Gayatri (2018) Movie Script

'He is beyond caste, community,
region or religion'
'That is the sole reason
he is 'Bhishma' of Telugu cinema'
'My guru
My God'
'This film is a tribute to the great legend
Darshaka Ratna Dasari Narayana Rao'
'Your Honor'
'He set a hospital on fire
just to finish off his enemy'
'This Gayatri Patel was responsible
for the death of 132 people'
'After all that has happened
the accused shows no remorse'
'And if he's let out into this world'
' will be truly dangerous!'
'...Gayatri Patel is pronounced guilty'
'As per section 302...'
'...will be sentenced to death'
'Gayatri Patel, who was responsible
for the death of 132 people...'
'...has been sentenced to death'
Do you expect Subbarami Reddy award
instead of death sentence for murder?
I've invested heaps of borrowed money
on this channel by paying interest
What's the point of showing
news of no interest?
At least one piece of news
It's annoying if news isn't interesting
Or if a heroine is refusing to 'show off'
- What's news?
- MLAs are hitting each other
What's the interest in
MLAs fighting with each other?
If MLAs beat the public,
that will be of interest
Get lost!
Father is calling her from home
and she isn't picking up
Godfather is here in person
Even then she isn't noticing
If she's concentrating
this much on her work... must be a very interesting article
What is this article?
Tell me...tell me
Writing an article about an actor, sir
It will hold everyone's interest
if you write about Sunny Leone
Who will be interested in
reading about a stage artiste?
He isn't an ordinary artiste
A very different actor
Considered to be an authority
in historical, social, contemporary drama
'He has acted in various roles'
'Whatever role he enacts...'
...he will completely
transform into that character!
He's just a foot away from death!
What, Sreshta?
An actor should be a foot away
from the Mother of Arts
But why is he
on the brink of death?
Tell me
Who is he?
His name is Dasari Sivaji
'Sarada Sadan'
"He has a heart like jasmine
Virtuous and pure within"
"He is as rejuvenating always
as the sun's early morning rays"
"He is like the moon shining radiant
Like a child's laughter innocent"
"The scorching sun's rays
as cool moon light he displaces"
"He is the favorite of people
So ami(c)able and affable"
"So many in his life; however
you can call him a loner"
"He has a heart like jasmine
Spotless white and sublime"
"He is energetic always
Like the sun's early morning rays"
"A mixture of childlike quality; guileless
Entwined with an endearing freshness"
"Whichever side he steps out
he won't cross his limits; no doubt"
"He is like everyone else, ordinary
But a friend extraordinary"
"Stuck between strife and burning fire
he is a common man with a fatherly desire"
"He has a heart like jasmine
Shining pure within"
"He is as energetic in all ways
as the sun's early morning rays"
"Neither a bend in the road nor exhaustion
can make this traveller halt his mission"
"He learnt his life's lesson
experiencing this marathon"
"To combat curses, like how lights dance
he swims against the tide with brilliance"
"He never loses his identity
by giving up his dignity"
Lucky, come
Thank you so much
For bringing our child back
This baby is so lucky
I reunited her with her parents
without any hassle
Reuniting missing children
with their parents
You've been doing this noble service
When will God unite you with your child
living somewhere you're oblivious of?
Life is like a game of chess
We play with God
Our moves are based on sins
God's moves are based on our 'karma'
Wonder when I'll get the returns!
Hey, got your visa?
He didn't return my passport
So as good as got
Hey, stop
Stop the vehicle
Sivaji sir, is that you?
Please carry on
Hey, stop the vehicle
Weekend collection is weak
Why is he letting him go?
You can even stop the Governor's convoy
But not this 2-wheeler
Who is he?
Your relative?
Trust me, sir
I know him very well
Check with the breathalyzer
If you do this
it will make matter worse
Are you showing a lack of discipline?
Discipline will take lessons from him!
First of all he's a stage artiste
He can enact any role
There's a 2nd page too
He'll show his personal character
What the hell can he show?
I'm a voracious reader
I read each and every page
If I find anything amiss
I'll tear it to pieces
Sir, church bell is an omen
Don't do this, sir
Shut up
You blow please
I'm not drunk, sir
Machine will find that out, you blow
No beep
Before my blood pressure
shoots up, leave now
2nd page I believe
2nd page
Circle Inspector, sir
- What...?
- Please come here
Can you also blow for me once?
I had just a quarter
when I was in my quarters
Why should I blow?
You checked to see
if I was driving drunk
I fear you're intoxicated
during your duty hours
It's okay, just blow into it once
Who are you to ask me to blow?
Public, sir
Who should be the Chief Minister?
Who should be
the Prime Minister of India?
That will be decided
by the votes our fingers imprint
- Please blow once
- He's booked!
Should he blow or no need?
- Blow
- He has to blow!
He has opened the 2nd page!
It's nothing
Blow only once
What happened?
Sivaji, in the name of land conservation
Khadar's henchmen locked our home
Bashed us up and
left us bleeding
There are 3 harvests in a year
We know nothing other than farming
For generations we've been dependent
on this land for our livelihood
Please don't take it away
You've been enjoying
for generations, right?
We have to enjoy as well, right?
Will you sign or die?
'I'll sign'
I'll sign now
If you grab these lands officially
then it's land accumulation
But if we unofficially grab it,
it's rowdyism!
Whatever the case may be
you grab the farmers' lands
...under the pretext of construction
but real estate is your real motive
Farmer brother
You wait here
Greetings, anna
In those days farmers were honored
with paddy as symbol on our coins
Now paddy in the same coins
has been replaced with a thumb
Our men in power now say they will
loot the farmers without caring two hoots
Please return his land
Who are you?
Sir, he's the 2nd page person
I told you about
I got suspended because of him
So you are the one
What do you do?
Actor, anna
I enact different roles on stage
What's this?
Why are you here?
To act like I'm scared when I see you
Pretend you're scared?
Does it mean you don't fear me?
No, anna
I'll act like I am terrified
I hold no respect for you
But I'll act like I hold you in high regard
When I see you somewhere...
...I'll greet you, saying,
'Namaste, Khadar sir'
I'll walk away bending double
pretending to be humble
Acting like you're scared of me
and as if you respect me
You should genuinely feel both
Why are you here?
Nothing, anna
I take care of little orphans
at Sarada Sadan
In the name of land conservation
your henchmen barged in
And they have locked our premises
If you return the keys to me...
...I will greet you
'Peace be unto you, bhai'
And quietly leave, bro
Return it, bro
He's on the verge of
opening his 2nd page
What should I return?
