can Professor Schwarz come to the phone?
Professor, I...
it's Mr. Fulci.
I must have your advice urgently.
I can be therein Eve minutes.
The film we're watching is what
I'm in the throes of shooting at the moment.
And the violence we're filming
is making me...
mentally, deeply disturbed.
I see.
If only I could, perhaps,
End a reason...
in any of these stories,
these scripts...
the films I've done...
that could explain
why I have such terrible nightmares.
Why don't you make me
a detailed list...
of all these things-
let's call them hallucinations-
everything that you've seen
or think you've seen...
as if you were going to dramatize
all these horrible scenes...
and we can go over
the material together.
Yes. That's good.
Now you'll have to excuse me, Mr. Fulci.
I am expecting another patient.
Oh, I'm sorry.
When they find detailed descriptions
of all the recent murders...
on that list...
the police will have
no doubts at all.
Your films, your scripts...
will condemn you as the murderer.
Well, after all...
doesn't that stupid old theory say...
that seeing violence on the screen
provokes violence?
Where are you?
Gabrielli! Gabrielli!
It's me, Lucio.
I have to talk to you.
Damn. Open the door.
It's me. Lucio.
Anybody here?
Oh, you're in here.
Excuse me, but I thought
it was Gabrielli.
Stop it.
Oh, my God.
Stop it! That's enough!
It's not true! Gabrielli!
Where are you?
Can you hear me?
Gabrielli! Where are you?
Where's your father?
Why don't you answer me?
Gabrielli, help me!
Frances, what's wrong?
Answer me!
Gabrielli, help me!
Where are you?
Gabrielli, where are you?
Help me. Where are you?
Lucio, what are you doing around here?
What's gotten into you?
Your family's been murdered.
I saw someone do it.
Listen, I left them all
in Sardinia yesterday...
where they were having
one hell of a good time...
while yours truly had to come back
to work after only one week's vacation.
So if you're trying to...
create a sensation like you do
in your films, well...
this time you've goofed.
But, Carlo, the gardener...
I saw him kissing a corpse.
Tell me I imagined that too.
Carlo left us a month ago.
His wife died, poor soul,
and he-
Will you please explain
what all this is about?
- Do you mind?
- But I don't know.
Was someone with you?
- No.
- There was a car parked outside the gate.
Ours is the only house on this road.
I don't know who else
it could be.
Come on. Let's go sit down.
There you go.
Okay, we'll have a nice long drink...
and, then, if there really are any dead
bodies lying around like you say...
you can give me a hand
and we'll get rid of'em.
Yeah. Sure.
It's okay. You're just overstressed.
it's understandable.
It would happen to anybody
in your line of work.
Well, you see,
I think I'm going crazy...
as if my brain is being
eaten by a cat.
No. In my opinion,
you're just overtired...
and you were stupid
to go to a psychiatrist.
I'm nearby to his house...
sol thought I'd get
some professional advice.
I still don't think it was a good idea
to let yourself be hypnotized.
If you want my advice...
you should just take a good rest.
As soon as you finish the film,
treat yourself to a nice, long vacation...
and if you can manage,
take along a pretty girl.
It might be the best answer.
You better believe it.
But it wasn't me.
It wasn't.
I swear to you.
Gabrielli. Wasn't. Honest.
Come on.
You know, I was very puzzled
by what you told me the other day.
When you think about it...
the Lake Monster could very easily
have been a crackpot like you.
I don't know how to thank you, Gabrielli.
The very fact that I reacted
like a flatfoot was your salvation.
I had you tailed constantly.
That's how we ran
into the shrink...
who was also tailing you.
We caught him running
out of the park.
He was killed trying
to shoot one of the officers.
Yeah, he won't commit
any more murders.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Lilly, get me some bait, will ya?
- Right. Sure.
Now here.
Great bait.
Enjoy your fishing, Mr. Fulci.
- How 'bout that last shot?
- It was all right.
- Got it?
- it's a beaut!
So long and thank you.
- Bye, Lucio!
- Bye.
Take it easy.
Now, don't go too far, huh?
Rest yourself
They're gonna have fun.
- See ya!
- So long!
- Bye. Bye-bye.
- Have a nice vacation.