What Khadar does is settlement
and what he says is statement
I head real estate
in these 2 states
Go on stage and act
[Islamic prayer]
Yesterday I paid no heed to Jesus
That's a sign from Allah
At least you obey the omen, bro
What can he do if I don't listen?
Fire can burn everything to ash
Water can deluge and devastate
Wind as tornado can destroy
And also lightning from the sky
And Mother earth will bury you!
If the 5 basic elements
show their 'other' side...
...the Dance of Dissolution will occur
What you've done is just that
You nitwit
Please come
My boss is a minister
To go behind bars
in his position is no joke
- Do you think he'll manage?
- How many times will you ask?
If Sivaji plays your boss's role,
he'll manage the Assembly too!
- Rest assured
- Let's go
Sivaji, lawyer has come
Good morning, sir
Is it a bail case or no bail case?
If it isn't a bail case, I wouldn't
have come to you, Sivaji
What is the amount?
Whatever sir asks
Ask for 1 billion
Can't pay, right?
Tell an amount
you can afford
1 million
2.5 million
See you tomorrow
On your next birthday...
...let's celebrate with our daughter
Who is this?
She's your screen saver?
My mother
Take him carefully
Nothing untoward should
happen to that patient
Otherwise those dependent on him
will become orphans like me
What is the case?
Why should you feel shy and
hesitate to answer this question?
This case is something to be ashamed of
There's no such party
For the development of my constituency...
...when I switched from my party
to this current party
...I hosted a party with full liquor
I overdrank and got my senses muddled
I ate a peacock
thinking it's a chicken!
That's all
Poor minister! He ate
only 1 piece of peacock meat
Nonstop Breaking News as if he hunted
for all peacocks in the forest
How did this news
leak to the media?
Our Minister himself leaked it out!
His obsession for taking selfies...
...made him click pictures of peacock fry
He posted it on Facebook!
You could've deleted that post
Before I could do it...
...some girl by name Sreshta,
a powerful journalist
...leaked the matter to the media
The job of media is to always
project politicians as comedians
Hey, I want you to impersonate me
but you're walking off without confirming
You feasted on a peacock, right?
- What is your portfolio?
- Environment & Forests
Minister of Environment & Forests
Don't you know the peacock
is our national bird?
Even the National anthem he learnt
only after going to the theatres!
Minster of Environment & Forests
doesn't know what our national bird is
Sports minister doesn't know how
many medals we won in Olympics
Transport minister doesn't know
how many buses are plying
Hon'ble Minister
One claims he studied physics
in a commerce degree
The other politician
mixes up Arts and Science!
I provide pension for the people
They walk on roads laid by me
But why won't they vote for me?
Few people ask this
Some politicians don't even know
to take their pledge properly
They make an ass of themselves
barking like a dog
All of you are ministers
We made you win
by casting our votes
Sekar, never bring
such cases to me in future
Hey! Do you know
who you're talking to?
Even the opposition party
won't talk to me like this
So don't think you're a bigshot
He's a first page actor
So he will act in different roles
2nd page is original
He'll show his true colors
It's better you beg
the 1st page actor
Let's not turn the 2nd page
What's this 1st page
and 2nd page?
Step aside
Hey! Party, stop
If you're this sincere
what can we do?
You seem like an honest
politician, stop...stop
Why do you get so worked up?
I won't touch a peacock again in my life
Won't even touch any creature with wings
Please save me
just this once
- Hey, Sivaji
- Lawyer
He's walking off
What, my party?
Wow! Exactly my voice
What about my form?
Yes, I ate
He ate a peacock, a deer, public money
And gobbled Govt funds also
Opposition party is slandering me
with these accusations, sir
But what I actually ate was...
...a betting chicken which was
sent by my friend in Bhimavaram
The accused Javadhu Sankar Rao
...has been remanded to custody for 14 days
I went on the stand
Will he get into the van?
Where is he?
Exchange will happen
near the Telephone Exchange
Sooooper, my party!
If my wife or mistress sees you
they'll think it's me for sure!
Hello, Mr Sankar Rao
Look into the formalities
Minister, you've got
an excellent candidate
Even I couldn't recognise him
though I know you so well
Yes, party
Attend the booze party I'm hosting
at my guest house tonight
Jyothi, minister is in our jail
- Sir, special room for minister
- Sorry, minister
Due to inevitable reasons,
we couldn't allot a special room
I've allotted a special room
Sir, I personally took care
of assigning the room
Hey, crackpot, shut up!
Jyothi, looks like the minister is upset!
Hello Sankar Rao sir
You had peacock meat
I had God's offering
I am also imprisoned
Praise be to Lord Govinda!
- I've seen him somewhere
- Temple trust's employee
Along with offerings
he looted the donation box too!
Doesn't he look like a man
who will loot temple and its assets?
Our party!
Even though our state doesn't get priority
ministers are an exception!
I think the tank is empty
Not enough if you fuel
the channel's Think tank
You must fill your fuel tank also
'Madam, he looks like
minister Sankar Rao'
'How come he's out
when he should be in jail!'
'Visakhapatnam Jail'
- Tell me
- Minister Sankar Rao
Can't take interviews
Not that, in the car-
Not possible in the car
You can use me instead
I mean you can interview me
I saw Minister Sankar Rao in a car
in Gajuwaka with some women
Jyothi, did you hear that?
I believe she saw the minister
in a car in Gajuwaka
Nice joke, right?
The minister is not in his cell
Jyothi, she's joking again
I want to meet the minister now
Do you have court permission?
Before I get permission,
you can replace him, huh?
You've hurt my ego
You've insulted this sub-jailer Shyamala
Come, I'll show you
Ravi, open the minister's cell in D block
Shyamala will take no chance
Missed her, I say!
In these 14 days I looked through
all the old accounts in my farm house
I'm talking to you, move aside
Hey, stop
Clicking a photo of my husband
Give my camera back
Return it
What's going on between
my husband and you?
Hey! Stop
If she tempts you
by wearing a tight dress...
...what happened to your stupid brain?
All she wanted was
1 photo of mine, so I agreed
I'm handsome, right?
What's my name?
Shah Rukh Khan
Do you find her more beautiful than me?
Let's go
This is the balance
after taking my commission
Sivaji, look at the girl in that scooter
She's the journalist who registered
a case against our minister
Very shrewd
Once she focuses on an assignment...
...she won't give up
She won't let go of me
Neither will I get caught!
Switch on the left indicator
Turn right
'Is he the one who went to jail
instead of the minister?'
'Sarada Sadan'
We seem to be flooded with letters
Any news about my daughter?
We've left no stone unturned
these past 25 years, Sivaji
We've also inquired in
all the Trusts in North India
We got back a report
as 'Not identified'
Send this money
To all the Trusts
With the money you donate
to these Trusts...'re hoping at least
1 rupee will reach your daughter
Whether your daughter
gets this money or not...'re doing such a noble service
to many orphans, Sivaji
Your service will reap rewards one day
Uncle, for the past 2 weeks
where did you go?
I visited the birth place
of Lord Krishna, dear
I was wondering if you'll make it
for Lord Hanuman's birthday
- We've prepared everything
- Where?
Come, I'll show you
"In Hanuman, I trust duly
Swift as the mind; fast as the wind truly"
"Who is master of the senses
Honored for his intelligence"
"Son of wind god Vayu
Chief of the Vanaras too"
"To that messenger of Lord Rama devotedly
I prostrate before, wholeheartedly"
"Praise be to the Monkey God Hanuman"
"Praise be to Anjaneya
Messenger of Rama"
"Vayu's son
"For our world's glory, you're the reason
Lord Rama's steadfast devotee Hanuman"
"Like Lord Rama blessing us always
He showers his grace in all ways"
"The red sun he went in pursuit
mistaking it for an ivy gourd fruit"
"Hanuman, I prostrate before you
Accept my offerings true"
"Listen and favor
our heart's wishes forever"
"Hanuman has a grip strong as thunder
to ensure evil demons fall and surrender"
"Praise be to Anjaneya
son of Anjana"
"Praise be to the radiant one
Golden in form like the sun"
"Glory to the Ambassador of Rama
who gave the ring to His consort Sita"
"Only once look at me
to shower your mercy"
"Praise be to Hanuman, the skillful scholar"
"Glory to hanuman, known for his valor"
"Praise be to Hanuman
The slayer of many a demon"
"Shower your compassion
on those drowning in depression"
"Vayu's son
"Bow to Hanuman
The courageous one"
"For earth's splendor, you're the reason
Lord Rama's most loyal devotee Hanuman"
"O' mind, recite 'Hanuman' and reminisce"
"Proclaim at very high decibels
Chanting his name brings bliss"
"O' mind, chant Hanuman's name gladly"
"Proclaim loudly and boldly
Chanting his name brings joy duly"
"Call out aloud in unison
Glory to Hanuman, granter of wisdom"
"Offer prayers to Lord Rama every minute"
"Surrender your heart to Rama absolute"
"Whatever the 'yuga' may be
your lips should chant only Rama's glory"
"Your boons will always nurture & nourish"
"Your bravery will flourish
It will never diminish"
"If you step into the battlefield with grit
ready to even fight God with utmost spirit"
"Rama is the protector
of our universe forever"
"Every village and town
is guarded by our Hanuman"
"Hanuman has a grip strong as thunder
to ensure evil demons are killed forever"
"One who has the buzzing of bees continuous
as beat of drums in his heart mellifluous"
"Hanuman, master of all vedas essential
Worthy of worship quintessential"
"You accepted my soul as humble offering"
"Lord Rama dwells in your heart as a flower
Shines to light up devotees' lives forever"
"O' mind, recite 'Hanuman' and reminisce"
"Proclaim at very high decibels
Chanting his name brings bliss"
"O' mind, chant Hanuman's name gladly"
"Proclaim loudly and boldly
Chanting his name brings joy duly"
"Minimizing the mighty sea
you jumped into it bravely"
"If any hurdle blocks the way
don't retreat in dismay"
"You found where Sita was in captivity
Wiped the tears of Rama with sensitivity"
"You are the link, o' divinity
to bonds of love and dignity"
"By securing Lord Rama in your heart
you showed the world God won't depart"
"Hanuman has a grip strong as thunder
to ensure evil demons are killed forever"
"Praise be to Anjaneya
son of Anjana"
"Praise be to the radiant one
Golden in form like the sun"
"Glory to the Ambassador of Rama
who gave the ring to His consort Sita"
"Only once look at me
to shower your mercy"
"Praise be to Hanuman, skillful scholar"
"Glory to hanuman, known for his valor"
"Praise be to Hanuman
The slayer of many a demon"
"Shower your compassion
on those drowning in depression"
"Call out aloud in unison
Glory to Hanuman, granter of wisdom"
Temperature will come down, dear
Someone is here looking for you
- Who are you?
- I want to interview you
Interview me? Why?
You support all these orphan kids
and run this institution very well
Want to tell this world
about your magnanimity
I'm one of the orphans here
I'm an ordinary actor
How can you call yourself ordinary?
Social, rural, mythological, historical
How many different roles on stage
In addition, recently...
...for 14 days you performed
nonstop as a politician!
Think you've come to
the wrong address
I came here to say
what you did was wrong
Come out in the open, sir
Jailer, minister, all of them
Can close their chapters
If that's the case
write down this number
Whose number is this?
He will confirm you as mental
- Get yourself checked
- Yes, I'm mental
In my profession I'm commit(mental)
I'll not give up until you're caught
With sand mafias, land grabbing,
corruption in Govt projects sanctioned many politicians and ministers
...create havoc in the lives of the poor
dealing in unjust ways
Write about them and
bring their lives out in the open
Lord Nataraja will protect you
Me and my simple life
Why do you want to know, tell me?
Sivaji, I got a super deal
Good lifestyle for a lifetime
Yours or mine?
For both of us
But this is a big-shot party
I've sent you the location in WhatsApp
Please come to Narayanadri hospital
Who is he?
What is the dea-
I'll tell you when I see you
Hey! Listen-
What is the matter with this girl?
Like a spider in a web
she keeps spiralling around me
Who are you?
- Stop...stop
In the end you made me a prime star!
I don't know how Sindhu would have felt
bagging the gold in the Olympics
After that ramp walk
I am on cloud 9
'How do I escape from her?'
I'm going in to see
the doctor, you be here
Were you in your right mind
when you did this?
If something drastic had happened
who is responsible?
What is the need to take a patient out
when she is on the verge of dying?
I know we can't save her in any case
I wanted to make her last wish a reality
We are not God to
make her dreams come true
I am the reason you got pulled up, right?
Aren't you happy?
I'll divorce her
I'll marry you and
show you the full moon!
Let's go
Why so late, Sivaji?
I waited in the hospital for you
for so long and left just now
Sekar, the journalist you mentioned
is hounding me like the 'Hutch' puppy!
Let's meet tomorrow, bye
Please escort me to the car
Get inside now!
Let go!
"I meditate on Gayatri, dear to Vishnu
Who has 3 eyes and 5 heads true"
"Glory to Gayatri"
[Gayatri Ashtangam]
"I surrender to Gayatri
Abode of virtues for eternity"
"Who has clear insight on everything
Lover of Sama Veda chanting"
"I meditate on Gayatri sublime
holds the discus, governs Wheel of time"
"I pray to Gayatri; who is formidable
Fierce, furious and wrathful"
"Praise be to Gayatri"
"Glory to Gayatri"
"I meditate on Gayatri
Guardian to every devotee"
"I worship Gayatri; chant Her hymn
Fountainhead of wisdom"
"I surrender to Gayatri
who illumines the world radiantly"
"Praise be to Gayatri"
"Glory to Gayatri"
- Who are they, dear?
- I don't know, uncle
Enemies emerge as soon as
a girl child is born, my dear
The girl baby is killed
as soon as the gender is known
She's killed if she doesn't fall in love
Thank you for rescuing me, uncle
No problem, dear
Go home safe and sound
I got into a brawl when I had to
rescue a girl from being kidnapped
She left her phone behind
She left before I could give it to her
No charge in the phone now
Can I make a call from your phone?
Sarada's photo is in this phone
This phone belongs to my daughter
'Come here'
Uncle, you found my phone?
If my phone is with you
it's as good as being with me
If you hadn't come there as a godsend
I dread to think of my plight
I forgot to tell you
I am graduating as a doctor
Tomorrow is my convocation
at Sree Vidyanikethan
You must come without fail
I can collect the phone from you then
I'll come without fail, dear
Prasad, look at this photo
My daughter called me
She's a doctor it seems
Sivaji, till now I thought
God does not exist
Now I take it back
I believe in that Supreme power
- Sekar is calling
- No need
Tell him I won't get
my hands dirty hereafter
'He wanted me to tell you
he said 'no deal'
'Tell him the offer is 10 million'
10 million, huh?
I told you I won't
You heard him?
He said he won't
Don't call us hereafter
The daughter I was yearning
to see all these years
She is walking into my life
of her own accord
I don't need to lead a life
shrouded in sin
Tomorrow I am meeting my daughter
"Go, vanish, disappear
No more tears hereafter"
"Come, arise, appear
Happiness now and forever"
"Let it materialize, happen anew
Let my dream come true"
"Let the scars of my heart
fade once and for all to depart"
"Let every moment swell
be a festival to revel"
"Let every new moon night wane
for full moon to shine bright again"
"O'sun snoring away to glory
covered by a blanket of clouds dreary"
"Wake up now to adorn my sky of joy
with a new dawn to rejoice"
"Come, orange dawn
Welcome, early morn"
"Go away, purple night sky
My world without light, good bye"
"Go, vanish, disappear
No more tears hereafter"
"Come, arise, appear
Happiness now and forever"
"Let it materialize, happen anew
Let my dream come true"
"Let the scars of my heart
fade once and for all to depart"
"As soon as she sees me
will she come running happily"
"Beating her fists in sheer relief
will she shed happy tears, no more grief?"
"Hereafter if you abandon me, night or day"
"I swear I won't talk to you, will she say?"
"My heart will be on a flying spree
Like a kite rushing behind her carefree"
"When will my precious drop of dew
call me 'father' with a love so true?"
"O' sun, no more slumber
wake up to unite me with my daughter"
"Come, orange dawn
Welcome, early morn"
"Go away, purple night sky
My world without light, good bye"
"A day will dawn I knew
when face to face I'll meet you"
"My only last wish sincere
I held on to, my dear"
"For a father not to know
his baby is his mother reborn though"
"Life is a curse for such a father on earth
who is in the dark of his daughter's birth"
"This is the full story
of a father weary"
"I want my head on your lap to rest
And tell you all this in right earnest"
"O' sun, please don't doze
My life has opened to new doors"
'For pelvic cancer research in America'
'Dr Gayatri has been selected
from our college'
'We are extremely happy'
'Accompanied by a sense of pride'
'Namaste' to everyone gathered here
The reason I am standing here
as a doctor today before all of you father
Yes, my father
A father is every child's hero
But in my life alone...
My mother passed away
as soon as I was born
I don't even know how my father looks
But I only know my father
is a heartless brute
My father who did not know
the meaning of 'nana'
...sold me for just Rs 1000
to buy himself a bottle of liquor
A father is said to be one who bears
all burdens, shoulders responsibility
What do you call a man who considers
his own daughter as a burden?
I became an orphan because of my father
This sense of anguish is always within me
If ever I meet him in this birth...
...I will not even look at his face
If I had someone to share my pain...
I would have done so
within the 4 walls of my home
Only because I don't have anyone...
...I let my feelings flow out here
Everyone breathes the air
invisible to human eyes
God gives us life and sustenance
Similarly so many people I've never seen
made me what I am today
I am indebted to each
and every one of them
'He sold me for just Rs 1000
to buy himself a bottle of liquor'
'But I only know my father
is a heartless brute'
Here's your phone
Who are you?
Where is that uncle?
He can't come
He can't face you
in this lifetime
He is your father!
Your biological father whom you hate!
I can't believe it
If it's true
I don't want him
My dear child, 1 minute
How dangerous it is to get treated
not knowing what the ailment is...
'...same holds good for accusing a man
without knowing the whole truth, dear'
This is your father's diary
Get to know about him
and his life through this, dear
'After being introduced to this society
I learnt I was an orphan'
'After getting acquainted
with a drama company...'
'...I realized I am a born actor'
'On festive days and
during temple festivals'
'...our drama troupe will be invited to
perform in some village or the other'
'You are the purest language
without alphabets as anchorage'
'I set eyes on Sarada on that day'
Hey! Flagstaff!
Move aside
You shower flowers on him
as if he's the newly married groom
And you act as if you have
come here to receive him in style
What am I standing here for?
This garland is for me
I'll also enter with a garland
What are the arrangements
for our stay here?
My daughter Sarada
Make sure their stay
is comfortable, dear
Please come in
Are you trying to hook
the president's daughter?
He won't fix a wedding date
He will send you to heaven!
'Go inside'
Oye! Won't the bus start?
What a dumb question!
Bus started long ago and
in fact even reached its destination
That girl is falling into Sivaji's love-net
I won't let that happen!
'Hey! Take your hand away
from her bangles'
You can serve also, right?
What are you studying now?
Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani's novel
Not what novel you're reading
at leisure, dear
I meant in college
Hey! 7th grade
Undergraduate here
You're happily flirting with her
You frittered away your wealth
and submerged in debts now
Wasting money on drama
on every festive day
Remember you have a daughter
That too, ready to be married
'Hey! Banta soda'
You have 2 daughters
to find grooms for
Attend to them first
Like father like daughter!
Why were you so brutally frank, dear?
Any thought peeps into my mind
I express it frankly
Whatever action
will follow as reaction
"Praise be to Shiva, destroyer of evil"
"Glory to Lord Shiva, most primeval"
"I adore the one who sips the nectar
from kadamba tree's burflower"
"Which is the abode forever
of auspicious qualities to favor"
"The destroyer of Kamadeva and Pura"
"Of mundane existence
and Daksha's sacrifice"
"He who killed Gaja, Andhaka
And destroyed the lord of death, Yama"
[Shiva Tandava]
I asked you to rehearse
Duryodana's role
You're busy practising
Ravana's role in Ramayana?
Sivaji is famous for his role
as Ravana, so let him continue
What do you mean 'famous'?
Day before yesterday didn't his fans
pour milk in Palakollu?
There was excess of milk
from their buffaloes
You thought it was
an offering by his fans?
I pitied him
for being an orphan
I wanted him to
enact Duryodana's role
He ruined that too
A man who has no caste or religion
cannot don a character's role
Come along
Stop, my guru
What did you say just now?
You think I am not eligible
based on my caste or lack of it?
What words of ignorance!
This is an evaluation for bravery
Not a verification of your genealogy
It is not right and
should not exist
Are you saying this is a test
of one's lineage?
What is the lineage of
your father Gudimetla Gangaraju?
What about the offensive incident
regarding your birth?
You were born in a trash can
What is your lineage?
You flicked purses in temple festivals
You got caught and
you were beaten to a pulp
You were noticed
by this drama troupe
You fell at the owner's feet
and he gave you shelter
When no one was around seduced his sister with a purpose
while she screamed in protest
With no other option left
he got you married to his sister
You then took over 'Kala Parishad'
and hounded us like a mad dog
What caste do you belong to?
And on top of all this made a pass at the maid
and got a rude slap as her gift
Your lineage with your hidden agenda
is now a cross breed and hence corrupt
That was so well said
Only you should don
whatever role is required
Whatever action
will follow as reaction
Cast your vote
to the crow symbol
Greetings, president
Good day, MLA sir
In this town, you and I
belong to the same caste
I have no doubt whatsoever
People of our caste will vote only for us
But people from other castes
won't pay heed to my words
They will listen to you
Jogendar sir, I don't wish
to get involved in all this
Don't put me in a tight spot
Don't you know me?
Don't refuse
You should do this for me
No other go
Even if he has no other go
my father won't comply
You can leave now
What are you saying?
According to me as a voter
palms should be greased
And a woman should be
kept under a leash
Did you buy this girl
or you gave birth to her?
Hey! Moron who does not realize
the value of a sister and mother
Is this how you address a lady?
True, to become a politician,
you stooped so low to kill your wife
You lowlife!
As if you can value a woman?
Caste-ism votes it seems
How dare you malign our brother!
Sivaji, don't be impulsive
Sivaji, stop
'Will you hit all and sundry?'
You bash up the guilty
You also hit the innocent
Why this mad fury?
Is it necessary?
Your nature is to speak aloud
whatever you think
My character is to
let my fists speak
That's why I ask you
not to lose your cool
A talented artiste
dwells within you
Rejuvenate him, don't encourage
the one who picks a quarrel
Brandishing a knife or stick
anyone can be a rowdy
But not everyone
can become an artiste
I wish to see you as a hero
My nature is to speak aloud
whatever thoughts peep into my mind
Whatever action
will follow as reaction
I was so depressed
I had no one in this world
But after I set eyes on you...
...I feel I have a family of my own
A mother, reprimands to reform me
A father, reiterates my responsibilities
'A wife who shares my love and life
All 3 roles rolled as you'
Into my world...
...will you come as my wife?
I'll cherish you as my own life
You said whatever thoughts peep
into my mind I should speak out
Actions thereafter
will follow as reaction
"I see myself in your eyes duly"
"I am present gaily
in the sheen of your lips daily"
"I will hide myself discreetly
in your breath secretly"
"In your embrace I forget myself totally"
"I do not live for my own self, I tell you"
"If I am your equal half, that will do"
"My heart belongs to you true"
"My (life)time is yours too"
"I live thinking 'me' is only you"
"You and me
Now united as we"
"Hereafter one life one soul
Husband and wife as a whole"
"You and me
Now merged as we"
"Hereafter no separate identity
But unified as a single entity"
"You and me
Now fused as we"
"Hereafter no difference in name
We are one and the same"
"I led a mundane life, unaware till date"
"I found myself after so long, my soulmate"
"For the art nestled & nurtured within me
you showed kaleidoscopic dreams soulfully"
"I turned with tears overflowing
to your love so endearing"
"Shall I erase your past without a trace?
Start a new life, hand in hand always?"
"You sang to me
our love's lullaby"
"In your tender loving care, I'm a baby"
"I erased my identity willingly"
"I take your name as mine befittingly"
"My heart belongs to you true"
"My (life)time is yours too"
"I live thinking 'me' is only you"
"You and me
Now united as we"
"Hereafter one heart one soul
Husband and wife as a whole"
"You and me
Now forged as we"
"Hereafter no difference between us
We bond as one love-nexus"
"The word 'have not' exists no longer"
"In your smile forever
I find a joy that will linger"
"No other boon do I want in life"
"Knowing an angel is now my wife"
"Life turned into a treasure trove golden"
"A path laden with flowers opened unbidden"
"Your halo as rainbow hues on display"
"Don't let go of my hand, come what may"
"Warm fuzzies melt me
in your love drizzle lovely"
"I blossom as a new flower
For our love to last forever"
"My (life)time is yours too"
"My heart belongs to you true"
"I live thinking 'me' is only you"
"You and me
Now bonded as we"
"Hereafter one life, one soul
Husband and wife as a whole"
"You and me
Now known as we"
"Hereafter we will be
an inseparable entity"
She is suffering from pelvic cancer
'3rd stage'
'She has to be treated immediately'
'Arrange for 0.1 million cash'
Alright, doctor
Rs 100000?!
After a performance on stage
the hands that applaud are more than...
...helping hands and willing hearts
who will reach out
I am not in a position
to help you in that manner
Sivaji, someone is willing to pay you
Rs 100000 if you act in real life
Will you do it?
A well-to-do man was refused bail
If you go to jail just for
2 days instead of him
...he will advance
the amount for you
I don't know if you can hear me now
Whether I am donning
a role I should not
Or committing a grave mistake
I shouldn't, I am clueless
Our baby in your womb
Me standing before you
Both our lives are intertwined with yours
It is said a wife is
a husband's equal half
But... are everything to me
Don't abandon me
I can't live without you
I will go now
And I will return soon
Hey! Take good care of her
Sivaji, be brave and go
I'll take care
'I went in someone else's shoes
and I was deceived'
'2 days stretched into 2 weeks
after which I was released'
Hey! Giri
They kept me behind bars
for 2 weeks instead of 2 days
I went home
Sarada wasn't there
Sarada passed away
Your daughter also died
Not knowing how to let you know
I'm lying here in a drunken stupor
Forgive me
Sivaji, move
Giri, why did you do this?
I deserve this
to atone my sins
Your wife is no more
But your child is alive
What are you saying?!
I thought of selling the baby
for a bottle of liquor
This baby is a golden godsend
Buy her for 1000 rupees
Get lost!
'Ramanujam Orphanage'
- Hey ! Stop
- Are you selling this baby?
Prasad, snatch the baby from him
Someone from the orphanage
hit me and took your baby from me
Which orphanage, Giri?
Which orphanage?
Which orphanage?
'Ramanujam Orphanage
'Today is the day
we found you'
That is, your birthday
This is a birthday gift for you
Your mother
Your mother died
as soon as she delivered you
I made some enquiries around
What about my father?
Your father was a rogue
A drunkard!
When he tried to sell you for Rs 1000
we rescued you from him
Uncle, I have to see my father
Right now
Come, dear
'Sarada Sadan'
My mother
I'm back, ma
Back to my father
where I belong
Don't be anxious
I know very well where Sivaji will be
- I'll go get him
- No, I'll also come along, uncle
Come, dear
'Whenever your father
is upset about something...'
'...this is the place he comes to'
'He'll certainly be here'
[phone ringing]
Where is it?
His phone is switched off
Sivaji loves the children he nurtures
Wherever he goes, he'll be back
at the Home, come, dear
When father and daughter were about
to meet, who kidnapped Sivaji?
Gayatri Patel!
Gayatri Patel?
Even bad people will pray to God
Till date I don't understand that logic
God is very kind
He will grant boons readily
even to demons!
You have deep clarity of thought
But people with no clarity...
...are waiting outside for you
We are here to arrest you
Not enough if you have
a warrant, Circle Inspector Raja
You need clarity, got it?
We found a dead body in Jagadamba centre
'We have some witnesses over there'
We need to interrogate you
Family and assets are bondages
of a previous birth
To have been killed by me now, he must
have been blessed in his previous birth
Do you know why I killed him?
To nurture and nourish your family
How can that be?
Circle Inspector
Think logically
I killed a person
Clue team came to the crime spot
One policeman sprinkled powder
Another policeman marked the dead body
with a red piece of chalk, all around it
Ambulance driver
The photographer
Doctor who did post mortem
Nurse who assisted the doctor
To create a smoke-screen
and conceal or reveal
Must inform public, right?
Channels...some lousy channels
I've created job opportunities
for all these people
You say you want
to arrest me?
My dear man
You are this nation's eldest son
Creating job opportunities
for the entire nation
I love you, prince!
Hey CI, your wife has called
from a jewellery store
I believe she sent you pictures on
WhatsApp, take a look and select
'Did you check your WhatsApp?'
Why did you call him?
- 'Listen to me'
- Hang up
CI sir
Are you wondering
why your wife called us?
This isn't a business relationship
Only human kinship
This Patel's human relationship
If you wear a khaki uniform,
you can work as a police officer
Or you can even be
a bathroom cleaner
Or broomstick?
I'll take leave, sir
Circle Inspector
A guest who has entered my home
shouldn't leave empty handed
I must send him off with a gift
That's my custom
Please accept
Oh my God!
His character is worse
than a polluted politician!
Why did he kidnap Sivaji then?
Who are you?
We are beasts wandering and mingling
with the people of this society
- Why did you bring me here?
- Nothing, Raja
Like how ministers
frequently travel abroad... go to jail that often, right?
For that reason
I informed Sekar
I've put an end to it
No one will believe you, my dear
If a politician claims he was
elected being the people's favorite...
...and not for money
no one will believe this
Listen to me
Gayatri Patel is a well respected man
He likes you a lot
Listen to him, you'll do well in life too
Why are you begging him?
If you break few of his bones and
crush them, he'll himself agree
Go ahead
Uncle, what are you doing?
Checking the phone lines
Family and assets are bondages
of a previous birth
Don't know for which birth
you owe this debt of gratitude
But you look like me
and I look like you too
We resemble each other
Stage actor Sivaji
Just 14 days
You go there
and I stay here
Don't mess with my children
and force me to open the 2nd page
Every page in Gayatri Patel's record.... a crime page!
Death is hovering over Sarada Sadan
If I lose my patience...'ll lose your home
I'm not a bad person
But don't assume
I'm a good person
Whether you understand
or misunderstand...
'He set a hospital on fire
just to finish off his enemy'
'This Gayatri Patel was responsible
for the death of 132 people'
Evidence related to this case...
...CC camera footage has already
been submitted to this court
'You look ditto like our boss'
Even God cannot find out
Past 25 years I had wondered
if I'll find my daughter or not
And when I was about to meet her,
Gayatri Patel came in-between
Do you think I'll get bail fast?
Hey, brother
On the stand is a tiger
No chance of conviction
Mr Gayatri Patel,
do you plead guilty?
I don't, Mr Justice!
How is it?
Isn't killing 132 people a crime?
In the great epic Ramayana,
Lord Rama and king Ravana fought
It would have been appropriate
if they both fought and 1 of them died
But the war which was
started because of them...
...1000s of soldiers died
in the factions of both the armies
Similarly in Mahabarata...
...the war was waged only between
the Pandavas and Kauravas
If they had fought and if 1 of them
had died, it would've been alright
But the war that ensued
because of them...
...millions of soldiers died
in the factions of both the armies
Mine is also a very similar story
In the process of killing
Akshara Patel, 132 people died
If what they did in these 2 epics
is considered a crime...
...then what I've done here is wrong too
If they were not punished then...
...then why should I be punished here?
If they are regarded
as divine deities there...
...then I am also God here
Whether you understand
or misunderstand...
'After all that has happened
the accused shows no remorse'
'And if he's let out into this world'
' will be truly dangerous!'
'...Gayatri Patel is pronounced guilty'
'As per section 302...'
'...he will be sentenced to death'
Will you challenge
this verdict in High Court?
My client won't be
appealing in any higher court
Not appeal even to the Supreme Court
Like how Bhagat Singh
accepted death sentence...
...Gayatri Patel has accepted it
in the same way too
How, sir?
Won't he die?
Who will die
and who will live?
It's only God's choice
Thank you for accepting, Sivaji!
Why are you giving me a prisoner's uniform?
Hello, will a prisoner be given
a policeman's uniform instead?
Jyothi, nice joke, right?
Sir, am I not a remand prisoner?
Jyothi, he's joking again
I think he has a good sense of humor
Do you know something?
This News is on a loop
in every TV channel
Watch it
'Take a look'
'Like how Bhagat Singh
accepted death sentence...'
'...Gayatri Patel has accepted it
in the same way too'
You agreed there and
why are you acting here?
Shyamala, what's happening here?
He has lost it because
of his death sentence
- Jailer sir
- All of you wait outside
Yes, tell me
Sir, I was tricked and
got implicated in this case
I'm not Gayatri Patel, sir
Sivaji, stage actor
He threatened to kill my children
and that's why-
You are not Gayatri Patel
I know you are Sivaji
Money has taken the world on lease!
There's nothing that money cannot buy
Hello, sir
Sivaji wants to speak to you
Why did you trick me like this?
Ramayana was the result of
a woman's rivulet of tears
Mahabharat was the outcome
of a woman's vengeful laughter
Gayatri Patel's death sentence was
because a girl turned into a witness
Do you know who that girl is?
Your daughter!
I'm the eye witness
To kill Akshara Patel in the ICU,
why go through all this trouble?
If you kill 1 man,
it is a murder
If you destroy the entire hospital,
it is an accident!
Hey, who are you?
Who is Gayatri Patel?
Why did you set the hospital on fire, huh?
Knowing hundreds of people will die
they set the hospital ablaze!
Babies, doctors, so many
innocent people lost their lives
Even if influential people
are behind this tragedy... one should be spared
Justice has to be served!
In the Mumbai bomb blast case...
...when a witch-hunt
was on for the offenders
...Dawood Ibrahim pulled the strings
In the case where your
daughter was witness...
...when they investigated
for the brain behind this tragedy
...they found me
I brought Sekar into the loop
to make a deal with you
'Tell him the offer is 10 million'
You turned me down
Why go through this hassle?
So I decided to kidnap the witness
But you saved her
Unexpected turn of events
Only then it was revealed
she's your daughter
Both for you
And for me
Plan took a U-turn
Your daughter was hell bent on
making me pay for my crime
I brought the same noose...
...tighten around your neck
You should not wage a war
when you should call a truce, Sivaji
Until your last breath
keep inhaling as Gayatri Patel
If you refuse and create havoc
insisting you are Sivaji...
...your daughter will
stop breathing here!
'I'm not a bad person'
'But don't assume
I'm a good person'
'Whether you understand
or misunderstand'
"Welcome, o' king of enticement"
"Admirer, write with commitment
'Kama Sutra' commandment"
"My innocent age as inducement
Fresh white page as attachment"
"Parakeet so colorful
Trousseau so flavorful"
"Lord of Love, take your pick delightful"
"When a glam-doll in a checked sari
fell on you provocatively"
"To sway in a world of delight
hold her close to you real tight"
"Ganges flows in spate
as nectar on lips to taste"
"Quench your thirst intensely
Appreciating every move intently"
"She has selected a special feast
From head to toe, a beautiful treat"
So be it!
"Parakeet so beautiful
Trousseau so bountiful"
"Lord of Love, take your pick colorful"
"When a glam-doll in a checked sari
fell on you temptingly"
"Hold her close and allow
waves of passion to flow"
"Change into a peacock feather
Stroke my back in swirls of pleasure"
"To make my heart beat faster
wink at me, you naughty lover"
"Change into a peacock feather
Caress my back with love at leisure"
"To make my heart beat faster
wink at me, you smooth operator"
"No other man here
has your temerity, dear"
"I am a tender shoot, cool and calm
bearing the onslaught of your storm"
"Just once if you touch me
for a hundred years I feel dizzy"
Are you so well endowed?
"Parakeet so colorful
Trousseau so flavorful"
"Lord of Love, take your pick delightful"
"My half sari's tussled end
sways in mid air astounded"
"This queen's blouse is a-waiting
to be disrobed; checkmating"
"My half sari's tussled end
sways in mid air dumbfounded"
"This queen's blouse wants to slip & slide
silk and shiny to fall on the floor aside"
"How long will I wait in rapture?
Don't stop my waves of pleasure?"
"Come close to me
Turn off the light quickly"
"Drink the ambrosia I offer
to be satiated forever"
"Parakeet so beautiful
Trousseau so bountiful"
"Lord of Love, take your pick fruitful"
"When a glam-doll in a checked sari
fell on you rapturously"
"For adrenalin rush enchanting
hold her tight enthralling"
What is this, Gayatri?
Are you meeting Sivaji's daughter
disguised as Sivaji?
Why take this unnecessary risk?
If she doesn't see her father
she'll be sad for a day
The next day she will start
wondering where he is
The 3rd day she will
start making enquiries
She'll find out the man in jail
isn't Gayatri Patel
If she gets to know
he is her real father
...our plans will all be screwed up!
Let us kill her, Patel
Sivaji will listen to us
only as long as his daughter is alive
When the field is gaining in yield
let us fence the land
On the day of the harvest
when the grains are ripe...
...we will raise our sickle
and reap our reward!
I hope you understand my plan
My dear prince!
Sivaji's image
'Lawyer, when I go there
I don't want any witnesses around'
Where is Sekar?
Tell me the truth
Where is Sivaji?
If death came knocking at my door... have come in search of death!
I misunderstood you
Please forgive me, nana
I never even imagined
I would meet you, father
Don't be scared, dear
They are here for your security
Only for this happy day to dawn...
...for 25 long years
I've been looking forward
Prasad uncle has
gone in search of you
I saw him, I've entrusted him
with some other task
Let's go in
I heard you're leaving for the States
Can I also come with you, dear?
What kind of question is that?
You have to stay with me
Wherever I go
you should also come
Why did you send for me, Sivaji?
To confess, huh?
25 years ago, to save
my wife and unborn baby...
I chose this option
The moment I saw my daughter
I decided to reform my ways
But... rescue her
from that Gayatri Patel
...I was forced to don this disguise again
The daughter and orphans you tried
to save by enacting this role...
...Gayatri Patel has gone to
see them, disguised as you!
He has killed Sekar and
your friend Sivaparasad
He has blocked all avenues, Sivaji
Will you do me a favor
as a journalist?
Hey! What is that?
Like pulling the plug
from a patient in ICU... paused your story
at the crucial page
Then what happened?
Even I know
only till that page, sir
You know only till then?
Will you do me a favor?
I'll be happy to help
If you want, you can take
the help of media totally
What did Sivaji tell you?
You're stepping into the danger zone
Be careful
'Like a scenthound has she found out
I have come disguised as Sivaji?'
'I am telling you
Move aside'
'Won't you take 'no' for an answer?'
'Allow us to step inside'
'We are reporters'
Gayatri has been instrumental in
sending a criminal to the gallows
You are preventing us
from telling the world about it
'Let us in'
My daughter's life is in danger
Even an assassin can come
in the guise of a journalist
If you want an interview...
...I'll meet just one of you
Mr Sivaji, you're a renowned stage artiste
Your daughter is also a very brave girl
Her evidence helped to send Gayatri Patel
a dangerous criminal to the gallows
The man in front of you
is not your father Sivaji
Your father who is in jail, in the guise
of Gayatri will be sentenced to death
Media vehicles are on standby
If you escape
we can rescue your dad
Not only that, Gayatri Patel has
killed your uncle Prasad too
If you're in doubt
look at the book in front of you
Are you mad or what?
You are accusing my father
of being an impostor?
Look at this, nana
She claims you aren't Sivaji
But Gayatri Patel
The world today believes
any propaganda by the media
Using the media as a tool
claiming you're Gayatri Patel
...they are planning to
send you to the gallows
Tell Gayatri Patel I won't fall
for all these clever ploys by the media
25 years
I have found my daughter
after searching for 25 years
For her higher studies
and a bright future...
...we are leaving for the States
By hassling us
at this point of time
...please don't mess up our travel plans
You planned to save your daughter
with the help of the entire press and media
But it didn't work out
Your last attempt also ended in failure
Before you die at least
ask your last wish properly
Shyamala, find out his last wish
What do you want?
'Biriyani' from Dasapalla?
'Halim' from Salim bhai?
Toddy with appetizer near
Muththyalamma temple?
Last wish, right?
Go ahead
I want to text a message
Jothi, message it seems
Last wish
We'll grant it for you
All yours
Call whomever
Shyamala, what's his last wish?
He wanted to text a message
I gave him my phone
Take the phone back from him
'Sreshta, my last wish is to
watch Sivaji's acting prowess'
'Criminal Gayatri Patel asks
to watch Sivaji's play'
'Authorities say they will try'
His last wish
comes as a surprise!
'Gayatri Patel's last wish'
'Since Gayatri Patel hasn't
submitted his mercy petition'
'...he is prepared to die'
'On humanitarian grounds
his last wish should be fulfilled'
'Sivaji will set a sterling example
if he fulfills Gayatri Patel's last wish'
'Sivaji was the one who rescued
your granddaughter, nana'
'He's a wonderful man'
'Gayatri Patel's last wish
to watch Sivaji act'
' being supported by
social media in a big way'
'WhatsApp, Facebook and
Instagram are overloaded'
'...with messages urging Sivaji to comply'
To proclaim to the world
I've replaced him
...I know this is a ruse
carried out by Sivaji
Book my flight to USA today
My dear prince!
You are soooper!
Gayatri Patel doesn't intend
leaving us in peace, nana
- We should fly to USA immediately
- I agree, dear
Take care of the children
till Prasad returns
Okay, sir
Get into the car, dear
'However hardcore a criminal may be...'
' is humanitarian concern
to fulfil his last wish'
'But Sivaji is travelling to the US
with his daughter ignoring this plea'
'Gayatri Patel's last wish
To be fulfilled'
[shouting slogans]
'You're leaving without fulfilling
Gayatri Patel's last wish, sir'
Sir, just answer
We even have the court's
permission letter
You can come and perform, sir
There's no necessity for my father
to act in front of anyone
You carry on
'- Sivaji
- Should act!'
Mr Sivaji, fulfil Gayatri Patel's last wish
Prove you have humanitarian concern
Sivaji, when I used to ask you
'Want food or make-up?'
As a child you used to say
'I prefer make-up over food'
When a man's last wish
is to see your performance...
...will you just ignore
and go away to USA?
Actually are you really
the Sivaji I knew?
If you don't fulfil his last dying wish
...your character will be tarnished
as a heartless person
I don't wish that for you
Do this for him, father
Mr Gayatri
As the jailer I am saying this
Come, there's nothing to fear
We'll stand by his side
and tighten the noose!
Only now you've proved
you're my Sivaji, son
Daughter of an actor, right?
Sreshta ma'am
I was worried
for our children's safety
That's why I was so rude to you
What is this extra dose of confidence
between father and daughter?
How will you escape?
Jyothi, I'll call back
It's a confused drama situation here
This jail is my guest house
That jailer is my watchman
I have strength
And money
Enough clout in my pocket
What do you have?
Goodness of heart!
'Sivaji was the one who rescued
your granddaughter, nana'
'He's a wonderful man'
His child went missing
While searching for his daughter...
...he has reunited so many lost children
to their parents who were traumatized
My granddaughter is
one such missing child
By uniting this father-daughter duo...
...I want to fulfil my debt
of gratitude I owe him
The noose tightens not around Sivaji's neck
But yours, Gayatri
Jailer, you saved my daughter and me
I didn't save you, Sivaji
Your good deeds and
good karma rescued you
Can't distinguish one from the other
Cut my hair to resemble
Sivaji's hair style
Uncle, save my father, please
How do I identify?
They look like Vali and Sugriva!
You identify your father for me
"Victory to the great Shiva, 3 eyed
who has fire burning on his forehead"
"Which is increased by the snake's breath
wandering in the sky at length"
"And to Him who dances all around
to the changing tunes and fierce sound"
"Of dhimi, dhimi, dhimi momentum
coming out the auspicious drum"
"Praise be to Lord Siva
Creator of all arts, Natraja"
Uncle, he is my father
That is Gayatri Patel
"I adore Shiva, who supports the lotus blue"
"Around His neck's girdle to blossom anew"
"The destroyer of Kamadeva
Annihilator of Pura"
"Of mundane existence
and Daksha's sacrifice"
"Praise be to Shiva, destroyer of evil"
"Praise be to Lord Shiva, the primordial"
"Praise be to Lord Shiva
Father of Ganesha"
My dear!
I don't know what karmic bond this is
to die in your hands, dear
What happened here, Shyamala?
Sivaji came here to fulfil
Gayatri Patel's last wish
Gayatri who tried to escape by
trapping Sivaji was shot by our police
Your promotion is guaranteed
Thanks, sir
Jyothi, heard that?
I'm being promoted
So will you
'I prayed to be reunited
with my daughter''
'God blessed me with a mother!'
'I can never be an orphan hereafter'
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by gowri & harini